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José if he served
This design was inspired by @chris-mclean-has-me-by-the-neck 's josé design! PLEASE go look at her design, it's so scrumptious (the bull necklace design was also inspired by her)
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Michael K. Lavers at The Washington Blade:
The Peruvian government on May 10 published a decree that classifies transgender people as mentally ill. Human Rights Watch on Wednesday noted the country’s Essential Health Insurance Plan that President Dina Boluarte, Health Minister César Vásquez and Economic and Finance Minister José Arista signed references “ego-dystonic sexual orientation.” The decree also notes, among other things, “transsexualism” and “gender identity disorder in childhood. Human Rights Watch in its press release notes the Health Ministry subsequently said it does not view LGBTQ identities as “illnesses.” Peruvian LGBTQ advocacy groups, however, have sharply criticized the decree.
The Peruvian government issued a hateful and bigoted decree that baselessly declares trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people to be “mentally ill.”
See Also:
The Advocate: Rep. Robert Garcia calls out Peru for classifying trans, intersex & nonbinary people as mentally ill
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Hello, I'm very sorry to bother you. I am about to ask a long and possibly ignorant question. If you don't feel comfortable answering or you simply don't want to (it isn't your job to educate other people, I know that) I totally understand it. Just know that I'm coming from lack of knowledge, not lack of respect.
I just saw this post (couldn't find the original one, sorry) and I wanted to clarify. What exactly do you mean intersex people shouldn't been brought up during debates about gender and sex? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that I don't understand.
Everything else in the post, I'm clear about, but when transphobos say shit like "you are biologically either a man or a woman and you cannot change that because you cannot change your chromosomes," I do consider it worth mentioning that biological sex isn't as easy of a topic as they think it is. Human bodies are not always clearly, unquestionably either male or female. And sometimes a person is sure she is clearly, unquestionably female and then, one day when she's 25 years old, she takes a sex verification test for the Olympics and turns out she has XY chromosomes, like María José Martínez Patiño, so chromosomes clearly are a lame excuse for transphobos to use. I'm not gonna give more examples because you probably have heard many at this point and I'm sure you understand intersex topics better than I do, but I think I made clear my point.
If we don't expect all intersex people to live as multigender or nonbinary, then why would someone expect all perisex people to live only as their agab, when we know that everything regarding biological sex (chromosomes, gonads, reproductive system and hormonal production) means nothing when we talk about gender identity?
Again, I'm not trying to say that you're wrong, I just want to understand. Why using an argument like this would be wrong?
hello. out of all the points on that post, this is the one I get challenged on the most, for exactly the points you make — biological sex isn’t binary, it’s bimodal, so talking about intersex people makes sense to a lot of people when they enter these debates. I stand by what I said though
firstly. TERFs, on the most part, don’t see intersex people as intersex. they already have a standard response to this and it’s, “those people just have disorders of sex development, they’re still predominantly either male or female”. TERFs know the cases of intersex athletes very well, and they have ways to talk around it. so, like. this argument doesn’t even work nine times out of ten. it just forces intersex people to see yet more people label them as defective for the sake of a debate
secondly, being used as a gotcha in debates is a microaggression when you consider that it’s usually the only time I see people talk about me and my community. dyadic queer people + allies will acknowledge intersex people exist so they can win a debate, and then never talk about us or think about us again
this is particularly true when these same people will make incredibly intersexist arguments within the same debate
they’ll say things like “nobody’s forcing HRT onto children!” when hi! that happens to intersex kids and teens all the time. they’ll say “cis kids with hormonal disorders get approval for HRT, what’s the difference?” when, again. we’re not “cis kids with hormonal disorders”, we’re intersex people who are forced into unwanted medical treatment all the time
I don’t want my existence used as a debate point if you’re only going to think about me when you can frame it as a zinger or a takedown. I don’t want support because of my position in “the trans debate”, I want support because people actually care about me and my struggles
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Queer & Trans Theory
The New Routledge Companion to Science Fiction
Collaboratively written by the Beyond Gender Research Collective
“In this chapter, we follow Donna Haraway’s assertion that ‘science fiction is political theory’ to read Rivers Solomon’s SF novel The Deep (2019) as and alongside contemporary queer and trans theory. We argue that queer science fiction is not simple escapism, but a tool for refashioning the self and the present. Queer and trans writers and artists are not fleeing from the world as much as they are reshaping it by crafting science-fictional worlds which defy the stultifying norms of hetero- and cis-normativity. These re-imaginings of the self and communities are intertwined with the embodied reality of queer experience, and Solomon’s novel exemplifies sf’s ability to grapple with the various facts and fictions used to police queer and trans lives, such as the purported primacy of biological sex and kinship. Articulated in three interconnected sections, our chapter first uses Elizabeth Freeman’s concept of ‘temporal drag’ to find a purposeful re-writing and mythmaking in Solomon’s work that counters the violence of white supremacy. We then turn, via the work of Alexis Pauline Gumbs, to examine Solomon’s rejection of the natural world as an implicitly heteronormative realm. Instead, faer embraces the many parthenogenetic, intersex, polymaternal and decidedly non-normative creatures of the deep. Lastly we find in Solomon’s rejection of heteronormative kinship an imagining of collective being and reproduction that resonates with Sophie Lewis’s concept of amniotechnics and José Esteban Munoz’s vision of queer utopia. Finally, we turn outward to suggest that Solomon’s The Deep is not a static text, but one that constantly invites its reader to transform the story – and possibly, the world."
Editors: Mark Bould, Andrew Butler, & Sherryl Vint
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No hay población que sea más discriminada en los últimos años que la población conservadora, indica Carballo
San José, 27 jun – La diputada de la Unidad Social Cristiana, María Marta Carballo, criticó el proyecto 23.809, presentado por la diputada del Frente Amplio, Priscilla Vindas, Ley de reconocimiento de identidades trans, no binarias, de género diverso e intersex. Carballo señaló que “yo respeto a todo ser humano, no comparto algunas cosas pero… No hay población que sea más discriminada en los…
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Maria José Martínez-Patiño
Gender: Female
Sexuality: N/A
DOB: 10 July 1961
Ethnicity: White - Spanish
Occupation: Former prof athletics athlete, writer, activist
Note: Is Intersex
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Florencio Pla Meseguer, born in 1917, and known as La Pastora, was a shepherd who fought in the resistance against Francisco Franco.
He was intersex, but his parents declared him female. The reason given is different from account to account, some say his father was worried military service would be embarrassing for him, and others say his mother didn't want him to face discrimination.
In an interview in the book "Teresa / Florencio Pla Meseguer "La Pastora". Del monte al mito," by José Calvo Segarra, he says:
When I was born, they put my female name on the parish register, because it was evident that I was not normal, and no one really understood whether I was male or female.
“At least a female must not go as a soldier. A male gets undressed for the visit, and who knows what a shame it would be to be seen like this”. She was thinking of me, my poor mother.
Then he says:
"(…) Do you mean if I felt like a man?
Later, yes, when I was older, and it made me feel bad that everyone saw me as a woman. But back then, as a young girl, I didn't want to think about it and didn't think about it.
I was me, and I was made as I was made. I couldn't choose. I had never chosen anything since I was born, not even a small thing. Never. Could I have chosen the way I was made? I had to take myself as I was and peace. (…)"
And again, when the commander of the partisans came to ask him if he wanted to join:
"Pastora, what are you planning to do?"
Some nights, when we had been drinking, I had told him that I felt more like a man than a woman.
My mother used to say that I was female and I stayed female, but I have everything men have: my strength, my beard, my way of doing things, my wickedness. But people see malice everywhere.
“Because they are ignorant, Pastora, because the fascists who have won the war don't care that people learn, it's better for them all to remain donkeys. What they want is for everything to remain the same, for the poor to break their backs to work, for them not to know how to read, because revolutions are made with books ”.
But what do books matter if people laugh at me?
"They matter, Pastora, matter. In the party, they teach you that people, all people, have dignity and deserve respect, and this is learned in books, there you learn freedom. "
Throughout his life, people were invasive of his genitalia, up to a real episode where he was forced to strip to see "what he was hiding under the skirt.":
"(…) But I'm from here and everyone laughs at me, and they want to see what I have between my legs, only by frightening them have I managed to stay in peace. It's hard, Catalán, a whole life like this. (…)".
And later, when he's asked to join the partisan group and he refuses because he can't fight in petticoats, there's this conversation:
“Didn't I tell you that everyone in the guerrilla is whatever they want? Do you feel like a man, Pastora?".
"Yes," I told him, and looked at the ground as I said it.
“So you'll be. Come with me to my sister's house tonight. She'll cut your hair and dress you like a man. And Teresa can go fuck herself, do you understand? Fuck her! ".
He said that while he was hiding with his companion in the mountains, he thought this:
I kept going, in the mountains there is always a lot to do and I wasn't bored.
I was just sorry I didn't have any sheep with me. I missed the sheep, perhaps because they were the only thing someone like me could miss.
At night we would come to mind many things in my life. I thought I'd missed what everyone had, children and a wife. That I had worked like a beast. That joining the partisans had been good for many reasons, bad for others.
Nice because I had found real companions, because I was finally able to be a man. Because I had learned to read.
Bad because the revolution didn't happen in the end and because the things I had learned hurt my heart.
Now I knew what the dignity of the person was, I knew that we have rights and what exploitation is. And all of this made me think my life had been shit, without anything a man should have.
I imagined what it would have been like if it had gone differently. If my mother hadn't been ashamed of me and she hadn't forced me to be a woman. If I could have gone to school. It hurt my heart to think about it at night, locked inside the cave.
And then I would take the blanket and go out into the open air, lie down and look at the sky, as when I was a shepherd. If it was clear and you could see the stars, I already felt better.
His companion Francisco (I'm not sure if he was his lover or just his comrade.) was killed in the resistance, and Florencio served 17 years in prison.
When he was released, he lived in a small hut with two dogs. It seems he legally changed his name in 1980, approved because of the fact that the urologist and gynecologist that visited him to decide which prison he should be put in, had decided his anatomy was that of a man. He died in 2004.
Obviously, I won't put a label on him, since he was intersex it'd be wrong to declare he was trans, or cis for that matter. I'm only using he/him pronouns because it would feel disrespectful to read all the excerpts where he mentions feeling like a man, and then referring to him as she/her. Besides he used he/him pronouns to refer to himself as well,
However, his experience is very close to transmascs, and obviously to other intersex people, so I wanted to share this story. I think the language he uses to express his identity is the closest to what trans people use nowadays.
He's also described as a "monstrous woman" in articles reporting about his life, and a "lesbian with criminal tendencies.", which is why I'm tagging this as transandrophobia, not because I'm labeling him as transmasc.
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Chay, hello! Can you recommend me some books or articles or Instagram people or a way to start to learn about gender? I want to educate myself but I’m not too sure where to start. Thanks xx💖
hello dear!! hope you're having a lovely day, these are some sources but there are more out there ofc, hope they can be of useful!!
Sex Redefined: The Idea of 2 Sexes Is Overly Simplistic
The Future of Sex and Gender in Psychology: Five Challenges to the Gender Binary
Definitions Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in APA Documents
What Does It Really Mean to Be Queer?
The Gay ABCs of LGBT and All about pronouns!
Cisgender Privilege Checklist
Alok Vaid-Menon Tells Us What It's Like To Be Femme In Public also follow their instagram
Challenging the Gender Binary with Alok Vaid-Menon
How To Shake Up Gender Norms
Transgender 101: A folder of resources on transgender and nonbinary identities.
Let’s Learn about Intersex.
What’s the DNA of Desire? How the “born this way” narrative of identity is holding the queer community back.
The invention of ‘heterosexuality’
Key Terms
Gopinath, Gayatri. Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures.
Quare’ Studies, or (Almost) Everything I Know About Queer Studies I Learned from My Grandmother
There Is No Perfect Word: A Transgender Glossary of Sorts
Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability by Robert McRuer
Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics by José Esteban Muñoz
also some useful links from a queer theory course I have taken a while ago!
List of Queer and Genderqueer Literature
Queering Religion:
Reform Judaism and LGBT equality https://reformjudaism.org/jewish-views-lgbt-equality
LGBTQ affirming mosques: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/affirming-mosques-help-gay-muslims-reconcile-faith-sexuality-n988151
LGBTI Hindus: https://www.galva108.org/
LGBTQ Mormons https://affirmation.org/
LGBTQI Catholics https://www.dignityusa.org/
Metropolitan Community Church, https://www.mccchurch.org/.
Olivares, Xorje. Queer Sex and Spirituality Can Coexist — LGBTQ+ People of Faith Tell All. https://www.them.us/story/queer-and-religious
Queer/Religion: http://sfonline.barnard.edu/queer-religion/
Queer Theology: https://www.queertheology.com/
Queer in Faith: https://queerinfaith.com/
Zainab. Queer Muslim Women Reflect On Navigating Their Faith and Sexuality: https://www.them.us/story/queer-muslim-women
Knoll, Benjamin (2016). Youth Suicide Rates And Mormon Religious Context: An Additional Empirical Analysis. Dialogue, Summer 2016. https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Knoll4902.pdf
if someone would like to add more please feel free to do so <3
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“Gender Testing” in sports is and always have been about intersex people.
The whole thing started in the games in Berlin 1936 (the ones in Nazi Germany in case you didn’t know) targeting Stanisława Walasiewicz (aka Stella Walsh) an intersex woman, and AFAB intersex athletes Mark Weston (born Mary Louise Edith Weston) and Zdeněk Koubek (born Zdena Koubková).
Later examples famous examples were Heinrich Ratjen (born Dora Ratjen) AFAB intersex man, Foekje Dillema an intersex woman, Ewa Kłobukowska another intersex woman, Erik Schinegger (born Erika Schinegger) AFAB intersex man, Maria José Martínez-Patiño intersex woman. Even this century we have:Pratima Gaonkar an intersex woman (who killed herself after failing the sex test), Santhi Soundarajan, Dutee Chand, and of course Caster Semenya, all of them intersex women of color
So clearly, “sex testing” or “gender testing” has never been about “fairness” or “protecting females” it’s about policing intersex people’s bodies
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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️⚧ for the phantom smp oc! I would to know more about them!
So for Evelyn, she uses she/her pronouns (although Enderians don't really have gender), she is a cis, asexual lesbian also.
Kenny uses all pronouns, that means he's Genderfluid and she's pansexual as well.
Henry is a trans gay man who uses he/him pronouns.
Ellie: asexual. Demi-girl. She/they 
Leon Kelly: pansexual. Intersex. He/they
Edison: apothisexual. Agender. They/them
Jade Boone: bisexual. Non-binary. They/them 
Franky Holmes: lesbian. Demi-girl. She/they
Jordan Blackwell: asexual aromatic. Questioning. Uses he/him
Cyris Travis: gay. Trans male. He/they
Jackson: gay. Demi-boy. He/they
Adrian: lesbian. Trans female. She/her
Björn: pansexual. Cis male. He/him
Sadie: bisexual. Cis female. She/her
Aria: bisexual. Non-binary. They/them
Alice: lesbian. Cis  female. she/her pronouns
Ambre: bisexual. Trans demi-girl, she/they.
Alphonse: bisexual. Cis male. He/him
Louis: gay. Cis male. He/him.
Baylee: asexual lesbian. Trans female. She/her
Jayda: lesbian. Trans female. She/her
Milonia: bisexual. Non-binary, they/them.
"Missy": nblw. Non-binary, they/them.
Greta Lemmer: asexual. Gender fluid, uses all pronouns.
Amadou Dubost: bisexual. Demigirl, she/they
José Soldado: pansexual. Non-binary. They/them pronouns.
Elbert White: gay. Trans man, he/him pronouns.
Arthur Hydrus: pansexual. gender fluid, all pronouns.
Lyco: omisexual. Intersex. He/him
Ophelia: lesbian. Cis female. She/her
Louis Jones: gay. Trans male. He/him
Alfie Meyer: asexual. Non-binary. They/them
Lydia Castex: lesbian. Demigirl. She/they
Bernadette Arnoldi: pansexual. Trans woman. She/her
Rocio Arán: asexual aromatic. Cis female. She/her.
I just started copying and pasting from a Google doc I had already made because it would've taken a while for me to type it out.
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todaviia · 3 years
i see so much discussion about dsd athletes now bc of Caster Semenya going to the european court of human rights and it's just insanely weird to me how most of the discussion centers about whether it's fair or not in the context of sports (which I think is an absolutely complex conversation and I think on the whole it's impossible to deny that women with XY chromosomes have a measurable advantage in competitions with women with XX chromosomes - whether or not that should be grounds to exclude them from the competition is a different question)
but what basically none of those articles mention is the discussion of whether or not discussing athletes sex/gender publicly like this is fair in the context of life.
like apart from it ending her professional sports career, non-consensually "outing" Annet Negesa as intersex literally lead to her having to flee Uganda (where she was basically persecuted as a homosexual man) and claim asylum in Germany. In the 1980s, Maria José Martínez-Patiño lost her university scholarship (and was left by her fiance) for the same reason. Santhi Soundarajan was discriminated against for jobs and driven to a suicide attempt. Caster Semenya, Margaret Wambui, Dutee Chand, Francine Niyonsaba and more are exposed to incredibly humiliating and dehumanising medical procedures and public discussion about their bodies and intimate medical info.
like the discussion here really shouldn't be whether it's a human right to compete in sports in a way that gives you a chance at winning a medal (it isn't, neither for intersex nor for non-intersex athletes), it's about how nobody should have a right to enforce gender...
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Tumblr media
Shitpost I did based off a convo with @chris-mclean-has-me-by-the-neck
(Stanley belongs to her)
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viperpoisondark · 4 years
Hello!!! Here are some headcanons from the Ducktales characters (not all because there are so many and I'm lazy) that no one asked for, but I did it anyway
♡ Huey- Demisexual, Biromantic
♡ Dewey- Asexual, Panromantic, Non-Binary (uses He / Him and They / Them)
♡ Louie- Gay and Trans !!! (ftm)
♡ Webby- Lesbian and Trans (mtf) (has a huge crush on Lena)
♡ Lena- Lesbian, Demiromantic and Agender (shadows have no gender) (They / Them and She / Her)
♡ Violet- Asexual and Aromantic (too busy being smart and wonderful to care about that)
♡ Boyd- Questioning and Demiboy
♡ Scrooge- Biromantic, Asexual and Trans
♡ Della- Les-bi-an !!
♡ Donald- Trans !! (he helps Louie with it) (just like Scrooge helped him), Bi-bi-bi and Polyamorous
♡ Gladstone- Asexual, Aromantic (Because he brings me these vibes and because I want to)
♡ Fethry- Non-binary (Any pronoun is fine, but it's usually He / They or They / Them), Homo of sexual, Pure-of-Heart
♡ Launchpad- Pan-of-sexual and Dumb-of-ass
♡ Beakley- Polyssexual !!!!
♡ Panchito- Trans and muy gay !!
♡ José- Pansexual, Genderfluid, and likes to Drag (a lot)
♡ Nestor- Very gay, thank you! And very tired
♡ Standard- Bisexual
♡ Afonsinho- Trans, Asexual and Demiromantic
♡ Rosinha- ​​Lesbian !!!!
♡ Zico- Aromantic, Bisexual, Intersex
♡ Zeca- Biromantic, Asexual, Intersex
♡ Owson- Pansexual (because I love her !!!!!)
♡ Mark Beaks- Gay (but not assumed) and a jerk
♡ Glomgod- Straight (and a total idiot)
♤♤ The whole Duck-Mcduck family, along with Webby and Beakley go to the parade and Scrooge gives money to the kids, but they have to pay it back !! And Scrooge helps with LGBT + campaigns and has some LGBT + bars and clubs ♤♤
♤♤ Scrooge will deny until death, but he was the one who paid for Gyro, Fenton and Donald's surgery, and will definitely pay for Louie's ♤♤
♤♤ Drake and Lauchpad date and Gos is bothering Drake about the wedding ♤♤
♤♤ Zé, Chito and Donal are dating, but they had to separate for a while for Donald to take care of the boys, they talk every night and send a direct message ♤♤
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revolutionrosen · 6 years
Tumblr media
Content Notice: References to intersex surgeries and other anti-intersex (dyadist) violence. End of Content Notice. Image Text: Intersex Experiences in the United States [by] Tena Gordon (tagged as @reformistrevolutionaryrose) [of] Eastern Florida State College. Word count=1,747. End of Image Text. Part 9: REFERENCES Achuthan, Asha. 2002. “Darmiyaan … Search for an In-between.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 3(3):419–36. doi: 10.1080/1464937022000037534. Ammaturo, Francesca Romana. 2016. “Intersexuality and the ‘Right to Bodily Integrity’.” Social & Legal Studies 25(5):591–610. doi:10.1177/0964663916636441. Callahan, Gerald N. 2009. Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes. Chicago: Chicago Review Press. Carrera, María Da Victoria, Renée DePalma, and Maria Lameiras. 2012. “Sex/Gender Identity: Moving Beyond Fixed and ‘Natural’ Categories.” Sexualities 15(8):995–1016. doi:10.1177/1363460712459158. Cooper, Emily J. 2010. “Gender Testing in Athletic Competitions - Human Rights Violations: Why Michael Phelps is Praised and Caster Semenya is Chastised.” Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, 14(1):233-264. (http://link.galegroup.com.db02.linccweb.org/apps/doc/A258446000/AONE?u=lincclin_ bcc&sid=AONE&xid=0ccd951d) Davis, Heath Fogg. 2017. Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? New York: New York University Press. Elliott, Carl. 1998. “Why Can't We Go on as Three?” The Hastings Center Report 28(3):36–39. doi: 10.2307/3528649. Gregorio, I. W. 2015. None of the Above. New York: Balzer Bray. Ha, Nathan Q., Shari L. Dworkin, María José Martínez-Patiño, Alan D. Rogol, Vernon Rosario, Francisco J. Sánchez, Alison Wrynn, and Eric Vilain. 2014. “Hurdling Over Sex? Sport, Science, and Equity.” Archives of Sexual Behavior 43(6):1035–42. doi: 10.1007/s10508-014-0332-0. Hill, B. Jessie. 2015. "Constituting Children's Bodily Integrity." Duke Law Journal 64(7):1328-362. Academic OneFile (link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A417473468/AONE?u=lincclin_bcc&sid=AONE&xid=a1 d682fe). End of Part 9. Hashtags: #intersex #stopIGM #intersexstoriesnotsurgeries #protectintersexkids End of Hashtags.
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185bdartcollection · 5 years
Tumblr media
Pearl Bailey
Vaginal Davis
Vaginal Creme Davis revolutionized drag in the 1970′s with what queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz called “terrorist drag”. He states,” ‘terrorist’ insofar as she is performing the nation's internal terrors around race, gender, and sexuality...Davis's political drag is about creating an uneasiness in desire, which works to confound and subvert the social fabric. At the center of all of Davis's cultural productions is a radical impulse toward cultural critique.” Davis contended with their identity as an intersex mixed-race individual in their drag performances as well as in the many DIY punk projects that they took on including multiple punk bands that contended with mainstream society. 
Davis’s more recent works like the one above are still queering and contending with mainstream ideas of what is correct and incorrect. This series of works are done on a canvas the size of an index card using beauty products to create abstract depictions of forgotten celebrities. Above, she uses  watercolor paper, nail varnish, glycerin, witch hazel, mascara, eyebrow pencil, Jean Nate perfume, Afro Sheen hair conditioner, hair spray, and pomade. 
Davis’s work uses humor and shock to critique every level of identities, hers and others, that has created a world in which strangeness is ostracized. 
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yourdailyqueer · 5 years
Hey, I was wondering if you could offer any queer YouTube rs to watch other than Mac and Miles. Thank you!
I don’t follow a lot of queer Youtubers but check out the following below. Do note a lot of drag artists from Drag Race are listed because they have Youtube channels now. Be aware these are only the Youtubers that have been posted and not ones in queue or drafts.
Charlie Christina Martin
Elena Genevinne
Michelle Hendley
Harrison Browne
Ophelia Pastrana
Miles McKenna
Schuyler Bailar
Emma Ellingsen
Narcissa Wright
Jazz Jennings
Kovu Kingsrod
Gigi Gorgeous
Aaron Ansuini
Elliot Fletcher
Corey Maison 
Angela Vanity
Ryan Cassata
Nicole Ramos
Nikita Dragun
Skylar Kergil
Natalie Wynn
Jamie Raines
Kdin Jenzen
Siri Lehland
Trinity Anne
Laith Ashley
Stef Sanjati
Sam Collins
Kat Blaque
Alex Bertie
Mila Jam
Non binary
Sebastian Columbine
Shiva Raichandani
Kaitlyn Alexander
Chandler Wilson
Brendan Jordan
Thomas Halbert
Madison Paige
Jake Edwards
Annie Segarra
Chris Crocker
Milo Stewart
Jazmin Bean
Ash Hardell
Chella Man
Jude Karda
Kevin Ninh
Dani Shay
B. Scott
Cameron Deacon - John Deacon from Queen’s son
Jim Sterling
Daniel Howell
Anna Akana
Rowan Ellis
Jeffery Star
Ari Fitz
Scott Hoying
Ty Turner
Pedro Álvarez - Spanish speaking
Austin and Aaron Rhodes
The Shirtless Violinist
Nina Bo'nina Brown
Eugene Lee Yang
Zander Hodgson
Lucas Cruikshank
Lasizwe Dambuza
Michael Buckley
Greyson Chance 
Jaymes Mansfield 
Thomas Sanders
Greyson Chance
Raymond Braun
Reuben Mourad
Michael Pavano 
David K. Smith 
Jordan Doww
Jack Merridew
Tuure Boelius
Matthew Lush 
Bretman Rock
Cameron Cole
Nick Crompton
Ryland Adams
Max Emerson
Bilal Hassani
Garrett Watts 
Robert White 
Elijah Daniel
Manny MUA
Matt Dallas
Idan Matalon 
Joey Graceffa
Isaiah Larkin
James Butler
Mitch Grassi
Bryan Odell
Wayne Goss
Trixie Mattel
Allan Alvarez
Troye Sivan
Pabllo Vittar
Tyler Oakley
Kimora Blac
Craig Dillon
Jack Baran 
Tom Daley
Ben Hunte
Phil Lester
Sam Tsui 
Rich Lux
María José Garzón
Shannon Beveridge
Cassandra Bankson
Dr Sally Le Page
Cammie Scott
Christel Dee
Ingrid Nilsen
Hannah Hart
Rose Dix
Snow Tha Product
Claire Margaret Corlett
Harris “Harry” Brewis
Rosie Spaughton
Andrea Russett
Shane Dawson
Tana Mongeau
Harmony Nice
Janet Devlin
Mikey Bustos
Nicole Pacent
Daniela Calle
Alex Elmslie
Jessie Paege
Sammy Paul
Bree Essrig
Oliver Thorn - Great for philosophy
Lindsay Ellis
Mark Ferris
Gaby Dunn
Meg Turney
Dodie Clark 
Jon Cozart
Lilly Singh
Elle Mills
Asexual spectrum
Evan Edinger - He reblogged his post
Julie Sondra Decker
Vesper (QueerAsCat)
Connie Glynn
Yasmin Benoit
Caligo Bastet
Ricky Dillon
Amythest Schaber
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