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eat-applez · 3 days
“Roach can be whatever nationality the player wants him to be!!!”
The URGE to make Roach Australian JUST so I can draw him fist-fighting an emu
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pyr0cue · 15 hours
Tumblr media
They consume my every waking thought
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yooo-lets-go · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Roach infested base and Soap’s work wife
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prouddogboi · 7 months
Stray dog (Part 2)
To find the most recent chapters, please go to @doggoboigaugau 's masterlist
Sorry it took me quite long lmao TToTT School and work deadlines are killin' me.
Pairings: Ghost x Soap x Male Reader
Summary: Male Reader is traumatized and refuses to open up to 141. Soap found out something horrible going on with him and told Ghost about it.
Word count: 1910
Warnings: Smoking. Mention of attempts to self-h@rm.
Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up with a throbbing headache. It was so bad that you felt like hundreds of needles were jabbed into your eye sockets and every time you blinked, those needles plunged into your brain, sending a sharp and chilling pain to the crown of your head. This was by no means a strange occurrence for you though, given the fact that every night the base celebrated a party you always indulged in this self-sabotaging habit. 
Still, no matter how bad the situation was, you still had training to attend to, tasks to get done, reports to compile, and a miserable life to live. You turned your head to look at the clock, silently praying that it wasn’t too late. 
It was 13:00 in the afternoon already. 
“Shit!” You threw an arm over your forehead. Nice, you missed the morning training session. It was your responsibility today to train the new recruits and now you messed up the whole Task Force’s schedule once again just because you could not handle your pathetic emotions properly. The thoughts of giving up flooded your mind yet again since it was no use in waking up anyway, it was too late to do anything useful. The other team members were already aware of how irresponsible you were as you continuously failed to be on time for training the newbies. And what about the newbies’ impression of you? Probably an unreliable man who was no longer fit to be a member of a special Task Force that was particularly famous for its efficiency. Or maybe you were never fit to be one to begin with. 
Why didn’t the others wake you up? You had worked here long enough to know how scary and irritated Ghost could get when people missed his training session. There were even times when he immediately had the unpunctual soldiers pack their things and get sent to another department because he couldn’t fuckin’ stand people disrespecting his schedule. 
“Maybe they forget about my existence. Maybe I wasn’t that big of a part of this Task Force.” You mumbled to yourself, trying to pull your tired body out of the heavy blanket. As much as you wanted to give up, the desire to be important to someone, something, or some organization, …just anything, urged you to wake up and keep trying. You wanted yourself to be seen.
Upon opening the door of your stuffy room, you instinctively covered your eyes as they were attacked by rays of blinding sunlight. Your room was too dark and gloomy, doors and windows tightly shut all day and night, no wonder you would react so unfavorably to the bright sunlight that is often associated with positive moods by most people. 
The base was unusually quiet. You didn’t meet a single soul on your way to the kitchen to fill your hungry stomach. No Soap cracking stupid jokes with his heavy Scottish accent and laughing loudly to them himself, no Gaz cursing at his jokes, no Roach laughing at the two dumb manchildren, no Price sighing and telling them to at least be less raucous. You tried to shrug the nasty nagging feelings off, but it soon became unbearable when you walked into the kitchen and saw all the dirty dishes in the sink. 
“They have finished their lunch.” And they had it without you. The people you considered to be your own family, much closer than the biological family that you had cut all contact with, didn’t wake you up from your drunken sleep, totally forgot your existence, and enjoyed a meal together like there wasn’t anything missing. You knew damn well that you were overexaggerating the seriousness of the situation, but you just couldn’t help it. 
‘What am I to them?’ That question kept spiraling inside your brain, worsening the headache that you were already having. In a brief second, all the nagging feelings were anthropomorphized into a disgusting creature with multiple heads and mouths by your ailed mind, shrilly screaming out your deepest thoughts that were fraught with insecurities. Your legs were rendered weak and you collapsed on the floor. Supporting your weakened body with all four limbs, you took heavy breaths, trying to calm yourself down.
A few minutes later, you managed to put yourself together enough to stand up and get out of the base, on the way you didn’t forget to grab a pack of cigarettes. You felt stupid to resort to nicotine as a way to fight against all those feelings, but you didn’t know a better way. There were times when things were so bad that you had no energy left to hide your conditions from your teammates, and Price was concerned. He used to have you talk to some therapists, and not surprisingly to you at all, they could not handle you for long. No one ever could. 
You were now standing in the parking lot with a cigarette in your mouth. You sighed, clearly satisfied with how strongly its bitter taste stimulated your taste buds. When you first arrived here as the newest member of Task Force 141, Soap and Gaz always joked that you’d become Price’s smoking buddy, but that did not happen. The image of you standing with Price awkwardly because you two couldn’t find a mutual topic for a conversation made you feel too uncomfortable to even try, so you kept avoiding the older man or pretending to not hear his offer until he just stopped inviting you. It was so obvious that the men wanted to get closer to you, they wanted to earn your trust, to make you feel at home and be yourself among them, yet you kept pushing them away. And now perhaps they had stopped trying all together. It was not their fault. It was yours. 
But why it was so painful? You were supposed to feel relieved that they had given up so that you didn’t have to blame yourself every time you turned their kind offer down and saw the sadness drawn on their faces. ‘Why do I keep feeling like shit no matter what I do?’
Feeling that the intense emotions that were barely suppressed by the nicotine started to get out of hand again, you cupped your head with both hands, the half-burning cigarette fell to the ground. Suddenly, your eyes caught the red burning tip of it, together with how the paper wrapping around the nicotine was slowly burnt to black. At that very moment, a dark but familiar thought popped up in your mind. You bowed down to pick up the cigarette, blankly staring at it resting between the two fingers of your right hand. Then, your eyes turned to your left hand, examining your spotty lower arm. It was full of the small round scars that were caused by burning your arms with the burning tip of a cigarette. You had noticed Ghost looked at these scars of yours many times; luckily he never asked about them. The army was a place filled with people who had different background stories and bore numerous scars, so it wouldn’t be abnormal for you to have some that were a bit funny-shaped.
‘Should I do this again?’ 
Maybe you should. It helped with the emotions. Well, temporarily, but that was good enough.
Just as you were about to press the burning tip into your lower left arm, someone threw their whole weight into you. You were hugged by two strong arms and the cigarette was again dropped to the ground.
“There you are! I’ve been finding you everywhere!” It was the Scot man. “Are you smoking? Gosh, I hate this smell! Price’s cigars are much better!”
‘The ones that smell good are never bitter enough.’ You thought to yourself.
“Have you had lunch, pretty boy?” Soap pinched your dumbfounded face.
“Not yet.”
“What? Unbelievable! Get to the kitchen with me right now, Sergeant.” The man literally manhandled you straight from the parking lot into the base, leaving you no time to object.
As you two arrived at your destination, Ghost was already sitting there, sipping some coffee. Soap forced you to sit down right next to him while he proceeded to walk to the fridge and pulled out a dish, putting it inside the microwave oven. 
“Here you are, babyboy~” He put the hot meal in front of you. You chose to ignore the pet name and his flirtatious voice simply because he had started doing it to you ever since you start working here. It was just one of his signature thing, you should not fall for it and mistake it as a sign of interest that could develop into romantic feelings. 
“Thanks, Soap.”
“Aw, don’t be so all worked up and formal, babyboy. Ya’ welcome~”
Silence fell over the three of you, until you just felt so awkward that you had to speak up, “So… how was this morning?”
“It was fine. Ghost stepped in your place and took care of the training.” Soap replied.
You carefully glanced at Ghost, just to find that the man already looked at you, which made you tremble slightly. The skull mask on his face made him too difficult to read, you couldn’t tell whether he was annoyed or he just gave up on expecting something greater from you. 
Soap laughed at your reactions, “It’s okay. You were drunk so Price agreed to let you sleep. Also, Ghost volunteered to help you with the training so he probably doesn’t hold a grudge. Am I right, Ghostie?”
The masked man didn’t answer; instead, he turned back to his cup of coffee.
You quickly finished your meal and left, saying that you should do training by yourself. The truth was you couldn’t stay there any longer, you didn’t want to disturb Ghost and Soap’s rare peaceful time together. You had already made too terrible an impression on Ghost, it’s best that you did not mess up again. As a result, you also missed their conversation. It was not intended for you to listen to anyway.
“You’re right. He did it.” Soap’s voice was solemn, with no sign of flirt or unseriousness like a few minutes before.
“You mean the scars?” Ghost looked up at him from the cup.
“Yeah, the round scar marks that you’ve told me many times.”
“It was just my guess. How do you know he really did it?”
“I found him in the parking lot. He was holding a burning cigarette and about to press it into his left arm.” 
A few minutes of silence passed until Ghost spoke up, “Fuckin’ hell.”
“I asked Price about his past, I know it’s a nosy thing to do, but I wanted to help. Unfortunately, Price knows nothing either. Y/n… the boy never opens up to us.”
The two men sat quietly, exchanging worried looks with each other. If only you could know how much they cared for you, maybe you would find it easier to accept their love and help. Yet, even if they told you, even if they desperately showed you so many times that they cared and loved you so much, would your brain allow your heart to welcome them just like how it used to welcome other people you had met earlier in your life, the ones who left you wounded and made you the way you were today? 
If someone asked you that question, you’d just offer them a weak smile and simply say: “No”. You're now too tired to hold on to any crumbles of hope left in your broken soul. You'd like to give up.
to be continued i guess :")
Taglist: @aphroditeslovr @prestigeghoul @edgyboi10000 @c0nny3917 @peter-the-pan @lovecats123451
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hurrraaid · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love the idea of soap's raging enthusiasm being very endearing to ghost. Also mute roach is my fave.
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dorgarey · 2 months
Tumblr media
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morthern · 2 months
Tumblr media
I love it when people use the little wires on his helmet as bug antennae
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doggoboigaugau · 3 months
Medic!Male Reader x TF141
🔥HOT STUFF🔥 below 😍🤟💥💥💥
Tumblr media
He's so bbg 😫🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He's just a baby🥺🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
😏🙏 ofc LT we'll be ur good lil boy
My commission is open: Carrd
Support me? Ko-fi
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l0v3lybunny · 8 days
ghost,roach,price's kinks :3
afab/amab friendly!
I was gonna do more characters but i got lazy :<
Requests are open lovely<3
credits to whoevers done this before me<3
Tumblr media
Simon 'Ghost' Riley
Bondage- Nothing too heavy just some light wrist tying to the bedpost or behind your back so you couldn't touch him or yourself during punishments or just for fun :3
Blindfold sex- This wasn't necessarily a kink as it was more so for the starting of the relationship, eventually after a few months he started showing his face during sex, but if you liked the blindfold then he'd be fine with you keeping it on :p
Vanilla- I really don't feel he would be rough UNLESS he was blowing off steam or a mission gone wrong, other than that he would be pretty tame and gentle ESPECIALLY because of his size
Cunnilingus/Blowjobs- He gives me more giver vibes then receiver, my guy just wants to please you and could spend hours between your thighs doing it
Gary 'Roach' Sanderson
Cockwarming- He would LOVE for you to sit on his cock whilst he reads I mean come on he would love the way your tight gummy walls clench around him, trying to keep yourself still but desperately wanting release
Riding- He loves when you ride him especially since how pretty/handsome you look whilst doing it
Hand holding? (is that a kink?)- He absolutely loves holding your hands the way your nails dig into his, the way you squeeze them when your getting close. god he loves it
Vanilla- Like ghost he's pretty tame and gentle but unlike ghost he RARELY if ever goes rough
Captain John price
Cockwarming- Big on cockwarming whilst he does his paper work. he just loves the way you feel, will lightly spank your thigh if you move and hold your body hips to stop you from squirming.
Face fucking- He loves the way you gag on his cock as he hits the back of your throat, thrusting into your sweet mouth. absolutely loves when you swallow his load and how you drool and have teary eyes GOD he loves it!
Praise and degrading- He def mixes the two together "Aw look at you all pretty/handsome bouncing on my cock like the dirty little slut you are" "Be the good girl/boy you are and stay still instead of being a naughty little cock slut"
Dacryphilia- Absolutely loves the way your pretty little tears soak your face from the amounts of pleasure or face fucking he gives you :3
Cunnilingus/Blowjobs- He loves giving as much as he loves receiving, has his head between your thighs for hours tasting you, he usually does this more so for punishments but sometimes he just can't resist your plush thighs squeezing his head as he eats you out/sucks you off
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temeyes · 4 days
Tumblr media
Roach (headcanon face dood under the cut!!)
Tumblr media
i imagine that he's kinda baby-faced, that's why he wears all that equipment on his head HSAHSHSAH
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sensivs · 8 months
The boys cumming early and being ashamed. I'd eat that shut uP💥🙇🏻
I GOTCHU 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
- Ghost let out heavy puffs of hot air into the steamy room, “you ready?” He asked, “ready as I’ll ever be” you replied with a smirk.
- Ghost positioned his dick right in front of your hole, he took one last big breath and pushed his way in.
- You let out a surprised moan that quickly turned into a blissful moan, ghost thrusted into you a couple of times.
- A warm fluid then made its way into you unexpectedly, ghost gripped your waist tightly as he let out a big load into you.
- “Just a few thrusts and yo- huff you already came?” You teased, simon’s face grew hot as he tried covering his face.
- You comforted him, telling him it was alright and that it was nothing to be ashamed about, it was just a normal thing that happened sometimes.
- ghost kinda sulked on your shoulder while still in you 😭😭😭😭
- “are you sure it’ll fit?” “Of course honey kiss now c’mon, I’m getting impatient”. König swallowed his fears and faces the beautiful man in front of him.
- König then shoved his way into you, pulling a large moan out of you. König also released a loud moan, the tightness of you bringing him to orgasm.
- “A-ah! Es tut mir leid!!! (Im sorry)” König felt tears brewing in the corners of his eyes as shame rested itself perfectly in the tall man’s mind.
- You hugged and kissed the poor man and promised him that it was ok!! You rubbed his back and comforted him until he felt like he could resume where he stopped.
(For me, i think that roach is a switch, so I’m gonna make roach a top for this post 🙏🙏🙏)
- Roach hovered over you, his cock absolutely throbbing and waiting anxiously to be inside you. You reached up and put roach’s face in your hands.
- giving his cheek a kiss and slowing making your way to his ear, “c’mon, wreck me. I know you want to do it”
- That sentence pushed roach to the absolute edge, he couldn’t hold himself anymore and eagerly thrusted himself into you.
- Almost instantly, he felt the growing coil in his lower abdomen snap, and out went the baby batter into you.
- You were stunned on roach’s eagerness led him to making him cum instantly inside you. “Oh fuck, I-m so sorry I-“ you cut him off with a kiss.
- Although your words of comfort did somewhat relief him from his shame but he still felt a bit still in him, eating him away.
(Ya already know I had to add my bbg 🗣️‼️)
- “All set solider?” “All set Sergeant gAZ!” As Kyle heard the first two words come out of your mouth he knew it was go time.
- His cock burrowed itself deep into you, gaz gritted his teeth, you felt so goddamn good. Which led Kyle to immediately cum inside you.
- “Oh shit.. that was.. really unexpected” Kyle chuckled awkwardly, you could tell Kyle was embarrassed and ashamed for cunning inside you so quickly.
- You chuckled as well but gave Garrick a big kiss, telling him it was completely alright and that accidents happen.
- “Stop talking to me like that, your treating me like a toddler” gaz laughed, you laughed as well and just went on with the whole sex thing,
I’m in a very silly goofy mood rn guys
Tumblr media
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cherry-cristal · 16 days
Tumblr media
First time drawing Roach
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yooo-lets-go · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
141 finest
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prouddogboi · 8 months
Stray dog (Part 1)
To find the most recent chapters, please go to @doggoboigaugau 's masterlist
Pairings: Ghost x Soap x Male Reader
Summary: Male Reader is traumatized and forcefully refuses affection from Ghost and Soap even in his sleep.
Word count: 1852
Warnings: It's my first time posting my writing on Tumblr. There are so few CODxM!Reader fics I just want to contribute lmao TToTT. The warning is it can be shit because I'm new.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a successful mission. A tough one, yes, many soldiers got serious injuries and had to spend days in the hospital, but still, the mission was accomplished with minimal loss. The people at the base decided to throw a party at a well-known bar in the area. As usual, you stayed close to your team, until they left you all alone again for whatever they were up to: Ghost and Soap went into the dark corridor doing ‘secret’ business except for the fact that everyone knew what that business was; Price meeting up with the Captains of other teams, talking about the ‘kids’ in their care like the good ol’ tired dads and moms they all were; Gaz hitting up on some pretty guy or girl; and Roach just immersing himself in the music on the dance floor. 
“The usual shot?” The bartender smiled at you. He was an ordinary-looking guy, not too tall, not too short, but he was always nice to you.
“Yeah.” You replied, eyes looking down at the empty glass in your scarred hand. Your usual shot was one of the heaviest types served at this bar, you found its bitter, stinging taste and the dizziness it brought about worked wonders for you, helping to repress the strong emotions that always came up to the surface to trouble you whenever you were off the field, whenever you were not having to fight between life and death. Free time and a mind that was offered the opportunity to relax were not something you felt grateful for. Instead, you loved being constantly stimulated when being in battles, since it left your mind no time to overthink unnecessary things other than trying to keep yourselves and your teammates alive.
“A successful mission, huh? Everyone is enjoying themselves a lot tonight.” The bartender said, clearly trying to keep talking to you as he was preparing your drink.
“It was.”
“Did you get injured?” 
“Just some scratches, nothing serious.”
“You seem to do your job very well.”
You did. You were a good soldier. An excellent one even. You were showered with praise from the Captain, the teammates, the higher-ups… just anyone after almost every mission. Even Ghost himself had to admit that you were a good one. However, you didn’t know for sure what made you excel while most others didn’t. Maybe it was because every mission you paid no mind as to whether you would be alive or not. It was true that everyone in this line of work had to come to terms with the notion of death upon themselves, no one could be sure how many days they got left on this planet doing this kind of job, but you were still different. You weren’t actively trying to get yourselves in situations that would get you killed, because it often meant a great threat to your teammates too, but you were not one that would hold on to life that much. You were always ready to sacrifice.
“I notice that you’re always alone. Well, the others do join you, but after a while, they leave and you’re still here.” The bartender passed you the shot.
“They have things to do.”
“Why don’t you? Getting out there and having some fun.”
Fun? It did not sound fitting to who you were. “Thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer it this way.”
“By the way, can I ask for a guy’s number? The one with the mohawk.”
“You mean Soap?” You left out a soft chuckle, “Give up, mate. He already has a partner. A scary one.” 
“The fuckin’ huge one with the skull mask. I’m sure you know well who he is and how scary he is.”
“What? That guy? I’ve always thought he’s into you though.”
This time you laughed out loud. The thought of someone interested in you was just so ridiculous, it felt surreal and impossible, “Ain’t no way, why would you think that?”
“He always looks at you with those piercing eyes, as if he will eat you up in no time.”
“Probably it’s because the Soap guy is always leaning over me. He’s so mad that I dare to get that near to his precious partner that he just wants to end my life right here.” You drank up the whole glass in one breath, then smashed the now empty glass on the bar, resulting in a huge ‘thump’ sound, mainly due to the fact that it was your fist that came into contact with the wooden material. It sent a burning feeling to your skin and fresh, but it was nothing compared to the physical pain you had to endure in battles or the mental one off field, when your mind was free to drift away. 
“Could be. But I still think he is into you.” The bartender shrugged, knowing you so well that he went ahead to prepare another shot for you. Nights like this often led to you drinking non-stop until you were so drunk that you’d pass out, and that masked guy was the one who carried you back. That was another reason besides the intense glare that made him convinced that the guy was attracted to you. Well, the hot man with the mohawk was always there too, but he usually waited in distance and smiled at how the masked guy having trouble carrying you as you thrashed around in his arms, clearly too drunk to know that he was just helping you. But the bartender only thought that the mohawk and the masked guy were close friends. Now that you mentioned it, it was indeed possible that they were in love with each other. 
Wouldn’t that make a love triangle though? The bartender threw a glance at you, studying you with amusement. Everyone loved some drama in their mundane lives. You were a handsome boy with sharp facial features, those damn bright eyes that lit up the whole place when you genuinely smiled, and all those strong muscles. He would’ve asked for your number instead if that scary big masked man wasn’t into you that much.
A few hours passed and the party came to its near end. All those smiling and laughing soldiers slowly hopped on the vehicles, making their way back to the base, clearly not wanting to wake up a mess the day after. They still had training as usual after all. One didn’t seem to care though. You collapsed on the bar, your handsome face grew red with how drunk you were and how much alcohol your body had absorbed. Ghost and Soap assured Price that they would bring you back safe before the tired dad of your Task Force got in the car with Gaz and Roach. They didn’t usually drink too much when they were off base, but you were quite the opposite. The team had no idea why you would pour so much alcohol into your mouth and stomach on these occasions, it was like you were grieving over something rather than celebrating the good news of a successful mission. Everyone in this line of work had their own past and troubles, but there was indeed something different in your troubles as they never felt that you were comfortable to open up. Soap even joked a lot about how much harder it was to get closer to you than Ghost. It was true that you were always smiling, chatting, and gossiping with him and Gaz and Roach over stupid things, but there was this invisible wall that you had built around your heart, unwilling to let anyone in. 
Ghost and Soap got to the bar where you were lying. 
“Come to get him?” The bartender was cleaning all the glasses that you and some other regulars used.
Ghost looked at you as your eyes were tightly shut, clearly not happy with your current condition, “Maybe next time don’t let him drink too much.”
The bartender raised his hands, “C’mon, I’m just serving my customers. He appears to need those shots to handle whatever emotions he’s having.”
Ghost and Soap turned their head to look at each other for a few seconds before Ghost stepped up and got you off the bar. You were too drunk to know anything, but surprisingly tonight you were very silent and cooperated well with your Lieutenant. 
“Let’s take you back to your room, huh?” Ghost was content with this sudden change and Soap just casually used his strong hand to rub your neatly cut hair. 
As Soap parked the car in the base's park, Ghost threw one of your arms over his shoulder and carried you off the vehicle. However, your tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, they widened as you turned your head left and right to make sense of your surroundings. 
“You’re up early.” Soap said jokingly.
“He’s too drunk to understand your stupid sarcasm, Soap.” Ghost scoffed. 
However, it took both men aback when they heard you sobbing. Soap was quick to cup your face with his palms, “Baby, what’s wrong?”
You shook your head, sobbing almost uncontrollably, trying to get your face out of his grip. One of Ghost’s arms went to your waist in an attempt to hold you in place and calm you down, but you started to act the usual way when you were drunk: thrashing around hysterically, as if you were striving so hard to escape from something inescapable. 
“Let go of me!” You screamed.
“Y/n, calm down, calm down! It’s us! Ghost and Soap!” Soap tried to talk some sense into the heavily drunk you.
“Stay away from me!” You didn’t seem to listen. Feeling Ghost’s grip was still firm around your body, you got more and more violent. Screaming and kicking, you definitely hurt him in the process as you finally succeeded in getting away. You stumbled a few steps on the cold cement ground before you collapsed on it due to the perfect dizziness that you hoped the shots at the bar would gift you. You curled into a ball, trembling violently yet not from how cold the ground was. Shuddering sobs still escaped your lips, and your eyes were tightly shut again. Price and Gaz hurriedly ran to where you three were, their eyes filled with worry given how loud and heartfelt your screams were (Roach didn’t come with them because he also drank too much). The two men saw Ghost and Soap standing beside you, their arms were hanging in the air as if they were holding on to something, while you were there, laying on the ground sobbing and mumbling unintelligible words. 
Luckily you quickly fell asleep again, still sobbing but unconscious enough for the men to carry you back to your room. They tucked you nicely into your bed, watching over your now peaceful sleeping face. Soap wiped the tears left on your cheeks with his hand, his mind questioning the reasons why you reacted so fiercely to them taking care of you earlier. When you finally stopped sobbing, they carefully left your room. There were things to be discussed, but they could wait.
to be continued bc I have class tmr and I need to sleep :D
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hurrraaid · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not a proper episode for #soapghost falconry au.... just a hilarious idea I can't shake off. Love drunk soap so much.
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dorgarey · 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Doctors say it smells like flowers when someone is about to die"
"Wonder if butterflies smell it too"
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