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magic trick — bang chan
pairing: bang chan x fem!reader
tags: established relationship, fluff, smut!!!🔞
warnings: suggestive, stressed!chan, tired!reader, nipple play, oral fixation, bants, cuddles and nipple sucking idk what else to say
inspo: requested by anon! Also! just as a general request i have been thinking about needy chan w/ like an oral fixation?? like so much???? like he’d ask to suck on and play with y/ns nipples because it’s something that relaxes him. honestly it’s a win win for both parties it’s nice and very intimate it would be their thing
notes: i really can’t think of a better situation to be in than this one. thank you. rbs and feedback are appreciated 🫶🏻
{ wc: 2048 }
Tumblr media
chan was stressed. that much was a constant.
he was always thinking about work and talking about work and answering emails and phone calls about work.
and it wasn’t that he neglected you—not at all. there was always time for you, and he made sure to remind you of that whenever you had even a sprinkle of doubt.
but it made you feel bad, even guilty, that you could never seem to find a way to help his stress. to relieve it even a little bit.
you haven’t been dating long, only a few months, so you were sure that one day you would learn what the magic trick was—but until then you were left to try all the different things that might ease his mind, even if just for a few moments.
your shift ended late, very late. there was too much to do and the thought of going home at your normal time was unbearable to your boss.
so you ended up getting to chan’s dorm a few minutes before midnight.
“hey, darling,” he said with a smile as he opened the door.
you tried being quiet as you took your shoes off by the door, but then you noticed there was still very loud music playing from one of the other rooms and all the lights were on.
“do you guys just never sleep?”
“night owls,” chan shrugged. he took your bag from you and walked you to his room.
his laptop was open, soundwaves all across it as his headphones sat by the keyboard.
“what were you working on?” you asked as you settled on his bed, crossing your legs under your body.
“just a melody that popped into my head. and then i started recording it and the beat just appeared. so i had to lay it down.”
you nodded with a smile. chan’s face always lit up when he talked about music, and so you made a point of asking him as many questions as you could about the subject, even though you knew next to nothing. sometimes you weren’t even sure how to ask your questions, thinking they’d surely come across as completely juvenile, but chan always smiled so brightly and explained everything in as much detail as you wanted. so it was so worth it.
“do you wanna keep working on it? i need a shower anyway,” you offered with a smile.
chan nodded, walking around his room to find the pair of sweats that were too small for him and have since became your spare pair, and a tank top.
you turned the fabric over in your hands and chuckled. “must you cut all your shirts?”
“it’s called fashion,” he scrunched his nose at you with a grin.
“it’s called showing too much skin,” you teased him.
“yeah,” he shrugged, “that’s why i gave it to you.”
you slapped his chest lightly, clicking your tongue at his flirtatious remark.
chan just smirked at you in response, leaning in to peck your lips.
“want me to get some food ready while you shower?”
“yes, please. literally anything, i’m starving,” you groaned. chan nodded firmly at you and pushed you towards the shower in his room.
after you washed your very long day away, you quickly put on the clothes chan supplied you with. he was very generous when he cut that tank top, and the sides of the shirt were completely gone. if chan was wearing it, there would’ve been no problem. in fact, you remember chan wearing this exact shirt once and you could so easily see the outline of his abs.
it was a great shirt.
but on you it meant you couldn’t possibly not wear a bra—and even though all you wanted after your long day was to rip the uncomfortable cups off you, you couldn’t. so you begrudgingly put the bra back on and headed to the kitchen.
chan kept his end of the bargain and prepared you some food while you were showering. only after you told him three times that you could eat alone and he should get back to working on his track, he listened and resumed his work.
you cleaned up your dishes (and maybe the two other cups that were already in the sink as well) and made your way back to chan’s room.
the dorm had settled down by the time you were done with your food, and most of the noise around the house was gone.
all you could hear as you entered the room was chan clicking at his mouse.
you softly wrapped your hands around his shoulders, careful not to startle him. he wore his concentrated face and his headphones, so you were sure he wasn’t even aware of your presence.
when he felt your arms around him he sighed, bringing one side of the headphones off.
“all settled now?” he asked, eyes still on the screen, fingers still tapping away on the keys.
“yeah. can we go to bed soon?”
“i, i’m not tired,” he said.
“you will be in the morning when you haven’t slept,” you reminded him.
“no, i’m too energised now, this is going really well,” he informed you with a smile.
you mirrored his smile, kissing his cheek softly.
“and it’s late now and you need to rest. come on,” you tried, standing up as you rubbed your thumb against his shoulder, “let’s find a way to get you to relax.”
he didn’t respond, moving a purple box on his screen to somewhere else. after that he saved the file, gave it a name (revolve - cb97) and turned in his chair to face you.
“okay, fine. i’ll cuddle you until you sleep and then i’ll keep going,” he sent you an angelic smile, to which you rolled your eyes.
“or i’ll cast a magic spell and you’ll finally learn how to relax and sleep.”
“doubtful,” he scrunched his nose again, laughing at his own words.
you shook your head at him.
the pair of you slid under his large blanket, your back finally telling you just how sore it was feeling from the day you had.
you groaned.
“are you comfy with your bra on?” chan questioned after he changed his lights to a soft purple—the led frame he had above his bed painting the whole room in its glow.
“no,” you whined, “but your tank top is too revealing i had to keep it on.”
“i mean, it’s just me here now. i’ve seen your tits before, yeah?”
“you’re always so romantic,” you joked.
“come on,” he laughed at you, “i just want you to have a good sleep.”
“or are you trying to get me naked?” you faked a gasp at him.
“i could get you naked in three seconds if i wanted to,” he countered, eyebrows raised. “but we both had a long day so i don’t think either of us are up for that.”
you nodded.
“right?” he made sure to confirm.
“yeah,” you sighed, “i would absolutely love to, but i’m too tired for that.”
“same,” he let his head fall into the pillow, “my brain is far too loud right now to focus.”
“that’s fair,” you nodded. then you sat up, reaching behind your back and undoing your bra easily. you chucked it to the side, letting out a big sigh as your skin breathed freely.
“i hate those things,” you grumbled.
“yeah,” chan said, his eyes fixed on the way your boobs looked from the side, peeking out of the fabric. “hate those things.”
“chan, please,” you whined, “don’t get horny on me, i’m exhausted.”
he laughed. “i just said i am too!”
“yeah,” you breathed out, “but now i took my bra off and you’re staring and soon enough you’re gonna get grabby and—“
“—hey!” he protested. he brought his hands to your hips, dragging your body closer to him.
“see?” you exclaimed.
chan laughed again, hiding his face in your neck as he moved one of his hands under the tank top.
“i’m not starting something, i promise,” he grinned at you, “i just wanna feel your warm skin.”
“that’s how it always starts,” you glare at him. it was hard to keep it up, however. as tired as you were, you didn’t mind at all when chan got handsy with you. his hands were always so big compared to your body, and oh so warm, and physical touch was something both of you loved.
so you grumbled just because it made him giggle, and his giggle was too precious not to do whatever it took to hear it.
“your hands are very warm,” you smiled softly, basking in the way his warmth moved up and down your middle, sighing once his hand settled on the hill beneath your breast.
“can i..” chan hesitated, “can i kiss?”
you puckered up your lips at him in response. chan leaned forward and pecked your lips, giggling as he pulled away.
“actually, i meant uh, can i kiss your tits?”
you laughed loudly. “sure, mr. isn’t gonna start something.”
“i’m not starting something!” he defended, lifting his tank top over your chest.
he didn’t say anything after that, instead leaning forward and planting kisses all over your chest.
somehow, you actually believed him. the way he kissed you was so different than usual.
not that you didn’t enjoy his lips all over your tits—but it was calm. he wasn’t desperate and eager, he wasn’t teasing and smirking. he was simply peppering kisses on your skin, the same way he did to the back of your hand when you watched a movie together.
he moved his body between your legs, settling on top of you, as his movements turned slower—from pecks to open mouthed kisses.
then he wrapped his lips around your nipple slowly.
you gasped at the feeling, hands wrapping around his shoulders, but even to your own ears it didn’t sound sexual. it was like a sigh of relief had finally left your body in a way you haven’t felt in months.
chan sighed into your skin, sucking on the bud slowly.
you looked down at him, his eyes softly fluttering as he simply rested his head on your chest, tongue lapping at your nipple tenderly.
you brought a hand into his soft curly hair, moving your fingers through the locks slowly.
“feels nice, channie,” you said, airily. all the stress you were feeling from the day was gone now, your mind concerned only with chan’s lips around you.
after a few more minutes chan started kissing away from your nipple, towards the valley between your breasts, making his way to the side he left unattended. then he repeated his actions, bringing your nipple into his mouth calmly.
his hands stayed on either side of your stomach, rubbing against your skin soothingly.
“feels so nice,” he said, voice slow and heavy. he rested his head on your collarbone, eyes shut.
“my head is quiet now,” he whispered. “everything’s so calm.”
“yeah,” you agreed, embracing the way the slight chill in the air clung to the wetness on your nipples. it woke you up, but only slightly. “so calm.”
“i could probably keep going until i fell asleep,” chan confessed, his words tired as he put more effort than usual into speaking. his bones had all but turned to jelly—a serenity around him that was usually so foreign.
“please, channie,” you hummed, brushing your fingers through his hair, “wanna fall asleep like this.”
chan sucked your nipple back into his mouth, humming happily as his tongue slowly and delicately flicked around it, his whole body placate on top of you.
chan’s eyes dropped shut every few moments. he tucked his head on your collarbone, hummed for a moment or two, and then kept going—his movements getting slower and slower the more he sucked on your nipples.
you weren’t even sure if you were awake, too engulfed by the warmth of his mouth and his body on top of you and the peacefulness in his sounds to notice where your consciousness had moved on to. chan felt the same—only focusing on sucking and licking and finally letting the thoughts in his head disappear for once.
you guessed you found the magic trick to calm chan down.
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show and tell • l.s.m.
Tumblr media
Pairing: lee seokmin x afab!reader Genres: smut (minors dni!), best friends/idiots to lovers!au Warnings: swearing, lotssss of teasing/switch dynamics, tickling, reader is obsessed w/ seokmin's body, they're idiots your honor and they're a lil bit in L-word 🤮, mingyu thrown under the bus as always, ONE BAD PUN BC I THINK I'M FUNNY, sex is as silly as me, BIG COCK SEOK 🗣️ like he's fucking huge okay, oral (both rec. kind of), attempt at 69 but seok's a menace the entire time, fingering, CRYING/TEARS, possession, biting, marking, multiple orgasms, squirting, lil bit of cumplay ig?, mentions of prev partners, overstim... i think that's it lmk if i missed smth 🥵😰 WC: 6.5k A/N: um so this is the most self-indulgent thing i dared to post you're WELCOME i shall now go die in a hole to never be seen ever again... happy belated birthday to the loml ugh ty to all the frens that let me sob in their dms and to @onlymingyus for helping me with a damn title 💖
Tumblr media
The commonly shared belief among your friend group was that Seokmin is abnormally soft when it comes to you.
You thought they were full of shit. 
The bestest buddy in the world was also the softest ray of morning sunshine to ever exist in general. You could barely count on one hand the number of people he genuinely ever showed disdain towards or didn't get along with. All in all — it was extremely hilarious in your opinion because Seokmin's fluffy personality greatly contrasted with his lean, sharp physique. 
Ironically, the main reason you ended up in this position.
Just moments before, you were on his bed and caged between his arms. The dog tag necklace you'd gifted, engraved with his birth date and initials, swinging in the same rhythm that your heart rapidly beats with the small space separating your bodies. A sly grin raises the corners of his lips, the long fingers of his left-hand creeping up to trail lightly at your sides.
"I know you have abs."
Seokmin's hands fly up to wrap defensively around his body, though all in good jest. "You can't just ask a dude how many abs he has!"
"And you can't lie to me by saying you don't have any! Do you know how many of your dude-bros have blabbed about your crazy gym routine to me? Can you even guess how many girls bitched at me 'cause you weren't shirtless at my pool party? As if that's my fault?"
"But it's mine?"
"No, all I have to do is prove them wrong. So, show me the goods!"
You sucked at making up your mind — what to eat, what to wear, what to watch, what to do — okay, but who doesn't? It's something Seokmin was very familiar with, hence him always having to pick up wherever you left off. He also knows just as well that once you've settled on something, you'll see it through to the very end. Eventually. 
Which normally works out in his favor except in moments like now. So he resorts to a different preventative measure — tickling the decisiveness right out of you.
Like hell you'll let him do what he wants.
Maybe the whispers about him being soft for you were right. After all, it's to your utter benefit when you push at his shoulder. Only a bit unbalanced, he easily falls onto his side and you scramble to climb on top of him at record speed, one arm pinning Seokmin's wrists against the pillow beneath his head. 
Unfortunately, this looks like one of your 3,718,493,842 very bad choices in life. Once again, something you didn't think all the way through. Sure, you've bested Seokmin at light wrestling and play-fighting before — back when you were toddlers and all he did was cry.
Now, at adult ages, it seems like a horrible, terrible, very bad idea to have him beneath you. Your fingers play with the hem of his black t-shirt that's ridden up ever so slightly, unbearablely close to the leather band of his silver belt buckle. 
Seokmin's pupils are blown wide as he looks up at you with a strange, almost starry-eyed look of surprise. Black bangs flipped up across the dark gray of his blanket, silver chain askew shining against his collarbones, mouth slightly ajar.
Suddenly you're hyper-aware of sitting right on top of him, completely obliterating the distance between your bodies earlier, and leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination from what you can feel nestled in between your legs. 
"Would it be inappropriate of me to take your shirt off right now?" you can't help but ask.
He laughs, all breathless and high-pitched like he does when he's nervous. "You're asking for permission?"
"Seokmin," you whine and shift your hips in protest without thinking. Another bad move. Oops. "I'm trying to be polite."
"You have me pinned to my bed with the intent to strip me and you're worried about being polite?"
"Oh, please, you could easily break free."
It's true. His wrists twitch a bit under your grasp, almost like he's attempting to do just that but you're faster once more. Or he's just letting you have your way with him. Whatever the case, your other hand firmly holds both of his down which only brings your faces closer together.
"Don't move."
"Okay," Seokmin agrees and licks his lips, "at least you know what consent means."
"Are you consenting?"
"Depends on what to."
"Me taking off your shirt."
"… Should I be flattered?"
Brown eyes close, his brow furrowing. For a minute, you think you've accidentally taken things too far and are about to quickly apologize and backpedal before things backfire until his lips quirk up and Seokmin snorts.
"Never imagined you'd be stripping me like this."
You would agree because what the hell? All this for some abs? But the way he says it makes you pause.
"Have you imagined this before?"
Expecting him to panic or something, you're even more taken aback when he bites his lip like he's holding back more laughter. 
"And what if I have? You'll be offended even if I lie." 
You narrow your eyes challengingly while his sparkle. "Are you… flirting with me?" 
"That is not how I flirt but okay." 
"You're being weird. Weird weird. Like super-duper weird." 
"Says the one soaking my jeans, right now." 
You want to scream. Instead, you let out a scandalized gasp, eyes widening. The effort it takes to bolt away means you must release Seokmin. Something that doesn't even cross your mind with the shame heating up your cheeks, mortification setting off every sirening alarm in your nervous system.
Your first mistake.
Countless other mistakes will be made after this, but looking back — could they really be watered down to just a mistake after the end results? Why you're even so embarrassed in the first place is beyond you. And your best friend has zero intentions of letting you get away from him.
The minute Seokmin's hands are freed, one flies to keep your hips pressed against his while the other gently braces your back. Lifting his torso up with insane core strength he clearly was lying about not having, you have no choice but to wrap an arm instinctively around his neck like a koala. Your other hand curls into a fist, clinging against the fabric straining with the flex of his chest muscles while simultaneously attempting to push him back in a futile effort.
"Breathe," Seokmin murmurs in mild concern. His eyes crinkle as he smiles encouragingly. "Breathe for me, babe."
You hadn't even realized you were holding your breath. If you inched any closer forward, your nose would brush against his, and leaning too far back would end up with him on top of you again.
"This is all your fault, babe."
"You're the one that started this in the first place, babe."
"All I wanted was to see your abs," your voice drops to a pathetic whisper, "babe."
"All you had to do was ask, silly."
"I did!"
To your horror, he leans in even closer with a devious smirk so his nose brushes tenderly against yours. "For yourself. Not others."
"What… what are you playing at Seokmin?"
"It's like you misinterpret everything I do on purpose."
"I — "
"If you think I'm just playing around you're sorely mistaken."
A beat of silence. "Then what are you doing?"
"Nothing," he says innocently even though the hand on your back trails upwards and not-so-innocently unclasps the bra underneath your shirt. 
Your jaw drops. Of course, your modest top is still on and the shoulder straps keep your undergarment in place. Yet, you feel naked with the way Seokmin shamelessly ogles your covered chest and lets out a satisfied groan, pleased that you weren't wearing a sports bra. After all, it's not the first time he's done that for you — but it is under this strange context.
"Seokmin — "
"I'll do whatever you want me to do. Tell me." His voice is low, rougher than you've ever heard, causing tingles to shoot down your spine at the way he says your name. "I should take full responsibility for whatever happens."
His last sentence echoes over and over inside your head because yeah, what the hell is going to happen? — until you blurt out, "You find me attractive?"
Finally, Seokmin acts the way you expect and are familiar with, his shy demeanor coming out like sun rays peeking through overcast clouds. Bowing his head, forehead flopping on your shoulder, he admits defeat. 
"As if that's even a question, goofball."
"No way — there's no way! My bestie, you, find me, your bestie, like. Hot?"
"Look, I know it's cliché to fall for your friend and all that stupid shit," he grumbles, "but you don't have to sound so shocked. I already know thanks to Mingyu."
You freeze. "Know what?"
"… You're really going to make me say it?" he laughs in disbelief and shakes his head against your shoulder, causing your loose strap to slide down. "When my pride's already in tatters?"
Urging Seokmin to pick up his head and look at you, you face his brown eyes straight-on and cup his flushed cheek. "What did Mingyu say that crushed your pride?"
He sighs. "He told you I liked you before I ever got the chance to say it myself to you."
Your eyebrows raise. "He did?"
"Yeah. And I thought you just. Well. I don't know, I thought you were just ignoring it out of consideration or something. Obviously. Since you didn't say anything."
"… All 'cause I was pretty sure he blabbered about accidentally spilling the beans to you about me liking you."
The both of you pause, silently cursing poor Mingyu. He did mean well. Somehow.
"You're joking right," Seokmin whispers, "is this real?"
"What makes you think it's not."
"Because you've only ever returned my feelings in my dreams."
Your pride swells at that, wrapping your arms around his neck daringly. "Dream about me often?"
He falls backward on the bed, taking you down with him with your bodies pressed tightly together. You admire his handsome features with renewed thirst while he shuts his eyes, no longer forcing yourself to view him through the platonic lenses you'd kept on for so long.
Then his eyes flash back open and you flinch at the burning desire blazing within them. He's never looked at you like that, at least not directly and it ignites the equal yearning you feel for him like a match.
"Yeah," he answers your teasing question, "I do."
Just the thought alone makes you dizzy. Your best friend, your sweet and lovely Seokmin who puts up with all your bullshit, laying here on this exact bed with thoughts of you consuming his mind. Pining for you. Wanting you. Shit, you think he deserves to have all his fantasies come true. And you're more than happy to help him out. 
"What do we do in your dreams?"
"Everything. Anything."
An iron-clad grip will probably leave bruises behind but it's not enough to stop you from a slow, lazy grind of your hips. You sit up for more leverage, hands on his broad shoulders for support, watching with smugness oozing out of your smile as he struggles to continue his wholesome thoughts.
"Holding hands, cute dates, buying you pretty things… "
"C'mon babe," you tease, "what else?"
"Ah… " Seokmin sighs, throwing an arm over his face to hide his eyes though it can't hide the flush creeping up his neck, to his cheeks, and coloring his cute ears. "You know… "
"Nah, I don't. Not unless you tell me." 
"… Just gets lonely in bed. At night. Cold."
"We've slept together before when I've stayed the night and vice versa."
"Mhm, but never with my dick inside of you."
You coo, trying to keep up your unbothered façade as though the quickening pace of your hips isn't making an insane mess of his lap. 
"Poor little Seokminnie had to jerk off all by himself." Leaning down to whisper maliciously in the ear that isn't shielded by his elbow, "Or did you do it while I was laying next to you because you were so frustrated?"
"As if," he scoffs, "and I'm not sure what you mean by little."
Like a switch has flipped, two hands return and grip your hips, keeping them stationary. To prove his point hard, it's Seokmin's turn to grind his pelvis up into the moist heat of your covered cunt while holding you still to feel every agonizingly delicious drag of his cock. The way he can feel you pulse against him even through your thin shorts, the devastating whimper that leaves your mouth when the rough fabric manages to catch your clit just right make up for the mildly gross stickiness of precum inside of his jeans.
A sadistic grin leers at you, almost a snarl. Such a jarring contrast to the normally soft, fond looks you're used to and a shudder runs through your body at the shock, another rush of heated arousal dripping from your pussy.
It's cute, Seokmin thinks to himself, how you put up this act and think you're the one in control when it's really me, the one whose lap you're on.
"Can you even blame me?" he growls, not waiting nor expecting any answer as he sits back up, jostling your body in the process. "I was so good, so well-behaved in front of you. And yet you waltz around me with barely anything on all the damn time, flirting with all my friends in that skimpy bathing suit without a care in the world… "
You don't even know when you ended up on your back. Staring wide-eyed into Seokmin's narrowed ones, his eyelids fluttering as he recalls these memories, fist clenched and arms tense as he towers on top of you once again. He's panting, lower body still pressed against yours.
"Batting your eyelashes at me, giggling, grinding that sweet ass all over me on the dancefloor and then skipping away even though I wanted to touch you so badly… and if that's not torturing enough, constantly showing up in my dreams, always out of reach… So yeah, I'm just a little frustrated, sorry."
"I'm… I'm… I-I didn't know — "
"I know that. I know that and that's why I felt like utter trash. You didn't mean any of it and here I am throwing my disgusting fantasies on you."
"Don't say that," you plead and cup the side of his face, running your thumb repeatedly across his mole. "You're not trash, Seokmin. I wasn't thinking — I mean I didn't realize… I just — "
"Please," he interrupts suddenly, desperately begging. "Please tell me… if this… if this is going to be a spur of the moment, out of pity, and a one-time thing… please tell me you don't want this. That you don't want me — "
"I want to kiss you." 
You watch his body tremble before he takes a deep breath, smiling up at him as his eyes gradually open. They blink owlishly at you, nearly crossing in his attempt to scan your face if he really heard you correctly as you guide him by the jawline close to your lips.
"I want you, Seokmin."
To be honest, you've never really imagined what it'd feel like to kiss your best friend. The movies you've watched make it out to be magical, enchanting, and something out of a fairy tale. Sure, maybe they're not wrong but the majority of entertainment is the bad boy turning sweet or a soft boy remaining a gentleman.
Nothing's prepared you for awakening the beast in a good boy.
He kisses you with a ferocity that steals your breath from the get-go. A sensual clash of teeth, tongue, spit, love bites, and nips. Seokmin always had an enjoyable, pleasing tone to his voice and it sounds even better when he's grunting and groaning in the laidback battle for dominance.
Somehow, your clothes are merely disheveled and not ripped off despite continual tangling and grabbing at each other. Once again, you find yourself back on top as you gasp for air — having to push him away when he chases after you for more kisses. If you thought he was pretty before, he's even lovelier with shiny, swollen lips and a dazed, hungry look in his eyes.
Despite pouting at the sudden distance, the man astonishingly looks at you like you've hung the stars in the sky. As if he's never seen the ugly sides of you, your lowest and most embarrassing moments. His gaze trails from where you sit on his thighs to the rise and fall of your heaving chest to your blown-out pupils with such appreciation and awe that your cheeks are set aflame.
Although maybe you're just seeing a reflection of your own adoration. Running your hand down the toned length of one of his arms, you intertwine your fingers together. A smirk returns to your face as he squeezes back, distracted.
"So, can I see your abs now?"
Seokmin groans your name and chews on his lip, uncertain. You shrug and toy with the hem of your own shirt before decisively pulling it over your head. A blissed-out sigh escapes his mouth at the reveal.
Your bra is undone — thanks to his earlier mischief — and barely covers your breasts. Threatening to fall off at the slightest move, you pretend to protect what little modesty you might have and keep it in place with a free hand. 
"Tit for tat?" you tease.
He audibly gulps and you watch his Adam's apple bob. You wait patiently, letting him go at his own pace and back out if he wants. Though he does relent because he feels at comfort with you, revealing his gorgeous tan skin and upper body you hadn't seen in what feels like years.
"Omigod…" you gasp out and he cringes, upper body taut with nerves. "You've been hiding a six-pack away from the public for so long?"
"I — "
"I want to touch them."
"Why are you so obsessed with my abs?"
"'cause they're mythical. Like unicorns or… or Bigfoot."
"You're comparing me to a yeti?"
"Not yet…i!"
He rolls his eyes at the ridiculous pun. "I thought I was getting a 'tit for tat'?"
"Yeah," you nonchalantly slide off your loose bra and toss it somewhere on his bedroom floor. Seokmin doesn't even get to relish the bare sight of your tits for his own enjoyment because you're grumbling, "can't even show his best friend his fine ass abs," and he has to correct you.
"Maybe if I was your boyfriend, I'd show them to you all the time."
"Oh? Is that a promise? A threat? A distraction?"
"An offer. A suggestion even."
"It's pretty tempting," you play coy, "can I touch you if I say yes?"
"Only if I can touch you too."
"Then yes." Your pointer finger travels down the flexed crease of his skin to right above his belly button. "Can I see your dick now?"
"But I want… I'd like to… taste you."
"Later," you assure and daringly place a kiss above his waistband. Your hands tug at the belt when his hips stutter upwards. "Please?"
He's gone the moment you flutter your eyelashes at him and so are his ruined jeans. Discarded on the floor to join the growing number of other clothing when he says yes. 
Even Seokmin himself would admit he is indeed too soft for you but his cock certainly isn't. Your eyes nearly bug out when it flops against his stomach, angry red and leaking tears of precum. He grits his teeth at how much it aches, perfect jawline even more prominent. 
His self-esteem would have been dashed to pieces at the devastating frown on your pretty face but it's greatly inflated when all you can do is whimper out, "You're so big… "
Your best friend — no, now your boyfriend, you suppose — hisses when you blink at him. 
"There's no way you're gonna fit."
"Hah, 's never been a problem before." Nails dig into his thigh, the little show of possession at the mention of his previous partners wickedly giving Seokmin another ego boost. He's quick to try and appease you though by saying, "don't worry, babe… let me prep and taste you, I'll make it fit I promise and you'll feel good."
"Fuckin' sweet talker." You feel a hand reach out to temptingly slip under the band of your shorts. "Everything about you is always so sweet."
"'m sure you taste even sweeter." 
"Hm?" His touch grows bolder at the moan of his name, squeezing at the plumpness of your ass. "Will you please let me have a taste? Just wanna help you out." 
You won't be thinking I'm so sweet after this. 
Eager to touch him, you nod and start to take off your shorts but Seokmin is faster. Nearly tearing them off your body in excitement and somehow managing to position your bare lower body right where he wants it. 
Luckily, you're able to face his neglected cock. A shriek leaves your mouth, though, because the hardened tip of his tongue is searching for your clit, lathing and suckling on it when he does find it. 
You try to focus on your prize but it's difficult with the vigor he's attacking your throbbing, needy pussy. Seokmin holds you up high enough that he can leave occasional nips on the inner crease of your hips before harshly licking and sucking up your messy arousal. Shaking his head back and forth with an animalistic growl, all you can do is resort to pitiful kitten licks and slobbering mindlessly on just the side of his cock. 
The more you attempt to wrap your lips fully around the tip, the further down he brings you to his mouth until you're almost suffocating him. A brutal assault where you can only twitch your hips to which he agreeably grunts, gliding you across his open mouth ever so slightly. Unable to escape the throes of pleasure, not that you would want to — you give up and give in. 
Tears fill your eyes as your body convulses and shakes, staring longingly at his cock through bleary eyes. Seokmin's muffled moans as he gladly helps you ride out your orgasm with your fluttering hole clamping around his tongue barely registering in your ears. You feel like you're floating while underwater in the most delicious of ways. 
Seokmin manages to nudge you enough so he can catch his breath while waiting for you to come back to him. A fond smile on his lips when you're finally able to move and he helps you flop by his side. 
"Why on earth are you a pussy-eating pro?" 
"You keep complaining about things most people don't find fault in." 
"I wanted to suck the life out of you, not the opposite." You reach for his cock again but he stops you — again — and rubs the back of your hand consolingly while he wipes the wet mess you'd left on his face with a smirk like a badge of honor he takes pride in. "Lee Seokmin!" 
"Shhh, don't whine, baby. Almost there, I'll let you have my dick soon. Give it to you real good. Now that I've confirmed what a tight, good little pussy you have for myself, gotta make sure you're stretched out enough. Don't wanna hurt you." 
"It already hurts, 'm so empty, 'min." 
"Greedy," he snickers, knowing you're full of shit, and sits up. "After I just stuffed you with my tongue so well that you complained about it, now you want me again?" 
"Always want you. Always have. Didn't realize it before but it's true. 'm sorry, Seokkie, need you so bad though." 
"Lucky I like you so much. Now turn around, let me see that lovely ass of yours." 
You do as he says, clambering up on all fours and arching your back prettily, looking over your shoulder to see what he'll do next. 
The sight alone is a wet dream. He's licking his lips, brown eyes honed in on your puffy, seeping cunt until he's snapped out of the trance when he realizes you're watching him. He sticks out his tongue to pull a silly face and you shake your head in disbelief. 
A finger traces up your spine before it turns into his palm pushing down between your shoulder blades so your cheek is pressed into the pillows. You can just feel the heavy heat of his cock but he pulls away before you can savor it for too long. A constant tease that leaves you whining again in frustration and wiggling your hips enticingly, a futile effort. 
"I know you're desperate. 'm sorry, don't wanna cum too fast and disappoint you though." 
"You won't disappoint me." 
"Nope, I'll make it worthwhile. Promise. We can do whatever positions you want after this. I'd like to see you riding me like you do in my dreams, personally." Watching how you clench at his words, he chuckles. "Knew you'd like that too. Now, let's see…" 
He slips a digit inside your hole muttering, "There we go," and adds another. And another. Three fingers explore your gummy inner walls and he hums in contemplating tones before he begins scissoring motions to get your pussy to further open up. 
Your moans are muffled by the bed and Seokmin simply increases his pace to make them louder with a sneer of satisfaction you don't see. You do feel him kissing down the length of your spine, more love bites that make you squeal at each pinch. 
"So cute and perfect. What 'm I gonna do with you?" he asks and pretends to understand the unintelligible garble to his rhetorical question. "Yeah, that's right, babe. Fuck you even more stupid than you are now 'cause it's what you deserve." 
Retracting his fingers, licking them clean, and mumbling how pretty you are — then he's finally wrapping a veined hand around his even veinier cock to tease at your entrance. 
He plays with your wetness, coating his tip with it and making both your mouth and pussy drool. And god, does Seokmin relish the vision before him. 
You're everything to him and that thought alone makes him bite down on his lower lip, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. He doesn't want to fuck this up. Every muscle in his body tenses when he takes a deep breath and eases himself inside, enraptured with the way your soft pussy lips part and cling around his length to welcome him. 
When he glances up to check how you're doing, he has to reign himself back from exploding or thrusting insensitively all the way in. The way your eyes roll up, a stain of drool left on his blanket, and the feeble thank you's followed by a filthy series of moans — he lets out a string of curses that would make even a depraved whore blush out of shyness. 
"S'big, s'full," you hiccup, clenching and unclenching in rapid successions that has Seokmin wheezing, though he tries to comfort you. 
"'m not even all the way inside, sweetheart. Bear with me, babe. Breathe. I've got you." 
"Got me… hella fuckin' full."
"You can take it. I know you can." He pushes his hips forward a bit more. "There you go, sweetheart. Relax just a tiny bit… Yeah, that's it…" 
Praises fall from his lips and you sob at both the goddamn stretch and unfathomable pleasure. You already feel him buried in your gut reaching spots you didn't even know existed by the time he's almost bottomed out for his pelvis to press temptingly against your ass — you're pretty sure you can feel him in your lungs at this point.
"Feel so fucking good… d'ya need me to pull out a little, baby? You still with me?" 
You answer him by bravely using whatever strength — or more like the urge for him to split you open and take it all because you want to be as good as he's telling you that you are for him — and push yourself back so he's fully seated within your tight cunt. 
You're probably screaming if your raspy throat and ringing ears are anything to go by. He's panting and rubbing his forehead with a groan. 
"Fuck, what are you so hot for?" 
The air feels like it's been punched out of his lungs, the same way his cock is being suctioned and squeezed. In an effort to wrangle whatever control is left within himself, Seokmin focuses on your body and how it reacts. Laying over your arched back to press your bare bodies close together in an intimate fashion. 
You can feel his necklace and its cool touch on your burning skin. The recollection of never seeing him without it since gifting it to him reignites a possessive streak in you and has your pussy pulsing around him more fervently. Suddenly you long to have his mark engraved on you permanently, etched into your body and soul just like the inanimate object. 
It's almost a shame when he pauses to tug it free so it doesn't break and let it hang over your shoulder instead. Not that it matters much, for you'd only have a temporary imprint of a dog tag shape on your back. 
As if he can read your muddled mind (he probably can), Seokmin makes up for it in his concentration to delay his dizzy cloud of absolute unbridled lust. He's already left many physical reminders of his touch where you'll definitely be sore later scattered around your body and as a bonus — bites down where your neck meets your shoulder. 
(You have no idea how you'll explain the obvious teeth marks to your friends the next day but you know they'll know. Especially when Seokmin — the little shit that he is — shamelessly shows off the various marks you'll leave all over him later tonight.)
But you don't think about that right now, any and all thoughts consumed of him, him, and him. You're full. So full. Oh, how you ache to run your fingers across his gorgeous body the same way he's able to yours, sneaking a hand underneath to fondle at your breasts and tug at your nipples. You suppose that can wait, already inching toward another crashing orgasm when he's unable to stay still anymore and starts shallow, cautious thrusts.
"Mm, ah, 'min… Seok… min… "
"'m here baby, you're gonna cum for me already, aren't ya?" He pulls his dick out far enough to see the way your essence glistens and coats his length and then smoothly stuffs you full again. "Go on and cream on my cock, make me yours."
Shockingly you shake your head. "No, too soon!"
"S'kay, I know you can give me another one after. If you let go now, it'll feel even better after. You're still so tight, I can barely move."
You really can't believe you're about to climax so soon again. There's not really a choice to hold it off anyways, especially when his hand moves away from your tits and mercilessly rubs your clit. He could've just fucked your throat raw with how hoarse your voice is now with all the sounds he's drawn out of you.
As you recover from the fuzziness of a second orgasm, he'd taken out his cock that's basically gone numb at this point (he's not sure if that's a good thing or not), and appreciates the delectable view of how your hole has been stretched out perfectly in the shape of his cock to accommodate him so sweetly. It all screams I am Seokmin's and he fucking adores it. And you.
There's only one thing left to do. Paint you with the color white.
"You ready for me?" 
You breathlessly huff out a yes but honestly, you're unsure if you will be able to handle another peak without passing out. Seokmin soothes you, whispering that this will be the last one for this round accompanied by two chaste kisses on each of your shoulder blades. So wonderful and perfect, he reminds and suddenly you can do anything he asked of you.
Which is good because he's finally snapping his hips hard and fast with better ability, drilling into your warm, wet pussy he calls his that confirms that ownership itself with filthy noises of agreement and gushes of more arousal. You moan out a mix of yes, yours, and his name — growing so fucked out that when he asks you where you want him to cum, all you do is feebly bounce your asscheeks against his abs when he refuses to move.
"Shit, you gotta tell me now or I'll… fuck, I'll do it inside. I-I know you're on the pill but… "
"You'd look pretty with it all over your back but also spilling out of your pussy… "
"If you don't cum right now anywhere… I'll cry."
"You're already crying." His thumb brushes at the trail of tears that spilled over your eyelids.
"'m sorry, let me give you what you want."
His hips resume slamming at a rapid pace, hitting deep within that magic bundle of nerves without fail. Stars swim in your vision and the mind-numbing pressure twisting in your lower gut builds up without warning.
It's a silent scream this time and a peak that doesn't seem to end. As your body violently shudders and shakes for what feels like hours at its intensity, Seokmin's release is triggered. Gently thrusting as you spasm around him, milking his cock as it starts to fill you up with a comforting warmth. In a daze, he's forced out by the end of your explosive orgasm and watches with a slack jaw in awe.
He's managed to leave beautiful lines of white across your ass and back as intended. Though the bit he'd left inside of you is mostly expelled by you squirting and coating his thighs with your release, if he looks close enough, there are still globs of cream left around the outer lips of your cunt that has him groaning.
"This is better than what I've dreamt about."
"Of course. Real thing is always better."
"In this case, yes." 
"… Do you still think I'm sweet?"
"… Somehow, yes."
Seokmin laughs as you collapse flat against the bed. You need to clean up but both of you can afford to rest a little first. He lays down next to you on his side, bringing you into his arms and you immediately snuggle your face into his chest before fixing him with a serious gaze.
"I don't get it."
He stiffens in fear. "Wh-what?"
"You fucked your previous partners, right?"
"Um… most… of them… "
"Like this?"
"Uh… " he narrows his eyes. "What… what do you mean?"
"There's no way they would've wanted to let you go if you got a stroke game and stamina this good. Unless you were just too much of a beast in the sheets — which I could understand."
His arms tighten around you. "I'm sorry, did I go too hard on you? I just didn't wanna cum too fast."
"No, you're insane but it was… incredible. You're the unreal one here."
"Didn't expect that when you harassed me about my abs, huh?"
"I did not harass you and of course not, did you?"
"No, but… I'm glad it did. You… don't…  you don't regret it, do you?"
"No, why would I?" He breathes out a tiny sigh of relief which has you raising an eyebrow but you continue on. "I don't get why they didn't try harder to stick around. I mean you're perfect. In all aspects. I one-hundred-percent mean that."
"They weren't you, though. I'm sincere when I say you've always been the one. I was just afraid…" 
"You're a damn good actor, you know that. I had no idea."
Your favorite smile beams at you. "I did major in theater. And we're both kinda idiots."
You slap at his chest playfully and he covers your hand with his. "I like you too, you know that? Like really mean it when I say I do. Even if you just obliterated my fucking vagina out of existence."
"There's no way, I most certainly did not." He kisses your forehead. "'cause you still have to ride me like promised."
"I don't think I'll be able to."
Your eyes close, ignoring Seokmin's gasp of shock and protests about cleaning up. He can tell you're pretty exhausted and acquiesces, shifting you into a position more comfortable for you to be able to doze off for a bit.
But you take that opportunity to spring to life, sucking the nastiest hickey on his neck right above his silver chain. One that will take weeks to heal. He lets out a moan as you do it and when you back away, the atmosphere has heated up again.
"You're giving me a hard time," he points out with an eyebrow wiggle and you giggle. 
Urging him to roll over, you lug your aching limbs up and over so you can straddle his upper body. Adding more and more love marks and bites on his chest, neck, and arms. It's your turn to stake a hushed claim of mine whispered into his ears that you nip at. And he giggles, loving the attention you're showering him with.
His cock is stirring to life under your ministrations as is another pool of arousal swirling in your gut. Despite the hiss of oversensitivity and slight pain you both feel, you ease his length back inside. Nearly crying out because this new angle means he's stuffed in you even more, you don't know if he can fit until you're gasping in relief once you're successful.
He tentatively brushes his fingers against the bulge that appears in your lower tummy, wanton moans erupting from both of you at the gesture. It sends chills down your spine and you shiver.
"Gonna have to help me move, dunno if I have enough strength to make your dreams come true."
"S'kay, we have forever to act them out again and again," he reassures you which erases your pout. "You'll get used to me with enough practice."
"You think so?"
"Well, we can only test that theory to make sure."
You giggle as he pulls you in for a tender kiss by the back of your neck. "You're naughtier than I could've ever imagined."
"But you love it. You love me." His smug look only grows at your agreeing hum and when he flexes his abs. "Now, shall we see if all the work I put into my abs is worth it, babe?"
Tumblr media
onlyseokmins: February 2023 ©
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pupkashi · 7 months
congrats on 1k followers jess!! I'm so glad I found your blog bc your writing is just amazing! here's to many more milestones!! can I request the prompt “i told you i have a meeting in an hour! get out of the bathroom!” from the champagne list with the silly white haired man aka gojo <333
thank u miya 🫶🏼 !! ilysm <333 i hope you enjoy :3
join the party!
Tumblr media
you’re rushing around your apartment, struggling to put on your uniform as you fix your hair a bit.
“satoru have you seen my uniform top?” you shout, eyes landing on the closed restroom door, you knock quickly.
“yes?” he asks, the door only cracking open a bit so you can see a sliver of his face.
“I told you i have a meeting in an hour! get out of the bathroom i still have to brush my teeth and fix my hair and-” satoru closes the door on you.
“hey!” your brows furrowing and your voice going up a higher pitch.
“if i open this door then you’re gonna leave me!” he calls from behind the closed door.
“satoru it’s a meeting with the higher ups” you sigh, glancing at the clock on the wall. you had to leave now if you didn’t wanna be late. “I can’t afford to be late like you can, please” you beg, knocking on the door again.
satoru cracks the door open again.
“i haven’t seen you all week” the small pout on his face is evident even with only an eight of his face showing.
“i know pretty, I’m sorry” your lips turning downwards as he opens the door a bit more, “i won’t take long i swear” you promise, hoping it would encourage him to let you in the restroom.
but as soon as the door swings open and you’re about to step in, satoru is grabbing you, the air around you whooshing violently and the ground beneath your feet turning into the familiar floor of Jujutsu halls.
“what the fuck!” you scold, look at your boyfriend and smoothing you hair down, “satoru i look terrible what’s wrong with you? I’m wearing a stained shirt!” you cry, looking around, thankful no one else is in the hall.
satoru is quick to shield your body with his, peeling his black t shirt off and handing it to you, a smirk on his face as your eyes wander down to his abs.
“thought you were in a hurry?” he teases, you snicker before taking your dirty shirt off and replacing it with his, grumbling as you check your reflection in one of the windows.
“god they’re gonna think I’m so unprofessional, they’re gonna hate me and-” satoru cuts your words off by grabbing you by your waist and pulling you into him.
“you’ll be fine sweetheart, I’ll sweet talk ‘em when you’re through with them” he smiles, you shake your head as soon as the proposition leaves his mouth.
“if anything they’ll hate me even more by association!” your lover pouts at your words, kissing your cheek before letting you go. wishing you good luck as you walk into the room.
the meeting didn’t take long, and satoru was teleporting the two of you home in no time, glad to be back home with your lover.
“don’t ever teleport me away before I’m done getting ready” you say, looking up at your boyfriend, a grin on his face as he nods.
“okay i won’t” he says, already heading back towards the door.
“where are you going?” you ask, brows furrowing as he opens the front door.
“i had a meeting with them like three hours ago” he laughs, waving goodbye with a soft smile, “see you in a bit!”
“satoru gojo!” you scold, but the only response you get is a sing songy ‘love you~!’ as he closes the door behind him.
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Smut time!! CW for degradation and reader being submissive and penetrated
With thanks to @prismabeth and @sin-seraphilia
"Ugh this is awful. Get my strap, I'm so done with this shit and need to use you" your study partner turned girlfriend turned mistress tells you. This isn't the first time she's given up on studying because of the pains in her body and fog in her head and you've been forced to relieving her frustration. Well. "Forced". You'd eagerly consented and begged to be her free use slut and stress relief toy.
Immediately you get up out of your chair and go to retrieve one of her many strap ons.
"Who's fronting?" It was a question you'd learned to ask both out of respect for her as a system and to know what strap you'd be riding soon.
"Hell if I know, now get the big double sided one so I can blast the pain out of my mind"
The words have barely left her mouth before you obediently grab the strap she wants, heat already building in your hips from anticipation. The strap-on is six inches long in both directions but the real kicker is its girth of nearly two and a half inches. It'd taken quite some training on your end to be able to take it an-
"Quit thinking and get back over here, Mistress needs her cock and cocksleeve"
Compelling by her words your legs involuntarily lurch towards her as you're snapped from your thoughts. You kneel down before her and look up pleadingly. "Good toy~" she says and lifts herself up in her wheelchair so you can undo her pants and put the strap in. Just like so many times before, you reverently pull her sweatpants and lace panties off while her muscled arms keep her aloft.
"Do you need anything? Lube? Being eaten out? Fingering?" you ask, desperate to care for your beloved and be of service.
"Yes lube, otherwise just ride me already" she replies two sharp, pained breaths. In spite of being a bit in subspace you mentally wince in sympathy. Fibromyalgia is never fun but she only ever sounded like this on really bad days.
You hear a rustle of cloth while you're bent over to pick the bottle of lube out of your backpack (where she'd made you to keep it as soon as you agreed to be free use for her). When you turn around her shirt is off and her small muscled breasts and impressive abs are on full display. As if using a wheelchair all day wasn't enough of a workout she sometimes went to the gym on good days. It was a sight that would make anyone salivate and want to touch themself.
Heart rate quickening and arousal growing you pour copious amounts of lube onto the strap and hurriedly go back over to your girlfriend. She easily lifts herself up again, triceps and abs flexing, while you spread her legs for her. Her beautiful hairy cunt shows no signs of arousal and it takes a bit of work to get the thick strap inside, but finally her hole gives and the length slips inside. She gasps as it slides deeper and lets out a light airy moan when the base hits her lower lips and clit. "Fuuuuck I needed this~"
Only now that your rituals of servicing her are complete are you allowed to strip down to nothing. But you also know how much getting to watch you give a strip tease turns her on. And so, with all the restraint you have, you slowly take your clothes off. First your shirt while she plays with her tits and watches intently, then your pants while she starts to grind the strap into her wheelchair. You're not wearing any underwear because "sluts don't get to wear underwear, they need to be ready to be used at all times~"
When your pants drop to the floor she reaches out and grabs your hips and pulls you onto the wheelchair above the strap.
"Such a perfect toy, doing exactly what I like most, I love you and owning you so much~"
You whimper and mewl pathetically as her calloused hands pull you downwards, hole stretching almost to breaking in the best possible way. "Thank you Mistress, thank you thank you thank you" is all you can think to moan back in response. Just when you think you won't be able to take any more your ass hits her thighs and you let out a relieved sigh. And then she pulls back in the chair and thrusts up into you and your relief is instantly turned to lust and pleasure. Your hips start to ride her involuntarily, rocking back and forth in the way she taught you to, your own moans mixing with hers.
"Faster slut~" she growls into your ear as she digs her nails into your back.
"Y-yes mmmistressss" you respond automatically yet shakily, forcing your hips to move faster. You know full well that she might not orgasm regardless of how well you do, she's always had trouble with that, but you're far to deep into subspace to care about anything except the strap inside you and pleasuring your mistress beneath you.
The minutes stretch on as you keep riding her, a blur of pleasure and moans and kisses and sweat. After a time you begin to tire though. "I need a break mistress, I'm sorry" you say.
"D'awwww it's ok hun, every toy only has so much battery life~" she says before kissing you and continuing "color? I want to keep fucking you if it's ok"
"Green, you'll have to do the work though" you reply.
An evil grin appears on her face at this "Perfect~"
That's all the warning you have before she starts railing you from below with all her might, hard enough to make you see stars.
Pained whimpers leave your mouth, "it hu-urts, I'm gon-n-na brea--ak, too-o muuch", but you don't safeword and she doesn't stop using you for her needs. Time loses its meaning and it's hard to think so you don't. You do as she's trained you to and whimper and plead and beg for more, please more Mistress.
Some time later she too starts to tire and collapses back into the wheel chair and hugs you, the strap still fully inside you both. Neither of you came but it doesn't matter with how good it felt.
"Thank you baby.... ugh I have to go back to work now while I have endorphins don't I."
"Yes you absolutely do" you reply giggling.
"Fiiiiiiiiine. I'm doing it naked and complaining the whole time though. Need anything for aftercare?"
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lenaaxxo · 2 months
Best I ever had
Anon request:
Paige seeing her ex at a party and getting jellllyyyyyyyyyy.
Pairing: Paige Bueckers x fem reader
Warnings: drinking, cussing, partying, angst
Authors Note: The reader is bisexual, Paige is unlabeled, and this is my first fic so please bear with me.
Word count: 1.4k
It was a Friday night in Storrs, Connecticut. My friend, Madi wanted me to go out with her to our local bar, Ted’s. I didn't feel like partying since my ex-girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. She said she couldn't balance school, work, basketball, and our relationship. I thought that was absolute crap because there are so many pro athletes doing exactly that, but there was nothing I could do about it anymore. 
“Come on y/n, don't be a loser and cry over her for the rest of the night,” Madi begged while attempting to drag me out of bed. 
“Okay rude, plus I wouldn't be a loser for crying over her. I mean we were together for almost 2 years,” 
“Okay, I'm sorry. How about we just go to the bar and drink? We won't even have to dance, plus I'll let you borrow something of mine in case someone wants to flirt with you tonight.”
When she first came into my room I was half convinced to go out but once she mentioned drinking and partying I was all in. The whole school knew of my and Paige's relationship so I knew someone there would tell her they saw me at the bar. And the idea of flirting with someone else seemed like good practice for later. 
As we walked up the doors of the bar Madi and I could hear the music blaring from the inside outside. I almost reached for my phone to text Paige that they were playing her favorite song, Best I Ever Had by Drake, but remembered our current situation and resisted. Inside the bar, it was super busy. Exams had just finished so everyone was drinking and dancing with their friends before Christmas break.
Madi and I walk up to some empty seats at the bar and I order a dirty Shirley, she gets a Mojito and we order 2 shots each. The first few moments of being in a bar are the absolute worst. You're so sober you don't want to be there with all the loud music and the sticky tables, but after about 2 or 3 drinks everything’s perfect and you never want to leave. That's how I'm currently feeling now. The revealing shirt I'm wearing paired with my tight skirt makes me feel like prey to everyone's eyes. 
“Okay, I'm gonna go dance. Don't miss me too much” Madi said after taking her shots. She usually sees a guy she finds attractive and goes up to them asking to dance. I loved how confident she was, she was always the one who went up to guys and by the end of the night, they were all over her. 
While sipping on my drink, I look around the bar. I noticed a few people from my classes and some athletes from the men's swim and basketball teams. And to my happiness, I saw most of the girls from the women's basketball team including Paige. She was wearing a blue cropped tank top paired with some black cargo pants. The sight of her abs between the cut-off of her top and the waistline of her pants got me to chug the rest of my drink and order another. It was about 3 minutes of sipping my second Shirley before someone sat beside me. 
“Hey,” I heard him say. “You wanna dance?” As I turned, I saw the most gorgeous guy this campus had to offer. He was tall with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. 
“Yeah, I'm down.” As we walked to the dance floor, I could feel eyes on me. I knew I'd get looks with this outfit on so it didn't bother me that much. Especially after 2 drinks and 2 shots. 
“So, what's your name?” It was loud in the middle of the dance floor. Around the bar was much quieter, so he was almost yelling out his question to me.
“Y/n. What's yours?”
“Zach,” He had a cute name, I thought. I mean at least it wasn't something like Reginald or whatever. 
As we danced, the feeling of being watched never left. It honestly felt like someone's eyes were burning into the back of my head so I looked around. The only eyes I made contact with were Paige’s and her gaze was murderous. I could tell she was jealous just by the way her eyebrows were pulled down, so I decided to mess with her. 
I turned so that my ass was on Zach's lap and I began grinding on him while maintaining eye contact with Paige. As his hands made way to my hips I held onto them as he guided me to the song playing through the speakers. That was enough to get Paige and I knew it. I wasn't much on physical touch so me holding onto hands pissed her off more than anything. As she started to walk over to us I turned around and wrapped my send around his neck before I felt her firm grip on my upper arm. I quickly said bye to Zach as Paige brought me outside the bar.
“What the fuck was that? You're out here dancing with guys that basically look like me?” She yelled as she cornered me against the wall. She was so hot when she was mad. Her jaw clenched, and she held intense eye contact.
“Wow, your ego’s so big you think he looks like you, Paige?” 
“Don't make this into an ego thing y/n, he and I are literally the same height and we both have blond hair and blue eyes.” As she spoke, her arms moved with her, she pointed to the door of the bar while speaking about Zach.
“Fine then! Maybe he did remind me of you. But you don't get to badmouth me or be angry at all because you’re the one who broke it off after almost 2 years! Two fucking years of ups and downs P. I was there with you through your whole ACL recovery and each time you cried, I held you close to me, not anyone else,” at this point, I was crying and screaming at her. I was so hurt and drunk that the words just kept spilling out. 
“You said you couldn't handle us and you left. You fucking left me. So I'm trying to move on. I’m trying so fucking hard but I honestly don't think I can ever fully get over you. I don't want to get over you. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you. You're the only one I can truly be myself around. Not even Madi makes me feel as safe and understood as you do,” She stood there in silence for a while. I could see the tears brimming in her eyes before she spoke.
“Let's get you home” I was so exhausted that I agreed to let her take me home. I could tell by her body language that she hadn't drunk tonight and her car in the parking lot of the bar confirmed it. She never lets anyone drive her car unless she absolutely has to, so it being back there meant she was one of the designated drivers for the night. 
“Can you text Madi and tell her that I’m leaving?”
“I will once I get you home.”
Entering my apartment wasn't much of a struggle. I walked straight into my bathroom to take my makeup off as Paige went into my room. 
“Here I got you something to change into” Her voice was soft. I could tell she didn't want to hurt me anymore than she already had that night. 
“Thank you,” I couldn't find it in me to say anything else to her.
“I have to go back for the girls”
“I realized that, but could you stay till I fall asleep?”
“Yeah, of course,”
Getting into bed with Paige again felt euphoric. This past week I never thought It would ever happen again. Just knowing that you were falling asleep in the arms of someone you trusted with your life was something I thought I had lost forever. The longer I held onto her and breathed in her perfume, the more tired I got. 
“I'm so sorry, my love. You were the best I ever had, but everything's just too much right now,” I heard her say, right before I fell asleep.
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pupyuj · 4 months
I came here to ask for some Yujin thoughts bestie❤ So how about soccer player G!P Yujin (Because cock yes) being a massive pervert and having the biggest crush on popular girl reader. Reader is dating someone on Yujin's team that Yujin isn't close with and she just can't help but jerk off and then fucking the reader.
ah, it's my favorite fellow casual yujin enjoyer 🥺
it's really not yujin's fault that you're gorgeous, okay??? the first time you visited the soccer field to visit your boo, you were wearing an outfit that accentuated your curves so good that yujin had to run to the locker rooms bcs she got a terrible boner🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️ever since then, she has had this massive crush on you and no matter what she did, she couldn't get over it! not with how you smiled at her in the hallways, or how you would sometimes wave at her during practices and games, or how you discreetly send her a wink or two from time to time 😵‍💫 it was dangerous, it was wrong, and it was not like yujin at all but.. really though, nobody can blame her 🤭🤭
as horny as she was for you, yujin would never let anybody catch her jacking off to you in school! she would be in the safety of her own home, in her room, where she sat on her bed and furiously pumped her hand in and our of her cock,, the memory of your thighs and the slightest bit of your ass cheeks that showed due to the short skirt you were wearing that day stuck in her pervy little head,, she would look so cute too... she just finished studying and wanted to tuck in for night so ofc she would wear her favorite hoodie but fuck she just had to remember you and now here she was, in her loser fit jerking off to her team member's girlfriend 😩
she even moans your name sometimes... and it's probably one of the many things you have that she thinks is pretty! likes to imagine you sucking her off messily, or taking her thick cock in your ass to push herself over the edge 😵‍💫 baby grabbing the sheets and coming all over her blankets :((( probably gets wet dreams of you too!! wakes up all hard in the morning and jacks off once again in the showers.. she's very much obsessed 🥺💕
yujinnie nearly getting a heart attack when she sees you in the locker rooms after practice, half bent over the sink while you touched up your makeup,, fuck she was getting hard at the sight of your skirt bunching up a bit while you leaned over,, "hi, yuj. think you can help me here? i have a date." and ofc yujin doesn't hesitate and immediately comes to your aid... and she looked so cute! hair up, a bit sweaty from practice so her shirt stuck to her skin and showed you the faint outline of her abs, and fuck... that tent in her pants... that huge fucking dick she could never hide even when she tried 😋😋
holding your hair up and asking yujin to kindly assist you in putting it around your neck 🥺 her shaky hands working around you to successfully lock the beautiful necklace behind you. yujinnie making sure the pendant lays on your collarbone and accidentally brushes her hand against your boob, which of course got you smirking bcs god.. how adorable. "do i look pretty, yujin?" to which of course yujin pathetically nodded her head to bcs what else was she going to say?
taking her hands and putting them on your boobs,, you were surprised at how she didn't even hesitate to fight her urges bcs she immediately squeezed and pressed her hard cock against you, even lifting your skirt up just to see how perfect your ass looks on her dick... slipping one of her hands inside your panties and moaning at the feeling of your wet folds?? so pathetic, you could feel her precum leaking through her shorts 😵‍💫 "what're you waiting for, yujin? fuck me. i have a date." you said again and yujin doesn't wait another second before she spins you around,, as much as you'd love to make out with yujin until her head was spinning, you didn't want to mess up your makeup and risk getting found out..
instead, you grabbed yujin shirt and started kissing up her neck, leaving lipstick marks, hickeys, driving her insane once you found all the spots that only made her dick harder.. licking up her sweat, making sure your tongue runs along her jawline.. feeling her sticky abs underneath her shirt—god she was so hot.. how you fucking wished she could pound you every night 😵‍💫😵‍💫
yujinnie lifting you you up, your lower back against the sink, arms on top of the counter to support yourself while she raised your legs over her shoulders and fucked your tight cunt 😩 both of you having the hardest time not to make any sounds just in case anybody was lingering nearby but yujin was too fast, too deep inside, and feels too fucking good that you didn't even bother anymore after a few minutes... her being so turned on at the sight of her big cock disappearing inside your little pussy, somehow managing to sneak a hand between your legs and rub your swollen clit, practically making you scream and lock your legs around her neck...
"mhm.. bet you're such a fucking perv that y-you've thought about this exact situation a lot, huh? a-ah, fuck...! t-that's—shit—that's okay... you're so fucking cute."
"such a bad teammate... fucking one of your buddies' girlfriend.. what would they say if they knew, hm? y-you—"
"please, shut up." yujin gripping your thighs harder and somehow quickening her pace. moans freely escaping her lips, she just couldn't help it :((( pushing her cock deep inside you as she came, rope after rope of cum spilling inside your wills and filling you up like your partner never could?? you fucking knew cheating was worth it, especially if it was for someone as good as yujin 🫣🤨
yujinnie letting her cock sit inside you for a while bcs it just fit so perfectly in there :((( plus, you felt warm, and she liked the way you brushed your fingers through her hair,, "next time, you're taking me home." you whispered, almost laughing when you felt her cock get hard again bcs the thought truly had her mind reeling 😩
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hi! can you do a one shot similar to the chan and plus size gf but instead with jeongin? i love your work btw! 🫶🏽
Yesssssss of course!! Thank you for the love and support, for that I will always do my best in my pieces. Thank you for the request, this one was quite fun!✨.
Hope it's what you wanted 💕.
“Babe?” You hear Jeongin call from his bedroom, slight distress clear in the way he calls you and almost storms into the living room where you’re calmly watching an episode of your favorite show on the dorm’s L-shaped couch. 
The moment he enters the room, you notice that he’s only wearing a pair of grey boxers, droplets of water falling from his fringe and onto his face, down to his sculpted chest, his skin milky and flawless, shining from the evidence of just getting out of the shower. 
Your eyes light up at the drool-worthy sight in front of you, fuck, how on earth did you snatch such a beautiful creature and get to call him your own? 
“Have you seen my shirt?” he asks, chest rising and falling deeply from being slightly panicked, his favorite shirt is missing and he fears another member has taken it.
“The white one?” he tries again, seeing your confused expression. 
“Oh,” You say, throwing the blanket that was pulled up to your neck, off of you to reveal the white shirt you have on - his white shirt.
“Ah, fuck,” he sighs, shoulders relaxing and causing a few drops of water to run down his torso, “I thought one of the members have it.” 
“Nope, just me,” you giggle, and he smiles fondly. 
“Why are you so wet?” you ask him, watching the droplets inch their way down his neck and over each bump and dip of his body, oh how you’d love to follow the trails those drops leave with your tongue, you swallow when he glances down, abs flexing effortlessly at the motion. 
“Guess it's my hair,” he shrugs and looks back at you, leaning on the wall as a naughty smirk creeps onto his lips. 
“Why are you only wearing my shirt?” he asks, shooting his eyebrows up when he points at your bare legs with his eyes, tilting his head back and eye-fucking you shamelessly when you grow slightly shy and shut your legs that were crossed and easily revealing your white panties with the protective blanket now removed.
He begins to walk towards you, a smirk growing on his face when you begin to blush at his piercing gaze and try to cover up your curvy legs. 
“Don’t hide them, lemme see,” he teases, crawling up the couch and climbing onto your legs, trying to grab the blanket that’s held tightly in your fists and pinned over your legs. 
“Babe,” he says more sternly, sitting back to look at you, his hands resting on his knees and teasing tone now gone as he begins to grow slightly concerned at the way you’re deliberately shutting him out, “What’s going on?” 
You sigh, not in the mood to have this conversation again. Ever since you and Jeongin began dating, you agreed to take things slow and almost a year in, he still hasn't once pressured you for sex, although you’ve messed around before, meaning oral sex and shameless grinding, but you’ll admit you’re curious. 
But for some reason, you’re extremely scared and nervous for him to see you and feel you so freely, he’s never seen you completely naked before, you’ve always had a shirt on or it's been in the dark, but now it’s broad daylight - and the first time in weeks of his busy schedule that the members actually aren't around. 
He’s told you so many times that you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are, but you can't help the slither of doubt in your mind, it never leaves. 
“Y/N,” he says, “Come on, talk to me.” 
You shake your head, trying not to look at the way his wet strings of hair cover his eyes and faintly hide his beautiful brown orbs that are filled with concern. 
He sighs, dragging both hands through his hair to push it back, each and every muscle in his toned arms and perfect stomach moving with his movements, he looks at you, tilting his head to the side. 
“Tell those evil voices in your head to back off,” he says, almost coming across as annoyed at your fears, but you know he’s not mad at you, he’s just upset that you keep listening to those doubtful voices. 
“I can't, Innie,” you whisper, looking away from his eyes. 
“If you don't,” he sighs, leaning forward and taking your chin in between his slender thumb and index finger tilting your face up so that he can whisper against your lips, “I will.” 
He connects his lips to yours, and they’re so soft and gentle that they melt away your protests, making you focus on nothing else but the feel of his sweet lips moving against your own. 
He moves his head to the other side, sucking your lip gently and releasing it after ensuring it'll be red. 
He pulls away slightly, eyes flickering from your pretty red lips to your closed eyes, your breathing deep, when will you ever understand?
When will you understand that this is why he loves you, you complete him, you make him feel whole and wanted when all he does is show you a bit of affection, his least is more than enough for you and that's why he loves you. 
When you open your eyes to look into his, you find him far away, distant in the way he looks at you, so you pull him down by the nape of his neck so that you can break through to him - sometimes he zones out and he needs your help to be brought back. 
He kisses you harder, tongue first teasing at your lips and then once you let him in, he full-on explores your beautiful mouth, sighing contentedly when you suck on the tip of his tongue gently. 
He takes one of your hands that were holding onto his face and he places it on his collarbone, his skin burning up and still damp, but you understand what he wants, so you drag your hand down his chest slowly and he stops it when it reaches the center of his broad chest. 
"Feel it," he says simply, keeping his much larger hand on top of yours. Then you feel it, his heartbeat, rapid and almost irregular. 
"It's yours," he whispers against your lips, immediately diving back for another kiss, his long fingers holding your face in place. 
After a few more minutes of sensual, pure love shown in the form of his lips, he pulls away to let you breathe, which poses to be impossible when his face is slightly red from blushing, his lips shiny and pouty from all their movement, he’s always beautiful, no matter what he does. 
“Sh-show me,” you stutter, eyes flickering everywhere but at him. 
“Show you what?” he asks, genuinely not understanding what you mean, so you finally look up to meet his eyes, reaching up to take one of his hands off your face and guide it down to the hem of your shirt, lifting it up, and placing his hand on your curvy hip, fighting the urge to cringe and shove him away. 
“Tell the voices to back off,” you whisper, maintaining eye contact with his dark brown orbs that grow softer the moment you make the request. 
“Oh baby,” he says with a satisfied sigh, leaning forward again and simultaneously dragging his hand up your shirt, kneading gently at your full, soft breasts when his lips latch onto yours again. 
A satisfied moan leaks from your lips, one that he swallows and responds to with a grind of his hips, but you can barely feel him due to the blanket covering your legs, so you break the kiss to tug at the blanket. 
He chuckles at your frustrated sigh, getting off of you for you to throw the blanket onto the ground. 
He looks down at you, looking undoubtedly sexy in just his shirt, he crawls onto the couch again, settling himself between your legs by having both his knees spread your legs for him.
“I love seeing you wear only my shirt, angel,” he says, sneakily trailing his index fingers up the outside of your thighs, allowing them to pull the shirt up as they continue to trail over your ass, hips, and finally your waist, “But I’d love to see you without it too,” he says, head tilting to the side, teasing smirk growing again as he subtly asks for permission to take the clothing off. 
You raise your arms, allowing him to pull it off, and he attaches his lips to yours again, gently massaging your breasts. 
He leaves your lips, trailing wet kisses down your throat, a whimper falling out of your mouth when he gently nips at the skin on your collarbone, sucking onto the skin hard, but it makes your mind fuzzy with pleasure.
Your hips naturally begin to rut against his, your pussy desperate to feel something. 
A satisfied sigh leaves your mouth when you feel his growing erection nudging into your sensitive clit and you grind harder, the tiny groan that leaves his mouth only urging you to continue. 
He trails down your chest with his wet kisses, occasionally sucking on whichever skin he can find whenever you grind up against his throbbing tip. 
He stops at the elastic of your panties, looking up at you for permission to take them off and you weakly nod, you know exactly what his tongue can do and how good it is, he doesn't hesitate to show Stays and he sure as hell doesn't hide it from you either. 
His hands that were massaging your boobs trail down your curvy body, his long fingers tickling your skin when they hook onto your panties just below your tummy, your skin already sensitive and hot. 
Once your panties are discarded, you feel Jeongin shuffle onto the couch and you hear his boxers drop to the floor as well, but you're only able to see his beautiful, round ass.
He looks up at you, wrapping an arm around your thigh and keeping your eyes locked into his gaze when he dives in, dragging his tongue up your folds and spreading them apart with the hand that was wrapped around your thigh, his long fingers of his other hand teasing your hole subtly. 
The moment his lips close on your clit, he slides a finger inside of you, his long digit reaching deeper than your average length fingers ever could, curling it upward to find that sensitive area. 
He knows he's found it once you let out a loud whine, indirectly asking for more. So he adds another digit, this time not only sucking with his lips but also teasing with his eager tongue. 
He loves the way your eyes flutter shut and your whines grow louder, that's how he knows he's hitting all the right spots and when you clench around him so eagerly, he knows he's about to push you over the edge.
Usuallly he'd edge you, but now you need all the affirmation he can give you so he speeds up his fingers, curling them and twisting just the way he's learned you like it and his tongue works it's magic on your clit, teasing fast and rapidly.
You're lost in the way he moves and his name rolls off of your tongue so easily when the tension inside your stomach snaps, loud moans falling from your mouth as you let go on his fingers and mouth. 
He guides you through your first orgasm, slowing down just as your body begins to shiver with over-stimulation. 
"How are those voices doing?" he asks when he comes up, his chin glistening so sheepishly.
"Mmm," you pretend to think, your breathing still heavy as you come down, "Still there."
"Then there's only one final way to get them out," he shakes his head, coming up to sit on his knees in front of you, your eyes involuntarily darting down to see his long dick, precum oozing out of the red tip. 
"A-And how's that?" you ask, pretending not to know just because you want to hear him say it, hear him tell you that he's going to finally do what you've been begging for in your head for so long.
"They need to be replaced," he says simply, leaning over to the small dresser next to the couch to grab something from the drawer. 
You giggle at him, ignoring the insecurity creeping up from laying so open and exposed to him. 
You hear rusting of foil, and you watch the most pornographic scene unfold in front of your eyes. 
Jeongin brings the purple condom wrapper up to his lips, the same lips that were attached to your clit seconds ago, and tears the wrapper open with his teeth, smirk dancing on his lips as he watches you watch him. 
His hand finds it's way to his dick , stroking a few times before he removes the condom from it's wrapper and brings it to the tip. 
You sit up, replacing his hand on his dick with your own and taking the condom from his fingers. 
You look up at him, gently sliding the rubber over his dick and he bites his lip at the sight, a soft curse leaving his lips when you tug him just a few times extra. 
You lay back down, watching his every move with eagerness as well as nerves. 
He lines himself up, and when he's positioned he comes up to place a kiss on your forehead, immediately looking down again at where his dick teases your hole.
"Ready?" he breathes, and you reply with a small nod. 
He begins to sink into you, groans and whimpers leaving both of your mouths at the satisfying feeling of being filled and being surrounded. 
"Y/N," he breathes, chest rising and falling rapidly, "You're fucking tight." 
You study his face, admiring the way it's twisted from his struggle, so the moment he's in, you wrap your arms around his neck, leaning your forehead against his. 
"Fuck me, Innie," you whisper, the stretch becoming less painful and more pleasure with each passing second.
"Oh god," he breathes, his hips instantly picking up pace. 
"Ah, Innie," you moan, his name so effortlessly rolling off your tongue as his hips make contact with your ass. 
"That's it, baby," he says, thrusting faster, "My name sounds so beautiful when you moan it like that."  
Breathy moans slip past his lips, his face twisting when he feels you unexpectedly clench. 
"Feel good, baby?" he asks and you reply with a hum, your eyes closed and focused on the drag of his dick against your tight walls, the sensation better than anything you've ever felt before.
You keep your foreheads attached to each other, soaking in the moment of being as close to each other as you can get, feeling each other deeper than you ever have before.
His hips move at a steady pace, not slamming into you because he's being gentle, he knows you need it gently today. You feel your heart clench at the realization - he really does love you. No strings attached.
"I- oh fuck," he moans, snapping you out of your daze when his hips beginning to dig into you deeper and harder, his eyes watching his dick disappear inside of you. 
"Please, inside," you whisper, your breathing fast as you chase his high with him. 
"Oh shit," he whines, his head dropping onto your chest as his hips stop and you feel him twitch inside of you, unloading himself. 
"Fuck," he groans when you clench around him, just to make sure he's empty, his shudder earning a chuckle from you. 
He stays inside of you, probably uncomfortable in the condom full of cum but he stays there so that he can kiss you again, his way of thanking you for being vulnerable for him. 
"Any voices?" he asks once you two break apart, and you smile at him, shaking your head.
"All I hear are your pretty sounds," you say,  smirking at his shy grin that he tries to hide by looking away.
From here on, you decide that all you ever want to hear again are those beautiful sounds.
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loveazumane · 1 year
Tumblr media
— t-shirt.
warnings: slight nsfw. suggestive content. daichi comes home from work and thinks ur sexy af.
note: saw this in my drafts. its incomplete but i dont think i’ll continue it so ill just post it
you’re so fucking sexy.
when daichi walks into the room, his eyes land on your soft figure, curled up in your bed, leg up and cuddling with his pillow. you’re wearing his shirt too, the same shirt he uses under his uniform. it’s white and it compliments your beautiful skin.
daichi licks his lips when his eyes travel the expanse of your bare thighs. then, it lands on your ass. it peaks out teasingly from under his shirt and the lewd yet innocent image of it has his cock stiffening.
daichi walks up to the bed and touches your shoulder. he softly nudges you awake and you moan—so raspy and melodious. it’s by far one of his favorite sounds ever since having you in his life. your eyes flutter open and a soft and sleepy smile pulls at your lips at the sight of your husband.
“back home already? what time is it?” you ask.
“three.” daichi finished early today. thank goodness he did. it was a nice opportunity to see you taking your afternoon nap half naked in his shirt.
daichi leans down to kiss you softly. you hum and kiss back, tasting the bitter black coffee that daichi enjoys to drink. there’s a slight minty taste too, and it’s enhanced when daichi pulls you in for a deeper kiss and his tongue swipes at your bottom lip.
daichi pulls away, but his forehead rests on yours. he notices how hot your skin is when he holds your cheek in his hand. “you look so cute today.”
“i haven’t even changed yet,” you say with a giggle.
“it’s a good thing.” daichi climbs into bed and hovers above you before dipping down to kiss you again.
“not gonna change?” you ask in between soft kisses.
“mm, i thought you liked me in my uniform,” daichi teases, nipping at your neck playfully.
you giggle. “you know i love it.”
you push him back softly to admire him. he’s still in his cop uniform. his pectoral muscles are soft but puffed, showing just how much he takes care of his body. you can almost also feel his abs under the fabric of his uniform. when you trail your eyes lower, you see daichi’s dick outline. he’s thick and hard, and the image of it had you drooling.
“staring too long can get you in trouble, y’know,” daichi says.
you smirk at him and reach down to palm his cock. his breath hitches at the contact. “what are you going to do about it, officer?”
daichi groans. he sits up and takes your hands before hooking on the cuffs. daichi admires how vulnerable you are in a situation. using his cuffs isn’t a strange thing. you both do it once in a while. but ever since daichi has been busy, there has been slim chances. now was a great opportunity.
daichi picks up your—technically his—shirt and presses it to your lips. “bite,” he demands.
you obey him. daichi smiles at your willingness and nearly crumbles when he notices your dark, lust-filled eyes. jesus, he could already come in his pants. he gulps and leans forward to kiss your cheek. it’s a small sign to tell you that you can say stop whenever you want to.
daichi lets his eyes trail down your figure—the figure he’s loved for many years. he appreciates your beauty before he dips down to capture a nipple into his mouth. you gasp at the warm contact and the shirt falls.
daichi looks up and takes the shirt and presses it between your lips again. “if it falls one more time, i’m gonna have to punish you. clear?”
you nod and say yes, but it comes out stifled because of the shirt.
“good girl.”
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romantichomicide95 · 8 months
Levi x Reader -CollegeAU
summary: I wrote this college AU jealous Levi smut when I first started writing and I hated it so now I’ve decided to improve it.
warnings: NSFW 18+. Penetration. Slight Oral (m.receiving). Kinda rough?ish.
“Hey Y/N long time no see!” you turn around towards the direction of a familiar voice. You remembered that voice, one that you hadn’t heard in over a year.
“Jackson hey.” you turn around, stepping into an awkward side hug, trying to balance the drink in your hand, not really wanting to be hugging him or feeling his touch. He looked different, new haircut, fresh shaven. Why was he here though? He transferred schools at the end of last year. “What are you doing back here?” you ask.
“I am visiting with my grandmother. She lives in the area, remember? Jason told me about this party, thought I would stop in and see the old crew.” Jason, you think, having to hold yourself back from rolling your eyes. One of the many douchey friends Jackson kept in his company, a big reason as to why you broke up.
"It's nice that you're keeping in touch with your grandmother," you say, trying to keep the conversation polite. "As for the party, it's been alright. Catching up with a few friends, enjoying some drinks." You pause for a moment, wondering if you should ask him how he's been since you last saw him. But before you can speak, Jackson starts talking again. "I was really hoping we could talk, Y/N," he says, looking at you with an expression that's difficult to read. "There are some things I wanted to clear up, especially between us." You feel a small sense of unease at his words. What could he possibly want to talk about? You were over, thankfully and you had someone in your life, miles better than the man who stood before you now.
You glance over to the beer pong table where your boyfriend Levi was. He looked so good, you thought, alcohol coursing through your body. He was wearing his favorite black hoodie, the one with his favorite band on the front, paired with the dark jeans you got for his birthday. He seemed to be engrossed in the game, his dark raven hair falling over his eyes as he lined his hand up to make a shot. You could swear he was glancing over to you every few seconds, but the anxiety you were feeling over this interaction with your ex, paired with the alcohol, made it so you couldn’t be 100% sure. Not that he cared when you talked to other guys, he wasn’t controlling or jealous like that. However, he knew the story with you and Jackson. The real story. Once upon a time that story was a great love story, before Levi came along of course. He had to hear it for so long when he transferred here. The story of you and Jacksons meets cute, how you instantly fell for each other. He hated it, and he hated Jackson. The way he treated you, the things you told him that you’d never shared with anyone else, made sure that hatred would be there forever.
Levi had immediately made friends with your group; he had known Erwin previously as their families vacationed together, so the transition was natural. You had thought he hated you at first. Levi wasn’t the warmest or the most inviting person. He constantly looked pissed off, he was sarcastic af, he wasn’t afraid to fuck someone up if they pissed him off. You were, of course, immediately smitten. He was hot, like hotter than any guy you’d seen. There was something more too, you couldn’t put your finger on it at first but there was something about him, something that drew you in. But he seemed so cold to you, you didn’t think you had a chance. Then you guys got close, really close, and you came to see the person he was underneath. He was kind, and he cared so deeply, he wasn’t selfless and he would do just about anything for the people he loved. One night he walked you back to your dorm after Erwin’s birthday party. You had spilled beer all over your top so he’d given you his t-shirt to wear. You could still remember how hard it was not to keep glancing at his abs. He’d walked you all the way to your door-“you can keep the shirt” he’d said- than without warning he’d leaned in and he kissed you. The rest was history.
You turn back to face Jackson, an ache rising in your chest. "I think everything that needed to be said between us was already said, Jackson. I've moved on." You try to sound as firm as possible. Jackson drops his gaze, looking contrite. "I know I messed things up, Y/N. But I want you to know that I'm sorry. I've changed, I promise." His words prick and you can be sure this time that you feel Levi's eyes on you. "I appreciate the apology, Jackson. But I'm happy with someone else now." You give him a polite smile, ready to make your exit. Just then, Levi saunters over to you, his normal stoic expression on his face. He slips an arm around your waist. “You’re missing me dominate this beer pong game.” he says. “I see that.” is all you can think to mutter out as you take his hand and walk away from Jackson. You could tell by the seriousness in his voice he was a little pissed, taking mental note of the way he had been eyeing Jackson. You decide you’d rather stay by his side for the rest of the night.
“Are you okay?” you ask Levi once you guys are back at his dorm. It was late, you think 2am but the alcohol is making it hard to focus on the numbers on your phone. Levi was quiet on the walk back, quieter than usual, if that was possible. Come to think of it, he was quiet all night. He wasn’t holding your hand as tight as he normally did, he wasn’t running his thumb along the back of your knuckles like he always caught himself doing. His eyes were glazed over, and his face flushed red, he’d drank a lot more than he ever did. He didn’t normally drink a ton, he wasn’t a super heavy drinker.
“No.” he says, pulling off his sweatshirt and collapsing on his bed. His roommate was out for the night, he was out pretty much every night honestly. That’s why you spent so many nights here, instead of in your own dorm. You practically lived here. You take off your heels and lean over him. Careful your breasts don’t fall out of this insanely tight dress you had on. “Okay why not?”
He rolls his eyes and huffs at you. “LEVI! Don’t be like that. Answer my question.” you plead.
“I don’t know, why don’t you ask Jackson.”
You didn’t really expect this reaction. Usually Levi brushed things off, he internalized and didn’t let things bother him. Besides, he really wasn’t a jealous guy. He knew how head over heels you were for him, how much you loved him.
“Levi seriously? You’re mad about that?” you didn’t mean to sound so defensive; you were drunk. But you regretted the way it came out.
“Tsk. I’m not mad. He’s just a fucking prick. Why would you even be talking to that asshole?”
“Idk he approached me. I wasn’t expecting to see him. I didn’t ask for him to show up out of nowhere, you of all people should know that” you threw your hands up in frustration. This was ridiculous.
“You both seemed pretty chummy though.”
 “Levi! Seriously. I promise you we were not.” You try to put your hand on his, but he pulls away.
“Okay what did he want.” He asks, sitting up and looking you in the eyes, running his fingers through his thick black hair. He looked annoyed. He wasn’t looking at you like he normally did. You hated it. You and Levi rarely ever fought. It was something that made your relationship differ from you and Jackson. It was one of the things you loved about him. You knew deep down it wasn’t you he was mad at, but alcohol fucks you up and he didn’t really know how take out his feelings of frustration without being able to punch the guy in his face.
“Idk, to say sorry. He said he was here visiting his gram and Jason told him about the party. I wouldn’t hear him out though. I just wanted to get away from him honestly.”
“Hmmm.” He pinches his nose in thought, you had to hold in a chuckle knowing that he was probably drunker than he was used to. It takes him a few minutes to say anything, the anticipation kills you. You didn’t want him to think something was up, you didn’t give a shit about Jackson. You loved Levi. Really loved him, like fireworks exploding in your heart loved him. Like your eyes could only ever see him, even in a group of a thousand people. He was your person. Always.
“Okay.” He finally says.
“Okay?” you question.
He leans in close, so close your noses almost touch.
“Okay…say your sorry.” He demands. So, he was going to play this game. The you can make it up to me by letting me fuck you silly game.
He slips his hand up your thigh and under your dress, pulling your underwear down over your legs. His lips meet yours in a kiss that’s soft and slow, but filled with passion, before moving his to your neck, nibbling and biting at your flesh. His hand moves up your thigh once more and his fingers make their way to your clit. You can feel yourself instantly get wet as he works you exactly the way you like. You let out a small moan and you can feel him smirk in between nibbles to your neck.
“I said say your sorry.” He demands again, whispering into your ear as he pulls down your dress with his free hand.
“I-I’m sorry Levi…. fuck.” you whisper as his fingers enter you. He stops for a second to pull his shirt over his head and you take in the sight of his abs as his fingers enter you again. He was so physically fit, just the sight of him turned you on further. You ran your hands down his abs and unbuttoned his pants. Pulling them off and taking your hand to his hard shaft, pumping his cock in your hands. He leans down taking your breast in his mouth, nibbling at your bud while one hand massages the other.
As he moves his mouth back to your neck, sinking his teeth in hard you whimper and you don’t think you can take anymore of the anticipation. “Please” you whimper as his body looks over you and you take his cock inside you. The sensation feels so good and you can’t help but clench around him. The way he thrusts inside you and the way he moves his hips has your head in a tailspin. You reach up with one hand to grab his hair, but he pins your arm to the bed behind you. “You don’t get to touch me.”
He spreads your legs wide apart and props one up on his shoulder as the pace of his thrusts quicken.
“You feel so good, god you’re so tight.” Levi says in your ear before kissing you again. His body comes down closer to yours as his cock fills you all the way up. You can feel it deep inside you and it’s pleasure mixed with a ting of pain. His hands are gripped on your hips and he turns you over on all fours, gripping you tightly while fucking into you from behind. He pulls your hair back so you’re looking at him “Look at me while you cum.” he demands.
Your legs begin to shake, as you feel the orgasm coming. Your hips jerk at the sudden intensity of “I’m cumming Levi….” you moan. You collapse onto the bed as you cum all over his cock. He flips you over once more.
“Me too.” He breathes, “Open your mouth” He demands right before he finishes and shoves it in your mouth, filling the back of your throat with his cum. You suck it and lick the top of his shaft to ensure you get every last drop.
He collapses on the bed next to you. His abs glistening with sweat. His breathing so heavy. You both lay there a moment composing yourselves.
“Fuck Levi. That was…”
“I know.” He says. “Go clean up.”
You go to his bathroom and do as your told. Slipping on one of his t shirts as you crawl back into his bed, waiting for him to clean up and come back. He pulls on a pair of sweatpants and climbs in, pulling you close to him.
“Still mad?” You ask nestling your head into his chest.
He lets out a soft chuckle. “No Y/N I’m not still mad. It was a good attempt at an apology.”
“Attempt?” you say, eyeing him puzzlingly.
He just chuckled as he wraps his arms around your midsection. “I love you Levi.” you say as you start to drift off the sleep listening to the pitter patter of his heartbeat.
“I love you to brat.”
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diazsdimples · 2 months
Fuck It Friday!
Tagged by @smilingbuckley for FIF and @rainbow-nerdss @cal-daisies-and-briars @hippolotamus @wildlife4life @disasterbuckdiaz @wikiangela and @daffi-990 for various others during the week (count this as your Fuck it Friday tag lads).
I took a quick break from writing anything cause I decided it was a great time for a menty b BUT @hippolotamus sent me a photo of a dude in a leather kilt and pointed out how hot Buck would look in it and how he'd be able to pick up Eddie and fuck him against a tree and thus, Kilt Sex Fic was born. Please enjoy the first of hopefully not too many snippets (I aim to have it done either tonight or tomorrow lol)
When Eddie had suggested that he and Buck attend a Scottish festival he’d seen advertised, he hadn’t really expected Buck to take him up on the offer, much less turn up at home two days later with two kilts and a shit eating grin. In Eddie’s mind, they would wander down to the local park where it was being held, he’d sit back and watch as Buck tries to toss logs and fling axes and turn to Eddie with bright eyes and a wide grin that would say “Didya see that? Did I do good?” and Eddie would slowly fall in love with him all over again. However, all that goes out the door completely when Buck dumps the kilts on table in front of him, nearly knocking over Eddie’s coffee cup, and gestures to them proudly. “What the hell are these?” Eddie asks with a quirked eyebrow, poking suspiciously at the tartan with his forefinger. Buck flops himself into the chair beside Eddie and steals a sip from his coffee cup. “Kilts!” he says with a grin and he drags one off the table and holds it up to show Eddie. It’s long, and dark, and made out of what looks suspiciously like faux leather, and almost certainly purchased from a sex shop. “I thought we could wear them to the festival tomorrow!” If Buck had a tail, it would be wagging so hard right now. The kilt beneath the leathery black one isn’t much better. Sure, this one is a bit less obviously leathery, going for a softer, less shiny look, but that doesn’t distract from the thick, studded belt that wraps around the waist. It’s also much, much shorter, probably coming to halfway up their thigh, Eddie reckons. He’s half expecting it to come with a chastity belt. Eddie pinches his nose, trying his best not to laugh because Buck is clearly thrilled with himself, and lets out a long breath. “Buck, sweetheart, I love you so much and I’m delighted that you like these but there is no way I can wear either of these out in public.” The grin immediately falls off Buck’s face and his lips turn down in an admittedly adorable pout. “Why not?” he asks, sounding genuinely confused, “Is it because they’re not proper tartans? There’s no Clan Buckley so I couldn’t use one for my family and I don’t even know what my Mom’s maiden name is, and Diaz isn’t super Scottish so I didn’t look for one of those either, but what’s wrong with these? They look cool!” The fact that they, admittedly, do look cool is not what Eddie’s taking issue with. It’s more the fact that he’s going to have to walk around, in public, with a semi the whole time if Buck goes anywhere in a leather kilt. He’s doomed, done for, absolutely fucked.  And, to make matters worse, Buck stands up from the table and grabs the bigger of the two and deftly wraps it around his waist, doing up the two sets of buckles with quick fingers before he whips his shirt over his head and stands with his arms out from his side, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and Eddie’s mouth goes dry. Yeah, there is no way he can survive Buck walking around like this. The kilt hugs his hips low and tight, exposing just enough of that perfect v for Eddie’s imagination to run wild as he follows Buck’s happy trail from his bellybutton to where it disappears below the leather. Buck’s intentionally flexing his abs, preening under Eddie’s obvious attention, and looks just like a Greek God. Scottish God? Either way, he looks like fucking dream and Eddie can feel his cock thickening as he drinks in every detail of Buck’s image. Eddie leans back in his chair, his breath hissing out of him like a deflating tyre, and he gestures to the bulge that’s steadily growing in his pants. “That’s why not.”
No pressure tagging @theotherbuckley @housewifebuck @callmenewbie @thewolvesof1998 @theplaceyoustillrememberdreaming @steadfastsaturnsrings @fortheloveofbuddie @watchyourbuck @loserdiaz @spotsandsocks @fruitandbubbles @eddie---diaz @nmcggg @bucksbackwardcap @buckbuckgoose @fionaswhvre
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returnsandreturns · 4 months
can't believe i almost forgot to write matt wearing something slutty for halloween
“Jesus fucking Christ,” Foggy says, before he can stop himself, feeling like he’s been punched in the gut when he sees Matt’s costume. 
Matt lost a bet with Marci, which he almost always does when they make bets because Matt believes in the good in people and Marci shamelessly cheats. 
“That bad?” Matt asks, wincing. 
Foggy makes an incoherent noise. 
“You’re so hot I can’t even look at you,” Foggy says, which is a lie, because he’s staring at Matt’s naval where his white shirt is tied up and following the scattered line of dark hair to fully take in the fact that he’s wearing a plaid skirt. He’s considering jumping out the window when it hits him exactly what’s happening. 
Marci knows that Britney Spears was his first crush and that he’s pretty sure that the Baby, One More Time video did some problematic things to his sexuality at a young age. He thought they broke up on good terms but apparently she actually hates him and wants him to die. 
“I probably look ridiculous,” Matt says, huffing out a soft laugh, turning to sit his clothes down on his bed and giving Foggy a view of the soft white cotton panties that he’s wearing, stretched tight over his ass.
He has no idea what he did to Marci to make her do this. She’s evil, maybe. She’s a villain and he’s completely innocent and now he’s going to die of unrequited lust. 
“Matt, you–you really committed to this, huh?” he asks, weakly. “By the way, I wouldn’t bend over too much at the party unless you want to seduce everyone.” 
Matt looks back at him, confused, and then immediately stands up and smooths the skirt down. 
“Sorry,” he says. “Marci got it all for me. I was going to skip the underwear and wear my own but I, uh, kind of–well, I couldn’t chicken out and let her win, obviously.”  
Matt is bright red, shifting on his feet, messing with the skirt. 
“. . .do you like wearing them?” Foggy asks, voice slightly more high-pitched than he intended, because he’s good at reading Matt’s pauses for what they actually are and he’s pretty sure that pause meant I kind of like it. 
“You can never tell Marci,” Matt says. 
“Okay! Alright! I think I have to go drown myself in the sink,” Foggy says, hauling himself to his feet, “because I am having thoughts that God should be striking me down for.” 
“Wait, what kind of thoughts?” Matt asks, catching his arm before he can leave, pulling him just a little bit closer. 
Foggy wants to kiss him. He wants to feel how warm his cheeks are. He wants to lift Matt’s skirt up and go from there. 
"Don't make me say them," he says, weakly. "You're just. . .I mean, you're hot all the time which is hard enough on a man but this is. . .I try not to think sexual things about you, Matthew, I really do, but this is testing my limits."
There's no way that Matt doesn't know that Foggy has a crush on him. They've gotten drunk enough that he's sure he rambled on enough about Matt's hands or something to get his point across. He's always considered it a known factor of their relationship.
Maybe Matt's so repressed that he can't recognize that another man talking about how he kind of wants to lick his abs but he won't because he respects their friendship are the words of somebody who wants to lick many other parts of him.
"Will you stick with me at the party?" Matt asks, letting his finger trail down Foggy's forearm before letting go of him, smiling hopefully. "I think I might get some--unwanted advances."
"I will do my best to protect your virtue," Foggy says, staring at the wall about a foot away from Matt.
"Well, I didn't ask for that," Matt says, and Foggy glances over just in time to see him lick his lips.
Matt wants him dead, too.
There's no other explanation.
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moonlitluka · 11 months
Tumblr media
Chad gives you his shirt after your spill your drink | Chad Meeks-Martin x Reader | fluff & sexual content but not full on smut
Another weekend, another party. This is college I guess but I’d much rather be at home with Mindy watching whatever scary movie she decided to binge.
Anika had dragged Mindy and I to this party. ‘It’ll be fun’ she said. I figured if I was stuck here I might as well drink. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. When I turned around a guy bumped into me splashing the beer all over my shirt.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” The guy said grabbing some paper towels and handing them to me. “It’s fine I should’ve been watching where I was going” I smiled grabbing the paper towels and making my way to find a bathroom.
On my way down the hall Chad stopped me. “Woah, what happened to you?” He pointed at my shirt laughing. “Haha. I bumped into some dude.” I said looking down at the mess.
“Do you know where a bathroom is? I’m gonna try to get some of this beer out.” I explained. “Uh I think there’s one upstairs I’ll show you.” He said grabbing my hand to lead me through the crowd.
We went up the stairs and down the hall. Thank god the bathroom was open. We both went in and Chad grabbed a towel before wetting it in the sink. He went to dab it on my shirt and I looked away to avoid eye contact. He was dangerously close to my bra it was kinda hard not to notice.
“It’s not coming out is it?” I chuckled trying to cut the tension that was now in the room. He had clearly noticed me tense up when he touched me. “Uh yeah I think your shirt might be toast.” He said giving me a frown.
“Damn. I don’t have a jacket or anything.” In the light it made it much more obvious that my shirt was now very see through. I couldn’t walk around like this.
“Uh here,” he said grabbing the back of his shirt and lifting it over his head. I stared for a second confused. He stood there shirtless and the only thing left was his gold chain as he held his shirt out to me.
“You can’t walk around shirtless,” I laughed. The blush on my face was obvious I knew it. He laughed holding up his arm to flex. “Why not? I do it all the time.” “Show off” I playfully rolled my eyes.
“Come on, take it.” He insisted. I smiled gratefully and took it. I hesitantly took my wet shirt off. He clearly was trying not to stare. Always a gentleman. I did see him catch a glimpse as he turned his head but I could tell it wasn’t on purpose. Not that I mind, but the thought is still nice.
I slipped the shirt over my head and felt it pool around my thighs. “You can look now” I giggled. He took in the sight before him and smiled. “You look cute” he complimented.
“Really..?” “Yeah, you should wear my clothes more often” he flirted. It’s like his goal all night has been to see how many times he could make me blush.
“Thanks Chad. Really this was really nice of you.” I said putting my hand on his bare arm as an expression of gratitude.
You could cut the tension with a knife. I almost said something to try to kill the silence but before I could he grabbed my waist and kissed me.
I gasped but kissed him back. “Sorry I couldn’t resist” he said in between kisses. I moaned in response. I ran my hands down his chest, letting my fingers feel his abs.
I felt my body get swept off the ground as I giggled in response. He placed me gently on the counter as he stood between my legs. “Is this okay?” He pulled away asking. “Yes”
With that he dived back in this time moving down my jawline then to my neck. “Chad” I moaned as he licked and nipped at the sweet spot between my shoulder and neck.
“Yeah baby say my name” he said letting his hand pull up the shirt and down the front of my leggings.
His hand softly cupped me over my underwear as he began slowly circling his fingers. He teased me before moving the underwear out of his way. He finally made contact with my clit as I moaned his name once more.
He moaned in response and leaned into kiss me again. As we made contact we were interrupted by a frantic knock on the door.
“Hey hurry up in there!” Some random party goer yelled through the door. We both pulled away from each other quickly before making sure we were both decent enough to walk out of the bathroom.
Chad opened the door leading me out as the guy who knocked noticed. “Nice!” He laughed. I hid my head in my hands as I walked faster out of there.
“Maybe we should head out” Chad suggested laughing. I agreed and we both left as quickly as we could laughing.
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starythewriter · 3 months
Tumblr media
KINKMAS 5 vinnie x you.
TW:sex duh, use of word slut, intense.
A/N: all of my KINKMAS stories will be posted at or BY 5PM PST! But usually they’ll be posted much sooner! But my commitment will stay the same to post everyday till Christmas!
& YES! There will be days closer to Christmas that yall will get 2 stories in ONE day! Not just one everyday. Stay tuned!
the both you end up visiting a New York event with very high class people. he had a very hot suit, while you were wearing a enticing dress with high heels.he has to keep from running his eyes all over your body (and failing). he keeps trying to convince himself that this is just one of many occasions where you’re just another girl in the crowd. but it was clearly hard, the both f you did not know what to do.
you quickly walked to talk with Jack Harlow, who was on the floor playing a game, before the next group arrived. your conversation was short and sweet. you didn’t ask for the date but at least you tried, you were a good girl. he had the same thought.
you walked into the hall, looking around. you felt someone grab your wrist.
“hey. how about you come dance with me? I’m sure your husband won’t mind.” you didn’t want to let him down by saying no. but the idea was so tempting. ‘maybe when this night ends’. your thoughts kept repeating in your head. you and Jack danced beautifully the flashing lights made it seem like a fancy ball, blue, green, pink magenta, every color was being projected across the room. it was beautiful, you shortly finished dancing and moved on to whisper seductive things into jacks ear. you could tell he was getting excited. he looked at you with such lustful eyes.
you took him into a private stall, you slowly started to grind up against him, he already knew the plan, while you were grinding against him, he reached down to his boxers and started to rub himself. he grabbed you tightly and pulled you close to kiss you passionately. you kissed back and put your hand under his shirt. you slid it up and down his chest, enjoying his reaction. he moaned, you could feel how aroused he really was. you continued the kissing until finally you couldn’t take any more. you started to bounce however, he kept rubbing harder. you got desperate and started to bite onto his neck. He pushed you back and held you there. You kept biting into his neck, which caused him to moan even louder. he pulled you up again and pressed against you. you couldn’t help but squeal because the both of you were now very much in heat. he placed you down carefully then removed his boxers, his cock was huge, you noticed, you stared up at his face, waiting for him to make eye contact with you. he lifted you up as well and brought you down hard onto him. how, you moaned, and put his boxers back on. “finish without me.”
Jack groaned loudly but got to work.
“I’ll help you”
you say In a slutty voice while you slowly rub your insides he keeps jerking off… yntill he reaches his peak. “forgive me your just too… Fucking hot.”
he came… you smiled.
“I want you to do something for me sir…”
“anything my lady…”
“give me some cash”
you got the biggest amount of cash ever…. you were surpised…as Jack gave you 100s…
you have him a kiss slipping away…
into the grasp of vinnie hacker…
“hey vin…”
“hey darling… come here I’ve been waiting for you all night… have you been ignoring me?”
you moaned. he quickly grabbed you and you both got into another stall, he quickly took his shirt off….you could see his perfect abs…..he began sucking on your breasts. you moaned in pleasure.you both fell onto the bed and he immediately started fucking you...He was so hot, and he knew it..your lovemaking was going better than ever before……”get on top of me and be my slut ok?”
“yes vin…”
you started to ride him, he was thrusting faster and deeper into you.“mmm… yes vin… please…” you whimpered and bit down hard onto his neck.. He stopped thrusting and gently stroked your hair.“that’s my girl.”“my beautiful girl…” he muttered lovingly in between kisses.. You wanted him to touch you again and he obliged, his hands were on your thighs. He lifted you up and positioned you, he entered you, he was thrusting fast and deep into you..You both groaned.. It felt amazing..he slammed his hips into you once again...and again...and again..“ohhh god!” he moaned.... You screamed out loud and climaxed inside him... you were both panting and sweating. he wrapped his arms around you tightly and started kissing your neck, softly sucking, nibbling and nipping...You sighed heavily... You loved it...You enjoyed it...
you both gave some more hmph. to eachother… vinnie laid there with his dick inside of you…
you were both just enjoying this moment.
you were happy because you knew the power you hold over men…
it make you feel so egotistical sometimes but you made sure it wouldn’t consume you, you got dressed again acting like nothing happened all night.
you walked to a big yellow table, seeing vinnie sitting across from you, all of his friends was there.
you loved the sight of him… it turned you on… you sat down next to him… his hand instantly went to your ass pulling you closer to him...“so you were mine last night huh?” he whispered into your ear, smirking and looking into your face… his fingers were running through your hair, massaging your scalp.“yeah”...you giggled…
you sat next to him since you didn’t want to sit across from him.
you both ate, after a while you both finished talkign dancing and doing some deals.
you both went home and took a nice long bath, and then fell asleep!
the end!
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ghcstao3 · 10 months
IDK if this thing I keep hearing about Soap being an artist is canon (bc I don’t actually play any shooter games, including COD, I just like the fanart & HCs) but Shkretart’s recent Ghost art study made me think of the classic “draw me like one of your French girls” AKA for some reason, Soap (who’s already pining over Ghost) convinces his crush to pose nude for him. Maybe things get a lil bit heated (in a sexy way, not an angry way lol)?
it is actually canon! from the original games, soap kept a journal that had sketches in it with his entries, if you’re wondering where that whole thing came from
now. i pulled a fade to black moment because i have no idea how tumblr guidelines work. so apologies hope this okay
It’s never been a secret that Soap has a knack for art.
It’s something he’s proud of, always seeking to improve, and it’s hardly unheard of for soldiers to witness him tucked away in his corners on base with a journal, sketchbook, or some other medium scratching away at whatever comes to mind in those moments.
It's no secret, either, that he's talented for someone who claims he "isn't any sort of artist," and it's no secret at all that he has a preference for portraits.
However. However.
Though he isn't ashamed of it in any regard, nor is he any kind of prude, Soap does prefer to keep guarded his anatomy studies. For fear of judgement or something else, he isn’t certain, but they’re kept in a separate journal tucked under his mattress for when the time so comes for him to work on it again.
And currently, Soap’s begun to feel that pull again. A certain fascination, perhaps, is what lures him. Or maybe it’s the big, fat crush he has on his lieutenant.
Either way, he’s found himself unsatisfied with what he’s been able to draw of Ghost—from afar, masked. Clothed in too many layers for Soap to make sense of much.
(A lie. A complete and utter lie. But Soap has unreasonable wants, doesn’t he?)
The thing that sets him off is incredibly pathetic. But it forces Soap to finally muster up the courage to try and warm Ghost up to the idea of being drawn—studied—so Soap supposes he can forgive himself for being so hopeless just this once.
It’s post a sparring match. Soap still loses most rounds against Ghost, but he’d say he’s gotten significantly better in the time they’ve worked together. Even Ghost might say the same, if Soap were so lucky. But it just happens that sparring matches are usually when Ghost tends to wear looser clothing, and when he stretches his arms his shirt rides up, just enough for Soap to catch a glimpse of the cut of his hips, the lines of his abs, his trim waist. He’s known Ghost is fit, but seeing it has Soap itching for his pencil.
The first time he blurts out his idea, Ghost gives him a very firm no. Which isn’t much of a surprise—just asking his superior officer if he’s ever considered posing for someone to draw is a little too forthcoming, especially when it’s the first Soap has ever mentioned anything of it to him.
But then he keeps asking, hinting, persuading, until weeks after the thought strikes Soap, Ghost miraculously agrees to let Soap sketch him.
His body. The curves of strong muscles, the sharp edges of everything else. Long limbs, graceful in spite of the destruction they’re more than capable of. Gentle hands despite their scars, and soft eyes despite the hardened shell of everything Ghost.
Soap is nervous, to say the least. When the day finally comes one unassuming evening, when Soap is led to Ghost’s quarters like it isn’t some big deal.
And maybe it isn’t, but it is for him. So he’s nervous. Beyond unsure.
Ghost is hard to read, more so than usual. He seems almost casual settling into his room, untying his laces and placing his boots neatly aside. Shucking off his hoodie and dropping it unceremoniously on his dresser. Soap watches from the doorway, awkwardly hovering as the door clicks shut behind him.
Suddenly Ghost pauses, glances to Soap with eyebrows raised. He then looks to a spare chair tucked in the corner of the room and gestures vaguely before continuing his undress.
When his mask is unexpectedly tugged off, Soap finds his way to the chair before his knees buckle underneath him. This has to be a mistake.
He’s dreaming, surely. Ghost never agreed and Soap is dreaming and why would he ever get the opportunity to—
“How do you want me, then?” Ghost asks. Soap’s eyes snap to the lieutenant’s.
He’s lost his shirt now, too. Soap isn’t certain why he’s taken aback—it’s exactly what he had asked Ghost to do.
Ghost isn’t looking at him anymore, instead pulling off his trousers and leaving them in a pile with the rest of his clothing.
“Uh,” Soap says rather eloquently, “however, ‘s fine.”
Ghost’s brows are furrowed, his jaw tensed. But he sits on his bed anyway, crossing his legs as he stares curiously at Soap, like the interaction is nothing as he’s expected.
Which is fair. Because Soap had hoped it wouldn’t be like this, either. He feels stilted in his own movements, tearing his eyes away from Ghost to adjust in his seat and open his journal to a blank page.
“We don’t have to do this,” Ghost says—and why’s he asking that?
“That’s meant to be my line, LT,” Soap teases. His face is flushed, he knows it, but he has to summon what courage had got him here in the first place, if this is meant to be any kind of worth it.
Ghost huffs, shifting his position. His legs fall wider, torso lengthening as he straightens his posture a moment before splaying himself more openly, sitting back on his palms.
“Pretend I’m not here,” Soap says. He forces his gaze back on Ghost and clears his throat. “Or don’t. Jus’… don’t feel like you have to pose.”
Ghost nods. It’s awkward for them both as they’re blanketed by silence, but once Soap finally begins copying life onto his page, the tension begins to ease.
By no means is Ghost’s physique something Soap hasn’t drawn before—so it’s simple, tracing out the basic shapes. It’s mindless, and Soap hardly has to spare Ghost a glance.
It’s the marks and spots and scars that cause him issue, as every pencil stroke demands more detail, more accuracy, more studying of Ghost’s figure. What’s presented as is isn’t enough, so on impulse Soap ventures to move closer, to adjust Ghost as he sees comfortably fit.
He stops a tad too close, a hand outstretched and well within Ghost’s space. His journal as been left on the chair, fanned out and face down on the seat.
“Do you mind?” Soap asks quietly.
Ghost peers up at him through his stupidly blond lashes, dark eyes wide yet clouded over with something inscrutable. He shakes his head.
Soap is finally hesitant despite the permission. Ghost’s skin is warm beneath his fingertips. He’s too easy to manoeuvre, for being the man Soap has always known him to be.
But then Soap makes the mistake of looking back into Ghost’s eyes. Makes the mistake of flicking his gaze to Ghost’s exposed lips.
They’re too close, like this. Soap should step away and return to his sketches. He should be maintaining some semblance of composure even in spite of the situation, the circumstances.
But he doesn’t. And he can’t.
Thinking he’d ever survive something like this without breaking was a mistake.
With great effort, Soap retracts his hand. “I’m sorry.” He rambles, “I’m sorry. This is—wildly inappropriate, sir, and I never should have—“
Ghost seizes his wrist. Soap doesn't get the time to process anything before Ghost is dragging him close again, pulling Soap down to meet his lips.
Soap falls easily into his lieutenant. They slot together naturally as Ghost moves further back onto the bed for Soap to chase after, suddenly craving the sharp scent of gunpowder and whatever eyeblack Ghost had washed off prior to the entire encounter, suddenly wanting to taste every bit of Ghost's lips, his tongue, his mouth.
Ghost's warmth feels more inviting, now. The solidity of his body seems far less intimidating as it had only as a spectator. It somehow takes less courage to explore every dip and curve with Soap's hands as opposed to his pencil.
Ghost is everything Soap has wanted, here and now. And he hadn’t ever realized Ghost had felt the same.
It’s safe to say that Soap's sketches never get finished that night.
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the-ace-with-spades · 4 months
(I don't have the energy to make some cover tiles for this chapter but here it is for the people who read it on tumblr)
5 times Jake crossed paths with Fire Lieutenant Bradshaw and 1 time he met Maverick's son
Part Four | read on ao3
The Officer's Son | 1.6k
Jake is walking down the corridor, steps fast — he’s already late to the pre-flight briefing and Maverick seems laid back but he’s sure even he had limits.
He is marching through the whole building, passing an intersecting corridor and does a double take when he glances to the right. He is sure he’s imagined him, but he still stops mid-step and turns back around, takes a deep breath and he swears he hears Javy’s voice as he struts to his goal, suddenly disinterested in impressing Maverick. Act normal.
Because Bradshaw is standing in the middle of a corridor of NAS North Island.
If this ain’t fate, he doesn’t know what is.
“Didn’t know we had a fire inspection today,” he speaks out and instantly wants to hit his head on the nearby wall.
“Lieutenant,” he says only and then quirks an eyebrow at him, looking at the patch over his heart.  “Or should I say Hangman?”
Bradshaw puts his hand on his hip, cocking it to the side, and Jake bits down on his tongue.
He is wearing the uniform, that’s how Jake’s attention got caught in the first place, the dark blue pants and button up long-sleeved shirt. His broad shoulders are perfectly shaped in the tight fabric, straining to be confined, and the front where the buttons are is so form-fitting Jake could trace his abs with his fingertips.
His ass, finally clearly visible, is nice and round, and he bet he’d fit in Jake’s palm perfectly. The turnouts were sexy but god, he definitely prefers Bradshaw like this — coated in the uniform, buttons fighting on his chest, the SDFD patch on his huge bicep, and B. BRADSHAW in a bright white thread stretched out on his chest.
“Just Jake, for you,” he remarks, sending him a wink.
“Thought it was Jacob,” he says, eyes sparkling innocently, and mentally, Jake swears — he probably knows his middle name, too, just because he saw his driving licence. He needs to make him forget, somehow. “No inspections planned. That’s not my department, anyway.”
“Don’t know about that, you can inspect me any day,” he says and it’s cheesy and not his best shot but Bradshaw is smiling, the apples of his cheeks rounding up as he bites down on his lip.
Sounding amused, he asks, “Has that ever worked for you?”
“I don’t meet that many firefighters — you tell me,” he says as he takes a step closer. He needs to lift his chin to look him in the eyes but it’s so worth it.
The sun from outside, where the planes are standing in neat rows, shines through the window wall, and turns Bradhshaw’s eyes into dark amber, sprinkles of gold shining. He looks at Bradley and he locks their gazes, eyebrows raised lazily as he gives Jake a once over — his eyes go up and down his body and Jake straightens his back, cursing how unflattering the flight suit is.
Bradshaw's gaze is unreadable and Jake feels hot in the face as he clears his throat, every move so smooth, like he's doing all with the purpose of getting Jake more flustered.
It's working, if anything, because Jake's mind is somewhere in the clouds with his jet wash.
“Not much luck then,” Bradshaw tells him, finally, turning to face the elevator, giving his a good view of his side profile, the way his jaw twitches and the curve of his nose not letting Jake look away.
The light is stuck on level three, has been for a while now. 
“It probably broke again,” he remarks, just because he doesn’t know how to keep the conversation going.
“Yeah,” Bradshaw sighs, but the soft quirk of his lips is still there. “I know this model.”
Vaguely, Jake remembers him and his crew being called to elevator rescue right after Jake asked him for his number — which, even the memory makes him cringe.  
“Thought taking the stairs would be more of your thing,” he remarks.
It's a bit cliche but Bradshaw is a firefighter after all and he's goddamn fit. Jake would gladly follow him on the way up the stairs and enjoy every step and curves that would flash in front of him as those tight navy blue pants would stretch in all the right places.
“I only have clearance to go to level four, I can’t open the stairwell."
Jake bites down on the inside of his cheek, curious who Bradshaw is going to — they don’t often have civilians on base, even rarer ones that are allowed into venturing to level four, where most of the admiralty residents. “You have an officer waiting for you?”
“My dad forgot his lunch,” he says, raising up his right arm — Jake hasn’t noticed, but he’s got a thermal bag in his hand, neatly folded between his long fingers. “I’m bringing it in.”
“A bit out of your way,” he notes — Bradshaw’s station is in the north west of San Diego. “I could escort you up.”
“I think I’ll wait.” 
At this point, Jake is sure he’s just playing hard to get. Well, two can play the game — Jake’s never had anything easy in his life so be it.
“Or I could escort you outside,” he offers, voice turning low, thumb pointing behind himself, vaguely towards the rows of jets in the window behind his back. “My jet is right there, ready to be taken for a joyride.”
He doesn't know how he'd actually manage that — he's pretty sure Maverick is laid back enough to not dishonourably discharge him on the spot but he isn't sure he's big enough of Jake's fan to fight his case with Cyclone.
Well, to hell with it.
Bradshaw puts his arm back on his hip and he must be doing it on purpose — his arm looks so huge and his chest is puffed up, like he tries to hover over Jake with all the two inches he has on him. His bicep is so big Jake just wants to drape himself all over it and then maybe get it wrapped all over himself next.
Jake takes a step closer, meeting him headfirst, the dryness of his mouth suddenly so prominent as he can't clear his throat without making a ragged sound.
“Did Nat not tell you?” Bradshaw asks.
His cheeks warm up, feeling as stupid as the moment when Tasha told him Bradshaw’s a commercial pilot in his free time. He tries to not show it — it was a dumb thing but how could he have known? — and instead pretends he doesn’t get what Bradshaw’s getting at. “Tell me what?”
“That I can fly on my own, Lieutenant,” he says, the lazy, smooth voice is back, smudging the vowels on his tongue.
“Not in a fighter jet,” he counters. “I bet you’ve never seen one up close, not to mention sit in one in action.”
The elevator opens.
Bradshaw turns to him, just a little, and shuffles closer on his feet, just a bit, enough that he can feel the warmth of his breath, before he swivels again, gracefully stepping into the elevator compartment as he says, that slow, unbothered voice penetrating Jake's lungs, “You’d be surprised."
Jake makes himself breathe again, blinking the tension out of his body. Tries to play cool, tries to cock his hips out and give him a look from behind his eyelashes, but it all feels so clumsy.
“Hey, the offer is still on. Maybe I’ll even let you pull the stick.”
Bradshaw raises an eyebrow, slowly and pointedly as he licks his lips, and swaps his visitor pass on the key panel. “Which kind?”
Bradley closes the elevator before Jake can step in.
He could catch up with him, take the stairs and meet him on level four, probably, but that is starting to sound stalkerish and obtrusive, even for Jake's asshole methods. Not to mention that he could easily run into Maverick up there or worse — into whichever senior officer that's Bradshaw's father. He doesn't remember seeing Admiral Bradshaw anywhere in the commanding list but he isn't stretching his luck when there's not much of it in the first place.
He goes to the ready room, sits down next to Javy and tries to pretend everything is alright.
Thankfully, Maverick isn’t there yet.
Javy raises his eyebrow, awaiting some explanation. 
“So,” Jake says when Javy doesn’t stop staring at him like that. “Bradshaw—”
“Your firefighter?”
“He’s not—” Javy raises his eyebrow higher. “I saw him, like, ten minutes ago.”
“On base?”
“Yeah,” he confirms, only now encoding what has happened. What he’s learned about Bradshaw. “His dad is an officer, apparently.”
“What? How do you know?”
“He was bringing lunch to someone on level four,” he explains.
Javy’s eyes widen and he whistles under his breath, looking like Jake’s situation is making his day. Amused, he remarks what Jake is mentally panicking about, “So at least senior, maybe flag officer.”
“Oof,” is all Javy adds. “Good luck.”
"It's not like I'm going to meet him again, right?" he says, but he doesn't sound so sure even to his own ears.
Javy doesn't answer anything because Maverick finally walks in and they both stand up at attention.
Maybe it's fate, after all, that he sees Bradshaw everywhere, even here, but even fate runs out of ideas at some point.
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writers-ex · 1 year
itzy reacting to 6th member!reader having a thing for their midriff
requested by anon, let me know what you all think
a/n: sorry i’ve been inactive with asks enjoy my first reaction blurb and i’ll mainly blow up your feed one of these days with your asks but for now enjoy the random reboots and thoughts i’ll post, be sure to rest for me bc i haven’t slept well in like….5 days i think bc college feels like i’ve been here for 5 years when it’s been four days 😭 manifesting sleep and warm tea to everyone tired this week <3
warnings: abdomen riding, being smutty for their abs bc have you seen this?!, teasing, dirty talking, negative body talk, praise, pet names, sooooooo much teasing, getting caught masterbating, thirsting over the girls bc yes they’re hot and i want to this too, itzy x female reader bc yes girls 😍
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"you're what??!" flustered chaeryeong makes you repeat what you just confessed and hugs her stomach in the process, "so…you like my flat tummy then? i-is that why you always buy me crop tops and wear them when we're at the dorms?" nodding she turns red and buries her head in your neck, her mind has so many things running around that she failed to notice your sweaty hands hovering over her exposed stomach, the next few days chaeryeong wears normal or even oversized shirts hiding her stomach until she starts experimenting with different styles of shirt with you around the dorms and in the practice room, the way she stretches herself not breaking eye contact with you, hugging your waist to let your back or hands feel her bare skin, laying on your lap with her shirt up for you to gawk and drool over, overtime chae starts to experiment with your limits watching you slip a hand down inside your pants to relieve some pressure or excusing yourself to the bathroom after a very intense and sweaty dance practice, one particular practice she noticed a pool starting to form near your crotch, staying behind with you after the others went home chaeryeong crawls over, keeping your legs spread open she grips your thighs and pouts, "angel i thought you liked my tummy, why aren't you ever touching or holding it like you used to? did i do something wrong?" "n-no chae!! it's just that-i-you're really testing my limits. i mean there's only so much a person can take in a day…" "but what if i was trying to encourage you to do something about it?" laying down chaeryeong guides you ontop of her stomach and pouts, "i was just shy to the idea at first but now it's growing on me, plus angel i got us alone in a room where i can watch you ride me so…let's make the most of this opportunity and have you cum~" after today chaeryeong definitely made sure to buy a full length mirror for your shared room to let you have more chances to see her and her body at all times but especially when you're riding her <3
"would it be too awkward to say 'ryujin you're so hot i want to ride her abs' or 'marry me ryujin' on her instagram post?" talking aloud to yourself you debate on what comment to type using your fake account knowing full-well that your crush wouldn't read it. "i think the first one is too direct but i'll get the point." yelling you jump and see ryujin peering over your phone. "r-ryujin wh-when did you-" "a few minutes ago right when you started your adoreble rambling~" "o-oh…w-well its all just for fun i-i totally don't have a thing for your abs at-shit." covering your mouth you look at ryujin with wide eyes as her knowing smirk appears.
"oh really?" she's about to ask you more when another member comes to ask you for some help in the kitchen leaving ryujin alone with her thoughts, with time she realizes that your gaze always falls below her eyes and she can't help but smirk at the reaction and thoughts flooding your mind so why not fuel them? she'll randomly come into your shared room with lia shirtless to ask you something or 'look' for those pairs of headphones lia borrowed from her, around the dorm she'll be topless 24/7 to the point that yuna and chae starts complaining to your manager about it, you on the other hand are having the time of your life with your wet dreams prancing around the dorm for you to admire, one day while the others are out with self-promotions you came home early and lay on the couch to rest only to feel something hard press against either side of your body, opening your eyes you see ryujin hovering over you with a hungry look, eyes roaming her body you see yet again that your member is topless and now sweaty probably from practice, "we're finally alone and i want to see how badly you want to ride this smooth midriff before everyone comes home." gulping at her words ryujin pulls you both up so she's laying down and you're on top of her, "you have ten minutes princess" sitting up you pull off your shorts and have the wettest ride of your life :,)
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