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frenchpuppycormier · 3 days
No “I don’t like any of these/see results” option. If this poll isn’t for you, scroll past. If it is for you, please reblog for better results :)
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dailydccomics · 2 days
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Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg in Titans #8 art by Stephen Segovia
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cassiegirlwonder · 21 hours
Barry Allen is such a fun character. He's a 1950s midwestern forensic scientist. He will accept literally anyone into his family. He endlessly forgives as an attack measure against his villains. He and those villains played Santa together. He is the paragon of hope and the heart of the universe. He rambles at Batman about cold cases. He is the cosmic avatar for time and when they say he runs them all to the future that's super literal. He gives his friends Terrible relationship advice. Everyone loves him his family would do anything for him. His mere existence determines the status of a universe and he can change it in an instant. He thinks he's some normal guy on the justice league. He can connect himself to every living thing on Earth and change their standing in time. He marvels in space at the Earth wondering if Clark feels like 'this' everytime he stares down
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fandomnerd9602 · 23 hours
Killer Frost relaxes in a loose hoodie…
Frost: I like this
Y/N: the movie or-
Frost: this! all this! It’s so much better than being some personality to Caitlin. I can spend all my time with you!
Frost hugs Y/N, who kisses her gently…
Y/N: it’s nice to be normal for a change.
Frost: well as normal as an ice powered being and a speedster can be
Y/N: opposites attract.
Tumblr media
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dcwitchrd · 2 days
He’s the golden boy✨
✨Pov: Dick Grayson it’s your secret crush 🌙 ✨
Recommended song: colors- Halsey “everything is blue”
English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes :)
Tumblr media
It all started when you’re bouth were young… like 10 years old in Gotham’s private elementary academy.
One day the teacher announces a new student is getting introduced in the class.
It was him “another boy” you think…
At first sight, he looks sad ; that night at the dinner table meanwhile your family were talking about Gotham’s Society you heard that your new classmate just was adopted by Bruce Wayne, the richest man in the city.
It seems his parents were dead because an accident in the circus.
“Fortunately Bruce was there, how lucky boy one day you’re a poor circus boy and the next the son’s of the richest man” your grandma’s said.
The next day, you wait for him at free time to say sorry for his lost…
But his reaction wasn’t the best, he were rude to you.
“You don’t know anything “, “don’t talk to me “
Hide in the bathroom, back then was the best option to cry, no one ever had scream and shout at your face or be that rude… boys were rude mostly of the times but you only wanted to get close, maybe started a friendship.
You feel awful that day :( , and for the next days you try to no get in his way, look at him or even talk.
Two months after, when you were walking out of the Academy he intercepted you; “I want to talk to you”.
“I’m sorry”, “I was hurt and sad, so I were mean to you”, “i realize that my anger doesn’t have to be taken by other people, especially the one who are worried of me, I hope you can apologize me”
He took a flower of his back and give it to you.
After that I just watching him approaching to and grown up man, “I’m proud of you master Dick”.
He suddenly became the golden boy of our generation always happy, full of friends, defending us against the bully’s….
But this was only the beginning….
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kind-better-trial · 6 hours
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file808 · 2 days
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owyn-cormac · 1 day
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momachan · 3 days
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"Having power means having responsibility, and with lives at stake and danger everywhere, it becomes a huge stress overload. It can feel like the weight of the world, but the power's gone now... along with Metamorpho's bizarre physical properties. Which means everything has changed, and nothing will ever be the same... No more freak city! I'm normal, anonymous, and completely irresponsible until the money runs out! Yee-hah-- Free at last!".
Elseworlds: Justice League Vol. 2 (DC Elseworlds). "Act of God II."
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flower1622 · 1 day
Biggest acts of some characters (p.4):
. Even knowing that the hair could save his life, Flynn cuts it to save Rapunzel's life:
Tumblr media
. Tyson risks his life to save his brother Percy, who didn't like him that much at the beginning, but then starts to like:
Tumblr media
. Peeta lies to protect Katniss:
Tumblr media
. Even not remembering about Cinderella, the Prince still went after her:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
. Lois prefers to risk her life than Clark's secret:
Tumblr media
. In a possible future, Barry becomes a cold person after he loses Iris:
Tumblr media
. Max asks Daisy to turn him into a vampire too so that they can be together forever:
Tumblr media
. Even though Hashirama knew the path the Uchihas were taking, Hashirama always tried to stop his brother from killing them:
Tumblr media
. Jack "betrays" his dojo and joins the Black Dragons because he was jealous of Kim hanging out with another guy. Jack knew the guy was not good, but his friends and Kim didn't believe him:
Tumblr media
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msanonships · 3 days
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dailydccomics · 3 days
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a hope for Earth-22's future Batman/Superman: World's Finest #24 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora
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Tumblr media
Art by Mikel Janin for The Flash #21
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royboyfanpage · 23 hours
Some Roy and Wally panels in these trying times
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cassiegirlwonder · 2 days
Thinking about the lead up to Final Crisis where Legionnaires come from the Future with lightning rods and start running around charging up.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Justice League of America 2006 #10)
Bruce goes to where he saw a visage of Barry die during Crisis on Infinite Earths and Hal ends up at Barry's lab where he was struck by lightning
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The lightning strikes. It's... Wally West and his family.
Tumblr media
Hal is happy of course Wally is his nephew but there was definitely a part of him that was waiting for Barry to come out of that lightning
Tumblr media
And Bruce says it straight up. "I just -- I thought it was going to be someone else." Bruce is visibly upset Barry didn't come back and then when Barry does Bruce gets thrown back in time and they don't even get to see each other. DC is so fucking evil man.
I know Bruce has probably been haunted for years that the last image of his friend was his skin melting off his bones and Bruce couldn't Help him. And now he thought really thought for a minute that they were getting Barry back but they didn't and he just has to be okay with that and move on.
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missshezz · 2 days
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It’s cute they think that shackle is gonna hold Zilla 😂😂😂😂
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