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tanglepelt · 8 days
Dc x dp idea 11
More of a funny shenanigans one.
Danny has been chasing his rouges all throughout the country. Whatever city he is in some form of shenanigans occur. Due to the GIW he decided to do it human. He has his parents travel devices and inventions so it will be easy peasy.
Metropolis he steals some kryptonite and feeds it to cujo. Obviously cujo is coming as a guard dog. Danny can’t control him plus the dog could smell the ecto candy. Danny is munching some as well all while he soups whichever rouge it is.
Central city he bugs the flash about how he could mess with the flow of time. He thinks it’s cool and clockwork allows it cause it’s funny. (Clockwork let’s ppl figure out not to mess with time themselves. Danny leaned when vlad ended up with his mom and jack had ecto acne flash would figure it out) But he just tells it to Barry no care that he isn’t in costume.
Runs into wonder woman and is just an absolutely fanboy. Gushing. About everything she’s done. He drops knowledge about feats he shouldn’t know cause pandora told him stories about her.
Runs into Constantine and just praises him for his soul selling. It’s just chaos whenever the ghost council meets. Danny is a gremlin he got in a prank war with vlad he absolutely would think it’s hilarious. He knows a few beings who bought his soul as well and name drops them.
Youngblood wants to do an underwater adventure. He’s been a cowboy and pirate so why not underwater diver. So now Danny is in the ocean dealing with an enemy aqua man can’t see. Aqua lad is just describing Youngblood with googles on. Danny has a fenton work product letting him dive in the sea. Anything with Youngblood is a shenanigans enough said.
In Gotham he wasn’t expecting a not quite a halfa, red hood. Now when his rouge goes to cause property damage he goes to soup them. It sucks in red hood. Danny didn’t want red hood soup.
Danny then panics trying to release the thermos. All while the batfam are watching the exchange. Danny is frantically apologizing and just failing to open it.
By the time he gets it open he is just embarrassed. His rouge is free and took off. So Danny goes invisible forgetting he was supposed to act human and pretends it never happened.
The next justice league would be hilarious
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I absolutely love to think about the era in which Phoenix and Mia worked together (no matter how short it was) because the conversations they must have had were probably hilarious!
Phoenix, dramatically draped over his chair, talking about Edgeworth AGAIN: “I just don’t know if he would even be into guys!”
Mia, who was there when his gay little cravat-wearing ass walked into the court for the first time: “Nah, I think you’re good!”
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sorryiwonnoob · 6 months
So I've seen fanfic where Danny Phantom is the twin to Damian and his long lost brother...
I've also seen fanfic where Billy Batson is the twin to Damian and his long lost brother...
Can someone who knows have to write pls make this a real fanfic pls!!!!!
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brain-of-rain · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doodles of the boys getting to be small for an episode.
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m3tth4ws · 6 days
Tumblr media
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critdeeznuts · 6 months
hoping and PRAYING that one day we get an ACoFaF ruehob wedding oneshot one day
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broodybatboy · 11 months
Villian: You’re too late! You’ll never stop me now!
Emerie: That’s where you’re wrong. We will stop you with the powers of:
Nesta: Death.
Cassian: Bloodshed.
Azriel: Incredible violence.
Gwyn: And friendship!
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madwheelerz · 20 days
I have this one old brain worm where Mike and Max accidentally mind-meld
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feralmoonlight · 2 months
*slowly closes laptop*
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awake--and--dreaming · 9 months
I just noticed that Wolf Alice, Harry’s opener for his next concert in Hamburg, is also on the Pyramid Stage tomorrow from 16:45-17:45. They’d also be a band I could totally see Louis watch. It’s feeling all very much ‘in the family’ kind of way for tomorrow. Gonna be fun to see how it all plays out.
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hamadyne · 2 years
The best relationship dynamic is absolutely the sunshine himbo forcefully befriending the sad (and/or angry) loner, I don't make the rules.
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torchickentacos · 2 months
So my sister and I were talking and this happened (a masterpiece made in 30 seconds) (long tags)
Tumblr media
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Someone has homebrewed being an isekai protagonist for D&D, and while I think this would have unbearable consequences if Wizards of the Coast released this as official content…..
I don’t know, I’d be really interested in seeing someone play with this as a character
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the only instance that you'll catch me liking sonamy is if their dynamic is the same as kirito and asuna from SAO abridged
sonic: i want you to make it so that amy doesn't kill herself out of grief
amy: oh you'd think i'd kill myself over you? oh go suck a dick!
sonic, chuckling: i believe that's your job now, honey. *under his breath* oh i am so going to pay for that later
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robertdowneyjjr · 6 months
okay consider for spooky season:
capwolf and vampire tony body swap au
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just-another-dreamerr · 10 months
Just wanna say that we wanted the hexsquad kids to experience human rain in an “this is so nice and comforting and freeing” way but now they’ll probably associate it with the whole trauma they just went through :)
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