autispec-hours · 3 days
ok autistic community , what’s one safe food that you absolutely love and would be perfect except for it’s one big flaw ?
mine is velveeta cup mac n cheese , which is easy to make and tastes heavenly
the only thing i hate is that they put the cheese sauce in the same place as the noodles . it ends up w that white powder on it n i have to constantly wipe my hands after touching it
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Just a little something I whipped up to represent my fellow autistic wizards. I felt gripped to make these as though a hex was upon me.
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Enjoy, my mages.
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burntblueberrywaffles · 4 months
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imautistsick · 2 months
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numetal-tranny · 9 months
Autistic culture is randomly switching your conversation style mid sentence. Specifically going from the most eloquent person you’ve ever met to talking like the child of a hill billy and a british pop star.
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mightbeautistic · 8 months
Me: I must be faking my autism
Also me: wow what a long day of socialising, I feel like I'm going to die if I don't crawl into bed with my Good Texture blanket and rhythmically rub my feet together while I read about this topic I'm "abnormally" interested in
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lord-harley-beloved · 5 months
You’re a self diagnosed autistic person? Fuck yeah!
Professional diagnosis can be really hard to obtain, and you don’t owe anyone justification or explanation for why you do or don’t have one.
Self gaslighting and internalized ableism are hard to overcome, especially when you’re self diagnosed. The autistic community welcomes self diagnoses. We believe you, let yourself believe too.
Say it with me, you’re a self diagnosed autistic person? FUCK YEAHHHH
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rottedeldritchhorror · 4 months
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I’ve never felt more seen
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riotclitshave · 8 months
If you're interested in ancient Egypt, I carry two perfume oils that have been around for thousands of years. Worn by any gender, they last longer than alcohol based perfumes. And you get to support a disabled autistic witch! Win win!
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dhvvri · 8 months
Im diagnosed with autism and I know I have some speech difficulties, but Id never thought about it too much.
Even though I didnt have speech delay, my mum says that even as a kid Id talk almost only about things Im interested in, and apart from that, Id usually only answer with "yes" or "no".
So I spent some time thinking about it and tried to make a list of things I struggle with/thing I do:
it takes me a while to translate my thoughts into verbal language, things are clear in my head, but I just cant find the correct words
if I can nod, shrug, point to something or just make the "mhm" sound instead of talking, I will do it
I use phrases Ive hears other people use, just to be more sure that "thats how it should be said"
after I start speaking, I very often struggle with completing a sentence and feel like I dont remember any words that could be used in that situation
I prefer answering with single words/short phrases, and avoid saying thing that are unnecessary
I repeat myself all the time, use the same phrases
I struggle with coming up with things to say spontaneously and plan sentences before I say them
before presenting anything in front of my class, I write everything Im gonna say (sometimes multiple pages long) and memorise it
sometimes I forget what Im talking about halfway through a sentence
even after I figure out what I want to say, I sometimes just physically cant force myself to start talking, even if its only one or two words
I make long gaps between words, because it takes me a bit longer to think about what Im going to say next
Other than that, I just dont like talking about things Im not interested in and find it tiring. Sometimes I can talk a lot about stuff I like but still mix up words and make gaps between them.
I saw a lot of people posting about how many of the things I do are actually semiverbal traits. I often relate to it, but Im not sure if I could call myself that, because I am able to talk most of the time. It just sounds a bit different and can take me more time.
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lilplecoptera · 8 months
the ✨autistic urge✨ to look up slang terms and abbreviations you don't understand on urban dictionary
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autispec-hours · 21 days
anyone know why autistic people often have such a hard time with phone calls
i just had a phone call and i am genuinely nauseous afterward
i hate making phone calls so much and i know that’s an autism thing but i don’t really know why
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gothcorvidae · 4 months
Coping with the fact that I likely won't be able to be fully independent has been difficult. I understand logically that it's not a moral failing, and there's nothing wrong with needing help, but I was raised so goddamn hyper independent that asking for help at all has been like pulling teeth, even though I know I need it. It's been drilled into me over and over again, I'm smart, I should be able to do these things. Which is ridiculous and ableist, but it's hard to unlearn that thought process.
I've been living alone since August, and getting out of an abusive environment has saved my life, but I know I'm not taking care of myself well. My finances are a mess, I had enough forsight, thankfully, to put enough money for rent and internet+cell for a few months, so I'm good on that end, but I have almost no money to spend on food and stuff. I don't have the energy to go to school, work, volunteer, and take care of myself. It's way too much. I have trauma around dishes so they don't get done for too long, then I don't eat because I dont have any dishes clean to make food (or the energy to make it). But I also hate having people in my space, touching or cleaning my stuff.
I know I need help. It's too hard for me to do this on my own. I just don't know how to ask. I don't even know what the process of getting an aid is like. What if they're mean? Or they snoop through stuff they're not supposed to? I'm also not formally diagnosed with autism- It's mentioned in my charts multiple times that it's suspected, but I've been on the waitlist for two years and haven't seen anybody yet. Would having it be suspected on my charts over multiple years be enough if I can prove I have impairments impacting multiple areas of my life?
If anybody who does semi-independent living has any insight, I would be really grateful. This is terrifying to me, I don't trust easily so the idea of giving up that much control in my life to somebody fills me with anxiety.
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diamondho · 2 months
sexual preference: (au/hypno)tists
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andey-moonglow · 6 months
Question to the Autism community here on Tumblr.
I was wondering if it is a me-thing or an autistic-thing to have hobbies shift every few months.
Globally, my interest is art/creativity, so I'll always do that bit within the creativity my hobbies shift from a period of drawing to a period of writing to a period of knitting, to a period of crochet to another period of square-looming-yarn and so on. So I have periods I only focus on one specific subject within the globally subject of creativity.
Does that happen to other autistics as well? to have shifts within your hobby every whatever-length period?
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soong-type-notinuse · 5 months
"your autism doesn't define you"
my autism is the planet that all my experiences, all my identities, my entire being orbit around.
yes it does.
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