philosophybits · 3 days
Often it is only when we suppress the question “Why?” that we become aware of those important facts, which then, in the course of our investigations, lead to an answer.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations
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gingerxdoll · 2 days
Tumblr media
Ask me questions!! I’m bored! 🙃
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iamthewoe · 3 days
Should I start writing for Amber? She’s so under appreciated and so is Mindy I barely see anything on here ab them
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max1461 · 3 days
Explain like I'm five: how do you measure force? How does energy related to force? How do you measure energy?
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ttrtru · 2 days
So I was wondering why Mairon is so obsessed with pranking people. What are your HCs for that? I love it, but I'm curious too. I know in canon he's a troll, but I really do struggle to reconcile that with his 'no-nonsense-everything-must be ordered to perfect' approach when writing him. (How do you do it?
Basically, it's just "April Fools verse" aka there is no thoughts.
My HC tends to be every where and consistency went out the window. It's safer to consider that every single post is a different verse unless specified.
If I were to put a reason behind the April Fools verse, it'd be that he likes being on the upperhand over people. He needs to be the one in control over the situation and pranking someone could be seen as a form of ultimate control over them(although in my comics they don't tend to go as Mairon's plans…).
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blackandwhitejoker · 15 hours
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stup1dfreakshow · 2 days
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Ready to start the day ✨
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anxietyproblem · 8 months
What’s something that gives your anxiety?
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vampiritea · 5 months
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safespacespence · 1 year
weirdly specific and unrelated asks to know someone well:
chipotle order?
thoughts on veganism?
a specific color that gives you the ick?
mythical creature you think/believe is real?
favorite form of potato?
do you use a watch?
what animal do you look forward to seeing when you visit an aquarium?
do you change into specific clothes for the house when you get home?
do you have a skincare routine (and how many steps is it)?
on a plane, do you ask for apple or orange juice?
anything from your childhood you’ve held on to?
brand of haircare/bodycare/skincare that you trust 100%?
first thing you’re doing in the purge?
do you think you’re dehydrated?
rank the methods of death: freezing, burning, drowning
thoughts on mint chocolate chip?
an anxious compulsion you do everyday?
your boba/tea order?
the veggie you dislike the most?
favorite disney princess movie?
a number that weirds you out?
do you have an emotional support water bottle?
do you wear jewelry?
which do you find yourself using, american or british english?
would you say you have good taste in music?
how’s your spice tolerance?
what’s your favorite or go-to outfit?
last meal on earth?
preferred pasta noodle?
ask me anything !
leave an ask for the person you reblog it from!
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foxtail1311 · 13 days
any other autistics get aggressively confused why people phrase demands as questions? like. "can you take out the trash" and im like no im watching an ajr interview and then im in trouble cuz there wasnt actually an option it was actually "go take out the trash" and im told it sounds more polite but i find it incredibly rude because you give me fake options like more polite would be please go take out the trash so i know that i have to but it doesnt sound angry anyway this realllllly annoys me and idk if other people experience it like whatsoever
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missegyptiana · 6 months
spotify wrapped 2022 is finally here!!! in the tags, who’s your #1 and #5 artists
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pratchettquotes · 3 months
It was a cottage of questioning witches, research witches. Eye of what newt? What species of ravined salt-sea shark? It's all very well a potion calling for Love-in-idleness, but which of the thirty-seven common plants called by that name in various parts of the continent was actually meant?
The reason that Granny Weatherwax was a better witch than Magrat was that she knew that in witchcraft it didn't matter a damn which one it was, or even if it was a piece of grass.
The reason Magrat was a better doctor than Granny was that she thought it did.
Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies
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saturnbellfromhell · 3 months
Tumblr media
Hi everybody, I want to apologize that I haven't been so active lately. The "Energy Series" will drop this week, so stay tuned! Today is just a simple astro observations, since everybody loves them so much! Hope all is good, take care and let's get into the observations!
I find them more intimidating then the men, not going to lie. I've also seen this with girls/women who are Mars dominant aswell. They are so sure of themselves and you never know their next move. They are beautifully scary, always have the upper hand and can see sex as a healing tool.
They are the masters at sarcasm and irony, they can seem a bit mean to some because they are always ready to tease others. The cliche thing about them that I can confirm is that they do love to travel and get away. They are really witty and humorous.
Sorry if this is going to rub some people the wrong way, but I really don't like this placement. These individuals are too shallow in love for me. One day they'll be upset about a hookup and after a week they'll be sleeping with their ex and texting 10 other people. They are really good in the bedroom though and you need to be an intellectual individual to impress them. I've also noticed they get into a relationship quickly and they move quickly if they like you. Of course it helps if their is more water in the chart to balance it out. The only people I've met who married twice were Gemini Venuses.
They are really easy to offend if you comment on their looks, it's kinda funny in a way because they look really good? They can be the ones that work out because they "have to", not because they like it as much. They really crave and live off attention, but deny it to the grave. This attention seeking can come from saying outlandish shit, aggressive behavior or just acting like a fool. They have a huge ego that can crumble really easily.
Thes people can be either a really healing and quite person, who learned the hard parts in life at a young age and want to help others overcome their fears and insecurities or can be the most triggering people ever. If they don't balance out their energy and work on themselves their dark aura literally eats them up. They can become addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex if a major shift happens in their life. They are the one's to use everything to try and escape reality and try to forget, but will dig a deeper ditch for themselves. They truly need good people around them to influence them for the better.
This one is a tricky one. The 7th house is the  house of partnerships, where Libra rules. By ruling this house, the scale and judge archetype try to balance out energies. Libra also can be called "codependent" since it needs two sides to function, putting Mars here makes them a very dominant person in relationship and wants an active partner to do things with. They also find it hard to stay in relationships and crave independence. It can also bring marriage in a later time in life! I've also noticed that this placement can also breed stalkerish personas, even more if Saturn is in this house or the ruler of your ascendant.
I absolutely love taking about this placement, not going to lie. Moon in the 12th house native have a very intense relationship with their mom, they are really close with them. It's also a possibility that their mother also has a Moon in the 12th house also. This placement breeds a different type of person who is very cautious around others, is semi psychic and the only people that get them are others who have this placement. Feelings that these people get are very intense and they can sense when someone is acting out of order.
What I've found that the all have is this big heart and drive to love. I've never met  a fire Venus who is "scared" of falling in love, showing their romantic side and being sweet to their partner tbh. They will go to great lengths to let you know how they feel. The problem arises if they get bored, kinda like air Venuses. They don't want that "stable" relationship. It has to be full of life and energy, passion and pure emotion. They're not big on being heartbroken, because they know their worth and just move on with grace.
Yes they can be looked at being "cold" and emotionless, but they just really value their time. I mean, this sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of residence, restriction and TIME. They don't play around. Capricorn dominant people won't say it, but love being pampered by their significant other. They are such princesses in that manner. Even though they are big pleasers, they love to get it back.
I mean they love a motherly figure in love, someone who takes care of them, asks if they ate and such. Also they don't like to go out, just like any cancer. But what I've noticed they really enjoy people who have an Eros in an air sign. Ya, they maybe won't date them but are really fascinated and intrigued with them.
They can become really involved in getting their point across, being it in a philosophical, religious or just plain subjective way. This placement is known to have parents who are strict with their opinions or maybe grew up in a city with really closed off/radical people who's views can be considered "wrong". They were always left out for voicing their own opinion, which was different. This placement can be a placement which cult leaders have, since they have such strong opinions.  This paried with a Virgo North Node, Plutonian and/or Aqurian energy is scary as hell.
Yes, I do love them but it's so difficult to u understand what they're feeling, because even they don't know. My very close friend is a Pisces Moon and he never talks deep about how he feels unless he's a little drunk.
I wrote back on a comment to which men are really attracted to a Lilith Scopios, so I'll write it here. Men with heavy water placements, Lilith in the 1st/8th house and Pluto dominant men. I've heard many say having sex with them is an  unforgettable experience. Lilith in Scorpio women love a Cancer sun/moon, that's a fact!
Yep this can indicate a longer life than usual, but also having such a gloomy planet in a gloomier house has it's downs. They really need to work on letting things go. They can be very rigid and stressed most days.
Many Virgo risings I've met have naturally blonde or light hair, especially men.
xoxo N.K
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disease · 8 months
50 Q’s
1.) describe yourself through the eyes of a stranger? 2.) what is a quality you’d like to change about yourself? 3.) what is your worst potential fear for the future? 4.) which television series do you use as a form of escapism? 5.) share a secret about yourself? 6.) if you could choose any place in the world to visit, where would it be? why? 7.) what advice would you give your childhood self? 8.) describe how you envision your ideal life partner? 9.) what is your favorite environmental season? why? 10.) what’s one book you’d suggest every person should read? 11.) what is one song that’s able to bring you to tears? 12.) describe your best friend? 13.) what was the premise of your last dream? 14.) what’s your favorite warm beverage? 15.) name one musical album that greatly impacted your life? why? 16.) what’s your favorite form of flattery? 17.) what’s your favorite painting? and describe how it makes you feel? 18.) describe your personal style? 19.) what was the last concept that inspired you? 20.) who was your very first artistic inspiration? 21.) how long have you used tumblr for? how has your style changed over the years? 22.) what was your first cell phone? 23.) what is your favorite fruit flavor? 24.) whom would you resurrect from the afterlife? which 3 questions would you ask them? 25.) if you could choose only one meal to eat for the remainder of your life, which would you choose? 26.) which of the 7 deadly sins do you struggle with the most? and which the least? 27.) your latest obsession? and why? 28.) if you could domesticate any animal as your pet, which would you choose? 29.) what’s your least favorite smell? 30.) favorite mythological creature? and why? 31.) name a scene from a movie that makes you cringe? 32.) favorite piece of memorabilia you own? 33.) your personal favorite oddity about yourself? 34.) favorite concert/show you’ve attended? 35.) what’s one thing you would tell to the last person who betrayed you? 36.) your favorite mantra to live by? 37.) do you have any strange habits? 38.) what’s your favorite white-noise to fall asleep to? 39.) what is your favorite gemstone? why? 40.) how do you choose to cope when you’re upset? 41.) what are you currently trying to accomplish? 42.) what’s your favorite item you’ve purchased secondhand? 43.) describe your personality is only 3 words? 44.) how is your relationship with your parents? 45.) an instrument you aspire to learn how to play? 46.) relate yourself to one movie character? 47.) least favorite music genre? why? 48.) which animal would you be the most terrified to encounter? 49.) name a public figure you find to be overrated? why? 50.) what purpose do you get out of using tumblr?
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headspace-hotel · 6 months
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