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klaart · 12 days
09 GhostSoap
Missing the 09 bois😪
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Close up!! 09 Ghost design by AmikoRoyAi!!
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He broke his last one,, should we give him another?
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He got it🤲💻
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He seems happy about his new laptop,,leap frog laptop!!
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pampanope · 16 days
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I just wanna see ‘22 Ghost hold 09’ Ghost tenderly~
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mizushibart · 13 days
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Sunday morning.
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24-05txt · 4 months
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PITCH-HIT A GIFT FOR THE GHOSTSOAP SERVER GIFT EXCHANGE 💪never done '09 soapghost so I hope I did them justice <3
Also haven't done a comic in fuckin forever but shshshshhhh
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bonkchai · 5 months
90% of the time he looks high as shit and idk why but it lowkey makes me angry like stop looking chill like that
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miilkybnn · 2 months
hello milky!!! i'd like to report u have gained quite a cult following amongst our little friend group and if you could, we'd love to see you draw 09 soaproachghost!! no worries if not, we'd just adore seeing them in your style!! hope you're well!
“”cult following”” made me giggle teheehee
y’all are so sweet!! im a lil sick rn so sorry if it’s not up to par with some of my other stuff but here is some 09 GhostRoachSoap for y’all cuties <3
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theyd absolutely spoil Roach rotten me thinks
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cheeze-leweez · 3 months
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the real reason ghost covers his face is so no one sees him blushing when he stares at his captain
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iravaid · 2 months
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Normal feelings about 09 Ghostsoap (dialogue based off Zoë Lianne's "Conversations")
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konigsblog · 1 month
Girly, I'm so sorry, but I need 3 with 09 Ghost and 22 Ghost. Never wanted anything else in my life
⭒ double penetration with 09!ghost and 22!ghost
prompt list, minors do not interact. 18+
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༉‧₊˚. 22!ghost and 09!ghost are cruel men, they're rough and unforgiving with their paces. of course, they're similar; both having the same lengths and voices, yet their kinks different from one another. 09 adores having you in wild positions while 22 is addicted to seeing your facial expressions, seeing you wide mouthed and bent over gets his cock hard. their girthy sizes thrusted into your drooling cunny, slick with juices coating your thighs and pussy. their words are harsh, especially when they spank and slap youe ass, stinging it with the impact of their rough palm against soft skin. “attagirl, c'mon, keep up.” 22 encourages while 09 spits out degradation that has you tightening around both dicks.
“god, this fuckin' pussy. you're a whore, takin' both of us, yeah? y'love this, don't you? 'course y'do.. tightenin' right around us, greedy fuckin' slag..”
it's a struggle to take both; hitting your cervix with a painful rut, slamming into you and both fighting one another for more room in your sweet cunt. your pussy aches, throbs with the twitching sizes inside you. you're struggling to catch your breath and you're left dripping wet from your cum and theirs, dragging themselves out your walls to pound back inside. the sides hurt, feeling like your gonna burst with both men bucking into you painfully, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you cum around them. it's sudden, and it takes both men to spurt into you at similar times; screaming loudly as they shoot hard into you, deep into your swollen and sore hole, cumming all over abdomens and thighs and their dicks as you pant.
your thighs and cunny are slicken from your liquids, like nectar, sweet. you're left babbling while 09 continues to slam into you, fucking his cum deeper. 22 notices and wants his seed to be in you, both fighting to fuck their load into your throbbing hole, legs trembling and bottom lip quivering as you moan desperately, needy hole managing to take both :((((((
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banner credits; @saradika
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mopeymi · 5 months
Ghost/Soap AU where ‘09 Soap and Ghost are teleported to ‘22 Soap and Ghost through some sort of enemy technology. ‘22 Ghost soon becomes infatuated with ‘09 Soap, realizing the man’s reputation he must have back in their timeline to be so well respected by ‘09 Ghost AND be a Captain. Whilst trying to figure out a way to send the ‘09’s back, Ghost spends his extra time learning from his new superior, seeing him as a highly knowledgeable man that he can learn from, more than anything.
‘22 Soap doesn’t see that, however. He sees ‘22 Ghost and ‘09 Soap spending most of their time together, soon feeling replaced and disregarded. Every time the two ‘22’s have time together, Ghost speaks of Captain Soap’s achievements, his usually cold demeanor shifting into a certain fondness Sergeant Soap feels threatened by. Soap never lets the other man know, however. He would never want his Ghost to see him as ‘jealous’ or ‘desperate’, since that’s not what was happening.
Jealousy definitely, but that he would never admit out loud. It’s just that his Simon is the only one who made him feel seen and heard, that his constant jabbering wasn’t annoying or over the top. He teased him about the Mohawk but Soap knew he was fond of the look because he would muss it up sometimes after Soap managed a particularly hard shot or they had a successful mission. The two bantered and bickered constantly, their conversations over comms somehow teetering too far on the edge of legitimate flirting. Simon was his first true friend, the one he knew would always have his back.
“Be careful who you trust, sergeant. People you know can hurt you the most.” Soap never thought he’d see the day Ghost would be the one to make him feel betrayed. Though perhaps he was being melodramatic about the whole thing. Yeah, that’s what it was. Everything would go back to normal once the ‘09s went back to their timelines.
So Soap did what Soap did best; hyper focus and hyper fixate. He engrossed himself in trying to figure everything out, struggling with certain aspects of the science and technical side, but Gaz, Price, and Laswell were a huge help. Dont get him wrong, he also thoroughly enjoyed the company of the ‘09 Ghost, but not as much as his own Lieutenant. The two spent a lot of their time together too, working hard on trying to fix the problem together, though they only talked about shallow things. He had basically been ignoring ‘22 Ghost in favor of not having to hear how much better his Scottish counterpart was.
It wasn’t until one night, Soap having not slept for around 36 hours, that his ‘22 Ghost walked in. The man grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, ignoring his tired and angry Scottish protests. He tried to wriggle himself free plenty of times, but Ghost only tightened his hold on him, moving him into a more manageable and controllable position.
They walked past the common room where the ‘09s sat, fiddling with something on an iPad. ‘09 Soap gave the two a knowing look, nudging his Ghost with his elbow and motioning to their direction. Soap was confused by the action, drawn into overthinking it and not realizing Ghost had brought them to his barracks room.
His superior unlocked the door, gently pushing the still-angry Scot in.
“Ghost, what the fuck?” He exclaimed, arms crossed in confusion and a form of protection.
“Johnny-“ Ghost began, Soap only shook his head as he made his way to the door.
“I’m busy, Ghost.” Ghost stopped him with a hand on his shoulder, staring him down until Soap couldn’t handle the eye contact anymore and ducked his head away.
“You are going to sleep, Soap.” He demanded, hand guiding the man to his bed. Soap could only stare at it the more he was pushed forward.
“Ghost, I-I can’t. I have to get it figured out, get them back and-“
“Why are you so adamant about them leaving?” Ghost cut him off, accent rough out of aggravation. Soap flinched. He finally had a chance with Ghost, alone, and he already aggravated the man.
“They just… You’re right. I should sleep.” He moved towards the bed, sitting down to start untying his boots. Ghost looked over him, standing unmoving with his arms crossed, then he bent down in between the scots legs, parting his knees gently and staring up at him.
“Why are you so adamant about them leaving, Johnny?” He asked again, softer this time. Soap could only stare back at the soft, brown eyes, willing his face not to flush. He didn’t want to answer, to lay his selfishness bare in front of the one man who had a tendency to break him down. He had earned ‘The Ghost’s’ respect and now he was about to lose it simply because he couldn’t keep his emotions in check.
“They don’t belong here.” Soap settled on saying, trying to push Ghost away so he could continue working his boots off. The other simply swatted his hands away and starting untying the boots for him.
“They have as much right to be here as we do.” Ghost stated, pulling off one boot successfully.
“Ghost… this isn’t their timeline.” Soap sighed, feeling tears well up in his eyes. Ghost was going to fight him on this, all because he preferred the other Soap. Because this Soap wasn’t established enough. All because ‘22 Soap-
“Outta your head and into the bed.” Ghost stated, somehow wrangling the Scot out of his jeans and leaving him clad in only his t-shirt and boxers. He pushed Soap back into his bed, working the blanket over him, “This isn’t their timeline. That is correct, but they’re us Johnny.”
He simply stated as he moved to take his own boots off. Soap sat up at the action, watching the other man carefully, “Have you ever asked Captain Soap how he got to where he is, Johnny?”
Soap grumbled under his breath, shaking his head no at the man and hoping he could see it out of the corner of his eye.
“The other Ghost used to be his superior, the two getting paired together on an anti-terrorism mission. Just like us, Soap.” Soap nodded for him to continue, scooting back as Ghost made his way into the bed as well, “The mission went to shit and Ghost ended up getting hurt, shot in the shoulder by a betrayer.”
Soap’s shoulder gently throbbed where he was shot by Graves. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as Ghost pulled him closer to him, tucking Soap’s head under his own and placing his chin on the crown of his head.
“Captain Soap got him back safely, the two being placed together on assignment to go after the bastard that fooled ‘em. Their Ghost was up for promotion after, but he declined since Soap had shown more initiative and better leadership skills. He didn’t feel like he deserved the position and he knew Soap was a much better man than him.” Ghost gently grabbed Soap’s chin, guiding his eyes to meet Ghost’s. Some time between laying down sand tucking Soap into him, he had removed his mask. Soap stared into his brown eyes, face completely revealed to him, “I would give up everything for you, Soap. You don’t want to be better than me, Johnny. You are better than me.”
Soap felt his eyes tear up at the admission, gaze drifting to the soft, plush lips so close to his. They moved closer together, meeting in a soft kiss. Soon after, they fell asleep. There were no more words said, none felt needed.
After that, Soap didn’t feel threatened anymore. He slowed down on his research, spending time with the other versions of themselves and learning as much as he could about their timeline to help and prevent some of the things that could occur.
No one would be prepared for the heartbreak that would happen after they were transferred back. No one knew of their own fates after.
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bonniedodo · 3 months
I jumped onto the damn train....
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I saw the fanart of the 09 soap + price fic from @valiants and thought yeah I gotta do this.
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tb-png · 4 months
Tumblr media
Pretty Boy Riley - 🧼👻
Heyyyy um? Sooo maybe i’m a little too obsessed with 09 ghost, he is just so cute to me
anyways… trans ghost for the win, it’s the the only way to draw 09 ghost ahdks
Patreon |
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eat-applez · 21 days
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Tumblr media
EDIT: Forgot to add the link to what I’m referencing 😭
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heroicgartist · 6 months
09 Ghost x 22 Soap have the vibes of college bros in the military that barely finish stuff together but they finish things regardless. They also have the vibes of being a pair of friends with benefits. The benefit of being able to use two of the joy-cons of a nintendo switch to play to gaymer rage together ^3^
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nouns-are-bad · 4 months
09 soap would absolutely be able to take 22 ghost in a fight and would be evenly matched
09 ghost and 22 soap would watch their counterparts fight and take bets while eating popcorn
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hirik0 · 5 months
@captain-mj for the Spoils of war update.
Jealousy part 1
Soap sits with Archer, Toad and Price at their usual table while Ghost waits at the bar getting their next round. They are celebrating their last successful mission. Soap is listing to the awful dad joke Archer is making as he notice out of the corner of his eye that a woman is approaching Ghost. The small woman with long blond hair and a lot of curves is tapping at Ghost arm. Soap makes a annoyed tsk sound, knowing that the woman is wasting her time and is holding up their next round of drinks. He also noticed feeling of jealous and well he would lie if this woman was not his typ, maybe he can chat her up later. "What your looking at Captain?", Archer ask because Soap was so in his head he didn't noticed that he was ask something. Toad is looking at the bar since Soap made the annoyed sound looks like he wants to say something too but trys not to, if you can go by how hard Toad pressing his lips together. After Archer sees the scene at the bar he is exchanging knowing looks with his partner in crime. Before Soap can ask these two idiots what the are up to, Ghost returns with their drinks and Soap starts wondering why the blonde woman even though she could pick up the Ghost. As if Ghost would go home with some random stranger and this knowledge is for some reason soothing his jealousy.
Since that night a few months ago Soap is noticing that a lot of people try to pick up Ghost, was that always the case and he just never noticed. But to his satisfaction Ghost is rejecting all these advanced and that is when the realisation is hitting him like a truck. He's attracted to Ghost. Soap nearly chocks on his drink. His gripping his scotch glass hard so it doesn't slip out of his hand. How the hell did he end up with a crush on Ghost? Did he ever had crushes for man before and just never noticed? Was he unknown to himself gay all along? No, he liked sex with woman way to much to be gay and well there was his teammate on the schools rugby team back in the day that made his heart race. How could he go that long without noticing he is bi? Someone is kicking him under the table and he looks at Price. "If you grabb the glass any stronger you might break it", the older Captain says. He looking down at his and and is his knuckles are withe from how strong his grip is. He feels how his embarrassing is coloring his ears pink as he relaxes his hand.
A few weeks later they are back again at their usual bar with a sour aura around them and their table. They lost 4 members of the 141 today. Ghost is waiting for his bourbon at the bar as he notice the man approaching him. Normally that would piss him of, but not today. Today he wants to get his brain fucked out. He is looking the dark haired, muscular man up and down and trys to figure out if he will do a good enough job. The bartender is giving him his drink as the stranger is trying his awfull pick up line. He would have turned him down if his voice wouldn't remeber him at a certain scottish Captain. To way out his option Ghost is lifting up his mask to sipp at his drink to make up a his mind. He knows about his attracted to his superior officer for a while now and well some man that is this similar to the man he wants could be a good fuck for the night. "So you always use that awfull pick up lines?", he ask the stranger. While he is chatting with the man he feels Soaps gaze burning in his back.
They all are silently drinking at the table nobody is in the mood for their usual chater and jokes. They lost four good soldiers today.
Soap looks out to where Ghost is still standing at the bar in a conversation with a stranger. At first he thinks Ghost will turn the man down like he he turns down everyone till the man is touching his arm and leaning in to Gjost space. To Soaps horror it looks like Ghost is fine with the stranger beeing in his space. Soap feels how the ugly feeling of jealousy is setting his blood on fire. He can't remeber ever beeing that jealous in his fucking life. He trys to keep it down, Ghost is an adult and can flirt with who ever he wants and he has no right to be jealous about it. When Ghost is touching the other man Soap finishes his drink to not make a sound of disapproval. The rest of the table is switching their looks between Ghost and Soap, most of them have picked up on the crush of the scot and only Price knew about Simons crush on Soap. They worked together long enough for Price to pick it up. The depressing mood at their table slowly gets replaced by a nervousness about what Soap will do. When the stranger is laughing at something Ghost said the jealousy wins over and Soap is approaching the two. When he reaches them he puts his hands on Ghost sites and his head in his shoulder. " He's not available to night", Soap says to the stranger. "And who are you to decide that?", the stranger ask.
When Ghost realises who is pressing into his back he feels his face turning red as he blushes like a fucking teenage girl. Why did Soap came over? He don't hear the words that are beeing said but the longer Soap and Ben are talking the more Ghost blushes. Because fuck jealous Captain John McTravish will be haunting his dreams for weeks to come. Because Soap is resting his head on his shoulder he nearly talking directly in his ear. Ghost feels his blush slowly creeping down his chest and his mouth is getting dry so he just slowly finishes his drink, while Soap trys his best to ruin his one night stand. He should be angry, but in reality he's so turned on right now. God that him trying to hook up with some random guy in a bar would make the scot that jealous didn't even happens in Ghost wildest dreams. In his wildest dreams Soap fucks him bend over his desk and Ghost notice that he's half hard. God something must be wrong with him if jealous Soap does this to him.
Soap smirks satisfied as the stranger is giving up on trying to get Ghost in his bed. But now he realises what he just did. He's also realising how the hole table is looking at them and that they will have questions that he neither can or wants to answer, so the only solution is to leave the bar with Ghost so they can't ask now, he needs time to think. So he is lifting his head to wisper in Ghost ear. "Back to base, Lieutenant thats an order." Before he turns to leave the bar knowing Ghost will follow him.
Ghost brain is comming back online when he feels the weight in his shoulder and Soap wispers directly in his ear: "Back to base, Lieutenant that's an order." And that's it Ghost will never be able to sleep again with out this replaying in his head. When cold is hitting his back because Soap is going away, because of years of military training he follows Soap on Autopilot not even noticing how the rest of the task force is looking at them in utter confusion. If he would some blood vessels in his face would burst because of all the blood trying to make him blush even more, as if that would be possible at this point. He also was never in his life so happy to have most of his face covered.
The rest if the task force is trying to close their jaws that fell on the ground the second Ghost is following Soap out of the bar. "What the fuck just happend?" Archer ask after a few minutes. "I saw it and I still can't believe what I saw", Gaz answers. Meat, Royce, Toad and Scarcrow are still in shock about what they just witnessed. Price is just emptying his glass asking himself if he dies of alcohol poisoning first or if he can drink enough to forget what he just saw so he can pretend it never happend.
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