#that my opinion anyway you don’t have to agree
bcacstuff · 1 day
Thing is no matter what the fandom is or something else, there are always going to be people who’s opinions you don’t agree with. Doesn’t mean you berate and bully them. If you accept that others have differing opinions it’s much easier. You have the self awareness to back away. But the other people in the world don’t see it that way and no matter how hard you try you’ll never explain that to them. If you try you’re just stopping to their level.
I haven’t been around from the beginning but I’ve already left twitter. Tbh it wasn’t the fighting, mind you I did see some of that. It was the OVER THE TOP, sucking up, complete and utter obsession and he can do no wrong attitude. I couldn’t stand it any longer. 😝😝 Plus the sexual, degrading way some women speak about him. I wouldn’t choose these people in my personal life, why subject myself to them online.
Here on Tumblr I’ve figured out who is worth following and who isn’T. The list is not big of normal decent blogs. Is it so hard to speak kindly to someone, even if they are acting ridiculous?
Thing is, you can always agree to disagree, but that shouldn't prevent people to have a decent and adult discussion. If that is the case, it prevents you from broadening your view on things and feed an open mind.
The OTT praising always makes me feel a little weak in the knees and sometimes nauseous (not in a good way). And the countless times I read that 'he's so cute' and 'so adorable' makes me shake my head and wonder if they're talking about a 3yo toddler or a 42yo actor. But it is exactly a number of these women that are the ones that defend and excuse him endlessly to any degree. A number, not all of them. But they're usually the loudest ones.
Not only to fans with other opinions or less obsessive views, or should I say more sane opinions or views on things, but even to his co-star CB they're rude and their common sense goes completely out of the window. Just the other day, when news about CB as a guest on the Grilled live event was announced, I had a number of Anons asking why S was not invited. Just because one of the chefs was on MiK. They didn't ask me why Graham wasn't invited!!
And that's just perhaps an innocent example, I've seen much vile ones. And not only S fans, thinking he's snubbed or left out or disadvantaged for some unclear reason, I've seen it the other way around too. It's literally a bunch of school children fighting at the schoolyard sometimes. To the point that it gets embarrassing.
Again, I don't think that is the largest group, but the loudest for sure. And because of their loudness they imagine they're the largest group and the best fans ever. Truth is, I think the group that left quietly and turned their back on things has outgrown them meanwhile by far. I wonder if they realize that.
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lemonhemlock · 2 days
Hey! 👋 I don’t know if you have TikTok, but I do and whenever a HOTD vid comes on my FYP, I always see all these comments blaming Otto for the Dance. It is so annoying. I won’t deny that Otto played a big part in it, but it wasn’t his fault. People blame Otto, Rhaenyra, Alicent, and Aemond for the Dance, but I never see anyone blame the dude whose fault it actually was: ‼️VISERYS‼️The Dance is a direct consequence of his action, or rather his inaction.
1. Naming Rhaenyra heir. He apparently does this because Daemon was a bad heir and he felt guilty about killing Aemma. But in the books, when Aemma dies, he is 28 years old. Pretty young, even for medieval times. He knew he’d most likely have to remarry. He knew that the chance of having a son with his new wife was high. So why not just put up with Daemon’s bullshit for a couple years until he has a son? Aegon is born in 107 AC, literally two years after Aemma dies. If he hadn’t named her heir, the Dance wouldn’t have happened.
2. Not doing anything else. So he names Rhaenyra heir and does nothing else. He broke years of tradition and then just sat on his ass. He didn’t try to make a new law or anything. In my opinion, he should have codified the idea that the firstborn would inherit regardless of gender. I think it would have been much easier to make it a widespread thing instead of making Rhaenyra the exception. By the time he died, no one would have batted an eye at her ascending the throne and Viserys would actually be the ✨feminist king✨ Team Black thinks he is.
3. Remarrying. So, he’s a 28 year old widower when he names Rhaenyra heir. He knows people will probably be hounding him to remarry. He knows that if he remarries, he might have a son with his second wife. He knows that if he has a son with his second wife, people will think that this son is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. So just don’t remarry. Then Rhaenyra, as his only child, would be the only option to take the throne.
4. Not marrying them to each other. I hate to argue for incest, but they were Targs lol. After Alicent gave him 3 kids and he saw how shit was going down, he should have married Rhaenyra and Aegon. There is a 10 year age difference in the books, and it was said that they disliked each other, but that would still be preferable to a war that killed thousands.
The fact that he caused the Dance is just one of the many reasons I hate him. Anyways sorry for the rant 😌
Hi, Reina! I do have TikTok and I enjoy using it, but it's not a fandom account and I mainly use it like a normal person to collect recipes, hacks, short makeup reviews and funny animal content. I haven't been on in a couple of months though since I've been spending more time here. I am a bit wary that I'm going to get a lot of HOTD/ASOIAF clips with annoying takes.
I basically agree with all your points lol. :))
The fact that he remarried SO quickly and impregnated his new wife is so strange. That can't NOT be deliberate, I mean??? It's not like he had lost all hope of producing another son. It's so illogical. This kind of thing never would have happened IRL - Henry I only named Matilda his heir after her brother died and only until he managed to get himself a son, but that never happened and Matilda quite logically remained his only option. I think we're supposed to believe it's an emotional reaction in-universe, but, yes, it would have been much more measured to just give Alicent a chance to birth a son lol.
So, see, this is where I don't really know what he could have done to keep Rhaenyra as heir in the context of her having brothers, because this never would have been a conversation in 12th Century England. And I'm not a medievalist, so I have limited knowledge on how enforceable this supposed edict of Viserys' could have been. Medieval law adoption and enforcement is a mess and I'm not qualified to speak on it with any degree of authority, other than to point out that 'feudalism' (a term many historians take issue with anyway), in its very simplified form, implies a struggle for power between king and vassals. If this new law proved to be unpopular and the lords refused to carry it out, what would happen then? Is a law really a law if you cannot enforce it or is it just words written on a piece of paper? What exactly are the conditions via which some arbitrary rule stops being a theoretical concept and becomes an actual law? (I'm sure scholars of law and philosophy could have a field day debating these questions). All of this, should, of course be integrated in the kind of political system Westeros seems to be: the King only disposes of the Crownlands + Dragonstone* as his own personal fiefdom - militarily and resource-wise it doesn't seem to be much - and probably relies on levies collected and surrendered by vassals. The Lords Paramount are very powerful, dispose of military might and wealth, and can pose a lot of problems if they decide to rebel. As others have already pointed out, Westeros is not an absolute monarchy, however much people like to throw around that term. The Lords disagreeing with this huge change in the political and social landscape should be a very serious problem. As I keep pointing out, the historical inspiration King Henry I had his nobles swear oaths for Matilda twice, once in 1127 and once in 1131 (he died in 1135) and that still wasn't enough. I think that if the solution were as simple as "just pass a law lol", Henry would have implemented it. But it took until Queen Mary I for England to have a ruling female monarch - so nearly 400 years later.
I think the re-marrying can be explained away as Viserys needing a few extra heirs beside Rhaenyra, in case something happened to either him or his daughter. Which I can accept, but you can't eat your cake and have it, too, here. You gotta pick one: either stick with Rhaenyra and make her produce more heirs OR remarry and produce more heirs yourself. Not both.
So, yeah, people should blame Viserys for this mess, but they don't want to because Paddy gave a stellar performance that pulled at their heartstrings, so now he's father of the year and a peaceful king.
*How much wealth Dragonstone generates would actually be an interesting, if separate, discussion. Stannis doesn't seem to have a lot in the main series and feels very slighted because Robert chose to give Storm's End to Renly instead - the Stormlands appear to be the richer kingdom here. However, if I remember correctly, the worldbook states that the Targaryens became quite wealthy on Dragonstone when they moved there due to trade?
Dragonstone had been the westernmost outpost of Valyrian power for two centuries. Its location athwart the Gullet gave its lords a stranglehold on Blackwater Bay, and enabled both the Targaryens and their close allies, the Velaryons of Driftmark (a lesser house of Valyrian descent), to fill their coffers off the passing trade. Velaryon ships, along with those of another allied Valyrian house, the Celtigars of Claw Isle, dominated the middle reaches of the narrow sea, whilst the Targaryens ruled the skies with their dragons.
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cupcake-complains · 3 months
I constantly forget that Kentucky is a state. It sounds made up. Literally the only thing they’ve ever contributed is their fried chicken and you know what. Since Hawaiian pizza isn’t from Hawaii, KFC might not even be from Kentucky. Who knows. Google and Wikipedia could be lying.
(Also check out the tags for a cool, slightly profanity-filled essay (read: rant) on abortion)
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starbuck · 4 months
for the record, reblogging a post and then immediately making a post afterwards to clarify that your opinion on the matter is actually slightly different than the op’s is kind of a dick move, but, on the other hand, it’s SIGNIFICANTLY less annoying than laying out your disagreements in the TAGS! that i can SEE!!!!!!!
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harryshouseparty · 3 months
very interesting to see a post i made get contorted into a “this is why she left” example
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animationhermit · 3 months
Long personal vent/rant sorry if I come off too rude I didn’t mean to-
Ahh I don’t understand why soudam is even a thing…..😔
Like please I don’t hate ya for shipping it but it’ll never make sense to me. Yeah they have a bit in common cuz they both hide behind facades, but other than that they blatantly just insult each other because they genuinely don’t understand where the other is coming from. I’m sorry but I really can’t see Kaz coming to a point where he understands and likes/loves Gundham enough for a long lasting relationship. And on Gundham’s side where are any of you getting that he’d ever be interested in Kaz at all? Please explain that to me. There’s not one instance in which they’re nice to each other /seem attracted, even in extra stuff like UTDP. I firmly believe that it just wouldn’t be a good relationship. Just cuz Kaz seemed a little curious about the devas in the anime doesn’t mean anything to me. But by all means I don’t hate ya, I’m not going to tell you to DNI, I just want to agree to disagree.
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artsy-dreamer · 3 months
…gonna answer that anon ask in the tags of this post
#because if I’m being honest… I don’t think I can bear to have the actual ask on my blog 😅#…but anyway 👍 just because brotps are important to me doesn’t mean I think#that romantic relationships aren’t important… I’m not saying everyone has to see#certain relationships in the same way I do- not at all! it’s fine if you don’t personally#agree with all my opinions- everyone is gonna see things differently and have#different likes and dislikes and all that… as long as we respect each other’s opinions#and don’t harass people for having different opinions or any of that nonsense#that being said I do like ships I just don’t post them on main- I have a sideblog for that#some of my mutuals aren’t really into shipping and I want them to be comfortable here and all that#some pairs I prefer platonically and some I prefer romantically and not everyone will agree#which is fine I just wanna be free to enjoy what I like… though one thing I can agree with#is that you don’t really have to care about canonicity if you don’t want to#you don’t have to ship something even if it’s canon- not everyone wants to have ships anyway#and if a ship isn’t canon- even if it has ZERO chance of being canon- you can still ship it if you want#it’s all fiction anyway and fandom is about having FUN! and that’ll look different for everyone#love canon? have fun with it! don’t love canon? throw it out and do what you want!#love ships? that’s cool! don’t love ships? that’s cool too! as long as everyone’s having fun#personally I just REALLY love platonic content and I’m a big advocate for it#cuz ships are cool and all but fandom is FLOODED with them and it’s hard to find#good platonic content when you want it a lot of the time… and not everyone is#comfortable with shipping- and non-shippers deserve to enjoy fandom too!#anyway uhhh… yeah 😅 I guess I had a lot to say about that one
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there’s a thin line between being like a haha funny little hater and being an insufferable awful cunt
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andi-is-bored · 7 months
I’m completely sure that fanfiction is not good for my mental health.
But here’s the thing, if i didn’t have fanfiction, would my mental health be even worse?
No it would probably be better, but i don’t really care. Reading about characters from Harry Potter or something being gay and in love at all hours of the day is probably not very healthy, especially for my eyes.
But you know what? I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck!
Cause it makes me happy reading about gay people falling in love! Why do you think i loved Heartstopper so much? So yeah, those are my thoughts right now, hope you enjoyed.
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dwc-jamc-spn · 1 year
um. do *ahem* ✨certain✨ ✨people✨ not understand that destiel isn’t about sex?
when we say we ship destiel or we want destiel to be canon, that does not mean we want to see Dean and Castiel having sex on screen. it just doesn’t.
i mean sure. some destiel shippers definitely want to see it, but the majority of us literally just want hunter husband content. we want the bickering, the exasperation that comes from loving a special kind of dumbass, the petty little pranks they’d pull on each other—all of that kind of stuff. no sex. we just want Dean and Castiel going on hunts and calling each other babe. that’s. it. we want representation.
it’s problematic that *ahem* ✨certain✨ ✨people✨ equate destiel and destiel shippers with sex. it radiates a certain kind of hate that has no place in this fandom.
#destiel#destiel shippers#literally 90% of the people I’ve ever talked to have never even wanted a sex scene between Dean and Castiel#because sex is not the fucking point of destiel. it’s not and to say it is? gross.#you lose brownie point if you think that wanting destiel to be canon/shipping destiel = wanting to see sex scenes/just sex in general#and yes. those certain people are exactly who you think I’m talking about.#also those certain people include the CW producers and writers.#they’ve produced and written some of the most homophobic shit I’ve ever seen and it’s disgusting#anyway. yeah.#THESE NEXT TAGS ARE JUST MY OPINION OKAY you don’t have to agree#and honestly handholding is the most of any blatant romantic physical affection I would even want to see.#clap on the back? yes. arm slung over Cas’s shoulder? give that to me yes. shoulder/arm squeeze of reassurance? i melt for that shit.#but hand holding is the farthest I would even want to see on screen.#i guess basically what I want is destiel to be recognized and shown in little moments of affection but not in my face?#idk if that makes sense. like I want it to be alluded to that they sleep in the same bed and they go on dates?#but (this is gonna sound so wrong but I don’t mean it that way) but I don’t want to see the really romantically intimate moments?#idek how to explain it but I want it to be easy to mistake they’re not dating to outsiders? but they 100% are#and they’re 210% in love and that is obvious to Sam and Jack and Charlie and Claire and Jody and everyone who’s close to them#disclaimer: don’t like this post? it wasn’t meant for you. ignore it.
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buthappysoverrated · 8 months
Okay I’m not vagueing anyone I’m just glad I never say any of my hot takes online and just don’t interact with people
But also I thought when people say they’re not here for fandom drama then they’re not? And people can just have different opinions and not, idk, declare war? Anyways I’m going back to my revising fandom discourse is much less interesting than my major
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sophism · 1 year
I hate the way that tumblr has evolved to be like: people will post a personal opinion of theirs which is just that - a personal opinion - that generally sends no invitation to anyone else to interact with, but the nature of it being online makes people assume it’s free game and the only anon feature makes it so easy for people to jump down inboxes to yell about how they disagree with you (even tho… 9/10 times nobody cared about your opinion to ask for it) and they’ll try to start a fight about a discussion OP didn’t even want to have. Also oftentimes they’re attacking people for not posting in a way that’s not aligned with how they post on social media - like somebody will share a critical thought or a general disdain for something and they’ll get harassed to lighten up and not think so deeply about things bc that’s not how anon likes it? I’m all for curating your tumblr experience, but you can’t curate the tumblr experience of other people lol if my mutuals have smart thoughts I want to hear about them without people being weird to them just bc they don’t understand what they’re talking about
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bi-scottsummers · 11 months
I was going to make an anti Scott Summers meme but then I realized you were following me and immediately felt guilty so I didn't do it
LMAOOOO don’t worry anon, my user refers exclusively to scott summers from the early 2000s animated show “X-Men: Evolution”, so if ur feelings are mainly abt the live action abominations then by all means let the meme see the light of day
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mean-gemini · 2 years
“Ex radfems” who call radical feminism a cult are So funny like yeah there are many issues with online radical feminist spaces and they can become really echo chamber-y especially if you’re never exposing yourself to non-radfem content etc etc but like ..... a cult???? Really???? You were brainwashed by a group of women who don’t agree on shit half the time anyway????
#idk sorry just spend a long time scrolling thru that ex radfem blog that’s going around rn and like she does make some good points but first#of all she’s so vague abt so much of it and like refuses to clarify what she means and second of all the cult criticism is honestly just#laughable and she gives no evidence for how it is cult like#I truly don’t think radical feminism discouraged looking into other perspectives like there are so many different perspectives in radical#feminism even in the somewhat insular online spaces we are always fighting abt some shit which means obviously we all have some different#perspectives lmao#it’s not like if u have a different perspective ur gonna get totally ostracized like some ppl might give u shit but i feel like it’s pretty#rare for someone to get like entirely excommunicated from radfem spaces and if they do it’s usually bc they said something rly fucked up#not bc they like . agreed with one aspect of liberal feminism or queer theory lmao#she also framed it as like these opinions and stances only exist online and if u get offline you will realize how misled you were and like#from personal experience I do not agree with that lol yes I got into radical feminism mostly thru tumblr I won’t deny that but then I was#not on any social media for years and spent that time learning from women some of whom were radical feminists and some of whom were not and#I am still a radical feminist lol like I got out of the ~tumblr echo chamber~ and still hold mostly the same views as I did before bc i#arrived at these opinions thru learning and critical thinking not thru brainwashing or whatever lmao#and now I’m back in the tumblr echo chamber and have managed to maintain my opinions even the ones that are controversial on radblr#idk anyway I guess also what I’m saying is it’s good that we’re always disagreeing abt shit on here bc it keeps it from becoming a hive mind#in this house we are pro feminist infighting#also forgot to add that her other big criticism was that radfems don’t read any non radfem theory and like maybe it’s just me but I feel#like that’s rly not true either? like idk I read A Lot so maybe other radfems do only read radfem shit but#I have read queer theory I have read some of the like mainstream libfem girlboss type of stuff I have read trans memoirs and all that#I’ve read all manner of environmentalist writing and anti racist/anti colonial writing (although admittedly not as much as I should but I’m#working on it) and lgbt history etc etc like I have read the shit I arrived at my current opinions by reading the shit#I’ve probably read more non-radfem theory than actual radfem theory honestly#anyway idk#plenty of ex radfems have valid criticisms I do get it and I honestly don’t even know if I fully consider myself a radfem anymore#but it’s certainly not a fucking cult lmao
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ironhusband · 2 years
I’ve been going through the tags on Pavi’s gifset about the difference between Sam and Rhodey and their best friends’ legacy, and I’m... Steve stans are so used to yes men for Steve that they think disagreeing with your best friend means you secretly hate him, I hate it here. 
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jaegerbombb · 2 years
Of course the remaining population would retaliate, no fucking way Paradis was gonna live peacefully after this, it wouldn't have been realistic, the world always hated Paradis and their worst fears came true: They're demons who destroyed the world. And no, the Alliance didn't do shit, they didn't save anyone, Eren still eradicated 80% of the world's population, he still eradicated a vast majority of humanity during the Rumbling. It's logical that survivors want revenge.
Never said it wasn’t realistic/logical.
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