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Winter and willow have horny react to rusted knight jaune
Since I've done Winter, I'll just do Willow.
Jaune: Mrs. Schnee, It's a pleasure to meet you again!
Willow: Oh My~ Aren't you a Well-Braised Piece of Man~ I would remember seeing someone like you~
Jaune: Mrs. Schnee?!?
Willow: Please, call me Willow~ ... Or if you must call me with an honorific, at least call me miss sense the bastard died.
Jaune: What was that?
Willow: Oh! Just call me Willow~
Jaune: Well then Willow, It's nice to see you again. Hey, uh, where's the bathroom?
Willow: I can show you~
Willow bounced on Jaune's lap, pushing her breasts into his face.
Willow: You've grown Q-Quite a lot, Hav- Ah~ H-Haven't you! And such Natural as well~
Jaune Couldn't responded beyond a muffled moan, burying his face into the soft chest of the MILF, sucking on her teats, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of the Mature Schneehind.
Willow: MMmM~ You fill me up so Nicely~ I fear my Daughter may have lost out on a real Man~
Willow: I think it's time to give them a Sibling, if you'd be so kind~ Your pulse is quickening, and you're Moving so much in inside me!
Jaune: *Affirmative Moan*
Willow increased the pace of her bouncing.
Willow: Cum inside! Please! Squeeze my ass! Suck my tits! Treat me like some Mantlese Streetwalker!
Jaune started lifting his hips to meet her off of the chair they were in, Willow's arousal seeping into the expensive upholstery
Willow: That's it Big Boy~ Now you're Get- Get- AAHH~
Willow came, making her legs go limp.
Jaune lifted Willow of their chair, pinning her against the wall, going from her breasts to her neck, planting his mouth right on her pulse, nipping and sucking on her, leaving harsh love marks all over.
Willow: GODS! You're Perfect~~
And with that, Jaune came, deep inside.
Willow: MMM~ Thank you Mister Arc~ Unfortunately my legs are still exhausted~ Would you mind carrying me to my bed~
Jaune: I ... Don't mind at all. I could use some rest as well.
Willow: You my rest with me as long as you like~
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Cat possessing jaune ," finally"
Jaunes semblance kicks in "....okay back in the drivers seat its a voice in my head now. So lets go home. What the cat will be on remnant so its shutting up
Cat to jaune " ......the darkness these feelings its horrible in let me out"
Jaune " silly kiddy you want me now you got me. You stay there with my bad thoughts memories nightmares and negative emotions."
Team rwby "......jaune you need a hug
Jaune: Yes. Yes I do.
CC: Actually there's a lot of warmth in here. You're duty to those you care about is what kept you alive and mostly sane.
Jaune: What about the horrors?
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zarla-s · 5 hours
i noticed you like to use Radic a lot as a player character name. is there a reason behind that or do you just like it?
Haha I do like it! I first used it back when I was playing Chrono Trigger as a kid since Radical wouldn't fit, and I liked the sound of it so I kept using it, and eventually I just defaulted to using it in every game that gave me the option to name the character. :B It's great since its unisex and works in every situation! It predates Zarla actually, but I only ever used it for games. Me using that name in like every game I ever played made the whole ending monologue of the Murder run in Undertale have extra significance to me as a result.
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pixierainbows · 1 day
i liked seeing all the animal pictures so i wanted to show you my bird :) the cats you posted are very cute
Tumblr media Tumblr media
so pretty bird! like the head feathers look cute thank you for share !! :)
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clangenrising · 2 days
do you ever struggle with writing or having confidence in your writing? I love the way you write character interactions and how you describe small movements. I really like how you write dialogue and just everything about how you write. It gives me a clear picture of what your characters are like! And I was wondering if you ever worry that it’s missing something, or if you have tips on writing in general because it’s a problem I have myself
(Sorry for the long ask. Love seeing your posts on my dash, keep up the good work! <3)
First off, NEVER apologize for a long ask, this is the stuff I LIVE for <3
And to be honest, once I figure out what I want to do with a scene, I don't struggle much with my writing. I'm very talented when it comes to scene to scene and character voice, which is unfortunately just a natural knack so I don't have the best advice for it. Where I struggle is Plot and Planning, but luckily for me, Clan Gen does most of the heavy lifting for me.
When working on my personal projects, I do often worry about something missing. If I don't feel like I'm writing a cohesive plot or foreshadowing something properly, I usually have the impulse to just trash the whole thing.
As far as character movements, I think part of my skill there comes from me being an actor. I get into my character's heads. I think about how they grew up, what they've been through, how that would affect the way they think, and then I just kind of play out the scenes how I feel they would go.
I think "I want to write a scene where Scorch bonds with Goldenstar" for example and I try to think what would make that scene happen. For instance, Scorch is more comfortable around Yarrowshade, so I include him in the scene, and then I just sort of let the characters go, pushing them in the direction I want when necessary. I think about how they're sitting and try to describe what I see in my head. Its hard to give advice on since it comes naturally for me, so I'm sorry about that ^^;
My advice is what you've probably heard before. If you want to be a good writer, read a lot and practice writing. Feel free to copy my writing style and see how it fits you, then try turning it into something of your own. I know you can get yourself to a better place with your writing if you just keep learning and practicing!
Good Luck!
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tavina-writes · 3 days
Because Tumblr apparently believes "save this as a draft" when it comes to asks to be the equivalent of "put it in the void where it is never to be seen again" ;-; @woobifiedvillain I lost your ask about NHS & the body part headcanons (can be found here.) which I also answered a version of last night here.
BUT I am always thinking about NHS, so obviously I have more of these!
NHS & the Canons part 2 below:
Headcanon: NHS's dad, the previous Sect Leader Nie was sworn brothers with WRH at one point. This appeals to my sense of parallelism because this means that sworn brothers have been the leading cause of death for Nie sect leaders for two generations running! This is just background for why the Nie brothers have so many neuroses and I turn it over and over in my mind like they're rotisserie chickens. I just think this would make their backstory so much more crunchy.
Heartcanon: I like to think that NHS plays an instrument from the huqin instrument family (erhu, zhutiqin, banhu, etc) because it's such an integral part of opera music, but I wobble back and forth on which one since the zhutiqin is the most commonly used for various operas, the erhu is my favorite, and the banhu is actually from Hebei BUT ANYWAY.
Gutcanon: I have mixed feelings about reconciliation and NHS post canon, not because 'he doesn't deserve it!' or 'no one would give it to him! he's done too many crimes!' mostly because have we seen the world these characters are occupying lol. ANYONE can have a reconciliation if they want one. What I'm not entirely sure is that NHS really...wants? friends? anymore? at the end of this? I flip flop about this and it occupies MOST of my thoughts, but I am not entirely convinced of the desire for reconciliation or friendship from him at the point we leave him at canon.
Junkcanon: NHS got introduced to porn during his artists and painters phase likely shortly before he got shipped off to the Cloud Recesses, because some of the more commercial art could be saucy.
In actually more sexual headcanons: no one can convince me NHS isn't a pillow princess. You want him to put EFFORT into a physical activity??? oh! oh! JAIL! Enjoyment only! Effort NEVER!
Spleencanon: I think most of my spiteful takes about NHS are from fandom related things and not like, canon related things, but: for NHS' own personal mental and physical health post canon he should quite the jianghu and take his 2-5 kids with him on a road trip while spending lots of money. For his midlife crisis moment post canon ofc.
;-; I'm still really sorry I lost your ask to the void. It's been forever since I tried saving an ask as a draft on tumblr and I completely forgot that this would happen to it.
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ao3commentoftheday · 10 months
I've been writing fics for a long time and I remember a time when even the smallest of fics and stories used to get a lot of engagement from their readers, even back in the days of fanfiction net and ye old forum fics. These days, one's lucky if someone leaves a kudos, let alone a simple comment. Did something about fandoms change? Did it become more consumer like?
Personal opinion? It's not just a fandom thing. It's a "web 3.0" (or whatever we're calling the modern internet) thing.
Today's internet is set up for maximum scrolling and minimal effort. Tiktok is an incredibly popular platform, in large part because there is zero thought that needs to go into watching on it. Youtube requires viewers to read the video title, look at the thumbnail, and make a decision. Tiktok just serves it right up for you.
Other social media sites are attempting to follow suit, easing the path of consumption to keep those eyeballs in place so the ads (and therefore the money) can flow. Everything from news sites with click bait links at the bottom of a story to online stores with "people who viewed this item also looked at this" - the entire internet is set up to keep people moving from one thing to the next without stopping.
AO3 isn't social media. It isn't news. It isn't shopping. There's no algorithm pushing content. There's no "you liked this story? here's another one just like it!" message when you reach the end of the fic.
But people get into certain habits. Just like people who are used to Wattpad use the word "books" instead of "fics" when they start reading on AO3, people who are used to watching a thing and then scrolling on are in the habit of seeing a thing and then moving on.
It will depend on your fandom, of course. And how popular a particular ship or trope is. My last fandom was full of people who'd started out in the LJ or FFN eras of fic, or the early days of AO3 and maybe that's why commenting was so common. Or maybe it was because the early fans in that fandom created a culture where commenting and kudosing was seen as just... what you do.
I don't really think of it as being connected to age at all. I see it more as being connected to comforts and habits. But it's also connected to expectations, community, culture of that particular corner of fandom in particular. These days, I hear a lot of the discussion and recs and squee happens in discord servers instead of on the fics themselves. And that might be because that's where the community is.
I also wonder (with no basis beyond my own gut) whether that period of several years where there was rant after rant here on tumblr about how to comment "correctly" might have made people comment less. I know that if I hadn't been in the habit already, seeing the anger addressed at commenters in some of those posts would have made me decide that I wasn't brave enough to risk it in case I did something wrong.
It's a simple question with no simple answers, but here's half a dozen thoughts I have in my head at any given time. I hope it gives you some insight? Or at least some things to consider.
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oldshrewsburyian · 1 month
As much as I adore your (highly) interesting takes on medievalism and how it differs from what we actually know (or hypothesize) about the medieval period, I don't think I've ever asked: are there any books set in either the real middle ages or some fantasy approximation of the period that you WOULD recommend? They don't have to be "perfect" representations, obviously, but it would be nice to learn about any books that side-step the usual potholes. Thank you!
Hi, friend! A of all, thank you; B of all, there are and I would. From the following list it will become apparent that my criteria are idiosyncratic. Really, I think, the most important thing for my own enjoyment -- for any historical fiction, but especially for that set in the place/time I know best -- is that the work and its author are exploring the period as a way of opening up a conversation between past and present, rather than looking down on the past from the vantage point of the contemporary. This sententious prolegomenon concluded:
The Book Smuggler, Omaima Al-Khamis (eleventh-century Islamicate world, about knowledge and wisdom and religious intolerance)
Morality Play, Barry Unsworth (fourteenth-century England, about justice and law and vocation and community)
The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco (doesn't need my introduction, hilarious and deeply poignant meta-meditation on the genre of the detective story, also on theological debates and the love of one's neighbor and the nature of fear)
Sword at Sunset, Rosemary Sutcliff (fifth-century post-Roman Britain, has some clichés, also some magic, but is so richly imagined and full of people I love. Also good dogs.)
Cadfael Chronicles, Ellis Peters (twelfth-century England; I was wondering why I love these so much and I think a lot of it comes back to how much Ellis Peters loved the particular place she lived/set the books in, and watching the changing of the seasons there, so that that close observation of time -- very medieval! -- is also central. Inequality isn't made invisible or grotesque here, either, and it's often one or the other in Fictional Medieval Europe.)
Isaac of Girona mysteries, Caroline Roe (C14 Spain, also whodunits, but I cannot resist including this charming series about a blind Jewish doctor and his beloved wife and his daughters and the orphan he adopts and his chess-playing buddy the bishop and and and....! It's great.)
The History of the Siege of Lisbon, José Saramago (C12/C20 Portugal, called "metafiction about the instability of history and the reality assumed by fiction" by Kirkus Reviews and... yeah!)
She Who Became The Sun, Shelley Parker-Chan (C15 Ming China, with ghosts, definitely fantasy rather than regular historical fiction, and on the cusp of early modernity, also so so interesting)
The Apothecary's Shop, Roberto Tiraboschi (C12 Venice, deeply weird -- affectionate -- and drawing on Calvino and gialli as well as medieval history; some inaccuracies about women and medicine but I still found it compelling and thought-provoking)
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spiderrrling · 6 months
Lovesick Eddie calling you the mrs or the wife to everyone even though you’re not married 🥺🥺
oh he so absolutely would
Tumblr media
"where is my wife?!" eddie kicked open the door to the theatre room, his arms filled with his various stacks of books, loose leafs of paper, and at least couple of pencils
"you're not married?"
"doesn't matter, where is my wife?"
"not here yet, maybe give her a few minutes"
he tried to hide his pout, not particularly well but he'd like to think that he did
"sorry! i had to ask Mrs. O'Donnell some questions and she rambled on and I couldn't get out of there-"
"MY WIFE!" eddie practically bounced out of his seat, taking the steps needed to close the space between you, his arms closing tightly around you to a point you worried you wouldnt be able to breathe
"your wife?" eddie only nodded into your shoulder in response, holding you ever so slightly tighter in his grip "you do know we're not married right?"
"doesn't matter" eddie mumbled, with your hands in his hair he was as good as putty in your hands
"have you been calling me 'your wife' to people?"
"that or 'the Mrs'"
"why am i not surprised?"
"because you love me"
"long day?"finally you dared ask about the vice grip he was holding you in
"no... just missed my wife that's all"
send lovesick eddie thoughts!! comments and feedback very appreciated <3
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mooreaux · 1 month
I want to pick Seven (Infamous) up by the scruff and kiss their forehead
Tumblr media
P sure u would get a mean mug like this in response anon…. But same!!!!
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possibly-not-a-ghost · 8 months
I've been thinking about your fake cryptids real ghosts thing nonstop, rent free in my head. That's all
All according to plan! Here's another blurb because everyone in this fandom is a gift.
So, I for one can totally see the Batfamily trying to find out where Danny set up is Haunt in Gotham because Dead Ghost Child and the implications of their first meeting. Actually, let's talk about their first meeting because it's related.
Danny bringing gifts to the biggest shrine to declare his arrival. He brings Robin a cool knife he found in the GZ (Or maybe it was a gift who knows.) Point is, it's a spooky knife, and like...nice postcard of sunrises, blue skies and other Pretty places because man, the Bats don't ever leave Gotham and aren't seen in daylight hours what if they miss it or haven't seen it and some homemade (slightly ectro-contaminated cause it was made in the GZ) Bat-themed cookies. No one Knows they're bat-themed until Danny explains. (They look like those sad misshapen spider-man ice cream cones but god did Danny and Jazz Try and intentions are what matter here.)
They meet, Danny throws them into existential crisis' because Ghosts and of course they're trying to find him so they can (adopt him, make sure he's okay, ask what who's hunting him cause WHAT) And instead of the usual shenanigans of them meeting Danny as human or Phantom, the only one to ever meet Danny is Alfred.
Danny who got help from a really nice British guy when he was trying to figure out what to give as offerings to the Bats and might've been having a small crisis because 'what if they don't let us stay and we have to go to somewhere like eugh Metropolis.' and ends up latching onto the first Nice Adult he meets during said crisis.
Danny & Jazz who just so happen to bump into the the Nice Adult while grocery shopping (Alfred who has a schedule for the family shopping and Jazz who always says having a set routine is Healthy.) and the two keep trying to politely ask how to adult and do cooking because let's be real. While Jazz has done her best to feed herself and Danny a better diet the Fenton kitchen was a disaster zone and there's only so much you can do when you're food keeps trying to attack you. There's much more to your food than striking it back down after all.
Also here's another meme.
Tumblr media
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Pride month and its national dinosaur day so yang planning a kinky dinosaur thing between you blake and jaune?
Alligator!Faunus Yang: Oh, not much in terms of 'Dinosaur' stuff particularly, checking out natural history museums, going to aquariums.
Yang: I've been teaching them the Might of the crocodilians~
Blake and Jaune laid in bed, covered in bite marks, thoroughly exhausted, Blake leaking cum from her ass, Yang's own cum glistening on her lips.
Yang: It's helped I've gone into my heat~ They've been really excited about helping through it!
Yang: Seeing them have to bundle up so much to hide my Love marks, Or dragging them into a Bathroom or behind a Building to handle when the Heat washes over me~
Yang: It's the most fun when we're almost caught!
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How do you think it will go when Blake introduces Yang to her parents and Ilia when they visit Menagerie?
Ghira: Blake! You've grown so much!
Blake: I'm not that different!
Kali: More different than you may think. You wear your experience on your face dear, Though it's still you beneath all that. Plus I love the new hair-do.
Blake: Thank You. thank you both, I love you
Ghira: We love you to Blake. we always will.
Blake: Well, I hope you love her as well! *Points to Yang*
Yang: Hi! I'm, Uh, Blakes Partner From Beacon!
Blake: We're Dating.
Yang: *Panic*
Ghira: ... Well at least you have a type.
Kali: I should've figured you liked Blonds since your obsession with the Rusted Knight!
Blake: *Blushing* UM!
Yang: Speaking of the Rusted Knight, do yo uwant to know about the Time our friend Jaune got between her and fresh-grilled salmon!
Blake: *Blushing Harder* Yang!
Kali: Well i do hope the poor boy was alright!
Ilia: Huh. Good for her ... I wonder if I should've made my hair blond.
Weiss: I don't believe that would've worked.
Ruby: besides, once they're done embarrassing each other you'll get to meet her!
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zarla-s · 7 days
[Gaster gets caught in the resonance cascade, winds back up in the void] "God... DAMMIT."
Tumblr media
(re: this post) Unbelievable!
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pixierainbows · 7 hours
thank you for taking the time to answer people’s questions and explain AAC things! it’s a very kind thing to do, especially when it’s difficult. i also live in washington and i think your photos are very pretty :) i like seeing you on my dash
it not hard get pretty pictures . Washington very beautiful state !!! . Pixie happy to live here with family so happy so much pretty
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clangenrising · 1 day
Tumblr media
Wow- Goldenstar, how come StarClan let you have TWO mates??
I believe in GoldenPantherScorch supremacy-
AA! This is so adorable!! I'm so glad to see people shipping characters together!
I won't speak as to which ships become canon, you'll just have to wait and see, but I do have my own faves ;3c
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