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frownyalfred · 26 days
The Batfamily, by proxy of being raised by Bruce (undercover pro, lies every other word) and Alfred (actor in another life and in possession of the world’s blankest poker face), are probably the best at just running with something (a con, a secret identity, an undercover job, etc) and acting it out 100% believably. With zero hesitation.
Someone runs up to Red Hood one night in an alley and says “pretend to be my boyfriend! please, he’s following me!” and suddenly that’s not Jason Todd, Crime Lord. That’s Todd from the upper east side, and what the fuck man? leave her alone, you’re fucking tripping!
Etc etc.
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michellezagenda · 16 days
i remember at my old job some woman came in with a björk sweater and she looked absolutely insane
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snuffes · 2 years
i’ve set up a little tray filled with water on a towel for Cat Enrichment. in the water are two plastic bottle caps filled with floating treats. wasabi WILL not touch wet and she WILL do anything for treats and she IS conflicted. she’s circled it for 20 minutes and almost touched the water twice but no further attempts have been made
this is a developing story
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nvnvmi · 4 months
thinking about…
(minors dni)
nanami, who doesn’t love the idea of you working out alone. especially so early in the morning — you could trip and fall, there could be a car whose driver isn’t paying attention, something could happen to you. for your safety, it’s best that he joins you on your little jogs. beside, waking up without you is just miserable.
nanami, who cooks breakfast while you’re showering. he’s seen the protein bars you try to pass off as a meal. you need something more nutritious after such a strenuous workout. there’s a joy in cooking for his wife that’s hard to find anywhere else.
nanami, who wakes up with ease when his alarm goes off while you grunt. complain. kick the covers off while demanding another five minutes. he never rushes you, never chastises you. the alarm is set for ten minutes (five is never enough), and he’ll get your clothes ready. make sure you have socks by your sneakers. you’ll come tumbling out of bed when you’re ready.
nanami, who boxes you in bed when it’s time for a rest day. his arms locked around your middle, he pulls you back against him. not even bothering to open his eyes. “not today, darling.” he mumbles, lips brushing against your hair. “sleep.”
nanami, who sees you staring at him when you run. watching the sweat trickle down his face. coating his neck, back, chest. it’s an everyday thing, but sometimes your gaze last a little longer. breaths, more like pants, a little a deeper (and not from the exercise).
nanami, who thinks you’re just so fucking filthy when your tongue laps up the sweat. desperate little whines as you try to get every drop. he lets his head roll back to allow you better access to his neck, chuckling when your tongue runs across his adam’s apple. “oh, sweetheart, you must be parched.”
nanami, who can feel you dripping through your leggings. soaking through every inch of clothing as the desire starts to built. driven to the extreme by a few salty droplets. when your hips rut against his semi, concealed by his tight gym shorts, he realizes what a mess you’re making.
nanami, who can only take so much. you’re stripped bare, sweaty clothes a heap at his feet as he pins you to the kitchen counter. legs hooked around his waist, cock fucking into you with the prettiest sounds.
nanami, who loves to take his time. to praise you, kiss you all over, make you feel how deeply his love runs. except in moments like these. when he barely has to fuck you to make your brain break, whines broken and his name slurred. he’ll wrap a hand around your throat and squeeze a little too tight, hips moving rougher than they probably should. your cunt is just so nice, so tight, so warm. and when you become a dumb little dog, licking her owner, how is he supposed to react?
“poor little puppy. you’re lucky daddy wants to breed you.”
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mysteriesmuse · 1 year
Lil’ Gauntlets
———————————————— Katsuki has absolutely massive shoulders, a small waist, and a tight booty that gives him an undeniably sexy appeal as he saunters away in that sleek black outfit and gauntlets. And those shoulders don’t come easy. So Katsuki usually throws on his gauntlets and gloves, and a tight tank top that shows off a little bit of side pec. Except, not in that order, but then he’s out the door swaggering around the block with these massive grenades strapped to his arms. He’s big and intimidating already, but sprinting around the block with those things and his earbuds blasting makes the local pedestrians move out of the way pretty dang quick. And once you started dating him you started joining on little jogs around the neighborhood. You usually taping out halfway through and heading back into the apartment whilst Katsuki continued on his treck for another few laps. Passing by you splayed on the bench and chugging water, another bottle sitting on the bench next to you for when your boyfriend decides he’s finished enough loops around the neighborhood. And he always looks like such a grump when he runs around without you. Sometimes wearing that hair band he’s stolen from you to keep sweaty bangs pushed out of his face.
Always a big grumpy pants. Except for when he rounds the corner and you’re in view. Then Katsuki’s grouchy expression lightens up with a dazzling lopsided smile and devilish smirk as he makes a blazing-fast pit stop to peck your lips and triumphantly mummer out the number he’s on into your mouth. It’s a lovely routine. Truly nothing better than watching him do his sexy little jog and breathe into your mouth all smug and cocky.
And it’s incredibly rewarding when you receive a package in the mail with your own little surprise: ankle weights. Not any regular ankle weights, but ankle weight that are also be worn around the wrist. And you bought them in a pretty pretty pink strapping them around your wrists before skipping out the door after your boyfriend for your warm-up lap. A causal stroll around the block. It’s just after you fall into step with Katsuki he notices your the way your arms are swaying.
Katsuki nods, jutting his chin out at them, “What you got there, babe?” You beam, swinging your arms in even bigger archs, “Just a pair of little gauntlets. To match yours!” And Katsuki scoffs and shakes his head with a boyish smile, his adams apple bobbling as he tells you, “S’ cute lil’ gauntlets.” —— And even after your numerous charades and imitations of his signature pro hero scowl and walk he still thinks they’re cute lil’ gauntlets.
Cute lil’ gauntlets for his cute lil’ buddy (*≧∀≦*)★彡
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missararts · 1 month
I just finished Truth and Measure what the fuck
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letoscrawls · 2 months
I yearned too hard yesterday and now my worst nightmare just became a reality: the Cute Guy is at the gym at the same time i am. And nobody else Is here END ME NOW
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helvetesfe · 6 months
When all you want for Christmas is exercise gear. Mainly a Walking Pad Treadmill cause you don’t like the outside world at all.
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smiley-milkovich · 7 months
Feel like shit just wanted to see Mickey run on the treadmill so I could see his tits bounce
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gynandromorph · 1 year
i'm so glad people like shiloh and jessie because i have a disease that makes me unable to shut the fuck up about them,
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banqanas · 5 hours
today's workout jams
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frownyalfred · 2 months
okay so there were a ton of posts/fics about the hilarious "fuck/maryy/kill" Bruce Wayne & Justice League scenario (I read them all, amazing comedic timing y'all) but to me, the most hilarious scenario is the JL play fuck/marry/kill, Bruce's name comes up, and half of the people in the room in the know immediately turn bright red and refuse to keep playing and no one will explain why.
Hal: "...and I would fuck Bruce Wayne. No, I would kill him. Nah, actually I'd fuck him, who am I kidding."
Clark: choking on his coffee and rapidly turning an alarming shade of red
Diana: "An....interesting choice, of course."
J'onn: "Shall we play a different game?"
Hal: "Wait, what? that was the game, wasn't it?"
Ollie: "I'm with Hal, I'd fuck the shit out of Bruce. He's the easiest guy I know, it's not like it'll exactly be a hardship for him."
*every single person in the room turns to Batman, standing in the corner*
Clark: "Wow! I think I just heard someone drop an ice cream cone in Guatemala. Batman, I'll need a team up."
Ollie: "For ice cream?"
Diana, standing up and putting herself in between Bruce and Hal: "This sounds dire. I will also assist."
Clark, under his breath, one hand on Bruce's back: "It's not worth it. He's not worth it. Come on. Walk it off."
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inkykeiji · 8 days
for a man made of metal, boothill sure can move his hips, eh???
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squish--squash · 8 months
crowley walks like a slinky going down a treadmill send post
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kirishwima · 9 months
btw...idk if ill post it but i just need you to know that between my recent obsession w the gym and my brain riddled with thoughts of jjk, i may or may not have started writing a SatoSugu x reader gym au. Because. Reasons.
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autumnapricot · 1 month
will there be sexual content between charles and max in the fic? This wont affect my interest and i know its kind of a weird question im just super curious to see where this is going lol
hello anon,
no worries at all, it‘s a completely valid question!
in will o‘ the wisps itself there will be no sexual content between max and charles, no. i feel like there is a lot for them to go through and take care of as characters individually and also figure out together first before we‘d get to that point and i thought it would be too rushed to fit it into the storyline, which is something i didn‘t want for them.
i have possibly been thinking about maybe maybe MAYBE writing a sequel in which we would cover more intimate moments like these because i would love for them to have those „on-screen“ but again, that is a big maybe and i can‘t promise anything yet! i would love to write it though! (for now i need to finish wotw first lol! ik ik i‘m slow sorry🥲)
thank you for your question and reading along! <3
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