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renatapatata 2 days
shazam 3 pitch ; rosa signs billy up for therapy and its just hours of asher angel as billy talking out his abandonement issues and getting the help he needs regarding that with bonus hugs from his parents and siblings 馃榿
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r-----r 16 hours
Omg art prompt 馃憖
May I see a Billy Batson wearing a batman costume for Halloween? (and maybe getting caught)
Tumblr media
POV: You're Batman at the JLA's annual Halloween party.
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happy-xy 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Asher Angel & Jack Dylan Grazer TikTok: @mtvuk
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marcspectrr 3 days
To the person who soon makes a gifset of Freddy finally finding Billy and asking for the joke to be over, only slowly realizing it's not a joke, then crying over Billy's burned body quietly asking "what'd you do?" as he waits for him to wake up, calling him an asshole, telling him they're a team as he shakes his dead best friend's body: I give you a forehead kiss 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ
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cerealboxlore 2 days
hey so to add on to deaged billy, what if he as captain marvel often says 鈥渄o good and good will follow鈥 to the league, but as billy he ends up saying 鈥渘o good deed goes unpunished鈥
i wanna see the league鈥檚 reaction to that
i also want him to have a super emotional scene where he saves someone despite the danger it puts him in and says with a breaking voice 鈥渟ure no good deed goes unpunished, but it makes a difference. a small difference but a difference鈥
another thing i want is for when he turns back into marvel (assuming his identity isn鈥檛 discovered) that one of the leaguers (i鈥檓 imagining hal? idk tho) remarking on how feral he was as a child and marvel responding with the most feral grin to ever grin 鈥渨ho says i ever stopped?鈥 and then switching back immediately to his normal marvellous self
I apologize for not getting to this ask soon enough, but wowie it has been dancing a real show stopping number in my brain cells for some time now.
First of all, I absolutely adore the "no good deed goes unpunished" motto for Billy as himself, seeing as when he is not Captain Marvel, he is more vulnerable to the truths and dangers of the world, and his experience in it has molded him into the pure of heart, yet bitter, child, he is today. Billy believes in the best in people and believes in doing good for others, but he doesn't believe in himself (to be worthy or deserving of anything good in return).
And I can totally see a scene happening where Billy continues to stand up against major threats and villains, despite only being in his mortal form with no magic or strength to him.
Maybe he's in Metropolis when a magical disturbance problem happens, and knowing Lex Luthor, he'd take advantage of a situation to take down superman with something he isn't good against. Lois Lane could be in danger while Superman is busy fighting a magical foe that Billy can't fight for once due to his inability to transform back into Captain Marvel, and seeing her about to get hurt pushes Billy to help her. He pushes her out of harms way but in doing so, leaves himself vulnerable to an attack and gets himself blasted across the room, injuring his tiny mortal self.
The pain is immense. It's worst than anything uncle Ebeneezer or muggers would make him feel. He knows that he's bleeding, he knows that his ribs cracked and heard his bones snap, but he refuses to lay down. Billy Batson may not have the powers of Captain Marvel at the moment, but Billy Batson, has the courage of Billy Batson.
He willingly stands up for what he believes in and is willing to fall for it, too. He doesn't care what others think, he just cares if they are safe.
Gosh, Imagine Billy Batson standing up to fist fight Lex Luthor. Small child gonna be roasting him for being bald and having an inferiority complex, haha. Or just kick him in the groin and run away 馃弮鈥嶁檪锔
As for the last thing you mentioned with Billy being a feral child, both in his mortal form and champion form, I love it. I am here for Billy being feral 24/7.
Superman: It's good to have you back as yourself, Captain. I have to say though, it was strange seeing you as the child you were. You were...how do I say this...
Hal: Feral. Rabid. An ungodly child who bit plastic man for stealing his doughnut.
Superman: Yes. What he said. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you as a child that encouraged such good behavior and manners that we see in you in the present??
Hal: Pft, yeah, I think spooky wouldn't mind some advice on how to become a tame boy scout for his own herd of feral kids.
Captain Marvel, smirking: Well, hold on. You're assuming I stopped. I never said I did.
With the spirit of Billy in him, he gives them a wink with a cheeky smile, warning them of what was to come if he ever felt like it.
Feral Billy showing up in his Captain Marvel form reminded me of this fic on AO3, where Captain Marvel plays a prank on his coworkers about telling them his real age, then when they freaked out, said it was April Fool's. Cyborg knew though. Cyborg suffered in knowing the truth.
I'll reblog this with the link to the fic when I find it! I think you'd like it (if you haven't already read it).
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wolfsbanesparks 2 days
Do you ever think about the possibility of Billy (teen age) finding an abandoned baby and then in fear of the child going through the same traumas as him as a foster kid in the system, try and raise the baby as his own? Just Billy deciding on becoming a dad/older brother to a possibly magic baby, and the Justice League suddenly seeing captain marvel carrying a small baby in one of those baby carrying things. Your fic with harley quinn and billy sparked this brain rot idea
An entire nursery room is made in the Rock of Eternity, right next to the mysterious library.
This is a really interesting idea!
Because Billy is definitely the type of person who would take on the responsibility of caring for a baby/younger kid if he thought it would be better for them in the long run. Whether it's purely based on worry over what might happen to the kid in the system or if there are extenuating circumstances like the baby is very magical or has metahuman powers or whatever the case may be, there could be a cool story there!
Is he prepared to raise a kid on his own? Definitely not. But he will try his hardest even if it means making a lot of personal sacrifices to do so. There would probably be a decent bit of angst since Billy would be a single teen parent who lives on his own.
And the JL would see him carrying this baby around, playing with said baby in meetings, stressing about the baby's health, and they'd all pitch in their two cents on what babies need. Billy would be grateful for the help especially once he realized just how much extra responsibility he'd taken on. Some of them might even offer up their sidekicks as babysitters which would be so funny.
And him sprucing up the Rock of Eternity so it'd be a suitable nursey is just so precious. That kid would grow up to have NO sense of what's normal. But Billy would love that kid so much and be the world's most doting teenaged dad ever.
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jasontoddsguns 11 hours
The real issue with the Shazam movies is that teenagers watch it and then thirst over Billy.
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fandomnerd9602 3 days
Shazam tries talking with the Justice Society...
Shazam: okay i think i got your next incredibly cool name - the Assembly of Super Savers!
Al: what the-?
Cyclone: did you just call us ASS?
Shazam: I-uh...maybe? We can workshop the name later.
Y/N: well its better than Al's idea: Super Friends? Half of us aren't even aquaintances!
Tumblr media
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kevin-is-demi 3 days
Tumblr media
[here are the close ups]
Tumblr media
That one meme, you know the one^^^
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And here's Billy doing magical things + him transforming!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have spent so many days on this it's not even funny, anyway hope you liked it! I'm gonna go sleep 馃槶
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lorddetaur 20 hours
Tumblr media
The main premise of the first Shazam movie will always be funny.
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wwprice1 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Upcoming Shazam covers by Steve Lieber, Chris Samnee, and Dan Mora.
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cloudycera 3 days
Tumblr media
I Live
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mrkeatingsblazer 3 days
I need more Freddy freeman content specifically super hero Freddy
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happy-xy 2 days
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Asher Angel & Jack Dylan Grazer TikTok: @sopitasfm | sopitas.com
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armed-teddy-bear 18 hours
Bat Son
Justice League: Why have you never told us your real name?
Captain Marvel, who鈥檚 tired of hiding the truth from his friends: Well, it鈥檚 because鈥 You鈥檒l see. SHAZAM!
Billy detransforms. Silence settles as they all take in his appearance: a young child, black hair, blue eyes, age averaging around 10鈥
This can only mean one thing:
Justice League: You鈥檙e Bats鈥 son!?
Billy Batson, who got his hearing busted after being struck by lightning 918 times: Huh? How did you know?
Batman, remembering surprise son Damian: Wait. Is he?
And then 3 options:
Billy really turns out to be Bruce鈥檚 bio kid.
Billy isn鈥檛 even Bruce鈥檚 bio kid, and Bruce knows it, but he saw this child who needed help and just accepted he had a new son.
Billy isn鈥檛 Bruce鈥檚 bio kid but the League is so convinced he is that they pressure Batman into taking care of Billy. Billy says OK 馃憤 and then just goes back home. Not even Batman can force him into anything.
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cerealboxlore 3 days
Shazam is taking over my life
I love this superhero child
Anyway I ended up drawing him, here's what I got done in two days
Tumblr media
Fury of the Gods is still playing non stop in my head, the movie was so good I'm just fuled with even more love for Billy
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