Top Ten Neopronouns
Ranking with he/him, they/them, and she/her not included.
it/its: 267 (50.857%)
xe/xem: 215 (40.952%)
ae/aer: 146 (27.810%)
fae/faer: 126 (24.000%)
e/em: 96 (18.286%)
ve/ver: 92 (17.524%)
ze/hir: 88 (16.762%)
voi/void: 46 (8.762%)
bun/bun: 26 (4.952%)
star/star: 24 (4.571%)
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hysteric-al-cleric · 1 year
a good idea of mine;
reblog if you use neopronouns and think a discord server would be cool OR tag someone who uses neos if theyre interested /gen
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pronoun-wizard · 1 year
Please dont worry too much about messing up neopronouns!!
Most people would be happy that you are using them even if they are used wrong!!
I mess up with MY OWN pronouns!
If you dont know how to use certain sets of pronouns, ask the person whos pronouns they are! and practise them when you arent with them!
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mogai-starlight · 1 year
Tumblr media
♧》 pronoun flag for...
voi/void/voids/voids/voidself pronouns !
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custom-pronoun-pins · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: Ten circular drawings of a black cat in front of a circular rainbow, against a transparent background. The cat has yellow eyes, a pink nose, and pink inside its ears, but is otherwise solid black.
Yellow font on its chest reads, "my pronouns are", followed by a set of pronouns.
The pronouns are, in order:
vee/veen, vi/vir, vo/vos voi/void, wa/wir wave/waveself, x/xself, xae/xaer xe/hir, and xe/xem
End ID.]
Here is the link for the first redbubble collection for this design (which has the first 100) and the second!
Feel free to save them to your computer/device to use for icons, headers, moodboards, edits, ect. You can even add your own pronouns to these!
If you’re able to print out and make your own buttons, feel free to do so, as long as you aren’t selling them to make money!
Requests are always open!
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ace-up-your-sleeve · 11 months
Hi! I'm Leviathan, but i have a plethora of nicknames i also go by! I use they/them and some neos (which you can find in the link below). He/him is also ok, but not my favorite set of pronouns lol. I'm libramasculine and use xenogenders (found under the tag #leviathan's hoard)! I'm omni-oriented and aroacespec with a preference for men, however i have a girlfriend! I'll also probably post my experiences as a trans person and maybe show off my kandi and cosplays from time to time :3
Im following the trend and using PotatoLord's picrew as my pfp lol (last link)
Please keep in mind that I am a minor :)
Tumblr media
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boyflux-culture-is · 1 year
hey. could i please have a pronoun check 🥺🥺 My name is Alex and I want to try he/himthey/them and voi/void
this is alex! he just asked me for a pronoun check and voi has some really cool pronouns. i hope they have a wonderful day and that this check helps void :)
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enderiian · 2 years
since ranboo is okay w/ us headcanoning stuff about his character here's all the pronouns i think his character could potentially use.
he/they c!ranboo is already canon (because cc!ranboo was holding a photo of the ranboo my beloved meme and he looked at the picture and said "there they are")
- he/him/his/himself/himself
- they/them/their/theirs/theirself
- xe/xem/xeir/xeirs/xemself
- end/ender/enders/enders/enderself
- star/star/stars/stars/starself
- moon/moon/moons/moons/moonself
- voi/void/voids/voids/voidself
- ae/aem/aeir/aeirs/aemself
send tweet
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pronoun-checker · 8 months
Heyo! :) can you please do a check for the name October or Andromeda, and the pronouns they/them, space/spaces/spaceself, star/stars/starself, moon/moons/moonself, sun/suns/sunself, cloud/clouds/cloudself, voi/void/voids/voidself, and neon/neons/neonself? Sorry for all the pronouns haha :')
For interests, I love drawing, reading, drumming, acting, playing video games, writing and making outfits :)
Thank you!! :)))
Sure thing! And no problem at all, more pronouns make for such cool gender expression!
This is October! They also go by Andromeda. I think both of spaces names are really great! Star said that moon loves drawing, reading, and drumming. I really want to get into drumming, so I wonder what tips sun would give me? Cloud also likes acting, playing video games, writing, and making outfits! I wonder which games voi likes to play? I think neon has awesome interests, and I hope that they have a great day and take care of spaceself!
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gay-otlc · 1 year
voi/void Tam
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candyic · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
┊°˖ ✧ a flag for those who use they/voi/bug pronouns ⊹ this flag can be used by those who use exclusively they/voi/bug pronouns or use them alongside other pronoun sets
flag created by me ⊹ template by ezgender !!
IMAGE ID: two nearly identical flags stand side-by-side. the flag on the right is seven stripes. the first and seventh stripes are the largest, all the same size, and the fourth stripe is slightly smaller. stripes two, three, five, and six are the thinnest. the colours, from top to bottom, are: forest green, light green, desaturated grass green, deep green, desaturated grass green, light green, and forest green. the flag on the left is the same, but there is a PNG of a beetle on top that is the same colour as the top and bottom stripes on the flag; END ID
DO NOT INTERACT if you are... anti-mogai, anti-neuroidentities, anti-nonbinary lesbians/gays, anti-mspec lesbians, NSFW or cringe/flop blog, anti-self diagnosis, autism speaks supporter, t(w)erf/swerf, MAP/supporter, aspec exclus, believe you need dysphoria to be trans, trump supporter, follow other basic DNI criteria; anti-neopronouns/xenogenders, proshipper/anti-anti, anti-kin, or are "neutral" on anything above
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Is it ok if u could do a pronoun check ? :o
My name's Malware and would like to see if these pronouns fit me, voi/void, that thing(s)/it, and ink/inks pls and ty :)
This is Malware! I don't know much about void, but I like that thing's name. I hope it has a good day and takes care of inkself!
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Hi there! My name's Ash
I wanna test out these pronouns; he/him, it/its, rot/rots, and rai/rain
I really like drawing, playing video games, reading, and baking
Hi Ash!
I got an ask from a person named Ash and he has some pronouns he’d like to test out! I really like its name, a character from my favorite tv show is named Ash! Rot likes to draw which is super cool! I bet he’s a really good artist and I’d love to see some of his art one day! Rai also likes to play video games and heyyy me too! I wonder what some of his favorite games are? It likes to read too! I would like to reccomend to rot the book The End for the sole reason that I loved it. And lastly, rai likes to bake! I bet his baked goods are delicious! It is Kenny from the future and we are revisiting this ask because bun has some new pronouns bun would like me to use! I hope this helps void out. Bun included in buns most recent ask that bun likes to take walks and I think that’s wonderful! I’m so glad voi has a nice way to relax.
I hope this helped! If there’s something you’d like me to fix or change, feel free to send in another ask or message me directly and I’ll redo it! Have a great day :)
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panic-is-trying · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
^ voi/void/voidself pronoun flags !
Tumblr media
^ ain/ains/ainself pronoun flag !
Tumblr media
^ dae/daem/daer/daeself pronoun flag !
There’s also a void/voids/voidself pronoun flag here !
🟧 requested by echoven !
🟧 flags by me !
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draconicdog · 1 year
hoarding pronouns is basically just (rifles through my collection to see which pronouns i want to put in my bio because it's not aesthetically pleasing to list 16 different pronouns in a tiny space)
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custom-pronoun-pins · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: Ten circular half black and half yellow pronoun pins against transparent background that read, my pronouns are" across the top, with larger pronouns in the center, in first black, then yellow font.
The pronouns are in order:
vo/vos, voi/void, wa/wir,
x/xself, xae/xaer,
xe/hir, xe/xem, xe/xim,
xe/xir, xe/xym
End ID.]
Feel free to save them to your computer/device to use for icons, headers, moodboards, edits, ect.
If you’re able to print out and make your own buttons, feel free to do so, as long as you aren’t selling them to make money!
Feel free to request more pronouns in this style, or with different examples sentences! Requests are always open! :)
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