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pal1cam · 14 days
Land Day - March 30th
Every year on the 30th of March, Palestinians all across Palestine, yet especially those living inside the 1948 green line (governed by the Israeli government) revive the memory of ‘The Land Day’ (in Arabic : Yawm Al-Ard), a day that first became of significance in the year 1976 when the Israeli government announced the plan that it had in mind, to take and expropriate thousands of dunams of land from Palestinian citizens for “state purposes”… this led the Palestinian citizens living under Israeli rule to take on a general strike and go out in protests and demonstrations in large number against such a decision that deprives them from the lands that they own privately.
On the protests of March 30th 1976 the IOF killed 6 Palestinians (Khadeejah Qasem Shawahneh, Kheir Ahmed Yassin, Raja Hussein Abu Rayya, Khader Eid Mahmoud Khalailah, Mohsen Hasan Sayyed Taha, Ra’afat Ali Zuheiri) while injuring and arresting hundreds more…
Many literary and artistic pieces have been dedicated to the memory of Palestinian Land Day by various authors and artists, the most famous piece being a poem written by the renowned Palestinian author and poet Mahmoud Darwish named “Al-Ard” (which translates to “The Land” in English).
The BDS movement is encouraging people from all over the world to organize huge protests and demonstrations on Land Day, as it is a day that holds a big part of the Palestinian struggle, which is the struggle to take back the stolen lands that were expropriated by the occupation’s government.
So what will you be doing this Land Day (March 30th 2024) to help raise Palestinian voices ?
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radicalgraff · 1 month
Tumblr media
"Stop ignoring genocide"
Spotted on a subway station ad in Manhattan, NYC
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chongoblog · 9 months
I might put more into this later but until then
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embraceyourdestiny · 2 months
People are waiting for things to be history while it’s happening so they can say “oh why couldn’t we do anything to stop it?”
You can do something to stop it.
Murder is happening right now. People are being killed right now. Starved out. Infected with disease from manufactured conditions. Their homes and community being torn apart because of sickening and disgusting wishes from the people in power above us assuring it happens.
Stand up. Do something.
Don’t wait and say we should’ve done something to help when we could’ve. You’re complacent if you aren’t helping now.
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nappingpaperclip · 3 months
Be loud!!! Be annoying!!!
Never apologize for speaking up against injustice! Never back down!
We the people of the world will fight until the very end, until every single person can return to grieve and rebuild what has been ripped from them! Until the very end!
We hear the cries of the innocent and we will cry with you! We will scream until our voices give out, and then some more still! We will never stop fighting, for our love of justice and human rights is whole and unconditional
We will never back down and never forget the cruel injustice of the world
We will never, ever forget those who stood by and watched silently!
Silence is complicity and escapism is a privilege!
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Today the body of the only real opposition leader in my country was buried
After his death on February 16th
Exactly a month before the presidential “election”.
After three years in prison camps.
Tumblr media
Thousands of people gathered before the funeral ceremony, leaving flowers and messages of gratitude
Tumblr media
Thousands of people protested on the streets, stopped by the police from getting closer to the funeral
Tumblr media
All stood together in his name,
Tumblr media
“Heroes don’t die!”
“Stop the war!”
“Peace for Ukraine! Freedom for Russia!”
“You wasn’t afraid, we aren’t afraid.”
I was afraid
I am
But seeing the bravery of my people, openly protesting despite all the risks, despite their faces being caught on cameras, despite everything
Makes me hope
And makes me want to spread the word
It often feels just scary and hopeless
Because, what the protests are for? For the goverment to see, to fear, to reconsider their choices
But there has been so many protests
And the goverment
Does not care.
Never did.
And the people brainwashed by the official propaganda will only see and hear what they’re being shown and told on daily basis.
But to all the people who still know what’s black and white.
Tumblr media
This today?
Was hope.
He was killed, but not broken.
Even in such tragedy there is light.
And on March 16th the official presidential elections will be held.
But everyone, every single person in this country knows they’re faked.
Have been for years. And years. Even before the constitution was rewritten to coronate one person forever.
It will be faked again.
But today?
Was the truth.
The truth that we aren’t broken.
Before all the power of the corrupted, heartless, hating, greedy and evil
There is good.
There is honesty, bravery, conscience, kindness, understanding
And I just want the humanity to know.
I just want the world to see.
We might not have power to do much else.
But if there is good, kind and understanding outside.
Help the world.
The hate,
The corruption,
The wars must stop.
One day we must win.
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kandavers · 4 months
Hi!!! Hey!!!
If you’re not aware of it yet (for whatever reason), Israel is conducting genocide on Palestine for reasons that are better explained by other articles online than me 😓 But the point is, I very much hope that the members of the Kandavers Nation are on the side of Palestine 🇵🇸 and please, if you can, keep fighting for them ! Otherwise, please see yourself out. /srs
I know I dont usually get political OR serious about anything, and though I try to make my blog a positive little safe space for everyone, this is WAAAY beyond that. People are suffering… Dying, even… No matter if they are an adult on an infant, they were shown no mercy.
To show your support, you can either donate for the cause by supporting numerous creators who are giving their profit to Palestinian aid, OR save your money entirely by boycotting these brands:
Tumblr media
Also, another piece of advice and wisdom I have to offer is that: I’m well aware that this situation causes a lot of stress for a lot people, especially when you see the news literally Everywhere! So, if you feel disturbed, or stressed out, please don’t hesitate to take a break and take care of yourself. Let’s keep fighting together. 🫶🫶🫶
I hope you have a nice day and do what you can! No person, nor dollar, is insignificant in times of need.
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humanrightsconnected · 2 months
Tumblr media
Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war. Since the invasion, more than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have lost their lives, nearly 20,000 have been wounded, and over six million have been forced to flee the country.
Be sure to click here to read the article by Anadolu Agency, which spotlights pivotal incidents of the conflict.
📸 by Katie Godowski on Pexels
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palesoftangel · 6 months
just now in gaza
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ibr860 · 22 days
Hello my dear followers I hope this post reaches a million Please quote and comment: Free Palestine🙏 PS The goal of this post is to raise the Palestinian voice 🇵🇸🙏🍉
Tumblr media
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gooogoogaagaaa · 24 days
in light of israel's looming invasion on rafah, south africa implored the icj to call for the protection of palestinians with new preliminary orders. the icj denied this request, insisting that its january orders would be sufficient in ensuring the safety of people residing in rafah.
we have all seen how israel responded to the icj verdict earlier this month. they have all but intensified their attacks on palestinians, their favorite of whom seem to be children. this will end in a bloodbath. palestinians, already malnourished and living in literal tents, will be bombarded, they will be shot, they will be slaughtered. and when i say palestinians, a lot of them are actual toddlers. the videos coming out of this are proof enough.
at this point, it has been made amply clear that palestinians will never experience safety in their own homeland. a lot of the families in gaza are trying to raise funds to get out of it, because there's nowhere left to go.
there is nowhere left to go. if these people don't get the funds necessary to escape, they will die.
it's vital that you go to operation olive branch's spreadsheet, choose a family that resonates with you, and donate as much as you can to their gofundme. every last dollar counts. one dollar could be the difference between life and death for a family. please don't fall victim to the bystander effect. your contribution matters, however little it may be. and whether you're able to donate or not, spread this to as many people as you can. each second we stay silent is a second an entire family is brutally massacred.
Original post: https://www.tumblr.com/stuckinapril/742586123691474944/in-light-of-israels-looming-invasion-on-rafah?source=share
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bitchpleaseee · 5 months
Tumblr media
Free Palestine 🇵🇸🕊️
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xjackieism · 2 months
Tumblr media
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san8ny · 3 months
Tumblr media
Not even done with highschool..
Tumblr media
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jadeseadragon · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#Repost @jewishvoiceforpeace
"On Tu Bishvat, we stand with Palestinians opposing the Israeli government’s systematic attacks on Palestinian trees. Tu Bishvat is known as the new year or birthday for trees—or the Jewish Earth Day. As anti-Zionist Jews, we are marking this Jewish holiday by opposing injustices perpetrated by Israeli apartheid and colonialism on Palestinian land.
The Israeli government enacts collective punishment on and erasure of Palestinians by uprooting native trees and substituting them with imported monocultures, causing harm to Palestinian livelihoods and culture. This erasure helps advance the goals of Zionism, the nationalist political ideology that led to the founding of the state of Israel premised on Jewish supremacy.
Israel’s apartheid government creates policies that make Palestinian life unbearable by design. Since 1967, the Israeli government has uprooted over 800,000 olive trees, and bulldozed hundreds of miles of agricultural land in Palestine. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians across Palestine rely on the fall olive harvest for their income, including more than 15% of working women. In Gaza over the past three months, the Israeli military has uprooted 70% of trees.
The destruction of Palestinian orchards and forests is an attempt to erase Palestinian history as well, attacking trees that live up to 15 human lifetimes. The Israeli government is targeting Palestinian’s connection to their homeland to fulfill Zionism’s lie of “a land without a people,” but Palestinians continue to resist Israeli land theft and destruction by cultivating their ancestral land and affirming that it was already occupied.
As Jews we stand against Zionism and the Israeli government’s manipulation of our traditions to facilitate land theft. On Tu Bishvat we honor our traditions of respecting the land and those who steward it, by standing with Palestinians. A free Palestine means cultivating a lush, tree filled land from the river to the sea."
Art by @wendyelisheva
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nappingpaperclip · 3 months
Please repost ❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
At the very least all of you should be abstaining from normal social media usage Jan 21-28.
Do not post about anything but Palestine during the strike
Demand content creators and celebs use their platforms to speak out like we did during the BLM protests.
Silence is complicity and escapism is a privilege
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