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marauderswolf22 · 1 day
there's no valentine's without Remus okay?
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regulvskin · 2 days
jegulus at james’s home
*regulus staring at his dark mark*
james: hello??
regulus: sorry… you know your family makes me feel warm, i wish my parents were like this, but cause of them i am suffering…
james: that’s why you are here, you need to know what love is, and if you let me do that i swear i will be the happiest man on earth
regulus: *holds james’s hand while a shy smile is on his face*
sirius: *at remus* ok i love them
remus: aw same
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alexsays-no · 26 days
They are a menace...
Tumblr media
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4remus · 2 months
why did i just come across a post saying “the marauders fandom can’t decide if remus has his auto caps on or not”….??? THIS WAS UNDER DISCUSSION?????? he uses lowercases ONLY like every other homosexual…
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Regulus : I have a solution
James : Thank Merlin
Regulus : It involves homocide
Sirius & James at the same time: Hell yes
Remus : Fuck no
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sklaastrn · 9 months
Sirius: So how did you guys know that you were gay?
Regulus: Remus
James: Remus
Sirius: Remus
Remus: …
Sirius: Woah Moony, you made us all gay
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xflattery · 10 months
Tumblr media
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“slut slut slut” i chant into the mirror. and there he appears behind me. sirius orion black.
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mooningoverthestars · 20 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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starsval · 1 month
young!Remus Lupin x f!reader( just she/her pronouns)
sumary: remus taking care of his girlfriend when she's drunk
word count: 0,9k
warnings: reader being drunk, mentions of killing(as a joke, like "he's gonna kill me"), mentions of previous sex.
a/n: I don't really like how this turned out but anyway.
Staring at the ceiling with you
Oh, you don't ever say too much
Tumblr media
"You're being bossy" You tell Remus, who's dragging you to the bathroom.
"And you're drunk, and not listening to me" He frowns in concentration as he makes you get inside and locks the door behind him. 
"When do I listen to you?" You ask him, you grin as you practically stumble towards him to hug him. 
"Well, you're pretty obedient when we're fuc-" You can feel his lips curving up as you cover his mouth with your hand. 
"Shut up" You look away, flustered. 
He takes your hand out of his face and you let it fall to your side. He strokes your cheek and jaw with his knuckles, looking at you like you're the best you've ever had. 
And you are. He thinks.
"What? Why can't you listen to me now?" He smiles, still touching your face. 
You sigh, trying to hold his gaze. But it's so hard. He's looking at you, he's really looking at you. 
"What? You're nervous, love?" He smiles even more. 
"Shut up" You take his hand away from your face and grab it as you put your face in his chest, inhaling his smell. 
"Come on, you're drunk, be a lovely girlfriend and let your lovely boyfriend take care of you"
"You're not lovely" You look up at him, with your arms around his waist. And he looks offended. 
"What do you mean not lovely?" He frowns, his smile completely gone. 
"You're bossy"
"You didn't seem to care about that last night" He says, smiling a bit. 
"Shut up" You tell him, with your face in his chest again. "And I'm not even that drunk. I'm having a really good conversation with you"
"You're only telling me to shut up and that I'm bossy, which I'm not" He clarifies. "And you're that drunk, you bumped into Sirius and said Shit, sorry Snape. I got you out of there before he could hex you or something”
You laugh at that, proving that you're that drunk. "He's gonna kill me" 
"He won't, I wouldn't let him" You look up at him, smiling. "Now let's go" He pulls you away and turns to the door to unlock it. 
"Admit that you're bossy" He turns to see you standing in the middle of the bathroom, waiting for him to say it. 
He looks sceptical when he talks. "Will you let me take you to your room if I do"
"Of course" You tell him, like it's the most obvious thing in the world. 
"I'm a little bossy" He mumbles, and you smile. 
"A little?" You laugh, but grab his hand and walk out of the bathroom. "I'll take it"
He smiles when he notices you're going in the wrong direction, so he leads you to your room. 
"What do you think Snape would do if I called him Sirius?" You ask Remus, still holding his hand while walking in an empty hall. 
"Please don't do that" He says, but you can tell that he's smiling. 
"I feel like he would get so offended, like, would insult all my family or some shit like that" 
"You would hurt his and Sirius' egos" 
"I think it's worth trying" You look at him. 
"Please don't, I don't want to lose you" He tells you, walking up the stairs to your room. 
"Okay" You say, softly, watching his profile as he opens the door "But just because of you" 
He smiles as he looks at you laying on your bed. 
"I like it" You say when he lays next to you, staring at the ceiling. 
"What?" He looks away from the ceiling to look at you. 
"When you're bossy, it's hot" He smiles, mentally reminding himself to talk about this when you're not drunk. 
"Then why won't you listen?" 
"Because then you get mad, and it's even hotter" You confess, closing your eyes. 
"I'm gonna mock you for this when you're sober"
"That's exactly what a lovely boyfriend would do" You say, but smile, too drunk to care. 
"You know what you said yesterday? " Remus asks you as you sit next to him at the Great Hall. 
"What?" You say, scared as you drink water to get rid of the headache. 
"That you like when I'm bossy" He smiles, and he can tell by the look in your eyes that you know where this is going. 
"Don't" You tell him, trying to get the embarrassment away from your body. 
"And when I get mad" He smiles even more when you look away. "But I don't remember why"
You're about to tell him to shut up when Sirius sits in front of you, clearly mad and offended. 
"Did you call me Snape last night?" He asks, waiting for an answer so he can do something about it. 
Too tired to do anything to excuse yourself, you look at Remus, waiting for his help. But he just smiles, and gives you a look, still waiting for his answer. 
You sigh and lean into him, whispering in his ear. "Because you're hot, and I kinda like when you make fun of me, y'know? It's also hot" You lean back and look at him, smiling like you didn't just confess that. 
He smiles even more when he talks to Sirius, who's looking at you, very confused. 
"I don't think she did, but I think it's the hair, you kinda look like him from the back" Sirius eyes' wide at the information and he suddenly gets up. 
"James, I need your help!"
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blackbrothersquotes · 7 months
James: Sometimes I wonder if Remus and Reggie are okay.
Remus: Sometimes I get the overwhelming desire to eat two thirds off a brick
Regulus, fascinated: What do you do with the other third
Remus: Feed it to my pet dog, Sirius
Sirius: What in the actual fuck
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marauderswolf22 · 11 hours
Wolfstar: *happy existing during Valentine's Day*
Sirius: you go brother!
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steggymus · 1 month
Tumblr media
here, have this remus lupin doodle as a treat
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soleil-black · 21 days
Crimson rivers characters are like
Remus "be gay, do crime" Lupin
Regulus "be gay, follow the rules mercilessly. Except, I make and execute the rules. Break them and I'm coming for your hand. Or life." Black
Sirius "I'm gay. Gay means fabulous, right?" Black
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secretacount · 14 days
Tumblr media
Ok so I finished Atyd.. when am I going to be mentally well again?
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im-not-cannon · 2 months
You can not tell me this did not happen
Black Brothers: Playing sad french music, while drunk, and touring the wardrobes they were trapped in at Grimmauld place. Sirius: Remember when mother left me in there for like the whole summer?? *laughs Regulus: oh yea she made me sit in there when you got into Gryffindor!*laughs too Sirius: we never figured out where the blood-curling screams came from... James & Remus: WTF
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