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Spellcasting Dungeon Master's Guide (1979) Illustration by Erol Otis
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🎨🕯️Art Magic: Flameless Spell Candle
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Use an LED tealight or pillar candle and wrap with decorative papers. Use color and other correspondences and enchant your tools as you work! Attach personally meaningful enchanted symbols, charms, confettis, crystals, petitions, and whatever else your heart desires! No fire safety needed here kids (except hot glue gun=hot). Build up intention related to your spell's result and release it into the candle when you're done❤️‍🔥
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or make suggestions!
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🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🌕🍚🐟❤️‍🔥💲💰🧾🧿🏆🤞I am successful in my hard work. I achieve my goals. I am rewarded. 🤞🏆🧿🧾💰💲❤️‍🔥🐟🍚🌕🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️
Likes charge and reblogs cast.
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I don't believe crystals can do a whole lot, but they're pretty and aesthetically pleasing, and that's important in my life.
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Witches Magickal Salts
Used for: Rituals, Spellcraft, Spellcasting, Water Energy, Earth Energy, Elemental Energy, Cleansing, Banishing, Protection, Offerings.
Tumblr media
Many different magickal traditions call for the use of salt in spells and rituals.
For centuries, it’s been known as a very magickal – and also very valuable – ingredient.
But why is salt such a magickal item? Let’s look at some of the history behind the use of salt in magic, and some of the ways it’s commonly used in folklore and legend.
Salt was actually pretty important in the grand scheme of human civilization. In the early days of mankind - or at least the days prior to industrialisation - the process of harvesting salt was time consuming and labour intensive. This meant that salt was a pretty valuable commodity, and only the rich could afford it. The Romans actually paid their soldiers with salt, because it was so important for things like food preservation. Interestingly, the word “salary” has its root in the Latin word for salt.
So, in addition to being pretty important and a pricey bit of material, salt began to find its way into the metaphysical and spiritual realm. In many Eastern belief systems, such as
Buddhism, salt is used both as a purifier and to repel evil.
In parts of Germany, Normandy, and Scotland, salt was used in or around a butter churn to keep witches from souring the butter or harming the cow from which the cream was obtained.
Irish folk remedies include the use of salt, combined with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, to cure those who might have been “fairy-struck.” A similar story comes from Bavaria and Ukraine, in which salt were used to determine if a child was bewitched.
Egyptian caravans setting out on a journey across the desert used to perform a ritual that
involved burning salt on hot coals. This was done to ensure that evil spirits wouldn’t get in the way of the travellers.
Using Salt Within Magick Salt has maintained its usefulness in modern folk magick traditions as well.
- Creates a magickal, protective barrier.
- Salt in general is used in ritual purification, magickal protections and blessings.
- Some witches place salt in the four corners of the room before casting.
- Used in purification spells.
- Used to symbolize the earth element on your altar or when you are casting.
- Sea salt may be used as the water element due to the fact that it came from the sea.
- Use within Witches Bottles.
- Can be used as an offering to Deities.
- As salt was used as currency in history it is also used for Abundance today. Mixing the salt with green herbs and powders used for abundance and wealth will give the salt the green hue which adds the green colour correspondence as well to the salt mixture.
- Cleanses
- Repels many types of evil.
- Salt may also be added to a ritual bath to absorb negative energy surrounding a person.
(Epsom Salt & Himalayan) or Apply salt scrub directly to the skin. Once the salt has
absorbed the negative energy, it is then washed away as the tub is drained.
Most witches use salt in almost every ritual or spell they perform. As mentioned before, salt can be used to create protective barriers to cleanse your magickal ritual circle before working. You can also place bowls of salt in corners of a room to catch any negative energies and banish them from the space. Some witches use salt as an offering to particular deities and spirits.
But why stop there? Why not draw symbols and sigils in the salt to add that extra bit of energy within a ritual or spell. Simply spread a thin layer on a surface (try using a dedicated tray or plate as cleaning up will be easier) and draw your symbols with your finger, wand, wooden spoon etc. I would personally discard this salt after my spell or ritual is complete, however if you are charging the salt with a specific purpose then collect the salt up and store, ready for when you need it.
Typical Types of Salt Used
Himalayan Salt Himalayan salt is pink in color. Himalayan salt aligns the earth with the universe. This salt is great for protection during astral travel and when spiritually traveling between worlds as well as being the salt within Pink Witches Salt.
Tumblr media
Sea Salt
Sea salt is often used in purification and cleansing baths. Because it is from the sea, ruled by the element of water, which also deals with emotions, sea salt is great for spells to help
release and cleanse negative feelings. Great to use within Black Witches Salt.
Tumblr media
Epsom Salt
Mainly used within Bath Ritual Salts and Scrubs. Naturally removes toxins from the body therefore will help with cleansing and purification within witchcraft.
Tumblr media
Table Salt
Table salt is the least expensive of all the salts, and is generally used for home and sacred space cleansing rituals and protection circles. This salt is the cheapest way of incorporating salt into your practice. Witchcraft on a budget!
Tumblr media
Witches Salts
You may have heard of Witches Salts whilst riding your broom through your journey. But if you haven’t let me break 2 most popular ones down for you.
Pink Witches Salt
Pink Witches Salt is used in love magick and rituals and carries a beautiful calm and loving energy with it. Himalayan Salt is used within this Salt. Carry Pink Witches Salt in a pouch for any emotional and spiritual healing when needed. You can sprinkle it on your altar when performing a ritual or casting a spell for love, friendship, romance etc. You may wish to sprinkle it around a candle during these spells and rituals to bring a gentle and peaceful energy.
Pink Witches Salt on your altar is a lovely offering to deities and spirits that are connected to love such as Aphrodite. Use this salt anywhere you feel the need, it can be spread anywhere you wish to bring a loving energy to.
Black Witches Salt
For those who want something for protection within their stash of magickal tools, you should have Black Witches Salt. Black Salt (not to be confused with Black Salt from Indian Cuisine) is used by Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Voodoo and Hoodoo practitioners for its extreme protective elements. It can be spread just about anywhere - your home, your workplace, your ritual circle, etc - and its purpose is to drive away those that would do you harm (whether physical or spiritual). Black Salt is also said to be an ingredient for creating a hex or curse. Remember, whatever you cast out comes back to you. You can sprinkle it on your altar when performing a ritual or casting a spell for protection, banishing etc. You may wish to sprinkle it around a candle during these spells and rituals to bring an added protective energy.
I make these myself for you to purchase within Kallima Spiritual Centre or online via our website. However if you wish to make your own then he’s a couple simple DIY’s for you to do at home.
Witches Salts DIY Step-By-Step
Tumblr media
- Black Witches Salt -
Items Needed:
- Mortar & Pestle - Glass Jar or any sealable container - Mixing Bowl
- Sea Salt or table salt - Black Peppercorns - Ash of incense or burned herbs - Activated Charcoal Discs
- Measure desired amount of salt needed and place into mixing bowl. - Place a activated charcoal disc into Mortar & Pestle and grind into fine powder. - Place charcoal powder into mixing bowl with salt. - Place some Black Peppercorns in Mortar & Pestle and grind as fine as you can. - Place Ground Black Peppercorns into mixing bowl with salt and charcoal. - Place ash of burned incense/herbs into the bowl mixture. Use herbs you have burned specifically for the banishing and protective properties. Do not mix incense ash from a variety of spells as this can influence the energy of the black salt to a different purpose. - Mix all ingredients thoroughly with Intention. Mix in a counter-clockwise direction to banish negative energies. - Recite your intention. For Example ‘May this salt banish all negative energies from my space and keep me protected as I work, So Mote It Be’ - Place mixture into glass jar and label.
Tumblr media
- Pink Witches Salt -
Items Needed:
- Mortar & Pestle - Glass Jar or any sealable container - Mixing Bowl
- Himalayan Salt - Pink/Red dried herbs for love
- Measure desired amount of salt needed and place into mixing bowl. - Place the red/pink flowers/herbs into Mortar & Pestle and grind as fine as you can. - Place the ground flowers/herbs into mixing bowl. - Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Mix in a clockwise direction to draw loving energy into the mixture. - Recite your intention. For Example ‘May this salt bring loving energies into my space and keep me protected as I work, So Mote It Be’ - Place mixture into glass jar and label.
Tumblr media
Now there are other ways to use Salt within your craft or spiritual practice. You can add salt into hot water when cleaning the floors or washing your front door/windows. Pop some salt into a room spray to add that extra cleansing energy into the air. Or a simple and fun way to use salt within your home are Salt Bowls.
Salt Bowls Salt absorbs what is in the air around it, like odors for instance. so it is a great physical cleanser as well as energetically. That’s a good thing!. Salt will need to be replaced and recharged as time goes on. If you are in a particularly negative environment your salt may need to be cleared up more frequently. Incorporate it into your home practice by making Salt Bowls for your home. A salt bowl in your home can absorb water, emit ions, and kill bacteria. Some people like to buy fancy salt lamps for this purpose, but a simple bowl filled with salt can do the trick, too.
A few things to consider:
Do not eat this salt. You charged it with absorbing negativity, so you don’t want to consume it.
Do not leave this out in a place where your pets and children will come into contact with it.
When the energy of the bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore, it’s time to get rid of it. You can either tip it into the trash, or toss it outside someplace where you wish to prevent plants from sprouting (like the cracks between concrete). Please do not tip onto your grass or any other plants as this can change the PH level in the soil and actually harm the plant and wildlife.
Salt Bowl DIY Step-by-Step
Items Needed:
- Bowl - Preferably Glass or Ceramic - Mixing Bowl
- Preferred Salt - Herbs/Essential Oils - Crystals (please research which ones are safe with salt)
- Choose your bowl. You can use multiple bowls for different rooms. Choose a bowl to use for your salt bowl. You can go for something plain or fancy — whatever you prefer. If you’re going to leave the bowl out for more than a couple of days, I recommend using a non-porous bowl (i.e. not wood). - Choose Your Salt and place into your mixing bowl You can use plain salt from the previous page or use Witches Black/Pink Salt (depending on your preference) - Add Herbs and Essential Oils into the salt Here’s where you can get creative. Find herbs and oils that you’d like to use that resonate with protection and cleansing. - Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Mix in a clockwise direction to draw protective energy into the mixture. - Recite your intention. For Example ‘May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect me from negativity, So Mote It Be’ - Place mixture into your chosen bowl and place it in your home where you feel cleansing is needed.
Be conscious of the salt bowl. When you pass by it, use it as a cleanser of your energy. You can push negative energy into the salt bowl, or touch the salt with your hands to ground any lingering negative energy.
Other people like to place salt bowls in the corners of a room. This can create a very magickal feeling space! If you want to try this out, but don’t want to commit to four salt bowls, sprinkle salt from your main bowl into the corners of your room. You can also sprinkle salt on your window sills, as long as a loving family pet won’t jump up there, and as long as the windowsills are not metal, which is susceptible to rusting in salty conditions.
You can also sprinkle a little bit of your salt over the carpet and let it absorb for an hour or so before vacuuming it up. Or use the salt within hot water for washing floors and sides down. It really does change the energy of the room!
So there we have it. Salt. What a wonderful thing to use within our craft and so easily obtainable. Multiple uses so why not use it?!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this Around The Wonky Witches Cauldron and that you can use this information and DIY’s within your magickal practice
Blessed Be
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Write any spell for anything (beginner's edition)
This is a general overview of the technique I've been using for years. YMMV.
1, Write down your spell goal somewhere. This shouldn't be worked over into a perfect statement of intent. Just keep it on hand to keep yourself focused on the goal.
2 a. Make a short list of what materials you have on hand. Such as:
3 tea lights
1 incense stick
shoe box
kitchen spices
If making a list of ingredients isn't working for you, try this method instead:
2 b. Make a list of the kinds of spellcasting you're familiar with or comfortable trying out, such as:
Candle magic
Knot magic
Spirit petitions
Once you find a couple of methods that seem likely candidates for you, go back to 2a and look for anything that would supplement your chosen styles of spellcasting.
Your likely candidates are styles of spellwork you're comfortable/familiar with, for which you also have available ingredients and items needed to complete the working.
3. Settle on a pool of ingredients - some research may be required.
Suppose your spellcasting goal is to find an ideal room mate. You are probably not going to find ingredients that correspond with great room mate.
Sometimes, breaking down a spell goal into its composite parts is necessary in order to find supportive correspondences. What things make a room mate great? Maybe for you, that means a lot of peace and calm - and there are a lot of things out there which correspond with peace and calm.
This is also where you might need to sit down and do some good ol Googling, or reference your books and notes.
You don't need to choose your final ingredients or components at this time.The goal is to just get to a place where we have our methodology of spellcasting (is it a candle spell? a petition? etc) and a pool of components we can start focusing on.
For me, step 3 has a lot of back-and-forth. I may realize that none of my kitchen spices support what I want, or that I don't have the right colored thread to do knot magic with.
Sometimes, I have to go back to the drawing board and say, "okay, I wanted to do a lavender candle spell to draw in a peaceful room mate - now I think I'm going to have to make a messenger thoughtform to stuff inside of a Mercury-themed sachet."
For me, it is much more important to think outside the box and build a stable spell using really supportive correspondences, than to try and make unsupportive correspondences match a spell concept that isn't panning out.
4 a. In Step 1, we chose a general spell goal. Now that we're getting a grasp on methodology and components, we can fine-tune our intent to match what materials we have on hand.
A lavender candle spell for a good room mate might have the intent,
sweetest herb, calming vibes, let no thot be at my side; wash away those unwanted guests, let my new room mate only be the best.
A messenger thoughtform housed inside of a Mercurial vessel might have the intent,
racing steed, search far and wide, bring the best one to my side: a room mate as described within, perfect down to my smallest whim.
(inside the sachet, of course, is a small petition describing the desired qualities of the room mate).
At this time in my practice I'm really not a fan of very straightforward present-tense "I HAVE A GOOD ROOM MATE" statements of intent.
After all, if an intent is a spell ingredient, it isn't blindly interchangeable 😌
4 b. This is also now the time to choose some specifics of how you want to work over the spell and have it manifest.
Do you have timing considerations? Maybe my racing steed thoughtform takes 3 months to find the room mate I want, causing a stupid chain of events where I get a shitty room mate and they're evicted to make room for the new one.
I find that many spells work better if they are not set-and-forget. Container spells may be shaken or interacted with on a regular basis, for example. Candle spells can be burned a little each day instead of all at once. Servitors can be spoken to, encouraged, and fed on a daily basis.
How often do you want to interact with your spell? How do you want it to manifest?
Do you want to receive signs or omens that your spell is manifesting? What should they be?
This is the time to think about those things.
4 c. Ensure that all the components you've chosen, and your intent, match the exact outcomes you desire.
For example, a very heavily earthen spell with tons of earthy and Saturnine energies (lead, many stones, equilateral crosses, symbols of earth) isn't going to go fast - I mean, I don't believe it will. These components are a bad combination with a spell which must manifest rapidly. Just because something corresponds with your goals doesn't mean it's going to correspond with your specific, spell-attuned intent.
Do you need the spell to move quickly? Inclusion of a single candle to "light the way" during your spell will do things like include fiery energies which encourage rapid speed and movement towards manifestation. Or, things like symbols and squares of Mercury, or representations of fast-moving animals, will help.
Do you need a spirit or god to hear your petition? If you can't bring them into your spellcasting space, incense is said to deliver prayers to the otherworld.
And so on :)
5. Drop the extras. The spell is ready when there is nothing left to exclude.
At this point in the process, I hope to have a few things:
My spellcasting methodology (knot magic, candle spell, petition, etc).
A few correspondences that I've researched or built a relationship with, that I'm confident will help.
A finely-tuned intent that combines my goals, methodology, and correspondences.
Now, I begin looking over things and dropping what doesn't help.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a spell minimalist. I might stuff a petition card full of every magical symbol that will fit in it. I might decide that yes, I do need 7 herbs with very similar correspondences and ask them all to do the exact same thing.
However, here are some things to keep an eye on:
Ingredients that split spell focus. If your intent has too many conjunctions, it might be time to split some things off and make them into their own spell.
Time and energy cost - I'm one of those people who believe you have to work over every single ingredient - awaken it or raise power into it - and individually petition every ingredient to do something specific.
And that takes time and energy. A spell with 9 unawakened, mundane ingredients may easily take over an hour to cast because I have to essentially go through and enchant every single ingredient before it's ready, and leave me so worn out that the rest of the spell might have to be postponed.
If I've been a clever bean and enchanted a lot of my stuff ahead of time, that's less of a problem. But I expect most of us are not that prepared. So it may actually be a huge help to drop out very similar correspondences, especially if you don't know them well and don't know exactly what they're adding.
6. Finalize the spell based on the vibes
I like to write a clean copy of the spell (as at that point I've scribbled through a few pages of notes, at least) and see how it feels to me. I like to check my body for emotions. Does this spell tickle my tummy? Does it tingle the soles of my feet? Does it blossom a pit of dread into my chest?
How I feel about it is very important to me. I also double-check that my final statement of intent is still in-line with my original goal I laid out in Step 1. Sometimes I can be like a hound dog chasing down an amazing spell, until I realized I've caught a fox instead of a rabbit.
If the spell feels good, if it's what I want and need, and if the details (like manifestation timeline) are taken care of, I call it good and get to casting :)
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queer-witchs-brew · 3 months
Spell of protection, ease of mind, and banishment of negative energy.
✨Like to charge, reblog to cast✨
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Tumblr media
Words Worth (nsfw game)
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Final Project, HELP NEEDED✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Hey yall, I made some test coloring pages that explore concepts for witchcraft adult coloring book.
The idea behind this theme for coloring book is that if you are interested in spells but aren’t able acquire or can’t afford some ingredients you can instead manifest spells through coloring in the ingredients. 
OR just use these pages for meditative purposes for stressful days, so you can just sit down and relax.
Some of the coloring pages have little extra tasks and hints!
HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE GOOGLE DOCS FOLDER THAT HAS THE TEST PAGES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tPjLQJT51Ip3bG_k0RGVUjpXMzE-Mfja?usp=sharing
Download and print them as much as you want! 
Here is link to the english questionare, answering it will help me out a lot! 
Please don’t delete the pdf’s from the folder!!!
If you can’t try them out I would appreciate if you could share this so that I can get wider test audience <3
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How to use lemons in witchcraft (Pt. 4)
Part four: lemon seeds
Basics of lemons:
Zodiac: Cancer and Pisces Planet: The Moon Element: Water Energy: Feminine
Lemon Seeds in witchcraft
My favorite way to use lemon seeds in witchcraft is using what nature gave me. I clean some seeds, add to tamp paper towels, place them in a baggy, and hang them on my window for about 2-3 weeks. Once they sprout, I'll plant no more than two into a tiny little cup planter and keep it on my altar. Every time i go to water it, I'm reminded to care for my altar. Every time I care for my altar, I'm reminded to water it. It's a simple but extraordinarily effective way to measure my own personal growth as well. Once they're big enough to need a home outside, I'll replant it, and start all over with another kind of seed. My orchard is ever-growing.
Wearing lemon seeds can be a little difficult to style, but it can be done. I personally let them dry for about a month before I do this. You can take a small lemon seed and slip it into a locket to carry with you. Make a little wire cage, or simply poke a hole in it and string it onto a piece of leather cord. Lemon seeds are little pockets o sunshine for your soul and represent the ability to grow and harvest a new way of life wherever you end up. Gifting someone jewelry with lemon seeds represents you wishing them a lifetime of good health, energy, and spiritual wellbeing.
Lemon seeds are also great ways to add lemon essence to things like spell jars. If they're dried properly, they allow you to harness that lemony effect without needing to watch your spell jar turn into an ecosystem of manifestation and mold.
Please consider this post open for all ideas, comments, tricks, and tips! I use a lot of interaction from my blog to come up with new things to post about - so if you wanna say something, go for it! As always everyone, be safe out there, and Blessed Be :)
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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Come little children, I'll take thee away, Into a land of enchantment. Come little children, the time's come to play, Here in my garden of magic. Come little children, the time's drawing near, Halloween night is waning. Come little children, ride with me tonight, It's not a night for abstaining. Come little children, now follow me home, Not a one of you need worry. Come little children, the time's come to roam, Come follow me now please hurry. Come little children, there's magic to see, Here in my garden of mystery. Come little children, in to my abode, Tomorrow you all will be history.
Garden of Mystery (Author unknown; if you can uncover them lemme know)
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moonlitmagic · 1 year
To Call A Soulmate
Tumblr media
Wanted to share with you all something I wrote a few years back. It's not polished, but it's got the spirit, and I thought you all might make use of it. Enjoy <3
I'm getting impatient,
my soul still yearns.
My brain will not listen,
my heart will not learn.
I feel an aching,
a call from within
to go and find someone
whose name I can't pin.
I know I have met them,
but not in this life,
I visit them often
through dreams in the night.
My spirit remembers
while I can't comprehend,
all these hours of yearning
I can't bear to spend.
So please, if you're out there,
I'm calling you in.
My soul won't stop yelling
until I find you again.
Tip jar
^link to my ko-fi, if you're feeling generous
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decarbry · 6 months
Tumblr media
Spell portrait commission for Matoro16! Guiding bolt! I love this character design so much!
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crazycatsiren · 5 months
A spell to get out of any situation:
Step 1: Get up.
Step 2: Walk away from situation.
Follow me for more witchcraft tips.
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Spell Tattoos
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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