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"Probably because they don't have a grave," Danny said, pulling out his vape. "Final resting places are--HEY!"
Nightwing held the pilfered vape above his head. "Where did you get this?" he asked, scandalized.
Danny jumped for it, but Nightwing was too tall! Even at 5'7 he'd have to use his powers to reach the vape; he had no chance as a 9 year old. "We're in Gotham! You're lucky I didn't get cocaine instead!"
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A DC X DP IDEA #8 A Pair
Imagine dis…
 It is always Damian having a secret twin, a presumed dead twin, or even a lost twin. But what about Tim Drake having a twin?
 Tim Drake always asked himself why would his parents willingly avoid and neglect him by taking trips around the globe and being left alone frequently. When Jack Drake woke up briefly from his coma, Tim asked the man who would have been his father why would they neglect him, is it he is a mistake? Or it is something else.
 Jack Drake looked at the painful eyes of his son and knowing that he doesn’t have much time, told him the truth. 
 The Drake family used to be between being rich and being in the middle class in Gotham. Both he and Janet were excited about the baby seeing that they were told that it would be twins. They got married early and when they went to the doctor to ask some questions about their planned pregnancy the doctor quickly shut down the idea as Janet’s tests revealed that she has severe infertility issues that make her chances of having kids near to zero. But that didn’t stop the two, after years of trying for a child, their prayers and efforts were answered a much more surprising is that they were having twins. They were excited about being careful and protective of them just when they were inside Janet’s womb, then the day of their birth came. They were happy and content as well feeling relief that both babies and mother survived the labor, two healthy boys greeted them loud and healthy. What they didn’t know there was someone lurking and waiting from the shadows. A longtime rival of the couple heard about their struggles in bearing children as well as the new addition, and as an act of revenge, he hired someone to take their child. What he didn’t know was that Ms. Drake gave birth to twins not a single child so when the hired kidnapper saw the last name of his target in the nursery, he didn’t even bother to look at the neighboring crib that contains the other child. Quickly snatching up the child and smuggling the newborn out of the hospital to be abandoned later in the middle somewhere in between the wildlife around him, to be left to die due to starvation or by wild animals.
 Both of the new parents were devastated at the loss of their youngest, they tracked and put the man behind bars of the one who was responsible but when the Gotham police tried to interrogate him on what he had done to the newborn he just laughed manically and answered no question. They can’t even track down the supposed hired kidnapper. Seeing that they cannot stay any longer as they have another child to take care of. In the early years of Tim’s life, he was loved and cared for but the moment he started growing to an age where he can remember things both parents acted cold. As to one maybe if those around them saw how they acted maybe they would not even think or do a thing into harming him seeing that the company is growing by the time more rivals and enemies that might befall them but the fact that their remaining son will be safe they will do anything. Everyone in Gotham is corrupt in some way and they could not trust any hired security for him as rogues are running rampant and might not be enough for Tim.
 It might be an F-ed up way, Jack confessed. But at the time they could not think straight as they didn’t have time to mourn for their other child and the fact that the remaining child they have was in constant danger just by having a growing company’s name as his last name.
 Tim was shocked, he had prepared himself for any hurtful words to be thrown at him but the fact that he has a brother that was snatched away just hours after they were born was.
 As Tim continue his silence Jack looked around at the hospital room he was in and immediately located his clothes and belonging that was folded up neatly in a corner, Jack forced himself to walk towards the pile of belongings to look for something.
 Tim tried to help Jack but he turned around holding a tin that was meant to hold cigars, a tin that Tim noticed that his father Jack always carried with him. Jack opened the tin and inside lays a single picture of the twins. In the picture, both parents who are both tired and exhausted look at the camera with warm smiles that Tim barely remembers, are holding a single child each around their arms, with only blankets of ocean blue and sky blue separating the two babies. Tim remembered the ocean blue blanket tucked safely in the Drake mansion’s attic. 
 It has been a few years since Timothy Drake learned about his twin, He began keeping an eye out, from one state to another country for any sign or lead to his twin for him to have a proper burial. 
 No one in the Bat-family knew his conversation with Jack that day nor that he now has the tin that contains the single photo of the Drake family all in all looking happy. At first, he just made an initial background of the investigation that had taken place but seeing the happy faces of the Wayne family made him envious of the bond they have including Damian.
 Now that learning of his supposed twin, he kept looking at his reflection. Would his supposed twin have the same interest as him? If he was here would they be polar opposites? Would they have clashing personalities or would they get along? These are the questions that kept swimming in his head ever since he noticed the Waynes.
 Don’t get him wrong he was grateful to Bruce, as he made Tim realize his parents Jack and Janet are supposed to neglect him, looking at the present he just transferred from one form of neglect to another.
 What he had done in his past life he may never know as all he ever wanted in life is to be loved and appreciated. To be acknowledged through his hard work, not chalking it up to him being a genius, it seems they have forgotten that hard work has always beaten a genius.
 He may now have a family but Tim doesn’t know if they are better or worse than where he was before.
 An instance Jason had tried to kill him multiple times not once he received an apology. He gets it. Being replaced by the man you once call father is painful but he tried multiple times to explain that he literally blackmailed Bruce for him to be Robin as Batman is getting more violent each passing day after his death and sooner or later he would have killed someone, and that is something Bruce would carry around like a boulder due to his guilt. He admired Robin; he was under the impression that he could never live the expectations of being Robin. He was just merely filling up the space when Batman found an official Robin. He could never replace Jason, at least Jason was picked and wanted by Bruce while Batman has no choice when it comes to Tim.
 Dick tried to treat him like brothers would, but Tim always saw through his façade, Tim saw how Dick kept him at arm’s length. He gets it he was replacing his brother whom he knew and grow up with, but the fact he kept getting hurt by the fact, he lies to himself every night.
 The way he gathers information they all assumed that to his insomnia, as well the way they come to him not to say hello or a hi but they needed something from him that needed his area of expertise. 
 Just like his biological father and mother who has the F-cked up way to cope and mourn their loss, it seems he has also inherited that particular bad habit to cope. Knowing that they go to him if they need information he began researching and investigating each crime, each suspicion as well as each piece of information, so that they go to him, just HIM for help. 
 If it weren’t for Alfred, he would have succumbed to hunger due to his research.
 When Damian entered his life, he was more than happy to have a brother to care for. 
 Much to his horror, his new brother despise his very being and tried to kill him multiple times.
 When Bruce was lost in the time stream nobody in their family knew how to manage a multi-billionaire company aside from Alfred, but due to his age as well he was left with no choice. 
 Dick was left to fill in the shoes of Batman and offered Damian as Robin.
 Which hurt.
 He has grown to his role as Robin, he created his own legacy on the title.
 Dick started to be a partner to Batman as well creating a legacy. Known for his acrobatics as well as being the first one.
 Jason became the second Robin, a Robin who was known for his recklessness, strength, and brashness.
 Tim earned the acknowledgment of Ra Al Ghul aka the Demon’s Head, who is the greatest detective second to none other than Batman himself. Who had been trained by Lady Shiva herself? Who mastered a variety of weapons to a certain degree as well as being able to use them to their full potential?
 The role of Robin was ripped away from him without a second thought from Dick.
 Still, he made it through, creating another vigilante persona as well as managing the company so that they have a continuous supply of funds.
 When he managed to get evidence that their father figure lived, he was ignored and forgotten. When he only, managed to save Bruce from the Time stream, not a single Thank you had come out of their mouths nor did an apology for ignoring him.
 He continued this lifestyle, the continuous attempt of his life at those he likes to see as brothers to his life. Every time he defended himself, HE was the one scolded by either Bruce or Dick, they kept telling him to be the bigger man to be better. The amount of verbal abuse, calling him Inferior by Damián and Replacement by Jason added to the fact that Dick or Bruce never seemed to see no wrong with the two.
 Unappreciated and unloved is he, he still considers them as his family someone he can call to have his back but after a night it all went downhill.
 Another night another dinner, at the table he was being made fun of by both Jason and Damian, Bruce kept saying nothing as well as Dick. Other people namely Stephanie, Barbara, Cass, and Duke kept sending him worried glances as Alfred is glaring slightly at Bruce. An off-handed comment from Damian, as well as Jason about his birth father, made him snap.
 He yelled at them.
 His feelings, his anger, his resentment, his sadness, his stress.
 How could this family sit idly at his treatment?
 After yelling and having a breakdown in front of the table he quickly rushed towards his room and prepared to run.
 Gathering his things as well erasing his very identity in the Bat computer as well erasing his tracks, he escaped at the night.
 Using a car that he had stashed away he began to leave Gotham as he thinks it is time for him to start a new one.
 As Tim was crossing the border, he was ambushed by the same man who had kidnapped his brother. He had escaped and once he was released, he was left with nothing, his wife and child gone from his former home. He decided to blame the late Drake for his misfortunes but the moment he learned about their demise his revenge went to the remaining Drake.
 Tim knew he was better than this, crashing a car due to someone having spooked him was nothing but a rookie mistake. But the moment he laid eyes on the same man who took away his brother now inching to him with a knife in his hand his thoughts were not about Bruce and the others looking and finding him in a car crash but thoughts about his brother finally meeting him.
 Lady Gotham heard his final moments before he was stabbed and had his throat slit. She wailed and mourned at her favorite knight, who used his inheritance for the betterment of the Gotham citizens who uses his skills to protect whom she favored by wrapping her shadows around him to give him a sense of comfort and to better hide him at the dangers of the night. Seeing that he never crossed the border she dared to summon her king to aid her knight.
 Danny is enjoying his life he was accepted by his parents as Phantom, he had adopted Ellie as his daughter, and his sister is now able to go to college without the fear of him being rejected by their parents. His friends are going strong by each day, the ghost is now much more cooperative with the Amity citizens to fulfill their obsessions. Fruit loop had also changed into a new leaf and now tries to be a better godfather and father to Jazz, Danny, and Ellie. Dan had earned his parole and was now able to roam free as long there is someone to look at him.
 But life is not all full of rainbows and unicorns.
 GIW is now snatching up the locals' Amity Parkers as they are considered part of the Anti-Ecto entities as they have been contaminated in some way or another.
 He is now King of the Infinite Realms as he had defeated the previous one in combat.
 Seeing the aggressiveness of the GIW he transported the entire Amity Park to the Realms to protect ad create their own little island as part of the Realm. It didn’t take long for the locals to be used to their new appearance and abilities as they also have been noticing the way they act ever since the spike in ghost activity. 
 They are told to not leave for the mortal realm as they are still compromised. Removing Amity in both the map and record had been easy with the help of Technus and Tucker they manage to remove themselves and every database in the world.
 Without any work to be presented the GIW was seen as a scam in the government branch and thus being removed from any form of funding as well as being dismissed and dissolved in the government.
 It was one eventful day when he was summoned by one of his advisers. He was just merely signing paperwork when he felt someone summoning his rather sensing it was urgent he let himself be summoned to where he was.
 There he saw Lady Gotham cradling a bloodied teen, the moment Danny laid his eyes on the teen his core lurched at the amount of protectiveness. As he kept pumping out his own ectoplasm to heal or even revive the said teen, he began to look at the teen’s details.
 In his mind, he was wondering why would his core react such in a way but the moment he saw the teen's face his mind turn to a halt.
 He saw his own face reflecting on the teen which would be impossible unless one of the previous clones that Vlad had made had escaped and got out of his mind control.
 But he idly wonders how could this supposed clone of his have blood in him.
 After the initial confusion and panic, both brothers were able to get the whole story. 
 The Fenton couple were surprised that they have forgotten to tell Danny that he is adopted and had saved him from starving in the middle of the forest.
 Danny as well as the rest of the Fenton family wanted nothing more than to march toward where these Waynes were and rip them apart.
 Tim on the other hand was both saddened at the fact this brother had died and hopeful that maybe just maybe he could have the family he ever dreamed of.
 Turns out Tim was right, due to Danny trying to keep him alive by pumping pure ectoplasm aka the pits had turned him into a halfa whose core is equivalent to shadows due to Lady Gotham favoring him more.
 The family dinners where he faced running and fighting food maybe work out for him but the number of memories, he stored from Danny trying to beat the hotdogs to submission to broccolis, peas, and carrots starting a civil war on his plate on who is the best vegetable there is.
 He gained parents who are a bit of a screw loose but hey who says normal is sane.
 He gained 2 older siblings and a younger sister which made his jaw drop.
 Dan who is supposedly his twin in an alternate time where instead of being saved by Danny, Tim died and due to his grief and anger turned evil. Jazz whose mother hens Tim every second of the day and Dani/ Ellie who is twin brother’s clone turned daughter, who creates chaos in every sense.
 He became Lady Gotham’s heir and champion that one day she may move on but she will pass down her brooch as it is the symbol of her authority as well her seat as one of the advisers of the King. It may be a few centuries or so before that fateful day so Tim has all the time to be a child once again as well as training to become the heir worthy of Lady Gotham.
 When Tim asked who the King of the Infinite Realms all eyes turned to Danny as he nervously stated that he may have forgotten to tell Tim that particular detail.
 Overall, Tim is safe and happy in this new life in his, with a new family that cares and loves him for just being him as well as being with his brother while he had missed, he never thought would miss in his entire life and afterlife.
 It has been years since Tim had disappeared from the lives of the Wayne family and everything had gone downhill. Conner along with Cassie had flown from Metropolis and yelled at them for not being a good family to Tim. Bruce, Dick, Jason, and Damian are all silent and take the yells of anger silently as guilt in them keeps whispering to them about how they should have done better.
 They held a funeral, an empty casket, filled with minuscule things of Tim had loved like his old hobby of photography that also held the pictures that he had taken. They held his old uniform as both Robin and Red Robin in the cave protected by the bullet, fire, water, and explosion-proof glass.
 Bruce told himself that Tim was and never had been a replacement for Jason.
 Dick regrated on not knowing Tim enough, and that he failed another brother of his.
 Jason who too late saw Tim as a little brother who indulged his hobbies f reading works of literature that no one in his family found interesting enough to sit down and listen to.
 Damian saw Tim another older brother who was there to relate to him during his time in the League. Share his stories about when he trained under Lady Shiva, as well as being his predecessor.
 It is Tim’s 6th year anniversary of death when the boys had planned on going to a café that Tim frequently with. Their guilt did not disappear but grew with each passing day, the Batman as well the rest of his partners became more aggressive in handling crimes to the point even the rogues had been scared of facing them and would rather stay in Arkham, their last victim aka the Joker was beaten to near death by the Batman who had preached in not ending the Joker even though he had stuck out for the man when Red Hood had his hands on the Joker.
 It was bright as Gotham could get and they could feel that the sun is mocking them about their brother’s death.
 As they were sitting in one of the café’s booths as they saw a young man looking exactly like Tim. All eyes widened but looking at the stranger with more attention they saw a few details that Tim didn’t have. 
 Like faint freckles that were across the man’s face as well as the way, the young man’s hair is styled.
 Carrying a large tray that holds two large coffees and a plate of assorted treats and pastries the stranger went to both a bit far yet they can still stay visual on the man.
  What greeted them was not what they were expecting, on the supposed booth they saw a tall and healthy Tim on his phone, dressed in the simplest yet warm clothing they ever saw their brother in, the moment Tim saw his supposed look alike, helped him to take the large coffees off the tray and proceeded to chat as if they were old friends. 
 At that moment they didn’t care if the stranger look alike or the look in Tim’s eyes that screams fondness and joy towards this stranger, they only have one thing on their mind and that is their brother.
PS: If someone out there wants to continue or make a fic about this you are free to do so don’t forget to tag me though.
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Dead serious prompt:
Damian-JaNe PoRTeR- al Ghul-Wayne-Fenton (in future. maybe)
Think about what we could learn from him.
If there is love at first sight between Danny and Damian, it’s because Danny can speak gorilla and Damian has never seen anything hotter in his life than this boy in a zoo:
After the stranger goes apeshit and beates himself in the chest with a battle cry to sic monkeys on a thief trying to steal his thermos, he has a dinner with gorillas in the enclosure. 
Delilah even trusted him to take care of a cub! Damian is so fOcking jealous but also impressed.
His eyes were intense and focused, and I’d never seen such eyes…
Dick: Dami is in love with a guy who talks to gorillas! :D
Tim: Demon, you caught hyperfixation on Tarzan this weekend? 
Damian*shows Genius Magazine*: I’m serious. He’s real! Fenton discovered that Sampson is really Delilah. Respect the savior of the endangered species, idiots!
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fandomfuntimem · 2 months
DP x DC prompt.
I'm getting in on this shit *cracks knuckles* I have a few different prompts I may post. Some may be all out story ideas.
This one is a mash-up of multiple prompts and fanfics I have read.
So basicly, the accident left Danny with a ton of issues, both mentally and physically. He stutters sometimes, has a few mobility issues, and sometimes he just aches so bad he can't get out of bed. That mixed with the slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, and pale skin of a halfa, he almost seems like one hella sick kid.
His secret gets revealed and instead of his parents hurting him they just tell him to leave and never come back (i love a good vivisection fic, but i personally like to imagine they can't bring themselves to do it). Danny kinda becomes homeless and lives in his car for a bit. He eventually (somehow) learns he is adopted and goes to find his birth parents.
His dad is... you guessed it! Bruce Wayne! He goes to confront him with multiple forms of evidence and Bruce just SHUTS DOWN. He rejects Danny (probably out of fear and regret for not being there for him, again this is based on multiple prompts). Danny, degected, goes back to live in his car. Unbeknownst to him though, the bat kids had been listening in and decided to make Danny part of their family one way or another. So they try everything to get him to stay in Gotham.
Eventually they start to notice the 'medical' issues, they learn of the accident, and see that his grades and attendence in school dropped. Naturally, as any bat clan member does, they connect the dots and think "holy shit, this kid is dying and he just wanted to know his birth family"
Now everyone is pissed at Bruce for rejecting him, Bruce feels worse and and hides away MORE, and Danny is wondering why his step siblings are suddenly far sweeter, but also more protective and worried about him.
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polter-heist · 2 months
Dp x Dc prompt 7
(most likely a limital!amity park)
a feud between Amity Park residents and the Justice League but it's one sided.
any time an Amity Parker goes out of town and ends up in a location where the Justice League gets called or any member gets called, an Amity Parker Will Take Care Of It.
Amity Parkers have dropped-kicked Lex Luther, ganged up on the Joker, punted Mister Mind, and more.
The Justice League and Villains are desperately trying to find out What Their Problem Is for different reasons.
When confronted, the answers vary but a concerning consistency is "If our dead teenage superhero can take care of world-ending threats by himself, we can take care of the little things."
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minnesota-fats · 14 days
Fic idea
Ellie in Gotham, vibing it up, when this guy (Batman) comes out of nowhere and asks her to do a DNA test.
Ellie: “lol, sure, but your gonna be real confused.”
Ellie finding out she shares DNA with this guy and pauses before whipping out her phone and calling Danny.
Ellie: “Yo Danny? Are you adopted?”
Danny: “What no???”
Ellie: “Then why is Batman saying he’s my dad???”
Danny: “What?”
Batman: “who’s that?”
Ellie: “the guy I’m cloned from.”
Batman: “?????”
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faithblob-says-things · 2 months
Dp x Dc prompt 3
(probs Eldritch and or Ghost King! Danny. whatever suits your taste)
Danny goes on vacation to the dc universe, only to vibe and do nothing else. He'll let the heroes in this universe deal with whatever. He doesn't plan on doing any hero work or getting involved in any of their nonsense. Every magic user however is scrambling and panicking over the overwhelming amount of death magic that just entered their universe and is just sitting there menacingly.
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aro-in-danyl · 18 days
DP X DC Prompt
Damian, who’s never seen danny before this moment: we’re twins.
Danny, choosing chaos: triplets, actually. I have an identical sister. 
Damian: what.
Bruce, listening in from a roof: Talia hid THREE children from me?!
Talia, on a different roof: Father stole one of my children?! >:(
Danny: Quadruplets actually. You owe so much child support
Bruce: what-
Dani & Dan: pay up bitch
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krispymoist · 5 months
Those twins Damian and Danny's fics always have them being like “YOUR ALIVE!!!?!!!!” *starts crying* but what if instead they immediately accept it?
Dick: omg Damian don't freak out but we found out that your twin is alive!! Damian: I KNEW MOTHER WAS LYING-
Damian: Brother I've come for you! Danny, who in one year died, learned ghosts are a thing and became the ghost king: yeah okay what's up dami
It would be even funnier if Danny and Damian find out themselves and just don't even tell anyone.
Danny would probably introduce Damian to Jack and Maddie but Damian would wait to tell the Batfam and make them suffer.
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kettlefire · 5 months
The Batfam spent days waiting for Danny's first Tabloid. Each and every member of the family, official or unoffical, has had one made for them.
It was like a initiation at this point. You were finally seen as a part of the Wayne family when a tabloid is made. Especially if it mentions the Wayne name.
Everyone's excitement for it died the moment they read the title. All cheers and celebrations for the newfound member withered away into dust.
"New Wayne Family Friend, Danny Fenton Secretly Ghostly Hero Phantom!?"
It was go time after that. Everyone pulling every idea and possible favor they could cash in, to figure out how to spin this. Spin it in a way that the citizens of Gotham wouldn't give this reporter a second thought.
They hadn't expected for Danny to just lazily glance over it, laugh, and pretend it wasn't a problem. They definitely didn't expect the reason and excuse that the teen gave.
"Wes Weston? Of course, no one's gonna believe him, not with the stalking chargers and restraining orders."
The concern just left them for a moment, because thankfully this can all be brushed away by exposing the reporter's criminal history against Danny.
But then, it all comes flooding back because....
Restraining order???
Danny has a Stalker???
Had or has???
Is this a problem?
Do they need to pay someone a visit?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I'm obsessive over my Constantine Jr Au (which still needs a fic name for, I'm open to suggestions) because
this is a cranky danny. he's spent years fighting with no end in sight, with parents who he can't trust and his only companions never truly understanding what he's going through.
he vapes CBD for the pain he's constantly in. he drank alco/hol once to help him sleep, but his parents smelt it on his breath and, just like with their research, took that to believe EVERYTHING they'd ever suspected about danny to be true: that he drinks, he does dru/gs, he's in a gang. the only thing they've never suspected their son of--being a ghost--is the one thing he actually does.
then, right on the cusp of eighteen and freedom, he gets outed. AND transformed into a seven-year-old.
this is not a danny who is willing to play at being a child. and if anyone tries to, they're in for a foul time.
Danny was 17, transformed into a 7 year old and hides in Bludhaven, and is 8 when the police finally figure out that, hey, this weird kid who keeps altering us to crime scenes is usually right on the money about who the killer is, we should investigate that. Officer Grayson is on the case!
And discovers that he absolutely can't STAND this kid.
He thought he liked kids! Everyone thought he liked kids! but this kid...
This isn't called the Constantine Jr AU because Danny is a supernatural detective, or because Danny might be Constantine's kid. Its because Danny is an unrepentant little bas/tard and he makes it everyone's problem.
Danny vapes and blows bubblegum smoke in Grayson's face.
He takes out a flask and Grayson's grabs it, learning its full of orange juice. Danny then takes out a second flask, this one with vod/ka.
He wears a trenchcoat he found in the trash (the same trenchcoat Nightwing wears in DC vs Vampires, if you know you know) but the end and the sleeves are cut off for his hands and legs. the pockets are roughly around his knees.
Grayson is desperate to figure out more about this kid, but he doesn't go to batman because, time-line wise, this is right before red hood starts running around. Jason is dead/alive-in-hiding, Tim is Robin, and Dick is mad about it. (ages-- Bruce: ? Nightwing: 24 Jason: 19 Tim: 15 Danny: 8 Damien: 7-8)
he doesn't really bond with the kid until they're both kidnapped by a gang for hostages, and Danny's big kid emotions get a hold of him (he thought he could escape them bc he's an adult, he's gone through worse, but nope! child brain chemistry). Grayson is worried that he's hurt and in pain, but Danny confesses that he's always in pain. he has nerve damage all over his body, and the only thing he really trusts is CBD. He feels like shit for taking his juul away, but more importantly, because he's been treating Danny like a irritant and just a little kid.
they get rescued and Grayson tries to take him back to his home, but Danny reveals he's homeless, saying something like "I sleep where it suits me, just drop me off whereever."
Absolutely not, Grayson is taking kid back to his place for a bed, food, and a shower, in whatever order the kid wants.
Danny stays semi-perminantly at his apartment, but Nightwing tries not to push it, because this kid practically screams flight risk. unfortunately, the paparazzi have nothing better to do and snap a pick of Grayson and Danny getting dinner together, speculating that Dick's taken after Bruce
Danny doesn't care too much; I think his ghost form is the same, if glitchy, so his parents don't know about the deaging. Grayson is mildly panicking, but its not like he HASN'T been considering adopting the evil troglodyte. Even Bruce, Tim, and Alfred aren't the problem.
No, the problem is the Red Hood, a crime boss who just cut 8 people's heads off, seeing what looks like Nightwing pulling an innocent kid into the neverending fight against crime and Seeing Green.
Edit: Had to censor sh!t because ths wasn't showing up in the tags
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A DC X DP IDEA #4 You’re worth is more than a penny.
Imagine dis…
We all read and saw fanfictions about either Jason, Constantine, Bruce, or even Jazz raising Danny when he became younger due to Clockwork’s interference, but what if we reverse the roles?
Alfred Pennyworth was raised by Phantom.
It was early 1900 in England where it is common for children were being sold like cattle for a penny. Among the rows of yelling parents who are willing to sell a few of their children for a few pounds to help themselves or the younger ones at home, one parent was loudly exclaiming that his child is merely worth more than a penny. A nameless child with skin and bones as a body, at the tender age of 6 years old he already knew the horrors of child slavery. Some were never seen again like the ones he saw outside playing tag and others return to their parents in a body bag. He also knew that no one would want a skinny child like him so he waited for the inevitable beating at this man’s house, He refuse to call that man his father nor that dingy four-by-four wall home.
Suddenly a distinguished gentleman walked past him and he was just in awe at what he had sawed. A young man that seemed like in his early 20s has a face of youth yet has an air of maturity around them. Wearing the cleanest pair of white waistcoats and black trousers, shaggy black hair, and striking blue eyes.
It was obvious that he was an errand boy looking around for new workers, his mind supplied.
The man looked at him with raised eyebrows and couldn’t help but think that this person may buy him out of this man’s clutches and put him to work that may or may not end his life.
The older man who saw the interested look of the errand boy tried to advertise him as his worth is merely a penny.
Danny was merely taking a break from his kingly duties after months, years, and centuries have passed since his adventures as Danny Phantom. Visiting a newly made dimension in the eyes of the king of Infinite Realms, he made his way through the early 1900s for some sight-seeing, with the insurance from his advisers, court, family members, and consorts (Tucker & Sam) he went and enjoyed the view and contemplating that why does Clockwork give him his farewell in a form of a cryptic message such as a father of a bat needs saving from his unexpected fate,  as well this universe felt like something interesting is bound to happen.
Being the High King of the Infinite Realms the realms itself chose him as their champion and king through countless rights of ascensions throughout the years.
Seeing that child slavery is still a thing at this point in time made him want to turn around and go to another realm less depressing than this time and come back later when they abolished slavery.
Though he caught an eye on this thin scrawny little boy who is nothing but skin and bones that the tiniest gust of wind will push him on the brick pavement, the boy’s parents however saw him taking interest and tried to get rid of the boy seeing that he was nothing but an extra mouth to feed due to his “responsibility” as a parent and tried to sell him for a penny.
Danny weighed the pros and cons in this situation, raising a mortal child may be both rewarding and satisfactory but the fact that he cannot break the ancient rules to make him immortal that was placed by the Realms themselves to uphold the balance between the living and the ancient realm, but he can bend it to an extent, so that if he can extend longevity in his lifespan to at least reach a century or so.
Added to the fact that Clockwork gave a message to protect him.
Bought the boy for a penny and carried the child towards the disguised horse carriage.
Now, how to explain to his family that he acquired a mortal child?
The nameless boy widened his eyes in surprise as the “errand” boy actually bought and carried him gently towards a clean carriage that looked like is owned by a king.
After making him sit beside his employer, his employer began asking him questions.
Such as his age, and name. likes, dislikes, and many other confusing questions.
At the mention of not having a name his employer began to frown, looks like he has made his new employer furious and he hasn’t even begun to earn his keep.
After a tense silence, his employer declared that HIS new name would be Alfred Pennyworth, as the word Alfred means counsel as he stated that he can see his future and that he would counsel different men who wish his advice, and Pennyworth, as his father is a fool for selling him for a penny as he is worth more than that.
At the time the nameless no…, At the time Alfred didn’t know what is the warm feeling on his chest that made him long for this man’s approval. He may be naïve or far too trusting for putting his trust in a man he met for a few minutes but at the time his only thought was he had his own name that he owns.
When the carriage stopped his employer carried him out of the carriage, and what greeted him is something he would never forget.
An endless green sky stretches along the horizon, A large black castle that reaches the sky that has growing vines all over its walls, at the front an entire estate dedicated to different and extinct plant life to flourish, and rows and rows of servants lined up and dressed in the fanciest clothing for maids and for all genders bowing ever slightly greeting and welcoming back their master in unison.
He looked behind him and around him for the master of the house but when he couldn’t see one, he turned his attention to the one who bought him as he is quite sacred for upsetting for not greeting the master in his own house.
But as he turn to the man for a plea for help he caught the small smile that his employer gave him and nodded towards the directions of the servants.
That was the time he learned that the man who bought him and gave him a name is his supposed master.
The next few days were confusing to the young Alfred Pennyworth, as he expected to be working on the animal shed or any menial tasks yet he was treated like a prince.
Free to learn what he desired, learning skills that he would never think of learning, free to eat anything his heart and stomach desired, free to have a soft bed to sleep on as well as having toys to ensure that he was not bored, given a wide variety of possible hobbies to take his mind off things. Gained and learned philosophies around the realms as well as had great teachers in teaching him essential things in morals, science, and more. Most importantly gained a family that he never thought he would even have.
He learned how to walk silently as a ghost, be swift in terms of movements waster no action, be present like a shadow, and use any weapon at hand, one’s body is a weapon itself. Discipline thy self in any temptation known to man, to integrate oneself to be unknown, eyes and emotions betray your mind be mindful of your facial and body movement as a single doubt will get someone you love to perish, but most importantly learned his new family’s motto.
Family is family.
Simple yet a powerful motto. No matter how cruel the man who brought and gave him a new life and purpose, the man who he saw as father, maybe in making decisions to ensure that the Infinite Realms stay balanced throughout the entire realms. How ruthless are his aunts and uncle to make sure that everything in between stays in the center of the balance as too much of the brings chaos
When Alfred was merely a teen he was given a blessing by his father, to be able to live a long life while maintaining his morality. One day he may die which is true, but it will be a long time before the reaper takes him to his next adventure.
Spending time with each member of the Nightingale family are memories that will be kept deep inside his heart. His mother Sam, taught him the wonders and secrets of flora, his other father Tucker, taught him how technology is used both in hope and destruction, His uncle Dan taught him about being an impenetrable wall in both mind and body, His older aunt Jazz taught him how to read his opponents in combat as well learning the beauty of human brain, His aunt Ellie who taught and showed him the wonders of the world in terms of the scenery, delicacy and culture, His grandfather Clockwork, taught him to be a cryptic as well moving on and forward as bad things are as natural as breathing and to move on is to let the time run its course.
Last but not least his father Danny, the High King of the Infinite Realms the man who he owes his entire being and life. The man whom he respects and wishes to turn out like him, the man who is proud to call his father. Taught him a multitude of things that one would not expect from a king, Be a Gentleman. A firm handshake combined with looking the other person in the eye carries with it respect, dignity, and strength, Honor Your Father and Mother, Respect Women, Be a Man of Integrity, Take Responsibility, and Work Hard, among the advice he gave and taught to him that they put into his life through action and words.
When WW2 came to his dimension he asked his father to be able to go back as it is still integrated into his blood to fight for the country that he was born into. As well as making a name for himself, to prove to the world his worth is more than a penny, to prove that all of their learning is not to be put to waste.
With the approval of his family, he set out to make his name.
S.A.S. Armed Services, fighting in 15 different operations between ages 18 and 20. A skilled medical and front liner soldier who was decorated. He later joined MI5, as well the secret forces of the Queen and later being knighted by her majesty
In this present time, we all know the current Alfred Pennyworth, the kickass ninja butler who is a mystery to the Batfam and has a lot of skillsets that are both surprising and expected to the Batfam. The butler who dared to out Batman the Batman. The butler is willing and dared to ground Batman for not taking care of himself. The butler carries a shotgun out of defense and we are pretty sure he is hiding a hidden bazooka somewhere in the manor. The butler who cooked delicious food and the one who raised Bruce Wayne
Working for the Wayne is not set to be permanent but the moment his ward Bruce Wayne becomes a hero just like his father and brings in his own version of a makeshift family he cannot help but stay for the sake of his ward that he saw as a son.
His family was there every step of the way.
Looking at the long dinner table that is filled with food with his ward/ son and his children he can't help but look fondly at the scene in front of him.
This is why he would not eat with the rest of the Batfam, the ambitious dinner or just being complete brings him back just when he was just a little boy looking at his father for guidance.
The Bat family are known to be good sometimes great detectives as they were taught by the greatest detective in the world, despite their wit and intelligence they still could not figure out their grandfather/ butler.
Having no presence before WW2 is common, as many orphans joined the war to bring acknowledgment to their names and presences. So when a glowing green letter made its way towards the kitchen counter, just as Alfred took a moment to look when he immediately snatched the said letter and ripped it open to see the contents.
Now mind you this was a never occurrence as Alfred Pennyworth is the epitome of calmness and neutrality so when he tore a letter like a kid who was given his first Christmas present all noise seemed to stop to look at the wide-eyed butler.
Alfred kept reading the said letter with wide eyes ignoring the shocked look of the people around him. Immediately telling Bruce that he will be going on an immediate 2-week vacation without even concealing his own joy in his voice and quickly turned around to pack a suitcase worth.
The entire Wayne’s both adopted and not are now invested what could the letter possibly contain that Alfred Pennyworth himself becomes a kid just by reading it?
Tailing the said butler was hard, following his quick steps which indicate impatience from the patient butler as well as a small smile that indicates fondness immediately became their new case.
Stopping at a large mansion surrounded by plant life that has a gothic aesthetic to it. As Alfred entered the gate he was tackled by a small black-haired blue-eyed child immediately followed by three teens and one large buff young adult.
All of them are hugging and exclaiming joy as Alfred reciprocated each hug with enthusiasm for his age.
Who are they and how does Alfred know all of these people?
PS: If someone out there wanting to continue or make a fic about this you are free to do so don’t forget to tag me though.
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dahliadew · 18 days
Danny Fenton goon union representative (dp x dc fanfic prompt)
At no point in Danny's life has he ever turned down a challenge, even when he had to deal with opponents bigger than himself. From dealing with everyone from Dash to Vlad to heck pariah dark, he's learned to take down people bigger than himself. So when he overhears that his nice father of four neighbors has been having some trouble at work and has been unable to get some time off, he figures it can't hurt to try to help such a nice guy out. And it does go ok, all things considered; I mean, what if the guy's boss was the penguin, and so what if Danny maybe had to show off some of his less-than-human characteristics to get him to agree to let the guy have some time off? Everything worked out at the end of who cares.
Well, when word gets out that someone is not afraid to go tow to tow with the city's villains, someone's bound to either take him out or hire him. And when word gets around that he's willing to help get better working conditions for Gotham's goon workers, their union could use a new representative.
So Danny inadvertently gets a new job, wherein he gets to meet many strange characters around the city and help many friendly working-class people with their problems. Interchange the goons help hide Danny from the bat, and his no meta-rule, even if Danny doesn't know they're hiding him. But this does cause some problems because people like black mask don't necessarily want to pay for their goon's vision care or overtime and refuses to adhere to any of the union's demands. Danny, for what it's worth, did warn the guy because, unlike black mask, he has the goon's respect and knows that they will listen to him, so when he proposes a strike, they readily agree to his suggestion.
And with all of this going down so quickly in the city, both batman and the red hood need to get as much info on this new player before things get even more out of hand. But with all of the normal underground information channels refusing to give them anything, they are forced to schedule a meeting with not only the union but its infamous leader, which is good for Danny because he wasn't sure how to get into contact with batman anyway. He has some concerns with the level of violence used to take down some goons. And well, when they have no choice but to work in this industry, they should, at the very least, outline a clear code of conduct for all parties involved to ensure the safest possible work environment.
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ekat-fandom-blog · 2 months
Danny didn't hate the Justice League for never showing up to deal with the world ending things he dealt with. He's not been upset with them over this since he learned about overshadowing being a thing.
That is, he wasn't upset with them. Until he met Dan. Dan who had killed the Justice League. Dan who had destroyed the world. Dan who had told him about Justice League Dark. The secret magic division of the Justice League that apparently could have dealt with the bs Amity Park has been through since the portal opened.
They had the resources to avoid being overshadowed and they were, even just one of them, powerful enough to have taken down Fright Knight or Vlad or Pariah Dark. Instead they'd marked Amity a "no fly zone" and promptly ignored the town. Their reason? Danny was already taking care of it.
So years later, he's King of the Infinite Realms and being summoned by the Justice League. (in all his kingly regalia of course) He's being rather belligerent whenever one of the magic members start talking, but is rather friendly towards the others. When asked why he mentions Amity Park.
The JLD's reply? The Embodiment lord of Balance is taking care of that place.
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pixiatn · 1 month
Another Duke & Danny prompt curtsey of me😚 yw💖
Basically Duke and Danny already know each other and started dating before Duke officially got taken in by Bruce and became a part of the Batfam. The Batfam is vaguely aware that Duke is seeing someone but whenever it's brought up it's shut down with a "he's very shy" or a "he doesn't live in Gotham" all they know is his name is Danny.
Flash forward a couple of weeks/months half the Batfam's captured by cultist trying to summon the ghost king, they succeed but the Eldritch being they called upon just appears disinterested and bored asf. The cult leader starts to panic abit and presents one of their many sacrifices to him, unfortunately for them it was Duke that was presented to him and the monster goes ballistic. By the time the rest of the Batfam gets there, the cultist have already been taken care of (whether they passed out from shock or ran away) and the monster turns it attention back to Duke not paying any mind to the other bats
The Bats can only watch in fear as a being of unimaginable horror picks up the second youngest member of the team and smiles at him with a grin far too wide and sharp for pure intentions. Their fears grow as the monster brings their teammate up to it's face and-
Pulls Duke into an impromptu face hug? Ok weird. Even weirder when Duke starts softly laughing and when pulled away from the creature, the Batfam can see he has a fond smile on his face
"Hi Danny"
-Record Scratch-
Hold the fucking phone-
Jaws are dropped, tears are shed, minds are fucking blown over the fact that, Duke Thomas, 2nd youngest member of the Batfam, is dating a fucking Eldritch God
Tumblr media
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