sweetbottletops · 1 year
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"To my dearest international readers — I cannot express how huge of a part you guys played in making my dreams come true. Thank you so much for being here and loving Mitsuki & Aya for a whole entire year, they’re going to be printed 💚" x x @agu_knzm
Preorder: Amazon Japan | Kadokawa | Honto
Publisher ‏ : ‎ KADOKAWA (April 19, 2023) Publication date ‏ : ‎ April 19, 2023 Language ‏ : ‎ Japanese Tankobon Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 180 pages ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 4046817321
And an ebook too which might be a good way for non-Japanese readers to support while waiting for official translations.
The USD is so strong I just pre-ordered it WITH shipping for only $24 total. Which is likely around what Kinokuniya would sell it for if they ever got it in stock. I don't want to leave anything up to chance.
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Woah. It was ranked #760 something for graphic novels when I first looked last night. #1 for all books?
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one-time-i-dreamt · 11 months
Rick Riordan published a new book series like Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles but this time it was about the Cambrian explosion.
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i-will-write · 6 months
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saint-vagrant · 1 year
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illustration for the "When I Was Me" anthology published by Quindrie Press, done a year ago now. my piece was for the trans intimacy section 🖤 HE/HIM for the main figure, thanks.
it was a real treat to be included! i'll share my original pitches as well; as you can see i originally planned for everyone to be naked, ha (of course i'll recycle these for future pieces!)
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blogstandbygo · 28 days
One of my poems was accepted by the amazing (TM) @improbablepress for inclusion in the upcoming anthology Anna Karenina Isn't Dead, and @atlinmerrick sent me a symbolic dollar for my first paid publication!
I'm so excited to be part of this project, and will share details of how you can get your own copy of this fascinating collection.
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poemhater · 3 months
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My poem, “Disappointing Fruit, or A Tempest of My Own Making,” winner of Coastal Carolina University’s Creative Sociology contest, is now published in a special issue of Waccamaw Journal! You can read my piece and the other winners’ incredible pieces here
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natureintheory · 4 months
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Sketch → Final!
Cover & spread illustration by Olena Shmahalo for Scientific American, 2022: Black Hole Information Paradox
Related article: Black Hole Mysteries Solved - Clara Moskowitz
In the issue, George Musser covers the black hole information paradox — that information cannot be destroyed, and yet black holes appear to swallow it, leaving no trace when they evaporate. But new research confirms that black holes are reversible after all, conserving information. (the principle of reversibility). Thus the cover concept: a black hole encased in an hourglass. When you turn to the interior spread, the black hole's reversibility is revealed: what goes in comes back out.
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tilting-at-windmills · 4 months
I published a poetry collection
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Please check it out! And say nice things! Because it is crazy exciting and also kind of scary! That's a little piece of my soul I let out into the world and I hope people treat it tenderly; I hope it can speak to people who these words might help; I hope people understand and are kind.
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Hey everyone! I do not have a Patreon or a Ko-Fi, but if you want to support me, please consider buying one of my self-published works on Amazon. Thank you for your time and consideration. This post will be updated as more stories come out.
"The Fall of the Black Tower", the First short story in the Yggdrasil Universe: Here
"Homecoming", the second short story in the Yggdrasil Universe: Here
"The Scepter of Arawn", the third story and first full length novella in the Yggdrasil Universe: Here
Also, if you do buy and read my stories, consider leaving a review on Amazon so they can be seen by more people. Enjoy!
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scifimagpie · 7 months
Writeblr intro
So, I realised I hadn't actually written one of these, and I had to fix it!
Name: Magpie, or Shelle, or Michelle.
Pronouns: she/her or xe/xer/xis.
Who: both a writer and an editor!
The Writing: I’ve been publishing since 2011, and I have a bunch of free and paid anthologies I’ve organized, but these are my most important/favourite works.
Tumblr media
Except for The Meaning Wars series, all of my books are set in Canada!  
The Meaning Wars (complete; And The Stars Will Sing, The Stolen: Two Short Stories, The Meaning Wars, Poe’s Outlaws, A Jade’s Trick, The Meaning Wars Complete Omnibus)
Similar to: Becky Chambers’ A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and Ruthanna Emrys’ A Half-Built Garden
Vibes: Space opera! Found family! Mature (30s) protagonists! Best friends! Sapphic and queer m/f romance elements! Friendly space raptors! Space pirates! A beach episode! Antifascism! Colonization (and inequality issues)! Fighting stuff with democracy and direct action!  
The Underlighters (Book 1 of The Nightmare Cycle; Book 2, Monsters and Fools, is one of my WIPs that you’ll see me talking about)
Similar to: Jean DuPrau’s The City of Ember, Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, the Fallout series
Vibes: Coming of age/new adult themes. Spooky monsters. Post-apocalyptic. The importance and warmth of community. Friendship. Struggling with teen problems. Polyamory. Nightmares. Mental health issues. Trauma. Hope. Recycling.
After The Garden (Book 1 of the Memory Bearers Saga; Book 2, Within the Tempest, is also one of my WIPs)
Similar to: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, The Wachowski sisters’ Sense-8, the Fallout series
Vibes: Found family. Gentle romance. Polyamory (m/f/m). Superpowers without superheroes. Sinister cults and religious extremism. Reincarnation. An alternate future. Adorable giant spiders. Silk-weaving and fiber arts. Post-collapse societal reorganization and politics.
The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming: A Horror Anthology includes an alternate-ending version of The Underlighters, the novella A Shot of Vodka, and a dozen or so genre-crossing short stories. All of them have spooky elements.
Similar to: Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors, Roald Dahl’s Skin and Other Stories (this is not an endorsement of antisemite Roald Dahl; I am antifascist)
Vibes: Underground living. Spooky dolls. Abandoned houses. Queerness. Sinister fey. Nightmares. Lovecraftian eeriness. Here be monsters.
Bad Things That Happen To Girls (Book 1 of the Memory Bearers Saga; Book 2, Within the Tempest, is also one of my WIPs) Possibly my most underrated work, this New Adultish story is a standalone novella about trauma and what happens when life breaks down.
Similar to: Emily Danforth’sThe Miseducation of Cameron Post and Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness
Vibes: Broken family. Abusive mother. Being queer in a small city. Religious trauma. Forbidden cross-cultural love. Teen heartbreak. Coming-of-age. Sisters.
The Hell series (Unpublished WIPs; Dark as Hell, Uncharted Hell, Hope in Hell)
Similar to: Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Andrej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series
Vibes: Grumpy/sunshine romance! Mature protagonists! Queer f/m romance! Thriller elements! Immortal pirate! Marxist/anti-billionaire politics—with a billionaire protag! Lovecraftian ocean horror! Historical fantasy elements! Lots and lots of boat stuff!
Prairie Weather Trilogy (Unpublished but complete, in submission; Chinook Phase, Tornado Warning, Brushfire)
Similar to: Douglas Couplands’ Jpod,Nick Sagan’s Idlewild trilogy (without the sci fi stuff), Love Actually, Heartstoppers
Vibes: Aggressively Canadian! Found family! Cozy academia! University! Set in the early 2010s! Queer romance! Ensemble cast! Aggressively queer, diverse, and inclusive! Coming-of-Age/New Adult issues! Friendship! Drama! Sex work-positivity!             
The Editing: I've been a professional freelance editor since 2013, with Top-Rated status on Upwork (a freelancing website) and several hundred books under my belt. (I don't know how many things I've worked on at this point. I've lost count!) Primarily into sci fi, fantasy, horror, and literature (and associated subgenres); enthusiastic about #ownvoices and all kinds of diversity/marginalised representation in fiction.
You don’t have to go through Upwork unless you want to; DM me if you’re looking for an editor who’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and gentle. I’m also budget-friendly!
Tumblr media
Age: in my 30s.
Queer?: yes. Also poly! Happily married to two people; also have a girlfriend. Not looking for more partners.
Disabled?: yes.
Languages: English mostly, but some conversational Spanish (rusty), scraps of French, tiny bits of German and Irish. All my writing is in English, though.
Location: Southern Alberta, Canada. (Texas + Kansas + Colorado = Alberta, more or less.)
Other hobbies: Knitting, making jewelry, playing Dungeons and Dragons (and other tabletop games), singing, reading (obviously), learning stuff; playing cello, clarinet, and violin
Interests: Jewelry, gems, metalworking, fiber arts, queer issues and social justice, environmentalism, drinking quite a lot of tea (usually black; I like an assam, Ceylon, or breakfast blends, though Golden Snail absolutely slaps when I’m in the mood for it, and I love Earl Grey Cream as well)
Other internet profiles: *Website * Mailing list * Magpie Editing * Amazon * Tumblr * Mastodon *Facebook * Medium * Twitter  * OG Blog* Instagram * Paypal.me * Ko-fi
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amorganauthor · 25 days
Hello all! I am thrilled to announce that I am now published through Amazon!
You can find my newest novella, Lend Me Your Eyes for sale and on Kindle Unlimited as of this morning, and under this link!
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andromeda-grace · 5 months
The Devil You Know- Out Now!
My short story is out through D&T Publishing. You can get your copy here.
Tumblr media
Anya is a witch, serving as the village healer and midwife. She’s fiercely independent, but she isn’t a loner. She cares deeply for her community. I had so much fun writing those moments of friendship and camaraderie.
When women have meaningful work and friendships, I feel it makes their romantic relationships that much stronger.
Enjoy a haunting original fairytale for your next Halloween read! You can find my story here.
Tagging: @hillnerd-art @suffrajett
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meganspublished · 2 years
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'The Dream Palace' is a series of diary entries written by a teenage egotist.
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cruzdelcastillo · 2 months
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Writing my debut novel, ‘Corpus Christi, Texas,’ changed my life in many ways. It allowed me to discover my strengths and talents while unearthing my flaws and weaknesses. At a time when I was recovering from Anorexia nervosa and lacked love and affection in most of my friendships and relationships, writing kept me on my feet. It was the lifeline that saved me. I no longer cared about my body's appearance or weight; I stopped purging and started eating. The characters in my book occupied most of my mental space. Tony, the protagonist of this story, became someone I deeply loved and appreciated through the writing process. When I finished writing the last page of the book, I realized I hadn't created an entirely new character; I had been writing about myself. I then concluded that Tony was a hyperbolic representation of my own self. Creating Tony made me fall in love with myself once again. He healed my broken wings and allowed me to discover my self-worth in a new way.
‘Corpus Christi, Texas’ delves deep into the human psyche, exposing raw facets of sexual desire, corruption, and the blurred lines between morality and immorality. It aims to explore the intricate relationship between good and evil, the dichotomy of God and Satan, while skillfully weaving Catholic imagery into the tapestry of a recessionary America. The book meticulously examines the complex relationship between American and Mexican culture, unearthing hidden connections and disparities that challenge conventional perspectives. As a whole, the novel fearlessly portrays the darker aspects of human nature, intertwining themes of culture, religion, and authority.
That being said, I am pleased to announce that my book is officially available now, worldwide on Amazon, in both paperback and ebook versions. Just as writing this book changed my life, I hope that when you read it, it changes yours.
See you in hell,
Cruz Del Castillo ✞
Available to purchase now in the link in my bio.
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rmgrey-author · 6 months
The Witch in the Ruins
A dark fantasy novella in which a mercenary is hired to hunt down a necromancer.  Marcella Lothaire is a mersinos, looking for work. When she stumbles upon the ancient town of Atavis, she discovers a violent witch has been sending her beasts to attack the town each night. Marcella sees the opportunity in this vile bloodshed and pays a visit to the local leader, a cruel and greedy man who will pay her a hefty sum to dispatch the witch. The promise of gold and danger is all the mersinos needs to hear. She has burned many bridges to gather the wealth she needs to go home again with her head held high, but the witch will not be claimed easily. Will Marcella claim her bounty, or be devoured by the witch of the ruins?
Tumblr media
Check out my novella on Amazon for e-book or paperback purchase: e-book is $3.99 USD, paperback is $5.00 USD, and free e-books are available if you have Kindle Unlimited.
HERE IS THE LINK again. This is for Amazon in the USA, but it's available for as many countries as the site would allow. Just search the title "The Witch in the Ruins" or the author name "Rowan M. Grey".
I appreciate all the support I have had on this book and cannot wait for you to read it!
book tags: dark fantasy, sapphic, violent, action, horror elements
taglist: @anonymousfoz @schepper-wubs-wips @quantumlandbooks @fire-but-ashes-too @dyrewrites
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authorjennieelaine · 2 months
Tumblr media
I'm so very excited to announce that my novel Melded has been picked up by ink and quill press for publication! (Short summary of book at bottom!)
Dark fantasy, queer romance, and cosmic horror
Tumblr media
The book will include eight full page black and white illustrations by me, cover art by me as well, and bonus half page illustrations throughout!
Tumblr media
I'm so extremely excited to, well, meld together my artistic and creative writing skills on this project, and I'm very happy the publication will be going through such a wonderful publishing team.
I'll be announcing more as time goes on. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far! This is a great achievement after a long, hard journey, and I couldn't have done it without you!
(Especially my friend Jan for their tireless assistance with editing, moral support, and dedication, thank you so much!)
The power of Haliz Fundir can combine two people into one body and mind. The possibilities of its uses are endless, but the power comes at a terrifying cost.
Jorel covets it without understanding it, hoping to use it as a weapon of war.
Gen fears it, knowing the cost all too well, and has tried desperately to never use it again.
Simon has only met it, and it's up to him to discover what lengths he's willing to go to protect it, and if his secrets are worth the lives of thousands.
When the power of Haliz switches hands, no one was expecting Gen to meld with a human and run with the key to controlling the dark power.
Now inside one body and mind, Gen and Simon are forced to face their pasts, their inner demons, and the feelings they've hidden from each other.
There's nowhere to run inside your own mind, and with a war hungry cult leader, a psychotic scientist, unspeakable monsters, and the whole island hunting them down, their options are running out
Follow me @authorjennieelaine on tiktok, Instagram, and Tumblr!
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