#uh how many tags until they don't show up
Heya! How about Gen 9, Relationship 9 an Concept 5 for the MC & OC ask game with Jolene?^^
General Info 09 Do they attend RAD? What is their role there? Their best subject/the one they teach? Club activties? If they don't attend RAD, what do they do?
Relationships and Personality 09 What makes them soft?
Concept and Design 05 Do they have any physical attributes that set them apart from others?
Thank you for the ask!!
General Info 09 Do they attend RAD? What is their role there? Their best subject/the one they teach? Club activties? If they don't attend RAD, what do they do?
Jolene is my MC so she attends RAD as one of the human exchange students. When she first came to the deveildom, she thought it as divine punishment for dropping out of highschool. Her best subject would be potions, her view being like 'it's like magical cooking!'. She would also very much enjoy art class, despite not being a very good artist. As for clubs, if there's some sort of choir or musical related club she would join that.
Relationships and Personality 09 What makes them soft?
Seeing someone at their most vulnerable and still accepting and taking care of them. This goes both ways. She has some pretty bad mental and physical health problems, and when those around her still support her without judgement it makes her feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable with them. On the other side, if she's someone at a low point, even if they're someone she doesn't really like she would try to help. Depending on the situation, her help might be more awkward than helpful, but those reminders that people are people really opens her up. (I'm assuming I understood the question correctly)
Concept and Design 05 Do they have any physical attributes that set them apart from others?
I supposed compared to the rest of the cast, she is chubby, has flab and rolls. One thing that's a bit unique for a human is her skin tone, it's juuuuust a bit on the uncanney valley side of pale and cool toned. It's part of her family lore, they all have a similar look. Jolene actually looks the most human out of them, ironically. If she knew them lol
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butterflysonnets · 6 months
yes i'm rooting for m*leven breakup because byler is neat but mostly? i'm rooting for m*leven breakup for the sake of el and mike.
to me, their romance was always a puppy love born out of a combination of social pressures, naïve curiosity, and a lack of true understanding regarding intimacy and romantic love and what it really is. it was real in that they do truly, deeply care about each other and they are close friends, maybe even shared an attraction, but a maturing romance is so much more than that. they've grown up and out of being boyfriend/girlfriend, and that's okay! i think television/film needs to show more often that most of us don't have definite "soulmates" or first childhood loves that we spend our whole lives with. it doesn't mean these relationships meant nothing and didn't impact us, it just means they've run their course and that something else is in the cards, and this is part of life!
i've always felt el was at her best and most confident self when broken up with mike, discovering who she was and what she liked alongside another girl her age instead of just relying on mike for mentorship on how to live in the real world. she deserves more of an opportunity to find herself, her autonomy, and her independence, and to love who she is, and she's made it clear she's felt insecure in the relationship with mike because she isn't being loved and understood the way she wants, needs, and deserves from someone who is her partner.
also, it's okay if mike doesn't love her in "the way he should". he is not obligated to love her romantically and stay in a relationship with her just because she's a girl, because she "needed someone", or because he cares about her a lot. he shouldn't be pressured into a romance if it's not truly coming from his heart. he deserves freedom to find out and honour who he is, too, instead of just staying in his non-functional first relationship — one he got into as a child, essentially — and defining himself that way because it's what's expected when a boy and a girl are close. he loves her in some way, yes, but it's okay if he doesn't feel comfortable or secure being her boyfriend anymore, for whatever reason that is. he's felt insecure too, and that's valid and it matters.
they are their own people and are steadily growing and changing every day. they need time to figure out who those people are, and it's become clear (at least in my opinion) that those people aren't meant to be a couple at this stage.
they deserve freedom. they deserve to grow up and be authentic to themselves and not feel like they need to lie for the sake of a relationship. they deserve to move on from this version of their relationship that isn't making them happy and rekindle the best part of their bond: their strong, beautiful friendship. they don't have to be a couple if it doesn't make them stronger and better and happier people.
i think it would be healthy and wonderful for a show, especially one consumed frequently by young adults, to show a relationship starting, progressing, and ending on good terms in this way. sometimes things don't work out, and that is okay.
#eve text#elmike#stranger things#byler#only tagging byler because i feel like yall will like this take lol#tagging tagging tagging WHAT ARE EVERYONE ELSE'S THOUGHTS#god i can't believe i'm making a post about stranger things. this feels like poking a bear#i'm not particularly anti m*leven but like... they'd have to do something pretty special at this point for me to feel like it's viable#i'm seeing the bts of s5 and it's got me Having Thoughts#elmike friendship is something i am so passionate about#even before i ever liked byler (didn't ship at all until s4 even though i knew it was a thing before) i've felt this way about elmike#i always believed they were close friends at heart and needed to break up#the romance part of them felt very distinctly young and very much “he was a boy she was a girl” to me#and it hasn't deepened into anything more mature and i don't see how it could based on the current state of the writing...#the fact that lumax exists — a young relationship that is actively maturing and is healthy — makes that clear to me#and the “love confession” in s4 and how disingenuous and miserable it felt was just the nail in the coffin#also the fact that will (who is IN LOVE with mike) was instrumental in making it happen? ... uh... okay... interesting choice…#fucked up and reductive if they make it another queer unrequited love sacrifice for the sake of pushing the heterosexual agenda YUCK#so i really hope the speculation about a m*leven breakup is real!! i think it just makes sense for their characters but who knows#i don't believe in the notion of love at first sight or one true love and i think the writers don't too???#love to me is an accumulation of experiences and we inevitably choose it at some point rather than fall into it... but idk#tv is so fixated on keeping couples together... sometimes it's just not reality guys especially with young people... LET IT GO...#like i said though i'm not 100% sold that they're going to give up their “golden couple” LMAO#stranger things hasn't historically subverted too many tropes if i'm being honest#anyway i seriously need this season to come out quickly... i'm so bored and getting my master's is crushing my soul#i need frivolity#ALSO btw i won't respond to hateful messages about this so please don't bother. it's not that serious. this is a netflix show
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ddejavvu · 1 year
you join the team and hangman gets real shy with you and everyone is like
:O what have you done :O
and you're like
and hes just like heart eyes
bc i LIVE for hangman being whipped and all nervous around his crushy wushy
Reassignment is a struggle. It's temporary, or, it's meant to be, but if things go well with your new team, you may be a permanent fixture. So you're a little nervous stepping onto the tarmac, all things considered.
You'd only managed to meet one person from your new squadron so far, a good-natured, kind man named Jake. He had seen you wandering along the hallway, directing you to Admiral Simpson's office when you'd explained your predicament. You don't spot him on the tarmac now, but you're not sure how many people are on the team.
There's a dark-haired woman that you can see, and she notices you, too. You aren't sure whether they've been shown pictures of you, but your last name is patched into your uniform and the helmet under your arm is branded with your callsign. A flash of recognition shows in her eyes, and she starts towards you.
"You're Y/N Y/L/N?" She quirks a brow, and you nod, smiling kindly.
"Nice to meet you," She grins, a brilliant expression on her pretty face, "I'm Natasha. Callsign Phoenix."
"Phoenix," You gush, "I like that. I'm supposed to join you for a hop today?"
"Yeah, we heard about that!" A man steps up beside you, cocky smirk on his face as he holds out a hand, "I'm Coyote. You're supposed to fly with Hangman, right?"
It wasn't ideal, being stuck in someone's backseat. You're used to flying, but this squadron wasn't in need of a new pilot, and you've been trained for both seats.
"Oh god," A man beside you groans, mustache a burnt red, "That's unfortunate. I'm, uh, Rooster. By the way."
You cock your head to the side, shaking his hand, "Rooster. What's wrong with that?"
"He's... difficult." A shorter man pipes up from your left, sticking his hand out, "Fanboy. He's just arrogant, that's all. He thinks he's the best, so it's hard to work with him if he feels like you're working against him. Hopefully he doesn't give you too much of a hard time."
Your heart sinks a little at the prospect of being paired with someone who didn't take kindly to partnership. You're resilient, sure, but there's only so much you can tolerate.
"Don't look now," Phoenix mumbles, leaning in close so no one can hear, "But he's coming out now. Just stand your ground, we can handle him if it gets too much."
You nod near-imperceptibly, waiting until you can hear the thunk of his boots on the asphalt before you spare him a glance. To your delight, the sweet, smiling face of Jake greets you, his cheeks already dusted a rosy hue.
"Y/N," He greets, southern drawl as sweet as sugar, "You're part of my squadron?"
"Your squadron," Rooster scoffs disapprovingly.
""You two know each other?" A tall man inquires, dark skin and pretty eyes, "I thought this was your first time here, Y/N."
"It is," You nod, exchanging a friendly smile with the man and glancing down at his name tag: Fitch, "But I ran into Jake yesterday in the hallway. He helped me to Admiral Simpson's office."
"Oh he did?" Fitch cocks his head to the side, a shit-eating grin thrown at Hangman, "Oh, that's so nice of you, Jake."
"I'm so glad you think that, Payback," Jake sneers, grin more menacing than any glare could be, "Now if you'll excuse us, Y/N and I should get comfortable with our new ride."
Jake crosses the rest of the tarmac until he's beside you, his hand coming to press against the small of your back just as it had yesterday. He's developing a habit of leading you around, and you reach his plane shortly, both of your names stamped on the side.
"I've never flown two-seater before," Jake admits, brushing a hand over his printed callsign, "This'll be interesting."
"Oh, why now?" You frown, fitting your helmet over your head, "What changed?"
"Uh," Hangman's eyes widen, and you think you've asked the wrong question. He answers, though, it's just sheepish.
"Admiral Simpson thinks it would be best if I had someone else with me in the air," He starts, choosing his words carefully, "Because he has observed some, uh- daring maneuvers from me. And he thinks that I might benefit from having someone else's safety to consider."
"You're too reckless," You realize, and you can't help but giggle, "So I'm your babysitter?"
"Let's not call it that!" Jake laughs, blush intensified, "Let's call it partners. Deal?"
"Deal," You grin, eyes twinkling similar to his own, "Partners."
"What the fuck?" Fanboy spits, watching from afar as Jake helps you into the jet, letting you grab his hand and brace your weight on his arm, "Did he get possessed, or something?"
"She hasn't slapped him yet," Rooster ponders, "He must be keeping himself in check."
"Is that Y/N?" Natasha turns where she hears Bob's voice nearing behind her, nodding with a growing smirk on her face.
"Yeah, that's her. And that's Hangman."
She points to Jake, who's leaning into your seat, concern evident on his face as he helps you adjust the position of your harness.
Bob's face falls, scrunching into a frown, "He's... helping her?"
"This is gonna get interesting, boys," Phoenix grins, eyes narrowed at Jake who's still grinning sweetly at you, "Hangman's got a crush."
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dearhargrove · 4 months
Hi there! I have an eddie diaz request please. I don't know if you've seen the boyfriend door lean on tiktok but I was thinking eddie either comes across it and tries it on reader to see if it works (reader is a bookworm) or he does it without knowing what it is and reader melts (in either scenario) and she explains and shows it to him and he says he'll have to do it more often? All cute fluffy and adorable if you can please. Thank you!!
summary Eddie finds out about the 'door frame lean' thing on tiktok and tries it on you.
word count 950
tags fluffy and a bit spicy, Chris!!, Eddie's a menace
a/n hope I did this request justice because I absolutely adore that idea! Need someone to do this for me? Also Eddie would most definitely do this at any chance after realising how it had you going crazy 😭 I used this tiktok as a reference by the way!
Tumblr media
You're sitting up against the headboard with your book in your hands and a glass of wine on the nightstand next to you, simply passing time until your boyfriend comes home from his 24 hour shift.
You're almost done with it when you hear the front door open and close, a bag being dropped on the floor and shoes messily discarded next to the shoe rack (it seems no matter how many times you get mad at him for not putting his shoes away he forgets it and repeats the same mistake).
Moments later you see him walk along the hallway to your shared bedroom. His hair is messy instead of combed back like it was this morning when he'd made sure to ask you if it looked good, and the exhaustion is clear on his face.
You close your book after putting the bookmark between the pages you were reading and look at him with a smile that he easily reciprocates.
“Rough shift?” you move off the bed and walk to lean against the door frame as he approaches. “Yeah. People are stupid,” you chuckle and he stops in front of you, reaching his left hand up and placing it on the door frame and easily leaning his head down to look at you.
You're entirely caught off guard, not sure whether to look into his eyes or focus on the fact that this position was very flattering on his biceps. You swallow nervously which he catches and tilts his head with a small smirk.
“What? Why do you look nervous, amor?” He asks huskily and puts his other hand on your waist. That's just about your last straw and you fluster and look away, “Uh, no, just- how was your shift?”
He laughs and lets go of the door frame to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you closer until he can reach your neck and bury his face in it. You're pretty sure he can feel your pulse being abnormally high from where he'd placed his head, so in hopes of not making him aware of how crazy this entire situation had you going you bury your hands in his hair and gently scratch his scalp. Something you knew would make him melt any time you did it.
He grunts and his arms tighten around your waist, fingers pressing into the middle of your lower back. “Fuck,” he mumbles, “That feels good.”
Your whole ruse to distract him backfired because he just kept getting more sexy and you're pretty sure he either knew exactly what he was doing or was totally unaware of the effect this whole interaction was having on you.
“Dad, you're home!” Chris distracts both of you and Eddie kisses your pulse point and squeezes your waist again before crouching down to lift Chris into his arms and hug him tight. “Hey, buddy. Aren't you supposed to be asleep? It's almost nine thirty.”
You watch them and take the moment to gather your wits again because, oh my god. You'll never be able to read about the door frame lean in a book again without thinking about this.
Later that night when you're both in bed, his head placed on your chest as he patiently waits for you to finish reading the chapter so you could play with his hair, he looks up at you, “I didn't actually believe that door frame thing would work.”
Your jaw drops and you look at him with furrowed brows, “What do you mean?”
“That.. what's it called? Booktok. Buck was talking about it because he thought it was funny and mentioned how I should know what that is since you read so much. I didn't so I looked it up. Who knew you'd fold so easily?” He teases and you glare at him in slight embarrassment and take your hand from his hair.
“Stop teasing me about it.” He laughs and shakes his head, “Never. You looked way too cute, though I almost got worried with how high your pulse was getting…”
You gasp and flick his forehead with your index finger, about to throw some insult at him when the door opens and Christopher stands in the doorway.
Eddie sits up and you put your book on the nightstand, “Chris? Everything okay, love?” You ask and he pouts. “Nightmare. Can I sleep here tonight?”
You look at Eddie with a worried expression and he slightly shrugs but scoots to the side to make space for the ten year old. He crawls into the middle of you and you pull the blanket up to his shoulders. He looks at you with big eyes and you smile, knowing what he wanted, before carding your hand through his hair. He hums happily and Eddie looks at you slightly offended, “He's stealing your attention.”
You snort and roll your eyes, “You can wait until he's asleep.” Chris grins happily at his father and then at you. “I'm cuter anyway,” Eddie gasps and you laugh as the two banter.
One look at the clock though and you're shushing them both with a forehead kiss, “Alright now, time to sleep.” Eddie looks happy with himself, taking that as him getting all your attention now and you raise one eyebrow, “You too.”
Chris giggles and then settles down, same as Eddie after he scowls at you. You click off the small lamp on your nightstand and see Chris already snoozing with Eddie watching him fondly.
Placing your hand in Eddie's hair instead you whisper ‘I love you’ which he repeats and puts his arm over Chris to put his hand on your hip, falling asleep not long after.
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zafrinaxyz · 9 months
The Bet
Neteyam x Fem!Metkayina Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
໒꒱ ‧₊˚ synopsis Neteyam cheats in a game of dice in order to have his way with you
໒꒱ ‧₊˚ wc short read
໒꒱ ‧₊˚ tags toxic / manipulative!neteyam. betting (?) soft blowjob / oral ( m receiving )
໒꒱ ‧₊˚ note super random . probably won't make sense . sorry if its confusing . this is my first drabble ? oneshot ? please be gentle with me 😂
enjoy x
໒꒱ ‧₊˚. NSFW MINORS DNI 18+ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
"A six. How unlucky" Neteyam smirks as he picks up the things he calls dice, small foreign objects he showed you from his dads home planet
"But why is it unlucky? You still haven't even explained the game!" Sitting in a kneeling position, you pout- growing more and more confused by the second
"Because I said so" Staring at you intensely, making you nervous and uneasy. You were both on an empty beach, on the opposite side of the Metkayina village. For some odd reason he didn't want anyone else to join you with this particular game, wanting it to be just the two of you. He said the game would be fun, not too many rules and simple to follow. But, he also said he couldn't tell you the rules, only he was allowed to know. How were you supposed to know if you won or not? He said he would tell you if and when you did- telling you to trust him
"Okay so now what?" You motion to begin to stand, legs aching from being in the stiff position for so long
"Ah ah , remember what you agreed to" He begins to rise too, making sure you don't start making your way back
"If I lose, then I would have to help you with something" with a pinch in your brow, your face is flat and annoyed, this game from earth was... awful
"Right.. So get back down on your knees and close your eyes" He was a few inches from your face, talking lowly
Your ears pinned back, eyes darting back and forth between his. You swallowed, then made your way back down into your original position, hands placed on your legs
"Neteyam, what am I do-"
"Shh, close your eyes. I won't say it again"
Your upper lip quirked, and with a deep exhale, you obeyed. "Perfect tanhi. Now open your mouth for me." What the hell is he doing? What kind of favor required all of this? You slowly opened your mouth, your brows pinching together even more than before
"Be really still for me" he breaths as he places his left hand on the side of your face, gently cupping your cheek and using his thumb, stroking your skin. Using his right hand, he slowly guides his shaft closer to your lips. He places the tip on your bottom lip, softly dragging it side to side
"Good, now stick your tongue out" Eyes still closed, You slowly extend the pink muscle until it connects with his tip. You retract instantly, precum covering your taste buds with a slight sourness
"Neteyam what kind of fruit is this?" Swirling your tongue around in your mouth, completely clueless. He lets out a breathy chuckle, "The best kind... now open wide"
Re-opening, he instantly begins to slowly slide his length in your warm mouth with a low moan. You began to whimper, the vibrations sending chills up his spine with his mouth agape
"Sssss , uh eywa" His right hand removed from his shaft to the back of your head, lightly fisting your hair
Your eyes finally pop open, unable to keep them shut any longer. They grow bigger with the realization of what's happening. You jerk back entirely until his entire length pops out, surprised look plastered on your features taking short quick breaths
Neteyams head shoots down with the loss of feeling, brows pinching together due to the instant cold
"Neteyam what the-"
"Remember the bet. You can't go back on your word"
You were in disbelief and shock. He never mentioned doing this. And now you can see why. But instead of getting up and leaving, you stayed put. It was actually quite.. exciting. Blinking a few times and without a reply, you take him back into your warmth and wetness, sucking on him firmly. You can feel every ridge with your tongue as he begins to harden even more. Moaning louder than before, he throws his head back in pleasure, overwhelmed by how amazing your mouth feels
"Fuck tanhi, you’re gonna make me cum" Struggling to speak, his face pointed towards the sky, eyes screwed shut trying to last just a little bit longer
You whimper at the praise, gradually increasing your movements. You raise your right hand and wrap it around his length, simultaneously sucking and stroking while your left hand lays flat against his hip.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck" he huffs out, his breathing being very labored, nearing his release. You begin to twist your wrist and swipe your tongue over the tip, making his hips spasm. He grips your hair tightly before gripping completely, freezing his movements as he shoots his cum down your throat. you swallow quickly trying not to choke
"Shit .. you are absolutely gorgeous" removing himself from your mouth and catching his breath. He begins to come down from his high as he looks down at you with a haze and partially closed eyelids
you faintly smile up at him and he comes down to connect his lips with yours
maybe this game wasn't so bad after all
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 11 months
𝓘𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓬 [Nighttime] 🔞 TEASER
Tumblr media
He's technically well enough to live on his own and, most of all, live his own life. But he's chosen you as his home- and it's time to claim what's his.
Tags/Warnings: Alien!Jungkook, Human!Reader, mentions of eating raw meat, suggestive, Jungkook's.. interesting way of flirting, smut, he's not very soft tbh, manhandling, size kink oops, post-sex cuddles, aftercare, but it's lazy haha, grooming, he's a big cat alien after all, he uh.. cleans her up down there after, he's so cute and clueless sometimes istg
He wants to take care of you properly after all.
So he started learning how to cook proper human meals that have good nutritional value for their bodies. He also began researching how to help you through your monthly cycle, and how to otherwise court you.
Humans apparently really don't court each other- they kind of just send each other messages on their phones, and then they meet up for food or alcohol. They do that once or twice to see if they like each other, and then they start 'going out'- which funnily for some doesn't involve walking anywhere at all.
Where's the proving one's value? He's got to show you how capable he is in providing; whether it be comfort, safety or even physical valuables such as food. How would you know whether or not he'd be a good time investment? It's no wonder so many humans whine and complain about 'wasting time' on the wrong partners when they just choose them on nothing but a 'feel of the moment'.
Humans are truly weird.
Then again, humans are also very emotional beings. They choose a lot of things based on their feelings alone, and they cherish opinions and other people's emotions a lot, even if they don't know each other. They make many friendships quickly, form huge social circles, and some of them even have relationships with multiple partners. Everything a human does is connected to feelings, it seems like. Apparently, they need to check if they're emotionally compatible first before they even think about mating.
Oh god, mating.
Humans are horribly complicated he's come to learn- it takes some of them months and even years of emotionally connecting before they get together for the first time. And when they do, it's sounds so complicated.
Some like certain positions, others have so-called 'kinks', and then some have a favoritism for certain acts that actually have nothing to do with reproduction. Jungkook had been horrified when he read something about 'eating someone out'- until he learned that it had nothing to do with actual cannibalism.
Human beings love pleasure. For Jungkook, that had always been somewhat of a luxury- but here on earth, humans see it as a necessity even. It makes him eager to prove himself as a lover who can match the capabilities of a human one- maybe even exceed them.
"Would you consider me someone you'd mate with?" Jungkook asks as he watches you pout hot water into a cup filled with a little bag. Tea is what you're making.
He doesn't like it- he burned his tongue on it a few days back. Why would you drink something that hurts?
"I- uh, what?" You stammer, having to put the kettle down as you're clearly caught off guard.
"Mating. Sex, is what you call it here right?" Jungkook hums, leaning on the kitchen counter almost innocently. How can he look at you with his stupid round boba-ball eyes while asking you if you'd like to fuck him?!
Tumblr media
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etsuven · 2 years
Tumblr media
rating: sm-t cw: none i don't think!! includes: current anemo men as of the end of 3.2 (venti, kazuha, heizou, scaramouche, xiao) modern au, reader is pretty and i'm saying pretty because i think it's gender neutral everyone should be allowed to be called pretty summary: let's rank the anemo men as least to most brattiest subs <3 (also them as lovers!)
note: lets rank the men of my favorite element, anemo!!!!!! we're not reallyy ranking them as bf's only as subs- but uh this is just a small headcannon thing to pass the time between my writing!!! should i do these more often?? maybe you guys should give me headcannon asks (???) idk how to explain it, but i just want to have them as something to schedule or whatever- anyways, feel free to reply with your opinions!! (repost AGAIN bc my last post didn't show up in any tags <3)
Tumblr media
in my opinion, xiao is probably such a sweet boyfriend! even though he's not the best when it comes to talking to people, he always has you there to help him <3 (unless you're also quiet, then he'll be the one to talk for you.) he's not shy, he just doesn't like talking to people.
your innocent kisses on his cheeks and lips get him so flustered sometimes, and even though he's embarrassed by how you ended up catching him off guard so easily, the cute smile on your face makes up for it.
now, i feel that xiao is probably the sweetest sub. much like his in public self, he's not very loud- but that's only because he's hiding his moans. it works for a little bit, but every time you fuck, you end up touching that one spot that makes him moan louder than his hand can hide.
after that, he's unable to hide his noises anymore. instead- he opts for clutching the sheets next to his head or hips. his moans are breathy, with the occasional gasp or groan into the air.
he prefers receiving oral more than giving, but only because he likes how you can so easily reduce him to gasps and almost tears. (also he loves the look you give him from in between his legs)
i feel like he'd like it if you held his hand while fucking him- like he thinks it's intimate and it allows him to feel closer to you (well, he probably can't get closer than literally being inside him/you being inside him, but that's besides the point)
all in all, very sweet, not a brat at all!
kazuha my love my only limited 5 star besides the traveler who's higher than C0.... he's definitely a wonderful boyfriend. he's very kind, sweet, and he has a way with words that make you fall harder for him every time he says them.
he likes to give you sneaky kisses just to watch you jump in shock, and he's definitely the type to be like, "i'm sorry, love, but you were too pretty, i couldn't help it!"
kazuha is also a very sweet sub, and he wants to please you! you wanna touch him until he's on the verge of tears? go ahead! do you want him to sit in between your legs and make you cum as many times as you'd like? well, that's actually his favorite thing to do!
this pretty red clothed man LOVES to please you. in his eyes, he doesn't get to cum until you do. he's very good with his mouth and tongue, and it often leads to some situations where you're a little too distracted to continue your work. after all, how could you focus when there was a gorgeous man with furrowed brows and a flushed face sitting in between your legs?
when you finally get to touching him, you'll find that he has quite pretty moans. they're a bit more on the groany side, but they turn onto full on moans when he really gets into it. he doesn't hide his noises, in fact- he prefers that you hear just how good you were making him feel. you've almost gotten caught many times because of that...
he definitely likes it when you pull his hair. although he makes sure his hair is tied up perfectly when he's in between your legs, a ton of strands will always find their way outside of the previously neat ponytail thanks to your wandering hands... perhaps he should keep his hair down while like that? only to keep it from getting more messy- and definitely not to give you more to pull.
summary: he's very sweet, very attentive. if you'd like, get yourself a lover like him!
i feel that venti would be a wonderful boyfriend! contrary to popular belief, he isn't the type to date you only to abandon you in the name of freedom. he knows exactly how to cheer you up when you're feeling down, and he knows when to leave you alone when you need space.
he's very energetic, often times chatting your ear off when it comes to something he likes. he also loves giving you random things he finds in stores that remind him of you. you like a certain show? i can guarantee that he will buy a cute little keychain for you and give it to you when you're least expecting it.
if you're the more quiet type, he will gladly speak up for you. he wants you to feel as comfortable as possible.
now i feel that he's lowkey a tease in bed. he likes to leave lingering kisses on your skin just to get you worked up, and when you ask what he's doing, he'll pretend to be oblivious and walk away.
he wants you to throw him down, and the quickest way to get you to do that is to tease you until you can't handle it anymore. light teasing is all he does, as he doesn't want to accidentally annoy you and ruin the mood.
he has THE prettiest moans, kind of high and breathy, and he gets a bit choked up when you touch a particularly sensitive spot. he's also not the type to hide them, but he will do so if you request.
he loves it when you grab him by his hips as a way to keep yourself steady. you always manage to fuck him even harder when your hands are grasping his hips, something he very much enjoys when he just doesn't want to think anymore.
summary? very much a tease, but he knows how to tone it down when he needs to!
SCARAAA!!! thanks for you and your weapon but do you mind coming home one more time, i need you at c1- i don’t know what to call him here, but i’ll just stick with scara for now.
anyways, scara is such a good boyfriend he’s so sweet but it’s like backhanded sweet. like ‘i won’t admit that i really like you and i really want to kiss you but that’s embarrassing to admit so i’ll stay quiet until you do it first’ kind of sweet.
we all know from one of scara’s idle lines that he’s not afraid to speak up. he’s literally like “you didn’t like that? well that’s your problem.” so i feel like he would totally stand up for you if someone were treating you badly. but like he would insult them and leave them questioning if it was really worth messing with you.
he hasn’t experienced many romantic things in his life, as most people were too scared to even go up to him. so when you came along and absolutely turned everything around from how affectionate you were, he was quite shocked.
despite being bold and unafraid of consequences in his usual life, he’s quite shy when it comes to romance. holding hands gets him all embarrassed, the way you look at him like the answer to the life itself is right in front of you makes him so flustered. i can only imagine how he’d be like if you kissed him!
he’d be such an adorable sub, i can already feel it! he’s still a bit of a brat, thanks to remnants of his old personality being retained, he’ll talk back to you, but only because he’s flustered, and he feels that he doesn’t deserve to be touched in such a loving way.
he’ll try to egg you on, little things like “i bet i could do so and so better,” just to have you treat him a little bit harsher. he’s not glass, so don’t treat him so gently! he wants you to turn his mind into mush, he wants you to please him until forgets everything he did that day.
he loves it when you’re able to fuck him until he’s on the verge of passing out. he has quite a bit of stamina- due to not being human and all, so he’s able to go on for a while. he enjoys the feeling of everything building up until it eventually bursts, it’s overwhelming and he can’t help but get addicted to it. waking up to see you tending to him is just a bonus.
but there are times where he’ll be a bit vulnerable, and those are the times where you can be a bit more gentle with him. he won’t talk back, he’ll just embrace you and let you praise him for how good he’s being.
summaryyyyy: he’s a bit of a brat, but at the same time- not really. he’ll talk back, but at the same time he wants to be a good boy for you. it really just depends on what scara you get that day!
pretty boy heizou <3 i have him but i don’t really read much on his personality and stuff, so i’m writing this based off of what i saw in his hangout quest.
he’s very much the flirty type of lover, always knowing what to say at certain times to get you all flustered. while he’s an expert at flirting at you, he gets quite embarrassed when you do the same to him.
forehead and back of the hand kisses are his fave, as they’re simple and sweet. though he isn’t opposed to a quick peck on the lips when you’re least expecting it.
as a detective, he is naturally attuned to your needs, knowing exactly what you want based on your body language. if you’re a bit fidgety in public, he’ll guide you away to give you a break. if your hands start to wander during what originally started as a small kiss? that was a sure fire sign that you wanted something more…
heizou is lowkey kind of a brat. the flirty nature of his doesn’t fade away when he’s about to get his brains fucked out, so prepare for him to sweet talk you and tease until he eventually can’t talk anymore.
he’ll always try to annoy you, whether that be by small remarks or outright disobeying you when you want him to do something. but unlike venti, he won’t tone it down. why? he wants you to wreck him. treat him like he’s just a toy for you to use.
his moans are on the sobbier side, as he cries pretty easily. he loves loves LOVES getting pinned down, so feel free to push his arms down into the bed as you’re fucking him so he’s unable to squirm away as he cries and pleads for you to let him cum.
summary: i don’t know much about him but he’s cute! very bratty, but he’s the fun kind of bratty. the kind where you don’t mind because it was so fun seeing him slowly lose his composure.
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finniestoncrane · 2 months
Sitting my ass down in the front row for this sci-fi movie. Yeah, can I get me a uh- bubble tea, sweet popcorn, and uh- Slater it in pickles. My date's Cooper Howard, yeah he's not here willingly. Don't worry about it.
god what i wouldn't give to be his to do what he wanted with so we are on the same page here ;-; 💚🩷 cw: posessiveness, dubcon-ish, master/servant dynamics kinda, humiliation, degradation, boot licking 🔞minors dni🔞 send a request • masterlist • kofi link • tag: finnie2k (to follow or to block)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You stood before him, infamous bounty hunter Cooper Howard, more legend than man at this point. Your entire body trembled, mind racing in confusion as he tried to clarify what he had just asked of you.
"Well, now don't be embarrassed, darlin'. It happens to the best of us out here."
Raising an eyebrow, you kept your vision on him as he paced in front of you.
"Just one of those things you get accustomed to over time, but everyone's fallen for it. You're desperate for something. Money, food. You take on a job out of necessity, don't ask what it might entail, and then you find out it's a lot more than you were ready for."
Cooper stopped, a smile gathering in his dry, ridged cheeks as he watched your pupils widen when caught in his gaze.
"I wouldn't have hired you if I didn't think you were up to it, though."
Still shocked at what he'd asked you to do, a definite line-crosed between employer and employee, you were unable to argue much, which meant Cooper held the floor.
"But, you will note that the contract I had you sign stated that you were mine for the duration, and that you will do as instructed by me, or else..."
His thumb tapped the barrel of the shotgun on his right leg and he winked to you.
"... I'd hate for it to come to that."
You considered the many opportunities he had up until now to pull that trigger, each little mistake you made. And as though he could read your thoughts, he decided himself to highlight this.
"Besides, you've proved that you're not worth much more than that slit between your legs, so spread 'em wide and start doing whatever it takes to get yourself in the mood."
Rattled by his unshakeable confidence and his answer for questions you hand't even asked, you did as you were told, easing your hand down the front of your pants and beginning to rub between your already thick, swollen lips, spreading your embarrassingly copious slick around as he watched you.
"Good girl. You get nice and wet, or I'm going in rough and dry. Your choise."
As your breath hitched, he chuckled.
"Yeah, I thought as much. You strike me as the weak-willed and desperate type. I can read you like a book, darlin'."
Cooper's hand was under your chin, lifting your face up so your eyes could meet his.
"Now, so I know you're ready to obey my instructions, I want you to get down there and lick my boot, girly. Show me you know your place."
With a slight grimace, a tension in your stomach you couldn't place as either arousal or irritation, you found yourself sinking to your knees regardless. One long, slow swipe of your tongue over the tip of his boot, the dust and grime of the wasteland tingling your tastebuds, and you lifted your head back up quickly.
"That's it. Now keep that mouth open, and try not to think about how embarrasing this might be for you."
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lume-nosity · 2 years
Tumblr media
an: this is a reupload!! (copy and paste pain) because for some reason my original post wasn’t showing up on the tags?? even my own??? if this doesn’t show up again i’m just gonna leave it as is. also the og’s who saw the post before i took it down are the real ones <3 anyways, requests are closed but i took this as a suggestion because i wanted to do it. when i saw this in my inbox i felt productive/determined to fulfill this ask so you're welcome /Ih and holy shit 2k+ notes on part one you guys are crazy thank you so much i'm so glad you liked it!! you take care of yourself as well dear anon <3
‘i've got my eye on you.’ (pt. 2)
Tumblr media
prompt: what would they do if they saw their s/o in an uncomfortable situation
characters: itto, diluc, zhongli, ayato, tartaglia, thoma, kaeya
style: fluff, much fluff
notes: not proofread, lowercase intended, possibly ooc because i used character demos/teasers/ a few voicelines as references, gender neutral reader, the smaller text is whispering, no dialogue/use for [name], kuki shinobu mention in itto's part, how tf do you write zhongli and kaeya, petnames: beloved, treasure, love, swearing, blood mention in tartaglia's part, tartaglia getting a little violent, got lazy while writing the last few portions
reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
"HEYYYY THERE YOU ARE!! so uh, are these guys bothering you?"
"huh, so they are. hey! hey, no worries! ill getcha outta here. i'm THE arataki numero uno they’re dealing with."
"hey, so, you're making my lovely super amazing wonderful partner uncomfortable and i would absolutely LOVE it if you leave em alone."
"oh wait, they're already gone. OHHHH did i scare them?? HAHAHAAA, man, that was great. totally worth the scare. anyways! want to have an onikabuto battle? yeah? OKAY! come on, come on, come on!!! i know the best spot to find them. but just so you know, i will beat you this time!"
let me tell you itto's was a lot of fun to write. i don't have to write too seriously!!!
he was looking for you actually, to have a little onikabuto battle since he's determined to win. (despite the many losses he has under his belt)
but seeing you look so uneasy from afar, yeah no he's not having it. ran towards you at mach 20.
one simple glance at him, those creeps are running to their mothers. the best part was that itto was confused as to why they've run off but he assumed it was because of him.
well, he's half right, because what really scared them off was kuki shinobu's shadow quite literally appeared out of nowhere next to you and itto. mvp! you guys weren't aware of her presence, because after they ran off, she just walked away. stealthy. like a boss.
i find it canon that if itto has a s/o shinobu would do anything in her power to keep those two away from trouble/danger. it's her job as deputy leader of the arataki gang, right?
Tumblr media
"look, i'm not interested in small talk, but i'll get straight to the point. if you wish to make things simple for the both of us, see yourselves out. i won't ask again."
"what am i going to do about it? well, wouldn't you like to know." (casually readies his claymore)
"what a bunch of imbeciles. *sigh* i apologize for not arriving here sooner, i'll escort you home."
"you. want to stay with me? alright, i'll arrange a room for you at the winery right away. no? ah. i see. then i suppose my bed would big enough for the two of us to sleep on. are you satisfied with that? good. now let's go."
he isn't the darknight hero for nothing
like the gentleman he is, he was going to accompany you until you get home safely and then exchange goodbyes.
but no, you wanted to stay with him for the night. he has many rooms for the guests to use, but when you in particular suggested to sleep with him in his room, he of course doesn't mind since it's you.
should it be anyone else, it'll be an immediate no. so be glad you get to have this privilege from the guy because he loves you and is willing to do anything for you
Tumblr media
"pardon the intrusion, but i believe now's the time for the both of us to take our leave. please excuse us."
"it'd be wise for you to not place your indelicate hands onto my beloved. lest you'll see a rather.. grotesque, outcome."
"my dear, are you alright? ... how did i find you, you may ask? oh, please do not underestimate me. i'm far more than what meets the eye."
"we are sharing a contract, after all. to live and cherish life with one another until the end of time, to be safe, filled with tenderness and warmth within our hearts, and to not have anyone interfere that great deal of a bond. for you are my greatest treasure."
rip my brain for having to push zhongli's portion out because it clearly cannot comprehend this man's vocabulary.
you and him are to follow a contract, yes. but it's similar to a confession, if that makes sense?
basically zhongli was the one to confess to you first with his built-in thesaurus (to which you accepted of course if you like him too) and then have you and him sign' this sort of contract as a promise to stick with one another for as long as life can allow it. and by sign...
it's a kiss. to seal the contract :)
Tumblr media
"a pity. hm? yes, i am 'the head of the kamisato clan. but your concerns about my reputation is irrelevant."
"you're harassing my lover, and if i catch you doing this unsightly act once again, then i'm afraid i'll have to resort to something that'll make you wish you've never been born."
"ah, my words were too harsh? nonsense, it was vitally necessary. at least it'd driven them away. well, i guess there are benefits for someone of high status."
"come now, i'll have my staff cook you something to your liking. you are my lover, so they'll be sure to suit your needs. you needn't worry."
fun fact: i've never finished ayato's story quest so i was writing this blind (with the help of some voicelines/demos/teasers, this goes along with the rest of the men on this list)
originally, you two were going on a nightly stroll since he was free but were stopped by a group of creeps. however, ayato handled the matter in his way.
in his head, those creeps are a waste of time and mere bugs because, well, they are. and pathetic, because they immediately recognize him for his high status and they all shrank in his presence. which made things easier for ayato. he made a small threat, and then they zoomed.
afterwards, he wanted to bring you home for dinner instead. continuing to stay out after that ordeal was not an option in his book.
what a good man
Tumblr media
"wow, you all are quite bold. daring to do that while i'm here? hah, how risky. i'm actually impressed, by how wrong of a move you've just played."
"say, wouldn't you guys be interested for a sparring session? i'll be delighted to fight you all at the same time to enhance my combative capabilities. no? are you sure? okay, the offer's still on the table you know. and don't think i'm letting you all off so easily."
"love, are you alright? did they hurt you? if they did then i'll be sure to give them the same pain as they did to you. but worse. hm? no? okay, if you insist."
"moving on, let's go home shall we? the more i think about those creeps, the more i'm itching to grab my blades and hunt them down. oh! no, it's nothing. let's move, wouldn't want to stay out for too long."
we all know that he'll definitely end them
the thing is, he was right next to you when it happened and it's almost as if those asshats were blind!!!
blinded by his beauty ig
well, those assholes should sleep with one eye open every night now that tartaglia has seen them.
Tumblr media
"excuse me, my partner and i are in a hurry. we have important business to attend to and we wouldn't want to be late."
"we won't take up the rest of your time, so please, if you'll excuse us."
"phew, that was rough. i didn't like how they were treating you, so i wanted to help you out. oh nonono, there's no need to thank me! as your boyfriend, it's my job to make sure that you're safe and happy at all times!"
"to get your mind off of what happened, i'll cook dinner for you tonight. any preferences? favorites? recipes? ill be sure to write them down!"
thoma based
instead of staying and insulting them, he just makes up an excuse to leave! it saves less time!!
..which shunned the creeps to bits. because you see, to me, people who are as kindhearted as thoma are equivalent to sunshine. and by sunshine i mean blindingly bright.
too nice and polite to the point the creeps are blind and deaf, you get what i mean?
Tumblr media
"well, well, well, how amusing of you all to act in such a way while i'm here. clearly you weren't cautious about your surroundings nor able to understand the differences between common courtesy and disrespect."
"how do i think so? from what you were displaying a few seconds ago, there's an obvious answer to that. it's allill written in your face. uneasiness. just like my partner."
"run along now, before your feet will run cold."
"ah, please, spare me the thanks. i only did what i had to do. as long as you're safe, that's all that matters to me. now then, allow me to treat you to dinner. it's all on me~"
honestly i got very lost in writing kaya's portion despite listening to his voicelines for like 2-3 times :,)
but, what i can conclude from this is that he'll be the sly bro he usually is with people
except in here, it's a bit different. his words are like that of a snake, wrapping around its prey.
makes sense, because kaeya doesn't stand people who make his s/o uncomfortable. if he scares them off or anything, then so be it. anything to keep you safe.
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dearestmui · 9 months
Hi! It's anon, so uh this is my first time making a request so I'm sorry if it doesnt make any sense
Anyways it's gonna be muichiro x gn!reader or fem!reader(whatever you prefer) so it can be a short fic or long fic it's your choice, I haven't seen anybody request this but can you do one where muichiro and reader are in a secret relationship? But muichiro forgets no matter how many attempts reader says that the relationship should be kept a secret and at a celebration or birthday muichiro accidentally blurts out that the reader and him are dating? How would everyone react would they be shocked? Neutral? Anyways my request isn't really that interesting so I'm not expecting you to pick this! But if you do thanks<3
Tumblr media
summary: how would everyone react to muichiro outing your secret relationship? cw: none just fluff and very slight angst pairing: Muichiro x reader adittional tags: manga spoiler free, muichiro before ssv. word count: 1407
Tumblr media
When you and Muichiro started dating, you asked to keep the relationship secret. He didn't go against the idea, it's not like he was planning to tell anyone anyway. You were someone who Muichiro could never forget, however what he did forget is that your relationship was supposed to be a secret. It's not like he did care about who knew or not, it was nobody's business. But what he did care about was you, so he wanted to respect your wishes.
There were times where other people would hit on you, and in that moment Muichiro felt compelled to step in. How can people come up to you and flirt shamelessly like that? Don't they know that you're taken? Oh right.
When it was a demon slayer, he'd glare at them until they took the hint, not saying anything.
If it was a local from a village when you two are on a mission, then he'd tell them bluntly. You don't know them, so who cares. When you think he'd go too far, or risk your relationship being revealed, you'd nudge him with your elbow and glare at him. To that he replies with the softening of his features followed by a sigh.
At some point, when he was alone he started to wonder why the relationship had to be kept a secret. Should he not be able to express his love for you despite the public's opinion? He wanted demon slayers to stay away from you, and most importantly he wanted to be able to show simple gestures such as kissing your cheek. The most he could do was hold your hand in public, since you two were young no one thought much of it. For the first time(or so he thinks), he felt pure love and adoration for someone else. Is it wrong for him to want to express his innocent teenage love?
Of course, he forgot all those thoughts the next day.
There was a small celebration held by Mitsuri for her birthday, everyone she knew was invited. And god, she knew a lot of people. Muichiro would've forgot to come if it wasn't for you dragging him.
At the celebration, you wore such a cute outfit, maybe a little too cute. Muichiro felt an unknown flutter in his stomach, though he struggles to identify what he's feeling, he knows that his stomach feels tingly when he sees you. But this time it was more intense than ever. So, he subconsciously got a little too close to you — reaching to rest his hand around your waist. Which, unfortunately for him, you responded by moving away. He frowned at this.
"Muichiro, you shouldn't get too close, remember? People will find out we're dating." You whispered to him.
"....Sorry. You look pretty." He whispered back, making you blush.
Later, you and Muichiro were sitting at table with the hashira and the kamaboko squad. Everyone was having fun talking to eachother. You'd think that Muichiro would feel overwhelmed by the amount of people and loud noise, but he didn't mind it — considering the fact he finds Rengoku's loudness comforting. He wasn't really paying attention to the conversation, until Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, started to ask questions about you and Muichiro.
Of course, being the Lova pillar, Mitsuri has noticed how close you two were. She was a little dense though, not realizing you two were actually in love, she was just curious about it. The conversation snapped Muichiro back to reality.
"Say, you two are really close!! Are you dating?" Mitsuri asked excitedly. The thought of you and Muichiro dating made her heart burst! Young love, so cute!!
However, you who wanted to keep your relationship a secret, was about to decline that claim until-
"Yes, we are." Muichiro muttered on instinct.
Your eyes widened and a blush crept onto your face. While Mitsuri's smile widened.
"Muichiro!" You scream whispered at him, panicking and looking around not knowing what to do.
The others looked at you in shock, well instead of Inosuke who continued eating despite being confused on why everyone went silent.
"What? Oh, right." Muichiro looked at you confused, until he remembered the he just outed your relationship to everyone.
Needless to say, everyone was shocked that Muichiro, the Hashira who basically fuctioned like an emotionless puppet was dating someone. But his colleagues were happy for him, except for Giyuu and Obanai who didn't seem to have a reaction.
Rengoku was beyond happy, he's always been concerned about the younger pillar and took it upon himself to take care of him. He loudly congratulated you both on your relationship, which of course just outed your whole relationship to everyone at the party. Shinobu kept her soft smile and clapped, thinking it was adorable and also happy for you and the young pillar. Tengen was beyond shocked, and offered to give relationship advice to his colleague. Sanemi, also barely showed a reaction. A little shocked, sure. But he also felt a little concerned. Dating as demon slayers could be really hurtful. If one of you died during a mission, then what? He knew this from experience. He didn't say anything. He tried convincing himself he didn't care, but of course, he was too kind so subconsciously he'd start looking out for the both of you more. Someone who already knew about the relationship was Gyomei, who simply let out a smile and congratulated the two of you then let out a prayer for the safety and happiness to the future of your relationship. Mitsuri, who was showing the most reaction, was squirming and jumping the whole time, as if she had been proposed to.
Someone who didn't react so positively though was Zenitsu, his eyes were filled with scorn, almost shedding tears of jealousy towards the newly outted couple. How can someone like Muichiro score before him??? He let his jealousy be known; Tanjiro who was sitting next to him had to knock him out to not make the two of you uncomfortable. Speaking of Tanjiro, he felt relieved about Muichiro finding someone he loved. Yes, he'd definitely buy you and Muichiro a congratulation gift.
If you were to be overwhelmed by everyone's reaction, Muichiro would've taken notice of this and gladly take your hand then take you away to a quieter place. Though the people at the table would be confused seeing Muichiro drag you away.
As for the aftermath, Muichiro was so used to not showing any affection in public that he forgot that your relationship is NOT secret anymore... But, he definitely felt more comfortable to be able to be affectionate towards you.
Tumblr media
Do not repost
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honey-minded-hivemind · 5 months
Platonic Yandere duo rouge and Gambit and child that's from the future reader who's their future child
Ooooooo! Thank you, @surpiseadoption ! Okay, now that's a gold nugget! Let's see what I can do:
As members of the X-Men, strange was as normal to them as the sky being blue or Magneto showing up and causing trouble. Still, some things happened to surprise them, just... nothing like this before-
"Mama! Papa! You look younger! Oh! Hi Uncle Wolvie!" shouts a child, no older than six, who waves at them with the brightest smile and bright pink eyes. And suddenly their world became a lot weirder.
It turns out that this child is from the future. Their future. And is their child. It's shocking, not just because Rogue hasn't hasn't able to touch people due to her powers. How... how did she and the swamp rat get together? For Gambit, well... this petit is quite cute, and is a sure sign he and Rogue were made for each other. They both know (in a sixth sense sort of way) that they like each other. That they want to give it a try. But the fact they had a kid...
They didn't exactly think that far yet.
The child is sweet, running up to everyone and hugging their legs, asking to tag along with them (and following following anyways even if they said no), just doing their best to stay by them, talking about the smallest things to the gossip they overheard from the others and pulling them into games when they can... Yet it's kinda weird having a kid who insists they're married and in love-
"Sugah, why are ya tryin' ta give Gambit a kiss?"
"Cause you said if we gave him kisses, he'd turn into a prince, instead of a frog thief."
"... Uh-huh..."
"It's like that frog from the movie!"
"Well, he certainly IS as slimy as one..."
It's kinda cute, having a little tot trailing them. It's less funny when they set their clothes on fire with their powers.
"Petit, how'd ya daw this taw yaself?!"
"I got your splosions! 'M likea fireworwk!"
"Gambit's gonna be likea a dead man if he don't put ya out... Wait, get back here, bébé!"
Some of their teammates find it endearing, having a tyke running around. Wolverine and Storm especially like them, as they keep getting them involved in their schemes. Those schemes being to get the two of them together.
"Why'd ya say ya needed me in the kitchen, honey?"
"Cause I'm hungry, and yous make good food."
"Then why's he here?"
"He makes good food, too!"
"Just make the kid something ta eat, or they'll start to pickpocket everyone until they find something," Logan snorts, but pats Reader on the head before leaving.
"...Ya taught 'em ta pickpocket?"
"Yaw didn't?"
"No, I learned-ed it from Uncle Toawd!"
"...We need ta get ya better friends, sugah..."
"... Gambit agrees..."
They end up keeping Reader with one of them at all times, once they realize they don't have the best control of their power. Making explosions of light and energy isn't good if you're a six-year-old who falls every five minutes. They've lost count of how many times they've had to pick them up from the floor or grab them so so don't fall down the stairs. How did they ever manage to keep their- this child alive?!
Their problem comes when they disappear one day.
They woke up, hoping to find Reader sleeping with one of them, only to find their beds empty, with no giggling child waiting to hug them good morning. Their worry only grew as their friends and team couldn't find the kid, even the Professor using Cerebro and Wolverine using his senses couldn't find the kid... Their kid...
And when did it get to that? That that was THEIR kid? It hurts, that they're gone, likely back to their time...
But they DID do something...
They brought the two of them together.
And in a few years... maybe they'll be able to bring their kid into the world.... And this time... They aren't going to lose them. Their kid brought them together, and once they've gotten their bebe, they're going going be the best parents they can. That's their mon petit bébé, and they'll be d*mned if anything gets in the way of them coming back.
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bxd-decisions · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
#SUMMARY︙ What they do when they find a sex toy they were not supposed to know of
PAIRING︙ Keigo "Hawks" Takami x AFAB! reader + Touya "Dabi" Todoroki x AFAB!reader
GENRE︙ smut, headcanons
WARNINGS︙smut, fem bodied!reader, sex toys, flogging, sub!reader, dom!Hawks, dom!Dabi, mentions of sex. Let me know if I missed any please 🙃
AUTHORS NOTE︙Well, this is my first time writing for MHA so I hope it's okay :)
Tumblr media
He teased you a lot. The first time he found your sex toy, he was in the shower, and he saw it there. It was a dildo.
Just to be silly, he compared the size of the dildo to his own dick. He couldn't help but laugh when it was slightly bigger than him.
He waltz into the room, waving the toy around with a boyish grin on his face. A towel was covering his body.
"Look what I found…" he said in teasing tone, so teasing that you knew you were in touble.
You didn't exactly know how to respond other than standing there with blushed cheeks. "Uh…" you muttered, you were at a loss for words.
"Why do you have this when you got me, baby?" He questioned you, however he placed the dildo on your nightstand anyways before walking up to you and removing the towel from his stunningly handsome body.
"It's just… for when you're not here… I guess?" You questioned yourself. Was that the reason? Sounded about right.
Keigo let out a soft chuckle as he kissed down your sweet neck and sucked a few marks where he kissed, "How about you take off your clothes and I'll show you home much you don't need that thing… hm?" He whispered as he backed you up to the bed.
Tumblr media
◈ DABI ◈
He never knew you were onto flogging until he found one hiding in your closet. He was very surprised to find it to begin with.
However, the man couldn't help but let his mind wander to the many things he could do to you with that flogger.
Coming back from your shared bedroom, he found you lying on the couch… just wearing a shirt of his, what a pretty sight.
You didn't yet notice him, until you felt the cold leather being dragged along your skin of your legs, which made you jump a bit.
Upon seeing what he was holding, your eyes widened and a blush came upon your cheeks. You sat up, trying to grab the flogger from him, only for him to pull his arm away that was holding the leather, he chuckled.
"What do you think you're doing?" He purred at you. You gulped and just shrugged, "You… you weren't supposed to see that…" you anxiously bit onto your lower lip.
The things you thought of were vile, but at the same time, you craved it.
"How about we have some fun with it?" Dabi pushed you back down on the couch before lifting his shirt from your body, exposing your naked and beautiful body to him.
The smirk on his face told you everything you needed to know… it would be a long night for you.
Tumblr media
TAGS: @tokyometronetwork @benkeibear
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cho-aaacho · 6 months
(Don't) Tease Me!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tags : Fluff, Fluff and Humor, Comedy, Pranks, Kissing, Surprise Kisses, French Kiss, Teasing, Silly Geto, Mischievous Geto, Please pinch Geto's cheeks.
Summary : Aggressively exploited, with a fondness full of weak points, that's what he did.
Tumblr media
Some may consider you foolish, but Suguru is foolishness. 
You've never engaged in a serious argument with him. Because he is really annoying when he jumps into the argument. He effortlessly prevails, always striking you with a brilliant sentence that flows freely through his mind.
His sweet talking abilities, along with his beautiful features, are comparable to the sweet cotton candy that makes you lose in an argument with him. Probably a true master of manipulation since day one.
How many angels had he tricked, or how many poor souls had he manipulated, until this time? 
You can't even count. 
Suguru loved it when they fell from his tricks; the pleasure he derived from the agony of those poor souls was overwhelming. He would love to dance under their agonies in their twilight of despair.
His brain was always used for complex and strained thoughts, pouring forth mysterious ideas that transformed into poetic words under his warm palm.
One night, he was monologuing about his work and casually declaring it to the ceiling. 
"Satoru will be surprised if he finds out about this."
"I'll make a big surprise for my old friend, Satoru. He will see..."
"Uh, do you think Satoru will have a good expression when I come to Jujutsu High?"
And you were yelling at him. "Stop talking about Gojo-san. I thought you and him were enemies. Do you still care about that man? Funny."
Or you'll say.
"Next time, Suguru-kun. If you say something ridiculous again, I will make sure you won't wake up the next morning."
He responded playfully. "Oh, that's just my work project. Why are you so angry? Are you jealous?"
Of course, you are annoyed by his attitude. You hate his inconsistency irks. Although he promises to stop (monologue to the ceiling), he is still doing that whenever your eyes catch him. 
You try to calm yourself, keeping your revenge to yourself and your flame of anger against his behaviors.
Sometimes he responds to your criticism by placing a coupled cheek-pinching when Miguel is around, which makes him roll his eyes.
He found it interesting when he heard you scowl aggressively. He'll chuckle pleasantly, making you feel embarrassed when he says it. "I find you cute. Don't you dare show this to anyone else, okay?"
You want to punch him or teach him a good lesson because of his actions. Perhaps he simply enjoys witnessing your reaction, which amuses him more than the reactions of his followers.
Is there a chance you may defeat him in this game? Who knows.
Today, Suguru summoned you to the meeting room. He mentioned that he had something essential to convey. You always found the meeting room with the other members, like the twins. But this time, you only find Suguru.
Instead of telling you about the upcoming mission, he began telling jokes. Which makes you frustrated because it's unnecessary.
"Alright, I understand about the jokes. So, Suguru-kun, what should I do? You summoned me for the next mission."
He gave you an inviting glance and giggled. "Nothing. I just want to see your face."
"Do I sense a concern?"
He smiled. "We always have diverse perspectives. How about we conclude—"
"Oh, you're suggesting I get out of your group? Fine. I'll be out!"
"You've been so sensitive since morning; did I neglect your usual morning kiss?"
How can he say those words with a straight face? This guy needs a reality check! So ridiculous. You almost can't believe he's the special-grade sorcerer, and all of the sorcerers are afraid of him.
You sighed in frustration, hinting that you were done with him. But you have another idea: take revenge. Maybe... a little tease. It wouldn't hurt him.
"Suguru-kun, I'm sorry. But I need to do something."
You grab his collar into your grasp and kiss him, feeling his textured lips on yours, feeling his breath against your face, and smelling his peppermint from his mouth. 
Actually, it wasn't a forced kiss; it was a gentle kiss, but it was enough to make him gasp for air. He reached your shoulder and shut his eyes, trying to deepen the kiss as he pinned you on the floor.
His tongue enters your mouth, dancing sensually with yours. He counts your teeth, biting your lips gently. A smirk curls on his face, and you swiftly let go. 
You can hear Miguel laughing from outside, along with the twin's protests, and there is an unpleasant silence between you and Suguru, as well as a scarlet blush on his face.
"Oh. I didn't know you were a good kisser. What is that for? If it's a present to get me to stop talking, sorry, but that didn't work!"
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insertsomthinawesome · 6 months
Tumblr media
I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Okay so honestly I have been very very inconsistent over the years with just disappearing for periods of time due to various things 😂 So it probably seemed pretty normal to most people.
But it felt different on my side, so I'm excited to be back in business. I took a month long hiatus! 31 days of not drawing digital art. Its not something I talk about on here? But I've been suffering from some serious long term Art Burnout for.... a really really long time. Long enough that I should've taken a break probably years ago. It finally got so bad that I could barely draw. I was scared to do it (cause it always looked "bad" in my eyes [i'll come back to that]) and doing it was exhausting and disheartening.
I talked it over with somebody and realized that the fear and anger and frustration I felt towards my own artwork was uh. Not Normal or Healthy. And I finally committed to taking a real break for once.
I still drew a little bit by hand? Traditional art has always felt like it has lower stakes for me (i don't often share it online, and sometimes I don't even share it with friends) so I did some of that when I felt like it. But Digital art was completely off the table.
I had put such an immense pressure on myself to make my digital art perfect, to make as much of it as quickly as possible to satisfy something. It wasn't fun anymore. I'm proud of what i've made over the years! But for a long time now the stuff I've been making was made while hating every second of making it. With some rare exceptions.
I hated my art! It was a combination of Perfectionism, taking in too many external expectations, and the burnout. If you hate doing something its kinda hard to love it even when you want too lol. It wasn't "Bad" in the sense that the quality was low and it was ugly! It was "Bad" in the sense that it was unhealthy for me to keep doing it at that point in time.
I'm glad to report though, that with my hiatus officially over as of Wednesday last week: I am once again. In Love. With doing art, and being an artist :)
I put off taking a break for years cause I was scared that taking a break would mean that I would never achieve all the things I wanted to do with art. I was scared it was a stupid and lazy thing to do that would mean I'd never achieve my dreams. And Also even though I kinda hated drawing, I also loved making art. Its a weird duality that I can't even really explain??? I hated it but I also loved it. I wanted it but I also wanted to run from it. It wasn't until I was more mature and had more clarity and insight (and unfortunately also until the problems got worse) that I was finally able to let go of those fears and just do it.
And I'm really really glad I did. It was everything I needed. And I hope to strike a better balance in the future with art. Taking more breaks when I need them, or just when other things have my attention like reading or Video games (Some star rail got played during this time xD)
From the outside things probably aren't going to be that different?? At this point I don't really have any sure plans to post anything I've been drawing since my Hiatus ended. I might or I might not xD I'm still a hobbyist artist taking things at her own pace, but I hope that it shows how much happier I am :)
Whumptober 2023 is being officially put to rest by this post btw! I was in major burnout when that event started, and I'm ready to just, move on from all the past expectations I'd shoved on my shoulders. If I feel like filling any of the prompts or going back to any of the ideas I'd come up for it I will! But I'm not going to worry about doing it unless the desire sets in. Thanks to everybody who's been so kind to me throughout my time on here as an artist! Ya'lls tags and screaming and kind words, the fanfic, the asks and the responses? Its been fantastic :) You guys have made me laugh, smile, and cry tears of joy. I hope from here that things only get better and sweeter! And if I have bad days again, that's okay too.
Here's to 2024 and whatever it may bring ya'll :D 🎉🎉✨✨🧡💜
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strawberrylabs · 1 year
Can you do a Larry Johnson X reader with ADHD, Fluff story
(A bit more info abt me: I have style my hair in an Afro with bangs just above my eyebrow which is dyed black, I’m black but with light skin, I curse a lot and I’m usually seen as loud or childish, and I’m an ENTP)
And can it be in a setting where we go out to an arcade or smth?
Please and tysm!!
Arcade Date!
Larry Johnson x Adhd!reader
Im so so sorry for how long this took! Tumblr keeps eating my posts and I didn’t realise this one had been eaten too until today ;-; this should’ve been posted months ago </3
Anyways! Technical issues aside! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Fuck yeahh!! Beat that score Larry!”
“You’ve gotta be cheating! There's no way you beat my score! Sal! You’re with me right? Y/n’s cheatin!”
Said blue haired male looks at the two lovers hunched over the game as he sips on a slushy. 
He doesn’t know why he’s here. He knew you guys were going on a date, he just had to make sure you two behave and don’t kill anyone. He now regrets his decision.
“Uh.. soooo… Im gonna go over here”
“Hey- Sal! Get back here, don't walk away! You gotta help me beat y/n and their freakish hyperfocus!” Larry calls after his best friend before turning to face you, who was still clicking away at the game, unblinking.
“No fair! I didn’t know you hyperfixated on this game recently! You have ADHD superpowers!”
You chuckle
“Actually, I told you about it last week- Yeah! Beat the score again!”
Larry groans as he grabs your hand and drags you away from the machine.
“Alright! Next game! This time I’m gonna beat your ass!”
“Oh yeah? Not if I beat your ass first! I’m a pro gamer, you don’t stand a fucking chance!” You proclaim loudly, causing a startled mother to cover her child's ears and glare at you for your use of profanities.
“Oops.. sorry” You give a little apology wave as Larry laughs at you
You punch his arm lightly before making your way to a claw machine.
“Come on man these things are rigged!” Larry protests as you fish out your coins from your pocket.
“What, are you that bad at a silly game?” You tease him as you insert the coin.
You try your hardest to grab a little alien plush in the middle, but even when you grab it, it drops as soon as the claw lifts it into the air.
You groan
“This thing is so rigged!” Larry laughs at you again.
“Told you dude! Let me try” Larry lightly pushes you away to try win the alien plush.
After way too many attempts, and lots of money spent on the claw machine, Larry manages to hook the claw on the tag of the alien.
You both gasp and you grab Larry’s arm as the claw moves to the slot in the corner, waiting with held breaths.
When the alien drops in the prize box you both scream and start jumping while pushing each other back and forth, earning you some strange looks from people nearby.
“Yes! You did it!” You laugh
“That I did. I believe you owe me an apology” Larry grins at you
“Ugh, fine. Maybe you’re not as crappy at games as I thought.” 
Satisfied, Larry grabs out the alien and looks at you before handing it over.
“For you, milady” He dramatically bows while putting on a silly accent.
You laugh “You’re so cliche”
He stands up straight and smiles as he pulls you into him for a hug.
You both freeze as you hear a camera shutter.
“Nice, can’t wait to show this to the rest of the gang.” 
You turn around to see Sal standing there with his phone, pointing it at the two of you.
“Sal! You prick! Give me that phone!”
“Dammit Sal! Get back here!”
You and Larry proceed to chase a laughing Sal around the arcade before the three of you are told to leave by the employees.
“This is why I can’t let you two go anywhere unsupervised.” Sal tuts
“Excuse you! If you hadn’t taken that photo, we wouldn’t have been kicked out!” Larry nods his head at your statement
“I have no idea what you're talking about.”
“Sal don’t gaslight us!” 
 Cue you and Larry yet again chasing Sal back to the apartments.
Little did you know, Sal posted the photo, and a video of you two chasing him to a group chat with the gang.
Sally Face: *1 photo and 1 video* Yeah, they’re definitely made for each other.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed it!
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sehodreams · 7 months
character version, not irl riize boys. MTL to post revenge porn of you after a breakup
TW and tags: smut, cheating, p in v, oral sex (male receiving), nudes, extortion, noncon, dark!Riize, if you don't like it just scroll.
Hehehehe this is what I'm talking about
Wonbin is a son of a bitch, he would upload videos he took of you without noticing, too drunk on his cock, wearing costumes, everything. He had a little folder on his computer, and you trusted him, he was your precious boyfriend, how could you not?
Well, after he cheated on you you decided to break up with him, and after two days of him begging, without a warning, he had uploaded all the material to a porn site and sent the link to everyone you knew through a different phone number.
"Please help me get more followers!" He had wrote in every text, as if you were the one sending them.
Sohee is also a resentful bitch, he begged you with tears on his eyes to go back together, but you had enough of his lies, he had a problem, and you didn't have the time or energy to keep forgiving him. So, after much begging, he told you he had pictures of you, and you didn't believe him, thinking it was another of his numerous lies.
Well, it wasn't.
Your parents received photos of you naked, showing your boobs to the mirror with the captions saying "send money and I'll show you more", getting completely disappointed of you.
You told them it was a fake, that you had never done something like that, but they didn't believe you, your mother recognized your little mole next to your ribcage, and when they told you to leave them a moment alone, you received a text, "it feels bad when no one believes you uh?"
Seunghan texted you everyday after you broke up, and after many days, when he was drunk, he told you to meet and have a quick fuck. You told him he was crazy and that you were going to block his number, but when you were about to he sent you a short video, only 15 seconds, and when you opened you couldn't help but tremble. There were you, on his bed, with your open legs, begging him to fuck you.
"There's more from where that came from, you were such a good bitch, what happened to you?" He asked you.
You had no option but to go and meet him to have the quick fuck he wanted, and many more after that, until one day after threatening so much and you got exhausted of his game, he really did upload them.
Anton was so disappointed of you after you left him to live and study in another city, he had tried to talk to you, telling you how much he loved you and that you could try to be a long distance couple, but you didn't want to, you had to give your all to your career, just like you did to him when you were together.
How could he not recognize that? You always gave the best of you, when you sucked his cock you'd always maintain eye contact and let him cum on your mouth, or when you rode him you'd let him grab your gorgeous boobs, moving with you and your determination.
He couldn't stop you, he knew how much you gave to what you loved, and now everyone would see it too!
He had to share those memories, because maybe like that, with proof, you'd realize how much you both loved each other and you'd go back to him!
Eunseok would never share your pictures, they, and you, were his property, only for him. But maybe, if others paid for it, he could share them. He had told you before you broke up that all that would be useful one day, and you had just laughed thinking it was a joke, but was it really?
Sungchan is bad with pictures and it wouldn't cross his mind to share the little material he had.
Shotaro is always a good guy, sorry 🥴
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