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ehghtyseven · 1 year
“His teammates truly appreciate his honesty and authenticity, and how Geno is always unapologetically himself. It may drive his coaches crazy sometimes, but it's what makes Malkin who he is.”
as it should be 🙌
we love you, g, just the way you are 💛🖤
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riacte · 2 months
not romantic not platonic but a secret third thing [what would happen between earth and the moon if the earth stopped spinning as illustrated by xkcd randall munroe]
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orchidbreezefc · 5 months
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i made a variant of [link: two cakes] to illustrate a related principle
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r0semultiverse · 7 months
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Like music to my ears
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ruushes · 2 months
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sleeping arrangements (not sure tara would ever actually deign to sleep in the same 20ft radius as shovel but who can resist those big shiny insectoid black eyes 🥺)
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eosofspades · 7 months
i didn't have "i'm broken" teenage asexual angst i had "i'm literally being the only reasonable one about this concept and the rest of you are behaving like fucking freaks" perception issues
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bloodybellycomb · 3 months
One massive, legitimate way to improve as a writer or artist or in any creative endeavor really, is to become absolutely obsessed with something and to allow yourself to be weird about it. Genuinely mean this btw.
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Of the 19 hijackers who carried out the Sept 11 attacks:
15 were from Saudi Arabia (a powerful/oil-rich country the U.S. works hard to maintain diplomatic relations with)
2 were from the United Arab Emirates (also a powerful/oil-rich country the U.S. works hard to maintain diplomatic relations with)
1 was from Egypt, 1 from Lebanon.
None of the hijackers were from Iraq.
None of the Sept 11 hijackers were Iraqi.
None of the 9/11 hijackers were from Iraq.
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lazylittledragon · 3 months
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made a sticker for anyone to slap onto their work if they need to
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obsob · 13 days
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i am a being capable of immeasurable love and whimsy
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eddiebabygirldiaz · 4 months
of course i fell in love with him. he is sopping wet and miserable
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ibtisams · 2 months
Since October 7th, Joe Biden, who is currently trying to get a lawsuit dismissed that says he is responsible for the genocide of Palestinians, has:
Vetoed the UN resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
Asked Congress to approve the sale of 45,000 shells for Israel's Merkava tanks for use in its offensive against Hamas in Gaza
Sent $14.5 billion in military aid to Israel
Met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said to him "I don't believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist."
Publicly said that he saw the Israeli beheaded babies and then had to take it back since it was debunked
Approved a $320 million 320 for precision-guided bomb equipment for Israel
Defended the raid of Al Shifa hospital where thousands of injured and displaced civilians were sheltering
Said he had no reason to believe the Palestinian death toll was correct because he believed the source was unreliable despite the Health Ministry being recognized as a valid source
Said Hamas’ attack on Israel was like fifteen 9/11s
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astearisms · 5 months
Tumblr media
catalysts, protectors
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bayleymania · 3 months
New ask game:
Reblog if you want your followers to tell you what your trademark ™️ is. Like, what’s that thing that really identifies you.
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trudlejack · 4 days
(+part 2)
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mamawasatesttube · 8 months
BTW... PSA.... even if we arent mutuals if youre in my notes regularly theres a Very high chance i am still fond of you. yes im vaguing someones tags on the compliment the person u rbed this from post. but like. positive vaguing? THE POINT IS im weird abt following ppl but IM STILL SENDING U FOND VIBES...
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