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Top tier shotgun review.
Well, the answer is great. The shotgun is shit.
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jasper-pagan-witch · 7 hours
Jasper Reviews "Psychic Witch" By Mat Auryn - A Fucking Dredge To Get Through
This is a book that's for a very specific audience.
This is a book for Wiccans or Wiccan-adjacent witches who can visualize, who practice "meditation" of some form, who believe in the very specific energy working system that the author describes, and who believe in the same sorts of magic/animism as the author does, i.e.:
four elements plus "quintessence" aka spirit,
a weird mangling of the concept of an inner child and shadow self brought on by modern people thinking that Carl Jung's shadow work was solely about "negativity" and "bad vibes",
everyone having a higher self,
everyone having a divine purpose,
three levels of souls,
cleansing and protecting before any and all actions even in your own space,
and so on.
I am none of those people. Mat Auryn's approach does not work for me, and I hated having to slog through 7 pages of introduction (aka Mat Auryn's backstory) only to get to the actual content and be sorely disappointed in this book that claims it can "be adjusted" to other people's spiritual/religious/magical viewpoints only to discover that it really can't. A lot of the things claimed to be universal (e.g. definitions of intuition versus psychic ability) are, in fact, not universal. I would argue this author up one side and down the other about this. Not in that the author is inherently wrong in their own definitions, but in that it's somehow universal.
I am also, as usual, docking a point for spelling magic with a K. I'm glad I own this copy, because I could go through with a pen and scribble out the unnecessary K.
This is not a useful book to someone who has already developed their own understanding of energy and energy work. But at the same time, it's so boring and stale (even with exercises all over the place) that I wouldn't want to give it to a beginner either.
Official Jasper Review: 3/10, not what I needed, and I don't want it.
Maybe other people get something from this book, but I just couldn't.
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phisnom · 22 hours
we're reviewing the #phistream blobs!
members of The Toxic Cesspit usually make lil' sonas similar to Phi to represent themselves in the community! (find some in #phisart)
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pricelesscinemas · 2 years
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toonstarterz · 2 years
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I'm blown away, y'all.
Movies like this NEVER get greenlit. Studios are supposed to be pussies that are too afraid to make wholly original animated films that don’t piggyback on an existing IP or be an irreverent kid’s comedy.   
The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a love letter to the animation medium itself. A passion project created BY artists FOR artists. Katie’s struggles as an 18-year-old aspiring creative was the call-out post of a lifetime. And when I saw those end credits that featured the crew's family pics, I was touched beyond belief ‘cause that’s how you know this film wants its artists to be SEEN.
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nadiamakesthings · 2 years
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Hybrid Note Taking Style
A note taking method that blends the best of paper and digital note taking that I’ve been exploring lately. So far it’s working really well for me :) Hope it helps! 
Hybrid Note Taking Method
Problems with other note taking systems
Each note taking system has its pros and cons. Here are some of the problems I found with (fully) paper and (fully) digital note taking systems.
Can't use the search function on your notes.
Can't add images and other types of digital files easily.
Difficult to keep overview between notebooks.
Can't share these as easily as digital notes.
Not as 'romantic'.
Sometimes less engaging.
Lack of physical presence can lead to you forgetting about it.
Can be more difficult to do things like sketching, making schemes, making illustrations etc.
Benefits of Hybrid
I like using hybrid methods because they bring you the best of both worlds.
Easily searchable.
Information in your notes is traceable.
Makes it easier to find and carry out actions e.g. finding extra info.
Doesn't damage books.
Allows you to embed different types of files.
What you'll need
Source material (e.g. book, academic paper)
Any kind of notebook :)
Digital note-taking app → I like Notion (it's free).
Step 1 - Read & number the material
As you go, use a pencil to lightly put numbers into the margins whenever you deem something worthy of noting down or remembering. This will help you locate the source of specific parts of your notes later.
Step 2 - Write Q&A-style notes
Write the information down in question-and-answer style. Come up with useful questions that link to the material you want to remember (e.g. Q → What is the main problem with using platform-based planning for new ventures? A → Assumptions underlying the plan are used as fact rather than best-guess estimates to be tested and questioned). Use the numbers you placed in the margin of the pages to specify the source of the information you used for each answer.
Example → Chapter 1 page 27 note 3 becomes 1.p27.3
Step 3 - Write actions as you go (Supporting notes)
Supporting notes
Write down your thoughts, anything you're curious about, things you want to look up, things you're confused about, actions you've been inspired to do, etc. For example → ?m Maybe I can apply this to my visualization assignment? / ! Look up what 'plurality of the future' is / fex Organizational transformation through design. I find this a great way to support and manage the learning process.
Action key
Keep a small action key in which you have an overview of what your action marks mean (e.g. ?m→ questions to myself, f → find, fex → find example, ?? → I don't get it, ! → general actions)
Don't be afraid to customize your actions!
What you'll get
Actionable notes
Your paper notes will contain a structured and easy to read overview of actionable items that came up during the reading. This can be questions you need answered, reminders to find specific information, etc. This will make them a lot harder to forget to do!
Easily traceable sources
With the codes you'll be able to tell easily and quickly where the information you've written in your notes came from.
Searchable & review-ready notes
Notes will be (mostly) made in question-and-answer style. This will allow you to easily review using active recall. All you need to do is cover/hide the answer and you can check how well you truly know the material.
Thanks for reading!
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a7estrellas · 2 years
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PEDRO PASCAL A year in review 2020
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doomwads · 2 years
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AOL Girls Museum
Game: Doom II Year: 1998 Source Port: Any Specs: MAP01 Gameplay Mods: None Author: "Capone” idgames | doomwiki | onemandoom
A digital gallery full of processed images of women that were found on AOL with handles attached. I haven’t done the work to decipher whether they were posted by the women themselves or by their significant others. There’s even a bit of a check-in desk and security shack. At its most deliciously deviant, monsters actually emerge from the recessed portraits.
Click here if you’d like to read my full review.
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senpaiisofty · 2 years
I wanna talk about a series I love so much...one that is not only advocating for mental health in Japan, but became the icon for the style known as Yamikawaii (creepy/cute).
That series is known as MENHERA-CHAN.
Tumblr media
This series was created by a young man named Bisuko Ezaki, who wanted to show Japan that just because someone looks fine they could actually be suffering on the inside. And it doesn’t pull any punches - there are depictions of mental illness, self-harm, suicide, and many other topics that would be seen as very taboo especially in Japan.
Unfortunately, Japan can only understand such things if it’s made into a trend; this developed into Yamikawaii culture, which advocates for mental illness as well but is turned into something more ‘acceptable’ for their society.
Mental illness is often not discussed in Japan, and it’s largely due to their culture. They believe that, no matter what, a person should smile and act as if everything is fine...and you can see why suicide rates and hikikomoris are a big issue in that country.
But this series advocates for change, for Japanese society to finally see the real issue and make changes to fix that.
Tumblr media
The actual story is about a Magical Girl named Menhera-Chan, and her struggles with not only her (severe) mental health issues but also an evil that wants to seemingly push humanity into death and despair. She ends up meeting two other Magical Girls along the way, and soon finds out the truth about her exact origins.
Tumblr media
As you can guess, some people have a problem with how this series unapologetically shows these kinds of sensitive subjects. It obviously doesn’t tell people to harm themselves or anything like that, but there’s always someone who will see this kind of stuff and think it’s cool/trendy. And that’s sad, because it means that people don’t see what the series is really trying to do and only see it as some trashy self-harm promotion.
Tumblr media
If you’re not squeamish or sensitive to these subjects, go and check it out!
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bookwormingparty · 2 years
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iskastudiies · 2 years
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my first day back in (online) uni ✨
i only have one class today, so i’m using the time to prepare my binders and organize my notion master schedule. also, i recently got recognized as a university scholar (it’s an honorific scholarship in our uni). i’m super happy because of that, even if the last sem was so hard aaa. really hoping for a great sem ahead ♡
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pricelesscinemas · 2 years
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serooks · 3 years
I felt like that there was something so remarkable about The Old Guard and I tried to find what it was when it ended. But then I realized that it's was compilation of so many incredible things.
The diverse and interesting characters (played by a diverse cast yes), the very interesting and well thought plot, friendships and found family, non over-sexualized love, lgbtq+, strong women, beautiful soundtrack, cool and realistic fights scene, ... I could go on and on.
Two hours never felt so short. I was genuinely sad when the movie ended because I wanted more.
I loved that movie. Really.
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the-last-apprentice · 3 years
The descent into madness by azula was just. So well demonstrated in her appearance. Towards the beginning of when we meet Azula she’s working on her lightning technique.
Tumblr media
This is obviously known to be a very hard technique. She is congratulated after completing the technique but then there’s this exchange.
Almost perfect. One hair out of place
Almost isn’t good enough.
And as she descends into madness we see more and more her relationship with her hair and it’s just such a good visual for her descent
Tumblr media
Her hair at this point, when she realizes it’s a fight she might not actually win. This is one of the first times we see her hair actually messy like this.
Tumblr media
Her hair again in this scene, a very obvious example but powerful nonetheless. This is when we see her at practically her lowest in the series. (She gets arguably lower when she realizes she can’t beat zuko unless she shoots at Katara)
But it’s also important to see when her hair remains pristine.
Tumblr media
For example, her hair is perfect in these scenes because they are times when she truly feels in control.
Azula’s hair has always told a story about her confidence in herself. Whether that story is about her strengths or her weaknesses, it’s always been plain on her design.
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showmemakeup · 2 years
This week I purchased the Bushy Brow pen by Lime Crime. I am an avid fan of using brow pens and prefer this method to any other when it comes to filling in my eyebrows.
Why do I love them so much? Well, they produce a more precise and defined finish, and enables to you create the most natural looking hairlike-strokes. It also come in a waterproof formula, meaning they last longer than a pencil or powder.
Tumblr media
My natural brow colour is pretty ashy, so I need an equally ashy brown pen to fill them in and match my hair. Most brands eyebrow pens are just too warm! But I’ve managed to find 3 amazing ones;
Tumblr media
• Lime Crime Bushy Brow - Dirty Blonde
• MAC Shape + Shade Brow Tint - Fling & Taupe
• Urban Decay Brow Blade - Cool Cookie
The Bushy Brow pen by Lime Crime is my latest find, and is a great alternative to the other two in my collection - Dirty Blonde sits perfectly between Cool Cookie (ideal for when I have a tan during the Summer as it’s slightly darker) and Fling (which is a cool blonde but slightly more caramel than Cool Cookie).
Tumblr media
The tiny brush tip allows you to flick very thin hair strokes throughout your eyebrow to give a fuller finish. If you apply a bit more pressure you can create fuller lines, and you can mix the thickness to your desired finish. My person preference is to follow my natural shape and to concentrate on the outer top half where the brow hair is particularly fair in colour. Naturally, this area of my eyebrows appear more sparse due to the light colour, so by flicking in hairstrokes with the pen and following the natural direction of the hair-growth, it looks fuller without really changing the shape too much, and by using the Dirty Blonde shade it means my brows don’t become the focal point of my face but rather enhances them for the perfect natural finish!
Here’s my tutorial using the Urban Decay Brow Blade:
Shonagh x
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sirartwork · 2 years
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dick slider doesn’t go big enough 0/10 shit game
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