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My brain at 3 am: Hey girlie get up it’s time to envision the most depressing rewrite of Danny Phantom.
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Danny and his english class go feral
So danny and all of his English class are going to gothem as a graduateing feild trip
By this point in time everyone knows danny is phantom, danny knowes everyone knows, all of amity knowes
But because of the way the government reacted to the ghosts, ignoring the problem and just sending in people who want to commit genocide.. they've made the decision they dont need the government
At this point, danny English class is very protective of eachother
Dash and the a-listers apologised
Once Wes was proven right, he was told of what would happen to danny should outsiders find out about him and apologised
Mikey and the neards have gotten more confident dew to the a-listers and in return thwy help dash and kwan with their grades
The point is, their ALL protective, and because danny is the most protective of all once he heard they were going to gothem he handed out fenton brand wepons like candy
They were all enjoying it so far, it was getting annoying whenever dash or kwan had to knock out a few petty criminals but its going fine...
Until the riddler and penguin decided to make a hostages situation out of them
When batman arrived to a hostage situation he was expecting crying and scared kids, especially after learning they were teenagers from out of town...
What he walked in on was this
Paulina and star making matching scratching posts out of a pair of goons
Wes was full body slamming people left, right and center, your in his way your getting knocked over
Sam was following wes and after he knocked them over she used the fenton-anti-asshole-tazer on them
Tucker was sitting on a chandler and making sure all the coms were disconnected...and recording everything
Mickey ran up to dash yelled "FOOTBALL ME" and dash picked him up like a foorball, threw him several feet in the air where he proceeded to tackel and claw penguin
Danny was fist fighting the riddler while distroying him with banter
Mr.Lancer had a fuckin fenton-lighsaber and was changing from obi-wan canoby and darth vader impressions
Batman went out side for a good 30 minutes trying to processes what he just saw, unfortunately leaving the goons the riddler and penguin to the mercy of feral, overprotective angry amity parkers
When batman walked in later Tucker yelled "THE CONTROLL ISSUE FURRIE IS HERE"
After he yelled that everyone froze
Danny was choking out the riddler
Mickey was holding the fenton-ecto gun at penguin
Dash was mid punch
Kwan was using fenton-sneakers to walk on the roof and was stringing up goons
Stat was using the fenton-lipsick gun to blast people
Paulina was using the fenton-glitter nunchucks with star as backup
Wes was putting a goon in a headlock
Sam was using fenton-thorn gloves to distroy all wepons the goons were using
And Mr.lancer was mid darth vader impersonation
And they all stopped their feralness to stare at him, it went from chaos to silence
Even the goon, riddler and penguin were silent waiting to see WTF was about to happen
And batman had a feeling life was about to get more complicated
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pbeltarts · 5 months
Tumblr media
Ever see something and go “yeah”
Tumblr media
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sunndropcitrus · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
also bonus;
Tumblr media
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herbatahleb · 2 months
Tumblr media
they're dating because they are in love with the same boy
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stillebesat · 3 months
DP x DC HC that Stephanie Brown and Dash Baxter are cousins. (Moms are sisters)
*walking to a WE meeting room where all the Waynes are sitting*
Dash: I can't believe you talked me into this! Steph: Come on! It will be funny. It will probably work too! Dash: He doesn't like rich people. Steph: Neither does Jason. Dash: Didn't you say the oldest grew up in a circus?! Danny's not a fan of the Circus. Steph: No, you said he doesn't like clowns. Dick is an Acrobat. Totally different. And! This entire family, heck the entire city absolutely LOATHES clowns. He'll fit right in. Dash: But! Steph: Nope! *shoves Dash into room* Go get 'em Tiger! *barricades door shut* Bruce: You had a proposal for us, Mr. Baxter? *gestures to his family*
Dash: *gulps* Ah. Uh. Yes. *clicks on the projector where 'WHY YOU SHOULD ADOPT DANNY FENTON' with a picture of Black-Haired Blue-Eyed Danny front and center flashes onto the screen* Wayne Family: o.o Dash: *clears throat* So, there's this orphan in my hometown...
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miracle-fandom · 2 months
Look, maybe I am not looking in the right places, but can we talk about how shady the Fenton's "parenting style" must look to everyone else in Amity? Maybe not cannonically, but the fandom really needs to start thinking about it.
We should talk about how easily it is to confuse vigilantism with abuse.
I want Danny with unexplained bruises every other day and the A listers assuming the worst.
I want Mr Lancer seeing Danny start struggling with school for, apparently, no reason and see him sleep on class and realize those are signs of abuse.
I want people to see how protective Sam and Tucker are and realize there's something they are protecting him from.
I need Valerie to see Danny run off at any sign of ghosts and suddenly "oh Fenton doesn't look scared of ghosts" and it clicks in her mind that maybe he's running from his parents.
I want people to see Danny do uncanny things, or have too much pain tolerance, or brush off whatever Dash came up with today and think "huh, that doesn't sound right"
I want the metaphor for child abuse in the show to become a little bit more real in the narrative. Is that too much to ask? I want them hearing the horror stories of the Fenton's cooking and start putting together that "oh, maybe they don't actually... mind experimenting on themselves" and who's to say the same fate didn't happen to Danny or Jazz?
Who's to say where evil scientists stops and child endangerment starts? And if suddenly, Amity Park has started to make Danny's life a little bit easier by making the Fenton's life harder, well, correlation and causation are one hell of a drug.
[ Check reblogs ]
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Danny: you just activated my fight and flight response..
Some dumbass: don’t you mean or?
Danny, lifting off the ground: No, I did not.
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lordgrimoire · 20 days
The Amity Parkers
Inspired by This Post, which is long, read the many reblogs and tags and comments, it’s fun!
Tim was Ninety Percent Sure that he was going absolutely insane, granted it was a long time coming. Danny Fenton, his Chemistry teacher and Dash Baxter, his Phys Ed teacher? That was two people from the same practically non-existent town in Illinois, but add onto that the fact that even MORE people kept showing up in Gotham from sleepy little Amity Park and proceeded to either A:Thrive or B:Thrive but with the Energy of a Kryptonian having nonstop contact highs.
After his two teachers, or more accuratly before, there had been Jazz Fenton, a new Psychiatrist working in Gotham and making rather noticeable strides in things. Then arrived her brother and Baxter, who had applied roughly at the same time in the aftermath of a Rogue attack on the cities water treatment plant, and the floodgates seemed to less open more fly off the hinges as though breaching charges had been used. 
Now there were MORE people here, there was Tucker Foley, working at Wayne Enterprises as a coder and a damn terrifying one to boot, Sam Manson, an activist who ended up throwing Tim during one of his Red Robin patrols where he’d come across her “Protest Site” which had been a small park in The Narrows. Wes Weston, a cop, had been giving his coworkers and his Chem teacher NOTHING but grief, insisting that Fenton was doing “Something” wrong but never quite being able to get things to stick, upon further digging this had been a long running one sided rivalry. There was also a SECOND Psychiatrist, Paulina Sanchez, at Gotham Academy who was also from Amity Park, and her files were airtight, as Damian’s most recent hacking attempt and Tim’s own follow up had failed to breach her firewalls.
So, here Tim was, staring at Danielle “Dani/Ellie” Masters, Dr. Fenton’s CLONE and the Academies newest but also most feral teacher as she boxed the Joker hard enough for an audible crack to be heard from their classroom from where she was fighting the demented clown on the field. Baxter was still running his class as normal, though a bit further away, and Dr. Fenton was still teaching their class, while Tim was trying to get Extra Credit and vengeance on the Doctor through today’s extra credit task, making a tracker that could track Doctor Fenton for Twenty Four Hours. 
Why was he seeking vengeance you ask? Well given the fact that Jason brought Doctor Fenton to Family Dinner last week [with Alfred’s blessing] and had come in with the most gremlin-esque energy he’d seen from a Non-Rogue. Now don’t get Tim wrong, he likes Doctor Fenton, he may be demented as all get out but he was regularly making counters to drugs and toxins that seemed to just inhabit Gotham. BUT! Doctor Fenton and Jason had been so sickeningly cutes-y with each other at Dinner, like a couple of Birds of Paradise trying to one up each other.
Then of course was the “Story Time” where the two had teamed up to tell embarrassing stories, though Danny held back, a touch. It didn’t absolve him, especially with how he egged on Jason, which very much didn’t help the whole “I know you’re the Bats” situation. AND THEN! There was the fact that a majority of the Amity Parkers KNEW that they were the Bats, It was as though they had gone through this whole song and dance before, which given prior statements of Doctor Fenton having “Hung up the Cape” seemed to imply he used to be a hero in Amity Park, where your average joe could one on one a rank and file leaguer or at least give them a rough time.
The fact that a semester of training from Baxter and Fenton alone had made Tim’s year group capable of facing off with the JL  was a testament to that.
Speaking of which, some Junior Leaguers were coming to Gotham, if only for a place where they were not as “Strange”. Some of those moves may have been encouraged with the recent custody battle between Luthor against Vlad and Danielle Masters regarding Connor, who was a Copyrighted clone as it turns out, which had resulted  in Connor being made a ward of Danielle Masters, who had chewed Superman out HARD along with her Original, Doctor Danny Fenton himself.
Suffice to say, Clark did NOT get majority of Custody, and only got every third weekend, which was terrifying in Tim’s opinion that this small town mayor who was as wealthy as Luthor, had turned up, legally thrashed Luthor, and then given custody over to his daughter, thrashed SUPERMAN with KRYPTONIAN LAWS, and then gone back to Amity Park Illinois to resume his Mayor-ship there. The fact the town was essentially a self governing and self sufficient region  meant that the League was now VERY AWARE of it, and the fact that the League of Assassins had tried and FAILED multiple times to infiltrate the town, with more people going rogue than staying loyal, with only one out of nearly two hundred assassins returning to Nanda Parabat, critically wounded and very much insane.
In Tim’s opinion? Amity Park raised people similar too but far more prepared than Gothamites, for while Gothamites may have the Fight in their bones, Amity Parkers seem ready to back it up with experience, training, and life experience. 
But then again, Mr. Lancer had been an immigrant to Amity Park, and he was the blueprint of sorts for all of his students who had gone into teaching, much the same for how Batman was the Blueprint for all the other Bats.
Tagging some Folks included in the Masterpost
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dashing-through-ecto · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I`ve wanted to make this for so long and ive finaly had the time to do it. This is from this one shitpost from @the-stove-is-on-fire
Shitpost comic -> Masterpost
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Dash, accidentally drinking pure ectoplasm from Danny’s cup: holy shit that’s horrible! The fuck is that?!
Danny, casual as ever: ectoplasm, it’s an aquired taste
Dash: how the hell do you acquire it?!
Danny: dying
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floralflowerpower · 2 months
Danny deciding to become a firefighter as an adult would be pretty rad I feel like.
Like he could still keep his superhero gig and he could get paid by the city in emergency situations.
Plus I'm sure amitys fire department would love to basically have a walking fire extinguisher on the team. assuming they know his identity.
If not they probbs nicknamed him squirrelly dan cause the kid makes decisions like he's on a crack bender and they don't know how he's still alive.
Danny hates the nick name but not for the reason they think.
But how does one explain the trauma that was the nasty sauce incident.
Bonus points if he's stuck working with Dash and Kwan.
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DP x PC prompt where Batclan ship “Pitch Pearl” or as they say, “We’ve connected the two dots”. 
Batclan has been watching the Phantom and the Fentons, especially their son. They were able to find some information but for some environmental reason the tracking devices are working in Amity Park with such terrible sound interference...it is difficult for them to understand a word.
Fenton kid's Audiotape: I hate..Phantom..threat..destroy.
Original: I hate that my parents think that Phantom is a threat and want to destroy me.
Audiotape of the Phantom: cause me trouble..Danny Fenton’s..guns..pointed at my back.
Original : Why everyone wants to cause me trouble? I don’t have time for Danny Fenton’s homework with all those guns pointed at my back.
Batclan arrives personally and is going to offer to rescue the ghost from the Fenton child. But. There is a problem.
They see the Phantom calling a Ghost Girl, very much like him, a daughter. The next day the girl flies to the son of the Ghosthunters without fear, calls him father and turns into a human girl. And the teenager hugs her.
Batman thinks their situation is similar to Lex and Superman but unlike them they both really love their "Conner".
Tucker hears this reasoning from the tracking device he planted on the Batman’s cloak.
Danny: Good news. They want to help Phantom and don’t think he’s a bad guy. They also fail to understand that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are the same person. Bad news.They think I, Fenton, am the villain. How can I dissuade them without revealing my identity?
Tucker: Well, you have a lair with weapons and instruments for diss and vivi in the basement.
Dani*feral half-ghost teen*: Say no more. I have an idea.
The same evening, Batclan sees Tik Tok video from the Fenton lab.
*Miike Snow's Genghis Khan plays in the background*:
The Phantom is tied to the autopsy table and Bruce wants to ask the children to look away, but Dick stops him and says he knows the song, so they should see it.
Tumblr media
The video has a happy ending. The heroes like it and they go home with a calm soul.
An hour after there’s a comment from DashHereForSlash: Cool cosplay, guys! I’m happy that someone knows about this ship! The equipment looks so real! Where to send a donat for a kiss in the next video?
GhoticPlant: Glad you liked it! Here’s a link.
Three hours later, the Red Huntress shoots a duet:
~I get a little bit Genghis Khan
Don't want you to get it on
With nobody else but me.~
Yes, they used Fenton Ghost Catcher and Tucker, Sam and Jazz played henchmen.
Tucker sits at the table with Fenton and Phantom.
Tucker: So, Danny, what’s more important..self-esteem or easy money?
Double Dannouble: Money
Tucker: All right, here’s your $50. It’s all fair. But next time you need to use a little more touch. And we change the platform to post the videos.
Danny: Suspicious..And I want $100. Double job means double salary.
Jazz: Danny, no more videos! You’re 15!
Tucker*with printed photos of the kiss the next day*: Remember, don't let people manipulate you to do things you don’t want to do. But we’re doing it to better cover up a little dirty deadly secret, money’s just a bonus. And Danny is narcissistic enough to be happy that now Paulina has his pictures in frames.
Part 2
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stealingyourbones · 7 months
Short DP X DC Prompts #38
Dash Baxter and Danny Phantom, years after college, reconnected and got on better terms. The two make a YouTube channel discussing vigilante identities and superhero conspiracy theories.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Started watching Danny Phantom again
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home-of-renn · 3 months
I love the hc that Danny can't help but trigger this innate, subconscious fight or flight response in everyone he meets. I love it even more when it's the reason why he still gets bullied by Dash.
Truth be told, Dash grew up years ago. His mean streak had been a short-lived phase that left a bad taste in his mouth. The sudden influx of hormones brought on by the onset of puberty had apparently muddled his brain and left him emotionally stunted for the duration of his freshman year. He'd shoved nerds into lockers and stolen their lunch money. He sorely wishes he hadn't been so excruciatingly cliche.
But he'd somehow managed to unstick his head from his ass pretty quick and he hasn't laid a finger on anyone since - well, except for Fenton.
Fenton had always been the exception. Small and slouched, with a messy fringe that fell into his eyes. Danny Fenton always made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end whenever he walked past.
His arm would brush too close or his shoulder would bump into his in a crowded hallway and Dash's arm would lash out before he could even comprehend the accidental touch. Fenton would be pinned against a locker with Dash's forearm against his neck in the blink of an eye.
The funny thing is though, no one stops him. The other kids don't call him out and the teachers are always coincidentally absent.
Dash isn't a bully - at least not anymore. He helped Lester get his locker door open after a ghost attack left the damn thing jammed shut. He stays late after practice so the girls on the cheer team don't have to walk home when the sun starts dipping low. He holds doors open for the people walking behind him and even offers a polite smile. The other day he stopped to help some little kid struggling to tie their shoelaces.
He's trying to be better. His mom cried about how proud she was on his birthday last month and principal Ishiyama made a passing comment on how nice it was not seeing him in her office every week. He enjoys being nice to people. It's gratifying, and some kids have started coming up to him when they need help.
Once upon a time, Dash had been a chubby self-conscious kid who'd hit the gym as soon as his dad had gotten sick of his begging. Puberty had hit him like a truck and he'd started shaving a year before anyone else. Since then he'd bulked up and was far larger than the average high schooler. He'd been honing his reflexes for years and never drops the ball. He's the shield that everyone hides behind during ghost fights. He's big and strong and has damn good aim - which is better than nothing when going up against a ghost.
But there's something wrong with Fenton.
Danny makes sweat gather beneath his collar and Dash has to grind his teeth any time he walks past.
At least he's not the only one.
Kwan's hands are always clenched into fists when they walk past Fenton's locker, even if he's not there. It feels wrong to have your back to Fenton in the changing rooms and Lancer's the only teacher still handing Danny a detention slip - Dash suspects it's cause none of the other staff can stand to be alone with him for that long.
No one steps in when someone lashes out at the Fenton kid. No one says a word or runs towards the teacher's lounge when Dale has Danny by the arm, eyes wide and gripped so tight his knuckles turn white.
The hallway goes silent and the world steps back as Dash's team flank his sides while the front of Danny's shirt is bunched in his fist. His heart thuds against his ribs and pounds in his ears as Danny opens his mouth to make a sarcastic quip. Danny's always been a sarcastic, mouthy little shit, but Dash can't find it in himself to laugh, not while his body forms a physical barrier between Fenton and everyone else - not when Dash has him by the throat but he's the one feeling cornered and exposed. He has to dig his toes into the soles of his sneakers to resist running.
It's not normal.
Dash plays along, keeping his cool as he goes through the familiar routine. He spits out a pathetic insult that misses its mark and thumps Danny against his locker before dropping him to the ground.
It feels rehearsed, like he's stuck in a cycle he can't seem to break. It's one big act that Dash walks away from with adrenaline churning the contents of his stomach and sweat gathering in the palms of his hands. The hallway parts as Dash walks away. He spares a glance at Kwan, whose dark eyes are trained on the floor in front of him, his fists clenching at his sides, shaking under the fluorescent lights. Dash hides his own hands in his pockets. The one he had bunched in Danny's shirt trembles, his nerves vibrating with the sensation of pins and needles. It feels like static under his skin. He tries wiping it off on the inside of his jacket.
The entire student body of Casper high follows behind him.
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