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22.03.2023 [🫨]
📮: 멘토링 신청하고 면접 일정 잡는 하루
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fairydrowning · 8 months
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I Still Love Him Song By Lana Del Rey
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James Joyce, From A Letter To Nora Barnacle Written C. August 1904
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Sorcery Of Thorns By Margaret Rogerson
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No me entiendo, estoy bien, me río y me divierto, pero en el fondo siento un vacío que no desaparece.
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lost-eubillience · 10 months
“You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement.”
—F. Scott Fitzgerald
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loopify7 · 11 months
„If I told you about the darkness inside of me would you still look at me like I am the Sun“
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Almost Famous, 2000
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My poor heart 🥺
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12.01.2023 [😊]
🛸: 이제 다음 단계로
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gelbr · 1 year
Failure is a Process
Think about that.
We believe success is a process…but we don't think about failure in the same way.
We can have a bad moment or find ourselves in a tough spot. We can even “fail” on paper on any given day. But that’s not really failure. That’s nothing more than a misstep or obstacle that needs to be overcome in short order.
Failure comes into play when we display a repetition of allowing tough moments to get the best of us. It comes from giving less than our best effort day after day. It comes from telling ourselves each morning that we can’t succeed. It comes from the constant negative talk in our own minds that turns us into our own worst enemies.
We know that success doesn’t happen overnight. But we must realize that’s the same with failure.
Failure doesn’t happen on a Monday. It happens after you allow small mistakes and poor effort to happen Monday – Friday…over and over.
So, don’t let a bad day trick you into thinking you’ve failed.
If there’s no coming back from a crappy today, just know that we have tomorrow.
We can get back on track, back in control and back on the path to success.
True failure is a process that requires many steps and the acceptance that it’s happening. Refuse to accept, break the process and failure will never truly occur.
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dreamer-but-realist · 4 months
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styrke · 1 year
you will come across people who won’t like you. who won’t find you funny, attractive or interesting. who won’t reciprocate your feelings or who’ll eventually lose feelings for you and end things. you’ll come across people who won’t agree with you. who aren’t interested in catching up. who have enough in the life they’re living.. without you. 
you’ll come across people who are simply not for you and that’s okay. what’s important is if they’re being respectful and decent towards you while being any of the aforementioned. are they honest? are they open and willing to communicate? are they speaking to you respectfully? do they honour your right to make your own decisions?
if yes, don’t villainise them. don’t shit talk them. don’t trash talk them. ‘cause they’re just different from you and/or not meant for you, and that’s okay. not everyone you come across are meant to stay.
if no, then honestly just turn around real quick and yeet the fuck outta there, dude!!! you got better things coming for you!!
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Pause and breathe before saying negative words, you can't take them back once they are out. #quotes #motivation #qotd #quote #inspiration #quoteoftheday #motivationalquotes @motivationapp #dailyquotes #inspirational #quotestoliveby #mqapp1 #motivationapp #inspirationalquotes #instamotivation #instainspiration #instalife #instaquotes #motivationdaily https://www.instagram.com/p/Co2fNLZuFpw/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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