zeewipark · 5 months
Tumblr media
© Jee Won Park (ig: zeewipark)
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haleyincarnate · 5 months
Longing for soft love. Searching for the gentle in everything.
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feral-ballad · 1 year
Tumblr media
Julia Armfield, from Salt Slow; “Cassandra After”
[Text ID: “she was a gentle sort of horror;”]
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hauntedbythenarrative · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Will Tell this Story to the Sun Until You Remember that You are the Sun, Erin Slaughter//Snow and Dirty Rain, Richard Siken
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dancinginsepia · 3 months
hey there. you look tired. here, come take a seat and listen to the fire in the wood stove crackle. doesn't the sun look so beautiful when it's just risen, those tendrils of gold and pink streaking themselves through the foggy grey sky? here's a cup of tea — sugar or milk? i'll put both on the table so you can decide. you can tell me about your day — the things that made you sad, and the things that made you happy, and everything in between — or you can tell me nothing at all, and we can sit in silence, and relish in the moment.
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 10 days
Tumblr media
Five words that we long to hear, "I'll keep your heart safe."
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recoverr · 1 year
may all of the things that lack gentleness and kindness fall away; i don't want the sharp edges of cruelty to shape life around me. i don't need tough and rough. i want people that know the tenderness of our bruises and choose not to weaponize hurt disguised as "tough love."
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plaguechyld · 6 months
Gently fucking kagaya to sleep bc he's been so stressed lately :((( He's trying so hard to stay awake but he's just too sleepy and and comfortable.
This poor man is so stressed, always visiting the graves of the dead slayers. :(( His body just can’t take the long walks but that doesn’t stop him from trying, but when he heard that Kyojuro died he was just so upset even if he wouldn’t show it. :(( He really wants to stay up all night again memorizing his dead slayers names but his body is just so weak and tired from all the stress. :((( So it’s up to his dear partner to fuck him to sleep, but make sure to be gentle with him, he can’t take it if you’re rough and/or mean. :(
Contains: 18+ content, soft sex, Dom!Reader, Sub!Kagaya, Reader being a gentle dom, cute fluffy sex
Kagaya’s hand shakes as he reaches it up and gently pinches the bridge of his nose, tiredness fogged his mind and it made him hard to listen to you reading out the seemingly never ending list of deceased slayers.
He was so determined to not let his weariness get the best of him. In his mind he needed to memorize his fallen comrades, if he didn’t know their names then who would?
“Dear, could you repeat the name you said… I didn’t quite get it. I’m sorry..” Kagaya says quietly, his voice is sleepy and his blind eyes are half lidded. You can’t help but feel concerned for your husband, and also admire him. He showed so much effort despite his ailing state, never once stopping despite his sickness. You sigh softly and rest your hand over Kagaya’s slightly shaky one and rub the back of his hand with your thumb. Gently, you ease him out of his chair wordlessly, helping him up and having him lay down on your shared bed. He looks up at you with his sightless eyes, a calmly confused look on his face.
“Y/n, why have you.. laid me down? I need to memorize more names…” He says softly. Kagaya is surprised when he’s met by your gentle hand rubbing his cheek, though he leans into the touch. His cheeks redden slightly when he feels you ease your way on top of him.
“Y/n…” He starts, however you cut him over with a finger being placed on his lips. “You need to rest, you’re working too hard, my dear.” You say to him in that gentle voice he loves oh so much. He was about to protest when he feels your soft lips on his neck, making him suck in a soft gasp. Almost instinctively, he spreads his legs, blush coating his cheeks even more now. You smile softly at him and even though he can’t see it, he can feel it.
“But dear..” He’s interrupted by a yawn coming from him as he holds onto you. “I.. I need to.” You make a sound in disagreement and no matter how much Kagaya want’s to continue, he knows he can’t without you reading the names out. He squeaks softly when he feels you push his legs up, making his thighs rest beside his head. He knows what’s coming and while he isn’t truly against it, he still wants to keep going. However you don’t let him get a word in because when he opens his mouth to speak, he’s met with a warm tongue. You let his legs fall back against the bed, knowing he couldn’t take that position for long. It was more of a non verbal cue to let him know what you were going to do.
He let out a soft and content sigh when he felt your hands gently caressing his body while undoing his robe. You continue your deep kiss with the man you love most for a while longer, only pulling away when you had managed to completely strip him of all his clothes. He blushed softly, knowing his body was exposed and vulnerable to you. You leaned in and started placing soft and gentle kisses on his neck, making different patterns that mainly consist of hearts. Your hands rub his chest for a bit before you pinch his nipples with care and gentleness. The action elicited a soft moan from the ravenette.
You moved your mouth down, trailing more kisses along the way. Eventually you reached one of his nipples. You take the soft skin in your mouth, playing with the sensitive bud and making Kagaya’s back arch slightly in surprise. He tugged softly at your kimono, too shy to say anything. With a soft chuckle you pull him into another deep kiss while pushing his legs apart.
He felt your fingers slowly push into his hole, making him let out a muffled whimper into your mouth. You savor the sound as it’s not often the two of you indulge in sexual activity, Kagaya often deciding he is too busy. However tonight was one of those nights.
You gently stretch his hole, pressing your fingers against his prostate. Kagaya lets out a soft whimper, his hands moving to hold onto your back. His legs shake slightly, he was always weaker when it came to times like this.
Your fingers draw out moans and whimpers as Kagaya presses himself down on them, trying to fuck himself on your fingers weakly. He let out a soft whine when you pull your fingers from his loosened hole, his mind was too fuzzy to realize you had finished prepping him and were preparing to actually fuck him. He cries out softly when he feels your tip pushing into him and he holds onto you tighter, trying to bury his face in your neck. Soon enough you completely sheath yourself in him, his walls squeeze you tightly as he lets out a moan.
Kagaya’s eyes drift closed no matter how hard he tried to fight his urge to sleep. He let out soft moans and whimpers with every gentle thrust of your hips. He just couldn’t help it, he feels so comfortable and good in your arms. He held weakly onto you still, but his grip was loose.
“Y-y/n…” He whimpered out in a warning, signaling that he was close. You press a gentle kiss to his forehead and roll your hips faster, causing him to let out a louder and longer moan. He just couldn’t help himself, he feels so warm and full and his body needed sleep so desperately. He lets out a soft cry when gets close to orgasming. He’s so so close and he shakily reaches for your face. Naturally you comply and kiss him deeply as ropes of white pearlescent cum shoots from his dick. The stimulation and intense feelings are too much for Kagaya and sleep tugs him away, causing him to pass out in your arms. You smile gently at him and place a final kiss on his forehead before retreating to retrieve a rag to clean your husband with.
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sheafrotherdon · 3 months
The fifth time Joe turns over, thumps his pillow, and flops back down, Nicky reaches for his hand and pulls it toward him.
“I’m sorry,” Joe mumbles, only one eye visible over his much-maligned pillow.  “Can’t sleep.”
“I hadn’t noticed,” Nicky says smoothly, and rubs his thumb up the crease of Joe’s palm.
“Mmph,” Joe says, blinking at him.
Nicky works slowly and patiently, easing out the tiny knots in Joe’s hand, smiling a little when he presses hard against the base of Joe’s thumb and gets a soft “oof,” of contentment for his effort. He pulls gently on each finger, pausing to rub each knuckle in turn, watching as Joe grows sleepier by the second.
“S’magic,” Joe sighs, hand heavy in Nicky’s, body lax.
“Perhaps,” Nicky whispers. Perhaps there is magic in knowing someone else’s body so well; knowing the places to touch, with exactly the right pressure, to coax sleep from a body so tired it cannot rest. Perhaps magic is made up of the ordinary, not the spectacular, woven from the reassurance of hands that can ground as often as they arouse, that comfort and steady and make peaceable things that are fraught. Perhaps magic is wrinkled sheets and the weight of blankets and the soft heat of Joe’s body close like this. He lifts Joe’s hand to his lips and presses a soft kiss to his palm, then holds that hand against his chest so that Joe might dream with Nicky’s heartbeat beneath his fingers. “Perhaps,” he says again, and closes his own eyes.
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justwaterfall2 · 2 months
Tumblr media
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zeewipark · 7 months
Tumblr media
Gentle Earth 🌏
© Jee Won Park (ig: zeewipark)
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elitadream · 3 months
Sing for Absolution - Part 5
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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feral-ballad · 2 years
We are alive. And now the work is to be gentler with ourselves and with the world. I want such a sweet life for you. I want the fierceness of attention, of the light coming over the hill, of your own hand bringing a cup to your mouth. Of love, which will abide so much longer than the fire.
Molly McCully Brown, from Places I've Taken My Body: Essays
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drarrily-we-row-along · 10 months
Charm Me
Draco let out a groaning sort of hum as he rolled over in bed, stretching and tensing his body before letting his muscles all go loose and easy again. He let his body conform to Harry’s, soaked up his warmth for a long moment and reveled in the feeling of Harry’s fingers trailing over his back, just slipping under his shirt when he reached the bottom.
“I should do something,” he mumbled, mouth moving against Harry’s T-shirt where his lips were pressed to his chest.
“Like what?” Harry asked, brushing a kiss over the top of Draco’s head.
He shrugged, “get out of bed, make you breakfast, charm you into staying,” he said lightly.
But Harry, as he always seemed to, saw past the words. With a hum he slid down lower in bed so the two of them were face to face. Draco blinked and looked away, fixing his eyes on Harry’s collarbone instead because he couldn’t quite meet his gaze. “Hey,” Harry murmured, soft and warm, full of that easy affection that Harry seemed to constantly exude until Draco was seeping in it.
“Hi,” he whispered back.
Harry brought Draco’s knuckles to his lips, “I love you.”
Draco’s heart stuttered in his chest, it wasn’t always hard to hear those words but sometimes it felt like something stabbing him in the heart, constricting his lungs until he couldn’t breathe quite right.
“Yeah,” Harry murmured, his voice warm like honey in Draco’s veins, “that’s hard today, isn’t it?”
He nodded once, felt his eyes stinging, which was utterly ridiculous. “I don’t know why-”
“It’s alright,” Harry said, tugging the blankets up a little higher.
“I just,” he blew out a breath, “I don’t understand. I know you love me but I feel like there must be something I have to do in order to keep it, and if you’d just tell me what it was, I could keep doing it. And then I could keep you,” he added, throat raw.
Harry was quiet for a long moment, “can you keep being a little grumpy in the mornings? That little pout you have before you put on your mask for the day really does it for me,” he said. “Could you keep talking with your hands when you get excited?” He continued. “Oh, and that little happy dance you do when you eat food that you enjoy, or that little exhale after you swallow a warm drink.”
“Harry-” he huffed, trying to interrupt and protest.
“Oh,” Harry said, “I know. Could you keep getting lost to the world when you read a good book? Can you keep talking to every animal that you see?” He grinned, “will you keep singing to the plants in your house and dancing while you clean?”
“That was one time,” he protested with a laugh.
His smile slipped a little as he looked at him more seriously, “will you keep loving me on my bad days, when I don’t remember who I am?” he asked softly. “Could you keep treating me like I’m a person, like I’m breakable and not something indestructible? Would you tell me I’m enough when the world says I’m not?”
“Harry,” he whispered, cupping the other man’s cheek. “Yes, of course.”
“Perfect,” he said, turning his face to press a kiss to Draco’s palm. “Then you can keep me.”
“Just like that?” he laughed.
“Just like that.” Harry replied. “What would you say to ordering takeaway and eating it in bed?”
He nodded, burying his face against Harry’s neck and trying to let himself believe that he got to have this.
“You don’t have to believe me,” Harry said softly like he’d heard Draco’s thoughts. “It’s okay to feel a little scared,” he added. “We’ve got our whole lives together. I’m happy to prove it when it’s hard to believe.”
And even though Draco didn’t know quite what to say in the moment, he was more than content to let Harry spend the rest of his life loving him and to love Harry in return.
Written for the @hdcandyheartsfest prompt ‘charm me’
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tabernacleheart · 4 months
Sinners are more severe to sinners than good men are; when a man’s own conscience is lashing him, he will assume a sterner aspect towards the same, or any other sin, in another person. The holier a person grows, the more tender and the more sympathetic he is with [sinners. Like] Christ, [his] desire all along [is] to bring [the sinner] into a state of salvation. [For] as a necessary step to salvation, [Christ] desired to convince [us] all of sin, [but] to save [each man's] soul was evidently our Lord's one thought.
Rev. James Vaughan
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