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the privilege the game lets him have
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i just know if baul and lilia were sentient in this dream world, they'll be hyped by this sm‼️ like YESS THAT IS my grandson/apprentice!!! ✨✨✨🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡
also this is truly a dream world,,, even if sebek woke up from malleus' spell and broke away from his own dreamworld, the story still flowed to make his wish come true which is to be a royal guard to briar valley (what he said in book 7.4?)... mal is a persistent gift giver lol
also ik this is inaccurate theres no tail it was an illusion😭 though im glad its drawn like this, really convincing to tell myself thats an actual croc tail 👍👍✨
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best trip of his life
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he’s right behind me isn’t he
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Twisted Wonderland incorrect #38
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Malleus: what is it, Sebek?
Lilia grabs Malleus and he starts running
Lilia: Formation B!
Malleus and Sebek: roger!!
Cut to Silver casually talking to Yuu
Malleus and Sebek grab onto Silver
Sebek: WHO IS THAT WOMAN? Have you forgotten the night you toasted to my eyes?
Malleus: was it all a lie when you said your time with me was the most enjoyable of all?
Silver: what are you talking about?
Lilia: could you not touch him so casually, please. YOU HOMEWRECKERS!!
Lilia: Silver has violin practice with me now. Let's go home, Silver. Today I'll have you master "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
Silver to Yuu: ignore them. your cat ran that way *points to a direction*
Yuu: thank you so much!
Lilia, Malleus, and Sebek: huh?
Silver, looking irritated: now whose idea was this? You're embarrassing me.
Lilia: ✨️😎✨️
Silver: stop doing that!
Sebek and Malleus run off before Silver could question them
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sunanthonyz · 2 days
*Whispers in your ear* make something about sebek new ssr pretty pls
I don't think I'm the right person to ask to draw something pretty, but okay ":)
(I simply don't know how to do that)
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Anyway, it makes me laugh that Sebek is wet in this card
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Coming out as a Sebek enthusiast 😔❤
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hanafubukki · 2 days
Thinking about this post by @kitwasheree
And thinking how, Malleus and Lilia would listen in on Sebek and Silver during birthdays, holidays, and any special occasions, to find out what they would want as gifts.
Wether that be listening in on Sebek and Silver when they talk to each other or when they would make wishes to the stars.
If it was within their power, the two fae would grant it.
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ryllen · 3 days
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kiss him a little
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before sending him to war
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rayroseu · 2 days
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To me, it feels like Sebek's eyes have become more "human" in the Armor Card than the Dorm Card.
Its not that striking green color anymore, its now like a human brown eyes, the lines have also softened, and his gaze went from intimidating to determined in the new card.
Additionally, he doesn't have the fae eyeshadow in the new card too. Its like Sebek has embraced his human side. 🥺💚
I've always looked forward to the day that Sebek will accept his humanity, face his shameful feelings towards it, change his perspective towards humans, and use his humanity as motivation instead of just viewing it as a trait thats inferior to being a fae.
I'm really excited for Sebek's chapter in Book 7 😭💚🙌
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universaln0b0dy · 3 days
Splinter (Twisted wonderland + reader)
Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Ace Trapola, Jade leech, Kalim Al-Asim, Sebek Zigvolt
《Summary》: The boys have a nasty splinter and you get rid of it. 
《Note》: So this will lean towards the fact you have younger siblings in this scenario, or that you at least took care of younger kids back in your world. Also, you carry a medikit around for plot purposes.
Riddle Rosehearts: Honestly it was ridiculous. He had no idea what to do about that giant splinter stuck in his hand. It might be because he wasn't allowed to play outside that often and climbing on trees had been a no go.
He eyes the small wooden piece in his hand, as you suddenly came around the corner. You greet him and immediately notice that something is wrong, as you ask him about it, he shows you the splinter in embarrassment.
You nod, pulling out a small box with plaster on it, before asking him if you could take it out. He nods and you open the box, pulling a tweezers out, using it to pull the splinter out. After that you disinfect it. After Riddle asked you how it came to be that you knew what to do. You just tell him you used to take care of the kids in your hometown and splinters and small scratches were a daily occurrence.
Leona Kingscholar:He had awoken with an incredible pain in his hand and he swore to the great seven, this will be the last time he would lean against a tree. Lucky for him your 6th sense, that was littarly a injury detector, makes you show up with a little bag. 
He shows you the nasty splinter in his hand and you sigh, taking a tweezer out of your bag. You ask him if you could get rid of the splinter and he allows it. Surprisingly it turns out he can't handle the pain as well as he wanted to. Given away by the fact his tail agressivly swished around after you had pulled out the splinter.
If you tell that anyone that you are dead though.
Ace Trapola:He is probably the worst at handling the pain from all the people on the list, given by the fact he has been complaining about it loudly  ever since he got the splinter.
Being fed up with all his whining you ask him if you could get rid of it and he agrees. Sadly every time you even try to pull the splinter out he flinched pulling his hand away. This goes on for at least two minutes until you use one of your hands to hold his hand in place. Than you pull it out, causing Ace to screech. You still don't know if he is actually bad at handling the pain or if he wanted to make life harder for you.
Jade Leech:It was such a trival thing that Jade could have handled on his own. He had been hiking a bunch of times and yes, occasionally splinters would occur when he held onto a tree, or moved a branch aside to take a look at the mushrooms. Something that was different from all the other hiking trips on the other hand, was the fact you had accompanied him. 
You had immediately started to go through your bag when Jade flinched, after moving a small branch, in order to get out that small medicine bag you had. You politely asked for his hand and he complies, despite telling you that he could handle it on his own.
You didn't really care about the fact he could remove the splinter from his hand on his own. It was more like a sense of nostalgia that hit you, seeing the familiar small splinter, that you had so often needed to pull out of someone's hand.
You were kinda glad you didn't have to babysit little children anymore.
Kalim Al-Asim:His cheerful attitude wouldn't give away that the boy had been kidnapped and poisoned multiple times, but his pain tolerance did. The nasty splinter, that was very thick and tall even managed to catch you of guard, and you had seen some nasty shit before.
Out of sheer bad luck, Jamil also wasn't present to help remove the splinter, but hey! You were. To Kalims surprise you take of the bag you always carry and pull out a pair of tweezers asking if you can remove the splinter. Kalim nods and you pull the splinter out.
He doesn't even flinch, not even when you disinfect the wound. It kinda bothers you that he continued to smile ahead, but oh well! You let him decide the band-aid (he chooses the parrot) and than run off to find Grim, cause your 6th sense told you that he was trying to get himself in danger.
Sebek Zigvolt:Sebek, the green haired crocodile that was louder than a airplane start with his praise for waka-sama, was able to handle the splinter like a pro. It didn't really matter that the splinter was super duper nasty and probably hurt like hell.
Well before he can pull it out on his own like he always did, you arrive.He honestly is confused on why you are so persistent on removing the splinter. (The reason might or might not be that you have seen one of these bad boy splinters get infected and that kinda traumatized you.) Well after you tell him that it was a reward for his great work as a guard and a guarantee that he would be able to continue doing such a good job he is putty in your your hands and you can remove the splinter.
Well, this is probably on of the weirdest scenarios known to man! But it was fun. I hope you liked reading it, or had at least a good cringe or laugh! Uni~♡
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Sebek sketch!
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