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tanglepelt · 15 hours
Dc x dp idea 17
When the GIW try and get the anti ecto acts passed the justice league is on top of it. They argue that it would go against the meta human acts.
Giw are claiming that since there dead they no longer are human and they are non sentient to get it through. This leads to an investigation on the ghost to prove otherwise.
John, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are all off to go investigate amity. They are going to prove they aren’t non sentient and shouldn’t be excluded from protections.
The four did not expect the chaos that is amity. daily ghost attacks, a child hero, the GIW already shooting first even before the bill is pass and then the Fenton parents. Mad scientist bent on dissection.
John is fed up at the residents of the infinite realm. They just keep going invisible or flying off whenever one of them attempt to talk to them.
The only one that is remotely of use is phantom. But Anytime he sits still long enough to talk the GIW of the Fenton parents are actively trying to shoot and capture him.
Now Batman is handling the investigation on the Fenton parents. His suspicions are child neglect and/or abuse. Danny grades slipped hard is constantly away from home the few time he was at home the weapons in the house attacked him.
The turning point is not necessarily hood but does prove they have sentient thought. It’s skulker hunting down Danny not phantom. Skulker likes to make Danny’s life hard and said he was hunting the ghost hunters youngest child.
It proves they have enough sense to target ppl based on others actions. Plus a few others examples such as lunch lady being upset about her lunch menu being changed. As well a 100 page essay Jazz Fenton handed Wonder Woman.
This all ends with the anti ecto laws not passing, Danny and jazz being removed from there parents care, the turning off of the portal and the Fenton parents in jail.
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isitcowboytimes · 3 days
call for dpdc crossover prompts to kick me back into writing liminal familiarity and congenital insensitivity. i've had a hard time thinking for either of these projects lately.
idk if i'll actually get anything but it's worth a shot. i'll take anything but may take creative liberties LMAO. if you've read either fic a prompt within the realm of what i've written would be helpful but it's not entirely necessary. i'll crosspost to ao3.
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some-rotten-nest · 2 months
Danyal Al Ghul had died long ago. Not even the Pits could ressurect the fallen heir, and therefore Damian Al Ghul inherited the title.
Damian had never seemed to effected by his beloved brothers death, and Ra's had seen that as an advantage, seen Damian as stronger, as unemotional. Damian became the perfect child, and Danyal was left to be forgotten.
Except for the fact Danyal's ghost floated behind Damian all the time, like intangible and invisible, but unable to turn human.
The reason Damian was never effected was because his brother stuck by his side constantly, even after death, helping him, comforting him, as a ghost.
Damain never told anyone, he didn't have any evidence beside his word, which would be taken as the words of a mad man and not a becoming heir to the Demon Head.
So, Bruce never learned. He never knew about his second son, one who had died long ago, and one who had stuck by Damian's side through all of his adventures.
Soon enough, Danyal starts to manifest his usual gallery of powers, and it stars to alert the family.
"Why is there a hole in the wall?" Bruce would ask.
Damian would scramble for an excuse as quick as he humanly can, knowing his brother's powers as Danyal sulked next to him, "I was painting."
"Your window was left open, Todd."
"What the-- why is my skateboard stuck in the wall?!" Tim.
Danyal buried his head in his hands.
"an art project."
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rirupadg · 2 months
au where danny haunts the justice league. one day, green lantern is stuck on monitor duty (bored out of his mind) and he hears a kid giggling. there’s no one there. he’s mindly terrified but also he’s been a green lantern for a while and ‘ghost child laughter’ is not the weirdest thing ever so he shrugs and moves on. he forgets about it. next day, the flash is using the watchtower’s computer to find info on a rouge that’s bothering him. he’s been here for hours already, and is drinking coffee (with an insane amount of caffeine considering the speedster thing) to stay awake. barry goes to grab his cup, only to find it’s not there anymore. he looks up: his cup is floating a few meters above his head. when he blinks, its back to its original spot. he thinks its a hallucination and goes home to sleep it off. it goes on like that for a while. batman finds a granola bar taped to his utility belt (with a note telling him to go home) and assumes its one of his kids. superman gets a packet of information on his latest villian and assumes its batman (considering the info borders on stalking). wonder woman comes to the watchtower one day to find all her spare armor and weapons cleaned and shined. she thinks flash got really bored during monitor duty one day. and so on.
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dahliadew · 18 days
Danny Fenton goon union representative (dp x dc fanfic prompt)
At no point in Danny's life has he ever turned down a challenge, even when he had to deal with opponents bigger than himself. From dealing with everyone from Dash to Vlad to heck pariah dark, he's learned to take down people bigger than himself. So when he overhears that his nice father of four neighbors has been having some trouble at work and has been unable to get some time off, he figures it can't hurt to try to help such a nice guy out. And it does go ok, all things considered; I mean, what if the guy's boss was the penguin, and so what if Danny maybe had to show off some of his less-than-human characteristics to get him to agree to let the guy have some time off? Everything worked out at the end of who cares.
Well, when word gets out that someone is not afraid to go tow to tow with the city's villains, someone's bound to either take him out or hire him. And when word gets around that he's willing to help get better working conditions for Gotham's goon workers, their union could use a new representative.
So Danny inadvertently gets a new job, wherein he gets to meet many strange characters around the city and help many friendly working-class people with their problems. Interchange the goons help hide Danny from the bat, and his no meta-rule, even if Danny doesn't know they're hiding him. But this does cause some problems because people like black mask don't necessarily want to pay for their goon's vision care or overtime and refuses to adhere to any of the union's demands. Danny, for what it's worth, did warn the guy because, unlike black mask, he has the goon's respect and knows that they will listen to him, so when he proposes a strike, they readily agree to his suggestion.
And with all of this going down so quickly in the city, both batman and the red hood need to get as much info on this new player before things get even more out of hand. But with all of the normal underground information channels refusing to give them anything, they are forced to schedule a meeting with not only the union but its infamous leader, which is good for Danny because he wasn't sure how to get into contact with batman anyway. He has some concerns with the level of violence used to take down some goons. And well, when they have no choice but to work in this industry, they should, at the very least, outline a clear code of conduct for all parties involved to ensure the safest possible work environment.
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tumbling-darkling · 1 month
DP x DC prompt
Danny being adopted by the Wayne’s but in a non-sus way, where everyone believes this kid is ‘Normal’ and wants to try and keep it that way so keeping their vigilante life away from Danny.
Dick will vault over the staircase and Duke would come running over like: bro you can’t do that with Danny in the house, gotta stick to just backflips.
Meanwhile Danny will witness Damien chasing red hood with his sword screaming profanities and Danny will smile fondly like: finally, what a normal family.
Should also note that Danny 100% doesn’t know they are the batclan.
His ghostly features and use of his powers are also overlooked as normal because that’s just how the Batclan is. Danny isn’t even trying to hide his powers either, he believe the Wayne’s all know about his powers. The Wayne’s just think he’s normal and his abilities to seemingly walk through walls is just a trick of the light and honestly, Cass already seemlessly blends into shadows so is it so far fetched that Danny can do so as well?
It’s just misunderstandings, miscommunication, and very wrong assumptions.
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oddlydrawnpuppets · 3 months
Alright drawing is done!
Tumblr media
The title of the fic is going to be…
Turning Shadows into Shapes
The first chapter is going to be posted on Ao3 on December 28th, 2022! It’s gonna be great!
Until then, how about I give you a peak behind the curtain so you can see what is to come :)
He looked to his left at his sister, Jazz, who was deeply focused on the thick psychology textbook in front of her, her dark blue eyes scanning the dense text and taking in the information. She had always been fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind, and the textbook was filled with interesting insights and theories. As she read, she occasionally made notes in the margins or underlined passages that she found particularly interesting. She would occasionally look up from her textbook, look at her phone, and glance over at Danny, as if checking to make sure he was still there. If their eyes met, she would give him a reassuring smile and go back to working on her textbook.
“So,” started Danny, “what project are you working on this time?”
“This one’s funny actually, I have to write an academic paper investigating the influence of family dynamics on children's development.” The both chuckled a bit from the irony. “It’s not due for a while, but I think it’s best for me to get ahead of my schoolwork so I can focus on finding a job out here.”
The conversation paused, Jazz could tell Danny was on high alert as they passed through the narrows. He looked as if he was wound up by a string, ready to jump up at a moments notice. She could practically hear his core humming with anxiety as he fiddled his hands, staring daggers out of the bus window.
“I know this is a lot of change, and that Gotham isn’t exactly the most… safe place, but it has the most, stuff” she exaggerated the word, “for your ‘condition.’ Besides, I can handle myself, I’ll be ok.” Danny wanted to believe that.
“I know, it’s just…” He didn’t need to complete his sentence, nor did he want to in a public setting.
“I know.” She gave him a small smile, worry hidden in her eyes. He knew that Jazz could take on an entire platoon and be fine, but that didn’t stop the aching he could feel in his core. No amount of reasoning would sate his obsession.
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Jazz: Danny, I don't know. I can see that you really like him. but he's the mass murderer.most wanted. Are you sure Red Hood is a good person?
Danny gestures towards the kitchen where Jason cooks like a Michelin chef.
Jazz: OK, doesn't matter. We keep him. In this house we need at least one person who can cook. After so many years on cereal and sausage I'm ready to accept that argument.
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thewritingowl · 4 months
Danny, in his teen angst era: What's the worst that can happen? I die? Been there, done that, not gonna do it again.
Bruce, who has been spending the past two weeks reviewing the footage of Danny being vivisected: I--
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tobi-ka · 7 days
Danny Fenton is Damian's third parent
So, the Ghost King Danny infiltrated the League of Assassins to get rid of the leak (Lazarus Pit). There he meets Talia and Bruce and spends some time with them. However, their relationship ends, Bruce returns to Gotham, and Danny's mission also comes to an end. Danny says goodbye to Talia and is about to leave when the Clockwork visits them. He tells the couple about Talia's unusual pregnancy and the fate of their son Damian. This... NO, just not. Danny won't let his child become a murderer and a vessel for Talia's crazy father. Talia, of course, is not thrilled either. As a result, the two hide Talia's pregnancy, and then Danny picks up the baby and goes to Gotham.
"It's been a long time, Detective."
"Yes, me and our son Damian."
"Dick, would you like to meet Danny, my husband?"
"What? Do you have a husband? Since when?"
"And a son."
"Damn it, Detective, you remind me more and more of a fruit loop."
"I don't look like your godfather, Danny. And I'm not going to clone Jason."
"Wow, Bruce, warn your husband about the new baby, okay? Otherwise, I will become completely dead."
"Damian, don't you want to become like your father, Batman?"
"No, I don't want to be like you, I want to be the king of Ghosts."
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ghostofcarcosa · 23 days
Prompt: When ectoplasm is used to power one of the Fenton’s devices, it can borrow ghost zone physics.
“Wow, so how’s this one supposed to work?” Bruce Wayne picked up the small silver device, examining it. It was about the size of a hockey puck, with a handle welded to the top that looked like it had originally belonged to a dresser. The handle was wrapped in simple black electrical tape with a small button on the side.
“Oh! That table of stuff is not for sale,” the red-head walked briskly over, wringing her hands, “those are just some of my brother’s projects, they’re not related to ghost hunting.”
The convention had, up until that point, been boring. Tim had disappeared about an hour ago, meeting up with a couple of friends who were also attending the Scientific, Paranormal, & Occult, Occupational Convention, or “SPOOC.” An attempt at a play on words, Bruce supposed.
Barbara had alerted him that an up-and-coming company, Axiom Laboratories, had announced some pretty cutting edge tech that could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Bruce had attended the demo this morning, only to leave unimpressed. Only one of their four inventions had actually worked, and even then barely did what was advertised.
Aside from waiting for Tim to be done hanging out with his friends, Bruce had surprisingly found several start-ups that were developing some promising technology, as far as ghost-hunting equipment could be considered “promising.” The latest booth he was exploring had been pointed out to him as having “some kind of crazy idea they’ve perfected renewable energy,” which while Bruce was wary of most of the people peddling wares here, peaked his interest. So far, however, it had been a disappointment.
The girl held out her hand for the device and Bruce gave it back. “Do you know what it does?”
The girl gave him a guarded look, and he held up his hands and grinned. “Just curious!”
She glanced around the booth, the only other occupants were a couple dressed like they were late for a shift at the nuclear power plant, gas masks and all. The husband, an absolute mountain of a man, seemed to be knitting while his wife flipped through a paranormal magazine. She turned back to Bruce, sticking out her hand.
“Jazz Fenton; my parents own Fentonworks.”
“Nice to meet you Jazz. I’m Bruce Wayne.”
Her eyes widened, and she blinked owlishly at him. “Oh! Like, Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne?”
He went for a disarming grin. “The one and only, hopefully?”
She let out a laugh that was probably more nervous than it was meant to be, and glanced over at the couple again. “Just to warn you, if my parents spot you, you’ll be stuck her for the rest of the day while my dad rants about ghosts.”
“Noted. So if that’s not a ghost hunting device, what is it?”
Jazz fidgeted with the silver hockey puck, plucking at the edge with her fingernail. A hatch popped open, revealing a small switch. She flicked it and popped the hatch closed.
“It’s a prototype gravity binder. Uses gravitational force to stick itself to the ground. I think.” She held it out over the floor in front of Bruce, and he took a step back. Jazz carefully checked the ground below before hitting the button and dropping it.
It hit the ground at Bruce’s feet and he looked at her, unimpressed. Jazz grinned. “Pick it up.”
Bruce quirked an eyebrow, but bent down to the small device. An audible humming was coming from it, and it almost felt like it was vibrating slightly as Bruce gripped the handle.
“Be careful not to push the button again. That turns it off,” Jazz said.
Bruce reached down and grabbed the black handle.
It didn’t budge.
Bruce frowned, gripping it with both hands and pulling. It was as if the small device had been bonded to the floor. He looked back up at Jazz, who had a wry grin on her face. 
“Now, hit the button.” 
Bruce did so, and the humming immediately stopped, the device powering down. He hesitantly picked it up from the floor, unable to stop the surprise that bloomed across his face as it now only weighed a few ounces, like before. The floor where it had fallen was undamaged and unmarked.
Bruce handed the device back to Jazz, “Alright, color me impressed. How does it work? I’m pretty sure this thing breaks several laws of physics.” 
Jazz simply shrugged, placing it back on the side table with several other devices that Bruce couldn’t begin to guess the purpose of. “My brother is more into the engineering and sciencey part of the family business. You’ll have to ask him once he gets back. That is, if he didn’t ditch me to explore the city.” The last part was grumbled under her breath.
Bruce looked back at the device. Had Bruce seen some crazy stuff in his time in the Justice League? Absolutely. He had three different friends who used magic on a daily basis. But no other League independent company had anything close to this kind of tech, let alone a family business that specialized in ghost hunting, of all things.
“I think I’d like to meet your brother. I’m going to be honest, this is unbelievably impressive. Has he ever thought about applying for the engineering and development internship at Wayne Enterprises?”
A contemplative look passed over Jazz’s face. “Honestly, Mr. Wayne? My brother Danny is smart, and a talented inventor. But I’m not sure that kind of thing would be his style. I’ve been pushing him to start thinking about college now that he’s graduating soon, but he seems pretty convinced he’s going to be stuck in Amity Park working for my parents for the rest of his life. Not that he doesn’t care about the family business, but...” She trailed off, glancing back over at her parents. Some poor soul had wandered a little too close to the front of the booth, and Bruce could hear the couple yapping non-stop about ghosts. “He does need to spend some time away from it.”
“What are you proposing?”
Jazz drummed her fingers against the table. “I’m in my second year at Gotham U. Danny’s going to be eighteen next year, but refuses to apply to any colleges because of his grades. He... well, let’s just say there were some extenuating circumstances that caused it.” She shook her head, “He’ll probably end up at community college living at home, at least if I can convince him to stay in school. He won’t be able to get into GU with his grades, but if you’re really interested in his work...”
“You think I could get him an acceptance letter?”
“God no!” she blanched, “But I could probably get him to apply with a letter of recommendation from the owner of Wayne Enterprises. He’s smart, and a quick learner for sure, but after... the stuff in high school, he’s convinced himself his life is already over.”
“Hmm,” He’d have to do a little research on the brother, make sure her ‘extenuating circumstances’ checked out, but Bruce started to wonder if this was his lucky day. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll be back at the convention tomorrow, and I’ll drop by the booth around 10am. If your brother can give me a better demo than any other scientist here, I’ll write the letter.” He smiled, handing her one of his business cards, “and I promise that will be a low bar to pass.”
“Thank you, thank you so much Mr. Wayne!” Jazz grinned, taking the card and shaking his hand. “Danny will be here.”
“Hey Bruce!” Tim finally caught up with him outside the convention center. “So, what did you think of ‘SPOOC’? Bust any ghosts?”
Bruce smiled at him, shaking his head, “No, but I think I just found an intern for Lucius Fox.”
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tanglepelt · 2 days
Dc x dp idea 16
The observant are done watching. They want to command the infinite realm. With the king sealed away they decide the time is now.
They discovered a way to twist the ancients. Doing so hitting both pandora and clockwork. Pandora now seeks to help free evil and wreak havoc. Clockwork is now actively trying to find the worst timelines to force to happen.
The observants didn’t get frostbite as Danny was figuring out his ice core. Which means now he had to deal with those two ancients as well as overgrowth. Maybe even vortex makes an appearance.
The observants game plan is to make all the powerful ghost look bad so they get locked away. The only one who can fix the personalities of the ancients is the king. Take out those powerful and no one can free pariah to defeat him.
Danny returns to amity to find time frozen. Danny the little thief he is stole three time medallions (clockwork let him). Pandora is preventing him from getting to sam and tucker releasing evil from her box.
Danny gets out of amity. Leaving Sam as overgrowths “daughter” his friends and family frozen then guarded by evil beings. He heads out human so they can’t track his ecto signature.
With two extra time medallions he sets out. He finds the justice league. Wonder Woman immediately wants to help. She wants to help free pandora. Superman also heads to amity to help out. Both have rigged up Spector deflectors so they can’t get overshadowed.
John is the one who figures out what caused the personality switches. Bad news the only person who can fix it is evil. Danny was ease-dropping (they had him making anti ghost weapons, Danny only made non lethal ones)
Danny being Danny leaves his time medallion and takes off to free pariah.
John and Batman follow the child. They try and stop him from summoning and freeing pariah. Danny is just like chill i sealed him up like 3 months ago I’m sure i can handle this.
No explanation he just transforms and frees pariah. John and Batman can’t do anything to the ghost king as Danny traps him and the king in an ice dome. No point risking others getting hurt.
Danny wins. Frees pandora and clockwork. Wonder Woman had managed to trap pandora (pandora was definitely fighting the spell and resisting as much as she could). Clockwork just knew it was gonna happen. The observants were silly to think he wouldn’t.
The justice league now monitor amity park for when the next earth destructive ghost escapes. Danny has been forced to take lessons. The first one is risk management and the importance of disclosing powers. It’s just a lecture made by Batman.
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camels-pen · 10 months
Hey, you guys know the headcanon that Jason still has an autopsy scar?
Consider a moment in a dp dc crossover where Danny was vivisected by someone and has his own Y scar and the batfam, or at least Jason, know at this point that he's a halfa.
Ignoring the angst part, I'd like to imagine Danny seeing Jason's scar for the first time and eventually working up the nerve to ask about it. Jason says it's not a pleasant reminder (that he's died before) and would rather not talk about it. This leads into Danny accidentally hinting at having the same scar on himself (from the vivisection) and Jason just tells him he doesn't need to explain, that Jason gets it and if Danny wants to talk about it/talk about the feelings regarding it, Jason will always lend an ear, no problem.
And Danny is overwhelmed because he never had anyone to talk about it with before; he didn't want to worry his friends/make them feel bad for taking so long to rescue him and Jason speaks bluntly like, all the time, so if he says he'll always lend an ear and it's no problem? Danny just straight up starts bawling.
So they have their little bonding moment and Danny promises to talk with Jason about it eventually. And he does! He absolutely does. There are vague phone calls and overall lots of talk about feelings in the moment. Jason doesn't entirely relate with Danny's feelings sometimes, but he chalks it up to them being different people, Danny being half-ghost, not actually knowing how Danny died, etc etc
(Other times Jason can relate far far too well. Sometimes he relates so much he has to ask Danny to give him time to prevent or manage a panic attack. Sometimes he has to ask for a topic change or to cut the call short, even on his best days. It's frustrating.)
One hot summer day, the batfam decide to have a pool day and they invite Danny to come hang out.
Danny shows up, realizes pool day means going to the pool in their backyard, and has a grand old time. None of the batfam mention his scar, assuming it's like Jason's, and he doesn't mention their scars either.
It's snack time, everybody's got watermelon slices curtosy of Alfred and Danny and Jason are lounging by the pool.
Everything's great.
Someone mentions how Danny is kinda like a mini-Jason because they're both slouched against their chairs and eating in massive bites and spitting their watermelon seeds into the fire pit nearby.
Jason flips them off and Danny says "thanks, it's the vivisection scar"
And everyone goes silent.
Then they're all yelling, "THE WHAT?!"
Cue the batfam realizing very quickly that despite being pretty good at communication sometimes, they definitely dropped the ball here.
"Kid- Danny." Jason lowered his tone, something a bit more similar to the voice he used for traumatized kids. "You were vivisected?"
Danny raised an eyebrow. "Uh, yeah. So were you." He jabbed a thumb towards Jason's chest. "That's how you got that scar."
"This is my autopsy scar."
Danny blinked. "Oh." He blinked again, harder this time. He took in a shaky breath. "So, all that stuff you said before was a lie?"
Jason baulked. "No! No, absolutely not. All of it was true, I just thought..."
"You thought it was about my death?"
Jason nodded. "Danny, if I knew, I would've told you exactly what this scar was from immediately. I promise this wasn't a bat thing."
Danny took several deep breaths. "Okay.... Okay."
And then uhhh, big talk with lots of feelings and Danny ends up being given a very nice hug from Jason and becomes trapped in his arms/lap for a while like a teddy bear.
As he's falling asleep, Danny mentions having gotten his scar almost six months ago and Jason goes a little feral because he knows that Danny's been dead for well over a year and goddamnit he thought the vivisection was what caused Danny to become a halfa. But now that all the emotions have been dealt with and Danny's nearly asleep, he's reminded of the person who gave Danny his scar rising to the top of his hit list. Or beat-within-an-inch-of-their-life list, if he has to play by bat rules.
When he side eyed Bruce and saw his thunderous gaze with a cracked glass of lemonade in his hand, however, Jason thought he might have more leeway than usual.
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some-rotten-nest · 1 month
First of all, Danny would love to say first; it was all autocorrect's fault.
He hated that thing, and he was now pretty sure it was either haunted and retaliating, or Technus had somehow messed with it, but alas, he couldn't find any evidence for either of those theories?
Why? Well...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah. He blamed autocorrect. Stupid thing mistook Dash's @ for Batman's.
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rirupadg · 2 months
what if danny was kryptonian though. maybe some other space ship crashed years after superman (like kara) crashes in the middle of nowhere illinois. jack and maddie fenton, mad ghost doctors, think it’s a ghost so they investigate. they find some random baby. but hey! the ectoplasmic levels on their detectors are off the charts! let’s take this random child that’s logical.
they don’t really explain where danny came from to jazz. she doesn’t ask many questions, too excited to be a big sister. danny has always known he’s adopted, but doesn’t really care to know about his birth parents. too bad the fentons forgot to tell him he’s an alien before phantom matches superman’s abilities during a fight. in front of the justice league. whoops.
(edit this post has art now!)
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dahliadew · 22 days
Danny Fenton assistant to the stars (dp x dc fanfic prompt)
After leaving Amity with little to nothing to his name and refusing any help from Vlad, Danny knows he needs a job, a home, and maybe some health insurance that would be really cool. So Danny applies to as many places as he can, barely looking at the job listing, just putting out as many resumes as possible. And just before he gives up entirely, he gets a callback! Who cares if it's from some shady place called Lex Corp? At this point, a job is a job; all he has to do is work as some weird rich guy's assistant. Great, he can do this; no one is worse than Vlad, and hey, the chances of another billionaire being a supervillain are like super low……. Right?
So Lex has a problem, and that problem is PR; with all the trouble with superman and the justice league, his public perception has been in the toilet lately, and well, he needs to do something before his stock prices fall even more. After looking at different ways to endear himself to the public, he looks to his neighbors across the bay in Gotham. Bruce when from the front page of every trashy tabloid to the face of parenting with his numerous adoptions. And well, he doesn't necessarily want to adopt a whole child but an intern that could work. So he puts a listing up looking for high school to college-age individuals who want experience in business management. Most of what he gets back is worthless until he gets a resume from one  Daniel 'Danny' Fenton. Not only is he the son of two mad scientists, he had an early entry into the junior NASA program, but he's also the godson of one of his supervillain colleagues, Vlad Plasmius. So if he does hire him, he wouldn't have to hide any of his supervillain activities the lad may even be able to contribute to them.
However, in the background, Clack has been monitoring Luther's activity, and once he sees the innocent young man that he has coned into letting him parade around, he becomes concerned. And well, the daily planet has been looking for some new interns. Maybe he can convince the kid to work there instead. It would be for the best anyway, and it has nothing to do with the kid's incredibly slow heartbeat or may or may not have lifted some concrete off of someone during one of superman's battles. Ok, maybe it has something to do with the fact might be another surviving Krypton who was being taken advantage of by Luther. Or he might be a clone, but who knows? Either way, he's going to try to help the kid if only he would stop running away from him.
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