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Ghost getting mad when someone calls Soap their best friend. Immediately stares at the person, hell fire in his eyes. Alejandro and Gaz do it to fuck with him because they think his reaction is funny. Not everyone agrees.
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Mreader: "i ain't gay. But if Alejandro was shirtless and he's offering me a massage....i wouldn't say no.
The whole team being quiet and just stares at mreader.
Mreader: "the only time I would say no, is if he asked me if i want him to stop...than i would say no."
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Tumblr media
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Could you do the first prompt with the considerate prompt list? Maybe with either Rudy or Alejandro? I really do love your work! Please stay healthy and safe! 鈾ワ笍
400 Follower Celebration!
鈥斺淚 know how stressed you鈥檝e been today, so I took care of all the housework. Just sit back and relax, you鈥檝e more than earned it.鈥濃 With Alejandro Vargas
Tumblr media
[WARNINGS: google translated spanish, fluff.]
Tumblr media
Your laptop鈥檚 screen sits at a half written document that鈥檚 deadline is in two days, yet your mind sits blank and empty. You watch the cursor flash every half second, like it鈥檚 mocking you for not being able to get this done. Your head is leaning on your hand, the ache settling into your eyeballs. You鈥檙e hunched over your desk too, which is cluttered with complete projects your bosses decided to hand over to you鈥攊t took a good few hours, but you鈥檝e managed to complete 5 late projects for your bosses, which also unfortunately drained you and left you with practically nothing for your own project, which again; is due in two days.
You take a deep breath and rub your face with your hands, trying to ignore the ache in your underside from sitting for absolutely too long. You shift your hips in an attempt to alleviate the pain, and you end up scratching your face and neck in an attempt to ground yourself. You鈥檝e been spaced out, staring at your computer for a while now and you know it鈥檚 better to focus that energy into the project itself, but you just.. you can鈥檛 help but sit there. You know it needs to be done, your fingers twitch near the keyboard, but you just can鈥檛 move.
You hear a tiny knock at your office door, and you know it鈥檚 your husband, Alejandro. He鈥檚 been on leave for a few weeks, taking his vacation with you. 鈥溌緾ari帽o?鈥 His voice is muffled, but it鈥檚 deep so it rumbles through the door. 鈥淐ome in,鈥 You call, sitting up straighter than before in an attempt to make yourself more presentable. You hear the doorknob being turned and the door opens. You don鈥檛 turn to him as you stare at that menacing, blinking, cursor. Alejandro hums softly as he puts his large, warm hand on your shoulder, digging the heel of his hand into your shoulder to massage it. You let out a soft sigh and lean into the touch which prompts him to properly grasp both shoulders, using his hands and fingers to work at the knots in the muscles. He leans down and presses a soft kiss against your temple, murmuring, 鈥淚 know how stressed you鈥檝e been today, so I took care of all the housework. Just sit back and relax, you鈥檝e more than earned it.鈥
You turn your head to look at him upside down, your throat slightly tightening at the thoughtful gesture. You feel your eyes burn as a soft smile appears on your face, looking at Alejandro with a look of admiration that he鈥檚 returning. 鈥淩eally?鈥 You whisper, and he nods, leaning down and pressing a kiss against your forehead. 鈥淭ambi茅n hice la cena.鈥 You cry out in relief and grin, getting out of your seat and wrapping your arms around him, your bones popping as you get out of your position. He winces in sympathy and chuckles, wrapping his arms around you in return. 鈥淕od, I missed you..鈥 Your hold tightens on him, finding all of your stress leaving your body in this hug. His fingers draw patterns against your shirt. 鈥淚 missed you too, you don鈥檛 even know, Te quiero mucho, necesitas relajarte m谩s. Tu trabajo puede esperar.鈥 You nod in agreement, allowing him to leave the hug and intertwine your fingers, leading you out into the hall where you smell some fantastic food waiting for you in the dining room.
驴Cari帽o? = Sweetheart?
Tambi茅n hice la cena. = I also made dinner.
Te quiero mucho, necesitas relajarte m谩s. Tu trabajo puede esperar. = I love you so much, you need to relax more. Your work can wait.
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Alejandro with a darling that鈥檚 so touchstarved (quarantine cough) and pent up that him even just resting his hand on her thigh makes her so worked up :鈥( just getting wet and needy from simple touches and looks till she鈥檚 a whiny mess
adoring your whines and whimpers, your face hidden in his chest as he gropes the flesh on your ass. giving it a quick squeeze before moving his fingers down, closer to your wet cunny. pushing a single digit inside your arousal, listening to sobs, you're so worked up and flustered. too horny for him, desperate for his cock to stuff you full and fuck you stupid :((((
adding another digit, his fingers pumping inside you hole as you howl and mewl his name. his cock staining beneath layers of clothes, leaking and drooling in his boxers as he bucks his hips, causing you to bounce his lap whilst he fingers and abuses your tightness:((((
鈥漞so es beb茅, buena chica. solo d茅jame ayudarte, lo s茅, cari帽o, shh...鈥
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I don鈥檛 have a writing request but I do have something funny my friend said if you want to use it for an inaccurate quote.
I have more if you want them:
Incorrect COD as things my friends have said pt3
Ghost, looking at a dog with one eye: So.... how big you think his blindspot is?
Roach: I feel like a ghost would just be a soul and like some, yknow, water moisture.
Ghost: ???
Nikolai: I say... I say we cut the old lady out. Shave off some time.
Ghost: hey, look what I just sent you.
Soap: oh alright
Soap, opening up his phone:
Soap, spits out his coffee: hey that's not very-
Ghost: wh-?
Soap: OH.
Gaz: you're a right idiot, mate.
Soap: shut up.
Rodolfo, trying to reassure Soap: no, no, you're gonna do fine! You're gonna be fine-!
Soap "Sucks At Spanish" MacTavish, entering Alejandro "Is Refusing To Talk In English" Vargas's room:
Rodolfo, turning to Ghost: he's gonna fail. He pronounced el pueblo like "Ell Pyuooblow".
Gaz: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of your mom
Price, deadpan: I'm giving you away.
Roach: I know you're an attention whore, so whore me!
K枚nig: I met a stripper for the first time last weekend!! I paid her a dollar and she licked my hand.
Soap: that's so sad. Imagine you're drowning, and you see a room full of air...
Valeria: so you know how people charge their crystals with sunlight and moonwater?
Alejandro: why are you in my house
Valeria: not important.
Valeria: anyways, we should try it with tequila.
Laswell, gesturing to Price: He knows how to please the gays.
Alex: you know, I had fish tacos in elementary school once.
Alex: then my appendix burst.
Gaz, about to go over some training course: It's gonna be like... you're at a party. John walks up to you. Offers you cocaine. Do you take it? Hell yeah.
Price: this is my husband, I know he looks like a twink but he might be able to beat you up.
Graves: hello??? Might???
Soap, reading a card: what were elvis's last words?
Gaz: this was supposed to be off topic, but I gotta take a shit.
Farah: don't mind me, just tickling Jeffery Dahmer
Alex: what?? The fuck???
Farah, showing him a tamagotchi:
Shepherd: no, that would be personification of science.
Shepherd: because science doesn't exist.
Graves, on his last limb here: sir-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(COD AU) Difficult climates (ft alejandro)
Victor belongs to @nihonio
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@vhenan_virabelasan on instagram
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Tumblr media
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been drawing lots of smooching
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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empresskylo 9 days
call of duty 喑冣亐鉃 NSFW headcanons
鈫 includes: ghost, price, soap, and alejandro.
鈰嗭健掳鉁 CONTENT WARNINGS | afab!reader, rough sex
cod masterlist | main masterlist
Tumblr media
饾悕饾悞饾悈饾悥 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悡饾悇饾悕饾悡 饾悢饾悕饾悆饾悇饾悜 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悅饾悢饾悡
Tumblr media
鈾 ghost has a size kink for sure. loves being bigger/taller than you. loves towering over you. loves covering your whole body when he fucks you.
鈾 he鈥檚 a growler (-: i mean, his voice is just really deep and that in combo with his accent causes him to make growling-esque noises in bed.
鈾 but he was really quite quiet when you first fucked. he was used to having to be silent when he jerked off because teammates were always around somewhere. and so he didn鈥檛 even realize how quiet he was being until you said something. he was even a bit shy at first but once you showed him how much his sounds got you off, he was glad to oblige and let loose.
鈾 he doesn鈥檛 like to 鈥渃hoke鈥 you, but he likes to rest his hand around your neck in a firm hold allowing him to hold you steady so he can fuck you deeper.
鈾 he鈥檚 rather simple. he likes a few basic positions. it gets the job done. he doesn't see the need for any wild or crazy positions when fucking you missionary, doggy style, or against a wall gets both of you off. he will do new stuff with you if you ask tho.
鈾 really likes to praise you. he鈥檚 got a praise kink but only for being the praiser lol. he loves to tell you how good you feel, how pretty you look, how well you鈥檙e taking him. especially when you react to his words, fuck, he loves knowing he can do that to you.
鈾 however, when you praise HIM, he gets all flustered and legit fucking blushes! my guy isn鈥檛 used to soft compliments, only ones about his combat skills. so when you say sweet things to him like how good he feels, how hot he looks, how turned on he makes you, how perfect he feels inside you, how badly you want him鈥 he blushes. every. time.
鈾 professional pussy eater. he very much enjoys going down on you, usually touching himself simultaneously. he鈥檒l yank you to the end of the bed and wrap his arms around your thighs to hold you down. he likes when you ride his face too. he鈥檚 been known to get you off like that and make the two of you late. he moans a lot too when you ride his face. loves when you use him to get off and he can't help but moan at that.
鈾 he has fucked you with the handle of his knife before and then made you lick it clean.
鈾 gets a perverted sense of gratification when he sees you limping after fucking you senseless.
鈾 has a breeding kink. he accidentally let it slip one day when he was fucking you, just about to come, when he moaned out in strained breaths 鈥渋 need. to fucking. breed you.鈥 (my brain: *414 error*) it doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean he wants kids, but he just loves the idea of getting you pregnant/coming inside you/breeding you.
鈾 definitely a dom. but can be a sub when need be. he wasn鈥檛 sure about being submissive at first, but he鈥檚 learned to love it. he likes when you boss him around and tell him what you want. even likes it when you edge him and don鈥檛 let him finish, dragging it out painfully. but that鈥檚 only occasionally, he usually likes to be the one in control.
鈾 comes the hardest when you tell him you love him as you're orgasming. he's a romantic at heart.
Tumblr media
鈾 daddy kink.. i mean鈥 com鈥檕n! he gets flustered as fuck when you call him that in public. usually, you鈥檒l say it quietly or whisper it to him. it鈥檚 a rare sight to see Price so flustered. and he definitely punishes you when you get home. (that鈥檚 if you even make it home. as long as no one can see, he鈥檒l fuck you anywhere)
鈾 wants a video of you for when he鈥檚 away. you were shy at first so he just recorded your lower half while he was fucking you, the only thing visible was where your bodies were connecting. but he could hear all your moans in the video and that was plenty for him. he鈥檚 watched the video countless times.
鈾 keeps a naughty polaroid of you in his wallet
鈾 reallyyy likes to go down on you. he would spend the rest of his life between your thighs if he could.
鈾 loves to tease you and make you beg. he鈥檒l have you on your knees, begging him to fuck you. and of course that gives the cheeky bastard an aura of arrogance, but it鈥檚 hot on him so its ok.
鈾 he specifically likes to tease you while you鈥檙e training together. watching the way you get flustered and try to ignore his innuendos and subtle hand movements on the more intimate parts of your body. then, when he has you alone, he鈥檒l make it seem like you were the one causing all the distractions. he鈥檒l stay fully clothed and strip you down, fingering you while you stifle your moans. 鈥渢his why you were distracted today, love? thinkin鈥 bout my fingers inside of you?鈥 (when, in fact, you were trying to train and he was the one being all cheeky)
鈾 over the clothes... he is fond of letting you ride his thigh, both of you fully clothed (that, or you're in underwear and he's fully clothed). sometimes he'll fuck you with everything on, dry humping you so aggressively that you come harder than you ever have. my guy is good at what he does.
鈾 quite intense and intimidating when having sex. he's demanding in a way that makes you nervous and embarrassed. always making you say things that make your face heat. "is this want you want, pretty girl? gonna have to say it. unless you want me to stop?" "tell me what you want, love. use your words." "you want me? where? gotta spell it out for me."
Tumblr media
鈾 doesn鈥檛 love the fact that you might get off to porn when he's not around, so he sends you audios of him jerking off, whining and moaning loudly for you. he gets so turned on when you tell him you got off to his video.
鈾 likes to switch between being dominant and submissive. he鈥檒l fuck you hard and fast, make you beg, tell you what to do, and edge you until you鈥檙e a crying mess. but he also likes it when you take control, riding him and stopping just as he鈥檚 about to finish, making him whine and whimper as you suck his dick, not letting him touch you as you tease him mercilessly, likes when you wrap your hand around his neck as you ride him.
鈾 likes when you scratch him up. he wears all the marks you give him proudly and secretly likes being teased by the guys about it. he'll even tell you to be rougher on him. "bite down, love, I can take it."
鈾 loves blowjobs. and loves finishing on your face with your tongue out. he finds it so hot when you lick your lips, his cum dripping down your chin.
鈾 likes to be slow and gentle with you, dragging it out. he wants to take his time with you. and he'll do whatever you say or want. he's constantly making sure you're doing good or you like what he's doing. Sometimes you end up getting a bit frustrated, "yes, johnny, that feels fucking fantastic, now shut up and fuck me!" "yes, ma'am!"
鈾 aftercare involves cleaning you up. taking a shower together. lame jokes. braiding your hair. giving you his sweatshirt to wear. and spooning you.
鈾 almost came in his pants the first time he saw you in sexy lingerie that you bought just for his viewing pleasure.
鈾 has a slight oral fixation and likes to keep his mouth busy the entire time. he's always kissing or nipping somewhere on you. he loves kissing your neck, jaw, chest, just anywhere really. he often groans into the kisses, making you swallow them.
Tumblr media
鈾 "if you're a good girl and don't come until i tell you, i'll make you come over and over again"
鈾 for some reason, he likes to leave hickeys on your inner thighs, teasing you mercilessly as he kisses you everywhere below your hips except where you need him most.
鈾 he lives for teasing. he wants you a withering mess before he even considers giving you what you need. will have you crying because of how bad you want him. those are his favorite tears from you.
鈾 he will overstimulate the fuck outta you too. you come at least 3 times every time you fuck. and he'll threaten to keep going, your core throbbing in painful overstimulation, unless you do exactly as he says.
鈾 leaves bruises and scratch marks all over you. but he also expects the same in return. both of you look like you got into a gnarly brawl every time you fuck. "jesus christ, were you two fucking in there or wrestling a wild bear?"
鈾 he is amazing at aftercare, a big switch up from the dominant, rough sex. he'll clean you up while muttering little praises. he'll carry you to the bathroom, sometimes taking a warm bath with you and washing your hair. he'll get you situated into clean comfy clothes and curl you up into him in bed. whatever you need, he'll do.
鈾 likes the thrill of getting caught. he doesn't actually want to get caught, but it's the rush of it all. he's down to fuck anywhere. he's sneaky too and can be really subtle about touching you under the table, or in a dark corner of the bar, or on the roof while you're on watch duty. but he definitely prefers when you can both let loose and be loud.
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cod-dump 2 days
After rewatching the dnd movie, I can't stress enough how much I need the 141 to play it. To everyone's suprise, soap is the DM. Price plays a oathbreaker paladin with a few levels in warlock and it turns out he is a total nerd. Nobody knows why they are suprised.
I feel like Soap would be a chaotic DM, has the most intense storylines, well thought out NPCs, detailed locations- There is no fucking around in his DnD sessions, he has a story he needs everyone to play out. Laswell would probably be a good DM, too, and I know she has some damn good campaigns hidden up her sleeves.
What I think their races and classes would be:
Nik as a Dragonborn barbarian: Sometimes roleplays but switches to being his usual self because he forgets to roleplay. His character is just named Nik as well. He's happy to be here.
Soap as a human eloquence bard or artillerist artificer: Becomes deranged quickly into the game (either as bard or artificer it doesn't matter). As a bard he flirts with everyone. Other players, NPCs, the enemy- No one is safe. Is here to cause mayhem, that is number one priority next to trying to seduce everyone/thing.
Ghost as a Shadar-kai rouge: Man gets deep into roleplay, just embodies his character. Ghost is not there anymore, he's Cronothos the Fallen and he will have his vengeance!
Gaz as a Elf paladin: Talks in a 'fancy' accent the entire time, even when not roleplaying. Has made out with Alejandro for a bit in the game but now they're having their characters romance each other. Has a in game beef with Price.
Price as a Fire Genasi oathbreaker/or Oath of the Watchers paladin: Would be an excellent DM but he would rather play. Has all his shit together and has a notebook with his character's story, skills, strength and weaknesses- Man is prepared. Has a romance going on with Rudy and has a whole page in his notebook dedicated to pick up lines and pet names that flow with their campaign.
Alejandro as a Leonin paladin: Is called 'furry' throughout the campaign by Valeria and Graves, Ghost sometimes joining in. Is romancing Gaz, is trying to see if he can kill Valeria, is also narrowly avoiding getting punched by Ghost. Has in game beef with Price.
Rudy as a human war cleric: Trying not to lose his shit because everyone won't stop goofing around. He later, also, starts goofing around. Like how Alejandro and Gaz have a romance going on, Rudy has a romance going on with Price. They're competing to be the most dramatic romance with Alejandro and Gaz.
Valeria as a Tiefling assassin rouge: Her and Ghost get up to mischief. Loves to fuck over Alejandro at every given opportunity and has made it where her character hates Alejandro's.
Graves as a Half-Elf warlock: Actually gets really into roleplay and has a really thought out backstory for his character. Actively trying to romance one of the NPCs (a orc shopkeeper) and has threatened to fight Soap for her hand.
Laswell as a human Circle of Stars druid: Her and Graves actually getting really along while playing which is a shock to everyone. Supports Graves' romance with the orc shopkeeper and is his wingman.
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Cod Breeding Kink
Requested: No
Warnings: Spicy, Breeding Kink (Obviously), sex toy (plug. not specified if used anally or vaginally.), cum inflation (briefly mentioned)
A/N: Reader鈥檚 genitals and pronouns are not specified. Next up! Breeding THEM!!!
He was watching you as you whimpered pathetically, your hips propped up by several thick pillows piled under your belly, helping to keep his seed in.
鈥淪top squirming.鈥 He snaps when you start to shift around. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to keep in every last drop of what I鈥檝e given you. Nothing goes to waste. You鈥檒l stay there as long as I say. I want to make sure it takes. I can鈥檛 wait to see that belly of yours swell.鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, Love. Take it for me.鈥 Soap coos in your ear, his hands on your hips, holding tight as he plows into you from behind. 鈥淛ust a few more, okay? Just wanna try a few more times. Wanna make sure it takes.鈥 He purrs, one hand drifting to stroke your belly.
鈥淎 few more鈥 turned out to be a lot more, and by the time morning came up you could swear your belly had bloated out just a bit from how much cum he filled you with.
Tumblr media
K枚nig grasps your hips tightly as you ride him, whimpering and bucking up, his face flushed and breathing uneven. He could barely keep up even though this was his idea.
鈥淪-So good, Meine Majest盲t. Want to fill you. Give you our children to carry.鈥 He pants, barely audible. 鈥淲ant to see you round and full. I love you. I want it so bad.鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淪hhhh, Mi Amor. I know, it鈥檚 a bit uncomfortable.鈥 Alejandro hums, stroking your lower back reassuringly. 鈥業t鈥 being the plug inserted into you, keeping his semen in, stretching you out and making you uncomfortable every time you so much as shifted.
But your lover was determined if nothing else, and he enjoyed the sight of it. So you resolved to endure it for him. Besides, your patience was always rewarded. One way or another.
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sleepyconfusedpotato 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
馃拃 What If Ghost Couldn't Take a Joke? 馃拃
Pray for our boy Rudy 馃様馃檹
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poiverine 22 days
I鈥檝e cracked the code
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bonus Nikolai
Tumblr media
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konigsblog 2 days
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOGMJl_24ds&t=78s Me when Alejandro has long hair 馃槏 馃グ馃槏 馃グ馃槏 馃グ (Ignore the plot of the video)
imagine pulling on his hair, his dog tag jingling in your face as he pounded inside your cunny, your walls tensing and clenching around his girth. your moans filling the rooms silence, aroma becoming musky and sweaty. your lips parted as arousal takes hold of your body, his tip kissing your cervix, repetitively slamming into your womb til his thick seed filled your tight walls
listening to his growls as he came, your hands still in a fist, full of his hair as you pant. or instead; pushing his face further into your pussy, your juices coating his face in a thin sheen, tongue slipping inside your hole before teasingly pulling away :(( sucking on your clit, as you pushed him further into your cunt. grinding against his face, pulling hard on his black, long hair, causing him to groan and moan into your arousal:((
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