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The things we yearn for
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Anyway what I'm getting at is that sunnflower is my discomfort ship, and THATS why i like it
Not to say the ship is bad, or that anyone who finds it cute is wrong. Just that it is one possible avenue to go down if you want to mess up the characters just a little bit more
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Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
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I LOVE shipping annoying characters with one another, I want them both to be dysfunctional MESSES, I want them to cause CHAOS and suffering to everyone around them, I want people to HATE them together, they should be 2 bastards ready to ruin everyone's day.
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What does " system persecutor" mean?
A system persecutor is a member of a plural system (such as DID, OSDD, nondisordered plurals etc) who does things that are generally against what other members of the system wants and are usually perceived as harmful towards their system. I don't really act like a persecutor because I've changed a lot over time, but I still have some of those "harmful" traits and I call myself a persecutor as more of a reclaimed term sort of thing.
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orcelito · 1 year
Also yes I did manage to write more today and yes after eating I did end up liking it. It's very good for what it is.
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stephisokay · 3 months
Him & Her
LUFFY x PIRATE! FEM! READER | Sexual Content
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: For my mootie and baby @𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙢𝙥𝙩𝙮𝙥𝙪𝙙𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙘𝙪𝙥 🤎 I love our interactions and I feel just…SO ABSOLUTELY grateful and blessed to know and love someone like you, thus, I gift you this on your birthday. I hope you enjoy your wonderful day and stay horny, ilysm boo 🌝
SUMMARY: Form an alliance they said, to the most dumb man on the seas. You do it of course, or at least you try to. You just don’t expect him to ignite something interesting in you.
CW: Mild Cursing, names, cunnilingus, spit + drooling kink, overstimulation, inappropriate use of devil fruit, full nelson, creampie, vaginal sex, mild dumbification, and some sweet fluffy stuff too
WC: 4k
Tumblr media
“I just don’t like them, thats it. Their captain is too silly to take seriously, and I doubt he’s worth as much as his bounty.”
You leaned back on your chair, tipping your golden-rimmed tricorne to drift into the pleasures of sleep. A series of whines erupted in the background, earning you a tsk. Your female crew was practically begging for an alliance with the Straw Hat pirates, for a reason unknown. Often as captain, your decision was final, and only rarely would you say no. You liked having fun and such tight restrictions prevented the freedom you desired.
But you weren’t too dumb. 
The sea is a dangerous place, and even worse as an infamous pirate with the Marines tailing you. You let out a long sigh, shifting your lazy eyes to the quiet waves of the ocean. An island was nearby and the iconic ship was visibly docked at port.
The Straw Hats weren’t particularly bad of a crew with the many nakama they’ve been able to make over the years. They were strong, smart, adventurous, and cunning. But the only problem lay in the founder: Monkey D Luffy. There was something so youthful and playful about his image. You’ve never met him of course, and you didn’t plan to. Stupid men shouldn’t interact with brilliant women like you.
“But Cap’! He’s the Luffy!! Please, it will assure our safety in the sea! And his first mate is really cu–”
Your glare cut her off, causing her to meek away into the rowdy crowd. You took a long look at your beloved crew. Women. It could be that you were inspired by Boa herself, but it might’ve just been your strong love for female representation. A lady could do anything a man can. 
“When I say no, it means no, ladies.” You finalize, sighing as you motioned them away with your pretty hand, “I don’t want to hear any more of it.” Your crewmates didn’t have a chance to reply as your navigator shouted land, causing them to jumble around and prepare for the arrival.
You clacked your heels to the side of your ship, tucking your hands into the pockets of your long coat. Perhaps, and just perhaps, you’ll think about it. Not too much though, you’d have to analyze the options, advantages, and other shitty stuff. You grumbled to yourself, it's too early to be thinking about men.
Soon enough, you settled on the small town, letting your friends explore its land. You watched them disperse before you headed to the bar. The afternoon sun began to dawn on you, its golden glow barely shining on your skin. The town itself seemed rowdy and many people danced and laughed about, but you didn’t have any intentions to participate. The future of your crew was on your mind, as much as you tried to push it away. 
Pirates were still Pirates and the best chance of finding one of them is at the dirtiest pub. Or of course, follow the loud howls and jubilant music. The stone-walled shop invited you with its cheerful aura. You casually pushed through the door, ignoring the catcalls that rattled around you.
You discarded your cloak, which left you in your tight leather pants and frilly blouse. Running your fingers through your locks, you approached your first item– a green-haired fellow. Zoro, was it? He seems like the most rational of the crew. But all plans crumbled away.
“Oi, babe!” sneered a man, “I got some free booze here if ya wanna get some! Ya’ gonna treat me for that?” You tried to ignore it as best as you could, it’s just one man, what can he possibly do to a grand woman like you? Your eyes were still locked on your target. 
“Woman! I’m talkin’ to ya you whore–”
Your hand immediately found leverage on your stalker's neck, “Whore? I am no whore compared to a poor and sick man like you.” Your breath tickled his trembling face, “I’d run if I were you.” You let him go, gazing proudly as he scrambled away from the shop. You chuckled to yourself before you felt another presence behind you. Quickly, you turned to attack but found yourself caught in the hands of a blond man. 
“Oh, my love–”
You knocked him down with a swipe of your boot, and to your surprise, fell with a lovestruck expression. His curly eyebrow made your mouth shape into an o…shit. The laughter of the pub rose, making your cheeks flush at the sudden reaction. A whistle diverted your attention to your target, who sat cackling with his bottle of rum. You frowned, he’s not a reasonable man then.
Your expectations for the crew withered away. Sighing, you began to make your way out. It’s the effort that counts, and you didn’t want to waste your time with idiots who–
“Woooahhh!! Ya’ knocked down my cook!!” exclaimed a voice that bounced before you, “Ya’ seem really strong! What ya’ name?” A small scream escaped your lips, what in the actual fuck? You turned around, but no one paid mind to you both. Luffy grinned brightly, his eyes sparkling as he waited for your reply. “Well, ya’ gonna answer me?” he asked. 
You stuttered a few words, and for the first time, felt small in his presence. Physically, he was taller than you imagined and much more leanly built. He wasn’t the scrawny man-child you saw in the poster, he was an actual man. A big scar ran over his chest, and you gawked. His long and slender fingers, his defined jawline, his fluffy hair, his wide and joyful eyes…it seemed to do something to you. Luffy leaned closer to you, blinking rapidly as he watched your cute face space out. Wait–
“T-that’s none of your business,” you croaked, shaking your head as you pushed him aside, “I was just about to leave.” You left, forcing yourself to not turn back and reveal your flustered mess….were you lusting over a man? A man? You could hear a shout directed at you, but you ignorantly walked faster. You looked back down at your hand that touched him…the sting was still lingering. You slapped your cheek as you hurriedly ran through the dim streets, what was wrong with you? Luffy? A man you just met and despise? How unwomanly. 
In the distance, the straw hat gaped at your small figure. Why were you running away? He looked back at Sanji who clutched his chest and professed his love. Luffy giggled before joining his crew, maybe you’ll return. “Luffy, the woman forgot her coat!” shouted the bartender, tossing him the black clothing. The billion-beri boy caught the item with ease and brought it up to his face. So this was your coat? The man admired the delicate work of the coat, grinning as he saw your name stitched into the collar. Y/N L/N. Such a pretty name…
You drank yourself to the point where your blouse lay open, your uncovered tits almost spilled out excitedly. On terrible days it was best to sober up and forget, which you especially needed right now. Your mouth pouted as you shook your bottle, it was empty.
The sky had since dawned and sparkled with stars, illuminating the port you sat on. You swung your legs playfully over the sea, gazing at your surroundings. The ocean reflected the night sky and the water lapped on the coast, creating soothing noises amidst the quiet town. Soft snores were barely audible in your ship, but you couldn’t bother joining them in their slumber. Insatiable heat pooled in your core, a desire so strong that even your own tiny hands couldn’t release.
You blame him.
You blame the way he made your heart race at first glance. You blame the way his annoying voice rang through your ears. You blame the way his touch sparked cheesy love. You blame the way he made you feel…weak. Just being weak on your knees was enough to fall for him entirely.
But a woman like you couldn’t destroy her image for a simple boy like him. He was stupid for god’s sake! You slammed your bottle on the wooden port, where it smashed to bits and sprinkled around you. You awoke then, cursing yourself and cleaning up your mess. 
A good sleep was needed, perhaps tomorrow would be a better day.
“Luffy! Breakfast is ready!”
The said man grumbled before rolling out of his sleeping position. Your coat lay hung in his quarters, awaiting to be returned. His shorts that hugged his hips threatened to slip off, but it wouldn’t make a difference to his half-naked figure. The sheets of the bed were thrown about and his pillows were stuffed into the corners of the room. Luffy rubbed the sleep from his eyes before bouncing out of bed and snatching a random shirt to conceal some of his body. He hurriedly ran to the kitchen and devoured what was offered. 
“Luffy?” asked Robin, watching him mindlessly eat the freshly served waffles, “Are you feeling alright? You seem restless.” The raven-haired perked up from his dish, small stains and crumbs decorating his lips as he hummed, “Yeah, why’ya say that?” He scarfed down the meal and finished his drink, not muttering another word to his crew. The taste of his comfort food couldn’t distract his actual feelings. 
He too had something on his mind…something absolutely infatuating about you. He’ll have to make a quick trip on the island before setting sail, at least to return your coat of course. “‘M finished now, thanks Sanji!” he shouted, making his way out, “See ya’ later gators!”
A small chuckle escaped Robin’s lips as she gazed at the cook, “Hm, I wonder what's going on in that head of his…what do you think Sanji-kun?” The blond flipped the pastry and set it before the woman, smiling softly as he merely replied:
“It’s Luffy, all he thinks about is food, what else?”
You strolled through the venues of the town carrying a box of fresh bread and the morning paper. Birds chirped and vivid voices filled the area, adding to the refreshing morning vibe. A sugary donut was wedged between your teeth, yet to be eaten.
Your rest proved to be useful and relieving; you finally forgot about him. You’d be lucky if you didn’t get to see him this early, so it was best to be quick and get your tasks over with.
You weaved through the people and took a shortcut to the port, you’d gladly take a route that made your trip faster. Your eyes lay on the paper, reading the small and bolded headlines of the latest news. 
You looked up, gaping. Your donut fell from your teeth as you gasped at the man before you. Luffy? You blinked, panicking as he approached you rapidly. Oh no! Oh no! Just when I forgot about him, he came—! Your escape was short-lived as he cornered you to the brick wall of the street. He was still panting audibly and his chubby cheeks were rosy from his run.
“Ya’ forgot this last night!” he gasped, holding up your lost item, “Why’ya didn’t tell me you were Y/N? Why’d ya run?” He continued asking questions, not giving you a chance to reply as you innocently stared at his worried face. He was so cute…and for what? You bit your lip as he hovered over you, his other arm still encasing your head. 
“..an’ you just left? Ah, are those donuts? Do ya’ like them too? I have a chef who can cook real good–” 
You snatched your coat from his grasp, “Thank you, Luffy, but I’m very busy right now. I ask that you unpin me this moment.” You gave him your best glare, one that would even drive the scariest of animals away. He giggled, giving you a toothy grin, “Ya look cute when you do that y’know?” You choked on your saliva, his compliment making you feel fluttery.
“W-what?” you whispered, shrinking, “I’m not supposed to look cute–” He smiled, using his other hand to encage the other side of your head, “Well, I think ya’ cute. Why’ya run away last night?” You couldn’t take off your gaze from his wide, endearing eyes. 
“I-I” you began, stuttering as you tried to find how to speak again, “I was going to talk to you about…um–” He kept his smug grin, edging you on, “Yeah? Take ya’ time.” Luffy loved the way you darted your eyes to avoid looking at him and laughed to himself as you trembled below him. You looked tastier, and breakfast didn’t fill him up this morning. 
“...um…an…alliance? For my crew…cause they insisted and….” your voice faltered as you peered down. How shameful, the great Y/N L/N becoming weak over a simple chat? “Oh so ya’ wanna be my nakama then?” he asked, “Sure! I like ya’ so we can be friends!” Your heart couldn’t take his teasing anymore.
“S-stop flirting with me!” you shouted, trying to squeeze away from him. The man held your cheek, making you stop in your tracks as you gawked.
He huskily breathed into your ear, “I wasn’t even flirting yet…ya’ want me too? I know how ya’ look at me…Y/N.”
You sucked in your breath, digging your teeth harder into your lip as you challenged him, “O-oh yeah? How? If you knew who I was before you’d have–” Luffy ate your words as he pressed his mouth to yours, capturing your sweet voice. Out of shock, you dropped your box of pastries and immediately shoved his face harder into yours.
Your body moved for you, your hands rubbed against his temples, and fisted his black hair. His straw hat was knocked down, but he paid no mind. He ran his wet tongue through your lips, making you squeak as he kissed you hotly. 
Luffy mumbled against your mouth, peppering more smooches on the corners of your shiny lips before wrapping his arms around you. His arms stretched to lift you and pick up his hat, “Let’s go to my place, yeah? Lemme welcome you to my nakama.”
Your head barely functioned as he sped across the town, well he was an eager one. You held onto your coat, tucking yourself in his hold. His body heat radiated with your own, forgetting all sense of class and drifting to the sinful desire. Maybe you’ll fuck him this one time.
Just for fun.
No later did you both arrive quietly and snuck into his quarters. You pushed him onto his messy bed and reached to kiss his lips once more. “Wait,” he said, flipping you instead, “I wanna know how ya’ taste before I fuck ya’.” 
You pursed your lips, quickly nodding and lifting your hips so he could pull off your pants. He gulped hungrily, seeing your white panties wet with your arousal. Luffy shoved your heat closer to his face, making you squeal as your blouse rode up. He pressed his tongue on the cloth, tasting your juice through the thin barrier. You felt your body spasm at the simple gesture, could he just get on with it already? The raven-haired used his teeth to slip off your panties and spread your legs with his hands. 
“Lookit you,” he teased, giving your clit a fat kiss, “So wet jus’ for me.” You hid your red face with your hands, earning him a snicker as he drove back into your pussy. “‘M gonna eat it all up!” 
You felt your thighs get pushed back, the cold air hitting your precious folds. He pressed sloppy nibbles around your flesh, not giving you the pleasure of touching your core. You heard him spit on your clit, and feel his drooling tongue lap your tiny bud. Your hands flew to your mouth, hiding your squeaks and mewls. The wet sounds were embarrassing, but fuck was he so good at eating pussy. 
Your legs trembled over his head, and you clenched around nothing. His fluffy hair tickled your skin, and the bastard knew, “Ya’ like this? Don’t hide those pretty moans from me, Y/N, or I’ma have to force ‘em outta ya!” Luffy shoved your cunt closer to him, practically digging his face in the dripping treasure. You were so cute trying to push him away, perhaps he wasn’t trying hard enough? He drooled on your folds before diving in again, shaking and adding more vibrations to your heat.
He felt your small hand bonk his head, thus making you feel excruciating pain as he bit you. What did that fucker think he was doing? You shrunk as you saw his angry eyes peer up from your mounds. Luffy gave your clit a nibble before shoving his tongue entirely in your entrance. 
“Y-you mother–”
A squeal escaped your lips instantly as his sloppy muscle stretched inside you. His fingers helped pry your puffy lips apart, letting him easily slide his face up and down your cunt. The feeling was euphoric with the lewd stretch of his tongue curling and rubbing your inner walls. He giggled as he lifted your body to meet him perfectly. It was as if you were made for him.
He ate you out like a meal, and so hungrily as if he had never eaten in his life. Series of delicious moans erupted from you, and you didn’t care if you sounded like a whore. He pulled orgasm after orgasm from you, not giving you the break your trembling body needed. The man had you like putty in his hands, really edible putty. 
Luffy gave your pussy one last suck, lapping up the juices that escaped your tiny hole. Your legs bottomed out, landing on the sides of his hips as he pressed more loving kisses up your figure. “Ya’ look really pretty like this…” he whispered, adoring your flustered face and panting breaths. Your vision blurred, but you could still see him smile above you.
“Now I wanna feel ya’ on me!” he chided, lifting you up onto his lap. The earlier activity dripped onto the messy sheets of the bed, making you feel sticky. You leaned on his chiseled chest, relaxing for a few moments. His touch was childish against you, and his heartbeat matched in rhythm with yours.
“‘M gonna put it in, ‘kay? I won’t do it yet…” he muttered, lining up his angry tip to your entrance. You groaned, his dick giving you a pleasant yet painful stretch. He let out a shaky sigh before hooking his arms under your thighs, folding you, and pressing his hands to the sides of your head. You squeezed around his length, the sensation feeling so full.
“M-move!” you moaned, “Fuck me!” 
Luffy chuckled behind you, “Anything for you puddin’!” He thrusted his hips up, his body slamming into your ass repeatedly. You couldn’t arch in his hold, instead silently screaming and wiggling against him. He nudged your hair aside, biting your neck gently. You twitched at the action, adding another vocal to your mewl. 
His cock slid in and out, creating a creamy white ring around his length. Your pussy glistened with the mix of your sexes, complimenting your sweaty and flustered face. You squeezed your eyes shut, but your mouth still lay open, releasing all your sweet sounds to the world.
You babbled a few words, warning him of your coming orgasm. He released your skin with a pop, and breathed into your ear, “Do it then, Y/N.”  His voice shuddered through your body, commanding you to his wishes. You craned your head back, your teary eyes meeting his lidded ones lustfully.
Your release ran through you, your body spasming as he continued to drill his girthy dick inside your clenching cunt. Luffy hissed, your sharp nails clawing at his arms. 
“Ah! N-no more! No mowree!” you squealed, trying to push yourself away from his hold. But of course, he was still the silly man you hated. You gasped, cursing when you felt his cock stretch into you painfully. God was he such a dork when he giggled, “I’m not done yet puddin’ lemme cum too!” You attempted to argue with him, but every thrust he gave you pushed mere gasps out of your lips.
The morning event turned into an afternoon delight. He was exceptionally skilled with your pleasure points and knew what made you do what. It was hard to admit, but his rubber abilities felt amazing, satisfying you better than any other thing before.
You couldn’t function after.
Your clothes lay about, either torn or wet. The white sheets of his bed covered both your bodies as you basked in each other's heat. He wasn’t as terrible as you thought. You were tracing the scar on his body before he spoke, “Are ya’ still hungry?” You peered up, frowning.
“Of course I still am! You swept me off my feet before I even got the chance to have a bite of breakfast!” you complained, launching yourself off of him. He giggled, watching the way you struggled to dress yourself back up again. “I’ll have Sanji cook something for ya’ then! Wait here!” he chirped, heading out the door.
“Put some damn shorts on Luffy!” 
By nightfall, you had arrived, shakily, to your ship. The rising moon shined its silvery glow upon your skin, complimenting the crickets cheering your oncoming. You wore your lost coat, the chilly air forcing you to do so. Your crew waited outside, sitting on barrels. When they saw their captain approach they instantly shot up and raced toward you. A series of multiple colors and bodies attacked you, more wildly than gently.
“Captain! Oh, Captain!”
Your lovely women encased you with hugs and the occasional cheeky kiss. You had to pry them off of you to be able to breathe. “Ladies! Contain yourself before I smack some sense into you!” you spat, patting down your ruffled outfit, “Sheesh! Is this how you behave when I’m not around?” They shy away, twiddling their thumbs before asking about your whereabouts.
“I was…” you began, biting your lip to somehow muster a good response, “I was getting our alliance done, that’s all.” You expected some cheers but the crowd eyed you, oh shit! 
“With Luffy-chan?”
“Did he hit you then?”
“Yeah! I see bruises on your neck!”
“You’re trembling, Captain!”
You demanded a mirror and shrieked when you saw your neck littered with the nibbles the gremlin gave you. There wasn’t a plausible excuse as you gawked at your crew who had mischievously grinned to themselves.
“Oh, Captain! You’re such a sweet thing!”
“Was it good?”
“Does he stretch down there too?”
The call next to your ship saved you. 
“Y/N-chan! We’re heading out to sea! Wanna join us?” shouted Luffy, waving at you with such eager energy. You forgot that you had docked just a few feet away from his own ship. His colorful crew waved at you as well, persuading you to join. The ladies behind you begged and pleaded at their knees. Pushing your hair back you shouted back:
“See you at sea then, Luffy-sama!”
“Luffy! Just give up already!”
You crossed your arms and looked at him disapprovingly as he “cooked” you a cake. “But it’s your birthday an’ our annivera-something! An’ I wanna make you a cake!” His face was evidently dirty with frosting and sprinkles with the attempt at the dish.
Leaning against the frame you sighed, “Don’t even worry about it, we can just hang out like we usually do. It’s just another day.” Your rubber boyfriend pouted and gave you the eyes you just couldn’t ignore. “I suppose I’ll help you, but you’re going to have to help clean up too, you hear? Don’t just run off with the cake like last time!”
Luffy smiled, stretching his arms to embrace you in his messy hold, “Okay! But can we have a snack first? Maybe…” His hands found their way to the waistband of your skirt, tracing your hips softly. Tsking you flicked his forehead.
“No Luffy, my pussy don’t pop for dirty boys. Get yourself cleaned up.”
You should’ve known that he doesn’t listen to anything you say. What Luffy wants, Luffy gets.
Tumblr media
©following works belongs to STEPHIS, do not repost, modify, plagiarize, translate, or share on other platforms. comments, likes, and reblogs appreciated!
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3am pregggy cravings
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
♡︎ Bnha boys
♡︎ f!reader
♡︎ Sypnosis: You suddenly get strong pregnancy cravings in the early hours of the morning
♡︎ Includes : Bakugo, Izuku, Todoroki , Aizawa, Hawks
____________ ❤︎ _______________
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
(characters are aged up)
He shuffled in his sleep, while low grumbles and sniffles echoed from downstairs.
He guessed he was having a dream till the cries sounded way too real and familiar. He patted the space next to him, expecting to feel your warmth but it was empty.
He jumped up from his sleeping position in the warm blankets, shirtless and disheveled as he scrambled out of the bedroom in a panic. Concerns flooded his head but he had no time to stand and think.
Were you ok?
Why the hell are you crying?
He strumbled on various things in the dark, causing him to curse lowly but he moved on.
"Y/n!?" He half yelled, still hearing your sobs echoing through the house. The sound guided him to the kitchen downstairs, so he made sure to be cautious moving toward it.
He clutched a broom nearby, in case something bad was happening so he could prepare. Hell- he didn't even know why you were crying in the first place.
The kitchen was pitch black, although the pantry next to it was beaming with light. The alarm didn't go off which means you were safe.
He strolled into the pantry quietly and the sobs grew louder. He was temporarily blinded by the bright light but blinked repeatedly so his eyes could adjust.
And there you were, sitting cross legged on the floor while holding onto your big tummy.
"Shit-Whats wrong?" he rasped and squatted in front of you, holding onto your shoulders and looking over your features just to make sure nothing bad had happened to you.
"You hurt?" he asked and you shook your head no. "Is the baby ok?"
"Yeah" you cried. "The baby's fine"
Your face was tear-stained and your eyes a little puffy. The baby seemed fine, and you also seemed fine physically so what was the problem?
He positioned himself to sit behind you and placed his hands on your stomach from behind, rubbing it soothingly in hopes to calm you down. "Shhh," he cooed onto your nape softly.
Whatever he was doing seemed to work because, you had calmed down.
"This is gonna sound so stupid but-" you began talking "We don't have any of the food I'm craving!" You wailed in his arms.
Your husband's eyes widened at your mini rampage. He honestly didn't know where to start. "Listen I'll go get you some right now ok?"
He understood that your hormones were all over the place at the moment, so you couldn't control your emotions.
"I don't know why I'm crying so much over ice cream" you sobbed quietly "M'sorry Kat"
"Oi don't apologize for that alright?" He consoled you, still drawing soft circles on your enlarged stomach. "You've got our kid in there, and your hormones are all over the place right now"
He helped you up and guided you to the couch, wrapping a blanket around you and switching on the tv while he walked over to the door. " Call me if you need more stuff." he glimpsed back at you while searching for his cap.
He wouldn't want to be recognized by fans this late at night. Luckily there was a 24 hour convince store nearby your home, so he'd be back before you knew it.
He completed his look with a black face mask, not bothering to change out of his oversized tee and sweatpants.
"I'll be back" he stated, but before he left he made sure to glance at you once more to make sure you were ok but your eyes were glued to the tv screen.
He scoffed a smile as he closed the door and locked it. You had the spare key so it wasn't a problem. Off he was to the covience store.
He didn't take long, only about 15 minutes when the sound of his shoes and the opening of the door could be heard.
He headed over to you first thing and pulled out the food you've been craving the whole night.
"Thank you!" You beamed widely as you accepted it, already eager to open it. Katsuki exhaled a chuckle at your cuteness, flopping himself next to you on the couch and pulling out a tub of ice cream.
He brought another spoon for you in case you would want to taste some. You snickered at dramatic shows on the tv enjoying each others company.
Eventually Katsuki could feel the weight of your head on his shoulder. He peeked to the side to find you snoozing peacefully, some ice cream smeared across your lips and soft snores pouring from your nose.
He sneered back the grin that wanted to appear on his face, giving your stomach one last rub before getting you cleaned up and heading to bed.
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
"If I can just figure this out" Izuku mumbled from where he sat on the bedroom floor, holding his chin while he stared at the various papers scattered across the carpet.
He knew that you were fast asleep on the bed. You needed the rest as your belly grew each day, nourishing the little bean inside of you.
A shuffle from the bed made him freeze slightly. He didn't want to make any fast movements that would wake you up.
Once you had stopped moving he continued, but as soon as he turned his head away you called out to him.
"Izuku?" You rubbed your eyes "You still up?"
"Um-yeah I just had some work I had to finish" He rubbed the back of his head. feeling a bit guilty if he were the reason you woke up.
"Did I wake you?" He stood up and walked over to your side, leaning down behind you to rub your back.
"No you didn't do anything I just-" you sighed, not wanting to sound silly by telling him that you were craving something at such an early hour.
"Is it the baby?" he asked with slight panic, pulling the blanket down so he could come eye to eye with your stomach.
"Well yes and no"
He raised a brow in confusion.
"This is going to sound stupid but I'm craving some food " you looked at him apologetically.
"Hey" he held your hands and you turned around so your body could face him.
"Nothing you say is stupid" he smiled At you softly. "It's completely normal to feel what you're feeling and I don't blame you because you've got a whole life growing in there" his hands made their way to your stomach.
You smiled at how reassuring he was. This is exactly why you fell in love with him in the first place, he was able to make your troubles vanish just by flashing a smile.
"I'm going to drop some paperwork off at the agency anyway, so I'll get you some by the store alright?"
You nodded.
"Alright then, I'll be back soon" he placed a kiss to your cheek. "Do you need anything else?"
"I need you to eat it with me when you get back". You glanced at his tired features, he was working hard to make his agency successful but it was taking a toll on him.
He's more stressed than usual, and you only see him for a few hours a day because of his messed up sleep schedule. He promised that it would only be for this week, but it's only been 3 days yet you've been missing him like crazy.
He misses you too. He calls you everyday from work and sends a caretaker to look after you and the growing baby in your tummy while he's not around.
"Okay I promise"
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
He could feel you shuffling uncomfortably beside him. He was half asleep but woke up to check if you were ok.
"Love are you alright?" he rasped sleepily, wrapping his arms around you and rubbing your belly. His hot breath tickling your neck as he spoke
"Yes I'm fine Shoto" you stretched your legs.
"Are you craving something?" He asked and you looked at him in bewilderment.
"H-how did you know that?"
"You were staring at pictures at it all day, so I figured you'd crave it at some point" he rubbed his eyes and yawned "You also mumbled it while you were sleeping"
You squealed in embarrassment, covering your face with the blankets. Could you have spoken about food while you were sleeping? You could barely even remember what you were dreaming about.
This only made Shoto laugh lightly, you had such a cute reaction and he just couldn't help it.
"I can order us some right now if you'd like?" You heard him shuffle towards the nightstand, and the light from his phone blinded you temporarily.
"What store is open at a time like this Shoto?"
"There's a twenty-four-hour convenient store nearby that delivers," he said nonchalantly, tapping away at his phone "Looks like they have more than enough"
He proceeded to buy so much of the item that it was out of stock. You scolded him for that but he didn't have much of a reaction
Eventually the items you were craving arrived and you sat onthe bed together, devouring them.
"You are so amazing" you groaned in delight, taking another delicious bite.
"Anything for you," he said with a half-full mouth, also enjoying the delicacy.
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
"Shota" you whined, shaking the sleeping man next to you.
"Hm?" he answered almost immediately, meaning that he was probably awake for the whole time this early hour. You knew his insomnia bothered him, but he refused to take pills or anything like that because of the side effects they gave him the next day.
"Trouble sleeping?" He inquired cuddling up to you.
"Yeah I'm having really strong cravings right now" you sighed into his chest. "Insomnia keeping you up again?"
He hummed an agreement at your question, It was a bit difficult to cuddle with the little human between the two of you, but you were excited that soon you could meet your cute little chunk. Who hopefully won't cry throughout the night and keep you awake. You heard a conspiracy theory once that children could inherit that from their parents.
"Did you cry a lot as a baby?" You asked suddenly, playing with his hands that lay on your stomach.
"Never let my parents sleep a wink" he huffed, recalling the stories his mom would tell him. "My mom often called me the pub crawler"
You snickered loudly at that name "Pub crawler....seriously?"
You went silent and he knew you were up to no good "Don't even think about calling me that" he cut your thoughts off.
"You're no fun Shota"
"How would I take you seriously if you called me a pub crawler?" He deadpanned.
"I think it suits you considering you're up at this hour"
"Then I'm calling you a incubator"
Now it was your turn to deadpan. "On second thought I think Shota suits you better"
Shuffles could be heard from him when he slowly arose from your intertwined position on the bed. You pouted your lips at the sudden emptiness next to you.
"Maybe I could get some sleep if I get some fresh air outside" he rasped slowly, stretching as he put on his shoes "I'll go get your cravings from the store nearby"
"Let me go with you" you also sat up from your position but he halted you, placing the blankets nice and snug around your body while a chuckle of amusement left his lips.
"I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you need to rest"
"Party pooper as always" you rolled your eyes.
"I won't be long" he stepped out of the room, stopping in the middle of the doorway to wait for your reply.
"I'll see you then pub crawler" you smirked sheepishly before he breathed a chuckle and swiftly closed the door.
_____________ ❤︎ _______________
He had never panicked so much in his life.
He didn't even have time to think when he jumped out of bed shirtless with pajama shorts. Your soft sobs echoing in the living room downstairs. Luckily his feathers sensed your discomfort and that's what woke him up.
He jumped down the staircase gracefully, his wings making it possible for him to land softly.
His eyes caught your figure, sitting on the couch while the tv playing in the background. He walked up to you slowly, calling your name to not scare you by suddenly appearing.
"Keigo?" You sniffled and the couch dipped slightly next to you from his sudden weight. He hooked his arm under your legs from where he sat beside you, his other arm gently making its way to your back. You couldn't feel a thing when he lifted you into his arms. Cradling you on the couch as he also tried to figure out what was going on.
He smiled softly, sensing that it was just your hormones making you feel this way. "Is nugget keeping you awake?"
You nodded your head pointing to the tv. At first, he didn't understand what you were implying till he saw delicious food being made and eaten on the screen.
"Ah I have just the trick" he yanked out his phone, typing for a while before placing it down. "It should be here in about 20 minutes Peach"
He was expecting to see you smile and thank him for being the greatest lifesaver ever but was surprised to see tears still spilling out of your eyes as you looked away.
"C'mon talk to me" he clasped your chin so you could look at him.
The truth was that you felt bad for waking him up at such an early hour just for some food. You know very well that he has work tomorrow and he has to be up early.
"Keigo, I feel bad" you whimpered. For some reason, having a baby was making you cry at every single inconvenience. "I know you must be really tired from work and I'm over here ruining your sleep schedule for cravings"
"You have nothing to be worried about, you're waaayyy more important than work," he said making sure to exaggerate the way. "And if anything you're doing me a favor, I haven't been getting much food in because of everything that's been happening lately, so thank you"
He made sure to order some for himself so you could enjoy it together. Spending time with you and nugget makes him feel unstoppable.
"Being with you and nugget gives me extra strength to face the next day." He pecked you on the lips.
"I also think that your cravings might have affected me 'cause now I'm hungry" he deadpanned and giggled slightly.
He would do anything if it were to see that sweet smile all the time.
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anikaluv · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❤︎︎ pairing: Miles (e!42) × sanrio!fem!reader
❤︎︎ genre: fluff
❤︎︎ cw: too much cuteness, reader is a lil’ whiny (it’s only because Miles spoils her too much), suggestive, reader is also referred / described as a lil’ cutie <3
❤︎︎ summary: You were shopping in the mall and happen to step upon a matching hello kitty underwear set in your favorite lingerie store. You couldn’t resist, so you bought it, now the problem is how to get Miles to wear them.
❤︎︎ w/c: 1.9k
❤︎︎ a/n: Im a sanrio girl myself, and I think it would be cute imagining the reader always trying to pull Miles into her obsession and him just letting it happen cause he loves her <3
Tumblr media
The mall bustled with activity around you, various of sights and sounds flooded your senses. The air hummed with excitement as shoppers weaved in and out of the shops. Sunlight streamed through the skylights above, casting a warm glow on the polished floors.
Yet you felt nothing but mournfulness.
Sipping on your boba tea, you felt full of apathy, usually the mall made you feel so happy, yet this time you lazily walked through the mall groggily, dismissing anything that usually allured you.
It felt different without your boyfriend with you, you thought. Usually, he would attentively nod along to your endless rants, entertain you with his charming humor, and willingly accompany you to all your favorite stores without a hint of complaint. His comforting arm wrapped around your waist the whole trip, you missed him.
You asked Miles to join you, but as usual, he claimed to have "important business”— meaning that it was non-negotiable. You were whiny about it at first, but Miles assured that he would make it up to you, just as he always does.
While heading down the escalator, you were contemplating if you should just end this trip early and head home.
Then you saw it.
"LOVER MATCHING SETS: 60% OFF!" Your grin spread across your face as you spotted that your favorite lingerie store was having a sale for lovers, and getting something for you and Miles would surely get you out of your funk.
Mind set on a new mission, you giddily stroud towards the apparel store eager to check out what they had.
As you walked in, a wave of fruity scents lingered through the air, along with mainstream pop music bursting from the speakers.
The friendly clerk behind the counter greeted you with a smile, to which you responded with a nod of acknowledgment.
Assortments of all kinds of bras and lingerie were laid out at all different stands, adorned with detailing of how much off the price was discounted. You slowly walked through the shop, gravitating towards different stands that caught your eye until you made it to the lover set area.
You inspected each of the brands, they were cute, but they just weren’t what you were looking for.
Your shoulders slumped as you let out a deep sigh, you started to believe it was no hope until you reached the end of the stand.
“[BRAND NAME] X HELLO KITTY: MATCHING COUPLE SET.” You instantly smirked, mischievous glowing in your eyes.
It was perfect.
It was a matching panty and boxer set, colored in baby pink and littered with the face of Hello Kitty all over it. You tried to imagine Miles in the boxers and it brought a giggle out of you.
Miles was well aware of your deep fascination with Sanrio, and he wholeheartedly embraced it, going above and beyond to indulge your love with plushies, clothing, and various other items.
However, there was a part of you that desired to test those boundaries, to explore just how far his support for your addiction would stretch.
You eagerly approached the checkout counter, clutching the set in your hands. With a sense of urgency, you swiftly swiped your card. The clerk packaged the item in a small bag, and you walked away from the store, receipt in hand, feeling excitement, clutching your newfound prize.
Tumblr media
Your keys jingled as you retrieved them from your purse, the spare key Miles had given you months ago unlocking the Morales home.
Aware of Mrs. Morales' overtime schedule, you guessed that if Miles was finished with his "important business”, he would likely be the only one present.
"Baby, are you here?" Your voice echoed through the apartment, the silence that followed for a mere five seconds evoked a little worry in you that Miles hadn’t return.
Approaching Miles' door, you knocked loudly, causing it to open slowly, revealing Miles on the other side. "Hey, mi sol, sorry if I couldn't hear you; I had my headphones on," he explained, his hand gracefully finding its place around your waist as he tenderly kissed your forehead. In response, you leaned up on your tiptoes, meeting his lips with a loving kiss.
"It's okay, you're not doing anything, right? I have something I want to give you." You lifted the bag from the lingerie store, shaking it while holding it up for him to see, and Miles let out a chuckle. "Oh? Did my chiquita buy something for me?" he asked, his voice tinged with curiosity. He stepped aside, allowing you to enter his room.
Rolling your eyes playfully at his comment, you hurriedly walked into his room and settled onto his bed. Miles followed behind, moving slowly as he took a seat in his desk chair. "So, what did you get me, ma?" he asked, raising an eyebrow while eyeing the bag in your hands.
A genuine smile illuminated your face as you handed him the bag. "While I was at the mall, they had this sale for lover sets," you explained. Miles smirked, “Oh yeah?,” he asked, rubbing his hands together, probably expecting a seductive lingerie peice for you and perhaps some fancy boxers for himself.
His smile quickly faded.
You erupted with laughter as he revealed the pink boxers, the sheer absurdity of it pushing you to the brink of tears. He released a groan in an annoyed manner, tossing the bag onto the floor.
"Do you like it, baby?" you asked, your tone teasing. Unfortunately, he didn't hear your question, too occupied with having a stank face towards the underwear, which only made you laugh harder.
Miles scowled and let out a sigh, realizing that this whole situation was providing you with great amusement. "Baby, I love you, but I ain’t putting that shit on," he declared, his tone laced with distaste.
The laughter you once had stopped. You couldn't help but pout, gazing at him with your most prettiest eyes. "Come on, Miles, you promised to make it up to me for not coming, and this is how you can." You clasped your hands together, attempting to look like you were begging. He sucked in his teeth, watching you intently, well aware that he could never say no to you.
Miles lowered his head, silently cursing to himself, as he reluctantly accepted the situation at hand. "Fine, but only if you try ‘em on first, ma," he agreed, nodding towards the panties that were still nestled in the bag.
Blushing slightly, you slowly rubbed the back of your neck. "Fine," you replied, accepting the offer. With that, you sealed the deal and made your way to the nearby bathroom to change. Gliding into one of Miles' oversized shirts and slipping the panties, you took a moment to gather yourself.
"What's taking so long, hermosa?" he called out to you jokingly. You frowned at his comment, confused at how the tables turned so quickly. You yelled back to him, "Just a moment!" Emerging a few seconds later, you stepped out to reveal your changed appearance.
As soon as you walked out it was like Miles’ eyes were all over you. "Damn, angelita," he whispered, his voice dripping with seduction, causing a playful giggle to escape your lips. "Do a lil’ turn me f’me, baby," he requested. Raising the shirt slightly to reveal the panties you wore, you slowly turned, teasingly showcasing them from the back. As you observed his heavy breathing, a rush of warmth spread through your body, flushing your skin.
Unexpectedly, his hand reached up and firmly grasped your ass, eliciting a gasp of surprise from you. "You should wear stuff like this more often, mami," he chuckled, a glint of desire evident in his eyes. You swore his pupils dilated with intensity. "You look incredibly hot in this," he added, his words dripping with attraction.
You flashed a playful smirk and slyly winked at him. “We’ll see,” taunting evident in your voice. You forced your mind to focus back on the real show, "Alright, now it's your turn to try on yours," you teased, a mischievous grin on your lips. You observed how his jaw clenched; you knew it would all be worth it soon.
Miles took a while to put the underwear on; you were slightly worried he was trying to talk himself out of it. Eventually, you heard grunts and shuffling, so you knew he was changing, and eventually, he came out.
That shit looked hilarious.
You couldn't help but let out a snort the moment Miles walked out. Aware of his discomfort, you tried to stifle your laughter, but it was impossible. The mere sight before you was too much to handle. Your laughter grew uncontrollable, causing you to nearly tumble off the bed in fits of howling amusement. In response, Miles shot you a deadpan expression, retreating to his desk chair while you held on tight to your stomach, struggling to contain the laughter that churned in your stomach.
Wiping away tears of laughter, you composed yourself and sat up straight, posing the question half-seriously, "So, do you approve?" Your smile widened as you observed him arching an eyebrow, silently conveying his disbelief. He let out a deep sigh and responded, "They're aight, mami."
A sense of reassurance washed over you, causing you to clap your hands and let out a gleeful giggle. "Mission accomplished!", you cheered, brimming with happiness. It was in that moment that a grin spread across Miles' face. Despite his usual annoyance to your playful antics, he couldn't deny that witnessing that adorable smile on your face made it all worthwhile.
Miles swiveled in his desk chair, extending his arms invitingly towards you. “C’mere, pretty girl,” he called to you. You eagerly rose from your seat and straddled him, looking as cute as always. “Yes, baby?” you asked, head tilting like a puppy in confusion.
His words exited his mouth with fondness and loving. “Just wanted to get a closer look at my girl”, he confessed, his voice laced with calm, soothing reassurance. Gently, he placed his hands on your waist, and you instinctively leaned into his touch, encircling your arms around his neck.
As you began to excitedly rant about the other lover sets you saw while at the lingerie store, Miles listened intently, his fingertips tracing gentle circles on your hips. At one point, you turned your head and felt his gaze upon you, filling your heart with warmth and causing your cheeks to flush. Your words stumbled and you averted his gaze, unable to meet his affectionate eyes. A soft chuckle escaped Miles as he observed your flustered state.
"Thank you for going out and getting something for me, mi reina," he expressed, his voice filled with gratitude. You placed a light peck on his nose and snuggled into his neck, feeling the comforting embrace of his presence. "I think you look cute in ‘em," you admitted honestly. Miles shook his head playfully at your remark, nuzzling into you and humming a soft melody, creating a intimate atmosphere for the both of you.
“But for real though, these boxers are ass.”
“Miles don’t make me pop you.”
Tumblr media
EXTRA: Miles was diligently working on his prowler claws in his base, engrossed in conversation with Uncle Aaron about future targets and jobs. As Miles rose to his feet, his pants slipped slightly, exposing the underwear he had on.
“Yo, Miles, what the hell is that?” Uncle Aaron burst into laughter, his eyes fixated on the sight of Miles wearing baby pink boxers.
Miles eyes widened in confusion, until he looked down and realized what Aaron meant.
"Just a lil’ something my girl got for me," Miles responded, his voice tinged with a hint of amusement and a knowing smile.
By the way, the boxers like looked this, lmaooo. Just wanted ya'll to get a lil' visual.
Tumblr media
ENDING A/N: Hope ya’ll enjoyed this one <3 Was gonna add a grinding scene where you and Miles grinded against each other in the underwear while you were straddling him, but someone has already flagged me on here so I’m trynna keep it on the down low rn 😂
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @janaeby @bellstwd @nmgstuff @axeoverblade @zaddyskye69 @agstuffsworld
Tumblr media
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dreamwritesimagines · 3 months
Garden of Secrets [38] - Gladiolus
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and support my loves, it made my whole week, you’re amazing!❤ I hope you’ll like this chapter as well, and please don’t forget to tell me what you think, thank you! ❤
Summary: Strength builds in time.
Warnings: Regency era society and social rules, some gender specific language and terms, mentions of sex, mentions of threat.
Word Count: 3100
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Alright then.
Perhaps you owed Benedict an apology.
Ever since you had walked in on him and Madame Delacroix right after their escapade at her shop, you hadn’t stopped reminding him of his very frequent adventures with different ladies in the ton but in your defense, you had no idea the act was this…
Divine, even.
Yet, it raised one simple issue; the marriage bliss kept you too busy to pay attention to anything else. Honestly it didn’t feel like an issue at all to you -or to Benedict you were guessing- but you had lost the complete track of time in the last couple of days and you had to force yourself to think straight.
You put your shift on and walked to grab your dressing gown, your body aching in the most pleasant way and you bit down a smile as the memory of last night flashed through your mind, but then heard Benedict taking a deep breath, rising from his deep slumber.
“Y/N?” he asked, his voice hoarse from sleep and you looked over your shoulder, the sight making your heart skip a beat. He looked absolutely gorgeous, his hair all messy while he ran a hand over his glimmering blue eyes, the sunlight falling on his chiseled chest. You could feel the familiar desire sending sparks through your system but forced yourself to focus, shaking your head slightly.
“Good morning,” you said, dragging your gaze away from him to look around the room for the items of clothing of yours that Benedict had thrown around the room in his haste to get you out of them. “Did I wake you up?”
“No—what are you doing?”
“I’m leaving.”
His head shot up. “What?”
“For the day!” you added quickly and grabbed your corset off the floor. “I’m leaving for the day.”
“Benedict,” you said and motioned between you. “Perhaps it has escaped your notice but we have a problem.”
He tilted his head, confusion etched in his features. “A problem?” he repeated. “What problem?”
You tried to concentrate but it was rather hard when that fire was swirling in your lower stomach, the more you looked at him, the more you wanted to climb back in the bed and—
You cleared your throat, looking up at the ceiling, causing Benedict to look up as well.
“What’s happening?”
“If I look at you I’m going to get back in the bed so I refuse to.”
“How is that a bad thing?” he asked with a grin and you shot him a glance, then looked up at the ceiling again.
“You know, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have a lovely ceiling.”
“My love, what are you talking about?”
You felt a smile warm your face, then grabbed your dress off the floor as well before turning to him, heaving a sigh.
“First of all, you were right about it being…divine,” you said, then narrowed your eyes. “Wipe that smile off your face.”
He held up his hands, gesturing surrender and you put your clothes on the sofa.
“That being said, do you not think we’re being a bit…fixated?”
“When was the last time you painted?”
“A week ago.”
“When was the last time you and I actually communicated with another person more than an hour without rushing to the nearest room?”
“There was the gala—”
“Gordon’s guest room.”
He hissed in a breath. “Right. Good point.”
“And I have a greenhouse,” you told him, putting your hands on your hips. “Ask me when the last time I’ve been there was.”
“…A week ago?”
“A week ago!”
“I mean Mr. Binsted is taking care of—”
Even you could hear the petulant tone in your voice; “It doesn’t matter, it’s my greenhouse!”
“Darling it’s not like it’s going anywhere—”
“Listen,” you cut him off. “I have a greenhouse with very rare plants. And flowers.”
“Mm hm.”
“Not to mention, I have the rarest flower in the world, in the aforementioned greenhouse.”
“I heard a thing or two about that, yeah.”
“Don’t get me wrong, you’re the love of my life,” you said, making a smile curl his lips, that softness apparent in his gaze again while you pointed at the window, stomping on your foot. “But my greenhouse!”
“It has my favorite flower in there!”
“Hasn’t escaped my notice my love,” he said with a grin, almost humoring you and you nodded your head.
“So that’s what we’re doing today—no, don’t get out of the bed until I’m away,” you stopped him as he swung his legs over the bed and you looked up at the ceiling. “Wait until I leave.”
“Because neither of us can be trusted,” you stated. “So we’re not to cross paths today.”
“The whole day?!” Benedict asked in shock and you flailed your arms.
“To repeat, we cannot be trusted apparently!” you said. “You—you take the studio side of the house and I’ll be in the greenhouse and we are going to be…calm.”
“Yes, calm,” you said and heaved a deep sigh and turned your gaze to him again. “It’s alright. We can do this, I have faith in us.”
“I don’t.”
“Shall I lie to you?” he asked with a small laugh and you tilted your head, narrowing your eyes again.
“I’m leaving,” you said. “See you tonight at the ball, not one second before.”
“Darling to repeat, we live in the same house—”
“We’ll meet there!” you said. “I mean it.”
“We’re going in different carriages?”
“Do you not remember what happened the last time we were in the same carriage?”
He gave you that lopsided grin you loved so much, making your stomach do a happy flip.
“Oh trust me, I do remember,” he said and you felt your cheeks burn, then you shook your head slightly and grabbed your clothes off the sofa.
“I’ll see you at the ball,” you said and walked through the door connecting his room to yours, painfully aware of the smile on your face.
It was as if you were in a happy dream and if that was the case, you never wanted to wake up. You were sure that it had been hours since you stepped foot into the greenhouse based on the sun, but you could swear it had only been minutes. It wasn’t until you heard a knock on the door that you snapped out of your haze and looked over your shoulder, your hands still in the pot.
“Wow,” she said, looking around. “I hope I’m not interrupting?”
“No no,” you said, shaking your head and pulled your hands out of the pot to take off your gloves. “Welcome.”
“I mean you mentioned it the other day and I figured…” she said, motioning around. “This is impressive.”
“Look!” you turned around to grab the pot you had been working on and held it up, a bright smile on your face. “It’s a Queen of the Night Tulip!”
“And the one to your right is a Ghost Orchid, and—that’s Middlemist Red! My favorite!”
She forced a smile.
“You’re never leaving this place, are you?”
“Never,” you said with a laugh and walked to the next pot, which was a gladiolus flower. Josie took a deep breath.
“So,” she said. “She came to see me.”
“Hm?” you asked, looking at her again. “Who?”
She blinked a couple of times.
“Mother,” she said. “Mother came to see me. Are you alright?”
You could feel your heart dropping to your stomach, your happy mood getting dim like a sudden shadow on a sunny day but you pressed your lips together.
“Yeah,” you said. “Sorry I was just distracted. But none of us told them you were here, how did she…?”
“Must have heard from someone in the ton.”
“What did she say?”
“She uh… remember how she found those letters between me and Bess?”
“And threw them in the fire before father—” a bitter taste appeared in your mouth as you tried to shake off the memory. “Yes?”
“Well as it turns out she didn’t throw all of them in the fire,” she said. “There is one left, and she is threatening to show it to not only uncle but also the whole ton unless I give them money.”
You closed your eyes for a moment, leaning back to the shelf.
“God damn it,” you muttered. “So not only are they using Teddy as a leverage for more money from uncle, they’re also—”
“Using Bess and Andrew,” she finished your sentence for you. “Yes. I don’t care what happens to me if the ton hears, but I can’t see them get hurt Y/N.”
You nodded your head.
“Of course not,” you said, running a hand over your eyes. “No that’s—that’s not going to happen. Did you tell them?”
“They were outside when mother decided to pay the visit,” she said. “I’ll tell them when I get home. I just wanted you to know before anyone else, just in case.”
You heaved a sigh, then walked to pull her into a hug.
“I’m fine,” she said almost mechanically even though she wrapped her arms around you to hold you tight. “You know me, I can handle mother and father.”
You bit inside your cheek and pulled back to look at her better, holding her hand to squeeze it in an assuring manner.
“I know,” you said, remembering how relieved you felt when Benedict told you the same thing. “But you don’t have to handle them alone.”
She tried to smile and took a shaky breath, then looked around.
“Well alright then,” she said. “Go ahead, tell me all about these flowers.”
By the time Josie left it was near evening, and though you had told Benedict you would be taking separate carriages, you were so desperate to talk to him that you had ended up changing your mind. He looked quite surprised to see you waiting for him by the carriage but he knew something was troubling you with one look at your face.
So you had spent the entire road to the ball telling him about what happened.
“Letters?” he asked as he helped you out of the carriage when it stopped in front of the Elwick house. You took his hand and stepped out, then placed your hand on his arm while you walked towards the house.
“Letters,” you said. “Josie eloped very soon after that because—well, you can imagine how mother and father reacted.”
Benedict clenched his jaw. “Unbelievable,” he said. “You know, I was thinking I should talk to your father again and this just proves I must.”
“The last time you talked, you punched him.”
“I don’t have any regrets over that.”
“Neither do I, I’m glad you did,” you said. “That being said, I’m not putting your wellbeing over him getting what he deserves, so no.”
You both entered the house and passed through the foyer, the music getting louder and louder as you approached the ballroom.
“No way,” you insisted. “I get that you’re angry at them, and trust me I’m angry as well. Me and Josie, but I told you before. My father is not worth your attention, let alone your fury.”
He reached to hold your hand, running his thumb over your skin as if trying to assure you and you offered him a small smile.
“I’m alright.”
“You don’t have to lie to me, you know?”
You heaved a sigh and shrugged your shoulders, catching the sight of Andrew out of the corner of your eye, Benedict following your gaze.
“Did she tell him?”
“She said she would—I just didn’t think mother would actually go to Josie’s house,” you said. “My parents didn’t even know she was back in the country, so to come up with that plan as soon as they found out she’s here… I knew they were evil, I just didn’t think they’d be that fast.”
Benedict’s head snapped up.
“Wait,” he said. “They didn’t know she was here?”
“No,” you said. “The last they heard, Josie was going to Spain with Andrew and Bess so I figure they still thought she was there. Even I didn’t know she was coming back until she arrived here, there is no way they had an inkling.”
Benedict’s brows furrowed as if he was in deep thought, then he raised your hand to press a kiss on it.
“Just give me one moment my love, I will be back,” he said and strode to Andrew, muttering something to him before Andrew nodded and they both walked away. You frowned in confusion but then someone touched your arm, making you turn to them.
“Oh thank God you’re here, you’re going to save me,” Lottie said, linking her arm with yours and pulling you to the foyer, making you let out a small laugh.
“What? What is happening?”
“Tony hasn’t arrived yet and everyone is asking me a lot of questions about the wedding that I don’t even know the answers to,” she said as you followed her through the foyer. “And my mama has been taken hostage by other mamas who want to be invited to the engagement ball that I haven’t even planned yet it seems, so you’re to be my savior. We’re going to the backyard.”
You repressed a laugh. “There might be people there as well, you know.”
“Fewer people who will not be as enthusiastic to ask me questions, I’m hoping.”
You hummed as you both stepped out of the house to the backyard. “If someone does approach, do you want me to threaten them?”
“Goodness no!” she said. “That would be very rude!”
“What if they are approaching you to ask you questions about the engagement ball you haven’t planned yet?”
She thought for a moment, her lips pulling into a pout as if she was torn between decisions.
“Don’t threaten them verbally, just glare at them please?”
“I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m the happiest lady in the entire world but—” she huffed as you two sat down on a bench. “Everyone has something to ask and nobody leaves us alone anymore Y/N! With Tony, it’s as if everyone swore to…”
“Interrupt you?” you said with a grin and she looked abashed for a moment.
“So I’m guessing no other scandalous behavior has taken place?”
“Just a question,” you teased her and she heaved a tormented sigh.
“If only,” she sulked. “Everyone seems to watch us closer now that we’re engaged.”
“Tell Anthony patience is a virtue,” you said, trying to stop the smirk on your face and she nodded.
“I have.”
You let out a small laugh. “Lottie, you’re too sweet.”
“Thank you—how about you and Benny?” she asked and you blinked a couple of times, clearing your throat.
“I mean no one has seen you on a social outing of the ton for almost a week,” she said. “Everyone has a lot of ideas about the reason.”
“Such as?”
“You’d tell me if you were with child, would you not?”
Your eyes widened, your breath getting caught in your throat.
“What?!” you asked. “No—I mean yes I would tell you but no Lottie, that’s not what is happening!”
“Good,” she said. “Because you see, I have many things I wish to shop for before your baby gets here—”
“That baby is nonexistent as we speak, Lottie.”
“And I’d like a pre-warning,” she said like she wasn’t listening and you scoffed.
“So that’s what the ton thinks?”
“Some of them,” she said. “Why haven’t you been attending outings then?”
You shifted your weight, trying to come up with an excuse but thankfully you saw Benedict approaching out of the corner of your eye.
“Oh look, Benedict is here!” you said, motioning at him and he gave you a smile.
“Benny, hello!”
“Anthony just arrived, he was looking for you,” Benedict said, pointing back at the house with his thumb and Lottie let out a breath.
“Oh thank God,” she said, standing up. “Benny, have you seen anyone asking him questions about our engagement ball?”
Benedict made a face. “Please stop reminding me you’re engaged to my brother, I’m still not completely alright with that idea.”
You raised your brows and Lottie rolled her eyes.
“You do realize that you will be the best man, do you not?” she asked as if teasing him, making him let out a whine.
“I’ll see you inside Y/N.”
“See you inside,” you said with a laugh and watched her walk away. Benedict heaved a sigh and sat beside you.
“So they’re actually going to get married then?”
“Seems like it,” you said, patting him on the arm as if trying to assure him. “Will you be alright?”
“Ask me again later,” Benedict said and stole a look at you. “How about you?”
“I’m alright with them getting married, I don’t know why you’re making it such a big issue—”
“You know that’s not what I meant,” he said and you paused for a moment, then nodded.
“I’m fine, I just…” you let out a bitter laugh. “It’s rather surprising but it shouldn’t be. It’s just that, I’ve been so happy lately that I almost forgot they were here to cause trouble, does that make sense?”
“It absolutely does,” he said with that soft light in his eyes. “But it is going to be alright, I promise you.”
“What did you and Andrew talk about?” you asked, gazing up at him and he shrugged his shoulders.
“Nothing important, I just asked about your parents.”
You narrowed your eyes. “Benedict.”
“Yes my love?”
“That will not distract me,” you pointed at him while trying very hard to not let it distract you, making him chuckle.
“There’s nothing for you to worry about,” he assured you. “I’m not putting myself or anyone you care about in danger, I swear to you.”
You pursed your lips, then heaved a sigh and turned a little to face the backyard, putting your head on his shoulder. He entwined his fingers with yours, pressing a kiss on top of your head before burying his nose into your hair.
“Let’s stay here for a while?” you asked. “I like being alone with you even when we’re not…you know.”
A small laugh vibrated his chest. “Same here darling.”
You heaved a sigh, then frowned when the thought hit you. “But we’re still going to—”
“Way ahead of you, they have a library on the other side of the house.”
“Good,” you said, a small smirk curling your lips as you stole a look at him. “I happen to be an admirer of books.”
Chapter 39
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writingstoraes · 10 months
hearts day ❤
pairing: charles leclerc/fem!reader
type: instagram imagine/social media au
notes: its been a while since i posted! uni is just so mehhh i am so tireddd anyway here's a belated valentine post! let me know what u guys think hehe
about: the events of february 14th for you and charles!
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charles_leclerc Happy Valentine's Day to the sole owner of my heart. You are the personification of love itself and the human embodiment of all things kind and wonderful. Please always be by my side, amoúr ❤️
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leclercs55 "you are the personification of love itself" GOD WHEN DO I GET SOMEONE THAT TALKS ABOUT ME LIKE THIS
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yourusername je t'aimé my love, you are forever my valentine xx
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yukitsunoda0511 Are you fr?
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yourusername to my favorite person in the whole wide world, happy hearts day my love 🩶 you make every single day feel like it's the 14th of february. my answered prayer indeed.
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lewishamilton Oh you guys are just adorable
lilymhe Happy Valentines, Y/N and Charles! ❤️
charles_leclerc Baby why did you include the second picture 😟
yourusername what? you look so adorable :(
charles_leclerc Adorable???
yourusername adorable and handsome! hot as hell 10/10 actually
carlossainz55 Charles is your answered prayer?
charles_leclerc YES AND? Do we have a problem, mate?
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charles_leclerc Valentine's Day date part 2 at home. Couldn't get enough of her so I had to take her out on a date for the second time. Thanks for not laughing at me when I said I made you a cookie for dessert, yourusername ❤️
yourusername laugh? i think u underestimate just how much i love you 🤣 best cookie ever!
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tagging: @slytherheign mwah
notes: aaaa i missed posting here! happy valentine's day (belated lol) everyone! lmk what u guys think ♡
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       Baby, she could make all of your problems twice as worse!
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Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
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OMG I SAW YOUR REQUEST IS OPEN AND OMG I WANTED TO ASK IF YOU CAN MAKE AN demon!MIGUEL x but Innocent/cute/ werid/quirkFmAngel! Reader (like the demon CAN be also called the spider demon that all work under Miguel eyes😝💅😩)
Reader is a angel that believes that there goodness in any creature that mean Miguel.yea but she doesnt believed in some angel like her ex- boyfriend,reader finally caught her boyfriend cheating while hanging out with the group while eating there ice cream or looking in the heaven village or city idk ??😣😭 ( miles, gwen, and pav and his girlfriend )which when Gwen and hobie and miles was shocked and gasp loudly at something that pulled reader attention and when reader saw it, reader came running away in tear at the sight of it.
and ran away far away from it ,While pav girlfriend with hobie beating his as while gwen is telling hobie that " ENOUGH HOBBIE " while pav is trying to stop his girlfriend from cheering on hobie from SCREAMING at reader ex- boyfriend for making reader spend ALL her time with such a USELESS F ING ANGEL WHO doesnt work FOR SH%T
meanwhile Miguel, is some were in heaven and hell which is what I called is the void or the pocket of both lands and that where Miguel is doing his business(while wearing his spider logo LIKE imagine him wearing an tight suit with some sort of amor ) killing angel and entity\antomty (I forgot the name💀) in his way with Layla of course but only telling him how many are there but that where reader came running away and fall into and also hitting a large rock and managed to hurt one of her wings,badly, which cause her to stare around for any help or tried to see if she know what is this place she flew into, And Miguel was done doing assignments (ahem- killing) amd then see her in such a state that make his heart beat again,
Meanwhile reader is crying not of fear, but she not in fear of the man in front of him.. She finding it sexist (ok I want to make reader weird,or quirky💀😭) ok it not her problem OR FAULT OK it was his aura, big BOTTY OF A ASS that reader probably think she has seen in her life form a boy ✊😝 and his horns,
reader realized she still have tear in her eyes and started wipes her face and getting up from the floor but then the pain of her wings finally came. (And Layla being Layla teleport to Miguel to see if he done with work and see reader on the floor with a broken wing with blood and Layla making an deal or some thing idk to convince him to let her live while saying in a language Spanish but that a ancient towards reader)
Let imagine Miguel heat or is just hella intoxicated with a sex drug from layla putting there (putting or idk someone LIKE PETER B ) and left it on his favorite desk( that he like to slam on A LOT JUST FROM THE RETARD THAT HE HAS TO DEAL with work💀 ✊ men got his on TABLET FOR THAT lol) and it crash on the floor and broke and some gas that Miguel was intoxication from of it and went to his own place while reader was petting an demonic cat in his house
Here is a some plot idea for the NFSw part
(Also THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED BY MANY WEEBTOON STORY AND I WANTED TO mush ALL THESE IDEA INTO ONE SO pls 😭 if I suck AT EXPLAINING THE PART and I wanted to say this but I feel like Miguel be the grump bear person character or big puffy cat person like he wouldnt like anyone touch his horn but when reader ask he let her touch his horn with a pout sound as he lean down 🗣😭✊ also you can make this a fluff/smut any kink will do honestly! THANK YOU bye ❤
Hope you have a great day and time ! (Sorry if this made be a long request but I dont see many people making a demon Miguel like this one and reader as well so yea and I really wanted to people be inspired by this one !!!😇😌🗣
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Miguel O’Hara x Angel!fem reader
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Smut with Plot, Virgin!Reader, Fluff, Mentions of Cheated on Reader, Slight Corruption Kink, Slight Fingering, Oral Sex, Praise, Penetrative Sex, Mentions of Blood
Summary: Even the devil has a soft spot. 
Word Count: 3.9K (Not Edited)
Tumblr media
It had been a gloomy day. 
You had never expected to find your sweet, attentive boyfriend sucking faces with someone else. It had ruffled your delicate feathers and for your wings to curve in with despair. Your friends had tried to pull you away from the scene, the dejection clear on your face as you stared longingly at the man you had given your golden heart to. Their reassuring words floated past you, mind preoccupied on why this could have happened to you. Was it something you did? Were you not enough? Were you missing something?
Later into that day, after numbly reassuring your friends you were alright, you had wandered aimlessly across the angelic city. You were so lost in thought that you had not realized you had taken too many turns out of the city, finding yourself in the Void. So unused to the dark, unfamiliar land, you had stumbled your way around, catching your wings on things you couldn’t see clearly until your body was sore and you had wilted to the ground in a hopeless mess. You were unsure of how long you had laid there, a withering mess of innocent pain before he had sniffed you out. 
From his account of events, he had just been back from one of his sessions of…repentance as he calls it. Even though his suit and dulled armor was splattered with blood, he knew the lingering scent in the air was fresh, more innocent than the kind he had spilt. He had followed the sweet fragrance, finding your helpless form crowded to the ground. You had looked up at him with such shiny eyes, a puffed pout on your lips. Your appearance alone was angelic, his hand itching to reach out and taint your delicate skin. He swore a glowing aura shielded your body, setting you apart from the gloominess of the Void. If not the scent of your blood, the shininess of your glow would attract dark things like him to you. 
You had shrunk back in response to the strong presence he held, not realizing tears had flowed down your face until he commanded you to wipe them away. When he had told you to follow him, you had weakly pushed yourself up, using the sound of shifting armor as your guide through the dark. He had taken you back to the modest cabin, cold and nearly as empty as the world outside. He had left you by yourself, your wings fluttering nervously as you tried to see more than blurred darkness. When he had lit a dim light, you had instantly flocked towards it while he kept his distance. You had crowded around the greenish-yellow flame like a moth, staring at it as if it was as angelic as you were. 
His rough hand was firm around your shoulder blade, pushing you into a seat near the flame. He stood behind you, as if using you to shield him from the light as he bandaged the fracture in your wing quietly. You had sat still, watching the flame dance on the candle wick. The light illuminated your face in a ghastly light, creating intense shadows against the features of your face. When he had pulled away, you turned to look for him, only to be met with pure black. You reached your hand out tentatively, pulling it back when you had met the cold metal of his armor. HIs own hand reached out to you, centimeters away from your face so you could see it. 
Your delicate fingers brushed over the calluses on his hand and in a gravelly voice he had asked you, how pretty, innocent you, found yourself an injured bird in such a dark place. With his adapted eyes, he had seen the darkening of your cheeks and the wounded look in your eyes. You had looked away, a half-hearted excuse of getting lost leaving your plush lips before asking him for his name. 
He answers begrudgingly, a low grumble that you have to strain your ears to catch. You find it only fair to tell him yours in return, and Miguel lets the word circulate into his head until it's fully memorized. The name suits a gentle creature like you he thinks, a soft symphony of syllables that are yours to own. It sounds like church bells and birds chirping, something that's shunned in the Void. The natural greed that fuels his body wants to lock you up and keep you for himself. 
Instead, he shoves the lantern into your hands, a silent demand to follow him as he walks towards the cabin’s entrance again. You two walk through the barren land, your small form following him as you stare at the more clearly defined shapes of the land. When you begin to slow or stray too far, he lets out a slow rumbling noise from his chest that draws you back to him. He doesn’t seem particularly annoyed when he does it, but he isn’t exactly happy about it either.  
You follow him until he stops, your distracted mind almost causing you to crash into him. You peak out from behind him quizzically, holding your lantern up only to find it useless. Even though Migurl stopped a good distance away, the light of the holy city is visible. A delighted smile makes its way onto your face as you look up at him, a silence thanks for his kindness. He doesn't look visibly affected, but his unmoving heart stutters in a single kick. 
You wordlessly walk out from behind him, taking a few steps forward before stopping and running back. His eyebrow raises as you stop right in front of him,a shy smile on your face as you take his hand and wrap it around the lantern’s handle with a soft thank you. You had given his hand a lingering squeeze before turning away from him and walked towards home. You had turned once after crossing out of the Void, eyes searching for a figure and a green glow, but both seemed to have disappeared into the darkness.
Two weeks later, you were surprised to see that green glow in the distance. Based on the height of it, you knew it had to be Miguel. You took a hesitant step into the Void, then another and another until you were getting closer and closer to the light. You had stopped five feet away, close enough for the light to be an arm away, but far enough that you couldn’t see the face you’ve yet to see. It was silent for a long moment before that familiar rumble vibrated in the air. The softest of smiles came over your face as you walked closer, taking the lantern from him when he offered it to you. You lifted your arm up, letting the light travel up his form until you were looking into deep red eyes. 
A stifled gasp had left you, but it held more fascination than fear. Your eyes had drunk in his features, eyes mostly trained between his glowing orbs and the twisted points that spiraled from his soft hair. He had studied you too, eyes flashing at the delicate bow of your lips and the twinkling shine in your eyes. When you lowered the light, you kept your eyes trained to the place of his own eyes as you whispered a hello. He grunted back in response and turned to make way back to the cabin. You never hesitated to follow him back. 
It was in that very cabin that you spent most of your time together. Where the two of you bonded. You sat and talked, Miguel listening as he cleaned his armor or prepared you desserts made from sweet berries and cream that he bought from travelers in anticipation for your frequent visits. The first few visits acted as check ups, Miguel making sure your wing mended and had full capability. Those visits were quick and silent, but they made you anxious for the next one. 
Sometimes, after being too cramped in his cabin, you would ask Miguel to show you around the Void. He always grumbled about it, muttering how the Void was, well, void of anything besides plain terrain and the occasional hut or trading stand. But he had found that there was little he could deny you, something in his body against the idea of rejecting something so bright and lively. He had discovered this trait during an earlier visit where you had asked him in the sweetest tone he had ever heard if you could touch his horns. The disapproval was on the tip of his forked tongue, but seeing the way you had blinked so hopefully up at him only resulted in the bowing of his head as your gentle hands traced the grooves of the foreign keratin. 
On special days, the days where MIguel had no repentance to take care of, he would let you decorate his horns and hair with beads and accessories you had brought over and never took home. He would hold the lantern up for you so you could focus on your work, and he told you in a gruff voice about the more tamer quests he had been on. But those stories were rare and far between, Miguel finding someone as pure as yourself in no need to know about blood and death as he’s known them. But, they were fun to hear even with their heavy censorship and you absorbed every word like gospel. Honestly, you spend more time focusing on the sound of his voice rather than his words. You loved the deep calmness to his speech, wishing you had a way to record it so you could play it over and over in the hours you spent away from him. 
On the really bad days, the days where Miguel had come to fetch you at the border of the Void and the holy city in more blood than usual, he would take you back to the cabin in silence and wash up before pulling you to his sofa and cradling your innocent form to his chest. The both of you would be bathed in darkness, the lantern a far away glow on the dining table as he tried to absorb your good. He would hold your head gently, breathing in your sweet scent as he played with the ends of your hair or flattened the feathers of your wings. It helped calm him down, feeling the slight pleased purr vibrate against his chest as you beamed under his attentive care. He would rumble his chest slowly in response, showing his own content. Those days you knew you had to distract his mind, letting his mind fill with nothing but the events of your day or any days you were apart. When you ran out of events, you started telling him your own thoughts. Recalling a question you have about the universe, a flower you saw on your way to the Void’s edge, how you think maybe the next time you visit you’ll bring Miguel a nice piece of decoration to hang up so his cabin doesn’t look so sad. 
But no matter the type of day, no matter how many times you had visited him, he always walked you back to the edge of the Void at the same exact time. It was like clock work. It didn’t matter if you didn’t finish your story, it didn’t matter if you weren’t done removing the decorations from his hair, it didn’t matter if he hadn’t fully calmed down yet. When a small chime ran through his house, he would drop whatever he was doing, standing to give you your lantern before walking you out of his cabin. You had asked him about it a singular time, but he had ignored it. You waited, debated if you should ask again in case he didn’t hear you, but then that time happened and you dropped it. You had stayed curious about it, but you had come to terms with the fact that you’d possibly never know.
You don’t know what compelled you to come so late. It was far past the time you would usually come, proven by the fact no lantern glow greeted you at the edge of the Void. But something in you urged you to go, your feet basically dragging you through the darkness. Luckily, the frequency of your visits made you familiar with the path to Miguel’s cabin, hand stretched out until it hit the flat wood of a door. It only took you a few pats to find the doorknob, turning it and sliding it open. 
Instantly, a dark musk filled your senses. It makes your head dizzy and you grip tighter onto the knob to steady yourself. When you think you're stable enough to walk, you take a step forward only to almost trip on an overturned chair. A spike of alarm rings in your head and you can’t help the urgency powering your voice as you call Miguel’s name. In the darkness, there is a faint noise of shuffling before you yelp out in surprise. Large hands grab you and flip you on the couch, your hands shoved above your heads as the sound of deep breathing echoes in your ear. Your body instantly melts into the fabric at the sound of Miguel’s voice asking you what you’re doing here. 
You try to shift your hands, but Miguel tightens his hold on them. You huff out a pout but stop struggling as you ask him if he’s okay. He doesn’t reply, burying his head into the crook of your neck and inhaling deep. His breath tickles around your neck and you can’t help the soft squirms your body makes. 
“Smells s’good,” Miguel mumbles against your skin, his hips pinning yours down so you can’t try to escape. You try to stifle the gasp that builds in your throat at something hard pressing into you. When Miguel’s wet tongue glides up the length of your neck, a soft noise leaves you parted lips. Your hips buck up to push him off, but he only grounds and grounds his hips into you. 
Another sound leaves you, slightly louder than before as you feel something rush into your panties. The feeling of the wetness is uncomfortable and you try to shift to relieve it. Miguel’s hands find your waist and grip hard, holding you still as you pull away from your neck. His eyes are glowing so brightly that you can see the red tint in the darkness. “It’s witching hour, y'know.
Can’t be here, ángel.” 
Despite the gruffness of his appearance, the words are sweet and full of concern. If you could, you would have reached your hand up to cup his face. He looks and sounds pained. You don’t know why, but you want to help. “Are you okay, Miggy? You don’t sound so good, is there anything I can help you with?”
The honey dripping from your voice makes him grind his hips against you again. You just sound so sweet. His perfect little angel was so worried about him. Wanted to be helpful to him. So sweet and pure and innocent. So goddamn tempting. And, like he said before, he can never deny you. He can’t deny you. Who denies help from an angel anyways? Definitely not him. Definitely not when you can help. 
His hand reaches down and cups under your pretty white tunic, a gasp leaving you when he cups your clothed sex and the heel of his palm presses the wetness against your skin. A deep moan leaves Miguel at the dampness, his hand rubbing it eagerly. “Yeah, you can.”
Before you can ask him what it is he needs help with, you feel too long fingers slip under your panties. Your body instantly tenses as Miguel teases them along your entrance, more slick rushing from you to coat his fingers. He tries to push them in, absolute surprise coursing through him when your walls don’t instantly give to take them at the same time. He tries to ease the tips of them, but still gets nothing. It frustrates him. You’re so wet, he can see you glistening before him. Fuck, you hips are even pressing back into his hand. So why can’t you take his fingers? 
Then, it hits him. His sweet little angel is a virgin. 
He grows impossibly harder at the thought. You really are pure. His tiny little angel, untouched and pure. All for his taking. His eyes trail up your body, looking into your confused face. Poor thing doesn’t even understand what’s happening. But, it’s okay. Miguel, he isn’t mean. He may be a demon but he isn’t mean. He’ll take care of you. 
“Need you to spread your legs f’me, doll. Spread your legs and relax.”
You obey so beautifully. You don’t question or hesitate. You only do, only please. Your legs spread for him and he watches the way your tunic bunches around your waist. The sight of your drenched cunt is downright heavenly and he can’t help but lick his lips. His hands glide up your legs until he’s helping you keep your legs open. Gently, he bends down and places them over his shoulder until he’s face to face with your practically see-through panties. He licks a long strip up them, tongue swirling around your poked bud. Your lips instantly buck up in response and your hands find his horns for support. 
He chuckles at you, studying you as he pushes your panties to the side again. He licks another strip up you, your slick collecting on his taste buds. You taste as sweet as you smell and it’s driving him wild. The grip on you tightens as he prods at your entrance. His tongue is wet and warm and causes you to feel things you didn’t even know were possible. Your hips lift in response, and you cry out when Miguel slips his tongue into you. 
The buckling of your hips is instinctive as his tongue dives in and out of you, occasionally playing with your clit. Your eyes are threatening to roll back as your hands tighten around Miguel’s horns to aid your movements. “M-miguel…what are you..?”
Miguel’s own eyes roll back at your clueless question. You don’t even understand what’s going on, but here you are desperately trying to ride his face like a fucking succubus because you feel that good. A deep groan vibrates against you as he eats you out more desperately, drinking up everything you’re spilling out. In response, you keep letting out the prettiest of noises. If this is what it's like to go to church, Miguel just might consider being stricken down for the chance to hear your moans. 
Your legs begin to shake, trying to fight Miguel’s strong hold. Your body quivers and twists, head thrown back as you try to stop whatever it is building inside of you. “Miguel…stop, wait!”
Your begs and pleads are absolute music to him, He can feel the clenching of your walls, and he tries to ease a finger into you to hold them apart. His fingers slip in easier than before, but it still has resistance. But the moment he’s knuckle deep and curls, you’re crying out as you finish. Miguel’s eyes snap up to you, watching drunkenly as you twitch. He slurps everything up, moaning into you as he sucks your lips. He pulls away with a pop, placing a gentle kiss onto your sensitive clit as you try to breathe. Your chest rises and falls, sweat making your tunics stick to your body and become transparent in some places. You’re nipples peek through the fabric, and Miguel sucks them until they’re clearly seen under the garment. 
He finally reaches up to your face, kissing your cheek to call you back to him. Your eyes are hazy as you turn to look at him, a small film of satisfaction coating them. The sight makes Miguel smile, nuzzling his nose against your skin to breathe in the lingering scent of sex and sweat on you. You smell absolutely divine and he can’t help but palace a slow kiss to your lips. Your own lips are clumsy, not really knowing what you’re doing. You just follow Miguel’s example and whatever your brain is telling you is right. But Miguel seems to be enjoying it, pressing his lips harder against you and humming. 
You’re the first to pull away, a gasp ripping from you as you feel his finger slide back into you. He wiggles it around, stretching your walls out in preparation for something bigger. You whine against his lips. Hips shifting when he pulls it out of you. But soon you feel the warmth of something larger poking at your opening. Your eyes meet Miguel’s glowing ones, a silent question in your eyes. 
Miguel presses a soft kiss to the corner of your eye as he begins to push in. His hand tilts your head to the side, his face looking down at you as your own twists in discomfort. “This is gonna hurt for a second, sweet angel.” 
Before you can ask what he means, his hips snap forward. A scream begins to leave your throat, but it dies once Miguel surges towards your neck and bites down. The pinch of something painful hits you before it all dies down into a euphoric numbness. A soft moan leaves you as Miguel slowly thrusts in and out. He pulls away from your neck, giving it a quick lick and kiss before taking your arms to wrap them around his neck loosely. He kisses your cheek again, moaning at the coppery smell of blood that begins to feel the air as he stretches your hymen. 
“That’s it. So fucking good for me, good girl.”
Even in your dazed state, your body glows under his praise. A slow hum leaves you, and you arch your back into him. Miguel’s hand slips to your lower back, pressing your skin into his body and he begins to speed up his thrusts. Each snap of his hips brings shockwaves of pleasure through you, and it isn’t long before you feel the familiar build up in your body again. Miguel groans as your walls tighten around his cock, teeth grinding together as he pushes through your tight walls. With another sharp thrust, you're moaning out again as you release. 
Miguel continues to work you through it, working at your clit to make it last longer. You whimper in appreciation, body pressing up into his fingers for more. He chuckles at the involuntary movement, working you even after your body jolts from oversensitivity. His fingers and his thrusts don’t stop until he feels his own pleasure beginning to form its peak. WIth a few sharp thrusts and you moaning his name, he spills his hot seed into you. The feel of it filling you makes you come again, hips lifting and pressing into his pelvis to keep it all into you. 
Miguel rubs soft circles into the skin of your hips to help you calm down, pressing kisses to your shoulders and muttering praise. He pulls out slowly, his cock an ombre of pink to creamy white cum as the same mix drips from you. His fingers fuck it back into you absentmindedly, only stopping when you cry out softly. He gives you time to rest, leaving to get a soft cloth to wipe you down. 
Midway through his cleaning, you hand lands to his arm. He looks up at you questionably, watching the dazed look beginning to leave your eyes. But he can’t help the wide smile that forms on his face as you ask: “Again?”
Tumblr media
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bau-drabbles · 11 months
HI! I was wondering if you do like a concept where reader and Spencer have relationship problems because he's in love with JJ? But if not that's okay. I hope you're well ❤ I love your works!
aw of course nonnie! thank you for reading and the love 🥹🤍 this is rushed since its like an idea but i hope you like it :)
do you like how i look? or just how i look on you?
Tumblr media
you watch him carefully through your lashes, the pen threatening to break under your grasp. the way he had felt so ease, the way he could engage in a conversation with her, all of it so very easily angered you.
"don't you agree y/n?" jj smiles, her gaze shifting towards you.
"hm?" you replied, completely lost in thought and she gestures to his hair. her slender fingers run through his messy locks and he sits there, giving her a soft chuckle. it makes you want to knock his lights out truthfully.
"he looks better in long hair, doesn't he?" she giggles and you raise an eyebrow, looking at them both. even you would've mistaken them for a couple despite actually being in a relationship with him.
"i wouldn't know. i don't spend enough time with him to see how his hair looks" your passive aggressive tone doesn't go unnoticed by spencer and immediately his eyes dart to yours. he gives you that specific look that you're treading in dangerous waters but there's not a cell in your body that cares anymore.
jj awkwardly looks between you and spencer, him staring you down but you refusing to back off so you hold his eye contact. she coughs and it snaps you both out of it and towards her once more.
"i have to go, i gotta file these and give them to hotch. but i'll see you later?" she gives you both one last final smile and she goes, leaving the two of you alone
"what was that?" he asked irritably, his tone offended as if you'd genuinely caused him some pain
"honesty. i haven't seen you in so long but you wouldn't know that since you're so absorbed with jj" you know you shouldn't start the fight right now, a case could come at any moment and you'd be called in seconds but you can't help yourself. he was so incredibly selfish, couldn't he see how he was treating you?? couldn't he see how much you cared??
"i have no idea what you mean" he replied flatly, standing up to his full height and turning his back on you. you scoffed, turning around in your chair. you were already hanging on by a thread and his attitude would be your undoing.
"oh, you don't?? i've never seen your eyes shine more than when you're with her, like she's gathered all the stars and placed them there. you look at her..... like she's the most perfect thing you've ever seen" your voice trembels at the end of your sentence, you could only wish he gazed at you with half the adoration he held for her
"is there a point to your accusations? or can we move on to more pressing matters?" spencer furrows his eyebrows, turning his back on you. you don't know which is more aggravating, the fact that he brushes you off so easily or that he continued to defend jj even after everything.
"you know at first i didn't like jj, i really wanted to know what made her so special that you couldn't take your eyes from her for two fucking seconds but..." you pause, remembering all he times you had felt so insignificant to him. so inferior to jj, even though she didn't know.
"you adore everything about her, or rather, you love her. from how she talks to how she is. you notice everything about her. coffee orders, food preferences, hell even her moods, sometimes i wonder why you just didn't date her instead" your tone is biting, daring him to object. you hope he does, you hope he can finally see his wrong doings. you hope he can see how unfairly he had been treating you.
but fiction is far different than reality, sometimes things didn't go the way you so desperately hoped they did.
you know why he didn't date jj, she was already married. so he settled for the next option, pining and yearning for her in the dark while he had you as a front so everyone could see he had moved on too. you thought deep down he would learn to love you as you did him but after 2 years, it was never going to change.
"do you love her?" the question left your lips so quickly you didn't even register you had said it until he looked back. the pain settled in your heart, anxiously waiting for his answer. even though you knew deep down what it was.
"y/n plea-" he rolls his eyes but you stand up, walking toward him
"do you love her or not? it's a one word answer reid" the use of his last name instead of his first insinuates you're serious this time.
"i..." he breaks off, trying to find some way to make sense of it. in the midst of it all, you catch a glimpse of his true feelings before he composes himself once more.
but even for him that was a second too long
and when you see it there's shock on your face. confirmation and resignation plastered on his when he learns what he had done.
a small voice in you berates you for not seeing the signs at the start, they were so painfully obvious how could you have ever missed it. but people never do when they're in love.
"guys! c'mon, hotch is waiting" garcia knocks, looking at you both expectantly but you can't seem to rip your gaze from the man opposite you
i loved you, i loved you, i love-
"yeah..." you don't want to cause a scene, bringing yourself back to the crushing weight of reality. hitting you like a ton of bricks, tormenting you over and over.
"y/n..." spencer calls out, his hand reaching to yours to stop you but you snatch it away. like his touch is poisoned and you'd fall deeper into the darkness that so eagerly awaits your presence.
"y/n?" penelope asked, the smile she usually donned was slowly dropping from looking at the pair of you back and forth. looking to reid for some answers but he could only look at you and you could only look at the floor, wondering why you weren't good enough.
"let's go" your voice is a strained whisper, needing to throw yourself into something so you didn't need to think of him.
you realised that heartbreak is quite similar to the movies you used to make fun of. the second its over, all you can remember is the moments that made you fall in love. blazing through your mind, a rom com montage made of the sweetest poison.
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angellayercake · 6 months
Can i ask for 10 🥺❤?
Secondo or/and Cardi with close secretary/helper reader who just gives them cheek/forehead kisses every morning and for goodnight without thinking much about it. And papas with crush on them ara just blushing °\\\° with dumb 'im not sure if they're into me'
It has taken me a while but here you go my dear. You gave me some fantastic inspiration the other day so I've gone on bit of a tangent. I hope you enjoy it! Love yooou 🐇🐇
‘There you go Papa. All fixed for you,’ you smile up at him catching him off guard as always. He nodded at the sibling knelt down before him doing his very best to keep his composure. It wasn’t just the fact that someone was so close to being in a position he knew he would very much enjoy under other circumstances. Nor that he had been going through what his brother had not stopped referring to as a spell dryer than the sahara desert. No, it was this particular sibling that was causing all the problems.
You who had faded into the background of his life until recently. Someone who was an integral but often unnoticed member of the Ministry. To say you just fixed things would do your work a disservice but it seemed whenever there was a problem there you were, smiling and whistling and mending what was broken. Including the heart of this grumpy old man it would seem, not that he would admit it out loud. As he watched you slide the drawer in and out with no problem, the drawer he may have been slamming particularly hard recently in the hope it would get stuck, he thought back to when this had started. And it had started with Snowbell.  
‘No no Papa this will not do!’ The Cardinal tutted, stroking his moustache and frowning at the sight before him. ‘I would never let my rats live in such a small cage and they are much smaller than Snowbell.’ Secondo looked between Copia, the cage that was currently taking up the corner of his office and the ball of white fluff that was sitting quietly on his desk. When, in a moment of weakness, he had admitted to his youngest brother that at times he had felt lonely he hadn’t realised it would become Copia’s mission to fix it for him. The next day he had found himself dragged to the nearest pet store and forced to survey the critters on display as Copia prattled about his rats. He had been humouring him, he had thought until his eyes had fallen on the little white rabbit curled up by itself.
‘Si! This is the one,’ Copia called to the shop assistant gesturing to the enclosure in front of them. ‘We will take this one my friend!’ Before Secondo could utter a word he took in his brother’s beaming face and gave in with a sigh. This was happening whether he liked it or not. 
As Copia was on the phone summoning the person that could fix all their problems Secondo sat at his desk looking at his new pet. She stared back at him, beady black eyes calm in spite of being in an unfamiliar place and all the commotion coming from the other side of the room. 
‘Hello,’ he said quietly, offering his gloved hand for her to inspect. He had no idea what to do with the creature, really not having had a chance to peruse the pile of books Copia had insisted they buy along with everything the shop assistant had suggested they would need to care for her. She stretched her head forward, ears perked up curiously, whiskers twitching as she scented him out, and after a few moments hopping forward until he was able to rest his large hand over her. Slowly he rubbed her head with his thumb and watched her eyes drift close and her ears flop down in contentment. As he watched this lonely little rabbit basque in his affection he felt something in him soften, which is when the door to his office opened and in you walked.  
He hadn’t been able to take in a word of what was being said about Snowbell’s new home he had been mesmerised. You were captivating with an air of quiet confidence that filled the room and he could see the strength in the way you moved. You were chatting away with Copia taking measurements and discussing who knows what details when Snowbell had hopped into his arms stealing both of their attention away from their project. 
‘Ah fratello, she has already seen through your grumpy facade eh?’ He nudges you with his elbow but you are too busy looking up and down between his usual stoic face and the little rabbit he is now cradling.
‘I hear rabbits are very good judges of character, Cardinal,’ you tease. You weren’t scared of him? He would admit himself that the root of his loneliness problem was his grumpy demeanour and ‘resting face of stronzo’ as Terzo liked to call it. It wasn't that he lacked for bedroom partners, he was often spoiled for choice, but he did lack good company anywhere else. And he was growing tired of one off encounters he wanted someone who liked, maybe even loved him. A stirring in his arms brought him out of his less than happy thoughts. ‘What’s her name?’ He could get lost in your kind eyes and he does in fact as he tries to answer the question he was asked.
‘I … well,’ he stutters before giving himself a shake. What is the matter with him? No one had ever been able to reduce him to stuttering. He clears his throat before trying again. ‘It is Snowbell.’ The inquisitive little thing perks up as he holds her up for you to see, looking so small in his cupped hands. You let the rabbit sniff at your fingers just as he did, only reaching to scratch gently between her ears after gaining her approval. Her ears sink back to their relaxed position as she accepts the attention 
‘Snowbell you said?’ you question leaning across his desk to give her the attention she deserves. ‘She is terribly sweet, I can see why you picked her.’ you continue with a genuine smile that he can’t look away from. ‘Well I better get to work so we can make sure this little lady has the perfect home.’ You turn away but pause, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to Snowbell's head, holding his gaze as you do. He has never been so thankful for his Papal paints before as he feels his cheeks uncharacteristically heat up as they turn and leave his office. ‘Papa, Cardinal.’ 
‘Farewell! Now Papa…’ Copia, oblivious to the unspoken exchange, had continued his running commentary of upgrades Snowbell would need but all Secondo could think about is if he would ever get a kiss of his own. 
And so he had gone from not even knowing of your existence to you in and out of his office every few days asking his opinion on all types of things and bringing hand made pieces of what was looking to become a palace for his new companion. He hadn’t admitted it to Copia yet but it did really seem like his idea was working. He had someone to care for now and even someone to talk to now, even if little Snowbell didn’t have much to say in return. It took just over two weeks for the cage to be completed, the grand opening attended by the talented creator themselves, Snowbell of course, himself, Copia, and Terzo. He couldn’t help the frown that grew when his brother waltzed into his office just in time, it was probably Copia who let it slip.
‘Secondo you sfigato!’ He entered with a shout. ‘I hear I have a niece and you have been keeping her from me?’ He looks around in his ridiculous flamboyant way and his frown only deepens when you giggle at his antics. Snowbell, the niece he thinks with an eye roll, is sitting in your arms. As you had worked so hard to build her new home he thought it only right that you get to let her in for the first time. Which means Terzo makes a bee line for you as soon as he notices. ‘So this is the cutie I have been missing out on eh?’ He asks with a smirk. ‘And then this is the rabbit.’ He lifts his eyebrows in a way he is sure he thinks is charming and he can’t help his scoff of indignation. Terzo manages to pull his attention away from the only person in the room he is able to flirt with and slings his arm around his older brother. 
‘My apologies fratello, please continue,’ he says in his exaggerated earnest way that has even Copia rolling his eyes. ‘This day is about you and of course Snowbell.’ 
‘Si,’ Copia interrupts before he can continue. ‘And it is time for her to see her new home. 
Secondo nods his agreement, giving you a small smile as you step forward to the open door and set Snowbell inside. She looks around the space before venturing forward, sniffing at the air. She hops in and around some of the toys inside before heading straight for her food bowl and staying put. The four of you stand watching for a while longer before realising that she has finished her exploration for now.  
‘Well that was a bit of an anticlimax,’ Terzo says at last with a sigh. ‘She clearly did not inherit the Emeritus talent for drama. Oh well.’
‘Shut up cazzone, Snowbell likes it very much I am sure.’ He can see you are a bit disappointed by the reaction and he would do anything to make you smile again. As you look up at him with a smile he realises that you no longer have reason to come to his office. The thought sends a shoot of pain through his chest and he panics knowing he needs to find a way to make sure you come back. ‘You should come and visit.’ He says abruptly, calling not just your attention but both his brothers as well. ‘Snowbell I mean, she will miss you.’ 
‘I will, of course, if Snowbell will miss me.’ You look down before looking back up at him through your eyelashes and his mouth goes dry. You turn to leave stepping backwards towards the door so you can hold his gaze. ‘Bye Snowbell, bye Papa.’ 
‘Good bye,’ he manages to say as he sees his brothers sharing a look out of the corner of his eye. When he is sure you are gone he doesn’t even bother to look at them, instead turning to the cage that now takes up the entirety of the wall. ‘Shut up and get out you two.’ For the first time in a long time they actually do as he says and leave him be, even shutting the door behind them. Snowbell had finally finished her meal coming up to sniff his fingers as he toyed with the bars. ‘Oh Snowbell,’ he whispers as he tickles her soft nose. ‘What is happening to me?’  
You are as good as your word, coming to visit Snowbell, but it is not enough. He gets brief glimpses of you in the halls but you always seem so busy. He would hate to be a burden. One day though inspiration drops from the sky on him, or at least from a high shelf. He is looking for a book to help with some latin translations and piles books out of the way so he can find the title when the bookshelf suddenly breaks away with an almighty crash. Typically this type of event would inspire kicking and cursing, but instead a grin pulls over his face. He has an excellent reason to get you here now. You come and fix it with all your skill far too quickly and then you are gone again before he can even build up the courage to talk to you properly. The next time it is a draughty window frame, then the squeaky door hinges and now here he is having deliberately broken the drawer of his desk to get you here. 
He has been staring too long he thinks, but he can’t look away, every time you stay a little bit longer, speak a little bit more but this time he is going to ask you to stay,or at least to come back later, for dinner or drinks or something. He opens his mouth to speak but his office door is slammed open and the last person he wants to see right now is standing in the doorway. Terzo looks around quickly noticing where Secondo’s eyes are trained and slaps his hand over his eyes with a gasp. 
‘Ugh brother if you are going to have siblings under your desk, at least put a sock on the door.’ he grumbles with disgust but doesn't bother to leave
‘Or you could not burst in,’ Secondo replies through gritted teeth. He was so close he was going to wring his brother's neck as soon as he got the chance. 
‘It’s only me Papa,’ you laugh as you pop up from behind the desk. Terzo looks between you and him back and forth with an entirely too smug look on his face but thankfully says nothing else. He pulls out one of the chairs next to Secondo’s desk slouching down as soon as he sits and folding his hands across his chest. ‘I will leave you both to it then,’ you say as you collect up your tools and head for the door, giving him one last sweet smile before leaving. 
‘What do you want then Terzo? ' he asks dejectedly, leaning back into his own chair. His brother levels him with one of his usual smug smirks and he is tempted to punch it for ruining his chance, that is until he next speaks.  
‘Why don’t you ask them to help you break the desk first next time, si?’ He sits there in shock for a moment as so many different feelings run through him. Predominantly though he is annoyed that his brother had figured him out so easily and then he hears a giggle from the door and his blood runs cold. 
‘Sorry to interrupt, but I forgot my screwdriver.’ You point to where it sits on the desk with the hand that isn’t covering your mouth but he can see the pink glow of your cheeks just above. He is frozen to the spot so Terzo reaches across and hands it over with a smirk. ‘But maybe I could come back for a screw next time,’ you laugh from behind your hand. Terzo barks out a laugh and he just sits there mouth open in shock as you take your screwdriver and flee. 
‘Well go after them then,’ Terzo says, snapping him out of his daze. He jumps out of his chair knocking it to the floor in his haste and scaring poor Snowbell if the sounds from her cage are anything to go by, hoping to find you before you get too far. He spots you just as you turn the corner out of the Clergy wing so he picks up speed not wanting to shout and draw too much attention.
‘Wait, por favore,’ he calls when he finally catches up to you. ‘What about tonight?’ You turn slowly, surprised that he has finally got the courage up to ask you but you look at him questioningly. ‘Not for a screw,’ he corrects, still trying to catch his breath from his rush. ‘Well maybe, I mean. Dinner first?’ He takes a deep breath so he can actually get his words out but you already look so happy, although he hopes you aren’t just laughing at him. ‘Would you join me and Snowbell for dinner? Tonight?’ He tries again, hoping that he isn’t about to make a fool of himself. 
‘I would love to have dinner with you Papa.’ There is such an obvious affection glowing in your eyes he doesn’t know how he hasn’t seen it before. ‘And Snowbell of course.’ You lean towards him, your hand drifting up to cup his cheek so you can guide him towards you. The kiss you press to his cheek is so soft but he feels incredibly content and desperate for more at almost the same time. You pull away far too soon but he can’t be annoyed about getting to see your happy smile again. ‘I will see you tonight.’ You say as you leave him there standing in the hall like a lovesick fool. Yes, tonight he thinks and he can’t wait.
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holdmytesseract · 4 months
Another Daryl request bc why not aka I love your Daryl fics so so much 🤍
- a steamy enemies to lovers !! Yn leads a neighboring community (to Alexandria) and they meet regularly to wrangle over the boundaries of the hunting grounds. There always has been heavy sexual tension and one day the things “escalate” ;) …
Crossing Lines
Daryl Dixon x fem!Reader
Summary: When Daryl gets caught on forbidden ground once again, you show mercy - like you did so often. But this time you offer him a quite... Special deal. A deal he can't reject?
Warnings: the usual TWD stuff, walkers, weapons, this is quite a bit steamy, very suggestive smut...
Takes place in season 6!
Word Count: 3,1k
a/n: I absolutely love this request and the story my brain came up with! I'd even go so far and say it's one of my favourites! 😄 Thanks for this, my wonderful friend! I hope you and everybody else likes it! ❤
Sidenote: It has nothing to do with the Wolves. I just liked the name.
Tagging: @km-ffluv @stitchintimefan @sweetpeapod @loz-3 @peaches1958 @fictive-sl0th @lou12346789 @fuseburner @hotgirlsshareaccounts @in-this-minute
Daryl Masterlist °☆• Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Hey, Daryl! What are you up to?" Glenn asked his friend; shouting down from one of the guard towers in Alexandria. "'M goin' out," the archer answered; stopping in front of the wooden construction to look up at the Korean. Glenn smiled. "I can see that - but what are you up to?" Daryl shrugged his shoulders. "Huntin'. We're out of 'possum." Glenn couldn't suppress the small giggle, which left his lips. "Yeah, right. Be careful out there. The sun's going down soon." "Nah, got a least two hours 'fore sunset." Even though Glenn knew the redneck for quite a long time already, he was still sometimes surprised and impressed by his skills.
"Alright. See you." Daryl nodded and wanted to walk past the tower, when Glenn stopped him again. "You know the rules," he shouted after him. The archer gave his friend another nod and a low grunt, before he made his way to the big doors; leaving his home behind himself.
Tumblr media
Roaming the woods and wide meadows around Alexandria; the archer was on search for something alive to eat. He followed a few trails, which only led to nothing, or a dead cadaver; already feasted on by a walker. Daryl didn't find himself having a lot of luck this evening - at least in the Alexandrian hunting grounds...
Stepping on 'forbidden' land, Daryl's senses were sharpened. Not just because he was looking out for some animal to hunt... Because of the walkers. Sure, you always had to look out for them - but the problem was that he couldn't kill them. Not here. They'd know. You'd know.
The archer sneaked as quiet as possible through the woods; always scanning his surroundings - and yet he couldn't prevent it from happening. A single crack of a twig a few meters away from him announced his doom - and before he could even blink, he was surrounded. About ten men; bow and arrow raised at him and all dressed in the signature clothing he was so very familiar with. Boots, black cargo pants, linen shirts or hoodies. Some of them had fur mantles draped over their shoulders. Others wore a hood. But everyone had a bandana covering most of their faces. Damnit, thought Daryl.
"Drop the weapon!" One of the men yelled. Daryl did what he was told; knowing that he had lost the game already anyways. So, he dropped his crossbow.
The archer's eyes scanned the group then; looking out for you - their leader. But you found him first.
"Crossing borders again, Dixon?" Your voice urged to his ears, causing him to swiftly turn around. You stood behind him; dressed like the men around him. Black cargo pants, beige linen shirt and a fur mantle; bandana loosely hanging around your neck. The only difference was, that you somehow looked more... gracefully. It seemed like the clothing fitted you so much better. Or was it just the way Daryl saw it?
The left corner of your mouth twitched upwards; smiling halfway at the archer. Your bow lazily draped over your shoulder; one hand securing it.
"I asked you a question."
Once again managed your voice to grab his attention; snapping out of his thoughts. He subtly cleared his throat and lifted his gaze to meet your stunning Y/E/C eyes, before he shrugged his shoulders. "I ain't seein' any borders, nor yer name scarified in any of the trees."
It had been the wrong answer. Daryl knew as soon as a man stepped out of the circle behind you; marching with big steps towards you and him. The man had his bow secured on his back and drew a gun instead. He walked past you and aimed the weapon at Daryl; ready to pull the trigger - but you stopped him. Much to Daryl's surprise.
"Leave it, Isaiah." You addressed your right-hand-man. Isaiah gave the archer a death glare, but listened to his leader, of course, and withdrew the gun, engaged the safety and placed it back in its place on his weapons belt. He even took a few steps back. Nevertheless, rested Isaiah's hand on the gun; ready to defend you. If necessary. "It's alright. Mr. Dixon just likes breaking rules. Nothing new, is it?" It wasn't by far the first time that they found the archer within their hunting grounds. Daryl quite liked to... expand his hunting trips. Of course, they didn't catch him every time, but often enough to know.
Daryl just grunted and scoffed. "Rules ain't existing in this world anymore." You lifted an eyebrow, before you started to shake your head. "Ahh this is such a shame," you stated; beginning to circle the archer like a hunter its prey. "Truly. How many more times do we need to explain to you how the shots get called around here, until you finally understand it, huh?" Daryl answered nothing, just clenched his jaw.
"Look, Daryl..." You clearly put the emphasis on his name. "Our communities live in peace together. We agreed to respect one another and when the opportunity occurs, even trade things. But nothing more. We are not crossing your paths and you are not crossing our paths - which includes the hunting grounds as well. You can ask Rick if you don't believe me..." You shrugged your shoulders and continued to circle him. "We have absolutely no problem - but..." You stepped closer; invading his private space and whispered lowly into his ear: "If you keep breaking the rules, we might have a problem."
At your words ran a shiver down Daryl's spine. The problem was, that he couldn't tell if it was out of respect - or arousal. And it scared the very tough man quite a bit.
He could see from the corner of his eyes, how you stepped away again and turned to your men. "Let's call it a day." Everyone withdrew their weapons from Daryl and started to move.
Then you gave Isaiah and Yosh a nod. They knew exactly what to do. Walking towards Daryl, they pushed the archer forwards; into the direction in which the other men were heading. Daryl turned and gave them both a death glare; ready to jump at them and fight - but he knew better than that. He wasn't stupid. He knew when he had lost a game. And this one was already lost a long time ago.
You walked past him; following the group. "You're coming with us. Be our guest." The archer grunted. "What if I don't wanna?" You turned to face the man, while walking backwards. He's very sassy today, you thought. "You're not refusing the offer of a lady, will you? Come on. I have something to discuss with you."
And so, Daryl followed you - wordless and without a fight. He knew that he wouldn't stand a chance. Not against you anyway - and he was clearly outnumbered.
About fifteen minutes later and walking constantly through the thicket of the forest, you, Daryl and the rest of the group reached the community. It was hidden within the trees, on a large clearing. High, thick walls made out of wood marked the outline; strengthened by thick metal tiling. Some would say it looked a bit like the Hilltop, but there was clearly something special about it. Daryl's eyes widened as he saw it. He's never been at their 'camp'. Only met them outside and in the woods. The walls were surrounded by a wide, deep pit. A deep pit which reached around the whole camp - as it seemed. The entrance was only reachable through a drawbridge. Like a castle, taken straight out of the Middle Ages. The archer shook his head. That was surreal. Impossible.
Before he could think more about it, he received another shove, causing him to stumble on the drawbridge. Together with everyone else, he walked through the big doors and behind the safety of the huge walls - and pit. You walked beside him and gave him a smug smile; as he looked around, stunned.
"Welcome to the Wolf's Pit, Daryl."
The archer's eyes widened in astonishment as he took in the scenery in front of him. The place bustled with people. Women, men, children. Small, wooden houses soaring everywhere. Most of them were finished; some of them not. Daryl was also able to make out the small fields with vegetables and crops all around the place. It was stunning. Fascinating. But then he also felt the eyes of several people on himself. Some of them gave him confused gazes; some of them sceptical and threatening gazes. Nonetheless, it was clear to the archer, that they were all asking themselves the same question... Who was he and why was he here?
One wrong move and Daryl would have a big problem - and he knew.
You noticed this as well, of course, and how 'alarmed' Daryl was. So, you stopped, causing the archer to stop, too. You then nodded towards your wooden hut. "Come on. Let's talk, shall we?" While Daryl followed you wordlessly, the other men - including Isaiah and Yosh split up to go their own ways from here.
Your little hut was definitely the most 'majestic' one. Sure, you were their leader. The moment Daryl entered your home, he was utterly impressed. It wasn't super big, but very detailed and beautifully furnished - if you could call it that. The most of it was clearly self-made, not scavenged. The fireplace, table, chairs and several other things. A lot of furs and pillows decorated the house, making it appear very cosy. And again, was this one question ghosting through Daryl's head…
"How were a few people able to build somethin' huge like tha'?" He finally asked; still looking around in awe. You put down your weapons and fur mantle; smiling, before you turned to face him. "That is a valid question, Dixon. To answer it honestly, we didn't even build that much of it." You began to explain, while you made a fire in the fireplace. "When we found this place here, it was more or less a site. Diggers, trucks and other construction vehicles were standing around. Clearly, they wanted to build something big here. The pit was over halfway dug out already. Two wooden huts were still standing; about to be demolished. Just like the wooden fence. Whatever it was they started here, it was never finished. So, we took the opportunity, scavenged the things we needed and build this." You finished; gesturing around. "Quite impressive, right?" Daryl nodded. It was true.
Silence spread within the hut, as Daryl's blue-grey eyes followed your every move. You picked up a few branches and twigs from a basket and threw them into the crackling fire. Before his gaze would stick on you, he averted his eyes again; clearing his throat. "Why 'm I here? Whaddaya want from me?" You turned to face him once again; smiling. "Oh, you know exactly why you are here, Daryl." Again, you rolled his name off your tongue so easily, as if you'd known each other for years. "But I'll explain it to you again." You took a step closer; dusting off your hands. "Admittedly, I don't like you straying around in our territory. We both know that this could end bad for you - which would be a shame, because you are special. You are not like the others, Mr. Dixon. I noticed that the first time we met, and I like it." Your smile even widened, "Therefore, I have an offer to make. One you are freely allowed to decline..." before you gave him a once over. "Or accept."
Daryl looked at you quite a bit confused. "An offer?" You nodded. "An offer." He looked at you for a moment intensely; trying to figure you out. "Aight. Spit it out."
You wettened your lips; holding his gaze. "Go now; never come back and sneak around our hunting grounds. Keep on breaking the rules and risk the bridges we build to burn down or..." "Or?" You bit your lip; starting to smile cheekily. "Or stay; spent the night with me and you'll be allowed to go hunt wherever you like."
For a moment, the archer thought he misheard you/your words. All his facial features literally derailed; blinking. He definitely needed a moment to process this and to regain composure.
"That's extortion, woman." Daryl then scoffed; crossing his arms over his chest and visibly trying to play it cool. You were quite unimpressed from his reaction and shook your head. "It's not. It's an offer - like I said. I'm not forcing you to do anything." "Why would ya offer me somethin' like that?" You bit your lip once more and started to circle him like you did when you and your group caught him. "That's simple. I saw the way you were looking at me. Whenever we met each other. Do you really think I didn't notice, Dixon? You are very bad at hiding your physical attraction towards me."
Your words were like a blow into the gut for the archer. He swallowed - hard; was speechless. He felt like a deer caught in the headlights.
"What? Cat got your tongue?" You teased him; giggling. "It's because you know that I'm right, isn't it?"
That was the moment Daryl lost it. He couldn't prevent the heat forming in his cheeks; a blush creeping on his face. You smiled and stopped right in front of him. Slowly, you lifted your hand and drew a seductive line from his shoulder to his pec with your pointer finger; whispering: "Gotcha."
An undeniable shiver ran down Daryl's spine at your words; your touch leaving a burning, sizzling sensation behind.
You took a step back, but kept your hand in place; fingers started to toy with the lapels of his angel-winged vest. "So, what do you say?"
Daryl swallowed; needed once again a moment to get his brain to work properly again and especially to play it cool. What if this was a trap? He couldn't just cave and give in like that, could he?
"It ain't a fair deal, is it? One night in exchange for free passageway? Seems very suspicious ta me." "Who says it's only one night?" You asked with a smirk and looked up to meet his eyes, before you pressed your palm flat against his chest and started to back him up against the nearby wall. "What if our paths cross more often from then on, because we want them to cross? It's a win-win."
You weren't a predictable person. Daryl had figured that out very quickly - but he saw the move you were about to make coming. So, he decided to took you by surprise and join the game. Before you were able to pin him to the wooden wall, he placed one hand over the one which rested on his chest, quickly grabbed your wrist and spun you around - slamming your back against the wall. Now you were the one trapped, not him.
"Why would ya risk it?" Daryl asked in a hushed, raspy voice, while he towered above you; leaving you no chance to escape. Not that you wanted to escape. No, you quite enjoyed the turn of things. It caused the sexual tension to grow even more. So thick, it was cuttable with a knife.
"Huh? Why? You ain't have a reason to trust me." You giggled and leaned closer to him. Not that you were very close already. "I don't have to trust you, Dixon." Your lips almost touched his as you spoke. He could feel your warm breath on the skin of his face. "I just need to give you what you want," you added, whispering. "So, tell me..." You moved a hand to his leather belt, which was slung around his hips and held his old, tattered jeans in place and hooked your fingers through the loops. "What is it that you want?" Then you tugged, causing the completely stunned archer to stumble forwards; hips clashing against yours.
It took Daryl everything, to not let the thundering moan leave his lips, which had built up in his throat. He gritted his teeth; jaw clenching. It was that moment, in which he realised that he couldn't suppress his attraction towards you any longer. Not after that. He got lost in his own primal need - and gave in. His clouded mind urging him on to make a rather bold move. So, he did. Acting fast, he sneaked his hands down to the back of your thighs and lifted you up; causing a small yelp to escape your mouth. He didn't beat about the bush and crossed the small hut to throw you on the fluffy, cosy bed. He had made his decision - and you knew it.
Giggling like a schoolgirl, you looked up at him, "Thought so." and crooked your finger; making a come-hither motion. "C'mon, big boy. Claim what belongs to you then." And he did.
Tumblr media
Daryl stayed the whole night – like you said. And let's say it that way… The night was thoroughly spent.
When the first sun rays of the new day poured through your makeshift windows, a firm knock sounded through the hut and woke you up. You knew exactly who it was. Stretching your limbs, you stood up and tiptoed completely across the hut, in order to grab your dressing gown. "Come in!" You whisper-shouted; not to wake the sleeping man in your bed. The wooden door swung open and revealed your right-hand-man, Isaiah.
"Good morning," he said; closing the door behind himself. You gave him a smile; tying the knot of your robe. "It is, indeed, a very good morning." You had no shame when it came down to him. Neither secrets. Isaiah was like the big brother you never had and best friend in one. You loved him dearly and were grateful for everything he had done for you.
Isaiah's eyes wandered over your body, before they travelled to the bed. "Ah, I see." He stated; seeing the archer's barely covered body. Daryl was still sleeping tightly; laying on his belly with both hands buried underneath the soft pillow, in order to support his head.
Isaiah grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Sleeping with the enemy?" You shook your head; smiling. "He's not the enemy, Ice. He's an ally - just like the Alexandrians..." Your eyes roamed across Daryl's bare, broad back. Some scratches of your fingernails were still visible; memories immediately taking you back to the last night. "...and the man I'd like to keep in my bed." Isaiah chuckled. "I assume you had a very pleasurable night then?" "Then best of my life."
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Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
Tumblr media
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★- Tokyo Revengers
-What the boys would do when you're on your time of the month
characters: Chifuyu, Mikey and Mitsuya
They would all care so much ngl
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Matsuno:
Chifuyu is a general sweetheart who will keep checking up on you when you're on you're period just to know if you need anything.
He would make an effort to visit your place everyday to check on you and bring some supplies over.
The only reason why he knows what you need is because he confided in Emma.
If you're cramps get very bad till the point you cannot get out of bed, Chifuyu would snuggle up in your sheets with you and cuddle you until you feel better.
He would also bring over some manga to read with you.
Sometimes, Chifuyu will bring Peke J over and he will fall asleep on your stomach as you pet him on his head and his body heat will immediately warm you up, causing your cramps to subside.
One time when you asked him to get pads for you, he went to the store and was confused by the number of brands there were so instead of calling you up to ask which one you were looking for, he bought a box from each brand.
When Mikey first started dating you and you were complaining about your cramps, Mikey just laughed at you saying it was no big deal.
Draken, who grew up amongst many women, apologized on Mikeys behalf.
Emma beat the shit out of him and educated him when they got home.
After being educated, Mikey was still kind of awkward to talk about it in public but he would always show that he cared by buying you your favourite treats.
Whenever you had any problems (eg, leaks, ran out of products ect.) , he would always call Emma over because he was too scared to do anything as he was new to this whole topic.
When you two are alone, He will take really good care of you by making you hot drinks and making sure you rest and that your heat pack is always hot.
Whenever he is free from his Toman duties, he will come cuddle with you.
One time you were walking out of school and a group of teenage boys were harassing and laughing at you for not noticing the leak that you had on your skirt.
You were trying to cover the stain with your backpack but to no avail.
Mikey just so happened to be waiting for you outside that day and heard the harassment so he threatened to beat those guys up.
Since Mikey was a notable gang leader, they scrammed as Mikey tied his jacket over your waist and drove you home to get cleaned up.
Mitsuya Takashi:
Having 2 younger sisters, Mitsuya has already educated himself on the topic of periods to prep his sisters when they get theirs so when he started dating you and you got your period, he knew exactly what to do.
Mitsuya would hand sew you a heat pack and multiple pouches to keep your period products
Whenever he is free, He will cuddle you in bed and rant to you about his various dress designs he will make for you in the future to distract you from the pain of your cramps.
He will always make sure that you are always stocked up on your supplies and will gladly get you some more if you ask.
He will pack you hot meals and herbal tea and give them to you in school.
He could be overly worried and clingy when its your time of the month but that's just his parenting instincts kicking in.
Whenever you get leaks in public, Mitsuya will always be the first to notice and wrap a jacket around your waist before whispering to you that you got your period.
He is very open about the topic and is not disgusted about it at all (such a sweetheart).
When the cramps get tough, he will physically make you rest and he will do everything for you even if you insist you can do them yourself.
---❤︎₊ ⊹
Tumblr media
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