writingfool001 · 1 year
Vil: "Did someone forget to tell Malleus about this week's meeting?"
Kalim: "Perhaps if we text him?"
Azul: "No, he doesn't really work well with technology."
Leona: "We'll be fine without him."
Riddle: "No, it is important that he should be be here."
*Newt!MC gets up and opens the window of Crowley's office during a dormleader meeting*
Crowley: "Mr.Draconia could be anywhere on the island, it not like he'll just show up."
*Malleus appears*
Malleus: "MC, you called?"
Idia: "....you were saying, Crowley."
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quehydsuppmers · 11 days
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Tumblr media
No nut November: Beelzebub, hellfire newt syrup
Beel whimpered, squirming against you. “(MC), please, please give me an order...” His voice was shaking so badly, tugging against the restraints. You hum, ignoring his whines and giving his throbbing cock kitten licks. He’s so hard you imagine it probably hurts. It was his idea though, he willing took the syrup and let you tie him up.
Beel cried out as you pumped his cock, he tried to thrust up into your hand, but his restraints prevented any movement. “Beel, you wanna be a good boy, right? Just edure it for a bit, I promise to make it up to you later.”
He whimpered but otherwise stayed quiet, occasionally moaning as your hand grazed a sensitive spot. You used one hand to rub the tip of his cock, using the precum as lube. Beel gasped and jerked under you, trying to keep still but clearly struggling.
“You’re doing great Beel, do you think you can hold out longer?” He nodded, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to you so he can hug you. It’s a sweet gesture, you turn to face him and give him a kiss.
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newts-and-sharks · 22 days
Tumblr media
Mom the vindicators are here-
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minhosfabuloushair · 8 months
okay but a divergent au for the maze runner characters
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marmotish · 1 year
⌛️ Freyja in FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM! Witch or No-Maj? How old is she/if adult does she have a career? Interactions/relationships with Newt/Jacob/Tina/Queenie/Credence if any? I think she might be a frequent customer of Jacob’s because of his talent in Baking and his Bakery. Any role or reactions to events in Crimes of Grindlewauld? Mostly I am interested in Freyja in 20s-30s attire 🤩
((I’ve only seen the first Fantastic Beasts movie, so I can’t say much about her role in the second movie.))
I’ve made Freyja an adult here, 22/23 around the events of the first movie. She was a witch visiting NY as a freelance detective, pursuing a lead on a criminal who she has a personal beef with. She doesn’t alert MACUSA to her presence in the States, and she is posing as a Muggle/No-Maj. If anyone asks, she is there on “personal business” and leaves it at that.
She’s seen Newt/Jacob/Tina/Queenie/Credence around, and is aware of some magical happenings in the area. But she doesn’t directly get involved with these events, avoiding direct interaction with them until her own business is resolved. The first person she properly meets is either Queenie or Jacob, after the events of the first movie. She couldn’t resist visiting the bakery with the Occamy pretzels and Niffler bread, and as it turned out, some pretty amazing babka.
Tumblr media
((please lovebirds, she just wants her animal-shaped bread 😭))
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mimiz12 · 2 years
Hellfire Newt Syrup HC
What if the syrup affected how MC felt toward demons instead?  👀 my own headcanons on how the brothers will react. sorry not sorry
Lucifer: "Hm? What's with that gaze? Ah, I see."
Would definitely offer to engage further. For the sake of helping you, of course. Not as as an excuse to take advantage of you because he wants it; Lucifer would never admit that, despite enjoying every second.
Mammon: "O-oi! Watch where you're touchin’!"
Heavily in denial about the ordeal or try to tease you for wanting him so much. He is the Great Mammon, after all. However, boosting his ego to make light of the situation wont shake off the embarrassment, and most likely run away as far as the human world.
Satan: "You...what? I...erm, a-alright."
Is too honest to take advantage of you, but if given a good enough reason, he might be willing to concede. A part of him hopes that your feelings are true and not from the effects of the syrup.
Beelzebub: "...?"
Would take him by surprise as he has no idea what you're doing--but he's curious. So curious, that he wonders what would happen if you continue. It's a lot for him to take in, and shows concern when his appetite is fulfilled by this desire instead of food.
Leviathan: "Oh...no, no, no. I know exactly what that look is!"
Isn't used to someone begging for his attention. Even though he wants to be recognized by you, Leviathan is embarrassed when its intimate. It would take a bit of flirting and chasing after him before his strength wavers.
Asmodeus: "Hehehe, Come with me and I'll give you what you want~"
Would definitely jump on the chance, only if no one was around because Lucifer would have his head if he found out. That's mostly one of the reasons why he stops himself. However, he also might not be able to stop even after the effects wear off...
Belphegor: "I won't hold back, you know..."
Beneath his reserved exterior, Belphegor is quite passionate. Now he has no excuse to hide his true feelings. Even under the influence, his emotions will be so overbearing that you wonder if the syrup affected him too.
(EXTRA) Diavolo: "Well, guess we have no choice then!"
Will briefly contemplate the effects of the syrup, but will neither fight himself or stop you. He can't say his precise feelings on the matter. And well, It's an excuse to slack a little.
(EXTRA) Barbatos: "You've gotten yourself in quite the mess."
The loyal servant of Diavolo surely wouldn't go against orders concerning you. Especially when the rest of the brothers are involved. Their wrath combined doesn't even compare to Satan himself. Only if in a dire situation... he’d lend a hand or two.
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corvid-cerebrum · 1 year
This game has slowly been taking over my life and it has finally escaped into art but all I can make is dumb memes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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unavailable-fan · 2 months
Some thoughts on the maze runner book series with slight spoilers probably
The maze runner book series and the movies are both interesting, but the best things about them don’t align at all, so people generally hate either books or movies, and sometimes both  I like the books more because of the things some people hate them for (though the second book was really testing my patience, especially in the middle)  and its so easy to hate some of the decisions Thomas makes, that it becomes this distinct feature to like about him as a protagonist since books follow his thoughts almost like his pov it turns this story into a story with unreliable narrator (kinda? at least it can possibly be seen like this?)  his thoughts contradict his actions quite often, and despite being convinced he’s “the smart guy” he clearly does the first thing that comes to his mind, and sometimes it even works surprisingly well i’d say he clearly has the spirit of a scientist, always ready to question something and to run and test his theories(mostly on himself, scaring everyone around) , but Theresa is the one with a mind of a scientist  And the funny thing is that they’re not even scientists - when they’re teenagers who lived in isolation in a postapocalyptic world in a really questionable environment from a very young age just to be a part of a big experiment, but from their perspective it’s more than just an experiment - it’s their whole known life  The books describe an experiment, and every part of the plot adds to this one idea of “the chosen one = the test subject”, and the movies have different perspective on the whole major thing that started this plot in the first place And it’s not a bad thing, on their own these movies can be quite entertaining, some of the point from the books are actually interesting to see in this sort of adaptation (though some of these details don’t work together and break this version’s logic, it can be overlooked, adaptations can be hard to make), but it’s a different story which looks like a story from the books only on the outside Books have completely different vibe and allow readers to be stuck in this situation with the protagonist, to suffer from the lack of important information just like the heroes with small bits of outside information to make it more interesting, and it helps building this sense of something incomprehensible, of knowing something is going wrong but nothing able to understand why, of being watched and controlled by someone, just like an experiment subject - and it’s unsettling,  it’s scary, it’s a psychological and physical torture  - and that defines these books for me But this format hurts the way characters are described - and it’s even addressed a few times how little the protagonist knows about a lot of people surrounding him - and for some readers this results in a lack of connection with the characters - because it takes some thinking and imagination really to get how weird and illogical some Thomas’s decisions look to anyone but him, and a lot of attention to actually get the differences in others’ personalities and their reasoning of their action -but it’s there at least at some degree it’s kinda like “show, don’t tell” but the light are all out - so maybe it was better to tell And, personally, i like it, it’s free “open to interpretation” thing  Also characters do have different way they act and react to different situations and a whole lot of traumatic evets thrown at them, and they change with the story - so they have different endings of their personal stories - and some interactions are painfully beautiful  (or beautifully panful in this case)  And it’s generally easier to explain some of the more stupid decisions in books, because all the events happen during a really short amount of time Some may complain about weird pacing - but it does convey the perception different of time in different situations  And the repetitions of the same ideas, especially in the first book, kinda help  convey how people subconsciously return to some thoughts if something about them seems off - and it also can be explained by some of the experiment’s conditions and the whole amnesia thing  Anyway - the first book is definitely worth reading - and it has all the good things + it feels really comfy for some reason and then hits with a bit of unreality - and that’s an interesting experience  And i just really wanted to share some thoughts on the series
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destinyplayssims · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Using cheats, I made it so Albus, Gellert and Newt can both impregnate and be impregnated, so have Newt and Albus going through childbirth!
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anxiousstark · 2 years
Thomas x Reader
Word Count: 1896
Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide, blood, etc.
A/N: Didn’t really proofread. Inspired by Nobody by Mitski.
All Rights Reserved. The author, me, don’t allow any type of copy or adaption.
Tumblr media
I grinned a little as a tear fell down the side of my face. I couldn't even feel the hard floor under me, the pieces of metal and dirt sticking to my uncovered skin, but I couldn't really feel it.
"What are you smiling for?" I did my best to turn my head to the side, looking at the boy who glanced at me with a smile but mixed feeling in those deep brown eyes. His dirty blonde hair seemed even dirtier. I grimaced. He looked skinnier. But all of us were. Stress and fear were things that could make you lose a vast quantity of weight.
"I," I paused, taking a breath. "I was thinking of the first time I met you."
Newt shook his head, his dirty hair not moving softly like it used to do. "Bloody hell," A tiny laugh escaped through his lips. How long has it been since I heard him laugh? "I was so mean to you." I nodded my head, hiding the gasp that pleaded to escape. "But you did put me in my place as always."
"You were so mean just because I was new to the maze?" I always wanted to ask. Newt is a sweet person, and as soon as I saw him, I knew there were hidden motives.
He shook his head. "I thought if I treated you like that, the other would do the same and ignore you. We tried doing the same thing with Teresa." I grimaced at the mention of the brown-haired girl. "We were a little worried that the other boys would try to do something because you both were the only girls."
"But you couldn't resist me." I tried to wink, my entire body aching. Newt got closer to where I was lying down on the ground. His fingers went to my hair, fingers intertwined with some locks that had knots.
"No one could." He offered me a sad smile. "Why?" I had tried to converse with him as much as I could, not wanting that conversation to come out. "Why did you do it?"
"You don't deserve it." Newt bit his lower lip, swallowing and glancing to the side, blinking as much as he could, attempting to hide his wet eyes. "You are like my big brother. I wanted to save you."
"You are like my little sister." He answered back. "It is me who should be saving you."
"You already saved me." He flinched, remembering that time when we were back inside the maze. A time where I was confused, lost and scared and did my best to take myself out of the maze...without actually entering it. Newt found me in the forest, unconscious. However, I remember his screams, asking, no, pleading for help. "Hey, Newt?" He hummed, using his stained jacket to dab his tears. "Do you think he will arrive on time?" Newt immediately looked at me, eyes widened. Minho had walked closer, exactly when I had questioned the blonde boy.  "Will he?"
"He always arrives on time." Minho decided to answer while resting a hand on Newt's shoulder, who glanced at him while offering him a shake of his head. "But there is nothing for what he has to arrive on time." He clenched his teeth, trying to convince himself because he knew he wasn't going to convince me.
I shivered. Minho and Newt took their jackets a the same time. However, it was Minho who placed his on top of my chest, trying to calm my trembling body. "I hope he arrives on time." I stopped looking at them, glancing at the dark sky above me. "And I hope he is safe."
"We are talking about Thomas." Minho interrupted. "He is always on time, and he is always okay."
"He won't be." I choked, glancing at them. "He won't be okay." My mouth was dry, but as much water as I drank, it still seemed like my throat was closing, obstructing my breathing. "You guys...need to be there for him, okay?" I nodded my head a little bit. "Don't let him..." My eyes closed for a couple of seconds.
"Hey, hey." Newt. It was Newt voice and his fingers touching my wet cheeks. When did I start crying? "Hey. Bloody hell, Y/N. C'mon."
My eyes opened again. "Don't let him blame himself."
"He won't blame himself because everything will be okay." Minho insisted, his left hand cradling the back of my head as he helped me sit, resting at the head of the water bottle on my lips, aiding me so I could drink.
"I appreciate the positivity, Minho." And the water. "But it's bad. It's really bad." My fingers gripped Minho's jacket, taking it off my chest. Both gasped, not having noticed that the black veins that were only on my hands and arms were now getting closer to my chest. "It's so close." To my heart. Both boys glanced at each other. Minho was the first one. He was the first one to broke down as his knees fell forcefully on the ground. His head between his hands. I tried not to cry more, but as soon as Newt also wailed like a little kid, I did too. "Hey, guys..." I cried. "C'mon, guys. It's okay." They didn't listen, consumed by their shaking bodies as they cried, as they hoped for the cure to come in time. But even if it did, it was too late. I knew it was either Newt or me. Only one could get the cure, and I decided that it had to be Newt.
My heart ached because Thomas had convinced himself that it didn't matter who took the cure first because he would come back with another for the other.
"My God, I'm so lonely." I started singing with the limited strength that I had. Both boys glanced at me while still crying. They remembered the song. The song I used to sing every day since I entered the maze. The only thing I remembered apart from my name. They always thought it was a melancholy song, and whenever I sang it, they would change the lyrics, afraid of thinking that perhaps those were my true feeling. They were. They were before I found they were the only family I needed.
"So I open the window," Newt's voice cracked, following me. Even if he wanted to have hope, he knew how difficult things were and how I was near closing my eyes forever. "To hear sounds of people." He sang while still crying. "To hear sounds of people," Minho begged us to stop, to keep quiet. He begged us to lie to him and tell him that I was going to be okay. With time, they would be okay. I wouldn't. "Venus, planet of love was destroyed by global warming. Did its people want too much too?" Yes, we wanted too much. They wanted too much. They wanted for the cure to come on time and to magically cure me. "Did its people want too much?" His saddened gaze met mine as I nodded.
Minho continued weeping, screaming even. "And I don't want your pity." My voice cracked as my gaze moved to him. The boy still was convinced that he could save everyone. "I just want somebody near me." He shook his head, droplets of tears falling down his cheeks. "Guess I'm a coward." I continued singing as Newt turned his head around, getting up from his seat on the ground and running towards someone. "I just want to feel alright." I finally glanced at the blonde-haired boy who had run towards Thomas. He had come on time. Well, for Newt and Minho, 'on time' was for me to be saved. For me, it was on time to see me go.
Thomas and Newt had gotten close so quickly that I was pretty sure that the boy I deeply loved knew what was going on. "And I know no one will save me." That line seemed perfect to say at that moment as Thomas shook his head, aggressively weeping his tears as he sat down on the ground. His trembling hands, searching for my veins as he injected the cure. Then, he waited. He waited for the black veins to fade. They didn't. Both boys hoped too. Perhaps Minho wasn't the only one who dreamed of a future where I would be alive. I coughed, feeling my throat contracting again. I could feel the muscles from my right side colliding with the ones on my left side. Glancing at my chest, the veins were even closer than before. "I just need someone to kiss." Thomas hit the wall behind me, the wall that was supporting my weight. Tears fell down our eyes, wetting our cheeks and leaving a salty taste in our mouths. But not as sour as the moment where I would close my eyes. "Give me one good honest kiss, and I'll be alright."
Thomas shook his head, not making his mind up, not being able to comprehend that the person he loved was dying. With the remaining strength that I had, my fringers grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer to me. "Nobody, nobody, nobody," He quickly shut me up, his lips softly colliding with mine. It wasn't like those heated kisses we had when one of us had been in danger or when one of us was mad and needed release. It wasn't one of those 'good morning' kisses or a 'good night' one. It conveyed all the things we have gone through.  It bore the fact that we had dreamt of a future together. We have talked about houses, kids, gardens and dogs. We have spoken about living close to Minho and Newt, which they claimed would be a disaster.
Thomas's lips separated from the ones he had loved kissing every day. He parted ways because they weren't softly moving against his anymore, and that was when he noticed that the eyes of the woman he loved were closed. There was a peaceful look on her face, no pain.
Minho and Newt had left him alone, moving away as they continued weeping, but knowing that he needed some time to examine her face. To make sure that he would remember everything. However, he had lost other people, and eventually, he would forget the tone of her voice.
Thomas got up, getting away from Y/N, turning his back to her as he continued wiping. He was surprised as his legs trembled but still supported all his weight. "I've been big and small." He whispered to himself. "And big and small." His voice continued cracking. "And big and small, again. And still, nobody wants me. Still, nobody wants me." He knew that sound. He recognised the growls of someone turning, of someone not being themselves anymore. And when he turned around, his gaze met a pair of eyes that were lifeless. "And I know no one will save me." He choked, stepping back as she stepped forward. He couldn't kill her. Had he already killed her? Why didn't he run faster? "I'm just asking for a kiss. Give me one good movie kiss, and I'll be alright."
"Nobody." Y/N grunted before growling once again. Her body fell to the ground. Thomas had shot her. Thomas was assured he had killed her two times.
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writingfool001 · 7 months
Newt!MC is inspired by Newt Scamander
Newt!MC: "Your eyes look like a salamander."
Eliza: "A salamander!?"
[Eliza ready to slap]
Newt!MC: "No, I'm not saying your eyes are exactly like a salamander. I mean the burning passionate fire in your eyes remind me of a salamander."
[Eliza stops with a blush as the boys are fuming at her bc they wanted that compliment]
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Tumblr media
How sweet is eddie with this puppy cat?
New but old photo!
Credits to Trent Mcginn photographer
Credits to Gallery.celeb on IG who shared this pic
Credits to eddieredmayne.net
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adellovesrowan · 2 years
how does adel react to rowans.. interest in bill
adel, when rowan gushes about bill: haha... cute..... would love to be the one she talks about with obvious hearts floating around her like this instead of him.
adel, when rowan starts dating bill: haha... good for them. would love to be the one to hold her books while we walk to class and kiss her cheek everytime. not that we dont already do that everyday but... she looks so happy. i need to be supportive, but im honestly not genuine about it. i want her to be happy, but not happier than when shes with me.
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bellamyblakru · 2 years
every time newt says tommy i gain one will to live point😌
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joyfulbeegaming · 2 years
How do the ROs react if MC asks "can you hold something for me" then gives them their hand? 💕
A classic, *chef’s kiss*.
Jefferson: Brings their interlocked hands up and kisses the back of MC’s hand.  “Anytime, my dear.”
Merrill: Processing, processing.  He turns as red as his hair but squeezes MC’s hand.
Clara: A Cheshire-cat-worthy smile makes its way across her face.  “Oooh, now you’ve done it.”  And then she takes off running, dragging MC behind her.
Modesty: Looks between MC’s face and their intertwined hands.  “…always glad to help, babe.”
Newt: Coughs and looks to the side.  “Of course, my sun.  Anything to help.”  Tries to keep working one-handed.
Max: They think about pulling away to wipe the grease from their hand, but think better of it.  “’Course, this is precious cargo!  Would hate to lose it.”
Hehe, thanks for the ask!
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