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sleepy-bebby · 1 year
NASA visualization showing monthly global temperature anomalies between the years 1880-2021.
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hope-for-the-planet · 8 months
Y'all might like this thread: https://twitter.com/GlobalEcoGuy/status/1553783607197671426?t=3qCHUCR_d7f4xO-TZw_Arg&s=19
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Thank you for sharing this! For those who don't know, this is from Dr. Jonathan Foley of Project Drawdown, which is focused on scientifically-backed solutions to climate change. Their website has lots of resources to check out if you are interested.
Here is a selected portion of the thread (emphasis mine):
Compared to 10 or 20 years ago, there is a lot to be optimistic about on climate change. Much more action, and actual changes in emissions.
At the same time, the warming we were always going to see is unfolding around us, and it’s awful.
But don’t let the changes in climate we’re seeing now (which are not at all a surprise to scientists who’ve been in this field for awhile) make you give up on the future.
Yes, we will see more warming before we’re done. But the future is looking better than it did before.
Let’s build on this, double down on our work to stop climate change, and limit the damage as much as we can.
Every tenth of a degree matters. Every ecosystem matters. Every moment matters. We can still make a huge difference—for the better.
p.s I should clarify that reaching 2C is still based on different countries following through on their climate pledges. Some are doing well, but many are not—and some hard work is still needed there.
But the curves are starting to bend. How much is the question.
But I honestly believe we can still hit well under 2C, and probably well, thanks to some very interesting, recent shifts in technology, markets, investments, business leadership, culture, and politics.
But it’s no guarantee.
What I’m trying to say is this:
There are huge climate challenges facing us, but also some tremendous progress to build on.
Instead of giving in to catastrophic doomism, we can redouble our efforts now, and bend the curve even more.
As we like to say around Project Drawdown—
It’s not game over.
It’s game on!
As Dr. Foley himself points out, it can be hard to straddle the nuanced line between pointing out that was have made progress and are starting to move in the correct direction and that this progress means we need to push even harder not that we can become lenient.
Make no mistake, there is still a lot to do, but the heroic work put in by so many people in the past and present is beginning to pay off and we should also acknowledge that. We are in a better position now because of their work, and we can make life better for future humans based on the work that we do now.
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literalnobody · 2 years
Saying things like “You don’t know REAL cold” and “You call THAT heat?” is OVER!!! I don’t want to ever see shit like this again!!! We are all the victims of a system that put profit before our human lives and we are experiencing a world wide climate catastrophe!!! Be fucking empathetic to one another!!!
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grouchydairy · 5 months
When consumers are told they are equally to blame for the climate crisis (a narrative conveniently crafted by the fossil fuel industry) but face a dearth of options for actually leading a more climate-friendly life, it’s all too easy to convince people to feel guilty merely for living.
The New Republic
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Future wars will be fought over access to water
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The mass extinction we’re seeing today will be nothing compared to the amount of death that clean water shortages will lead to, for all living things on this planet.
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nandomando · 8 months
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aliz5karga · 26 days
The Willow Project
surprise ! surprise ! the government, whether it be blue or red, doesn't give a damn about you and the environment. The climate crisis has been going on for decades now. Oil companies are destroying the environment since the 1970s. And the State allow it.
We live in a capitalist society, where "money" (literally colored pieces of paper) are more important than lives. I'm tired to see people being like "we need to wake them up! They need to realize how serious climate change is!"
THEY KNOW. They're wide awake. They just don't care. The State and its friends doesn't give a damn about the consequences of their actions. They simply don't fucking care. They've been telling us since the very beginning that they don't care. THIS CRISIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES NOW – when will we finally accept the message and start organizing ?
a petition has been made to protest against the Willow Project. But will a piece of paper really change anything? If I shared what I wanna do against those disgusting, selfish companies, especially to those who are behind this stupid project, I'd be banned and arrested.
Honestly, we have no choice left ; we need to *seriously* fight against capitalism and the State.
How are we supposed to smash the State if we keep following their rules ? They don't deserve peace or kindness. They reached the limit.
Those assholes are stealing our future, destroying the environment and killing living beings (whether it be animals or human beings such as Indigenous populations), why should we be peaceful ?
Those protests are useless. Those petitions are useless. Those speeches are useless. We've been doing this for years. FOR DECADES. This has been going on for years, when will we finally realize that this way of protesting against climate change isn't the solution?!
This type of activism is performative and only serves the State. If we say "Fuck the State", then we shouldn't be following its rules. The solution to put an end to this capitalist dystopia is a fucking revolution.
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so about this post and this post i've seen in the #romania tag : (ikea's race for the last of Europe's old-growth forest) and (Romania is home to 60% of Europe's remaining old growth forest)
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i've looked for something to do and found this petition (it seems to me that only people from Romania can sign, if someone wants to correct me on this please do):
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it has 12.627 out of 15.000 signatures
it's adressed to ikea, kastamonu, romanel, massiv, expansion, succes, losan and yildiz entegre
it's asking these companies to refuse wood from virgin forests, reservations and national parks
why sign now? because it's starting to be too late to do something
because the goverment isn't doing anything
because virgin forests, natural reservations and national parks are the most important when it comes to sustain life and biodiversity (these forests formed after the last Ice Age and kept their properties so far)
because the protected parks aren't treated as requested by IUCN and the goverment finds reasons to legalise their harmful exploatation
because virgin forests are destroyed faster than they're able to be protected by law
because virgin forests make up only 2% of the country anymore
because the factories consume more wood than it can be legally extracted out of forests already in the economic cycle
because the factories mix the wood, making it impossible to track it's origins
the foreigner and local companies need to be more responsable. doing the minimum won't help anymore. the companies need to involve themselves actively in avoiding the wood from virgin forests, natural reservations and national parks
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lilybug-02 · 1 month
I’m feeling the full mental weight of climate change again and want to explode.
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….Humans can reverse the process. There’s a good hope, but not without serious and worldwide dedication…it’s been done before…just gotta believe in that…
These past few years have been so evident in a change in weather… I know what humans should be doing… but, personally, I’m not sure what to do anymore.
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anticlimatechqnge · 9 months
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mcromwell · 4 months
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“Firewatch” acrylic and printmaking on scrap wood (cabinet face), available here: https://www.marandart.com/product/-firewatch-original/401
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agblend13 · 2 months
‧͙✧‧͙⁺˚ Tape peel and reveal on my latest painting, "Waiting For The Flood" ・+☽‧͙ *‧͙✧‧͙⁺
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hope-for-the-planet · 5 months
“It all starts with the transition to clean energy, now approaching full speed with 87 countries drawing at least 5% of their electricity from wind and solar. The US hit 5% in 2011 and surged past 20% renewable electricity last year. If the country follows the trend set by others at the leading edge, wind and solar will account for half of US power-generating capacity just 10 years from now. That would be years—or even decades—earlier than major forecasts.
[...] Successful technologies follow an S-shaped adoption curve. Sales move at a crawl in the early-adopter phase, then surprisingly quickly once things go mainstream. The top of the curve represents the last people to make the transition. Even in 2022, a tenth of humanity still doesn't have electricity.
Five percent isn't a universal tipping point. Some technologies flip sooner, others later, but the basic idea is the same: Once the tough investments in manufacturing have been made and consumer preferences start to shift, the first wave of adoption sets the conditions to go much bigger."
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thathippiechick · 6 months
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Just a quick psa
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wastelesscrafts · 1 year
Let's start our year with something positive!
If you feel anxious about climate change, go check out Regeneration.org. This website has several climate theme pages that contain lists of helpful actions for individuals, groups, companies, and governments. Each page also outlines organisations that can help achieve these goals and a list of bad actors you can go spam about climate change.
Don't know where to start with fighting climate change? This is a pretty good place to start.
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queerbrownvegan · 7 months
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Ecosomatics: The Body And Earth As One
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