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It's so easy for me to see myself living the life of my dreams.
And as I see it, I know it must happen.
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My sister got into the void state.
So my sister got into the void lmao, and the funny part is that she knows nothing about the law or the void. She has exams and i see her panicking all the time so i recommended her to to meditate (meditation to her is whatever calms her down and brings her joy) and this morning she came up to me and said "yk i was imagining myself with *her comfort characters* and it felt so nice that i kept wanting to feel it over and over again so started to loop the scene over and over again and suddenly i couldn't hear or feel anything and it all went black and it was so peaceful, i felt like i was floating and there was no one else, just me but then i realized that i actually can't hear anything, freaked out and came back, it was so much fun" i asked her how she did it and she said that "just imagine whatever that brings you joy and makes you feel "fulfilled" and make sure its something you really really like only then you will want to loop the scene otherwise it will feel forced. And once you find a scene that makes your happy keep repeating it, dont think anything else just keep repeating it and because its a scene you like you should have no problem doing that and i know that because i tried repeating this one scene but i didnt like it that and it felt so frustrating." I asked her what if you have random thoughts coming up or you dont feel like imagining and she said "for random thoughts just keep coming back to the scene and for your other question thats what i am saying it should be something you really really like, make it soooo nice that you dont wanna imagine anything else but that" and she said if you can't visualize and its bothering your just touch or hear stuff, like maybe you desire wealth then start touching money in your imagination, if you want clear skin, touch your skin etc.
I also think that it was so easy for her because her only goal was to feel fulfilled thats all she wanted, she didnt care about anything else and just wanted to feel fulfilled make that your only goal and secondly she wasn't doubting or second guessing stuff. Let this be a reminder to untangle all the strings in your mind, take it easy, calm down, don't over analyse.
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Nasa's deep space missions - an infographic made for Time Magazine by Lon Tweeten
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鈥淭he Cave鈥
Nicholas Preaud Architect
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鈥滺ut Adventurer鈥 (Jungle Hut) by Dmitri Reviakin
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A little progress is better than no actions taken at all. You got this, love. Your future self is cheering you on. 馃
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Boldly Contrasted Maps by Spencer Schien Visualize Population Density Data
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this is kitty. kitty is a curious white cat learning her way through law of assumption.
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kitty鈥檚 greatest dream is to, one day, see the snow. it never snows where she lives, it鈥檚 way too hot, but snow seems so magical: she wants to experience it. so why not manifest it? she has nothing to lose!
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so, kitty started affirming. 鈥渋t鈥檚 snowing!鈥 she would think. 鈥渋t always snows here!鈥, she would affirm. but kitty wanted to see snow, and she wanted to see snow fast. so, she started saturating her mind with affirmations.
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but what does saturating one鈥檚 mind mean? well, saturating the mind means to repeat and repeat and repeat your affirmations to yourself, and again, and again, everytime you鈥檙e bored, or in the shower, or cooking, or waiting for the bus, walking in the street, watching tv; basically, everytime you have a free moment, you repeat your affirmations to yourself. not just once a day, but pretty much all day, or at least everytime you鈥檙e relaxing. this will make your manifestation come faster, because you鈥檒l be creating an assumption faster; your subconscious will surrender to the new story faster.
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so, that鈥檚 what kitty did. she affirmed 鈥渋t always snows here鈥, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and again, and again, and again. everytime she laid on the couch, she affirmed. everytime she was sunbathing, she affirmed. when she ate, she affirmed. when she was taking baths, she affirmed.
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she affirmed so much that it took just one day for the snow to fall from the sky. she was so excited, she immediately went out to play in the snow. kitty鈥檚 never been happier!
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嗉*路藲鈥淲hat where is it? Didn鈥檛 my affirmations work?鈥 PERSIST. And im not saying that lightly. Your mind should be saturated to the point you don鈥檛 have time to check the 3D or want to because you鈥檙e so confident in your own lil world and having inner conversations with yourself about having what you want. If you鈥檙e doubting, wavering, and checking the 3D, you鈥檙e desired thoughts are not dominant enough. And how do you make them more dominant? By persisting and saturating your mind with them. 嗉*路藲
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A guide to SATS
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In SATS (State akin to sleep) you are still aware of your thoughts, where you can still direct your thoughts and are in control of them but not completely. You usually find yourself in this state either before you go to sleep, or as soon as you wake up.
Manifesting with SATS
So how do we manifest with SATS? There are tons of methods, and I'll explain them later on but the key here is to saturate your mind once you enter this state, since you're more suggestible, and then enter the state of wish fulfilled
How to enter SATS?
There are a lot of ways, but the best is just to relax yourself, through breathing, calming music, meditation, or just laying there! You'll know you've reached the state when you feel tired, drowsy, don't want to move, can't tell where your limbs are touching (just the outline of your body), or you feel like sleeping! I often enter SATS when I zone out, but don't want to focus back.
A quick explanation of the most common methods!
Visualization 鈥 Visualize a scene in your head that indicates you have your desire, till you feel fulfilled
Lullaby 鈥 Affirm till you feel fulfilled (Common affs are "Isn't it wonderful" or "Thank you" but it can be anything!)
Vaunting 鈥 Having a conversation, or just ranting about your desires
鉁 Get comfy! Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing and everything feels right
鉁 Calm yourself down! Drinking warm drinks, meditating, breathing exercises, and a calm, quiet atmosphere helps!
鉁 Don't overcomplicate! You enter this state twice a day, and it's very easy!
鉁 Inducing the trance state might help to quicken the process!
鉁 Doing it at night or in the early morning, since you'll already be in the state or very close to it!
鈥 Is visualizing necessary? Nope not at all! You can affirm, or vaunt or even just think of your desire! There are no limits
鈥 Can I move? Yes ofc!
鈥 I can't fall asleep while affirming / visualizing! What do I do? I'd suggest focusing on what you're doing, and not falling asleep and then you'll naturally fall asleep! If not just do it till you're fulfilled, and then stop and fall asleep feeling fulfilled. Another possibility is that you may not actually be in SATS, or just tired enough
鈥 Can I do SATS during the day? Yup! SATS can be induced and done anytime! A lot of people prefer night though, since it's easier and then you can sleep feeling fulfilled
鈥 How do I relax myself? I'd suggest going thru this and finding a way to calm yourself down!
鈥 Do I have to feel fulfilled? Technically, yes, but you create the rules so...? It's up to you!
鈥 I don't believe in SATS, where are the success stories? This, this, this, and this!
鈥 Do I have to be laying down? Nope! You can be in any position! I've even entered SATS while scrunched up into a ball on the couch, and even while standing up! You can enter SATS anytime, anywhere~
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Loves, don't forget to center yourself. No matter how busy you get, always remember to take a moment to stop, breathe, and just be. Meditate for a few minutes, even for just 5, to ground yourself. Take this step back from your busy day-to-day life so that you can come back in full force.
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I found a picture imposing limiting beliefs on pinterest so I fixed it! 馃槉鉁 You're all welcome!
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Reminder that YOU are the operator of your reality, which means that yes, you can control absolutely everything! Yes you can decide how others feel about you, everyone is you pushed out! Yes, you change your appearance. Yes, you can decide whether or not someone gets to live or die. Yes, you can completely fix and erase past mistakes you've made. You can make someone do and say whatever you want them to.
The only thing you need to do that with is your mind. Choose your desire, persist in the assumption that you already have it, dont obsess over it, dont seek validation from outside of you, and whatever you want will be yours in the physical reality. Literally whatever it is that you want. That's literally all that you need to do. This is your reality. You get to decide what happens in it. Dont let worthless bullshit make you feel powerless. Don't let this bullshit make you spiral. You are absolutely limitless and you can have all the things that you want instantly exactly how you want them. It's up to you to persist and never give up until you've achieved your dreams. Got it? Now dust yourself off and keep being amazing! You've got this!
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饾悂饾悜饾悇饾悁饾悐饾悎饾悕饾悊 饾悆饾悗饾悥饾悕 饾悑饾悗饾悁 饾悡饾悇饾悜饾悓饾悎饾悕饾悗饾悑饾悗饾悊饾悩
if you鈥檙e new to law of assumption, welcome! now you must have seen so many terms like 鈥渞evision鈥 or 鈥渢he void state鈥 and many more. or maybe you鈥檝e overconsume and now you鈥檙e struggling to get down to the basics. this post is here to explain the terms of law of assumption, the methods and all you need to know first off, i highly recommended you read my post here. it literally tells you so much.
饾悞饾悗...饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悑饾悁饾悥?
the law is basically: law of assumption in simple definition is: WHATEVER YOU ASSUME, YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR REALITY. for example if you were assuming into your reality that you own a million dollar house, BY LAW that million dollar house is yours! you will have it in your reality in no-time.
饾悋饾悗饾悥 饾悆饾悗 饾悎 饾悓饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悈饾悇饾悞饾悡?
i get this question a lot surprisingly, and its pretty self explanatory by the name. you ASSUME that you have what you want.
幞拷锟斤拷 :: if you assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact 鈥 neville goddard
(which leads me to my next point)
饾悑饾悎饾悤饾悎饾悕饾悊 饾悎饾悕 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悇饾悕饾悆
to successfully manifest you must live in the end. you can do many techniques as you please but if you do not maintain living in the end, then..you鈥檙e gonna struggle. living in the end is going on your day knowing your stating your desire is here. neville going to barbados is the classic example of living in the end. he mentally operated as though he was in barbados even though he was living in new york, here鈥檚 another example.
lets say im manifesting a romantic partner in my life i am no longer in the 鈥淲ANTING鈥 state i am now in the 鈥淔ULFILLED鈥 state. so i would think FROM my desire. 鈥渆veryday ___ texts me鈥 鈥渕e and ____鈥 have such a good relationship鈥
be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
this also links in with 饾悇饾悓饾悂饾悗饾悆饾悩饾悎饾悕饾悊. you see supermodels like naomi campbell, kate moss and adut akech give off that 鈥渃onfident vibe鈥 its because they鈥檙e mentally embodying which therefore results in them eluding that confidence on that catwalk i really do recommend reading my post here and here
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悘饾悇饾悜饾悞饾悎饾悞饾悡饾悇饾悕饾悅饾悇?
people often confuse persistence with consistently affirming 24/7 till they pass out or their head hurts which is so wrong. persisting isn鈥檛 affirming its knowing that your desire is inevitable. you feel safe and secure knowing THAT CREATION IS FINISHED. the moment you鈥檝e finished your visualisation, affirmations, SATs or whatever or have just simply stated that your desire is yours your desire has already been completed. your 鈥渏ob鈥 is to just continue KNOWING that it鈥檚 yours!
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悎饾悞 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悞饾悡饾悁饾悡饾悇 饾悗饾悈 饾悥饾悎饾悞饾悋 饾悈饾悢饾悑饾悑饾悈饾悎饾悑饾悑饾悇饾悆?
the state of wish fulfilled is pretty similar to living in the end, and they do go hand in hand. to be in the state of wish of fulfilment you must ASSUME YOUR DESIRE IS DONE. how would you feel? happy, comfortable, relaxed, satisfied. thats literally it. you鈥檙e no longer desiring to manifest because you have finally manifested it.
people confuse the state of wish fulfilment with being happy all the time and there鈥檚 where they鈥檙e wrong you do not need to be happy. that phone that鈥檚 in your hand you鈥檝e manifested it, were you happy the first time you got it? yeah ofc you did its a new phone but soon after a while it felt natural. you were like 鈥測eah thats my phone鈥 you wasn鈥檛 like 鈥淥MGGG THATS MY PHONE!!!鈥 you knew it was yours and went off.
饾悕饾悗饾悥 饾悗饾悕饾悡饾悗 饾悡饾悇饾悅饾悋饾悕饾悎饾悙饾悢饾悇饾悞. . .
i just want to say鈥ou do not need techniques to manifest, technique鈥檚 don鈥檛 manifest you DO. techniques are actually quite useless if you don鈥檛 maintain living the end which is why a lot of you end up failing. you鈥檝e manifested so much now did you ever use a technique for all of that? NO. so why do you need one now? so..just a reminder!! its not wrong to use techniques but your mind is just more powerful. do not underestimate it.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 THE LULLABY METHOD 鈥
one of my favourite methods of like all time and its so simple.
here鈥檚 how to do so
幞 :: A most effective way to embody a desire is to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then, in a relaxed and drowsy state, repeat over and over again like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of your desire, such as, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" as though you addressed a higher power for having given you that which you desired. say.
Thank you- and repeat it with feeling over and over again like a lullaby until my mind was dominated by the single sensation of thankfulness." if you don鈥檛 want to use 鈥渢hank you鈥 you can use 鈥渋sn鈥檛 it wonderful鈥 or anything else but make it very, very short and always use a phrase that implies fulfillment of the idea."
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 THE VOID STATE 鈥
the void state you have most likely seen every-fricking where and can i just say, the void method isn鈥檛 hard at all. you just assume its hard. stop putting such an easy method on such a high pedestal. put yourself on that pedestal and you鈥檒l realise how easy everything truly is.
the void is simply becoming true consciousness.
1. get into a sleepy, meditative state. preferably somewhere quiet where you won鈥檛 be distracted.
2. simply put all your focus towards you and start affirming that you鈥檙e in the void state, you could do this by saying 鈥淚 AM(IN THE VOID STATE)
3. you know you鈥檙e along the right tracks when you feel a floaty sensation, you begin to feel lighter and all senses of the 3D is nonexistent.
4. once you鈥檙e in the void you can begin to either visualise, affirm and do whatever to confirm your desires.
鈥 you can also command your subconscious to get in the void by simply stating 鈥渟ubconscious get me in the void quickly and easily鈥 for that to successfully work stop knowledging the 3D. that鈥檚 irrelevant. stay committed to your subconscious, it only does what you say.
if you don鈥檛 already know i did successfully manifest my overall dream life in the void. basically living that it-girl in london, everything effortlessly working out for them, living lavishly instagram worthy pics. all that kinda stuff.
okay basically what i did was getting a little bit tired, a little drowsy but not TOO tired to the point where I鈥檓 going to instantly sleep. i started to repeat and affirm to myself 鈥渋 am pure consciousness鈥 and also 鈥渋 manifest quickly and effortlessly鈥 till i drifted off to sleep. literally i couldn鈥檛 feel anything, i was NUMB, everything around me- I COULDN鈥橳 FEEL A THING. It went pitch BLACK. and thats when i started visualising myself and me in beautiful towns in london on wonderful dates, designer ass clothing and just amazing outfits in general, literally everything i wanted i vividly visualised.
after that i did eventually wake up and i went back to sleep again but this time in the assumption that everything is already mine鈥he next day? everything i wanted appeared.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 STATE AKIN TO SLEEP 鈥
now this is neville鈥檚 favourite method and he has highly praised it, i myself have used this method a couple of times and i can say it is a great method!
it is a simple method (like all of the methods) its basically: falling asleep imagining a scene which implies that your desire has been fulfilled.
鈥 You must enter a drowsy state.
now- this is a very common thing to hear especially in law of assumption, so you might be wondering why you have to enter most methods when tired. its because when you鈥檙e tired, everything is at an ease, you鈥檙e relaxed, stress-free you鈥檙e letting the imagery come to you and following it as it goes. there is no effort involved
(this is also called the 鈥榟ypnogogia state鈥 which has been scientifically provenn sooo do what you wish with that information)
if you find it difficult do not worry; meditation helps you get into a relaxed mood and you can also use meditation for the void state :)
鈥 Once you鈥檝e successfully entered the drowsy state, begin to imagine or 鈥榩ick鈥 a scene that confirms your desire鈥
so if i was manifesting a physical appearance i would imagine my friends telling me how pretty i look, or just anyone telling me how pretty i look. i would imagine myself with all my features looking in the mirror complimenting myself.
i recommend picking a scene thats something you see in your current reality already for example you probably speak to your friends everyday on the group chat. you can imagine them texting you saying how good you look, or your mum giving you your breakfast and noticing your new change.
. . . and thats literally it lol.
get in a drowsy state and replay a scene your head- you can do it for however long id usually do it till im asleep or too tired.
* 藲 鉁 聽 聽鈥 鈥 MEDITATION 鈥
meditation is so useful because you鈥檙e in that relaxed state, where everything just comes to you effortlessly. heres some meditations i recommend.
state of wish fulfilled (skip to 2:42)
state of wish fulfilled
state of wish fulfilled
powerful visualisation
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