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joytri · 11 hours
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I am a writer. I love to write.
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theplottery · 1 day
How to write shippable characters
How to write a romance between characters that your readers will ship. I’m such a wimp for a good slow-burn romance, the pain of shipping is always so much better than actually seeing the couple get together. Anyone else?
Might you be rushing into the romance between your main book couple?
If you want your audience to care for the couple as much as you do, you need to take the time to get them there. Here are some tips →
💜 What makes them them?
Writing shippable characters depends largely on who these characters are as individuals.
You need to make sure that both of your characters can stand tall on their own, and that they’re both interesting enough for your readers to care for them.
If they don’t care for the characters themselves, why would they care for them as a couple?
💜 What makes them different?
Crafting that spark between characters shouldn’t just come from sexual tension or romantic attraction, but also a deeper level of connection.
What is it that makes the romantic interest different from the other people in that character’s life? Do they just understand them better? Do they listen? Do they make them feel comfortable?
💜 Is there a source of hesitation?
Hesitation and personal obstacles can be a game-changer when it comes to creating shippable romances. The characters may feel the attraction and the connection, but is there anything holding them back from pursuing it?
If they go for it, despite the thing that holds them back, sparks will fly.
💜 Do they go through the stages?
Hitting romantic beats in a story is so important if you’re trying to get your readers to actually care for and root for this couple. This means that you don’t just rush into them getting together, and that you allow for time apart.
Think about your characters as individuals, and allow them to process this new potential love in their own time. Let them react, let them hesitate, let them draw back, let them be unsure.
When something matters so much, it often brings up a lot more complex emotions than just having a crush.
Want a more organised approach to your writing?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grab The Writer's Toolboox through [the link here] or below!
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humapkehaikaun · 3 days
Jin pyaar ke usool ko mai leke chali, wo aajkal ke zamaane mein fit nahi hote❤️‍🩹
The harsh reality of today's world is that ..where love is just a game .. A game where people played with someone emotions .
They talked someone for few months and then they wants him or her on the bed. Where everything is for showoff, hashtag cute couple, hashtag made for each other...
And then the reality hits.. The person you are trying to reach is talking to someone else .. And reality hits too hard when You can't connect with this user because you are blocked...
This is the truth of today's world where everything is just a clickbait .. You see someone you like.. You want to date.. Then you realize this is not meant for me...
In this era I need someone who prefers old school love. The handwritten letters with the postage stamp, the novel with the hidden rose inside, the fragrance of the love you left behind with the eager of pleasure and pain that we gonna meet soon..... Dancing in the rain and listening the song on the radio.. When light cuts off and you gonna make it a candle date..
Where everything is just temporary I need my permanent old school love.
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irishhappiness · 2 days
Feeling of loneliness - Part 1
Summary : Steve Rogers, famous CEO of Green Change decide to use the service of the agency that you work for while visiting NY. He paid five nights for you to be at his side.
Pairing : CEO Steve Rogers x Plus size Female Sex Worker Reader
Word Count : 2709
Warnings : The incorrect knowledge of sex worker, Smut, fingering, P in V, oral (F receiving), - Minors please don’t interact . If you see anything else, don’t hesitate to tell me;
A/N : I didn’t do a research to know how the sex workers work. Please keep that in mind while reading.
Moodboard to come and replace the gif. Steve doesn't have a tattoo but it's the sweetness that makes the gif accurate. You'll see.
Tumblr media
You were almost there. Three more steps and you will finally meet one of the person that you admire the most in this world. It felt surreal. What was he doing here and how was it possible that he chose you ? He could have anyone he wants. Why was he even using the agency that you were working for was a mystery. You hoped you will have an answer. You just hoped that you will not be disappointed when you will have it. You stopped in front of the door, taking three deep breaths before knocking. Less than five second later, you were met by his tall stature and his blue eyes. You looked at him and he let you enter. He checks that nobody is watching before closing the door.
Steve is nervous. He never done this in his life. He never used an escort agency before. Well escort is not the full truth here. He would be using you mostly for your body and your presence. He tried to not think to much about it. He always has been a gentleman and he felt like he wasn’t going to be one anymore. He just wanted to avoid complicated in finding someone for a night or a week. He didn't want to appear in a magazine just for having a sex life or because someone talked to much. The agency was the perfect plan.
He let you walk to the living room of his suite. He looks at you for a moment, observing you. You don’t seem baffled by who he is, and he likes it. In general, people in his presence were clingy and trying either to have money or just have something from him. He wasn’t use of this kind of treatment. Maybe you didn’t know who he was. That would explain a lot.
" Good evening, Do you know who I am ? "
" Hello. The all country knows who you are Mr Rogers. "
You turned to look at him. It took you all your courage to not fangirl over him. You knew who he was and was using his products as much as possible. You were here for a job and you intended to do so without being involved in anything.
" But don't be mistaken. That doesn't mean that you can threat me like I am inferior to you. I might be working for you right now but I a still an human being. You cross the lines and I am out. It doesn't matter how much you are paying or who you are. Understood ? "
" Yes, Madam. "
" Good. So, I am yours for five nights. From eight to seven. If you need me earlier or later; just call the agency and they will give you the tariff and tell you if I am free. "
Normally, he knew all of this. The agency always made it clear. It’s not because they were paying that they had all the power. If something went wrong, it was the girls safety first. However, if they behave, nobody will ever know that they were a client in the first place. Both reputations were at stake.
" Well noted. "
" What to you want me to do for you tonight, mister Rogers "
He approaches you slowly. Towering over you while his eyes stay on you. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the second. You tried to find back you breathing. He was intimidating, not because he seemed mean but because he was so much taller and larger than you.
" Please, call me Steve. Mister Rogers is for the outside world, for work. "
He touches your cheek.
" For tonight, I just want you to be my good girl. Can you do that for me ? "
" Yes, I can be your good girl Steve. "
You take his tie and play with it. You got lost in his blue eyes. God, he was even more handsome in person. You were acting tough for him but you knew inside of you that you will do anything that he will want you to do. * Keep it together girl. *
You started to walk backward toward the bed. You kept his tie in your hand for him to follow you. When your knees find the bed, you undo his tie. You take your time but never break eye contact. You unbutton his shirt and caress his chest. He turns you. He find the zip of your dress and slowly push it done. Your dress fell at your feet and he can see your black lingerie; the one that you just bought for him. His lips move near your ear.
"You are so beautiful."
He caresses your body. His left hand stops just on top of your tanga while his other stays on your belly.
" Can I touch you ? "
You smiled. Even if he was paying you to have sex, he seemed still unsure of what he could do to you.
" Yes Steve, you can. I am here for your pleasure. Just no bruises and always condoms, that's it. "
" Thank you. "
He kisses your neck before moving his hand under the band of your lingerie. He inserts a finger inside you while he grabs your breast. You moaned at his touch. He starts to work you up. Your head fall on his chest. Moans escape your lips when you feel him going faster. He seems pleased with you and add another finger. You bite your lips. You take the hand that massage your breast to make it squeeze it harder. You feel yourself getting closer and closer as you grip his tight, letting your nails pierce him.
" Steve..."
His name is just a murmur. He could make you scream his name right now but you want to keep this for later. He fasten again, knowing exactly where to hit. He can feel your body jerk against his every time that he touches your spot. He feels your walls clench around his fingers.
" Come on my fingers Y/N. "
You do as he says. You weren't sure you could wait anyway. He let his fingers play a bit more with you before he takes them in his mouth.
"You taste exquisite."
Slowly, he removes your lingerie before he turns you to face him. He let his hands discover your body. He was taking his time to see where you felt the most sensitive. He kisses you and you put your hands around his neck. He pushes you onto the bed and still looks at you with such pleasure. He starts to kiss your body, letting his tongue trace your curves. You touch his cheek to make him look at you. You speak to him softly.
" Steve, I am the one that is supposed to make you feel good. "
He came back to you, bearing his eyes into yours. He takes one of your hands to put it on his bulge. He moves it for you to rub him.
" Pleasing you makes me feel really good. "
You smile. You could feel him getting harder under your fingers. You were wondering how big he could be. He kisses your skin again before putting his head between your legs. He looks at you a bit unsure but when you don't move, he starts to kiss softly your sweet lips. You close your eyes to feel everything. He licks it, then presses his tongue inside you. You grab the sheets at the feeling. He laps you again and again. He sucks your bund of nerves. Moans escape your lips louder than before. He watches you take pleasure while he keeps going.
" Steve... oh Steve... oh my god... "
Your hands find his hair. You press his face against you pussy as much as you can. You wanted him to drown into you. Your hips bucked against his face. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer.
" Steve, so good. I'm..."
He didn't give you time to say anything more. He found your spot and was using it perfectly. He feels you spasm under him. He laps every single drop of your juice before his lips touch yours. You can taste yourself. You didn't speak and kissed him again. His lips were so soft, and he was kissing gently but with such desire at the time. You bite his lower lip, arching your body against his. He groans in your mouth. He looks at you, amazed by how you are responding to him. He sees you spread on the bed for him. Your legs are wild open, inviting him to take you. He tries to steady his breathing while he removes his pants. You were drooling at the sight of his cock. God he was big. You have seen a lot of dicks with your job but none of them were as pleasing as seeing Steve's. You could see his leaking member in front of you. You licked your lips. You wanted to take him in your mouth and taste him. Inside of you, you knew that it will not be for today. You bucked up your pelvis, showing him that you wanted, no, you needed him.
" You are ready for me aren't you ? "
You nod. It felt like your capability of speaking were lost. He moves towards you. You could feel his cock against your abdomen. He wants this I much as you. You touch his cheek.
“ Condom Steve. “
He opens the drawer to find one. You can see that he had several packages just in case. You didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. You knew that he paid for you for five nights but you also knew that you couldn’t keep up the rhythm of eleven hours per night. He could keep you up all night but you weren't sure how you will be after a week.
After putting the condom, he doesn't waste any time. He place himself at the entrance. You put your hands on his shoulders. You wince when he enters the tip but relax quickly.
" Are you good ? "
" I am Steve. Please move. "
You want to tell him that you needed him now. You cant wait for more, but you don't want to seem too desperate. It’s not like if it was personal. It’s a job, and you need to restrain yourself. You could see him nod. He finishes to enter you with a hard trust. You scream. You don't really know if it’s by pain or by pleasure. He’s so big that he’s stretching you like it never happened before. He looks at you, concern that he hurt you. Instinctively, you close the gap between your lips. Your tongue find his. You kiss with passion and envy. He starts to bottom out when he feels you relaxed.
His trusts are slow and loving at first. He doesn't know if it was a really good idea but he wants to make sweet love to you. He wants to feel you tremble under him like if you were his lover. His head rests against your neck, kissing it softly. He knows that he coan't mark you. “ Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me. Nobody has never felt this good for me. ” You feet goosebumps. His words mean more that you could accept. Steve Rogers is making sweet love to you, taking his time to pleasure you. You feel like you were in a parallel universe. A very sadistic parallel universe. You caress his back before going back to his hair. He has amazing hair with the perfect length. You try to get him as close as you could from your body. Between your loud moans, you don't arrive to say anything. He feels so good inside you.
“ Steve, I am close, so close. “
“ I can feel it Y/N. “
You look at him with your doe eyes. You know that he was in charge tonight but you need to come. You are silently begging him.
“ Come pretty girl. You have been so good for me. “
You feel yourself go as soon as he gives you permission.
" Don't stop. Keep coming for me, keep coming. "
He could feel you cream the rubber. He wishes that he could feel it directly on his skin. He trusts into you harder, looking for his release. He taps your spot at every entry. You don't have time to recover from your last orgasm that you feel the other one coming. Without warning, you scream his name while he twitches inside of you. He whispers yours in your ear, feeling your walls tighten around him even harder that the first time. He works both of you through your orgasms. Once it’s done, he lets himself back next to you. He pulls out the condom to put him in the bin next to the bed. He let his breathing go back to normal. You don’t know what to say. You never felt like this before. It wasn’t just the sex itself and the fact that he gave you four orgasms like nobody did before. Orgasms that you didn't have to fake for his own benefit. He was just that good.
Once you are able to talk again, you turned your head in his direction.
“ Steve, do you want us to go like this all night ? “
He looks at you sweetly.
“ I mean the sex is fabulous and the orgasms mind blowing but how do you plan on doing this every single night until seven if after you need to go to work ? “
“ I am not planning on us having sex for eleven hours straight. I am not that good or that perseverant. I just want … “
He doesn't know if he should tell you. Well he was paying for this. He told the agency that he would like you to stay the night but sometimes, just for a different reason. His request was not the weirdest that they heard so they didn't mind.
“ What do you want ? “
“ It’s stupid to say it. “
“ Steve, it’s between us. What you are telling me is protected under the contract. Even without that, I would never tell any soul. You are safe to say anything you want to me. “
He takes a deep breath while he concentrates on the ceiling.
“ I just want to sleep with someone in my arms and not wake up alone. “
You look at him dubitative. For him to want this with a stranger, he must have felt really lonely. You move yourself to press your body against him. You now had one leg over his while your body was pressing on his left side. You put your right hand on his chest before turning his head for him to look at you.
“ Do you want us to cuddle ? For you or I to be a little spoon or do you just want me to lay next to you ? What do you prefer ? “
He’s surprised that you didn’t say anything or judge him. He never said this to anybody but he was feeling alone and needed some human contact. He always envied his best friend to have find his wife in high school while he’s still searching for the right one.
“ I like it like we are right now but I also like to spoon. Maybe tomorrow ? “
“ Tomorrow it is then. “
You look at him a bit more and kise his cheek. You move to his neck before putting your head on his torso. Mister six feet tall felt so fragile next to you, under your touch. You couldn't believe that he needed that much human contact or at least, not to be alone. He moves his arm to pass it around your body for you to cling him.
“ Sweet dreams Y/N. “
“ Sweet dreams Steve. “
@mochie85 <33
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scribblersobia · 3 months
Not every sweet word I had received from the world tasted like honey.
Not every person I met in this world had an empathic heart.
With time, I learned that not all souls are the same.
And not all words taste the same.
Many hearts will hate you, and many will love you.
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etcrow · 8 months
The more you reblog artists or writers' work, the more they kiss you on the lips passionately
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fantasyfillsmysoul · 5 months
Writing about body pain
Body pain happens all the time in real life. When writing your story, you want to bring your characters to life. By creating characters and an environment that is immersive and realistic (as possible), it helps your readers relate to your characters. This is a quick guide to body pain, that is especially useful for all those adventures your characters will be going on. No one survives a dragon attack or war without some kind of injury. At the very least, some muscle soreness.
3 stages of healing:
1st stage: Acute This is the start of the process after getting hurt. Depending on the severity, often lasts up to a week. Characteristics: severe pain, inflammation/swelling, dark bruises (red, black and blue), muscle weakness, muscle spasms, reduced range of motion.
2nd stage: Sub-Acute This is when your body is starting to heal the tissue by creating scar tissue to replace or repair damage. Can last several weeks Characteristics: reduced swelling, bruises are clearing (yellow, green, brown), range of motion is starting to improve,less pain than before.
3rd stage: Chronic This is the final stage of the healing process. It can last months, if not years. Your body is finally adapting to the changes. Pain is no longer associated with the injury, but instead how the body healed. Characteristics: no bruising, little to no swelling, mature scar tissue (usually tough, and harder to move than other tissue), pain is more of an ache, not sharp. If not taking care of, mature scar tissue can cause muscle tension and reduced range of motion. Pain mostly comes on at the end range of a movement, or with stretching.
Visceral Pain:
Visceral pain is organ pain. When one of your organs are causing problems, or are in pain, it typically feels more like a dull pain, or a pressure. The pain is usually vague, so it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from. Thankfully, visceral pain usually follows typical pain patterns, and you can easily find charts online. Example: Lung and diaphragm pain is usually around your neck and shoulders.
Nerve pain:
Nerve pain happens when the nerve is being pinched, compressed or was directly injured. Characteristics: shooting, tingling, zaps, numbness, stabbing or burning. Numbness is not like an analgesic. It can be a reduced sensory feelings, meaning you may not feel it if someone touches that part, but it can be very painful. Nerve pain will follow the length of the nerve.
Bone and joint pain:
These pains are directly associated with a trauma. Pain is localized to the specific bone or joint. Characteristics: Usually described as a sharp pain, especially with movements involving the painful area.
Muscle Pain:
Muscle pain is extensive. Muscles work hard to protect your body while injured. Muscles will tense when the body is in pain, which usually results in more problems. This pain can be caused by overuse, injury, emotional and physical stress, or compensation for other injuries. Characteristics: deep steady aches, sharp, shooting pain, soreness, burning in muscles, spasms. Muscles will have two main problems if not injured: tension and trigger points. Trigger Points (aka knots) happen in very tense muscles. Trigger points follows specific patterns in each muscle. Example: a trigger point in the upper traps muscle is felt in the head, neck and shoulders. Pains and tensions like these can often be the cause of headaches.
Pain priority:
Your brain processes pain in a specific way. Most often, your brain is so busy running everything, when it comes to experiencing pain, it can’t do it all at once. Thankfully. This means, if you have pain in your neck, your back, and your feet, there will usually only be one as the most painful while the others are background pain. The worst pain will usually be associated with your activities, and which part of your body you’re using the most. When getting rid of one of these pains, the next most painful one will be most noticeable. Have you ever had pain on one side of your body, then had it fixed with physio or a massage, then all of a sudden you notice pain somewhere else? It may not be new, it’s just that your body wasn’t focusing on that problem.
Let me know if this was useful to you, or if you have any questions or comments. Please let me know if something I wrote is wrong.
Follow for more writing tips :)
Happy Writing!
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urfriendlywriter · 5 months
Academic Rivals to Lovers:
(feel free to use! tag me when yall writee ;] requested by @field-mouse-queen and @indiansapphic )
"i don't agree with you!" "nobody asked you to."
arguments in hushed tones during lectures!!!!
^ "with this level of knowledge, i can probably-" "even with that level of whatever, you're still 5 feet 2." "HEY-"
sitting together to trash talk a professor you both mutually dislike
when they always sit at your spot in library, just so they could see you pissed off
"Are you reading?" "Are you blind?" "Heh, apparently you're. You're reading the book upside down, you moron."
"you like me now or what?" "i've learnt to bear your presence" *mimics them* "i've learnt to bear your presence"
being forced to work on a project together
"You're so stupid." "Yeah, I know."
"Why did you hurt yourself?" "None of your-" "Yeah, then fuck you. My bad for caring."
"hey-" "can you please not rub it in my face and leave?." "i just wanted to ask if you were okay.. "
attempting to comfort them when they're upset
"why do you care, [name]?" ".. you really don't know?"
"never have i ever liked my rival?" you search the room for their eyes, the glass is ALREADY RAISED TO THEIR LIPS.
"that mouth of yours does nothing but talk dumb shit?" "you wanna know what else it does?"
there's tension between them, sitting close while studying, arms grazing, pulling away of hands at the slightest touch :)
^ flustered, one asks, "what-? you're not interested in biomolecules?" the other whispers, "no, but i seem to be interested in you..," they come closer, "what have you done to me?"
"you know, love, I've always liked to win," they pause, "and I'd like to win one more thing--you."
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angelasscribbles · 13 days
Writer Issues
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Writers Corner for more writing memes.
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urtoospoiled · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok, I’m not playing any(more) games with myself. I’m buckling down and finalizing a body upgrade plan that I can bring into 3D fruition.
Im going to write down whatever resonates with the temple itself.
Mind. Body. Soul.
Reprogrammed thoughts
Ability to still the mind
Negative talk towards self is immediately dismissed by positive reassurance
Subliminal music
Visualizing current reality
Yoga infused with womb healing/divine feminine meditation
Cosmetic surgery upgrades
Practice intimacy magic (IYKYK)
Regular workout routine
Thorough body skin care routine (including waxes, exfoliating, healing habits, etc.)
Communicating with inner voice
Actively attracting soon reality of desired body by writing, visualizing & researching.
Breast massages with proper herbs and oils
Commit to self education of spiritual research, dating back to African royalty
Live life moving based on faith & trust
Daily gratitude
Music more (lyrical/favorite artists/instrumental)
Healing inner child
Deep shadow work
Reading, rereading and annotating
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happyheidi · 5 days
𝑆𝑝𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡𝑢𝑛𝑒 - 𝑏𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑣𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Suddenly Moomintroll lifted his nose and listened! Far away Snufkin was playing his gayest song: ‘All small beasts should have bows in their tails.’ And Moomintroll began to run towards the music."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Down by the river he came upon Snufkin who was sitting on the bridge with his legs dangling over the water, his old hat pulled down over his ears.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello,’ said Moomintroll sitting down beside him. ‘Hello to you,’ said Snufkin, and went on playing. The sun was up now and shone straight into their eyes, making them blink. They sat swinging their legs over the running water, feeling happy and carefree.”
- Finn Family Moomintroll, 1948
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theplottery · 14 hours
Weekly writer self-care checklist
Self-care is important for everyone, but I think writers especially need to pay attention to actually taking some time to figure out what self-care means for them and how they can prioritise it.
Tumblr media
I’m sharing my most important things on that self-care checklist when it comes to sustaining a healthy relationship with my own writing. I find if I do this, I am immediately more likely to make strides in my current project.
I invite you to think about what this checklist may look like for you, and fill it out for yourself!
Tumblr media
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humapkehaikaun · 2 days
Change can be hard, but hoping things to stay the same, it doesn't work.
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mrslandryy · 4 months
Only You || Carl Grimes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Carl Grimes x Fem!Reader
Time Setting: Alexandria
AU: No Plot Scenes Used, Enid Doesn't Exist For Plot Writing Reasons
Summary: You're not used to having more than one teenage boys eyes on you, especially considering that one boy was your best friend and then boyfriend. Apparently, Carl isn't used to it either and he doesn't plan on it.(carl and reader are 17+!!)
Warnings: Smut, Carl is Jealous, Ron flirting w reader, No Plot Scenes Used, Implication to Death, Basic TWD Warnings
Tumblr media
He is not a bad guy, but he sure can't take a hint. It was pretty well known by most of the town that you and Carl were dating, but Ron either has 0 knowledge on the town gossip or he just doesn't care.
For context, you moved into the safe zone of Alexandria a few weeks ago. It seemed safe, had walls, many people, but most of your group seemed to not like the fact they hadn't lived in the real world. It was reasonable, but you think they should calm down and take a breather. Anyway, ever since the party Deanna hosted had taken place that boy–Ron, had been chasing after you like a hungry lapdog. You tried to politely give hints and make it obvious that you had a boyfriend, but it wasn't working.
Ron didn't have the balls to flirt with you in front of Carl, but Carl saw the way he looked at you–like a starved coyote staring at a baby bunny,– but he never really got to see or hear him flirt with you. Until today.
You were minding your own business, helping Carol with a bit of cooking. You were done your part, when you noticed him walking up to you. Sighing out loud would be a bit too obviously rude, so you stuck with the obvious deadpan 'I don't wanna talk to your bitch ass right now' facial expression and the short dismissive answers. You didn't even notice Carl standing behind Ron, listening to all of the obviously flirty and suggestive things he was saying. He was glaring as if glaring hard enough could actually make him drop dead right there, but unfortunately for both of you it didn't. You didn't see him until he was storming off and you couldn't catch up.
Does Carl blame you? No. Is he going to be a petty bitch and ignore you? Yes. He has been acting as if you weren't there or just giving you one worded excuses on why he can't talk at the moment. You're sick of it. What the fuck did you even do wrong? He can't ignore you all day, you share a room for fucks sake.
"Hey Carl, I was wondering if-" "No, I can't talk right now. I'm helping Abraham guard for a bit. Later." He cuts you off before you can even finish the question. "For God's sake Carl! You've had some bullshit excuse ALL DAY. You're being a petty bitch without a reason to be petty. What the fuck is your problem?" You finally snap. You're lucky You're alone in the house, 'cause having arguments in front of people is just embarrassing.
"Can't you just go and talk to Ron or something? He seems to be really interested in what you have to say about your daily activities." He mumbles. Oh. That's what this is about.
"Carl you know damn fucking well that was entirely him. It's not my fault I'm the only teenage girl in this hellhole of a world! I'm dating YOU for a reason. I'm not dating HIM because I don't like him, I like YOU. Stop being unreasonable and dramatic, it's childish."
"Yeah? Well how am I supposed to know you actually don't like him. How am I supposed to know you won't just get up and leave for that piece of shit? Huh?" His voice breaks as he's talking, he is finally communicating the way he feels, which isn't an often thing for Carl since his mother.
Your face softens as does your emotions. You aren't even very mad anymore, you just lean up and embrace him in a big hug. After you both lean your heads up from the hug, you lean in and kiss him. You had done it hundreds of times, but it always gave you butterflies as if you were some 14 year old girl in a movie from the early 2000's. Things started to get more heated until you realized you were in the living room of the house you shared with a variety of other people.
You grab his hand and lead him up the stairs, into your room, shutting and locking the door behind you. You quickly went back to kissing him as he wraps his hands around your waist and laid you onto the bed. He moves down to kissing your jawline all the way down your neck and to your collarbone, leaving a trail of hickeys he fully intended Ron to see later on.
You tug on the sleeve of his shirt, silently asking him to take it off. He does as requested, pulling the shirt over his head and tossing it onto the carpet by your dresser. He also quickly removes your shirt, and you notice how his eyes rest on your chest for a few seconds longer than anything else. You lean back up to kiss him, pulling him back down by the behind of his neck and continuing. Without stopping the makeout, he reaches behind your lightly arched back and undoes your bra. Your breasts are revealed by the removal of the lace garment. He continues his trail of hickeys down onto the now exposed skin he couldn't get to before.
He bites at your left nipple enough to make you moan and then drags his tongue over it to sooth the pain. He works at the button on the low-waisted jeans you're wearing and slides them off of your legs, throwing them with the rest of the clothes that had been caressly tossed to the ground. He can see the wet patch gathered up on the panties you're wearing, giving him a small ego boost.
He slides your last piece of clothing down your thighs and off your legs, just before taking off his own pants. He dips his head down to your inner thighs, leaving even more hickeys that only he will be able to see. He fills up one thigh with purple marks before deciding he has enough on that side and switching. As he is switching from one thigh to the other, his nose slightly grazes your clit and you shudder. "Carl, please." A whimper of his name leaves your mouth. It had been much too long since you've had sex, with you know, everything going on.
"I will baby I will, but you gotta answer a question f'me first." Looks like he's just as deprived as you, slurring his words and acting all pussy drunk when you hadn't even touched his cock yet. Nevertheless, you nod and mumble something along the lines of 'yes' or 'anything'. "You think Ron could make you feel this good? You think he could get you all desperate and begging for him?" "No! No! Only you Carl, only you." You whimper. You'd probably agree to anything with the state you're in.
With that, he finally dives in and licks a line up your wetness. He harshly sucks on your clit, and you let out a moan that was probably way too loud. "Shh, gotta keep quiet okay? Don't want anyone to hear ya." Actually, he would love for Ron to hear you screaming and moaning Carl's name, but that's a conversation for another time.
He dives back down and licks another stripe up your pussy, taking a finger and pushing in into your vagina, latching his mouth onto the bud that begs for attention. You almost release an utter scream, but you catch yourself and let out a moan into your hand. He continues working at your pussy as he adds another finger, hitting all of the right places with his slender digits. You feel a familiar knot in your stomach build up, the tension in your stomach begging to be released.
"You gonna cum? I can feel your pussy clenching my fingers sweetheart. Do it. I wanna see your cum running down my hand." That's what set it off. The tension released as you threw your head back and let out a scream that was barely muffled by your hand. You arch your back, repeating Carl's name like a chant as you come down from your high.
Carl sucks at one of his fingers before putting one in your mouth, making you taste your cum before kissing you. He sloppily kisses you in the most sinful way possible, you can tell he's desperate and trying to hide it. You reach down for his boxers and pull them down, his cock springing out and his boxers being thrown along to the other clothes.
You stroke his dick, running your finger on the tip and smearing his precum around, using it as a sort of lube. He let's out a light whimper in your ear, hiding his face in your neck. "Need to fuck you baby, need to..." "Then fuck me Carl, please do it."
As soon as you finish your sentence, he pushes into you, bottoming out in one thrust. You both moan from relief and pleasure, the feeling of his dick inside you was a needed feeling for both of you. He starts to move, slowly at first and then gradually getting faster as you both feel the stronger desire to cum. His pelvis is rubbing on your clit with every thrust and you don't even have the composure to muffle your moans. Carl is moaning too, small whimpers of your name being muffled by the skin of your neck.
"Ron... shit... could never make you feel.. like this.. fuuuuuuuck." You don't know what it is, the dominance, the fact it is driven by jealousy, or just the sentence itself, but it sets something off. "Mmmh! Carl I'm- I'm-" before you can finish what you're saying, your orgasm hits you like a wave. You feel yourself cumming all over his dick, and then look down to see the white liquid dripping down his cock and onto the bed. Carl speeds up quickly, chasing the orgasm that was approaching as he fucks you like a wild animal. His hips start to stutter as he gets slightly louder. "Fuck! M'cumming.. m'cumming.. mmph" he moans as he releases inside of you, finally dropping and kissing your neck where he had bit it slightly when reaching his high.
After a minute or two of cuddling, he gets up to grab some washcloths and glasses of water. He carefully wipes up your thighs, before handing you your water and taking a sip of his own. He grabs a shirt and pair of clean boxers for the both of you, before kissing you and laying you both back down on the bed.
"If this is what happens every time you get jealous I might have to flirt with Ron more often."
"The fuck you will not."
Tumblr media
A/N: heyy! I'm back. Please don't judge me, this isn't proofread and it my first smut. End was sort of rushed cause this took 2 hours and I wanted to get to bed. Ty for reading!!♡♡
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character motivations:
being pressured
desire / hunger
belief they are doing something good
vengeance / revenge
honour / dishonour
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Guys, I am begging you. Please, please, PLEASE REBLOG FREE CONTENT CREATORS or they will never have enough interactions and their blog will die or they will simply lose intest and leave Tumblr. Don't complain if writers or artists leave fandoms. They need reblogs to go further.
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