ae-llish · 1 year
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Hell yeah' more shitpost drawing studies'
I mostly to these scribbles/notes for myself, but sharing is caring and my brain simple won't acknowledge and comprehend how light works.
It's actually so simple doing shadows ( in theory ), still' i wanna rip and tear at my hair whenever i actaully have draw dynamic ones.
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obscure-entity · 6 months
your shading is AMAZING specially when its conveying organic forms..... do you have any tips for people who dont know wrf going on (with shading)
ok so HI. hi. my old tutorial pisses me off so i will make a new one
i made a guy whose sole purpose is to be shaded so dont worry he likes it. and his name. his name will be mr. Boob. mr boob does not have to be blue
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theres probably way better explanations of how to do it but unfortunately trying to "emulate" shading does ask you to somewhat understand ur character in a 3d way. like what would the 2d shape be if you "sliced" it? mr boob is made of so many circles. his tail also does a kind of weird perspective foreshortening thing because its pointing at you. is this being conveyed
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you obviuously dont have to draw a horrendous grid on your characters skin to do this . BUT it helps you put down (or at least envision) the lines of the form shading :
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dont worry about cast shadows or the shading color because this is FORM SHADOW time only. think about what surfaces of the character are obviously facing away from the light source and put down the "separation line" of the shading based on that. thr most important thing is that youre trying to separate light from dark
im going to pick the first one for cast shadows bc it will be the most obvious to me
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ok so. his ears and snout are blocking other surfaces of his body from the light, which means a shadow is cast!!!! bam. i saw someone describe cast shadows as what the light's pov "can't see." his entire body is putting down a cast shadow on the ground too
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im impatient so i blended the form shadows now. its usually the easiest to just NOT blend cast shadows as a way of conveying that they are still cast shadows. but you can still blend them if you want to show "distance" between the obstruction and the surface its blocking. but its just a way of saying form and cast shadows should not be treated the same even if their softness coincides
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im going to lump reflection and ambient light together because theyre like. similar. reflections dont just happen in mirrors
since the sky is blue, making the ambient lighting, i tinged mr. boobs existing shadow to be a bit blue. (*this is kind of important because it can help you decide a shading color, which should USUALLY be based on the environment) (unless your character is just in the transparent void then it doesnt matter)
since the ground is pink, i made pink light bounce off of him. pointed and labelled. i dont rlly know how to go more in depth than that
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contact shadows are literally shadows formed from direct-touching contact. very little light can reach in there, even from how reflections disperse, which means youre free to use the darkest color available (black). in this case mr. boob is making contact with the floor. because he is sitting on the floor.
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i touched him up a bit and wow!!!!!!!!!! look at mr. boob!!! he is so beautifully sculpted.
and one more thing
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thats right. i made mr boob PINK. hes fucking ruined now. just kidding i would never say that to him
what im trying to convey here (its the easiest with really light colors) is a transitional color. this can also show subsurface scattering depending on how you use it which is fun to look at. the mistake i made on my last tutorial was "Just pick a warm saturated color!" which is really wrong in examples like Blue mr boob. because it would be weird to use a warm color to transition from blue to blue.
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if you have a character that isn't bright enough then obviously the shadows wont be as visible. its BEST to bring more attention to highlights and reflections to reveal the form a bit. they play the biggest role with darker colors
thats all i can think of. fun things to look up:
structuralization + contour lines + foreshortening etc. 3d lingo
form shadows
cast shadows
ambient light
contact shadows
subsurface scattering
im also just speaking out of my ass otherwise. i didnt look up any of these terms until the end now im inferring and hoping i got them right
and remember every time you shade mr boob will be rooting for you
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laboratoryrats · 3 months
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GoldCanines: “I had lots of questions on how I go about my shading ! ✨
Here is how I pick my colors, determine my layers, and lay out my shading !”
Source: GoldCanines on Twitter
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randominktm · 5 months
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One final flight.
I don't really do backgrounds, or perspective for that matter, very regularly so this was a nice change of pace! I have a couple things I know I need to work with specifically but honestly it turned out a lot better than I thought.
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drawingden · 2 years
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Sketch Notes by ben_eblen_design
Check out the artists Gumroad for more in-depth versions of the tutorials!
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temiree · 5 months
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I was hired by Todd Aldrington to make the cover for his newest novel, A Christmas Reunion! :D Todd writes, "A Christmas Reunion is about the two guys who secretly become boyfriends when their families get together at Christmas, and they spend the whole holiday trying to hide it from their suspicious families." From what I know, this book is supposed to have a comedic lean to it compared to his previous books. :3
If you're interested in buying the book (either for yourself or as a gift), here are links to the ebook and paperback versions!
Ebook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CN2ZW4Z3
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CN3DYG1D
If you enjoy his work, you can also follow Todd for announcements on future releases!
Todd's Twitter: https://twitter.com/AthleteRaccoon
Todd's Bluesky: https://bsky.app/profile/athleteraccoon.bsky.social
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skechindeed · 1 month
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Recent Commission!!
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tdillustrates · 26 days
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aldermoth · 25 days
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tsume4life · 1 month
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I forgot to post this a week ago
But anyway I just gonna drop this here and head off,
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bluury2 · 3 months
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Shading practice: SKY <33
Tumblr media
and WIND <33
He's so sassy oml
I plan to draw all of the chain 💪
> Part 2
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kiseendeavor · 2 months
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PK and Little Hornet ♡
figured id drawn little ghost in all four of my last hk drawings, so i thought id leave them out this time.. why not draw little hornet, instead? and i wanted to give pale king a go again, too, so heres the result! white palace cyme out looking a little blue, but oh well. am pretty proud of it still! hope this one brightens yall's day a little c:
week 38, very late! agh! but im keeping up with the streak another week- wont be stopped so easily. today's piece took about four hours- took me a while to figure out how to draw bb hornet, and to figure out how to shade pk's cloak.. not the most proud of that, but it is what it is. thank you for checking out my work! hope you have a wonderful week <3
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liamreiestad · 3 months
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Drew this today😍really like him😁the drawing is originally from Ai but wanted to try and draw it myself😇
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lost-sunset-canine · 1 year
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day 7 of mermay 2023 - merfairy 
less of a fairy, more of an angel qwp !! I fist thought of  flying fish, but didnt have an idea on how to visualize it, then i thought about sea angels, they have similar vibes with their wings so i felt like it fitted with the fairy theme/promt i used for inspiration :3  So then i went on to make a actual angel merman fusion  and i loveee it so so much, its very simple, but very effective i feel like also i think its just super funny how the sea angel transforms into a “sea demon” when they eat, so i just had to do two versions.  -dairiem
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springypaws · 3 months
Idk what I have and have posted here at this point but uhhhhh ✨shading practice✨
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loosethreadstitchery · 11 months
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More blackwork shading, this time inverted. Cross-stitched candle casting a blackwork glow.
Pattern here
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