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Protective~ Dean Winchester imagine
Warnings// angst, fluff and cock blocking
Word count// 1400
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Tumblr media
You Sam and Dean had just finished a pretty rough ghoul hunt, once you guys had all showered the remnants of the night, dean suggested you guys head out for a few drinks to celebrate, once you got to the bar Dean and you slide into a booth, deans arm wrapping around your shoulders pulling you into his side “you get the first round Sammy” Dean said smirking at his brother, Sam rolled his eyes “fine but you’re next” he said walking to the bar
“So how you feeling after you’re first ghoul sweetheart” you looked up at your boyfriend “well I’ve gotta say I won’t be chasing one for a very long time, much prefer a simple salt and burn” Dean chuckled kissing the side of your head, “alright beers are severed” Sam said sitting down with the drinks “thanks Sammy” you said taking a drink out the bottle
You and the guys were having a great time talking about passed hunts before you’d met them “he just looked at me all upset and said ‘I lost my shoe’ all because he lost the damn rabbits foot” Dean laughed finishing his second beer, “alright my round boys just another beer?”you questioned getting up “yeah thanks Y/N” Sam said “yeah me too thank you sweetheart” you hooded moving to the slightly crowded bar you quickly got the bar tenders attention “hi three beers please” the man nodded “that’ll be 12 bucks gorgeous” he said placing three beers in front of you, you nodded handing him a 20 dollar bill, the bar tender went to get your change leaving you standing for a few minutes
“what’s a beautiful girl like you doing at a place like this” a man grumbled out from one of the bar stools, he looked to be a drunk creep no younger than mid 50s “I’m here with my boyfriend and friend” you said back hoping he’d back off at the boyfriend comment “ah bet your boyfriend doesn’t treat you like I would” the man said moving closer to you “look buddy I’m not interested I’m in a relationship” he didn’t seem too happy with that “you better watch yourself you bitch I’m giving you a choice the only thing you should be saying is yes sir, because that’s the only damn thing you’ll be saying when I’m pounding you in front of your little boyfriend you slut!” he spat out, “is there a problem here miss?” The bartender asked returning with your change “no everything’s fine thanks” you said grabbing the change stuffing it in your pocket before taking the beers back to the winchesters
“Hey sweetheart everything good? You were gone a while” Dean said grabbing his beer and pulling you back to your place at his side “yeah fine just waiting for my change” you answered quietly, you could see the man from the bar staring at you his hand holding his glass tightly in his grasp as he wouldn’t break eye contact “I’m gonna head back to the motel after this one guys I’m pretty tired” you said feeling uncomfortable either the stares the man wa giving you, dean nodded “yeah I think we’ll all head out then, you good with that Sam?” Dean questioned, Sam nodded
Once you guys finished your drinks you made your way to the exit, from the corner of your eye you seen the man get up, following your trail to the exit, starting to feel scared you grabbed deans hand tight, Dean turned to look at you concerned “you okay Y/N? You hands really sweaty” you nodded to answer him too nervous to even speak, you thought the night air would make you feel better but knowing the man was following behind was just making your feel sick, before you could get into baby dean stopping you, both hands on your arms as he looked at you “sweetheart my job is lying for a living, I know somethings bothering you and I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me what it is” Dean asked alerting Sam “what’s going on?”
Sighing you looked behind the brothers to find the man staring at you from behind a car “there was a guy at the bar, he freaked me out a little bit I didn’t care too much until he sat staring at me for the last hour so I wanted to leave but he followed us out here” you said, your heart pounding in your chest, Dean got an angry look on his face as he turned searching the parking lot “where the hell is he!” Dean moved to look around finding him quickly, Dean stormed over “hey! The hell do you want jackass? You think you can harass my girlfriend I wouldn’t find out” Dean grabbed the man by his shirt “not my fault she’s a whore man, just wanted a little taste of her sweet p-”Dean didn’t let him finish his sentence before he was released punching him in the face “my nose!” The man yelped but dean wasn’t done yet, Sam was holding you in a hug blocking the fight from your eyes
Once dean was done teaching the man a lesson in how to respect women he walked back over to you and sam “alright he’s down, let’s get back to the motel” Dean said getting in the drivers seat. Once you guys made it back to the motel you followed the brothers back to the room, Sam went into the bathroom leaving you and Dean alone
sighing dean sat on the bed you two would be sharing, he started to wrap his bloody knuckles you let out a shaky breath before sitting beside him and taking his hand “I got it” you said taking out the rubbing alcohol and rubbing it on his wounds, Dean flinched slightly at the sting “why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He asked softly you looked up giving him a small smile “I just didn’t want to bother you, I just didn’t realise how big a creep the guy was till he followed us out” dean nodded “sweetheart if someone or something is ever bothering you I don’t give a rats ass how by or small, you tell me and I will take care of it” you nodded “yeah I will I’m sorry dean” Dean was shaking his head “you have nothing to be sorry for Y/N you did nothing wrong” you wrapped your arms around deans shoulders pulling him to a hug, we wrapped his own around your waist holding you close to him
You pulled away to give him a small kiss, however a small kiss with Dean was never really just a small kiss, this one being no different as Dean was swiping his to tongue along your bottom lip, you parted your lips allowing dean to explore your mouth, you moaned quietly when dean pushed you slightly to lay back on the bed as he moved to lean on top of you as you continued to make out, deans hand was tugging at the hem of your shirt, and just when you were about to take it off the bathroom door opened, the younger Winchester emerged in his pyjama pants and shirt “seriously!” He yelped turning away
Dean sighed moving to stand up “relax Sammy were decent” you chuckled as you moved to get up and get changed in the bathroom, Dean following close behind “seriously don’t guys I don’t want a repeat of the hunt back in Chicago” you giggled “I promise Sammy we’ll keep it PG” you and Dean changed into your sleepwear, Dean sporting the same as sam, minus the shirt, he found them to be annoying when it got too hot in bed, you in a pair of shorts and deans old led zeppelin shirt
When you both emerged from the bathroom Sam was already tucked in for the night, all lights off minus the one in the bathroom, you and Dean made your way to the bed getting in either side Dean quickly grabbed your waist tugging you close enough so you could rest your head on his bare chest and tangle your legs together “we’re definitely getting our own room next hunt” Dean whispered kissing the top of your head, you chuckled at his remark closing your eyes “whatever you say Winchester”
Hi there!
just a short little Dean Winchester imagine to fill the void
Thanks for reading!
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Tumblr media
Chevrolet Camaro
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1963 Chevy Impala SS
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It's just us, Jessa and Tessa the Reaper Impala 🗡💀
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S2E09, “Croatoan”
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snowed in
-warnings// lots of fluff, LOTS OF SMUT
-a lil summery// the usual fan fiction trope, two best friends in a cabin, will they kiss.. read to find out
Dean x reader
-word count// 2623
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Tumblr media
"Yeah, the doors completely blocked in by the snow, I've tried pushing Sammy it's not gonna budge, yeah okay I'll call in the morning. night Sammy" you sat on the bed as you listened to the phone conversation, you and the boys were hunting a wendigo and decided to split up, you with dean and Sam with Bobby
You and Dean stumbled upon a cabin in the woods and decided to check it out incase there was any victims hiding inside, turns out the place was empty but Dean slammed the door behind him causing the snow from the roof to barricade the door stopping you both from leaving.
Dean hung up the phone and turned to you with a sigh and dropped his tense shoulders "alright so Sam and Bobby are too far out and they said the storms only gonna get worse so they're gonna come get us in the morning"  Dean said placing his phone back in his jacket pocket "crap we can't even get out to get wood for the fire, it's gonna be freezing in here!" You said already beginning to feel the chill in the air
"Yeah.. well there's some blankets on the couch so you wrap yourself up nice and tight  I'll try and see if I can find some wood around the place that will get some kind of fire going" Dean said already rummaging through the cupboards.
You shivered slightly as you wrapped the worn red blanket around you as you sat down, your knees tucked under your chin in a huddle, there was a sound of wood snapping and dean was soon walking to the couch "so good news is we've got wood, the bad news... these people no longer have cupboard doors" Dean said with a small smirk 
You rolled your eyes with a laugh, "alright get them burning Winchester I already feel my toes going numb" you exaggerated making dean chuckle "you got it sweetheart" Dean said as he kneeled down with a light and the doors.
After a half hour of Dean breaking the doors down to fit in the fireplace he had the flame going and soon there was more heat surrounding the small cabin "any better sweetheart?" Dean turned to ask, you shook your head slightly "I think I'd feel a lot warmer if you got up here beside me" you flirted 
Dean threw you a smirk over his shoulder and moved beside you and pulled your small frame closer to him and tucking you under his arm, you snuggled into him and moved to wrap the red blanket around you both, "see I'm already feeling much better" you said making Dean chuckle.
You and dean continued to cuddle and watch the fire burn for a few hours talking about past hunts before you met each other "okay so you stuck a fish in the guys car, did you ever hear what happened after, did they find it or are they still driving around smelling dead fish?" You questioned and dean threw his head back in laughter as he thought back on the cherished memory "I hope they're still driving around with it" 
You yawned as the laughter died down to a comfortable silence and dean took notice "you getting tired sweetheart?" He asked and you nodded "yeah do you know what time it is?" You questioned "1:45am, there's a bedroom down the hall why don't you go get some sleep and hopefully Sam and Bobby will be here early" you nodded with another yawn
 "what about you?" Dean shrugged "i can take the couch it's actually not too bad" Dean replied and you nodded feeling bad about him taking a dusty old couch for a bed "you sure you'll be okay?" You asked and Dean smiled pulling you in tight to him for a hug "yeah of course sweetheart, I've slept on worse" he joked and you smiled before getting up with a big stretch "night dean" you said walking towards the room exhausted "night Y/N" his voices raised slightly so you could hear him.
You awoke a few hours later in a cold sweat, fear trembled within you from the nightmare as you wondered if you should bother dean, your inner battle didn't last long before your bare feet tiptoed through the cabin to the living room the dying fire allowed enough light so you could see the older Winchester, he looked so peaceful as he slept, like he never had a worry in his life but that was far from true…
You gently tapped deans arm "dean?" You sniffled and he groaned slowly opening his eyes "hey, what's up sweetheart, everything okay?" He slurred out you shook your head before taking a deep breathe "uh not really could you stay with me please I just don't want to be alone" you said as a few tears made there way down your cheeks , Dean got up from the couch quickly and pulled you into him "of course I can, you wanna tell me what's got you so upset?" He asked wiping your tears gently from your cheeks "not really, it was just a nightmare but it felt so real" you said quietly and dean nodded as he lead you toward the bedroom.
Deans and you made your way to the bed "which side do you prefer?" He asked scratching the back of his head "I'm usually a middle of the bed kind of girl" you flirted making him smirk "well alright I can work with that" you both made your way into the cold bed and dean was already wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to his chest 
You sighed and turn around in his arms so your facing him, he was already looking down at you "you wanna tell me what your nightmare was about sweetheart? He asked as he moved a strand of hair behind your ear, you took in a shuddering breath and closed your eyes already feeling them burn with tears
 "we were hunting a demon nest  and they had you tied up as they tortured  you to the brink of death  and when I tried to help it was like I was stuck in place and I could hear you screaming, begging for me to help… and then I woke up" you said I'm a shaky voice as you felt your tears stream down your face
"Hey it's okay baby it was just a bad dream okay? I am right here and nothing's getting me I promise" Dean reassured you as he kissed your forehead head before resting his own against yours, nose to nose as he spoke "your one of the best damn hunters I've ever known Y/N I would trust you with my life and I know you would do everything in your power to save me or Sammy and if anything ever did happen don't you dare blame yourself, I need you to promise me that" dean said quietly 
"I can't promise that Dean, Sam and you mean way to much to me to promise that " you struggled out through tears and dean sighed and held you closer "I love you Y/N, so damn much" dean said quietly his lips slightly touching yours with how close he was, you froze in his arms not expecting that to come from dean, you've been in love with him for years you thought nothing would ever happen especially with deans one night stands happening every so often, you guys flirted back and forth all the time but you took that as Dean's personality 
Dean having taken your frozen silence as rejection panicked and pulled back "forget I said anything" he said as he pulled back slightly to get out the bed, you came out of your moment of shock and grabbed his arm pulling him down to you, he looked down shocked, you grabbed his scruff covered cheeks and pulled him down to a kiss
Dean groaned against your lips as he deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue in through your lips, you let out a small moan at the sensation, you wrapped your legs around his haps your feet digging into his lower back making him press his lower body closer to you so you felt his hard shaft press against your hot core through the layers 
You pulled away from the kiss slightly and dean moved his lips down your neck sucking and kissing his way down your chest "I love you too Dean, so fucking much" you said in between pleasured gasps dean moved back up to your lips immediately getting back into the heated kiss, you fumbled with the bottom of deans shirt and tugged slightly to let him know you wanted it off 
Dean pulled back from the kiss and sat back slightly before pulling his shirt off, he pulled your own shirt over your head to be met with your bare chest as you ditched your bra for bed, his smile replicated one of a child in a candy store and he was down kissing your breasts and sucking love marks all over them before taking your nipple in his mouth, his hand tweaking and playing with the other to stimulate you 
"Oh god Dean please don't stop" you begged and held his head right your chest, Dean took your words as encouragement as he continued his movements before kissing a trail down your stomach reaching your panties as you decided against wearing your jeans to bed
Dean hooked his fingers in the waistline and he pulled them down your legs slowly, once he discarded of your panties he was back between your legs, now face to face with your pussy, he smiled as kissed your mound, you moaned feeling you get wetter by the second, "pick a number sweetheart?" He asked "three why?" You replied confused he smirked "you'll see" he said before leaning in and licking a strip up your wet pussy making you throw your head back against the pillow 
Dean began by sucking your clit into his mouth before thrusting his finger inside you immediately finding your G- spot making you scream in pleasure "please dean feels so fucking good" you slurred out, Dean chuckled against you  and added another finger, he arched them to keep hitting your G-spot and sucking your clit making you arch your back in pleasure and your hand ran through his spiked hair as you pushed him closer to you 
It wasn't long before you were seeing stars as you orgasm washed through you "holy fuck dean I'm coming!" You squealed out, Dean sped up his movements as you panted, your legs shook as you came down from your high and taking deep breathes, your break didn't last long before Dean was back on you like a starving man, eating your pussy with such ferocity it had you weighing ok the bed moaning his name like it was the only hung you knew, once again you were coming hard and dean was liking it up as he didn't stop
You grinded your hips against his face feeling your third orgasm of the night already approaching, using his free hand, dean grasped your breast in his hand squeezing as he sped up his fingers as they hit your special place over and over again, you felt the familiar knot in your stomach however, this one felt different, stronger, your breathing became more ragged as you felt your orgasm take you down "Dean!" You screamed out as felt a wetness shoot out of you
Your whole body shaking as your chants of his name contined until Dean halted his movements "that was so fucking hot baby seeing you squirt" Dean said his face soaked in you juices you giggled moving on shaky legs towards him and pulled his boxers down his legs, he helped by kicking them off the rest of the way
You gently took his big hard member in your hand smearing his pre cum around his red tip before you started to jerk him off, Dean groaned before gently pushing you back against the bed, you looked up at him confused "tonight is all about you sweetheart" dean said leaning back in to capture your lips in a heavy kiss
Dean pulled away slightly in search of a condom he kept in his wallet which was nowhere in sight  "damn it has to be out in the living room, I'll be right back sweetheart" dean rushed out before moving away, you quickly trapped him with your legs and he turned to look at you "I'm on the pill and I'm clean..." you said suggestively
Dean smirked pouncing on you, both hands grasping your shaky thighs, you moved to wrap them tightly around his bare hips and pulled him closer as you felt his hard cock press against your core, you moaned against his lips as pleasure shot through your body 
Dean heaps his hard shaft and moved his tip to press against your entrance, "please dean" you whimpered out,  dean chuckled as he gently pushed inside your dripping hole stretching your walls, you let out a shaky breath as you adjusted to his size "you okay sweetheart" dean asked as pushed all the way inside you "yeah I'm good, you can move now" you said pulling him into another kiss
Dean complied as pulled his hips all the way back before slamming back inside of you, "oh my-" you  chocked out against his lips, Dean continued to slam his hips against yours at a hard slow pace making you want to scream "faster baby please" you begged fighting your legs around him
Dean complied as he began thrusting inside of you faster, the only sound left in the room were the moans and skin slapping skin
Deans cock was repeatedly hitting your G-spot, pushing you closer and closer to your fourth orgasm of the night "you're so fucking tight baby, I'm not gonna last much longer" dean said in between thrusts "me either" you moaned out and dean moved his hand down to rub your clit making your eyes roll to the back of your head "oh my fucking god dean please don't stop!" You squealed as your scratched your nails down his back leaving deep red lines in their wake 
"I'm gonna cum again" you moaned out breathless and dean sped his hips up even more "me too baby!" Dean said and it wasn't long until your felt the knot in your stomach snap and you came all over deans cock with a scream of his name, triggering his own orgasm as his white hot seed coated your walls.
Once both of you had calmed from your highs dean gently pulled out of you making you let out a small hiss at the empty feeling , he layback down beside you both you chests rising and falling with deep exhausted breaths “that was fucking awesome baby” dean said turning to you with a smile on his face sending you into giggles “yeah it was” you leaned into give him a small peck on his kiss swollen lips before pulling away to lay your head on his chest, 
Dean wrapped his arm around your back and pulling you to rest against him “get some sleep sweetheart hopefully Sam and Bobby take there time getting to us so we can have round two in the morning” dean said  sleepily and you smiled against his chest as you already felt the heaviness of sleep pull you away along with the comforting sound of deans heart beat reminding you that he was right there with you , safe and sound. 
Hey! Long time no see, I did have a few Christmas/ new year imagines in mind when starting this account however I was just going through a really rough period of time, my dog of 14 years passed away at the beginning of January and was sick throughout Christmas so I just wanted to spend whatever time I had left with him and writing just had to be put on hold, I will be much more consistent throughout ❤️
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Tumblr media
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I wish I could find the post that inspired this but I lost it I'm sorry fjfjfjd
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(ID in alt and under cut)
ID: 1. Wide shot of the Impala from the right side on an empty country road. Dean is in the drivers seat, left elbow resting on the open window frame and right hand loosely gripping the steering wheel. Cas is standing outside the car and reaching for the passenger door handle. Dean looks over at him with a smile and says "Get in, man." 2. Repeat. Dean suddenly rolls the car forward a few feet, yanking the door handle out of Cas's reach. He cackles, head thrown back, as Cas looks after him in confusion, hand hovering. 2. Repeat. Dean stops the car and looks out toward Cas, grinning and stifling further giggles. He teases, "What's the deal, Cas? Get in the car." Cas walks up toward the door again, confused, hand slotting into the handle. 3. Repeat. Dean rolls the car forward again, cackling, but Cas keeps a grip on the handle, tearing the entire passenger door off with a loud KER-CHUNK. 4. Shot of the Impala interior from the front as Dean rolls to a stop. His eyes are closed, expression slack and darkened with instant regret. In the middle distance outside the car, Cas stands frowning, holding up the torn off door. /End ID
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Tumblr media
Wayward Sons
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It was always you~ Dean Winchester imagine
Warmings// angst, fluff and a lot a smut
Word count// 3788
(Gif from Pinterest)
Tumblr media
You had been hunting with Sam and Dean for 8 months now, you met when you accidentally started working the same hunt as them in Rockford Illinois, you bumped into the boys and the two teenagers and the three of you worked together to solve the case, after you had sustained a head injury when Sam was being manipulated to hit you with a steel pipe the winchesters took you back to their motel room to keep and eye over you incase you had a concussion, the next day you were hoping in the back of the impala deciding to take Sam up on his offer of coming with them because 'huntings not safe, especially alone'
In the 8 months of hunting with the boys you had grown quite close to Sam you even felt yourself falling for him, how could you not he was tall, really sweet and you had seen him without a shirt so that shot your sexual attraction sky high, every day you and Sam would get up and go get coffee and breakfast for the three of you, you would even sit and do research together all day while Dean went and spoke to the victims family or law enforcement. You used to have a crush on dean but he never seemed to want to be around you alone much, always making excuses to leave so you guessed he didn't like you much and just kept you around cause you were a good asset for hunts. You decided to ignore the feeling you had for the older Winchester by spending time with Sam and eventually you started to have feelings for Sam. Every time you and Sam would accidentally brush against each others hands there was a lingering feeling almost like he was going to hold your hand or there were times when you guys were in the motel after a long night you and Sam would fall asleep on the bed watching a movie you would always wake up with his big muscled arms pulling you close to his chest, a lot of the things you and Sam did together made you feel like there was a chance sam would like you back
Dean would always tell you to tell him like right now while you and Dean were waiting for Sam to come back with burgers he was trying to get you to talk to his brother "Y/N come on you gotta just talk to him, ask him to go a freaking movie or something" Dean said sitting at the motels dingy table and chair set up, you sighed knowing this was always going to be a long wait for food "Dean I can't do that and you know I can't, do you have any idea how embarrassing it would be to be told he doesn't like me back, I could never look him in the eye again" it was deans turn to sigh looking you up and down "sweetheart your not giving yourself enough credit, your smart, your always ready to kick monster ass and to top it off your hot!" You were pretty stunned at this Dean doesn't usually compliment you like this he usually just stuck to the basics 'tell him' or 'Sam's an oblivious idiot just tell him and you guys can bang'
"I-" you were about the reply when Sam walked in, a big smile plastered on his face he sat the bag down on the wobbly table, not saying a word before moving to go back out of the room "wow hold your horses Sammy, where you going" Dean said pulling two burgers and two bags of fries out of the take out bag Sam stopped turning to his brother and you "I got a date with a girl at the fast food place, we were talking in line, she's a writer, her names Caroline" your heart stopped, Sam had a date? Dean was shocked, and then he was angry "the hell you mean you got a date?" Sam was confused "it's not rocket science Dean I found her attractive and she seems interesting so I asked her out to the bar" Sam said crossing his arms
Dean stood from the chair walking closer to sam "alright let's talk outside" Dean said opening the motel room door, Sam rolled his eyes following dean out the room slightly slamming the door behind him, sam had a date, wow how could you be so fucking stupid! Of course he has a date with someone else, why would he ever go for someone like you, you felt tears running down you face so you wiped your hand across your cheeks attempting to dry them, you got up to go to the bathroom to fix yourself up before Dean came back in the room
You had finally made yourself look presentable when you heard yelling coming from outside, curiosity got the best of you as you moved to open the motel door, you looked out and saw Sam and Dean arguing at baby "what the hell is wrong with you Sam! You said you liked her so I backed off, and then when she likes you back and you fucking know she does you go mess her around like this" hold on dean back off? Did Dean like you? "I don't dare what you think dean, it was a crush, I got over it and now I've met someone who I think I actually really like and want to pursue, and if more does come from this date then I can stop spending pity time with Y/N" Sam yelled his face going red "you know what Sam your a fucking dick that girl upstairs deserves better than this crap, give me the keys, you want to go on your damn date so bad, walk" Dean said sticking his hand out to which Sam handed him the keys he immediately walked away in the direction of the bar
You couldn't stop crying, you were feeling so many emotions first you were upset and embarrassed , the guy you considered your best friends was spending what he called "pity time" with you, so not only did he not like you back he was only portraying he did out of pity because he knew you liked him but you were also confused... Dean backed off, what did Sam mean by that. You didn't have much time to think about it as the door opened and dean walked in tossing the keys to the impala on the the table he hadn't caught you crying on the bed yet but it didn't take him long till he caught you eyes, his hardened gaze softened and he moved to sit next to you on the bed, he wrapped his arms around you pulling you to his chest in a hug "I'm sorry sweetheart, Sam's a dick you deserve better than that crap" Dean said before he kissed the top of your head
You pulled away from the big a moment later wiping your face from dried tears "it's not that Dean.. well it is but like only a little" Dean looked confused as he loved your hair away from your face "what you mean sweetheart" sighing you took a deep breathe "what did you mean you backed off?" Deans eyes widened as he tried to look away stuttering "i- uh.. I have no idea what your talking about" Dean said moving to stand from the bed you grabbed his arm forcing him back into a sitting position "okay your hiding something from me now spill it Winchester" dean didn't speak for a second trying to think of something to say "look it's nothing just forget about it" he tried to brush it off but you weren't having any of it
"Dean why were you so pissed at Sam tonight?" You asked trying to get something out of him "because... he tried to take baby" Dean seemed confident with his answer thought ok the spot you rolled your eyes "I'm not an idiot Dean.. just talk to me" you begged and dean sighed looking around the room for an escape, his eyes lit up when he found one, the unopened food "you know what I'm starving that's craps' probably freezing I'll go get us something else to eat" Dean said rushing to his feet and to the motel door, you stood up starting to get mad with the avoiding "Dean Winchester sit your ass down!" She said firm enough that dean stopped frozen in spot
Dean let out a shaky breath turning to face you, he moved back to sit on the bed pulling her down too "look sweetheart there's some things that should stay unsaid" Dean said holding your small hand hand his "I think I should decide that for myself Dean" you said softly just wanting the truth, Dean sighed deeply knowing he wasn't winning this "alright fine, remember sam asked you to come with us after the Rockford hunt?" You nodded confused why Dean was bringing this up, did he want you to leave? "I told Sam to ask you because I knew if we let you head off yourself we'd be sending you to a fast death, we could barley take some monsters down the two of us so i as terrified of the idea of you doing it alone" Dean was looking right into your eyes as he said that, your eyes tearing up again, this time for a different reason
"When you said you'd come I was so thankful cause I knew you would be safer, I would lay myself on the line of fire if I knew it would keep you safe, I started getting these feelings for you, they were more than just thinking you were beautiful, every little thing you did made me smile, even the things you would do for me, you know my coffee order off the top of your head, you never let Sam bring me healthy crap you always got what you knew I'd like, you never let me stay awake alone while driving even if it was for hours and sam was out cold you would play games to keep the drive fun, well as fun as driving to hunts can be" you had tears running down your face at deans confession "Dean that's so-"
Dean cut you off "there's more, when we were in Chicago I was gonna ask you out but i wanted to talk to sam first see what he thought and he told me he liked you so I decided to back off, then I saw you guys getting closer and yeah it killed me then I figured out you liked sam back so I told him to ask you out but he wasn't sure he kept telling me he wanted to wait, so then I tried getting you to ask Sammy out which didn't work either and it was killing me seeing you have heart eyes for my brother when I just wanted to be the one you were giving those eyes too, but I knew Sammy liked you so I didn't do anything, then tonight when he can in here.. that was my breaking point so I took him outside to talk"
Dean voice broke on the last sentence and he took a deep shaky breath, you were frozen, you had so many feelings rushing through you, Dean was staring at you, silently begging you to say something "Dean I-.. I don't know what to say" you croaked out, Dean nodded his head sadly moving to get up just wanting to be alone, you didn't let him get far before you grabbed his arm pulling him back down to you, he turned to ask what was going on but you grabbed his face pulling him closer to you, you leaned in pressing your lips to his in a soft kiss
Dean kissed back wrapping his arms around you waist pulling you closer to him, the kiss grew heated as you nipped at deans bottom lip pulling a groan from him, you took advantage of the fact deans mouth was open, slipping your tongue in you wrapped your arms around his neck and deans hands moved to pull you on his lap his hands running down to your ass pulling you close to him, you grinder your hips down to his feeling the hardness in his jeans press deliciously to your clit, you let out a small moan loving your kisses to deans neck leaving small kisses down the way to under his jaw where you sucked a red mark into the tan skin dean kicked his shoes off getting lost in the feeling of your lips on his neck
"wait Y/N" Dean said and you stopped looking into Dean's eyes "Dean, I have feelings for you too, I thought u didn't like me so I tried to spend more time with sam to distract myself with a friend and I guess I confused my feelings for you and loved them to Sam because I felt I could never be with you" you said smiling at him Dean seemed happy with that but he just wanted to be sure "I just I can't be a rebound I can't be second choice I don't think I can live with that" you smiled leaning in the give him a small kiss "you will never be second choice, you will always be my first choice I've liked you since I first met you Dean" that's all it took for Dean to flip you guys over so he was on top
Dean leaned in kissing you again, you wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him closer so his pelvic bone was pressing against your entrance, moaning you moved to push his flannel off his shoulders, Dean took the hint and shrugged his flannel of his shoulders throwing it across the room, he pulled away from the sensual kiss to pull his shirt off leaving his chest bare before he was on you again sliding his tongue through your kiss swollen lips, you ran ur hands down his chest feeling his muscles tense as you made your way to his belt buckle undoing the clasp and throwing his belt away, you made quick work of undoing the zipper, Dean pulled his jeans down, his legs taking them off leaving him in his plain black boxers
Dean licked his lips looking down at you “what I’m the only one taking my clothes off” you smirked sitting up from the best pulling your shirt over your head leaving you in your red lace bra that your were so thankful was matching our panties, Dean smirked leaning forward kissing down your neck down to your full chest his hands running up your sides leaving goosebumps in their trail to your back unhooking your bra, Dean pulled it off your chest painfully slow his mouth watering at the sight of your bare perky breasts
Dean was on you once again, taking your breast into his mouth, his lisp wrapping around your nipple as he gently sucked, you moaned Deans name loudly your hand coming to the back of deans head pressing him closer to your chest, his other hand grasping your other breast making sure to switch sides giving each breast equal attention “oh god Dean that feels so good” Dean smirked against your chest kissing his way back to her lips giving you a quick kiss as he undid the zip on your jeans pulling them off, once you was left in her red panties Dean moved down your body sucking marks into your skin on the way down,
Once dean was face to face with your clothed pussy he gently pulled your panties down her legs tossing them to the ground with the rest of their clothes, once you were completely bare dean liked a slow stripe up your pussy making you moan loudly running your fingers through his short spiked hair “god your so wet baby” Dean said diving back in for more, he started sucking her clit into his mouth slowly, Dean brought his hand up to your entrance as he slowly inserted his finger inside you trusting it at a slow pace as he confided to lick and suck your clit into his warm wet mouth
“More please, I need more” you begged gently rolling your hips along with deans movements “oh you need more baby? You got it” Dean insetted another finger to stretch you out as he began to pick his pace up trusting his long thick fingers inside your pussy even faster than before, his fingers curling inside you so they hit that spot that made your eyes roll to the back of your head , he flicked his tongue on your clit continuing to eat her pussy out as he fingered your G spot over and over again “oh I’m gonna come!” You screamed in ecstasy wrapping you legs around deans head keeping him there as your orgasm ran through you, screaming deans name he didn’t stop till your legs were shaking
Pushing deans head gently away from you, you say up as dean moved up you body again he moved to grab a condom from he’s jeans pocket on the ground, you were moved to your knees a so you guys were facing his covered cock, you hooked your fingers around the hem of his boxers pulling them down enough to let his big thick cold spring free, you smiled at the sight as you gently took his member into your hand making dean shudder at the feeling, you spread the pre cum coming out around the head of his cock as you began the gently move your hand up and down his big cock teasing him slightly before you stared sucking his top into your mouth, you took more of his penis into your mouth inch by inch, Dean groaned his hand grabbing your hair pulling it into a make shift pony tail
You started to bob your head up and down with deans help as your hands taking place either side of his hips so you could keep your balance, you confused what you sewers doing, Dean groaning, however before he could finish he was gently pulling you away, confused you looked up “you didn’t finish” Dean was kicking off his boxers all the way, he turned back to you grabbing the condom he was going for before, ripping the package open with his teeth he rolled the latex down his length “I want to finish inside you this time gorgeous” you smiled laying back down on the bed spreading your legs so Dean can get between them once more “you already planning next time Winchester?” You joked
he smirked as he positioned his cock to line up with your entrance “oh sweetheart I plan do this with you for as a long as you’ll have me” Dean smiled “you ready sweetheart?” You smiled nodding “I’ve never felt more ready for anything in my life” Dean smirked pushing his think cock inside your pussy, moaning as you felt the pain of the stretch as dean bottomed out “you okay beautiful?” Dean asked not moving as he waited for you to adjust to his size “I’m good baby you can move” you told Dean in a shaky moan, wrapping your legs around deans hips as deans hands grabbed your waist, he started to trust into you at a slow but penetrating pace
“Oh god faster please” you begged pulling deans lips to yours for a heated kiss, Dean smirked against your lips as he started to slam his hips against yours plowing into your G spot continuously, you pulled away from the kiss, your head slammed back against the pillows screaming in ecstasy, Dean groaned grabbing your legs moving them to his shoulders, allowing dean to fuck you in a whole new angle, “oh my fucking god Y/N you feel so good” dena groaned one his hands moving down to rub your clit, that was all you needed to send you over the edge, screaming as you came all over deans cock, clenching your tight pussy around his thick shaft, Dean cursed as he came in spurts inside the condom, continuing to thrust inside you to ride out both your highs
Dean eventually stilled inside you as you both took deep breathes to calm yourselves down, Dean gently pulled out of you making you wince at the loss of feeling, dean slipped out of the bed as he tied the condom up, tossing it in the trash, he leaned down to give you a quick kiss before pulling his boxers on and grabbing a towel to help clean you up, he tossed you his shirt to pull over you, slipping back into the bed under the covers beside you, Dean pulled you into his side your head resting on his bars chest, your arm around his waist and legs tangling with his, dean kissed the top of your head “you wanna let me take you out for a real dinner tomorrow sweetheart?” Dean asked, you looked up smiling at him “I would love to Dean”
You and Dean sat for the next few hours just talking, laughing about how you guys are hide idiots for not getting together months ago, you both eventually fell asleep wrapped in each others right embrace, it wasn’t until 12am Sam came into the motel room silently “hey I’m ba-” he stopped in his tracks as he saw you both passed out on the bed cuddled together clearly after having sex judging by the clothes thrown everywhere, including you red lace bra that now hung on the chandelier, Sam sighed locking the motel door and getting into his own motel bed, Sam lied earlier, he did have feelings for you, but he couldn’t go through another heartbreak, especially when he was still hung hom over Jess, it wouldn’t be fair to you,
Sam knew how Dean felt for you and he knew you guys deserved to be happy, especially together so he made up the girl at the restaurant, instead he spent the night at the bar drinking away his feelings, maybe some time in the future he’d be ready for another relationship with a women, but tonight was not that, he was happy you and Dean were together now, he wants nothing more than the both of you to be happy, have that life together maybe get married and pop out a few kids, that’s what he wanted with Jess before Azazel took that away from him.
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