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Okay, I’m just all up in my Hale Family Feels™ today, apparently.
In “Magic Bullet,” Derek says he and Laura were at school when the fire was started at their house. Eleven people were trapped inside. Peter survived, so that makes ten. Mark off Cora, too, since they thought she died, that’s nine, and of course, Talia. Which leaves eight more. Who are the other eight people??? And it was also said some were human. And that there were children. Plural. More than one. 
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thebraxiatelcollection · 11 months
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If I had turned this into a drinking game I’d be very, very drunk by now, and I’ve still got twenty episodes to go.
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newuniverse · 2 months
i dont know if youre taking requests, but if you do, is it okay to request a husband Daniel with a pregnant wife? Thank you!
ooh hello anon! my first request, and i hope you’ll like this one 💗
something salty, something crunchy. that’s what you were craving for right now, and it’s 2 in the freaking morning. your husband, daniel, was out like a light and you managed to get out of bed and his arms without waking him up. which was a miracle considering that he’s been a very light sleeper ever since he found out that you were pregnant.
rummaging through your pantry, you see a bag of snack that had the word “nut” printed on it. lately, you’ve been craving for nuts. you find them irresistible these past few days. you took the bag and sat on the floor, opening it and take a handful before popping them into your mouth only to be disappointed as it didn’t taste as good as the other brand you bought the other day.
“y/n?” daniel’s sleepy voice echoes through the quiet house, you could hear his footsteps get closer and closer. “where are you?”
“here” you sobbed, ugh hormones.
daniel peeks his head through the pantry door, only to see your face stained with tears. he rushes to your side and kneeled next to you, gently pulling you into his arms.
“what happened?”
“these nuts doesn’t taste as good as the other brand” you pout, closing the resealable bag and cried to your husband’s arm. “i’m gonna go to the store and buy them”
“there’s no way i’m going to let you drive at 2 in the freaking morning, love.”
“then how am i supposed to fulfill my cravings?”
daniel sighs, “well, i guess that’s when i step in. i’m your husband and father of this little monster right here” he said, rubbing your 3-month baby bump. “come on, i’ll help you to the couch and i’ll drive to the store to get you your nuts”
“i don’t appreciate you calling our baby little monster but i can’t help but to agree because this baby is the reason why i am craving for some nuts at 2 in the morning” you say, taking his hand and pulled yourself up.
daniel guided you from the pantry to the living room. he turns on the television, put on your favourite series and gives you the fluffiest blanket he keeps near the sofa before taking his keys and jacket.
“okay, i’m off. which brand am i getting again?” he asks, zipping his jacket up and faced you.
“okay, noted. what do i do if planters aren’t available?”
you pout again, “it has to be planters, danny”
your husband was silent for a little while, you thought he was taking notes on his phone or something but then he spoke “if you can’t have planters nuts, you can have deez nuts”
you look at daniel and he was staring at you with a big smile on his face, so proud of his joke but it quickly faded when you broke out into tears. “daniel!”
“okay, okay, it was joke! i’ll stop, i’m sorry”
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little-mizz-horror · 4 months
HELLO can I please request OG Michael, Jason, Thomas, Vincent Sinclair ,Billy Loomis and Stu reaction to their s/o gripping the slashers shirt crying and saying “I love you too much” and just telling them to be careful
(And yes I am trying to cry)
I WILL DO MY BEST TO MAKE YOU CRY. i really channeled in the angst in this one. all i do is think about the things that make me the most depressed and put all that energy into writing (/hj)
also, i hope it's okay that i only picked four of your suggestions for this. im finding that requests with more than four characters are harder for me to do, and for the sake of quality over quantity, i'm trying to focus on stronger writing rather than more characters ;w; thank you of course for your requests though, i hope you still like it regardless! your other one is coming up soon as well <3
Slashers' S/O Getting Emotional About Their Wellbeing (With Plenty of Fluff and Angst)
Slashers Included: OG Michael Myers | Thomas Hewitt | Vincent Sinclair | Billy Loomis
Warnings: just lots of angst with lots of fluff <3
Tumblr media
Michael had zero reaction when you opened the door to him, tears streaming down your cheeks like salty waterfalls. If he did have any change to his demeanor, you obviously couldn't tell from under that haunting mask of his.
"M... Michael..." you blubbered.
All he could do was usher you to the side so he could enter your house and allowed you to close the door behind him.
When you did close the barrier between you and the outside world, and clicked the deadbolt into place, you turned to see him still standing behind you, facing you, waiting to hear why you were so upset. Despite his seemingly indifferent demeanor, he had his unique ways of showing you that you had his undivided attention.
You tried to heave your way through the words in your head, but nothing came out other than choked sobs from deep within your chest. You silently, aside from your whimpering, lead him to the small couch in your living space where you flopped down onto the cushions, using your shirt sleeve to wipe your face. Michael sat down, prim and proper as a prince with his straight-back posture, and waited for you. He never acted first. Always waited for you.
"It's so stupid," you began, taking a deep, shuddering breath to attempt to collect yourself. "I ended up taking a nap today," you said through a chuckle, "and I had an awful dream." You looked at the masked man sitting by your side. His face was turned completely in your direction, dark sockets of the mask internally analyzing every part of you.
Any normal person would be scared shitless. You knew better.
"I dreamt that you showed up at my door, just like today, but you were hurt so, so badly." You once again used your sopping wet shirt sleeve to wipe at your eyes, but the moisture on the fabric only spread your salty tears around the top of your face. You were ashamed over the image Michael saw of you, but you continued your vent. "You were covered in wounds, Michael, barely standing at my door. You collapsed into my house and di..." you choked back another sob, trying to finish your sentence. "Died in my arms."
Michael remained as still as a statue. Inside his head, he knew that reality would never happen. But such passive responses wasn't what you needed right now. You needed comfort and empathy.
While he wasn't the best with either of those concepts, Michael had his quirks. One of while was scooting closer to you so your thighs were touching side by side, and simply leaning his whole body into yours, wrapping his arms around you, leaving you in a warm, semi-awkward, embrace.
You instantly folded into him, head in the crook of his neck where the rubber of the mask met his skin, breathing in the musk of iron and death from his stained blue mechanic's suit. Michael's wordless actions said, "You know that will never happen."
You rubbed his chest. "It was stupid of me to have a dream like that."
He shook his head slowly. It wasn't stupid. You were with someone you adored and cared about who had a dangerous lifestyle. Any normal person would be worried sick, just like you were. He knew your mind couldn't control the dreams it created, and your emotions were valid and understandable.
He wasn't good at emoting, but Michael's arms wrapped around you, holding you in an embrace that screamed respect, was all you needed to reassure you that he'd always come back to you.
Tumblr media
It was something so simple to Thomas, yet so massive for you, that set you off.
Thomas was a big man with an even bigger heart. And although you knew he could easily hold his own against pretty much any other human alive, every once in a blue moon he'd get too close for comfort towards a grave injury. This day was probably the closest call he'd ever had, and the most panicked he had ever seen you.
Routinely, a car full of 20-somethings who were soon to be your dinner were lured onto the Hewitt property with the promise of getting directions from the dirty, redneck cannibal parading as a police officer. And, routinely, you retreated to a quiet corner of the large house to pass the time while your beloved Thomas went about his chores with the chainsaw smeared in the blood of countless victims. How romantic.
Luda Mae had taken your attention away from your mindless activity and asked for your assistance with the laundry. "Can you take this bundle outside and hang them to dry?" she had asked, sweet as a peach cobbler, holding a metal basin of wet linens. Of course, you took the bucket from her, accepting a kiss on your cheek from the older woman, and started your trek to the barn where the clothes lines hung.
The sound of the revving chainsaw grew closer and closer as you approached the ramshackle barn. Your stomach tightened. Though you got used to the Hewitt family's asinine actions, and grew attracted to the strength that Thomas showed on a daily basis, the act of seeing someone be sliced in twain by an instrument used to cut down trees was taking you a bit longer to grow accustomed to. Nevertheless, you pushed on, attempting to sneak past the side door of the barn without being seen to put the wet linens on the line and run back to the safety of the mansion.
When you peeked around the corner and heard a surprised, pained grunt from your man, your plans changed.
Somehow, Thomas had been overpowered by the man, the scrawny victim, he was trying to kill. The victim packed a surprising punch as his lean hands managed to grab onto the handle of the chainsaw that was still held by Thomas, yanking it back and forth. In the struggle, Thomas's hand slipped slightly and the blade of the chainsaw dug a gash into his shoulder. He stumbled backwards and ungracefully landed on his rump with a hard thud into the dirt of the barn floor.
The victim couldn't adjust his hands around the handle of the chainsaw in time when the clang of a metal basin alerted both of their attentions.
Your feet were moving before your own brain could process what was happening, fueled by only adrenaline. Seeing you sprint full speed towards the victim and using your entire body weight to tackle him to the ground was a sight to see for certain. Thomas didn't even have time to blink, and simply watched, dumbfounded, one hand holding the gash on his shoulder, as you drove the victim's head into the ground. Blood covered your hands, wrists, and sleeves of your shirt. The motor of the chainsaw was still running in the background of the chaos, but neither of you paid it any mind. Obscenities you didn't understand were leaving your mouth like some summoning ritual, and you didn't stop your relentless attack on the male victim until his eyes had glazed over, taken by death.
Your adrenaline-fueled attack quickly turned into hysterical sobs as you crawled your way over to Thomas, still kneeled in the dirt, collapsing onto his lap and gripping his trousers like he would dissipate if you let go. You were weeping.
"Thomas," you blubbered, not caring about how you looked or sounded. "Don't ever scare me like that again, do you hear me?" Your voice was distraught, filled with a frightened anger, but Thomas knew you weren't mad at him. You could never be mad at him.
Thomas used his hand that wasn't coated in blood from his shoulder injury to stroke the hair on your head, in a feeble attempt to sooth your shuddering cries.
You stayed like that for a while, crying into his lap, pleading him to be careful, be safe, so he could always return to you at the end of the day. The laundry basin could be re-washed later.
Tumblr media
Vincent had tried so, so hard to keep you away from the horrors of what he and his brother got up to after the sun went down. Some of the scars that dotted his hands and wrists were the result of wax burns from years of honing his skills, sure, but the other lines and blemishes? The red scratch marks and faded purple welts? He didn't need you to know of the times he'd been clawed at by victims while encasing them in wax, or the times he'd loose his footing and been beaten by a soon-to-be dead man trying to hold onto the last clutches of life.
Unfortunately, all good things (ie. you thinking he's just some strange, innocent wax sculptor) must come to an end. You had taken the realization that Vincent and his brother were hardened serial killers... better than most would. To you, Vincent had shown no signs of malaise or intention to hurt you, and he had shown you many times through his small gestures just how much you meant to him. So after stumbling across human remains in your doting boyfriend's workstation, you simply shook off your initial fright and carried on as normal.
What was even more surprising to the masked man was that you were the one who became more doting to him after finding out the truth. Your touches grew more tender, your kisses more deep. And the times he allowed you to take off his mask, you'd take in his face like a piece of art you'd never see again. You savored every moment with him more than you ever had.
In his silent way, he started to wonder why. What had changed? Sure, he wasn't going to complain about your sweet love, but were you worried about something in particular to make you act even more heart melting than usual?
He got his answer one day when perched on the side of the porcelain bathtub in the Sinclair's bathroom. You were seated in front of him, carefully scrubbing off hardened wax that damaged the calloused cells of his knuckles. Your fingers, much softer by contrast, ghosted over the salmon-colored lines in his skin, thumbs tracing the natural folds in his palms. Your lip quivered. He saw it.
"Vincent," you mumbled. You were embarrassed by how your voice was already wavering as his name left your lips. "Vincent, please be safe..." you managed to get out through your building anxiety. You squeezed his hand in yours, holding him in a warm, tactile embrace. "It hurts me so much whenever I see you get injured. I feel so powerless, all I want is to see you safe."
Vincent felt his heart flutter in both regret and affection. You were never worried about the innocent human lives lost to a wax museum in the mountains, your first thoughts were always the safety of your beloved.
Leaning forward slightly, Vincent used his other hand to brush along your cheek, down your neck, and along your shoulder. You gazed up through your tear-filled gaze to look into the one eye you could see through his mask. It was shimmering with light you rarely saw, a single look of adoration and appreciation for the endless love you showed him. His fleeting touches were always a reminder towards you that, although his work was dangerous, he would always come back to you safe and sound.
Tumblr media
The voice modulator box had slipped out of his pocket. The sound it made falling to the ground was deafening.
You both were cuddled up on his bed, lost in a heated make-out session, when he adjusted himself ever so slightly below you and the box fell out of the pocket in his denim jeans. He suddenly stopped, pursing his lips. Confused, you leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed the box, perching yourself up onto your knees on the soft mattress. You rolled the box around in your hands, inspecting the large button on the side.
"Billy...?" you questioned, voice soft with growing concern. "What is this?"
Any amount of cocky attitude had left Billy, replaced with the word "fuck" floating through his head like a taunting jeer. He was over. You'd never date a serial killer.
"It's, uhm," he faltered, pushing himself up on his elbows. "It's a voice modulator."
"Why are you carrying it around with you? What kind of normal person needs a voice changer?" With the look in your eyes, Billy knew you already were onto his identity, and you were simply asking as a way to control your emotions. In some strange way, he was a bit pleased.
"I think you already have an idea," he replied, simply. No sense in being a liar now.
Your fingers still held the box like it would explode at a moment's notice. Gentle, careful not to move it too quickly as your eyes examined every little detail of the thing. "You're the Ghostface...?" was all you could make out.
"Yeah... yeah I am." Billy's exterior was calm and collected, but on the inside, he was perched in a metal folding chair under an accusatory theatrical spotlight with his head in his hands.
"Were you planning on hurting me?" Your voice was quiet, but not quite fearful. More worried than anything.
Billy's eyes softened and he shook his head with fervor. "Shit, no, baby I'd never do that." He gently grabbed onto your wrists and tugged slightly, causing your eyes to move from the black box to his. "Babe... how can I convince you that I won't hurt you?" he asked. His voice, expression, and body language showed you he was being completely genuine. You sighed, finally placing the box to the side on the mattress and leaning into him.
"You don't have to prove anything to me, just..." your voice trailed off. He waited patiently for you to finish your thought. "Just promise me one thing?"
He nodded. "Anything for you."
"Please be safe." You stared at him with an intense gaze, eyes filling with tears that surprised the both of you. "I don't want to lie awake at night wondering if you got hurt out on whatever ventures you're doing... or wonder if you met a worse fate. That's all I want. I just want you to be okay."
He planted a tender kiss to your forehead, and gripped your hands in his, fingers intertwining in a perfect fit. "Of course," was all he said back.
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cmac-writes · 22 days
Step Aside
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x Kook!fem!Reader
Warning: arguing, just a very short blurb that could potentially be a short series, not edited
There was a party happening this afternoon, I didn’t know who’s it was but everyone knows I’m up for anything.
I got invited by Kelce, my first friend on the island. He taught me the in’s and out’s of the island, in his words I am basically a native now.
But all I know is Pogues and Kooks is a thing here. I’m still not used to it, not used to how Kooks looks down on Pogues.
Anyways, I had a busy day with helping my parents with some paperwork and meetings but I definitely needed a break from reading fine print.
I got ready for the party at Cannyhill? Someplace that ended in ‘hill’. I just knew it wasn’t that far, and that it was definitely a Kook party.
The sun was still beaming even though it was late afternoon, so I decided that shorts and a regular top was the way to go. People here dress differently for these types of parties, designer all around even though they know it’s going to be covered in vomit later on in the night.
I quickly grabbed my things, spraying myself with my signature scent, and left in my car that I always dreamt of when I was younger. 
I sped down the streets with the salty wind in my face as I followed the GPS to the address Kelce sent me. 
As I arrived, I immediately could tell the vibe of this party. It was Kook Central, filled with expensive jungle juice and collared shirts. The loud music was definitely found through social media, because they definitely did not grow up around trap music.
I parked my car on the side of the road for easy access if this party turns out a bust. I walked through the pathway and into the grassy lawn where everyone was at. The music was loud and so was people’s cheers once they saw me.
“Heyyy! Look who’s here!” Kelce and his friends crowded me.
“Finally got out of that damn office.” I joked to them as one of the girls handed me a red solo cup, which I accepted and chugged.
Everyone else waved at me and said their ‘hellos’. 
I began to walk around and talk to the others there, creating conversation about parents and the beach club. Normal “Kook” things I guess that’s what they call it here in the OBX.
“So yeah, my dad got me Hermes sandals from his trip to New York but I hated the color so I just gave them to some lady on the main land.” a random girl whined about to me and her boyfriend ignoring the repetitive story.
“Oh wow. That is so sweet of you.” sarcasm flowed out with my words as my smile didn’t drop once.
“Hey, sorry to interrupt.” Kelce apologized to the couple I was talking to as I pulled me away. “Forgot to introduce you to the host.”
“Lead me to it” I followed behind him as he led me throughout the house, up until I reached the balcony that looked over the party.
There was only a few people up here, exclusive, seemed like you needed to be on the guest list to be up above everyone else.
“Rafe.” Kelce hollered.
A tan and tall body turned towards me, his arm around a shorter girl. Once both of them turned around I was able to see who the girl was.
“Sofia.” I nodded towards her with a friendly smile, and she nodded back with a awkward one.
“Who are you?” Rafe snapped. 
First red flag, having an attitude in the first interaction.
“Y/N Y/L/N” I held out my hand with a smile, hoping to change his tone.
He scoffed and ignored my handshake.
“So what’s got everyone hooting and hollering for you?” he twisted his neck, arm falling off of Sofia’s shoulder.
“That’s a good question. It’s weird, people call me the Kook Queen? I’m new so I do-”
“Kook Queen?” he laughed out loud, clutching his chest as if he was going into a heart attack.
“I mean she basically is the Kook Queen.” Sofia said softly with a chuckle from beside Rafe, which earned a hard stare.
His face was in shock, his eyebrows furrowed, and neck tilted.
“Dude. Her like great great great grandfather-
“I am a descendant of founder of the Outerbanks. It’s nice to see that you guys know your history here.” I laughed to his face while lightly smacking Kelce’s shoulder.
“Hey! Kook Queen has arrived!” I heard from behind me.
“Barry!” I walked up to him to give a light hug.
“How the fuck do you know her?” Rafe asked harshly.
“Calm down Country Club, she lives at Corolla.” Barry laughs as his hand rested on my shoulder. “A lot has changed when you went on your little vacay.”
“Holy shit.” Rafe mumbled under his breath.
“Big ass house ain’t it. Rich ass mofos.” Barry clapped as he left to go back inside Tannyhill.
My head turned quickly at the shadow in the corner of my eye, Rafe’s shadow that was very quick and heavy.
He cleared his throat and bent down to my level. “I think we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Rafe Cameron.” he put on a fake friendly smile as his hand was reached out for me to shake.
I happily took his hand and shook it firmly. “Nice to finally meet you Mister Cameron, it seems we have a scheduled meeting coming up soon.” I gave him a smile and a pat on his back. His eyes seemed to almost bulge out of his skull.
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Houswardens x male reader but reader is from the apocalypse: gas mask edition part 2, the electric Boogaloo
We got azul and kalim today. I was going to do Vil too but it's been a while since I started this and I just need to get it out. I'll do him and idia next time. Maybe malleus too.
Azul Ashengrotto
Leona 2.0
This man took one look at you and said no
He took one whiff of you and said fuck no
And it wasn't just the chemicals this time, no, because there was also the faintest, familiar smell of the sea....
The salty, sweet, familiar smell of his home was mixed with gun powder, plastic, and chemicals
And he hated it
What the hell are you? Why did you snell like the sea? Were you a another merman like him and the tweels?
You weren't, he'd come to find out
This did not make things better
Probably made them worse tbh
And what in hell is on your face
It looks....
unnatural. creepy. Disturbing.
Time to avoid you at all costs
He doesn't really make it a secret that he doesn't want anything to do with you
And he fully expects you to take the hint and maintain about ten feet of personal space between the two of you at all times
Unfortunately for him, you either don't take the hint, or you've decided you were done with giving fucks, because you just so happen to currently be in the middle of the Monstro lounges' restaurant
....well shit
No but seriously what the fuck are you doing here?
Like, do you want to make a deal? Are you just hungry? Are you going to pull out a gun and start blasting? What.
It turned out to be the second option, but he was still pretty suspicious
You understand right? Of course you do
So, with a heap of fake confidence, he gathered his only two friends (that also doubled as bodyguards), and went out into the lobby to question both his existence and your presence
"Oh hello. I'm sorry to intrude, but what business do you have here?"
"...am I not allowed to be here"
"Oh no no no no! My apologies, I misspoke. I just mean...do you want lunch, or did you come here to strike a deal?"
"What kind of deal?"
And with that, he panics
He didn't think this far, what could you possibly want? And more importantly, what the hell could he get out of it?!
He looked towards jade
Jade didn't look back at him, and consequently missing the panic in azuls eyes
Instead, jade guides you up from your chair and towars the back
You know, where they do "business"
Azul took a sharp inhale
Can't turn back now
It's OK. He can do this.
He couldnt do this
But by god he could act like it
So calmly, and with a heart that has beating much too fast, he caught up with the tweels, looking calm and collected
And feeling the opposite
When he put the contract out in front of you, he was...a bit disturbed to say the least
The mask. It blocked out your face, so he couldn't see your face, or your eyes through the dark lenses
But the tilt of your head let him know that you weren't looking at the contract at all
No, you were looking at him
Oh great seven-
"Is something the matter?"
"No. Well, yes. You never answered my question. Just what kind if deal is this?"
"Well. If you would just look down, you'd see our contract-"
"No. I want to hear this from you directly"
Ah shit. Why.
In all honesty, he hadn't thought about this contract too much. Taking what little information he had about you and making an assumption
The contract was one that would change your face to anything you wanted
I mean, you must be a bit...unsightly, right?
Why else would you wear a mask?
When he told you this, you just stared at him, and he got the sudden feeling that he had made a mistake of some kind
"I'd say I'm rather decent, considering my circumstances."
"Then why, may I ask, do you wear a mask?"
"I don't know how clean the air is here. My sector was right by the ocean, so we had a lot of toxins in the air. You understand"
"Well i... i cant say i do. And toxins? What exactly does living right next to an ocean have to do with toxins?!"
Also sector? What the fuck does that mean?
Azul knew he was losing his cool right now, but honestly he was tempted to take your words as slander
He saw Floyd getting figitty out of the corner of his eye
Oh that wasn't good
You however, looked confused, your body language at least
Azul took a deep, deep breath in
He could question your words another time
Right now, he had business
"OK. So I'll ask again. Why do you wear a mask?"
"...I'm going to assume you don't know what a gas mask is then."
No Y/N. No he doesn't
"The mask I'm wearing right now is a special one that allows me to breathe in toxic or chemical gases without dying, or become terminally I'll at least....I prefer to keep it on thankyou."
Well that explained nothing
But it also explained...everything
Ah, so the air quality were you were from is bad huh?
But how bad? You mentioned people dying, from what he assumes was simply by breathing, so it must have been...terrible
But still, how was this because of the ocean?
How was what you were describing, because of his home?
You got up from your seat
"I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I have no interest in being in this contract. I think I'll leave the lounge now actually. I need to find ace and duece"
Azul saw jade reach out to touch his brother's arm, stopping him from saying or doing anything too...reckless
Azul dispelled the contract
Well now he had questions
What type of air do you know
And more importantly, what type of water
Kalim Al-Asim
Social cues and the concept of self preservation completely fly over this man's head
So of course he just straight up gies up to you and asks
Or at least, he tries to
Yeeeaaaahhhh no, jamils not gonna let that slide
Sorry but if kalim dies on his watch, he's the one who takes the blame and...."gets in trouble"
Kalim doesn't really know what to think about the mask
And that only fuels his curiosity, and jamils impending breakdown, that much more
Kalim shares the grand majority of his classes with jamil, so most of the time he's just stuck starring at you when he wants answers
Fortunately for him, unfortunately for everyone else, he still has a few classes without jamil there to keep him alive
Bro sees an opportunity and bro takes it
One moment your trying to do your homework before class starts and the next you're on the floor
Good thing you didn't see him coming because you were about this damn close to rocking his shit
🤏 This. Damn. Close
His smile almost made it worth the panic though
"Y/N Y/N! Can I ask a question? What's with the mask?"
"The mask? Oh. It's to breathe air"
Now you have to remember, kalim has a lot of siblings, a lot of younger siblings at that, so he's a little used to people saying slightly cryptic things with full confidence that he'll understand
Which, usually, he does one way or another
This is not one of those times
"What do you mean to breathe air? The air's fine?"
"Well maybe to you. But I don't have magic"
You look at his confused face, and quickly begin to realize that the other people in the class, including Mr.Trein are all starring at you.
Oh yeah. You were laying on the floor with Kalim on top of you and talking about the air.
...which you had to say look remarkably clearer than what it was from your world, but then again, people here have magic.
Oh yeah, you're still on the floor
"Uh, Kalim. Can you maybe get off of me please?"
"Huh? Oh! Yeah!"
I'm sorry what?
What did you not having magic have to do with your ability to breathe air?
Maybe you were merfolk?
No that's not it, if you were merfolk azul wouldn't look at you like you just said the sun was a cookie
Yeah he doesn't know what's going on
Kalim, being kalim, tells jamil
And Jamil, being Jamil, connects the dots for him with one simple sentence
"Maybe the air was really bad where he came from or something"
Everybody praise jamil for being both the smartest bitch on the planet and being able to make the most obvious connect for his oblivious master
No really, praise him, he deserves it
But now that he has a reasonable answer to his question, this is once again, your problem
"Hey you know the air is clean right?"
"The air. It's clean. You don't have to wear a mask"
"Kalim. I don't know how to explain this to you any better. I don't. Have. Magic."
"And you don't need magic!"
"Y/N! It's clean!"
Kalim brought you some of jamils food the next day
You still had your mask on, but you were a bit more figity than usual
And he noticed
Holy shit I am so glad that's finally done.
I'm going to work on a request and then I'm writing jamil smut....so uh. Look forward to that ig
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nothing2cheree · 1 month
“I crumble completely when you cry”
Ao’nung x fem!Omatikaya!reader
warnings: bullying, fluff, angst, enemies to lover??, mention of death, strong language (swearing).
Backstory:You opened your eyes to find yourself arriving at a costal area, the air was light and breezy, a salty ocean smell came over you new but recognisable. You rubbed your eyes and gently climbed off behind you mother neytiri, you were surrounded by odd looking na’vi, they were like you but…different…their skin was aqua-coloured and their hair was styled mostly in small braids or coils, their eyes an enchanting turquoise and most had tattoos, the metkayina.
you gathered yourself and stood alongside your family, the sully family. You held the hand of your sister kiri, some young boys who appeared to be your age approached your family, what you assumed was the tsahik and olo'eyktan were speaking to your parents, you tuned out and looked over to see the boys, particularly one: a tall guy with the same aqua skin as his peers, and electrifying turquoise eyes, his braids were delicately gathered in a bun on the top of his head, he had a stomach-churning smirk on his face. You already knew this boy was trouble when he approached your brothers (Neteyam and lo’ak) and dragged his hand along their tails, ridiculing them. The audacity of this…this jerk! He mocked them and you wanted to go over there and slap that look off his face but you collected you emotions and took a deep breath, you didn’t want to start anything and ruin the chances you family had to stay safe. Kiri squeezed your hand softly and brought you back , you looked up to see the (presumed) tsahik, commanding the jerk face boy and another girl to show you to your marui..you looked over to see this stunning girl, her hair was perfectly coily and it was braided down her scalp, two braids loosely in the front , she had cute dimples and mesmerising eyes. She seemed friendly enough as she led your family into some pod thing, she said goodbye to allow us to put away our things and you saw your brother lo’ak, in an enchanted state.
You set down the little belongings you had, and followed your brothers and sisters out to the ocean, the view was incredible. The same stunning girl from before introduced herself “hello, I am tsireya” she smiled softly your siblings introduced yourselves one by one until it got to you, you opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by the jerk face from earlier butting in. “Tsireya, mother says we are to help these…things…to learn the metkayina way” he rolled his eyes, and tsireya gave him a nudge in the elbow and shot him a *shut your mouth* look, she looked back at you and smiled, waiting for your introduction
“I..” you hesitated “I am y/n…” you dared to not say anything else and looked up at jerk face, who still donned the face stupid smirk from before, he opened his mouth and said “I am Ao’nung” so he had a name, I assume some of your disgust creeped onto your face because Kiri looked at you slightly confused, you immediately straightened up and mustered up a small smile. “Can we get started..I don’t have all day” Ao’nung spoke, breaking the silence “yeah okay…but none of us have really been in the ocean before” you said softly. “Speak up, I can’t hear you” Ao’nung rudely interrupted, anger was rising, but you didn’t act on it and just took a deep breath in “I said, none of us have been in the ocean before” you said, with a hint of aggression in your voice. “Tsk…useless” he mutters
eventually they were able to coax you into the water, you weren’t a bad swimmer and got the hang of it pretty fast thanks to tsireya…Ao’nung on the other hand was just sitting on a nearby rock , laughing every time one of you struggled with swimming…eywa he was annoying..he thought he was so much better than you, ‘I’d like to see him try to survive in the forest’ you thought to yourself.
Now ladies and gentlemen, this is where the real story begins
You had been here almost 3 days, swimming was easy and you had an Ilu aswell, things were going your way. You had befriended tsireya and rotxo, you would all (including all your siblings) hang out most of the time…unfortunately Ao’nung would be nearby aswell, you tried your best to avoid him most of the time because he just bothered you.
You hear some commotion from the beach and walk over to see Ao’nung and his little gang of loser friends bothering your sister kiri “he asked if you are a freak” one said, final straw. You ran up behind Ao’nung and shoved him, he got a mouthful of sand and looked back to see who had attacked him , with a mad look on his face. His friends secretly thought this was funny..but none dared to let out a peep, you looked at kiri “go” you said, she quickly jogged away and you stayed back, “leave my sister the fuck alone fish face” you spat at him, his expression twisted into a smirk..eugh, how revolting “you are playing with fire , foolish tree hugger, I could easily crush your skull” he hissed at you, you acknowledged the notable size difference between you but yet you said “fire? And here I was thinking you were an ocean dweller” you mocked. Ao’nung came up and shoved you, his friends closed in “you think you’re fucking funny?” he was so close that you could feel his breath on your face, you swallowed your fear, you were surrounded. “Yeah, I am pretty fucking funny” you swept your leg through his, causing him to topple over onto the sand, now he was angry. He leaped at you, but you dodged and instead gave him a swift punch in the face, his friend grabbed your wrists and held you in place as Ao’nung came up and slapped you harshly “I could kill you” he threatened, “so do, what’s stopping you? But I’ll always know that you couldn’t win a fight alone, you needed back up…how weak” you shot back, his face reddening with anger, he signalled to his friend to leave. “One on one then?” He inquired, menacingly. “Bring it on fish face”. As soon as you finished your sentence he leapt at you, throwing you to the floor, and punching your right cheek multiple times, you wriggled out of his grasp and kicked his face, leaving a nasty mark, you pushed him to the floor and stepped on him “this can go two ways Ao’nung…you can leave my family alone and I will gladly leave you alone aswell…or we can continue this fight until someone dies, and let me tell you, the odds are not in your favour” you pressed down harder with your foot, compressing his lungs and he struggled to breath “get the fuck off me! Fine I’ll leave you alone just get off!” He said breathlessly, you retreated your leg and walked away. Ao’nung got up, gasping for breath and watched you walk away casually “that girl is something else” he spoke to himself.
That evening you sat on a rock in the ocean, alone, the stars greeted you with their bright light like they always did, a tear rolled down your cheek and you spoke to the stars “family…I know you are gone from a long time but…I miss you” your voice was soft and your face morphed into a sad expression, as you started to sob, your sins grew desperate and loud, but you quickly shut yourself up…you were always the strong fighter , no time to be vulnerable. Ao’nung watched from a distance, his curiosity peaked and he slowly approached you. You hear sloshing sounds from the ocean and quickly wipe your tears, Ao’nung climbs up on the rock beside you “I thought I made it clear that you need to fuck off” his face was not in its usual smirk but rather his gaze was soft. “Shut up…why are you even here…you are not a great swimmer yet, you could drown” he says , a tinge of concern. “No don’t do this Ao’nung, don’t try to be a good guy because you have not stopped tormenting me since I got here now all of a sudden we are all buddies?” You spat , Ao’nung didn’t rebuttle but rather he just stayed silent. “I’m not exactly fond of you y/n..but I heard your heartbreak…I don’t care who you are but if you cry like that, you really need someone there for you” his voice was soothing and you just let tears stream down your face “listen Ao’nung , what I’m about to tell you stays between us..my first family..real family..died years ago, all of them..when our hometree came crashing down it took them with it, I was only an infant and neytiri had to pull me from my mothers cold dead hands…even in death she held me close…I was raised by the sully family but I can’t help but miss the little time I spent with my family”
The silence is loud, minutes later Ao’nung says “shit y/n…that’s really bad, I’m sorry for being a jerk” you look at him “don’t see me as weak..don’t you pity me, I am a warrior” you tried to declare confidently. Ao’nung placed a hand on your shoulder and turned to face you “y/n..even in the dark I can see the sadness behind your eyes, you look so broken when you cry”. You burst into a fit of tears upon hearing this and collapse in his arms, your heart ached and your face stung with tears but this man….the one you least expected, brought some comfort and warmth to your body. You fell asleep curled up on his lap and he dared not to move, how could the girl who had tried to kill him only hours ago, the girl who hated him more than anyone..that girl, how was she asleep on his lap after having confided her biggest pain in him..he didn’t know but he didn’t complain either, he just ran his hand through your hair and let you fall asleep.
And this, ladies and gentlemen (and others ofc) concludes part one. Stay tuned for a second part, which is currently being written. This is my first fanfic btw so any feedback is appreciated, and yeah that’s pretty much it…I’ll see y’all soon🫶🫶
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captain-mj · 2 months
Hello!! I didn’t know you also wrote for Körangi, but I am delighted to find out that’s the case. :D
How about something funny/fluffy for them? There’s a lot of hurt and pining already (and I love it, don’t get me wrong, but something a little bit more lighthearted would be amazing).
Maybe they go out for a date/cook together and the food ends up a bit too spicy for König? Austrian food is decidedly not spicy, so he wouldn’t be used to it. A tiny bit of hurt/comfort can be added if you wanna.
Looked up Austrian recipes for this as well as a scale of cultures to see exactly how spicy is Austrian spicy. Also, if anything is misspelled, just send me a message and I'll fix it!
König continued to stare at the menu, struggling a bit. He was studying Korean so he and Horangi could hold conversations, but reading was a fair bit harder for him. 
Horangi hummed. “Need help translating?”
König felt a spike of anxiety. “Sorry, I’m trying to lea-”
“König. I still can’t hold a conversation in German. You’re doing fine.” Horangi smiled. They were both wearing face masks, but most of their faces were uncovered. It let König see the way his eyes wrinkled as he smiled. “Now do you need help?”
“I think I recognize this one.” He pointed to Yukgaejang, remembering the version Horangi made. “I liked that one, right?”
“Yeah.” Horangi didn’t think anything of it. He ordered Miyeok Guk, having a craving for it lately, and ordered for König, lightly hooking their feet together under the table. “Thanks for coming out with me despite your anxiety.”
“Of course. I should... go out more.” König looked very unenthused at the idea which made Horangi laugh. He fidgeted with one of Horangi’s free hands, gently trailing his fingers over the curves of his hands. “You look lovely.”
Horangi hummed. “Du siehst wunderschön aus?” He said it like a question.
“Your pronunciation is getting better. Very good!” König smiled at him, kissing his hand gently. 
They brought the food out and König immediately realized his mistake at the smell. He had been trying more foods lately, mostly at everyone’s insistence that he could not survive off bread and potatoes, something he wasn’t sure he believed, so he had experienced spicy foods before. He’d be fine. 
One bite. 
He was not fine. 
König covered his mouth to hide his coughing, very aware of the fact that people could see him. His face turned red both from embarrassment, lack of air and the intense burning feeling in his mouth.
“Yeobo!” Horangi sounded worried, leaning over to pat his shoulder. He realized what it was and bit his tongue to keep from laughing. “You okay?”
König coughed harder and quickly nodded, though he clearly wasn’t. He drank the water he had gotten, finishing most of it before setting the cup down. 
“Ah... I forgot I made it a lot less spicy when I cooked it for you...” Horangi rubbed his shoulder apologetically, though he was still fighting off laughter. 
König gave him a thumbs up and nodded, swallowing. He didn’t trust talking, checking to see if anyone saw that. 
“Do you want to try mine?” Horangi pushed the bowl between them. “If you like it, I can take yours.” 
König nodded and sipped it. It was a bit salty, but he really liked. He shyly swapped the bowls. 
Horangi smiled. “There you go. All good?”
“Ja.” König coughed out, sipping the soup. “I’ll be a bit more careful.”
“We’ll work on your tolerance, yeobo.”
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minecraftninjerkid · 6 months
A Siren Unawares
Tumblr media
Pairing: First Meeting, Captain Caviar Cookie x Reader Cookies in Bond Buff: Captain Caviar Cookie, (Y/N) Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie Warnings: None Word Count: 572 words Summary: When the captain first found you, he expected it to be a lost-sailor rescue and nothing more. However, when you ended up sticking around until the next port on the Salty Sharks' voyage, he's become noticeably attached to you. Scenario: Love at First Sight A/N: Okay, no one really requested anything for Caviar yet, but seriously, ever since he came out, I've been wanting to write a fanfic for him, so this one is kinda for me. (And maybe also for @jellyfish-cake, who I promised I would write a Captain Caviar fanfic)
"Oy, Cap'n! You may want to take a look at this!"
Captain Caviar Cookie made his way to the front of the deck, where his crew was gathered around a wooden trunk, mossy and worn by the sea. "What in the blazes is this?"
"We found it floatin' around in the deeper waters," one sailor explained. "I can't see what's inside!"
"Be careful!" another sailor warned. "Whatever's in there could be disoriented and dangerous!"
At last, two of the crew members managed to succeed in cracking the case open, the sweet smell of the ocean breeze tumbling out instead of the musty, salty smell the sailors were used to. Captain Caviar Cookie's jaw dropped when he saw what was ACTUALLY inside: you.
Minutes later, you were wrapped up in the captain's coat and surrounded by the Salty Sharks. "■□▢▲△○◌?" the navigator Cookie tending to you asked if you remembered anything.
"Not before I woke up and met all of you," you confessed, honestly having no idea how you had ended up on their ship.
"Okay...at least I don't see any injuries," the rookie Cookie also examining you reported.
"Yeah, she looks pretty healthy to me too~" a sailor smirked flirtingly, earning him a sharp elbow from Captain Caviar Cookie.
"ANYWAYS..." the old salt said, stepping forward to get a closer look at you. "I'm glad you're okay. I'd hate to think of what coulda happened if that casket we found you in took on water."
A bit shy at this burly Cookie's concern for you, you brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.
"Do you maybe remember your name, then?" a rookie Cookie asked.
"It's...(Y/N) Cookie."
"(Y/N) Cookie..." Captain Caviar Cookie repeated the name, almost smitten. "Hello."
"We should cut this voyage short and head back," a sailor suggested. "Turn her over to the Convocation of Elders."
"Oh, you'd do ANYTHING to get back to shore and laze around!" the rookie Cookie scolded.
"We found her in a CASKET, rookie! We should get her over to somebody who can help her."
"Is it okay if I stay with you for a while?" you blurted out. You didn't know why, but the thought of heading to shore made you nervous. Perhaps you had been in the water so long, you had grown subconsciously used to it.
"Of course you can!" the rookie Cookie said.
"You have to go," the first sailor said at the same time. The two shared a glare at each other, then turned to Captain Caviar Cookie. "Tiebreaker?"
One look at you and the captain made up his mind. "If she wants to stay, who are we to say no?" he said. "Maybe we can help get your memory back."
You smiled gratefully at the captain, which made his heart start pounding out of nowhere. After a couple seconds of awkwardly watching you two stare at one another, the rookie Cookie stepped in. "I've got some spare clothes you can borrow. This way!"
As you were escorted below deck, Captain Caviar Cookie's gaze never left you, up until the navigator interrupted his musing. "○□△▢▲!"
"Huh?? No, I am NOT drooling!!"
As you left, you couldn't help but absentmindedly hum to yourself, remembering every note, even though you couldn't remember hearing the song you hummed. As you did, the rest of the sailors seemed to be in some sort of trance as you passed them by...
I SWEAR, this was supposed to be longer, but I felt like I could wrap this story up in a couple of words and STILL leave people wondering! Anyways, here's your test-run Captain Caviar Cookie x Reader! Enjoy!
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villainessxassassin · 2 months
Hello! I wanted to ask when will you be posting the part 2 of child!riddle x child! Reader? Because I am SUPPERR excited to read the next! Oh but if you're too tired for that at the moment, please take your time taking care of yourself^^
Ahhhhh I'm glad you're hyped for it! I panicked when I saw the date you sent this and I'm really sorry for making you wait this long😭, but to answer your question I'll be posting part 2 rightttt now!
How sweet (PART 2)
child!Riddle x child!reader
Tumblr media
✧|: Riddle being salty cuz he doesn't want a babysitter tutor at home so he's really mean to you at first but then you start doing all these really nice things that makes Riddle want to cry in a good way and now he doesn't know what to do.
w: cute jealous riddle ahead, he wants to show you smthing but you're busy atm and it makes him sad :(, also a lil bit of angst but I make it fluffy in the end by shoving a tart down Riddle's throat/j (unless-)
༶•┈This will be part two (2/2?)
Riddle has made it his life's mission to get the message across that he just loathes your entire existence.
You hand him a handkerchief after he's done with his meal? He's offended you think he can't get one himself! In which he is perfectly capable of doing, but he let's you anyway with a small pout on his face as he receives the said cloth from you.
The small check-ins you do to make sure he's not overworking himself? Why, do you perhaps think you can catch him off guard when he doesn't notice? Hah! nice try, but he can see through your fake acts of concern! (as he says)
When you help him tidy up his things after your study sessions? You're just playing nice! trying to outdo him in everything no matter how small. What do you take him for? some sort of mindless bafoon? Why are you always trying to iritate him in the smallest of ways? Begone with you!
Riddle doesn't like being in the same airspace as you. It's suffocating, yet whenever you leave the room he can't help but hold his breath, looking up from his book from time to time to see what you're up to, but the moment you return, you'll find his brows knitted while trying to go back to the page he was on.
Right now, Riddle is once again plopped onto a stool, book in hand, as he recites the formula's that you helped him memorize for the upcoming test he'll have on monday.
"Hey, This one's a little confusing, do you mind if—" It takes him a moment to realize he was talking to complete thin air when he gets no reply in response to his question. "Where- oh." That's right, it was the weekends, meaning you didn't have to tutor him on these days, meaning he just assumed you were here with him when he's been alone the whole day studying.
Your presence really was leaving a big impression on the red head life, and before he even realises it he's been counting down the days to hours to how long until he see's you again.
"It's usually your mother that comes to greet me at the door. Perhaps you've been missing my presence which is why you're so eager?"
"What a delusional way of thinking, I just don't want to waste time with my mother's and your exchanges."
What nonsense am I spouting? He's become aware of the way he acts around you, how he's so much eager to learn when you're the one teaching him, how he's come to like listening to history lessons when it's your voice narrating the stories, how he's started to try harder when you give him praise for getting a question right.
He's already gotten so used that your attention was always on him that he forgets you're your own person sometimes.
There was a time where Riddle wanted to show you this new project he's been working on, he carried it all the way from his bedroom to the living room with a pep in his step and sparkles in his eyes, excited to show you his great creation!
"Y/n, remember that new project I was telling you about?" but once he arrived, your attention was on a book in your hand, flipping through the pages, perhaps too focused on the interesting plot to acknowledge the red head in the room.
"Sorry Riddle but can it wait? I'm getting to the really good part of the book and I'd like for there to be no distractions while I read."
"But—" Riddle chokes on his words, it dawns on him that he really was excited to show you his work, but when has he ever been this happy to have to show you of all people? the one person he should be hating for sharing the same air as?
He let's out a small apology, quickly retreating back to his room, project in hand. He closes the door with a sigh, he shouldn't be this disheartened, It's not like he made sure to include a few of the things you liked into his project, it's not like he had you in mind when making it. Of course you have other things aside from him that need your undevided attention, but in that very moment, Riddle had wished to yank that book out of your hand and toss it into the fireplace.
From your point of view however— you almost broke your facade, after you said those words and took a small peek from behind your book, you felt bad after seeing the smile on Riddle's face turn into a frown, it looked like a child getting rejected of the toy he wanted.
There were also other instances that made Riddle question what he was doing. Your job was to be a tutor for Riddle, but after all that work gets done you were back to being a regular kid free to do whatever you wanted. Riddle didn't have that kind of freedom, he was a student outside in school and inside his own home, but as time went on he didn't have anything to complain about for as long as he had you as his companion.
So this situation at hand has really left him conflicted with his feelings.
Usually after he's done answering, he'd have you check his papers for any mistakes, but to his suprise, instead of seeing you in your usual place by the living room, he see's you leaning by the window, to what seems to be you chatting with the kids from outside.
"Hey, why don't you play outside for awhile? It must be really boring being cooped up in there all day!" Giggles and laughter errupted as the kids coaxed you in to playing outside with them.
Riddle's breathing changed patterns, that familiar ringing in his ears returning once again. You wouldn't leave him just to play outside with some strangers right? Riddles eyes were searching, but what exactly is it that he wants from you? To listen to you reject their offer, to say that you'd prefer to be here with him instead? how childish
"Sure! but only on one condition." Whispers were shared as the kids nod in agreement, you didn't even think twice as you bolted outside, leaving Riddle standing in the middle of the room, papers crumpling under the grip of his small hands. You didn't even bother to let him know you were leaving.
He should have known, but in the end he never blamed you. He expected as much, after all he wasn't the very nicest to you either, but a part of him knew he was trying, trying to be a better person to you, for you. He was huddled up under the blankets, small whimpers leaving his mouth as he tried his hardest to not looked like a kicked puppy when you returned, but he couldn't help it. His feelings got hurt by his most favorite loathed person.
It wasn't long until he heard the closing of his bedroom door, and the errating breathing you let out, panting out heavy breathes, he hears the crumpling of a paper bag you set down on his bedside table.
"H-had fun with your new friends?" He was trying his hardest to keep a firm tone with you, that's how it would have turned out if not for how he was sniffling under the covers. You didn't respond, instead choosing to snatch the blanket and throw it over his head, revealing the hidden red head.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" He was beyond frustrated at this point. Couldn't he be vulnerable without you having to do that so aggressively?! his heart is already in tatters and he doesn't need the same done to his blanket.
But before he could scream his lungs out you pulled out the most amazing sight Riddle has ever laid eyes upon from the paper bag. He couldn't believe it, right there being held by your tiny hands on a plate was a strawberry tart, no imperfections and in perfect condition, being displayed right infront of his face.
"I had to make a deal, and that was if I played for a bit with those kids outside, they'd give me a strawberry tart for joining them! Really sweet deal if you ask me, and in the end I kinda just ditched them once I got the tart, plus I know how happy you'd get once you've gotten a bite."
"You did this... for me?"
"Well, what other reason would I have done all that for?"
He really was crying now, tears of frustration and joy. You always managed to get his feelings all tangled up, but managed to untangle them in a way that left a warm feeling in his chest.
Ripping his heart out only to give it back mended by your delicate hands was a round a bout way to do it he supposes, but he wasn't gonna give you that amount of satisfaction so easily.
"I can't eat this, what would mother think if she see's me with this in my possessions?"
"Well I'll... tell her I forced you to eat it as punishment for not getting a question right!"
"Then you'd get punished."
"I already went out of my way to get this and give it to you, the least you can do is have a taste."
You give Riddle a pat on the head while feeding him the tart, helping him wipe away the tears that are still falling down his cheeks.
"...It's salty."
"Then stop crying! or else I'm shoving this whole tart down your throat!"
Who would have thought something so bitter ended up being the sweetest reward in the end. Indeed, how sweet that is.
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I love the Nogitsune and wished they’d stuck around longer, however, I am also so very salty that they didn’t seem to ever acknowledge the amount of trauma Stiles had to go through afterwards, or show us that there was any lasting impact on him aside than the one passing joke he made to Liam, about how he was possessed and then he “got better.” That’s...that’s not how it works....
Even if they’d just shown small things. Maybe sometimes he counts his fingers, over and over, like a nervous tic.
Maybe he occasionally talks in little riddles and then has a moment of complete silence when he catches himself doing it. 
Maybe he kind of dissociates in class and zones back in to find that he’s taken all of his Econ notes in Japanese.
Or maybe one time, in a fight, Kira gets disarmed, and Stiles grabs the katana and uses it like a pro, and then once its over, he has a panic attack so bad he hyperventilates until he actually passes out.
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b1as1an-souya · 8 months
Oooh can i request a story where it's like the founding members of toman (y/n is apart of the founders) the founders are all in the same school together and it's valentine's day, the founders dont really get valentine's because there delinquents and mitsuya might be the only one that get a few from his home economic club
But y/n is a very pretty boy and very adorable and the girls love him and he's not aware because he's a pure heart and an innocent child having the girl wonder how he's even apart of a gang and how he's even a founder, so on valentine's day everyone is at there lockers and when y/n opens his its full of nothing but love letters and candy and one of the girls comes up to him with a sign that says free kisses and girls come up to him kissing him on the cheek and telling him how cute he is and then the other founders are super jealous and are glad when school is over till they go to the coffee shop and chill out and the others are still kinda salty till emma comes and gives draken a small candy box and draken says thank you but Emma says it not for you it's for y/n
If your not comfortable with that then can it just be the founders who have a pretty boy friend please
Hello! Thanks for requesting, and I’m so sorry it took me so long too write this.
Tumblr media
I hate valentines day!
Toman x male reader
Warnings: cursing, mentions of strangulation
Ps: they all go to the same school.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you asked the founding members of toman what word describes their friend [Name] it would be handsome. He was absolutely handsome, he was kind too. “Are you excited for tomorrow [Name]?” Baji teased putting his arm around your shoulder. “What? I don’t understand what’s happening tomorrow…?” [Name] asked wondering what is so special about tomorrow. “You dumbass, tomorrow is valentines day!” Draken yelled at you. “And what does that have to do with me?” You asked again. “[Name], you’re joking right?” Mitsuya questioned stoping in his tracks. “No? At least i don’t think I am?” [Name] said said bluntly. “You’re handsome, kind, and all the girls look at you with lovey dovey eyes!” Mikey blurted.
“Okay…” [Name] satirized before shrugging his shoulders and walking on ahead leaving the others pissed and shocked. “Okay?! What the fuck do you mean by okay?!” Pah-Chin grumbled. “Tomorrow girls are going to be swarming around you and you say okay!” Kazutora screamed. “I wish a girl could confess to me!” Baji added on. “I don’t see why you’re so worked up. I assure you girls won’t swarm me! I mean, I’m a delinquent!” You said trying to reassure the 6 of your friends that you won’t be getting any girls attention tomorrow. “Yeah, a handsome delinquent!” Mikey pointed out.
“I bet every one of you that I won’t be the only one in this group getting a valentines days gift!” [Name] insisted. Making his friends eyes just light up by his words. Then giving you a warm smile. “Now come on I gotta go home!” You said before running to the train station “bye!” They yelled back at you, you giving them a goodbye wave.
The next day was no surprise to [Names] friends. When he got inside the school building with them, every girl was looking at him. But he brushed it off thinking they were looking at his friends instead. “We told you! All the girls are looking at you!” Kazutora exclaimed, only for [Name] to brush it off and bluntly say, “They’re looking at the 6 of you not me!”
That was strike one.
“Then explain why your locker has over 5 love letters in it?!” Mikey grumbled only for Draken to hit him on his head. “Why are you going through his stuff!” Draken scolded. “It’s not my fault [Name] is being so stupid right now!” “Maybe they put that their by accident?” [Name] justified trying to reassure his friends the love letters aren’t his. “Someone please get this boy.” Baji hissed walking faster trying to avoid [Name] and his bluntness. I don’t understand… [Name] thought as the seven of them walked in the classroom.
As soon as [Name] saw his desk it was covered in love letters, candies, and gifts. And Mitsuya’s desk had a few gifts on them too. “Who’s the lucky girl Mitsuya?” Pah-Chin teased. But no body even focused on Mitsuya’s valentines day gift, all they saw was their best friend [Name] surrounded by girls, and his desk filled with gifts, And Mikey attempting to steal and eat [Name’s] chocolate.
That was strike two.
But that didn’t make them mad, yeah they were jealous, very jealous but seeing [Name] getting all that attention from girls. Them kissing him on the cheek, and calling him cute and adorable. The way how girls were hugging him and giving him candy, and chocolates. The way how he reacted to this attention, that just made them want to strangle him. He was acting like it was normal when it wasn’t. He was being crowded by girls and he looked like he didn’t care.
“You’re so cute! Just look at you you’re boyfriend material!” One girl said, softly pinching [Name] on the cheeks. “You’re literally my type!” Another girl said giving [Name] a hug. Only for [Name] to look at his friends with confusion on his face, his friends thinking he was rubbing it in his face. “Look girls, I can’t really talk right now, class is about to start, sorry.” [Name] said walking to his friends who were giving him the silent treatment. “Hey everyone, sorry about that!” [Name] apologized wiping the lipstick print off his cheek.
“Hmph!” They replied at the same time looking away from their friend. “Do you want some chocolate…? I won’t be able to eat all of this.” [Name] said giving his friends a nervous smile, then holding his hands out that had chocolate candies on them. “We don’t want your stupid chocolate!” Mikey pouted, then along with the others, taking a piece of candy out of [Name’s] hand. “Sure you don’t…” [Name] mumbled before walking to his desk filled with gifts. “Can y’all help me carry this to my locker? Although we might be late if we do” [Name] asked. “Sure.” His friends all replied before helping you carry your gifts to your locker.
“Hey Baji, I��ll give you 500 yen if you beat me to the classroom!” You said in attempt to get rid of the sour mood in the friend group. “Hell no.” Baji said before walking faster trying to get away from you, the others following him leaving you behind.
“Mr. [Name], You’re late.” The teacher sternly said giving you a stern look. “I was only 2 minutes la-” You tried to say back in defense only to get cut off by your teacher saying, “Would you like detention for talking back?” “No ma’am.” You said before walking to your seat. “That wasn’t cool.” You whispered to your friends a bit annoyed at them. “Whatever...” They replied back shrugging their shoulders. ‘Why are they so mad?’ You thought.
After a few classes it was lunch, and that means more girls surrounded [Name].
Which was strike three for his friends.
Not giving him enough space to see his friends. “I swear if I see [Name] with one more girl, I’m gonna snap.” Kazutora grumbled. “You could say that again!” Pah-Chin muttered. “I fucking hate valentines day!” Baji yelled kicking the wall.
Jealous, they were jealous. But [Name] didn’t realize, he really didn’t care that he was getting so much attention from girls, he just wanted to be with your friends. ‘I’ll talk to them after school.’ [Name] thought as he continued to receive attention from girls which he didn’t think much of.
Throughout the course of the school day [Name] proceeded to get more attention from girls in his class. Making more strikes for his friends making them more and more jealous. Making them avoid the boy more and more.
After school [Name] searched everywhere for his friends ignoring the girls that were surrounded him. Then he remembered that they said that they were going to some new coffee shop. [Name] quickly rushed to catch up with his friends. “Do you mind if I tag along…?” [Name] quietly asked expecting a no from his friends, but to his surprise he received a yes. But that just made things worse between everyone. Not a word was said towards anyone, even after they got too the café.
That was until [Name] was done with the bullshit he was putting up with and quietly yelled, “Why have all of you been avoiding me?” Not wanting to attraction attention to their table. It was quiet for a few seconds until Mikey spoke up and said, “You were surrounded by girls all day! And you didn’t even care!” “You even rubbed it in our faces!” Pah-Chin pouted. “Yeah, that wasn’t cool.” Mitsuya continued, looking [Name] in his eyes. [Name] processed their words for a few seconds, then started smiling. “You six are so dumb!” [Name] laughed before continuing on, “I wasn’t rubbing it in your face! I was confused on why so much girls were surrounded by me! I actually forgot today was valentines day before some girl told me it was.” [Name] laughed.
“You’re so stupid!” Draken yelled at you. “How do you seriously forget it was valentines day when girls were by your side the whole day.” Kazutora added on smiling a bit at his friends stupidity. “Sorry…?” You jokingly apologized. “Hmph! You should be!” Mikey whined, only for his eyes to light up when you opened your backpack and took out a medium sized, heart shaped box, filled with chocolates. “Here you go, I felt kinda bad that some of you didn’t get a gift today.” You explained only for Baji to say, “I don’t want your pity chocolate!” While he took a chocolate and eat it. “It tastes horrible.” Baji muttered taking another chocolate to eat.
“Don’t eat all Mikey!” Draken yelled only to see Mikey eating the last chocolate. “Come on mikey!” They all yelled at Mikey who gave them a shit eating grin. “Calm down, you can have the chocolates the girls from school gave me!” [Name] smiled. “Not you though Mikey, you think I didn’t see you take some of my chocolates this morning?” [Name] said giving Mikey a angry smile.
“Now what are you seven arguing about?” A familiar voices said. “Oh Emma! I didn’t expect to see you here with Hina and Takemichy!” Mikey said to his sister. “Are you and your wifey Hina out on a date?” Draken teased giving the couple a smile. “We’re actually here because Emma had to do something!” Hina said encouraging her friend to do whatever she had to do. “You got this Emma!” Hina said before she took a deep breath closed her eyes and said, “These are for you!” Emma yelled giving a bag filled with homemade chocolates in it to what she thought was [Name].
“Holy shit!” The whole table quietly said. “Did your sister just give chocolates to Draken?!” Baji asked Mikey. “No way!” Mitsuya said in shock. “Lucky you Draken!” Pah-Chin smiled. The words that came out of her brothers friends mouths confused Emma. She opened her eyes only to see that she gave them to the wrong person. “Sorry Draken, but these are for [Name]…” Emma shyly admitted quickly taking them out of Drakens hands and placing them in yours. Only for you too look at Emma in shock.
“Danm…” Mikey said before he started laughing. “Thats so messed up! I feel bad for you Draken!” Kazutora laughed. “That’s seriously so wrong! But it’s fucking funny!” Baji added on laughing his ass off. “That shit is gonna mess Draken up for life.” Mitsuya joked. Draken looked at [Name] who had looked like he was holding in the biggest laugh ever, but he also looked a bit sad. “Draken I’m so sorry that happened to you. But here just take this before I start to feel even more bad than I already do.” You said handing your friend candies and chocolates you got from some girl. “Thanks…” Draken said then pretend like nothing ever happened.
After [Name] and his friends finished at the café [Name], Kazutora, Mitsuya, and Baji were walking to the train station. “Today was the worst and best valentines day I’ve ever experience.” Kazutora said while looking up at the night sky. “Do you think Draken is gonna cry himself to sleep after what happened with Emma?” You asked. “Definitely!” Baji yelled.
The four of you got too the train station and you and Baji had to go on the same train. “Do you want the rest of my chocolates? I don’t really want em.” You said. “Sure, But why didn’t you just tell the girls that you wanted some space?” Baji asked you. “I dunno? I think I didn’t wanna hurt their feelings?” You replied back trying to form an answer to the question your friend asked you. “God you really are dumb! But that was a reasonable answer.” Baji remarked.
Tumblr media
“You know what’s one thing I don’t understand Baji?”
“How come girls don’t give delinquents candies and stuff like that…?”
“I dunno…maybe they don’t see how cool we are!”
“You know… you’re right. I’m gonna make every girl see how cool my friends are!”
“Keep on dreaming dumbass!”
“I really will!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Your fan, San (part 2)
(part 1) (your fan ml)
Tumblr media
💬 pairing: san x interpreter!reader 💬 genre: romance, fluff, mutual pining, drama 💬 summary: a bulletpoint-style wordstream of what it would be like if san was stanning you 💬 wordcount: 4.5k 💬 warnings/tags: language, conflict, two shy dorks, homie sabotage?, misunderstandings, love above all, touring, busy life, reader is a pro linguist, we stan simpteez, unedited oop- 💬 taglist: @acciocriativity, @doom-fics, @layzfeelit @jcngh0-hq @black--awsum @honey-lemon-goose @i-luvsang @jackinmyarea , @izuijin @justhere4kpop 💬 a/n: Hello there <3 here is PART 2 of YOUR FAN SAN!! Hopeless romantic? Check. Chaotic? Check... and the FINALE is coming soon??? ;~; P.S. that uni life do be getting wild so apologies if I'll be haphazardly uploading or if trains of thought are derailed~
Tumblr media
'The Beauty of Falling in Love - a collection of short stories, poems and musings'
That was the title of the book you had to translate. And if you were not a (fully) sappy and sentimental mess before, you sure as hell were now. Because each little chapter, be it an anonymous recollection of favourite moments with a loved one, or a vignette dedicated to someone special, was some of the most heartwarming work you have ever read.
Each piece sounded so personal, so real, that you found yourself spending more time than usual on this commission. You had made an agreement with the client that they would be sending chapters out one by one, and prior to receiving one, you would send back a completed translation.
It was an easy enough arrangement, and was not too taxing when it came to your personal time. You could ruin your sleep schedule to your heart's content by watching dramas that you had missed whilst on tour, could make late night trips to the convenience store because you did not want to be caught in the businessperson rush, could catch up with people who you had inadvertently ghosted because of work and inability to find words when you wanted to.
Outside of your preferred mode of relaxation, you kept in touch with some of the members of ATEEZ, thanks to a group chat that San had created and 'simply had to add you' - at least that was how he had advertised it. The group chat consisted of him, you, Wooyoung, Yunho and Yeosang, who to you seemed like a random pick, since you did not interact with neither Yunho nor Yeosang as much.
But over a very short period of time this had changed for the better, and you had grown very comfortable, attached even, to the chaotic quartet. If anything this it was a top up vaccine for being able to keep up with the ATEEZ chaos - otherwise you would be familiarising yourself with it again for tour, as if it was the first day of work.
Little did you know, you were talking with the Operation ring leaders + Yeosang who was in it for the gossip, and to control the fire... in the way he wished. It was more or less a regular conversation, aside from San occasionally panicking and running up to one of the guys for advice.
"Yeo why did you write 'AMOGUS'?"
"Don't question me. This is art- ah see, Y/N sent the prayer hands emoji, she agrees." Yeosang responded, pointing at his phone screen.
"I feel like you guys are six parallel universes ahead of me and I don't like it."
"Make that ten, you boomer."
"This is an ancient meme you are quoting Yeo~" Wooyoung joined in, trying to poke fun at his friend.
"Say that again, the king of social boomers? Are you salty that I did not put hyung after AMOGUS because it's old?"
"What even is this chat-" Mingi, who was observing from his position lying across three dining chairs, threw the question out into the air.
"It is us trying to force San to dm Y/N by pushing them together like two dolls." Wooyoung, slightly irritated, explained.
"Man, you really are done." Mingi responded, chuckling
"I don't know, am I? San is breaking up with me so I am going through all stages of grief."
"Double u tee eff?" San raised an eyebrow and stared at Wooyoung, phone loose in his hands.
"How far along is she?"
"She isn't pregnant dude."
"Ugh you know what I mean."
"Like... a third of the way?"
"Damn you guys are slow as shit. We planned for this to take how long? You even have the confession already written up for the last chapter, this is kind of ridiculous. You know what, hold up."
Wooyoung tackled San, and thanks to the surprise nature of the attack, got the perfect opportunity to grab his friend's phone. After securing 'the bag', Wooyoung strode off to the other side of the room, clicking away, while San attempted to stand up, shouting.
Yunho seemed to have caught onto what the other was about to do, as he launched himself at the shorter man sat on the sofa and splayed himself right over like a blanket.
"No hard feelings bro this is necessary."
As San way trying to battle his way out, but was further restrained by Yeosang who had finally stopped taking photos, Wooyoung giggled deviously and locked the phone again, sauntering back with a devilish grin and handing it to San.
"It is done. You can thank me later."
"What did you do?"
"Something that you should have done like... a year ago."
"Yeah. And don't worry, nothing Woo-style, you grilled me enough times for me to remember her preferences. Plus, I know how to text like you."
"And when did that come in handy?"
"Uh... I have to go water my fish BYEEE~" Wooyoung quickly departed from the living room sprinting back to the dorm, while San remained in shock, swiping at the screen to reveal the message that his friend had sent on his behalf.
Damn. It really was just like him.
The text came to you as a surprise. Though you have had some conversations over private message before, most of them had been in some way work related. Not San messaging you out of the blue to ask how you were and that you should catch up.
With the group chat all but abandoned, you happily launched into texting San. There was never any pressure for a phone call, which you greatly appreciated, and there was no specific guidelines that either of you enforced - without a care you double, triple, quadruple texted, abruptly disappeared only to reappear with a link or a photo... main things was that together, you kept your conversation alive and thriving.
You would have never, not in a million years, imagined yourself getting this close to San, or anyone with a celebrity status for that matter. Simply because you felt like they would need and deserve more than you could offer socially. You were all about human connection and uniting minds, but when it came to your own personal preferences, you would much rather write out your thoughts in astonishing detail and hit send, than say the same things out loud and to somebody in person.
And yet, contrary to your assumptions and what you could only say had been prejudice on your part, San was supportive of you and of your choices, saying he could 'imagine your voice well enough anyways'. He steered clear of pushing you to communicate in a style that was not yours; though you did enjoy hearing his voice, and would be lying if you said he was not a charmer, you could not bring yourself to reciprocate that approach. It was too overwhelming to do during the time that you had allocated for yourself as your regenerative state. And San made your heart melt by showing that he got that, without you having to tear yourself apart and explain.
To him it had been fairly easy to figure out that you were a text over call kind of person, and was something that he had advertised to the Operation Love Language squad. Given your notes app being packed, post it notes sometimes threatening to pour out of your bag, and him spotting you willingly sitting far away from any groups so you could watch something, earphones in, all pointed to that conclusion. And San found that he liked it more than he would have guessed.
Each text was like a memory, and an expression not only of something that they wanted to blurt out, but more often than not of a considered, weighed out opinion, even if it was onomatopoeia or a string of emojis. He would have never been able to get to know you like he did over text, and get so close to you that you were now happily discussing with him your own worries, and passions, and dreams, not just responding to his stream of musings and questions.
It was through one of these extensive texting sessions that you had revealed to San your endeavors as a freelance translator, and gushed about the commission you were working on.
This made San's thumbs freeze midway through typing. Carried away and impatient, he had tried to strike on all fronts, and now that he was in continuous communication with you, he regretted it. Deeply. Except he did not yet know just how risky the decision to parade as someone he was not could be.
After the first time you had mentioned your side work, he had begun to get progressively more quiet. Bit by bit. Until his responses to you turned almost into a conversation with a wall. You were unable to figure out just what had gotten into San, what had changed?
You turned to the work you were meant to translate as a distraction, expecting that the client would have shared the new chapter with you already... but no such thing.
Instead, there was an order cancellation, and a short apology.
What did you do wrong?
What happened?
Was there something that had not been quite right?
You looked over your already completed translations - you were searching for anything to suggest a reason for cancellation. The words appeared blurry, fading into one big mush. It was all terrible... wasn't it?
Who were you kidding you were probably rusty after not working with fiction for so long, and for not focusing hard enough. You had stopped paying attention to the craft. Who even were you? And interpreter, a translator, or a fraud?
You looked at the cancellation email again, knowing full well that it was pointless to try and reach the customer - they might have blocked you for all you knew. This hurt. This really hurt.
You saw that San had responded to your messages, again in a weirdly cheery tone, asking you how you are and what you have been up to? San would understand... right? San would listen to you...?
So you did something that you yourself did not expect, and pressed on the call button. He picked up on the first ring.
He sounded nervous, and almost tearful as you bared all and talked him through what had just happened. You needed him. He was the only one who had understood your language.
When you told him that you were probably over reacting and just humiliating yourself by being 'so deep in sad mode' over a whole lot of nothing, he instantly was there to catch you and call you out. He emphasised the importance of your work, of the beautiful job you had done so far... but then halted, unsure of how to proceed.
This left you confused. He then picked his words in a strangely careful manner, and almost beginning to side with the customer, saying how maybe it was for the better, and that now at least you could relax and find another project...
"San. This is really unlike you. What is up with that personality switch?"
"What do you mean Y/N? It's nothing-"
"I have an ear for speech, San, if there is anyone who could be a bullshit filter, it is me."
More silence.
You were about to call out to him again, when you hear a muffled, barely there whisper:
"I'm sorry..."
You were sent reeling. What did he mean? Why was he sorry?
"I... it was me. Y/N. I am sorry. I really did not mean it to turn out that way I-"
"Okay first of all, why?"
"Second of all, whilst I am grateful for your support and stuff, it does make me uncomfortable."
"Thirdly, actually you know what focus on point number one."
When you did not hear an answer, you tried again: "Hello? I am waiting."
"I like you."
"...What?" you were left in shock.
You had suppressed your feelings for San in the deepest caverns of your soul out of the terror that it was bound to be unrequited, but here you were. Listening to that same man who had supported you from the beginning of your career to now (and exposing yet another ridiculous attempt at that), who had read your quirks and style and knew you better than most. Listening to him confess.
"I... how do I say this... it has been a while. A long while. I have been trying to approach you but... I was either too shy for it, or the attempts were just ridiculous. So we- so I came up with this idea, to try and tell you... this book right. The Beauty of Falling in Love. It is... it spoke to me. And I had planned to give it to you piece by piece until I could then reveal myself to you... but then we started talking outside of that and then I panicked and- yeah, I am... I am just so sorry, this is confusing as hell."
"Wait... wait wait... this is... so were you paying me to get me to like you? Was that what you were doing?"
"Look. As much as I do like bringing joy to people through my work, this crosses a line. And it's not the fact that you ordered something from me - hell, support the artist right? It's the fact that you decided to be somebody else. You decided to conceal yourself to talk to me. Like you did not trust me. Even though you want me to like you.
I'll be returning the money to you shortly. M-kay? And... talk on stage, I guess."
Before San could respond, you ended the call sharply. No more phone calls. They were cursed, apparently.
With these thoughts, and a heavy heart, you departed for Japan.
"Maybe... just maybe if you had seen it through and not abandoned ship... your ship could have sailed?"
"Yunho just because it's your idea does not mean is good!" San retorted, having recounted the story to the members, gone into full crisis mode.
"Hello!? You agreed? I am just generating ideas here."
"I think we all blew this out of proportion and did not consider risks... at all." Mingi interjected, massaging his temples.
"You guys, I have an idea-" Wooyoung began, but was quickly cut off by San, who was already half way out of the door.
"You know what? I am done with the ideas. I will just do what I think is right."
You were conflicted. In a way, you had gotten what you wanted. A confession from your crush that you had been quietly keeping in the shadows. But at the same time, your anxiety spiked. Were you that unapproachable that San had to have twisted everything to get to you? Was your work more entertaining than you could ever be?
With these thoughts, and a heavy heart, you departed for Japan.
If your presence was not explicitly required at the venue, you would not go. Once an event ended, you would leave. If anything, you were acting just like any employee would.
You were trying to bury the conflicting feelings that you were experiencing. To an extent, you felt disrespected. Like you had been mistreated via the means of 'i am using your translation services so you should love me'. And it was one unpleasant thought.
So, you stuck to what you knew and were more or less confident in. Words that were not yours. ideas that were not yours. Feelings that were not yours.
In a matter of an hour after the first small event, however, you could not sulk in your room how you wanted, thanks to a random slip of paper being shoved under your door. You ran across the room and slammed it open in an attempt to catch the culprit, but there was no one in sight.
You gingerly picked up the papers, and read. It was unmistakable. It was the next chapter of the book, with an interesting translation on another sheet of paper, and an additional note.
"I am sorry, and I can only hope that you will read this and let me fight. <3 San"
As much as you were ready to forgive him then and there, you decided that you wanted to see just how far he was going to go.
The next morning - another letter had arrived. The next chapter, a translation, and another note.
During filming for a morning show, San had shot you numerous glances in an attempt to see whether you were even reading what he had been Amazon Priming to your room, but with a cheeky smile dancing on your lips, you let your fun continue.
Another package.
And another.
And another. Until, finally, the last chapter had arrived. At least that was what you thought right up until the evening of the same day. You had assumed that it was going to now be your turn to act, or at least to start talking again, but a loud knock jolted you out of your thoughts.
And another.
And another knock on the door. This man was an unstoppable force.
"I... I translated the last one. Well, tried to."
"But there were only eleven stories-"
"Nope, twelve. Here."
You saw a two pieces of paper appear from under the door, just like before. Except instead of the Korean page being a scan from the book, it was evidently a document that either San... or somebody else, had typed up, and then managed to print.
To be respectful, you attempted to read the Japanese, but soon enough gave up since the kanji somehow managed to look cursive, and instead took the Korean text in your hands.
You took a seat with your back against the door and knees almost flush against your chest, and began to read, your heart rate picking up pace as soon as you saw "Dear Y/N,".
It began as a little story. A re-telling of how both of you had met, and how you had come to own a little space in his heart, eventually leading to him simply giving it to you.
"Did you know that you look so beautiful in those moments when you don't think anyone is watching? The more I think about it, the more I feel like it has been what had drawn me in. How you typed and typed on your phone. If time allowed, I liked to try guessing whether you were going to switch the keyboard at some point or not. How you were and are in your element. And of course, how you are, simply, you."
He recalled the moments that you two had shared. The levels of pride and admiration he felt when he saw you being approached and congratulated by the fans, and when he could take a moment to just enjoy what you did.
San moved to explaining 'the plan' to you, and though you were ready to scold him then and there (especially since there was the door between you that made confrontation easier), you could not help but admit that the general notion (aside from making affection and crushing on someone a monetary exchange - better not put feels on Etsy) was heartwarming.
As it turned out, both of you were shy dorks who could not act on feelings. Admittedly, one of you was a LOUD shy dork and the other a 'language is life but still can't read between the lines' shy dork, but at least you made it here.
San was a nervous wreck, barely stopping himself from either pacing up and down the corridor or going into a meltdown and lying face down on the carpet. He already looked suspicious enough as is, just standing by a random hotel number like a vampire who had been refused entry.
Or perhaps more accurately, like a cat who had been shut out of the house and was now desperately trying to claw its way back in.
But that stress was quickly washed away when your form suddenly appeared before him, peeking out, drowning in an oversized hoodie. The papers were still clenched in your hand as you motioned for San to come in.
You waited until he was right in the middle of the room before closing the door. Part of you was afraid that he was going to nope out at any moment. You needed the reassurance. The confidence that was normally there when you were working. But every fiber of your being was screaming in protest, wanting simply to hide.
You observed him. He looked like he was barely breathing.
"I... really I am... so sorry... again... I know that it was so fooli-"
"私でもあなたのことが好きだ..." (I like you too)
"All this translating and you still can't process?" you joked, but began to pull on the drawstrings of your hoodie in an attempt to make your face disappear.
"ohHH NoONOOO I just want to hear you say it in every language that you know!!!" San exclaimed and in a matter of seconds was inches away, peeking at what was not yet concealed by the fluffy cotton.
As he leaned closer and closer, flustering you (and himself) in the process and took both of your hands in his, in the last leap of bravery you whispered:
"Well that, you'll have to earn, San. And I don't take traditional currency."
"You will never let that go."
"Never ever, Choi San, it's a core memory now."
"Well hey at least it means you are not letting go of me~"
"Oh the way you twist words..."
"Like you twist me around your finger, not to give you an ego trip or anything..."
"It's 'wrap'. The correct word is 'wrap' around a finger."
"Okay you know what how about I translate it to body language?" he puckered his lips, making you giggle.
"As long as I don't need to correct grammatical errors."
"Now now I'd say I'm fluent."
The habit of sliding notes under your door or passing them to you did not stop - it only got stronger and became an 'any location', Mission Impossible note transfer agreement.
It had become something of a game, muddling languages together and writing near-nonsense just to sit there almost crying, trying not to laugh.
Soon enough, the game spread to Wooyoung, who would on occasion intercept the messages and add in his own flair, and soon enough to a curious Yunho and Mingi, who then turned it into impromptu paper plane throwing tournaments.
Really, the only reason why Hongjoong did not intercept was because you managed to at least keep the messages under strict PG rating and had good aim - with a saving swoop you had managed to return one such airmail right into San's lap during a fan sign, leading ATINY to give you an additional "aimbot" title.
It did not matter what the schedule was, you left each other encouraging notes (and without the other knowing, stored them away in your luggage).
"Good luck being the first one to get hair and makeup done..."
"Good luck with the translation deal on the book <3" (after an entire evening of a pouting and pleading San, you had reached out to the editors of the romance book you had translated for him, and now were in very promising negotiations)
You raced ahead, in time with each other, creating your own language.
The extended time ATEEZ had spent in Japan was coming to an end, and in the blink of an eye, it was the final concert. The "closing remarks", the epilogue.
You were prepared to interpret in full, as always. One member down. Another... finally, it was only San left. The other members were looking at him expectantly, while some sent glances in your approximate direction.
You took Hongjoong's tranquility and him nudging San in the shoulder as a sign that no, you will not have to pretend he said something different and double speak it - whatever he was about to do was, apparently, captain certified.
At that moment, San pulled out a note from a pocket that you had no idea even existed. The action seemed to have the same effect on ATINY as they "oooohed" - Yunho fake whispered into the microphone that San was now a part-time magician, so these things were the norm.
You had your microphone at the ready. With bated breath, you waited for San to begin. And that, he did.
In Japanese.
Grammatically correct, coherent and well-delivered Japanese.
Even though some of the phrases were obviously not his style and word selection, leading you to imagine him poring over this text like he was writing the declaration of independence with the boys, it was him. It was his feeling. It was his message.
Your arm fell to your side with a thud, and you were grateful that your microphone had been turned off for the time being. You caught yourself gaping, and had to forcibly compose yourself to reveal only a soft smile, as you took the scene in.
San was not exactly trying to hide that he was paying special attention to a specific part of the arena, with his body turned almost completely in your direction and only a few glances off to the sides and at the note.
"...and I hope that we will always be together, as one, and share this world. sometimes there may be struggle, there may be darkness, but WE," he makes a grand gesture with his hand, as if highlighting the area in front of him, but really it was just to, again, symbolise that certain someone at the forefront of his mind, "will last, and be the light."
The crowd roared, and you could allow yourself to internally combust as you watched ATEEZ wave, bow and bid their farewells.
Some things did not need a translation to be understood, and some things were not up for interpretation.
Like how San sprinted to you as soon as he was out of public sight. How he swept you off your feet both literally and metaphorically.
How Jongho muttered 'get a room', but still smiled at both of you when he passed by.
How, upon your return to South Korea, he had practically made it his mission to dote on you, and any moment he got, show that you were together.
Matching plushies? Check.
Basically exposing you both on Late Night Dive (though there was not really anything to expose because the entire ordeal was almost a live streamed ATEEZ drama)? Check.
Happily chatting away with ATINY about love and about finding it, sending loving stares your way? Check.
This was the love language you shared. No hiding, no scheming. Two native speakers, who found each other in translation.
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thebibliosphere · 3 months
Hi there. I'm wondering about how to help a friend with pots and what to do when they are having an episode, could you steer me in the right direction?
Hello! Thanks for your ask.
The first thing I am going to recommend is that you ask your friend if there is anything you can do to help them during a flare-up or episode before it happens.
They may take medications that might be helpful for you to know about so you can make sure they have access to them. They may also have other rescue methods such as taking electrolytes, compression therapy, and floor therapy (we spend a lot of time laying down with our legs elevated) which would be useful to have someone run and fetch while they lie down and try to get things under control.
If you're asking about things you can have on you or in your home, I'm again going to recommend you ask your friend for products that they use or could be helpful, but something that really helps us are electrolytes and salty snacks--which are good to have on hand anyway because you never know when you personally might also need them!
(They're good if you've had a bad bout of food poisoning and are dehydrated.)
Ask your friend if they have a comfort/safe salty snack food, then try to keep a couple of them in your kitchen if you can. It can be really hard to eat anything when you're in an episode, so having something which you know is "safe" is really helpful.
For electrolytes, if you're in the US, the brand Vitassium is pretty good and shelf-stable. They also come in some fun flavors other than "salt," which is what all mine taste of because I'm allergic to sugars. But again, ask your friend as they may have a brand they prefer, and you can keep them in your kitchen/medical kit on the off chance they are ever needed. Things like Gatorade can also be useful in a pinch.
Other than that, things like making sure we can lie down and elevate our legs and having blankets on hand so we can stay warm are also very helpful. I can't speak for everyone, but when my episodes happen, I'm either freezing cold or roasting hot, so it's nice to be prepared for that.
But yeah, talk to your friend and find out from them. Everyone is different, but hopefully, some of that can be useful to you! And thank you for wanting to be a good friend. It's nice to know people care!
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beneathstarryskies · 2 months
Hello! May I please request an NSFW alphabet for V? I love the way you write!
Tumblr media
Thanks for the request! I'm sorry this took so long. It's been a while since I wrote a NSFW alphabet.
Warnings: fem!reader, smut, mentions of pegging
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
V is usually the one who requires aftercare. The intimacy of making love can be overwhelming for him, even if you’ve been together dozens of times. He wants to be held and soothed after. 
On the off chance your positions are switched, he is very doting in aftercare. He will hold you and massage your sore muscles. Then, he’ll read you some poetry until you fall asleep. 
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
He doesn’t have a particular part of his body that’s his favorite. If anything, he struggles a lot with insecurity and self-loathing. If you absolutely force him to choose something, he’d be cheeky and say his tongue. Both of you know it’s because of how easily he can make you come undone with just his tongue. 
On you, his favorite body part is your mouth. Not only because you definitely know how to drive him crazy with your mouth, but also because he loves your smile. He loves your voice and watching your lips curl around every word. 
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
V’s cum is somewhat watery, but there is always a lot of it when he climaxes. The taste is pretty much nonexistent. It’s just a little salty. He’s absolutely weak for watching you swallow it, but his favorite will always be cumming inside of your warm hole. 
D = Dirty secret (pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
V is secretly very jealous of Vergil and feels insecure about their size difference. If you ever ask what being part of Vergil’s body was like, V would lie and say Vergil is lacking in the size department to keep your curiosity from growing. 
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
V is not very experienced at all. In fact, he only has memories from his time merged with Vergil to go off of. Luckily, he’s a quick and eager learner. 
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
His favorite position is cowgirl. He likes being at your mercy and having you use him to get yourself off. 
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
He is very serious, and almost overly aware of every little thing that happens. Sex can of course be sort of funny and messy in its own right, but if you giggle at something that happens V will get insecure and worry that you’re making fun of him. 
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He is very well groomed, but it’s not like there’s much to groom. He’s naturally bare for the most part. There’s a very sparse patch of hair at the base of his cock that he keeps groomed meticulously, and will even shave completely if you want him to. 
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
V is very romantic and sometimes a little intense. He’s longed for intimacy and love so deeply that finally having it nearly drives him insane. Quite often you have to cup his cheeks, kiss him softly, and remind him that you’re here with him and not going anywhere. 
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Generally, he’s not the biggest fan of jacking off. However, if for some reason you’re not around and he’s feeling aroused he’ll take matters into his own hands. His favorite thing is to steal a part of your panties (or even his favorite silky nightgown of yours) and use them to jerk off.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
He loves to be dominated and overstimulated. It makes him feel so loved when you take control and just show him so much pleasure. It makes him feel so good. He also has a praise kink the size of Texas and is putty in your hands as soon as you start lavishing him with praise. He’s down to experiment with almost anything. I am begging you to tie him up and call him “pretty boy” he will melt. 
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
Of course his preference is at home, where he can be assured that it’s just the two of you and you have all the time in the world together. He’s not really picky about where in your shared home, just as long as he can take his time. However, he does enjoy taking it to different places except he will always blush the next time he visits said places which can give you away. You’d almost gotten away with fucking in Nero’s van but the next time you were in it together you just HAD to sit down on the sofa exactly where the two of you had fucked. V turned so red Nero thought he was sick, but when Nero spotted the suspicious glances you and V shared he was quick to put it together. 
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
He wants to make you happy all the time, and he’s learned there is no greater bliss than coming undone for one another. So, that’s a big motivator for him. Just knowing he’s got the power to make you writhe and sob with pleasure is enough to get him going. 
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn-offs)
He wouldn’t have a threesome with either Nero or Dante for obvious reasons. It would just be icky. However, he would be open to sharing with Vergil (if this is an AU where they can exist side by side instead of as one.) 
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
There’s no preference between giving and recieving. He loves both pretty equally, which is why he absolutely adores 69 because it’s the best of both worlds. He also LOVES it when you sit on his face. His cock is rock hard as soon as he’s being suffocated between your soft thighs. 
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
V really prefers it slow and sensual. It feels decadent in a way to just take your time kissing one another and making love. He knows better than most how fleeting existence can be so he doesn’t want to rush the more precious moments if he can help it. 
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
He prefers to take his time, but will occassionally indulge. Especially if you ask him with that pretty doe look in his eyes. 
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
He is willing to try almost anything once, but it really depends on what the risk is. He wouldn’t do anything that could be harmful to your wellbeing. 
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
V can last a while, but sometimes does cum quick if he’s particularly worked up. He als has a pretty long refractory period. He is absolutely mortified by this fact, but he does everything to make up for it. He’ll spend the whole time he’s waiting to be able to get hard again going down on you. 
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
He doesn’t personally own any toys, but if you buy some he’s more than willing to try them. Especially if they will make things better or more exciting for you. 
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He can be a little bit of a tease at times, but he gives in so easily. Just one little pout on your pretty lips has him giving in to you. However, he loves to be teased and wants you to keep teasing him until he’s sobbing for you. 
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
V is not very loud, although he is talkative. He’s just all breathy whispers and deep moans. He can get a little whiny sometimes, and this can get loud if you’re working him up quite a bit. 
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
V will wear lingerie and is absolutely beautiful in it. He will wear it for you when he wants to surprise you. Also, he loves getting pegged. You'll always know when he's in the mood for that because he'll be a little brattier than usual.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
V measures in at 7 inches long, and is just a bit above average girth. He is uncircumcised. The tip is a pretty shade of pink, but turns red when he’s hard. 
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
He has a pretty high sex drive. In fact he has more sex drive than he does stamina. It’s not uncommon for him to push himself to the point of almost passing out. 
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterward)
Almost immediately. Like as soon as he cums, his eyes are heavy. 
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