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oifaaa · 3 days
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A little continuation from this post - Dick not liking Damian at all when he first meets him is still the funniest thing to me so obviously I was going to carry that over to this au
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kartsie · 20 hours
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Sometimes everyone dusts off or throws together their Robin costume for a hijinks filled patrol
((Yes I’m behind but it’s been a rough week))
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pichichu-studio · 1 day
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Bonus: sisters are the best
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incorrectbatfam · 1 day
Jason, to Bruce: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
Bruce: You’re high?
Jason: Oh, sorry.
Jason: *turns to Dick*
Jason: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
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jasontoddsguns · 3 days
Jason and Cass are the same age. In fact, Cassandra is a few months older.
Anyways stop de-aging Cassandra to 18, unless you plan to commit to a 17YO Red Hood.
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layyeschips · 2 days
Debt paid (with interest!)
Danny is all about fairness and equality, and no we're not talking about gender but he stands for that too, we're talking about favours. It's a known universal law that all spirits MUST return the favour if a human happens to aid them in any way be it intentional or not. Most spirits hate giving back favours and even more love ripping off humans by granting them half-assed wishes that the human didn't even mean to wish for. Maybe it's because Danny was a human once that he tends to try and repay favours as equal as the ones he's received as possible or more. This means there's no limit to how big or small of a favour that he gives.
A child offers him some candy at the park and a few days later the mother of the child wonders just how on earth did the kid get a huge stick of cotton candy after she said no
A man fights off a bunch of drunkards who were picking on Danny who reminded him of his son and the next time he was being robbed, a brick falls out of nowhere and hits the robber in the head knocking them out cold
A homeless person who mistook him for a struggling homeless teen and shared some food despite struggling themselves finds a whole wad of vouchers they could use to get food, clothes and blankets that would last them for months
A shy closeted lesbian teenager who lends an ear and gives Danny some advice finds herself confident enough and full of courage to finally come out to her family who were accepting and still loving to her no matter who she loves
They all feel the same thing whenever a favour is repaid. Satisfaction and content, the feeling of something being complete, a contract fulfilled.
Now here comes (batsibling of your choice) or in this case Red Hood saving Danny from who knows what effectively gaining a favour from the ghost king but wait a minute this bat feels very similar to a very attractive dead-but-not-really neighbour of his. Cue Danny tying up a beat up Joker with a green ribbon and presenting him to Red Hood and the next day asking Jason out on a date.
not sure what made me come up with this scenario but something about Danny giving a beat up Joker to Jason as a courting gift has me giggling like a teenager
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duckytree · 2 days
*blows a kiss for your Jason*
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be sure to send the kiss to jason after dick is over this phase… when jason first reconciled with him, he was SUPER protective and forgot that jason is a grown man now because he’s still stuck in the memories of when he was 15
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batfamgalore · 2 days
*Bernard and Tim just broke up but they need Tim’s help with an investigation*
Damian: Why can’t we do it right now? What’s going on?
Dick: Because we have to help him get over Bernard.
Jason: I mean, like you said, if he gets his vibe back we can crack this case.
Tim(with his head facedown on the table): Please, stop caring about me.
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Jason*tells to a new friend how he wants to kill the Joker*.
Danny*takes a sip then gives him the thermos*: Chill, dude. Just eat him.
Jason:..What have you got in your thermos, Danny?
Danny: Do not ask the question if you already know the answer. But it’s something with an ecto signature.
Danny: Don’t be shy. I already had breakfast today.
Batman: Suspiciously, no sign of the Joker.
Batman: What are you drinking, Hood?
Red Hood: Em..Soda?
Batman: Which flavor is it?
Red Hood *who can’t keep his mouth shut*: Sweet revenge.
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #78 - "Outlaws" (2023)
written by CRC Payne art by Starbite, Geoniya Acuna, Lan Ma, & C.M. Cameron
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batsiblingfun · 2 days
Jason: What was with the discowing look? Besides being tacky, you've got your chest exposed. We live on the East Coast Dickhead!
Dick: Well you see-
Tim: It's simple. A hoe don't get cold
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fallen-jpg · 21 hours
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"those criminals you were chasing, bruce? i handled them."
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striveattemptfail · 2 days
me @ this week's ep:
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pichichu-studio · 7 hours
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Tim and Jason: 💀💀💀
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crybabylulu · 2 days
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Look at my grumpy baby 🥺 he so cute and dramatic
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When Dick was trying to intervene in on of jason and Bruce's annual fights he yelled
He then had to intervene when Jason showed up at the watchtower strapped with kryptonite bullets (where did he even GET them???)
And then Jason finds out that Dick *did* kill the Joker only for Bruce to resuscitate him. Dick is now intervening again. Maybe a little less vigorously this time.
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