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tanglepelt · 8 days
Dc x dp idea 11
More of a funny shenanigans one.
Danny has been chasing his rouges all throughout the country. Whatever city he is in some form of shenanigans occur. Due to the GIW he decided to do it human. He has his parents travel devices and inventions so it will be easy peasy.
Metropolis he steals some kryptonite and feeds it to cujo. Obviously cujo is coming as a guard dog. Danny can’t control him plus the dog could smell the ecto candy. Danny is munching some as well all while he soups whichever rouge it is.
Central city he bugs the flash about how he could mess with the flow of time. He thinks it’s cool and clockwork allows it cause it’s funny. (Clockwork let’s ppl figure out not to mess with time themselves. Danny leaned when vlad ended up with his mom and jack had ecto acne flash would figure it out) But he just tells it to Barry no care that he isn’t in costume.
Runs into wonder woman and is just an absolutely fanboy. Gushing. About everything she’s done. He drops knowledge about feats he shouldn’t know cause pandora told him stories about her.
Runs into Constantine and just praises him for his soul selling. It’s just chaos whenever the ghost council meets. Danny is a gremlin he got in a prank war with vlad he absolutely would think it’s hilarious. He knows a few beings who bought his soul as well and name drops them.
Youngblood wants to do an underwater adventure. He’s been a cowboy and pirate so why not underwater diver. So now Danny is in the ocean dealing with an enemy aqua man can’t see. Aqua lad is just describing Youngblood with googles on. Danny has a fenton work product letting him dive in the sea. Anything with Youngblood is a shenanigans enough said.
In Gotham he wasn’t expecting a not quite a halfa, red hood. Now when his rouge goes to cause property damage he goes to soup them. It sucks in red hood. Danny didn’t want red hood soup.
Danny then panics trying to release the thermos. All while the batfam are watching the exchange. Danny is frantically apologizing and just failing to open it.
By the time he gets it open he is just embarrassed. His rouge is free and took off. So Danny goes invisible forgetting he was supposed to act human and pretends it never happened.
The next justice league would be hilarious
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inkskinned · 6 months
accidents happen. accidents particularly happen around children.
we make scissors designed for children because we know they can hurt themselves on it. we cut their food up smaller so they are less likely to choke. we "babyproof" our houses, make sure our medications are all closed and locked, close all the outlets.
we are told to just carry a gun.
at some point a kid is going to get hurt. everyone with or around kids knows this. often adults (who shouldn't work with kids) are a little-too-okay-with-this. they sneer that in their time, kids just got hurt. which is great for them, but i don't feel it's particularly necessary to willfully allow children to break bones just to "build character". the kids do just fine when i do my job right. i make sure, to the best of my ability, that they don't break the bone. it turns out you can still learn life lessons without trauma. yes, at some point they'll get hurt. that's the nature of it. but i like to try to keep it to a minimum of bloodshed.
about five years ago, in the middle of my summer training, the cop that came in to prepare us for mass shootings actually happened to be the same cop that used to be my DARE officer. what a small world! his hair had gone grey.
before working with children, i had no idea how many things a child can hurt themselves on. i had never thought about the possibility that a child could climb a bookshelf, only for that bookshelf to topple over. everything has to be screwed down. nothing can have particularly sharp corners - what if a child falls backwards onto it? - or be particularly breakable. no plastic bags or choking hazards. watch out for allergens, do your best to clean your super-gross classroom with all-natural (and expensive) fragrance-free products. there's a million other considerations, most of which are difficult on a public school budget. i hate the calculation - either the kids get a new playground 5 years from now OR they get new books now and just risk the tetanus.
the gun is not included in the paycheck.
we do our best, you know? but like, there's the rest of the actual job to do. we're neither trained, paid, or aided in our one-person quest to somehow get jason to stop giving himself splinters. and besides, we have the 98 other things to consider for our 30 other students. one of which is, you know, teaching them.
the children aren't prisoners. we need to walk this incredibly fine line of "chaotic exploration" and "reckless endangerment." to be frank - they're gonna do stupid shit and get hurt while they do the stupid shit. it's my job to at least try to predict the stupid shit, and minimize the risk. and before you judge the kids - i'm going to remind you that adults die every year from shaking vending machines. people just do stupid shit.
did you know that the leading cause of childhood deaths in america is to guns? we're the only country in the world with that statistic. it used to be motor vehicles, which is why there are so many laws about seatbelts, air bags, babyseats, and other protections against accidents. 1 in 5 childhood deaths will be a result of guns. of these deaths, 65% are the result of an intentional attack.
my brother often takes me to archery. i fucking suck at archery, because i have no aim, bad eyesight, and no grip strength. it's fun, though! as a teacher, archery at my school is super banned, because kids could get hurt. no throwing rocks or sticks. no impromptu self-made bows or arrows, oh my god, why do we keep having to have this conversation.
i remember this one conversation with a parent. he was chatting with me during pick-up and mentioned that kinder eggs being banned is so stupid, because, like, if a kid is gonna choke - they kind of "deserved it" for being so stupid. without thinking, my response was, "we don't typically practice darwinism at school, but you can encourage that at home if you wish!" which did result in me getting written up - for "talking back", i guess.
but his idea isn't unusual, is the thing. there's this sense that there's somehow almost an "expendable" child trauma rate. that it weeds out the weak or whatever, which is categorically cruel & dehumanizing. children should be able to mess up and have fun and - again - do stupid shit. they might get hurt, yes. but the job of the adult is to just go help the kid.
i had to quit teaching. i was really, really good at my job - 15 years of practice. but i would wake up at night, coating in sweat. trying to figure out how to bullet-proof my public school classroom with a public school budget.
bad things happen. in every other category: we try to prevent them.
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cursedzucchini · 28 days
You know what? Fuck it
DC x DP prompt #3
I think at least lmao.
Anyway! Jason starts making videos on YouTube for one reason or another (is really stressed, no one listens to his rants Abt books who cares). His content is mostly bad books he read or really really really long rants Abt pride and prejudice. Like 3 hours on one tiny detail he noticed on his 214th read through.
He's kinda popular, mostly bc his terrible books videos. He talks Abt the ones that made him the most mad, which coincidentally are mostly romance and supernatural. Like he's one of the well known figures in the supernatural romance critique group (whcih is pretty small, but well). (Also he doesn't show his face on camera, bc secret identity and stuff, it's just his voice over a video of something mundane, like the sky or a room in which is a fly or something)
And now this can go two ways, that i can think of (w dead on main in mind at least)
1) one day Jason finds a book which is supernatural romance and is actually good. It has a kidna cliche system for the supernatural stuff, but with a refreshing twist. The characters have depts and flaws, yet are still very likable. The plot is actually interesting and overall the story's theme is death, not belonging anywhere and overall stuff that is very close to Jason's heart. The story doesn't shy away from violence and it is suprisingly accurate.
(I'm.gonna reblog this w pretty long idea of what this book could be Abt, bc i don't wanna annoy ppl lol)
Anyway Jason kinda falls in love w it, and it becomes famous for being the first novel Jason rated positively or something.
Meanwhile Danny, who was told by jazz writing is good way to get his feeling out, and just wanted to make a quick buck, is really fucking confused how tf did his book become so popular and who tf is this nerd who rates books for a living.
(basically big fan Jason and suspicious/awkward Danny lmao)
2) there is a famous series on Jason profile. It's the worst fucking series he ever read and it's just fucking awful. All the characters are fucking terrible, always going on and on about one thing, the romance sucks in a way that isnt even funny. Jason would love to believe some wrote this as a joke, if it wasn't for the absolute cringefest this was, and it wasn't a whole ass series!! Like who writes 12 books for a joke?
Danny ducking Fenton that's who. Dude was so ducking annoyed at his rogues, he threatened them w writing a terrible romance novels abt them. The ghosts, knowing his terrible grade in literature backed off for a moment, before someone crossed the line. And write Danny did. It was the worst thing he had ever written, the love interest was perfect caricature yet still faithfully go the original. And Danny, because fuck them he lost sommuch sleep over that one prank, decided to publish it. (The book was pretty thin so it didn't take that much time writing it). Unfortunately it became immensely popular in the infinite realm. So the ghosts started crossing lines on purpose. Before Danny figured it out, he had already published his fifth book and was writing another three. After some bargaining, getting a book written Abt them as a piece of shit love interest became a reward.
And while yeah, he had to say his writing was terrible and the books sucked, some small part of him was kinda proud y'know? Like a mother of her twelve ugly as fuck toddlers.
So when he saw some nerd on the internet not only shit talk his book, but also get money of it?
Danny decided to haunt him (just like his books did him, now that everyone knew Abt them thanks to this guy)
(enemies (sorta it's not that serious tho) to lovers ala terrible writer Danny who hates his books and kinda famous YouTuber hasn't who also hates Danny's books)
Fuck this is way too long wtf. Anyway imma reblog this w 1) book idea. Might add whatever i think the twelve books could be Abt. Pls if u want to add anything to this pls do!!
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jamdoughnutmagician · 2 months
From Me to You.
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Female Reader
Summary:Eddie finds a love letter pushed through his locker, and he’s determined to find out who his secret admirer is.
Warnings: Nothing that I can think of, just tooth-rotting Valentine’s day fluff! Slight use of "y/n" sorry I couldn't escape it!!
Word Count:1,867
Authour’s Note:My life is so devoid of any kind of romance, so I though what better way to resolve that than to write some cutesy Valentine’s Day fic with everyone’s favourite metal-head? Maybe I'm posting this a little early, but I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out (since I suck at writing fluff) and I wanted to share it!
It wasn’t that you didn’t like Eddie, oh no, that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, having to admit to your crush on your best friend? Well that was a whole other story.
So, your big plan was to leave little secret admirer notes in Eddie’s locker in the week leading up to Valentine’s day on Friday. It was an easy way to confess your love to him, without the sting of rejection coming to bite you in the ass.
The Monday after your last class you waved Eddie goodbye as he made his way to the drama room where the Hellfire club would be meeting for their latest campaign. Although you didn't share his love of Dungeons and Dragons, you were still as close as friends could be, only you didn't want to be just his friend.
Waiting for him to disappear out of sight, you look around to check the coast is clear before you slip the hand-written note into his locker. Pushing the folded up piece of paper through the vented slats in his locker, you make your way out of the school. 
All you have to do now is just have to wait until tomorrow to find out if your little secret mission was successful.
Eddie strolled into school that Tuesday morning, opening up his locker to put away his things, but as he did so, a small folded up piece of paper fell to the floor. Piquing his curiosity, he bent down to pick up the paper. Unfolding it carefully his eyes scanned over the nice hand-written message inside.
Your smile is my favourite thing and it brightens my day 
He glances at the swirling joined up writing and how the little hearts dot the I’s and he finds his face warming with a blush.
“What’ve you got there then, Ed?”  Gareth asks noisily, causing the rest of the members of Corroded Coffin to turn their heads to their lead guitarist.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Eddie says defensively as he stuffed the note in his pocket.
Holding his hands up in surrender, Gareth dropped the subject and they guys went about the rest of their school day.
The next day, Eddie goes to open his locker and surprisingly another note falls at his feet. 
Quickly he bends to pick it up before anyone notices that he’s received another note. Unfolding the paper he reads the message.
You give me butterflies
He reasons that it must be the same person that it was from yesterday, because the handwriting is exactly the same and the I’s are still dotted adorably with the same little hearts.
As quick as his hopes get up at the thought of someone writing him little love notes,his thoughts are pulled in the direction that this must be some sort of prank. It had to be, right? Why else would anyone leave the school’s ‘freak’ sweet notes like this if not for some kind of twisted joke. 
Jason Carver and his gang probably thought the idea that someone might have a crush on Eddie, laughable. Yeah, he thinks to himself, that sounds more plausible.
Speak of the devil.
Jason and his crew make their way past him laughing loudly and obnoxiously. Right, that's it. 
Eddie stormed up to Jason, poking an accusing finger in his face.
“I bet you think this is really funny, don’t you Carver?” 
“What do you want, freak?” Jason barks out.
“You, leaving those little notes in my locker.” Eddie jabs.
Eddie looks at Jason for a moment, a look of genuine confusion gracing the features of the basketball player, his brows knitted together, before he huffs out an incredulous laugh.
“In your dreams, Munson” Jason laughs in his face as he pushes past Eddie. 
Okay…So maybe this wasn’t a joke. Well who was sending Eddie anonymous love letters?
I want to hold your hands and kiss your face
Another day, another note. Eddie was still none the wiser as to who exactly was putting these love letters in his locker. Right, he thought to himself, he was going to need some help if he had any chance of finding out who this secret admirer of his was. 
Strolling through the doors of Family video, Eddie had decided to recruit the help of the only person he could think that would actually be of any help to him. Even if it did mean that he would have to show all the notes he’d received with Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington.
“Wait, so let me get this straight. You’ve been getting anonymous love letters put in your locker?” Steve asks
“Well..yeah?” Eddie answers.
“...And you’re absolutely sure you have no idea who this is?” Steve presses.
“Well at one point I thought Carver was doing it, you know, for a joke..but I confronted him about it yesterday and that turned out about as well as you can imagine” Eddie explains
“Do you have some that you want it to be?” Steve quizzes, as he watches the metal-head’s expression change instantly, flushing scarlet rising from his chest to his cheeks and the tips of his nose. “Aha!” -Steve exclaims, jabbing his finger towards Eddie- “So you are thinking of someone then?”
Luckily, Eddie was saved from the embarrassment of admitting to his crush on one of his best friends by Robin interrupting his and Steve’s conversation.
“What are you two dorks gabbing about over there?” She shouts making her way from the back of Family video where she was rearranging a stack of horror films.
“Munson here has got himself a secret admirer.” Steve says, cocking his thumb towards Eddie. “Said he’s been getting these little love notes slipped in his locker” Steve continues with his teasing.
“Oooh!! Let me see ‘em!!” Robin squeals excitedly.
Scattering the piece of paper out onto the countertops, the boys watch as Robin reads through each of the messages. Her eyes scan over the words, and her eyebrows draw together, and her expression one of surprise.
“You alright over there, Rob? You look like you’ve seen a ghost, which considering what we’ve been through, is the last thing that should have you looking like that.” Steve joked.
“Shut up, Dingus.” Robin says, shushing Steve holding her pointer finger up at him. “Eddie, I think I might know who your secret admirer is.” 
The two boys look at Robin with wide eyes and bated breath.
Robin turns her back and hot-foots it to the back room of Family video.
“I thought you were going to tell us who it is?” Eddie shouts after his friend.
“Hold your horses will 'ya, Munson?!” she shouts back over her shoulder.
Robin returns with a wide grin gracing her freckled features as she slams down a sheet of A4 lined paper on the counter top.
“What the hell’s this?” Steve said, looking even more confused than before.
“These are the notes that I borrowed from y/n, for Kominski’s class yesterday. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say that that swirly handwriting looks very familiar to me.” Robin says proudly, like she’s decoded the most cryptic of secret messages.
Eddie and Steve lean in closer to compare the handwriting in the love letters, to the handwriting in the classroom notes. 
 “I mean, apart from the little hearts that are dotting the I’s, I would say that is the exact same handwriting” Robin points out.
“So, y/n, huh?” Steve says, letting the thought hang in the air.
If Eddie was blushing before, his whole face must’ve looked like a tomato at this point, 
“Judging by your very red and embarrassed face, I’m going to guess that you like her too, right?” Robin asks.
Steve and Robin look at Eddie as he shyly scratches the back of his neck 
“Okay, yeah I like her..I like her a lot actually.”
“But isn’t tomorrow Valentine’s day?” Steve throws out.
“Oh this is perfect!” Robin jumps up and down excitedly. “Here’s what you’re going to do…”  she began as she brought Eddie closer to tell him her plan.
Sticking to the plan that Robin (and Steve who got dragged into it by Robin) helped him with, Eddie got up early for school for once in his life. That morning he showered, and dressed in a clean Black Sabbath shirt (that he’d previously ironed that evening, earning a raised eyebrow from his uncle, and hung up ready to put on in the morning.)
Dressed and ready to leave, he picked up the bunch of red roses that he’d bought from the Valentine’s day section in town yesterday evening after leaving Family Video.
He’d called you and asked if you needed a lift on the way to school, and knowing you the way he did, you would much prefer to ride with him in his van than take the school bus.  
“Son..” Uncle Wayne called out to Eddie as he was just about to go through the door. “Good luck today, you be nice to that girl, alright?” His gruff voice huffs out.
“I will Wayne, I can promise you that.” Eddie throws over his shoulder with a wide grin as he makes his way to his van.
Pulling up to your house, he parks his van and takes a moment to catch his breath before grabbing his bunch of roses and walking to your front door.
Squaring his shoulders he raises his knuckles to your door to deliver a confident knock. 
“I’m coming!!” he hears you shout from inside the house.
You unlock the door to see your best friend hiding his face behind a bouquet of beautiful red roses before handing them to you.
“These are for you. Happy Valentine’s day” he says as you kindly accept the flowers from him.
Although you had smiled when he’d given you the flowers, he could still sense your confusion at his gesture. 
“I got your notes…I thought they were really cute y’know and truth be told when I read them I kind of hoped they were from you.” he rambled, feeling that familiar heat flushing across his cheeks.
“How did you figure out it was me?” you ask.
“Well it wasn’t easy, but Robin and Steve helped me figure it out…mostly Robin, though..” he chuckles. 
There’s a moment's silence between the two of you where you’re both looking into each other’s eyes.
Feeling bold, you rise up on your tip-toes to place a quick peck to Eddie’s cheek. You feel him smile brightly under your lips.
“Thanks for the flowers, Ed. They’re beautiful” 
“You missed.” he says with a look of disappointment in his deep brown eyes.
“You missed.” he says again, smirking as he points to his lips.
“Take me on a date first, and then we can see about that kiss, Ed” you giggle.
“Let me take you to the movies tomorrow? We can hold hands and do all that cute shit that you’re supposed to do on a first date” he looks to you excitedly.
“I’d love to!” 
“Great! I’ll come pick you up at seven?” 
“It’s a date” You smile back at him.
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kumori-suwan · 6 months
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 4: Threesome
Jason Todd x Fem! Reader x Roy Harper
Tumblr media
You were so out of breath, the tangle of limbs against your bed was ridiculous but the pleasure that ensued was certainly a new level that you could easily get addicted to. Your best friend’s cock filled your weeping cunt, your boyfriend’s chin rested against his shoulder watching you take his cock. Roy was much longer than Jason but you craved Jason’s thick cock splitting you open.
“How’s it feel darlin?”, Roy hummed, thumbing at your clit.
Roy couldn’t help but groan, Jason’s cock ramming into his tight hole while his hips moved to the rhythm of his friend.
“Focus on pleasing my girl idiot.”, Jason growled watching you squirm for release.
Roy chuckled and did as told, thrusting his hips to give and gain as much pleasure as he could. You couldn’t help but squeal feeling him sink all the way down, gently rolling his hips against yours to make his cock dance inside you.
“Oh fuck Roy!”, you cried out, you noticed the tinge of jealousy spark in Jason’s eyes and giggled, “Jason I want a kiss please.”
“Of course (y/n), anything for you my Angel.”, Jason hummed.
Your begging always seemed to bend Jason to your will, he leaned down taking Roy with him and sandwiching him between you two. The kiss was sloppy, wet, Jason sucked on your tongue like it was candy making Roy twitch inside of you. Both your hands cupped Jason’s cheeks while his hips began to move driving Roy’s cock into you more and more.
“God this is the hottest thing I’ve ever done.”, Roy groaned into the crook of your neck, nipping gently love bites into your shoulder while he relished in the heat of your wet pussy.
You pulled away from Jason, a small string of saliva still connecting your tongues. Roy tried to reclaim your attention by pounding into you, his fast thrusts left you breathless and squealing for more but then he slipped out. Head of his cock nudging your swollen clit as you both tried to catch your breaths, Jason clicked his tongue in annoyance seeing the disappointment draw across your face, it was time for him to reclaim you completely.
“Baby show this idiot how to suck a cock, I’m gonna fill your little pussy the way you like it.”, Jason ordered pushing Roy off of you. He removed the condom that had been strangling his cock up until now and pushed the fat mushroom tip into your awaiting pussy. A whole shiver of pleasure danced up your spine making you moan to the wonderful sensation. Jason knew exactly how to please, deep, hard thrusts, attacking your soft spot had you seeing stars, while you squirted against his cock, Roy decided to occupy your mouth. You could feel his length sinking into the back of your throat, mercilessly fucking away to the wet warmth until he neared his release. Roy groaned feeling three fingers fill his ass and turned to see Jason glaring at him, “Hurt her and I’ll fucking castrate you.”, he warned skillfully focusing on your cunt and Roy’s needy hole.
“Jason…oh fuck…right there. Keep fingering me right there.”, Roy groaned, bouncing his hips back just a bit more to ride out his orgasm. Now only his tip remained in your mouth which made it so much more manageable. Feeling your wet mouth around his cock and Jason’s fingers brushing against his prostate finally made Roy orgasm, and Jason followed soon after, filling your cunt with his hot load until you squirted around his cock. Jason pulled away from both of you, completely exhausted from pleasing you both, “Nice job Doll, knew you could handle us.”, Jason hummed gently running his calloused hands up your bruised thighs.
A swift kick from your foot sent him falling onto his back, his soft cock was suddenly enveloped in a pleasant warmth and long dripping cock rested against his cheek.
“Come on Jay, don’t you wanna taste your girl on my cock? She’s busy getting you nice and wet to take me in, help her out.”, Roy chuckled darkly, running his hands through his sweaty ginger bangs.
Jason could help the smile drawing across his face, maybe this little idea of yours was all worth it in the end.
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rapz-rites · 11 days
Family Time
Damian Wayne x Reader Headcanon
Meeting Damian’s family and getting close with them
A/N: This is my first time writing ANYTHING so plz be nice. I won't do any major writings, just small head canons and maybe rabbles. Saving the big stuff for all you professional writers.
Word Count: 1,704
Warnings: Jealous Damian, injured reader, threats, implied smut
Meeting the Waynes
You and Damian have been dating for about 5 months now.
Damian has already met your parents and they LOVED HIM.
He was polite, respectable and always said the right things at the right moment. DAMN HIM!
Now it was time to meet his family.
You’re pacing back and forth questioning your entire existence while Damian is sitting on the edge of your bed trying to calm you down.
“Do my clothes look good enough? Does my hair look good? What if they think I’m with you for your money? What if they think that I’m a gold digger? Do they know that my family is also very wealthy? What if they think I’m a stuck up spoiled brat? OMG WHAT IF THEY HATE ME?”
You’re digging yourself a deep hole of negativity until Damian grabs you by your shoulders forcing you to look at him.
“Beloved. You’re going to be fine. Everything about you is perfect and my family will love you”
He always knew what to say and when. DAMN HIM!
“Thank you. Ok. I think I’m ready, let's go!”
As damian pulls up to the manor, you start to rethink your decision
“Is it too late to cancel lunch? Would they believe I suddenly got ill?”
“Beloved, as I said before they’re going to love you”
As always he was right.
You and his family immediately hit it off and got along well.
A little too well for his liking.
He knew his family would like you but what he didn’t know was that you would spend more time with them instead of him. DAMN HIM!
Bruce loved you for his youngest son
Damian as had a girlfriend before, Raven, but after they broke up, he thought Damian would never open himself up to anyone again
Even though you and Damian are a kind of opposites and balance each other out, you understand him and what he’s gone through
He was the one of the first people, after your parents and Alfred, to learn about your relationship
Though business isn’t your first option as a major, you still want to learn as a backup
Who better to learn from than the man who runs on of the top companies in the country
Bruce offers to teach you the basics and even a small internship at WE
You refuse the internship but gladly take the lessons
Dick is an acrobat
You did gymnastics for 4 year
What could go wrong?
Dick tries to teach you a double full out
You already perfected a full out
You’ve always had trouble perfecting your landings
It didn’t come a surprise to you when you were able to perfectly do the flip but mess up the landing to bad you twist your ankle
Damian is furious with Grayson for teaching you suck a difficult move knowing there was a chance of you getting hurt
Damian is about to lunge at Dock ready to attack until you stop him
“Damian, stop. I’ve twisted my ankle plenty of times trying new gymnastic moves. I’ll be fine in like 2 weeks. You don’t need to hurt Dick, I knew the risks”
“Ok. But if Grayson teaches you another move and you get hurt, he will need to sleep with both eyes open”
Normally, Dick would be somewhat frightened by one of Damian’s threats but he’s in shock from how quickly you calmed him down
He’s going to call you from now on everytime Damian is angry
You and Jason connect over your interests in books
You two form your own book club
You two discuss the book you picked out for the month and talk about many other books you two have read in the past
Both of you love to read a book and watch the movie/show that goes along with it
You two argue over which aspects were better in the book or the movie/show
“Elena and Katherine are blonde in the books though”
“I know that Jason. I read the book too. But let’s be honest Katherine is better as a brunette than a blonde. It fits her personality in the show way more.”
“You’re right.”
“I think it’s Nina Dobrev.”
“It definitely is.”
“I would have liked to see angel Elena though.”
Tim had a nack for tech
You were attached to your phone
Of course you two got along
Tim taught you tricks on the computer and showed you secret games companies hide
You had learned from Damian that Tim was a bit of a caffeine addict
Damian’s words were “Drake will be the caffeine addicted idiot in front of a screen or head deep in a case”
You take it upon yourself to find caffeine substitutes to try and help his addiction
He is reluctant at first but gives it a try
After a few months Tim is drinking less coffee than before
He still drinks coffee but limits himself to only 3 cups a day, much better than 2 an hour
He drinks more water and gets in more sleep than before
Damian who never openly admit it but he’s happy his older brother is being healthier and taking better care of himself
You and Duke bonded over your similar senses of humor
It also helps that he’s also on TikTok as much as you
The two of you jokingly talk in TikTok lingo
“Bombastic side eye”
“Criminal offense side eye”
“Duke this is probably the most important question I’m about to ask… Team Hailey or Team Selena”
“I’m offended that you even have to ask. Team Selena til the day I die. Alex Russo practically raised me”
Everyone else is looking at the two of you confused
Damian is used to this already
When you asked him the same question you went on a 3 hour tangent and it was evident who’s side you were on
Damian didn’t care about “silly celebrity drama” but since he knew it would make you happy, he chose Selena
Cass is a pretty quiet girl, almost mute
With family she barely ever talks, with strangers she uses sign language
Once you learned Cass communicated mostly with sign language you took it upon yourself to learn
When you we were first introduced to Cass you signed
“Hi! My name is Y/N, you must be Cass. My sign is rusty, I’m still learning. Nice to meet you”
Cass gave you a small smile and you were ecstatic
According to Damian Cass almost never smiles and even if she does its for a split second
You both enjoy each others quiet company, watching movies or painting nails and braiding hair with Stephanie
The more time you and spend with Cass the more she opens up to you
After a few months, she starts giving you short answers without signing
“If you could only wear one color nail polish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”
“Good answer”
You and Steph connect as feminists
“Anything a boy can do we can do better”
Steph often includes you in any competitions he has that are girls vs boys
Does she include you because you can be used against Damian?
Are you upset about it?
Absolutely not
You love beating Damian in any possible way
Other than competitions, you both love pranking the boys
You two prank damian the least because you know well enough that damian can hold grudge and you love to cuddle at night
Pranking Tim is best
Before he got better he would fall for anything because he was too sleep deprived
He would fall for the simplest broken screen video on youtube almost every time
Once he started getting better, you two had to up your game
Your favorite prank on Tim was the fake virus that played the SHrek opening over and over on blast
You couldn’t forget about Alfred now can you
Whenever you enter the manor Alfred is always the first one to greet you
Whenever you are waiting for Damian at the manor you go straight to Alfred and talk with him
You often assist him with whatever he’s doing
Baking, cooking, cleaning
He finds it refreshing a young person would help him
The others would try and help but often with miss up and make some kind of mess
One year they tried to make Alfred’s favorite cake for his birthday… and failed… miserably
They didn't include Damian because eventually he would take over and the cake would basically be made by him and not all of them, although he would’ve made it perfectly. DAMN HIM!
After 3 failed attempts they opted to buy a cake they knew Alfred would like from his favorite bakery downtown
Though they ruined the kitchen, Alfred was touched at the effort they put to try and make his favorite cake
Even though, none of them, except Damian, are allowed to cook or bake in the kitchen without his supervision
Back to Damian
It soon becomes evident as you spend more time with his family that Damian is jealous
Damian loves that you get along with his family, but he misses the quality time between just the two of you
You felt bad because you thought you were neglecting your boyfriend
So you made the executive decision to make it up to him
“My parents are out of town for the next two weeks”
“Business trip?”
“Yup. Do you want to spend the week?”
“No siblings?”
“Nope just you”
You lean in placing a soft kiss on his lips and pull back
You giggle when you see him lean in for more and he gives you an unamused look on his face because you refused to kiss him back
“So do you want to spend the week? We’ll have the place all to ourselves”
“Let's go. I already have my bag packed”
That entire week is just you and Damian hanging out and enjoying each others company
You give him all the kisses and cuddles he wants
He even knows just want to say to get more 😉
OMG OMG OMG!!! I did it. Took me a hot minute but I got it done. I wish it was this easy with my assignments and homework. But I hope you enjoyed this.
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littledemondani · 9 months
#2 and #17 from the smut prompts with eddie please!!
prompt list | send some in
this is set in the all mine verse not long after reader and eddie hooked up for the first time. i hope y'all like it <3 as always, 18+ MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
"do i make you nervous?" eddie taunted, gazing down at you with a sick, smug smile as he ghosted his finger down your cheek. the question is rhetorical. he knows perfectly well the effect he has on you. it’s clear by each ragged breath you take, the way you avoid looking at him directly in his big, beautiful brown eyes, how your heart beats wildly in your chest. he just loves to watch how flustered you get each time he calls attention to it.
only it wasn’t just him jangling your nerves. it was the fact that he had snuck up on you in the hallway when you were walking to cheer practice, dragged you into the nearest storage closet, and pushed you up against the door. the other girls would be expecting your presence, since it’s the first practice back from the winter break, and the last thing you needed was them finding you in a storage closet with eddie fucking munson.
endless scenarios ran through your head, yet each one all led to the same outcome: someone telling jason.
those thoughts quickly dissipate the second you feel his plump lips laying claim to your neck. you tilt your head to the side to allow him better access, gasping softly. he uses his knee to part your legs, settling between them. he gently nipped at your pulse point, then moved down the column of your throat to your collarbones.
“you drive me fucking crazy,” he breathed against your skin, sliding his hand down your back over the swell of your ass. “wearing these hot little shorts? with this perfect ass of yours? i almost came in my pants like a horny fucking teenager when i saw you.” he roughly squeezed your ass for emphasis before lightly swatting. you moaned, unconsciously grinding down on his lower thigh as you do so. he chuckled wickedly, the sound reverberating loudly throughout the small, enclosed space.
“wow, it doesn’t take much to rev your engine, does it?” you quip, reaching down to palm at his semi-hard cock. he hisses softly at the contact, lashes fluttering as he bucks into your touch.
“only when it comes to you, sweetheart,” he said, glancing between your eyes and lips. the statement holds more meaning to it than what eddie had led on. everything about what the two of you were doing goes against his own moral compass. he wasn’t the kind of guy who had secret love affairs with taken women. he was taught better than that. but you were a lighted match, igniting his heart into a fiery blaze.
you pull him down to you, pressing your lips to his in a heated, bruising kiss. he groaned against you, cupping the side of your jaw before trailing his hand down to your waist, the other placed flat on the door. you rub your hand along the outline of his cock, adding a little more pressure as you do so. eddie pushed his knee up, so his thigh was now fully pressed against your clothed cunt. you instinctively grind down, again and again, panting softly into the kiss. eddie breaks away first, giving your hip a light squeeze.
“fuck,” he groans, resting his forehead on yours as he watches you work your hips. “does that feel good, baby?” 
you nod, tugging your bottom lip between your teeth as waves of delicious pleasure radiate from your pulsing clit. you remove your hand from his crotch, bringing it to his own that’s on your hip. you slowly guide him up your side, over your breast, stopping just below your lips. you take two of his fingers, running your tongue over them before taking them into your mouth, your eyes never leaving his.
he smiles fondly, though it only lasts for a second then disappears into something more wicked. “you’re such a whore,” he breathed, pushing his fingers further into your mouth, causing you to gag slightly. “did you know that? rubbing yourself like a bitch in heat on my thigh…sucking on my fing-”
the rest is lost on him as you squeeze his cock with your free hand, giggling around his fingers. he tilts his head back, a strained groan slipping past his lips. you flatten your tongue underneath his fingers, bobbing your head along them. when you’ve had enough, you pull back with a wet pop, smirking up at him.
“what were you gonna say?” you teased, feigning innocence in your tone. “you kinda cut off there.”eddie tensed, but you knew he wasn’t gonna really do anything to punish you right then and there. maybe later. right now, there was a high risk of the both of you getting caught should anyone walk by, and as much as he wanted to put you back into your place, he knew better. the possibility of him leaving your ass raw, fucking you so good you’d feel him for the next few days, made a shiver run down your spine.
“cute,” he sneered, placing his hands on your hips and moving you faster along his thigh. he chuckled darkly as you hung your head back on the door, your lips parted as moans spilled freely from you. “what’s the matter, baby? were you gonna say something?”
if you weren’t so horny you would’ve come back with something sarcastic, but it feels way too good for it to be ruined by your smart ass mouth. you can feel the coil start to wind up within you, and you know you won’t be able to last much longer.
eddie is so entranced with you, that he almost didn’t hear the movement outside of the door. it’s there, though, the sound of students talking and giggling down the hallway, their footsteps coming closer to yours and eddie’s perfect little bubble. you hear it, too, and before you could react, eddie is shoving his fingers back into your mouth.
“do you think they can hear us?” eddie asked, his tone laced with amusement. “or better yet, do you think they can hear you?”
you rolled your eyes. but you also wondered if they could hear you. eddie kept an ear out, his attention garnered solely towards the door and little to do with you humping his thigh. once their voices fade away, though, his focus was entirely on you, removing his fingers from your mouth with a soft groan.
“are you gonna cum soon?” he breathed, leaning in to pepper hot kisses along your jaw.
“yes,” you moaned, nodding as you did so. “‘m so close..”
he guided you faster along his thigh, determined to get you to cum so he can watch you fall apart for him once again, a sight that he was completely addicted to. you cum with no warning, shuddering against him as the euphoria hits you harder than you expected.
“that’s it, baby,” eddie groaned, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses along your jaw to your neck. “so fucking pretty when you cum for me.”
you keep grinding against him to draw out your high as much as possible, only slowing when you start to become too sensitive. eddie pulls back, making sure he didn’t leave you any marks when he notices the thin gold band of your necklace. he tugs on the chain until all of it is out from underneath your shirt, revealing a simple letter “J” dangling from it.
he examines it in his palm, though the longer he holds it it feels like it’s searing right through into his skin. “jason gave you this?” he asked, his eyes glued to the small charm. 
“yeah,” you said nonchalantly, completely oblivious to the internal turmoil brewing within eddie.
he slowly nodded once in understanding, and without a second thought, ripped the cheap jewelry from your neck.
you gasped in surprise, your hand immediately flying to your neck, eyes widened in shock. “eddie! what the fuck, dude?”
“what? you know, for a guy with rich parents, you think he would’ve done better than buy his girlfriend a cheap ass necklace.”
you don’t know what to say - mostly because you can’t defend jason’s actions or reasons for anything, not to the guy you’re hooking up with behind his back.
“well, what am i supposed to tell him when he sees i’m not wearing it anymore?” you asked, crossing your arms. eddie pulled away from you, the now mangled piece of jewelry still clasped in his palm.
“i’m sure you’ll figure something out,” he said with a shrug, moving past you to open the door. he looked to make sure no one was around before exiting and tossed the necklace into a trashcan.
eddie tags: @prettyboyeddiemunson, @lovelylangdonx, @codyfernmorelikedaddyfern, @puckssbunny, @sebby-staan, @dylobilysmomg, @erens-eyebrows, @bigpoppajes, @am-3-thyst, @sammysdepp, @wojciechovsk, @nicholerodz, @totallybiasedreviews, @variety-fangirl, @justanotherfrenchhoe
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Fandom: Batman, Batfam, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd
Word Count: 1822
TW: Reader Death, Whump, Explosion, Internal Injury, Trapped, Angst
Part One, Aftermath
Tumblr media
“I don’t know, I thought it was pretty good.”
“Pretty good? That movie sucked! I am so sick of these endless reboots and pointless sequels. You told a good story. It’s over and done, move on and give us something new.”
You chuckled. “Yeah, this coming from ‘Robin 2: The Adventure Continues’.”
Jason glared at you, but Dick burst out laughing. “Oh, oh! How about ‘Robin 2: The Second One’.”
“‘Robin 2: Electric Boogaloo’!”
“‘Robin 2: The Rise of Jason Todd’!”
“And the gritty reboot ‘The Red Hood: Return of Jason Todd’.”
“Alright, alright, I get it. Very funny. Make fun of the dead guy.” Jason rolled his eyes as you and Dick high-fived each other. He jammed his hands in his pockets and began storming off.
“Formerly dead guy. You can’t keep playing that card forever.” You said teasingly, reaching out and linking your arm with Jason’s. You felt Dick link arms on your other side, so the three of you were all connected as you walked down the sidewalk.
Crime had been surprisingly low the last few days, so you had decided to enjoy yourselves and catch an afternoon movie. It wasn’t often the three oldest of Bruce Wayne’s wards managed to find time to hang out, and it felt like old times.
Jason had reluctantly dropped his scowl. He glanced over at the storefront on his right and stopped abruptly in amazement. He scoffed, “Oh my god! Did you guys see this?”
As you and Dick turned, you let out a small chuckle of surprise as you saw display after display of merchandise bearing a variety of bat symbols. All of you were represented in some form or another. Bruce’s Batman on a shower curtain, Dick’s Nightwing on a blanket, Jason’s Red Hood on a bathrobe, Tim’s Red Robin on a coffee mug, and Damian’s Robin on a coloring book. But the thing that really caught your eye was the hoodie that looked like a replica of your costume, complete with mask built into the hood and your signature Bat-Insignia across the front. Glancing at the sign, you chuckled again at the name. The Bat Cave.
“Did either of you know about this?” you asked.
Dick and Jason both shook their heads in disbelief. Then Jason snorted, “I think somebody owes us some royalties or something. Those things are trademarked.”
You laughed, but knew he was probably right. Suddenly, you realized something was missing. Cursing under your breath, you turned and hurried back towards the theatre. Both boys turned to watch you speed away.
“Where are you going?” Dick called after you.
You yelled back over your shoulder. “I forgot my sunglasses. I’ll be right back.”
Just as your hand reached the door to the theatre, you heard Jason yell, “Hey, dumbass!”
Glancing back, you saw Jason smirking as he pointed to the top of his head. Reaching up to your own head, you felt the sunglasses perched there. You blushed as you placed them on your face, sheepishly turning back to the boys. You shrugged dramatically and took a step in their direction. That’s when the theatre exploded.
Tumblr media
Jason and Dick were thrown backward by the blast, landing in a heap about ten feet from where they had been standing. Groaning, both boys struggled to sit up and regain their bearings. People were screaming all around them and smoke curled out of the scant remains of what had just been the theatre.
All the blood rushed out of Jason’s face as he muttered, “Y/N.” He scrambled to his feet as Dick paled and frantically followed suit. They took off running towards the area they thought they had last seen you, but it was almost impossible to tell where anything had once been. When they thought they were in the approximate area, they began shifting desperately yet carefully through the rubble, screaming out your name. Jason couldn’t help but wonder if this was how Bruce had felt as he searched for his body years ago. Finally, Dick moved a hunk of cement and saw as a hand appeared from underneath it. He instantly recognized the bracelet that he had given you for your birthday on the wrist.
“Jay, over here! I found her!”
Feverishly, the two boys moved pieces of rock and debris, slowly uncovering more and more of your broken form, until the only wreckage that remained was a large section of the theatre wall that was too heavy for them to move. It was still pining you to the ground from the waist down, but there wasn’t any more they could do at the moment, so they began assessing your injuries.
You were lying awkwardly, half on your side, half on your back. Every inch of you was covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. The left side of your face was skinned raw where you had skidded across the asphalt. Your sunglasses were destroyed, the remains of which dangled haphazardly from your face. Dick carefully removed what was left and noticed that they had been rammed against your nose with such force, they had shattered bones and blacked both of your eyes. The rest of your body was littered with bruises, burns, blood, and small cuts while your breathing was irregular and strained. Dick and Jason both crouched down next to you and tried to rouse you but at first you barely stirred. Finally, they watched as your eyes flickered open with a pained groan.
“Wha – what happened?” Your voice was hoarse and weak.
Dick and Jason exchanged a worried glance before Dick said, “We’re not sure. There was an explosion in the theatre. You were still at the door and it seems like you took a pretty bad hit. You were completely buried when we found you and we still can’t move that big piece off your legs. It is too heavy for just the two of us. Jay, you stay here and I’m going to go get help.”
“No…. don’t.”
“Sweetheart, we have to get you out from under that thing. You need medical attention immediately. Who knows what kind of internal bleeding you have or if there are any worse injuries this piece of wall is concealing.”
“You’re right, which is why it won’t matter. I can feel it. My leg…. Well, I’m pretty sure the pressure from this wall is the only thing keeping me from bleeding out immediately. As soon as you move it…. So, yeah, it’s too late to do anything.”
Jason sat back on his heels, horrorstruck, as Dick shook his head vehemently refusing to believe what you had just said. “We can at least try. As soon as the paramedics get here, they can help us. They’ll know what to do.”
You smiled hazily up at your brothers. “It’s okay, Dick. I’m not in much pain at the moment, it’s more numb than anything, but if you move that piece of wall, it’s going to be utter agony. And it still won’t matter. So, please, just let me go in peace.”
Jason hissed in fury, “We can’t just sit here and watch you die!”
“I don’t want you to. It might be too late for me but you two can go help the other people who were injured. You might still be able to save them.”
“We’re not leaving you.”
“It’s what we do. We’re heroes, Jay.”
“Not today we aren’t.” Dick said through a clenched jaw. You furrowed your brow in confusion. “Today we are just three siblings who wanted to spend the day together. Who just deserved a goddamn break for once in their lives. And instead, this happens. So, no. Today we aren’t heroes. There are enough other people walking around helping right now. We’re going to stay with you for as long as we can. I don’t care what that makes us.”
You grabbed Dick’s hand as tightly as you could manage as tears began to flow down his face. “It makes you a good brother.”
You smiled up at him and started to say something else, but a chest rattling cough cuts you off. Your brothers held you down, so you didn’t hurt yourself more as your body was racked with the intense hacking fit. Finally, when it subsided, you relaxed, blood dripping from your mouth. You looked up at Dick and weakly said, “I guess you were right on both accounts. Internal bleeding and a concealed wound. Huh, who knew?”
Before either boy could answer, you gave a dry chuckle and said, “You know, I always thought I would die in the suit. Going down swingin’ with my Bat Symbol proudly on my chest and my mask firmly on my face. Instead, it’s going to be flip flops and Jason’s old t-shirt.”
Jason thought for a minute, then stood up. “I’ll be right back. Dick, stay with her.” Dick just nodded numbly.
A few moments later, Jason came rushing back carrying the hoodie resembling your suit you had seen in the souvenir shop what seemed like a lifetime ago. For the first time since the explosion, tears filled your eyes.
“It’s not your suit, but it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.” As carefully as he could and with Dick’s help, Jason gingerly wrapped the oversized hoodie around you and zipped it up as much as he could. Then he pulled the hood down over your face, so the built-in mask framed your eyes.
You slowly lifted your fingers and traced the familiar emblem that rested over your heart. “Thank you, Jay. It’s perfect.”
“Least I could do.” Jason kissed your knuckles and smiled sadly down at you. Keeping ahold of your hand, he began rubbing his thumb lightly over the back of it, a constant reminder he was with you. Dick shifted so he was behind you and lifted your head so it was resting comfortably in his lap. You felt that the tension was so thick with all of the unspoken things between the three of you, that it was almost suffocating. Or maybe that was just your blood filling your lungs.
You felt your head starting to get fuzzy as your vision began to blacken around the edges, and you knew you didn’t have much time left. You nuzzled your cheek softly into Dick’s leg and gave Jason’s hand another squeeze. After taking a few deep breaths, you managed to croak out, “Hey…. I love you guys.”
“Back at you sis,” Jason tearfully bent down and kissed your forehead.
You smiled up at them as your world went black. Jason felt your hand go limp in his, and he frantically looked to Dick, hoping beyond hope his older brother would make this all better. But Dick just gazed down at your empty, staring eyes, tears streaming down his face. And all he could think at that moment was, “How the hell are we supposed to tell Bruce?”
Tumblr media
Part 2 out now!
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whiskehorange · 5 months
Spooky Nights - 24 Hour Fears! (2022)
A Halloween Special! Only one of the most important nights in horror, how could I not! I’m taking this into a more comedic and lighthearted way, making this as fun as possible for you!
I know I've skipped 2 whole years with this but I think from now on I'm going to try to keep up with All the major holidays from here on out!
Have a Happy & Spooky Halloween kiddos!
Tumblr media
His Fear: Small Rodents
How Its Handled: You're saying you want to witness the absolute most gut wrenching and haywire seen with a deadman and a bunch of rodents trapped in the same room for 24 hours? It looks like a cartoon tornado with machetes, arms, and small furry legs sticking out of the sides. Jason is the elephant to their mice and he's going to be climbing up walls to get away from them the entire night. Notice how you haven't seen a single squirrel in his forrest 🤔
Does He Survive: It's a close call, check his pulse- oh... wait.
Tumblr media
His Fear: His food touching
How Its Handled: The small metallic trays. The silent lunchrooms. The monitors. The cold cafeteria floors. The slop of food on his tray, that was the only thing the ward ever did right; section his food. Who knows what would have happened to the lunch ladies if they but his green beans on his mashed potatoes. You're going to need the heaviest restraints you have when you serve his food looking like one single clump of grease on that plate. Get him a god damn stack of ZooPals
Does He Survive: Absolutely, but whoever's serving him doesn't
Tumblr media
His Fear: Astral Projection
How Its Handled: What's worse than him seeing what you're dreaming about? Seeing that you're the only controlling it. You sick fucks dream of the most god awful things he's ever seen he feels the need to take vacations from the sights he's seen. You're able to almost stand toe to toe with him when he attempts to terrorize him. Power addict much?
Does He Survive: He'll be fine, he'll suck it up but god does it tire him to sit and watch you guys make out with fictional men and kill your family members.
Tumblr media
His Fear: Bugs, but mainly the roaches.
How Its Handled: Much like Jason, he's the elephant and the roaches are the mice. Tommy just about has the worst breakdown he's ever had stuck in the barn full of roaches on the rotten meat. Normally he's alright with a few here and there on the meat he's getting rid of but more than 3? Absolutely not. He looks like he's breaking it down on the dance floor with all the swatting and stepping he's doing. You should hear the crunches.
Does He Survive: He think he's dead and gone
Billy & Stu
Tumblr media
Their Fear: Their sexuality
How Its Handled: Billy's toxic masculinity will catch up with him eventually, this challenge is just like spending a whole day with Stu and Stu only and for Stu just spending it with Billy. These two are a walking contradiction that share two brain cells every other day and don't realize that they radiate the same energy. Billy is constantly suppressing his thoughts and that's why he's a killer. Angry closeted cis white men are a dangerous force let alone TWO OF THEM WHO JUST NEED TO MAKE OUT ALREADY
Does He Survive: Just wait until Billy finds out he's in the closet with you all
Tumblr media
His Fear: Loud Noises
How Its Handled: Norman is a chihuahua on the Fourth of July: shaking with no thoughts and crying. You should seen him every New Years shut away in his house with the entire room blacked out and everything you can imagine on and running to drown out any noise. Having to sit and just listen to balloons popping and alarms is going to make him crawl up in the fetal positions covering his ears and screaming to drown it out
Does He Survive: Let him pop some Paxil and he'll survive
Tumblr media
His Fear: Germaphobe warning!!
How Its Handled: You want to see a man scrubbing his skin off and bleaching away his own senses in an endless loop? It's like watching a man on the verge of life or death if he doesn't make a room spotless (that's actually exactly what this is). This is the most unprofessional you will ever see him and probably the only time you will ever see him sweat bullets. He doesn't even get this nervous when someones onto him about his... diet.
Does He Survive: Hannibal? Yes. His Fingertips? No
Tumblr media
His Fear: Rejection
How Its Handled: Bo needs to get laid and he thinks he's entitled to it. You put him in a room full of people and NO ONE wants to get with him? Bo no longer has an ego and will make it known with his salty little 'tude. God forbid he thinks it may have something to do with his personality or the way he speaks to and about people, no no no it's all you guys are you suck.
Does He Survive: He throws a little fit, but ignore him and he'll get up eventually
Tumblr media
His Fear: Cats
How Its Handled: They're fine from a distance far far away from Ambrose. Vincent would absolutely be a cat and a kitten person if he wasn't slightly allergic and they weren't filled with spite. Watching those demons get hair everywhere and lie all over his sketches and get cat hair in every single thing he has ever made? He's mortified
Does He Survive: He's puffy, but he lives to see another day.
Tumblr media
His Fear: Chainmail
How Its Handled: It's like that one episode of Spongebob where Patrick's being told to "Get outta town!" and he thinks someone is going to show up to his shack and murder him. He doesn't even have a phone but you send him a bunch of mail directly and a bunch of emails to the family computer and get Bo to convince him that these are real and he'll be on the look out for the man that's supposed to show up at the foot of his bed tonight.
Does He Survive: He will, but he'll be on edge for a year until he's certain they won't be able to find him if he's constantly moving
Tumblr media
His Fear: Vegetables
How Its Handled: Be deadass with me and tell me he wouldn't throw a complete fucking tantrum if you but a few pieces of broccoli with his dinner and made him eat it. This is a man child who will never in the life of him eat something green that isn't candy or maybe even a drink. Brahms has the nose of a hound dog so don't think you can even slip something into his food without him knowing and calling you a dirty liar and traitor
Does He Survive: You might not having to pick him up off of the floor after his countless meltdowns
Tumblr media
His Fear: Dairy
How Its Handled: ow tummy hurty ploorp oh god plffft brrrrmpt oh no pfft sploosh grrgle
Does He Survive: It burns
Pyramid Head
Tumblr media
His Fear: Pregnant women
How Its Handled: It grosses him out and he's not scared of anything in this entire world besides the wrath of a pregnant woman and will do anything to stay out of their way. He can small the little shit in there and the pheromones radiating out of yall. What's worse, Pyramid Head himself or a pre-school on a week day? He knows what his answer is.
Does He Survive: Financially? Not if it's his
Tumblr media
His Fear: Hand sanitizer/Rubbing alcohol
How Its Handled: At first it's pretty good, kinda smells good and makes his skin kinda glossy, it's great. But then... it goes into his eyes and bit and into his silly little pinholes. The first sting catches him off guard but it's nice, he thinks. Then it burns and burns and burn and it keeps burning. His impulses has finally gotten to the best of him when he's on the ground suffering from too much pleasure and as stiff as a board, overstimulated to the max as it takes 30 entire minutes to just dry the first coat.
Does He Survive: Not an enjoyable experience at all, at least not for a whole 24 hours
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burning-omen · 1 month
Tumblr media
Jason Todd x male!reader
Request by anonymous : Can you do a smutt with dom male reader x bratty sub jason todd. Where jason is the typical confident, brat/jock. But jason has a feet kink? Like licking, getting footjobs and stepped on his cock?
Whenever MR had his feet up or something Jason would stare and then excuse himself to jo; or put reader's feet on his lap and massage them pretending he is distracted; and reader knows, so is a little shit about it, miving them Jason's lap/ streaching when they are on the sofa, etc.
Untill reader sees jason jerking to one of his used socks and confronts him.
I know this is really long but it really got into my head and i would love you for it.
Warning⚠️: foot fetish, footjob (Jason receiving), y/n teases Jason, discovering kinks, not beta read (I love my beta reader too much to send them this at this ungodly hour)
(A/n: multiple things, first I would like to wish a happy black history month for my fellow seasoned folk, reparations over forgiveness. Second, I have no shame in writing this and those who hate can suck my massive signaling, also i was reading gay poems so now y'all got Wilde as a title)
It was the first movie night of the month. You and Jason tried to make it a weekly thing but with the way both of your schedules are set up it was a bit difficult. After missing the last two movie nights from last month (the first time he canclled, the second time you did) you decided to finally spend some quality alone time with your boyfriend. You had everything set up perfectly, your internet has been out all week so you had to pull your DVD player and a few CD’s out of your storage closet, but other than that it was an easy set up.
Absentmindedly, you cracked your knuckles, waiting for Jason who said he was just around the corner about- you lifted your phone, checking how long ago he sent the text- 20 minutes ago. He still wasn’t here, or maybe he was and he was just fucking with you, who fucking knows. Clearly not you because he said he’d be here and he wasn’t. You considered starting without him, or calling him. But what if he’d gotten caught up in some vigilante business or was stuck in traffic or something, then you’d feel like shit for starting and you’d have to start the movie over.
So you waited another 10 minutes, then 15, then 20. By the time 30 minutes had passed you were on the verge of falling asleep on the couch. Just as your eyes drifted shut you heard the familiar click of the window lock. Groaning, you sat up, turning around to see Jason, still fully dressed in his Red Hood gear, climbing through your window.
“You’re late.” you said tiredly.
You heard another short click as he pulled his helmet of holding it under his arm.
“B put me on a stake out with Nightwing last minute, I tried to tell him that you’d be on my ass for it but he never listens,”
You sighed, “You two have that in common.”
He chuckled, then muttered, “Sure, Y/n.”
Walking around the couch he tossed his helmet on the table. Just as he sat down you stood up, grabbing one of the cases off the table and popping the CD out of it. He watched as you had a mild struggle with the old DVD player, but eventually got it set up. You sat back down on the couch, your back leaning against the arm of the couch and your knees pulled up to your chest.
Jasons hand rose for a moment, then he let it fall again. Looking up at your face he thought, ‘He won’t notice..’.
Even his thoughts sounded nervous, after a moment of hesitation he lifted his hand again, grabbing your ankle and pulling. You yelpped as you were suddenly yanked, your left foot now firmly placed in Jasons lap. You were about to question him when you felt a gentle pressure against the underside of your foot. Looking down you saw that Jason, surprisingly nimble fingered, was giving you a foot message. What you didn’t see was the nevrvousness that wracked his entire body. His hands shook ever so slightly shaking.
With a small smile you asked, “Is this your way of apologizing?”
He didn’t say anything, seemingly focused on the movie, so you moved on, turning your focus back to the movie as well.
There was about an hour left in the movie, Jason’s hands had stopped moving a while ago, now just resting against your foot. But that didn’t stop something else from moving against your foot. So slow and gentle that you almost didn’t notice it.
Once you did you had to resist the urge to jump out of your skin. Slowly and gently his hips rolled against your foot, at such a steady pace. You glanced down, you doubt he was even focused on the movie. His grip on the bottom hem of your pants tightened and his breath shuttered ever so slightly.
It was kinda hot.
The movie -that you’d honestly almost forgotten about- went silent for a moment. And all you could hear were the quiet, needy pants coming from your boyfriend, you hadn’t even noticed before. But now, even as the movies volume picked back up, it’s all you could focus on.
You almost wanted to confront him. Just to hear him be a little louder. But honestly it would probably just embarrass him. So you didn’t.
A few more minutes passed, you tried to ignore him. It wasn’t working. At all.
You couldn’t even remember the plot of the damn movie you’d been focusing so hard on him.You shifted your body, trying not to move the foot in his lap for both of your sake. You were unsuccsesful. You knew that because of how hard he’d suddenly bucked up and the gasping, stuttered moan that left his lips. It was beyond noticeable. But he played it off, staying focused on the movie despite how flustered he felt. You played it off too, acting like that wasn’t one of the hottest things you personally experienced in your life.
Another short glance down to Jason then back to the TV. The main character was doing…something to save the…planet?? Country??? Something, the main character was doing something to save the something.
Jason was far too distracting, but you were far too entertained to pull yourself away.
After a short moment of contemplation, you shifted again, ‘accidentally’ pressing against Jason cock. His hands gripped your leg harder than you thought he would, a sharp gasp coming from him.
He glanced over at you, letting go of your ankle.
“Sorry..” he muttered.
“‘S fine..” you muttered back, pretending to pay attention to the movie.
Then the moment he recovered, you did it again.
You did stop eventually, when his breathing became heavy and uncontrollable and his grip became painful, you let up. Despite the fact that you stopped moving, he didn’t. His still clothed cock ground against the bottom of your foot.
You felt him stop, but his grip on you pant leg tightened. You looked over at him, he was breathing hard, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth fell open. His hips were bucking softly against you and you felt his cock twitch hard under your foot. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. You're surprised he lasted so long, almost an hour of humping against the bottom of your foot and he’s just now cumming. He bit down on his lip to stop himself from making any noise, he wasn't successful but it was cute nonetheless.
You had to stop yourself from laughing when he excused himself.
You waited until you heard the bathroom door shut before you sat up.
You were hard, because after that why the fuck wouldn’t you be. Every desprate little moan, the way he tried to stop his hips from bucking against you too hard, his grip on your pants, every move he made. It all built up to a very, very hot experience.
The rest of the night went on relatively normal, you watched another movie, you cuddled, you made out. It was a good date. And you’d discovered something new about your boyfriend.
He has a foot fetish.
You thought about, all damn day. While you got dressed, while you drove to work, while you worked, on the drive home and as you fumbled with your keys at the door you thought about it.
Finally, in what feels like the first time in the past 15 hours, you focused. Unlocking the door and turning the handle.
“Jason, I'm home!” you shouted into the quiet apartment.
You heard some movement upstairs, but that's all.
Locking the door and hanging up your keys you quickly made your way upstairs. Walking through the dark hallway before coming up to your bedroom door and pushing it open. Only to see a very flustered, panting Jason, gripping the cover that had been hastily thrown over his lap staring at you.
Instead of mentioning the fact that he’d very clearly been jerking off before you walked in, you moved past him, pretending not to notice as a devious little idea came into your mind.
You let out an exasperated sigh, tossing your work bag to the floor and kicking your shoes off then putting them away in your shared closet. Then, leaning up against the wall directly across from the bed, pulling your leg up to arms length and almost painfully slowly, pulling your sock off.
A quick glance up revealed that Jason was damn near drooling at the sight.
You switched to your other sock, then stood up straight with both socks in hand before tossing them to Jason, who despite his best efforts, could not hide the desperation in his face as he caught them.
“I’m gonna go take a shower, can you put those in the laundry basket for me?”
He nodded wordlessly.
With a small smile you went into the bathroom, turned the shower on, and waited.
A few minutes later you cracked the bathroom door open, fighting feelings of ridiculousness as you peaked at your own boyfriend through the crack.
Sure enough, he was jerking off. Hips bucking up into his own hand, his chest rising and falling rapidly, whining and whimpering as he pumped his cock into your sock. And while the part of your mind screamed about how disgusting it was to be sexually attracted to feet, the other, much louder part of you mind screamed that this was so fucking hot and that you’d do anything to see him like this again.
His legs twitched and his hips sputtered as he came, moaning openly, cum drenching the sock wrapped around his cock, oozing through the fabric and down his fingers.
And after a moment of sweaty, pleasured bliss. He panicked. You knew why, cum was kinda hard to get out of clothes, they usually have to be hand washed to get out the stain completely, which usually wasn’t a problem. Having to explain why your sock, and only your sock was suddenly drenched with cum was going to be a problem.
Luckily for him, you’d seen the entire thing and you weren’t too concerned about a dirty sock.
You watched him panic for a moment before pushing the bathroom door fully open. A deep pink blush set on his cheeks as he tried to explain himself through his flustered state. You could see that his brain seemingly just couldn’t handle this and was beginning to shut down on Jason. So as he stumbled his way through an excuse, you sat on the bed next to him, a small smile on your face. Grabbing his jaw in your hand you turned his face so he was looking at you.
“Jason..” you said, your voice commanding his attention.
“Yes?” He answered after a moment.
“I know,” you said, it came off more monotonous than you meant it to, but you got your point across with two simple words.
His panic lessened but only by a fraction.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about..” he lied.
You had to fight the grin that tried to stench across your face.
“Jason, you know as well as I do-“ you placed your hand over his cock, pulling off the sock that you just watched him soak in cum, “-that you know exactly what I’m talking about.”
He paused, seemingly gathering his thoughts.
A minute later, he spoke.
“It’s really your fault if you think about it.”
And you laughed, because of course he tried to pin his link on you.
“Okay, how?“
“I didn't feel anything about them for years- then here you come with them looking all nice, and always sitting them in my lap, and teasing me with them, and I just-” he shrugged, “again, completely your fault.”
“So it's my fault that you have a foot fetish?”
“Don’t..say it like that, and yes it is-”
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moondrop-writes · 2 months
Can you write Jason x Daughter of Hecate? Both of them are on the Argo 2 btw. Jason is dating Piper but he starts to fall in love with the reader who already likes him? She also has a bestie who is a daughter of Hermes. Reader is a recrenation of Helen of Troy, who is put into an endless cycle of heartbreak but when she meets Jason the cycle gets broken. But she is really afraid of falling in love. Sorry if I am being to specific 😭😭
i mean...i can certainly try! sorry this took a while! i wanted to make it good but then i got caught up with other things. enjoy!
Tumblr media
You rested your hand on the ship's railing, the wind blowing against your sweat-slicked skin as you looked across the vast ocean sea where it met the skyline in a burst of orange and pink hues.
The air tasted of salt and a slight tinge of iron from the battle just an hour prior. Water sloshed against the ship's edge, and you could hear Coach Hedge complain about a lack of ambrosia squares. You blinked, your brows furrowing, and you covered a slowly oozing cut on your palm from a vicious fight with harpies.
Sucking in a breath, your hands left the side of the desk, and latched onto the mirror attached to your belt next to your prized dagger.
You held it up to your face, catching your haggard look in the reflection. The mirror was a gift from your mother, Hecate, when you both discovered you'd been a reincarnation of one of Greek mythologies most beautiful mortals. You'd never really felt a connection to your past self, other than this deep unsettling feeling of being miserable in every relationship you've ever been in.
Taking in a deep breath, you whispered into the air, "Show me Alice Miyazawa."
The mirror bubbled, and suddenly you had a view of your best friend from camp.
Alice sat in bed, frowning as she tinkered with undoubtedly some kind of pranking device. "Alice?" you asked, your voice coming out filtered. You cringed when you heard yourself on the other side, but laughed when she snapped her head up, a guilty look on her face.
"Huh? What? Oh, shit, Y/N! It's been forever, what's up?"
You knew Alice couldn't see you, the mirrors magic didn't extend itself that far, but Alice always pretended like she could. If anybody else saw her, she'd probably look weird staring off into space, but she always managed to look directly at the direction of the mirror.
Ungracefully, Alice stuffed whatever the device she was tinkering with under her pillow. Giggling, you responded, "nothing much. Same old, same old. A lot of water, a lot of annoying monsters. We're headed towards the House of Hades though! It's progress, at least."
Alice tilted her head, a sympathetic smile on her lips. "Hey, you're getting somewhere, can't say the same for the rest of us. We've just been here like sitting ducks."
You sigh, "don't say that. You're protecting Camp, no matter how small of a task it may seem at the moment."
Alice hums, like she doesn't really believe you, and shrugs.
"Anyways, Connor just did the stupidest--" Alice begins, but she's cut off by a shout.
"Y/N!" the voice is deep and rich, and you know who it is immediately. You whip around, finding him at the base of the stairs, eyes bright with excitement. "C'mon!"
Blinking, you stutter to get out words. What was going on? Was everybody alright?
Alice smirks, her grin entirely catlike. "Go get your man, girl."
Blushing furiously, you will away Alice's image, and tuck your mirror back into its slot at your belt.
You run over, and the two of you keep an even pace as you head below deck. "What's wrong?" you ask, pulling your hair back from your face.
He furrows his brow, "Did you forget?"
You shrug, "yes? I wouldn't have asked If I hadn't," you huffed, crossing your arms. You both stop short of the dining room.
He smiles, an easy thing that has your head feel light. Your heart beats, and you push it down and away from your mind. You have no right to go falling for stupid, handsome, Jason Grace.
"Movie night, Y/N. We needed a break, you know that well enough."
"Right," you said, nodding. Movie night. Just the thing you needed. Even though Percy and Annabeth were currently walking through Tartarus, we were watching movies. Makes total sense, right? No. You hated the idea. But you also understood. Breaks were a neccesary evil.
You both entered the room, and Piper's eyes draw to you. You notice she isn't looking at Jason but you. Her gaze is searching, and catches at your mirror at your hip before floating to the dagger she was twirling between her fingers.
It was the famous dagger of Helen of Troy. Rumors used to say that Helen used it to sneak Paris into the castle so they could escape off into the night outside of the her husband, and the guards vision. Now, it belonged to Piper, and she wasn't even sure how to yield it's magical properties. You felt bad for her because of it. Willing the magic in your mirror had been so easy for you, yet it took intense bouts of concentration for it to even give her a glimpse.
You frowned, and your hand hovered over your mirror before retreating back into your pocket. Maybe it was easier for you because your mother was the goddess of magic, or because as Helen that dagger had been your own. Either way, Piper had denied the offers you'd made to help her out. Was she scared you were going to try and take the dagger from her? You didn't know. But what you did know is that Piper was as stubborn as a mule.
It's kind of what you liked about her.
You wondered if that's what Jason liked about her too.
He smiled, though not as easy as the one he'd given you beforehand, and took his spot next to Piper. The projector flickered to life on the wall. Leo was at the side, tinkering with Annabeth's laptop in order to play the movie. When Jason noticed that you hadn't moved from the door, he patted the spot next to him on the floor, where a pile of blankets and pillows had been scattered about.
Slowly, you walked over and sat down. You were so clearly awkward, but Jason paid it no mind. With one arm around Piper, he nudged your shoulder and smiled.
You felt your vision blur, and you looked away with a huff as your cheeks tinged red.
Stupid Jason Grace with his stupid smile and stupid gorgeous eyes. You didn't need his crap anymore. You didn't need anybody's crap, no matter how pretty they were.
You looked over to Hazel, who was chewing on her lip nervously. Her eyes flit to you and shrugged. Beside her, Nico and Frank sat tense, just as awkward as you had been only a few hours ago.
Jason and Piper were fighting. Or well, what they called "talking". Thankfully, they'd traveled down the hall, Leo following hesitantly.
Now, the three of you were just waiting, listening to Piper's huffs and groans, Jason's rising temper, and Leo's quiet attempts at diffusing the situation as Hedge's TV blared from his room. All the sounds jumbled about, and you slid a little closer to Hazel.
"Internal fighting is the source of the issue," she whispered to you, and you tugged on one of her girls. It bounced right back into place. "I mean, it's the whole reason the war exists. The gods fighting with their own kin, and what not. Sometimes I wished people realized that."
You nodded your agreement. She was right. Discomfort within the group would just cause them to go backwards. Nico shifted beside her and looked at you. Out of all of the seven, you knew Nico the best. You'd met Annabeth and Percy first, but Nico had been the one you'd truly talked with and bonded to. He was the whole reason you'd even agreed to getting on the damn ship.
While Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were out saving the world and stuff, you and Nico had been bonding over your statuses. Him as the son of Hades, you as a myth reincarnation. Both of you made people uncomfortable for different reasons. They thought he was dangerous, they thought you were a sign from the gods.
It was annoying to no end.
"We aren't going to get to Percy and Annabeth if they keep doing this," he says, voice low and quiet. His eyes are narrowed, and beside him, Frank shivers.
"You have to let them diffuse it on their own though. There's nothing we can do other than be supportive," Frank points out, and when Nico cuts him a glance he shrinks back. You give him a smile, hoping it would ease his nerves.
Leo stepped back into the room, rubbing at his elbow, a gloomy Piper at his side.
"Jason's gone off to blow off some steam. He'll be back," Leo says, glancing over to Piper who silently retakes her seat. Without Jason between you, your arms are pressed up against one another.
The group falls back into silence, though now tense, and Leo un-pauses the movie. Soon the only sounds are the shifting of blankets and the movie's audio. You turn to Piper and lower your voice.
"Everything okay?"
She looks at you, her gaze a lot harsher than it'd been before. Then something dawns on her, and she shakes her head. She runs a hand through her hair, and nods. "Yeah, we're fine. Jason's fine. I'm fine. Thanks."
"Uh, okay," you say, and you look back to the screen.
It's like that for a little longer, until your mirror brushes her dagger.
You feel the effects before you seem them. A spark runs up your body, and both of you straighten. A bout of static electricity bounces between you and you barely get the chance to look at each other before your vision is being taken from you.
Piper's face is set hard in your vision, and her fists are balled up against Jason's chest. He's frowning, and electricity is dancing across his knuckles. Leo looks between to the two of them, hands raised.
"Admit it!" Piper screams, pushing Jason back against the wall. He groans when he makes contact and pulls her wrists from his chest. She yelps and yanks her hand back. Her fingers are twitching with energy from where his lightning-touched hands had zapped hers.
"What is there to say?" he growls out, advancing. Piper doesn't back down, and steps forward too. She isn't nearly as tall as him, but she's getting there, and her eyes meet his.
"You're pathetic, Jason. You need to step out of this stupid label you've put yourself in. You like her, admit it! I've accepted it so why can't you?"
Jason falters, and Leo coughs. "Uh, Pipes, maybe we should--"
She snaps at him, teeth pulled back in a snarl, "No Leo, we should have this conversation! I'm tired of being his pretty little security net because he's scared of his own feelings. She's perfect for you Jason, so go!"
"I don't want to lose her, Piper!"
Piper's eyes flash, and her skin seems to grow a bit more vibrant, and her hair a lot more luscious. Passion screams in all of her being.
You watch in third person as realization dawns in Leo and Jason's eyes.
The blessing of Aphrodite.
"You're going to lose her to war. She's going to die one day without you, married off to someone else because you were too much of a coward to say you love her. Admit it. You love her. It's clear as day."
Piper was passionate about this, and Aphrodite must've been too. The goddess of love was trying to help Piper get her point across in the only way she knew how. Beauty.
"When she's gone, don't come crawling back to me, Grace," she spits, and walks off. Leo stands there, eyes cautiously hovering over Jason. His hands clench around air.
"I'll be back...I've got---I've got to get all this energy out," he holds up a fist covered in bright electric lightning to emphasize his point. Leo nods, and pivots on his foot to follow after Piper.
Your vision comes back, and you find Hazel standing by you, one hand on your back, the other brushing your hair from your sweaty forehead. You glance over to find Leo doing the same thing to a recovering Piper.
She'd seen it too. She'd felt it. She'd lived it.
Piper looks over and the message is clear as day.
"Don't say anything," her eyes scream.
You nod softly.
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margotwhites · 6 months
Small thing I just writed because college is trying to kill me and does not pay for a therapist. JASON X READER because yeah. i want him to pamper me.
"I swear, they're trying to fucking kill me!"
The pile of papers on her desk were just as big as the pain she feels in her back, from the non-stop studying.
College was on that stupid period of tests, and she felt like exploding the building and then herself.
Jason did his best to comfort his girlfriend, but none of his efforts were generating results.
"Baby, I really think you should rest. You didn't take your face off the books since morning."
Her arms go up, trying to stretch the stress away.
"I can't, Jay. I suck in this stupid subject."
He knows it is bullshit - she doesn't suck in anything. She's just not the best at some subjects, but you can't know everything, right?
"You need to stop trying to get A+ in every single thing you do."
"You would get A in every single one, damn it." He sighs, feeling guilty about the amount of times she compares herself to others and specially him, for some unknown reason.
"How can you know that? I didn't even went to high school."
The desk chair starts to slid on the floor while she gets closer to him, who's sitted on her soft bed, the book in his hands closing with her proximity. Staring at his soul - those eyes always amused him, it always seemed like she was devouring all his feelings with the sharp stare - she completes;
"Exactly. And even without going to high school, you're still the one that teaches me this stupid crap! And I'm in College!"
Her knees are touching his, and he pets his lap so she can leave the chair and join him in bed. "Come here."
Heat errant from her body, now attached to his; tights around his hips, arms locked in his neck. His grumpy koala, that he loves unconditionally, but it's getting on his nerves with this comparison habit.
Jason then kisses her jaw, sneaking his cold hands inside her sweater. "You are perfect. You don't need to compare yourself to anyone. Specially me."
She melts in his embrace, "I feel like I don't deserve you and your brilliant mind."
He lies down on bed, her body like a soft blanket upon him. His feet kick the chair away, the sound of the wheels making her laugh.
"No more study tonight. I have a new lesson to teach you."
Calling her attention, she questions. "Oh, and what would this lesson be?"
"Gonna teach you how much I worship you, sweetheart."
Suddenly, learning seemed very much attractive.
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dearviper · 10 months
Home Sweet Home
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Reader One-Shot
Your best friend Eddie agrees to go to the homecoming dance with you. The only problem? He doesn't know how to dance. You offer to teach him and long-buried feelings arise.
AO3 Link
Tumblr media
“Did you decide if you’re goin’ to the homecoming dance next weekend?” you asked Eddie.
The two of you were lying side-by-side on his bed listening to some records. Taking a long drag from his joint, Eddie snorted the smoke out of his nose.
“Do I seem like the type of guy to attend a high school dance?”
You shrugged, muttering a thanks when he passed the joint to you. “I don’t know, you said you might.”
“Me in a monkey suit? Not likely,” he replied, disgust evident in his voice.
Your heart sank a bit in disappointment, and you took a hit to give yourself an extra second to respond.
“Well, I am. I thought it’d be fun for you to join.”
“Princess,” he started in an incredulous tone, flipping onto his side and propping his head up to get a better look at you. “I don’t exactly fit in with your other friends.”
It was true. As a Hawkins cheerleader, you ran in a very different social circle from the school’s resident drug dealer.
If you and Eddie hadn’t been best friends from childhood, you likely wouldn’t have become friends at all.
“Chrissy likes you,” you pointed out, testing his reaction.
“She’s nice to everyone,” he dismissed, waving the thought away with a hand.
Secretly, you were pleased by his indifference. Though you loved Chrissy dearly, you often felt inadequate standing next to the stereotypically gorgeous head cheerleader.
“Plus,” he continued, taking a thoughtful hit, “she’s with that creep Jason and he hates my guts. Always calls me ‘freak’ when he sees me.”
“Yeah, well, Jason’s a piece of shit,” you conceded. “Which is why you shouldn’t make me have to interact with him without backup. Think of it like an… adventuring group.”
He chuckled at your pitiful attempt to reference Dungeons & Dragons. “Party. It’s called a party, princess.”
“Cut me some slack, you know I don’t play,” you grumbled, stealing the joint from him and placing it out of reach on his ashtray.
“You must be really desperate if you’re trying to kiss up with DnD allusions.”
“Well everyone needs a date to attend, so if you don’t come with me I’ll end up having to go with Chance.” You scrunched your nose to show your distaste.
“...and you don’t want to?” he clarified with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes. “He has a good head of hair, but there’s no brain underneath it.”
“Better than my hair?” Eddie feigned hurt, clasping his hands to his chest as if wounded.
“If I say yes will you be driven by testosterone to compete with the other male of the species and come with me?”
He paused for a moment, considering. “Potentially.”
“Really?” you asked in surprise.
Eddie sighed, seeing the excitement in your eyes and knowing he would be unable to deny you. “Yeah, what the hell, right? Someone needs to be there to spike the punch.”
Your face lit up with a grin and his breath caught in his throat. You were too high to notice his reaction, and he quickly concealed it, but damn if his heart didn’t jump out of his chest every time you smiled at him.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You threw your arms around him in a crushing embrace.
“Anything you want, princess.” A sudden thought struck him, and he cleared his throat. “One small issue, though. I, uh… I don’t know how to dance.”
You pulled back, giving him a confused look. “Sure you do, I’ve seen you.”
Sucking in a breath through his teeth, he tilted his head side-to-side. “You’ve seen me mosh. Not quite the same. I’m no good at that slow, sappy kind of thing they do at school dances.”
“I’ll teach you,” you replied brightly, jumping up and beelining to his record collection. “Let’s see… Do you have any Air Supply?”
“You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking and not actually implying that I would own an Air Supply record.” He made a repulsed face for emphasis.
“Hey, they’re good!” you protested in offense.
“Have I taught you nothing?” he asked in mock concern, standing up and joining you at his vinyl collection.
In a pedantic voice, he began rattling off a list of acceptable musicians. “AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Dio, KISS, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Ratt, Scorpions, Van Halen. Dear Rock Gods, anyone but fuckin’ Air Supply!”
When he finished his rant, you gave him a nonplussed look. “Ballads, Eddie. We need ballads.”
He grinned. “Now you’re speakin’ my language. Scooch over.”
You did as requested, watching with curiosity as he pawed through his albums. Finally, he found what he was looking for. As he set up his record player, he gave you some background.
“This one just came out a few weeks ago, Theatre of Pain by Mötley Crüe-”
“That doesn’t sound like the kind of album to have a ballad,” you cut him off, furrowing your brows at the cover art.
Pointing at you, he grinned. “You’re gonna eat your words. Mark me: this album contains the ballad to end all ballads — ‘Home Sweet Home.’”
You threw your hands up in surrender. “I’m putting a lot of faith in you here.”
“Trust me,” Eddie reassured you, lifting the needle and setting it down a few times before finding the right song. “Your faith is well-placed.”
You were pleasantly surprised by the piano music emanating from his speakers, and when Eddie held out a hand you took it.
“Alright, so. Dancing,” you said nervously, trying to get your bearings and trying not to focus on his hands on your waist.
“Yes. Dancing,” he agreed with a sharp nod, easily breaking the tension. You giggled, nervousness melting away.
It’s just Eddie, you reminded yourself. Being with him is easy.
“So you just put your hands on my waist- well, I guess they’re already there. Step one complete. And then I just put my arms around your neck like this…” you trailed off, doing as you said. “And now we basically just sway and spin in circles.”
“Oh, spinning. Got it,” he nodded. Without warning, he started spinning you rapidly in wide circles.
“Eddie!” you shrieked with laughter. “Not that fast!”
He stopped abruptly, but the momentum made your body continue on. You clutched his Hellfire Club t-shirt to try and catch yourself, but just ended up dragging him down with you when you fell on the bed.
The two of you were laughing breathlessly as you tried to settle from the dizziness. The laughter quickly died down though, when you realized the position you had fallen in — Eddie was all but lying on top of you.
He propped himself up on his forearms, but otherwise stayed where he was.
“Hi,” he said softly.
“Hi,” you replied, returning the gentle smile on his face.
“So what do you think? Am I a dancer yet?”
“I think you’ve got potential, Munson.”
“‘Potential’?” he echoed.
“You’ve got moxie, kid. You’re gonna be a star,” you spoke with a Transatlantic accent, mimicking Cary Grant.
“Oh good. I’ve always wanted to be a star,” he responded, amusement dancing in his eyes.
His hair fell like a curtain around your face, and you reached up a hand to brush it back behind his ear. When you let your hand linger on his cheek, the smiles slid from your faces.
Your heart was racing fast enough that you could hear it in your ears. Hesitantly, you craned your neck up towards Eddie. He moved in sync with you, lowering his own head to meet your lips halfway.
As he kissed you, he slipped a hand around the back of your neck to pull you in as close as possible.
When you broke apart for air, he pressed his forehead against yours. You could feel his shaky breath against your mouth, and you brushed your nose against his.
“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” you finally admitted, opening your eyes to gauge his reaction.
He broke out in a grin and pressed his lips to yours once more, kissing you until you were dizzy.
“Me too, princess. Me too.”
Tumblr media
Stranger Things Masterlist | Main Masterlist
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slasherheadcanons · 1 year
Snowball Fights with the Slashers
Tumblr media
•Snowball fights with the Slashers•
Michael Myers: •It has snowed a lot during the night, at least enough to cover the sidewalk. Of course, you had to be the one to shovel the walkway. Michael was never going to do it, so it fell to you. Michael stood on the sidelines watching as you labor with the snow. He offers you no assistance. You happen to notice Michael's attention turn elsewhere, and an idea popped into your head. You gathered up a bunch of snow and threw it at the murderer, hitting him on the shoulder. You watched as Michael's head whips around to face you, his body tensing up like a predator ready to strike. At that moment, you realized you fucked up. You end up with a few bruises. As you try and recover, you can feel Michael standing over you, staring at you, his shoulders shaking slightly as he silently laughs. Yeah, you regret doing that.
Bubba Sawyer: •It doesn't snow very often in Texas. But surprisingly, this Christmas, it snowed just enough to make snowballs. You instantly take Bubba's hand and rush outside. Bubba has never played with snow, so you will have to explain to Bubba how to make a snowball. He struggles with it for a while before finally getting the hang of it. Next, you teach him to throw it. It confuses the poor boy. Why was he supposed to throw it at people? Would it hurt? You let him try throwing at you first, which he nervously does, throwing the snowball at you. He doesn't throw it that hard since he fears accidentally hurting you, but you reassure him you can't handle it. He gets used to it more as the two of you play around. Then the twins join in, and the game becomes much more chaotic. It becomes teams. You and Bubba V.S. Nubbins and Chop-top. It is a warzone outside with the four of you chucking snowballs across the yard. Dayton watches everything from the safety of the house.
Jason Voorhees: •It often snows around the campgrounds during the winter. So, there is plenty of snow for the two of you to play in. The day came, and the camp got a bunch of snowfall. You were ecstatic to go out and play. Of course, Jason made sure you bundled up in warm clothes before you ran outside. He watches as you joyfully play in the snow before waving him to come join in. Jason joins you but does not have a lot of experience with playing in the snow. But he learns pretty quickly. The two of you build snowmen and make snow angels. But the last thing you two did was start a snowball fight. You started first hitting Jason with a small snowball on his back, and so began the snowball war. A small warning Jason still doesn't understand his full strength, so sometimes you get a snowball to the face with enough force to knock you flat on your back. He will quickly rush to help you up. Jason frets over you, worried he may have hurt you. You may need to show him how to lightly throw a snowball.
François Moreau: •It is not uncommon to get snow in New York. Today was a perfect amount of snow on the ground to play in. You were excited, eager to go out and play, but the Frenchman did not share your excitement. François hates the cold, and seeing snow, sent shivers down his spine. But with enough puppy dog eyes and begging you, finally, get him to agree to go out. He bundles himself up in his heaviest warm clothes before following you out. Together you two head over to the park. You enjoyed the beautiful sight of the park covered in the sparkling white snow. But the French assassin wasn't focused on that. François stayed close to your side, huddled up in his clothes, trying to keep warm. He shivers despite the warm clothes. He grumpily mutters to himself about how much the cold sucks. But soon, his anger is interrupted when a small snowball hits him directly in the face. He whips around, expecting to find a rival trying to kill him. But he only finds you laughing in the snow, holding another snowball in your hand. For the moment, his hatred of the cold is set aside as he grins and makes his snowball. He was going to get you back for that. The fight does end with the Frenchman surrendering once the snow began seeping through his clothes. If you want a reward for winning, he will instantly agree so long as you agree to go back inside. You can choose your reward once you are both back in the warmth of the home.
Asa Emory (the collector): •The two of you had been sitting out on the patio. As the dogs ran around outside playing in the snow. Asa, of course, just sat in his chair reading a book while you watched the dogs play. You smiled as they childishly played in the snow and thought about doing the same. You looked over to Asa to invite him, but he only shook his head silently, preferring to read than play in the snow. You sigh but head out to join the dogs. You play with them, having fun playing in the snow when an idea entered your mind. You glanced over to the patio where Asa was still reading. You smirk to yourself as you gather up some snow into your hands, forming it into a ball. Asa was enjoying his book when suddenly his vision became white. He quickly stands. The book is forgotten as he looks around for the attacker. But as Asa wipes the snow away, he finds you laughing to yourself as you run away. His eyes narrow as he closes his book and sets it down. Game on then, little bug. Asa is brutal when it comes to the snowball fight and shows little mercy to you. The worst part is that he is not above playing dirty, like slipping snow down your shirt while you are preparing your next snowball. Asa finds it amusing to hear the squeal you make at the sudden coldness going down your back. In the end, you surrender, and he is victorious. He will relish in his victory as he offers you some hot chocolate and one of his warm sweaters as an apology for the snow down your shirt. That's the best apology you will get.
Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull): •Jesse doesn't care for the cold. So, when it starts snowing outside, he would prefer sitting inside snuggled up with you on the couch. Jesse would much rather be inside where it is warm. But you wanted to go out and play, and you invite him to join you, but he refuses. Jesse can't understand why you would possibly want to go outside to play in the cold. The best way to get him to join you is to challenge him to a snowball fight. The winner gets to do whatever they wish to the loser for the next week.  That gains his interest swiftly (already getting some naughty ideas for what he wants to do), and he agrees to your challenge. You two bundle up and head out to begin the fight. Best to note Jesse is not above playing dirty similar to Asa. He is willing to use tricks to try and win. You have to play smart. By the end of the fight, you both are cold and wet, eager to go inside. You can figure out who won once you are both sitting by the heater. Also, if you ask Jesse later to jump Preston with snowballs, he will wholeheartedly agree. Together you and Jesse set up an ambush for Preston. So, once he steps foot outside, he will face a rain of snowballs. Jesse finds satisfaction seeing Preston pelted with snowballs.
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This Machine Kills Dragons
Eddie and Max are friends. Lumax. Eddie is alive, and is a big brother figure. Max is blind. 
Words: 1,517
Eddie and Lucas walked back from the store, carrying bags of groceries for themselves and for Max’s mom. Max had been awake for about a month now, but her mom was as depressed as ever. Hopper was talking about taking her to the local AA meetings.
Lucas took out his earplugs as they left the busy main boulevard.
“How’s your tinnitus?” Eddie asked. Lucas had been struggling with ringing in his ears since the fight with Jason.
“It’s getting better,” Lucas said. “I have a fan going at night, which helps, and I wear earplugs if I know I’ll be somewhere loud, like the grocery store or the main street. The doctors are saying it will mostly go away with time.”
“Good. I’m glad.”
“Me too. It would suck if I was deaf and Max was blind. We’d have to figure out something new.”
“You guys could make it work. You could do morse code with tapping. That would be awesome.”
“Yeah. Or like, shaping letters on her hand. I could do that.”
“How’s it going with you and Max right now anyways?” Eddie asked. "You've been quiet about her lately. Which is unusual."
Lucas shrugged.
“I dunno. I still love her, but...”
Lucas kicked a rock. Eddie grimaced and hissed between his teeth.
“Don’t let her hear that tone. That sounds bad.”
“I know. It is bad. It wouldn’t be so bad if she would just talk to me. But there’s not much to talk about. She’s just in bed all day. So I go and I read to her, or I tell her about my day, but I want to hear about her . And right now, there’s not much for her to tell me. She says she isn’t bored, she’s just tired. But I don’t know.”
Eddie thought about this.
“You know, there was a point when I was a kid, when I stopped talking.”
“ You ?”
“I know, I know, now I never shut the fuck up. But this was a long time ago. I was little.”
“That’s when my mom got me my first guitar. I was probably around ten. Things were bad at home. We had just moved to Hawkins. By playing guitar, I was able to, you know. Express things.”
“But Max doesn’t play guitar.”
Eddie grinned.
“Not yet.”
Max could feel the sun hot on her face. She wanted to call a nurse to close the curtains, but it was too much work. Everything was too much work. Pressing the button was too much work. Talking was too much work.
Her legs were still in casts, but her arms were in removable splints and slings. She’d thought that would make her feel better, but what could she do with her arms anyways? Draw? She was blind. All she could do now was press play on the Walkman, and she didn’t like the feeling of the headphones on her ears, cutting her off from her most valuable sense. Sometimes she did play her music out loud, but usually that was also just too much work.
There was a tap at the door, and all of Max's senses sprung into high alert. She bolted upright like a Jack-in-the-box.
“Hey, it’s cool, it’s just Eddie.”
She relaxed into wariness.
“Hi Eddie.”
Her voice was still hoarse from Vecna's chokehold.
“You hot? It feels hot in here.”
She heard the curtains being pulled and she was immediately more comfortable.
“I brought you something,” Eddie said. Max liked that Eddie never asked how she was feeling. He knew how she was feeling. Eddie had been released from the lab soon after she’d woken up from her coma, but he still came in once a week for his checkups, and he always stopped by to visit her when he did.
There was a hollow thunk, and Max jumped at the unexpected noise.
“Sorry,” Eddie said. “It’s a guitar. I brought you a guitar.”
Max leaned forward, curious.
“They let you bring Sweetheart into the hospital?”
Eddie chuckled.
“No. Besides, Sweetheart isn’t the kind of girl you learn on. This is an acoustic. It was my first, and I think it’s more your size.”
“I’m not that small,” Max argued.
“I know. I just have crazy noodle arms.”
Max smiled.
“Lucas told me that you get bored,” Eddie said. Max looked confused.
“He told you that? I didn’t tell him that. I don’t get bored.”
“Really? I used to get bored when I was recovering. I was just sitting here all day.”
“I don’t get bored. There’s stuff for me to do. They have someone teaching me braille. And physical therapy.”
“Lucas didn’t tell me about the braille.”
“No. I don’t really talk to him about that stuff.”
“Why not?”
“Because I haven’t actually been able to do anything. I still can’t tell an A from a K in braille, and all I do in physical therapy is bend my arms and lift quarter pound weights. I don’t have anything to say to him. I don’t do anything. What can I do? I get frustrated, because I want to tell him things, and, I dunno, entertain him, or whatever. He comes here all the time, and I just have nothing to say.”
“Well, after today you won’t have to say anything. Because you can play guitar instead.”
Max nodded.
“I’d like that.”
“How are your arms today?”
“Good. I can take off my splints.”
“You sure? We can start with just listening.”
Eddie had already talked to the physical therapist, who had approved short guitar lessons. Max was actually supposed to remove her splints more often than she did, and the PT was hoping that learning guitar might help her stay motivated in her stretching. But Eddie knew that Max would never agree to something just because it was good for her.
“I can do it.” She pulled the velcro splints off her arms. She was getting good at that.
“You ready?” he asked. “Can I put her in your lap?”
Max nodded, and she felt something large and cool bumping her thigh. She reached out, her hands running over the smooth curve of the wood. It was large, and her hands painted its shape as they traveled.
“Can I sit on your bed to show you?” Eddie asked.
The bed dipped and Max scooted over to make room for him. Leather pressed against her arm.
“My mom gave me this guitar,” Eddie said. “She taught me how to play. It has words painted on it. Can you feel them?”
Max ran her fingers over the wood, and felt the texture change of thick dry paint.
“What does it say?”
“It says ‘this machine kills dragons.’”
“What does that mean?”
“In the 40s, the musician Woody Guthrie had ‘this machine kills fascists’ painted on his guitar. My mom was a big fan of his. And she liked fairytales. She couldn’t read or write very well, but she copied the words down and was really proud of them.”
“She sounds cool.”
“She was. She was a lot like you.”
“No. Angry.” He didn’t give her time to consider this. “I’m going to move your hand. Is that okay?”
His hand came around hers. His hands were calloused, like Billy’s had been. He was similar to Billy in a lot of ways: impulsive, rebellious, and haunted by past abuse. But Eddie hadn’t let the abuse harden him. Sometimes Max wondered if Billy might have become more like Eddie if he’d lived long enough. She hoped so.
Eddie moved her hand to the neck of the guitar, over the strings.
“Just get to know her for now,” he said. “You should meet her naturally. You can’t see her, so learning is going to be different. I did a few practice sessions blindfolded, just to get the feeling of it.”
Max ran a fingernail over the fat E string, making it rasp.
“That’s called the fat E,” Eddie said. “The smallest string is called the high E.”
Eddie moved her hand over each string.
“It goes E, A, D, G, B, E,” he said.
“Why can’t they just be A B C D E F?” Max asked.
“Because musicians don’t know how to spell,” Eddie said. “You can remember it this way. Eddie—“ He plucked the low E . “-Ate-“ A . “-Dynamite-“ D . “-Good-“ G . “-Bye-“ B . “Eddie.” E .
Max grinned.
“Eddie ate dynamite, goodbye Eddie,” she repeated.
“It tasted terrible,” Eddie said.
Max laughed. It was an actual laugh, not just the fake giggles she attempted when the doctor made lame jokes.
“How about… Eddie And Demobats… Got Bad Ending.”
“Eddie And Dustin Give Badass Energy.”
“Eddie’s A Dinosaur. Go to Bed Early.”
“I’m not that old!” Eddie protested
“Eddie ate drugs. Got big eyes.”
“That’s a good one. You ready for the next lesson?”
“Alright, this is called the nut. Hey! No laughing! That’s actually what it’s called!”
Lucas stood in the doorway to Max's room and watched her laugh. It was a rusty sound, and sounded painful, but it was there. It was music.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
thinking about nash gold jr who's ignorant attitude still manages to woo many women out of their panties. the one whose remarks could cause a man to throw the basketball down and put us his hands to fight nash during a heated game of street basketball. he's very mean and doesn't give a single fuck about whose feelings he hurt. except for his favorite girl. the pretty girl who always was seen bringing her younger brother to the basketball court for practice on some days. obviously, when nash sees her, he's as distracted as can be. jason's large hands slapped the back of nash's head for causing a ball to slip out his hands so easily. but nash didn't think jason understood the beauty of the girl who would be sitting in the grass on a blush pink blanket, yelling for her brother to come to take a sip of water real quick.
nash wasn't really the type to chase after a woman, especially considering that they usually gravitated towards him and he hardly ever had to do work. but here he was approaching the pretty girl, her face buried into a book as she noticed someone blocking the sun from kissing her smooth brown skin.
"do i know you?" she would ask. head tilting to the side as she's popping her gum staring at the blonde-haired male.
"nah, but you can get to know me." nash cockily responds, to his shock the pretty girl is rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth.
his pick-up line did not work. actually, when that line left his ignorant mouth, the girl packed up her stuff and walked away from him. his face grows hot in embarrassment as he's turning around to his team members who're laughing up their lungs at what just happened.
Tumblr media
© 2021 dejwrites, please don't repost & plagiarize work. reader is implied to be black fem, nsfw.
Tumblr media
@maydayaisha @seyawrld pls release me from this nash gold jr chokehold before it's too late.
Tumblr media
the next day, nash gold jr didn’t let up at all. after another basketball game with his friends, he’s dragging his sneakers across the grass rubbing at that tattoo that travels up the side of his neck. sweat droplets trickling down his toned arms as the hot sun beamed down on him.
“i’m sorry,” he’s uttering an apology to the pretty girl as she’s glancing up from the journal she was writing her daily manifestations in. “came out extremely cocky,” he admitted. it stung his chest having to cough up that apology, but he wanted to get to know her.
he wanted her.
the top of her pink sparkly pen on her lip before she’s giving him a small smirk, “you think?” she questions as she sat up on the blanket. she closed her book so her full attention could be on the tall ball player in front of her.
“now let’s start over, i’m [y/n].” she extended her hand for him to shake it.
“nash,” he responded shaking her head as she gave him a bright smile that radiated right off the bright sun in the park.
but the thing is nash didn’t know that sweet soft small of hers would have him whip weeks later. the once snarky nash gold who’s wolf-whistling at the sight of a beautiful woman that walks by him is so whipped. he’s not sure how it got like that. actually, neither of his teammates could pinpoint the moment the lovely [y/n] latched her teeth so harshly on nash.
perhaps it was when she cussed him out for being late to their dinner date, she literally embarrassed his ass in the middle of the five-star restaurant. she even drenched his shirt in the third glass of champagne she was sipping on before storming out and catching an uber home.
or maybe it was the way her tight walls fluttered around his cock effortlessly when he was whining out an apology due to his reckless behavior one late night in his nice car she loved sitting pretty in. the heated session always started when [y/n]'s picking at her freshly painted nails and she could feel nash staring at her at his half-ass apology.
"what?" [y/n] would snap at him.
nash leaning a bit closer, "i can't look at you." he'll say causing her to roll her eyes.
that little line always seems to lead to the driver seat reclined back and [y/n] bouncing off nash's cock beautifully. using her knees to lift herself up and down on his member. the low moans and harsh kisses created an eerie atmosphere in the car as nash's large hands are gripping at [y/n]'s waist. he's mumbling how much he doesn't want to lose her and how much he cares about her. the thing that drove the blonde ball player crazy was a fucked out smirk she'll have on her face as her juices coat his cock.
"now you care about me when you're so fuckin' pussy drunk for me huh?," she'll say through moans while she's rocking her hips, a power move knowing that he disliked when she did that. "fuck you nash." she'll spat before leaping on his cock once again.
eyes rolling in the back of his head as he's trying to bring her closer than after. hips bucking upward just to kiss her cervix and have her cock drunk just as much as he was pussy drunk. lips barely touching as he could feel his balls tighten, each stroke upon her gummy walls caused him to grip her a bit tighter. not wanting to let [y/n] go as he could feel he was about to cum. when [y/n] walls pinched around his cock and he could feel her body go limp, his arms snaked around her as he took matters into his own hands.
hips thrusting up inside his pretty stubborn girlfriend as his cum decorated her walls with ease. his lips tracing wet exhausted kisses upon her jawline. his strokes grew sloppy and slow as his cum coated her walls. filling her up all the way. "i love you." he'll utter.
it came out like a soft whisper where he hoped she was too fucked out to even hear him.
the steamy aftermath of tugging their clothes back on and awkward silence, [y/n]'s quick to exit the car after placing a tired kiss on her boyfriend's lips. walking a bit slow due to nash's cum leaking down her leg and her body felt so sore. but she's quick to turn around to approach nash's car window, which he rolled it down giving her a smile.
"do you want to just stay over?" [y/n] questioned. "cause' i love your annoying ass too."
nash has some foolish grin on his face as he's climbing out of the car after turning it off. he's grabbing a hold of her hand as she led him into her house.
gosh, he was so in love.
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