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vintage men’s fashion in black history
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The Archivist
Tumblr media
Part 2
Helloo again friends!
Here is the shy!librarian reader x Jake work I promised. As always, I don't know how to edit myself or write a one-shot so there will be more than one part to this if y'all are wanting it! I hope you like it😊
You were on base at Top Gun, heading to the archives to do some sorting out. You liked to dress a bit more smartly when you were on the base just so you didn't stand out as much. You thought you wouldn't, anyway. You had on a starchy white blouse that you had pressed within an inch of it's life and fitted dress pants with simple black shoes. Usually at the library you'd wear much more comfortable clothing, long skirts, pinafores, wooly jumpers. You had your tote bag slung over your shoulder with your lunch inside and a book, just in case you found a moment alone on a break.
You had been a librarian for several years now and you absolutely adored your job. You got to work with some lovely people and as a more reserved, bookish person, it was the perfect environment for you. Being a librarian was a great job with some lovely perks, but the money wasn't always great. So, occaisonally, you would take a little free-lance part-time work at the Naval base down the road as an Archivist. It was mostly admin work, categorsing and filing but the hours were good and the extra cash went a long way. The offer only came around every few months and you leaped at the opportunity whenever you could.
As you walked along the corridors, huge thermos of coffee in your hand, you kept your eyes down on the floor. You desperately avoided making eye-contact with anyone on the base, particularly not the irritatingly handsome aviators. In previous visits, when any of them had so much as blinked at you, you'd felt yourself blush. Naval bases were not areas particularly laden with young women and you always found yourself on the receiving end of attention. It's not that you didn't want young men to give you attention or ask you out but you did not want it in front of three of his friends, giggling as he made his move. It was your worst nightmare.
You had almost made it to the archives completely unbothered when something (someone) crashed out of a door to your left and barreled straight into you. You felt yourself tipping over when arms wrapped themselves around your waist, dragging you up against a strong body and back onto your feet.
"Woahhhh. Shit, shitshitshit….Are you alright?" A deep voice sounded from above you.
"I'm so so sorry.. I'm so sorry for this," you babbled as you looked down at the mess your coffee had made over the two of you. Your entire left side and his front were drenched through. You could feel your shoulders start to rise up as you tensed and your neck and cheeks flushing hot.
"I can get your uniform dry-cleaned for you if you li-"
"Hey hey, chill!" You finally looked up into his face.
And immediately wished that you hadn't. He was gorgeous, no doubt about it. He had bright green eyes, high cheekbones and a chiselled jaw. An easy, playful smile graced his lips.
"It's all good, doll." He grinned at you. His arms were still around you waist with your side up against his body. You blinked at him, mouth slightly open.
"Uh…okay," you mumbled, immediately kicking yourself for your lame response.
"Anyway, I should be apologising to you. I came full-pelt through that door. Shoulda looked where I was goin'," he drawled. Southern, you thought. He continued to smile that lazy smile. You still didn't move.
"Are you alright?" he asked. His voice lost its confident edge. His grip on you began to loosen slightly. You peered up at him from beneath your long lashes.
"Yes, I am. Thank you," you almost stammered out in a quiet voice. You felt frozen to the spot. New people, new situations were often a lot for you. Embarrassment was a lot for you.
"I need to get to work now," you squeaked as you wriggled from between his arms. Strong arms, you couldn't help but note to yourself. You could just about spot the door to the Archives from where you were stranded in the corridor. You were considering making a break for it, looking between the man and the closed door. He tracked your eyes, finding the sign to the Archives.
"You work in there?" He asked, voice a little quieter than before. You nodded.
"Okay, okay. Archives. Do you have to be in there right away?" You nodded again. It wasn't really true, you always arrived early. "Well, in that case, you'd better get to it. Can't have you being late because of me." He tipped his head towards you.
You gave him a small smile. "I really am sorry for spilling coffee on your uniform," you said again as you turned to walk away. "Please let me know if I can do anything to sort it."
"Well, getting your number might be a good start, if you would be so kind." His grin returned and despite your nerves at the circumstances, you could feel the stirrings of butterflies as you looked at him. I can't, you thought. This guy, as nice as he had been, was confident, cocky, full of swagger. You could picture him at the bar surrounded by friends. Just by looking at him, you knew he wanted to be the centre of attention. He was an aviator.
"Um, I uh, I really have to go now! I'll be late. Sorry again, bye!" You dashed down the hallway, almost slipping in the coffee. You couldn't resist a look back at him, remembering the feeling of his thick arms curled around you, his strength pulling you against his body. He was still standing there, huge wet patch all down his beige shirt and along his waistband. He threw his hand up into the air. "See ya, doll!" He waved at you. Did he ever stop smiling? You couldn't help it, you gave him a small wave back and headed into the Archives.
As a general rule, Jake Seresin was not looking to date a girl. He was a pilot. He had the rest of his fucking life to find some chick to marry. He needed to be flying, here and now. Sure, he had his urges. Jake ran hot, he was highly strung. His compulsion to flirt with anything with a pulse was so innate he wasn't sure he was capable of stopping. When he needed to, he could get his rocks of with a girl, no trouble. He liked it quick, hot and casual. Confident, experienced ladies were the perfect type for his needs.
The total opposite. You were shy. Timid, even. When had that ever done it for him?
You were so beautiful. Jake remembered your big, round eyes looking up at him, cheeks flushed. He imagined you lay beneath him. He imagined you making that same face as he slowly pushed himself into you, your bodies pressed together like they had been in the hallway.
He groaned. A couple of officers looked sideways at that, and he tried to snap himself out of it.
You wore glasses. You had decorative pins on your lanyard. He had needed a second to organise his thoughts when he found out you working in a damn filing cabinet all day long. You were carrying a book as thick as the manual to his F-18 and he damn well knew that wasn't work reading. You were a book-worm. You had wriggled like a worm out of his arms! He couldn't remember the last time a woman had done that. You had sprinted away from him like he was on fire.
You didn't give him your number when he asked.
He could feel himself grinning.
He could not stop thinking about you.
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Unexpected - Max Verstappen
Tumblr media
Max Verstappen x reader
Words: 11.0k
Summary: He may be a two time world champion but lacks other skills which lets him believe to not be a good father.
Warnings: Fluffy girl dad Max
Authors Note: So while I was sick I started writing this and finally got around to finishing it. I actually do kinda like it if I may say so myself. ♥
It's not edited and English isn't my first language so be nice, please :) Feedback is always welcome. It helps me for other works in the future.
"I was thrilled with your CV. At your age, most people who apply don't have that much to show for it." You walked behind Christian through the hallowed corridors of Milton Keynes.
"I knew quite early on what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I got behind it and did internships to gain experience and then later on I gratefully accepted every job opportunity during my final years at school and then during university." Christian grinned at you and nodded.
It had been a long way for you to get to Formula 1. As a woman, nothing is thrown at you in the engineering field. Unfortunately, you had to make this experience more often than not. While your male fellow students had jobs and internships almost literally thrown at them during their studies, you always had to prove yourself and justify your decisions.
You were invited to interview with several teams. But at the end of the day, Red Bull was the only company and team where you didn't feel like you were being reduced to just being a woman, but where your experience and your skills were in the foreground.
"These gears will quickly become your own. In the beginning, it can happen that you get lost. But your team will see to it that you feel at home here as soon as possible." Christian smiled at you and held open a door to an office.
"Welcome to the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Strategy Team!" The office stretched out in front of you with several men and women at desks to the right and left of a corridor, comparing data from past races, watching videos of various tests and already preparing for the start of the new season.
"You'll be Hannah's shadow for the first few weeks so we can get you up to speed as quickly as possible. The aim is to eventually be able to use you together in the races, one as head and the other as support. It's just not clear yet if we'll always take both of you to the races or if one of you will work here but we'll figure that out over time." You just nodded and followed Christian around the office until he stopped in front of a desk.
"Hannah, this is Y/N." Hannah looked up from her screen and immediately stood when she saw you and Christian.
"Y/N! Hey, it's really great to finally meet you and have some more female support. Welcome to the team." She took you directly in her arms. Her outgoing and warm manner made you feel right at home. You would get along well with Hannah and work even better together.
"Thank you and the same to you." You returned the hug. Christian beamed at you.
"Great that you guys are getting along right away. Then I'll let you have Y/N directly and you can start familiarising yourselves. After all, it's not long until the first race." He said goodbye to you both, but was to be proved right.
Time passed like the wind. Together with Hannah, you went to different meetings every day, you got to know the car for the season inside out, and you prepared yourselves for the upcoming first race weekend using the pre-season tests.
It definitely hadn't been easy the first few weeks. All the information was not easy to process but Hannah tried her best to make it as easy as possible for you.
In fact, you not only got along great with Hannah, but also with many of the others in the team. It was really like a family in which you were accepted without argument. Everyone looked after you in the first few weeks and made sure you didn't want for anything.
"Welcome back." Christian stood in front of the assembled crew in the motorhome and gave a little speech to mark the start of the season. According to Mark, one of the mechanics you got on very well with, he did this every year.
"We are coming off another strong season where unfortunately we lost the drivers' title to Charles in the last few races. But I think we're all the more encouraged to bring both titles back to the house of Red Bull this year." You looked around at the crowd. Most were listening intently and nodding. "Besides two strong drivers, we have the perfect team to achieve this goal. We also have some new faces and of course we want to bring them the feeling of winning. So, let's go."
Hannah, who was standing next to you, pulled you right behind her and made her way with you towards the pit lane.
"We enjoy a front row seat," she said proudly as you left the garage together and sat down at the pitwall. She handed you headphones printed with your initials. "And we never share our headphones." She grinned at you.
The first few sessions flew by.
Before you knew it, the drivers were getting ready for the qualifiers. Together with Hannah, you went over the tyres that would be put on the boys' cars during the qualifying, so that there wouldn't be any complications, when you felt two small hands pulling at your trouser leg.
Your eyes wandered from the screens down between you and Hannah. There stood a little girl with her hair in a braid but nevertheless tousled short hairs that were probably not yet long enough to be included in the braid.
"Maja, what are you doing here?" Hannah bent down and picked the little one up. She sat her in her lap and smoothed the hairs standing away from her head. She immediately began looking at the screens and pressing various buttons.
"Where's your daddy?" The little one looked at Hannah for a moment and just shrugged her shoulder, then turned in Hannah's arms and reached hers out to you.
"Want you." She leaned in further but you were unsure. You didn't even know the little girl, after all.
Hannah nodded at you and let the little one switch laps. She didn't sit with her back to you like Hannah did, but put one leg each to the left and right of your hip and looked at you.
"You are very beautiful." She put a hand on your slightly flushed cheek and grinned at you. How a comment from a little girl you didn't even know could get so close was beyond you.
"Thank you, you look very beautiful too. Would you like me to do your hair again?" Maja beamed at you with her beautiful big Ocean blue eyes.
"Like Hannah?" You looked over at your colleague. Her hair was braided in a French plait. You nodded at the little one and turned her around in your lap so that her back was now facing you and got straight to work.
Hannah had disappeared into the garage in the meantime, but bit by bit the pitwall was filling up. GP took a seat next to you, keeping Maja busy for a moment while you put the finishing touches on.
You took your phone out of your pocket and opened the front camera so that she could look at her hair. Maja's whole face was beaming.
"Wow. Thank you!" She turned her body so that she could put her hands around your neck and gave you a kiss on the cheek.
"Maja! I was looking for you." Together with the little one, you spun around in your chair to see who was on their way to you. "You can't just disappear without telling anyone." Max stood next to you and Maja at the pitwall, where Hannah was about to sit.
He wanted to take the little one to him but she clings around your neck.
"Nah, pa. Ik wil bij haar blijven." (No, papa. I want to stay with her).
"Sweetie, Oma is waiting for you in the garage. We're about to start qualifying, you can't stay here." Max stroked her hair. He surveyed the hairstyle his daughter now wore. "Who made your hair so beautiful?" Maja sat up proudly and pointed at you.
"I don't think we've met." Escaped your lips as Max looked at you. "I'm Y/N. I've been working in strategy next to Hannah since the beginning of the year." You extended your hand to him, which Max accepted and returned with a gentle handshake.
"If you want me to get a good position today, preferably even pole, then we need to leave Y/N alone now." Maja looked at you sadly and reluctantly let Max lift her out of your lap.
You gently stroked the little one's cheek with two fingers while she rested her head on her father's shoulder. She smiled at you and lifted her hand for a high five. Max watched the interaction between you and his daughter.
"It's always nice to see new faces on the team. Welcome." He nodded at you and smiled at you before turning and leaving the pitwall towards the garage. Maja waved to you as Hannah sat down next to you again.
"The little one likes you." she looked after the two of them before they disappeared into the garage. "Max tries to keep her out of the public eye as much as he can, doesn't want her photographed by the press much to give her a relatively normal life. Still, she's there almost every weekend, sitting in the hospitality with her grandma, which is Max's mum, watching the race." You listened to Hannah while your eyes glided over the screens again.
Everyone in the Formula 1 world knew that Max had a child. His girlfriend at the time had left him with the little baby not long after she was born and disappeared off the face of the earth. According to the press, the only thing she left behind, apart from the child, was a letter in which she said that she did not want to have anything to do with Max or the baby in the future. The press had reported about it for weeks - you could still remember that.
"She's cute, but he needs to work on the hair styling skills a bit." Hannah couldn't help laughing, handing you your headphones as she did so, and off you went with the first quali for you at the pitwall.
You had just picked up your backpack and texted Hannah that you were heading out for breakfast and that you were meeting at the same table as the last few days, when a rather hurried and rather loud knock on your room door jolted you out of your thoughts.
Hannah had just sent you a message confirming that she was already on her way down. Confused as to who else would be knocking on your door at this hour, you opened the door.
"Max?" The driver had just turned around and was about to leave. He turned back in surprise and put his phone away.
"Oh thank God you're still here." You looked at him confused.
"I was just leaving." He took a step closer and rubbed a hand over his face. Visibly upset about something.
"I'm so immensely sorry to be bothering you all of a sudden and bugging you before you're actually at work but Maja is on strike. For almost an hour my mother and I have been sitting in the room with her and trying to do her hair but she doesn't like it. She keeps pulling the hair ties off her head and crying. I thought maybe you could do her hair again. She was so happy with her hair yesterday."
Only now, when you looked a little closer, could you see the desperation in his eyes. He didn't even have to ask you any more questions. You pulled the door closed behind you and nodded at him.
Max understood your gesture and ran ahead of you to the lifts. One floor up you could hear the little girl crying as you came out of the lift.
When Max opened the door and let you in, you felt four pairs of eyes on you. Before you could even look around the room, two little arms wrapped around your legs. Maja was standing there with teary, red eyes and looked up at you.
"Would you be happy if Y/N did your hair?" Max stepped next to you and went down on one knee in front of his daughter, while you looked to his mother and greeted her with a friendly smile and nod.
"Yes!" You turned back to Maja and Max and put your backpack in the corner to be able to lift the little one up.
"Ok, I have an idea what we can do with your hair today." You walked with the little one in your arms towards the bathroom, as the room was built almost exactly like yours you knew directly where to go.
When you arrived in front of the mirror, you made sure that the washbasin was dry and then sat the little one down on the edge of the washbasin, facing the mirror and with her back to you, so that she could relax and rest her legs in the basin.
Maja beamed at you through the mirror just as Max came after you to bring her brush and the little one's hair utensils. Max stepped aside but stayed behind you in the doorway and watched you while you got to work and talked to his daughter.
A little later, Maja's face was beaming as she looked at her Waterfall Braid in the mirror. Her eyes shone at least as much as the stars in the sky last night.
"THANK YOU Y/N!" She jumped out of the sink around your neck and you just managed to catch her. Max had jumped up from his spot in the doorway out of fear and was now standing very close behind you, his hands resting on your shoulders. He thought you couldn't keep your balance as energetically as Maja was coming towards you.
"I'm glad you like it. But now let's go. I think we're all hungry." Maja nodded, but didn't let go of you. You turned around with her.
Max hadn't moved yet, hadn't taken a step behind you. Your arms, with which you held Maja tightly, touched his body. He smiled at you and Maja. But he didn't react or move.
"Um Max?" He shook his head slightly and remembered to breathe again. Now he looked at you in wonder, not knowing what you had just said.
"Oh yeah, sorry." He reached for Maja, but she tightened her grip around your neck and nuzzled into your side.
"It's okay. I have to go downstairs as well anyway." Reluctantly, he walked ahead of you out of the bathroom, grabbing your backpack and his while you put on Maja's shoes, which were waiting for her by the door.
"But we can't add that to the daily routine now, Y/N coming just to do your hair." Maja looked sadly at her father, who waited until his mother had also stepped out of the room and then pulled the room door shut behind her.
"But Dad, you can't." Max was visibly overwhelmed. He knew she was right. He would never have been able to fix his daughter's hair as beautifully as you did.
"That's easy, then we'll have to teach Papa." Maja and Max both looked at you. Maja with a smirk on her lips and Max with a startled look. "But for now, we'll let him do his race today and then we'll worry about broadening his horizon, ok?" Maja nodded frantically, obviously excited by the idea.
The results spoke for themselves. While you had worked on the second race in Saudi Arabia from Milton Keynes and only Hannah was on site, you were able to get super results in both races. First came the opening win and then a very strong second place for Max. Checo also made it to the podium both times with two great third places. 
The next two races you were supposed to be on site and Hannah had to work from home. But here too, everything worked like clockwork. In both races Max made it to the top of the podium again, Checo once to second and in the fourth race once again to third.
Christian was more than satisfied with the performance of you and Hannah. You two were just like a dream team together. Even though you hadn't been in the team that long, you and Hannah got on almost blindly. Almost all of your decisions went hand in hand without even consulting each other.
Back in Milton Keynes after 4 exciting races, the work didn't stop. The preparation went straight on with the next race. You sat next to GP at his desk to look at data from the last races in Azerbaijan with him. Unfortunately, most of them were not as successful as the team would have liked.
"Unfortunately, we've often had bad luck here." Your eyes flew over the race data, analysing any mistakes.
"Well, not much has gone wrong. From what the data tells me, you could say the only mistake was putting Checo on the Hards so early. That could have worked with a bit of luck though so it wasn't even really a mistake." On another screen, a recording of the last race was running in parallel.
You were looking up from the data when Checo, because his tyres didn't come up to temperature, lost control and took Max with him. Although the race was only over for Checo and Max was able to continue, he had lost many positions and could not make up the lost places due to several damages to the car. In the end it was a disappointing eighth place after the two cars had led the race.
"Ok so target is definitely a 1-2 this year. The track suits our car and we've done it before. So it should actually be possible." You looked up from the screens to refocus on GP as a bright screech echoed through the room.
"Y/N!" You turned at just the right moment to catch the little Maja jumping towards you. Max was still standing in the doorway, probably watching the situation with an increased heartbeat.
"Maja, you can't just jump off. If Y/N hadn't reacted so quickly you would have landed face first on the floor." He came up to you and stroked the little one on the head, but she was only focused on you.
"I missed you." She threw her arms around your neck and pulled you into a hug. Now your heartbeat increased and not for the first time triggered by the little one.
"True, it's been a long time since we've seen each other." As she let go of you a little, your eyes moved to her hair. You could see Max was trying hard but there was still hair sticking out of her head.
"I tried." Max had understood your looks directly. He rocked back and forth from one leg to the other unsteadily.
"I can see that. But I think your dad really needs some coaching on how to do your hair." Maja nodded and Max looked back and forth between you and his daughter, slightly embarrassed.
"Very nice of you to gang up on me. I'm a racing driver, not a hairdresser, and with good reason." Max tried to sound annoyed but the smile on his lips betrayed him as his daughter continued to make herself comfortable on your lap and rested her head on your shoulder.
"I think Y/N needs to get back to work. Maybe we should leave her alone now. We can stop by later before we go home." But Maja refused. She wrapped her arms tighter around you and shook her head.
You knew that Max had to do some simulator time today. You, on the other hand, had a fairly relaxed day, because there was a week's break before the next race. In fact, you only had one more real meeting before you had to sit down with Hannah and a couple of other strategists from your team for the debriefing of the last race and a first preliminary discussion for the upcoming race.
"I have an idea." You turned to Max who was actually just waiting for Maja to take his hand. "I'm having a pretty relaxed day today, if you can call it that. So if it's okay with you, Maja is welcome to stay with me and you concentrate on the simulator and everything else you need to do."
Max was a little unsure at first. But like you, he could see Maja's eyes light up at the idea of spending the rest of the day, it was afternoon after all, with you. Still a little reluctant, he slipped a small backpack off his shoulder and handed it to you.
"Here are some of her things inside. I'll try to deal with everything as quick as possible." Maja bounced up and down on your lap with joy. "Please be good for Y/N. And if you need me, you know where I am, ok?" Maja nodded her head hastily and you couldn't help but grin.
"Don't worry, she'll survive a few hours without you." you assured him. Max said goodbye to you and headed off towards the simulator but not before pressing several kisses to Maja's head and telling her again that she could always come to him if she wanted.
Maja, however, was only slightly affected by the fact that her dad wasn't there. She wandered with you from room to room, always sitting sweetly next to you and now leafing through a book you had found in her backpack while you were in your last meeting for the day.
The rest of the time you had spent in your and Hannah's office, but as you had no urgent to-dos for the day, while you talked about the strategies, you did Maja's hair again and Hannah played with the little one.
You were not aware of how much time had passed. Only when the door opened and Max came in, completely exhausted, did you notice that it was already shortly before six.
"Come, mijn engel. It's time for us to go home." Maja stood up somewhat reluctantly and walked to her dad.
"Maar pap, Y/N moet je nog laten zien hoe je mijn haar doet!" (But papa, Y/N still has to show you how to do my hair.) Although you couldn't understand what the little girl was saying, you knew it had something to do with you.
"Baby, I'm tired and our plane is waiting for us." Maja, with tears in her eyes, tore herself away from her daddy, who was holding her hand, and ran to you.
"Nee, ik wil niet." (No, I don’t want to.) She threw herself into your lap and began to cry. Her arms were wrapped tightly around the middle of your body and you could already feel your T-shirt getting wet where Maja's head was.
"Hey, sweetie." You lifted her up so that you could look at each other. Her eyes were already slightly puffy. The tears lessened as she looked at you but she didn't quite stop crying.
"He always makes my hair ugly." She reached for her braid you had braided for her earlier. "I want my hair to always look this nice." Max, meanwhile, was standing not far away from you. But he didn't know what to say. He knew Maja had a point. He had no idea how to touch and style his daughter's hair properly so that it looked anywhere near as good as yours.
The original tiredness was no longer visible on his face. His expression was more offended now. It hurt him that his daughter was so sad because of him. And you could see him thinking. He looked at you and sat down on a free chair not far from you and Maja.
"Do you have to work tomorrow?" Maja buried her face in your shoulder again, while Max looked at you urgently.
"But of course. I only have Thursday off this week for overtime and then the weekend." Max leaned back in the chair and considered.
"Do you think maybe you can work from home? Or do you really need to come into the office?" You looked at Hannah who thought for a moment before running to her computer and presumably looking at what was on the schedule for the day.
"Well I don't think it should be a problem if you don't work from here. We have a couple of meetings but they're hybrid anyway because some participants from other teams are out of the office too." Max nodded in satisfaction and then turned back to you.
"I know this sounds really weird but would you be willing to come to Monaco with me and Maja?" He played nervously with his fingers and tried to avoid any eye contact with you. "You could sleep in our guest room, or I could book you a hotel if you prefer. And I have to be back here on Monday at the latest to prepare more for the next race, then I could bring you back here. In the meantime, I'm sure we'll find time to take care of Maja's hair sometime."
Max still couldn't look at you, was super nervous and looked down at his feet. You looked at Hannah, who just shrugged. Maja, of course, had heard what her dad had suggested and looked at you with hope.
You didn't even really know Max, apart from the first race, you hadn't spoken much to each other. Always a nice 'hello' or 'good morning' but not much more. Only when Maja was around he had to talk to you willy-nilly, you thought to yourself.
"Are you sure you're OK with this? I don't want to disturb your private life?" That was the first time Max looked up and looked you in the eye.
"No, you definitely wouldn't be intruding." He rolled the chair forward a little and came closer to you and Maja. He stroked his daughter's head, who had stopped crying by now. "If it makes Maja happy, you'll do anything but disturb us."
His words made your heart warm. This was a side of Max that certainly few people got to see normally. Most knew him as a hot-tempered, sometimes aggressive driver but not as a loving dad who puts his daughter before everything.
"I'd have to go home for a moment to get my suitcase." When both Maja and Max heard your words, they both began to smile. Maja's eyes even began to shine almost in competition with the stars that were now visible outside.
For a moment you saw the same joy flit across Max's face, but he quickly regained his composure and nodded.
"That's no problem."
"Y/N, Can we play together tomorrow?" You stood in the doorway to Maja's room. Max was kneeling on the floor next to her bed, just shaking out the pillow, while Maja herself was already sitting up in bed, now eyeing you intently.
"We will surely find some time." The little one happily let herself fall backwards onto her pillow and Max gave her a kiss. She hugged her father, then let go of him and then held out her arms to you. Max made some space next to his daughter's bed and gestured for you to come over to them.
You also knelt down next to Maja's bed and she directly pulled you a little closer to her and hugged you just like her father a few seconds ago.
"I think it's so great that you're here." It just felt right at that moment to stroke the little one's cheek and press a kiss to her forehead. She smiled at you contentedly and pulled her blanket a little further over her body.
"Good night, little one. I'm glad to be here too." You stood up together with Max, who walked out of the room behind you, turned off the light and pulled the door shut behind him.
"Are you drinking wine? If not I can offer you something else." He gestured for you to make yourself comfortable on the sofa. "Of course, if you want to go to bed that's fine too." He stopped on the way to the kitchen, briefly unsure because at first he hadn't thought about whether you wanted to spend more time with him than necessary.
"A glass of wine never hurt." Max let out a long breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding and then went to the kitchen for two glasses and a bottle of Merlot. He settled down next to you on the sofa.
Only when he took his first sip could you see his shoulders slowly relax and he let himself fall back into the sofa. The short silence that fell between you while you let your eyes wander through the flat was anything but unpleasant but was interrupted by Max after a short while.
"She really likes you a lot. I really don't get it because normally Maja always takes a while to warm up to new people."
He put his glass down on his thigh and turned slightly towards you to be able to talk better. You did the same.
"I'm glad to hear that. I really like Maja too. She's a little sunshine and definitely knows how to wrap people around her finger, especially you." Max grinned. He knew full well that he would do anything for his daughter and without much effort on her part.
"I'm so sorry she has to grow up without a mum. But I want to show her and everyone else who doubted and still doubts me that I can raise her on my own. Unfortunately, I fail more often than not. It's really not easy." Max closed his eyes for a brief moment. It definitely hurt him a lot that he couldn't offer his daughter a perfect world with a mum, you could hear that from his words and read it on his face.
"You are doing a wonderful job. I think Maja wouldn't wish for anything else. For her, you are her everything, her personal superhero." You put a hand on Max's shoulder. He opened his eyes again and looked at you urgently for a moment. But then his gaze wandered back to his fingers. By now you had figured out that this was a habit for him when he was nervous.
"I don't think so. She's asked me before why other kids in her preschool have a mother and she doesn't. And besides, a superhero certainly doesn't fail at the simplest things, like doing her hair, for example, at the moment." The pain in this regard ran deep for Max. Somehow you could now understand why he had invited you to Monaco. He felt like a failure and was looking for a way to improve at least in terms of doing Maja's hair.
"Don't say that. You really are a good father Max."
The more wine you two drank the more open the conversation between you became. Just as Max was emptying the second bottle into your glass and Max was telling you about Maja's mother, you could hear soft footsteps approaching you. Shortly afterwards, Maja stood in front of you with teary eyes.
"Ik had een nachtmerrie." (I had a bad dream) The little one stood in front of you with her cuddly toy and red puffy eyes and you didn't understand what she had said but your instinct said it must have been a nightmare. Max lifted the little one onto the sofa between you. There was a blanket on the sofa next to you and you grabbed it and put it around Maja.
"I'm afraid to go back to my room alone." She looked first at you and then at her father, who took her hand and pulled the little girl closer to him.
"Do you think a hug will help you feel safe again?" Max played with his daughter's hair and Maja shrugged. "Tonight you're even better protected than any other night because Y/N is here too. So nothing can happen to you."
Maja nodded in agreement and settled into her father's arms before lifting her little head and looking towards you.
"You too, Y/N." She reached for your hand and pulled you close to her and Max. "Or else the evil spirits will attack you." You looked at Max and Maja with a questioning look.
"I don't think Y/N knows about the bad spirits of bad dreams. You'll have to explain that to her." Maja sat up straight again and turned to you. She began to talk sleepily and you listened intently to the little one.
"The evil spirits of bad dreams come to people who feel alone or have done bad things. But they can't attack you when you're embraced because love is stronger than anything bad." However Max came up with that story, you had to hand it to him it was very creative. Maja turned back to her father and put her arms around his body as best she could, since her arms were of course too short to reach all the way around him.
"Come here Y/N." A little unsteadily you came even closer to Max and Maja until your chest was touching Maja's back and your legs were touching Max's. Max put his arms carefully around you too but always ready to remove them again should he sense even the slightest sign of hesitation or discomfort from you.
But contrary to your expectations, this moment did not come. The moment you felt Max's hands on your back and arm, everything felt so right. You lowered your head, which was now half on Max's shoulder and partly on Maja's head. While one of your hands was trapped between the sofa and your body, the other was wrapped around the two bodies in front of you and found its place on Max's hip.
It was like a puzzle that fell into place all at once and formed a perfect whole. A pleasant silence fell over the three of you. You could hear Max's heart beating next to yours and the longer you listened to the rhythm the quieter it became and the heavier your eyes became.
When you opened your eyes again, they took a while to get used to the darkness. Except for a small lamp on the table, all the lights were off. You got up from the sofa and put the blanket you were covered with back together. On your way to your room you went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water and just as you turned around Max was standing in front of you, dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts. You flinched for a moment, not expecting to see anyone.
"Sorry, I was just getting something to drink." He whispered, grabbing a glass and walking around you to fill his glass. As he stepped past you, your arm touched his torso and with a flick, goosebumps spread all over your body.
You made your way to your room, which Max had shown you earlier. Your door was still open when Max stepped into the doorway and looked at you for a moment. There was an indescribable power, you didn't know if it was still the wine or what, that made you pause when your eyes met.
Max didn't move a millimetre either. The air between you felt so heavy but somehow so light at the same time. After neither of you dared to move in the first moment, because neither of you knew exactly what it all meant, everything happened super fast in the second moment.
One second Max was still standing in the doorway, the second he had put the glass he was holding down on your bedside table and the third second his lips were on yours.
You couldn't react that quickly and return the kiss. It took you a few more seconds to realise what was happening. Max was about to pull back because he could feel that you didn't return his kiss when your hands wrapped around his neck and you pulled him closer to you.  
The kiss was both gentle and energetic at the same time. It made your heart beat so much faster, but in some way also calmed you completely. Your body seemed to have suddenly found its equilibrium, no longer wanting this moment to end.
When Max let go of you again, a coldness spread through you. Actually, you wanted to pull him to you again, to feel his lips on yours again.
"I think you should sleep a little more. I'm off tomorrow but you have to work." And of course he was right. With a cursory glance at your watch, you could see that it was already one o'clock in the night.
Max fleetingly put his hand on your cheek and caressed it before taking his glass and walking out of your room.
"Good night Y/N. Sleep well."
And how well you slept after that exciting goodnight kiss.
"Ok, then we have cleared everything up so far. Y/N I wish you a few pleasant days off. I know you're supposed to work on Friday, but there's not that much to do. You can relax and catch up on Monday when you're back here." Out of nowhere you suddenly had four days off in a row. It was true, there wasn't much planned for Friday, but you still didn't expect Christian to be so generous.
Christian finished the last meeting for your Wednesday and you said goodbye to your strategy team mates. You closed your LapTop and looked around the small room. Max had tidied up his simulator room for you and put a table in there so you could work in peace without him constantly buzzing around in the background.
After all three of you had breakfast together in the morning, Max took Maja to preschool and then came back a few hours later. He had brought you Chinese Take Away and left it on the table next to you while you were in a meeting and then you hadn't heard from him for the rest of the day.
When you opened the door of the room, you could hear soft music and two voices talking to each other.
With your empty plate from lunch and a glass in your hand, you made your way to the kitchen to put your things in the dishwasher. As soon as you entered the living room you knew where the voices were coming from.
On the balcony were Brad and Max. Max was doing an exercise while Brad was looking at him. Just as you were about to go to the door, something furry wrapped itself around your feet. You recoiled before your gaze went to the floor and there were two cats sitting in front of you, eyeing you intently.
"You guys are cute." You crouched down and reached out to them. They let you pet them without hesitation and nestled into your hands.
While you had made yourself comfortable on the floor to cuddle and play with the cats, you hadn't noticed that Max and Brad had come in from the balcony almost right in front of you.
"I'm starting to get the feeling that everyone in this house just seems to like you without much of a getting-to-know-you phase." You winced, surprised by Max suddenly standing in front of you and crouching down in front of you and the cats.
"They usually always take a few days before they trust someone so much and let you pet and cuddle them like that." Max stroked the cat in your lap over the head and cuddled the other one that had made itself comfortable on your shoulder.
He also touched your cheek probably by accident in the process. You got goose bumps all over your body almost instantly. Max didn't seem to notice. He was focused on the cats. Brad, on the other hand, who was still standing behind Max in the balcony doorway, twitched his eyebrow but waved at you when he noticed your gaze on him.
"Ok, I think I'll make a run for it then. From the looks of it, I'm only causing a disturbance here anyway." Max tore his gaze from the cats and looked at Brad who was walking around you and put his bag on his shoulder before turning back to you.
"Don't forget to pick up Maja later, please." He grinned at both of you. You couldn't imagine Max ever forgetting to pick up Maja from preschool. A short time later the door closed behind him and you were alone with Max. For the first time since the kiss last night.
"Are you done for the day?" You were still sitting on the floor, the cats making no move to move away from you.
"Yeah, and Christian was kind of generous and gave me Friday off too." Max nodded and lifted the cat on your lap, Jimmy as he told you, off you so that you could stand up. The little one on your shoulder was called Sassy.
"Thank you." He put the cat, who was complaining loudly, down on the sofa before turning back to you.
"I have to go take a quick shower and then I should pick up Maja from preschool. You're welcome to make yourself comfortable here or come with me." Max reached for Sassy, who didn't let go of you. The back of his hand touched your neck and cheek again. And again you got incredible goosebumps all over your body.
But it was not an unpleasant feeling. It ran through your whole limbs and settled over your body like an inner peace. A homely feeling that you had never really felt before.
This time, however, Max seemed to notice what his touch was doing to you. He took his second hand to pull Sassy off your shoulder and placed her on the sofa next to Jimmy, this time without taking his eyes off you.
The air between you felt so incredibly heavy. It was difficult for you to breathe properly and the longer Max looked into your eyes, the more impossible it seemed to ever start again.
His hands were on your neck on the right and left side, but because his hands were so big, his thumbs reached your cheeks, which were slightly red.
On the one hand, the moment seemed to drag on forever, on the other hand, everything passed so quickly that your brain once again had no idea what was happening. Because this time you were the one who closed the already barely existing distance between you to put your lips on his.
It was like fireworks when your lips finally touched. Max reacted immediately and returned the kiss without hesitation.
You couldn't estimate how long you stood there like that. Only for a short moment did Max let go of you to catch his breath and put a strand of your hair behind your ear before you pulled him to you again. This time you could feel his tongue asking for permission to join yours and of course you granted him that wish.
Without breaking the kiss, you walked around the sofa. Max sat down on the furniture and pulled you onto his lap. In the distance you could hear a cat complaining but you didn't care.
As your arms wrapped around Max's neck, his moved up and down your body to the right and left until they found their place just above your waist.
Completely out of breath, you leaned back a little and broke the kiss but still you couldn't move far from Max. He held you close, your forehead on his and your eyes met in the middle.
"Wow." That was all Max could bring himself to say. His chest was still heaving a little rapier than yours, which had calmed by now. You read your hands moving from his neck to his chest and felt his heartbeat. His heart was beating so much faster than would be healthy for Max.
"You're nervous. More nervous after the kiss than before?" You couldn't help a small smirk. Who could really say they made Max Verstappen nervous. Leaving aside the fact that you had no idea where your confidence came from so suddenly.
Max was actually a work colleague. Apart from the fact that you hardly knew each other and you were only with him because of Maja, he was also Max Verstappen, Formula 1 driver and multiple world champion. But lying in his arms felt homey. It felt right, like something you couldn't exactly describe because you'd never really felt it like that before.
"You make me nervous. I don't know it like that but it feels so right. You and me." His words surprised you. Not generally what he said but rather that he actually brought over his lips. "I've never felt something like I do with you. You attract me like a moth is attracted to light. Last night I blamed it on the alcohol and because we were both tired but now, ..." Max lifted one of his hands to your cheek and stroked your lips with his thumb.
"I want to lose myself in you, forget the world, and never let go of you again. Please tell me this isn't crazy. Please tell me it feels so right for you too." You couldn't bring yourself to say the words. Your breath was caught in your throat. Instead, you leaned your face forward slightly so that your lips touched again. That was approval enough for Max.
"Maja already loves you to death anyway. I don't know how I'm going to get on with her when you're back in England. But I'd still like to maybe try it slowly. Not get her hopes up so much. I want to get to know you more myself first, learn all about you, if you'll let me."
If one thing was certain, it was that you would never have thought in your life that Max was so good with his words. But he knew exactly what to say and how to say it to wrap you around his finger. And it didn't take much to do that.
You still had a few doubts because he was Max Verstappen, the racing driver and world champion, but something that felt so right couldn't mean anything bad.
"Do you really have to go back?" For four days, the three of you spent almost every minute together and still Maja couldn't get enough of you. She woke you up every morning and sat down on the sofa with a brush, hair ties and clips ready to wait for you and Max.
To your surprise, the Dutchman actually made great progress very quickly. He understood how to comb the hair and that he sometimes had to pull the hair a bit more to get it all neatly into one hairstyle.
Together, Maja and Max showed you around Monaco during the days you had. On three days during walks and little excursions through the city and on one day even from the sea on Max's boat. It was still a bit cold to swim, but you still had a lot of fun on the water.
In the evenings, after you had put Maja to bed, there was some time for you and Max. While one evening you just watched a film together with the cats on the sofa, Max hired Charles and Charlotte as babysitters on another evening so that he could go out with you. The other two days Max tried to teach you how to drive in the simulator which was actually the most fun you had, especially seeing Max's frustration every time you hit a wall again.
"I have to get back to work, sweetie. We have to get ready for the race this weekend. I'll definitely see you there." Your eyes wandered to Max, who nodded, and then to his mother who was standing behind Maja. For Max and you, it was off to the airport in a few minutes. Maja, on the other hand, stayed at home with her grandma.
"Will you come back afterwards?" Max got down on his knees next to his daughter, as you did, and stroked her beautifully coiffed head. He had been very proud of himself in the morning when he had sent Maja to your room to wake you up hair already all done.
"If you're really nice, maybe Y/N will come by again. But we have to go now our plane doesn't wait." That was a lie, of course, as you were travelling on his private jet again, but Max, as well as you, could already see the tears in Maja's eyes as she hugged you.
"We'll see each other again very soon." With these words and a little wink, you ran after Max to the helicopter that would take you to the airport.
The weeks went by and while the race results were unfortunately a bit up and down, as both Ferrari and Alpine, who were the surprise of the year with Pierre Gasly, fought their way back into the race for the championship, things went better and better for you and Max.
Over time, a certain routine developed between you, which was good not only for you but also for Max. Before and after the races you would always fly with him to the destinations and back home, then spend a few days in Monaco with him and Maja before heading back to Milton Keynes to work with your team on the ground.
However, you all realised more and more that it wasn't even really necessary for you all to be on site. The others also spent more and more time with their families and friends except for the days when you had to be in the company because there were meetings with the other teams or with other departments.
Your flat in Milton Keynes quickly became just a place to stay for one or two nights a week. You preferred to spend your time together with Max and Maja in Monaco.
The first few nights it felt right to sneak back into the guest room in the middle of the night so that Maja could wake you up in the morning without noticing anything about the relationship between you and Max or sleeping directly in separate beds but it wasn't long before Max decided to sleep with you as he could stay with you all night and as he was awake before Maja in the morning she couldn't notice that he hadn't slept in his room.
You looked at the clock on the wall. What used to be Max's simulator room had developed over time into your office, where there was a simulator in the corner. On some days when Max was bored, he would sit in the simulator while you worked, but quickly got distracted as soon as he noticed that you were no longer in a meeting.
"The rest I think would be better if we look at it after the summer. If we talk about it now, we won't know anything about what we said by the end of August. Maybe there will be other possibilities. For now, let's go into the summer shut down, relax, recharge our batteries for the second part of the season and meet again in three weeks with fresh energy." Christian ended the meeting as usual and said goodbye to everyone present, which was actually almost the entire company.
You hadn't noticed that Max had got up from the simulator and was suddenly standing behind you. He put his hands on your shoulders and began to massage them.
"So from now on we'll both have three weeks off without having to think about work." You let your head fall back and looked up at Max who had a smirk on his lips.
"I think I'll get bored with nothing to do for so long." Max didn't need to be told twice. The next second he had you over his shoulder and was on his way to the bedroom.
"We still have at least an hour before we have to pick up Maja. I have an idea of what we can do."
It was a head-to-head race. Everyone was tense and especially you at the pitwall were completely on edge. The tyres on your car just wouldn't work this week. Checo had been the first of the two to venture onto the Hards, after they had worked excellently at the Alpines.
To no avail. It didn't take him ten laps before there was a yellow flag and safety car because Checo had found the wall at the exit of the stadium. DNF in his home race.
During the safety car you had to act quickly and together with Hannah at home in Milton Keynes the decision was made quite quickly to bring Max in and put him on the mediums. But even those didn't seem to work as well as you'd imagined.
"What the hell is this." You could hear Max say over the radio. "These tyres are a pain to get under control." After a few laps, however, he seemed to have found the groove and overtook several cars in front of him with several good moves. After leaving Esteban behind in the first Alpine, only Pierre, the world championship leader, in the second Alpine separated him from a podium.
"It looks like our tyres are holding up better than the Alpines. Pierre had changed a few laps ahead of us before the yellow flag. He can do that." Your message to GP echoed through the radio into the ears of the entire pitwall and garage. GP nodded and relayed the exact same info to Max.
An incredible battle began between the former Red Bull driver and the two-time world champion. The two didn't give each other a millimetre on the track but both drove a very fair race.
In the last DRS zone Max pulled out of the Alpine's slipstream, then everything happened much too fast. Your head couldn't follow exactly how it happened. All you saw was Max' Red Bull off the track at turn 12 and Gasly's Alpine right behind.
Then followed an eternal silence. GP tried to contact Max several times but he didn't answer. The race was stopped immediately and all the remaining cars came into the pit lane.
You ripped the headphones off your head and went straight to the garage where you knew Maja was sitting with Max' mother. The little girl didn't really understand what was going on but she knew that the car she had just seen crash into the wall was her dad because Checo was standing next to her.
She jumped out of the seat next to Max' mother right into your arms when she saw you and then didn't let go. You could feel her first tears on your shoulder before you could see them.
"Y/N, is dad ok? Please tell me daddy is ok." But you couldn't say that because you were no longer in contact with the car. So you just hugged the little one even tighter.
The whole pit lane stood still, nobody really knew what to do. They all stood and waited for a report from the medical team about the condition of the two drivers. Christian came over to you and Maja and stroked the little one's head as well.
"He's fine. His radio must have gone out. But Gasly said over his radio that Max is moving." His words were almost a whisper. He didn't know for sure if it was true or not, because the connection to Pierre had broken up as well shortly after.
Christian was one of the only people in the team, apart from Hannah and GP, who knew that there were a few sparks flying between you and Max. "Take the little one with you and his mum and make your way to the medical centre. That's where they'll take him first no matter what." You took a deep breath and took Maja in your arms.
Christian hugged you both together and then dispatched you towards the medical centre.
It seemed to take ages until the doors finally opened and the first people entered the centre. First, however, Pierre came into the room. He saw you, Maja and Max' mother directly and immediately came over to you.
"I'm so sorry. I was too late on the brakes and then I lost the front of the car and crashed head-on into his side." The description sent shivers down your spine. "But they were able to get him out of the car and he's fine so far. From what I've heard he doesn't seem to be really hurt." Pierre went on and on and you realised that the Frenchman himself was in shock. You gave Maja to her grandma and put your arms around the Alpine driver, who still needed a few seconds until he finally calmed down a bit.
"You drove a great race. Both hard but fair and Max knows that too. I know that. I've seen it all. It's going to be alright." You didn't even know that because you hadn't even seen Max since then but your gut made you say it anyway because in your subconscious you knew it was the truth.
Pierre just nodded and was then taken by an assistant to a room where presumably more checks would be done on him.
Maja again freed herself from her grandmother's arms and snuggle up to you. Her head was resting on your shoulder, eyes so lazy you could have thought she was going straight to sleep. You didn't want to imagine how bad it was for her not to really understand what was going on with her dad. To have seen only what everyone saw.
Another five minutes later the doors opened again and Max was wheeled into the room on a stretcher. When he saw the three of you standing there, he sat up directly on the stretcher and made the doctor roll his eyes. But the doctor only made sure that Max didn't get the stupid idea of standing up.
You let his mother take precedence to hug him. Max, however, had other things on his mind. He hugged his mother but then turned directly to you and Maja. You put the little one on his lap and wanted to give them some time together but Max pulled you close and held your face with one hand as best he could.
"I know I haven't been able to bring myself to say it until now but I really thought for a brief moment out there that that was it and the only thing I could think about was you and how I haven't told you yet that I love you and I want you to officially move in with us and have the exact same part in Maja's life as I do."
With his other arm wrapped in a splint, Max pulled Maja as close as he could while with the other he pulled your face closer and kissed you in front of everyone, but especially in front of Maja.
Tears began to run down your cheeks. It had taken you long enough to hear those three little words from Max, but at that moment it was all the more special to hear them because you hadn’t heard anything at all for what seemed the longest time and those to be the first words made your heart skip a beat.
"I love you too. Both of you."
Two broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion. These were the culprits that shortened Max's season by three races. But that didn't really matter to him or to you. The main thing was that he was fine and was allowed to fly home after only a short time.
His mother stayed with him in Mexico while you and Maja flew home. It was the first time that you were completely on your own and took care of Maja without Max' help, but it all came so naturally.
While the plan was for you to work from the track for the race in Brazil, Christian arranged for you to fly home with Maja the night after the race in Mexico to work from England and only be on site in Abu Dhabi.
Max's mother had written to you that they could fly on Sunday or Monday. Since you had to go to Milton Keynes for the race in Brazil, you hoped that it would be Monday to have time to fly home with Maja and prepare everything.
But Max had other plans.
You were standing together with Maja at the airport in Nice on Monday evening. Max had arranged for you to use his private jet without him and then be flown to Monaco by helicopter.
"Are we going to pick up Dad at the airport?" Maja looked out of the car that was taking you home from the heliport.
"We can certainly do that. I still have to write to grandma and ask when they'll arrive." The driver opened the door and let you out in front of the house. You didn't have any luggage except for a carry-on suitcase that you had shared, as you had only flown on Friday you didn't need so many things.
The flat was quiet as usual when you opened the door for the two of you, yet you knew you were not alone.
A path of lanterns and rose petals led from the door into the flat. Maja, who walked in front of you, had twinkling stars in her eyes as she followed the lights that led through the dark flat ahead of you.
You put down your bag and the suitcase before following the little one to get to the bottom of the matter. But before you could see it, you had heard Maja's shrieking cry for her daddy, which told you who was behind it all.
"Daddy, you're back." As you stepped out onto the balcony where Maja lay in Max's arms, your breath caught in your throat.
He had decorated the whole balcony with fairy lights and prepared dinner for the three of you. Even though you were aware that Max couldn't have done it all himself and that his mother was probably in a hotel room not far from you, happily looking through pictures of the meal and her creation of the decorations, you found it difficult to find the right breathing rhythm again.
Max put Maja to one side and asked her to sit there while he had to do something urgent for a moment.
He faced you and took your hands in his, though one of his would remain in a splint for a while as it was healing.
"Do you remember one of the first days when you were here at the beginning of the season and I told you that I was nervous because I felt something that I didn't know. An unknown feeling that you triggered in me, which was unknown to me and my body?" You had to think back to your second kiss. The feeling of having found what your body had been searching for so long. Your self-confidence, even though Max was so foreign to you at the time. You nodded.
"I know now why I couldn't describe it then. I didn't know what it was because I had never felt true love before. You gave it to me. For the first time. I had always thought that I had lost the love of my life, but it was never love. I only experienced love when you came into mine and Maja's life and inserted yourself into our lives as naturally as the missing piece of the puzzle we had been looking for for years but hadn't found."
Max put his hands to your cheeks for a brief second before he took a breath, pulled a small wine-red casket from his back pocket and then slowly got down on his knee in front of you.
His gaze, and therefore yours, wandered for a brief moment to his daughter, who was still sitting on the floor with sparkling eyes, but was now surrounded by the cats.
"My angel, is it alright with you if I ask Y/N to marry me and officially become your mama?" The little one nodded hastily and jumped up from her spot next to you on the floor to hug her father around the neck.
"She's perfect." Max gave his daughter a little kiss on the forehead before he turned back to you and Maja hastily sat back down next to the two cats on the floor from where she watched everything closely.
Your tears had already started to run down your cheeks when Max pulled the box out of his pocket, but Maja's answer to Max's question finished you off. From then on there was no stopping your tears.
How could you have been so lucky in life to have found such a loving family in such a short time?
"Y/N Y/L/N, you heard her. You are perfect and I sign off on that without argument. So it would be my honour if you officially become part of this family. My wife and the mother of my daughter."
It didn't take you a second thought to lift Max off the floor.
Hope you liked it :)
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code-es · 19 days
The women who laid the foundation of tech
EDIT: I noticed that this post ended up being reblogged by terfs. If you're transphobic this post is not for you to reblog. I want to celebrate everyone who is not a cis man in this industry, including trans women and nonbinary people in tech, and it was my mistake to only include cis women in this post when there are so many trans women and nonbinary people who have done great things in tech as well. Trans women are women and just as important.
Here you can read about trans ppl in tech, and please do:
The morning of women's day i attended a super inspiring seminar about being a woman in tech at a large tech company in my city, and now I'm inspired to share what I learned with all of you!
I didn't have time to finish this post on women's day, but it's not too late to post now: every day is a day to celebrate women!
Women actually laid the foundation for a lot of the tech industry.
For example, the first computer, ENIAC, was programmed completely by women! While men were the behind the scenes engineers, it was women who did all the actual programming of ENIAC.
Tumblr media
The women who made up the team responsible for programming it were called Jean Bartik, Kay McNulty, Betty Holberton, Marlyn Wescoff, Frances V. Spence and Ruth Teitelbaum.
I think one woman who is finally getting her overdue recognition is Ada Lovelace. She was a mathematician (also often referred to as the first programmer) who created the first algorithm in 1842, which wasn't recognized until 1953! However, since none of her machines were ever completed it was never tested in practice during her time.
Tumblr media
She has since been celebrated by giants such as google, and she has given name to a programming language (Ada). She was also the first person to write about what is today known as AI. Back when she was practicing, computers were simply thought of as calculators. But she had an idea that if computers can understand numbers, then that can be translated to letters, and in turn that can lead to computers being able to handle words, and eventually even write, draw and create music.
Hedy Lamarr was a famous Hollywood actress in the 40's, but she was also an inventor who laid ground for what we use today for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS services.
Tumblr media
During WW2 she wanted to contribute positviely to the military efforts against the Nazis, and she tried to figure out how to radio control torpedoes. In 1942 she patented her technology "Secret Communications System", also known as frequency hopping, which laid the foundation for the technology we use today for Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. It wasn't until 1962 that it was first used for its intended purpose, during the cuban missile crisis.
Grace Hopper invented the first compiler, called A-0, in 1955, and was also part of the Univac team, which was the company also responsible for building ENIAC. She also initiated work on the COBOL programming language.
Tumblr media
She was also the one to coin the term "bug" in 1947. Computers back then had lights to visualize their working process (which was also a womans idea to implement btw) and bugs would be attracted to the lights, but usually that was no issue - until a bug made its way into a tube which caused the computer to stop working. Hopper taped the bug to a piece of paper and logged what caused the crash - a bug.
Tumblr media
Dorothy Vaughan (left), alongside colleagues such as Katherine Johnson (middle) and Mary Jackson (right), was a mathematician at NASA (called NACA when she started) who worked on the orbit for the first ever manned spaceflight and later also on Apollo 11 that would take humanity to the moon!
Tumblr media
When Vaughan started at what was then called NACA, segregation was still prevalent in the US and she was not allowed in the same areas in the office as her white colleagues. Another department was formed for the black staff, and when the director of said department unexpectedly died, she was appointed as the new director and thus became the first ever black woman at that position at NACA/NASA. In 1958 when NACA becomes NASA segregation is forbidden, and that is when Vaughan and her colleagues Johnson and Jackson started working on programming the orbit and later also Apollo 11.
Continuing on the same track of NASA and space, Margaret Hamilton was the Apollo project's first actual programmer. Hamilton became the director of software engineering at NASA in 1965, and she was also the person to first coin the term !
Tumblr media
In the image above, she stands next to all the handwritten code that was used to send humanity to the moon. During the early stages of the project when she would speak of "sofware engineering", software development was not taken as seriously as other forms of engineering, and it wasn't regarded as a science, either. She wanted to legitimize software development as an engineering discipline, and overtime the term "software engineering" gained the same respect as any other technical discipline.
And lastly, if you're a woman in STEM, I want to highlight and celebrate you! Being a woman in a male dominated industry is not easy, we often suffer from sterotype threat and are not seen as our own individuals, but rather "the woman" in a room full of men. But just as these women, I'm sure you will achieve greatness!!
Here are some additional resources if you'd like to learn more:
And this was mainly my source for this post, but it's unfortunately only available in Swedish:
Thank you for reading ✨
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freakazoidfuc · 1 month
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Javier Peña x F! Informant Reader
Summary: Javi had gone out on a bust, he told you to wait for him in the safety of his room. You saw something shiny poking from his side table drawer and got interested.
-first time writing full-out smut, sorry if it's not that good. Some mistakes bc i didn’t edit it sorry!!
+18 smut warning
word count: 4k
Tumblr media
You’re walking into the cafe where you were set to meet La Quica. All you have to do is get him to tell you where Pablo is going to be tomorrow, and you’re not nervous at all. You’ve done this for about a year or so, and it’s become second nature. As soon as you walk in La Quica spots you, but you’ve spotted the other sicarios he has placed around the cafe, they didn’t even hide the guns they have tucked into their waistbands. He nods you over, and you strut over not failing to notice how they all have their eyes on you. Hey, it comes with the job, you have to wear skinny jeans and tight tops, to blend in with the rest of the women in Colombia.       
“Quihubo y/n que mas?” Quica asks you how you are. “Ya sabe aqui esperando ordenes del jefe”. You tell him that you’re just waiting on orders from Pablo. You try to get to the point, not wanting to spend any minute more than you have to. He reaches to brush a strand of hair out of your face, and you try not to flinch away from his touch. “Que pasa linda? La veo nerviosa?”.
His menacing tone makes it seem like he knows you’re up to something. You just laugh it off, and you brush your fingers along his shoulder and sweetly ask him if he’s gonna tell you what you have to do. “Que va pasar Quica? Me va decir lo que tengo que hacer o que?”. Your sweeter tone makes him ease up a bit, they’re so easy it’s laughable. “Ah bueno, mas le vale. Mire mañana va llegar un delivery de Miami, Pablo quiere que usted vaya con Limon al aeropuerto a recibir El Leon, la plata se la dan cuando El Leon ya este aqui en Bogota”.
Pablo wants you to go to the airport to pick up one of his men that works for him in Miami and you aren’t going alone, you’re going with Limón. He’s a recently added worker, you’d seen him around in the market with Maritza. Poor guy doesn’t know what he got himself into. You slide Quica a paper with the address of where to have Limón pick you up. “No se tarde, ya sabe como es el jefe. Hasta despues linda”. He tips up your chin while he gets up. You give him a sweet smile as you watch him leave with the group of men that were scattered around. 
“It’s clear y/n, you can head out. We’re just round the corner”. Javier’s rich deep voice fills your ears. In the car, you find Steve, Carrillo, and Javier, they were all listening to your conversation, and what you didn’t know but learned later was that they had set up cameras in the shop and watched everything. Carrillo spoke first once you got in, “Nice work y/n, we’ll be at the location you gave him. When you hear the signal, get out as quick as possible. We don’t want you involved with what will go down”. You nod your head “gracias colonel, do you want me in a specific place after?”. As soon as your last word went through Javier spoke up. “You’ll go straight to my place, understood?”.
As hard as you tried to deny it, you couldn’t anymore. Hearing Javi talks to you in that demanding voice did dangerous things to you. You had messed around with him in the beginning but you mutually decided it was best to keep things professional. It was really hard to keep things professional with him. The way he spoke to you, the way he looked at you, and how he tried to sneak touches, it drove you crazy. Javier knew what he was doing, he loved seeing the way you’d blush when you caught him looking at you, he loved how the hairs on your arm would rise when he “accidentally” brushed his fingers along your arms. You looked up at him with a questioning look on your face but you decided not to question him. Especially not when Carrillo and Steve were here. “Yes sir”. 
You had no idea how the bust went down. As soon as you heard the signal to move, you did. You started to run till a cop car passed you and beeped. It was Trujillo, “Peña dio ordenes a llevarte al apartamento de el”.  You got in the car with him and drove in silence until you got to his apartment. “La puerta esta abierta, suerte y/n”. He let you know that Javier left the door open. “Gracias Trujillo”. 
You’re in his apartment and it’s exactly as you expected, it’s a bit messy with beer bottles scattered along his kitchen and ashtrays on every table. You walk into his room and are not surprised again when it’s the same deal. Beer, cigarettes, and a spare gun you imagine on his bedside table. His bed was messily made like he was in a rush this morning. The beautiful Colombian sun spilled through the windows into the room, making it hotter than comfortable. You felt your already tight light yellow top cling to your skin. Your skinny jeans stick to your skin like glue. It was safe to say you felt extremely uncomfortable.
You thought to take off your clothes for just a bit to cool yourself off. So you remove your high heels, peel off your jeans and unbutton your top. Looking at your watch and it being a while since you left, you thought that they’re probably gonna take a bit longer so you decide to relax a bit and lay on his bed. It felt so naughty to be in Javi’s bed just in your unbuttoned shirt, no pants, just your lacy pink bra, and matching underwear.
Your mind wandered to what Javier had done in his bed before, if he’s ever thought of you late at night while touching places you’d only wish he’d let you touch. You thought if he’s ever accidentally said your name while doing things that made your belly swirl. You shook your head, feeling your underwear getting wet. You sat up with your arms placed behind you, letting your eyes wander until they spotted something shiny poking from his drawer. Your curiosity got the best of you and you got up to see what it was. You carefully opened the drawer and saw handcuffs with the key right beside them. Before being an informant, your life was normal in Colombia. You had gone to school to learn English, you worked at a cafe and life was simple. Naturally, you had never gotten handcuffed and you had always wondered what it was like. You thought you’d do it quickly and unlock yourself before Javier got back. 
“Fuck”. It seems like you didn’t think this through. While the notion of you putting on the handcuffs was easy, you made the mistake of not taking the key out of the drawer before locking your hands together. You tried lifting your hand but you just could get them in the drawer. While attempting to get the keys you heard the door open. Double fuck, your eyes widened and you quickly scrambled to his bed and sat with your back facing the door. “Y/n?” 
His footsteps get closer to the room and you start to panic a bit, I mean what’s the worse thing he could do? Laugh at You? Or maybe he’d be mad that you even went into his room, which you can understand because you’d let curiosity get the best of you and now you’re handcuffed and sitting on his bed half naked. You were so in your mind that you hadn’t even heard Javi enter the room. As soon as he saw you he paused and confusion ran across his face. “What are you doing?” 
Your mind scrambles with what to say. “Oh just looking out your window”
Javier just hums and heads toward you. He notices your jeans and shoes on the floor. “Why are your clothes on my floor y/n”. While you couldn’t see him, you didn’t have to, you know that he had that stupid smirk on his face, that smirk that always had you clenching your legs together whenever you caught a glimpse of it. “It got hot?”. You were so nervous that it came out more as a question than a statement. You felt him close to you but you didn’t have the guts to look up at him.
Javi was already standing in front of you. Taking in the sight of you. Everything in front of him looked like one of his wet dreams. While you had no idea, Javier had been aching to touch you again. When “yes sir” came out of your mouth yesterday, it had him lose control. He went home that day with your sweet voice answering back to his orders in his mind. Javier couldn’t get you out of his head, not only because of your words but because you just looked so damn good yesterday that he truly doesn’t know how he kept himself under control. Those jeans you had on yesterday fit you so well, they did wonders for your ass and you knew it, more of the reasons why you wore them. Javi bends down in front of you, he places his calloused hands on your knees and slightly caresses them.
“Look at me bonita”.
And you did exactly that because you can’t simply defy him. He brushes the loose strands that had come in front of your face behind your ear, once your face comes into his view he smirks at you. “There’s that pretty face, so what happened here y/n?” He slightly smacked the side of your thigh. “I got bored of waiting for you Javi, and I saw the handcuffs I had never been handcuffed, obviously and I wanted to see what it felt like, but then I forgot to take out the key before and then you came and I got scared that you were gonna be mad at me”. There it was that nervous babble that you hated so much, you felt your face heat up out of embarrassment. Then you heard the beautiful chuckle, it was low and just so good, that you wanted to hear it again. He caressed your face. “I’m not mad bonita”, your eyes brows shot up in surprise. “You’re not?” 
“Of course not, I could never be mad at you” 
“Besides how could I be mad, when I’ve come home to you looking like this?” His hands start to roam your bare skin, and soft whimpers are released from your mouth. You’ve longed for him touching like this, he has no idea how much this is affecting you. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to touch you like this?”. You just shook your head, you had a slight inkling he was interested in you but that was it. “Ever since you walked in that first day, with that sundress that drove me absolutely wild” Then he started to press soft kisses on your things, “that day I wanted to snatch you up, and have you all to myself”. 
“Javier-”. You moans his name softly, the soft touches driving you crazy. He’s so close to where you want him. “Those kisses we shared didn’t fill me y/n, I still needed more. Now I find you handcuffed, half naked, and sitting all pretty on my bed? I’m going to do things to you linda, things that have been on my mind since yesterday” 
At this point, you’re breathing heavily, you just want him to touch you already. “You want that baby?”
You nod your head, not trusting your words but he’s not having it. He’s shaking his head. He places his hands around your jaw and grips your face close to his. “Usa tus palabras princesa” 
“Yes Javi, just- just do it already” 
You aren’t sure who initiated first but you felt his soft lips slot in between yours. His hand moved down to your throat and his other gripped your waist bringing you closer. He kissed like he’s been dying for this. Javier can’t keep his hands off you and you couldn’t be any happier. 
His hand grips your throat tighter which causes you to slip a moan out and he takes that chance to slip his tongue in and tangle it with yours. He groans into your mouth. With your handcuffed hands you try to touch him but you can’t. You break the kiss. “Javi, please let me out of these” you whine. His eyes light up with mischief, and he pouts. “No baby, this is your punishment” 
Your brows drew together, “my punishment?” he hummed and pushed your legs open, he pushed you’re back so now you’re laying on your back. He’s hovering over you and goes into presses kisses on your neck and below your ear on that sweet spot that drives you crazy. You’re panting like crazy just wanting him in you. “Punishment for touching Quica, for letting him touch you and call you bonita. You don’t know how much I wanted to go in there and shoot every fucker that looked at you when you walked in. Staring at your ass and thinking things they shouldn’t. I want to cut off his hand for ever laying his hands on what’s mine” Javier sounded and looked genuinely mad, You didn’t even know he could see what was going on inside. “Nadie te toca, escuchaste y/n” His jaw was clenched and his pupils were fully dilated. “Si Javier”.  
“No, Not Javier. Yes, what y/n?” 
At first, you didn’t understand but then you got it, “Yes, sir”. 
“Good girl, now let me get back to what’s mine, okay bonita?” 
He was kissing the swells of your breasts and he muttered something along the lines of “too many clothes” he ripped open your bra and placed his warm mouth on your nipple and started nipping and sucking. His hand playing with the other. You moan in pleasure. He moves his mouth to the other and his other hand starts to roam down to your underwear. He runs his finger along your clothes slit. It has you flinch at the sensation. He moves his mouth back to your lips and kisses you with so much force that you can feel his mustache scratching you and it feels so good to you. He slides your underwear to the side and slides his fingers through your lips and he breaks the kiss to groan, “so wet for me already y/n, my poor baby how long have you been like this? Don’t worry, I’m gonna make you feel so good you’ll forget about the times I wasn’t here eating you up.” Javier does just that he moves his mouth down all the way down to where you want him the most. He prepares you by kissing the inner of your thighs. “Javi please, i- I need you, just please do it already” You didn’t care if you sounded desperate, you’d beg him until he did it, but luckily you didn’t have to beg anymore because his mouth latched to your cunt, feeling his hot mouth sucking on your clit had you throwing your head back, moaning profanities and mixing in his name. He was eating you like this was the last time and you really hoped it wasn’t. His tongue going up and down, this sucking your slit then back to licking everything up. Javier was hungry for you and he wasn’t going to waste any of you. He brings his finger and starts tracing it up and down. A loud whimper escapes your lips n you feel his thick finger pressing into you, he pumps it in and out, curling it and finding your sweet spot. He increases his pace as your moans and whimpers increase. When you get louder he adds another finger, going at a pace that has clamped down on his fingers. You know that sensation. The swirl in your belly is getting too much to handle. His mouth and fingers are doing amazing things to you, you’ve never felt this good before. His groans vibrate through your cunt, making you desperately moan his name. He sucks your clit harder and you feel yourself unraveling, Javi takes the time to lap up every drop of cum, not letting any go to waste. He lifts his head and you see the glimmer of your arousal on his face making you blush, he licks his lips and places one of his arms right by your head, he brings his fingers and brings them to your lips, “I knew you were going to taste good, but princesa you taste so fucking good. Open for me baby”. You open your mouth and suck the juices off his fingers, swirling your tongue around and sucking them clean. 
“Javi” you breathed out. “Please let me touch you, I promise no one’s touching me but you, te lo prometo Javier, solo tu”. 
He lets you out of the handcuffs and once your hands are free you stand up. “What are you doing-” 
“Javi, shh let me do this” You push him onto the bed, He sits with his legs spread wide which already have you a mess. You place your hands on his knees caressing them up and down, then you move up to his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off him. Your mouth starts kissing his chest, touching what you couldn’t before. “Don’t be a tease babe, keep this up, and ill just have to fill you with my dick and fuck you till you’re all the way up with my cum”. 
Javier had a way with his words. Hearing his dirty talk spurred something in you. You stopped the small soft touches and went for his pants. You palmed him through his jeans feeling hard he was for you, You unblocked his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Javi helped you pull his pants down. His dick sprang up and that’s when you noticed he was commando. Your hands softly grabs his dick and he groans at the way you’re touching him. “Did you think this was going to happen Javi? Hm?” 
You move your mouth to his shaft and press a gentle kiss before you wrap your mouth around his tip. That groan you longed to hear was let out from his lips. You begin to swirl your tongue around his tip, collecting the precum and tasting him. You had a feeling  Javi was big but you didn’t expect him to be this big. You brought your hand to the bottom of his dick and started to go up and down all in sync with your mouth, applying the right pressure. “Fuck baby, you’re doing so good for me”. His praise only made you go faster. He was groaning so much in pleasure you felt so happy that you were able to make him feel this good. Javier gripped a handful of your hair and made you go deeper in, “c’mon y/n, take me all the way in, I want to feel the back of your throat”  
He pushes your head all the way down, and you feel his tip touch the back of your throat, You were swallowing him. Javi let you back up and you gasped for air but you went back in with determination. Started to lick that sweet spot you knew every guy had. You felt his dick twitch and put his dick back into your mouth. You felt the hot spurts of cum in your mouth. Tasting all of him in your mouth. “That’s it, mama, swallow all of it, you did so good y/n”. You swallowed every drop of his cum. Licked every bit you could and his dick sprung out of your mouth with a pop. Javier sits up and uses his thumb to clean the side of your mouth where some cum had dripped out. He brings his thumb to his mouth and licks it off. 
You climb onto his lap, kiss the shell of his ear, and whisper “Javi, I need you in me. Please” 
“Yeah? You need me to fill you up?” 
“Yes, oh god, yes please” You clench around nothing, just at the fact that you’ll finally get to have him in you. Javi lines up his dick to your entrance. You slowly start to push yourself down on him, Only the tip has gone in and the stretch hurt, but it hurts so good your grab onto his shoulders. “Relajate preciosa” he murmurs and waits until you adjust, Javier grips your waist and pushes you down until you’ve taken all of him. 
“You feel so good Javi” you choke out. 
Right now he’s just letting you get used to him. But you start to grow impatient. You start to move a bit to create that friction you crave. A smirk appears on Javier’s face, he finally has you where he wanted you for so long. 
“Javier, muevete, I need you to move.. Porfavor”. His hands are already on your waist moving you up and bringing you down hard. His hands gripping so tight to keep you in place while he hammers into you. His hips move up to meet yours. The sound of skin smacking together spurs both of your pornographic moans. He turns you so fast you don’t even realize you’re on your back and he’s on top of you. 
“Look at you baby, you look so good under me like this” 
He is back to thrusting into you, His pace is relentless and yummy. With every thrust, he hits that sweet spot. He brings his fingers to your clit. Rubbing it in the perfect motion, going in delicious perfect moans that have you screaming his name. 
“Fuck, Javi keep going”, “You feel so fucking good Javi” 
He leans down to kiss you hard. “I’ve wanted this so long Javi” 
“Yeah? How long have you thought of me?” he thrust harder and harder. His fingers circled my clit relentlessly 
“Too long” 
You feel yourself gripping him, your belly swirling with that feeling from before. It’s like he senses it. “Let it go, baby” 
And you do just that, You cum, drenching his dick with your cum. You cum so hard you feel it drip down your thighs. “So good, You did so good for me y/n, you love being a good girl for me, yeah?” 
You’ve cummed but he doesn’t stop, he goes faster than before, the sensitivity making it too much but you let it happen. His thrust starts to get sloppy and you feel him twitch in you. “Im going to fill up your cunt so deep that it will be dripping out of you for days, reminding you who did that and who you belong to” He voice hoarse and deep. His hot cum shoots into you, and your cunt grips him. Milking all of his cum into you. He holds his dick in there. Not letting any of his drips out of you. You feel so full of him that it turns you on so much. Javiers leaned his forehead on you, his breaths getting back to normal. You feel his dick softening in you. You bring your hands up into his hair. Gently tug on the strands binging his mouth to yours. This time the kiss is different. It’s not rough and hungry like before. It’s soft and passionate. He breaks the kiss and peppers kisses all over you. You start to laugh at his playfulness. “Javi stop that tickles” 
You see him get up, and he gets a washcloth and cleans you up. Still a bit sensitive you flinch when he presses it along your slot. He gives you an apologetic smile. Then you go back to the bed and presses your body next to his, His arm around you bringing you in close. He kisses your temple and starts caressing your hair. 
“You did so good for me hermosa, I don’t know how I survived so long without you”  
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My (32m) husband (30m) keeps saying he isnt gay. We've been married for five years. Help?
We met when i was working as a freelance writer. He was one of my regular readers, and he hated my writing so much that he paid me to move in with him (dont ask, it's complicated) so that he can edit my stuff. To his credit my work has gotten a lot better since then, but that also might have had to do with regular food & the lack of rent. Anyway we started making out like 3 months in. things clearly escalated and now we're married and we have 2 cats.
For like a year after I moved in he kept on saying that he was straight. Since we were having sex I kind of thought he was joking? Or that he at least stopped thinking he was straight when he introduced me as his partner to his family. He stopped bringing it up at some point anyway, and i figured it didnt matter after we got married. Only recently i brought up how he used to think he's straight and he told me HE STILL IS. How the fuck does that make any sense? Who can be straight after nearly 10 years of monogamous dicking?? I've never even heard him call a woman attractive!!! He is CONSTANTLY telling me about some new hot dudes he's seen!!
How do I convince my husband that he's probably not straight?
Edit: stop calling me fake i WISH i were joking but he is very serious about this. i asked if he thought i was attractive, and he said of course he does. i thought that was a "gotcha" moment but he said that because the protagonist of my novel is a self-insert, and that i described him as the most attractive man ever, my husband would obviously be attracted to me? because of novel protagonist logic?? i literally do not understand
Edit 2: Okay, i've tried some of the (ACTUAL) suggestions people left. I printed out pictures of "hot" people, men and women, and asked him to sort into a Hot and Not Hot pile. Most of the men were deemed Attractive and all the women (+some men) were deemed Not. i asked him what that means. i can't remember his exact logic but i think it boils down to the fact that he thinks all of his opinions are actually objective fact. i guess it's nice that he thinks I'm objectively hot. i spoke with his siblings, they all agree that he's absolutely gay, and they talked to him individually but he's still telling me he's straight.
Edit 3: i was going to ignore all those comments but you ASSHOLES won't leave it alone. YES, WE MET BECAUSE I WAS A NOVELIST AND HE HATED MY BOOK. He was NOT normal about it. i don't know what else to tell you. He's a closeted rich kid (as some of you had guessed already) and i guess he just yearned for the touch of a man so hard that i had to marry him. Whatever. it was our anniversary yesterday and he said "no homo" when he gave me flowers because i guess i was too insistent about him being gay. he was kind of joking but definitely not entirely.
Edit 4: some of you have guessed my pen name?? how??? A few others have even guessed my husband's username. Absolutely insane. I didnt even give that much info. He still says he's straight btw. Honestly i've kind of given up on changing his mind, but i did direct him to some queer websites a couple people suggested, so maybe reading more about internalized homophobia will cure him? It's actually stopped being funny and now I'm worried for his mental health, so I'm really hoping that personal stories he can actually relate to might do something.
Edit ??: you've fucking done it guys. he found this post. my sweet darling husband yelled at me for 5 minutes. those websites must've worked though, because he can easily go on for 20 minutes if he actually cared, and all the replies people left maybe helped a bit too. he actually apologized to me at the end!! can you believe that??? if you want to see him in all his glory he's the jerk with all the awards and upvotes in the comments here. you will definitely recognize him for a stephen king antagonist when you see him.
Edit 6: our cats are named Crybaby and Little Fucker 😊
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sinsterdarling · 2 months
my favs and how they react to you being their gay awakening:
WHEW hefty title we have here. but here we have the ones that don’t know what a crush is if it smacked them in the fact. AND YES!!! two of these characters are well-known to like women but we break the laws of canon 😜
ft. rin, sanji (how could i not), senku, and roy mustang
male reader! / lightly edited / suggestive
rin from bluelock:
Tumblr media
rin is 21 in this <3
rin hated the social aspect of his soccer life. forcing him to go out and handle these events he never liked. grumbling insults at people who dared tried to flirt with him. women flocked to him and men wished to be him. it was exhausting. rin had just wanted to stay home maybe hit the gym or literally anything else in this world.
music blaring in his ears, drinks brought to him for free. glancing at the whiskey in his hand. sipping on it he glanced at the dancefloor. seeing many people bumping and grinding. checking his watch. "only 20 minutes to go" he whispers. glaring up back on the dance floor he saw a male figure.
rin widens his eyes. the deep part of his brain activated and fully the world stopped and he finally paid attention to what he was listening to and seeing. a man dancing at the club fully caught his attention.
no women, no man, and no person could make him feel like he does right now. his first attraction in his entire life; he looked down at his glass seeing most of it was gone. was he losing track of time? 20 minutes turned to 5 minutes on his watch.
the way your body moves and you felt every beat with the song. your smiling could be seen even from afar and all the people surrounding you turned into a blur, rin eyed you longer. realizing the alcohol was making him in need of a bathroom break. rin gets up and walks towards it.
you laughed with your friend, dancing and having a blast. was some of it influenced by the drinks in your system? possibly but after a hard ass week you deserved some fun. you twisted your body and landed straight into someone's chest.
"holy shit, we are so sorry" your friends beg, yet you didn't understand what the commotion was about. if you're dancing in a club youre gonna run into people. what difference does it make?
"holy shit it's rin itoshi" you look right into his eyes. he stares right back at you. he lowers his gaze before looking away.
"you can keep dancing" rin mumbles, the break inbetween songs allowed you to hear it. you blinked a couple times and next you saw a slight blush on his cheeks. "..if you want too" rin rubs the back of his neck.
your friends suddenly disappeared, letting you two have a moment. with slight drunk courage you reach for his hand and start moving back with the beat. you see rin tense and stiff. getting closer to him you whisper. "relax... you're not the famous soccer player, you're just any old person dancing" rin stiffens even more. you're so close to his body.
you wrap your hand around his waist to help him coordinate of course. rin's breath hitches and you feel like slowly relax within your touch.
you look up and rin glances at your lips. you leaned closer and before you two could make contact. rin got pulled away, a small gasp coming out of him.
"rin, the car is here" a person whispers in his ear. rin didn't want to miss this opportunity with you and then checks his watch. he lets go of your hand.
"goodbye rin" you smile and he takes a few more seconds to admire it. to really bask in it.
sanji from one piece:
Tumblr media
after every stop you and sanji explore, you're his personal shopping bag. holding all his new ingredients, shoving another bag towards you. sighing you didn't know why you joined the crew in the first place. a pretty blond man really did reel you in.
"ahhhh you must smell this fresh herbs. it's a dream" sanji says, passing a leaf towards you. the smell strong and delicate of the herb. he was the dreamy cook, the one you stood side by side.
luffy screams your name, running through the city. sanji clearly annoyed that his shopping spree was bothered by the loud captain. you walk towards and collided with luffy head on.
"i need your help! at the boat" you rub the back of the head. wincing in pain. "it's urgent!" picking yourself up. grabbing all the bags that you had dropped.
"coming captain... cook i gotta drop off these bags at the boat anyway. i'll catch up with you" you were the odd ball out of the group.. somehow. you always called the crew by their titles.
sanji nods, brushing you off. you went with your captain.
hours later sanji was a little lost, he's been hanging out with the swordsman too much. looking up at the well bright neon signs. sanji lights another cigaratte, glancing at another sign.
"sweet treats" is the pink neon title. glowing downward to a door, it seems a little scandalous but sanji thought he would find a goldmine. a pastry for you and him to share as a thank you for dealing with his crap. he'll take that chance.
"if anything it will be a girl strip club" sanji's grins. putting out his lighter. opening the door, the loud music blasting into his ear.
slow and seductive. sanji passes by the curtains only to see all men. men in small skimpy outfits, men in suits, men dancing, men shirtless and the only women were the customers. nearly dropping his bag of ingredients. running out of the club running into a innocent person that was just standing outside.
sanji falls down and sees you. you turn around and glance at the door opened, seeing a small peek of what exactly was the club sanji came out of. you glance at him and then back at the club till the door closed. "don't... it's not what it looks like" sanji puts up his hands, blush arising of embarrassment.
"sanji... the womanizer himself coming out of a male strip club?" you bend down. sanji moves from you to prevent himself from blocking the entrance. "now that's something new" you snickered. grabbing the bags from his hand.
sanji went silent. you helped him up, assuming he didn't want to talk too much about the situation. he followed you, having a large gap between you two. you chuckled putting the last of his ingredients on the counter. he on the other hand bolted to his living quarters. you hoped this didn’t last too long. sure it was a funny joke and you had a laugh but you also couldn’t help but see how his face was mortified when he was caught.
sanji decided sleeping early and pretending that moment didn’t happen would solve it. wrapping himself in the blanket. laying in bed he turns his body. closing his eyes, sanji’s thoughts went back to the club. the almost naked men and the suits. sanji turned again and looked closer at the faces he was imagining. the one closest to him was you, in the flesh.
everytime he thought of the club it was you. you shirtless, you in a suit, you dancing on stage while looking directly at him, and you looking down on him. shivering he opens his eyes covering his eyes.
“god why is it you?” sanji whispers. this only confirms it when he had his first nose bled coming from a man. the cause? you. the strip club was the alarm clock but you were the awakening.
senku from dr.stone:
Tumblr media
science science SCIENCE!!
senku thinks science and ONLY science. when he isn't studying he's thinking of something else like numbers or equations. he was a leader of new generation. senku had no time for himself which he didn’t mind. he wasn’t the one to realize how exhausted he was till it hit him in the face.
"i have to get some materials from a waterfall, won't be too far. i'll be back" senku grabs his bag and waves at his friends. although some of them offered he declined as the trip wouldn't take too long.
senku guides through leaves to find the loud waterfall, the clear sky and the bright green plants that surround him, and the naked man standing in the middle of that waterfall.
wait.. a naked man?
"oh shit!" you yell running to your clothes that were inconveniently placed from you. senku paused and glanced at your muscles, i mean you had to have some in this sort of situation. senku’s mind fully shut down, numbers flew out the window and all that was left was your body in his mind.
he’s never had male crushes in his life, barely any women crushes but god did his heart skip a beat when he saw you in the waterfall. while senku was having his epiphany you on other hand was freaking out. this very stranger which you didn’t know could kill you while you were butt ass naked.
“i’m sorry! i didn’t mean to interrupt your time” senku yells. waving his arm, making sure to mean no harm. you yell something but he couldn’t hear it over the rapid springs. you reached for your clothes.
senku turns around and after a few minutes he heard you walk closer to him. he saw you shirtless, your shorts barely covering everything.
“i’m 1,000% sure those will not last another day” senku points at your very worn out shorts. you laugh and took a look at him. he had nice clothes, seemed like he had solid materials from the look of his bag, and he had food that you could see a peak of. “come with me, we have a city of science” senku waves at you. assuring you he wasn’t a type to kill or harm. science was his very own weapon.
senku introduced you. showing you around and what he was building next. sitting down at his table inside his hut. you looked around. senku sets down the bowl, you ate it in seconds. thanking him for the meal after almost every bite. senku cheered and took every gratuity you gave.
then came science.
you asked about it. which most people would say it was a mistake. once senku starts about science he won’t be able to stop anytime soon. it was the least you could do for the free meal and a possible invitation to a new community. senku rambled on his new invention, you paid attention to every detail. every word that came out of your mouth was planted into your memory, how he spoke so effectively. never putting unnecessary words or getting off topic.
“you’re the first person to listen and hasn’t stopped me by now” senku realizes. he was on the topic of rocks and crystal. you shrug your shoulders.
“it’s nice.. seeing you all passionate and if science does that i’ll listen to you for centuries” you told him. senku’s heart skipped a beat. where was the peer reviewed research for gay panic?
“oh.. oh- specifically we would be dead in centuries unless we turned ourselves back into-“ senku stopped midway when he heard you laugh. god he was so gay, so very gay.
“yeah. we could do that. or you can keep talking about science. i can always help” you lean back on your chair. he chuckles. “your brawn to your brain” you offered.
senku liked the sound of that. accepting the partnership with a shake of a (sweaty) hand.
roy mustang from full metal alchemist:
Tumblr media
roy was a man in a field full of danger and risks. which is why only certain people could be in it and be by his side. you came and climbed the ranks quickly, building your physique and mental strength on rapid speeds. you still had your moments but other than that you were a perfect state alchemist.
on a certain mission, you replaced hawkeye in her status as she was unable to. she had trusted you enough to cover for her and roy had no problem with you.
“we are ready to depart sir” you tell roy. he gets up and looks back at his office. double checking he had everything. you walked behind him. people called you “mustang’s shadow” always behind. you lived in the darkness so he can shine in the light.
did you possibly get a crush from how long you worked with him? yes… but how couldn’t you? the man was perfect and attractive in every aspect. sighing late at night when you realize you fell for the most straight person you could imagine.
the mission went smoothing as it could till one domino effect appeared. another enemy that wasn’t known appeared causing you a little ruckus. then another… and then another.
you kept fighting and roy wanted to help you stepping towards you.
“don’t. stay safe behind me” you turned to him. your breathing was rapid and you can barely stand but got the adrenaline pumping into you. the more that show the more you were ready to kill them.
then came the last, roy runs to you and let’s you wrap your hand on his shoulder. your uniform a mess and blood, sweat and everything was on you. it wasn’t like you to act this way but the more in danger roy was the more energy you had to silence all enemies that got closer to him.
groaning once you got set against a wall. your whole body made itself aware that it was in pain all at once. you hold your stomach and whip your head back, cursing to yourself.
roy pauses. taking a look at you. blood all over your body, some of your uniform teared off, and your hissing of pain. he shouldn't be as attracted to this then he is.
roy panics never has the thought of a man being in pain would make his stomach swirl in attraction. your hand pressed harder. hissing at the direct contact with your wound. your other hand wipes the blood coming from your nose. the way your breathing hitches and your groans of pain makes his mind wonder.
with his perverted mind it went miles ahead of him. your shirtless image pops into his head. the way your body would feel against his. you holding him by the waist taking all his stress away. taking his finger that he uses for his fire alchemy into your mouth. roy’s never had these thoughts with a man. another question was why was he the one receiving in all these fantasies?
"checking out an injured man sir?" roy freezes like a cat. he was completely knocked away. looking away you didn’t comment on it. you were joking of course, the man that only talks about women wouldn't be into you. "you should know better" you kept teasing though. your grin turns into an gaped mouth when you see a slight pink on his ears.
"sir- i was just joking, i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. you're into women. i apologize" you kept the hold on your stomach, waiting for the area to be cleared by soldiers.
roy mumbles. "i thought so too" your eyes followed him when he walked up to another state alchemist. updating them about the situation.
roy didn't talk to you for a few days. having to figure out what was going on with himself. maybe he was bisexual or pansexual. there wasn’t time to discover as hawkeye had told him that you thought he hated you now. another problem to fix.
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This is What Makes Us Girls
Pairing- Tsireya x reader
Pov- When courting season begins and suitors come around every corner, you realize your in love with your best friend.
A/N- also I restarted skins bc I saw an edit so I am gonna use a line from skins in this one cause 🤭 this is not prof read. I am also high right now as I was half way thru it so I'm am sorry if it is horrible
Warnings- underage drinking, kissing, drunk Neteyam and Y/N has to be a warning in itself
Tumblr media
It was courting season the most dreadful time of the year. All the unmated men try to swoon the unmated women, if anyone asked you it was just an excuse for men to entrap women into marriage. But that just your opinion.
So you watched as young men brought flowers, asked father's permission, take strolls. All fake. And you thought you were safe from this hazardous part of the year. You weren't. Three guys surrounded you one holding a bouquet of flowers, one with a necklace his mother or sister made, and one holding a pile of fish, charming. "Hello Y/N." One of them said. "Hello Tu'val." You say stepping into a path that led to the ocean. "Here I made you a necklace." He said before another one I think his name was Rovn. "A necklace like she would want that here like a real man I caught you fish." He said obviously throwing shade at the other one. "Oh fish so special, a necklace, I picked these flowers just this morning for you." The last one said you didn't even know him.
You stop tired of their bickering. "Hello I appreciate all of these gifts but you may go give them to any other girl that is waiting to be captured into a unfulfilling marriage." You say before walking off from the three men.
And that's how it went, anytime a suitor stepped up you shot him down. It not like it's your fault that you weren't brainwashed by your mother to think the only thing that will make you happy is mating with a man. You stepped into the beach and your heart stopped for a second, that Lo'ak kid from the forest was giving Tsireya a shell, was he courting her? You couldn't help but feel this sickening feeling in your lower body, it made you want to kick, scream, and cry.
Tsireya had been your best friend ever since you learned to walk, you did everything together, from swimming, to hunting, fruit harvesting, you even had your first kiss together for experimenting purposes you told each other. So why, why did you get this feeling as if he was stilling something that was yours.
So the next few days you avoided everyone, stayed in your mauri. You were going crazy, Tsireya never told you anything about being courted this season, was she going to leave you. Leave, she wasn't even with you. You held the necklace she gave you the day you kissed each other. Though it was your first and only kiss it light a fire in you, she light a fire in you. And then all the pieces of the puzzle started to fit, you loved your best friend. You loved Tsireya.
The next day you walked out of your mauri and some people were shocked to see you, especially Tsireya. She walked up to you and gave you a big hug and your face flushed instantaneously. "Where have you been." She asked concerned. "Oh I wasn't feeling the best and did not want to get anyone sick." You lie. "Oh." She says eyes going to the ground. "Yeah." You whisper you felt bad for lying but you couldn't say that you were avoiding everyone cause you found out you loved her. "Well it is good you are okay, also a few of us are going into the first around us tonight and I was wondering if you would like to come." She asked. "Yeah sure." You replied without even thinking. She squealed.
"That is good, I wish we could spend the day together but mother wants to train me more so see you later." She says. "See you later." You say before she walks off.
You were freaking the entire day, you found out you loved your best friend and now your going to go to a party with her.
It was an hour past eclipse and you snuck out of your mauri and saw Tsireya she looked amazing. You walked next to her as she interlocked her arm into yours she smiled before walking into the forest. It wasn't long until you guys made it, it was deep enough to not be heard by the adults but not to far. "Oh there's Kiri I gotta ask her something." Tsireya says you only reply with a nod before you go get a drink wine it looked like, you take a sip and internally cringe at the taste before chugging it and getting two more cups.
You sit down on a stool someone left unaccompanied and it wasn't long until Neteyam sat next to you. "Hey Y/N." He said, "Looks like your having fun." He joked looking at the two drinks in your hand. You take a swing of one of them. "Yup," you say giving the cups a little jiggle. "So, you know my friend Tu'val," as soon as the words left his mouth you felt dread fill you, not this again. "He told me that you didn't want to be trapped in a unfulfilling marriage bruised his ego a bit." He laughed before taking a drink from the cup in his hand. "It is true I do not." You reply finishing up one of the drink already feeling fuzziness take your body, Eywa these drinks were strong.
"I get it, but you always deny any suitor that asks to court you, why?" He asked. You took a deep breath another drink, and then another should you tell him the reason why? That the reason is because you have fallen in love with your best friend and can't tell her. "Y/N." Neteyam's words pulled you out of your trace. You take one last drink you were to drunk to care what his reaction was to what you were about to confess.
"I like girl." You say his eyes widen, "No." You say again smiling eyes traveling to Tsireya. "I like a girl, no." You laugh bitterly. "I love her." You say eyes traveling to the sand, ashamed you look down. "So, who is it." He asks taking another drink looking at you. You pick your head up as fast as you can, he didn't care. "Tsireya." You whisper to him and he gasp before laughing. "Oh my fucking Eywa." He was drunk off his ass as were you. "Sh sh sh." You shush him before taking the last bit of drink from you cup and discarding it. "Go tell her." He blurts out making your eyes go wide as he finishes up his drink. "You are insane." You laugh at him.
"I am being serious." He says to you again. "Neteyam I can't what if she says no huh what am I to do then I'll be out of a best friend and have a heavily bruised ego." You say to him laying you head on his shoulder he lies his head on your head. "Y/N I know you are usually the one rejecting people and you probably have a deep fear of rejection but-" "hey-" you interrupt him. ''But,'' he continued. ''you should see how the girl looks at you as if your the most precious thing the great mother has and will make.'' Your ears perk at the words left the omaticaya boys mouth and it lessened your worries. ''No, no you are just saying that.'' You say as the fear of rejection he was talking of earlier sunk into me. ''I am too drunk to lie to you.'' He says draws his hand up in the air. you think, really really hard and then you begin to shake your head.
''Yeah cool cool I'm gonna confess.'' You hype yourself up as you pick your head up from his shoulder. "Hell yeah you are." He said hiccuping afterwards. "Who wants another drank?" Someone yelled, you stood up and started to walk to Tsireya. "Me!" You heard Neteyam yell back at the guy making you shake your head. And before you knew it Tsireya was in front of you smiling and you heart dropped to your ass. "Hi! Y/N can I take you somewhere private to talk." She said and to drunk to realize what you got yourself into you shook you head up and yes.
She guided your unwarranted movements feet dragging everywhere. Until you reached a secluded part of the forest just north of the party. "Y/N." She said pulling your eyes and focus to you. "I've know you for a really long time and you've been there for almost everything, first song cord, even first kiss," she said bashfully making your already flushed paint a deeper shade of indigo and she grabs your hands into her own. "And I wanted to tell you I love you, Kiri helped me get the courage to ask you to be mine." She says eyes averting to the ground next to you. It was silent for a moment as her words actually registered and a huge smile plastered your face. She looked at you confused as you wiped your face with your palm. "Oh Eywa yes, yes yes." You say laughing a little afterwards. She giggled at your drunken state. "Oh great mother thank you, oh Tsireya I've loved you for years." You say stumbling forward catching her lips into a kiss. Passion was in it, everything loved standed for was in the kiss.
She pulled away smiling, she looked into your low-lidded love blown eyes, and drunken smile. You hiccuped as you cupped her face. "Oh wow didn't know you had it in you Y/N." A familiar voice said in the distance. "Came out here to pee and I find you kissing good job." He smiled giving you a thumbs up. "Come on let's get the both of you home." Tsireya says guiding both of them back to the village. "But pee-" Neteyam true to go back to pee. "Nope." Tsireya pulled him back. At least she was yours now even though you would regret how you accepted her confession.
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There’s a very interesting thing where the trans community uses very specific terf rhetoric that is primarily transmisogynistic and then flips it so transmascs are the target. They quite literally will use THE EXACT SAME RHETORIC and then switch out the bioessentialism with the genderessentialism.
Tumblr media
I see takes like this and I simply have scratch my head.
"THIS [x group] uses this [something associated with being oppressed] to get out of being criticized and frame themselves as victims!!!!"
WOOW where have I heard this argument before?
This is a classic transmisogynistic argument where they believe trans women use their gender identity to paint themselves as victims and get out anything they want BUT NOW we have trans friendly edition! And instead, we’re using assigned sex at birth!
Like yes it's possible for a trans man to do that and it should be called out for bioessentialism BUT it's ALSO possible for a trans woman to use their gender as an excuse to why they can’t harm anyone. Shit, cis women do that shit all the time to trans men. Calling out these behaviors do not imply being a trans person who is afab is a privilege or being a trans woman is a privilege (im just now realizing people who say the stuff im criticizing genuinely believe Afab trans people are privileged, fuck). But where the transmisogyny starts is when you try to GENERALIZE! THATS THE FUCKING PROBLEM. When you GENERALIZE about trans women using their gender to get out of shit, your a fucking transmisogynist. People do not understand how damaging generalizing is. They think if they do it, it's just a quirky screw up and if we call it out, we’re taking away from the point. GENERALIZING is quite literally one of the main roots of transmisogyny. Be serious.
"Trans women become obsessed with gender identity as a way to absolve themselves of the capacity to harm. Trans men (or not cent CIS WOMEN if we want to drive home the terf shit) become obsessed with their gender identity as a way to physically self-harm themselves over millimeters of bone"
AH YES, we can clearly see the transmisogyny here. So why can't we see the problem with the first one?
And don’t even try to say “well the bioessentialism created by terfs being used within trans spaces is worse than the gender essentialism being used within the trans community because the first rhetoric comes from our oppressors!” Have we forgotten the way cis men, specifically MRA’s see those they view as “female”? That we literally weaponize our “femaleness” to get whatever we want????? did we just up in forget about that? That’s why shit like “Afab privileged” is fucked because HEY!!!! Don’t fucking say that!!! There’s a certain group of people that also say that shit!!
Honestly this community needs to some reflection time with the shit they say.
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sillyrabbit81 · 11 days
Tumblr media
Prompt: Intense & Angry, Bath or Shower Sex from @livesinfantasyland (x) Thank you!
Pairing: Evan Marshall x Female Reader
Word Count: Approx. 2.1k
Warnings: Smut with Angst, arguing, p in v sex, m dom vibes
Authors Note: As always I need to thank my amazing mates and readers @nashibirne  and @amberangel112, your thoughtful and honest comments are always appreciated.
This is my first time ever writing Evan. It was a tough one for me to attempt with Evan because it isn't the prompt I would have picked, but I enjoyed writing a new character and had fun with it. Once again, this is longer than I initially planned and I hope you enjoy it.
Edited by me, there will be errors.
Dividers by me.
Celebration Masterlist
Tumblr media
“We need to talk.”
You don’t need to look up from undoing your boots to know who has barged into the women’s locker room and spoken. You’d know Evan’s voice anywhere, you’ve worked with him on and off for a few years now.
“I think you said enough on the ride back here,” you say, trying to stay calm.
“Not nearly enough,” he says, “You still don’t think you did anything wrong.”
You stand up, still not looking at him and start undoing your overshirt. “Would you have given the same instruction to Larry?”
“What’s that got to do with it?”
“Would you have given the same instruction to a man?”
“Oh Jesus Christ, here we go,” Evan says, looking to the ceiling and clenching his fist.
“Or did you only try and stop me from doing my job because you used to fuck me and now you feel guilty?”
“It’s got nothing to do with that!” Evan shouts, punching out at the row of lockers across you.
You take a step back from him, your eyes wide. Evan has always had a slight temper, but for him to physically lash out like that isn’t something you would expect. He notices your reaction and his face softens. You consider letting it go, you’ve made your point and don’t need his apology. It isn’t as if it was ever serious between you two, it had only ever been a casual thing. However, this conversation has been a long time coming and you need to have it out.
“It has everything to do with it,” you tell him, “You changed. Since you disappeared for weeks last Halloween, you’ve changed. I know things wouldn’t be the same after we stopped hooking up, but I didn’t expect you to be so fucking cold.”
“How am—”
Evan cuts himself off with a strangled curse as your hand rests against his chest.
“Don’t touch me there,” he says without seeming to breathe and his face twists with fury.
You withdraw your hand and the two of you stare each other down. Evan opens his mouth to say something but then clenches his jaw closed so hard his teeth clash against each other audibly.
“Fuck it,” he mutters and abruptly turns and walks away.
“Come back! This isn’t done,” you call to him.
“Fuck you,” he says and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him.
You stare after him, trying to smother the rage that boils deep in your guts. You don’t know how long you stand there with your eyes closed and fists clenched, breathing deeply through your nose until your fury simmers.
But it doesn’t. 
If anything, the longer you stand there the angrier you feel. Your mind starts to work over every interaction you’ve had with him since he came back. Every rejected advance, every cold comment and every frosty glance plays over and over like a best of compilation in your mind switching from one to another until you can’t take it anymore. Without being aware of what you’re doing until you're pushing the men’s locker room door open, you follow him, and stomp your way to the showers.
The sight that greets you makes you gasp. Evan stands under the shower naked, gloriously so. His chiselled face is so handsome that you sometimes forget he has the body to match; tall, athletically toned with the bare minimum of fat overlaying his sinewy muscles. He’s thinner than the last time you saw him, and that isn’t the only thing that has changed.
Beneath the rivulets of steaming water that run down his chest and amongst the hair that grows across his pecs is a scar. It is new, it hadn’t been there before. You’ve seen enough stabbing and knife attack victims to know the scar isn’t from a fight. It looks purposeful, like it was done by design; the lines too straight and too much like a symbol to have been done by accident.
You raise your eyes to Evan's and the unasked question is written all over your face.
“I can’t tell you,” he says, simply, “don’t ask me to.”
You step over the tile lip and into the shower space. Warm water seeps into your socks, but you barely notice. All you can see is the frigid intensity of his once warm eyes. 
“Just tell me you’re okay,” you say, advancing slowly, drawn so powerfully towards him you can’t stop yourself until you’re under the spray with him, completely indifferent the way your undershirt quickly dampens and sticks to your body.
Evan’s brows draw together and he blinks rapidly but doesn’t answer.
“What can I do?” you ask in a whisper.
He flinches like your words are a slap. Then his face hardens and a grim determination settles in his beautiful but bleak blue eyes.
“You don’t want any part of this,” he says. “Or any part of me.”
“Is that why you’re acting like this?” you ask. Gingerly, you lift your hand to his chest and trace the edge of his scar, careful not to touch it. “You think I wouldn’t want you?”
Without warning his hands are on your cheeks and his mouth is over yours, the edges of your lips are grazed by his short whiskers and you feel a tingle work its way across your skin. You recover quickly from the shock, encircling his neck with your arms and running your fingers over the wet and velvety hair on his head. You move in closer, pressing your sodden clothed body against him.
It isn’t enough. You want to feel him, you want to feel his humid skin all over you. He must have thought the same thing because he breaks the kiss with a groan. His hands work on your belt and you pull your undershirt off over your head, letting it drop to the tiles with a splash you barely register.
His lip curls as he drops his head to roughly capture your breast in his hand and close his mouth around your nipple. You shiver as he sucks on you through the cotton of your bra, the heat of his mouth is so much hotter than even the water that sears at your skin.
You let your head fall back and you close your eyes as you relish the feeling of his mouth on you. Your knees start to feel weak as his hand works its way determinedly into your panties, his fingers working to separate the thick sodden work clothes away from your skin. You grab hold of his shoulders to steady yourself and feel pure muscle rippling under his sweltering, smooth skin. You run your hand down his back, following the path of his spine, until your fingers encounter hardened and raised skin.
Another new scar.
Quickly you snatch back your hand and your eyes snap to Evan. He looks up at you with stormy, fierce eyes and grazes your bud with his teeth before he releases you. A tremor of fear runs down your spine.
“I’m sorry,” you whisper, in a quivering voice.
He nods, takes hold of your waist and guides you to turn around until you're facing the tiled wall. He presses his body against you from behind and you can feel his hard cock against the small of your back. His arm wraps around your waist holding you in place while his other hand slides your sticking pants down your thighs.
“I know.” Evan’s lips brush against the shell of your ear as he speaks in a low voice that leaves no room for argument. “Put your hands on the wall.”
A heady rush of heat hits you between your legs and nearly drops you to your knees. 
Evan notices and tightens his arm around your waist. “I’ve got you, baby. Hands on the wall. Now.”
“Yes…” you whimper, reaching your shaking hands out to the large square white tiles. Your skin is so electrified and sensitive that even the rough texture of the grout under the pads of your fingers threatens to overwhelm you. 
His velvety hot tongue runs a thick strip up your neck as he latches onto you and sucks on the thin skin beneath your ear. Your whole body thrums deep within you, you feel close to orgasm and he hasn’t even really touched you yet.
This was a far cry from the way he had always been with you before. It wasn’t that sex wasn’t good with Evan in the past, it absolutely was, he had always been generous. But he was never what you’d call dominant at all and he was straight up vanilla, almost reserved. You don’t think he’d ever even taken you from behind.
His teeth sink into your earlobe as he tilts your hips and slips a foot between yours to inch your feet apart.
“Stay just like that for me,” he instructs, huskily and you moan, hoping he takes the warbling sound of your voice as agreement.
Soft, hot skin presses against your pussy, forcing your lips to part. You gasp in shock, but it quickly morphs into a gasp of pure pleasure as the thick tip of Evan’s cock rubs against your slick and swollen hidden skin.
“Are you still on the pill?” he asks.
You nod, turning your head towards his.
“Good. I’m going to cum inside you,” he says.
He enters you in one swift and hard thrust. You both cry out and he breathes hard into your ear as he holds himself deep inside you and gives you a moment to get used to his size.
“Evan,” you whine faintly, leaning your head against his shoulder.
He kisses your temple gently. The tenderness makes your eyes widen, but it's a short reprieve.
“Hang on,” he says.
He moves, slowly dragging himself from your core. Then his fingers dig hard into your hips and he pumps hard into you, using your hips for leverage. With each powerful drive, Evan pulls your hips back to meet him and you can’t stop yourself from crying out as he fills you. Your bodies slap hard against each other, the sound mixing with your cries and his grunts of effort. Together the cacophony echoes lewdly through the steam of the shower and bounces off the tiles.
Your head drops and you lean it on your outstretched and locked arms as you brace yourself against his brutal but oh so fucking good onslaught. Then he leans forward until his chest covers your back. One of his hands snakes its way from your hips to between your legs and his fingers slide over your sensitive and throbbing clit.
“Need you to come with me,” he rumbles through his groans.
It’s the kind of thing you’d usually roll your eyes at, but Evan knows your body; he knows just how to touch you to get you over the edge. His mouth latches on your neck, licking, sucking, and grazing his teeth over your vein, while his fingers dance over your clit and he never lets up the primal, fervid pace of his fucking.
“Come with me,” he demands with a guttural growl into your ear.
Your body trembles as your orgasm threatens with such force that your legs give out, and your hands slip from the wall.
“I’ve got you,” Evan assures you as he brings you both to the floor. He pauses just long enough to get you comfortable, slipping your shirt under your knees. “You’re so close, baby. I’ve got you.”
And you are, the brief interruption no match for how aroused and good Evan is making you feel. You reach your peak with a cry and an undulation of your hips that he knows so well. He follows swiftly after, drawing your body so close you can barely breathe and you can feel deep inside you the swelling of his cock with each pulsing release.
As you come down from your high, you concentrate on the sound of the water rather than the ragged breaths of Evan against your ear. Your instincts say you should move, you should run, pretend this never happened, or maybe yell at him some more. 
Then his hands are on your cheeks, turning your face to his and wiping away the water that runs into your eyes.
“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice full of sincerity and concern.
His tone makes you really look at him. For the first time in months there is something in his voice of the Evan of old. You turn your body towards him and reach for him, not even aware that your hand is resting on the centre of his chest, right over the scarred symbol.
Evan's eyes drop to his chest. You wonder if you should move it, but as he raises his eyes, his hand covers yours and holds it close to his heart right above his new scar.
Tumblr media
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dyslexicbatxzbackup · 4 months
Alright, here we go, MW2 Boys x Fem!Bimbo!Reader bc I said soooo, let’s go
Authors note: hey all, I thought this was such a cute and funny concept. I haven’t seen it much/at all in the MW2 fanfic community yet so I thought I would bring the concept to you and see how it lands. I am currently working on a 7k+ Ghost x Fem!Reader hurt/comfort smutty fic. It’s in the final editing stages right now and should be realised officially in a couple of days so stay tuned. My request are open at the moment so if you want more of the Fem!Bimbo!Reader concept now’s the time to request. Feel free to drop anything others concept in there as well. Enjoy
Trigger warnings: mentions of guns, basic military talk, illusion to sexist comments, extremely feminine reader, swearing. I think that’s all, message me if i missed anything.
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Tumblr media
- Let’s start from the start
- From the day you singed up to the military, everyone was very confused
- Jokes on them tbh because you new how to work a gun even though you may not necessarily look like it
- Throughout you entire career people (men) tried to knock you down a peg with sexiest comments and disrespectful words
- But you knew your worth and would mouth off straight back at them like it was nothing
- You established yourself fast, easily being one of the best shooter in your district
- You primarily worked with women on the battlefield so when you got a call from Kate Laswell asking if you would be down to come train with 141 for while and test your skills, It. Was. On
- You loved a challenge, mostly because you liked to prove people wrong
- Let’s talk about the first meeting
- The 141 boys were sat in their usual consulting room where they would be briefed for missions
- All they were told was that they could possibly be getting a new teammate depending on how they go working with the team
- Soap and Gaz were excited
- All Ghost cared about was if they could do the job right
- Alejandro was just chillin, didn’t effect him either way
- And Price, well Price was just sitting there with a big old smile on his face (he new what was going to go down in a matter of minutes)
- You were used to the laughing, shitty pickup lines and insults of your ability. It didn’t faze you as long as you got to kick their asses later on
- There was a knock at the door
- The boys quite down as you and Kate step into the room
- There you stood, in full tactical gear with a full face done
- Lashes
- Sparkly eyelids
- Lipstick
- Eyeliner
- Hair in a stylish ponytail, bouncing curls in the back
- Pink ribbon wrapped around the base in a nice bow
- Nails painted
- The full washin set
- You looked a million bucks
- I mean you always did but that’s not the point
- The boys were……shocked?
- Ghost had to kick Soup under the table because he just KNEW he was gonna ask a dumb ass question
- Kate and Price explained the training drill
- You would all be paired up into teams
- Ghost and Soup
- Gaz and Alejandro
- You and Price (He new you were capable he just wanted to win and see you kick ass)
- Everyone got pellet guns and ammunition
- The goal was to take out the other teams
- Last standing wins
- So the games begin
- In all honesty it wasn’t gonna be easy per say but you did have an advantage
- You were smaller then all the guys
- Meaningggg
- Seaking cover and hiding in small places was going to be your best friend
- You and Price made a quick plan and started to set it up
- You would hide in blind spots that non of the boys could hide in because there bodies would stick out like a sore thumb or you would duck behind small creates/walls and get ‘‘em by surprise
- Price would just be Price and do his thing while help lead your opponents to their death (not really but still)
- First to go was Gaz (sorry Gaz)
- Walked right into it the poor soul
- Soup was next
- Technically it wasn’t his lack of ability, he just got distracted by something Ghost said and couldn’t stop laughing but a win is a win am I right
- Now Ghost and Alejandro were not playing around and TEAMED UP AGAINST YOU AND PRICE
- Slippery bastards they are
- You put up a long fight
- But by the time it was just the four of you they caught on to your little plan and things kinda went pear shaped
- Full on shootout for a good 25 minutes but I’m the end they cleaned both you and Price up real good
- Pricks
- GG though everybody, GG
- Over the next month your participated in all types of training sessions alike, testing your abilities and improving in areas that you weren’t as strong in
- You passed with flying colours!
- (Don’t mention the hand to hand combat sessions. Have you ever tried to fight a 6’4 man with a scary mask? Didn’t think so. Moving on)
- You formed a really good bonded with the team over the month
- Let’s get into it
- Soup was really nice!
- He would ask you questions about your makeup all the time
- “Is that a different colour then yesterday?”
- “Yeah it is actually!“
- From the get go he always stuck by you and would help you stand up to anyone who tried to insult you
- Real big bro energy you know?
- Always supported everything you did
- “Im thinking of painting my nails light purple this time”
- “Totally lass”
- Himbo energy
- Let’s talk about Ghost
- Poor boy was confused
- He normally new everything about everyone
- That’s how to rolled
- But with you?
- No idea
- When you first got to know him the mask was a big no for you
They way he was always staring like 0_0 just wasn’t really your vibe at the beginning
- “Ghost I swear I left my lip balm in the lunch room, have you seen it”
- “0_0”
- “Haha. Okay. Don’t worry”
- You side step out of the room making sure to never take your eyes off him (you always had this feeling he was gonna chase you at the start)
- But as time moved forward he realise you weren’t playing dumb at all
- You were just..airheaded?
- “You look upset”
- “That’s because I am Ghost. I can’t find my sunglasses”
- He signature 0_0
- “WHAT!?”
- “there on your head”
- “Oh! Haha, thank you!”
- You just stared hugging him one day and it never stopped
- Like usual, 0_0
- He learnt to appreciate it tho
- Only from you
- Don’t get any ideas
- I’m looking at you Soap -_-
- You also never shut up about his skin
-“You know Ghost, all that mask wearing is really, really bad for you pores”
-“It’s not.”
-“I can’t tell you know, it is! I see you scratching your T zone, it’s dry”
-“Look I know a girl back home that does really good facials, it will help with the fungal acne on your chin and cheeks, you should come with me next time!”
- Overall he appreciates you being, ahhhh, you! Helps him stop thinking about all the bad shit you feel?
- You just made Alejandro laugh
- The day you met him you asked
- “Oh my god! Your from Mexico! Does that mean you speak Mexican!”
- “No, I speak Spanish”
- “So your from Spain?”
- “Yeah, sure let’s say that”
- He always, always tries you teach you simple Spanish phrases and words but your mind just can’t grasp it
- “Ready, Hola. Yeah? Ho - la”
- “Holeloa!”
- “Okay, we’re going to try again”
- Pet names
- Pet names
- Pet names
- His the king of it really
- Not in a weird way
- More like a dad way
- Your always trip over yourself or bump into things
- Guess who’s there to save you from falling?
- Alejandro.
- He thinks your a good kid
- Thinks your hair is cool to but would never say it
- Gazzzz
- You and Gaz have a different relationship because your the youngest and his on the younger side
- You friend him on Snapchat 100%
- And Instagram
- And Spotify lol
- You make fun of all his playlists
- “How do you have a gym playlist and not have work bitch”
- “Work bitch?”
- “Britney Spears! Duh”
- He would come to you for girl advice
- “This girl I’m talking to just got her hair done what do it say?”
- “Tell her she looks beautiful”
- “….okay”
- “Do you not think she looks nice?”
- “NO! I do it’s just, I don’t know I liked her old hair colour better”
- always would ask for your lip balm in the most discreet ways possible
- Whispering “can I grab it!” Right next to your ear
- “The tube thing!! Lip gloss! No, the lip moisturiser thing!!!”
- “Oh! Yeah of course”
- Besties for the resties really
- Let’s talk about missions
- They were already chaotic as is but when you joined
- Jesus
- Say your trying to infiltrate an enemy building
- Everyone’s spread out with their snippers ready to take the enemy down one by one and move in
- But your nowhere to be seen
- Ghost is on the coms straight away
- “Y/C/S! How copy! Where are you!”
- “Top window to the left”
- There you are waving at him with a smile on your face
- “How the fuck did you get up there!”
- “The vent!”
- Ghost just shook his head
- Swear patrol
- Soup will be on the coms dropping the f bomb
- Then your voice comes through out of nowhere
- come on boys! be polite, there’s a lady around
- Just pulling out lipgloss mid mission
- Your hiding in the bushes with Alejandro when he looks over and your applying your pink sparkly bubblegum lipgloss with a small hand mirror
- “What are you doing!”
- “I’m touching up my lips, don’t you have eyes”
- “No, I see that but how do you even have that right now??”
- You know that pocket on your chest that people put photos of their loved ones in?
- Yours has a compact mirror with a small hairbrush attached and a tube of lipgloss.
- “My pocket silly!”
- Just wow
- Go you!
- Now all the boys have lived with a woman at least one time in there life
- Mother, sister, girlfriend
- But my god you do their heads in
- Fist, the dramatics
- Stub your toe? It’s an whole ordeal
- First it’s you dropping to the ground like you’ve been shot
- Then it’s the screaming and yelling about how your going to die if they don’t get an ambulance
- Crazy stuff
- Your off duty clothes are something else
- Somehow, you always look like you about to go to a party
- Tight dresses
- Short skirts
- Cropped tops
- Heals
- Everything is pink
- So
- Fucking
- Pink
- It ranges from a light baby pink to a vibrant hot pink
- Everything is pink tho
- Your always handing out fashion advice
- “You know guys, it would really do you all some good if we went shopping. All this denim and army print is making me feel a little woozy”
- The amount of time you take in the bathroom
- My god
- But it’s for a good reason
- Shower first, using strawberry flavoured body wash
- Shampoo and condition your hair
- Shaving
- Exfoliating
- Moisturising
- Drying your hair
- Skin care
- Makeup
- Styling your hair
- And the right mixture of perfume
- Your music drives them nuts
- Like why are fully grown deadly soldiers listening to Britney Spears at 6 o’clock in the morning?
- Because your up, duh
- You cut all the boys hair
- “My god what are you doing to your poor hair there’s so much dandruff”
- God forbid you get the TV remote first
- Ghost would complain every single time
- “What’s this shit”
- “Keeping Up With The Kardashians Ghost! I told that yesterday!”
- He stands behind the couch for half an hour watching accidentally
- Soap loves it, his favourite is Kourtney
- The team is different know
- Very different
- But they wouldn’t have it any other way
A couple more quick headcannons just for shits and gigs
- you know those tactical sunglasses the boys wear when their working in sandy or windy terrain? You refuse to wear them. It’s your personal designer sunnies or nothing. It’s a really funny sight when all these tall buff men are walking towards you and there you are in the middle, ponytail bouncing and designer sunnies on
- Whenever you get posted in a different country you force the boys to take photos of you. They all try so hard and take turns trying to get the best angle. They actually get some really good ones
- Sometimes when your doing your high ponytail your arms get tried. You call in Ghost every time because his the tallest. You make him hold it for you so your arms can rest for a minute. You also get him to curl the back because you can’t always reach it.
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russic · 1 year
Daisuke Kambe Husband Headcanons
Warning: 18+ Under Cut 
Request: Hello! Can I please request Daisuke Kambe husband headcannons? Exactly like the boyfriend ones, but husband edition. Thank you so much in advance!  ♡ Requested by @aya-daydreams - I hope you love it!  ♡
        Other requests can be deposited here. Please refer to my character list before requesting! If you wish to be tagged, do not request anonymously. Only two more requests will be accepted before the opportunity closes. 
        Likes, comments, and reblogs are always appreciated. Thank you for supporting my work. I’m flattered that you love my pieces and continue to request new material. ♡
You’re one lucky gal, Daisuke Kambe’s wanted to marry YOU. (Spare some change for the poor (me)?)
Let’s address the obvious: You have a shared bank account.
You get E V E R Y T H I N G you want. 
You want a Louis Vuitton purse? You got it. 
You’re determined to purchase new Christian Louboutin heels? Do it; you have the money. 
Gucci Belt? You already have three. 
Question: Did you ever meet someone who does the sexiest things... but indirectly? Thats Daisuke. 
When Daisuke is concentrating on his intense stack of paperwork, he bites his bottom lip. 
Daisuke undoes his tie with one finger (right pointer finger) when he arrives home from work. 
When he’s hot (all the time), he rolls up the sleeves of his black button down. 
Puts on his Rolex watch without look. He looks directly in your eyes. Its second nature. 
Closes the button of his blazer with two hands. 
If Daisuke performs any of these actions, you find yourself melting where you’re standing. You cannot believe this man is this attractive. He steals your breath away. 
When you walk into Daisuke’s company, everyone is at your service because you’re “Y/N Kambe, the boss’s wife.” If you ask for something, you receive it within seconds.
Sure, Daisuke’s is a great husband - but please drive. For the love of God, please DRIVE. 
Owns the most BEAUTIFUL apartment in New York City. 
Daisuke has a HEART of GOLD:
Has a “soft spot” for children: He’s constantly donating towards foundations like Make a Wish, The Sunshine Kids, St. Jude’s, Ronald McDonald House, and Childcare Aware at least five times a year. 
Donates under “Anonymous.”
When you’re riding on public transportation or standing in an elevator, and it starts becoming too crowded; Daisuke will give up his spot for older men, women, and children. 
Despite assuming the role of the richest and kindest man in the world, Daisuke has social anxiety. He grows nervous and begins shaking when he is meeting any of your new friends. Overtime, your important loved ones will grow close to him, but expect to see Daisuke shaking in his boots if he’s meeting someone important to you. Since you’re married, he’s close to your family now; but he was a nervous wreck. 
LOVES making you breakfast in the morning with his $1,000.000 waffle maker. 
He always makes a HUGE mess because he makes his own homemade batter (Yes, Daisuke cooks. He doesn’t hire people to cook).   
Nearly E V E R Y D A Y Daisuke wakes up early in the morning to assure your penthouse is spotless. He doesn’t like you acting as a “maid.” (He hires people three times a month to deep clean).
“You’re my wife, not my maid. No woman should be forced to clean because of poor societal standards.” 
When Daisuke gets frustrated, his eyebrow furrow. 
He cannot stand grocery shopping by himself. He gets confused by the littlest things. 
When Daisuke can’t figure something out... 
When people disrespect you, you’ll see him get angry.
Daisuke’s weakness is when you’ll tie his black tie in the morning before he leaves for work. 
After making sure it the expensive fabric lays perfectly on his chest, you’ll stand on your tip toes to kiss him on the lips. 
“Have a good day at work, baby.” 
Make Daisuke’s lunch, write him “love notes,” and slip them inside of his lunchbox. 
Every time Daisuke comes home, you’ll notice your notes aren’t in his lunchbox. 
One night you were rummaging through his bedside drawer when you noticed a large black velvet box. When you opened it, your eyes began growing soaked with tears; within the box was EVERY NOTE you ever wrote to him. 
NEVER NOT WEARING his black WEDDING RING engraved with your name. 
If a woman approaches him, he politely showcases his wedding ring saying, “My apologies, I have a wife.” 
Here’s a shocker: Daisuke H A T E S receiving expensive gifts. 
Daisuke can buy anything. He’s tired of receiving expensive gifts, but you’re the ONLY person who knows. Instead, you’ll purchase him ten-to-thirty-dollar gifts that remind you of him. 
Daisuke’s cheeks will begin to blush looks at the tiny gift you purchased him. As you begin explaining its significance, you’ll notice tears begin pooling into his eyes. 
HUGE pictures from your wedding day are scattered throughout the penthouse. 
Your wedding song was Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Without the lyrics. 
There was a reason behind his madness: On wedding day, during your first dance, you placed your head on Daisuke’s shoulder and sang the lyrics to him. 
U.N.I.T.E.D.  F.R.O.N.T - You’ll never stand alone.
ADORES your intelligence. Daisuke fell in love with you, your personality, appearance, and especially your intelligence. 
Throughout Daisuke’s entire life, women act brainless and submissive, but not you. He loves your smart mind and independent nature. 
Still CHECKS YOU OUT all the time. 
Especially when you’re wearing business attire paired with a lingerie top or simple silk dresses. 
Match him. He will start drooling. 
MESMERIZED when you take your hair out of a ponytail or claw clip. He LOVES watching your hair cascade down your back. 
Daisuke NEEDS to be connected to you in public. He latches onto your hand lacing your fingers together, gently touches your waist, or places a hand on your thigh. However, his public displays of affection WILL NOT go further. He’s a classy man. 
O B S E S S E D  with  K I S S I N G  YOUR LIPS. 
When you’re speaking to Daisuke, you’ll notice he’s staring at your lips imaging how soft they are. 
You do not fight often, but it does occur. Especially when he puts himself in dangerous situations. 
Due to a near-death experience, you grew frustrated and (unannounced) left your home to find a hotel room. Immediately, Daisuke tracked your location. 
Within two hours, he knocked on the door. You saw your husband clutching a bundle of flowers and chocolates. With tears streaming down his face. 
“Please, don’t ever leave. I’m so sorry - I’ll never do it again. Just don’t leave me. I NEED you.” 
Plans the most P E R F E C T dates. 
During winter, Daisuke plans to stroll around New York City to see the Christmas lights. 
In the spring, he takes you to your favorite Whinery. 
In summer, Daisuke privately rents fancy manors hoping spend a few private nights in with you. 
During fall, you two curl up into a cozy blanket and light scented candles to watch your favorite horror films. 
To surprise Daisuke, you often order tickets to see various orchestras across the country. He becomes enchanted by the sound of violin and piano music. However, his jaw drops during orchestra concerts.
They are S.P.O.I.L.E.D.  R.O.T.T.E.N.
The most popular kid at school because you two are the parents. 
When they are little, they LOVE holding onto Daisuke’s pinky finger as you’re walking. 
If your child must attend any sports games or music recitals, you two are always present. Daisuke is the dad constantly taking photos of your child. 
Daisuke LOVES watching you rock your baby as you’re singing to them. 
LOVES traveling around the world with you. 
If you’re working on your laptop, Daisuke slowly comes up behind you. He kisses your cheek and slowly moves down your neck to your sweet spot. (Yes, he memorized where it is). 
You’ll have sweet make-out sessions in the kitchen when you’re cooking together. 
Gotta keep that spice in your life. 
You’ll always claim, “I’m the happiest person in the world.” However, Daisuke denies your statement. No one can be happier than him. After years of being married, Daisuke still cannot grasp how lucky he is to have you. 
“I love you with all my heart and soul, beautiful.” 
Despite being a sweet and loving husband, Daisuke will become a M.E.N.A.C.E in the bedroom. 
Before you both start undressing, Daisuke pulls his black gloves off with his teeth. 
Daisuke LOVES ruining your red lipstick. Watching it smear across your (and his) lips as you engage in a heated make-out session, turns him on. 
Often drags his thumb across your bottom lip to smear a line of red lipstick to your breasts. When you look down, you’ll notice a stained line where his thumb traveled down your body. 
ADORES when you wear black lingerie. 
Once, you matched some lingerie with Daisuke’s oversized blazer by draping his attire across your shoulders... You were nearly unable to walk that morning. 
Seeing you wearing black lingerie accompanied with HIS professional blazer corrupted his mind and stained his pants. 
Many individuals believe Daisuke would degrade his significant other within the bedroom, but I’m not buying it. You will feel loved and be praised as Daisuke’s wife. 
“So goddamn stunning, baby.” 
“You like that don’t you, Angel?” 
“Baby, you’re so wet. You’re such a good girl.” 
KISS HIS NECK - (Take Nike’s advice and) Just do it. 
Takes his time worshipping your breasts. (He’s definitely a boob guy.)
If you’re arriving home from an important event/meeting in a gorgeous silk dress, don’t expect to be ignored. 
Within seconds of closing the door, Daisuke pushes you to the wall and starts running his fingers over your nipples as he thrusts his tongue in your mouth. 
If you enjoy walking around your home half-naked, (at any time) Daisuke can bend you over a hard surface, slowly push your underwear aside, and bury three fingers inside of your cunt. 
“You can’t walk around half-naked if you don’t expect to be fucked, baby.” 
LOVES seductively staring into your eyes and biting your bottom lip as he’s fingering your pussy. He enjoys the feeling of your walls clutching his fingers. 
O.I.L.  M.E.S.S.A.G.E.S. - Daisuke LOVES messaging your naked body with oil. 
Enjoys fondling your breasts and running his fingers over your sensitive nipples. 
When you’re lying on your stomach, Daisuke spends MINUTES rubbing and squeezing your ass. 
Soon enough, Daisuke spreads your ass cheeks and buries his tongue inside of your lubed pussy. The sound of his oily hands traveling along your body as he’s eating your pussy is his own paradise. 
Doesn’t mind paying for your nails because he imagines the sight of your pretty nails jerking off his cock. 
Drapes his arms across the back of the couch as you slowly drop to your knees. 
Daisuke intensely watches your every move as you’ve settled between his legs. Looking into his eyes, you’ll pull down his zipper with your teeth to remove his cock from his pants. 
Licking up the length his cock, Daisuke throws his head back in utter disbelief. 
“Fuck, baby. Please do that again.” 
Melts in his seat if you start sucking his balls. You’ll notice Daisuke’s legs start twitching within seconds of running your tongue along his genitals. 
Daisuke isn’t a lover willing to share your body, but he CANNOT ERASE the image of you having another women’s head buried between your legs as he watches. (He hasn’t told you this, yet). 
However, no men. He’s the only man that can pleasure your body. 
Wake Daisuke up by placing your soaked pussy on his stomach. When he’s awakened by you rubbing your pussy across his abs, he cannot help but grab onto your hips and increase the friction. 
“Baby, you could have woken me up with a good morning. Now I see you’re only using me to cum. Here I thought you were a little angel, princess.” 
“Yes, DADDY.”
Opposite of “Yes, daddy...  but PASSIONATE LOVER 
You feel complete once Daisuke finally buries himself inside of your pussy. He refuses to move as you’re locking lips muttering how much you’re in love with each other. 
“Daisuke, please move.” 
“Not yet, baby. Let me stay inside of you.” 
Expect MORNING SEX. The morning is the perfect time to slowly fuck your tight pussy because he’s hard and warm. 
Daisuke’s favorite sex position is a classic: MISSIONARY. 
According to Daisuke, missionary is a perfect position to look into your eyes, kiss your lips, suck on your neck, and watch his cock disappear into your pussy. (It’s the best). 
SEX in the WATER
In the hot tub, Daisuke gently pulls your breasts out from your small bathing suit to suck on your nipples as you ride his cock. Chasing your orgasm, the sound of water splashing sounding like waves of the ocean.
Remember how obsessed Daisuke is with your hair? Well, he loves pounding into your pussy from behind to watch your hair drape down your back moving with every thrust. 
I almost forgot, if Daisuke is fucking you from behind and you have back dimples, he buries his thumbs into them and forces your ass back on his cock. 
Buys a new one each week. 
Surprise... Daisuke presses a vibrator to your sensitive clit as he’s pounding inside of you. 
Eases a diamond butt plug into your ass. 
Daisuke will cum anywhere. Inside of your body - on your body - who knows? 
Mostly spills him load onto your stomach or ass. 
If Daisuke cums inside your pussy, he gathers the load with his fingers and brings them up to your lips. 
“Open wide, baby.” 
“I know you love the taste of our cum together.” 
The aftercare is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. 
Following an intense love-making session, Daisuke draws a bath for the two of you. You’ll lay between his legs as he messages and cleans your body. 
“You can still walk, right, love?” 
Honestly, I don’t think you can. 
I wish to apologize for my lack of posts. I try to create a requested headcanon two times a week, but it seemed impossible this week. As many of you know, I am a senior in college. This week has been hectic in regard to my major. 
Thank you for your patience.  ♡ 
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astranne · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
FAKE DATE ME? !blue lock
mikage reo x gn!reader
Tumblr media
notes // honestly, blame vera for this. i'm not a reo simp, rin thoughts only but here we are... with a reo work.... ugh. as always not edited because i'm lazy and i wrote it during lessons. this completely escalated so uh, have almost 1k of reo just being a simp
wc // 911 words
tagging // for all my reo simps <3 @stellumi , @lilikags , @keqism , @wanderersbell , @venexus
Listen- it was not his fault! He was desperate, the pressure of the public and his parents heavy on his shoulders, all while he only wanted to play football with Nagi. The only reason why his dreams weren't crushed, was because of Blue Lock, as insane this project was.
It saved his life, well, more like his life as a striker and opened so many possibilities. He wanted to play football, he wanted to be the best and he was. Part of the first Blue Lock Generation and survivor of the Neo-Egoist League, he really was one of the best.
And still his parents tried to persuade to take over business, to become the head of Mikage Corporation but he didn't want to! Why was that so hard to understand? He wanted to play football, he wanted to win the World Cup again, he wanted to play against the best because he was part of the best.
In the end, no matter how many times he argued with his parents, he always ended up in one of his many fancy suits, right besides his parents, hair slicked back and a polite, cold smile on his lips. The people around him, old men with too much money to spare and their wives at the age of their own, barely adult children tittered around him, hiding insults behind admiring words and compliments.
They mocked him for his choices, all while going purple because of their jealousy. Others showered him with compliments, trying to gain any kind of favor for their own, untalented sons, or trying to push their brain-dead daughters in his direction. All of this didn't interest him, not when he played in one of the best European clubs as a regular, not when he was the next head of a rich company, not matter how much he hated it.
But he got tired of it, women trying to hang on his arm, simply because he was famous and rich. Richer than most football players. Their interest was not in him, but his fame and money, of course it bothered him and of course he didn't want to do anything with them. He gently pried their arms off, dodging their sharp nails, ready to dig into his meat to leech off and feed their greed.
All this happening to him was the reason why he was here now.
Here, standing in front of you, blurting out his proposition and watching you blush, stammer words and fumble with your hands. That is until you fall silent and agree with a silent 'yes'. How could you not? You, who had a bleeding heart and saw how your friend suffered under the attention he got, the unwanted gazes and whispers following him, while all he wanted to do was playing soccer...
He didn't announce the 'relationship' right away, fearing you would be overrun by the press, his fans and other unwanted people. But coming to sense, he knew that if the paparazzi found out, it would be much worse.
And so he posted a picture on his social media accounts, your hand in his, with a cheesy caption.
Of course, his fans went crazy, trying to find out who your new darling love was, but Reo quickly made it known that he wanted to protect you from the vultures of being famous, just a tiny bit longer.
Instantly he was portrayed as the sweetheart boyfriend, oh so considerate of his partner's feelings, trying to keep his relationship as private as he could.
He hoped that this would be enough, enough to stop his noisy parents breathing down his neck, enough to stop the touchy women on galas, enough to stop everyone.
Mikage Reo was naive. Very naive and too hopeful. Not only did his fake date gather too much attention to just split off, oh no- he also gained feelings for them, like an idiot.
His heart was beating so fast, as if he was in the middle of an intense game, the tip of his ears constantly red, always when you were near him, laughing with him, smiling at him and be his, no matter how fake it was. He was desperate, trying to get closer, reasoning with himself that this has been just so no one would find out, trying to deny that he was in love, trying-
Why was he even trying? He knew he fell for you the second you agreed to help him out, completely selfish (or so he thought). He fell for you hard and fast, with no way backing out of this and he was in a relationship with you! It was almost perfect and so he started to pretend, pretend it was actually perfection and he could call you his official and true partner.
He was trying to hide it, to hide his affection, his crush, his love- and yet he clearly failed, when everyone around mentioned how good the two you were looking, finally stepping into the light of the public, together, two as one.
Whipped he was, some said. Others mentioned words such as 'being in love', 'completely besotted' or 'utterly infatued'.
It was true, how could he deny it? How could he still continue to pretend, while the whole world whispered about him being oh so in love?
He couldn't. And so he confessed, stumbling words and eyes on the floor, fearing your rejection.
But he had nothing to fear, you loved him as well.
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Tumblr media
The Senses of Steve
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Previous part: Smell
Summary: With no one around, and nothing but a head massage to occupy your mind, you finally felt like you knew where you belonged.
Word count: 14,580
Warnings: My blog is 18+ only. All minors or blogs without an age in bio will be blocked. Minors DNI.
Authors note: Hi besties! We’ve finally made it to the end :,) this chapter is currently un-edited because I wanted to push it out without you guys having to wait another day. I’ll be back to edit it and add proper content warnings tomorrow. Thank you for all your love and support on the series and dealing with the mistakes if you’re seeing this before the edit. I appreciate you all sm <3
Tumblr media
"Here!" Steve announced as he walked into the room and placed a glass of freshly made iced coffee onto your vanity from behind you. "Drink this, coffee usually relaxes you, right?"
Your hair was up in a high messy bun and your makeup was only halfway done. You definitely looked a little crazy, but you kept telling yourself to trust the process. At some point you'd look like the best version of yourself, but right now... "Thank you, Baby." You smiled, dropping your eyeshadow brush from your hand to pick up the coffee.
He was right, vanilla cold brew was one of the most comforting tastes in the world to you. You drank it every morning without fail, sometimes you'd go for a second cup mid-day as a pick me up. Through good days and bad, you could always count on a good cup of coffee to wrap your senses up in a big hug and comfort you through any chaos life threw your way. One sip in and your nerves were slightly calmed, not enough to stop overthinking everything about the night ahead.
"Your dress is almost done being ironed, I'll grab it since I have to go get my suit anyways." He told you with kind eyes looking into yours through the mirror. "How are you feeling?"
His big warm hands gripped your shoulders, rubbing and squeezing away at the muscles to try and ease the anxiety. Tonight was a big deal, all of the avengers were asked to partake in an after award ceremony for the bravest men and women in the military. As a team you would smile, shake hands, and thank those for the sacrifices they've made after they were awarded with titles of great honor. Some people work decades for titles like these.
That in itself wasn't the issue, if it was just that you would have no problem attending.
The problem was that a few avengers let it slip that you would be receiving your own award tonight. The highest award the nation had to offer for gallantry, the Medal of Honor, all because you ran into that building with that bomb.
Oh, and your mom was going to be there receiving her own award.
Said mom you haven't spoken to since eighteen years old. Doesn't know anything about your life Mom.
"I don't understand why I need an award for doing what I signed up for." You huffed. "Oh you did the bare minimum? Here's a shiny medal!" you mocked, finding any and all ways to not show up tonight.
"What you did was not the bare minimum." Steve giggled at your antics. "You deserve the award, and you deserve to accept it." He kissed your cheek. "Stop deprecating the value just because you don't want to go. This is a big deal, we're going to celebrate our brave girl accordingly."
"Steve?" You questioned, he leaned down to rest his chin on your shoulder to get a better view of his favorite face in the mirror.
"Do you remember the year 1941?" You asked rhetorically.
"No, not at all." He shook his head with a mischievous grin.
"Oh, so you don't remember when you stood up the United States Senator in a room full of reporters and 10 members of the Parliament by not accepting your Medal of Honor?"
"Doesn't ring a bell" Steve giggled.
"Huh" You contemplated his lie.
"What can I do to make this easier?"
"Promise me we can leave right after it's over?" You begged.
"Promise." He agreed.
"Yeah? And what if the senator comes up to you and is like 'oh! Captain Rogers! It's so nice to see you! Let's have a fourteen hour long conversation about the political climate of our country that's so boring our partners are going to want to gauge their eyeballs out!' Hmm? Then what?" You challenged, earning more laughter from Steve.
"I'd say, sorry Mister Senator. My beautiful girl just got her Medal of Honor and has very important business to attend, I hope you have a wonderful night." He assured you.
A groan full of nothing but pure dread slipped past your lips as you slumped forward letting your elbows hit the vanity and your head fall into your hands.
"Baby, it'll be fine." His serious voice came out.
"I don't want to see my Mom." You complained fully understanding that you probably sounded pathetic to him. "I don't want to see my Mom, I don't want you to have to see my Mom, I don't want to hear anything she has to say, I don't want to have to fake a smile for a crowd as she walks across the stage we're on, I don't want to shake her hand, I don't want pleasantries, professional courtesy, and small talk where she pretends to care about anything I've been up to just because I'm an avenger now."
"What are the chances this is going to go poorly?" He asked.
"90 percent" You mumbled.
"That's a 10 percent chance that it'll go well." He raised. "We've made miracles happen with less than that, yeah?"
"I think the only thing worse than seeing her again going poorly is it going well. I don't want that." You lifted your head. "I don't want anything to do with her."
"Okay." Steve nodded in understanding, pressing a series of gentle kisses to your shoulder. "Then take it for what it is, okay? One night. Just a couple hours where you have to coexist in a room with someone who's a stranger now. You shake her hand once, you smile for the photo. Then when the time is right, you accept your award from all of us, we shower your in all the love and pride we could possibly give you, then we sneak out have some fun at the private after party, and the two of us will go to bed peacefully and completely relieved that the night is over."
"You missed a huge part" You reminded him. "Socializing, mingling. We're always expected to mingle."
"And I'll be with you the whole night" He grinned. "If she approaches, I'll do whatever I can to get you away. I'll make sure nothing terrible happens."
"How do you feel about tonight?" You questioned, trying to check in on his mind.
"Fine. Not too keen on meeting someone who caused you so much pain but getting to celebrate you outweighs all of that."
"You're too sweet for your own good, you know that, Rogers?" Your eyes closed and your face scrunched up with delightful giggles as he purposefully placed feather light kisses in the crook of your neck to tickle you.
"Remember how you got your dress altered?" Steve asked.
"Uh huh?"
"Took all that pretty fabric off the bottom cause it was too long for you." He smiled, still looking at you in the mirror. "I had them turn some of the extra fabric into a pocket square for my suit so we can match. Doesn't that make you like... a million times more excited to go?"
"A milliondy-trilliondy times more excited." Your smile stretched from ear to ear.
"It's going to be so great. Everyone in the room will know that the prettiest, bravest girl at the event is all mine cause I get to carry a little piece of your dress in my pocket."
"You're so sweet, I'd be lost without you." His arms wrapped around you from behind, and squeezed you generously.
"I'm the lucky one" The smile in his voice was apparent. "I'm going to the store really quick with Bucky, when I get back I'll bring your dress."
"Thank you" You appreciated his warmth for the last few moments with a big deep breath, lifting your hand up behind you and placing it on his cheek. The little hairs growing along his jawline were longer than you've ever seen or felt them since meeting him, it made you smile knowing he was feeling far too lazy to shave.
"Don't worry, I'll get rid of this thing on my face before tonight." He read your mind.
"I wasn't worried." You opened your eyes to read his expression. "I think you pull it off nicely."
"You know how much I hate shaving" Steve pouted.
"So why not grow a beard?" You questioned with a tiny bit of skeptical confidence.
"I don't think people want Captain America to be anything but clean cut." He admitted.
"I think Steve should be whoever he wants to be, and Cap is just going to have to be okay with that." You smiled as he nudged his cheek further into your hand. "You're perfectly capable of saving the world with a handful of hair on your face."
"I'll take that into consideration, beautiful." Steve giggled and kissed your hair once more. "I'll be back soon."
"Okay, have fun with your boyfriend!"
"I will" He laughed. "I love you, you're going to be fine."
"I love you too."
Steve came back about an hour later with your dress when you were finally done with your makeup and just finishing up your hair with a final run through of hairspray to keep all your hard work in place.
The both of you get dressed together and you couldn't help but to be endlessly thankful for him in those moments. He was helpful from cracking jokes to ease your mind, making you laugh as he cursed his three piece suit for being so confusing and having too many buttons, down to helping you zip up your dress and insisting on buckling the straps of your heels.
When you were both fully dressed, perfumed, and styled to the public's standard you took one final look at each other. Your shaky hands reached to straighten out the dark teal colored satin pocket square made of your dress, and centered his tie one last time before his hands caught yours.
He kissed the back of each one and professed that you were the prettiest girl he's ever seen, and in true Steve fashion, admitted that you were, in fact, so pretty that you still made him nervous.
Your love was so sickeningly sweet that the only thoughts that filled your head as you walked down to the event was questions of how you got to be so lucky, and what you could've possibly done to earn the life you had. The life where you were an avenger, and your boyfriend was quite literally the superhero of your dreams.
The same superhero tale that was told to you as a kid, the very one you dreamed would sweep you off your feet and provide you with the love you desperately needed and craved when you laid awake at night as a teenager, wondering what you did to deserve a dead father and a mother who didn't love you.
You had him now. You felt proud that you didn't need him to complete you. That teenager angst of two half's coming together to make a whole had been thrown out the window and been replaced with something so much healthier, and safer. You and your knight and shining armor were two wholes that enjoyed the luxury of love and affection. You could only hope that your growth shined through your posture and glowed through your skin with a golden, glimmering sheen.
You grew exponentially faster and larger than life since the last time your mother saw you. All you wanted now was for her to see it with her own eyes, and drink in the harsh reality that you were whole without her. Though not by choice, you were whole without your father. You are whole without your superhero, but a little extra shiny and radiant with him by your side.
You stepped through the large double doors into the luxurious and lively event room, a nostalgic wave of emotion overtook. It felt like parent open house night in elementary school, that after school event where your parents come to see your classroom, meet your teachers, and see some physical proof of your hard work.
This time your artwork didn't hang on bulletin walls with your name signed at the bottom with glitter glue, you weren't reading your poetry to classmates and their parents, your teacher wasn't praising you for being a joy to have around and a good example for your peers.
You couldn't help but to wonder if she felt the same- if your mother had grown and changed in your years of not speaking. Perhaps she bloomed and blossomed the same way you did, the harsh reality of life turning you both into diamonds. Maybe she was whole without you too, maybe she found the half of herself she lost with the passing of your father. There was a chance she was golden and glimmering, shining brightly with radiant wisps.
Steve pulled you out of your thoughts by squeezing your hand with excitement as he recognized a handful of friendly faces he hadn't gotten a chance to see in a while. You shared that joy with him when you finally worked up the nerve to look around the room too and being met with a whole bunch of old colleagues, mentors, and commanding officers you were more than happy to introduce to Steve.
Most of them reunited with you through kind words, congratulations, and praises higher than you thought you deserved. You accepted them modestly, mostly because if you didn't Steve would fight you tooth and nail until you did, then invited them to the private after party in the private sector of the compound.
If you didn't invite people to your own after party, then Tony would be the one to fight you.
As more familiar faces approached to reconnect, you soon found yourself in a bubble of love. The smile on your face never dissipated and laughter began to slip out as if you had nothing to be worried about in the first place.
The room continued to fill and more people began to take their seats in time for the ceremony to start. The Avengers were expected on the stage the whole time to take pictures and congratulate those who received their medals, so before they started their work, she wanted to loosen up a bit and start the night off right.
Steve was having a conversation with a group of people you didn't recognize, so you made a brave choice. When the moment was right as to not interrupt anyone, you let go of his hand and placed it on his upper arm to grab his attention. He leaned over a bit to hear you more clearly in the crowded room. "I'm going to grab a drink really quick, I'll meet you on the stage okay?"
His eyes became concerned and he continued leaning down to speak quietly in your ear. "You want me to come with you?"
"It's okay, Honey, it'll be fast." You reassured him. "Can I get you anything?"
"I'll have what you're having" he grinned and sent you off with a quick kiss to the crown of your head.
"Okay, I'll see you up there" His actions brought a smile to your face as you walked up to the bartender.
You waited in line before placing an order for two drinks, and as you waited for them, a hand landed on the curve of your waist.
"I made a promise to stay with you all night, I can't break it." Steve reminded you.
"Well I'm feeling better than I thought I would so it's perfectly okay if you do." You let him pull you close into his side, his big hand was keeping you warm.
"Is she here yet?" He questioned.
"Haven't seen her" You shook your head.
"Right now I think I might be more nervous than you are, I keep looking for features of your face in every person I talk to wondering if it might be her."
"Well, I've always been told I look more like my dad anyways." The bartender handed her the two drinks, she grabbed them both with a polite thank you and handed one to Steve. "these should help."
"Do you think she knows we're together?" He asked, trying to further understand the situation at hand like he was plotting the best way to fight a battle.
"Look at us" You giggled with a slight snort between your first and second sip. "Matching bracelets, matching outfits, I think the whole world knows we're together."
"...and that article was published in tmz last week" he thought out loud. "I'm just trying to figure out if she would approach me."
"Maybe." You shrugged. "But her opinion of you means shit to me."
Steve took a long sip of his drink, silently praying he would experience a miracle and maybe feel even a slight buzz from the alcohol. "I've never met any of your family before, even if you don't care I still feel like I care."
"Steve" Your hand found its way to his chest. "Everyone you've met tonight, the team, literally the people we both live with and see every single day are more like my family than my mother is. You have met my family, and news flash, they all love you. Everyone loves you. I love you."
"So if she hates me?" He asked.
"You get to join the club! She hates me too" You smiled, Steve bit the inside of his cheeks to try and hold back a laugh at your statement before shaking his head. "You're so handsome."
"You're deflecting" he raised an eyebrow.
"No I'm not" you denied. "I'm simply distracted by your beauty."
"You know, I've been thinking about what you said earlier." Steve let you know.
"Oh no, I say a lot of things all day long."
"I think Cap is okay with trying a beard"
"But you just shaved like an hour ago" You pouted.
"Steve shaved what an hour ago?!" Natasha's voice rang from behind the two of you.
Steve scoffed like a disappointed dad at her innuendo. "My face."
"I'm trying to get him to grown a beard."
"You missed a spot" She reached up and poked his chin, naturally he looked down at where her finger was pointing and she took the chance to drag it up his face to annoy him like two children in the elementary school playground. "Ha-ha made you look" she taunted.
You let out another adorable half snort as you laughed at the banter.
"You're so lucky we're in a room full of people right now or I'd be chasing you around the compound." Steve stated.
"So scary" you lied and over exaggerated your words, throwing your hands up in defense to hype up Steve's words. "Natasha, I'd be scared if I were you."
"Yup. I'm terrified." She said flatly. "Anyways, I was told you needed to get your freshly shaved face up on that stage. You too, teal dress."
"Sure thing" Steve nodded, and offered you his arm to walk over together.
The two of you followed Natasha since the three of you needed to get to the same place anyways.
You took your spot between Steve and Sam, anxiously playing with the straw in your cocktail as you felt eyes on you from all over the room. Once the guest speaker started, you tried your hardest to keep your eyes down on your feet to avoid meeting the gazes. Sam caught on to your nervousness, and in attempts to ease your mind he subtly put his arm around you.
He grabbed Steve's wrist and booted his arm off of you, just to take the formerly occupied spot and pull you into his side. Steve looked over at him and quickly shot a questionable sad puppy dog face, and Sam used his free hand to motion for him to relax.
"See this woman in the front? Blonde hair black dress. I saw her trip over her own heel in the parking lot earlier." Sam whispered in your ear. "And the guy next to her, blue suit, tried to catch her but ended up falling on his butt."
You tried to contain the laughter as to not draw attention to yourselves, trying your hardest to uphold the Avengers respectful and professional reputation. To get him back, you gently nudged him with your elbow and stepped away from his hold.
Focusing on the speaker made time fly so fast, before you knew it they were presenting you with your medal. Since you weren't technically in the military anymore, and the avengers held a special place in the hearts of the nation, an exception was made and rules were changed so that the team were the ones to present the medal to you at this ceremony completely separate from the rest.
Tony was able to say some remarkably kind words about you before placing it around your neck, surrounded by the very team who you thought all deserved it more than you did. They were the ones who assisted you in that very moment, the only difference between them and you was being in the right place at the right time.
As it was placed around your neck, you had no choice but to look straight into the crowd of people who were clapping for you. Unexpectedly, someone stood from their seat.
It caused a ripple of everyone else following the lead, and before you knew it everyone was standing. You wish you could tell them to stay seated, you wish you could hand the medal right back to where it came from, but you were stuck.
Your eyes were now glued on the woman who stood first for you. Your own flesh and blood, aged a couple years, grey streaks littering the hair color you once knew, standing and clapping for you with a smile full of pride smeared across her face.
Maybe she did change, but your teenage defenses came flooding in and your felt yourself become small. You shrunk inwards, prepared to tiptoe quietly as to not mess up the smile on her face that was always so fast to disappear at the smallest of accidental disappointments. The chances of her getting better were slim, but the chances that she was smiling and clapping for you, her precious daughter, was all a show for her own peers in the section around her was larger than your life itself.
Steve sensed your drop in confidence the very moment it happened, and followed your gaze. When he saw her he didn't even need to ask for confirmation, because although you denied your similarities, he found a woman who shared your smile and nose.
Unsuspectingly, you started receiving hugs and congratulations from each avenger. When Steve left a quick kiss on your cheek and pulled you in for his turn, you took the chance while you had it.
"She's here." You told him quietly, pretending as though he was congratulating you again for the millionth time that day alone.
"I know, I see her." Steve let you know. "Are you okay?"
"Yep" you had to keep it short and sweet to stay inconspicuous.
You managed to hold it together regardless of your personal feelings. Steve was right, there was so much love and happiness to be spread around tonight surrounded by your colleagues that you managed to bite your tongue and swallow away the bitter taste her presence left in your mouth.
When it was her turn to shake hands and take pictures with the team, they all did you a solid by taking up all the available space surrounding her. You managed to get away with a disingenuous smile at the very end corner of the group photo you knew she was probably dying to post on social media to show off your success.
The same success she had no part in nurturing, no reason to be proud of.
Years of your professional life was spent perfecting a handshake that was firm enough to show confidence, and soft enough to come across as friendly. She got your absolute worst, a single shake with a flimsy grip.
Petty? Maybe. Immature? Possibly. But you made it through a night you were dreading for months, so you were just proud of yourself for getting through it.
The moment the event was over and your professional engagement was no longer required, all of the Avengers were ushered off the stage and into the back halls to go straight to the private after party.
As insisted, you were going to have a fun time and nobody was going to take any excuse as a valid reason to not let loose. The moment you made it into the room where the party was, Tony placed a shot in your hand, and you immediately took it.
The vodka shooting down your throat pulled your mind away from the icky feeling that lingered in your soul. Your medal was taken off your neck by staff you'd trust with your life and was placed in a safe locked box in your room.
Music started, heels came off, and more people arrived to fill all the empty and quiet places with nothing but love.
Bucky and Sam grabbed you mid conversation with your old commanding officer and you were flung over Sam's shoulder. More shots, so much dancing with whoever could get their hands on you.
Every once in a while you'd look around to find Steve, and he was always somewhere around the room being pulled in a million directions talking to someone new with a big smile on his face. He seemed to be having just as good of a time as you were.
A few hours and a few shots went by before you needed a break from the high energy on the dance floor, so you grabbed a water and sat at the bar next to a friend you were happy to catch up with.
You swore you chatted her up without a care in the world, fifteen minutes felt like three hours. She got up to go to the bathroom and you chugged down the rest of your water before another person approached you.
"What's a pretty girl like you doing at a place like this all by herself?" Steve spoke smoothly like he was in an old time movie.
"Well you see, I'm not one to frequent a place like this, but it was dark and stormy out. I needed a warm place to go." You went along with the joke, your eyes did glance out the window to make sure it was, in fact, dark and stormy out. It was probably getting late but you had no concept of the time at the moment.
"Well, did you find it?" He questioned.
"Find what?"
"A warm place to hideaway from the storm?"
"Well, I certainly found a handsome fella to occupy my time while I wait for it to pass. With a face like that I outta' come around here more often." You shamelessly flirted with your own boyfriend.
"You found just the right man, Miss. You know, a beautiful dame in a dress like that in this part of town is quite dangerous. I'm going to have to beat everyone away with a stick." He smirked.
"Yeah? What would I have done without you?" You bat your eyelashes.
"Who knows." He shrugged.
"And what would those people have done to me?"
"They wouldn't appreciate you the same way I do." He shook his head.
You stepped closer to him and he took the chance to put his hand on the small of your back to keep you close. Feeling quite possessive of your sweet soldier, you claimed him too with a hand on his chest as you leaned in to make it a little more provocative.
"So, what would you like to do to me?" You blinked slowly.
His mouth dropped and cheeks flushed as you started pushing his buttons in a room full of people closest to you.
"Seems like you're not such a nice girl after all." He shook his head, eyebrows still raised and cheeks stippled with shades of pink.
He looked so cute like that.
"Never said I was, Captain." You instigated once more, definitely a little too drunk for your own good.
"Okay that's it" Steve laughed. "You're in for it now."
"No I'm not." You denied in a fit of giggles as you started taking big backwards steps towards the exit.
"Where are you going?" He questioned, taking large playful steps towards you. "You can talk the talk but can't walk the walk?"
"Oh you wanna walk the walk right now? In front of all of these people?" You questioned, getting ready to run. "Never knew you were such a... voyeur."
"Baby, you're bad." Steve laughed as you turned around to face forward and squeaked out a drunken giggle, running barefoot through people trying to lose him.
He followed as fast as he could to the best of his abilities until he saw you run right out of the party ballroom into the more calm and quiet compound hallway.
With no people in his way now, he was able to pick up his speed and catch you from behind the second you let your guard down. His arms around your torso allowed him to pick you up and twirl you around causing another eruption of laughter.
He couldn't help but to laugh at your chaos and take on your contagious smile when he spun you around once more to face him.
"If I'm so bad then why'd you run after me?" You laughed, very gently play punching him.
He did a very good job at blocking your punches just as gently as you threw them at him.
"You're so bad" he repeated, shaking his head once again. "And when you walk around looking like this?! Truly a danger to my health and well-being"
"I feel like you brought this upon yourself." You threw the tiniest of punches to his shoulder, but his hand caught your wrist. "Who let you think that Captain America in a three piece suit was legal? Hmm? You're killing people, Stevie."
"You're so drunk" Steve laugh rang out.
"You're not drunk enough" You bantered.
"I tried to match you, but it's not working."
"Well obviously you're not trying hard enough!"
"Have you eaten anything in the past few hours?" He asked, poking your sides to instigate your childish laughter.
"You're so pretty, I'm going to eat you" You caught his arm the same way he caught yours a few seconds ago, and took a big ol' pretend bite right out of his bicep.
"Maybe you need more water" He rubbed the part of his covered arm that you pretended to bite, unable to wipe the stupid smile off his face.
"Bucky!" You exclaimed as Bucky walked out into the hall.
"Are you trying to eat him?" Bucky asked. "I came to rescue Steve from the cannibal in the hallway."
"You can't blame me, he looks and smells so yummy." You defended yourself, lifting Steves arm up to Bucky. "You want a taste?"
"I'm good." Bucky laughed, grabbing Steve's arm and placing it back down to his side.
"More for me" you shrugged.
"Sam and Nat wanted to know if you would take another shot with them?" Bucky asked what he actually intended to come all that way for.
"I don't know if that's such a great idea, big guy over here thinks I should be eating more food and drinking more water." You shook your head with a smile.
Bucky gasped and wrapped his arms around you from the side, cradling your head in his metal hand. "Steven! You're trying to sober her up? On her big night? You monster!"
"She tried to eat me!" He defended himself, hands up in defense, cheeks starting to feel sore.
"He sucks" Bucky rocked you back and forth. "Another shot?" He asked again.
"Will you hold my hair back while I puke?" You questioned right back.
Bucky released you and stepped away. "Sorry, not my job. Steve can help you out with that"
"I'm trying to prevent that" Steve defended the situation.
"I don't know who I'm supposed to trust anymore!" You said dramatically. "You both wouldn't hold my hair back for me, that's so mean"
"I didn't say that" Steve denied.
"Bucky, I don't think Steve would love me if I was a worm" You told the other soldier.
"I'm sorry, Doll. I would love you if you were a worm even if he didn't." Bucky played along.
"If you were a what?" Steve questioned, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"A worm, Steven." Bucky scoffed. "If she turned into a worm, would you still love her? Really, it's a simple question."
"Baby, if you turned into a worm I'd make you the worm house of your dreams and take care of you." Steve claimed your statement to be false.
"Ha! ...and Bucky wouldn't even hold my hair back."
"Which is exactly why you're my girl and not his." Steve proudly claimed you, following Bucky's actions and claiming you in his own arms after seeing you wrapped up with his best friend.
"Hey, give her back!" Bucky pouted.
"Nope, all mine" Steve denied as you laughed in his hold.
"I guess I should tell Sam and Nat no more sho-" Bucky started, but was cut off.
"Chameleon?" A fourth voice made you freeze in place, and the nickname you haven't been called since childhood made your once happy heart sink to the pit of your stomach.
You didn't want to look, you didn't want Steve to let you go, and you hoped that it was an odd coincidence from a stranger trying to pass through the halls.
Unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way. Steve slowly let you out of his arms, immediately fixing his tie and pressing down his suit jacket while standing tall.
Bucky cleared his throat, "Yeah, uh, I'm going to go find Sam and Natasha." He turned on his heels and walked right back into the event.
Steve didn't really know what to do in that moment, but you knew that you felt stone cold sober now and you wished you could go back to three minutes ago when you were having a blast annoying the soldiers.
"Captain Rogers, honor to meet you." Your mom appeared in front of you, reaching her hand out to shake his for a second time tonight.
For the first time ever, you saw Steve in a moment of being rendered speechless. He didn't know how to respond, if it was appropriate to congratulate her on success in the military, or if he should be yelling at her for being unauthorized in a high security building approaching a private event with no invitation.
He shook it, and opened his mouth hoping that something, literally anything would come out. Instead, she spoke once again.
"You two seem to be comfortable with each other!" She enthused. You knew where this was headed, and you immediately wanted to cry. "And my gosh, my little chameleon, you've become not so little anymore. I hardly recognized you, you've grown into yourself so well... an avenger? Wow."
"Is that so hard to believe?" You questioned, speaking your first words to her since 18 years old.
"Do you remember that photo of you that your dad took when you were 8 years old? The one where you were running around the back yard with a plastic Captain America shield?"
"Mom" You warned, already feeling embarrassed enough to want to fall through the floor.
"I still hear that tiny voice screaming loud enough for all the neighbors to hear that you were going to save the day. And here you are." She looked from you, to Steve, then back at you with judgmental eyes. "Yeah. It's a little hard to believe."
There was no super hero in the grand scheme of the entire multiverse that could come and save you from being belittled in front of Steve. You knew he couldn't cut in unless she was being downright disruptive, and he couldn't leave and live with himself for breaking a promise to you.
"And why is that?" You shrunk into yourself and glued your eyes to the floor, suddenly remembering your bare feet.
You were no longer glowing or radiant, you didn't feel quite as big as you did all those years away from her. You knew now what she saw, a drunken disappointment in the hallway, an imposter, a mess with no shoes taking advantage the only man who could fill the broken void of your childhood.
But you never thought of Steve that way, and certainly that's not why you fell in love with him. Standing in front of her and next to him, you had never felt so insecure.
Did you subconsciously fall into the lap of this relationship to heal parts of yourself that therapy couldn't? Was it weird or morally wrong to be romantically involved with Steve? Did you trap him with a sob story and make him feel too bad to leave?
Holy shit. Did you have do defend this behavior and your relationship in front of your mother?
Maybe it was time to retire this career and start a new one somewhere else. Something small and simple, maybe a barista in an independently owned coffee shop, or a florist spending your day with your nose deep in the flowers.
"I guess when you were a kid you were just so focused on yourself and so... heartless... it's hard to imagine you living a life revolved around selflessness and empathy." She spoke so casually you almost accepted those words as true.
You could hear Steve take in a big breath, he squirmed in place, visibly uncomfortable with the situation and upset by her words.
"Heartless" you repeated quietly. The room spun around you but you weren't sure if that was the anxiety or the alcohol. "Selfish. How? How are those the only two words you could think of to describe me when all I did with my life before adulthood was take care of you?"
"Take care of me?" She scoffed. "You know how hard I had to work every day to keep food in your mouth and a roof over your head?"
"That's the bare minimum you sign up to do when having a kid." You mumbled.
"After all these years I thought that maybe you would've changed your mind about me being some sort of villain."
"You've done nothing to change my mind. No apologies, no effort to mend our relationship..."
"Maybe it'll take you having your own kids to understand how hard it is to be a mother." She cut you off. "But seeing as you can't treat your own flesh and blood with respect, you aren't fit to be one yet."
"I think you've mistaken this event as an open house, and I think you're here way past your allotted time." You finally spoke up.
"And this continuing to be your behavior even under today's circumstances and in front of one of the most respected men in the world is disappointing." Her voice got louder to undermine the fact that yours did too. "Imagine explaining this to your 8 year old self. What would she think? I know your father would be disappointed at best."
"What exactly are you here for, ma'am?" Steve instantly snapped when she tried to weaponize his very existence using her dead father.
Your vocal cords were tied tightly into a knot, nothing could come out, you could barely breathe, and a single tear fell down your cheek. In attempts to not let her win, you wiped it away as quickly as you could.
"I wanted a chance to congratulate my daughter, but I'm not so sure she deserves that anymore." She spat venom at you. "You know, a flashy title and a medal around your neck means nothing without a family to love you."
"She does have a family that loves her, they're all in that room right now." Steve proudly wrapped his arm around you and pointed to the party. "There's a reason why you aren't allowed in there, so I suggest you leave. Especially because I'm sure your commanding officer would be disappointed to hear that you're continuing this dishonorable behavior in front of one of the most respected and remarkable women in the world."
You couldn't even help the sob that escaped the back of your throat before covering your mouth with your hand and hiding your face into his side. He could've used his own title and authority to scare her off, but instead he picked you up off the floor she held you down on and placed you on a pedestal above her head.
She tried to make you feel small, perhaps that's how she always saw you, but Steve always thought you were larger than life. His actions and words continued to prove that in every difficult situation.
He was always so soft and kind around you that you forgot that he even had such a stern and commanding bone in his body.
"She is my daughter." You mother stood her ground.
"You do not own her. Leave." Steve practically growled.
The silence was loud as she scoffed and walked off with a stomp in her feet, hands balled into fists.
Steve left you for a moment to tell the nearest security to escort her out and make sure she actually exited the premises this time, and by the time he got back and placed his hands on your shoulders to console you, he was nothing but soft again.
Your hands hid your face, too embarrassed to even speak to him at the moment. Overwhelmed, ashamed, consumed by anxiety on the brink of a panic attack, you couldn't step foot in that room again.
Not with tears streaking your mascara and the hem of your dress bunching against the floor due to your lack of heels.
Steve felt his heart squeezing in his chest when you couldn't even open your eyes to look at his face, he could only imagine you were feeling belittled and embarrassed. He would do anything to take that weight off your shoulders, make sure you knew that you had nothing to be ashamed of, but no words would break through the barrier you had to build in order to protect yourself.
You needed your own time and space to break that down, and you would. You were brave enough to do so. Just not right now, not when you desperately needed a bulletproof casing to keep all of the harsh words and criticism out of your mind.
"Baby" Steve's hands traveled from your shoulders up your neck and onto your own hands that hid your face. "You're okay, I love you. It's okay"
"I have to go" Your voice shook.
"That's okay" His thumbs ran along the backside of your hands. "I know you need some alone time, but would you like me to walk you home or are you going to be okay getting back on your own?"
"I'm fine." You inhaled deeply and rubbed your face once more before dropping your hands and crossing your arms over your chest tightly. "I'll be fine."
"Alright" Steve kissed the top of you head. "I'll come check on you in a bit."
It was hard for him to let you walk away by yourself when all he wanted to do was make sure you got home okay and tuck you in tightly under your blankets, but letting you go alone was what you needed in that moment so he forced himself to take that step back.
He walked back in that room and explained the situation to Tony and Bucky, and stayed a little while longer acquainting himself to all the important people in your life who loved you so deeply.
About an hour and a half later, it was well into the middle of the night and guests started leaving so he took the opportunity to sneak out and contemplate his next move on the walk back.
He didn't want to bother you or make you feel pressured into being around him if you still felt defensive, but the thought of you sleeping in a cold bed alone all night when you were already so sad made him want to cry a little bit.
He decided that the best thing to do was to change out of his formal wear and into some sweats before going into your room to check on you. Maybe some extra comfort would be beneficial to the both of you.
Unlocking his bedroom door and stepping through, he kicked off his shoes and ran a hand through his styled hair before noticing the lump under the covers of his bed. It made his heart beat a little faster before it melted into a puddle.
He changed into sweatpants and a hoodie as quickly as he could, as he brushed his teeth he took note of how you turned off the soundproofing to hear the rain putter against the roof and floor to ceiling windows.
Once he was ready to submit to the night, he walked over to the side of his bed you were sleeping on. Normally it was his side, but he could tell you planted yourself there for a reason, and who was he to disturb that?
He kneeled next to the bed, and only when he tucked your hair behind your ear did he notice that you were sound asleep.
All the makeup you worked so hard on was gone without a trace, your eyes were swollen and your nose was stained pink. Although you were sad, he couldn't help but to smile. He thought you looked just as beautiful this way.
Realizing he didn't want to wake you, he planted a feather light kiss to your head before walking back to the other side to slide in next to you.
Though he tried his hardest, you woke up to slowly being engulfed by your favorite strong arms, and pulled against your favorite warm body. You shuffled backwards a bit to meet the front of his body with the back of yours, one of your hands intertwined with one of his while the other held onto his forearm that was keeping you safe and secure. You brought the back of his hand to your mouth before kissing it and tucking it into your chest close to your heart.
"I'm sorry" you sleepily mumbled, feeling a pang of physical pain as he held you so tenderly.
"I'm not allowing you to apologize for something that's not your fault." Steve denied. "None of that has ever been your fault."
"You shouldn't have had to hear that, or see me like that. So, I'm sorry."
"You shouldn't be." Steve settled, his chin nuzzling into the top of your head. "I'm sorry you've been treated like that for so much of your life. You deserved so much better."
"I'm not allowing you to apologize for something that's not your fault" You repeated his words. "Thank you for sticking up for me, that's the first time anyone has ever spoken up to her."
"Anytime, Princess." He squeezed your hand. "I hope you know that you aren't the one your father would be disappointed in."
You nodded, feeling the tears rush back to your eyes. If you speak another word they would flood the gates and flow until you got yourself to sleep again.
"He would be proud, so so proud of you. I'm proud of you. Everyone in their right minds is proud of you, and the world owes you an un-payable debt."
"I didn't even do anything that special" Your voice accidentally jumped an octave higher in your losing battle against your tears.
"Yes you did, and I'll shout it from the rooftops until you understand." He squeezed you a little tighter. "I think the whole world of you. No matter what your role, daughter, avenger, friend, girlfriend, maybe even mom one day if you want to be, you hit the ball out of the park. You exceed all expectations, and if someone can't see that, that's on them. That's not on you. I'm the luckiest man in the universe to have the privilege of loving you."
"I love you so much" You told him, squeezing your eyes shut to try and stop the tears.
"I love you too." He calmly exhaled. "Are you feeling okay? Do you need a snack or some water?"
"I'm okay, I think I just need to sleep." You slowly flipped onto your other side to face him.
"Okay." He let you dig your face into his chest as he held you tightly in his arms to hide you away from the world that had hurt you tonight. "Wake me up if you need me, alright? Sweet dreams, sweet girl.
"Sleep tight." You mumbled into his chest.
He woke up pretty late the next morning given that everyone had been awake until 2am the previous night. The sun was shining aggressively bright through the large windows and hitting his eyes, he could hear birds chirping and the hustle and bustle of whatever was going on outside. You weren't with him in bed, but he could hear the sounds of cookware in the kitchen, the unusual whirl of the mixer being used.
He got up and stretched, not even bothered to fix his hair before dragging his feet all the way to the common area that was oddly empty except for you.
You could hear him coming, the shuffling socks on the hardwood was a dead giveaway. He stopped and looked around before blinking slowly at you in confusion.
"Where is everyone?" He questioned sleepily, sitting down on a stool at the island and letting his head and back slump forward onto his elbows.
"Deployed." You answered, measuring out powdered sugar to add to the butter and vanilla in the mixer.
"Yep" you popped the P dramatically. "Literally everyone but us two got put on emergency last night around 4. They must've heard what happened and decided to cut us some slack, we have the whole place to ourselves." You grinned with amusement.
Your dimpled cheeks were so refreshing to his worried and busy mind.
"Hmmm" he hummed, closing his eyes and letting his mind wander for a while.
After a few minutes, you placed a cup of coffee in front of him just how he liked it before rubbing his back and kissing the adorable blonde mess on top of his head. "Still sleepy?"
"I'm getting old, baby. I stay up late for one night and I feel like I have to sleep for two days to recover." He complained, perking up at the smell of coffee.
"Well, you can sleep all day if you want and nobody is here to make fun of you for it." You noted, stopping the mixer once your frosting was nice and smooth.
"Sounds so nice" Steve yawned after taking down some coffee and letting his head fall again.
As you put the frosting into a piping bag with a metal tip on it, you mind couldn't escape last night. You were trying your very hardest to disregard all the weird thoughts your mom planted into your head, especially the ones about your relationship with Steve.
You never questioned the dynamic before, no one has ever brought it up, but now you were clouded and fogged by worry.
A morning alone with him should feel domestic and happy, a small glimpse into what the future could hold if you chose that for yourselves.
Rain falling outside, both of you bundled up in your coziest clothes, your extra lazy boyfriend falling asleep slumped over the island with a hot cup of coffee, homemade cupcakes that were begging for some frosting.
People would kill for moments like these, and you couldn't even enjoy it through your racing heart and even faster mind. Your mom made you question your intentions with your sweet boy with one single glance, and now you couldn't help but to feel like he deserved better all over again.
You should've been brave and stood up for yourself. You should've told her how you really felt, aired out all your dirty laundry, screamed it from the top of your lungs, but instead you mumbled and muttered and cried.
Brave, mighty, strong, none of those words seemed to suit you. Maybe this really wasn't the job for you, and that feeling of uncertainty you had the first few weeks here was more of a gut feeling you weren't cut out for this.
You mindlessly piped frosting onto the cupcakes and got halfway through the dozen before Steve's head popped up in realization and pouted.
"You're baking?" He asked.
"Mhm" you nodded quietly, eyes fixed on the cupcake you were working on.
"Not feeling very talkative?"
"Just a little tired, that's all." You tried to convince him you were okay as to not inconvenience him any more than you already have.
He didn't do much in response to that, and it made your heart sink. You fully convinced yourself that he had given up on you.
You officially annoyed him and pushed jokes too far while you were drunk last night, you shouldn't have let Bucky hug you the way he did, maybe you should've found a different color dress that matched your complexion a little better.
"Oh my god!" You squeaked in surprise when you were lifted up and placed sat on the counter. "What the heck, man?!"
Piping bag still in hand, cupcakes pushed out of the way, Steve stood between your legs. You didn't even notice him get up or hear him coming.
"I love you, do you not understand that?" Steve questioned with all the seriousness in the world dropping from his tone.
"I'm confused" You cocked your head to the side.
He took the bag of frosting out of your hand and placed it on the counter. "You only bake when you're sad. I can tell your mind is running away from you, and you're shutting me out."
"I didn't mean to shut you out" you admitted sadly, your gut already telling you what's coming.
"You don't have to lie to me and say that you're tired instead of saying what's actually wrong. You know I can tell the difference."
"I'm sorry, I- it's just tha-" you scrambled to try and explain what what going on in your head. "I'm trying to process. That's all."
"You still won't even look at me." Steve told you, coming your hair through his fingers. "Why?"
You made it a point to look at his face, and all you saw was golden honey, the sweet angel who you've grown to love with all your heart.
You sighed and slumped.
"You can tell me the truth" he reminded you sweetly.
"My mom takes my self esteem and crushes it into tiny little pieces" You let the words leave your mouth. "Right now, I'm trying to convince myself that everything my brain is telling me is a lie and that I deserve to be here with you."
"Look at me" He grabbed hold of your chin between his thumb and pointer finger to direct your head back up. When you looked him in the eyes, he continued speaking. "I love you. All of you. Everything about you. If you need me to say that a billion times to believe it, I'll do it."
"Do you want a cupcake?" You offered, picking up a frosted one off the counter.
"I love you"
"There's no sprinkles yet but I can put some one really quick"
"I love you"
"It's vanilla cake with american buttercream" you started unwrapping it.
"I love you"
"I know you like cream cheese frosting but we were out of cream cheese so this was the best I could do."
"I love you"
"Steve" You complained.
"Hmm?" His hand rubbed your thigh while the other remained on your back.
"Will you please eat this cupcake before I lose my mind?" You pleated.
He took it from your hands and put it to your mouth prompting to take a bite first, and once you did he took one too.
"Oh my god" he thew his head back. "So fucking good. Another reason why I love you so much."
"I love you" You told him.
"I know you do" He set the other half of the cupcake down, taking note that he would definitely finish it later. "Quite honestly, I'm a little offended that you don't know that I love you. Means I'm not doing my job right."
"I know you do, you're doing your job very well." You told him, he pulled you forward so he could touch just a little more of you.
"But?" He raised an eyebrow.
"But... how I'm feeling right now is not your fault. You shouldn't feel a responsibility to fix it. I'll be okay, I just need some time."
"Can I have more frosting please?" Steve asked politely.
Too wrapped up in your own mind to verbally respond, you grabbed the piping bag next to you, and squeezed some onto his finger that he had held out and waiting.
He quickly smeared the frosting onto the tip of your nose before his cheeks turned pink and a laugh escaped.
"Oh you suck" You but the inside of your cheek to try and contain the smile you didn't want him to know you had. "Jokes on you, you didn't even get to eat anymore frosting. Let me help you out with that"
You squeezed the bag as hard as you could over his lips, he turned his head to try and get away but it ended up smearing all the way up the left side of his cheek.
His mouth hung open for a moment in surprise before swiping it off his face and into his mouth.
"Just as delicious when I eat it off my face" He stated, then boldly licked it off the tip of your nose. "And yours"
"You're crazy" You said while wiping your nose with the back of your hand with joy that seemed to be breaking through the thick barrier of sadness. "And still so handsome, even with frosting face"
"Yeah?" A lopsided smile poked through.
Steve grabbed the sides of your face before going in for a steady kiss, lengthy and impassioned. Just his lips alone were telling you everything you needed to know, like he was speaking to you through through physical touch. Just when you started to feel like you needed to catch your breath, he pulled away and let his forehead settle on yours.
"However you feel, however she makes you feel is not your fault." He whispered against your lips. "But what I'm never going to let her do is dictate the way you feel about yourself, and let her get into your head about the way I feel about you."
In a moment of lust and desperation to not have to process the hard emotions that came with the words he was speaking to you, you initiated another buttercream flavored kiss. Vanilla and sugar tasted oh so sweet on his tongue as his hands traveled down to your hips. Once again, the unfortunate human need to breath to survive got in the way of your plans to shut him up.
"I've never doubted your ability to keep up. You are your own toughest critic. I've never met anyone more capable of being here and being mine." He continued, planting a few quick pecks to your silky smooth lips. "I thank the universe for you every day, and I love you."
"Damn it, Steve." You dramatically flailed your arms before running your hands up his back. "How do you always know what to say and do to make any situation better? How are you this perfect?"
It started becoming a little hard to speak between kisses, and even though you were now glued to his front and latched onto him like a koala, you still couldn't seem to get close enough.
"I just thi-"
"Will you stop for a second and just keep kissing me?" You spoke against his lips. "I can't get enough of you."
"Yes ma'am" He nodded with shades of pink quickly stippling across his cheeks before following strict orders.
Passing time was a concept that completely dissipated as the two of you entangled yourself. Seconds, minutes, hours, none of it mattered. Not when your mouths tasted like cupcakes and your bodies were so warm to contrast the winter rain hitting the windows.
Your hands were never shy to roam and dance around his incredible body, you loved gliding your hands over all the smooth bumps and ridges of muscle. As you snuck your hands up the back of his hoodie, they found their rightful place on his shoulder blades. He physically shivered and you could feel goosebumps raise on his skin causing both of you to giggle into each others kiss.
"You know the good part of the whole team being gone is that we get to eat all the cupcakes by ourselves" Steve spoke again now that he found a natural break in the heat of the moment.
"I'm sure you'll have no issue accomplishing that" You agreed with him.
"And you know the other good part of the whole team being gone?"
"Hmm?" You questioned.
"I get to take my time with you." He kissed the very corner of you jaw right under your ear. "Savor every square inch of you" working his way down your neck, he made it to your collar bones. "You get to be as loud as you need, and I get to take you right here, right now."
His words got you worked up embarrassingly fast. The crimson headache flooded all of your logical reasoning, and every single part of your body was aching to get him closer, take him deeper, crawl into him. It was intoxicating.
"People eat on this counter, baby" You tried reasoning with him, though you were a little more than excited for what was about to come.
"I'll clean it" He pulled your sweater over your head just to be visibly annoyed by your tank top underneath. Attaching your mouths in a steamy kiss dialed up a thousand degrees, more worry filled your head.
"The cameras" You wined feeling like there were too many obstacles in the way. "What if someone hears us?"
He had never been this risky or adventurous before, it had your head spinning and your center throbbing with need. "Friday" Steve called out to the artificial intelligence controlling the building while working off his own sweatshirt.
"How may I assist you, Captain?" She responded just as he got it over his head and tossed it on the floor.
"Turn on private sector soundproofing, and turn off visual and audio recording" He had to practically pry you off of him as you started making advances on him, your hands wandered down the front of his stomach while you kissed his shoulders in attempts to get his pants off.
He caught your wrists in his hands and shook his head before attaching your lips together hungrily as Friday assisted in the necessary steps before the two of you could shed more layers.
"Request complete."
"This isn't about me, so don't even try it." He informed you, voice husky with arousal. "I want you to feel how loved you are, so all I want you to do is relax, feel good, and take it. Okay?"
"That seems a little unfa-" He cut you off by attaching your lips and grabbing the bottom of you tank top to pull over your head.
"Okay?" He asked again once you were in sweatpants and a bra. It was less of a question and more of a demand.
"Okay" You released a shaky breath and a semi-nervous nod.
No matter how many times you found yourself in this position with him, you never found yourself to be less nervous about it. He always made you feel comfortable, cared for and so so good, but he was just so incredibly beautiful and commanding.
It was like ravenous butterflies exploding out of your stomach, and flooding upwards into your racing heart, tingly lips, swarming in your brain. Just looking at his blown out pupils and fast breathing made you feel needy and restless until you got exactly what your body needed.
He pulled your body closer once more, kissing you as one hand unhooked the back of your bra and the other held the back of you head steady. You shrugged it off and he tossed it onto the floor.
Steve couldn't help the satisfaction as you began to take off your own pants for him, so quick to trust him and allow him to make you feel good that you did the work to get him exactly where you needed him as fast as you could. All while his hands massaged your boobs, nipples between his thumb and forefingers, and his lips sucked and nipped at the sensitive skin on your neck that always left you whimpering.
"You looked so beautiful last night" he stated as his hands made their way to your hips, they squeezed gently before they removed the last remaining piece of fabric from your body leaving you completely bare for him. "I thought, wow how could anything be more beautiful than my girl right now? Then I woke up and saw you, and somehow I'm having those same thoughts all over again."
He kissed slowly down your body while pulling you forward to the very edge of the counter, and just as his lips made it to your lower belly, he stood back up and kissed your lips. He used his own body to encourage you to lay back onto your elbows as his hands massaged you thighs, they squeezed and moved in appreciation, celebrating how strong and soft they were. A risky movement occasionally sent a finger too close to where you needed him, and when his mouth attached to you right nipple, you almost saw stars.
Steve pulled his favorite sound out of you, tiny whimpers traveled from your throat, into his ears and right to his dick. Pleasuring you was his greatest form of gratification, nothing made him harder more than knowing you felt good.
"Baby" You complained, obvious need dripping from your voice.
"What's wrong, honey?" He pouted at your whine, almost mocking you.
"You're such a tease"
"We've got all day" He devilishly grinned, more fingers grazing your center. "So much time"
You felt so needy, throbbing beyond comprehension you couldn't even help yourself. You needed something, anything. "Please" you begged.
"How would you like me to please you?" He asked, just the idea of getting to choose made you let out a little noise.
Steve knew that you were completely oblivious to the way your hips were subtly rocking back and forth to try any feel anything at all, your thighs squeezed together to try and create friction. He wasn't having that, so he spread your legs apart and stood between them again so you physically couldn't close them.
"Something, anything" Your head spun.
"I just love you so much that I want to kiss every inch of you." He justified his actions. Holding onto your wrist, he kissed all the way down your upper arm to the back of your hand. Grabbing the piping bag once more, he squeezed frosting onto your two dominant fingers before shoving them into his mouth to lick it off and letting them linger while he coated them the best he could. You were speechless and so turned on that you we're convinced the pressure in your pussy would make you explode if you didn’t do anything about it soon.
"I want you to love yourself as much as I love you" He popped your fingers out of his mouth and guided your hand downward, making you touch yourself. "And since you're feeling too desperate to let me warship you the way that I want, you're going to practice some self love."
You couldn't even control yourself as you ran your fingers through your folds before adding pressure and drawing little circles around your overly sensitive clit. Letting out a moan, you couldn't believe how good you felt. All of this behavior was so new to Steve, it was naughtier and dirtier than your very private and vanilla prince ever let on. The whole scenario added to your pleasure as your mind ran laps around how hot it was.
"There you go" he sighed, finally feeling like you could both have exactly what you wanted.
Usually you'd feel a little self conscious under anyone's watchful eye, let-alone someone who looked like Steve, but his eyes were telling you that he wanted to devour you whole.
More moans continued to slip out past your mouth as you pleasured yourself in front of him, and he massaged, nipped and sucked anywhere he could get access to.
"How does that feel, princess?" He questioned, kissing you before you even got the chance to answer. "You making yourself feel good?"
"Mhm" You moaned out something close to a response.
"You look so pretty like this" He spoke into the shell of your ear. "Is this what you do when we're away from each other?"
"Yeah" you squeaked. “Miss you too much when you’re gone”
"When you send me all those naughty pictures when you know damn well there's nothing I can do to help myself?" He teased. "It's even more beautiful in person- watching you get off and I'm not even doing anything to help."
"Steve, please" You moaned, his words carried you a lot further than you'd like to admit.
"Nuhuh. Nope" He denied. "I'm not even going to think about touching your pussy until you give yourself all the love you need. Make yourself cum, then I'll consider."
New mission in mind, you started working towards your goal. Slipping in two fingers, one after the other while continuing to play with your bud made that fire in your belly burn even brighter.
Steve could tell you were getting closer, all he could do was prey that you'd climax soon because he's never wanted to please someone more than in this moment. You just looked so helpless, but that was something you'd have to get through all on your own.
"Besides, I'm enjoying the show a little too much to put an end to it yet." He smiled.
Although he was putting on a front, he wasn't a complete asshole and he still wanted you to feel his love stemming through every moment your bare skin was under his hands, so he continued to play with your nipples to deliver as much gratification as he could without touching you where he vowed not to.
More moans flowed and each one was louder and more worked up than the next, that pressure kept building and that fire kept burning hotter and hotter but it never snapped.
Thoroughly frustrated, you babbled out what you think was along the lines of "ugh,baby, I can't. I can't- please"
"Yes you can" Steve reassured you. "Come on, sweetheart, make yourself cum."
You thrusted your fingers in and out of your hole a little faster, rubbed your clit a little harder, and felt all the more frustrated.
"You make such pretty sounds, my love." He cooed in your ear. "We've got so much time, why do you want to cum so fast? Hmm?"
"I want you to fuck me" You cried out.
"Wow, all this just for me?" He asked. "Can't even imagine how pretty you'll sound when I finally touch you."
The pressure built and built...
"I've never wanted to make love to you more than I do right here, right now. Cum for me, let me make you feel good honey." He whispered.
His lips met yours once more then...
You gasped and moaned a little louder than usual, Steve smiled against you.
"There she is!" He exclaimed proudly as you painted and tried to catch your breath. "How was that?"
"So dirty." You finally giggled, feeling a million pounds lighter with release. “I love it when you’re naughty like this.”
“You left me no choice” Steve tucked your hair behind your ear. “Are you feeling okay?”
“Oh, I feel great” You nodded with a tired attempt at a smile.
“Yeah? You wanna keep going?” He questioned searching for a genuine response. “This is all about you, my love.”
His genuine concern for your well-being during sex always made you want him even more.
“Please.” You nodded before reaching your hands around his neck and pulling his bare torso against you and attaching your lips. All you wanted in that moment was to feel his skin on yours.
“Need a break?” He offered.
“I love the way you say my name” He admitted, kissing your nose.
“Will you please just fuck me?”
“I will” He reassured you. “…eventually.”
You closed your eyes and accepted that you would get what you wanted with time.
“But for now, I have other plans.” He stood up to his full height, never allowing his hands to remain still against your skin. “Just relax”
“It’s a little hard to relax with you between my legs” You admitted.
“That sounds like a personal problem” he stated before sinking to his knees, and his hands finally making it to your pussy. His thumb very gently started working your clit again until he felt like you were ready to take his fingers. After sliding one in and curving it slightly upwards, your beautiful sounds came back to warm his soul. “Poor baby, you’re so wet.”
“Wonder how that happened” You sassed, eyes remaining closed to try and allow yourself to actually relax and concentrate on the sensation he was providing to your body.
With no warning, his thumb disappeared and was replaced by his mouth. His tongue explored for a few moments before his lips attached and started sucking and licking your bud.
It pulled a heavenly moan and you rocked your hips before falling back onto your elbows, your fingers lacing in his hair. Steve’s head popped up in a small moment of concern.
"Sorry, did I hurt you?” He asked, hands roaming the curves of your hips.
“God no- that felt so good” You shook your head, opening your eyes to look at him. “Keep going.”
“Okay, let me know if something hurts” He said, you knew he was always scared of not knowing his own strength accidentally hurting you. This conversation happened a minimum of once per every sexual interaction you two had.
"Darling... I'm not made of sugar" You reassured, caressing his head in your hands.
"You sure do taste like it" He retorted before attaching his mouth again.
His mouth was so warm creating a lovely contrast between the cold marble counter you laid on and his fingers made good work of that spongy spot inside your hole that he loved to call his best friend.
“Holy shit” You gasped, trying to bring back lost air from your lungs. “Oh fuck, yes, right there, keep going” you exclaimed as his mouth deliciously worked your clit in tandem with his fingers. That fire came back and burned bright with a vengeance.
You tried your hardest to keep your hips still, but the feeling was so overwhelming you couldn’t even control your movements.
Steve loved it when you started riding his face because he knew he was doing his job right. He was rewarded with your fluttering walls gripping onto his fingers, you dripped down his chin and coated his mouth deliciously.
“C-an you even breatmmmmm holy fuck” You cried out.
Quite honestly, he could’ve cum in his pants just from the noises you made alone. If he wasn’t so entranced by the taste of you on his tongue, and focused on making your mind think of nothing but him and his mouth he would’ve told you that he didn’t need to breathe, and that he could always catch his breath after he died of suffocation.
If that’s how he left this world, he would have gone a happy man.
“Right there, right there” You moaned out, completely unsure of how he even knew how to make you feel this good in the first place. “Just like that”
Since he was a smart man, he kept doing exactly what he was doing. His mouth continued licking and sucking as his fingers remained at the same pace.
As you panted and babbled out words and sounds that no longer made sense, he couldn’t help but to focus on the way you tightened around his fingers. You were so warm and wet his cock was twitching desperately in his pants, impatiently waiting for its own turn to please you.
Apparently, his mind ran so far away from him that he didn’t even notice the way you shuttered and bucked your hips right before your second orgasm crashed over you so hard that your legs shook and you couldn’t even squeak out a sound if you tried.
It pulled his mind right back to you, and he continued the motions with his tongue, licking up every last drop until your head lulled to the side and your body went limp.
You managed to produce a few pathetic whimpers as he continued going, it was becoming a little too sensitive to bare so grabbed his face and pulled him up. “Okay, okay, holy shit”
“Wanna taste?” He asked before hungrily attaching your lips.
It was intoxicating what he did to you. Your body felt limp and spent as if you could sleep for two weeks without a single care, yet when he attached his soggy face to yours and the taste of buttercream was replaced with your own essence, you found the energy to sit yourself up and kiss him until you were the one suffocating.
You reached for the band of his sweatpants, and he was two steps ahead of you trying to kick them off without having to remove his grip on your body.
Pulling them down for him, he was able to step out of them while keeping his mind and body focused on making out with you. You did the same with his boxers, and when his dick sprang free all you wanted was to take it into you hands.
It was his turn to gasp as you reached between your bodies to stroke him. He was hard as a rock, already twitching and leaking out in anticipation.
Just looking at it had you gushing all over again, completely unable to grasp how you could possibly be the one making him so pathetically hard without a single touch.
“Do you see what you do to me?” He questioned, taking himself into his own hand and pumping while you spread your legs in anticipation.
You nodded and gulped down a mouthful of drool, just wishing he would let you taste it but you knew that wouldn’t slide in this very moment. “Please, let me feel you.” Your arms found their way around his neck.
“You sure?” He checked in one last time just to make sure.
“Are you going to make me do it myself?” You asked desperately, only moments away from sticking it in for him.
“I’m all yours” He told you before stepping towards you one last time to close any distance, then slowly slid in the tip.
Watching your face warp with pleasure was the most beautiful sight and it gave him the butterflies every single time. As he kept slowly pushing his length into you, it felt better than a physical connection. It was always more than that.
It felt like intertwining your souls, becoming one being together. And when he was fully sheathed, he never failed to be incredibly loved by you. You gave him so much of yourself, so much of your body, so much of your trust that he felt a responsibility to do the only thing he could- make you feel just as loved in return.
No matter how hard he had to fight the urge to move, he always waited until you moved first. His eyes squeezed shut and his mouth parted as you gave him the physical green light to start rocking his hips.
He started slow until he could feel your body relax around him, then he thrusted faster. “There you go, you’re taking me so well Honey”
You felt absolutely ethereal, letting go of every single thought that wasn’t Steve in that very moment.
As he continued to thrust into you, he laid you back util you were fully laying on the counter with your legs crossed around his back. He leaned over you and cradled his hands under your head to hold you close and make sure you were comfortable.
He kissed you passionately, sweeter than sugar as your hand roamed his back and the other squeezed the back of his neck.
You moaned into each other’s mouths as he found that sweet spot inside of you once more, and your mind went completely numb. He detached your lips but kept his face close to maintain eye contact.
“You’re absolutely decadent, my sweet Angel” he panted, and although his thrusts were slower than his normal pace, it felt overwhelmingly good. He was conveying his message perfectly, this was nothing but making love. “Nobody could ever make me feel the way you do, you know that?”
He continued hitting your sweet spot over and over again, making your eyes squeeze shut and your waist curve up off the counter.
“Open your eyes, sweetie, let me see your face”
You listened to his words, and he smiled when he saw your eyes again. His face was full of pleasure, and the thought of him feeling just as good as you were made your walls squeeze tightly around him.
“Holy shit, baby.” His head dropped into the crook of your neck as he savored your warmth, but it quickly popped back up again to look at you. “I love you so fucking much”
“I love you too” You moaned, running your fingers through his messy hair.
His thrusts turned into deep, long strokes that had you seeing stars.
“Oh my god, oh my- jesus” you gasped, fluttering around him.
“You feel so fucking good” he cried out. “Only you. You are the only one who could ever make me feel like this. Do you understand how incredible you are?”
You whimpered some more, holding onto him for dear life, “Steve-“
“I know, baby.” He kissed you, and when he attached his lips to your mouth he felt you fluttering even more.
So, he kept kissing you and trying to hang onto the pressure building in his own stomach as his balls twitched with every thrust.
You two stayed like that for a while, holding each other in your arms, kissing until you couldn’t breath, basking in the pleasure of each others bodies while he tried to fuck the very concept of your own greatness into your hard head.
Nothing but the sounds of moans, breathing, and skin slapping filled the room while you opened your eyes and looked up at him again.
Your heart skipped a beat or two as the realization of what he’s been trying to tell you finally sank in. Tears filled your eyes as you really looked at his sweet face, and his love clouded all of your senses.
You looked deeply into his blue eyes that held nothing but admiration for you, they were turned slightly upwards, desperate to make sure you understood the gravity of his true feelings. He touched your body in all the right places to make you feel all the right things, but at the same time he touched your heart and connected your souls. You could hear verbal affirmation of your effects on him. Heavy breathing, heavenly moans, and constant declarations of love. He genuinely meant and believed in every single one of them. The smell of his fresh cologne and your bodies mingling filled your nose, with the occasional whiff of vanilla cupcakes. But you were okay with that, vanilla always reminded you of him. When you tasted the product of your sacred love on his lips, it all seemed to make sense. You loved him, and he loved you back.
It really was that pure. It really was that simple.
So when there was physical evidence that you finally understood his point, and you made love to him so decadently, the efforts of his love washed over you once again.
A big physical release, along with a big mental release of all the self doubt you had been harboring since the moment you met him in that hallway.
His love spilled into you as the euphoria set in your brain, and you held him as close as you could. Sitting up as his movements became still, your arms locked him in tight, and your face shoved into the crook of his neck.
He left little kisses on your shoulder as he pulled out. He could’ve been speaking words to you, but you didn’t hear them. All you cared about was soaking in this moment.
Especially when he picked you up in his strong arms and you wrapped around him like a koala. He brought you into his room and got the two of you snuggled up in his bed for maximum comfort.
He could always clean the two of you up later, and the clothes on the kitchen floor weren’t going to run away if he didn’t immediately retrieve them, but right now was a moment that needed to be savored.
The two of you caught your breath together amongst the soft blankets against your bare skin.
Your arms squeezed him nice and tight before your body went limp against him. Snuggled up to his side with your head on his shoulder, legs tangled, your hand on his chest and his hand playing with your hair.
You intertwined your free hands, they rested comfortably on his stomach and your eyes focused on the matching friendship bracelets that have seen better days.
With no one around, and nothing but a head massage to occupy your mind, you finally felt like you knew where you belonged.
It was a place where you didn’t have to change yourself as a defense mechanism like a chameleon.
You didn’t have to put yourself under so much pressure that you shifted into something completely different like carbon into a diamond.
You didn’t need to save the world and all the people in it to prove your worth.
You were already worthy.
You belonged with Steve.
“I love you” You told him sleepily and spent.
“I love you too” You mumbled back, kissing the top of your head.
He smiled knowing that this time, you genuinely believed him.
Tumblr media
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brehaaorgana · 7 months
i’m making you know this knowledge in your brain now so that i’m not the only one
i was dealt psychic damage when my brain decided to realize this, but i would say that dragon riders of pern are easily definable as a (the?) proto-a/b/o [omegaverse] verse trope and now i can’t be the only one knowing this in my brain
a/b/o is literally just pern dragon mating with simplified “secondary genders” and mating bonds that aren’t guaranteed to be lifelong. 
Tumblr media
and wikipedia hasn’t even pointed this out, so this is my groundbreaking contribution to literature/pop culture history because they only mention pon farr mating cycles 
Tumblr media
actually POINT IN FACT they city the 1967 episode Amok Time ran in September of 1967, but the first dragonriders of pern book was actually comprised of 
Two components of Dragonflight were award-winning novellas published by Analog science fiction magazine. The first segment, "Weyr Search", illustrated by John Schoenherr, had been the cover story for the October 1967 issue.[3] The second segment, "Dragonrider", appeared in two parts, beginning in December 1967, and was also a cover story illustrated by Schoenherr.[4]
so obviously these works were more or less written simultaneously -- anne macaffrey couldn’t have possibly been influenced by  seeing Amok Time, since we can assume she had submitted her first draft before the october issue of Analog was published, meaning it was almost certainly already written, planned,  and edited for publication by the time the ST episode aired in september. and ursula k leguin didn’t publish the left hand of darkness until 1969. 
 i think i found a copy of the original 67 weyr search novella, as opposed to just my copy of the bundled publication dragonflight. 
this whole mates/unique people stuff is established here: 
“News travels fast,” F’nor chuckled, nodding at a hurrying craftsman, in the smock of a baker, who gave them a mumbled good day. “Not a female in sight.”
His observation was accurate. Women should be abroad at this hour, bringing in supplies from the storehouses, washing in the river on such a bright warm day, or going out to the farmholds to help with planting. Not a gowned figure in sight.
‘We used to be preferred mates,“ F’nor remarked caustically.
But she would have to be extraordinarily wary. Dragonriders were men apart. Anger did not cloud their intelligence. Greed did not sully their judgment. Fear did not dull their reactions. Let the dense-witted believe human sacrifice, unnatural lusts, insane revel. She was not so gullible. And those stories went against her grain. Dragonmen were still human and there was Weyr blood in her veins. It was the same color as that of anyone else; enough of hers had been spilled to prove that.
so we know that ‘dragonmen’ are different than other people, rumored to have ‘unnatural lusts’, talk about the status of being ‘mates’, and have an internal hierarchy [queen/gold, bronze, green, brown...]. 
my point here is like, yes pon farr is similar also, butI
dragonriders have:
secondary social “genders” and/or sexualities based on color of dragon 
secondarily the whole concept of green dragons being sterile females with usually gay male riders 
one specific dragon color that is like, the “one who can mate” and then lay eggs [the gold] is also more rare and highly coveted
the bronze riders are usually the big/powerful/strong personalities or w/e 
mating ritual chases [the mating flight lasting longer is supposed to be a good thing] and mating bonds
have the concept of the female rising [for the flight] which is just a dragon heat
have telepathy that may influence sex
the whole animal instinct thing/animal nature of people
dubious consent or rape is built into the structure of the whole...premise as a possibility aka “the dragon decides, the rider complies...” 
omegaverse is literally just simplified dragonriders of pern with less categories of “presentation” but with similar ritualization of status within society and sex/heats and instead of dragons, people use like, werewolves or wolves or whatever for the sake of knotting trope. the mating bite mark thing is unique from pern but the rest is pretty much the same
why does no on cite anne mccafrey’s weird dragon sex as an influence here like it’s so obvious and pern fans have a shitton of fanfic and text rp where they explore this whole.... *gestures* thing 
do you know i read those books in elementary school and i think they were even available in my school library??? weird dragon sex and all??? 
they were definitely on the list of possible book quizzes i could take for reading points or whatever the hell 
i don’t even read this genre but i do have pern books and now i can’t unthink this connection so there you go. 
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