lostlovepunk · 10 hours
okay i wanna know this is for science ™
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it-its-culture-is · 3 days
it/its culture is being a monster of feathers and tooth and claw and wings and fur and scales and tails and chitin and flesh being a doll of porcelain and lace and wooden masks and old peeling paint being a robot of plastic and metal and wires and plating and glass and helpful eager smiles being something made of darkness roiling soundless somewhere unseen being something that sees and is blind and is one eye and every eye being what the world has lied to about its place being told exactly what it is being everything being nothing being all that could possibly be being empty inside being something overflowing being unthinking being every thought overlapping being a monster a doll an insect the nighttime a stone a tree being more and less than human being it being it being it being it
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iamfabiloz · 4 months
I think it/its and neopronoun users should get a free hot meal and a kiss goodnight and also should rule n take over the world tbh
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pansexual-pied-piper · 2 months
Something abt it/its pronouns really makes ppl lose the ability to think huh
Oh they make you uncomfortable? Well no you're not saying that your comfort is more important than other people's pronouns, you're just... not gonna use them. It's fine if you use something else instead, right?
Oh you don't want to assume they're being used in a dehumanizing way, really, you're just checking? Dang I guess there were no context clues at all that could have told you that it's much more likely that that's simply its pronouns. You just had to be certain, it's not like you're actually accusing somebody of dehumanizing another person.
Well no you're not interrogating it on its pronouns, you're just checking that this isn't internalized transphobia / exorsexism / misogyny / ..., gotta make sure this was an informed decision, right? And who's better qualified to decide whether it chose those pronouns for a good reason than you, after all?
And that's the nice options.
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vurrart · 2 months
Tumblr media
welcome to my they/it ralsei agenda
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gnc-culture-is · 1 year
People who use it/its pronouns are important and deserve to be counted as worthy of respect and to be properly gendered.
shout out to my it/its pronoun users. you’re fantastic, and I hope you have a good day.
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spikestartrek · 10 months
I don’t know who needs to here this but they/them and it/its pronouns are not interchangeable
There’s of course the transphobic use where transphobes will call someone they can’t identify “it” in a derogatory manner instead of using they/them to refer to them or to just ask but that isn’t actually what I’m talking about
I’m talking about other trans people or allies who won’t use it/its pronouns for people who use them and justify using the wrong pronouns by saying it/its makes them uncomfortable
If you aren’t comfortable using it/its pronouns for a person you still can’t just use they/them instead. The only time you can substitute someone’s it/its pronouns for they/them is if that person also uses they/them pronouns
If a person exclusively uses it/its pronouns and you aren’t going to call it that, then just refer to that person by name. Just don’t use any set of pronouns for that person, and then don’t interact with that person
And I can’t believe I have to say this part, but if the person uses more pronouns than just it/its then just use the other pronouns instead
I use he/it pronouns and 9/10 when I encounter someone who is uncomfortable using my it/its pronouns instead of using exclusively he/him (my main set of pronouns) they will automatically act as if my pronouns are he/they. Like I even gave you a set of pronouns you are comfortable with and you still chose to replace my it/its pronouns with they/them
Sure they/them is gender neutral but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to be referred to that way and you shouldn’t refer to someone in that manner after learning their pronouns unless they are actually they/them
Edit: I have grown as a person since writing this and would like to make this correction, if you cannot move past your discomfort with it/it’s pronouns or other neopronouns you can either fuck off or suck it up, the name only option is weak as shit unless that’s how a person would prefer to be referred to
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genderpunks · 1 year
every he/it, she/it and they/it deserves nothing but the best. love u all
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bunnymothmartyr · 2 months
Tumblr media
new fursona just dropped
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sudscrub · 6 months
refusing to use it/its pronouns for someone who’s preferred pronouns are it/its is just as rude and disgusting as refusing to use “normal” pronouns like she or he or they for someone who prefers those ones. you don’t get to choose which pronouns you’d like to call someone just because it makes YOU uncomfortable. it’s not about you. so stop acting like it is
edit: hey while you’re here advocating for people on my post why not also be a mental health ally and reblog a few of the NPD posts on this blog by me any my mutuals before you go? just sayin
edit 2: if youre a terf/radfem here to make a "point" your opinion is invalid by default and nobody wants to hear your braindead shit, go drink hand-sanitizer or something
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itpebble · 3 months
Tumblr media
a thing for trans awareness week
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it-its-culture-is · 2 days
it/it’s culture is having to go socially going by they / them bcs ppl somehow can’t understand your prns or domt want to understand them
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wxnter-rain · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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theprinceofflies · 1 year
Shout out to anyone who uses It/Its as a pronoun!
I know you’re sick of hearing people say its transphobic to use them and I know its annoying when people say that they dont want to be transphobic and use them for you.
You are not doing anything wrong and you are amazing!
They are your pronouns and thats great!
If you use other ones as well congrats! You still deserve to be called by your other correct pronouns as well.
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felinecorpse · 8 months
Happy almost pride month! If anyone puts it/its pronoun discourse on my feed this month I'm gonna blow this fucking website up!
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bedazzling-blinkiez · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
blinkie id: four blinkies with a green outline with darker green and cream blinks, and a cream interior. the text in the blinkies are dark green, and each one has a different pronoun set. the pronoun sets are ‘they/them’, ‘she/her’, ‘it/its’, and ‘he/him’. /end id
gifcity blinkie I edited found here
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