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rubashabansblog 2 days
Please consider SHARING or DONATING, thank you! 鉂わ笍馃崏
Day 258, still alive.馃嚨馃嚫馃崏
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boshradaoud1 2 days
This is a new account because my old account was unfortunately banned. No posts were shown to people or in hashtags, I couldn't send or receive messages, and I wasn't able to follow people!
Ezzideen and his family are facing hard times. No food has entered northern Gaza for the past two months, and they are facing starvation. Now, the money is not just for evacuating but also for surviving while staying in Gaza!
Please support him and his family; donations are crucial! Please spread the GoFundMe link so we can support them.
Thank you.
@blackpearlblast - @ibtisams - @fallahifag - @vakarians-babe - @sar-soor - @nabulsi - @fancysmudges
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mohammedtalatene 2 days
My brother helps stray dogs. He feeds the dogs some food. Because of the famine in Gaza, there is no food for people or animals.
This is a link for my brother. You can help him so that he can buy food for his family and for stray dogs
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alaajshaat 3 days
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The war continues with all brutality. The Israeli army does not know humanity. We are left with no livable home, no work office, nothing, and all the areas are unsafe. Save us by donating via PayPal.
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hashemmuhesin 1 day
There was a source of income that we were living, thanks to God, first, then thanks to this work, we had a dream and we were working on, and it was to develop this factory and expand our field, but
It was completely destroyed by the occupation forces, and now we have to start from scratch, but where are we! ; What do we do!!! We do not have the money to establish a new factory or at least open a simple project to continue our lives, to eat and drink, and there is something more difficult than that. I have two brother who are studying medicine in Egypt. They have only completed one year and have a long way to go. Don't they have the right to achieve what they dream of? We are about to lose hope. It has become very difficult. Where can we pay for their university to complete this dream?
I say that and with deep regret, we have been destroyed.
But we decided to conquer the challenge and prosperity; we decided to be one of the hands that contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza, at least contribute to the restoration of what we were to complete our lives
If you think we deserve help, contribute
Thank you in advance whether you contributed or not 馃挃
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snixkers-spams 2 days
Hello 馃枑
I am amira from Gaza, an application programmer and a lecturer at the university. I lost my job, my house, and everything I owned in the war. Can you help me spread my story so that I can protect my family from danger?
Reblog and share, and try to donate if you can!
Free Palestine 馃嚨馃嚫
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lovv3r 2 days
Dear friends,
I hope this message finds you well. We are a family living in harsh and difficult conditions due to the war, suffering daily from fear and destruction. I am writing to you today, appealing to your kind hearts to share our story and help us reach a safe place where we can live in peace. Your support and sharing of our story may be our only hope in this ordeal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and generosity.
May God bless
Of course. I hope you and your family make it out safe. 鈾ワ笍
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laylah-a 1 day
賷丕 賲丿乇賰 丕賱孬丕乇丕鬲 丕賳鬲賯賲 賱賴賲 噩賲賷毓賴賲 貙 丨賷賾賴賲 賵卮賴丿丕丐賴賲 ..馃挃馃挃馃挃
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ilmughrabii 6 hours
My son will be born in a genocide.
My wife is pregnant in a genocide.
Can you feel how hard to provide their needs in this genocide without a job? 馃挃馃崏
Help me back to work online to provide their needs 馃檹馃徎馃嚨馃嚫
Donate if you can, reblog if you can鈥檛. 馃珎
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seaslugdisco 1 day
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rubashabansblog 2 days
Restoration of Al-Shifa Hospital and the Patient's Friends Clinic.
We will rebuild Gaza.
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boshradaoud1 1 day
We are not fine, URGENT CALL!
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This war on Gaza has completely changed my family's life. We鈥檝e lost many loved ones. we have been displaced to three different places so far, and that is because no place is safe, and F16s don't stop shelling and killing indiscriminately.
we had to live in a small class in Al-Azhar University for more than two weeks. the enormity of the suffering defies description: no safe water, no clean toilets, no healthy food, overcrowded place and unfit for human habitation, biting cold, infections everywhere especially skin diseases, I remember crying because I couldn鈥檛 find a mattress to sleep on, we literally slept on the floor, not to mention the unending airstrikes all day and night long that might take any of my family lives.
I never imagined myself in a deplorable situation like this asking people to help me out . . We are exhausted in all aspects: physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. We are not fine!
Written by Abeer Shehab (Ezzideen's sister). You can follow her on Instagram: her private account is @abeer.sh1998, and she shares her and her family's story on @arthealssoulsg.
Please share, they need your help more than ever! Helping Ezzideen and his family is not just about evacuation but also about surviving the war and starvation in Gaza!
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daliamohisen 1 day
Hello to the world馃憢
I took this photo today in Gaza, specifically in Deir al-Balah, after everyone had been displaced to this area.This is a picture of the main market,which has just received some food supplies after a long period of closure and prohibition of food entry.
The market is overflowing with people,desperately trying to get what little is available,and prices have skyrocketed beyond belief.It's heartbreaking struggle for survival,just to get bit of food.
We are not only dying from the relentless bombings; we are also dying from hunger and the sheer inability to obtain food馃挃馃崏馃嚨馃嚫馃檹
Be part of our rescue,Donate or Share 鉂わ笍
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alaajshaat 9 hours
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In this very hot weather, the Mawasi Rafah area, which is considered safe according to the Israeli army, is being subjected to barbaric bombardment, which led to the burning of tents and bodies. This is a suspicious thing. Help us get out of here, please 馃げ馃徎馃檹馃徎
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cvntkisser 2 days
hey, burningvoidbird is a documented scammer! they used to go by the usernames happytrashpost, beautifulanchorpeace, unabashedobjectkitty, valiantcandysweets, transparentobservationpeach, strangeangelwinner, lovelypurplenacho, delicatesublimelizarddy, enchantingqueencreator, pleasantcollectionlove, sweettravelercheesecake, mysticglitterdestiny, glitterytreetyphoon, friedinternetqueen, spookykittygalaxy, enchantingqueencreatorsblog, saltysandwichrebel, stickyjellyfishgarden, paledonuttacok, massiveruinsbird, lucymkiraa, massivebananasong and who knows how many more
would you mind deleting their scam from your blog, or clearly labeling it as a scam so it doesn't spread to others? in the future, please remember to search the username/paypal account name/text used by the people asking for money in your inbox
please familiarize yourself with the posts of some current scammers while they are still under these usernames: smwitais, beatriceegiveer, luckyprincessblog, noisyperfectioncollective, glitteryfesthaks, dhrogou, luckieangelali, chieffurygiver, burningvoidbird, tacofriends
i really recommend looking at their pinned posts in order to better recognize scams, not just using this list as a blocklist, because once they are terminated they each will immediately remake their scams under a new username
Ah thank you for this advice, and dw I've deleted the post.
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lovv3r 2 days
Hello 馃枑
I am amira from Gaza, an application programmer and a lecturer at the university. I lost my job, my house, and everything I owned in the war. Can you help me spread my story so that I can protect my family from danger?
Of course. I cannot donate, but i can share it around. I hope you and your family make it out safe鈾ワ笍
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