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Gröna I.
Photo taken by me during this summer.
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yeah i am going to need part 2 of just the tip omg
Just the Tip Pt. 2
summary: part two of my other imagine, Just the Tip, kind of angsty but not really. reader comes off obnoxiously pure, i know. BUT it’s to go along with the innocent theme
A/N: omg you read my mind!!! I still haven’t edited the first one lmao, so there are still grammatical errors; however, someone has to write Elvis smut. I’m not gonna lie, I have no plan, I just make stuff up as I go along. NOT PROOF READ! Sorry I just wanted to make sure I got it out today.
Warnings: maybe dubious consent? kinky, dirty, nasty, freaky, all the good stuff! breeding kink
Part Three
Tumblr media
It had been days since you had last seen Elvis, since he took your innocence. You would be lying if you said your heart didn’t hurt a little at the thought. You understood he was working on some songs at the Sun Studio, but you wished you could meet up for even just an hour. You had been walking around with this guilt in your chest, that you had done the worst thing imaginable in the world. He said he would marry you, said he would love you for the rest of his life. Could he though? His career was just beginning and there’s no way a girlfriend could be good for it, let alone a wife. 
It was 12 am and you were wide awake with your thoughts in your room, you missed Elvis dearly. There was a faint knocking sound coming from your window that distracted you, you looked over and of course it was him. Although you were happy to see him, you were angry too. He didn’t even call you, didn’t even ask you how you were the next day. Nonetheless, you let him in your room. That was something you would always do, let Elvis in no matter what.
“Hey baby, I missed you more than anything in this world,” he said, reaching in to grab your hips and kiss you on the cheek. “I love this little night dress number you’ve got on, can make a man go week in the knees.” He smirked, that god damn smirk, you just looked away in disbelief. 
“What’s the matter baby? How are you feeling?” He cupped your cheeks in his hands, engulfing your face. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you thought of how you’ve been feeling.
“I can’t believe you, now you ask? I was in pain the next day and there was no one there for me,” you managed to choke out, your voice cracked but you were not going to cry.
“I’m so sorry darling, I know I messed up. I should’ve called, should’ve been there for you. I’ve been working so hard so I can put a ring on the pretty little finger,” he said, pulling you into a hug. You felt guilty now, he had been working so hard for you. He promised he would marry you after taking the one thing that society deemed you valuable for, your virginity.
“Really?” you asked, looking at him through your eyelashes. 
“Yes, I wanna give you my last name. Y/N Presley has a pretty nice ring to it, don’t you think?” He asked, looking down at you. You nodded your head in agreeance.
You sat with him and talked for an hour listening all about his songs, letting him lay his head in your lap. He was letting his hand get dangerously close to your private parts again, a part of you longed for him to touch you there but the other part of you knew it was bad news.
You moved his hand away from you, letting the moral part of you win.
“C’mon darling, it ain’t nothing we haven’t done before. It felt real good for you the first time, right?” He asked, but it came out as more of a statement. 
“But, Elvis, you know I wanted to save myself for our wedding night. Plus, if we do it again, I could get pregnant,” you countered. He had convinced you that since you never had sex before that night, you couldn’t get pregnant. Your parents had guarded you from everything, you knew bits and pieces but all your information came from him. And you trusted everything he had to say fully. He lied straight through his teeth; he didn’t want you to worry with the very real possibility. 
“We have to practice to get good, I want our wedding night to be perfect. Don’t you?” He rhetorically asked, he knew it would only take a little convincing. Deep down you wanted it just as much as he did. “Plus, I won’t finish in you. I promise.” Another lie, he just couldn’t help himself. You looked down at his pants and you could see his penis rising. You now knew what that meant, he wanted you. It felt good for him to want you like that.
His hand was under your dress now, his fingers playing with the hem of your underwear as he talked. As he convinced you.
“Okay, but we can’t wake up my parents,” you demanded this. If they walked in on you and Elvis, you would never be allowed to see him again and you would probably be sent to live with your aunt who never got married.
“They won’t hear a thing,” he smirked again, you knew that look on his face. It was always trouble. He kissed you, grabbing the back of your neck and bringing you in. It was a slow and passionate kiss, so very different from the other night. You don’t know what came over you, but you moved so you were sitting on top of him. Your most sensitive part placed on his. He deepened the kiss now, his hands finding their way to your hips. He used them to guide you, to grind on to him. You let out a moan, you could feel him through his pants. Your shear underwear had no real coverage, he just kept bumping your clit.
His hands now moved to grab your butt, gripping it harshly as you now mimicked the movements. “So perfect, Y/N. Never in my life,” he said as he flipped you over, so he was now on top of you. It felt all too familiar like this.
He hovered over you as he began to lift your night dress up over your head, you weren’t wearing a bra, so your nipples were hard as they felt the cold air. The bruises he left on your breasts were still there from last time, marking you as his. 
“When we’re married, you won’t wear clothes around the house. Want to see you like this all day, every day,” he whispered as he was kissing down your neck. He pinched your nipple in his hand and it caused you to squirm. You felt bold now, and you began unbuttoning his shirt with shaky hands. Despite last time, you were unfamiliar with everything like this. You knew it felt good, but you knew it was so, so wrong. His tan skin was smooth to the touch, just seeing him like this was so erotic. His dark hair fallen over his face, his lips swollen from kissing you.
He began to kiss down your body till he was face to face with your prívate parts, something to obscene. You didnt know what he was going to do next, but you knew no matter what he did it would feel good.
He slowly took your underwear off, and his face lit up like he was looking at gold. “Such a pretty pussy baby, can’t believe you kept it from me for so long,” he mumbled as he got closer and closer. You gasped once his lips reached your clit sucking on, lightly tugging at it with his teeth.
“T-that’s a bad word,” you managed to moan, it was the nastiest word out there and he said it. He just smiled and continued on, but he brought his finger to your entrance. It was still slightly sore from last time, it was such a big stretch in such a tiny hole. He began to slowly push one finger in, pumping it in and out slowly. Making sure you were accustomed, that you could fit him this time too. You were more tense this time, you knew what he was going to do.
He pulled away from you clit, “so tight baby, holding onto my finger for dear life,” he joked. Joking did not seem appropriate to you in a time like this, it wasn’t funny.
“O-oh my god, Elvis,” you moaned as he continued pumping his finger into you, faster and faster. He began to play with your clit as well. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to this feeling, the pleasure, or the feeling of being invaded. You began to buck your hips as he continued to press harder into your clit. If you could open your eyes, you know what you would see, a smug look on his face. And then, all of the sudden he stopped.
The sudden absence of his finger cause you to open your eyes, you were slightly agitated if you were being completely honest. He was off the bed now, and he began to unbutton and unzip his pants, god in that moment you felt just completely in awe of him. That smug look he has on his face, how he looked so hot with no shirt on, and just how dominating he looked. He was unbelievably attractive.
He was completely nude now and you were able to really look at his penis. Only one word came to your mind, beautiful. You had no clue what anyone else’s looked like, but surely it would never compare to his. It was unbelievably, intimidatingly big. You hadn’t had time to worry the last time you and him did the do, but now you do.
He began to slowly crawl on the bed, kissing up your body as he did. Peppering you with his love. Once he reached your ear, he whispered, “jus’ aching for ya.”
He had no idea how you were aching for him, you had never thought you would feel this way for anyone, ever. How could you resist him though?
You watched as he guided his shaft between your folds, letting his tip meet your entrance. Your breathing picked up, nervousness arising.
He began to kiss you as he entered, both of you releasing a gasp from the feeling. He had only put just the tip in, giving you a moment to adjust before continuing.
“It was like you were made for me,” he moaned in your ear as he pushed in more, it was still stinging as he continued. Your walls were engulfing him.
He soon bottomed out, staying in the position for what feel like hours but it was just mere minutes. It was a sting, but nothing compared to the last time.
“Elvis,” you whispered.
“Hmm,” he replied, eyes closed tight in concentration. He was trying not to move, “tightest pussy I’ve ever had. never in my life, feels so good,” he rambled.
“Start moving,” you interrupted, bucking your hips trying to push him to start moving.
He did, slowly he pulled out so he was just barely in you, and then he thrusted back in, hard. You gasped as his tip hit your cervix, it was a crazy, full feeling.
He reached down between the two of you and continued to play with your swollen, sensitive clit. The feeling combined caused you to see stars, it was overwhelming and powerful. It was so overwhelming you didnt even hear what he was saying, “gonna be my wife and have all my babies, want you to be full of me. Let all those other boys know youre taken,” he murmured mindlessly, drunk off of you.
He kept thrusting harder and faster, continued to play with your clit just the same. “Talk to me baby, how you feeling?” He cockily asked, he knew how you felt. Your head thrown back in pleasure, you truly couldn’t talk. Thank god your bed wasn’t loud or else you would be screwed.
“I-i,” was all you could manage, you wanted to tell him this was even better than last time but you couldn’t.
“Tell me or I’ll stop,” he thrusted harder, played with your clit more if it was even possible.
“A-amazing,” you breathed out, you were stuttering and barely managed to form a sentence. He just kept going, and going. You began to squeeze him with your walls, milking him, tempting him. This threw him off his high horse.
“G-god,” he moaned as you continued to squeeze the life out of him. You both looked down to see how you were connected, how easily he slid in and out of you, how it looked like you were made for him.
A ball was forming in your stomach, just like last time. This was a feeling you wish you could experience all the time, how you lived without it before you didn’t know.
“Gonna fill you up, try my best to make you a mama. You’d be such a good one, tend to my babies,” he whispered in your ear. You were too into your own pleasure to even begin to acknowledged what you were saying. You felt him quickening his pace, you were on the verge of spilling over.
He started thrusting harder too, hitting you at just the right spot. He began moaning in your ear, you knew he had to be close. You forgot about your parents, your parents be damned. This felt too good to stop.
“Bout to bust,” he grunted. Sweat was dripping off of him onto you. You pulled his face to kiss you down to you, both of you moaning as it continued. It was dirty, raw, and messy. Everything you came to love about Elvis, he was the polar opposite of you.
“I-I’m, bout to finish,” you managed to moan as he kissed down your neck. Sucking at your skin, lapping at it.
Then it hit you, a raw, pleasurable feeling. It was like you were seeing stars, totally, blissfully unaware of anything. You were just moaning uncontrollably. You were so into your own pleasure you didn’t even notice Elvis had finished as well, didn’t even notice the warmth overflowing. He had promised not to, so why would you think otherwise?
He collapsed on top of you, head laying against your breast. You didn’t even think about him finishing, the thought never crossed your mind. He stayed inside of you, making sure nothing escaped.
You played with his hair as he slept, you knew you couldn’t stay like this. Your parents were bound to come in your room in the morning, and if they found Elvis in here, it would be the end of you and him.
You could no longer keep your eyes open either, blissfully unaware of what the love your life did. Now you were bound to him, nothing could come between you. Not your daddy, not your momma, and certainly not your morals. Your ring laid in his pocket, which is what he came over to give you; however, he got a little distracted.
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Steamy by David Zayas Jr
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My content, i own this, it is not for sale or sale purposes. Spicy content will be advertised soon!
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The celebrations begin ✨
This has been a long time request 🚿
Treat me ~ Tip me
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Care to join me?
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See me get even wetter here 😉
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Banda Sunato x Fem reader
¹Warnings: Little bit of smegsy time👾, swearing, tiny degradation, a bit angst, banda himself, violent sociopathic behavior, kinky banda? manipulator
☆ enjoy
Summary: Banda met you in the real world. In Borderland you meet him again during a game involving honest and have a little "chitㅡchat."
Tumblr media
My very first ever ff on tumblr:)
The amount of walking beyond the walls of borderland was outrageous. Most people could have dropped dead literally or just kept on going and adjusting to this normal life within Borderland. While remembering the past life before.
Before arriving into this game your life was such a disaster,
young and married to a man who's life interested too much into stocks, he practically fell in love with money right before you.
24 hour's before you're wedding you had all the time during the prior months to plan out the guest list, but a certiant name that appeared caused you to lift a brow.
You're husband standing at your side from behind, leans to look at the list of guest. Husband chuckling behind you as he walked away, hands in his pocket reminiscing of him and the person you became puzzled on.
"Banda Sunato." You whispered to yourself, his name came out so smoothly from your voice,
Your husband has never mentioned that name before, ever.
it was as if you knew of the person so well to speak casually about them in any kind of environment. How devastating it was during the reception party.
Friends gathered to watch the first newlyweds have a dance but a certiant someone popped up that caught your eye quickly.
He had black dark hair, grayish black eyes and a curious smug. He wore black trousers a white blouse, tie half down and black blazer. You still held a smile as your face became confused, the room was crowded but even a ghost can tell when something appears so quickly...
Returning your attention back to your husband who wonders why your face is contorted and concerned.
It's like you had been possessed and captivated by something out in the crowd.
If you weren't getting married. Boy, would you be quick to talk to this person.
The dance was finally over as everyone had applauded you and your love, holding hand in hand as you waltzed away hurrying to sit down and comfort your feet from the heels you wore.
Over time the more you lived with your fresh husband, the more he became tied into his work. So much so that he would deposit money to an anonymous women. The marriage ended right after you found that out.
Tumblr media
Walking in a quiet and rainy night, you turned a corner too see a man with his back facing you. Hands in his pocket, leaning back you could hear the slightest groaning from the stranger but didn't bother to ask.
Low and Behold he turned around rather quickly to reveal himself as that mesmerizing man from your wedding which was about 3 months ago 💀
He saw your shocked expression, mentally taking notes of how your face contorted. It's like their was a camera following you and taking pictures. So you had to keep that smile on your face as he just stared at you, a bit freaked out you planned on leaving until he began walking up to you, at a safe distance he stopped. You got a full look at him, he had beauty moles and a very sculptured face, his Adam's apple visible and his attraction was VERY VERY high.
He was tall, slim and held an umbrella and watched you; anticipating what you might say despite not wanting to say anything.
"Uh.. You must be Banda, am I correct?" He's taken a back but smiles at you and nods.
"Yes I am. You must be that guy's wife. Right?" He pauses letting out a shaky breath as he stares you directly in the eyes. You just nod at him and decide that you just might not end your night getting drunk but instead talking with this man. He confessed that he was infact going to talk to you're ex husband soon.
"Do you mind me walking with you?" His voice was calm as he let out a breathy laugh not taking his eyes off you.
You politely accept his offer as you both walk side by side.
For some strange reasons you felt very calm and comfortable being at his side,
forgetting he was a stranger and saw him more as a person.
You've never felt like that in a very long time.
"I have never met someone like you before, you seem really relaxed and all Sunato." He just looks down at you and agrees before beckoning and leaving, your heart flutterd as you both conversed he was more than a mystery present to you and you just wanted to see what was inside that brain of his.
He walked you to your house and held the door open for you,
swiftly turning around to face him again as you smiled softly and thanked him
but before you closed the door you felt a bit sad that you would not be speaking to him from that day onwards.
"Banda. If I'm not able to see you again can you come to my medical university, I study their on my free time since you know the accident that happened.." you say looking down as he just smiles at you. "What is the adress?" It's right near that popular university since I'm a med student." You tell him he just nods "Well than L/N Y/N, I hope to see you in the featured sometime. Nice meeting you." He says before walking off into the rainy night.
It would be a lie to say you forgot about him, every day working in the lab refrigerating soon to be used vaccinations, you couldn't stop thinking about him. Banda would be on your mind all the time from the day forward.
You haven't seen Banda ever since that day you met him at a bus stop and when he walked you home.
Remembering his kind eyes and kind smiles. Only to see him again on the News in Japan for taking someone's life.. It was reported in Shibuya district before hearing the sound of a firework and looking up.. Waking up in the borderlands with no recollection of your surroundings or where anyone in the world was. Meeting a group of three boys who coincidentally also took note of the missing people before meeting you in the infamous walk stops. You took a separate way from the gentleman as you couched to find him again. Defeating games and difficulty cards before finding the beach, playing the game and leaving as you watched it burn.
The King of Spades is where you ended up, back in Shibuya, an old Shibuya district cross walk that was now abandoned followed by vines and grass patches.
You made your way to the next game, a table filled with collars.
You placed the collar on your neck looking forward as you entered the prison.
Feelings of tension, anxiety and the fear of death linger in the ear.
The more you tried to compress and seal away how you actually felt made it harder to connect to these people.
The more people had came in the more feelings arose.
All of the people in the room had some kind of stories, probably it being their first game at all.
You looked around the room and spotted a familiar man. "Chisiyua?" You whispered as you walked up th him.
He recognized you from the University and the beach as he spotted you so easily in the crowd of people partying. You were the only smart one who was powerful enough to put people in their place just like you did before coming to the borderlands. He acknowledged your presence as he side eyed you and raised a brow, you kept talking slight the body language. "Seems like we are in a bit of a pickle. I guess this game is a trust game, these collars do seem like those explosive ones from the tag game." You say bringing a finger to your lip as you intrigued him with your observations. He just quietly listened as he observed the people he would be with until they die.
Your very first time working with a dead body ever was on one of Bandas victims, a female who had trauma related injuries suffering with drugs in her system and heavy bleeding with stab wounds on her abdomen and one huge slice on her throat. It was traumatizing to know that the man you wondered about every day had done this to a girl. He killed a girl.
Hw could have killed you, these thoughts brought you back to reality as Chisiyua snapped you back.
"Please don't die Y/N." Chishiya looked at you with deep concerned as he vented his worries for you.
You just looked at him and simply nodded at him, assuring him nothing would happen to you.
As you let out a breath you turn around to see someone approaching from the stairwell.
His gray eyes stare around the room before landing on you, you're eyes widen as you feel your heart began to beat faster. Eyes fluttering as you stare at the man across from you.
The board does confirm your thoughts, he came back.
Banda appeared alive, well and maybe delusional but well. God you missed him so much, relived he was alive you rushed over to him.
He looks down at you as your at his side once again, a smug looks with shock setting his face as you carefully take details of his face.
You felt happy at him but that happy smile on your face soon turned sour as he began speaking. "What do you want?" He asks bluntly. Taking you a back.
Did he not remember you?
Was he mad at you?
You couldn't understand why he was acting this way. "Do you remember me.." You said hoping he did in fact remember you. "If this is your way of suddenly befriended someone or trying to get me to be your partner, I'm declining." He says with an annoyed tone. Staring you down to your core. It made you shiver, you felt confused as you walked away. He continued staring at you for a bit until you fully left his vision.
The first round had passed as a man in a suit told you your card. You made your way to the cafeteria and picked up a kind of fruit jelly before sitting down on the metal table and eating.
The insanity of being in here made you feel so overwhelmed, you hadn't done much but observe people and it was eating you alive. You wanted to leave this game and go back home, home to the real Banda not some maniac who was distant and uninterested in you.
You felt yourself tear up, your eyes becoming blurry and watery as you stared at the jelly. Remembering your life and your husband, the climax being Banda Sunato and his active stunt that happened previously.
Suddenly, a hand grasped your forearm and yanked you up, the place in the Cafeteria that you where sitting in was very dim and no one was down their except you. The figure gripped your arm before bringing their slim but large hand to your mouth, making you breath heavily out of your nose.
"Do not make a sound." Banda spoke in a hushed voice to your ear, it sounded more like a threat than an apology or demand.
He removed his hand from your mouth as you shakily let out a sigh, he did bring his hand to your waist and sat it their.
"What are you d-doing here..?" You said intimidated by him. Even though he was a serial killer, he was still a man who cared for you other than your husband who only rubbed your back and complimented you. Your wedding was the last time he ever kissed you.
He let out a sigh as he laughed turning you around to face him, your chest pressed up against his toned abs and stomach... and his hard member 😧
He let you stand their for awhile in that place making you comfortable in his warmth before finally telling you everything. Everything he wanted to say to you for the first time he met you at the wedding, he felt sorry for you because you where married to a monster.
"I still remember meeting you first the first time and you changed me completely. When I found out my best friend was getting married I pitted you. In fact I was so angry at him for marrying such an innocent kind and nice girl, and I wondered what that weight of knowing who hed spend his life with could have been, but then I met you at that bus stop during the night i was going to kill him and myself I met you. I went to sleep and I thought of you. You're the reason I stay up at night.." Whispering the last part to himself as you become flusterd by his words.
Choking on what to say you just stare at him a lip trembling.
He stares somberat you then smiles, "You're so fucking beautiful.." He whispered and leans down to you.
"I just hate how much you deal with his bull shit and decide if today will be the day you leave him. But you stay with his fucked up self.. it huts so much to see you like that. It intrigues me yet, I know very well that you want me too. Y/N please tell me you want me as much as I do. See, I think I'm in love with you."
He pauses before recoiling and processing what he had just said before letting in a breath and speaking.
"Can I kiss you?"
In the moment you would have instantly been upset with him, angry at him for coming back to you all this time later. Saying nothing but sweet compliments while pitying you. You just hated how he never showed up to your University, you where planning to confess your feelings.
But here you are,
making out with him, you feel his hands roam up your shirt and touch you all over. He felt your boobs and played with them for a bit making you moan and feel hot as his touches become hotter and more hungry, he was aching to touch you. Every single part of you. "You're just so pretty.." He says before cupping his hands around your cheeks and engulfing you in a kiss, you kiss him back with more passion bringing your arms around his neck as he arches your back and pulls you into a cell.
His lips trace down your neck passing the collar as he kisses softly on you, making you whimper by his teasing as he goes slow. "I want this to be memorable for you." He says in a quiet yet calm voice. He bites down on the flesh of your boobs and whimpers making you a bit shocked but you don't dare say anything about it.
You couldn't help but let out a quiet gasp as he sucked on your sensitive skin. His lips grazing on to your collar bone.
His tounge sliding on the soft skin of your collar bone before humming into it making your legs twitch. You were so so vulnerable, submissive and sensitive infront of him he wanted to just get over with it and pull you down onto his cock. That came to a halt as you heard the voice of a robotic lady. Announcing that the game will began and all players must return to the main hall.
You looked up at him surprised as he backs away from you smirking at the hickies he had left and your swollen kissed lips. Along with your lewd unbuttoned shirt. Glancing shamelessly at your bra and boobs that have warm wet marks of his kisses. You quickly button your shirt back up and compose yourself as you see Chisiyua, he raises a brow at you as Banda follows from behind you.
Banda leans down and catches your attention. "I'm not finished yet. You little bitch." He says letting his lips graze on your earlobe and the shell of your ear before blowing some hot air. Goosebumps of sensation make way around your body as he places himself directly behind you and fumbles with the back of your shirt, letting his finger digits play with your spine and back, bring his hands to duck into your pants and panties waist line playing with your hip. You let in a sharp breath, feeling your legs become a bit wobbly you hold onto his arm for support before anxiously looking around the room making sure no one is watching. Until making eye contact with Chisiyua who stares amused at you, brow raised and dissatisfaction and visible uncomfortable stare realizing that something is going on between you and that Banda guy.
"Hey, once we get these collars straight do you want to fuck?" He says with a straight face but you are still staring ahead at the board explaning the rules yet nod.
(I spelled C name wrong like 4 times)
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wet n steamy 🥵
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Preserum Steve being in control is my favorite kind of Steve  💋Support me on Ko-fi | Print Shop | Commissions
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Life is Beautiful with You
Fandom: Outer Range, Rhett Abbott, f!reader
Summary: Things have not been exactly what you expected since Rhett proposed, but that doesn't mean you love him any less.
Word Count: 1624
TW: Fluff, Steamy Moments, Allusions to Reader being shorter than Rhett
Notes: @footprintsinthesxnd requested a super fluffy Rhett fic so I hope this is what you had in mind 💖 Thank you to @green-socks for beta reading for me!
Happy Birthday, Lewis Pullman! 🎉 In celebration, here is some loving fluff for my favorite cowboy!
Tumblr media
It had been difficult moving in with Rhett. Not because of him, God no! He was everything you had ever wanted and living together had just solidified the fact that you never wanted to be apart from him for the rest of your life. However, living in his family home with his parents, brother, and niece was not what you had imagined when he had proposed. Yet, it also wasn’t a surprise when he brought it up seeing how devoted he was to them, even if they didn’t show him the same devotion in return.
Life on a ranch was completely different from anything you had experienced before. You grew up in the heart of Wabang and while it wasn’t a large town, it was still very different from the Abbott’s ranch. You weren’t used to having to get up at the crack of dawn to help take care of the animals, or helping Rhett’s mother with breakfast, or coming in every evening smelling like sweat, cows, and manure. Rhett constantly told you that you didn’t have to help with the chores, but how were you supposed to just sit there and watch as everyone else worked around you? So, you continued to get up with everyone else, bit your tongue, and pushed through, despite the fact this wasn’t what you wanted for your future.
But this… this almost made it all worth it. Standing leaning on the railing of the porch, you gazed out across the wide open pastures as you watched the sun sliding steadily down towards the horizon. You could see the individual sunbeams as they streamed through the sparse line of trees on the edge of the yard, making the red and yellow fall leaves seem to glow in the dimming light. The wind drifted gently across the open pasture before curling itself around you, the first hints of winter chill hidden within causing you to shiver slightly as it kissed your freshly washed skin.  
Suddenly, a pair of strong arms encircled your waist, pulling you back against a firm wall of muscle. Leaning your head back, you allowed Rhett to lean his chin on your shoulder. For several minutes, the two of you stood there in complete silence, just staring off into the distance as the sun sank lower and lower, causing the sky to morph between the entire spectrum of colors. 
As the clouds above began to take on a darker hue and the first stars began to shine through, you sighed, “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?”
“You sure are.” His voice was like a rumble deep in his chest that vibrated through your body.
You rolled your eyes as you playfully swatted your hand back against him. “I’m serious, Rhett.”
“So am I,” he whispered as his lips brushed softly against your ear. Then he lifted his head and took in the sight before you. “But you’re right. It is somethin’ to see. I guess I just got so used to it, I never take the time to pay attention anymore.”
“I could see this every night for the rest of my life and I don’t think I could ever get tired of it,” you murmured contently. The warmth of being wrapped in Rhett’s arms had taken that slight chill from your skin, making the peaceful moment all the more perfect. 
However, your perfect moment was shattered seconds later as Rhett softly asked, “Does that mean you don’t want to leave like we talked about?”
Sighing, you said, “That’s the great thing about the sun, Rhett. It follows you wherever you go. We don’t have to be on this ranch to watch the sunset together.” He nodded softly in agreement, his chin brushing lightly against the side of your head, but you could feel the way his body sagged slightly at the statement. 
Turning to face him, his hands slipping down to wrap around your hips, you said, “I know what they mean to you, but you can’t stay here forever. Perry got his own place when he and Rebecca got married. I know we aren’t there yet, but we will be soon. And I’m not saying we have to leave Wabang. I just want a place that’s just ours. Where we don’t have to worry about who is home or if we’re being too loud or if someone left the bathroom door unlocked when we are in the shower.”
Rhett’s cheeks flushed and you knew he was replaying that faithful afternoon in his head. As mortifying as it had been, at least Perry had been the one to walk in instead of his daughter. That was not something you wanted to have to explain to a kid. 
Reaching up, you cupped his face between your hands and tilted his head so you were staring into his eyes. “But… if this is what you really want. For us to stay here under your parents’ roof, I’ll do it.”
Rhett’s brow furrowed, his eyes searching yours for some sign you didn’t mean what you were saying. “Really? But you said you hated it here.”
“I don’t hate it. It’s just not what I imagined for our future.”
“What did you imagine?”
Smiling, you released your hold on his face and wrapped your arms around his waist instead. With your face pressed against his chest, you said, “I don’t know. A little place closer to town with a backyard where our future kids and dogs could play.”
“Kids and dogs? Since when did I agree to either of those things?” Rhett asked, but you heard the laughter in his tone. 
“Oh yes, didn’t you know? We’re gonna have 10 kids and 12 dogs and we are naming them all Rhett junior,” you teased.
“Even the girls?”
“Especially the girls.”
“Damn,” he whistled. “Gonna get mighty confusin’ after a while.”
“That is true.” You pretended to reconsider. “Okay, how about 2 or 3 kids and a few dogs? And they can all have their own unique names.”
“That sounds like heaven, sweetheart.” He paused and when he spoke again, his happy, playful tone had faded. “But I just don’t know about right now. With winter comin’, we need to get everythin’ ready for the snow and there’s extra feedin’s for the cattle. I just…. They need me here right now.”
“And I don’t?” You closed your eyes and counted to ten trying to keep your anger in check. But even then, there was a sharp bite to your tone as you said, “I just wish you would stop trying to make them happy because, I’m sorry, Rhett, but no matter what you do, they’re never gonna appreciate you the way they should. It’s just not gonna happen.” You lifted your head to stare at his face. “So for once, think about what you want, not about what they want, or even about what I want. What do you want?”
Rhett bowed his head until his forehead rested against yours. “I want you. I want you and those kids and the dogs. I wanna start our family together, I wanna grow old together, and I wanna never live another day without you.”  
He pressed his lips against yours and you melted, all the residual frustration left in your body evaporating in an instant. Your hand slid up the back of his neck to thread into his hair as he dipped you back slightly so you were bent over the porch railing as you lay limply in his arms. His kisses began to travel south, first across your jaw, then down the curve of your neck, until he reached the swell of your breast. 
You moaned softly as he pulled the neck of your shirt down, exposing your chest to the cool night air. His hand started to slip into the waistband of your shorts and– Bang!
Both of you bolted upright at the sound of the porch door slamming shut. You had gotten lucky as the newcomer hadn’t turned on the porch light and between Rhett’s broad frame blocking most of you from view and the encroaching darkness of night, you had time to readjust your clothes before Cecilia got close enough to see what you were doing. When your chest was properly covered, Rhett suddenly spun you around so you were now standing in front of him, a barrier between him and his mother.
If she noticed how flustered and out of breath you both seemed, she didn’t comment on it. “Hey, kids. Dinner will be ready in about five minutes, so come wash up.”
“Thanks. We’ll be right in.” You leaned back against Rhett and immediately had to stifle a giggle as you realized why he had practically thrown you in front of him. You shifted your weight from one leg to the other, using the movement to hide the fact you rubbed your ass against the bulge in Rhett’s jeans. His nails dug into your arm and you had to bite your lip to stop another giggle from escaping. 
Cecilia gave you both a strange look, but just turned and went back into the house without another word. As soon as she was gone, you burst out laughing. Rhett was not as amused. “I oughta whoop your ass for that.”
You responded by rolling your hips against him again, eliciting a needy moan from your fiance. “You know I would love that, but I don’t think you want your mom to come back to see what is taking us so long.”
Rhett leaned his head against the top of yours and muttered, “You were right. We need our own place…. Now!”
You chuckled as you placed a kiss on his cheek. “Whatever you want, baby. Whatever you want.”
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