#okay i'll shut up i have a lot on my mind when it comes to enstaries and i'm so grateful for people like you aaahh
merrinla · 7 months
Portrait spamming
Recent discovery. If you click on the portraits of the characters like crazy, they will react to it. And the developers had a lot of fun coding these reactions xD
Tumblr media
Tav / Dark Urge
normal - I'm awake! Mostly. - I'm starting to get a headache. - Must be the tadpole. - Quit knocking around in there! - A thousand needlepricks in my rotten skull.
combat -Ahhhhhhhh! Okay, I feel better. - I have an itch in the worst place. - Is being a mind flayer so bad? - Just waiting to venture forth here. - I'm maiming as fast as I can!
stealth - What's that ticking? - Is it me? Am I ticking? - Bomb in my head about to go off. Great. - Ah, well. I had a good run.
normal - Why do beautiful people taste better? It hardly seems fair on the ugly - they have such wonderful personalities. - Ugh. Strahd wouldn't put up with this shit. - More like Drizzt Don't'Urden - no. No that's not funny. - Villains! Dissemble no more, I admit the deed! Tear up the floor - here, here! It is the beating of his hideous hea- oh, no, that's his brain. Where did I leave that heart?
combat: - I'm trying to focus on murder. - *Humming.* - I shot a svirfneblin in Menzoberranzan just to watch him die. - I should've been a drow. They have such stylish armour.
stealth - Shhh. Just think sneaky thoughts. - Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP. - Be very, very quiet - I'm hunting idiots. - I've got a brand new torture chamber, so come and play with me.
normal - NOTE TO ACTOR/DIRECTOR: Blow a raspberry at the player. - Don't. Poke. The Karlach. - Who am I? - My eye!
combat - Eyes on the prize - we need to win this! - Not every soldier should've made it out of training. - Eyes on victory, tummy on dinner. - I ought to just burn this whole thing down.
stealth - My back can't take much more of this. - Not now, I'm being a sneak! - I'm getting too old for this nonsense. - I'm not built to crouch.
normal - I hope Halaster takes good care of Tara while I'm away. - Sembian wine; Cormyrian boar; Waterdhavian conversation. It's the little things you miss while on the road. - Oh, what a tangled Weave we web! - All the world's my stage and you're just a player in it.
combat - Just go for the Magic Missile and fire away. Never fails. - Don't make me go all Edwin Odesseiron on you. - Get. Out. Of. My. Head. - I really wish I could cast a Hold spell on you.
stealth - You made me hide, don't make me come seek you. - Gods, it's like trying to sleep with a mosquito in the room. - A little privacy please. - Stop it - that tickles.
normal - Could do for a brew. - Where there's a 'Wyll', there's a 'y'. - Ever get the sense that someone's watching? - So two halflings walk under a bar...
combat - Can't hear myself think! - Wear your scars proudly. - As my father once told me: 'Can we get on with it?' - I find moderation is key.
stealth - Bad time for an itch. - Could do for a brew. - So two halflings walk under a bar... - Shush. No, really. Shush.
normal - Must everyone be so exhausting? - Weapons high. Standards higher. - Is perfection too much to ask? - Pride is a virtue.
combat - I will know my queen! - There is no right or wrong, only truth. - What is the point, if not victory? - You are right to fear me.
stealth - Hush already. - There is no wisdom in madness. - Is perfection too much to ask? - There is but one way. Vlaakith.
all modes - I wonder how I'll feel when I remember everything. - Strange. I've had more freedom this past while than my whole life... - Have to keep focused. Can't afford to get attached - to anyone. - If I succeed, maybe I'll be allowed a pet... ugh, stop being silly.
Halsin / his voice is currently bugged :(
normal - What I would not give for a chunk of fresh honeycomb... - Such attention... I never realised I was so popular. - Are you feeling lonely, perhaps? - Unwise, perhaps, to poke a bear this much...
сombat - Battle is afoot - you can poke me once we are safe. - Perhaps try attacking the enemy? - Admirable stamina, yet terrible priorities. - You are insistent, are you not?
stealth - Most consider it unwise to poke a bear. - My, you are eager, are you not? - Please. I am trying to be stealthy. - Calm yourself. There is plenty of me to go around.
normal - Oh, calm down. I'm happy to see you too. - I would poke you back, but I fear that's what you want. - My, such strong wrists. - Well you certainly have the 'omnipresent' part down, don't you? - Please go poke the ranger instead.
combat - You have my attention - now do something with it. - What? What do you want!? - Do you know, I begin to wish they had never brought me back. - Yes, yes, have your fun. It isn't you they're trying to kill.
stealth - Dry those sweaty palms and let us try this again, shall we? - Argh, my knees! Oh. It was a twig. - Would that I could hide from you, too. - Careful, or I will take your toy away from you.
normal - ARGH! My EYE, Boo! They went for my EYE! - Know that if you poke Boo, no higher dimension will keep you safe! - Heehee. Heeheeheehee. - Well, Boo? How do you want to do this?
сombat - Are you perchance a squeaky wheel in need of a kick? - I am armed! Armoured! And entirely sick of your foolishness. - I begin to grow annoyed. It is well for you that Boo does not let me learn the bad words! - Ignore them, Boo. Let them gaze deep into their own abyss, and wonder just what it is they are trying to achieve.
stealth - A little to the left? But not so hard you make me giggle. - Boo...? Are you dancing down there, or...? - Hush! I am surprising Boo for his birthday! He is... uh... eh... how old do hamsters get...? - I am the night. A pity, then, that it is so bright out.
all modes - You had my attention, now you have my fury. - Phlar Lolth ssinssrickla. - Your suffering will be spectacular. - Stop, or die.
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hauntedrain · 2 months
For Years! | Max Verstappen x Reader |
Tumblr media
Social media AU Summary: Max and reader get criticism over the status of their relationship.
✮▹ A/N: So sorry for not posting for so long. Life has been BUSY. but hopefully i can post more and write more! Love you guys <3
✰▹Warnings/Notices: Not edited. nothing really. reader mentioned to write music
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Liked by Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, & 3,345,678 others
@Y/N: Lovely time lately.
view all 19,234 comments
user1: LMFAO MAX.
user2: Y/N you'll always been iconic
user3: sometimes I forget Max Verstappen is dating THE Y/N L/N.
↪ user4: SO TRUE. It completely passes my mind that they've been together before he even got to F1.
↪ user6: YEA ITS WILD.
↪ user7: wait but they haven't gotten married or anything?
↪ user8: Yea no. They also avoid the questions around it. Kind of weird to me.
↪ user9: But hasn't Y/N written songs about marriage and getting married? Why haven't they?
↪ user10: Maybe they just don't want to. Or max doesn't.
MaxVerstappen: Why did you choose that photo of me.
↪ Y/N: You want me to post the photo from yesterday?
↪ MaxVerstappen: NO.
↪ user11: LMFAO. PARENTS.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Liked by Y/N, Redbull, & 2,345,567 others
@MaxVerstappen: Great race and great win! Getting ready for next week. And thank you to @Y/N for making me but those glasses, best purchase.
View all 14,567 comments
Y/N: I told you they were a good investment
↪ MaxVerstappen: I don't know if you would call it an investment.
↪ Y/N: I'll post that picture.
↪MaxVerstappen: It was a great investment! better than a house!
↪ user12: better than a ring?
↪ user13: STOP. but no fr, wheres the ring Max?
user14: Okay nice win but when yall getting married?
user15: everyone needs to mind their business, maybe they're just not ready to get married and that okay.
↪ user16: But its been 9 YEARS. NINE YEARS. Its a red flag.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
liked by 18,234 others
@F1GOSSIP: Max Verstappen and Y/N L/N have been criticized over the status of their relationship. The couple has been together for over 9 years however many fans have realized that there's been no movement in the relationship, family and marriage vise. Thought?
view all 5,567 comments
user17: I mean its their life but 9 years?
user18: Idk guys don't hate me but sometimes max doesn't seem interested in Y/N. Like all of the Monaco GP? seem happy around her.
↪ user19: Bro look at the pictures in the post. Does he seem unhappy in them? No he seems very happy.
↪ user20: Okay but lets be honest. Both only seem that happy in front of a camera.
User21: I mean for some of their relationship they were fairly young. Maybe they just wanna enjoy it little by little.
↪ user22: I think in 9 years you can enjoy a lot.
user23: I wouldn't marry her either. Max knows what's best which is why he hasn't done it.
Tumblr media
Y/N has posted to their story!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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@MaxVerstappen: happy 3 year anniversary @Y/N. love you much and cant wait for years to come. Also, people said I hated her? How could I?
view all 35,567,878 comments
Y/N: Guys my husband is kinda cool.
↪ MaxVerstappen: Kinda?
↪ Y/N: yea cuz im cooler than you.
↪ MaxVerstappen: Okay love.
user24: WTF 3 YEARS?
user25: max said hold my 3x WDC titles while I make everyone shut up about my relationship.
↪ Y/N: He just wins everything doesn't he?
↪ CharlesLeclerc: Yea its kinda annoying. you should distract him Y/N
↪ MaxVerstappen: Dont tell my wife to distract me, I'll lose.
↪ CharlesLeclerc: thats the point.
↪ LandoNorris: I just wanna win.
↪ Y/N: Im collecting them all
User27: And people said max didnt wanna marry her.
user28: Bro just keeps winning doesnt he. Y/N GIVE ME A CHANCE.
user29: if you look closely you can see me getting run over by an F1 car.
Tumblr media
⭒❃.✮:▹A/N: I hope you guys like it! I need to post more but ive gotten so busy and haven't had the time. But I'll try to post more often. Love you guys! hope you enjoyed.
Tumblr media
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arminsumi · 7 months
SatoSugu ⋅ fem reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔞 suggestive / partly n.sfw
SUMMARY — Suguru and Satoru each have their own differing ideas of what makes a good make out session.
WARNINGS — make outs n kissing, SatoSugu, jealousy, light angst, they fight over u, lovably annoying gojo, calling you sl*t playfully, "dirty girl" n maybe other nicknames, smidge of sexual tension/undertones ig
TAGS for the lovelies !! 💗
Tumblr media
" Slow and sensual; that's how it's supposed to be done, Satoru. You rush your kisses. You're too chaotic. "
" Yuh but I get more bitches than y — "
" — when was the last time you kissed a woman ? "
" Junior high. "
Suguru started cackling. The two of them were sat in your living room apartment. You peered at them from over your computer, the blue light glaring in your eyes.
" What the fuck are you two on about ? " you asked, taking your earphones out completely and halting the progress of your essay.
" None of your business. "
You sighed in response. That was such an expected response from Satoru.
" We were debating what makes a good make out session. You know, like ' fast or slow ' ? ' Chaotic or sensual ' ? Mister six eyes over here has opposition to my beliefs as usual — don't fuckin' wink at me, you freak. "
Satoru giggled. " Of course, 'cause your beliefs are flawed and quite frankly you're full of shit. Blech. Hey, you agree, don't you ? "
You looked up in thought for yourself.
" I don't know. See, chaotic movie-like kisses are something lots of people want. But then again, lots of people prefer slow and romantic kisses. They really want to intertwine bodies with their lover and — "
Suguru completed your thought.
" — and become one with each other. Yeah, you get me. "
" Hey now, I'm not saying I agree with either of you. I haven't even kissed one of you. Maybe you're both shit at kissing, now that I think 'bout it. Haha. " you chuckled to yourself.
The boys raised their brows at you. Ah, a common ground; both taking offense from you.
" Why don't you come over here 'n experiment with us, princess ? " Suguru murmured condescendingly. His earrings caught your eye.
Your stomach dropped. " Huh ? " you blinked dumbly.
" Don't get all coy with us now. Come over here. " Suguru teased.
Satoru arched a brow at you and smirked. " Yeah, come. You can help us settle this debate. "
" Mhm. " Suguru nodded.
You were reluctant, because... well, this could fuck up the friendship, right? They didn't seem to mind that, as they entrapped you between their bodies and kept you there. Imprisoned between their competing passion.
" Me first ? "
" Uh, no way, asshole. Me first. "
" I'll choose. "
" Nah, let's flip a coin. "
So they flipped a coin at Satoru's insistence.
" Call it. " Suguru said.
" Heads. " Satoru called.
You observed Suguru's attractive, veiny hands as he tossed the coin and caught it, smacking it onto the back of his hand.
" . . . heads. " Suguru groaned.
" Yay . . . smooches for Satoru. " Satoru cheered.
" You're so cringe. " you said, crinkling your nose.
" Shut up or I'll stick my tongue down your throat — "
" — you mean you weren't planning to do that ? What a pity. I like French kissing. " you teased.
That caught the boys attention. They exchanged a look, and now a tension built up between you three.
" Okay, if you want me to, then I will. " Satoru tried to remain confident, but the idea of French kissing you was destroying his cool composure.
" I want you to. So get to it, boy. " you said.
Suguru raised his brows at Satoru and smirked. He sat to your left, long leg propped along the edge of the couch, encasing you there.
Just before Satoru leaned in to kiss you, swift and cheeky as he was, Suguru interrupted with a quick, teacher-like stutter.
" Hey, nonono. We're setting a timer. Five minutes each, precisely. "
" Of course. " Satoru rolled his eyes. " Well hurry up then. "
" Impatient much ? " you chuckled under your breath. Satoru went a bit red.
The split second Suguru started the timer on his phone, Satoru engulfed you in a kiss that nearly knocked the wind out of you. He was chaotic. Feverish. Gliding those candied lips across yours was up there with the best decisions he's ever made.
He tilted his head into the kiss, tongue swiping and slipping in eagerly to play with yours. And with how he French kissed, you almost wanted to giggle; he was so playful.
Suguru watched. And observed. And thought about how he's going to win you over with his approach to kissing. What you needed, he thought while seeing how Satoru whimpered into your mouth, was a sensual man who takes his time.
" Time's up. "
" What the fu- "
A string of saliva connected you and Satoru, his lips felt tingly and he still wanted more even after devouring you.
" Five minutes go by so quick . . . "
" Uh-huh. When you're having fun. Sooo ? " Satoru looked at you expectantly.
" Rather hold back your judgment until you've tasted me, hm ? " Suguru stopped you before you made any comment on his best friend's kissing style. " Come on. Come closer. I don't bite. " he said, making the last part sound so sultry that a shiver ran down your spin.
Now Suguru . . . oh boy, Suguru. How he kissed. You were already dizzy from Satoru's fervor. But Suguru ? One little peck at your chin to test. Then he pressed teasing, leadup kisses to the corner of your lips.
" Su — " he muffled your call of his name with his lips, drinking up the rest of the syllables like a thirsty wolf.
His big hands molded to the back of your head, tangling up into your hair. Tilt tilt tilt. Press. Such a deep and hard kiss. You felt like your perception of reality got fucked up a little for a moment there.
He swiped his tongue across your bottom lip, wetting it, and once you opened your mouth for him he just smirked at your acceptance. In his mind, he was aiming to kiss you like he was converting you. Damn near kissed like a cult leader, you don't know why but you thought of that description right then.
That buttery soft tongue made you moan. The sound caught both the boy's off-guard.
And then the poor white-haired boy started glaring.
" Okay, okay, time's basically up. "
" Hmmmf ? " you looked dazed.
" How much time was left before you just cancelled that ? " Suguru squinted annoyedly at his best friend, hands still keeping you in place. His lips were barely parted from yours, so every shake of subtle anger in his vocals vibrated subtly across your lips.
" I dunno, fifty-two seconds ? "
" That's almost a whole minute left you asshole ! "
" Yeah so ?! You gonna fight me over it, big boy ? " Satoru challenged.
" What are you getting so jealous for ? "
You widened your eyes at the argument springing to life. The air felt so tense and hot. You could feel their heats radiating from their faces as they flushed from anger.
" What are you kissing her so deeply for ? Are you trying to fucking prove something ? "
" Oooooooh, pretty boy is jealous jealous. " Suguru said venomously.
" Boys, please don't fight. This is not such a big deal. " your voice came in between them.
They looked at you bitterly.
" Whose kiss did you like better ? " Satoru asked.
" Mine. No offence, but Satoru you kiss like a fucking high schooler. "
Satoru clenched his jaw. " I was asking her — not you, Suguru, baby. "
Oh he's angry angry you thought. Satoru always used nicknames with people he liked, but when the word baby came out of his mouth in that tone? God have mercy on whoever's on the receiving end. Unless it was someone who could match that intensity...
" I'll tell you what I liked and disliked about both of you . . . to be fair. Okay ? How's that sound, boys ? "
God they loved it when you called them like that. Yeah, they're your boys alright. They loved being your boys.
" Okay . . . sure. That's fair. Go ahead. " Suguru said. A small nervousness crept across his chest, but he hid it well.
You paused for just a moment to collect your thoughts.
" Damn just spill already ! "
" Let her think, Satoru. Impatient bitch. "
" I will fucking bite you. "
" Then bite me. "
" Boys. Calm down. "
So they listened. Your word was supreme, after all. If you told them to stop, they stopped.
You tilted your head and slowly began laying the truth on them. " I liked the way you held the back of my head so possessively, it was really hot . . . " you told, directing at Suguru.
Satoru grimaced. Why didn't he do that? He was mentally kicking himself.
" . . . but I preferred how dramatically you kissed me. " you directed to the sulking white-haired boy. Then his features lightened a bit.
" And ? " Suguru encouraged, eager to hear more praises.
They leaned in very close for the fact they were just listening to you speak.
" I didn't like how sloppy and wet Satoru was. "
Satoru cringed at himself. He was very self-conscious about being a sloppy kisser.
" Haha, sloppy kisser. "
" Suguru shut the fuck up. "
You quickly turned down the heat between them and knocked Suguru off his high horse.
" You're a bit of a show-off kisser, not as romantic as I imagined you to be. It feels like you were trying too hard to win me over, or something. "
Oh, he hated that you could deduce that. He really thought he had you.
" Fair enough . . . " it was his turn to sulk.
Satoru smirked. " So you prefer me ? " he winked, " I mean, of course you do. "
" No. I like both of you. "
" Okay, slut. " Satoru rolled his eyes. " If you had to choose — "
" Don't worry about offending us, we can take it. "
" Yeah right, you're gonna fucking cry if she chooses me. " Satoru cheeked.
The tension rose between them again. But this time, there was this... oddly violent passion. Some sort of suppressed, stifled romanticness brewed between them. It's always underlined their conversations before, even their arguments. This indescribable, undeniable tension — not the jokingly " I'm so gay for my best friend " stuff. No, something genuine. Something that was not a joke.
" Why don't you kiss each other ? " you blurted out.
Satoru looked at you like you were crazy. " What the fuck ? "
" I mean, to make it fair . . . and get better insight into how the both of you kiss ? I-I don't know, just a thought. "
" Just a thought ? A horny thought I bet. " Satoru chuckled. He was going red in the face. And so was Suguru.
" What the hell. I'm innocent. " you defended.
" Riiight. "
Suguru had been thoughtfully quiet. Then he finally spoke.
" . . . I'm down. "
" WHAT. " Satoru freaked out. His face went completely red now. You could feel how hot he was.
" Yeah let's go for it. " Suguru shrugged.
He froze up. His heart palpitated. Stomach dropped. Eyes went blown wide open.
" I-I-I yeah ? Okay ? Sure. Yeah. Alright. Then. Let's. Do — it. "
" Wow, I don't think I've ever heard you stutter like this, Satoru. " you teased.
" Shut up ?! Shut up. Let's just do it and get it over with. "
" Yeah. Okay. Come here. "
" What the fu- you come here. "
Suguru raised his brows at him. " Seriously ? "
" I'm more dom than you. " Satoru said proudly. " Come here. "
" Nah, you come here. "
" No way ! "
You sighed. " Wow, this is going to take a while. "
" Nonono, we're doing it — " he kissed him, " — see ? "
" Satoru, such a cute peck. We're supposed to make out. That's what you want, right Y/n ? "
You stomach flipped. His tone. His damn tone. That cocky glint in his eyes. Suguru was so teasingly seductive right then.
" Y-yeah. For five minutes. Just like we did. "
" Okay. Set a timer. "
Satoru looked like he was shocked from how fast he just kissed his best friend. Such a short peck had his stomach doing loopies. You could tell he was going through a crisis.
" 'kay, timer's on. "
So they melted their lips against each other right in front of you. Satoru was stiff at first, but loosened up the deeper he fell into his best friend's kiss. More than that, he succumbed to the sultry feelings that Suguru radiated. You know, he just had that thing about him. That air. He was alluring and enticing, almost dangerously so at times.
You listened. Watched. Glanced down at the timer. Really, you set a stopwatch, not a timer. A little experiment. You wanted to see how long they'd take to realize how long they've been kissing for.
And it's well over five minutes. Lips smacking, heads tilting, bodies coming closer. Suguru's bangs brushing over Satoru's cheeks, hands cupping his flushed cheeks. What a sight. Two pretty best friends going breathless over each other.
" 'how long's it been ? " Satoru mumbles in between kisses, totally in a dazed state.
You hide your smirk. " Just a bit left. "
Suguru gave you a suspicious side eye. Oh, butterflies. He caught onto you right then.
He thought;
Well if you want us to put on a show, we'll put on a show. Just for you.
And dipped his tongue between Satoru's parted lips, erotically swirling around — slow, sensual, languid.
" ahmmm ~ " Satoru almost made a noise close to a moan, and then got embarrassed.
You gulped and watched. Did they forget they were doing this in front of you? Your face was right there.
You stared hard.
Suguru smirked and parted from the kiss, holding the face of a dazed-looking Satoru in the palms of his hands as he spoke to you.
" Did you even set a timer ? Ah, whatever. Stop staring, dirty girl. Come join the fun. Three's company, you know ? "
Tumblr media
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norrisleclercf1 · 2 months
What about, street racer Lando with his girl at an afterparty 👀
A/N: I have missed street racer Lando so much, *sigh* he's just so cocky and fuck
You knew who was touching you before you could even turn. The large and veiny hands that belonged to your boyfriend was a touch you have memorized. "Found you," You snicker feeling his facial hair tickling your shoulder as you lean back.
"I was only gone for a few minutes, babe." Turning around you come face to face with your boyfriend Lando Norris. He was a Graphic Designer student, but also he was more well known for his group of friends and the fact he was a street racer.
Something that everyone loved, and this after party was for his group doing well, but also was an excuse to drink. He was probably the only one that wasn't going to be drinking. Lando didn't like to drink, and refused to drink when you came to these parties.
"So? You being out of my arms for just a minute, is a minute too long." He whispers and buries his face in your neck taking a deep breath before nipping at the sensitive spot which has you flinch trying hard not to moan. "Lando, we're in the middle of the party." He groans and pulls back which has you admiring those gorgeous sea green eyes of his.
"So? No one would dare say a thing to me," "I'll get Carlos," Lando shuts up at that, knowing Carlos would take an issue with it, as the older man viewed you as a little sister, and didn't mind putting Lando back in his place.
"Come play beer pong with me?" You ask, Lando nods, unable to say no to you as he follows you through the crowd. A lot of people stopping yall through the way, telling Lando what a great race he did, Lando just nods and pulls you close just wanting you closer to him for some reason.
You knew he got protective at places like this, simply because sometimes rival drivers would come to these parties and cause trouble and that was the last thing he wanted, was for you to get stuck in the cross hairs.
Getting to the beer pong table, you see Max and Charles close to one another and Alex and Lily playing. "Hey, wanna get your ass kicked?" You announce which has Lily laughing and nodding her head. "You'll get crushed," "Bring it on," You challenge and place yourself at the opposite ends of the table.
Lando moves and places himself behind you, arms around your waist and just watching the game. "Yes!" You jump up and down as you and Lily were down to one cup each, "Damn!" Lily yells, and Alex happily takes the cup and gulps it down, while you in honor do the same with your cup.
Lando smiles, pinching your side. "You were great," He whispers and pulls you away, looking around he notices that no one is paying attention and drags you down the hall to his bedroom. "Landoooo," You whine, but he waves you off and closes the door locking it. "I'm not having sex with all these people here," Lando chuckles and sighs pulling off his shirt.
"I don't want sex, maybe in the morning," You glare but you can see he's teasing you, "I just want to lie in bed and cuddle, fuck the party. I just want a nice calm night. Maybe watch a movie, fall asleep with you in my arms? Is that okay?" You smile and move stepping out of your heels and unzipping your dress and picking up your favorite shirt of his to wear to bed.
"That sounds amazing," You drop onto his bed and Lando smiles sliding into the bed beside you and let's you pick the movie. "Hey?" You turn your head ready to answer him but he pecks your lips and smiles, closing his eyes. "I love you, so much." Smiling gently you run a hand over his face, he leans into the touch and you see his chest even out.
"I love you too,"
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disneyprincemuke · 6 months
for the girls * fem!driver
she isn't worrying about being on track for the first time - she worries about the media.
pairings: sebastian vettel x fem!driver, f1 grid x reader
warnings: literally a piece of garbage, SO inaccurate, no idea what i’m doing…
also, please feel free to send it some scenarios for this series! you can send them in here freeflow~ none of these will be posted in chronological order so don’t worry about it
(series masterlist) | (📂 the rookie season)
Tumblr media
"here is sebastian vettel's personal addition to the grid, (y/n)," the interviewer grins, turning to face the girl. "welcome to the 2023 formula 1 season. thank you for coming in."
"thank you for having me," she smiles, hands clasped together in front of her. she's been following sebastian around all day - she doesn't want to be left alone in such a tough crowd.
"how does it feel to be the first woman in formula 1 in almost 2 decades?"
"i'm very thankful for the opportunity given to me to achieve this spot on the grid. i hope i'll be good enough to create a difference and be the stepping stone towards more women in the sport," she answers cordially, moving her arms slightly.
interviews, unfortunately, were also a very big part of the job. she didn't really mind it, but she knew the controversy of her being in the sport, and it's been driving her insane since the pre-season testing.
"and of course congratulations on your move from formula 2 to the main league. how do you feel about the doubters or naysayers who are saying you don't belong here?"
"i think it's unfair to assume my placement in the season before it has even started. i have worked as hard as everybody else to get where i am today, so i'm just really hoping that the fact that i am a woman does not overshadow all my achievements."
she's seen all that's said about her. the news articles, the videos criticising sebastian's choice to vouch for her, and the comments under her posts and announcements - it's very disheartening.
sebastian has tried his best to tell her otherwise, telling her time and time again that he wouldn't have vouched for her if he didn't think she had the potential to be here.
"and how are you getting along with everybody else on the grid?"
"very good. i mean, we've already been acquainted for years and that really helped me out a lot," she laughs, locking eyes with sebastian doing an interview right next to her. "but it is still a competitive sport. it's going to be a climb out there from my starting position at 18th. hopefully it will be a good race."
"of course, good luck out there."
"thank you so much."
Tumblr media
"just like we talked about. you'll be fine," sebastian folds his arms over his chest, leaning back into the wall.
she's pulling the sleeves of her race suit over her shoulders. "why don't i believe you," she mutters, looking down at her shoes to avoid his eyes. "think about what the media would say if i don't finish in the points today."
"who cares about what the media has to say? just do your best out there today," sebastian repeats, patting her shoulder lightly to get her attention.
he flashes her a grin when she looks up, only to have her roll her eyes as she zips up. "me. i have to face the interviewers later, remember? not you."
"just race like you always have. you're doing this for yourself. not the media, not the insecure guys hiding behind a screen, and definitely not the interviewers." he grabs her shoulders, shaking her just slightly to lighten up the mood. "i'll be in your ears to help you out, okay?"
she sighs, leaning slightly to the side to grab her balaclava off the table. "promise to tell me when i'm being reckless?"
"i'm your race engineer. i've got you."
he turns her around, towards the track where the cars have lined up. "get out there and shut them all up. you're doing this for the girls, remember that."
"right. for the girls," she huffs, wiping her hands on her race suit. she takes the helmet that sebastian is holding out to her and gives him a smile. "okay. i'll talk to you through the radio."
and she does everything she has to do. she’s in the race car, anticipating the formation lap that’s about to start.
days leading up to this moment, she didn’t think she would be so nervous to be behind a wheel. she doesn’t typically let the feeling get to her so much.
but it’s different now that it’s being broadcasted to the entire world. she’s now watched by ten times her normal viewership.
“radio check,” sebastian’s voice comes into her ears. his voice has become a significant point to calming her down behind the wheel. you would be surprised how well he can calm her down just by his voice.
“copy.” she breathes into the mic unknowingly as she exhales, looking up and taking in her view.
her car was surrounded by the engineers, making the final touches on the car and triple checking all the components.
within a few seconds, she can see the sky as they disperse — the sun is shining bright and there are barely any clouds. to her right is yuki, also looking around the grid and the grandstand.
she locks eyes with him as he looks around, her eyes crinkling at the corners to acknowledge him. he returns the gesture with a smile through his eyes then a thumbs up to wish her luck.
she lifts her hand above the halo and returns the thumbs up.
“okay, the first car has taken off for the lap. i’ll check in on you again in a while.”
Tumblr media
her grip on the steering wheel is tight despite the engine being turned off. she’s proud of herself for making it through her first race in the league, even parking the car neatly in parc ferme.
“you did amazing.”
“you’re only saying that. i didn’t even finish in the points,” she answers dejectedly, rolling her eyes to herself.
sebastian tries to make light of every situation, even if the normal person would not be able to find that in a frustrating position. but he was also a rookie once. the least he could do is empathise and try to make this experience less daunting for her.
he’s investing in her — her talent is impeccable, but he has to make sure that he fosters and encourages her into the best version of herself. the racer that he knows she is, she just needed someone to actively believe in her.
“the climb from p18 to p11 is good progress. the season just started, kid. the only way is up.”
“sure,” she chuckles. “i’m getting out of the car. see you in a bit, seb.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @wcnorris @treehouse-mouse (comment to be added)
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kimhargreeves · 8 months
Saved Again-Sanji x Fem Reader (One Piece Netflix)
Summary: You've been Luffy's friend for years. Being the first member to join Luffy's crew, together they are off to become pirates,.later on a certain chef has his eyes on you. And a fond memory of you and a boy after a shipwreck comes to mind when arriving at the Baratie.
Tumblr media
(A/N: I'm so excited for the One Piece live action do I decided to write this!! I'll start on a Part 2 once the series is released. I absolutely love Sanji and he's my favorite of the Straw Hats. I relate to him a lot too since I was training to become a chef as well…anyways the one shot might be slightly changed once I watch the series.)
(A/N: Oh and also the reader is often confused as a boy but Nami and Sanji know she's a girl.)
"That's why I'm gonna be king of the pirates!!" Luffy exclaimed enthusiastically, even though we were in the middle of nowhere.
I turned around and frowned looking at him being too cheery and loud as usual. "Can you be any louder?' I glare before pulling my head out of the small boat we were in and I continued to throw up out into the ocean.
I heard a hum coming from Luffy and saw him tilting his head a bit. "Are you sure you're okay?"
This is the downside of wanting to become a pirate and sail across the Grand Line. Well, not many people get sea sick and start to pour their guts out.
I wipe the sweat off my forehead and sighed. "If only Coby didn't accept in becoming a Marine. He would've maybe given me some of the medicine he was carrying."
"He did offer some yet you said you'd be alright without it." Luffy reminds me making me groan.
"Don't make me throw up on you." I warn.
"Will you two shut up already?" I glared and looked back at the green haired man who I forgot had joined us.
"Huh? Why don't you make me, Zoro? Our friend here might be dying." Luffy said patting my back a bit too rough.
Zoro looked at us with a bored expression on his face and went back to closing his eyes. "You guys are insufferable, would've been nicer if I was still tied up."
I point and glared at him. "You should be thankful that we saved your ass."
"Luffy was the one who did. You're too weak to save anyone anyway, kid."
"I'm not a kid! I'm older than you think believe it or not!!" I shout getting defensive and forgetting that I had be throwing up.
"Then why are you acting like a kid?!"
"Guys will you stop arguing for once?" Luffy said stepping between us and calming Zoro as well when we saw an island up ahead.
Idiots are they really dumb and don't know I am secretly a girl. The reason why I like to crossdress if for fun, but mostly because I've seen the way pirates who are men are more respected.
I once had cut my hair short but decided to let it grow and use a wig instead, besides being in disguise had helped me with stealing from people.
Luffy with his devil fruit power stretched all the way until his feet hit the sand and he looked around in enthusiasm.
"Wow this island seems so cool! But why is it so quiet?!" He asked loudly.
"Maybe this is an island inhabited with ghosts." I muttered and heard Zoro scoff and began to grab his swords when the boat hit the sand below us.
Zoro jumped off of the boat and began to follow Luffy. "Hey, (Y/N). Are you coming or staying?"
I raised my head and tilted my head looking at Luffy. "You guys can go on ahead. I'll catch up with you."
He nodded and I saw both guys beginning to walk further into the island. Slowly I got up on my feet and jumped out of the boat as well. I was deep in my thoughts imagining what it will be like to travel across the world and get to know other famous pirates.
Luffy's dream has always been to become king of the pirates and his number 1 person he's always looked up to was Shanks, maybe Gold D. Roger in second place.
As for me..I really don't have a dream. I've just been following Luffy around. I don't have a family. Shanks was the one who raised me along with Luffy, I came along later in the picture and don't have any memories of my past, only a few glimpses here and there but maybe it's just me reliving someone else's dream.
"So he's also a devil fruit user?"
I stopped walking and ran to hide behind a building and I looked over and saw a group of pirates, my eyes were set on the one between all of them. Buggy the clown. I've seen his Wanted poster.. wait!
My eyes widened and then I glared when I spotted Luffy in a cage. Are you serious?! He got caught..huh? I looked and saw someone else with them too, a red headed girl.
Where is Zoro anyways?
I frowned even more when I saw he and Luffy were caught. God damn it. It's up to me now, now all I gotta do is find out if this girl is an enemy of ally.
I got out of my hiding place and prepared to face the gang of pirate clowns…
"Hang on!!"
Someone shouted and tried to reach for my hands but I was pulled away by the harsh tides of the sea. My eyes and lungs began to sting, I felt like it was the end for me. Just a few minutes ago I was with my family, are they dead? Will I die as well and meet them again?
I couldn't swim so I felt myself sinking lower into the dark cold sea. I wanted to cry but couldn't and right when I was ready accept my death I felt someone grab onto me and I was being pulled up again.
I gasped along with the person who had saved me. A man about the same age as my dad saved me, I continued to gasp and began to cough up the salty water I had in my lungs.
The sky was dark with clouds covering the sky, it was heavily raining with thunder.
"Don't die just yet kid! Hold onto this." The man exclaimed.
The man could swim with ease and he had placed me on top of a wooden piece of what I assumed was part of the ship that had exploded. I looked to my right and saw a boy my age, with blonde hair and green eyes, his eyes seemed scared as well.
Are we the only survivors?
My answer was clear the more we got away from the shipwreck and landed on an island. The man easily picked us up and placed us on his shoulder, but the more he continued to walk the more I felt he was struggling, it wasn't until we made it inside a cave that I realized he lost his leg.
I was about to comment on it but didn't when the man seemed angry at something. The boy and I exchanged looks and didn't say a word, we only saw the man lighting up a small fire place as we continued to hear thunder and lightning.
I don't know who this man is, this boy surely isn't his son…mom..dad…my eyes began to sting and I began to cry out loudly with tears running down my face along with a runny nose.
The man didn't say anything and the little boy seemed to stiffen and I saw a few tears forming in his eyes as well and he began to silently cry…
By the next morning the man, the pirate who saved us said he wanted to be alone so he left the boy and I a large bag of food. "We refuse to eat this because you're a pirate and pirates are bad people!!" The boy had shouted earlier.
The man said almost nothing and left me alone with the boy. The boy and I looked at each other and we both didn't say a word about the man.
"Umm do you think we can make a boat somehow and leave the island?" I quietly asked nervous and shy to ask this stranger for help.
"Does it look like we have a way out of this island?! The boy shouted glaring at me. "What would a girl know about sailing anyways?"
I began to cry again and I did the first thing that came to my mind, and I had punched him. "All I want is to see my parents again!"
The boy seemed surprised by my action and began to hold onto his swollen cheek. "H-hey don't cry. You're gonna make me cry again!"
It was too late. He was crying again….
It had been many days until the three of us were rescued. An odd boat with some friendly men were the one who saved us, the man who rescued the boys and us took the boy in as his own in a way, and he was about to send me off to live a normal life with someone who was willing to raise me.
The man somehow got a nice dress for me to wear, as a last send-off he had done a dessert for me. A strawberry cake I came to love at first bite.
He along with the men on the ship all were outside ready to say their goodbyes to me. I even saw a man or two begin to cry.
"I always wanted a small girl."
"You can't even feed yourself properly how are you supposed to raise a kid." I heard one of them say to another.
"You ready, kid?" I heard the man ask making me turn to look at him. I shook my head and the man sighed and patted my head once. "You'll soon understand why I'm sending you off. You'll have a proper life."
My eyes wandered over to the man and over to the small boy I was saved with. The boy stiffened when I looked at him, and I saw his pale cheeks turn to a pink color.
"I-I…" I didn't know exactly what to say, that's until he spoke up.
"I d-do hope you enjoyed the cake I made with help! Next time if we meet again I'll bake you a whole lot more..also…if we meet again I'll make you my wife!!" He exclaimed.
The men behind the boy groaned and one of them lightly hit his head. "That's no way of a send-off!"
I shyly smiled at all of them and the boy….
"Usopp!! Nami!! Are we there yet?!"
"How many times do we have to say, no!!"
I squinted my eyes when I opened them. "That was a strange dream." I muttered to myself and glared at the three who woke me up.
Few days have gone by since he fought Buggy and his crew along with a few more pirates. Usopp was the new crew member. He's a bit odd and a scaredy cat but he means well. If it wasn't for him. Luffy wouldn't have his new and proper ship, officially presenting himself as a pirate.
The sailing ship was huge and fitted with us do well. Luffy named it the Going Merry. A fitting name for a ship.
I looked to my left and saw Zoro fast asleep, I felt envious that he could sleep through this much talking and noise. I made sure my wig was still in place and I got up to join Nami up front. At least it's nice to have another girl around.
"So…you don't have trouble with sharing a room filled with guys?" I asked and saw Nami giving me an odd bur serious look.
"No?" She squinted her eyes looking at me and looked back at the tides.
Weird…It's a shame I can't talk about girl things with her.
Luffy said he was searching for the last member to our team. Luffy is Captain, we have a navigator..well kinda that being Nami, the main fighter being Zoro, Usopp as the sniper and I fix anything on the ship
Since none of us are cooks. Luffy suggested on finding a chef. I offered to be the one to fill everyone's stomach, but everything I cook always ends up burnt.
The rest of us began to get things done on the ship until a fight began with another ship and the Going Merry crashed into a ship. My mouth fell open when we crashed and accidently directed a cannon ball into the ship that wasn't even attacking us.
"Crap…Luffy!" I shouted and saw him smiling shamefully.
All of us walked closer to the deck and saw the great damage the other ship received. "We better head in there and talk to the person in charge. And you are going to apologize." I said grabbing onto Luffy's straw hat and he quickly grabbed it back and placed it on his head.
He said nothing and began to follow us. We got onto the other ship and read the ships name, The Baratie.
I looked around and this seemed familiar. "You okay?" Nami stopped and asked glancing back at me.
"Yeah.. everything's fine." I said still looking around and ran over to her side and began to follow the rest of the crew.
We all entered the ship and wow was it beautiful and extremely fancy. "Wow..this is something else. It doesn't feel like we're in the middle of the sea." I said in awe and stared around.
Everything looked so expensive. I saw people around sharing their meals and couples smiling at each other and drinking fancy wine. Not to mention the smell, I wonder how the food must taste!
I was practically drooling when I saw a huge meal in a table. Nami had grabbed the back of my clothes and dragged me away from a couple who was staring at me weirded out.
"Get a hold of yourself, (Y/N)." Nami muttered and went to sit down on an empty table.
I nodded at myself then went back to checking the place out. This seems so familiar…I started to walk around and peeked over and saw many chefs cooking the meals and they seemed to make it so easy.
"I have an order for a large plate of seafood rice, potato pallie and medium sized bowl of sea pork soup. I need it done in less than 10 minutes!" My mouth began to water even more.
"All have it done in 5." Someone said on the other side with a British accent.
"(Y/N)!" Someone hissed my name and I quickly went over to sit next to Nami and Zoro. Luffy came in as well while we sat down and patiently waited to talk to someone.
I had excused myself after waiting for a bit and went to the bathroom. When I returned I saw Nami still sitting down and she raised an eyebrow looking not pleased when a man began walking towards her.
I felt my heart race when I saw a tall figure standing just a few inches away from her. A handsome man with blonde hair with one of his eyes being a bit hidden by it. He was wearing a dark suit with a blue and white striped shirt under it with a black tie and matching dress pants.
"Would the lady like something sweet?" I saw a smirk spread across his face and Nami just stared at him and rolled her eyes.
Who is he?? And does he know Nami? The man was clearly flirting with her.
"You gotta be joking." I heard Nami ssy. She then turned to look at me.
I didn't know what to do or say. I simply stared at her confused then looked to see the man look at me, he glanced for a second then once again and was now looking directly at me. He immediately walked away from Nami and began to walk towards me.
I began to take a few steps back and I gasped when he took hold of my hand with both of his hands and saw him get down on one knee.
"You are the most gorgeous being I've laid my eyes on. A sight no other I've come across in the Grand Line.."
Thank goodness Nami couldn't listen but it was quiet clear to anyone that this man was flirting with me.
"Y-You've got it all wrong!" I said trying to pull back and felt my cheeks turning red. I can't let anyone know at the moment that I was crossdressing as a guy!!
"I'm never wrong. My eyes never fail when I see a beautiful lady as yourself."
If I weren't in this situation I would be falling on my knees. He's so cute and handsome! My lips began to quiver and I felt my entire body freeze. I've never met a man who shameless at flirting with a stranger.
The man rose up to his feet now towering me and smiling down at me. "I-I…"
He smiled and Introduced himself. "My name is Sanji."
Tumblr media
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polaroidbills · 8 months
enhypen when you find their baby photos cute
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre/cw: bf!enhypen x reader, mega super duper fluff, one mention of "dying of cuteness", lots cheek and face squishing
a/n: this was my very first request! i loved writing this so keep requesting more!
Tumblr media
heeseung 희승
"oh my god you were soo cute! i could just squish your little cheeks!"
you're currently sitting on your bed, looking through a photobook of heeseung's baby and childhood photos. cooing over how cute and squishy his cheeks were.
"babe stopp!" he snatched the photobook and slammed it shut.
"noo but i wasn't done looking at the photos!"
"too late! should've taken a picture of them," he shrugs.
"well it's a good thing i did!" you grab your phone and open the pictures you got, putting it up next to heeseung's face.
"see you were so cute! what happened to you?" you compared the baby photo to heeseung now, frowning.
"what?! take that back!" he starts tickling you.
"okay! okay! fine! you're still very cute!" you say laughing.
"good!" he finally stops tickling you.
"see you look the exact same!" you grab his cheeks and squish them like they were in the photo.
"yah! stop it!" he starts tickling you again.
jay 제이
"baby you've been looking at these photos for an hour and a half noww," jay complains.
"but look at how cute you were! i can't stop!"
"well you're gonna have to stop," he grabs your phone to turn it off but before he could you ran away. off of the couch and around the kitchen island.
"yah! come here right now!" he tries to catch you but you run even faster.
"i'll stop under onee condition," you smirk as an idea comes up in your mind.
"okayy? and what is that one condition?" jay asks suspiciously.
"you need to pose like this photo!" you show your favourite baby photo of him.
"what? never!"
"pleasee! i promise i'll stop looking ag the baby photos, if you do this one thing!" you plead.
"fine," jay sighs and does the flower pose like the photo.
"yes!" you quickly snap a photo of him doing the pose.
"good! now stop looking at those photos!"
"i will i will!"
three hours later. all you been doing is staring at the photo you just took of jay.
jake 제이크
you were busy looking through baby and childhood photos of jake. until you felt arms snake around your waist and a head on your shoulder.
"watcha doing?"
"looking at this cute little baby. aw this one is my favourite," you smile at the photos.
"yahh stop looking at thesee," he closes the book and tosses it to the side. "why look at these when you have the real thing right here," he puts his hands under his chin as he smiles.
"but it's not as good as these photoss," you complain.
"yah! i'm soo much hotter and better than before come on, don't you agree?" jake whines at your remarks.
"haha just kidding my baby," you then put your arms around his waist pulling him closer into a hug.
"you better be."
sunghoon 성훈
"wahh you were so cutee," you smile as you go through baby sunghoon photos sunoo sent you.
"yah! where did you get these?" he grabs your phone out of your hand to see the photo up close.
"that's none of your business," you laugh trying to get the phone back.
"oh i'm deleting this!"
"wait no! please! i love the photo!" you jump up when he raises the phone higher.
"and delete! there the photo is gone now," he hands you back the phone.
"ugh! i can't believe you!" you turn around to fake sulk.
"baby?" you don't respond.
"baby i'm sorry. i didn't think it was that big of a deal to you," still no response, you're just on your phone. "yah! are you texting sunoo?"
"uh noo?"
"hey! you so are!"
"well you just deleted my favourite photo of you! so now i gotta get it back from sunoo!"
"he sent them to you?"
"oh i'm gonna slap him across the fa- wait. did you say favourite photo of me?" you nod, giggling. "yah!"
he then tackles you to the bed, tickling you.
sunoo 선우
"oh my god i can't! you were so cute as a baby!" flipping through the photobook, you squeal at how cute sunoo was.
"i know right! like my cheeks were so squishable!" he too, exclaims how he looked as a baby.
"ahh i can't! i'm gonna die of cuteness!" you pretend to faint.
"and my cheeks still are squishable! see?" he pinches his cheeks as you get up to do the same.
"and you're still the cutest ever! ugh i love you so much," you smile at him.
"you were also so cute as a baby!" he shows you a baby photo of yourself.
"yeah but not as cute as you though! i'm lowkey jealous."
"yeah i know," sunoo rolls his eyes, sassily pretending to flip his hair.
jungwon 정원
"aww oh my godd! you were so cuteee!" you flip through the photobook rapidly as the adrenaline flows through your body.
"yahh didn't i tell you to stop looking at those? i'm right here!" jungwon waves his hands in front of your face, getting your attention.
"wait you literally haven't changed! you look the same!" you hold the photo up to his face. you then grab his cheeks and squish them like how they were in the photo.
"there! i can't! cuteness overload!" you clap your hands at how similar it is.
"stopp!" he whines and shoos your hands away.
"wait i need a picture of this. could you pose like this pleaseee?"
"no. never in a million years."
"pleasee jungwon pleasee," you plead.
"no. thats my final answer."
"oh okay that's fine," you turn your back and cross your arms, pretending to sulk. but jungwon buys it as real sulking.
"wait babyy i'm sorryy," he grabs your chin to turn your head. revealing a pout on your lips.
"love i'm sorry. please talk to me," you don't say a word. instead you just sit and pout.
"fine i'll take the photo," jungwom finally sighs, giving in to your demand.
"yes!" you celebrate as he poses and you snap the photo.
niki 니키
you were busy scrolling through old baby photos of niki when you came across your all time favourite one.
you then ran to the living room where he was on the couch and shoved your phone right in front of his face, showing his the photo.
"look! weren't you the literal cutest baby ever! like i could just squish your cheeks oh my god!" you laughed.
"yah! where did you get that photo? i told everyone to delete it!" niki asks shocked.
"ha your mom sent it to me!" you laugh still staring at the phone.
"oh yeah?"
"well guess who sent this one to me?" you look up at him confused as he puts his phone up, revealing an old baby photo of you.
"yah! what the hell?! my mom sent this to you?" you grab his phone to get a better look at the picture.
"haha yes she did! and i made it my wallpaper!" niki turns his phone on and off to show his lockscreen.
"oh my god! that's so embarrassing!"
@polaroidbills please DO NOT copy, plagiarize, or repost any of my work.
🏷️ @enhacolor
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wileys-russo · 2 months
leah williamson, “i can’t sleep”, bed
i can't sleep II l.williamson
"baby are you coming to bed?" you questioned, leant against the doorframe of the spare bedroom where leah laid on the bed playing fifa. given how much the blonde often raged when gaming you'd banned her and the ps5 to the spare room when in use.
"two more games babe, gee's bein a nasty little rat!" leah yelled in the direction of her phone. "not my fault ya shit on defence leah!" you heard the girls voice sing back on the other line and you could imagine the smug look on her face.
"okay, i'll be in bed waiting." you chuckled, stepping inside and moving to press your lips softly to her cheek as leah blew you a kiss, eyes focused on the screen.
assuming she'd be at least another hour you stayed up, busying yourself reading a book you'd been meaning to get around to for awhile anyway.
sure enough within the hour leah finally appeared, your book snapped shut and placed aside right in time for her to practically dive on top of you. "leah!" you laughed as her face smushed into your neck.
"hello lover girl." she mumbled against the skin, trailing kisses up against your jaw eventually reaching your lips. "hello loser." you teased, stealing a kiss as she scoffed and sat up.
"georgia texted you didn't she." your girlfriend sighed as you nodded with a smile, leah rolling off of you and landing on her back with a thud. "she cheated!" leah pouted as you now hovered over her with a mocking nod.
"mhm, i'm sure she baby." you patted her shoulder sarcastically as your girlfriend rolled her eyes and wiggled herself underneath the covers as you flicked off the lamp and engulfed the room into darkness, only illuminated by the screen of leahs phone.
the two of you made small talk for awhile, mostly discussing your schedules for tomorrow before after a few kisses you entangled your limbs together and setted.
well, you settled.
"love are you awake?" your eyes fluttered open with a hum, patting her side. "go to sleep lee, you have to be up early." you warned with a yawn, kissing her exposed shoulder blade.
you thought she'd listened, her breathing evening out as your hand gently scratched lines up and down her sides trying to soothe her. but when a loud and long exhale left her mouth, your eyes cracked open once again.
"i can't sleep."
"okay, whats on your mind baby?" you pulled your head off her chest, moving to the pillow and looking across at her, arms still draped across one another. "everything, nothing, something." leah sighed vaguely, staring up at the ceiling.
"well which one is it? everything, something or nothing?" you smiled in amusement, thumb tracing the tattoo which you knew sat on her hip bone. "lots of questions, all of the above." leah again answered vaguely.
"like what? lay em on me." you questioned, other hand moving to push a loose strand of hair out of her face.
"okay, well. what happens when we die? does heaven even exist? what does it mean to be alive? why are we even alive? where do emotions come from? who invented emotions? who felt the first emotion and called it an emotion? what is the meaning of life? who decided that was the meaning of life?what is the goal of humanity? how do you know if you've lived a fulfilling life?" leah rattled off one by one as your mouth dropped open a little.
"um, well i guess...maybe if you just-" you struggled on how to even answer her, trying to remember all of her questions as your eyebrows knitted into a tight frown.
"nah i'm just joking babe, back scratches please." your girlfriend slid down the bed and turned onto her stomach, grabbing your hand and sliding it up her top. "are you serious?" you sighed deeply, eyes squeezed shut as leah gently kissed your neck.
"yeah baby, you know i can't sleep without them. get to it woman!" leah jostled you slightly and closed her eyes again. when your arm didn't move she cracked one eye open, chancing a glance up at you as your eyes glared down at her in dissaproval.
"i mean...back scratches please? gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful, perfect love of my life?" leah smiled, leaning up and kissing your cheek a few times in apology.
"you're lucky you're cute williamson."
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doobea · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
contents: gn!reader is missing an item that they left at their ex's, their boyfriend isn't too pleased to hear. established relationship, sfw, lots of clinginess and jealousy ensued, a bit possessive (chigiri) characters mentioned: isagi, reo, chigiri, nagi, shidou a/n: this was fun to write hehe
Tumblr media
He scowls and stops what he's doing, making sure that he heard you right. Usually, he's a pretty secure guy and ever since you guys have been dating there weren't any major red flags or issues in the relationship aside from minor arguments here and there. He's wondering where this is coming from.
"I'm sure it's not all that important, babe." He emphasizes the pet name to knock a little bit of sense to you.
"But Yoichi, it's my emotional support animal." You plead, explaining that you had accidentally left your stuffed teddy bear over at their place after a date and ever since then you've been having trouble sleeping soundly.
Isagi groans and is quick to put on a pair of sneakers, knowing that he can't say no to your puppy eyes. "Okay, but we are washing them at least five times."
"The water bill tho—"
"Five times!"
Your boyfriend smiles, pulling you into a deep embrace and raking his fingers through your hair before firmly saying, "Absolutely not."
"W-What? But that was my favorite necklace, I have to get it back!" You had saved up so much of your time and money to buy the piece of jewelry you were eyeing for a while. It just so happened that your ex stole it from you during an argument.
Reo knows about this, and he knows that you hate it when he showers you with too many gifts, but he simply refuses to let you revisit a person who even treated you like that in the first place. Eventually, he convinces you to let it go, who would even want a necklace that now carries negative sentiment anyway. "Just let me know which one you want, okay?"
You sigh in defeat and nod, nose brushing against his. "Thanks, Reo."
"Say," Reo begins to twirl with the ends of your hair, "how much does the earth cost?"
You blink at his question. "Uh—"
"I'll buy you the whole earth."
"Baby what?!"
"Go on ahead, darling." Chigiri doesn't look up from the book he's reading and, with a free hand, he takes a long sip from his coffee.
You look at him with surprise, "Really?"
"Mhm," He flicks to the next page. "Just drive safe and tell them I said hi."
It was almost too good to be true for his oddly calm behavior but you didn't have time to worry over it. You really needed to hurry and retrieve back your passport from your ex before who knows what might happen. You plant a chaste kiss on your boyfriend's forehead before heading out.
"I'll be back soon, Hyoma!"
The door shuts with a quiet click and he puts down the book that had his phone tucked in the middle with your location flashed on. When he sees that you're on the go, he grabs his car keys and silently tails you behind, just to be sure your ex doesn't pull anything weird.
The big sloth of a man pretends to not hear you. Even when you repeated your sentence again, saying you needed an old film camera back, he drowns himself in the sounds coming from his computer.
"Seishiro, are you mad? It'll be quick." You promise but he doesn't budge from his chair.
He hums in thought, his grey eyes dotting around the in-game map before finally replying, "Lovebug, can't they just deliver it? Going all the way there would be a hassle."
"I don't mind Sei, it's honestly fine, I don't want them to pay a delivery fee for it."
Nagi pouts, wondering why you're acting considerate for someone who's an ex. "That doesn't make sense."
"If I leave now, I can make it back before sundown and then we can—"
You're caught off guard by the sudden large arms that now wrap around your waist, the grip is tight as Nagi could make it. He buries his face in the crook of your neck before pleading, "Mhm, I'll pay for their delivery fee if you can just stay here."
Your boyfriend almost chokes on the sandwich he was eating, eyes widening as he gawks at you. He's always thought of you as his mischievous side-kick and co-conspirator in his schemes. Hearing that one, you had an ex was a shock to him, and two, you needed something back from them.
You told your boyfriend that you were merely attempting to retrieve some old clothes that a friend had requested back.
For a moment, Shidou was in deep thought before an uncanny grin crawls to his face. An expression that you're all too familiar with.
"Okay," He chimes a little too innocently, "how do you want to go about this?"
"What do you mean, Ryusei?"
"I mean how do we break in?"
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queenimmadolla · 1 year
(dad!eddie x mom/pregnant!reader)
*NOT Mature, SFW — incorrectly flagged
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟏 ─ 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟐 ─ 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟑 • more of the pennyverse here.
Summary: . . . After almost losing you in a scare related to your preterm labor, Eddie is reluctant to meet his newborn son, whose life still remains on the line, until some convincing from you. warnings: angst, a whole lot of angst, near death experience, difficult pregnancy, early labor, preterm birth, talk of loss of infants, birth defects, happy ending.
a/n: congrats on making it to part two! we still have quite a bit of angst to get through but we're almost through the storm! this part (even though i wrote Wayne's World as a whole) was my favorite to write, and i'm sure you'll be able to guess why. word count is 6k. good luck and happy reading! and for the people mad about the long post, sorry, had the 'keep reading' tab on but it kept fucking with the format and eating chunks of it. you're gonna have to scroll. let me know what you think? ◡̈
Tumblr media
Hours passed by, Penny had fallen asleep in his lap again and so had most of his friends with the exceptions of Jonathan who looked like he could really use the sleep, Eden and Wayne. Steve would snap awake every once and a while, careful not to jostle his sleeping girlfriend. Nancy was asleep on Jonathan’s shoulder while Argyle used Eden’s lap for a pillow. Barb and Robin were hanging off chairs in the most uncomfortable looking positions, Robin’s snores almost painful sounding. The ‘kids’ (teenagers) had been picked up by their parents, only agreeing to go home if they could come back to wait with him first thing in the morning. 
  Eddie didn’t rest for a single second, mind torturing him with horrible, horrible thoughts. One played in his mind on loop; he was holding Penny as he walked out of the hospital. They were on their own.
  It held him captive, he hadn’t even noticed your doctor approaching him until she gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
  “Mr. Munson?”
  Wayne and Eddie traded quick glances and he handed Penny over, trying not to disturb her too much in his rush but she just curled up to Wayne.
  Eddie stood up, already feeling lightheaded. That voice in his head that had been torturing him whispered something cruel to him, enough to make him want to cease existing: maybe you, somewhere in this hospital, already gone and he didn’t know it. Was she about to confirm his worst fears?
  “I apologize for the fright we gave you. Your wife started hemorrhaging and she lost a lot of blood.”
  Yeah. Eddie’s world was ending. It was over.
  “But we were able to stop the bleeding and get her a transfusion. She’s stable and she’s going to be just fine.”
  The relief was almost crippling, the heaviest weight he’d ever felt on him was lifted. Eddie wanted to cry, he squeezed his eyes shut again, trying to compose himself before he broke down in front of another doctor.
  “We have her in a room, probably hold her for a couple of nights, depending on her recovery. Would you like to go see her?”
  “Yeah, yes, please.” He nodded rapidly, wiping furiously at his eyes. 
  Dr. Eisenberg nodded and began walking down the hall, “If you’ll follow me.”
  Eddie turned, ready to ask Wayne to look after Penny when Wayne cut him off, “Go. I'll let ‘em all know she’s okay and send ‘em home. They probably won’t be able to see her tonight or in the mornin’, but I’ll stick around. Let me know when I can come on up.”
  Eddie wanted to hug him, but he really needed to see you. 
  “Thank you, Wayne. For everything.” Then he was scrambling after Dr. Eisenberg, who had stopped to wait for him.
  The walk to your hospital room had Eddie ready to tear his hair out, he’d wanted to just ask your doctor for your room number so he could sprint the rest of the way because her pace was much too slow. He was desperate to get to you, to make sure you were really still alive.
  “Here we are,” she stated, pushing your room door open. “Hello, again, Mrs. Munson. I brought someone who’s been waiting for you.”
  Eddie’s breath hitched as Dr. Eisenberg stepped to the side and he finally saw you, eyelids heavy from whatever sedation you were still trying to pull yourself from, and a smile on your face that only widened when you locked eyes. 
  “Hi, baby,” you slurred, sleepy little smile not going anywhere. And neither were you. 
  The rush of emotions he was experiencing was too much, he burst into tears where he stood as Dr. Eisenberg closed the door behind her on her way out. 
  “Eddie���” you mumbled out, reaching the hand lacking an IV out to him. 
  Of course you were trying to comfort him, you were the one confined to a hospital bed, having just barely survived a traumatic birth and you were still trying to comfort him because you were perfect. 
  He slowly approached your bed, hot tears—he was surprised his body could even still produce more tears given how much he’d cried in the last few hours alone—streaming down his cheek. Eddie really did collapse when he reached you, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.
  You wrapped your arms around him, holding him to your chest as best as you could, though you had no idea why he was crying, brain too hazy.
  Eddie didn’t sob, just silently shook as he wet your neck, inhaled your scent, felt your warm skin and pulse beating beneath his lips. He hadn’t lost you, you were still here.
  Ideally, he’d be holding you and squeezing you hard enough to ensure you’d never leave his arms again, but even in his emotional hysteria, he was mindful of your condition.
  Eddie pulled away, large hands framing your face as he pressed desperate kisses all over your face, making sure every inch was caressed with his love before he focused on your lips, mouth meshing messily against yours.
  You could taste the salt of his tears, feel a couple of stray ones catching where your lips met. While he may have been feeling a mixture of emotions, all you could feel right then was content and still a bit sleepy from the anesthesia.
  When Eddie felt he’d conveyed his love for you sufficiently, he pulled away, a wet and hoarse chuckle escaping him when he realized you could barely keep your eyes open.
  “You sleepy, baby?”
  “Get some rest, sweetheart,” Eddie’s thumb stroked over your bottom lip before resting over the center of it, “just, please wake up.”
  “Okay,” you mumbled, eyes already shut. Still, you managed to press a kiss to his thumb before you slipped into a blissful slumber.
  While you slept, Eddie had one of the nurses phone up the waiting room and sent Wayne. The poor man looked exhausted, but the relief on his face was evident when he saw you sleeping peacefully. 
   He looked like he wanted to cry, too. Instead, he just cleared his throat, blinked to keep the tears away and spoke low so as to not disturb you or the sleeping toddler in his arms.
  “Everythin’ alright?”
  “With her?” Eddie’s red rimmed gaze drifted back to you, focused on the rise and fall of your chest. Still breathing, “Yeah.”
  Wayne nodded once and they both stood there in silence for a few minutes as the world began to turn again. Something still wasn’t right, felt wrong. He could tell by the tension his boy still had, arms crossed as he crouched in the seat next to your bed. 
  “And the baby?”
  Eddie flinched as if Wayne had shot a gun off in the air rather than mention his son.
  “I don’t know.”
  Wayne watched him with a careful eye, Eddie looked almost like he was vibrating from the force at which his leg was shaking, even your hospital bed appeared to be affected by it, though not nearly enough to disturb you.
  As much as he wanted to comfort him, for once, Wayne didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know what to say and he had an inkling that anything that came out of his mouth wouldn’t be heard by Eddie. He was lost in the dark crevices of his own mind. 
  The most he could do was offer to give him some alone time, he was sure his boy wasn’t keen on others sticking around right now, even him. 
  “I’ll take Penny home, me and Maude’ll watch her.” 
  Eddie shook his head, a look of panic flashing over his face, “No, that’s alright. She can stay with me.”
  Wayne was reluctant, mouth set in a frown. Penny was a good girl, usually, but he didn’t know if Eddie could really handle her along with processing everything going on around him.
  “Really, we wouldn’t mind─”
  “I need her.” 
  That shut Wayne right up, he and Eddie shuffled to exchange Penny from his arms to her dad’s without waking her. She stirred momentarily then shoved her face into Eddie’s neck, her little body falling slack once more.
  Wayne gave his shoulder a good squeeze, ran his hand gently over Penny’s back before he leaned down—and in a rare show of affection—pressed a brief kiss to your forehead.
  As he was walking out of the room, Eddie felt the panic crawling down his throat again. He croaked out a broken, “Wayne─”
  Wayne paused in the doorway, turning to acknowledge Eddie but his nephew didn’t continue, just looked scared. For a moment, Wayne was caught off guard, sucking in a breath as his boy looked young for the first time in a couple of years. 
  Now, he knew you and Eddie were young. He’d been aware of it when you got together, aware of it when you told him you were pregnant with Penny but sometime after that, he stopped seeing your age, stopped seeing Eddie’s as the two of you grew up for her. Now, right then, he remembered with startling clarity that Eddie wasn’t even twenty-five. He looked so young because he was.
  Eddie didn’t have to say anything else because Wayne knew exactly what he wanted him to say.
  Wayne nodded slowly, mouth pressing into a firm line of determination, “Everything’s gonna be alright, kid.”
  Eddie choked up, held Penny a little tighter and Wayne went on his way.
  He found himself settling back into the seat he’d dragged near your bed, cradling Penny as she remained blissfully unaware and drooling on his scrub top.
  Wayne wasn’t wrong, she’d probably be a little too much for him but she was his kid, it wasn't like he could just hand her off to people when life came at him like this and he really did need her right now. Again.
  You were here and whole, but somewhere else in this hospital, a member of his little family was still slipping through his fingers. He couldn’t let the other one out of his sight, couldn’t lose her, too.
  Once more, Eddie remained restless as the hours passed. He sat in mostly silence. He’d turned on the tv near your bed, the volume high enough to drown out the sounds of the hospital outside of the room but much too low to wake you. Rain trilled against the windows, much more gentle than it had been earlier. The storm had also passed, and if there was even an ounce of humor in him, he would have been amused with how this storm seemed to fester like a black cloud looming over him. 
  It’d been a normal day up until he’d gone to Lucas’ birthday party, but he’d been skeptical about leaving you, worried something would happen. The metaphorical little black cloud formed over him, as a result, and so did the actual black clouds, quickly calling for wind and rain at high speeds. 
  And when Eddie had found out you were okay, you were alive, his black cloud disappeared, though it left behind damage and a cold atmosphere. The real storm had also run its course, leaving behind weather that reflected exactly how Eddie felt.
  Penny squirmed in his grasp, and he realized he’d tensed up so he quickly relaxed, shifting her into a more comfortable position in his hold. 
  “Why don’t you give her to me?”
  Eddie’s head snapped over to you, surprised to find you awake, somewhat lucid and watching him with a small smile on your face.
  “Because you just had your insides removed and put back in,” He smirked, another wave of relief washing over him. You’d woken up, you really were okay. You weren’t going to leave him.
  You rolled your eyes, making a vague hand gesture to brush the subject off, clearly the surgeons hadn’t removed your sass.
  “She’s tiny and there’s more than enough room on here for both of us.” You hissed as you slowly shimmied your way to the side of the bed and Eddie frowned.
  “Okay, how about you don’t move so we can limit the amount of heart attacks you give me today, yeah?” You knew Eddie must have been worried so you didn’t take the lack of humor behind his words and the tension on his face personally. 
  A quick glance at the clock confirmed your suspicions, “It’s three in the morning, Eddie. New day, but I’ll keep my antics to a minimum.”
  Insistently, you patted the spot next to you, perfectly Penny sized and high enough to guarantee she wouldn’t accidentally move against your incision.
  With a sigh, Eddie complied, gathering his daughter up. Tensing up disturbed her but full on moving her didn’t, most likely used to being carried into your home after she’d fallen asleep in her car seat or on the couch.
  She didn’t stir when he laid her down, either. You both had to rearrange her limbs into a more comfortable position, one that didn’t make it look like she was possessed. Once Eddie tucked her in, he let out another sigh and cast you an apologetic look, big brown eyes wide, glassy and full of sorrow.
  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.” It was the last thing you deserved after what you’d gone through.
  The sincerity in his voice almost hurt you, it was heavy, as though it carried more weight than just a simple apology for his tone. 
  You held out your hand and Eddie immediately slipped his over it, locking his fingers with yours, squeezing as his breath hitched. 
  Your hand was so warm and soft. At one point in the last twenty-four hours, he’d thought he’d never get to feel it again, never get to hold your hand or see your pretty face. Never get to say…
  “I love you,” he blurted out, the panic he’d felt earlier when he couldn’t remember the last time he’d said those three words to you climbed right out of his belly, trying to claw its way out of his chest. Eddie took in a shuddering breath, head shaking as a hot tear escaped its confinement, trailing down his cheek. He moved to the other side of the hospital bed, so he wouldn’t crush Penny, and took your face in his hands, pressing a passionate kiss to your lips, hoping he was able to convey just how much he loved you.
  He needed you to know.
  “Eddie,” you mumbled as he pulled away, only to hide himself in the crook of your neck again. You could feel his tears against your skin and it alarmed you. “I love you, too, baby. What’s wrong?”
  “I thought I was going to lose you,” he confessed and you felt your heart seize up, “I thought I was gonna lose you twice in the same damn day. I was so fucking scared, sweetheart.” 
  When he’d been driving to the hospital, there had been a moment when he wondered if you’d still be breathing when he got there. It made him want to throw up so he quickly squashed it and forced it to the back of his head. It hadn’t been ideal when he’d entered the operation room, he didn’t like seeing you get cut open but it was comforting to see he’d overreacted. You were getting a c-section, you weren’t on your deathbed.
  Until you had been. 
  And for the second time that day, he thought you were going to die, thought he’d somehow cruelly manifested this for you and himself.
  “I’m alright, Eddie.” You freed your hand, grabbing his to cradle your cheek with. 
  “See? I’m okay. You didn’t lose me, you’re not going to.” Eddie pulls away from his hiding spot to stare down at you, the wounded puppy look still firmly in place so you add a little humor, hoping to get a smile out of him, “There’s no way I’m checking out this early, I can’t risk you moving on when you look this good.”
  Eddie’s hand was so big his fingers were tucked into your hair, his palm alone took up most of your cheek. His fingertips lightly massaged the area of your scalp available to him as the hurt on his face morphed into an earnest look, somehow more vulnerable.
  “There’s no moving on from you, you’re taking my soul, my heart, all of it with you when you go. You’re the love of my life, my everything. And that—fuck, it terrifies me because I’d still have Penny to take care of and I wouldn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t know how to pull myself out of it, if it’d even be possible and quite frankly, I don’t ever want to fucking find out.”
  Eddie was more than happy to have those types of questions remain unanswered for the rest of his life.
  “You’d be able to do it, I know you would. You would be able to take care of Penny and the baby.” You knew he would, your husband would pull himself out of his depression to make sure your children were okay because of how much he loved them, despite his grief.
  Eddie flinched, something you were quick to clock. You didn’t need to ask, he could see the question reflecting in those beautiful eyes of yours. 
  He had to break the news. You were already in a frail condition and he had to tell you the baby you’d almost died to have, your son, might still die.
  “Honey, the baby—he—fuck, he’s uh…there’s something wrong with his heart.”
  The way your face plummeted shattered something inside of him. 
  “He’s got a hole in his heart, the doctor said it was pretty common amongst heart defects but since he was born so early, it’d be difficult to medicate him or perform an operation. All they can do is keep him under observation, he still might not make it because of how young he is.”
  You squeezed your eyes shut, head dropping back to meet your pillow as you tried, and failed, not to cry. Why was this happening? You blamed yourself, why hadn’t you been able to keep him in your belly? Why had your own body betrayed you? Why had you failed your baby?
  “This is all my fault,” you declared, eyes and cheeks growing wet with your tears.
  “No, no, sweetheart.” Eddie was not about to let you take the blame for something out of your control or even allow you to believe any of this was your fault. “You can’t possibly believe this is on you. These things happen, it obviously isn’t ideal, but it’s just circumstance. It’s not your fault and it’s not the baby’s fault. You did everything you could and more. Okay?”
  He leaned in, finger stroking gently across your cheekbone as he caught a tear. You sniffled, nodding once as he pulled you back together.
  “What does he look like?” You asked, snuggling back into the pillow as Eddie coddled you.
  He hesitated for a moment before he answered, “I—I don’t know.”
  That elicited a small frown from you, “You haven’t seen him yet?”
  Eddie swallowed hard, gaze moving away from you, “No.”
  You waited, watching a series of emotions pass over his features. Eddie often tried to keep his internal struggles to himself, a habit you noticed once you became friends with him (ironically, through some trauma bonding) and even into your relationship. You hadn’t expected him to confide everything in you right away, though you had let him know should he ever need someone to talk to, you’d be there.
  Now, it wasn’t a matter of if he would, it was when. It didn’t take him long. 
  “I don’t know—I guess,” he pursed his lips, eyes squeezing shut as he felt the all too familiar burn of fresh tears. How many times had he cried in the last twenty-four hours? He felt ridiculous to be so emotional, then again, he’d never thought he’d find himself in this tragic situation, so he was due for a couple of breakdowns, “I know if I go down there and I—I look at him, I’m gonna fall in love with him and then what? He dies. I can’t do that, not if I’m gonna lose him forever. I can’t.”
  Eddie was leaking tears, not yet sobbing but well on his way as he made his confession. He couldn’t stomach seeing his baby boy if he was going to be taken away from him, if the two of you would have to put a tiny little coffin—a size that should never have to exist—six feet into the ground. He’d been put through the fucking ringer but Eddie couldn’t do that. It would break him.
  Eddie’s confession had you crying as well, you shared his pain. You didn’t want to lose your baby, either. You couldn’t remember what he looked like through the haze of your fatigue when you’d given birth to him, but if you tried to think hard enough, you could remember how it felt to have him in your arms in the passenger seat of Wayne’s truck. The first time you’d held him and you hoped it wouldn’t be the last. 
  Even if it was, you were grateful you’d had the chance to and you knew Eddie would never forgive himself if he didn’t get to see him, didn’t get to meet him.
  “I know you’re terrified, Eds. It scares me, too.” You grabbed his hand just as it slipped away from your face, encouraging him to look at you. “I don’t want to lose him, either. I want to take him home. I want to cuddle with him, nurse him, take tons of pictures of him with Penny and with you, but most of all, I want to make sure he knows I love him.”
  It killed you to imagine your baby in an incubator, small, helpless and with no one but the nurses, who could make the time to check on him in between all their other patients, offering him comfort. Human contact. And if he did end up passing, he could do so alone in there, not knowing how loved he was. 
  “I know you love him, Eddie, and you don’t want to lose him. But you can’t lose him if you don’t have him, baby. I hate that this is even a possibility for us, but I’d rather have held him and lost him than to never have picked him up at all. I’ll be okay with whatever you decide, but do you really want him to die without having gotten to meet his dad?”
  Eddie let out a choked sob as he shook his head. He didn’t want his baby to die at all but you were right, if he did lose his kid, he’d spend the rest of his life agonizing over the same thing Eddie had been upset with himself for when he thought he’d lose you. He’d been unable to recall the last time he told you he loved you. Only, he’d know he never told his son. 
  “I’ll be right back,” he swore and you nodded just as he leaned down to give you a kiss. He wiped away his tears, inhaled a particularly violent sniffle and you watched as he left your room to finally meet his baby.
  Eddie felt almost disorientated as he navigated his way to the NICU. He’d been there once, briefly, to check on Penny when she’d been there for a few hours, but that was a couple of years ago and he’d needed the assistance of several nurses and staff to direct him, but he finally made it.
  The entrance room, where the viewing window was located, was nearly empty. There was a woman further down, gazing through the large window.
  Eddie approached it with caution and his heart racing a mile a minute. It wasn’t too difficult to find his baby. His son was in an incubator, close to the window and labeled ‘MUNSON’. For the first time, Eddie got to take his son in. He had been right, he fell in love with him at first sight.
  He was smaller than some of the other babies, bigger than others as well and surprisingly well developed. Kind of calmed Eddie’s nerves, just a little. He had a couple of monitor pads attached to his tummy with an additional one wrapped around his tiny foot. Other than the nasal cannula, baby Munson didn’t have a whole lot of tubes attached to him like Eddie had imagined and he could see a smattering of hair on his head, somewhat light in shade but he had a feeling it would darken soon to resemble his own. 
  It was hard to tell if Wayne and Penny were right in their description of him, Eddie couldn’t tell if he was still pale since the baby was cloaked in blue light, but he assumed his son had gained some color by then. Eddie also couldn’t make out his eyes, those were covered by some sort of eye cloth, most likely for protection. He looked a little odd, obviously resembled a baby and while his features were almost indistinguishable, appearing a little generic, as his face still needed to develop a little more, Eddie could see hints of familiar features. 
  He looked like newborn Penny, well, so far. Her features had obviously changed since then, and still were, but he was promising to look almost exactly like she had when she was born. And Eddie thought Penny looked a lot like you, so it got a smile out of him, regardless of the fact his son was bound to resemble his family.
  Eddie watched the rapid rise and fall of his chest with concern. Was he supposed to be breathing that fast? Was he okay? 
  “Which one is yours?”
  Eddie turned to peer over at the woman who’d asked him the question, “Munson.”
  Eddie watched as her gaze moved over all the incubators until they found the correct one.
  “Oh, he’s a cute one. And his breathing looks incredible.”
  “Really? It’s not too fast?” He asked, the worry in his voice obvious.
  “Considering it’s his first time pumping those lungs, I don’t think so, no. Looks like he’s breathing real good to me. Mine needs a little help.” She pointed through the glass to an incubator that housed a baby with a tube in its mouth as well as individual ones in each nostril unlike his son’s nasal cannula. Eddie felt horrible.
  “I’m sorry,” he tried to apologize but she waved him off, a smile still on her face. 
  “Don’t be, that’s all mine is here for. As soon as she figures out how to keep doing it on her own, she’ll be back with me and my wife.”
  Right on, Eddie thought. Before he could continue their conversation, a nurse knocked on the window.
  She gestured down to the baby, “Is he yours?”
  Wow, this glass must have been thin, he could hear her pretty good.
  For some reason, Eddie still assumed she couldn’t hear him and only nodded. She disappeared for a minute and emerged into the room through a large pair of doors. 
  “Would you like to hold him?”
  Eddie glanced at the other occupant and she gave him a nod of encouragement. 
  “Yeah,” he rasped out, turning to look at his son through the window once more, “Yeah, I would.”
  Eddie was nervous the entire time as she prepped him with instructions. While they were concerned about the hole in his son’s heart, he was well developed, had strong vitals, good reactions, even for thirty weeks. He was so good that had it not been for his heart, he probably would have been sent home at the same time as you, given your longer than average stay due to your c-section and preeclampsia.
  And when she placed him in his arms, the love he had for his son almost overwhelmed him. He couldn’t believe he almost denied himself this. 
  “Can I touch him?” He asked, after he’d stopped marveling at the small face—eyes still hidden—in his arms. 
  “Mhm, we’d encourage it. Babies, even born preterm, are still very much so human. He craves the contact, it might even encourage him.” 
  Eddie didn’t hesitate, fingers gently stroking over the soft fluff of hair on his son’s head. This close, he could see it all pushed towards the middle of his head, like a mohawk. His baby was already metal straight out of your womb, it made him chuckle. 
  The nurse stepped away to tend to another baby, giving him a little privacy. Eddie maneuvered his son so he was resting on his chest, little head pressed against the spot just over his heart.
  “Hi,” he whispered down to the baby in his arms, “I’m your dad.”
  Much to Eddie’s awe, the baby nuzzled his head against his chest, making him still. He didn’t know why, but he’d believed his son wouldn’t be able to move for some reason. It was nice to know he was wrong.
  “It’s nice to finally meet you, too,” he laughed, the sound soft, “I’ve been looking forward to it, you must have, too. You sure know how to make an entrance, huh? Couldn’t wait in your mom any longer?”
  Eddie ducked down to kiss his little head, lips remaining there as he moved to sit in one of the few chairs of the NICU. 
  “It’s okay, though. I’ve got you, daddy’s got you.” Even if the outcome wasn’t okay, right at that moment with his son in his arms, everything felt like it would be. And if his son needed encouragement, Eddie would give it to him. 
  “I’m sorry it took me so long to come find you, your mom had to talk some sense into me. She loves you a lot, you know? Probably jealous I’m down here and she isn’t, but only because she physically can’t just yet.”
  Eddie’s hand went to support the back of his head as he moved the baby down to hold in his hands, staring down at his little face. 
  “I’ll bring her down to see you again as soon as I can, though. So you gotta keep fighting, okay? I know things are hard for you right now, not as easy as the other babies in the hospital, but I know you can do it. I love you so much, your mom and I just want to take you home, so you gotta beat this, okay?”
  Eddie rocked his baby, gentle swaying motions as he pressed kiss after kiss to his head. 
  “I see you’ve made it down for a visit,”
  Eddie glanced up at the face of Dr. Houseman, she didn’t look as intimidating as she had when she’d first approached him in the waiting room.
  “Sorry to disturb you, but I’m very glad I caught you. I heard your wife is doing well.”
  “She is,” he confirmed, with a relieved grin. 
  “Good, I’m glad. Have you been given an update on your little guy?”
  Eddie recounted what the nurse had told him and Dr. Houseman looked pleased.
  “Well, I have more news for you. He’s proving to be much stronger than we’d initially anticipated, and while his vitals were already good on intake, they’ve improved tremendously in the last few hours and so have his responses. I think he’s figuring out what he’s capable of doing; how to breathe, how to move, how to eat—we introduced him to a rubber nipple to check his latch response and it’s good, not quite there yet, we’ll have to get creative with his feedings but I think he’ll be able to latch onto his mom soon.”
  She must have caught the way Eddie perked up at her use of the word soon. That meant his baby had a fighting chance.
  “These first few hours after a birth such as his and with his condition are crucial. While he’s still significantly weaker than an average full term newborn, your baby seems to be a fighter.  Should he survive this next night, I believe he’ll make it. He’d just need some time in here while the hole closes up, but it just might not be too much for him.”
  She left him with that news and a parting smile.
  Eddie held his son for a few more minutes before a nurse returned to put him back in his incubator. He hadn’t wanted to leave him, but he’d promised him he’d be back.
  When Eddie got back to the room, his heart was a little lighter and he was able to smile when he saw you giving Penny, who was now wide awake, kisses. He pressed his back up against the door and watched for a few moments as you leaned in and gave her a loud kiss. She’d go into a fit of giggles before demanding another with an again!
  “Daddy!” Penny beamed the moment she saw him and Eddie grinned as he made his way over, lifting her into his arms when she held hers up to him.
  “Hi, pretty one. You sleep good?” 
  “Uh-huh,” it was clear she was distracted and didn’t care about his questions, no, she had some of her own. “You see my baby?”
  Eddie raised an eyebrow, trading an amused look with you.
  “Oh, he’s your baby now?”
  “Ya, he’s—he’s my baby.” She nodded with a grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he leaned down to press his forehead to hers.
  “Well, then yes. I saw your baby,” he chuckled, pressing a kiss to her nose.
  “Wha’helooklike?” Penny blurted out, eyes wide as she waited for his reply. 
  “He looked a lot like you.” 
  “Nooooooo,” Penny laughed, shaking her head against her dad’s, “He is my potatoes, not anoda Penny.”
  “It’s true!” Eddie laughed with her as he put her back down by your side and leaned in to give you yet another—he’d never stop giving them to you—kiss.
  “He looks like her?” You asked, after you’d returned his kiss.
  “Mhm,” Eddie fell back into the seat he’d occupied hours earlier. “Looks like she did when she was a newborn. He’s not pale—like a potato,” he directed that part to Penny who just laughed into her little hands, “anymore, at least. I don’t know whose eyes he has, they were covered.”
  Eddie was right about you being jealous, you were practically green with it. 
  “I wish I could see him,” you stated sadly, frown on your lips. You knew, realistically, if he started to decline, they’d most likely let you out of bed to see him or bring him up to you, but still. You’d rather it not come to that.
  “Ran into his doctor while I was there, she said he’s got a better chance.”
  Your eyes lit up, “Really?”
  “I was just about ready to kiss her.” He nodded and you made a face, nose doing that adorable scrunch he loved so much.
  “Okay, well, don’t do that.”
  Eddie snickered, “It was a figure of speech, baby.”
  “I know, I’m just saying it on her behalf,”
  “On her behalf?” Eddie pouted, eyebrows pulled together in confusion.
  “Yeah, I want to kiss her, too, but—uhm, Eds, you might need some sleep ‘cause—you’re hot, you really are, but you also look insane right now.”
  Eddie got up to make his way to the bathroom so he could see himself in the mirror, nearly jumping once he’d turned on the lights.
  His eyes were beyond bloodshot, his eye bags were dark and very apparent, his skin had an interesting almost gray like tinge to it and his hair was a wreck. Eddie looked like he belonged in a psych ward.
  “Jesus,” he shouted loud enough to be heard by you.
  “It’s okay, Eds. You’re still beautiful to me!”
  Eddie did end up sleeping. Turns out the chair he’d been sitting on was also a pull out bed. You insisted that he get some rest, and while he did, you changed Penny’s diaper and got some hospital room service for the two of you, you’d even picked something out on the menu for Eddie to eat once he woke up. 
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jediavengers · 4 months
I know you’re in love with him
WARNINGS: Smut, p in v, choking, oral (f recieving), dirty talk, dom!anakin, sub!reader, unestablished relationship
Summary: Anakin find out a little too much when eavesdropping on Y/N and Padmé.
Tumblr media
"I can't thank you two enough for coming here on such short notice."
The sound of birds chirping and the feeling of the golden warm sun calmed both Anakin and Y/N, which made them kindly smile to the Senator in front of them.
"Of course, Padme. Anything for a friend." Y/N pulled Padme into a embrace. Anakin stood back, letting the two reunite.
As they pulled away, Padme politely nodded to Anakin. "I'm sorry to pull you away from more pressing duties, but it seems like my life is on the line yet again."
"Don't apologize." Y/N insisted. "Besides, we'd both rather be on Naboo for a few weeks then be fighting in the war. It's exhausting."
Anakin nodded in agreement. "It's kind of like a vacation for us."
Padme smiled at them both. "I'm glad you guys have some downtime then. I doubt anyone is going to try to hurt me here, but they just wanted someone to stay with me until the threat is caught." After a few more minutes of catching up, Padme began to lead them inside.
Y/N and Anakin had been to her lake house before, but the beauty of the interior still didn't fail to make them both look around in awe.
"I'll show you to your room." Padme gestured for them to follow her, leading them down a long hallway. "Here."
Padme opened a large oak door, leading them inside. As they walked in, Y/N's jaw dropped at the sight. A beautiful four poster king sized bed sat on one end of the room, and on the other end was a living space. An attached bathroom with two large doors that were wide open was on one wall, and Y/N could see the large jacuzzi that was implanted in the floor.
Even though it was glorious, her mind was on one thing. There was only one bed. Anakin's mind had drifted there too, obvious confusion and concern adorning his features.
"Padme, it's beautiful but.. There's only one bed." Anakin spoke, setting down his and Y/N's bags on the ground.
"Sorry about that, but I wanted to make sure you guys got the best room of the house." Padme smiled excitedly. "It's almost as nice as the master. I figured since you two have had a lot going on, as well as the fact that i'm taking you away from more pressing matters, you would enjoy a nice room like this."
"I love it- i really do, but um.. would it be possible for me to stay in a separate room?" Y/N asked.
"Do you not like it?" Padme frowned, sadly looking around at her decor.
Anakin shook his head quickly. "No, no, we both love it. It's just, one bed and there two of us."
"It's a king sized bed, i'm sure you'll have plenty of your own space." Padme smirked, causing Y/N to furrow her eyebrows. "Well, feel free to get unpacked. I'm going to go check if the chef has started on dinner yet." Padme gave no time for interjections, leaving the two Jedi alone.
Padme shut the door behind her, causing Y/N and Anakin to awkwardly stare at each other for a couple moments. Eventually, Y/N turned away, walking over to what she assumed was a closet. She began to unpack her clothes, hanging her robes and other pieces of clothing up. She left her panties and bras in her bag, figuring it would be better to hide them away.
"I'm sorry." Anakin spoke.
Y/N confusedly turned to him, furrowing her eye brows. "Sorry? For what?" She questioned, zipping up her bag.
"For having to share a room." Anakin shrugged. "I mean, it's not ideal. I'll try not to hog the bed."
"No, it's okay." Y/N turned back around, placing her bag in the closet. "We're best friends, it's not that big of a deal."
Y/N had gone to spend some girl time with Padme a few hours ago after dinner, leaving Anakin to have some time for himself. He was nervous, but honestly excited, about sharing a bed with Y/N so he took some time to calm his nerves.
After leaving them alone for a while, he figured he could give them some company. Stepping out of his room, he began to walk to Padmés room.
As he approached her room, he heard their voices through the door.
"God, I just wish there were some suitable men." Padme groaned. Anakin could hear shuffling through the cracked door, making him flinch and back away a few steps.
"I know there's someone out there for you, Mae. What's your type? Maybe I could hook you up with someone." Y/N suggested, chuckling at the finish of her sentence.
"You? Set me up with someone? I'm sorry, Y/N/N, but you're a Jedi. You don't know many men who are on the market." Padme replied.
"I guess you're right. Anyways, so tell me, what is your type?" Y/N asked again. Anakin could hear a heavy sigh and then a groan.
"I guess.. I like guys with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Tall, obviously. Oh and I don't like super sensitive men. Like grow up, ya know?" Padme ranted, making Y/N laugh.
Anakin furrowed his eyebrows at the last comment, but continued listening.
"What about you, Y/N? What's your type?" Padme questioned.
"I don't have a type." Y/N answered.
"Come on, Y/N/N. Even though you're not allowed to have attachments you can still think guys are hot." Padme teased, making Y/N giggle. "Come on girl, tell me."
"Fine. I guess.. Blonde curly hair. But not platinum blonde, more like a dirty blonde. Blue eyes.. Tall, muscular but not beefy. And ambition is really attractive. Loyalty and bravery. Oh and I love a man who's dominant." Y/N rambled, making a light blush appear on Anakin's cheeks.
"For someone who isn't supposed to have attachments and doesn't have a 'type', it sounds like you're describing a certain someone down to every small detail." Padme giggled. Anakin leaned against the wall, trying to hear them better. His heart fluttered followed by his stomach twisting.
Anakin heard a thump and then a soft groan, followed by Y/N huffing. "I have no clue what you're talking about."
"Don't hit me! And of course you don't." Padme teased. "It's not like you just described Anakin almost perfectly. The one thing you're forgetting about him is that he's a big baby. I don't know how you can handle being around him that often. He's such a whiner!" Anakin frowned deeply, folding his arms across his chest.
"Hey!" Y/N snapped. "First of all, don't say that. He's just sensitive. Second of all, I was not describing Anakin!"
Padme let out a loud cackle, another thump and groan sounded after a moment. "I said that to get a rise out of you. And save it, Y/N I know you're in love with him."
Anakin's heart rate quickened, and he couldn't help but smile softly.
"Love? Seriously? If anything I just think he'd be good in bed." Y/N snorted. "I've had casual hookups before with no attachment, so thinking he's attractive isn't against the code."
"Whatever you say." Padme answered. "All I know is that friends don't look at friends that way."
There was a few moments of silence, causing Anakin to assume the conversation was over. Just as he was about to walk away, Padme began to speak again.
"You know, I'd bet if you asked him to fuck you he probably would."
"Padme!" Y/N scolded. "What's the matter with you?"
Loud giggles erupted and Anakin couldn't help but smirk. "Even though I wouldn't mind getting laid, I couldn't do that. Especially not with him. The council would flip if they knew two of their Jedi fucked each other, not to mention the fact that he's the chosen one and all."
"I guess." Padme whispered. "Good thing you're not on Coruscant right now.. No one would know."
"Mae, you can be such a bad influence, I swear." Y/N's tone of voice was irritated. "I hate to break it to you, but I'm never having sex with Anakin, as much as I'd like to." Anakin's eyes widened at the last statement, and he could feel his pants become uncomfortable as his mind began to wander.
"So you admit it! You do want him!"
"Fine. Yes. But even though I may feel something for him, I could never act on it." Y/N softly replied.
"At least you get to share a bed."
"Yeah, about that, what the hell were you thinking? Putting us in a room together?" Y/N shouted.
"Quiet down, unless you want Anakin to hear us." Padme whisper screamed. "I told you why I did it. I did it so you guys could have the nicest suite."
"Cut the bullshit, Ms. Matchmaker. I know for a fact every room in this damn house is nicer than any bedroom i've ever had." Y/N replied.
"Fine. You guys just needed a little shove, okay? You both are stubborn and would never admit to your feelings, so why not help out a little?" Padme reasoned. "Come on, just admit it. You know you like sharing a bed with him."
After a few more minutes of eavesdropping, Anakin backed away. Heading back to their shared room, he closed the door and began to nervously pace.
It wasn't long after that Y/N had entered, oblivious of Anakin's newfound knowledge. As she walked in, Anakin stopped pacing, facing her with his brows furrowed.
"You good?" She rose her brows, heading over to the closet.
"Yes! I- i mean yes." Anakin's voice was high pitched at first, but he quickly deepened it.
"Uh- alright." Y/N grabbed her pajamas, walking to the bathroom. "I'm going to get changed."
Y/N braided her soft Y/H/C hair, the thick locks falling over her shoulder. She slipped on her pajamas, the less revealing pair that she brought. She thought she would be having her own room, so most of her pajamas consisted of either satin nighties or thin and very revealing night dresses. She did pack one less suggestive pair of pajamas, which was a matching button up and shorts. It was black with small pink hearts adorning it. The trim was a matching pink, and the shorts had a satin bow.
She felt childish, but they sure were comfortable. After Y/N finished getting ready to sleep, she took a breath and exited the bathroom.
She internally groaned when she saw Anakin laying on the bed. He was under the duvet, but she could see his upper half which was bare. He had his flesh arm draped over his eyes, not noticing that she had come out of the bathroom.
Y/N stayed quiet, walking over to the closet and placing her dirty clothes in a hamper that was provided.
"Aw, your pajamas have little hearts on them!" Anakin laughed, causing Y/N to turn back so she could glare at him.
"Shut up." She rolled her eyes, walking over to the bed. She slipped under the covers, giving them a good amount of personal space. "At least i'm not shirtless."
"Hey, I don't like to sleep with one on. It's uncomfortable." Anakin defended, which made her furrow her eye brows and shoot him a glare.
Y/N's irritated demeanor was definitely from the conversation her and Padmé had earlier. Her sexual frustration as she well as the fact that Padmé called her out for her obvious feelings for Anakin made her on edge. Especially since these feelings had been building for years and this is the first time someone had called her out for it.
After a few moments of silence, she felt the bed shift, which caused her to glance over at Anakin. His expression was unreadable, but the fact that he was slowly inching towards her made her swallow nervously.
"What did you and Padme talk about?" He asked in a sing song voice. He was now right next to her, laying on his stomach with his chin resting in his hands.
"Girl stuff." She shortly replied, furrowing her eyebrows at his weird behavior. Slightly uncomfortable since she was in fact talking about him with Padme, she picked at her nails.
"Girl stuff? Like the guys you want to fuck?"
Y/N's head shot up to look at him. His head was still in his hands and he had a goofy grin on his face. "I have no clue what you're talking about." She looked back down at her hands, resuming the picking she was doing to her cuticles.
"That's not what I heard." He sang, sitting up. Y/N dead panned, looking up to meet his blue eyes. "Are you seriously going to make me say it outright? i heard you, Y/N. I heard that you want to fuck me."
"Uhhhh-" Y/N shot out of the bed, her heart racing. She wasn't one to face her problems, she usually avoided them.
"Hey! Where are you going!?" Anakin shouted, standing up as well.
"What? Sorry can't hear you!" Y/N croaked, rushing to the door. Guess she'd be sleeping in Padmé's room tonight.
But right before she could leave, Anakin grasped her wrist and spun her around so they were now facing each other. His face was no longer teasing, but now it was serious.
"Come on, Y/N/N. We need to talk about this." He spoke, furrowing his eyebrows.
"There's nothing to talk about, Anakin. You invaded my privacy. I wasn't going to say anything to you for a reason." Y/N snapped, glaring up at him.
"Why not?" He conveniently ignored the invasion of privacy comment, making Y/N roll her eyes. "Why weren't you going to say anything?" He was still gripping her wrist which made Y/N nervously swallow.
"We're not having this conversation. Now let me go." Y/N sternly spoke, looking up into Anakin's blue eyes. She could feel her self control slipping.
"No, you don't just get to act like you didn't say what you said. You can't leave me hanging." Anakin pleaded.
"You invaded my privacy, you twat. You found out something I wanted no one to know. You and l both know we're not supposed to have attachments so i'm not-"
"Fuck the code. I don't care." His voice was deadly, which made Y/N freeze and gulp nervously. "I've been controlling myself for years now. I haven't done or said anything because I wasn't going to do that to you. Not if you didn't feel the same. But, fuck, you do feel the same and now I can't not have you."
"What are you saying?" Y/N whispered, searching his cerulean eyes.
"I'm saying that I not only want to fuck you but I want you. Not just your body. I love you." His words were quiet and strained.
Y/N's eyes widened, and after a moment, all self control was gone. Their lips were smashed together perfectly, their bodies shoved against each other. Y/N was slammed against the wall, all sense of gentleness thrown out the window. 
Anakin's hands were gripping her hips and her hands were tangled in his curly blonde hair. Their kisses were quick and rough, teeth clashing and lips already growing sore from the desperate roughness.
"Need you." Anakin spoke in between kisses, his hands finding their way down to her ass and cupping it. He squeezed it firmly, making her whimper into his mouth.
"Then have me."
That gave him the permission to do what he's always wanted to do. He picked her up, their lip lock not breaking as he carried her over to the bed. He threw her onto the plush mattress, their kiss breaking momentarily.
He crawled on top of her, running his hands all over her body before smashing his lips back onto hers. Y/N swiped her tongue against his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He complied, letting their tongues meet in a messy battle of dominance.
Anakin's hand found her breast, squeezing it firmly through her shirt as he continued kissing her. He broke the lip lock, letting his kisses find their way to her neck. He wasn't being merciful. he immediately started harshly sucking on her sensitive skin, bruises sure to form.
Y/N arched her back a small amount as he found an extra sensitive spot, making Anakin smirk against her skin. His kisses traveled down until he let go completely, wetting his lips as his hands ran their way down to her shorts. Without wasting another second, he yanked her pajama shorts down, taking her underwear with them. He immediately spread her legs, taking in the sight of her dripping sex.
"Fuck." Anakin whispered. "So wet." He took his index finger and thumb, spreading apart her slick folds so he could have a better look at her soaked hole. "All for me?" He teased, not taking his eyes off of her tight cunt.
Y/N's cheeks burned red and she embarrassedly covered her face with her hands. "Ah ah ah," Anakin tutted. With his free hand he swatted her hands away. "Look at me when i'm touching you." Y/N took a shaky breath and looked back down at him, wetting her lips as her eyes met his. "Atta girl."
Without any foreplay or warning, Anakin shoved his face into her pussy, his lips attaching to her clit immediately. His vigor made Y/N arch her back and let out a loud moan.
She wasn't expecting him to touch her so roughly as quickly as he did, but Maker, did it feel good. "Anakin!" She cried out, making him pull away and give her a stern look.
"Gotta stay quiet for me, Angel." He purred, immediately attaching his lips back to her swollen clit.
Her moans were now soft and quiet, eager to listen to his demands. Anakin ran his tongue up and down her slick pussy, wanting her to feel every touch and every movement of his tongue. He slowly pushed one finger into her cunt, making her bite down on her fist to suppress the sounds she was so eager to release. As she arched her back, Anakin shoved his face harder into her pussy, quickening his pace so he could bring her to her orgasm.
He swiftly added another finger, pumping in and out of her hole with such ease and vigor that made her whole body tremble.
She was basically a mewling mess, which made Anakin smirk into her pussy. He could feel her walls clench around his fingers, signaling she must be close to her orgasm. He didn't stop his movements, he continued to desperately lap at her clit and dip his fingers in and out of her.
"Fuck! Ani- i'm so-" Y/N was too caught up in the pleasure to finish her words, instead, she bucked her hips up to his face, needing more.
Anakin knew what she wanted, so he harshly sucked at her clit and added a third finger, causing Y/N's back to arch so much that it began to hurt.
Anakin curled his fingers in her sopping cunt, brushing against her spongey g-spot she so desperately needed stimulated.
"Im-" She began to speak, but her impending orgasm interrupted her. Instead of finishing her words, her slick gushed all over Anakin's face and fingers. He didn't slow down his pace, causing her whole body to twitch and tremble in pleasure and overstimulation. "Oh- oh my g-god!" she whimpered as he eased her out of her orgasm.
He eventually pulled away, the lower half of his face completely soaked in her cum. He had a cheeky smirk on his face as he sucked her juices off of his fingers. Anakin wiped away her slick off of his chin with his bare arm, not taking his eyes off of her as he did so.
Her heart was pounding as he looked deep into her eyes, and as he slowly inched towards her so he was hovering over her, she felt small. Anakin smirked at her shyness, so to distract her, he began to unbutton her pajama shirt. He let it fall off her shoulders, exposing her skimpy black bra.
"For someone who wasn't expecting to get fucked, this sure is a slutty little thing." Anakin snapped her bra strap making Y/N shiver. She was still trembling from her orgasm, and couldn't help but whimper as she thought about how his cock would soon be buried into her cunt. Anakin unclipped her bra and groaned lowly as he saw her perky breasts, her nipples already hardened. She had goosebumps erupt on her body now that she was completely naked. "Tell me what you want." Anakin whispered, beginning to softly kiss her neck again. "Tell me."
"I-" Y/N shakily began. "I need you!" She whined.
"What do you need me to do, baby?" Anakin pulled away from her neck, grinning down at her. Y/N couldn't help but roll her eyes at his cockiness, but still gave in.
"Need you inside of me." She cried, huffing and tugging on the waistband of his sweatpants.
Anakin hummed. "Alright, if that's what you really want." He quickly pulled down his sweatpants, throwing them off to the side. He was left in black boxer briefs and Y/N could see the tent his length made through the material.
Making eye contact with her, he slowly pulled down his boxers, biting his lip as he saw her reaction. Y/N whimpered at the sight of his thick length, wondering how the fuck that would fit in her little hole.
"Don't you worry pretty girl, i'm gonna make that pretty little pussy feel so good." Anakin wrapped his large hand around his cock, pumping it a few times before he spread her legs again and rubbed it through her folds, still slick from her first orgasm. "All for me." He whispered under his breath.
Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked her hips, desperate to be filled. Anakin complied, slowly pushing his cock into her needy cunt.
"Fuck!" She threw her head back and let out a shaky breath, digging her fingernails into his back.
Anakin hissed at the feeling and continued to sink himself into her pussy. As he bottomed out, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. His gentleness soon subsided, him drawing his cock out of her tight hole and shoving it back in with a single thrust.
They formed a steady, rough rhythm, his cock stretching her walls out so much that her legs were shaking. One hand held himself up, sitting next to her head. He gripped the sheets, and with his other hand, he snuck it onto her neck. Squeezing her throat lightly, it made her roll her eyes back into her head from bliss.
"That's it," Anakin groaned, continuing to vigorously thrust into her cunt. Y/N could feel his cock touch every part of her, something that no man had ever truly fulfilled.
"A-Ani!" Y/N whined, digging her heels into his lower back.
"Shhh," Anakin bit down on her earlobe and gently squeezed her throat again. "Gotta stay quiet for me, pretty girl."
Y/N's mouth was wide open and she complied with his request, the sounds in her throat subsiding. Her boobs bounced as he continued to thrust into her, Anakin placing the hand that was once around her throat on her right boob. As he continued to pound her relentlessly, he kneaded and squeezed one of her breasts while he sucked and bit the other one.
Anakin spoke sweet nothings to her, pushing her towards her impending orgasm. It was beginning to grow nearly impossible for Y/N not to make any sounds, so she clasped one hand over her lips while the other tugged at Anakin's blonde curls.
"Fuck baby, you feel so good." Anakin purred, throwing his head back as he thrusted into her.
"Anakin- Anakin i'm so close!" She whined, closing her eyes and letting her lips part in heavenly bliss.
"Yeah? You're gonna cum for me? You're gonna cum on my cock?" Anakin chided, squeezing the boob that he was still kneading.
Y/N nodded vigorously, wrapping her arms around his neck and whimpering quietly. "I'm gonna- i'm gonna come, Ani!"
Her walls clenched harder around his cock, pushing him towards the edge. "Hold on baby, i'm almost there." He began to thrust harder and faster, making it so they could come undone together. "Okay pretty girl, cum on my cock."
Y/N arched her back and let out a pathetic whine, the walls of her cunt clenching around his fat cock. She felt herself gush all over his length just as spurts of his cum shot into her quivering pussy. "Oh my god-" She moaned, scratching her nails down his toned back.
"Fuck, yes," Anakin let out a small whimper which made Y/N cum even harder, loving the sounds he was making.
After they rode out their highs, Anakin pulled out and collapsed next to her, the both of them breathing heavily. He wasted no time pulling her close, wrapping his long arms around her trembling and sweaty figure.
Y/N hummed clinging onto him. Their sweaty skin stuck together and the smell of sex filled the air. It was quiet for a few moments before Y/N spoke up.
"What the fuck did we just do?" She whispered, burying her face in his neck. She was still slightly out of breath.
"We just fucked."
"Anakin, i'm serious." Y/N whined, slapping his chest. "We just broke about 20 different rules."
"I don't care." Anakin shrugged, pulling her closer and pressing a soft kiss on her sweaty forehead. "I love you, and i'm not going to let the code get in the way of that."
Y/N leaned up, placing a soft kiss on his lips. "I love you too."
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silk (grumpy!h)
Tumblr media
in which harry is grumpy with everyone except y/n, and he realizes he's never been so enamored with someone in his life.
word count: 5.9k
content warnings: smut!!
author's notes: last part of grumpy h! thank you sm for all the love on this series, I love these two<3 lmk if you'd like to see any blurbs or one-shots for them!!!
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From: H🌷
My friends want to meet you. Would you be willing to come out with us tonight?
Y/N reads over Harry's most recent text for the fourth time in 10 minutes. If she's being honest, the resounding answer is no, she has no desire to go out with Harry and his friends. But she also knows that they've been spending a lot of time together lately and he's been skipping out on hangouts and evenings out, so it only makes sense that his friends want to meet the girl he's constantly ditching them for.
She sighs, thumbs hovering over the keyboard, and types out an answer she wouldn't give to anyone else.
sure.. when and where?
It's only a minute or so before Harry replies. She shuts her laptop, knowing that the attention streak she has on her outline for literature theory is out the window, especially with the prospect of meeting Harry's friends in the near future. 
I'll come get you and we can go to the bar together at 9:30, if that works for you. I know this is probably overwhelming for you so please don't stress, sweetheart. They're going to love you.
Her heart skips a beat. Sweetheart. That's a new development since that evening a few weeks ago, when she disclosed the story of how she lost her virginity. Since then, it seems like boundaries had carefully been crossed, but neither one of them minded. Pet names fell easily from Harry's lips. When they were together, they were almost always touching, whether it be warm cuddles on the couch or holding hands on the walk out of the English department. 
Y/N doesn't know what they are — she knows that Harry has some record of dating and sleeping around, and it doesn't seem like that's what they're doing, but she can't help but fear that that's what it is. She always manages to shove those anxieties down when they're together so they don't accidentally come out in an embarrassing stream of consciousness. 
okay, that works, she eventually types back, i'll try not to worry too much.. what should i wear?
Y/N has to smush her face in her pillows to avoid squealing at his answer.
Anything you would normally wear is perfect. You'll look beautiful no matter what.
. . .
Harry will never admit it out loud, but he's so excited for Y/N to finally meet his friends. 
Niall, Mitch, and Pauli have been on Harry's back about constantly being out of the house and not hanging out with them. They're all quite needy, really, but they're his best friends and housemates, so he doesn't fault their curiosity. Especially because they've noticed his happier-than-usual demeanor, which says a lot, considering he usually walks around with a permanent scowl on his face.
So when he invites Y/N to come out with them tonight, he's fully expecting her to say no and he's shocked when she doesn't. He can practically feel her nerves through their text thread but he's over the moon that's pushing past her anxiety for his stupid friends. For him.
When he arrives at her place, she's overanalyzing every aspect of her outfit. It makes him smile, the way she cares so much, but he takes her concerns as seriously as he can.
"Are you sure this is good enough, H?" she asks, walking back over to the floor length mirror. She's wearing a pair of light wash mom jeans and a lacey white tank top, her makeup subtle with smudgy brown eyeliner and pink highlights.
"Baby," Harry murmurs, strolling up behind her and pressing a hand to her hip, "You look absolutely gorgeous. There's nothing to stress about."
She flushes instantly and squeezes her thighs at his touch. She spins to face him, a pout on her lips. 
"I just wanna make a good impression. I don't want your friends to think you're hanging out with some—"
"Whatever you're about to call yourself, it's not true." Harry cuts her off, squeezing her hip. "Now c'mon, Niall gets testy whenever someone's late."
"Fine." Y/N grumbles, grabbing her bag and cardigan. She follows Harry out of her apartment, both of them stopping to bid Ginger a quick goodbye before locking the door and walking out to his car.
"Do you mind if I come back with you tonight?" Harry asks, intertwining their fingers together on the short trek to his sedan. "Feel like I barely saw you this week."
Y/N smiles, looking up at him as they walk. "You saw me yesterday in class and after at grading, silly."
"Yeah, but that was professional time. Couldn't hold you or anything." 
She giggles as they approach his car, getting in on the passenger's side and buckling herself in. Harry does the same and starts the vehicle, reaching over to place a hand over her thigh as he pulls out of the parking spot. 
"Yeah, you can sleepover tonight, H."
"Whoa, who said anything about staying over, darling? Think you're getting a bit presumptuous—"
Y/N rolls her eyes and cuts him off with a light swat to the chest, "You've stayed over tons!"
He laughs, his eyes crinkling the way that always makes Y/N's heart feel like it's about to burst. 
"Just like teasing you, pretty baby."
. . .
Harry's friends are actually quite nice.
They have a clear connection, easy-going and kind, that makes it easy for Y/N to sink into without giving too much weight to her worries. When her and Harry walk in, the blonde one immediately waves them over with a huge grin and a half-full glass of Guinness in his hand.
"H! You're late!" 
Harry rolls his eyes and grumbles out some insult, his palm flat against the small of Y/N's back. She wants to hide behind his towering figure to avoid being the center of attention, but he gently pushes her towards the tabletop to introduce her.
"Heathens... this is Y/N. Y/N, these are my housemates, Mitch, Niall, and Pauli," Harry announces, giving her side a small, comforting squeeze. "Be nice to her or I will put hair removal in all of your shampoos. Especially yours, Mitch."
The long-haired one — Mitch, Y/N presumes — instantly puts his hands up in defense. "Why would I be anything but nice? Niall here is the one that's five beers in."
"Shut up, I'm nothing but sweet when I'm drunk!" Niall exclaims, his voice booming over the soundtrack of other patron's conversations and some random rock station. "Hi Y/N, it's nice to meet you. Tell me, how did you manage to sweeten grumpy Harry here? He's usually so—"
"Niall," The last one, Pauli, Y/N thinks, warns, a protective arch in his eyebrow as he cuts his chatty friend off. "We're so happy you decided to join us, Y/N. It's nice to finally put a face to the name."
"Alright, you guys have caused enough chaos," Harry steers the conversation away, tugging Y/N closer to his side, "We're gonna go get drinks."
Harry knows Y/N doesn't drink very often and he doubts she'll get anything tonight, but he can feel her clamping up from the attention.
"Y'okay?" he asks, leaning down slightly to catch the shell of her ear. She shivers at the low tone of his voice, biting her lip as she looks up at him.
"Mhm. They're nice, H." 
He smiles and moves his arm up to wrap around her shoulders. "I know they're a bit much. I appreciate you being here, though. Promise we won't stay too long."
"It's okay," Y/N giggles at his overprotectiveness, though her heart swoons as she tucks herself into his chest. "They're special to you and that's important." 
Harry's grin only widens, showcasing his dimples and the cute eye wrinkles Y/N loves.
"You're special to me. That's why I wanted them to meet you."
Y/N doesn't know how to reply without squealing so she just blushes and buries her head into his shoulder, a warm chuckle vibrating from the depths of his chest.
. . .
"Yeah, and that's how Harry ended up having to sneak Niall out of the emergency room at 3 in the morning." 
Despite Niall's already red face, his cheeks turn a deep crimson at the end of Pauli's story. Harry and his friends erupt in a series of laughs as Y/N looks up at the curly haired brunette curled around her form, his arm slung casually around her shoulders. The PDA initially made her heart thumb noisily in her chest, but she couldn't help herself as she snuggled further into his side, his scent and warmth radiating instant comfort. 
"Yeah, yeah, you lot think you're so funny," Niall grumbles before lifting his pint to his mouth. 
"That's 'cos we are, Ni," Harry smirks, "Anyway... it's been fun, but I think we're gonna head out." 
Y/N's heart squeezes at him saying we're, like they're some sort of collective. She has to roll her lips into her mouth to stop a smile from curling onto her face. 
"Ah, you guys aren't gonna come back to the house?" Pauli asks with a pout. 
"Let them live," Mitch interjects, nudging Pauli's ribs, "H is happy for the first time, like, ever." 
"Alright!" Harry exclaims, clapping his hands together as Y/N's lips part in surprise. Was he seriously that noticeably happy? Because of... no, it couldn't be because of her. That would be silly. "Y/N, you about ready?"
She nods and slides out of the booth behind Harry. "It was really nice to meet you all," she says with a polite smile, hugging her bag closer to her side as Harry heads up to the bar to settle his tab. "Thanks for having me."
"Oh, of course!" Niall grins. "Just make sure Harry wraps it up tonight, we all know he's been around—"
"Niall, you're cut off!" Mitch is quick to snatch the beer glass out of Niall's hand just as Y/N's face warms, insecurities suddenly brewing deep in her body. She knew of Harry's reputation, but if his friends assumed they were sleeping together already... was there something wrong with her? 
Thankfully, she doesn't have to stumble over an awkward response because Harry's already reappeared, not even bothering to question why Niall's whining. 
"'Kay, see you lot later. Get home safe." 
He slings an arm around Y/N's shoulders and she gives a half-hearted wave as he guides them out of the crowded bar. She feels a sense of relief when the cool air hits her skin, the weather finally feeling fully autumnal as October nudges in. Harry notices her involuntary shiver and holds her closer, giving her shoulders a squeeze as they approach his car.
"You did so good tonight," he murmurs, glancing down at her proudly. "How do you feel?"
"Good." she lies, a tight smile on her face. "I can drive, you had a few drinks, hm?"
Harry nods and digs his keys out of the pocket of his jeans, handing them to Y/N. She clears her throat as she unlocks the vehicle, both of them climbing in wordlessly.
"Was it too much socialization? I can go home if you want to be by yourself." 
Y/N's heart squeezes at his words as she turns the key in the ignition. It's silly to her that a month ago, she dreaded being alone with Harry and now, she can't even find it in her to be upset with him. 
"No, I want you to come back with me." 
Y/N is rarely assertive in her words, let alone her plans with Harry. Even when she does miss him and wants to see him, she'll send him a picture of Ginger being cute, and he'll reply with some iteration of "can I come over?"
So she swallows harshly after blurting the words out, thankfully missing the way Harry's eyes widen slightly. And he can tell that something's up — she's grasping the steering wheel tightly and won't stop chewing on her bottom lip, a nervous habit of hers that was easy to pick up on — and he mentally curses at his friends, hoping that they didn't say something idiotic to make her overthink anything.
He doesn't say anything until she's pulling into a spot outside of her apartment. As she's about to turn the car off, his hand grasps at her thigh, her eyes flying to his face. It's dark, so he can't see much of her facial expression, but he can tell by the slight crinkle in her eyebrow that she's nervous.
"What's wrong, sweet girl?" Harry asks gently, circling his thumb over her knee. "Did something happen at the bar? Did they say something?"
She shakes her head quickly, "No, of course not. They were really nice, H, I had a good time. Can we just go upstairs?"
"What's the rush?" he presses, trying to catch her low gaze. "Are you tired? Wanna go to bed?"
"Not tired," she mutters and lets out a frustrated sigh. The quiet hum of Harry's car fills the silence, but it's not enough to tear his attention away from the anxious girl in front of him. "I just... why haven't you tried to sleep with me?"
Embarrassment floods her entire body as Harry's eyebrows shoot up. Immediately, she feels ridiculous and wants to take it back.
"That was really dumb of me. I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that. I didn't even drink, I just—"
"Y/N," Harry says lowly, giving her knee a squeeze, "What did they say?"
"Nothing! Niall just said... well, when you were paying, he told me to make sure you, y'know, 'wrap it up' and I realized that, like, you haven't even tried to kiss me! And you call me these sweet names and we cuddle and hang out all the time and I don't know, I thought maybe you liked me but I understand I could be wrong and misinterpreting everything."
She's exasperated and Harry thinks it's adorable, but he hates that he could ever question his intentions with her. He notices that her hands are trembling and he sighs, shaking his head. 
"First of all, Niall is an absolute idiot so never take anything he says seriously," he replies, taking her hands into his. He stuffs them underneath the soft fabric of his cardigan, trying to warm them up. "I... I know I have some sort of reputation on campus and you've seen me do some things I'm not proud of, but that was never the case with you. I wanted to take my time with you and go slow, especially because of your history. I like you, Y/N. So much. You didn't misinterpret anything."
She swallows nervously and if he didn't have her hands held captive in his fuzzy yellow sweater, she'd be fidgeting anxiously, picking at the her nails. Her face is far too warm for her liking, her heart jumping for joy in her chest as she replays his words over and over again. I like you. So much.
"I like you, too," she finally peeps out, clearing her throat, "I'm sorry I assumed differently. I didn't mean to be dramatic."
"Not dramatic, love. I understand why you got nervous," he murmurs, smiling gently. "Can I kiss you, then? If you like me back?"
It's overwhelming for Y/N — she feels like she's about to kiss her second grade crush, but only because of the flocks of butterflies invading her stomach, shaky hands, and an inability to croak out an answer, instead just nodding her head. Harry chuckles at that, and she's grateful for the way he's able to easily read her. 
It's not the most romantic kiss Harry's ever had, but that's only because they're parked outside of Y/N's house in his car. If it weren't for the way he has to lean over the middle console to catch her lips in a lock, he would swear it's absolutely perfect. 
Simultaneously, Y/N realizes that kissing Harry feels like coming home. 
She's only ever felt this way when she's, quite literally, returned to her childhood home after hellish months away at college as an undergrad. The way the interior of the space always smelled like balsam and freshly baked cookies, warm lights twinkling on the Christmas tree, her mom hugging her tightly and murmuring in her ear, "it's okay, you're home now."
She tastes twinges of beer as their lips meld together, his musky vanilla cologne invading her senses and making her melt. It's all so good, like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, drinking hot chocolate during a snowstorm, carving pumpkins while you eat those Halloween sugar cookies from childhood. 
If she didn't have to break away to breathe, she thinks she could kiss Harry for an eternity. 
Harry is clearly more experienced in the kissing department than she is, but he doesn't tease her for needing a break. He just smiles softly as she quietly pants with spit swollen lips, her eyes darting between his own raspberry mouth and the inviting jade of his eyes.
"You're good at that." Y/N breathes, and he chuckles, letting out his own deep breath. 
"Do you wanna go inside, sweetheart?" Harry asks gently, his voice quiet, "I really wanna keep kissing you, but maybe not in my car." 
"Yes, please."
He laughs louder at that, giving her thigh one more squeeze as she pulls the car key from the ignition. It's nearing midnight so it's far chillier now, goosebumps immediately forming over Y/N's arms. It's a race to her front door from there, her eagerly unlocking it and kicking her shoes off, Harry following closely behind. 
Ginger is tucked into herself, snoozing steadily in the little cat bed Harry bought her a few weeks back. He'd immediately admitted that it was an impulsive purchase, claiming that he simply couldn't resist. 
"Do you want anything to drink?" Y/N asks, hanging her bag and keys on the hooks in her entryway.
"'M okay," Harry mumbles, plopping down on the couch. He sheds his upper body of his cardigan and Y/N swallows as it leaves him in a plain white tee-shirt, contrasting the inky swirls on his arms beautifully. "Relax, baby. Come sit with me."
Y/N nods and walks over to him submissively, her socks padding across the plushy expanse of her carpet.
"Do you wanna sit on my lap?" he asks softly, reaching out to intertwine their fingers together. "You can say no. We're going at your speed."
"No, I do." she says quickly, not wanting him to suspect an inkling of hesitance. She'll admit, she's nervous, but it's not because she's uncomfortable. If anything, Harry is still so intimidating in this regard, and she feels like a fumbling mess in comparison. 
He's gentle in his movements, guiding her body down to his and helping her straddle his waist. It's not inherently sexual, despite the fact that her thighs split readily, their cores pressed together and separated by layers of clothing. 
He wraps an arm around her waist to keep her steady, her hands automatically finding his broad shoulders. 
"Can we keep kissing?" Y/N peeps out. A lopsided grin appears on Harry's face, making her own warm. 
"Course, honey. Keep kissing me."
She's anxious about the prospect of her leaning in to kiss him, worried that she's doing something wrong, but the nerves instantly melt away the second their lips reconnect. This kiss is less hesitant, a slow stream of confidence beginning to radiate from Y/N's actions. She fists his tee-shirt in her hands as she presses her chest against his, Harry's tongue gently probing her mouth. She opens readily, happy to allow him.
Harry's surprised by her sudden eagerness but welcomes it. He can feel his cock starting to plump beneath them, but he hopes she doesn't notice it as she squeezes her thighs around his waist. He doesn't want to make her uncomfortable, wanting nothing more to prioritize her own wants tonight. 
"Baby," Harry breathes, breaking their kiss and nudging his nose against hers, "Baby, hold on a sec, wanna talk to you." 
She hums and blinks her eyes open. "'bout what?" she asks, licking over her swollen lips.
"Do you know what you want to do tonight? If anything?" 
Y/N swallows. She definitely hadn't thought that far. She'd be lying if she said she hadn't thought about sex with Harry at all, but she was so over the moon with knowing that he liked her that she couldn't think past it.
He squeezes her hip, bringing her back down and out of her thoughts. Swallowing, she parts her lips nervously before licking over them. 
"I'm not really sure," she admits, adjusting out of awkwardness but accidentally brushing against Harry's cock, "I... I know I want you. Closer."
"Okay, that's a good start," he murmurs. He tries not to let his facade crack, but he's in shambles over how sweet she's being. If it were up to him, he'd devour her whole, but he has restraint — even if she's unintentionally testing them. "How close do you want to be, honey?" 
"More than this."
Harry chuckles and nods, reaching up to run his hand through his hair. "You're killing me, y'know that?"
"I'm sorry. I'm not trying to do anything."
"That's the problem." 
His smirk makes her blush and she stares down at her hands, wringing them together in their laps. Gently, he tucks his hand underneath her chin, bringing her eyes back up to his. 
"You're doing perfectly, sweetheart. I just want to make sure that we're doing everything you want. I want this to be a good experience for you."
She calms slightly at that and Harry feels her body relax. "It already is a good experience, H, it's you."
"You're too cute," he mumbles with a shake of his head, tilting his head to press featherlight kisses along her jaw, "Too fuckin' cute."
He lowers down to her neck, entirely too intoxicated by the scent of her vanilla perfume and the feel of her soft skin against his lips. He could spend the entire night planting kisses across every inch of her body, he thinks, but he knows they'd both be too needy to let him finish that ask.
"Inside," Y/N suddenly breathes out, a gasp falling from pillowy lips as he nips as a sensitive spot, "Want you inside, please."
"Fingers?" Harry guesses, suckling gently to create the faintest of marks.
"No, no. You."
Harry's eyes snap open at her admittance, blinking owlishly as he processes her request. Did she... was she asking—
"Please, Harry, I— I know you want to take it slow but it's been months and I want it, I'm sure of it, please—"
He hushes her with a firm kiss to the lips. Her trembling hands reach up to fist at his messy curls and he can feel her getting progressively more desperate, pink-hued smoke clouding her typically shy demeanor. 
"It's okay, baby, I got you," he murmurs against her mouth, squeezing at her hip. "I'll take care of you, alright? If that's what you really want."
"I do, H, please."
Harry can't take a second more of her pleading and he thinks if he denied her again, she'd be down at her knees groveling. (He has to quickly push that image out of his brain, knowing it'll only send him further into a tizzy.) She mumbles out consent as he plucks at the button of her jeans, nudging her to sit up so he can pull the denim down her legs. He tries not to groan at the sight of a tiniest wet patch seeping through the fabric of her light blue underwear but fails miserably, pressing his forehead to her clavicle in frustration.
"What's wrong?" Y/N asks, pausing their haphazard movements to take in his facial expression.
"You're gonna kill me," he repeats his sentiment from earlier, "You're just fucking adorable and hot without even realizing it and it's taking everything in me not to completely ruin you."
Harry glances up at her to see her rounded eyes and plushy lips, gasps parting from the muted pink hue of her mouth. 
"What if I want you to ruin me?"
He shakes his head and tightens his squeeze on her hips. He lays her back down against the couch and spreads her legs, kneeling to thumb at the dampened patch between her thighs.
"You need to shut up. You don't know what you're asking for, Y/N."
"Tell me then," she eggs him on, squirming as he begins to draw small circles into her covered clit, "You've always taken care of me, why would this be any different?"
"Because you're different," he mutters tightly, his large hands finding the expanse of her ribs and pushing her shirt upwards to reveal her lacy bralette, "I don't want to treat you like any other person I've been with. You don't deserve that."
She whimpers when he bucks up against her lower half, his jean-covered bulge nudging at the place she needs him most. 
"Show me what I deserve, then. Please." 
"That," Harry says, undoing his pants and tossing them off to the side, "I can absolutely do."
It's a mess of kisses and touching from then, eager to feel one another without any additional clothing in the way. She's naturally submissive, Harry finds, but he's not surprised at that in the slightest. He'd assumed that from the first day they met, though he'd never imagined that he would be the one nipping at her skin, licking and sucking her nipples, and pressing kisses down her stomach and over her mound, taking his time to inhale her sweet scent.
Y/N's all but gagging for it now but he refuses to go any further without stretching her out, knowing that it's been five years since she's last slept with someone. She's wet — dripping, really, from her pulsating hole down to her ass, and he wants to press his tongue flat against her lips, suckling every last bit up, but he's a man on a mission. Plus, he knows he'll cum on the spot the second he wiggles his tongue inside, and that's not part of tonight's plan.
Instead, he's able to fit three fingers inside of her, but it admittedly takes a lengthy amount of pumping, scissoring, and pressing up against the spongy spot inside of her that makes her moan especially loud. She's squeezing his fingers so tightly, her hole contracting every time he uses his thumb and swipe over her clit. 
"You— please, Harry, I'm ready, I can't— can't take anymore." 
He looks up to see the prettiest, most desperate looking angel with baby hairs matted to her forehead, her chest warm and splotchy. Beads of sweat are dripping down her thighs and her mascara has smudged below her lower lash line, making her look beyond fucked out. 
"Okay," Harry nods, withdrawing his fingers carefully, "Okay, baby. Lemme just grab a condom."
He probably looks ridiculous as he scurries over to his pants to grab his wallet, digging to grab the condom he'd stuffed in there the day after he decided he really liked Y/N. She doesn't say anything as he peels his briefs down, revealing his painfully hard cock slapping up against his lower stomach, pre-cum beading at the slit. 
He rolls the condom on and shuffles between her thighs, pumping himself a few times to relieve just some of the pressure. Their eyes are glued to one another's in an intense, lusty stare-off.
"You're sure, lovie?" Harry asks, massaging her inner thighs carefully, "You can change your mind at any time. Even if I put it in and it hurts, you can tell me."
"I trust you," she replies softly, her throat already sore from nearly a half an hour of teasing. "I know it's gonna hurt a little... but you'll get me through it, right?"
His heart breaks a bit at her need for reassurance, nodding his head quickly. He adores this sweet girl beneath him, nothing meaning more to him than her implicit trust in his care.
"Of course I will. Just keep communicating with me, okay?"
She nods and he shuffles up to her core, stroking his cock twice more before stretching his body over her. He presses a kiss to her forehead, then down to her nose, and finally to her lips. 
"I'm gonna start putting it in." 
It's... a stretch, a big one at that. Y/N initially winces at the pain and Harry's head snaps up, halting his movements, but she shakes her head quickly, encouraging him to continue. He slows down, slowly moving centimeter by centimeter until her breathing starts to even out. When he finally bottoms out, she feels like she's absolutely stuffed to the brim, but in the best way possible. 
"Are you alright, honey?" Harry asks quietly, leaning up to brush a few hairs out of her eyes.
"Yes," Y/N murmurs, swallowing harshly, "I... I feel like you've always been meant to be here, H."
His eyes well up slightly, not only because it's the sweetest thing she could've possibly said in this moment, but because he feels that way, too. He's never felt such a connection with someone before on both a physical and emotional level and he knows right then and there, Y/N is the person that's meant to be his.
"You're incredible," he says, beginning slow, shallow thrusts, "You're everything I could've ever wanted, Y/N. This is... you're perfect."
"Oh," Y/N breathes when Harry's hips snap up against hers, the tip of his cock pressing against the spongey spot deep inside of her, "That's... you're so deep."
He groans at her widened eyes, shutting his own to prevent himself from bursting early just from her cute reactions. She feels better than he ever could have imagined the many times he fucked his fist, thinking of how warm and sweet she'd be beneath him.  
"Faster, please," she mewls, her jaw falling slack at his continued assault on her g-spot. 
"Yeah? Need me to go faster, honey?"
She nods vehemently and he smiles gently, beginning to quicken his pace. She loves the way he's hovering over her, closer than they've ever been before, invading all of her senses. She hooks her ankles around his waist and he groans at the small sign of initiative. 
"Can I make you cum on my cock, sweetheart?" Harry asks through a tight jaw, feeling his balls start to tighten as they bump up against her ass. 
"P-please," she nods, her hair a mess from Harry thrusting her into the mess of throw pillows on her couch. She's made herself finish tons of times before, but only with her own fingers and the occasional smutty book as inspiration. With Harry in her life, she'll admit that she's been hornier than ever before, always finding a sodden mess in her underwear after hanging out together. (It even happens when they spend time grading in Donnolly's office when she watches his jaw flex, gum between his teeth. The thought is enough to make her shudder.)
But with Harry finally stroking at the spots inside of her that had been neglected for years, it doesn't take much to get close to her peak. She's never felt so full before, and it's making her pussy squeeze over him in steady pulses, eliciting a grunt deep from Harry's chest.
"Can you rub your little clit for me?" Harry asks, leaning back on his heels to watch himself pump in and out of her hole. "Jus' need to see the way you touch yourself, baby... know you do, hm? My girl has a naughty side, doesn't she?"
Y/N nods her head, trailing her fingertips down the length of her body and to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs. She moans loudly as she applies a bit of pressure, pinching at it. Harry's eyes are immediately glued to her fingertips, pausing his movements momentarily to spit, landing squarely on her clit. 
"Oh god," she moans, partially from shock at his boldness. She rubs his saliva in, circling the nub it small, tight circles. 
"That's my girl," Harry repeats, his hands finding the back of her thighs to spread her legs a bit further apart, "So good, baby, so fuckin' good for me."
"H-harry, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum—"
He grunts as he feels her hole contracting around his cock, gushes of arousal seeping out between them. 
"There you go," Harry encourages, slamming into her, watching her eyes squeeze shut and shudders coil through her body. Her fingers tremble around her clit as she orgasms violently around him, squeezing so tightly that he nearly slips out. 
The image of her coming below him after imagining it for so long is enough to send him into his own orgasm. He spurts warm and hot ropes into the condom, filling it up so much that as the intensity begins to wear off, he worries that some of it will seep out from the rubber confides. He pulls out just to the tip to make sure, his cock still twitching in aftershocks. 
"S-slow, please," Y/N stutters and he nods, shushing her softly.
"I know baby, I'm sorry, just gotta make sure we're all... cleaned up down here."
He'd filled the condom nearly to the brim, but thankfully, it's not enough to ooze out. He takes gentle fingertips to the insides of her thighs, where her legs meet her core, softly running them up and down as he fully withdraws. 
"I'll be right back, honey. Just stay here, 'kay?" 
She mumbles out some affirmative answer and he chuckles, stumbling to her bathroom to toss the condom and clean himself up. He wets a washcloth and walks back out to the living room, Y/N's body still strewn across the length of her couch. He kneels down to face her swollen pussy, swallowing at the sight, ignoring the urge to continue playing with her. He knows she's exhausted based on her silence and wouldn't be able to take a second longer of stimulation. Instead, he gingerly cleans her up with the warm cloth.
"Do you feel okay?" Harry asks softly as he rises back up to his feet, grabbing his briefs and slipping them back on, "Was all of that alright?"
With tired eyes, Y/N smiles gently, nodding once. "It was perfect, Harry."
. . .
From: H🌷
Running late to class this morning, they made your latte with almond milk instead of oat
To: H🌷
h!! u didn't have to have them remake it, that would've been fine!
From: H🌷
You never get almond milk and you would've never even told me if you didn't like it. I can afford to be a few minutes late if it means you're happy.
Also, may or may not have bought Ginger another toy at the grocery store on my way home from yours last night. 
Sitting in her usual seat at the front of the lecture hall, Y/N has to roll her lips into her mouth to avoid a massive grin from breaking out onto her face. She busies herself with scribbling notes in her planner as she waits for Donnolly to begin class, her nose stuck in her calendar as Harry enters the room with just a minute to spare. 
She's admiring her new collection of sparkly gel pens when he plops down next to her, pushing her iced latte towards her. 
"Morning." he greets with a grin, leaning down to press a kiss to her hair. 
"H," Y/N whines with a blush, biting her lip at the small display of affection. 
"Shush, I know."
She giggles as she takes a sip of her coffee, the familiar taste of vanilla and espresso coating her tongue. 
"Thank you, by the way. I appreciate that you do this for me."
"'course, baby," Harry smiles, leaning back in his chair with his cup of black coffee. "Missed you."
"You saw me last night, silly."
"Yeah, but you wouldn't let me sleep over so you could do homework." he teases lightly, tucking his black sunglasses into the collar of his tee-shirt.
"Mhmm, but since you let me get that done, you can stay over tonight."
"Thank god."
She laughs and shakes her head at his dramatics as Donnolly claps her hands together, her signature announcement that class was beginning. Y/N glances over to the curly haired brunette next to her, who playfully widens his eyes at her. Again, she has to bite her lip to prevent herself from grinning even more.
She's not sure when her fellow TA, a grumpy, mean boy who only wears black became the best thing in her life, but she couldn't be happier that it happened.
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forever-rogue · 11 months
Heyyyyyy!! First things first, I LOVE YOUR WORK.
I have a request!!
I was hoping you could write a a Joel Miller x Fem! Reader -
Joel and Y/N met in Jackson, and together now raise Ellie. What if one night Y/N is out with some girl friends at a community event or whatever and some guys begin to hit on her and make some inappropriate comments about her, and her relationship with Joel. After Joel finds out he finds the guys and teaches them a lesson about respecting a woman, especially his woman?
You can write this or spin off however you want to! I’d just love to see protective / feral Joel
Tumblr media
AN | Okay, so men are the worst but never Joel. Have some Protective!Joel 🥰
Pairing | Joel Miller x Fem!Reader
Warnings | Language, Mild Violence (non-graphic knife use), undertones of SA (it doesn’t happen, but does get referenced)
Word Count | 2.7k
Masterlist | Joel, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Are you sure you don't want to come?" Joel was already laid up in bed, a book in his hands that he wasn't really reading, instead watching you closely. You were mesmerizing.
"I'm sure," he promised, snapping his book shut and getting up. You watched with a small smile as he came over and stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and meeting your gaze in the mirror. His eyes were on yours as he pressed kisses to your bare shoulder, "go on and have fun, baby."
"I'd have more fun with you there, my love," you gently prodded him but you knew that when he had his mind set on something he didn't often change it.
"I'm too old and tired," he teased as you playfully rolled your eyes, "I'll make it worthwhile when you get home."
"Now you're making me just want to stay home with you," you reached up and playfully ruffled his hair, "you always make it worth my while cowboy."
"You are going to go out and have a good time with your friends," he insisted softly with a kiss to the side of your head. You pouted playfully as he pulled away and sat back in the bed, "I'll be waiting right here for you when you get back."
"I'm holding you to that," you winked at him before grabbing your shoes, "you and Ellie have fun too."
"Kid's with Dina tonight," the two of you exchanged a sly grin. Ellie was not good in the slightest at hiding her affections for the other girl, "but I'll keep myself occupied."
"Stay out of trouble!"
"No promises," and with that he resumed his former position and grabbed his book again. At least you wouldn't have to worry about him tonight, "now go and have fun, baby."
"I love you," you grinned at him as he pretended not to hear you, "say it back, Miller!"
"I love you," he promised softly, "now go and quit stallin'!"
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
One of the best things about Jackson was that it was almost like life was normal. Well - it was normal, the normal that had become so over the course of almost twenty-one years. But there was still comfort in going out with a few friends, having a drink and not worrying about anything.
And, it would turn out, that evening you were mostly right. But also wrong.
Sitting around a table with your girlfriends felt so right, especially when you were gossiping about your current love lives. It wasn't so much gossiping as it was sharing stories, which was still a lot of fun.
"And then Billy said he wanted to try-"
"Hello there pretty ladies," and just like that your entire evening was ruined. The three of you immediately quieted and exchanged wary looks. The man in question was a scummy looking thing that radiated nothing but bad vibes. The friend he had in tow was no better and they were both smirking wickedly, "you look like you could use some company."
But you decided that you weren't having it. You sighed heavily, putting on a sticky sweet smile, "and you look like you can't read the room. Leave."
"Oh," he zoned in on you, stepping closer so he was leaning into you, his warm breath fanning over your face, "you're a feisty one. I like you."
"Well that makes one of us," you sighed dramatically, "you can go now."
"I don't think I will-"
"Listen," Maria spoke up and you'd never been more thankful for her, "you need to leave. Otherwise you'll be dealing with her husband and I don't think you want that. Or mine."
"Ahh," and then he had the audacity to touch you, putting his hand on your face and stroking your cheek, "cute. I'm sure this husband doesn't even exist. I could show you what a real man is like-"
"Go," Tania had had enough and shoved the man off you and stumbling backwards into the bar, "and don't ever show your face around here again."
"Fine," he held up his hands like he was the innocent party, "pathetic bitches."
But luckily they finally got the picture and left, leaving the three of you shaken, but alone. The interaction left a sour feeling in your stomach. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
By the time you left the bar it was late and dark but luckily it wasn't a long walk home. More importantly you couldn't wait to get back to the man that was waiting for you at home. A wistful sigh escaped your lips at the thought.
But as you walked your usual path home you couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following you. That caused your heart to race and your mind to panic with worry, despite how calm you tried to keep yourself. 
After a little bit you stopped dead in tracks and turned around, looking into the darkness. It was then that you saw the man from earlier. Of course he waited. You swallowed the lump in your throat, "what do you want?"
"Aww, little lady," he took that as an invitation to come closer, "I just want to spend some time with you. You know, get to know you a little better."
"I have a husband," you couldn't mask the disgust on your face or in your voice, "and you're a pathetic prick, so you can fuck off."
"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," he was in front of you now, hand on your upper arm and grabbing harshly, "come on, you know you want it-"
"Fuck off," you pulled his hand off your arm and twisted it, causing him to groan, "and fuck you."
You kneed him in the crouch and he stumbled backwards, yelling a slew of curses at you. He definitely hadn't expected you to fight back, but he was so very wrong. You took the opportunity and ran the rest of the way back home.
As soon as you got inside, you slammed the door shut behind you, making sure it was locked behind you. You leaned against and took a moment to catch your breath and relax. 
"Hey baby," Joel was at the foot of the stairs looking at you with worry written all over his face. Fuck. You hadn't wanted him to see you like this, "what's wrong?"
"I-I'm fine-"
"Is that why you came runnin' in here and slammed the door?" He crossed his arms over his broad chest and raised an eyebrow, "baby-"
"I wanted to see you," you swallowed the lump in your throat; you hated lying to him, "couldn't get home to you soon enough."
"Mhmm," you could tell that he didn't quite believe you, but wasn't going to call out your bluff just yet, "you had a good time?"
"I did," and for the most part you really had. You walked over to him when leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek, "but this will always best out everything."
"Come on," he took your hand in his and laced your fingers together before gently pulling you up the stairs, "I believe I made you a promise. And I don't like to break those."
"I'd hate for you to do that too," you agreed, with wide, eager eyes, "don't want to break your wife's heart, do you?"
"Never," he led you into the bedroom and shut the door, ushering back towards the bed. You easily complied, sitting down when the back of your knees hit the mattress. Joel had a wolfish look on his face as he drank in the sight of you, "you're so damn beautiful."
"Joel," your cheeks warmed up as crouched down in front of you, his hands settling on your hips. Before you could say anything else, he leaned in and kissed you, softly at first but quickly with more hunger. 
Your husband reached for the hem of your sweater and slowly pulled it off before tossing it to the side. As soon as you tried to reach for him, Joel froze and pulled back, a hard look settling on his features.
"What is this?" He tenderly held up your arm, frowning at the finger shaped bruises that were already blooming across your skin, "who?"
"Who did this to you?" He was angry, but not at you. Never at you. Tears welled up immediately as you looked at him with a pathetic little expression, "baby…"
"There were two guys that came up while we were at the bar," a few tears rolled down your cheek but he gently wiped them away, "they were being gross and creepy, but eventually left us alone. W-when I was walking home one of them was waiting outside for me and he started to follow me. H-he grabbed me and tried to…"
Joel didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around you, pulling in for a tight hug, gently stroking your back, "I know, baby. It's okay - I've got you. Let it out."
"He grabbed me but I remembered what you taught me and was able to get away," you buried your face into his chest, "'m sorry."
"What are you sorry for, huh?" He let out a long breath before pressing gentle kisses to the side of your head, "you've got nothing to be sorry for."
"I just…" you pulled back and sighed lightly, "I got scared. But I'm glad you're here."
"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help," his hand was on your neck as he stroked your jaw, "but I know my girl can handle anything. Who was it?"
"I think his name is Adam," you shrugged lightly, "he's part of that new group. The one with the beard that always wears flannels."
Joel's jaw ticked as his eyes narrowed. He knew exactly who you were talking about, "Adam."
"Joel," you put your hand on his shoulders and gave it a light squeeze, "he's a jerk but please don't do anything rash. I can let it go…please tell me you'll do the same. I know it sucks but I don't think he's going to be doing anything to anyone anymore."
"I can let it go," he whispered, closing his eyes as he kissed your forehead, "I love you."
"I love you too, Joel."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
So…Joel wasn't lying when he said he could let it go. Not technically. He could let it go.
But he sure as hell wasn't going to. Not for this. No one did this to his girl, his wife. Nor was this Adam going to ever do it again. He'd make sure of that.
The anger and rage was practically radiating off Joel as he walked to the main community building to report for patrol duty. He might have pulled a few strings to ensure that he'd be on duty with a certain someone…but it was worth it.
"Adam, right?" He put a fake smile as the younger man approached and nodded.
"Yep," he even sounded like an asshole, "you must be Miller."
"I am," he agreed and held out his hand, "Joel Miller."
"Nice to meet you-"
"You know what's funny," Joel's grip on his hand was like a vise, "you've already met my wife."
"Your wife?"
"Mhmm," he could see the man squinting as he tried to pull his hand away, "she told me all about it."
"O-oh," he was finally able to wrench his hand free, "what's her name?"
Joel almost hated even just telling him your name but he repeated it just loudly enough for him to hear. Adam nodded, clearly unsure of where this was going, “she was out the other night with some girlfriends. Another of which also happens to be my sister-in-law. She told me you were there with a friend. So.”
Adam’s face paled almost immediately as realization hit him. He knew exactly who you were, who Joel was, and that he knew what had happened.
“Listen, man - I think there was some sort of misunder-”
“Don’t,” Joel grabbed him by the color of his shirt and pulled him close, “don’t fuckin’ lie to me and say it was some sort of misunderstanding. My girl says you made them feel uncomfortable and that you followed her. I’m inclined to believe her - she has no reason to lie. Why would she lie?”
“She’s probably just-”
“I wouldn’t say another word if you know what’s good for you,” Joel’s voice was low and dangerous and he reached into his back pocket to pull out his knife. He held it up to his neck, just against the skin, not enough to break it but enough to provide a stern warning, “you should be glad it was my wife that you dealt with that night and not me. I would not have been so forgiving.”
“Please. I-I’m sorry-”
“Funny,” he smirked at the panicking man, “now you’re sorry. You weren’t so sorry the other night, were you? I saw the bruises on her arm. She asked me to let it go, you know. You’re lucky - after this, I will. But let me make this extremely clear - if I ever see or hear about pulling anything like this again….you won’t live to see another day. If I ever see you near my wife again, you will regret it.”
“Joel, I-”
“I am a killer,” he hissed through gritted teeth, “I ain’t killed anyone in a long time now, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it again. You understand me?”
“Y-yes,” he stammered nervously and Joel couldn’t help but dig the knife ever so slightly into his skin, causing a thin line of blood to bubble up. 
“I want to hear you say it.”
“Yes, I understand,” and just like that, Joel pushed him away, causing him to stumble over his feet and fall to the ground. Joel offered up a saccharine smile as he wiped the blade clean and stuffed it back into his pocket.
“Good,” he said firmly, “now get out of my sight and don’t let me see you again.”
Adam was gone and out of sight before Joel could say anything else. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Joel Miller,” your hands were on your hips as you stood in the doorway to the kitchen as Joel walked inside the house. He looked at you with a sheepish expression; he was a smart man and he knew exactly what this was about, “what did I say?”
“You said to let it go,” he hung his head as he walked over to you. 
“And you did exactly the opposite of what I asked, didn’t you?”
“Yes ma’am,” he stated sheepishly. Before he could say anything else, he felt you throw your arms around him and hang onto him like a koala, “baby?”
“I can’t believe you did that for me,” you looked at him incredulously as he couldn’t help but smile at you, “did you really make him piss himself?”
“First of all, how did you hear about that?”
“Jenny who saw it all, who told Tommy, who told Maria, who told Ellie, who told me,” you grinned and he laughed. 
“He didn’t quite piss himself but I got the point across,” you couldn’t stop yourself from kissing him and you could feel him smiling against your lips, “you’re not mad?”
“I mean, I’m a little annoyed that you didn’t listen to me,” you sighed softly, “but also love the fact that you didn’t listen. You defended me.”
“I would do anything for you,” he took your jaw in his hand and turned your face up to his, “anything. I hope you know that.”
“I do,” you nodded, feeling warmth pool low in your belly, “I would do the same for you.”
“I know,” he kissed you with an intensity that you had practically melting into him, “I love you, baby.”
“I love you,” you made a small sound as he picked you up, “Joel!”
“Let me show you how much.”
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taintedcigs · 1 year
Also if your taking requests could you maybe write Eddie x fem!Scoops Ahoy Worker!reader
✦ A SCOOP OF MISUNDERSTANDINGS | e. munson x reader ✦
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc: 2k+
pairing: eddie munson x f!reader
warnings: not a lot of warnings tbh, just swearing, jealousy, fluff, like annoyingly fluffy, i hope this isn't cheesy and tiny tiny bit of angst if u RLLY squint
summary: eddie is really enamored with the new scoops ahoy worker, and is jealous of how her and steve get along so well.
authors note: NONNIE PLS EXCUSE HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO WRITE THIS HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY ASKS FOR A LONG TIME!! im so glad u liked polaroids and now i hope u like this as well and hope i did ur request justice <33 this concept was so fun to write!! ITS ABIT CHEESY BUT I LOVE CHEESY SO EXCUSE ME PLS! also lmk if u want more like this or all ur requests and any of ur feedback pls send me an ask abt anything ily all <3
Tumblr media
eddie LOOVES ice cream, and most of all, eddie loves going to scoops ahoy with dustin and annoying the shit out of steve.
it's like their weekly routine at this point, getting ice-cream, but also trying all the flavors so they can get free ice-cream, steve and robin always end up yelling at them.
so eddie entered the scoops ahoy shop with a smirk on his face, and the mission of annoying steve, but his smirk is wiped off and he is almost baffled by something, or rather someone.
he is intrigued at the sight of you, standing next to steve, pouting your glossed plump lips at him for something he is saying, and you look so pretty, that it catches him off guard. even with that stupid scoops ahoy hat on top of your hat, eddie thinks you look so fucking good that it's unfair, and he is too dumbfounded to speak.
you laugh at something steve says, and it makes eddie's heart skip a beat. his mind is fuzzy when he's staring at you, he wonders if you're new here, because if someone as angelic as you worked here before, he wouldn't have missed it.
his attention is drawn back to robin, who tries to take his and dustin's order and dustin asks to try his 100th flavor "god, will you take eddie and dustin's order i need to go on a break!" she exclaims shouting your name, groaning. you nod quickly as you wave steve away.
a warm smile is plastered on your face, "welcome to scoops ahoy! what can i get for you, dustin" you point to dustin, guessing the kid steve always talked about must've been him, and then you turn to eddie.
"and, eddie?" you smile, also remembering him from steve's stories, as he told you all about eddie and how he was 'not jealous' that dustin had gotten another older brother, who played the 'same stupid nerd game as dustin'.
"you know my name?" eddie asked, his eyes widening and his mouth dried up. "robin just told our names, you doofus." dustin lightly nudged him, and a blush crept up eddie's cheeks, his first words to you and he already looked like an idiot, great, he thought to himself.
"oh, not only that but that one talks about you two all the time!" you said giggling as you pointed to steve.
"all good things i hope." eddie chuckled and you gave him a warm smile again, nodding. the way your eyes sparkled as you smiled was etched into his brain forever, dustin realized eddie's adoring looks but he kept his mouth shut.
"so, uh... what kind of ice cream would you like today? we have a lot of flavors!" you asked, showing them dozens of ice cream flavors.
"i'll have one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, and same for him, if that's okay." eddie said, smiling at you.
you looked up at him, your smile widening. "coming right up!" you said sweetly, grabbing a cone and getting to work.
as you did so, dustin lightly nudged eddie's shoulder, eddie could barely turn his head around to dustin when all he could do was focus on you. "what?" he asked annoyed.
"dude, you have to ask her out!" dustin exclaimed excitedly and eddie threw him a look as to say 'keep your voice down idiot, she's right there!'
"what?" eddie asked playing dumb and dustin rolled his eyes, "you've been gawking at her ever since we walked in, just ask her out!" dustin encouraged eddie.
but eddie didn't know how he was supposed to do that. he was the 'freak' of hawkins, and you were- oh you were so pretty, so nice and you seemed so kind. he couldn't even manage to get his words out when you were around, let alone ask you out on a date.
"maybe next time, kiddo." he gave dustin's shoulder a squeeze, as eddie watched you laughing at steve's jokes again, and sighed.
he knew you were out of his league and possibly suited better for someone like 'king steve' anyway, but it didn't stop him from returning in a few days.
"eddie, hi!" the way your face instantly lit up and how you remembered his name, made him smile, eddie was putty in your hands with just two interactions.
"one scoop chocolate and one scoop chocolate chip again?" you remembered his name and his order? eddie's heart was about to burst out of his chest, you were giving the poor boy hope with just existing.
he nodded, and you scooped a generous portion of ice cream into a cone. "will that be all?" your tone was so sweet that it was making eddie sick.
"um, yeah." eddie said, feeling a bit flustered. he took the cone and turned to leave, but then he hesitated, dustin's words rang in his mind. he knew he at least had to start more conversations with you.
"hey, um, do you have any recommendations for other flavors?" he asked, his voice was still timid.
you grinned, excitedly. "oh, there are so many! have you tried the mint chocolate chip? it's my personal favorite." when he shook his head no, you immediately grabbed a spoon feeding him the ice cream.
you excitedly waited for his feedback, your eyes were glimmering, "really good." he managed to get out with a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth, making you giggle.
even if eddie wouldn't have liked the flavor, he would pretend that it was his favorite flavor for the rest of his life if it meant he would get to hear your pretty laugh and those dreamy eyes again.
and eddie knew he was obsessed now, he didn't want to be so hooked on you, but you made it easy, so very easy.
and in the next few weeks, eddie started coming to the shop more often, finding excuses to try new flavors and linger around you at all times. and the more he came the more he got comfortable with you, always making small talk, while trying to be funny and charming, but always feeling like he was failing miserably.
but you didn't seem to mind. in fact, him always coming around to see you, and your conversations were the best part of your day, and your job.
you were always laughing the hardest at his jokes, asking him about his day, and even sneaking him extra scoops of ice cream every now and then.
but eddie had one problem.
he was always there, talking to you, and making you laugh, jealousy was starting to consume him.
he couldn't help the agonizing anxiety inside of him that made him feel like he wasn't good enough for you, especially compared to steve who seemed to be a ladies' man and had a natural charm to him, along with the 'king steve' title that eddie felt he lacked, the only title he had was, 'the freak'.
and eddie couldn't get you out of his head. his head was constantly filled with thoughts of you and the little moments the two of you shared at scoops ahoy.
so when he came to the shop the next day, he had one thing on his mind. he had to at least try his chances, and ask you out.
"hi, honey." he greeted you, the nickname was something you felt so comfortable with, and it made you feel so giddy inside.
"hi, eds." he loved the nicknames you gave him, 'handsome, eds, pretty boy.' he could feel his insides about to burst when you called him any of them.
when the two of you fell into your routine conversations again, eddie felt comfortable, he felt at ease with your presence, and he realized he could really do it, he could actually ask you out.
so when he called out your name in a soft voice, he gathered his courage, clearing his throat.
"i just wanted to ask you if-" but once again, his voice was drowned out by steve, and he sighed his anxiety was starting to bubble over when your shift instantly focused to steve.
"shit- sorry i'm late, again!" steve's voice was irritating him now, and you waved steve off, to say that it was fine.
"you're only late like 5 minutes." you offered him a smile, and as steve gave you a hug to greet you eddie could feel his stomach knotting up.
he tried to stay composed, but he couldn't help his mind getting fuzzy about his insecurities.
when you returned to eddie, you could sense he was off. "sorry handsome, what were you saying?" you asked, as you gave him a sympathetic smile.
but eddie was distant, and even the 'handsome' nickname, wasn't enough to ease his worries "oh, it was nothing important." his voice was timid and he was now lost in his own thoughts.
"is everything okay?" you asked, your voice filled with worry.
"yeah, yeah, you can go back to your thing with steve, i didn't mean to interrupt." he meant for it to sound casual, but it sounded bitter.
you looked at him, furrowing your brows. "what?" and when you saw the way eddie looked at steve, it clicked.
all the times when steve came and interrupted you and eddie's conversation, all the times steve made you laugh, eddie always had the same disappointed look on his face that he did now.
and you actually face-palmed at the realization, and gave him a chuckle, causing eddie's attention to shift to you again as he gave you a puzzled look.
"jesus- eddie, have i ever told you how i started this job?" you asked, and he shook his head.
"we moved into hawkins a few weeks ago, my dad told me i had to find a summer job and then my cousin told me he got this new job at scoop's ahoy, so i thought why not? and i signed up as well." the information was slow to process eddie's brain.
"steve is my cousin, eds." you said, a smug smirk played on your lips, and eddie immediately felt his face grow hot with embarrassment. "oh."
"shit, i didn't know. sorry." he shook his head, glancing down at the floor.
he wanted to laugh at how foolish he had been, worrying about steve this much in the last few weeks.
"it's okay, i mean we do hang out a lot, but that's because he's my favorite cousin, and it's really fun to be able to annoy him 24/7." you giggled and eddie chuckled, nodding.
he felt a surge of relief, but he wanted to slap himself for being jealous over nothing.
when the conversation between the two of you went back to normal eddie felt comfortable around you again, and he decided to push his plans to asking you out to the next day, his cheeks still blushing at the mention of steve.
so when he says his goodbyes to you, it makes you groan, and eddie tilts his head, confused, as he turns his attention to you.
"are you ever going to ask me out?" you asked, impatiently, and you felt desperate to do so, but you had spent weeks flirting with eddie, and it was driving you crazy now.
eddie blinked slowly, not believing the words that were coming out of your mouth his heart pounding in his chest. "w-what?" he said, trying to keep his voice steady.
you huffed, "i mean i've been flirting with you for weeks, and i thought you weren't interested, but you did nothing." you pouted, and eddie felt like he was going to faint.
"shit, honey." now your heart was pounding out of your chest, the nickname, again, was enough to make you melt.
"fuck, i've been trying to ask you out for weeks, but i thought you weren't interested, especially because i thought you were interested in steve-" you made a gagging sound at that and his mouth turned up into a soft smile.
he felt like he was dreaming, he felt so stupid. "would you wanna go out with me? maybe to that new restaurant that opened up just right down the street?" he asked, intoxicated by your hopeful eyes.
"yes," you replied, without hesitation. "i would love to."
eddie grinned sheepishly at you. "great," he said. "how about tomorrow afternoon?"
you nodded eagerly. "tomorrow afternoon sounds perfect."
"see you then." eddie replied, appearing to be casual and trying to hide the fact that he was screaming internally. and trying to comprehend that he was actually going to go on a date with you.
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heeliopheelia · 7 months
"there's nothing i'd change about you. i love every single part of you" (niki x reader)
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, comfort fic word count: 0.6k requested by @im-yn-suckers ♡
a/n: i felt like writing something lighter tonight so here we go with kinda reversed comfort fic!! i'm working on the next hee drabble as i'm posting this one, so if everything goes well i'll finish the 1k event this week!!
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A frown makes it way on your face as you check the clock and realize it's been fifteen minutes since your boyfriend's finished his shower. He's been in a foul mood ever since he's come back home, visibly exhausted and irked by every smallest thing on his way. He spat some harsh words at you too, but the instant regret flashing in his eyes each time let you know that he didn't mean them at all.
So you did your best to give him the much needed space, knowing that nothing helps him clear his head more than some time alone, but after such a long time of absolute silence coming from across the hall, you can't help but feel slightly worried.
You call out to him softly and when you get nothing in response, you make your way into the bathroom where Riki is. You tilt the door open and take a peak inside the steamy room, only to feel your heart dropping at the sight of your boyfriend slouching in front of the mirror, hands braced on each side of the sink as his head is hanging lowly, eyelids squeezed shut.
Your eyes soften immediately at the miserable sight and without a shadow of hesitation, you walk towards him.
"You okay, babe?" You put on your most comforting tone as you wrap your arms around his torso from behind. "You've been beating yourself up for a while now, hm? Tell me what's on your mind, handsome?"
"It's just–," he cuts himself off with a frustrated sigh, running his hand through his face. "I know I can be a lot sometimes. And I'm sorry that you have to deal with all of that so often. You must be tired of this shit by now."
You frown slightly, pulling your head away slightly to press a kiss to his shoulder blade.
"Hey, don't say stuff like that. It's okay, everyone lets their emotions unleash from time to time, it's normal. Would be hard for one to stay perfect all the time," you hum quietly, squeezing his waist a little tighter. "But there's nothing I'd change about you anyway. I love every single part of you. Especially the parts that you love about yourself the least."
Riki breathes out a heavy sigh and finally lets himself relax into you a little bit as the guard that he's kept so high up absolutely crumbles. You can see how exhausted he looks now, the usual playful glimmer abandoned his now nearly dull eyes couple days ago. You slip your hands underneath his shirt and run your warm hands over his abdomen in hopes of bringing him some source of comfort.
"I could never get tired of you," you let out a quiet whisper after another moment of silence, and rest your cheek on his back. "Just because you're not smiling and laughing all day long doesn't mean you're suddenly undeserving of my love, Riki. I love you just as much as I did last week – if not even more."
At that, your boyfriend finally pushes himself off the counter and turns around to draw you in closely into his arms. Leaning down, he buries his face in your hair and holds you tightly as his head buzzes with all the love he carries for you.
"Thank you," he murmurs, hand caressing your hair gently, "for always being here. You're my little angel, you know that, don't you?"
You hum quietly and raise to your toes to plant a soft kiss on his lips. "And I'll always stay here. And you will start trying to let me in a little more, okay? It's you and me against the problem – not you against me. Promise me?"
Riki looks at your outstretched pinky finger for couple seconds before intertwining it with his and lifting it up to his lips to seal the pledge with a kiss.
"I promise."
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♡ How to earn the lion's love ♡
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-> things you can do to make this lazy lion love you to the moon and back
leona x reader (fluff!)
check out malleus' version here! -> ♡ how to gain the dragon's affection ♡
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Lull him to sleep!
Yes, I know he can easily fall asleep on his own already, but if you were there with him, he would sleep 10x better! Do anything to relax him. Let him rest his head on your lap, run your fingers through his smooth mane, or maybe even hum a soft tune and he will be at peace.
The first time you have him lay his head on your lap, he'll feel a bit tense. Sure, he's used to others doing things for him, but he's not used to being given such intimate affection. Assure him that it's okay to be this vulnerable. Though, you needn't say anything at all. Tell him by gently rubbing his temples, enveloping him with the warmth of your hands, and feel as he allows himself to let go as the weight of his head falls deeper into your lap. If he wakes up and sees you smiling tenderly down at him, he might immediately pop up off your lap. He'd do this, not because you startled him, but because his heart can't handle such a beautiful sight and he'd need to hide the faint blush on his cheeks.
Shower him with compliments!
This guy has a lot of pride and an ego that needs to frequently be fed. Just do it, will ya? Treat him like the king he is because at home, they simply don't treat him right. But no flattering him! He'll get irritated by your insincerity (and he'll probably call you a bootlicker lol 💀) if you do.
Don't allow him to tell you "never mind" or "it doesn't matter" when it comes to talking about his feelings or his opinions!
Even if he says "it's a pain" to try to explain it and will stubbornly attempt to keep his mouth shut, be persistent in wanting to hear what he has to say! If you're far more stubborn than he is, he'll eventually let up. Again, back home, he has often been treated with disregard for being the second son, so do the opposite and go all out with it! Make him feel heard and his appreciation for you will skyrocket. The foreign feeling of opening up to someone may be weird to him, but if that someone is you, then it's a feeling he'd be willing to get used to.
Be appreciative and acknowledge his efforts!
He’ll probably shrug you off, saying that he only did it for his own selfish reasons and whatnot, but stand your ground! Deep down, it warms his heart that you see him, and that his accomplishments and efforts aren't going unnoticed. He might say that he doesn’t need your thanks. Even so, a little appreciation can’t hurt from time to time, can it? And it'll go a long way too. You’ll notice that he’ll be doing those things you've thanked him for more frequently. (He'll act kind enough when he's around you that Ruggie would be like, "Hey, y/n...what the heck have you done to Leona?!" 😨 lol)
Simply play chess with him!
It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at it, play his favorite game with him and he'll enjoy it either way. If you're skillful, his competitive spirit will come out and he'll be having a fun time going against you! No worries if you're bad at it, he's willing to teach you even though he'd be like 🙄 for most of the time. But as you eagerly listen and try to grasp the tactics he teaches you, he'll subtly smile to himself. He's secretly happy you're trying to spend time with him doing what he enjoys.
Also, attempt to make it a routine with him. In his mundane life of attending classes, give him something to look forward to, (which would be getting to play chess with you)
For most of his life, Leona has been overshadowed by his brother and has lost much motivation because of it. So let him know that you see him, that you hear him, that you appreciate him, and maybe he'll come to find one of those rare motivations. That, being you 😘
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a/n: now that my posts are finally showing up in the tags, I'll continue this series on this blog instead of @ne-nene-ne ! That'll include any of my other writing as well!
I realize that I might honestly be more biased towards Leona because this one was longer than Malleus' 💀 (I love both boys tho, I swear)
As for the next victim, I'm thinking of doing Azul next! then maybe Idia too 🤔
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