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mimisplayground · 1 day
Boothill would put his hat on your head and have you ride him for hours. Chuckling as you whine and sob from the overstimulation.
“Come along, beautiful. Surely you can hold out longer” the other man in the room encourages, red hair falling along both you and Boothill as the knight kisses your neck.
Argenti licking and worshipping you as you ride the cowboy. Chuckling and giving mocking encouragement as you whine and grip onto the metal underneath you.
You nearly scream when Argenti folds you against Boothill, allowing them to kiss each other with you sandwiched between them. Listening to you choke out moans as Boothill continues thrusting up into you, your sigh of relief when he finally cums at feeling Argenti grip his hair as they make out.
The hat falls off your head as you melt, cockwarming Boothill as the two men continue their kiss. When they finally pull away from each other the redhead pushes his hair back with a chuckle, kissing your cheek as he mumbles “My turn?”
It was gonna be a long night.
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I saw this one post with the photographer fem!reader loves taking pictures of their partner, and the Cod characters asked them, "Why are you taking pictures of me?" The reader told them,"Cuz the camera loves you! ❤️" Can I ask for a part two? 😇
Price, Alejandro, ghost, and Keegan 🙏
a/n: I honesty forgot who I wrote in that one so uh- I’m winging this
Tumblr media
-he tends to take the most old man photos in the world, especially of himself so his lovely girlfriend taking photos for him is doing more good than harm
-does he own social media? Yes. Does he use it for anything more than specifically looking at your posts and laswells posts with her wife? Nah
-fully well knows you take photos of him, and finds it cute
-chuckled when you told him why you took so many photos of him, teasing you that you might be getting his wrong side
-he loves taking photos of you too, just for his backround of his utterly heavy duty phone, or just to look at when your busy or he’s on work business
-loves photos of you that are more candid, because that’s how he sees you day to day. But adores even more seeing photos of you and him that you took because he knows you took it off to show him off
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vxlkirayaxo · 1 day
Modern au, Scara reacting to just a very cute and innocent looking reader, pink girl all around that listens to music on her headphones all the time...
At some point, he learns that she is listening to Hijokaidan's Beyond of 1986.
Sis, look that song up, and you'll get why this would be SO FUNNY😭😭 please😭
Deceiving looks
OKAY LMAOO I COULDN'T LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SONG BEFORE MY EARS STARTED TO HURT BUT ANYWAY- THIS IS LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST THING EVERRR! I wasn't sure if it was an established relationship or not so I made it bf and gf >w<
Character: scaramouche
Tags/ warnings: fluff, funny fic, innocent fem! reader, modern au
Tumblr media
'so innocent.' he thought as he glanced over at you, you two were on a study date since the final tests of the year were coming soon. You were sitting there all pretty with your hair put in a pretty ponytail with a pink bow, your custom pink frilly dress that Scara made for you since he had an interest in clothing designs a while back.
You suddenly remembered something and looked up at him, startling him a bit.
"you won't mind if I listen to music right?" You asked innocently looking up at him. Your innocent look made blush dust on his cheeks, he nodded before continuing to work.
You put on your headphones and listened to music, Scara didn't mind it you looked adorable in his eyes.
About an hour later he looked up from his book to see you peacefully asleep laying your upper body on the table of the library.
"tsk." He clicked his tongue before gently moving you to lay your head on his lap.
"your back and neck will hurt if you lay like that." He gently scolded you but the words fell onto deaf ears as you were fast asleep. He continued reading his book and writing down notes, some for you and some for him.
He felt movement on his lap so he looked down, you had turned your head on his lap which made your headphones fall off slightly and lay in a weird position.
He didn't want your headphones to get damaged so he picked them up to place them onto the table, but as he picked them up he heard a little noise from them, he put the headphone up to his ear before he heard a loud shriek of a guitar (?) causing him to shiver from shock.
He immediately took the headphone away from his ear, surprised that you were able to sleep to the sound of that.
"heavy rock (?) huh? " He smirked slightly before giving you a kiss on the forehead.
"i suppose I can bear the loud noises for you my dear." He said with a soft smile before placing his book and headphone down and just decided to take a nap with you aswell.
Please tell me if I got anything wrong on the category of music or the instrument! Thank you anon for giving me an idea!
Let me know if you want to be tagged!
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the-kr8tor · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to Katy's Apothecary!
Ill? Need a pick me up? I've got the potions just for you! *May or may not cause more ailments *The potioneer is not liable for any injuries or deaths that will occur from various cures.
It's my one year anniversary writing here! To celebrate I've concocted an event to spice things up a bit ❤️
Event is open to everyone who wants to participate! Drabble Requests are open from now until June 30th (as always all remaining unwritten requests will still be written even after the event ends and the unwritten ones from the last batch of reqs will still be written)
Characters I will write for: Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk, Jason Todd, Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, Eddie Munson, Steve Harrington & Dream of the endless.
Quick rules:
Please limit your request to two per person due to the influx of requests. (So I don't get overwhelmed)
Drabble requests only.
Please check my main rules before requesting.
-Choose the right ingredients for your needs!-
🩷 Baby's breath— Have baby fever? Do I have the right flower for you to chew on! (May cause baby fever to double in temperature) *For dad! Hobie request/ Billie and Ramona AU. Or for any dad! Character request*
🩷 Bitter Orange— Want to bring back someone from the dead? This one is right for you! (May cause the undead to bite and have a thirst for brains) *For any character Zombie AU request*
🩷 Lavender— Have a crush on your best friend but have no idea if they reciprocate your feelings? Try this one! *Choose this one for any Thread the Needle request*
🩷 Epsom Salt— Seasick? Have a bout of scurvy? Have this one in your morning tea! *For any BDAS or Pirate! Hobie (or any character) request*
🩷 Rose Hips— Fae following you around? The fae being all mischievous and playful? Try to bite on this one! *For any The fall or Fae! Hobie (or any Fae! character) request*
🩷 Flax Seeds— Got kicked by a horse? Shot to bits by an outlaw? Take this five times a day! *For any cowboy! Character requests* (No OPIN specific requests please since the series isn't done yet)
🩷 Sea Clay— Seduced by siren song and now you can't get rid of their beautiful song in your head? Plug this in your ears! *For Mermaid AU request*
🩷 Star Anise— Want to be the most famous person in town? Have a chug at this! *For any actor AU requests*
🩷 Bentonite— Have a little creature that scratched you? maybe give them more treats? No? That didn't work? In the meantime, rub these on your forehead with some bandages for it. *For any cat (crowley, teacup and crumpet), pet or Blob AU requests*
🩷 Elder berries— People telling you you're not mature enough? Try my aging potion! (May have the side effect of it being permanent) *For any older! Hobie (or any older! character) AU*
🩷 Garlic cloves— Vampire bite? Uh, have some garlic? *For vampire! Hobie (Or In pursuit of blood Hobie) (or any vampire! Characters)
🩷 Arrowroot— Feeling like you're being watched? Eat this to grow an eye on the back of your head! *For any spy AUs or Mr and Mrs smith AU*
🩷 Cardamom— Homesick? Nostalgic for the home you once had? Rub this all over your chest for that quick relief! *Domestic AU, Boyfriend! Hobie, lovestruck! Hobie (or any character)*
-Already chosen your ingredients? Now for the fun part!-
❣️ Heart shaped bottle for some lovey dovey side effect that will have you giggling and your teeth rotting from sweetness! *Fluffy Req*
⭐ Star shaped bottle for some hurt comfort.
💧 Tear shaped bottle when you want to cry and have your chest hurting. (Cannot be applied to baby's breath)
Bonus! (If your req requires one) Specify your reader, *ex: Spider person! R, Fem! R, GN! R, younger! R, Older! R, single parent! R, Vampire hunter! R etc.
Please still add a small scenario to your request.
Ex: Baby's breath for Hobie with ❣️ for the twins’ first day of school please! OR Baby's breath + Garlic cloves for Hobie with ❣️ for when the babies fangs are starting to show please?
-The apothecary is also open for a chat or two! Send some love to your local potioneer (she needs it for the love of god)-
Send 📝 for any writing tips! (I'm not an expert but I have been writing for a very long time so I'll try my best at helping you!)
Send 🎸 for some Hobie thoughts you want to share! Or 💞 and a character in my roster for a thought about them! It can be HCs or whatever you want to gush about them!
Wanna chat about your OC/spidersona that you want to yap with me? I would love to hear them! Send a 🍒!
Need some love and encouragement yourself? Send a 💌 and I'll do my best to hype you up!
Have a fic or art of fellow blorbos you want me to see? Tag me in the post or reblog it with my @ and I will share the love!
Thank you so much for 1 year of unhinged thoughts and key smashes. And for 1k+ of lovelies! I appreciate every single one of you ❤️ here's to more milestones!! I love you all for real. Words cannot express how much writing and interacting with you all has brought me so much happiness in the past year. Without me finally taking the leap and uploading that first fic I wouldn't have met such amazing people who encouraged me to be a better writer and helped me find my passion again after more than 5 years of writer's block and for that thank you so much from the bottom of my heart (⁠*⁠˘⁠︶⁠˘⁠*⁠)⁠.⁠。⁠*⁠♡ —Katy
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sunny-inajar · 2 days
psst! i saw you had requests open and was just wondering if you could possibly doodle solar flare from tsams? (Understandable if not, feel free to ignore!!)
Hope your day's goin well!
Tumblr media
ou ughhhh hes so cool,,, for first or second? time drawing him,, this wasnt too bad!! hes so fun to draw tho i need to do it more hdfdsf
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aristenfromwarsaw · 2 days
💜 Aerdir x Zevlor ❤️
Request for: @manicpixie-tieflingboyfriend
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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anam2s · 6 hours
Tumblr media
Cedar waxwing stamp!
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ro--lal · 3 days
haiii, may i request matching equikat ??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sister-lucifer · 1 day
💜Purple Star String Dividers🌟
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
please like, reblog, & credit if you use!
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yourlocal-therian · 2 days
Hihi! I keep seeing your bat moodboards and would love to request one. May I please get an eastern red bat moodboard with themes of the night sky and Victorian architecture! Thank you if you do this!
- @batsbolts-andfangs (this is my main blog!)
Ofc :3
Tumblr media
I've done this one before but without the night sky, btw!
but I'm happy to do it again :3
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mimisplayground · 1 day
Tumblr media
Traveling Buddies ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ (Vash x fem reader)
Warnings: Monsterfucking :3, inhuman vash, loving sex ngl like making love…, biting (briefly), NOT MUCH ITS A SOFT ONE LET ME KNOW IF U WANT A ROUGH VER :3, made with 1998 vash in mind but really can be read as either!!
Going along with Vash after that one night. You never brought up how inhuman he looked that night, and you felt he almost appreciated it. When all was said and done you were laid out next him, panting like a dog.
When your vision had cleared, the man laying next to you was the same he looked when he brought you to this rundown inn. The next morning when you woke up, you stared wide eyed as you watched him pack his own stuff and yours as well.
You maybe vaguely remember a conversation along the lines of “wanna follow you everywhere Mayfly, wanna bring you with me” as he pounded you so hard you were walking with a limp.
And then next you knew you were out in the deserts of No Man’s Land, riding along with Vash and digging through a sack to give him a donut as he rode. Looking off into the distance as you continue along the path set by Vash. He seemed to know where he was going. On the breaks where you would stretch your legs and drink water in the heat were marked with a soft peck on the lips from Vash. Sharing the canister of water and a small meal that wasn’t very good. The end of the break was always signified with a deeper kiss from Vash where you felt a familiar inhuman rumble deep from his chest.
Coming to the next town was a multiple day venture, leaving you tired and worn out. Sighing in relief when you were able to eat a full meal and wash up.
Settling into the inn’s bed and ignoring the kisses you feel at your neck for a moment before eventually allowing Vash to move his kisses down to your chest. Letting him suck at your nipples as he purrs softly.
He was more open with his inhuman nature this time. Glowing before your eyes get blurry. Working you open on his fingers and letting you see his cock, that seemed to sprout from a…flower of sorts? You couldn’t bring yourself to think about that much. Watching as a tapered and ridged, and almost bioluminescent blue, entered you slowly. Listening to Vash whine in a double toned vocal. You finally get to see the exact ridge that rubs against your clit on his harsher thrusts.
Feathered wings encapsulate you both, leaving you unable to see other than the faintest glow from inside of you where you are both connected and the glow from Vash and his skin all over.
“Mayfly…” Vash groans in your ear “love you, need you so bad. Gonna make me a good man…” He sighs, loud clicks coming from him that you can now identify as a sound of pleasure. He wasnt human, there was no way you were making things up in your head.
He was too fast with his thrusts, bumps that you can feel the whole time as your thighs tighten around him and you claw the only human flesh you feel on his shoulder as you silently scream. Vash rubbing small circles on your clit as you come undone with him, listening to the trill and buzz that comes from him take over your mind again like nights prior. Whining when his teeth sink into your shoulder possessively.
Laying with him and his unusually cold body, wings craddling you both in tight together as clawed fingers run up and down your side. Humming and purring like an engine as he traces your face and leaves kisses all over you.
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Hello Luc!! Can i ask for some headcanons on Krueger or Konig with an even colder s/o? Like their s/o was so sweet to them all along they never thought he'd be even more vicious than them on the field
a/n: of course! Sorry for the week long break guys, I was doing some study classes for the summer and I didn’t have energy!
Tumblr media
-he’s so so used to you being sweeter than sugar when around him, soft kisses and little cuddles when off duty or little smiles whenever you pass in the halls
-nothing made his heart melt like you, and luckily he was aware of that enough to avoid going on missions with you, although it did make him worried to think of you getting hurt and him not being there
-on one particular mission, he had no choice but to add you onto the chosen team for a mission he was going to be leading, and the second he saw your mood switch he was shocked enough that his jaw would have gone slack if not for his helmet strap
-genuinely and utterly terrified for a good 10 minutes in the back of his brain that you could be so, easy to switch? So different? but he still adores you, both on field and at home
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4raykage · 3 days
I noticed you mentioned that you're taking requests. May I request my human kite in your style? If that is not too much to ask for 🫂
Tumblr media
This was so much fun to draw :D 🪁🪁
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bunnis-monsters · 2 months
Vampire lover that can’t drink your blood without you keeping his cock warm.
He has to be balls deep in your pussy, otherwise he gets all hard and cums in his pants just from one sip of your blood.
It’s just way less messy to already have his cock buried in your cunt, and he doesn’t like to waste his seed. He’s a powerful vampire that needs an heir, that sperm is valuable!!
So every time he needs to feed, he pushes your expensive panties to the side and sits you on his cock, content to cum inside of you.
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bwabys-scenarios · 5 months
Keeping you plugged up with his cock was one of his favorite activities. Wanting to keep his cock warm was just the excuse he used, the real reason was his increasing need to breed.
“Shh, princess… you’ve gotta stay seated a little longer… you’ve gotta keep me warm, okay?”
You whined and writhed, your pussy clenching around him only fueling his urge to get you nice and pregnant. “Please… my tummy, it’s too full…”
The two of you had been going at it for hours, and now he was keeping his cock nestled inside you, filling up your womb to the brim.
“Just be a good girl, okay? My little angel…”
You had a feeling you’d be stuffed full of his cum by the end of the night.
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aristenfromwarsaw · 3 days
❤️ Vaela x Halsin 💚
Request for: @vaelastormreaver
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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