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oatmealcrisp-freak · 2 days
One time after hearing the daycare moms talk about sitting up straight, Kazuki tells Miri to correct her posture and scolds Rei for setting a bad example since he slouches. He has to spend the next 3 days helping Rei process the trauma flashbacks.
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bluryyyblu · 3 days
Tumblr media
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imkrisyoung · 2 days
Yes, it’s good to “love your neighbor as yourself”, but that doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you, or letting them get away with hurting someone else.
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cursebrkr · 10 hours
Lucien coming to some random IC gathering/dinner and Elain deciding to wear a dress that's a rich orange/copper/golden colour. She's always wearing some type of a Night Court muted pastel colour but not this time. He's speechless. Later they sit next to each other at the dinner table. When one of them angles their body to tell the other something, it feels like they're transported to a different place, one where it's warm and light, one that only the two of them share together, and everyone else dissappears in the background as if muted by the contrast.
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Begging yall to keep Pigsy's characterization in your freenoodles content
Yes, he's a sweetheart and madly in love with Tang, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still a grumpy middle aged man and Will React As Such. More grumpy middle aged man Pigsy characterization please, it's very important
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The bluest sky washes
Over my mind, thoughts
Grow wings, racing to claim
The clouds, unraveling through
Spaces I become the silver line...................
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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piss3dgnfoff · 3 months
the stupid ass parallels to among us near the middle of Glass Onion is so perfect and fitting for a dumb mystery created by a rich egomaniac fool.
spoilers btw
i dont think ive seen any posts on it but; the lights going out just like the game, all the characters trying to find who the ‘imposter’ is and blanc dubbing the main room as a meeting room, so that the others can “call a meeting” like the game. When Blanc “finds” “helens” body they go back to said meeting room to discuss LIKE THE GODDAMN GAME!!!
i know the lights going out and the gun going off was to show how unimaginative and fake and stupid miles is with his murders and schemes but it was a nice call back to the start of the film.
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ilivelikeimtrying · 1 month
Ok, so thought:
It was shown in "You Got Served" that Leo can't make something as simple as toast to save his life,
Tumblr media
but! In the episode, it's shown that he can cook, he can at least make finger foods and pizza
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And we see in TMNT 2012 in one ep Leo can cook a bit too (he makes noodles), so here's my concept:
Leo can't make simple shit to make his life because that's such a Leo thing, but he can make bigger or more complicated foods.
So imagine this.
Leo fucking burns like, crackers, sets cereal on fire, and messes up toast.
But then can make an Alfredo, or even a kaffekuchen and Mikey is fucking suffering because "HOW!?!"
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smurphyse · 10 months
If you don't think that fanfic writers get attached to their commenters and repeat commenters... you're crazy.
There's people who comment on my stories, disappear for months at a time, then comment when they catch up and I almost always remember their tagnames. It means the WORLD to me as a writer to have people who comment both regularly and irregularly on my stories/oneshots/moodboards.
When you guys go away for a few weeks or months... we notice! We hope you're okay and just taking a break, and when you come back rested and excited to read more stories, we're so happy to have you back.
So yes, please comment on stories even if it's once in a blue moon. You're not annoying, you're not overbearing for multiple comments or being super excited. You're helping fuel a writer to keep writing just to see what you have to say next about the next chapter! You're doing the Lord's work with your comments!
Whether you leave a Russian novel in a comment, or just go "noice", like... it makes the writer brain go !!!!!!💞
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anonymousdandelion · 3 months
Occurs to me that Christian cultural hegemony can be pretty well encapsulated by the fact that it is normal for people to say "Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate," and it is normal for many of those same people to say, "Merry Christmas, everyone!"
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royalhandmaidens · 6 months
idk how people think harassing hijabis on social media somehow helps the situation in iran but that’s not it, my friends
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mikkeneko · 1 year
if there's one self-care skill I really wish fans would develop -- especially fans of continuing media, where you get into a thing before it’s finished -- it's the ability to say "this is no longer the story I wanted it to be" and walk away
(and I am not exempting myself from this! there are definitely periods in my past media engagement which would have been less negative for my mental health if I’d been able to do this, rather than banging my head in increasing frustration as the story veered further and further away from what I had always thought its arc was supposed to be.)
you gotta marie kondo this shit. if the story no longer sparks joy for you, then let it go. and you can grieve for that! that loss of potential, that happiness you might once have had with it. you can be frustrated and sad and bitch about it in your group chat. but you have to let it go.
because the alternative is trying to force the creator to change course to comply with your  vision and historically? the success rate of that is very, very low, and far more statistically likely to result in the destruction of the thing entirely. which might sound tempting and satisfying in those moments of frustration but in the end, honestly, is not going to make you any happier. (and is definitely  going to make other people  unhappier.)
what will make you happier is finding some other story that is more like what you wanted. because it’s a vast vast world out there, and people are creating stories and media faster than ever. yes, even queer media, yes, even PoC driven/led media. no one person will ever be able to consume them all. find something out there that brings you joy, that is the story you wanted. and the rest? let go.
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bluryyyblu · 12 days
Tumblr media
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mariorsomething · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a thought (1/3)
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Starting to headcanon that wearing the cloak all the way from the mask down like Dreamers do is not a common way to wear it but that it's more like "prepping the dead for a burial" kind of deal, like a ceremonial thing
Masks will never be covered since they seem to hold importance but a good chunk of the body bellow is a must
Makes me think if the statues of the dead were suppose to represent that, cloaks usually used to wrap bodies like cocooning them for eternal rest but leaving the mask on the face for individual recognition
Dreamers weren't wrapped since they aren't traditionally buried
Edit: Added images with explanations in couple of different reblogs you can see in the notes
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owttka · 5 months
If she puts her fingers in your mouth while she rides you, you're her slut now.
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