#going to claw my skin off in excitement
horridgoblin · 5 months
act 2 observations. entirely about gale. as i am now playing through the beginnings of act 3
(im slowing down my gameplay a bit because i dont want it to end. even tho i have other kinds of playthroughs in mind lmao):
the act 2 romance scene fucking broke my heart
i was seeing a couple bits of discourse online (who doesn't) where some folks think gale love bombs a bit to try and secure a relationship with you bc he doesn't believe hes good enough. or something along those lines. the love bombing comments stick out to me.
and i got a bit worried, because ive fell for love bombing irl before and i was like. fuck sake not again cant fall into the trap of another abuser
so i was thinking, he did pull the i love you thing rather quick.
but then the context of the scene hits and like. actually? no i dont think this is love bombing at all
in this particular scene, he believes its his last night alive
that in any other circumstances, he wouldve courted you properly, said the words leading to a "i love you" properly.
he also still doesnt believe you love him back? and is taken aback when you say you do?
also if i was in the position of my tav (who is entirely a self insert btw, i made them look like me even, albeit a yassified half elf version lmao)
i would genuinely say i love you back because holy shit i could also die at any moment on this adventure where i could become a mindflayer at any moment, or if a goblin got particularly stabby
i think any propriety or social standards for courting goes out the fucking window at the precipice of death?
so i dont think hes love bombing at all. keep in mind its a calculated manipulation tactic, and gale doesn't have bad intentions at all. he would not pull that narcissistic bullshit (because hes not one)
so those comments make me a bit :/
back to point 1
seeing his tower was like. holy shit this is amazing
ooooooooooooh the yearning
hes being so vulnerable with you, inviting you into his most precious sanctuary
the decor also slays
its heartbreaking because i was imagining wanting to live there with him. the domesticity of it all. but you cant. because he may die soon.
clawing at my skin and hair
at first i was considering not having this scene play out because lore wise i would want to assure him id want the "gale right in front of me".
but if i was in my tav's position, i would indulge him out of curiosity and to see his enthusiasm for his wizardry. because i love his enthusiasm for the things hes passionate about. mystra be damned.
also id show him he doesnt need his magic to woo me. later. tho he does later say that i love him not just for his magical prowess. so idk? interdasting.
also no notes for the astral sex scene. none. 10/10 holy fucking shit
this is getting very long so. another post about act 2 in general will probably happen. maybe. im too brainrotted with gale atm oopsies!
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dragon-ascent · 5 months
You think you can train a dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon is the one training you.
Zhongli sees the net fall over him and yet decides to stay still as a summer leaf. You're bounding over to him excitedly, goofy-looking thing you are, but there's no malice in your grin.
You better have a good reason for interrupting his idling with this rather bothersome net. Briefly the dragon wonders if he should simply open his mouth and terrorise you into thinking he'd eat you - not that he would, though. Human flesh isn't particularly palatable to him.
"I caught you, dragon!" you exclaim, despite the fact that the net hardly covers half his draconic body. "You shall be mine! Forever and ever!"
The dragon looks utterly unfazed as he tilts his head. "Oh?"
"I'm going to train you," you add, placing your hands on your hips. "Everyone'll be jealous of my new pet!"
Pet? Zhongli thinks to himself as he gnaws the net away with ease. Ah, humans call dogs and cats their pets, and they seem to be quite close. He could use some company for a change. "Very well, I shall be your companion."
But who's REALLY the pet here?
This dragon is very picky about the feng shui in and around your place. "The arrangement of your garden is lovely, but it could use some work. I would suggest having the roses to the east, and the peonies should be by the pond so that the..."
His long noodly body doesn't fit inside your house, but he can still peer through the windows, softly tutting at the placement of your bed or your tea-table. Zhongli gently instructs you what should go where for maximum elegance, and every time you wilfully ignore his suggestions, he stuffs you in his mane for a bit. Enjoy all that golden hair in your mouth and eyes.
He doesn't even let you stay out late. He can track you by scent so he simply shows up wherever you are, huffs in disapproval, gently swats the other people away like flies, and picks you up by the collar using his teeth to take you back home.
You can't even slink away in shame while he lectures you about the dangers of the night, for he simply picks you up and drags you back once more, smoothly picking up in his lecturing where he'd left off.
Cooking, sleeping, sitting - you name it, Zhongli has something to nitpick about it.
He never lets you be unless you adhere to his standards. Much to your chagrin, he even bathes you himself using the soaps that he thinks are good for your skin. You're sick of it, but the dragon is your societal flex, and he has an attractive rumbly voice, so you put up with it. Plus, your skin does seem to be doing better these days...
"I have something for you, little one," he tells you one morning while you're sitting in your garden chair reading (with a straight sitting posture like he'd taught you).
"Oh, goody," you reply, rolling your eyes. "What is it, oh scaly one?"
Perhaps he hasn't picked up the sarcasm in you, or he's simply that overcome with excitement, for his tail wiggles incorrigibly. He opens his curled-up claws, and there in the middle is something shiny. Moving to take a closer look, your eyes widen.
"It is a collar," the dragon states before you. "For you."
You stare, agape, at the fine jade collar. "Are you...serious?"
"Of course," says Zhongli, eyes crinkling in elevated elation. "Proof of our companionship. Allow me to put it on you."
And thus, you end up walking around with a jade collar around your neck at your dragon's insistence.
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nezuscribe · 1 year
𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙮 𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙚𝙮𝙚𝙨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: miguel o’hara x fem!reader
summary: he’s just too pretty for somebody so stoic. thankfully he’s able to show off for you, knowing just how much you like it. he’s just so easy on the eyes
warnings: 18+ mdni, smut, teasing from miguel, not proofread so sorry for any typos 
Tumblr media
there’s just something irresistible about miguel o’hara. he knows it. it’s a fact so sure as day that a part of his own hidden cockiness comes from the fact that he feels the eyes travel across the large span of his body, taking in his sheer size as they dart away when he catches them staring. 
but despite the fact that his enormous ego (and his even bigger attitude) derive from some of this attention, there’s really only one person who he cares for to seal the deal. 
you were so nice to him, a large smile greeting him whenever he came into work. it was off putting at first; how somebody could be so cheerful in the morning when everybody seemed to move as though awoken from the dead. 
but slowly you warmed up to him, and he doesn’t know why, but he knows that he treats you differently than the rest of them. 
his words were softer when they were directed at you, a rare and honestly almost non-existent smile on his face whenever you told him about what you had planned for the rest of his week with such excitement that he almost forgot what his job was. 
and he’d be lying if he didn’t say that the way you looked up at him with so much admiration and care in your eyes didn’t do anything to him. he’d also be a blind man if the way you gnawed on your lip, cheeks puffing out in jealously when one of the assistants blatantly flirted with him didn’t send blood rushing straight to his dick.
so it was no surprise that “meetings” in his office became more and more frequent, his paperwork skewed to the side as he made room for you on his desk, your legs wrapping around his waist as you hungrily kissed him like you hadn’t seen him in weeks (it’s been days since you last saw him).
“missed you,” you murmured against his skin, tugging his suit down as he made quick work at throwing your blouse to the side, expertly opening up your bra clasp with one hand as he moved back up to press a sloppy and wet kiss to your lips, nodding feverishly in agreement.
it didn’t take long for him to tug your pants and underwear off, groaning at the slick that connected to your panties, the smell almost knocking him to his knees as you waited (somewhat impatiently given your stance) for him to do what he wanted with you.
“f-fuck,” you whimper into his skin, tears filling up your waterline as he slowly and in a calculated manner drags his arms down your torso, his claws drawing out goosebumps in their wake, “hurry up.” you groan, impatient at the obvious way he’s edging you. 
he flashes you his fangs in a faux debonair smile, a strand of his hair falling into his face as he looks up at you, his large hands holding your mound are you writhe in pure need. 
“needy much?” he muttered, pressing hot kisses just above your clit, where he knows it’s going to drive you crazy, “my pretty girl’s already too dumbed out to answer, hm? haven’t even done much yet sweetheart, y’know?” he mutters, his fingers making obscene sounds as they slowly enter in you with much ease, seeing how you were already dripping seeing him in that ridiculously tight suit. 
you watch him from under your lashes, your mouth watering at the sight in front of you. 
he cocked a brow, noticing just how much you were watching him, more than usual, and he smugly grinned as your nose scrunched up in annoyance and embarrassment, throwing an arm across your face to hide from his heated gaze. 
“can i help you hermosa?” he traveled upward with a small tap on your clit, moving his fingers to grasp your chin, tilting your head upwards to meet his eyes, blown out in sheer need and want for you as his nose bumps against yours. 
“pretty,” you murmured against his lips, feeling the plushness of them against your own as your hands moved up to feel the large expanse of muscle, your nails raking down his skin, leaving light marks in a sort of territorial manner, “so handsome miguel.” you say, and although others have said the same thing, it only mattered when it came from your mouth.
he chuckled, pecking your lips as he moved slightly downward, angling your jaw up with his nose as he found purchase on your neck, inhaling in your scent as he almost went delirious. 
“you butter me up too much sweetheart, ‘specially when you’re lookin’ like this in front of me.” he murmurs, a bit in awe and never getting tired of this as he pumps himself a little bit, too amped up to wait that much longer.
sweet, you always smelled so fucking sweet.
he made haste at biting and sucking, your whines only going straight to his hard cock, making it ache in leak in pre as he marked up your chest, tits, rolling your nipples between his shark teeth as you moaned out pathetically for him. 
he was gorgeous like this; his lips swollen and red, cheeks pink as eyes estranged as he marked you all for himself. he was always like this after a mission, no matter how well it went. all that pent up frustration and adrenaline would be directed to you, and you had absolutely no qualms with that. 
his fingers found your fluttering walls and found them even wetter than before, knowing you too needed him just as bad as he needed you, and he waisted not a second more as he lined his angry tip with your pretty pussy, moaning like he was in heat at the feeling, knowing he wouldn’t be able to last that long in you, especially after not seeing you for as many days as he was gone. 
“i’m ready m-miguel, just please fuck me, p-please.” you whisper, your hands finding his dick as you guided him in, the two of you moaning and throwing your heads back in pleasure as he begins to sink into your warmth. 
“my girl,” he says, his thumb finding your swollen clit as he rubs, picking up his pace after a few seconds of letting you adjust to his size, “my girl.” he says again, but his grip tightens on your hip at his possessive tone. he missed you just as much as you missed him, and he needed for you to know that even if he’s not the best with words. 
his dick rubs along your walls, dragging in and out at the most delicious pace, hitting that spot that makes your walls tighten around him and your legs to wrap around his waist to pull him in even more. 
there was no space in between you two, your heavy and hot breaths hitting each other as you feverishly kiss him again, needing to be connected with him in every way possible, moaning against his lips as he angles himself just right to hit your sweet spot in an even better way. 
“s’good, so good, mhh fuck!” you whine, nails digging into his shoulder, your lips catching between his sharp teeth, piercing the soft skin just enough to draw a little blood, and he grins at the sight. 
“you’re doin’ great babe, perfect for me, god,” his voice is rough, raspy as he feels his release coming at such speed, “you’re mine, need so much.” he mutters and you nod, throwing your head back in clear pleasure, letting him lick a strip up your neck, his pace quickening as the two of you reach your highs. 
he pulls out just in time, finishing in spurts across your chest, and you spasm, missing his dick as you clutch onto his biceps to steady yourself, back arching at the feeling that nobody else but him could give you. 
your chests move in synch, trying to catch your breaths as sweat dots your forehead, coming back from your high as you smile at him, feeling a swell of pride knowing that he only lets you see him in such a debauched way. 
“i’ll have lyla clear my schedule for the day,” he tells himself, glancing over at you as he pulls you closer to his chest as he runs his finger to your lips, grinning at how pliant you are, letting him drop a wad of spit onto your tongue, waiting for his next words as he moves his finger down, tapping your chin to close, “need to show you just how much i missed you.”
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devilfic · 1 year
part two to this because I can't stop thinking about them
you're actually really good at this.
miguel can count on one hand, maybe a few fingers less than that, the number of times he's met his match. not many could keep up with him, could take a blow from the full weight of his fist and stay standing, but you can. and you're relentless.
he could be shaking with rage and by the time he's spent sparring with you, you're still grinning with all the energy you had from when you first started. it's the thing that really excites you, he notices: the thrill of the chase, the struggle, the victory and defeat. because he never sees you get like that unless he's taking you. to the mat.
you get this feverish look in your eyes that he doesn't know how to satiate yet, but he likes testing your limits the same way you test his. he likes seeing that excitement on your face, it makes him keep coming back for more.
until he splits your cheek open.
you hadn't calculated correctly, hadn't considered how close his talon would come to your face until it had torn the skin beneath your eye in two. the blood dribbles down your cheek.
miguel's eyes go wild. when he first felt the resistance against his claw, he'd thought of much, much worse. he'd stood there, hand hovering between the two of you in a stunned silence waiting for something worse to happen. he watched the red pearl at the cut, so slim that had it been anyone else, he wouldn't have even hesitated, "shit."
you touch a finger to the blood, smearing it, "it's okay, it's nothing."
it is nothing. to anyone else in the spider society, it would be nothing. the super healing would kick in and wouldn't even scar. and he'd seen you heal before, had left bruises on you that mended themselves within hours.
he presses his thumb to the cut. a bead of your blood sits on the surface of his finger, a reminder that as strange and wonderful and powerful as you are, you bleed all the same. you watch him, curious, "you can have some. if you want."
his eyes flicker to you with that same shock from when you'd first caught him off guard, "what?"
you gesture to his thumb, "my blood. I don't mind it."
miguel stares, "I'm not a vampire."
"that's what gwen called you."
"I'm... spiders have fangs."
you frown, "then why-"
"are you sure you're okay?" miguel asks, even though he sees for himself that the blood has stopped. soon, your skin would sew itself back together. soon, this wouldn't even matter.
you soften. you melt. miguel doesn't know what to do with all the warmth in your expression... "of course. I can handle you, o'hara. no need to be gentle." and there you go again. you know exactly what you're doing when you say those words and look up at him like that. he feels hot under the collar. he presses his thumb into your cheek and smears the blood even more, but you just laugh, "I knew you had a soft spot for me."
his grumble is meant to be a growl—a warning—but he comes off sounding like a puppy who's bitten off more than he could chew, "not in this universe."
part three
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chrollohearttags · 7 months
random firefighter!ace headcanons (while I finish this fic!)
warnings: nothing too bad! some fluffiness and silly!ace, a few nsfw things under the cut, alcohol mentions, food mentions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
firefighter!ace is surprisingly a neat freak. At least around the firehouse..he does weekly inspections and is very meticulous about how the equipment is stored. He has his own little system and everything. (his apartment is another story though!)
firefighter!ace thinks he is the appointed cook in the firehouse. Mans throws down in the kitchen and will make enough to feed an army. (he’s half Filipino in my head idc idc) so he cooks a lot of Asian fusion dishes, recipes passed down from his mom and family and yes, he insists on making them for (y/n) too on ‘date’ nights.
firefighter!ace is a CLOWN and a half. He keeps everybody in high spirits, especially after a rough call. Dancing, playing music, cracking jokes, playing cards..he will never let his team stay down for too long! (hc that he loves Bad Bunny, J Balvin and a lil bit of dancehall 🤭.) went to the club with (y/n) once and you were shocked when you started whining on him and he knew what to do with it!
firefighter!ace keeps teddy bears and dolls in the fire truck in case there are children at the scene and he always rushes to comfort them.
firefighter!ace spends his days off hiking, camping, running and doing a bunch of nature-centric activities. He loves the outdoors and wants to share that passion with you! He gets sooo excited when you agree to go on a hike with him up to this canyon he’s trekked a few times, surprised when you beat him up there. “You’re really good at this, rookie. You can run more than your mouth.” “Nah, I just wanted to kick your ass, that’s all.”
firefighter!ace is an animal lover. He has two cats and the firehouse dog is his literal son. He pets random animals whilst out at the park and will come over to your apartment just to ignore you and play with your kittens! “Anyways, I’m not here for you. I came to see my daughter, thank you.” 😭
firefighter!ace is the life of the party and that even gets worse when he drinks. He can handle his liquor pretty well so he doesn’t fall all over the place but he is way too lively when he’s drunk!
firefighter!ace does have a bit of a fashion game. He and his brother are sneaker heads and collect them so his closet is filled with all sorts of shoes. He has more a rustic, indie/hippy aesthetic but he dresses really nice when he needs to.
firefighter!ace loves the idea of sneaking around the firehouse with you. Getting in quickies with the very little free time and privacy you have. Covering your mouth as he gets you up against the wall in the bunks. “C’mon, rookie. We only have a few minutes, don’t get us caught.”
firefighter!ace is a back kisser, neck licker and suck toes. He’s so attentive and loving when you guys do get your alone time. Especially when you’ve had an attitude all week and he knows what you need. He will give you the slowest strokes while looking deep in your eyes and prone bone because he doesn’t want you doing any of the work. “Is this what you wanted, baby? Needed me stretch you out? Should’ve just said that from the beginning.”
firefighter!ace lovesssss showering together. Not just for the sexual aspect but the intimacy of it. Touching and feeling every inch of your skin, kissing you real slow underneath falling water and holding your face. Seeing your skin all lathered up in soap and just admiring every inch of your body. “You’re so soft..I love it.”
firefighter!ace gets so intense and passionate, becoming a little possessive..fucking you like it’s the last time after extremely dangerous calls. If there was an instant where your life has been in danger or he was scared of losing you, he all but puts you through the mattress, making you whimper and claw at the sheets as you scream his name. He cries into your neck/shoulder, just confessing his feelings. “You’re mine..you got that? Don’t you ever scare me again.”
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thelurchinghound · 8 months
ftm reader getting fucked by two monsters shoving their knots deep in his little cunt whiile hes tied up and just takes it
Tumblr media
[Request info] - [Navigation]
Gender: FTM reader
Kinks/Warnings: Non-con/Dub-con(?), knotting, DP (double penetration), Dacryphilia, Teratophilia, Words like cunt, pussy, clit, etc used for reader. Hinted at werewolf monsters but I left it vague.
A/n: BRUH, I love this request, again I left the monsters up to the reader but I was thinking of my werewolf pack ocs. It took a little longer than I thought it would but it's fine. Kinda rushed at the end!
| OC(s) used: Monroe & Quinn | Words: 453 | Proofread by @bunnyscone | NSFW |
By hitting 'keep reading' you are accepting that you're fine with reading my content (Don't like? Don't read and scroll.)
Tumblr media
"There you go, baby boy."
Monroe forced his cock farther into your pussy, stretching it out even more. A groan slipped from his maw, his tongue darting out to lick at your perky nipples. A small cry leaving your lips from the intrusion in your pussy.
"Can you hurry it up?" Quinn growled out, his claws digging into your plush thigh skin. Small red lines form in the trail of them. His cock throbs with need against your thigh, a knot at the base of his cock already swelling up, and he hasn't even started fucking you yet.
"No, I'll take however long I want to savior our little guest here." Monroe quips back, glowering down at Quinn. The two beasts start bickering back and forth, all while you are unhurriedly thrust into by Monroe. They sounded like two brothers arguing over a toy. Quinn was lying under you, your back to his chest, Monroe above you, tugging at one of Quinn's pointy ears.
Each thrust was slow and gentle, a surprise for how big and burly the monster was. Monroe's giant clawed hands hold onto the ropes that had you tied up, unable to move. You could do nothing against Monroe's ministrations or when Quinn slid his hand down to your pussy. His thumb started to rub your sensitive bud while the bigger man still thrust into you. Quinn's other hand holds open your trembling thighs from his place under you, chuckling slightly when your back arches off him.
"You said that last time with the last human!" 
That exclamation only got an eye-roll from Monroe, his sharp claws drilling further into the plush skin of your thighs. An annoyed grunt coming from on top of you. "God, you are insufferable. Like a yapping chihuahua that won't shut up." 
After a few minutes of the two going back and forth arguing about fucking you, Monroe ultimately relents. "Fine, fine! Whatever!" He says in a rolling growl, moving to spread open your thighs for Quinn. The smaller beast positioned his cock right at your stretched entrance, though, unlike Monroe, he doesn't push in slowly. Like an excited pup, he thrusts himself in. You were already stretched from Monroe's cock, but now with both cocks inside your dripping cunt it felt like you could've been split open. Their knots pressed together as they started to thrust. At first, it was graceless, but gradually, they got a rhythm down. 
Their thrust started getting harder, knots slipping in with every push in and out. The cave around them filled with grunts and moans of pleasure as the two beasts ravaged your tight cunt. Until they finally spilled inside you, their fat knots locking their cum inside.
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genacity · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ft. rengoku kyojurou — kimetsu no yaiba (鬼滅の刃)
when a clueless hashira wanders into your layer of operations, you can’t help but put up a fight— and admire his fat tits through the inconvenient tear in his uniform you inflict.
ruling. nsfw — mature content
content warnings. demon! reader, masochist? rengoku, feminization, body worship, praise, nipple play, impact play, reader refers to rengoku using feminine nicknames / anatomy (girl, princess, pussy, tits)
an. meow i was so excited to write for rengoku. i love beefy men being treated like bimbos! woohooo!
kinktober 2023 masterlist
Tumblr media
“slow down, pretty girl. stop squirming so much.”
“mm— haah! please stop teasing me!”
the man in your lap writhed at your touch. careful hands gliding down his chest, drawing circles around his nipples as he thrashed between your legs.
how’d you even get here? you don’t remember. well, you do. but you aren’t focused on remembering. not when the flame hashira is at your disposal. burning, sticky skin and sweet-sounding whimpers from his lips a stunning combination of reactions to your touch.
you’re a demon under kibutsuji. one of the latest recruits to the twelve kizuki. being an upper rank is tiring. always lounging about in the manor you’ve made for yourself, waiting to get this damned job over with and kill those little brats they called the demon corps.
but this one… this one may be spared.
rengoku kyojurou, that’s what his name is — the thundering flame hashira that it seems the whole of japan has been talking about.
and he’s wandered straight into your lair, ready to slay you.
yes, that’s what he had planned — until while during your fight, your claws tore a less than convenient rip in his uniform. straight through the chest to reveal the space between his muscular pecs that you just had to stop and stare at.
and now you’re here. the hashira sat between your legs as you toyed with his chest and body.
hey, you couldn’t help it; not when his tits — pecs — were practically begging to be touched and fucked. and he was, too. not like he denied it at all. you may be a demon, but that definitely did not take away from your temptation. and looks.
“relax, baby. you’re stressing too much.” you cooed to the whining rengoku as you pinched his nipple between your fingers. he jolted, shaking his head as your free hand held his hands behind his back.
you sighed and looked at his swollen nipple between your pointer and thumb fingers. “look at you,” you feigned a pout. “your tits are all red. is that what you wanted, flame hashira? to make your big tits all red and sore?”
“they are not — tits.” rengoku whimpered, his voice lowering to almost a whisper at his last word. “what was that?” you asked into his ear, pulling at his sore nipple and letting it go, watching it bounce back as he let out a long wail.
rengoku’s hips bucked up as you fondled his pecs, tracing round his right bud with your sharp, manicured claws. “i — i can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” he whined. “a demon using and teasing my body.”
“oh, how shameful.” you chuckled and flicked his sore nipple, making him jump. you switched hands to hold his wrists, off to pay more attention to his neglected side as you immediately began to knead his left breast. “a demon having their way with you. how will you explain to your beloved corp that you’ve come back sore with no victory?”
rengoku went silent. pressing his raw lips together to muffle his grunts and whines. dissatisfied by his lack of response, you pinched his left nipple and leaned in to whisper into his neck. “answer me, flame hashira.”
his lips parted to speak, but all that came out was a shaky breath from the tip of his tongue. you began to grow increasingly agitated by his silence, and so you took it upon yourself to force the answer from him.
you rose your hand and brought it down onto his chest with some force. the hashira flinched in your hold; whining out as the sting along his chest and sore nipple left him squirming. “are you going to answer me?” you snarled just beneath his ear, breathing against rengoku’s neck and making him shiver.
“i — i don’t know.” he stammered and swallowed harshly. you laughed at his response and shook your head. “aw. pretty girl can’t think. i can’t imagine what your co-workers will think of you when you return.”
rengoku couldn’t imagine it either. he was afraid, honestly; unknowing of what his fellow hashira will think of him if he admitted to returning to them with no victory, all for a few moments of pleasure. but at that point, he didn’t care. it felt too good to give up. never had he felt this way before.
all of his thoughts immediately dissipated once he felt your cold hands pinch at his hot nipples once more. rengoku yelped, not noticing you had let his wrists go and was now using both of your hands to knead his chest.
“ah! please…” he sniffled, watching your hands press his chest muscles together and trace his burning buds with your freezing fingertips “your hands… they’re so cold.”
kyojurou felt his cock strain against his pants. the sight of you toying with his pecs made his mind go numb. at that point, he was melting into you. nodding mindlessly whenever you commented something about his fat tits or his hard nipples. the way he reacted to you was addictive.
a few more times did you strike rengoku’s chest; making him wail and writhe more in your arms. whenever he seemed too lost in watching you press his breasts together while you were asking a question would you remind him with a sharp smack straight onto his flaming nipple. then he would recoil and slowly answer your question — too invested on how red and sore his chest was growing. but he loved the burning feeling.
“can’t imagine how wet you must be for me, flame hashira.” you purred. “your pussy is probably drenched. it must be, considering how you’re reacting to just me touching your boobs.” and you laughed, lips twitching up into a grin.
“d-don’t — haah… don’t say those things.” rengoku whimpered, squirming in your hold as one of your hands massaged his right breast while the other began to trail down his body. fingers ghosting over the evident bulge in his pants as he panted and gasped for air. the hashira felt his cock twitch pathetically in his pants as you laughed.
your sly smile grew with each mewl rengoku let slip. “aw, is my girl embarrassed. don’t wanna admit how wet ‘n excited i got you, princess?” you purred into the shell of his ear as he trembled. “i’m not… wet.” he grumbled, and you just had to laugh again.
“show me then.” you insisted. your hands trailed down to his belt as your fingers slowly began to undo it. “show me you’re not leaking from my touch.” the flame hashira swallowed thickly as you leaned in to murmur to him.
“don’t be shy, princess. show me all of you.”
Tumblr media
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shotmrmiller · 6 months
Alpha!Ghost x F!Omega Reader
they're still werewolves. they're shifters, yeah? idk forgive me if im inaccurate in literally anything here i just got excited and here we are.
tw: im pretty sure dub-con with the knotting.
Ghost commanded Soap to toss everything you might've owned in that cozy, little flat of yours. He made sure that there was nothing for you to go back to.
You belong to with him.
Once he brought you back, you locked yourself in your room. You ignored everyone and Soap told him that you wouldn't even eat— leaving your food untouched outside your door.
Ghost let you be angry with him, but not eating was unacceptable.
When he went to go see you, he didn't even bother knocking.
"Open this door." When he didn't get a response from you, he slammed his palm against it once.
"Now," he growled.
When you cracked the door open, his nostrils flared, and almost lost control of his human form in his rage. His vision was starting to go fuzzy at the edges, his lip curling to expose his teeth that had begun to lose their blunt shape.
Ghost was murderous. "You left me t'be with another."
He saw your throat bob as you swallowed. "No, Ghost, I didn't. I left because I heard what you told Soap. How I'm just a dalliance, that I- hey!"
Ghost cut you off with his claw-tipped hand, grabbing your jaw firmly, turning your head side to side, inspecting. "You let him scent ya?"
He felt your jaw clenching under his touch and could smell the salty scent of your indignant tears. "I suppressed my scent, not my heats."
The implication of what you just said had him digging his claws into your soft, delicate skin— puncturing it.
With his hand, he forcibly pushed you back into your room as he walked forward, slamming the door closed with his boot.
"Yeah? He help ya, did he?" Ghost squeezed your jaw tighter, making you whimper from the pain. "Did he have ya drenched with slick the way I do, pet? Hm?"
He pulled you close to hiss into your ear. "Did ya beg for his knot the way you did me? Did his cock reach tha’ rough little spot inside of your cunt tha’ has your eyes rolling to the back of your head?"
Ghost flicked the pointed tip of your ear with his warm tongue, knowing exactly what it did to you, he could smell it. "I bet he didn't feel your pussy tighten around him like a vice as you came. I bet he didn't even get ya fucking close to coming."
Another sound slipped past your lips— this time synonymous with the drool-worthy scent in the air. Aroused. Delicious. He had to gulp down an almost mouth full of saliva to continue.
"I know he had no idea how to handle you. He fucked ya, sure, but he doesn't know how you look as you bite your lip when I stretch ya on my cock to the absolute limit. He doesn't know what your face looks like as you're fucked stupid— slobbering onto the nest you made with my shirts while I took ya from behind."
You're a mewling, sloppy mess in his grasp and he hasn't even started. There's a rosy hue adorning your face, pink mouth slightly open, but it's how you look at him that has his massive cock twitching painfully inside of his trousers— almost has him losing control.
They're glassy, hazy with lust. You're looking at him like he's the only thing that matters. 
Your heat's begun.
That pathetic alpha will never know the sounds you made when Ghost held you against the wall and prodded your entrance with his fingers, absolutely drenching his hand, slick dripping down to his wrist.
He'll never know how you choked on your breath when Ghost sank you onto his rigid length until he felt the entrance of your womb. He won't know the wails you let out as Ghost fucked you, won't know the way your nails scored his scarred back when he ground his cock against your cervix, feeling it lightly pinch the tip of his head.
He'll never the way you moaned into his kiss, tasting the inside of your mouth with his tongue, or the way you cried from pleasure when he began to aim for your sweet spot. He’ll never know how tight your pussy walls clamp down on him as you climax, leaving a white frothy cream at his swelling base.
Ghost pushes your head up against the wall because he wants to see your face as he starts to nudge against your abused cunt, and the way your face contorted into a pained ecstasy when he pushed past the resistance with a pop— knotting you as he fills you with his cum. Bonding you.
You've always been his. You knew it too, otherwise, you would've done better at hiding from him.
Ghost leans in to lick your neck, tongue pressing into the firm swell of your gland, sharp canines grazing.
Another time.
He smoothly maneuvers himself so that he's sitting against the wall that's got a crack in it, whoops, without tugging on where you are both connected.
Ghost looks down at you and notices your pupils are blown wide as you gaze up at him, and his chest begins to rumble, infinitely pleased.
Days later, Ghost only sticks his head out of your room which is heady with the smell of heat and arousal, and calls for Soap with a sibilant whistle.
Ghost gives him orders which Soap nods to with a feral grin spread on his face, and leaves. Soon, there will only be one alpha that knows what you look like in your heat at all.
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tarjapearce · 3 months
Miguel's Pick up Lines
Tumblr media
Just fluff and nerd talk✨
Flirting wasn't something he was good for, it wasn't etched in his dna. His pasts attempts in your early stage of relationship always ended up as awkward or in a laughing fit your way.
But far from making you uncomfortable, it always ended up in you kissing the daylights our of him, appreciating his effort to keep the spark alive.
Miguel wouldn't admit it, but he was practicing his own rizz. A term he internally chuckled every time Gabriella mentioned it.
He wanted to surprise you with his art de la séduction, cause in truth he missed your flustered expression. He needed to see that sweet and lovely face of yours going through so many emotions again.
It was one of those days he'd be stuck in the lab, mentoring the new employees in their induction to Alchemax's Research Department.
In his break, he took his phone and walked to a more private area to then video calling you.
It took the connection to stablish after a couple of rings, your face appearing in the lower corner of the screen with sweet smile and a couple of flour blotches on your face. Rosie on your hip.
"Say hi to Papa, Rosie."
Rosie blabbed while agitating the spoon
"She's gonna be a good chef." you smiled ad you wiped the flour off, "Everything alright, mi amor?"
"Yeah. I'm nearly done with the induction. Can't wait to go home."
He could hear Benjamin's excited squeals as he watched the TV and Gabriella helped with food in the opposite shelf.
"I made some horchata, Gabibi's helping me here."
"I learned how to make tortillas, Papa!"
Gabi's enthusiasm brought a smile on his face
"Save me some, Solecito."
You then moved to place Rosie on her floor playground. Then went to the bathroom and closed the door.
"What are you doing?" His eyes narrowed as you smirked and pulled out the silky elastic band of your bra. Eyes widened while his tongue swept over his plump lips
"Got a surprise for you, Papa. Can't wait for you to come home."
"Too bad you're not in my lab."
"Why? Wanna show me a theory, Dr. O'Hara?" you smirked and he followed
"Would prove my Big Bang into you."
A flush crept your cheeks as your eyes widened softly at the sudden comeback, not really expecting such comment.
His chest constricted with pride on your current state.
"I think I often forget I married a hot nerd."
"I'll remind you when I get home." He chuckled when you squealed internally.
"Can't wait. See you later, Dr. O'Hara." You blew him a kiss and returned to finishing meal prepping.
Tumblr media
You had finished your indoor workout, sweat etched to your flushed skin. Miguel leaned against the door frame, an arm raised above him.
"Did you know that high intensity workouts increases your endorphin release but it's actually the cardiovascular exercises that gives you the major boost?"
"Oh really?"
He nodded while approaching and taking a hold of your waist. Gaze raking over your sweaty look. Your pheromones tickling his nose and brain.
"Yeah" He nuzzled your neck and you squealed in between giggles while he kissed your jaw
"Don't! Let me go shower first!."
He shook his head.
"We gotta do some cardio first, mi reina. Wanna have you extra happy today"
He threw you over his shoulder and walked back to the master bedroom.
Tumblr media
And as good as some days passed, the bad ones were always in the lurk, waiting for you to fall into their claws to not let you go until tears rolled down your cheeks.
And after thirteen years of marriage it was impossible for Miguel to not know and recognize the signs of a bad day.
You'd barely talk, and if you did, it was usually short and monosyllabic replies. You'd go into a cleaning spree, walk around the neighborhood to try and ease your mind.
He stepped in when he saw the inner corner of your lids turn red, eyes bloodshot and a quivering lip as you tried to ease a fussy and wailing Rosie. Miguel pried Rosie from your hands carefully and rubbed her back in soothing circles, to then kiss the top of your forehead.
"I'll take it from here, mi reina. Go rest up."
His heart wrenched upon seeing you sniffing and rubbing your eyes while you went up the stairs.
Miguel arrived an hour later with a tray of freshly made food, a steaming cup of hot cocoa and some tissues.
"Do you want me to keep you company?"
You nodded, teary eyed. He sat next to you and put the tray on your thighs.
"Wanna share what's up there?"
He kissed the side of your head again and begun feeding you.
"I don't know how to explain it. It's weird. All I know is that I feel exhausted and sad. I feel so useless."
"Useless?" he frowned as he fed you another spoonful to then wipe your mouth, "Decaffeinated coffee is useless. A cordless jump rope is useless."
That made you chuckle and he smiled to give you another bite of food.
"I could list a shit ton of things that are useless, but you? No, mi amor. You're the main pillar of this family. Without you everything collapses within. Like a black hole."
His arm went around your shoulders and  kissed your head softly.
"But you ain't a black hole, preciosa. Like... You're so complex, beautiful and amazing. No wonder why the universe copies you and tries to demand our attention with stars and stuff."
He smiled upon your reaction.
"I love you, okay?" He finished feeding you to then massage your feet and shoulders.
Tumblr media
Miguel walked into your room after you were done feeding Rosie and putting her into her crib.
He removed the bedsheets out of you to replace them with his frame, sprawled ontop of you. His head resting ontop of your chest.
Your hands immediately caressed his hair, earning a lovely purr from him, melting under your touch
"You know? Your digits got me feeling a strong exponential attraction. Wanna multiply?"
Your brow quirked with a goof smile on his words as he tittered silently.
"Forget I said that."
His airy laugh got your shoulders shaking with the same amount of fun.
"I didn't understand a peep. I sucked at math, mi amor."
He took your hand and kissed the inside of your wrist.
"But... I understood the last part though."
His head snapped immediately to you and smirked.
"Rosie is asleep" you scolded between hushed laughs as he swallowed you in his arms and pecked your lips repeatedly as you giggled and squealed softly
"Let's decrease the space between our organelles, shall we?"
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charmercharm3r · 1 year
Not sure if you’re taking requests, but the THOUGHT of Jisung slowly fucking you while you’re trying to have a serious phone conversation with Chan or Minho has been sitting in my head rent free FOR DAYS🤦🏻‍♀️🥵
And everytime you try to cut the conversation short or hang up, Jisung threatens to stop altogether.
Stop it, I’m not okay😭😩
yum yum yummmm
Are You Done?
wc: 1.4k
You could hardly breathe, let alone speak into the phone laying on your chest. Minho was on speaker on the other end telling you about his upcoming schedule and how exhausted he was going to be by the end of it. Typical conversation, right?
Of course not when Jisung is your boyfriend and has an insatiable appetite for experimentation. Which is how he got you on your back, underwear discarded and him rubbing his cock back and forth against your clit. It took everything in you not to moan as he stared down at you with that hungry look in his eyes, waiting for you to break even just a little knowing his friend on the call would call you out the second something felt remotely off. 
Lip between your teeth, you bit back the bratty comment you so badly wanted to make at your boyfriend. Jisung just smiled and continued to press his tip into your bundle of nerves, dragging it so lazily that it felt like he was trying to get you to break on purpose. Granted, he was, but only because he knew you could take it.
Your head fell back as he hit a particular spot and you had to clap your hand over your mouth.
“Y/N? Are you even listening? I’m trying to confide in you and—“
“I— I’m listening, I promise. You just… caught me at a—“ Jisung prodded at your entrance with his fingers and stole your voice entirely. He urged you to continue, silently threatening to stop with his stare. “…bad time.”
“I don’t really care, I need your undivided attention. Whatever it is can wait. Me— your friend— is more important.”
“You’re right. Talk to me, I’m here.” Your boyfriend liked that answer, slipping his fingers out of your hole to bring them up to your lips. You took them in your mouth without hesitation and savored the taste on your tongue. Jisung enjoyed the view, his own tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth with a mischievous grin.
The man above you hiked your legs higher up his torso and teased your clit a few moments more before ridding himself of his shirt all together. The plain of his abs taking over your line of sight, you couldn’t help reaching up to touch and let your fingers trace the lines across it.
“I just wanna dance. That’s what I signed up for. I have so many covers recorded and none of them—“
Jisung thought it was a great time to prod at your entrance with his thick tip, you bit down on his fingers to suppress another moan.
“—have even been in the talks of seeing the light of day. It’s frustrating.”
“Have you—“ your voice was muffled by your boyfriend’s digits, popping them out for a moment to speak, “—spoken to the company?”
“Of course I have! They always say it’s never the right time.”
He pushed into you, languid and unrushed, letting your walls adjust to the intrusion with every millimeter he sunk deeper. Your mouth dropped into an ‘O’ shape and raked your claws down his abdomen. Jisung chuckled quietly until he came to the hilt. When your eyes rolled back and shut, Jisung squeezed your cheeks to pucker your lips and forced your concentration back to the conversation.
You felt so full and on the verge of vibrating out of your skin but found the strength to speak. “What about that— mmph— that messaging thing?” Jisung’s thumb found your clit again and circled it ever so lightly, hardly thrusting in and out. The sounds were wet and on the louder side, you wondered if Minho could hear it.
“Bubble? What, send dance videos there? It’s a paid platform, not everyone will get to see it.”
For a second you sobered up of the premature excitement, “idiot, you think the stuff you send there isn’t shared? It’ll get out even if you ask not to.”
Your boyfriend nodded along with your answer, agreeing. But then his thrusts picked up just a little, pulling out further to plunge back into the sweet spot he knew just how to hit. The light pressure to your nerves was driving you insane, almost as much as this conversation was.
Minho was silent for a second, but Jisung didn’t stop moving. “What are you doing?” The man on the phone suddenly asked.
You panicked and it made Jisung push in incredibly deep, “e— eating. I’m eating.”
“…Okaaaay… Still, I want it official, y’know? Like on our YouTube and stuff.”
It felt like Jisung wasn’t even moving but the constant stimulation told you that wasn’t the case. His own head tipped back and he let out a long, deep sigh, then gripped onto your hip with his free hand hard enough to bruise. He settled more comfortably on he knees to fuck up into you while switching to opt for shorter and repetitive thrusts. The pressure in your belly was rising higher as he continued to hit your soft spot. “What if you just– f– posted it yourself?” Jisung smirked and wiped the sweat from his forehead.
“Are you on a treadmill or something? Why do you sound out of breath?”
Your boyfriend leaned down and kissed up the valley of your chest, lightly teething at your skin. A hand came to tangle in his hair instead of keeping the conversation going and he shot a look up at you through his lashes. “The walk to the sink is far. Guess I should exercise more.” Jisung winked and kept going, doing a number on your clit that made your skin burn delightfully.
“Come with me and Jisung next time, maybe it’ll get him to stop complaining about how much he misses you. Anyways, back to me.” You held back a laugh that in turn made your boyfriend giggle as well, rumbling chest to chest. Walls clenching tighter around him, when he started to push harder into your clit you knew he was trying to get you along. You dug your heels into his back and pulled him flush against you. “Should I just make my own YouTube account? Just for dance videos? No, I’d get kicked out for that. What if I…”
Minho continued to speak without giving you a chance to intervene, not that you minded in the slightest. Jisung took advantage of it and rubbed just the way he knew to get you to cum around him, and it was working. Your friend on the phone was clueless and it made the both of you all the more aroused knowing you were going to get away with it. In a way, it was a proud feeling, something of a cross between accomplished and erotic with how simple this one inclusion in the bedroom was. You felt the knot tightening in your belly much tighter than usual and every nerve in your body tingled as you gripped onto Jisung’s hair for support. His face was right next to your phone on your chest, still urging you to pay attention to Minho. But it was getting harder to do so when your boyfriend was being so relentless.
Perhaps forgiveness would be a small price to pay for such a wonderful high that was just within reach. You could no longer hear what Minho was saying, just that he was speaking. All of your concentration went to keeping quiet and you couldn’t even do that anymore. The grip your teeth had on your bottom lip was on the verge of drawing blood, rutting your hips up in time with Jisung’s for maximum feeling. And that just about did it, a good nudge of his thumb at the same time as he prodded at your sweet spot and the sensation took over your body to lock him against your chest and buried within you. By the time the feeling passed, Jisung had left more than one obvious mark across your skin that was deepening with every second.
“Are you done?” Minho’s voice snapped you out of your glowy haze.
“Hm? Done with what?” Airy tone and a smile on your face, you felt Jisung kissing up your neck as the phone fell to the side of your head.
“Getting dicked down. I have real issues that require your help, and your boyfriend’s. Hi, Jisung.”
The two of you giggled, embarrassed but not nearly as much as you should have been. Jisung greeted his friend, then stole the phone to mute it for a moment. He leaned into menacingly whisper, “I didn’t finish, baby. Don’t think we’re done quite yet.”
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a-hazbin-reader · 5 months
how about a reader who's been feeling pretty overworked recently?and just needs to rest but is to stubborn to Al does something about it?
Now it's Alastor's turn to pamper~
Alastor X Reader Headcanons
Tumblr media
TW: None I think??
Description: ☝️⬆️
You've been going nonstop all week and it's been taking it's toll on you physically and mentally
There's so much that needs done and you're only one person, you don't have time to sit and relax
Which means you're unintentionally taking time with you away from Alastor
Not his ears drooping and folding back when he realizes you're going to turn him down
"I'm so sorry, Alastor, I'm just too tired to go out and I really need to finish this."
"Y/N, it's our date night and I insist that you-"
"I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you later, I promise."
But you pass out and Alastor has to carry you to bed, hating that you're so overworked right now, that you have no time to spare for him
Which in his deer brain, means that you're neglecting him because you're so fried from work
And that means he's gotta fix this
But you're stubbon and won't relax willingly so he's got to get creative
"Darling, won't you take this bubble bath with me? I need help getting my back~"
🥵🥵 s-sure
He takes special care to massage and scrub every part of you until you're a gooey mess in his hands
Despite his claws, he can be surprisingly gentle, it's rather soothing to feel them ghosting over your skin
It's not until later when your back is against his chest and he's kissing your shoulder that you realize he's been spoiling you the entire time
Literally carries you to bed bridal style and dries your body with a loving reverence that makes you blush
"Alastor, I can do this myself-"
"Hush now, let me do this for you..."
Rubs fancy lotions and creams into your skin, massaging until you inevitably fall asleep under his care
Nobody is allowed to wake you or bother you at all for the time being, he'll make sure of it
He finds excuses to interrupt you during your work, forcing you to take breaks
"Darling, I accidentally made too much jambalaya! So I thought I might bring you some as I am quite sure you haven't eaten today~"
"Alastor, I don't have time to-that smells really good..."
It's so good you could cry, devouring the entire thing while he stays and has lunch with you, turning it into a mini date
You didn't even realize how tense were before Alastor showed up, feeling full and relaxed after he gives you a parting kiss
You really don't want him to go, watching him leave with a longing expression
Not him purposefully stealing something you need so that you have no choice but to seek him out
"Have you seen my folder? I can't get back to work without it!"
"Hm? I can't say that I have, but have you seen what a beautiful day it is outside? Why not just skip work today, and we'll take a stroll through Cannibal Town?"
Won't take no for an answer, already looping his arm with yours and marching you outside
It is actually a beautiful day outside
Takes you to all your old haunts and spends all day buying anything you even look at
It feels good to catch up with Rosie and some of your old friends, not having realized how long it's been since you've seen them
He also takes you out dancing, which leaves you tired and sore, but in the best way possible, he was always exciting to dance with
Will carry you home if he has to, will actually find an excuse to do so
"Do your feet hurt? Here, let me carry you~"
You pass out before he puts the blanket over you, soothed by his scent on your pillow
It's not until later when you wake up to him putting your folder back in your bag that you realize what he's been up to
Oh fuck he's been caught
"Darling! I was just-cleaning off your bag and-"
"...just shut up and come back to bed..."
Literally climbs right on top of you and flops on you like he's your own personal weighted blanket
Kissing your neck and shoulders before whispering into your ear with a slightly guilty voice
"Are you angry with me?"
"Mm...not if you keep giving me attention like this..."
Well, he wouldn't want his darling Y/N to start getting angry with him now, would he?
The next day you feel more renewed and refreshed than you have in weeks, waking up tangled in Alastor's arms
You chuckle softly and push some of his hair out of his (totally not pretending) sleeping face, admiring his handsome features
He's a sneaky man who tricks you into relaxing and taking time for yourself because he loves you
And you love him all the more for it
Tumblr media
This one was too cute! I hope you like it
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boothillssugarmomma · 1 month
Tumblr media
The Night Frights
(Boothill x Fem!Reader)
cw-: mentions of death, scared Boothill, sweet Boothill, boyfriend Boothill
HC: Boothills reaction to a nightmare
🎀 authorsnote: I got this headcanon from @cheesecakethots and have permission to use it! I was so excited to write THISSS!
please don't steal my work!
🎀Taglist🎀HSR Master List🎀Other Lists🎀
Tumblr media
So many horrors that Boothill had seen. All of those traumatic events. Left him with the galaxy's worst nightmares. The nightmares he didn't dare tell you about.
He always made sure if he woke up from a nightmare not to wake you up. Just to sit and calm down before glancing at you and taking in your beauty. Calming him quicker.
Today he had a pretty rough day at work, being a Galaxy Ranger wasn't always easy. He knew he'd have those nightmares again...and he didn't want to sleep.
As you two are watching a movie, cuddled in bed, you pet his hair softly. "I'm getting tired..." You yawn quietly, covering your mouth with your hand.
Boothill buried his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent. He hummed in response, pulling himself closer to you.
"Yeah? Then go to sleep. You need it." He whispered, rubbing circles onto your skin with his metallic thumb.
"And so do you...you had a hard work day." You hum quietly against the top of his head.
Boothill chuckled, shaking his head.
"Don't worry about me, darlin'. I'll be fine. Always am. Yer the one who needs rest."
He mumbled against your neck.
You turn the TV off and shimmy down to rest against him. "Please try to sleep?" You whisper against his neck sleepily.
With a huff, he wrapped his arms around you, pressing his hand into the small of your back. He closed his eyes and exhaled through his nose. Boothill was never good at falling asleep, especially with how loud his thoughts were.
"Yeah, yeah. I'll try, don't worry 'bout me..."
As you drift off into a peaceful sleep, he found himself watching you. Even in your sleep you looked so beautiful. Boothill smiled and pulled you closer, resting his chin on top of your head.
He exhaled, feeling the tension in his metal shoulders fade away as he held you. With you in his arms, the nightmare plagued thoughts were forced to the back of his mind. The steady sighs you made and your breathing was all he could focus on. It was soothing to him in a way.
Boothill was peacefully asleep when a nightmare clawed its way into his mind. It was worse than the usual nightmares. Darker. Filled with twisted thoughts he thought he'd buried.
And finally, his brain shocked him in a way unimaginable to him.
Your death...painful...and cold...
He woke up with a gasp, his breathing heavy and forehead covered in a cold sweat. The nightmare he had was vivid and fresh in his mind. He couldn't stop himself from pulling you flush against him.
Waking you up without him realizing it. His steel fingers dig into your side, marks were probably forming, but you didn't care. You were confused, you'd never seen your boyfriend like this.
With a shaky exhale, his eyes flitted around the room wide and full of fear. His arm forming the gun you've seen many a time and pointing it at the door. He remained on edge, body tense and teeth bared as if he was ready for a fight.
It was a few moments before he calmed down, the realization that he was safe settling in. He lowered the gun arm as it reverted back to a hand.
Gently pulling your head into the crook of his neck he slowly laid back down, his breath shuddering as it leveled back out.
With the tension finally gone, Boothill found himself drifting back to sleep. This time the nightmare wasn't able to reach him as he held you close. It was the most sleep he'd gotten in a while.
His body was no longer tense, his body was back to being cool to the touch. He breathed out a shaky sigh, laying back down to nuzzle his face against your neck as he held himself close to you. Sleep took him over again, leaving him in peaceful unconsciousness.
That morning he didn't mention a word about it as he drank his oil at the breakfast table.
He sat across from you, drinking in silence. You'd noticed he avoided eye contact.
After a few moments, he spoke up, his voice rough and gravely.
"Are you feeling okay this morning, darlin'?"
"...yes I feel...fine." You smile softly, poking at your breakfast on the plate.
He hummed in response, his eyes still glued to the table. It was obvious something was on his mind. The uneasiness was written all over his face. But he was doing his best to play it off as nothing, not wanting to worry you.
There was an air of tension between you, something he was desperately trying to dispel. After a moment, he spoke again.
"You sure? Yer not lyin', are ya...?"
"No honey...I'm alright." You smile. "I slept great thanks to you..." You knew what happened obviously, you just didn't know why he won't talk about it.
But if he isn't ready...
That's ok with you. You'll still be there for him until he is ready.
He huffed, a slight smile making its way onto his face at your words. Despite the nightmare, he had slept rather peacefully while holding you close. "Yeah? That so? Well...glad to hear that."
He chuckled, taking a sip of his drink. There was a brief pause before he spoke again.
"Guess I did my job as yer big spoon, huh?"
"You did..." You smile leaning over the table to kiss his cheek. "Thank you for being there to protect me...my savior..."
Boothill couldn't help the pink that dusted his cheeks at your words and the kiss on his cheek. His heart warmed, butterflies swirling in his stomach. The thought of you being hurt made his chest ache. He chuckled shyly, shaking his head.
"Don' mention it...I'd...do anything to keep my darlin' safe. Kill anyone who tried to hurt ya, even lay down my own life to protect ya..."
"Thank you my Galaxy Ranger~" You get up to walk behind his chair, leaning over his shoulders, hands on his chest as you kiss his temple.
His heart skipped a few beats as you leaned over his shoulders, wrapping your arms around his chest. The way your hands splayed against his chest, the kiss on his temple, the sudden affection you were giving him...it was making his brain short-circuit.
Boothill had to catch his breath, a goofy grin on his face. "Yer gon' make me blush, darlin'. Ain't fair..."
"I love you..." You whisper. "And I'm always here for you..."
He exhaled, a lump forming in his throat. Hearing those three little words still made him weak. After all this time together, he still blushed and went weak at the knees. It made him feel like a lovestruck teenager again.
With a shaky exhale, he reached up to hold your hand.
"I love you too, darlin'. I... didn't want to worry you, but... I had a-"
You cut him off. "You don't have to explain yourself..." You murmur against his ear. "Tell me another day..."
Boothill's eyes water a bit, tears threatening to spill over. "T-Thank you..."
"Anytime my love...anytime..."
Tumblr media
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bas-writes · 8 months
Tumblr media
Out of Words
Character: Nanami Kento Reader: afab (aka reader with a vagina; ambiguous body descriptions, neutral words used regarding genitalia with an exception for word “cunt”) CW: explicit nsfw content, PWP, one shot, established relationship, plus size reader, vaginal sex Word Count: 1k Synopsis: Just Nanami asking his plus size partner to ride him. And being in awe. Based on prompt 13 from this list. A/N: The original version got deleted because I have quite...complicated relationship with this text. But encouraged by my partner I eventually decided to put it back into the wild. So, enjoy! maybe for the second time if you already saw it aklskljjhd
Tumblr media
"Ride me."
It slips past Nanami's lips almost unwittingly, like a voice speaking straight from the depths of his subconsciousness. The rhythm breaks: the both of you are utterly confused in the best, most excited way possible, almost frozen in place for a few, heavy seconds. 
He releases your wrists, suddenly realizing he held them so hard there will be bruises shaped like his fingers, then shifts his body to the side, pulling yours with himself. You squeeze thighs around his hips for leverage and balance, and he can't help letting out a little, breathy groan of appreciation. He loves the softness, the rolls forming on them flush to his body, the yet tentative moves as you're looking for the most comfortable position for your knees. It's just the beginning and he's already entranced by the feel and views.
From comfortably nestled in pillows, your legs wide open to fit his wide body in between, you're above him now, in your wonderful glory, in power and control over him. As you ease into the new situation, your weight gradually presses close to his hips until you settle on the angle you like. Nanami clenches teeth, an inch away from successfully catching a moan; he's much deeper in your now, squeezed tight by your slick, hot walls, and sentenced to obediently awaiting your moves. 
The fear of accidentally hurting you, prior stirred by your wrists, fades now. He grabs your hips with all he's got for your—not to hurry you up nor to pull you closer, but to feel you, to sink his fingers into your softness and to feed his eyes with the dip of your silhouette around them. 
You shift on him for the last time, balance grabbed and checked, and lean slightly to the back, your eyes closed as you sink into the sensation. You start slowly, almost too slow for the both of you, either shy or testing the new waters. Nanami holds his breath back, irrationally worried a draft of air might interrupt you; his nails scratch deep at your skin, vertical lines right next to your stretch marks. He's going to kiss them with care later, insatiably sipping on your warmth, but now nothing can peel his attention away from desiring you. He's addicted to the sway of your hips, to the bouncing rhythm you soon pick up, to the flow of your body on top of him. 
Nanami can't possibly grow tired of the sight of you in your naked glory. Since the day he's been graced with it for the first time he only grows more and more hungry. He loves every inch of it, whether you love it yourself or not, and usually doesn't shy from praising and adoring it—but now, with you bouncing on his cock, something keeps his words in check. Everything he feels like saying seems inappropriate, too simple and too vulgar. All he can do is to stare, eyes wide open in wonder, lips heavy of breath, and hands full of your curves. He lets them wander at times, to knead your ass or to support you at the waist, but every time the sensation grows too strong to handle, and he returns to your hips in hurry. It can't end like this, not now, when he's still starved, when he knows you can still show him more. 
A rumble of your name follows an especially bold move of yours, and Nanami claws at your thighs with desperation. You've caught him off-guard this time, with his hands out of control when you suddenly clenched hard on him, squeezing him deep in your hot slick. He has to close eyes, to spare himself at least the delicious views, but the feeling is right there—your tight cunt, your big and soft ass, your thighs tensing under his fingertips and pressing flush to his sides.
"Fuck—" He desperately tries to keep his hips in check, fights with each desperate attempt to jerk up, fails. "Holy shit—"
He's ready to beg you to slow down and show him mercy, equally ashamed of himself and turned on by the thought alone. You coo something about him squirming and twitching but he can't quite tell words from the stream of your voice. Blindly, he reaches up, hands stopping before they can reach your middle and pawing at your soft tummy. Again, you speak to him, but he's deaf in his pleasure, maybe if he opened his eyes—
He can't open them. If he does, it's the end. If he sees you, messy, disheveled, tired and so beautiful, he won't be able to last any longer. If he takes one more peek of your body bouncing on top of him, of you using him to your pleasure—
"Kento—" You beg him first, your voice drenched with ecstasy and breaking.
Nanami can't resist such a melody. He snaps his eyes open as if under a spell.
Your name dies between slurred whimpers when his hold tightens, clawing its way into your skin, and Nanami, early, way too early, caves in to pleasure. Eyes plastered to your bouncing tum and his hands sinking in it, now determined to not miss anything if it's bound to happen anyway, he joins the stuttering rhythm of your hips, just on time to push you into orgasm. A few thrusts later, stirred by the tight spasming of your cunt, he follows suit with a loud, the loudest this night, groan. 
For a moment, reality around slurs too, and when he regains control over his senses, Nanami finds you in his arms, nestled on top of him, sweaty and breathing heavy. He runs hand up and down your back, smiling at the feel of rolls and softness underneath. 
Your body presses his tight—and yet again Nanami reasserts himself his life truly wouldn't be the same if cruel fate ever took this blessed feeling away from him.
"One more time?" He whispers, lips pressed to the crown of your head. "I'm not quite full of you yet, my love."
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ratsummer · 24 days
Shhhhh shhhhhh I'm getting carried away here, but...
Y'all ever think about Phantom being unphased by griminess when he's first summoned?
Or maybe not unphased, but he just doesn't make cleanliness a priority. Like this guy has been roaming the circles as best he can on his own, more concerned with finding food and shelter and the reluctant ally here and there than with personal hygiene.
Summoning as a general rule isn't a very tidy affair, so no one really notices that first day. Omega and Aether give him the typical, cursory wipedown to remove the worst of the summoning... goo... before bundling him up in soft, loose, flowy robes while his skin is still sensitive. And of course, when they show him where his room his, they introduce him to the baths and let him know he has the rest of the day to clean up and settle in.
Well, morning rolls around and Dew arrives to the breakfast table, ushering a very sleepy little quint along in front of him. Cirrus scolds him for so obviously waking him up before he was ready, but Phantom insists it's okay, please, I asked him to make sure I was awake for breakfast! Don't get angry at him!
And while Phantom explains that Dew stayed up late with him to help him find and organize snacks in his room, Cumulus comes to the table, yawning wide and clutching Aether's arm. She was so excited to greet Phantom and Aurora at their summonings, hugging them tight (despite the goo) and welcoming them into the fold. She's just as excited to see them at breakfast, purring and pressing a kiss into Aurora's hair first before shuffling over to do the same for Phantom.
He can't help but flinch a little as she approaches. Old habits die hard, and he immediately rushes to apologize when she stops in her tracks and frowns. But Cumulus is used to skittish ghouls - she typically accepts boundaries gracefully. No, what's caught her off guard is-
"Phantom, sweetheart, didn't Aether show you how the bath works?" Cumulus' voice is soft and warm, but she's got Aether pinned with a disappointed glare.
Phantom curls in on himself a little, squirming and wrapping his tail around his fingers. "He did... why?"
"Little bat, you've still got... goo... clumped in your hair. That can't feel very good."
And while Phantom is squirming and explaining himself, that he was focusing on getting used to his room, Cumulus starts looking him over more carefully.
She notices his claws, broken and jagged in some spots, dirt and goo clumped around them. Little scrapes, scratches, and bruises littering what little bit of his bare skin is exposed. Hair dry and frizzed up, with tangles and knots all around the base of his horns. And his horns... dried out, brittle, chunks missing near the ends.
Well, Cirrus doesn't call her Fussy Lussy for nothing.
"Oh darling, it's okay you didn't have time last night. I'll tell you what, I was going to have a little spa day today, I've got so many new things I want to try out. How about you come along with me and I'll help you figure out all the knobs in the tub and you can try out some of my soaps!"
Phantom looks a little wary and unsure as Cumulus extends her offer, maybe trying to figure out how to say no, until Aurora gasps and starts kicking her feet excitedly.
"Oh! Phantom! Cumulus helped me wash my hair last night and her soaps smell soooooo good! You're gonna love it!"
So, that's how Phantom ends up reclined neck-deep in deliciously warm bathwater not an hour later.
Cumulus is humming quietly, sitting next to him and lighting all the candles she lined up along the edge of the tub. "These candles are always here," she explains, "And the matches live in that jar tucked over there, so you can use these anytime you want if you like them, alright?"
Phantom just hums a little to let her know he's at least kind of listening. He rubs his toes through a little pile of what Cumulus called epsom salts, enjoying the way the grains crunch and swirl around his feet as they slowly dissolve. He can't remember being so comfortably warm and relaxed, maybe ever.
"Alright, sugar, I've got so many good things to try out. Are you ready?"
Phantom loses track of time quickly, but it must be hours that they soak together. Cumulus grooms him meticulously, and it stirs up achingly precious, half-lit memories from his kit days, when he still had his parents to look after him.
She scrubs his hair thoroughly with a sweet, sudsy shampoo. Her claws scratch deliciously over his scalp, sending goosebumps down his back. She works something called conditioner in next, using her fingers and a comb to tug and tease all the knots out of his hair. Not once does she pull hard enough to hurt.
She rubs a creamy, buttery substance between her palms until it melts into a sweet-scented oil. She massages it over his horns, cooing about how it's adding so much depth to their night-blue color. His claws are next, and Cumulus patiently explains what each of her little tools is for as she goes about trimming, filing, and oiling each one. She even rubs a cream into what she tells him are his cuticles, apparently to soften them or something.
She uses the softest cloth he's ever felt in his whole life ever to wash him thoroughly with a mouth-wateringly scented soap. She's thorough, getting behind his ears and between his toes. While she washes him, she tells him they should talk to Rain later about trimming up his hair so it doesn't fall in his eyes so much. She checks in with him constantly, asking if he's still okay with her washing him or if he'd like to take over.
Once they're out and dry, she helps him put on a creamy lotion before handing him big, soft clothes to pull on. She helps him roll the sleeves and cuff the pants, having stolen them from Swiss.
"He won't miss them, sweetie. That ghoul has the comfiest loungewear and he's always happy to share."
Cumulus insists that the most important part of their spa day is to immediately crawl into her nest to snack, snooze, and watch movies. It's called beauty rest for a reason, Phantom!
It's with a full belly and a clean, relaxed body that Phantom snuggles down under Cumulus' fresh, soft blankets and promptly passes out. It's the deepest, most restorative sleep he's had in ages.
And while he sleeps, Cumulus pets his hair, rubs his back, and generally fusses over whether the blankets are covering him properly. Her entire heart has totally melted for this sweet ghoul who's seen too much hardship, and she vows to make him the most rotten, spoiled little brat the ministry has ever seen.
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dilfsfordinner · 6 months
a/n- this fucker is nasty, but my uterus is taking over my brain so idc
warnings- IF YOU DON’T LIKE BLOOD, DON’T READ, PLEASE, fem! bodied reader, period oral sex (fem! receiving), fingering, cramps and talk of periods in general
Since the torturous days of puberty, every year you had been suffering from the claws of your monthly blood week, your period somehow always finding a new way to piss you off, this time being the fact that you were getting pelted with an endless slew of pitchfork-esque cramps.
A warm bath didn’t help, sitting didn’t help, and somehow, sleeping didn’t either because the pinching twists in your uterus followed you into your dreams as well.
It didn’t matter that it was Saturday, if you couldn’t relax it wasn’t really the weekend. It didn’t help that the sky was gloomy either, clouds blocking the one thing that could possibly lighten your attitude. Toji didn’t seem to notice your very irritated mood, or the countless side-eyes you had been throwing at him since the beginning of the day, he just continued to prep breakfast, seemingly clueless to the war raging in your insides.
Groaning, you threw the heavy, down comforter off of your burning limbs, struggling to the kitchen in a very shaky fashion. You couldn’t even be mad at your man for not noticing, he was caught up in making food for the both of you, and you had to admit, it smelled wonderful.
You seemed to forget that his senses were unnaturally heightened, so dragging your feet and muttering under your breath did very little to conceal your presence, let alone your emotions. Making an effort to wrench the fridge open, you scanned for something sweet, preferably watermelon or something that wouldn’t make you feel like shit after eating, but to no avail, you were left with no fruit finds, a huff leaving you as you placed your hands on your hips, staring at the shelves as if you could make something just magically appear.
Warmth radiated from behind you, strong arms wrapping around your waist as Toji rested his chin on your shoulder, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. “What’s the matter, pretty,” he murmured, kissing the soft panel of skin beneath your jaw before turning his attention to rubbing soft circles on your waist.
A half-moan, half-sigh was pulled from you, his actions relaxing the tense muscles coiling inside of your lower half, cramps calming briefly at the deep massage his fingers delivered. “My period,” was all you managed to breathe out, trying to appreciate the short-lived relief he gave you, your limbs almost going lax in his hold.
Toji stiffened against your back, his muscles tightening in some protective, almost primal way. He wished he could take your pain, even for a second, because the sight of his love struggling to eat, walk, and even stand for a week of every month was torture in itself.
“Do you want to eat now?” he asked softly, continuing his massage just below your navel. You were actually excited to eat, excited to finally satisfy one kind of abdominal ache, that was until a sharp, stabbing sensation ripped along your lower, left side, most likely caused by the long fingers kneading the muscles there.
Gritting your teeth to prevent a cry, you pushed Toji’s hands away, shrugging out of his hold to stomp back to your bedroom, anger, as irrational and undeserved as it was, fizzling off of you and pointedly toward Toji. Yes, your period made you the “stereotypical”, hormone-crazed, emotional woman, but you had an excuse, you were cursed with some of the most inconvenient pains, which inevitably caused your attitude to turn, well, a little.. sassy.
Toji, however, knew exactly how to quell such sass, as bold as it might seem. So, carefully, he followed behind the angry breadcrumbs of muttered insults you purposely said aloud, to join you in the warmth of your bedroom. There, Toji watched as you plopped on the end of the bed, the action causing your arms to fold over your stomach in pain, curses spewing from you as his presence was accidentally, or maybe, intentionally ignored.
Gathering his courage to approach the beast groaning on the bed, Toji made himself known by pushing open the door, his footsteps light as he made his way over to your hunched figure. Your hands came up to cover your face, a sigh shaking your shoulders as a ticklish sensation enveloped your feet.
There, kneeling before you, was your very caring, very concerned husband, his large hands cradling your feet, the warmth of his palms even hotter than the fluffy, woolen socks that adorned your toes. He didn’t say anything, his face perfectly calm, peaceful in the warm light of the lamps you had placed around the room.
Green eyes came up to meet your hidden gaze, your fingers split just so to peek down at him. “Let me help you,” was all he said, voice hushed, his hands continuing their massage further up your legs, and even then, he never broke eye contact. “Please,” he whispered, those eyes of his so genuinely interested in pleasing you, taking care of you, you couldn’t help but trust him, letting your hands fall away to slowly nod at him.
Humming gratefully, his hands skated up your thighs to grasp the waistband of your pajama pants and undies, fingers teasing the delicate skin of your navel. “Lie back for me,” he murmured, hands still as he awaited your response. Apprehensively, you let yourself sink into the thick blankets beneath you, watching as he lifted your legs to slide your clothes and undergarments off.
“Wait, Toji, I’m-”
“I know,” he hushed you, kissing the inside of your knee before pulling his black sweater over his head, leaving him bare from the waist up. You thought he was trying to get something for himself, but no, he used the sweater for you, one hand lifting both of your legs up so that he could slide the knit material under your bottom. A.. towel of a sort?
Finally realizing what he planned to do, you snapped your thighs closed, huffing to sit up on your elbows, Toji looking up at you with amused eyebrows, his head tilted knowingly. “I’m bleeding,” was what you settled on, surely thinking that that was enough to steer him away from anything remotely sexual.
Toji just looked at you, his gaze not faltering, almost like he was challenging you for a better excuse, “And?”
“It’s gross!”
“No, it’s not. Besides, it’ll help you relax.”
Holding eye contact, he lowered himself to leave a kiss on your ankle, continuing up until his nose nuzzled the top of your thigh. “Trust me,” he whispered, his arms snaking underneath your thighs hesitantly, before he was tugging you to the edge of the bed, the crook of your knees fitting perfectly over the curve of his shoulders.
Biting the inside of your cheek, your eyebrows furrowed, debating letting him have his way with you, a checklist appearing in your head; One, he was clean so there really wasn’t the need to worry about infections or uti’s, especially because he had washed his hands a bunch while making breakfast. Two, he hadn’t eaten so his mouth was clean after recently having brushed. The third was where you really struggled. Did he really want to? Was he really not disgusted by the fact that you were currently leaking blood?
His low eyelids and eager kisses answered your questions enough, the doubts you had disappearing one by one, so with slow movements, you settled back onto the blankets, body relaxing in his hold.
Now, there was no word to describe how good it felt to have “relations” on any regular day, but on your period, it truly felt other worldly. The second Toji’s mouth left a kiss to the curve of your pubic bone, it was like your cramps took it as a sign to stop their infernal pounding, like even they knew what was to come.
Those kisses didn’t stop at the top, oh no, they continued to places much lower. There was a pause in his sweet ministrations before a gentle lick was being delivered up your slit, Toji’s tongue stopping at the top of your crease before he started to suckle the little bud there, your clit wasting no time sending electric bolts of pleasure up your spine.
He continued to suck and suck, circling his tongue, up and down, and side to side all while you shivered in his hold, chest rising and falling faster with the need to pull in air, your hand coming down to rest in his silky hair, inky strands slightly askew from the restless movements you used, your fingers raking through his locks.
It went on like that for what seemed like hours, his tongue pattern routine in your mind. You were so close to falling off the edge, all of your pleasure funneling to one spot in your core before you felt something nudge your entrance. Said “thing” was long and expertly trained on the subject of fingering, Toji’s middle finger pushing into your hole, a breathy sigh of his name leaving your lips.
With the added appendage, the sensations you were feeling increased tenfold, that familiar heartbeat throbbing in your cunt making your hips restless in his hold, Toji never relenting, continuing his strokes added with the plunge of his finger.
Looking down, he was certainly a sight to behold. His eyes were closed, eyebrows drawn together, cheeks flushed a pretty pink, and his lips, his chin- they were red, smeared with a dripping, ruby substance. Humiliation burned throughout your body, your hands about to cover your face before a certain noise stopped you. He had groaned, you realized, and not only that, it had sounded desperate, throaty and utterly him. He really didn’t mind.
A second finger began to push into you, the cold band of his wedding ring entering the warmth of your cunt, two different types of liquids squelching from the curl of his fingers, trickling down the inside of his palm. The skin of your entrance was taut around his fingers with every plunge inside, a pink ring beginning to accumulate at the base of his knuckles, your white liquids mixing with blood to create an interesting mixture of telltale orgasmic signs.
His mouth was messy, tongue delving to tease your hole before licking back up to your clit, his fingers and lips sometimes trading places to stretch your sanity even thinner. You looked so pretty, your nipples peaked under the material of your shirt, your chest heaving, and your face, which was barely visible to him, was cast to the side, eyes closed and mouth open, panting his name and other mindless words he couldn’t focus on enough to decipher.
“Toji, I’m-” you couldn’t even finish your shaky sentence, Toji finding it in him to make sure you finished in the most overwhelming way possible, his strong arms curling around your thighs, anchoring you to his mouth to prevent you from running away.
With a brush against that spongey spot inside of you and a particularly deft suck to your clit, you came with a shudder, your thighs shaking and squeezing him, heart beating so fast it felt like blood was emptying into a hollow place in your head. Easing his fingers out of you, Toji slowly detached his mouth from your cunt, licking his lips, gazing fondly at your very lax limbs and panting chest.
A dip in the mattress told you that he had seated himself next to your spent form, your eyes too tired to actually open and see. The fingers of his clean hand stroked down your cheek- comforting and calm. “How do you feel?” he murmured, fingers continuing their strokes down the side of your face until you opened your eyes.
You hadn’t even realized until he’d brought it up, but the agonizing, devilish cramps you were pelted with before were now reduced to nothing but a dull ache, sharpness and nausea free from the chamber of your insides. “A lot.. better,” your last word was quiet, like you didn’t want to admit that he was right about the whole thing after all.
A teasing flick to your forehead hinted that he knew very well how right he was. “I told you,” Toji grinned, watching as you rolled your eyes playfully, using your jello-like arms to try and push yourself into a seated position.
Being right next to him, you noticed just how dirty you had gotten him. The bottom half of his face was stained red, pinkish lines from your liquids trailing down his jaw and down his neck. Holding a laugh, you gestured to his figure, “You need a wash.”
Moving past him, you bent to pick up your discarded clothing that had been thrown haphazardly in the moment. You should’ve known he was planning something because as soon as you grasped your pants, a slap was delivered to your bum, a gasp coming from your lips as your head whipped to face the culprit, Toji’s arms crossed, eyes looking suspiciously humorous.
Twisting to see what he’d done, the slap he’d delivered had left a handprint, two imprinted fingers stained red on your skin, your previously clean body now sullied by your own blood. Scowling up at him, you watched as he strolled to the bathroom, saying over his shoulder, “Now you do too.”
With a muttered curse, the balled up pants you had in hand somehow made their way soaring across the room to hit the black haired man right to the back of his head. There’s one thing that never changed- if your period wasn’t the one pissing you off, Toji certainly knew how to take up that position.
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hazbinshusk · 2 months
husk x afab/fem!reader. inspired by this conversation with the lovely @irkimatsu and an ask from @marcieadoresu. husk finds you laying on his bed and wearing his boxers. and so ensues 1.3k words of a scent-obsessed dirty old man ❤
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Husk sighs heavily as he finally reaches the door to his room in the hotel, tucked away at the far end of an out of the way hall on the second floor. He runs a hand over his face, but a ghost of a smile overtakes his exhaustion as he notices the soft glow emanating from beneath the door. He opens it quietly, that soft smile staying in place as he removes his hat and enters the room.
“I’m sorry I’m so late, doll, new residents got no sense of—” he stops, his ears flicking forward in interest. “What’re you wearin’?”
You’re sprawled out in the middle of his bed, laying on your stomach with a book open in front of you. The welcoming smile on your face morphs into something more sheepish as he takes in the sight of you dressed in a tank top and a pair of his boxers. You shrug a shoulder, closing the book. “Sorry; all my pajamas are in the wash, and I… you’ve got plenty of these, so I didn’t think… you don’t mind, do you?”
Husk shakes his head slowly, untying his bowtie and pulling it off of his neck. He drops it on top of the bureau as he passes, his eyes never leaving your body as he rounds to stand behind you. There’s something almost predatory in the way he walks even while that curiosity and surprise still register on his features, and the first tendrils of excitement curl inside you.
“They look good on you,” he tells you, and you squeak in surprise as you feel him take hold of your hips and tug you back towards the edge of the bed. You feel him run his claws over the silky fabric, the diamonds and hearts patterned across your backside. He leans down as he pulls you up onto your knees, and you tense as you feel him, hear him take a long, savoring inhale, his nose pressed right below the waistband. “Fuck…”
Your fingers curl in the sheets beneath you, your face flushing crimson as Husk breathes in and relishes the way your scent has mingled with his, the lingering musk of his own body mixing with the warmer, headier scent of yours… it’s intoxicating, addictive, and Husk can feel himself harden as his hands smooth up and down your thighs.
“Husk, baby, are you—OH—!” your head falls forward, eyes widening in surprise as Husk suddenly buries his face between your thighs, running his tongue over the fabric covering your cunt. Even with the silk in the way the texture of his tongue is torture against your clit, and you squeeze your eyes closed, your breathing suddenly heavy. Husk groans deeply as he steadily soaks the shorts with his saliva and your arousal, claws flexing on your thighs as he continues lapping at your clothed sex with fervor. When he begins to purr, your eyes roll back. “Jesus Christ, Husk…”
Usually, this kind of reaction from you would earn a self-satisfied chuckle from him but he just moans quietly, forcing your legs further apart as he presses his face as close as possible to your scent, to your taste. The position he has you in has drawn the silk tight across your ass, and you feel the fabric tear as Husk clutches at your ass, splitting down the seam.
Husk barely registers the tear other than to move his attention higher with an almost feverish growl, and you jerk forward as his tongue meets your asshole.
“No, no, no, no, baby…” he mutters against your skin, tugging you back against his mouth by wrapping his arms around your thighs. One hand reaches around to your cunt, one claw expertly tearing the shorts open further for better access to your clit. “Don’t go…”
“Goddamn it, Husk,” you reply and this time he does chuckle, drunk on the taste of you, on the scent. And as far as he’s concerned it’s better than any of the booze he’s ever forced down his throat. You shudder under his ministrations, bracing yourself on your elbows, one hand clutching at your hair as you exhale a moan.
“Fuckin’ perfect,” he rumbles, dipping back down to taste your clit once more before pulling away, replacing his tongue with his hand. You grind your hips down against his palm as you hear the sound of his pants being unfastened, and your eyes widen as you feel him slowly press the head of his cock into your pussy. “Just gorgeous…”
The two of you moan the word in a whispered tandem as Husk slides his cock slowly into you, his hands once more on your hips. He rocks you back into him as he thrusts forward in a gentle rhythm, savoring the way every inch of him feels as it glides into the warm wetness of you, of the brief tickle of torn silk against his shaft as he slides himself in and out of you.
You arch your back as Husk angles his hips and you keen as the head of his cock brushes against that spot inside you that brings stars into your vision. His claws slip under your tank top and they make you shiver, and when you cum you feel him press lips against your spine, his breath fanning over your back.
“Don’t stop, darlin’,” he says roughly, groaning deeply as you push yourself back to meet his hips, fucking yourself onto his cock steadily. He curses, purrs and murmurs your name with what you could swear is reverence. You can tell from the way his hips move to meet yours more sharply that he’s closer, teetering on the precipice of release. “Fuck, you’re a good girl…”
“Thank you, baby,” you breathe and Husk’s moan catches in his throat. His claws dig into your hip, your thigh.
“Say it again.” he orders gruffly and in your haze it takes you a moment to register what he wants from you. What he needs. “Say it, doll.”
“Thank you,” you whimper, grinding back against his cock just as he thrusts particularly deep into you. He chokes on a groan, letting out a drawn out, heavy breath that rolls through him and makes you quiver. “Thank you, Husk.”
“Again.” he urges, and you’re both so close your bodies are quaking against each other, yours threatening to collapse on the bed. “Again, baby, please…”
You smile dazedly, fingers tightening white-knuckled on the sheets. “Thank you for— fuck— fucking me so good, Husk…”
Your partner moans your name as he cums, bottomed out inside you. You do collapse now, your face meeting the sheets as Husk folds himself over you with a sigh, chuckling drunkenly against your back as he feels you clench around him. You cum in shuddering, overwhelming waves, trapped by his body on top of yours and the hand he snakes around you to torture your clit.
He doesn’t stop until you beg for it, withdrawing from your dripping pussy and rolling off of you. His back meets the mattress and he huffs out a breathless, delirious laugh, smoothing his hand over your back until his claws are lingering on the waistband of the now-ruined boxers. He leans over to capture your mouth in a kiss and you hum happily into it. The purr rumbling through him has softened but still fills you with a light-headed warmth.
“I think…” you murmur against his lips with a smile. “You’ve ruined your boxers.”
Husk chuckles again, letting his head fall back against the sheets. “I’ve got more. And for the record, darlin’, you can borrow them any damn time you want.”
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