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zzzeddd25 2 months
He鈥檚 so smol 馃
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belovastroia 2 months
i watched Pearl today and before watching - i knew that Pearl was obsessed with percection - i thought that i'll actually relate to her (because i relate nina sayers and amy dunne and tonya harding in a way) and love her obsession with percection, maybe a new personality will come. at the end i was like "hell nah there's no way i'm not that crazy. at least i hope so."
give mia goth an oscar!
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greatcandytimetravel 5 months
Freaks; chapter 19. And the beginning of chapter 20. In a nutshell
Spoiler warning
Y\n: toby hasn't done and can do no wrong. He is a sweet ( and clingy ) little cinnamon brat
toby; brutally murders a old couple with a smile on his face
Y\n: .....
Y\n clearly traumatized
\ the next day \
Y\n: okay so maybe he's a bit fucked up BUT-
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the-moons-ace-card 5 months
This is the ship dynamic ever
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smzeszikorova 5 months
Sverlyn Kjovra (I promise this is the last one for tonight):
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 also a Drosilian soldier, and one of Aorin鈥檚 best friends from college. Smiles to hide the pain. Literally the most adorable person in existence. Could kill you, but probably won鈥檛 unless you majorly piss him off.
Age: 22
Height: 5鈥7, about, but his hair makes him look slightly taller than Catherine.
Magic: Yes :)
Pronouns: He/him
Country of Birth: Pemoki
Religion: Kvotji
Random Skills: Interior decorating, simultaneously being the most socially aware and socially inept person in the room at all times.
Quote: 鈥淚 want someone to cuddle me, and nobody鈥檚 doing it!鈥
Don鈥檛 Mention: The unpaid bills sticking out of his junk drawer.
Stuff He Hates: Emotional vulnerability, gaslighting, savory food, his parents, mean-spirited people, Alan Winson. He also hates Levi, but if Sverlyn had to pick one person to douse in boiling water, it鈥檇 be Winson, no hesitation.
Stuff He Loves: Yellow and purple as a color combo, sunflowers, scented candles, interior decorating, flirting with cute guys, baking cookies, shoving said cookies into the mouths of his friends without warning, social events.
Crimes He鈥檇 Commit If You Paid Him: He鈥檚 pretty much in the same boat as Aorin on this one.
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xiiiwayfinders 2 years
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I made a thing
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mixedfandomer 11 months
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New alignments just dropped
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the-cinnamon-snail 2 years
Tumblr media
Looks innocent enough. He isn't.
He is just black and brown. Nothing much to him, but I like the simplicity. I was thinking a name for him could be Brandy. That's all there is.
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rpg-memes 1 year
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catratfun 2 years
Cats are the definition of Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
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incorrect-pearlina 2 years
Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Marina
Looks like it can kill you but, is actually a cinnamon roll: Pearl
Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a killer: Callie
Looks like it can kill you, and actually is a killer: Marie
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spectral-honey 5 months
AU where Jason gets his revenge by becoming a lawyer and getting joker sentenced to the death penalty
Bruce is conflicted about it but any time he tries to say anything on the subject Alfred just talks over him like "oh we're so proud of you master Jason you finished college and you didn't even use your father's extensive resources that could've easily gotten someone in this family a degree aren't we so proud master Bruce that Jason got himself a respectable profession--"
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ewelshiestudio 1 month
Tumblr media
A trio of cougars (or I guess 4 if you count the kitten.) A fun little group of studies
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ariadnesweb 5 months
it is canon that:
Noelle would mercilessly grind her Catz to get the right combination, eliminating all Catz that strayed from her path
Noelle has a morbid curiosity, and it gives her the determination to see scary and messed up things, like videogame creepypastas, despite her emotional response to cry and fear
I conclude that:
Noelle could complete an Undertale No Mercy route
Noelle would stream her No Mercy Playthrough and be an instant hit, because everytime someone dies, Noelle spends 5 minutes grieving the person she just killed
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candymothster 6 months
Tumblr media
Finally posting some art.
This is L0ft, my MGRR OC. i promise you she isn鈥檛 this scary, she鈥檚 actually baby. I鈥檒l properly post lore for her鈥 some day when i remover it. but for now. I hope you enjoy!
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thejadecount 12 days
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I had a vision
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