#they should make a little kid cut where it's just the middle hour of magical swimming with fish friends and none of the extreme violence
mylittleredgirl · 3 months
there are many good reasons not to see avatar but if you DO see avatar definitely see the 3D version. the entire movie is effects. same movie as the first one just underwater now. also if you are wearing 3D glasses it is less obvious that you will cry like seven times.
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yakumtsaki · 9 months
Tumblr media
Oh fuck, I forgot we had Headmaster B.J coming today. You’re gonna love our new zombie!
-Right this way, sir. -You people have a butler now? I remember when you were eating out of the litterboxes.
Well, some of us still do!
Tumblr media
Case in point.
Sugar, please remove yourself from B.J’s sight, I don’t want you two interacting until after we’ve been accepted and he can’t take it back.
Tumblr media
We instruct Glitchy Butler #4 to make lobster-
Tumblr media
-and I send Sophie to greet B.J, as we’ve unironically reached the point where SOPHIE MIGUEL is the most stable and likable person in this family.
Tumblr media
-Aw if it isn’t headmaster B.J! Do you remember me? -Oh I’m sorry, I don’t. -You expelled me for ‘sociopathic behavior’! -We pride ourselves on having so many sociopathic students that I still can’t quite place you. -I made you eat you bowtie! -Sophie Miguel??? Wow, you’re all grown up!
Tumblr media
GB4 (Glitchy Butler #4) burnt the goddamn lobster, USELESS-
Tumblr media
-so we’ll have to stall with the tour until Jojo can make a replacement!
-This is our living room, complete with the kids untouched homeworks in the background. -Amazing!
Tumblr media
Jojo will you pick up the pace on this turkey please??
-It’s hard to concentrate with Sandy Fairchild wailing zombieshly in the mausoleum.
Oh God, she’s still not over that crap? It’s been 3 hours.
Tumblr media
-This is my father-in-law ripping out an animal’s guts. Unusually, this one is already dead. -Incredible!
Tumblr media
-And this is my other father-in-law, who is currently on the 4th day of a sleep binge. -I’ve never been this impressed!
Ok B.J you can tone it down, Victoria is dead she can’t hurt you. -Not taking any chances!
Tumblr media
-Ah, Headmaster B.J, how are you? -Little Jojo Union.. my star student. I had such high hopes for you, and then you stabbed me in the back. -I’m sorry sir, but to be fair, I didn’t hit anything vital.
Tumblr media
-How’s the turkey, Headmaster? Feel free to express your opinion in the form of score points.  -I have to be honest, Sophie, I don’t feel so well.. I’m hearing a strange sound..
Tumblr media
-..Some sort of ghostly meowing but coming from a human?? As if someone has fallen down a well and is calling for help in meows???
Tumblr media
-Headmaster B.J, that’s very weird and specific, maybe we should postpone until you’ve seen a doctor!💗 -Meow.. meow meowwww~
Tumblr media
-Meow meow... meooooowwww~ -Grandpa will you cut it the fuck out, huhu?🌸
Tumblr media
-Cyn, why don’t you tell Headmaster B.J about how you all you wish for in this life is an elderly gentleman?
Tumblr media
-Oh it’s true, Headmaster, there’s just something so magical about grey hair, loose skin, and enlarged prostates!💗
Tumblr media
-Ok, I’ve heard enough.. -Fuck, we went too far, Jojo! -We’re gonna be fine!
Tumblr media
-You’re in!  -I knew a little stabbing wouldn’t come between BFFs like us! -Yes, that’s exactly the reason I’m accepting your grandchildren, Jojo.
Tumblr media
-Call me, Cyn! -I will, handsome, huhu! Now where was I? Right🌸..
Tumblr media
-Donnie, I’m so sorry for cheating on you!💗 -You seriously stopped to cheat on me in the middle of your cheating apology? -And I will apologize for that immediately!🌸
Tumblr media
-Je suis àwakêoix!!!
Oh Wyatt good, I have a humiliating and undignified task for you.
Tumblr media
I know, I know, I’m sorry, but your creativity points doomed you into being the one to immortalize Don’s mug.
Tumblr media
Speaking of immortality, I forgot to explain to you guys how the Sandy zombie shit came to be. So I had been wanting to resurrect Sandy and send her back to towniehood for a while now because a) I felt bad for her b) her evil ghost was driving me crazy. However we’re still kinda broke post-renovation and I was very resistant to spending our hard earned cash on the reaper phone for her. 
But then we get the genie lamp and I see the free-of-charge resurrect option and I’m like oh wow what a loophole!!! Little did I know genie resurrections only make zombies, so clearly we got what we paid for. Let me also tell you, the main reason I felt bad for her as a ghost was she kept throwing a family aspiration bubble thought and I was like man, Jojo murdered this poor family townie and then she’s damned to watching our terrible children and never having any of her own. But now that she’s ‘alive’, it turns out that Sandy is ROMANCE and was deceiving me the whole time.
- T̾H̾A̾T̾’̾S̾ ̾R̾I̾G̾H̾T̾,̾ ̾I̾ ̾K̾N̾E̾W̾ ̾I̾N̾ ̾T̾H̾I̾S̾ ̾M̾I̾S̾O̾G̾Y̾N̾I̾S̾T̾I̾C̾ ̾S̾O̾C̾I̾E̾T̾Y̾ ̾Y̾O̾U̾’̾D̾ ̾F̾E̾E̾L̾ ̾M̾O̾R̾E̾ ̾I̾N̾C̾L̾I̾N̾E̾D̾ ̾T̾O̾ ̾R̾E̾S̾U̾R̾R̾E̾C̾T̾ ̾M̾E̾ ̾I̾F̾ ̾I̾ ̾W̾A̾N̾T̾E̾D̾ ̾T̾O̾ ̾B̾E̾ ̾A̾ ̾M̾O̾T̾H̾E̾R̾,̾ ̾B̾E̾C̾A̾U̾S̾E̾ ̾I̾T̾’̾S̾ ̾C̾O̾N̾S̾I̾D̾E̾R̾E̾D̾ ̾W̾O̾R̾T̾H̾I̾E̾R̾ ̾T̾H̾A̾N̾ ̾M̾E̾ ̾W̾A̾N̾T̾I̾N̾G̾ ̾T̾O̾ ̾B̾E̾ ̾A̾ ̾B̾I̾M̾B̾O̾ 🧟 
Lies, I’d feel also bad if you were romance watching Cyn whore around! Plus you don’t even wanna be a bimbo, you wanna be a celebrity chef, which. lmao. Sandy the Celebrity Chef Zombie.
-T̷H̷E̷R̷E̷’̷S̷ ̷A̷ ̷B̷I̷G̷ ̷M̷A̷R̷K̷E̷T̷ ̷F̷O̷R̷ ̷I̷T̷🧟
A big market for what? Worms and rotting body parts in people’s food?? Maybe if you market exclusively to Jojo.
Tumblr media
-O͎H͎ ͎A͎L͎L͎-͎P͎O͎W͎E͎R͎F͎U͎L͎ ͎G͎E͎N͎I͎E͎,͎ ͎H͎E͎A͎R͎ ͎M͎Y͎ ͎P͎L͎E͎A͎.͎ ͎I͎ ͎W͎I͎S͎H͎ ͎T͎O͎ ͎N͎O͎T͎ ͎B͎E͎ ͎A͎ ͎Z͎O͎M͎B͎I͎E͎ ͎A͎N͎Y͎M͎O͎R͎E͎,͎ ͎C͎A͎U͎G͎H͎T͎ ͎B͎E͎T͎W͎E͎E͎N͎ ͎L͎I͎F͎E͎ ͎A͎N͎D͎ ͎D͎E͎A͎T͎H͎.͎ ͎E͎I͎T͎H͎E͎R͎ ͎R͎E͎T͎U͎R͎N͎ ͎M͎E͎ ͎T͎O͎ ͎D͎U͎S͎T͎ ͎O͎R͎ ͎L͎E͎T͎ ͎M͎E͎ ͎T͎A͎S͎T͎E͎ ͎L͎I͎F͎E͎’͎S͎ ͎G͎L͎O͎R͎Y͎🧟 -CAN’T DO IT SIS🧞 -₣Ʉ₵₭ ɎØɄ🧟
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sophito is such a goddamn knowledge sim even though he hasn’t rolled for an aspiration yet, he’s OBSESSED with Sandy and all he wants to do is interact with her.
-Hi Sandy, my monthly physics scholarship check came, I want you to have it!  -W̴H̴Y̴?̴🧟 -Buy something nice for your mausoleum room! I want you to feel at home! Please don’t leave us!
Sophito she’s a dishwasher zombie, not a lot of places she can go.
-She’s the coolest thing that’s even happened to me!!!
Tumblr media
-Wow Sandy, those brain sandwiches are fantastic! I’m sure great success awaits you in the culinary world!
Tumblr media
-Hi Sandy, I know it’s 2 a.m but here are some facts about elephants that just can’t wait until morning!
Tumblr media
-Sandy, Sandy, I got an A++! They invented it for me! -G͎O͎O͎D͎ ͎J͎O͎B͎,͎ ͎K͎I͎D͎D͎O͎🧟
Tumblr media
Why so glum, Soph?
-I’m worried about Sophito. He was born the problem child-
He was what.
-7 nice points?? 
Oh brother.
-And now all this Zombie Fairchild crap is making him even kinder and more open-minded. This ends now!
Tumblr media
-Alright, let me adjust the mic here.. stupid childphobic standards..
Tumblr media
-So I say to you, fellow students, that we should abandon competing for grades, and instead focus on those among us who are struggling academically! I will personally lead a workshop-
Tumblr media
-Sophito, what the hell is this? -Oh hi mom! It’s my assembly speech, I’m going to start a workshop for studying tips!  -Fuck my life. Sophito, I will only ask you this once, and I want the absolute truth. Have you been using your powers for good? -What powers?? -The brainchad powers you inherited from me! -Well, that’s a very arrogant way of putting it! Everyone is special- -OH GOD.
Tumblr media
-Now listen here son, with great power comes great responsibility.. towards YOURSELF. -That doesn’t sound right. -WELL IT IS. Now, I love you, and you could never make me ashamed of you, but those 7 nice points of yours are just about to do the trick. -I’m sorry about our philosophical differences, mom, but I believe kindness is its own reward! -Ok Sophito, I didn’t wanna do this, I thought you were too young to hear it, but I see there is no other way to change your mind.. The only other person in this family with nice points..
Tumblr media
-..is grandpa Wyatt. -WHAT. NO. -Yes, son. Those are the genes we’re up against. Do you want to be like him? -What must I do? -Go forth and lose those nice points, my son. It is the only way. -How? How do I do that?? -The power of turbochaddery flows in your veins, no thanks to your mother. When the time comes, listen to your true, empty heart!
Tumblr media
-I will do it, mom! I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid grandpa Wyatt’s fate!! -I believe in you, my child. -My quest begins!
Tumblr media
As Sophito embarks on the journey of a lifetime, Sandy returns from her job and we face some routing issues with her carpool and Jojo’s wolf simping tent.
-Move it, old man! -Go around, you stupid moron! -I CAN’T go around, it’s hardcoded in the game, move your tent! -NO
Tumblr media
-I can stay here honking all night, crazy geezer! -Do your worst! I’ll freeze to death before I move! 
Tumblr media
-Man, Sandy sure has it made living in the mausoleum! It’s the only place I can escape this infernal honking, and it reminds me of my childhood, AND, free catghost fighting entertainment! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So nice of Sandy to offer her bed to you! 
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i-cant-sing · 2 years
An Accident
Yeah... you may have seen this before, earlier this week when I accidentally posted it. Anyways, this is a part 2 of the Todoroki clan being obsessed with reader's hair. So, um enjoy.
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Yandere Todoroki Clan:
Rei is obsessed with reader’s hair.
She’s taken such good care of it, and after years of hard work, your hair now reaches just around your butt. Your hair is healthy, thick, luscious, and cut into a smooth, U shape; of course all trims are done by Rei herself because she doesn't even trust professionals. And even though you’ve asked Rei on multiple occasions to cut it short, at least up to the middle of your back, she just wouldn’t, always saying that you’re being unreasonable. But you’re not; you’ve given her multiple valid reasons.
For example, Rei and Fuyumi do your hair themselves. And initially, they would let you choose whatever hairstyle you wanted, but now they pick one for you, saying they know which one will suit your outfit of the day better. Rei likes to do double buns, or ponytails tied with ribbons or just one high pony with a pretty big bow on the top of your head. Fuyumi on the other hand makes super intricate hairstyles, and while they look pretty, only you know how much pain your scalp is in. Fuyumi does your hair as if you’re her doll, yanking and twisting hard, saying that she needs to be this rough to achieve the distinctive braid patterns. Thankfully, Rei usually does your hair most of the time.
One of the main reasons you've begged Rei to let you cut your hair short is how much time she (and you) would safe. Since your hair is so long, it takes a lot of time for Rei to put in hair masks, serums, oils, etc. It takes even longer to wash and dry them out, and then style them as well. But she smiled oh so kindly, and told you that she doesn't mind. She looks forward to taking care of your hair, forcing you to sit between her legs for hours as she applies some expensive magic growth oil, ignoring how you didn't like this.
And even if your hair is curly naturally, like even 4C curly hair, Rei will have it straight as a stick in no time (don't bother telling her that you like it natural). But don't worry, its still quite voluminous.
Of course, Rei washes your hair herself, telling you that you’re simply not capable enough to manage it. (At least she lets you wash your body yourself.) And due to your hair being so long, it takes time to not only wash it, but also dry it. Rei will detangle using a wide tooth comb, starting from the bottom and working her way up. Then she’ll dry it with her cold breath, and if required, call Enji to dry your hair with his heat. You like it when Enji dries your hair, because he does it quickly and your hair becomes far smoother.
And its not just Rei and Fuyumi that are obsessed with your hair, the boys are just as fond of it as well. Enji likes to card his fingers through your hair while he’s working on some papers or listening to news, his warm hands always putting you to sleep in his lap. Its an adorable sight, gives him a sense of peace.
Shotou also likes to run his hands through your long hair, especially after a stressful day. The feeling of his fingers through your smooth, long locks, it calms him. And if he’s feeling extra stressed, then he might braid your hair loosely as well. He always wears a scrunchie on his wrist for you.
You wouldn't ever admit it, but you enjoy it when Natsuo played with your hair. Its like he can sense when you're having a headache. He'll have you sit on the floor while he takes a seat on your bed, and then his fingers will do their magic. He knows exactly where to put pressure on your scalp, and exactly how much force to use. His massages always relieve your migraines, and he always massages with expertise to ensure their is proper blood flow in your scalp.
While you are more than happy to let Natsuo touch your hair, you hate it when Dabi's around. If you didn't know better, you'd think he wants to rip your scalp off. He knows how much it annoys you, always pulling at your ponytails, tugging at your braids, even yanking it a few times when you ignore him. And you've complained to your family, but all of them say that "oh he's just playing around." Or "no, he just misses you. He's only teasing." And when you ask Dabi to stop it, he'll just smile and say "big brother privileges."
He's insufferable.
Everyone gets to play with your hair, but God forbid if you do. Oh no, apparently you'd "destroy it", as if you're not capable of managing your own hair. You're not allowed to open your ponytails because, quoting Rei, "you're yanking your hair. You're going to rip your follicles- baby, stop. Just let me do it." But you know that she does that because she wants to brush your hair with the soft, bristle brush before you go to bed. And somedays, Rei doesn't tie your hair in a bun or something, letting your hair fall, and it gets in your way, and even then you're still not allowed to put it up because "oh honey, your hair needs to breathe too. If you keep it in a pony, the band will leave a mark in it." Honestly, everyone finds it adorable when you're dressed in your little, fluffy skirt paired with a cozy oversized sweater, all mad and pouting, trying to blow the hair strands blocking your field of vision. Like a little baby.
While Rei looks at your hair and sees years of her hards work and patience, all you see is losing control over your own life. And you are. They decide everything for you, from the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and even things you should like and dislike. They choose when you should go out, what you should watch, when its time for bed. They disregard your opinions and feelings, and if you show that you're frustrated, then its means that you're just throwing a "tantrum", and you need to be put to bed like some cranky child. You've told them that they're too overbearing, but they always say that they just love you.
What kind of love is controlling?
They're so lost in their delusions, that they don't even see the deteriorating effects it has on you mentally.
Actually, one person did see them. Dabi.
He saw how much everything was overwhelming you, how you were near tears when they talked over you, made choices for you.
He felt a bit bad for you, just a tad. Mostly, he felt there was another opportunity to mess with you.
When Dabi came to bother you one night, tugging at your hair again, this time a bit harder than usual, he saw you were ready to cry. You didn't even bother saying anything to him anymore, just kept quiet and did your best not to cry. Of course, now he ridiculed you. Called you a little crybaby and used that annoying patronising tone with you. And just as he was about to leave, he said "if your hair bothers you so much, why don't you just cut it, you big baby?"
As if something had finally snapped in you, you let his words echo. Why don't I cut it? What's stopping me?
Was it because you had learned to just give in?
You didn't even realise you had walked to your bathroom until you were holding a pair of scissors. Which surprised you, because you weren't allowed to use scissors unsupervised. It was almost as if a sign from the universe motivating you to do it, and definitely not Dabi who left them on the sink.
Holding the pair of scissors in one hand and a chunk of your hair in the other, you hesitate for a second and wonder what will Rei do. But before you could stop yourself, you cut.
I'll cross that bridge when it comes.
You start low, maybe 2 inches above your hips. It looks okay, but maybe you could cut a little more. And a little more. And a little more. Before you know it, your hair is around shoulder length, in an uneven, chunky bob. Its not perfect, but somehow you feel much better. Like you’ve finally gotten some control back. Wiping your tears away, you ruffle your hair a bit, the cool air on your neck adding to the feeling of freedom. You feel normal, happier, peaceful. Things you haven't felt in years. And all because you had 3 am meltdown.
After you cleaned up the bathroom, you went back to bed, anxious how everyone will react in the morning. Maybe they won't care. You thought. Its only hair. My hair.
Everyone was waiting for you at breakfast the next morning, and to everyone’s surprise, Dabi had joined them as well. Rei was cooking up some eggs, while the kids chatted. Enji was suspicious of the mischievous glint in Dabi’s eyes, and it was filling him with unease. Just as he was about to question him, you walked in.
Everyone went silent.
Then Fuyumi let out an audible gasp, while Dabi chuckled darkly. Natsuo, Shotou and Enji looked at you with their mouths agape.
“Good morning.”you greeted them.
Rei, who was facing away from you, finally turned towards you. “Good mo-”Rei’s breath hitched, eyes blown wide, as the plate of bacon fell from her hands.
Its funny how everyone in the kitchen, including you, had the same thought at that moment.
What the fuck?
Taking a deep breath, you moved to sit in your usual spot between Fuyumi and Rei, but Shotou suddenly pulled you back and pushed you into the seat beside him. He knows his mother is in a better state mentally, but something tells him not to risk it. Fuyumi snapped next, quickly getting up and cleaning the mess on the floor while Enji pulled Rei, who was still staring at you in disbelief, to sit beside him. You remained indifferent to everyone’s stares, quietly eating your food. As soon as you were done, Shotou got up and quickly pulled you out of the room, Dabi following close behind.
They sat in your room as Shotou looked at your hair with worry. “Looking nice, doll.”Dabi chuckled as he plopped down on your bed beside you. “Thanks.” you mumbled. “Y/n how did- why did you- why did you cut your hair?” Shotou asked, still looking at your choppy hair. “Do you not like it?” you asked. “N-no I do. But what will mom say-” “Shotou, its my hair.” you snapped. “Yeah, Shotou.” Dabi mocked. Fuyumi and Natsuo soon joined you guys, worrisome looks on their faces. “Why did you cut it? Oh my god, do you even know how much trouble you’re in?” Fuyumi was freaking out. “Its my hair.” you rolled your eyes. They ignored you. “Okay, okay. Shotou why don't you stick around with Y/n for a couple of days? Fuyumi and dad will try to keep mom away from her.” Before Fuyumi could nod, you stood up. “No.”
Natsuo looked at you confused. “what do you mean “no”?”
“I mean no. I don't need Shotou to babysit me. I can handle myself.” Fuyumi walked towards you, reaching her hands for you but you backed away, “Y/n, sweetie-” You cut her off ,“Stop treating me like a child.”
Shotou spoke this time, “Its for your protection-” “Protection from who? Our mother? Why?”your words dared them to say the truth. To agree that Rei was unstable. They didn't say anything.
A few days had passed by and things were returning to normal. Almost normal. Rei still had this thousand yard stare when she looked at you, but she never said anything. Cutting your hair was the best decision you had made, because not is it only easy to manage, but it also got the family off your back. Rei doesn't wash your hair anymore(although you think she's just not over the shock), Fuyumi doesn't need to do your hair, they dry faster, and all of your brothers (including Dabi) doesn't mess around with them anymore. Enji was the first to adjust to your new cut, he even complimented you one day.
Did you feel guilty because you know how attached Rei was to your hair? A bit, but then realised that you needed this. You need some control over your life, and if this is how they react to your new cut, then maybe you could start taking back reigns over other aspects of your life as well.
You thought that maybe Rei had finally gotten over it a week later, when you were laying in the bathtub, enjoying the hot bath. When you heard her walk in, you were a bit startled. Why was she here- is she finally over it? "Um- hey." She smiled at you. "Why are you here?" She took the bath stool and sat behind the tub. "You know why." She replied and started rolling her sleeves up. Is she here to wash my hair? "Oh, are you here to wash my hair? I don't need help with that anymore now that they're short." Rei smiled again, this one looking forced, before dipping her hand in the tub. "No, silly." And with that, Rei froze the entire the tub in 2 seconds. The ice trapped your limbs, and reached up to your clavicle. The sudden change from hot to cold had you jolt, but you couldn't move due to the frozen ice. "Mom-!" You heard the buzzing sound of a trimmer and then felt Rei entangle her fingers in your hair to yank your head back. "I'm here to complete your haircut." You tried moving your head but her grip on your scalp was unrelenting. She started trimming the right side of your head, moving it slowly as to get every single hair. "Honestly, you should've come to me. I do agree that it'd be a good idea to start again." Tears fell from your eyes, your teeth chattered and you could feel your heart beat slow down as the cold seeped into your bones. "M-mom, I'm col-d. P-please s-stop..." Rei was done with one half of your head. "You know, I read somewhere that your grows thicker if you cut it. I'm sure that after I've shaved your head, your hair will grow even fuller. I've already gotten some new oils and hair masks! Maybe we could do them together." You couldn't hear anything besides the slowing of your own heart beating. Your breath had started to become shallow, you couldn't think about anything except for how painful ice could be. Your lips were turning blue, eyes were getting clouded with black spots, all sensation from your body was losing. Just before you lost consciousness, you heard the bathroom door open and a panicked yell.
You felt warm.
When you came to, your entire body felt warm and weighted, probably due to the heavy blanket spread on you.
Opening your eyes, you found yourself in a dimly lit room. It was...your parents room. Why am I here? You turned your head to look around but your eyes stopped at the large figure sitting on a chair next to your bed.
The figure's head snapped towards yours. "You're awake." He paused. "How- how are you feeling?" You moved the blanket off you, your body felt dense and ached. "Warm and...sore. What happened? Why am I in your bedroom?" Enji shifted in his seat. "I think its best if you stay here from now on, so that... your mother and I can look after you." Your eyes widened. "What? Why?" You moved to sit up but then a pain shot through your head. "Ah shit." You hissed in pain as you went to massage your temples but your hands halted at the feeling of your hair... or lack there of. You tried to run a finger through your choppy bob cut, but all you felt was your shaved head. Your eyes met Enji's, looking at him in disbelief as you recalled the events that had led up to this. "Darling-" You jumped off the bed and ran towards the vanity mirror, praying that this is just a nightmare. But as you looked at your reflection, you realised that this was the terrifying reality you were living in.
Tears dripped from your eyes as you took in your appearance. Trimmed- no, shaved pink hair. You couldn't see a single bit of hair above the roots, only a baby pink scalp. She had not only trimmed your hair first but then also proceeded to shave your scalp off. Your head looked like it had peach fuzz.
You couldn't bring yourself to look away, not even when Enji placed a hand on your shoulder. "Y/n-" He didn't even what to say. He was still in shock from what would've happened if Fuyumi hadn't yelled for him when Rei was-
Enji shook his head. Now's not the time. You're here and you're fine. You're fine. Enji pulled you towards him, burying your face in his chest as you cried. "You're fine." He repeated, more to himself than to you. "Why- why would she do this?" Your voice was muffled by his chest but he understood. He understood your pain and it tore him apart that he still wouldn't be able to help you.
Enji honestly didn't know what to tell you. He didn't know what words would bring you comfort. "It... it was an accident." His chest rumbled as he spoke. You pushed yourself away from him as you looked at him perplexed.
"What?" Your eyebrows raised, nostrils flared and blood rushed to your face. You were going to blow up.
"An accident? Is that what you said? Oh okay. Was it an accident when she froze the fucking tub? Did the trimmer accidentally fall from her hands to my head?! Oh and did she accidentally pull the razor over my head?!" Angry tears fell from your eyes but you were far too enraged to care.
Enji opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off by the sound of the bedroom door opening. Turning around you saw her.
Rei was standing there with a tray of food and water. Her face turned to shock before turning to happiness. She set the tray on a nearby table before she rushed towards you, her hands reaching for your face.
"Angel, you're awake-" you pushed her hands away roughly as you backed away from her.
"Dont you dare touch me."
The couple, they had never heard your voice such hostility. It wasn't like you. Rei shook her head as she tried to reach for you again, taking another step in your direction. But you smacked her hands away again. "I said don't touch me!" Your yelling had got your siblings to rush in the room, wanting to see what the commotion was about.
Rei's eyes shifted from you to Enji, looking at him for help, before they returned back to you. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Y/n, darling. What's wrong?" You scoffed at her soft tone that tried to quell the storm of negative emotions bubbling inside you. "What's wrong? What's wrong? I don't know, you tell me, Rei. Why the fuck am I bald?!" Your head was pounding with rage, raw unbridled anger.
When Rei didn't say anything, Fuyumi stepped forward to help her out. "Y/n its-"
"Shut up."
Fuyumi's- everyone's eyes widened. Of everyone, you never even rose your voice at your favourite sibling. But to hear your voice turn so cold towards her, it shocked everyone. "Y-Y/n-" she tried again but you cut her off. "I said shut up. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to Rei and she'll answer for herself."
Enji placed a hand on your shoulder, pulling you back slightly. "Have some respect. She's your mother-" You yanked your shoulder away from his grip. "No, she's not!" You inhaled deeply, trying to stabilise your voice. "No, she's not. You're not my dad. I'm not a part of this family. And I'm so sick of playing this game."
Dabi's eyes narrowed. "Stop being an ungrateful brat. You've been given all the luxuries one could only imagine, spoiled to no end-" You laughed. "Did I ask for anything?" "You never had t-" "And all these luxuries that you're talking about, I didn't get them for free. I had to give up a lot. No, wait-" you laughed again, tears blurring your vision. "I didn't give up anything. You all took it. Yeah, all of you snatched everything away from me. My family, my friends, my privacy, my sanity, everything. And you-" you moved towards Rei, pointing a finger at her. "You have been the most greedy one of them all."
Rei's jaw fell open, as she shook her head. "No-" You shook your head.
"Yes! I gave you everything. I let you dress me up in those god awful clothes, feed me whatever you wanted, stick to your side like glue because you don't like it when I was out of your sight for a more than a few minutes. For fucks sake, I didn't even go to college this year because you weren't ready to see me become an adult!" You ran a frustrated hand through your hair. "I played into your sick little fantasy. I let you treat me like a child, talk to me like I'm some helpless baby. I let you touch me even though it disgusted me to no end. I never even complained when you gave me ice burns because I was throwing a tantrum." You looked at the rest of your family, and they were shocked to hear that last bit. You smiled cruelly at them. "Yeah, you didn't know that did you?"
Rei was crying herself by now, as she reached out for you once again but you moved away. "I let you have everything. All I wanted was this little bit of freedom, for my own sanity. But you couldn't stomach that could you?" Your head hung low, your tears hitting the floor.
"Why do you have to be so selfish?"
Your voice held so much pain and defeat. Rei couldn't help but engulf you in her arms, wrapping herself around you tightly before you could even protest. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She cried out. "I- I promise I'll fix this! Yes. I-I've already gotten you some new hair oils! They say that they'll help you grow 6 inches in a month! Oh and Natsuo also brought some stuff for hair growth! Some vitamins and- Natsuo whats that spray called? Minoxy? Mi-minoxidil! Yes! He said that'll help you grow your hair in no time! Doesn't that sound nice? You'll have long hair like before!" Rei pushed back to look at you. You couldn't believe it.
"Are you- are you really that delusional?" Your voice was so soft, almost like you would break any moment now. "Are you so blind to see what you're doing to me?" Your eyes held so much pain and confusion. "Sweetie, don't worry- mommy will take such good care-" You pushed Rei away from you, your anger rolling back in full speed. "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!" You shrieked. "Y/n-" Shotou tried to interject. "I'm not a part of your fucking family."
Enji stepped towards you. "Calm down."
You looked at him. "You said that what happened was an accident. What will you do if another one happens? And you're not around this time to save me? Hmm? What will you do? Continue playing house with my dead body?!"
Rei's sobs shook her body. "Shut up. Think before you say stupid shit like that." Dabi spoke this time, moving to stand between you and his mother. "Or what? You're going to hurt me? More the reason why all of you, but especially you-" you pointed at Rei "deserve to be in that nuthouse-!"
You were on the floor before you could even process what had happened. Had you- had you fallen? But when the searing pain of the burn on your cheek came alive and you looked at his hand that had erupted in blue flames, you realised what had happened.
Dabi slapped you.
Your cheek felt like someone had placed a hot iron on it, the sting spreading to your entire cheek, but you were far too shocked to care about the pain.
Dabi slapped me.
Shotou, Natsuo and Fuyumi quickly rushed to your side, picking you up and out of the room, while Dabi stood there in stunned as his own hand throbbed. The image of his handprint branded on your scared face wasn't going to leave his mind anytime soon.
Enji hesitated, looking at his wife and son in disbelief, before leaving the room to look for you.
Rei walked towards Dabi and smacked his arm. "What did you do?!" She yelled at him. He opened his mouth to explain but nothing came out.
"She's your little sister, Touya! W-why would you do that?!" Rei scolded him.
He hurt you. Like Enji hurt Rei.
He hurt you.
Rei sighed before closing her eyes and engulfing Dabi in her arms. "Its okay. Its not your fault." She rubbed his back soothingly. "It was an accident, wasn't it?"
Dabi wrapped his arms around his mother, burying his face in her neck, before nodding.
"Yes. It was an accident."
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So... how was it?
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Day 125.3 Accidental Bonding (Part 3)
You can start at Part One, if you'd like.)
"Piss off, Malfoy," Jenkins snarled from across the room at the end of the training exercise, drawing Harry's attention from the conversation he was having with Ron. "You are such an arsehole. You think you're so clever, so much better than us," he shoved Malfoy's shoulders, "but you're just a slimy Dark Lord worshiper-"
"Oy!" Harry shouted, darting forward and physically putting his body between Jenkins and Malfoy, "Don't talk to him like that."
"I'll talk to that fu-"
"You need to back down," Harry growled, his body thrumming with energy, fingers tingling with the urge to punch Jenkins in the face, his magic racing hot and bright under his skin.
Malfoy put a hand on Harry's shoulder, "Don't," he said. "He's not worth it."
He glared at the other man for a moment before taking a step toward the locker room.
"Oh, I get it," Jenkins sneered, "some people are so possessive of their pets. He's letting you fuck him now, so-"
Harry spun around so fast that Jenkins didn't have a moment to see what was about to happen as Harry's fist connected with his jaw. "Watch your mouth," he growled, low in his throat. "We aren't sleeping together but even if we were that wouldn't change the fact that he is twice the auror you will ever be." He took another step closer, "He's smarter, faster, and has better instincts. And everyone knows that your pathetic attempts to belittle him are out of jealousy. So you can fuck off before you make an even bigger arse of yourself."
"Alright," Ron said, holding out his hands between them. "That's enough."
Jenkins spat blood at Harry's feet but had the good sense not to say anything more as he left and slammed the door behind him.
Harry turned to see Malfoy storming away from him. "Malfoy," he shouted but the other man threw him a two fingered salute and stalked off.
"What the hell?" Harry grumbled.
(Read more below the cut)
Ron shrugged, "Beats me, mate." He slapped him on the shoulder, "but I wouldn't want to be going home with him. He looked pissed."
Regrettably Ron was right, Malfoy was pissed. Harry couldn't understand it and the other man wouldn't say a word to him about it.
They went home and Malfoy shut himself in the bedroom without a word, leaving Harry standing completely confused in the living room. "What the hell?" he repeated.
Hands on his hips, he stared off after the other man and replayed what he'd said to Jenkins for the fiftieth time, trying to figure out what had made Malfoy so mad.
Giving up on trying to puzzle it out seemed like the only course of action so he headed into the kitchen and started dinner. In the past week and a half, Draco had cooked, they'd cooked together, or ordered take out. Harry hadn't cooked anything on his own since he's arrived and honestly, he was glad for the chance to cooking now.
He chopped up an onion, diced a carrot, chopped up a stalk of celery, and minced several cloves of garlic. Then he turned to the stove and heated a frying pan, pouring in some olive oil before tossing in the veggies and letting them cook down while he chopped up lettuce for a salad.
After about ten minutes, he added the ground beef, salt, and pepper into the frying pan and uncorked a bottle of Merlot, pouring himself a generous glass and dumping a few ounces in with the beef and veg.
He cast a simple spell to keep the spoon stirring while the beef browned and he turned to cut up tomatoes and onions for the salad and made a simple vinaigrette. When the beef was brown and fragrant, he added in tomato paste, diced tomatoes, basil, oregano, and a dash of nutmeg before stirring it all together.
With a pleased hum, he put the lid on the pot and cast a spell that would condense the simmering time to about thirty minutes instead of three hours.
While the sauce cooked down he baked brownies, tossed the salad, and prepped the water and spaghetti. Boiling the spaghetti, cutting the brownies, and plating everything was easy after that. Harry topped the bowls of bolongese with freshly grated Parmesan and basil.
Then, after a moment of debate, he decided to bring dinner to Malfoy instead of the other way around and laid out their salads, bowls of bolognese, glasses of wine, and brownies onto a tray. He levitated it down the hall and knocked on the door.
"Come in," Malfoy called, sounding bored and detached and Harry had to take a steadying breath to tamp down the irritation that tone of voice invoked before opening the door.
"Made dinner," he said casually.
Malfoy turned his head from where he was laying on the bed, idly catching a snitch and releasing it. He sat up, his blonde hair trailing behind him, "It smells good."
"You don't need to sound surprised," Harry teased.
Malfoy opened his mouth to protest but Harry continued as he set the tray in the middle of the bed.
"I'm just kidding," he assured quickly.
"Do you really think that it's wise to consume red wine and pasta on a white bed?" Malfoy asked, one eyebrow arched at him as he climbed onto the bed across the tray from Malfoy.
"It'll be fine," Harry assured as he picked up his salad bowl and speared a tomato. "We're wizards, we'll magic it away if we must."
Malfoy hummed but picked up his own salad. "Thank you."
He shrugged a shoulder, "No problem. I like to cook, actually."
"Do you?" Malfoy asked curiously.
Harry nodded, "Yeah. Once we left Hogwarts and I was living on my own, I was eating out all the time and it wasn't doing me any favors. So I learned how to make some simple things that taste good." He tilted his head, "What about you? You're not a bad cook."
His cheeks turned a light pink and he cleared his throat, "That's Granger's doing actually."
He sighed, "She made a really good case about house elves. I didn't want to be who my parents wanted me to be so when I moved out and joined the aurors, I basically shunned anything that whiffs of pureblood bullshit. It has no place here," he said gesturing to his home with his fork.
Harry blinked, "That's amazing."
"Shut up."
"No, I'm serious," Harry said. "You're amazing and I had no idea."
"Stop," Malfoy said. "Please, it's not-"
"Is that what earlier was about?"
Malfoy stilled, "Excuse me?"
"Is that why you were upset?" he asked. "You thought that I was taking the piss?"
"I thought that you have an insufferable hero complex that makes me want to vomit," he growled.
"You're a hedgehog," Harry said, finally understanding.
Malfoy froze, "Who told you that?"
"Told me what?" Harry asked.
"That my patronus is a hedgehog," he said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Harry laughed and Malfoy flushed cherry red, his eyes narrowed. "No, sorry," Harry said holding out a hand, "I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing because I had no idea, honestly!"
"Then what made you say it?" he asked suspiciously.
"Just," he paused and took a bite of bolognese as he searched for the right words, "When you start to feel vulnerable or like someone is going to hurt you, you curl into this defensive ball that will stab at someone no matter what they say or do."
"You are genuinely one of the best aurors in our class," Harry said earnestly, steering the conversation to something more tangible that they were less like to fight over. "I was serious."
Malfoy rolled his eyes, "You're just saying that because the bond-"
He shook his head, "I've always thought that," he protested. "It's annoying as fuck because it always seems like everything comes so easily to you. I used to complain about it to Ron all the time."
"Says you," Malfoy protested. "You're always doing everything right; throwing yourself into danger to protect people." He shook his head, "By all accounts, what you do shouldn't work but it does. You're a good auror, Potter."
Harry swallowed, "Thanks, Malfoy. That means a lot coming from you."
"Yes, well," he said as he took a sip of wine, "Don't let it go to your head."
Harry chuckled and they took a few bites in companionable silence before Draco started to talk again.
"You didn't have to come to my rescue with Jenkins, you know."
He waved the thought away, "He's an arse. We've had it out before."
"I'm just saying," he argued, "I was fine. Honestly what he was saying wasn't even that bad."
"Not that bad?!" Harry yelped. "He-"
Malfoy shook his head, "It's the bond, Potter, don't you see that? Jenkins has said a lot worse, other trainees have said a lot worse, and you've never felt the need to jump in and defend my honor before."
Harry frowned.
"You're being swayed by what the bond wants you to feel about me."
"I'm not sure you're right," he said. "Because you shouldn't be treated like that at work. No one should be treated like that."
"Be that as it may-"
"I'm just saying, even if the bond brought it to my attention, I would have done that for anyone. If he'd been saying shite like that to Ron, I would have decked him, too."
Malfoy looked like he was going to argue with him, before visibly changing his mind, "You do have a wand, you know. There's no need to resort to brute force."
Harry shrugged, "But there's just something so satisfying about punching someone."
A laughed forced it's way up Malfoy's throat and Harry grinned at him. Shaking his head, Malfoy replied, "You're ridiculous. And this is good, by the way," he added, pointing to his pasta with his fork.
"Good," Harry said with a pleased little smile.
The conversation turned lighter as they bickered about the training exercises and the best approach, but the bickering held none of the animosity it had a week and a half before.
And Harry couldn't help but wonder how much of this was the bond's doing and how much was simply him.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4
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Why It Was Practically Inevitable That Severus Snape Would Join A Cult, an essay by Rose Jam
So, let’s talk about Cults. Disclaimer: This is just information I’ve gathered over the years from my personal fascination with religious cults.  I’m in no way an expert or a psychologist or whatever.  This is just my personal understanding from the research I’ve done.
A cult is started when a wildly charismatic Leader feels like they have a purpose, a higher calling, or a mission to be fulfilled (or they could also just be an egomaniac). Maybe they really do feel like what makes them special comes directly from a higher power, be that God, or the Heir of Slytherin, but either way, this person has a pathological need to be worshiped, and they need followers in order to do that.  
So, how does one obtain Followers easily? By finding the misunderstood misfits of society, and promising them something.  The people who feel like no one else understands them, or their ideologies.  But this Leader?  This Leader GETS IT, MAN! The Leader understands them perfectly, vindicates them, and makes them promises along the way.  Like, if they stick with the Leader, then not only will they finally be understood, but they themselves will also be revered.  That they will rise above all of the others who have put them down for so long, and will come out on top as a superior being.  
Any of this sounding familiar?
Charles Manson preyed on young people in the middle of the hippie movement, mostly women, who were feeling lost, lonely, and in need of guidance, or in terms of the men he recruited, seeking power over others.  Not all of these people were poor or helpless; some of them came from middle class, or even rich homes and families.  Yes, some of them came from broken homes, but all of them felt “broken” themselves, in some way. So Manson used their desires to have a family to draw them in.  He then used LSD and other drugs to keep them under his control, and he created a manipulative environment where the members of his “family” felt they could never leave him, and if they didn’t follow his commands, something horrible would happen to them.  I’m not going to go into full detail on the Manson Family Murders, but if you’re personally interested, check out the Podcast “Cults” on Spotify.
So back to basics, this Leader draws in Followers with flowery promises of community, power, family, or whatever.  But once the Leader has that following, the terror will begin.  Cult Leaders are usually master manipulators, and have completely brainwashed their followers into believing the “us vs them” mentality, that the outside world is evil, that the outside world will only harm them, that the outside world would never understand what they’re doing on the inside.  And that the Leader is the only one who knows the truth, so they better stick with him.  Or maybe the Leader has gaslit his followers so completely, that they become dependent on him for everything, to the point where they don’t know how they would possibly function without the Leader.  Or, the Leader has created an environment that’s so hostile, that Followers are too afraid of what might happen to them if they tried to leave, or didn’t do what the Leader commanded.  Typically, it’s a combination of all of the above.  Destructive cults will either hurt others outside of their circle (The Manson Family, Sect of Nacozari), harm themselves (Heaven’s Gate, The Ant Hill Kids), or both (The People’s Temple, Aum Sinrikyo).  
Now that I’ve laid this foundation, I’m going to tell you why it was practically inevitable that Severus Snape would join a cult.
Snape’s childhood ultimately laid the foundation for the mental state he would be in when he decided to join the Death Eaters.  He grew up in an abusive household, where his father, the muggle, had his magical wife so thoroughly whipped, that she couldn’t (or chose not to) use magic to defend herself, or her son (1).  Eileen had obviously told Severus about magic, about Hogwarts, about what a wonderful place it was, and what a wonderful gift magic could be.  Severus also watched as Tobias beat the magic out of her.  (I know it’s debated whether Tobias actually physically abused his family, but he certainly verbally/mentally/emotionally abused them, so the term “beat” could be used figuratively as well).  I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that Severus developed an extreme hatred of muggles with “burn the witch” mentalities from a very young age because of this.
Enter Lily, perhaps the only other magical person in his life besides his mother up to this point. He sees her using magic out in the open, perhaps recklessly, for fun, and he sees an opportunity to make a friend (and, admittedly, to be smarter than someone about something for a while). He was so eager to tell her all about magic, because getting to learn magic, and go to Hogwarts, has possibly been the only thing keeping him going in his young life.  And now he’s made a friend, a real friend who doesn’t think he’s weird because he’s magical.  Unlike Petunia, yet another muggle who makes fun of him for being weird (2). And Lily actually seems to like him back.  For a kid who probably hasn’t received a lot of affection in his life, this is monumental.  This friendship is everything.  Why wouldn’t he love her?
So the time finally comes to go to Hogwarts.  Severus gets to escape his abusive household, and finally has an opportunity to embrace magic for the first time in his life.  But almost immediately, he’s met with a hic-up.  Specifically, James Potter and Sirius Black.  So Severus is no longer facing abuse exclusively from muggles who think he’s weird, but now he’s also getting it from other magical people who think he’s weird (3).  And this started on the fucking TRAIN before he even GOT to Hogwarts. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t sour a kids dream right off the fucking bat.  And then, when he finally gets there, he’s separated from his only friend, by being sorted into different houses (4).  What a way for a life-long dream to be thoroughly dashed in less than 24 hours.
Let’s look at Snape’s Hogwarts experience.  He’s a good student, and he pours himself into learning as much magic as possible, and at being the best he can possibly be, probably motivated by a desire to be better than what his Father thinks possible.  During this time, he is regularly bullied and abused by the Marauders. Sometime before his 5th year, the Incident at the Shrieking Shack took place.  It definitely sucks to have been so thoroughly fucking duped, and put into a life-threatening situation involving a goddamn werewolf (5).  But perhaps even worse than that, the salt in the wound, was that no one fucking did anything about it (6).  He saw Sirius and James and Remus get out of that situation without facing any sort of proper punishment (as in, they all still stayed at the school as opposed to being expelled like they DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE BEEN (At least Sirius should have been)). Dumbledore was looking out for the Marauders, but no one was looking out for Severus.  On top of that, Severus isn’t allowed to TELL anyone about it, not even Lily.  So, he goes through what was possibly one of the most traumatic experiences of his life, and he can’t even tell anyone that it happened.
So, what sort of support system does Severus have during all this?  He has Lily, sure (who literally told him he should be GRATEFUL to James, one of his abusers).  But, what he really has, is Slytherin House (7). I’ll say it plainly: Severus was sorted into a house that was already full of existing cult members.  McGonagall says in Sorcerer’s Stone that “Your house will be like your family” (she at least says it in the movies, I’m too lazy to get up and reference my books rn lol).  So, Severus’ family, his support system, for 10 months out of every year, is a house that is already full to the brim with pureblood elitists with prejudiced ideals, who would absolutely vindicate Severus in his dislike for muggles.  As a kid first getting sorted into the house, it’s obviously not unreasonable to become friends with the people you’re literally living with.  His dorm mates became his family.  So, when his dorm mates started to become Death Eaters… This is headcanon, I fully admit, but like, fuck, Severus didn’t have a lot of friends, and was probably already drifting apart from Lily.  Do you really think he was going to tell the people he had to live with every single day, not to mention the only people that had been supporting him for years, to go fuck themselves for using Dark Magic?  Especially when he was probably feeling like he was on the verge of thinking that their rhetoric made some sense?
On to Snape’s Worst Memory (8).  At this point, he’s spent 5 years in Slytherin House, with fellow students who casually throw around the M word.  He gets attacked by James and Sirius, he’s practically defenseless, and then the girl who he’d considered his closest friend for so long… has to force herself not to smile when he’s thrown upside down and exposed to everyone on the grounds.  Sure, she was trying to defend him at first, but she also fucking nearly smiled at his humiliation, his pain, his abuse.  So he hurls the one word that he knows is going to cut the deepest, that will hopefully hurt her as badly as she has hurt him. And it works.
Severus had been beaten down his entire life.  By Muggles and Magic Folk alike.  And finally, he’s betrayed by Lily, his last lifeline to the light.  He betrayed her as well, of course.  But he did try to show remorse.  And she doesn’t forgive him (9), which was her prerogative, of course.  
So.  Who does he have left?
I’ve placed little (numbers) throughout my writing here.  Each of those numbers denote the specific events that led Severus to becoming an angry young man, who hates muggles, hates (some) magic folk, and resulted in him feeling weak, helpless, and desperate.  For what?  For power, for a family, for a community.  For a world where he is no longer the weird one.  For a world where he’s respected, strong.  For the world he thought he was going to be a part of, when he arrived at Hogwarts in his first year.
And it just so happens that this is the exact world that Voldemort is (allegedly) trying to create.
Severus Snape was angry, and vulnerable, and as such, he was practically the poster child for the type of person who would be susceptible to falling for a cult.  Maybe he was recruited by his friends in Slytherin House.  Maybe he was recruited directly.  Either way, charismatic Tom Riddle came along, understood how he felt, where he was coming from, told him he deserved better, and offered him all of the things he never had in his life.  And being at rock bottom, being the lowest of the low, to Severus it must have seemed like a miracle of an opportunity, or perhaps, like the only chance he had left.
Now, let me be extremely clear; everything I’ve written is not trying to EXCUSE Severus Snape for his actions.  There is always a point where personal responsibility must come into play.  Except for children born into cults or victims of kidnapping, nearly every person who has ever joined a cult has made the personal decision to join it. I’m just trying to express how unbelievably easy it is, for a Cult Leader to find people with damaged lives and low self-worth, to suck them in with promises of a fulfilling life and grandeur, and for those people to be easily swept up and brainwashed into believing that what they are doing is right.  (Or that what they are doing is required, because the alternative is more horrifying.)  
The type of people who joined the Death Eaters are the same type of people who joined Heaven’s Gate, or The People’s Temple, or yes, The Manson Family.  Now, I’m just going to say, from my own personal point of view, I do not vilify anyone who’s ever joined a destructive cult.  On the contrary, I feel sorry for them.  Because most people who join a cult, don’t necessarily do it signing up for the… end result of what happened to them.  Some of them totally do, like Heaven’s Gate. Most of them knew that the end result was going to be the “evacuation of their earthly vessel”.  But the people who joined the Manson Family, for instance, did not initially join it KNOWING how it was going to end.  They were part of the family long before Manson even came up with Helter Skelter, and by the time the Tate-LaBianca Murders took place, they were already too far gone to go against it.
I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in a humanizing view of former cult members, to read the essay “Leslie Van Houten: A Friendship” by John Waters. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/leslie-van-houten-a-frien_b_246953
Or, at the very least, listen to this 7 minute NPR interview with John Waters about the essay https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111585116
It’s the story of how notorious film maker John Waters, became friends with former Manson Girl, Leslie Van Houten, and about how she broke away from the cult after her conviction, how she’s spent the last 51 years of her life recovering from the psychotic influence of a maniac who’d promised her the world, and how even though she was convicted to life WITH a possibility of parole, it’s never been granted to her, despite the fact that she has done literally everything possible to try and atone for her crimes.
Maybe I’m just a bleeding heart.  I’m pretty much the only person I know who feels sorry for Leslie Van Houten and other cult members who were brainwashed, abused, and manipulated into doing a lot of the horrible things they’ve done.  But there are people in the world, who have committed FAR more heinous crimes than the Manson Family murders, and who are far less repentant than Leslie, but because those crimes weren’t as notorious, they get to walk free.
Addendum: When I first posted this, I had a few people point out to me that they had always associated Voldemort and the Death Eaters with Hitler and Nazi Germany.  This is a perfectly fair point, but one that I personally don’t jive with, and the reason is simply the numbers.   There were literally millions of people in the Nazi party during WW2.   Death Eaters don’t even reach triple digits, as far as I’m aware.  As I hinted at in this essay, I consider Voldemort and the Death Eaters to be MUCH closer to Charles Manson and the Manson Family.  The Manson Family 100% had Nazi ideology, of course. "Helter Skelter” was Charles Manson’s prediction that there was going to be a massive race war; one that the Whites were going to lose, and that he and his Pure White family would emerge from it in order to rule over the remaining Blacks.  Kinda... sounds like a Death Eater thing, huh?
Sorry.  Back to Snape.  There is a lot we don’t know about Severus’ actual time as a Death Eater. I think it can be reasonably assumed he’s never actually killed anyone before Dumbledore (In Prince’s Tale, Severus questions if his soul would be safe from killing Dumbledore, and Dumbledore implies that his soul would not be damaged by helping an old man avoid pain and humiliation.  This leads me to believe that Severus never committed any soul-damaging murders before this).  Beyond being a sneaky spy and delivering the prophecy to Voldemort, his time as a Death Eater is all up for conjecture.  
Severus does make one important deviation from the typical cult member mold, however.  In the end, he manages to break away from the cult.  The scales fall from his eyes.  In a figurative sense, the LSD has worn off.  What made him sober up, was the threat to his last lifeline to the light. The one good fucking thing he’d ever had in his miserable life.  He was brought back by genuine love.  Ya know, the ENTIRE MESSAGE OF THE HP SERIES. And not only did he leave the cult, but he then spent the rest of his life actively attempting to destroy it, and atone for the mistakes he’s made, in an effort to bring back the world he’d been excited for, as an 11-year-old kid, so full of hope.
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mx-julien · 2 years
wu should've remained a baby: a hot take no one asked for but arguably should consider
why is baby wu so important, you ask? you guys, i hear you. i hear you in my dreams, in my shower, and in my nonexistant auditory hallucinations of people that started when we had to cut off all interactions with other human lifeforms. wasn't wu's de-aging just another temporary side effect of the hands of time arc? yes, but if they'd stuck with it and let baby wu grow at a normal speed (esp. w/o that weird remembering thing where he gets all of his memories back), it would've created great character explorations and shifted the responsibilities of the ninja (this is a take that assumes that the aftermath of the oni arc stays the same whether or not wu's a child)
picking up from the beginning, they have to take care of him and they can't just give him up to someone else. all they know is that this is a baby the SoG are after and they're some of the best protectors in ninjago, so it's up to them until they defeat SoG. plus, they can't just give him to someone else to raise even after the events of SoG, Hunted, and March of the Oni, because *someone* would realize that the baby is wu (just realistically speaking - i mean, it's ninjago) eventually, and he'll need protecting then. plus, lloyd is the only family wu has left, and his students are some of the people who knew him best.
what happens now? now, they have one member of their team that can't take care of themself. literally everyone else is trained in fighting, but not this baby! they can't go crashing the bounty into cliffs or leave literally anything dangerous unattended
since this version doesn't have the weird accelerated growth thing and most ninjago plot mysteries get resolved quickly (except for mr. e! b/c apparently him being echo isn't officially canon!), for the sake of having similar pacing, let's say they probably figure he's wu by running into scrolls/art/parchment with the whole first family (first spinjitzu master, garmadon, wu) on it and seeing the likeness, plus the kid's oni blood so they would have figured wu's disappearance and an oni baby showing up were a little too coincidental
how do the ninja deal with seeing a child grow up? a saga:
lloyd. now he gets to see a kid grow up and have the childhood that got ripped away from him, and you can BET that he's not going to let anyone take away this kid's fun. he'd have to reconsider what growing up meant to him and really come to terms with his lost childhood. plus, when wu's older and in like late middle/early high school, he'll come back with all the school material that lloyd doesn't know because he was busy saving the world and being magicked into a young adult
nya. she was really young when their parents left, so the contrast between her upbringing (kai and her on their own with only photos, stories, and a shop) and baby wu's (many people who care! there's always someone around to rely on) only to realize what was robbed from her by krux. in comparison to other character growth she would have to accomodate for the child, this introspection would probably be the most significant.
kai. similar to nya, except he's probably a lot more aware of the discrepancies between his childhood and other kids' due to him having taken on the Responsible Older Brother mantle and being that reliable person for Nya. he's going to have to learn how to control his temper and instinct to distance himself when he's emotionally conflicted. on the flip side, he'll be very protective of letting wu have a childhood, since he had to grow up so quickly.
jay. had a pretty stable and good childhood, he's probably going to be one of the best sources for the reference of "on the general, this is how people usually raise a child" he'll be the best one to understand independent streaks and the "i hate you!"s that kids do because from what we know he was one of those kids, too. however, he'll have to mature in order to take care of the kid. he's very impulsive and, at times, insensitive because of it, which isn't great when you're trying to provide a good environment to raise a kid. plus, now he has to keep a bit better track of his things and his tasks in order to manage time better now that some of it is taken up by this little wu monster.
zane. oh boy. he thought he was an amnesiac orphan for so long, only to realize that he's a robot and never was human, then figures that he had a "childhood" but was never really a child. he's going to realize how immortal and unchanging he is in relation to the ever-growing humans he surrounds himself with. since he has two senses of self: robot and human, he's just left longing for all the things he can't have: a chance to grow physically from as a defenseless, unknowing kid to a competent, knowledgeable adult. yes, he had a mental childhood from when dr. julien made him, but he realizes that it's really not the same when he sees all the quirks of humanity that surround him. he's now very scared of how long he'll live and doesn't want to outlive them. this will likely take a few months to sink in and then there would a few weeks of just Emotional Turmoil likely, this change in behavior will be noticed by cole and the team will stage an intervention with pixal as the main speaker and they'll tell them they love him and they're glad he can live long because they don't want to imagine ninjago without him. he'll end up gaining more appreciation for his robot form and have to reevaluate what it really means for him to be both a machine and a person.
pixal. she never thought of herself as or considered herself a human! she'll probably have a similar response to zane in terms of the mortality and humanity thing, but it'd be a short, several days/a week thing that she talks out with someone she trusts. she might get a little insecure about it occasionally, but it just fuels her to be the best herself she can possibly be and spend her very long life doing as much good as she can. she'll gain a new sense of purpose and also appreciation for Borg!
cole. y'all were waiting for this one, eh? well first of all we know he's a great dad, and because of his experiences with his father, he'll likely be accepting about anything little wu could possibly want to commit his life to. also, as we can see, he enjoys taking care of kids because he likes being responsible for a little person; he finds the whole thing very rewarding and since he's usually pretty chill, it'll be a chance for the others to see him in a different, more excitable but also responsible light.
but what about the ninja's parents? you say
by putting a baby into the mix, these magic primary color children's show vigilantes need to mature because raising a child can't be solved by fighting and discovering new elemental abilities. they're forced to reevaluate how stable their own upbringings were and what they can do now to make sure that the kid doesn't have to deal with the issues that hurt them most.
as a team, though, they'll have to accept that you can't stop a kid from being hurt and the most important role a guardian has is to be a mentor and a friend, not a warden. they will need to carve out time from their own personal hours to do unglamorous, routine things like pick wu up from school or watch over a screamy child.
it would make them mature and turn the team on its head in a way, resulting in them appreciating each other more and learning more about each other's pasts.
but it would also be sO CUTE. HERE ARE SOME OF THE CUTE THINGS:
zane he teaches him about how everyone's inherent differences and uniqueness are not for people to exact judgment on - they're to be celebrated. w/ sous chef lloyd and commentator cole teaching wu how to cook in the big bounty kitchen that toddler wu would need a step stool to work at properly. when they've cleaned all the dishes, zane turns to congratulate little wu, only to be met with a bubble-bearded child of mischief. oh well, everyone knows that the only way to defeat bubble-beards is tickles, so he's left with only one option.
lloyd teaching wu about garmadon and the first master. how to be an oni and all the tales that make up their history, wu's past. how the world needs balance and why life deserves protecting. he's really not even out of being a kid, himself, so he enjoys taking wu out to comic and clothes stores. he's the default chaperone and takes just so much joy out of seeing a little kid get to be themself and not worry about anything other than when they get to go on their next playdate instead of having to avoid their father before they're ready to beat him to a pulp in the final battle. the sky's as golden as the yellowed starfarer pages that little wu's clutching so close. he can't read it yet, but the illustrations are so enthralling that it doesn't really matter. wu trips and lloyd barely has time to catch him before he scrapes his knees on the sidewalk. the comic is retrived after water ninja band-aids are applied, and they continue walking. a nice, normal day - the definition of a miracle.
cole teaching wu about kindness and responsibility, compassion and empathy, forgiveness and apologies. typical good dad things. there's a faint sniffling noise from behind the door, so cole knocks on it and sits in the hallway right next to the opening. he'll open it when he's ready. when wu explains how some kids at school made fun of him because of his lack of a mom or dad, cole just hugs him until he feels all wu's weight resting on his shoulder and only hears soft snores.
nya teaching wu about patience. about how the people around you should be cherished and appreciated. also joint lessons with kai about brewing the perfect cup of tea and some with jay about mechanics. she's just always around, wu can find her and just gush about anything. she's resourceful, so if he lets an idea slip, then she might help him fulfiill it on one of her free days. nya's waiting at the kitchen table in the bounty when wu returns from school. he pulls out a stool, going over the same little tile marks again and again. she opens the tea cabinet, hands him the list in zane's neat scrawl, and lets him spoon out the leaves everyone wants. kai enters - perfect timing - and is convinced to give the kettle a little boost. seven cups of perfectly brewed tea sit out on the table, to be joined by a handle-less light blue one just a few moments later. nya starts, "so, how was your day?"
kai teaching wu about the importance of keeping your ego in check and how your insecurities don't and never will define you, no matter how much you've convinced yourself that they do. lashing out at people is never the answer. the little blacksmith shop they have set up isn't really meant for children but wu is so careful and kai is so soft. he monologues about life lessons while wu is just transfixed on the hot metal he's holding.
pixal teaching wu about how to tell stories that will get people clutching their sides and crying of laughter. she understands that people can be hard to understand, so she breaks things down for him as best as she can. sitting on the deck of the bounty, sitting on equiptment crates, and trading ideas and stories, then telling them again and again until they're conversation-ready.
jay teaches wu about the wonderful world of technology and how creativity is the root of innovation. they sit in the workshop and work on basic machines with gears and levers until it's long after dusk and their tea goes cold. jay finds technical drawings in crayon on the covers of his bed. nya annotates them. nya sits on her bed only to spring back the second she hears paper crinkling. another drawing by wu, another idea. she takes a blue pen and begins to annotate it, setting it aside when jay gets in bed. the light goes out. another day, another time: tomorrow.
the whole "the only good deaged chararcter arc that's lasted over a season is one that ends with aging them up" thing just feels like a cop-out for me, especially when all of this potential is here. anyways, if y'all have anymore comments on the importance, or lack thereof, of baby wu, let me know!
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atlas heart || part 37
Tumblr media
a/n : uhm,,, so this was 20 pages long,,,, whoops -- hope you enjoy the pain!
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“Jimin… psst-- Jimin, wake up--”
“Wake up, motherfucker!” Jimin’s eyes fly open right before he’s shutting them again, unable to cover his face in time to block the throw pillow that’s being launched at him. It falls to his lap when he sits up, and Jungkook chuckles in the doorway.
“Y/n’s been in here for fifteen minutes, trying to be nice and soft about waking you up, but you sleep like the dead. We’re gonna miss our ride at this rate.” Jimin blinks the sleep from his eyes as he focuses in on the girl that’s kneeling next to him on the bed. She’s nodding along as Jungkook speaks, and even in his half-awake state, Jimin finds her insufferably cute. He also notices that she’s fully dressed and seemingly ready to leave, her backpack by the door.
“What time is it?” His voice is groggy, but the yell he lets out when Hoseok appears suddenly at the door, disheveled and angry, is crystal clear. It looks like the Slytherin’s also just woken up, which is bad news for someone who’s yet to see Hoseok’s infamous ‘morning temper’.
“It’s almost 4:30 in the fucking morning, that’s what time it is. Our ride gets here at 5 -- I’m leaving whether you’re ready or not.” He disappears then, dragging a fearful Jungkook with him back to their room to pack their bags. Y/n turns from the doorway, settling back on her heels as she chuckles awkwardly.
“He’s just really excited to see Yoongi…”
When a minivan fit for a soccer mom with 4 kids screeches to a halt in front of the house, Jimin has to rub at his eyes to make sure he’s seeing things correctly. At the wheel sits Jin, an alarming amount of excitement in his eyes as he chugs coffee from what’s less of a cup and more of a vase with a lid. In the passenger’s seat is Namjoon, clinging to his seatbelt for dear life, and behind him are Taehyung and Yoongi, the Slytherin scooting into the middle so Jungkook can pull the end seat down and squeeze into the back row.
He waves Y/n in, and she pulls a stunned Jimin into the back with them. When the end seat locks back into place, Hoseok is throwing himself into it, wrapping himself around Yoongi once the door is closed. His boyfriend smiles with contentment, and even half-asleep, Jimin can appreciate the quiet happiness they share.
Jin slams his concerningly large coffee cup, now empty, down into the middle console and lets out a roar of energy.
“Next stop, Quidditch World Cup!” Pressing down on the gas hard enough that Y/n actually feels the tires squeal against the pavement before starting to turn, Jin takes off, rounding the rest of the massive courtyard before flying back down the winding driveway. Her hand reaches for Jimin’s on instinct, and if she wasn’t squeezing so hard, he might have blushed.
“What’re the chances of us dying before we even get there?” Jimin chuckles at her question, cutting himself short when the car slides into traffic much too recklessly, so he just hums.
“Probably much higher than you want me to admit--”
“Hey, who has my road snacks? I’ve got such a hankering for one of those cinnamon roll thingies--” Jin reaches blindly back into the middle row, searching for the bag of food on Taehyung’s lap.
“Both hands on the wheel!” It seems the entire car’s in agreement, because Jin just returns to his previous position, a small whine leaving him.
“Alright, alright, you big babies. Namjoon -- feed me, buddy.” The Ravenclaw groans loudly, and for a moment Jimin can’t believe he’d missed all these idiots while he was away.
When Jin pulls into the campground for the World Cup, they’re all gasping as they take in the scene around them. The arena’s unbelievably massive, towering over them in the distance. The sea of people is endless, crowded beyond belief with spectators and traveling merchants preparing for tomorrow’s match. Following Yoongi’s directions until they manage to find the plot of land his parents had reserved for them, Jin pulls off into the treeline and puts the car in park.
The group stumbles from the vehicle, groaning and stretching, shaking off the anxiety of entrusting Jin with their lives for hours. It’s a little past 11am, enough time for them to set up before lunch. Y/n follows Jimin into the spacious area, admiring the excited chaos of the enormous campground around them. She can hear Jin mumbling a spell under his breath to shrink the car and put it in his pocket, followed almost immediately by Jungkook excitedly asking if he can 'do that with a house -- or Hogwarts!'
Jimin takes her hand, and for a second, she thinks that maybe he’s making a move on her, something that leaves her embarrassingly hopeful. But all he does is pull her close to him, pointing at Yoongi with his other hand. The Slytherin is pulling a tiny tent out of his own pocket and setting it on the ground in the middle of their plot of land. Y/n doesn’t even see Yoongi utter a spell before the tent is growing to full size, and she can only imagine that the inside has been bewitched to fit all 8 of them -- something else that Yoongi’s done without speaking.
“Nonverbal magic?” It slips out without her thinking, and Yoongi hears it, glancing at her and becoming visibly shy under her curious gaze. He nods, pointing back at Hoseok, whose attention is caught trying to convince Jungkook not to try shrinking himself with Jin’s spell.
“We both know it -- most Slytherins do, actually… should I call it a defense mechanism? We don’t like to let people know what we’re thinking.”
“It’s pretty fascinating, if you think about it.” It comes from Namjoon, where he and Tae are unpacking not too far away. “Even in class, Yoongi would always practice nonverbally -- he’d get in trouble for it, too.” The Slytherin shrugs as if performing nonverbal magic isn’t difficult for most people unless the caster is under incredible distress.
“What can I say? A habit’s a habit. I haven’t used verbal magic in years -- it’s just more comfortable this way.” He ducks into the tent then, poking his head out and waving them in once he’s checked the quality of his adjustments to their living space for the next couple days.
They all head inside, Y/n looking around in awe when she sees just how big it is. There’s a section of bunk beds on the far side of the room, and the rest is filled with endlessly cozy spaces -- couches and cushions, corners piled high with blankets and pillows. There’s a small kitchenette in the corner, which Jin makes a beeline for in order to 'preserve his perishables'. Jimin shakes his head at the scene, always amused by the depth of the Hufflepuff’s stomach.
Jungkook pulls Y/n to one of the couches, where they collapse on it in a sibling pile that Jimin’s gotten used to seeing over the last 24 hours. It doesn’t stop the rest of the group (sans Hoseok, of course) from gawking at the pair, everyone unused to seeing the dynamic that’s been essentially nonexistent at Hogwarts. They don’t even notice, Y/n looking up at Jungkook with emotional eyes.
“I can’t believe I have friends to share this with.” She doesn’t realize the group is listening, and they all feel simultaneously touched and saddened by her words. Jungkook only ruffles her hair fondly.
“Get used to it, kid -- things are looking up for us.” It’s then that Jungkook happens to glance up, catching Taehyung’s gaze and seeing glossy tears in the boy’s eyes. Looking around, he notes that everyone’s got a similar expression, and he wonders what they must think of Y/n -- of the girl they don’t know enough about to understand her sentiments. He also wonders why they seem so moved by her words.
The awkward moment’s cut short by Namjoon clearing his throat. He points toward Jin, who’s standing by the fridge.
“We have enough food in there to feed us for a week, but Jin said it’s all ‘snacks’, so it looks like we have to go buy lunch.” Everyone nods, accepting that Jin would probably bite them before letting them into the kitchenette, and they start heading back out into the campground.
By the time night’s fallen, they’re all exhausted and a bit giddy. It’s almost 10, the effects of waking up at 4am weighing down on the group as they sit together in front of their tent. Hoseok and Yoongi had set up a small fire for them to gather around, Jimin playing music quietly from the small speaker Tae had packed as they talk amongst themselves.
Namjoon leans against a decently sized pile of rocks, reading quietly with the light from the fire. Y/n suspects he’s not actually reading, having caught his smile every time someone had cracked a lame joke, but she doesn’t call him on it. He looks peaceful there, in his quiet corner. Yoongi and Hoseok sit together on one side of the fire, whispering to each other and smiling about things only they know. Jungkook, Tae, and Jin are huddled, having a small argument about some of the merchandise being sold by the traveling shops that are set up around the campground.
Y/n sits with Jimin, watching the group and jokingly judging Jimin’s music taste as he scrolls through his phone. They’re sitting awfully close together, and Jimin thinks in the back of his mind that they must look about as cozy as Yoongi and Hoseok do -- that thought brings him much more joy than it should.
Despite the endless chatter and liveliness of the campground, the night starts to wind down, the sky clouding over in a way that makes it seem darker than it already is. It’s a perfectly good time for everyone to head to bed, but the chaotic trio has apparently decided to escalate their quarrel, the three of them jumping up at the same time.
“We’re going to check out some stuff -- it’s important!” Jungkook calls out to the rest of the group right before disappearing into the crowd with Jin and Tae. Namjoon promptly shuts his book, standing with a groan and heading in the direction they’d just gone. He offers them a shrug as an explanation.
“Someone needs to keep an eye on them.” He’s gone soon, leaving Jimin and Y/n to make awkward eye contact with Hoseok and Yoongi. Y/n locks eyes with Hoseok, and Jimin gets the strange feeling, from the way Hoseok’s eyes widen and then narrow suspiciously, that they’re communicating telepathically. The Slytherin shakes his head subtly, and then again a little more forcefully, before sighing heavily and rising to his feet. Holding his hand out, he helps Yoongi -- who looks as confused as Jimin feels -- to his feet before pointing noncommittally in the same direction their friends had gone.
“Apparently, I’m hungry enough to go searching for a snack, even though we have snacks in the tent.” Yoongi smirks at the clear annoyance in Hoseok’s voice, tugging him toward the crowd.
“Come on -- let’s go find a tree to make out under.” Immediately, Hoseok’s gaze becomes one of mischievous excitement, and he practically skips after the shorter boy into the distance. Jimin makes a noise of disgust, mirrored by Y/n’s expression.
Jimin only properly registers that they’re alone when his phone automatically starts playing a slower song -- rather, he properly registers that Y/n had asked Hoseok to leave them alone. Turning to her suddenly as if for an explanation, he finds that she’s staring into the fire with the intensity of someone who’s very socially awkward. He can’t help the breath of laughter that leaves him, one that becomes real laughter when she glares at him.
“You look like you just realized the consequences of your actions.” Her jaw drops, and she pushes at his shoulder, affronted.
“Sue me for wanting to spend time alone with you!” Immediately, she’s hiding her face in her hands, groaning. She wonders if maybe -- if she wishes for it enough -- the ground will just open up around her and swallow her whole. Her ears feel like they’re being set on fire when she hears Jimin’s laughter ringing through the air, and she hates that she loves the sound anyway.
“When are you just going to admit that you’re in love with me, Y/n? I promise I won’t laugh.” She mumbles something into her hands, and it sounds suspiciously like ‘you’re already laughing’. Jimin tugs at her wrist, dragging her out from her hiding spot and forcing her to look at him.
“How about we make a deal?” Y/n sends him another glare, but it’s her pout that catches his attention and drives him to the brink of insanity. “We can say it together -- count to three and admit how crazy we are about each other at the same time.” Y/n rolls her eyes and snatches her wrist from his hold, turning back to the fire, which has basically died down completely by now.
“Stop messing around, you big dork.” Jimin holds his hand to his chest and gasps.
“I have never been so serious about something in my life as I am about this.” He keeps talking, a dramatic monologue about his integrity, but something triggers the alarm bells in the back of her head -- the same alarm bells that have kept her alive up to this point -- and she’s immediately distracted.
Glancing around, she finds that nothing’s changed in their surroundings -- families and groups of friends still celebrate the start of the World Cup, the chaos of thousands of people in one place never-ending. But there’s something in the air, something that sets her nerves on edge. Looking up, she realizes that it’s gotten exceptionally dark, the clouds concentrating into one dense curtain in the sky, removing any sign that the stars had been there in the first place.
“Jimin, wait… this doesn’t feel right.” Realizing, based on the pained expression that fills Jimin’s face when she interrupts his secretly heartfelt rant, that she’s said the wrong thing at the wrong time, Y/n shakes her head quickly, motioning out into the distance. “I’m talking about this -- something’s off.” She ignores Jimin’s lingering eyes on her when she stands from her spot on the ground, looking to the treeline and taking in their surroundings. He joins her when he gets a clear look at her face and sees how urgent her gaze is.
The breeze is gone, leaving her with the taste of stale smoke in her lungs, the air still foggy from the bonfire. It seems the sense of freedom had left with the boys, since all she can feel is an invisible weight coming down on her chest -- something coming for her.
And come it does, in Jimin’s frozen form and horrified gaze, staring straight over Y/n’s shoulder into the sky behind her. Whipping around, terrified about what she might find, she’s stepping backwards and colliding with Jimin’s chest before she can even register what she’s seeing. The clouds have darkened considerably and are moving of their own accord, twisting and turning as they take shape in the sky. Jimin begins to shake uncontrollably as the storm clouds become one, revealing the skull with the open jaw, a massive snake emerging from within and wrapping itself cleanly around the top.
“Jimin, Y/n-”
“We’re so fucked!” The rest of the group comes crashing into the space in panicked chaos, tearing through their campsite with thinly veiled terror. Taehyung and Namjoon make a beeline for their tent as the sounds of pained screams start to filter in, replacing the comfortable memories of the bonfire with something much darker. Yoongi stands near the fire pit, turning in circles and pulling at his hair desperately as he realizes where they are.
“This isn’t -- this tent, it’s in the middle of --” He stops, breathing hard, hands still buried in his hair as the thought finally hits. “My parents put us in the middle of Slytherin territory.”
Jin comes in behind everyone else, firing curses over his shoulder as he calls out to the group, scanning their faces and doing a mental headcount.
“We need to get out of here -- the muggleborns should go first.” He locks eyes with Namjoon as the older Ravenclaw exits the tent carrying a bag. Namjoon nods, grabbing hold of Taehyung’s wrist and moving toward Y/n, who hasn’t left Jimin’s side.
“I grabbed everything important, so let’s just go.” He reaches for Y/n’s arm, triggering Jimin’s protectiveness. Jimin pulls her closer on instinct, and Namjoon sighs as he releases Taehyung in order to grab both of them. “We need to go.” He addresses Y/n under his breath. “You’re not safe here, either.” They keep eye contact for just a moment, but it’s enough that Y/n is left with the feeling of ice in her blood even after Namjoon’s turned back to the group.
How much… does he know?
Before she can question Jimin about Namjoon’s suspicious behavior, Jimin’s tugging her toward his friends as they move toward the edge of the forest. Pulling back and forcing Jimin to a stop, Y/n points at Jungkook, who has now flanked Jin and is defending one part of their campsite from the oncoming hoard of Slytherins.
“I’m not leaving without him.” The conflicted look that crosses Jimin’s face tears at Y/n’s heart, but she stands her ground, motioning back toward Jungkook. “I have to stay-”
“What? No, you have to go!” The call comes from behind her, and it’s only a matter of moments before Jungkook is by her side, shoving her into Jimin’s arms. “Take her with you! Don’t you ever let her out of your sight-”
“Jungkook, watch out-”
Taehyung yells out to him, just a moment too late. Y/n watches in horror as a red light appears just over Jungkook’s shoulder. It grows bigger and bigger as it flies toward them, accompanied by the disgusted shriek of “Blood Traitor!”, and all she can do is hug Jungkook to her as she waits for the curse to strike him in between his shoulder blades.
Pulling him close, she barely manages to catch the flash of silver that appears, encompassing them as another body slides into view and blocks out everything else. The shield charm is cast wordlessly and so powerfully that it knocks the Slytherin who’d attacked them clean off his feet. Thrown back at least ten feet, he’s left bewildered and sore.
Hoseok stands between Jungkook and the army of Slytherins, breathing heavily as the shield dissipates around them. He holds his head high as he stares down the group, resigning himself to the fact that, after years of hiding his true self from his housemates, his loyalties have been clearly defined in that moment.
The silence that follows is only broken by the soft fwip of a wand being slipped out of a pocket, and it’s as Hoseok is whipping his head around that another red light appears, its caster completely silent. The curse burns through the air, almost as if in slow motion, cutting through the space right under Hoseok’s ear with the sharp precision of a skilled marksman and meeting its target on the other side, searing the ends of Hoseok’s hair as it goes. The Slytherin who’d been poised to attack from the treeline is hurled backwards, disappearing into the forest as everyone watches him go, Yoongi’s wand still trained on the spot where he’d stood.
The cold fury that fills Yoongi’s eyes is replaced with concern as he lowers his wand and rushes to Hoseok’s side, giving him a once over before turning to face the growing crowd of Death Eaters in-training, aligning his loyalties just the same as Hoseok had. Y/n allows herself the small smile that arises when she sees the gaze that Hoseok casts upon Yoongi, filled with the kind of love she could only hope to have in her own life. The moment doesn’t last long.
The group of friends, realizing almost simultaneously that they’re being surrounded, forms a huddle facing outward, wands steady as they prepare for the attack.
“If we make it out of this shit alive, I’m going to throw the biggest fit of my life when I get home.” The mention of the Dark Lord’s most loyal Min family sets off the first wave of curses, their traitorous son the target.
One by one, the group takes down their attackers, tiring out but never giving up. Minimal injuries are sustained on their end, their will to survive too strong to forgive even the slightest mistake. Jimin keeps one hand on Y/n at all times, unwilling to lose track of her for even a moment, as if she’s not been stuck to his side all night.
Curses rain down on them from all sides, the Dark Mark in the sky peeking through the shower of red lights as they fight for their lives. Jimin feels Y/n stagger beside him, but she seems to be unharmed when he looks her over. Glancing in alarm at the moon, barely visible amongst all the smoke and mayhem, Jimin curses under his breath as he remembers the date -- and more importantly, that she hadn’t yet taken her dose for the night. He pours all his energy into his attacks from that moment on, everything suddenly becoming much more urgent.
Time passes so slowly that none of them are quite sure how long they’ve been there, fighting in a war they’d never asked for. Just when Y/n thinks they might be losing -- that they might be forced to pledge allegiance to the Dark Lord, or even killed where they stand -- there’s a loud pop and a gush of wind passes over all of them.
From within their circle comes the angered cry of Sirius Black, who manages to deflect a rather mean curse headed straight for Jin’s chest. He’s followed by James and Remus, the three of them throwing themselves into the mix so carelessly that it catches the Slytherins by surprise. James takes advantage of the delay, surging out of the circle toward the largest density of Slytherins and pointing his wand at the ground closest to them.
“Confringo!” The earth beneath their feet shudders under James’ command, collapsing in on itself before exploding outward, sending no less than 10 people flying through the air and creating a chaos too intense for the rest to handle. The world around them becomes fuzzy and confusing, and Y/n feels nothing except the hands that pull at her and urge her forward into the forest.
They all manage to stumble far enough away from the mess to gather their bearings, but the shouts of their enemies are not far off. As soon as they confirm that they’re all alive and relatively unscathed, Remus takes Y/n by the elbow and pulls her gently to him. Jimin is reluctant to let her go.
“I need to talk to you -- we have to go somewhere safe.” Sirius is collecting the rest of the group and giving them the location of a safe place to meet, a small cottage in the countryside where he and Remus had been living.
“You guys head there first, we’ll meet you.” He hands the keys to Jungkook, who nods in understanding as he sees that Remus has no intention to rejoin the group. Jimin starts to reach for Y/n, unhappy with their separation, but Hoseok speaks up from the back. He’s being half-carried by Yoongi, his leg having suffered a bit of damage from James’ blasting curse, but not so much that he couldn’t walk. Y/n bites back a smirk, suspecting that Hoseok had just been looking for an excuse to need Yoongi, who is absolute garbage at hiding how pleased he is.
“Make sure you come back soon. I trust you guys, and I know you need to talk in private, but I don’t like not having Y/n close in times like this.” Remus nods, acknowledging Jungkook as well, before leading Y/n away. The boys start to apparate away, James helping Hoseok and Yoongi get to the house safely before returning to join his friends. Remus has led Y/n a safe enough distance away that the Slytherins would have a hard time finding them and is explaining the gravity of the situation to her.
“-- to infiltrate a pack of werewolves living in the mountains. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, Y/n.” Y/n examines Remus’ face, noting the new scars and the exhaustion that lies heavy in his eyes. He looks nothing like the bright school boy from just a few months ago, and she knows he’s seen unimaginable things in the short time that he’s been working under Dumbledore. They all look drained and, frankly, terrified. The lives they’d been promised from a young age were fading away into this dreary nothingness, this thankless job where nothing is more uncertain than the future.
“You’ll be careful, won’t you? Just tell me you’ll be careful -- all of you.” Remus looks taken aback by her words, and Sirius can’t suppress the soft chuckle that escapes him, amazed at this girl standing before him, not nearly as reserved as they’d all thought her to be.
“Of course we’ll be careful, love. Don’t you trust us?” Y/n shakes her head, smiling despite her scoff.
“Trust you guys? I didn’t realize you were an aspiring comedian, Sirius.” They laugh openly now, thankful for even just this moment of reprieve from the hell they live in. Remus leans over, patting her adoringly on her head, as if they weren’t damn near the same age.
“Good, that’s good. Don’t trust anyone, Y/n, you hear me? Don’t trust anyone you wouldn’t die for. Can you do that for me?” Y/n nods, the picture of those boys in that cottage in the countryside coming to mind so easily.
“I know who my people are. There’s no one else besides them -- and you guys. So try your best not to get yourselves killed?” James salutes her once as Sirius nods. Remus moves to agree, but the sound of leaves crunching not too far away triggers an immediate response in him. Lunging forward and taking her into his arms, he throws Y/n over his shoulder and takes off running, knowing better than anyone else what it would mean if she were caught. Y/n watches with horror as two Death Eaters appear out of what looks like thin air, sending James and Sirius into action. She can do nothing but watch as they deflect curses while maintaining their ground.
Remus sets her down a long distance away, trying to warn her again, but her attention is on the action they’d just managed to escape. She tries to push past him to go help James and Sirius, but he grabs her by the shoulders quickly and forces her to look at him, shaking her roughly in the process.
“Listen to me, Y/n- listen to me!” She meets his eyes, alarmed by the frustration in his voice. “The public knows. They know now just to what extent the werewolf population is siding with Voldemort. Everything before this summer was just speculation -- of course the evil magical beasts should side with the Dark Lord, right? Well, the Minister of Magic just released a statement this morning. Everyone knows now. And it won’t matter how much we cry and beg and plead for our lives -- if they catch us, we’re dead. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
Y/n can do no more than stare into Remus’ eyes, wishing this all away -- wishing that they could just be back in school, a bunch of kids with no worries about the war. But the longer she stares into his eyes, the longer she realizes that they don’t just have to worry about the war now. They’re part of it. Two werewolves with way too many people keeping their secret. James, Sirius, Peter, Jungkook, Hoseok, and now Jimin? And --
Does Namjoon know, too? Just who the hell else has to be put into danger because of what I am?
Y/n steps through the front gate of the cottage, having been dropped off by Remus -- she’s not of age yet to apparate alone -- before he disappeared again, presumably to help his friends escape. She’s barely within ten feet of the front door when it’s flying open, Jimin appearing before her with wild eyes. He rushes at her, taking her into his arms with a desperation he didn’t even know he felt. She pats at his back, unsure of what to say, still dazed from everything Remus had told her.
“I was only gone a few minutes…” Jimin pulls back, looking at her as if she’s insane.
“I don’t care. Those were the worst few minutes of my life. I hated not knowing if you were okay.” He looks her over, patting at her arms gently. “You are okay, right?” When she nods he sighs before glancing around them urgently as if realizing they’re out in the open. He tugs her inside, shutting the door tightly behind them. He’s about to motion her down the hallway into the living room, where the rest of their friends are regrouping, but she stops him. The look she gives him is suspicious, and he’s unsure why.
“Jimin, you told me you would never breathe a word of what I am to anyone…” He looks at her with alarm, shaking his head.
“I didn’t tell anyone anything -- why? What happened?” She examines him for a moment, seeing that Jimin’s as confused as she is. She proceeds with caution, realizing that if Jimin really hadn’t said anything, then this conversation is about to be very uncomfortable.
“I think… Namjoon might know something…” Jimin feels like he can’t breathe then, the air stopping short in his chest as his heart drops out from under him. He swears without thinking, the word slipping out as he processes what she’s saying.
“Fuck… shit… fuck…” Y/n squints at him, unsure of where his mind’s just gone. Jimin squeezes his eyes shut, another swear falling from his lips as guilt overcomes him. He opens his mouth to explain, but he can’t bring himself to look her in the eyes.
“Before I figured out… everything, I would talk to Joon about things that confused me… about you.” He opens his eyes just enough to glance at her before looking away, but he’s surprised that she isn’t fuming with anger. She’s only thinking carefully about his words.
“So, he probably put it together on his own.” She comes to the conclusion as she ponders, offering the reason for Namjoon’s comment to her earlier. Jimin lurches forward, taking her hand in both of his, eyes pleading.
“I swear to you, Y/n, I didn’t say a word of this to him after I figured it out. I completely dropped it, and when he asked me why, I just told him I was respecting your privacy by minding my own business -- I promise, I never said anything--”
“Jimin!” His name cuts through the air, and his mouth snaps shut immediately to give her room to talk. “I’m not mad at you. I’m more worried than anything… I wonder who else knows…”
“Uhm, actually--” The new voice has them both turning to look to the end of the hallway, where Tae’s standing awkwardly in the doorway to the living room. He’s flanked by Jin and Yoongi, Namjoon standing with Jungkook and Hoseok just inside the room.
“--I think we all know…” The blood drains from both Y/n and Jimin’s faces as Jungkook and Hoseok look to each other in alarm. Jin nods, Yoongi smiling awkwardly to confirm what Tae’s saying. The air in the house is cold, no one willing to break the tense silence while Y/n processes what she’s just heard. She meets Jungkook’s eyes then, his gaze betraying the immense fear that he’s feeling, much like the ice running through her veins.
None of them even notice the front door opening behind Jimin, the three Marauders stumbling into the house, disheveled but generally unscathed. They stop short at the scene before them, glancing amongst themselves before James is breaking the silence himself.
“Are we… interrupting something…?”
“Okay, someone start talking before I go insane.” They’re all crowded into the living room meant only for a few people, Y/n and Remus sitting together on a couch in the middle of the room, everyone else taking up the extra seats and floor space. It looks like a club meeting gone horribly wrong, if the discomfort in everyone’s eyes is anything to go by. Y/n looks around after demanding an explanation, finally looking to Namjoon, as he’s the only one she’d been aware of until a few minutes ago. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.
“After Jimin suddenly stopped all the obsessive theorizing and curiosities, I got suspicious… I had a feeling he’d put everything together, and I was worried that he was getting himself into some kind of trouble because that’s just the kind of nosy Ravenclaw he is. I just put it together myself so I could help him if I needed to…” Jimin grimaces at Namjoon’s words, knowing them to be true but disliking the description all the same.
The glare of irritation Jungkook’s been shooting him doesn’t help, but Hoseok pulls the Gryffindor’s attention away with a bump of his knee against Jungkook’s thigh. When Jungkook drags his burning gaze away from Jimin to look at Hoseok, Jimin’s shocked to see that Hoseok’s simply shaking his head at the Jeon heir, silently telling him to back off. Jimin’s eyes widen then, never having experienced such a sense of stunned relief as he feels in this moment with Hoseok’s quiet support.
Jungkook turns his annoyed gaze over to the spot where Taehyung, Jin, and Yoongi sit. He locks eyes with his roommate of six years.
“Tae?” The boy in question looks down at his hands sheepishly, glancing at Y/n in a way that seems almost apologetic. When he lifts his head, he speaks directly to her, feeling that his explanation should be for her and her alone.
“Jimin’s my best friend… it would be weird if I wasn’t worried about him with him acting so strange. I didn’t really figure it out until the beginning of the summer, when I started spending more time with you -- I noticed how sick you’d get around the same time each month, and you’d always look so tired afterwards. I know we don’t know each other as well as Jimin knows you, but I was worried about you, so I… did my own digging and put the pieces together. It also explained a lot about all the times Jungkook would run out of our room in a panic in the middle of the night. There were just… a lot of things that made sense once I’d started to think about it.” Y/n keeps her eyes on him, trying to process the guilt in his eyes and wondering why he sounds so upset. “I know that you’re probably terrified of us knowing, but I promise I was just worried about you. I’m sorry I was snooping in your life…”
Y/n sees then that Taehyung feels the same kind of responsibility that Jimin had always carried in his eyes -- one of fear that his actions would bring her harm. He’d been sitting with that for the whole summer, quietly trying his best to keep her safe by pretending he knew nothing at all. She opens her mouth to tell him that he has nothing to feel bad about, but Jin’s clearing his throat.
“I, uh-- we--” He gestures to the space between himself and Yoongi, whose gaze is one of cautious observation as the conversation goes on around him. “We… were on our way back to Yoongi’s room and overheard you and Hoseok talking -- something about Jimin finding out… Hoseok was really upset, and he was kind of yelling. We didn’t mean to eavesdrop -- it’s just that we were right outside, and you were trying to calm him down, and he was just saying a lot of stuff that was confusing and weird, but it was obvious what was going on.” Jin glances over at Yoongi as if to confirm his story, and the Slytherin only nods. He turns back to Y/n, finishing his explanation. “We found out together--”
“Actually--” Everyone’s attention turns to Yoongi, who shifts uncomfortably under the weight of their gazes. He clears his throat, scratching at his neck while he finds his words. “Actually… I already knew by then. I think, based on what everyone’s been saying, that I probably knew before any of them…” He trails off, leaving the group to devolve into strained chaos.
“Wait, you knew?”
“How long have you known?!”
“When did you find out?” Ignoring the barrage of questions, Yoongi only looks to Hoseok, whose eyes tell how shocked he is. Flicking his gaze to Y/n, Yoongi continues.
“Do you remember when we first met? That night in the Hospital Wing -- it was before winter break.” Y/n’s jaw drops as her memories fly all the way back to December -- almost a year prior. “I went to visit you, originally because Hobi had mentioned something about going to visit a friend and I was looking for an excuse to see him.” Hoseok laughs under his breath, still stunned into disbelief about the situation, but Yoongi hasn’t stopped talking, almost rambling now.
“I had just found out that you guys were even friends -- it was really weird for me to think about, you know? Until then, he’d only ever been friends with Slytherins, and even then he seemed hesitant about getting close to them. I mean, I get it, that’s how I was, too. But to find out that my roommate since first year had a secret friend group with people that made no sense for him to know -- I was curious about you. I wanted to see what you were like. Especially because Jimin was, like, obsessed with you -- sorry, Jimin.” The Ravenclaw grimaces again, hating that he’s been described only as obsessive but knowing that that’s exactly what he’d been like.
“So… what does that have to do with finding out about me? How did you know?” Y/n leans forward, elbows on her knees as she looks intently at Yoongi. He sighs in response.
“Look. My entire life, I’ve been trying to separate myself from my name. My parents are objectively fucking insane, and I want nothing to do with them, especially now that they pulled that bullshit with the World Cup reservation. I can’t be like them, okay? I would rather die fighting on the right side of this war than ever pledge my allegiance to that nose-less freak. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still live at the Min Estate. And the Min Estate -- it’s like a beacon for the wicked and evil. I’ve seen every kind of creature walk through the doors of my house whenever my parents hold their Death Eater meetings. It’s like a monthly book club, but for murder. So I know what werewolves are like. I know the signs and the symptoms, and I know how cruel and vicious they can be.”
Y/n breaks her gaze then, staring down at her feet as he confirms every fear that she’s ever felt -- that she would be seen as a monster, an evil beast with only the instinct to kill. All the same, it hurts to hear him say it out loud.
“And that’s why I knew you were nothing like them.” Y/n’s head whips up, and she sees that Yoongi’s focused on conveying to her with his eyes that he means what he’s said. He doesn’t see the affection that fills Hoseok’s gaze, replacing the icy fear he’d been feeling the entire time Yoongi’s been talking.
“You’re nothing like them, Y/n. You’re kind and considerate, and you’re so shy around new people that even I’m in pain just watching you struggle to talk. You’re really fucking weird, and your sense of humor has been shaped by growing up with a crazy ass Gryffindor brother and this sarcastic asshole--” He points then to his boyfriend, finally feeling confident enough to look Hoseok in the eye as he cracks the joke before returning his attention to Y/n.
“So, yes, you’re a werewolf. But you’ve got nothing to worry about with me. Or any of us, to be honest.” The rest of the group nods then, and Y/n feels the air returning to her lungs after so long of holding her breath. It’s only when she looks to Remus, who still seems unsure, that she remembers how complicated their situation is.
“I appreciate that, I really do. You guys have no idea how scared I was that you’d find out… but it’s not as simple as you think -- not that any of this has been simple to begin with. It’s just… more complicated--”
“So, are we talking about Remus, or something else?” Taehyung speaks up, looking genuinely confused about what she’s alluding to. James and Sirius tense where they sit on either side of Remus, whose gaze has just become very guarded.
“I’m not sure what you mean--”
“The ‘you being a werewolf’ thing? Yeah, that wasn’t hard to figure out once I knew what to look for in Y/n.” It’s Jin who cuts him off, Yoongi and Namjoon nodding along. Jungkook throws his hands in the air, flopping back against the couch with an exasperated sigh.
“Just how bad are we at keeping things a secret around here?!” Remus groans in response, but James and Sirius seem to be taking the news in stride.
“Look on the bright side, Moony -- now we have an army of hooligans to keep you guys safe!” Remus rolls his eyes in irritation before looking to Y/n for help. She stares down at her hands, feeling more exhausted than she’s ever felt in her life -- and she experiences monthly painful transformations that leave her bedridden for days after.
“This isn’t a joke, James.” The Potter boy snaps his mouth shut when, for the first time since meeting her, Y/n’s voice carries an edge when she addresses him. “The number of people that are in danger now because of what we are has just doubled. And now there are muggleborns involved -- what’s going to happen if anyone gets wind that they know something about us? With what the Ministry’s just released… it’s too much. This is all too much.” Namjoon hums then, pulling Y/n out of the dangerously dark mental dive she was just about to take.
“I mean, we’re involved in this war whether we know about you guys or not. We’re already fighting for our lives -- what difference does it make if we know what you are? If anything, it gives us a reason to fight harder.” He gestures among all of them, all eleven of them in that room.
“We’re all we have left in this war -- why wouldn’t we do everything it takes to keep each other safe?”
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The Dark Team (part 5 S2)
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Warnings: abductions, kidnapping, forced unconsciousness, electroshocks (non explicit).
A/N: Listen. Listen. The chronologies... we already knew those were weird in this story and we accepted that. Now, we have to also accept the whole multiverse thingy being even more weird, because, yes, I'm mentioning OSCORP. Let's deal with it like mature people *screams into abyss of no return*.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Your dirty little secret? Oh, come on. You gotta be kidding!”, exclaimed Steve, slamming the table. He immediately looked at you, “I’m sorry”.
He said sorry because it was three in the morning, Narfi was sound asleep and you all kept bickering about the coded message. You had peeped in your room several times, only to find, the first two times, Loki and your son reading in silence, each his own book, both neatly tucked under the same weighted blanket and Narfi's head resting on his father's shoulder. The third time, Narfi was asleep and Loki kept reading. The fourth, Narfi was all alone in the king-sized bed and Loki wasn't there. But he hadn't joined the meeting either.
Nobody could figure out what the dirty little secret was, and they all thought it was something Tony did. Like, you know, selling weapons.
“It’s okay, Steve. Listen, this is getting nowhere. And Loki should be here by now, where did you send him?”.
“I didn’t send him, he just… he said he needed to do something that had something to do with… could he have mentioned an old tutor?”, said Bucky, and you furrowed your brows.
“Is he in Asgard, now?”.
“I guess”.
You took your phone out, and tried to call him again, but he didn’t answer. There wasn't any phone signal in Asgard. Why would he go in there without saying anything?
“Look, all I’m saying is, the message was through JARVIS, and you’re the one with the most filthy secrets in here”, said Thor.
“Are you serious?”, spat Tony, pointing at Bucky. “This one was a hydra assassin”, pointing at Natasha “this one is an assassin”, pointing at Thor “we have no idea what’s going on with your thousand and half long life”, and finally pointing at you “there are no records whatsoever of anything you’ve done before my internship. So, no. I’m not the only one with the dirty secrets here. And, by the way, they’re dirty but public”.
“Yes. The billions you’ve won by selling weapons are very well known”.
“Shut your mouth”.
“Listen, this will get us nowhere. We could be in danger if we don't do something about this so if anyone is under any little suspicion of what a dirty secret they could be cultivating, this is the time to say it", you mediated, still calling Loki and getting directly to the voicemail.
"What could we possibly be having, Y/n?", asked Bruce tiredly.
"Any weird and innovative lab experiment? Something that could be used as a weapon? A disease? A cure? A mutation? Anything?", and you stopped on your words immediately. "Oh, no". As you opened your eyes widely, about to run to Narfi's room, Loki picked up the phone and you put it on speaker, pausing your fear. "Love! Where are you?".
Silence. Silence in the whole room, and a flickering light kind of sound. And then the unmistakable sound of a bad microphone on the other line, white noises, whispers to which you couldn't figure out the words.
"It's easy, really", said a rusty voice from the other side of the line. Everyone put on their best panic faces. You could feel your heartbeat on your throat. Not again. Not goddamn again, someone kidnapped one of you. This wasn't the kind of mission you wanted to join to get back on your feet. "You give us what we want, Mr. Stark, and we give you the man".
You looked at Tony and he huffed in frustration. He opened his mouth to speak, but on the background of the call you could hear Loki's unimpressed voice,
"The God. I'm not a man".
"Loki, are you okay? Can you hear me? Where are you?", you tried.
"I'm okay. These idiots think that they can…", he began saying, but a buzzing noise cut him off, along with a muffled screaming and something you figured was an electroshock took him out of the conversation.
"What do you want?", asked Stark. "Who are you?".
"We want money, Mr. Stark. A lot of it, to found our project", explained the voice. "And the other thing we need for the project. We could do with this one, but I'm sure you could give us a better sample".
"What is he talking about, Tony?".
"You think you can be more specific, dear?", asked Tony, losing his patience.
"Imagine a supersoldier, a superior being like that, but with ice powers, Mr. Stark. A man that's a mortal weapon itself", explained the kidnapper. "This one is particularly alright. But we will need a lot of him".
"What are you saying?".
"The frost giant. We want his blood".
They cut the conversation and Bucky grabbed your shoulder as you began to panic.
"Y/n, before jumping to this mission you should leave Narfi with someone strong enough to protect him", intervened Thor. You looked at him and sighed.
"Fine. Loki can't hear a word of this, alright?".
"Let it in my hands. I'll also ask Heimdall", he assured you and you squeezed his hand.
"Thank you", you told him, and traced the call. You did it in a few minutes and walked to Narfi’s room, to tell him where he would go. You wondered how you’d keep him calm. Usually Loki is the one that brought calmness to the situations, and this time around you had to be the one to keep calm and manage it all. You also wondered if he was capable of escaping on his own or if the kidnappers knew who they were dealing with and got him too restrained to run. Electroshocks. Loki’s weakness (anyone’s, really), so you guessed they knew better.
You knocked on Narfi’s door and he let you in with a flick of his wrist. Purple lights around the door made it disappear and he shifted his expressions from panic to disappointment really quickly.
“I’m so sorry, I…”, he began, but you walked hurriedly to him.
“Don’t worry about it, Narfi. Listen”, you said, and kneeled in front of him to reach his own height. You grabbed his tiny hand, and he paid close attention. “Daddy’s in trouble, and uncle Buck and I are going to help him come back home, alright? He’s fine, you don’t need to worry”, you explained the best you could.
“Can I come with, please, please? Daddy taught me things that could be useful, please?”.
“Don’t you wanna go with grandma, better?”, you smiled at him, hoping he’d accept and you wouldn’t have to take him against his wishes, “come on, darling, she wants to teach you some new tricks”.
Narfi smiled at those words and you sighed in relief.
“How long are you gonna take?”.
“I’m not sure. Couple of days at most”.
“Is daddy on a mission?”.
“Is he winning?”.
“I’m sure he is”.
“Is he cutting people with his new dagger?”.
“What do you mean new dag… wait, no, he’s not… hurting anyone, alright? Just… pack your things”.
“I hope he someday teaches me to throw knives like him”.
“Pack your toothbrush!”, you said from the door, and whispered to yourself, “dear Lord, I’m not letting Loki train at his sight again”.
As you left his room for him to get ready, you hurried your steps to meet the team. You tripped and fell over with someone’s leg. When you got up, hurting from the hit, you realized you tripped over Steve’s unconscious body. Looking around, the whole team seemed to have passed out completely.
“JARVIS!”, you called, your voice less calm than you would’ve liked to.
“Yes, Mx. Y/n?”.
“‘Yes, Mx. Y/n?’ What the hell happened here? Take their vitals!”, you rushed to Tony’s side and took his pulse. He seemed asleep. Just in case, you covered your nose and mouth with your sleeve.
“According to my database, they all seem to be in perfect condition. There might be some sort of a substance in the air. Should I alert Mr. Laufeyson as he comes back?”.
“Oh, God”, you realized.
You ran up to his room, knocking everything on your way to him. But as you didn’t even need to open an invisible door, you realized he wasn’t there. The room was completely empty.
Half an hour passed, and in the middle you ran all the way around the Tower, trying to unsuccessfully find your son hiding somewhere. But no, you were sure. You had already some theory of what could’ve happened to him and where he could be. And you didn’t like that idea at all. Oh, no. You much rather the Allfather keeping him forever than the alternative.
You poured a bit of the chemical mix you managed to prepare despite your trembling hands on the room’s vaporizer, and everyone began slowly recovering consciousness. Tony coughed up a blue liquid, and looked at it without much clue of what happened.
“Amitriptyline”, you told him, and he furrowed his brows. “In this dosage can make saliva blue, besides urine”, you explained what he hadn’t asked.
“But what for? I’m not depressed”.
“It’s for blocking whatever you’ve been given to get passed out. I know their tricks”, you vaguely explained, but, in all honesty, you really did not want to explain why you knew antidepressants blocked the effects of that substance.
“Their? What just happened?”.
“Where is my brother?!”, beamed Thor, ready to guilt him on it.
“This is not on Loki”, you said, taking a notepad out of your pocket and scribbling down some things while Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony and Natasha got up and approached you cautiously. Thor began looking up, still trying to figure out if there was any of his brother’s magic involved. “They took Narfi. We have to act quickly, alright?”.
“Oh God, you’re not serious”, said Bucky, lowering his voice.
“They said… they said they wanted Loki’s blood”, recalled Natasha. “Loki’s blood, his heir. Not his actual blood”, she realized. You nodded.
“They want to mix human DNA with Jötun DNA and do that weird icy supersoldier mix, that terrible idea. That’s why they wanted Loki, to get his pure Jötun cells, and then get Narfi, to see how the chromosome pairs work. They want to experiment with my child”, you blurted out with your heart on your chest. “This, this right now, is an important mission. So we all better do this right now”.
“Wait, so what’s your plan of approach? Go to whatever place you think they are and go get them?”, said Steve. “I know you’re stressed and you have every right to be, but think. We need a plan”.
“We don’t need a plan, we need action, right now”, you said, unrecognizable words coming out of your mouth.
“Y/n”, mediated Tony. “Listen. We’ll figure it out. Rest of the team, to my office. You stay here and do not move even a hair, you hear me? You’re in no condition to get on board with this. Let us do this and you can help from a distance”.
“No way. There is no way you’re leaving me out of rescuing my own son”.
“Exactly because it’s your kid we’re talking about. Listen, a surgeon can’t operate on their own child. No, no. Don’t argue with me. Close your mouth. Barnes, make sure they don’t do anything stupid, wouldn’t you?”.
And with that, he left.
You and Bucky stayed in silence for about ten seconds, fidgeting with the notepad you had in between your fingers, ready to tear it to pieces out of anxiousness. After that, you said,
“Rescuing my child is not doing something stupid, right?”.
He shrugged and huffed out.
“I guess not. What’s your plan?”.
“Where would you go if you were a kidnapper with a very important child to perform very illegal experiments?”.
“I… don’t know”.
“I do”.
“Remember when you asked what my major was?”.
“I… well, before the stark internship I worked in a very… odd place, it made experiments. Genetic experiments. The famous OSCORP, you know the place. They were the ones doing all the spider shit and Peter got bit by a spider in there. I worked there, and there was something that… never added up. The experiments grew worse and worse, more immoral, more dangerous. I couldn’t take them anymore and I left without leaving a trace of me in the public eye. Or so I thought”.
“You think your kid might be in OSCORP?”.
“I’m afraid so”.
“No more waiting then, let’s get the motorbike”.
“Shouldn’t we alert the team?”.
“What, so they can go by themselves, without you, without a plan and without your knowledge about that place? Besides, Loki is already in there, right?”.
“You’re the voice of reason, sometimes, Barnes”, you said, tossing him a pair of keys and his jacket. And with that, you two headed to OSCORP without warning.
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citadelspires · 2 years
P1 - Given how great you're track record's been for doing hypothetical interactions of Amphibia kids with the Duck kids and Owl House kids, let's try doing the Duck kids meeting the Owl House kids and who they'd like the best. I'll exclude Violet for this for the sake of evenening things out 5 to 5. I'd assume Luz would get along best with Dewey (both jump into adventure), King with Louie (could see em teaming up for a scheme), Willow with Huey (eh, more leftover interaction but can work)
Tumblr media
Screenshot of second half of the ask provided. Text: P2 Gus with Webby (would totally ask each other lots of questions about their species), and Amity with Lena (both got abusive figures they stood up to and would totally talk about their crushes on Luz and Webby LOL). Would love to see you take on Duck kids and Owl House kids interactions.
First of all I’m very pleased to hear you find my track record on these posts good, they’ve been really fun to write and it makes me really happy people like them! Second I am so sorry it’s taken so long to get to this ask, it’s a really in depth one and it took a long time to write, I hope you’ll find it was worth the wait!
Aight! Oh and one last thing real quick before I get into it. I hope you wouldn’t mind me adding Violet back in, partially due to the fact I love her, but mostly because there’s actually another owl house character I think works significantly better with Louie than anyone else and I really want the chance to talk about that. Saving that one for last hehe. This’ll be another long one, writing below the cut.
Luz and Webby So I do like a lot of the possible interactions brought up by your suggested grouping but my mind went in a few different directions. I’ll start with Luz, who would fit in best with another excitable adventuring partner, as pointed out, but I think the best fit for her in that regard would actually be Webby. While Dewey would no doubt get along great with Luz, there’s a special element to the potential relationship between Luz and Webby that really elevates the potential of their friendship to another level, that being: they both want to eat a hamburger.
An aspect of Webby I wish the later seasons of the show got into a little more, but is definitely something I would consider a core part of her character, is the fact that she got held up in the mansion her whole childhood, with no opportunities to interact with the world around her, have all the adventures she wanted, and most importantly to just be seen as the kid she wanted to be. And while Luz was technically able to go out into the world, the place she found wasn’t one that was willing to see her, or give her any of the chances she longed for. Both Webby and Luz fully understand that feeling of being trapped in your own life, of finally getting the chance to break out and just doing your best to make the most of it. I think there’s a lot the two could gain from spending some time together.
(Also, to borrow the bit about gushing about their crushes but from the other end, these two would totally get sidetracked talking about their respective crushes and also trying to play wingman for each other. It’s a massive comic disaster in both cases, but somehow both Lena and Amity manage to find it endearing).
Amity and Violet Okay wait lemme explain. While the two of them don’t have a whole lot in common at first glance, I think they would genuinely get along extremely well. While a lot of Amity’s focus on school came at the force of her parents, you cannot honestly expect me to believe that girl isn’t a studious nerd on her own anyway. Heck even outside the realm of studies she throws her full dedication into literally every single thing she does. Remind you of anyone? Beyond just being extremely intelligent Violet is clever and ready for anything. She takes everything in stride and always has a plan, she can go from “we were sleeping over and you said everybody get on the plane, so we got on the plane” to “I brought an axe” in a minute flat.
I like to think the two of them would have a mutual respect for each other based on their respective intellects upon first meeting, but as they become closer friends they find they can move from more serious respect to a casual enjoyment of each other. I would go as far as to say that both of these characters really value dependability in a friend, and that they each provide a lot of that. To wrap back around to the stuff about intelligence I think Violet could provide a lot of insight to Amity as far as showing her that pursuing studies and academic heights of her own volition can be something that she can just do because she wants to, and that’s no excuse for unhealthy parental relationships. Getting along so well with someone like Violet only to see that her parents are actually really loving and supportive, that would be really eye-opening for Amity I think. For Violet’s part she could get a lot of help from Amity as far as her pursuit of the secrets of magic goes. I suspect Amity would be much more interested in the study of her magic than Violet would be able to get Lena to tolerate lol.
Bonus Round: Amity would absolutely be a senior junior woodchuck and she would love it you cannot convince me otherwise. She starts quoting the JWGB around the owl house kids and they all look at her like she’s crazy.
Lena and Willow I feel like this one might seem a little out there at first but trust me on this one. Initially Lena doesn’t think too much of Willow, being as close as she is to Webby she knows liking flowers and cute things doesn’t mean Willow is automatically to be taken lightly but she feels like she’s got a good read on her that she generally prefers to avoid trouble and turns down opportunities for violence, which isn’t really Lena’s deal. Over time Lena figures she was right about her first impressions as Willow doesn’t seem to take many opportunities to expose some hidden power, even when Lena knows the people around her kinda deserve it.
She learns to adjust her opinion when she finally does get the chance to see Willow in action and realizes that girl is more powerful than any of the other kids she’s met in the boiling aisles bar none(yes this is my genuine opinion of willow if you don’t think she could kick your ass you’re wrong). It’s at that moment where she starts to pay more attention to Willow and notices a lot more of the strength she puts into all the little things, how much she cares for everyone and everything, and it does a great deal to show Lena that maybe having super strong magic powers isn’t mutually exclusive with being kind and gentle. And maybe gentle isn’t her thing but still, it’s nice to know.
For Willow’s part she’s just happy to make more friends. Especially if the opportunity arises, as I like to think it would, when they’re close enough friends, that Lena would start to hint around asking questions about how Willow remains so casual and nice with the ability to do so much damage, and Willow takes the chance to help Lena figure out her magic a bit more, and learn how to better appreciate it as an aspect of herself she doesn’t have to be scared of. (I mean come on Lena never really learned how to do any of it except barely kind of from Magica of all people she could really  use something like that).
Huey and Gus Now there are some certain things about Gus that would drive Huey absolutely nuts. His lack of primary and reliable sources for any of his information being a big one, but at the end of the day I think he’d enjoy Gus’ desire to learn in the first place. Gus would probably be a little dubious about Huey’s “sources” and “citations” but if it helped him get more info on the human realm he’d certainly go for it in the end. In that way the two balance each other out pretty well. Gus is studious and intelligent but he’s a little off the wall, he’s got a big creative streak, and he’s really excitable. Huey is really really good at facts and analysis but he lacks the strength in imagination that Gus has. Huey is able to take all the grandiose concepts Gus is able to think up and help make them actually happen. Gus has that specific brand of an adventurers soul matched up with the fact he’s not actually the type to get into danger and fights, meaning he’s able to drag Huey out of his comfort zone a little and help him reach new heights with his mind that his struggles with creativity prevent him from reaching, while managing to not make him feel like he’s actually in danger. I actually believe the two of them together could get some really incredible stuff done.
What I’m saying is that with Huey’s help Gus could absolutely complete his tunnels under Hexside.
Dewey and King Now this, this is the pair who would go incredibly well together, at the detriment of literally everyone around them. If there is one person King “I Will Rule Everything” Clawthorne should not be exposed to its Dewey Duck. Within minutes of meeting each other the two of them would immediately have so many bad ideas. Between Dewey’s insistence on being the best and most daring adventurer while putting his name on everything and going down in history & King’s trying to rule everything and everyone, the attempts to raise the stakes would be constant and the two would spend literal hours endlessly trying to one-up each other. All in one day they search for legendary treasure, discover an entirely new civilization, try to take over said civilization, create a new species just to name it after themselves, and build statues of themselves in the middle of Bonesbourough. And that’s all before lunch.
Louie Here it is. The one I waited till the very end for out of sheer excitement. I even kept the second name out of the heading thing. That’s how secretive I’m trying to be about this. See, there’s one character in the owl house that works so well with Louie it’s practically canon. Their interactions have so much potential, they each bring so much to the table, I just couldn’t Not talk about it. And yeah, I know this ask was specifically asking about the owl house and ducktales kids, but I just couldn’t resist talking about the relationship between Louie and Eda.
A con artist from another world who was so successful she became nationally famous? There’s no way Louie would pass up an opportunity like that. For his part I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already managed to set up another underworld identity in the boiling aisles, or at the very least that Eda could totally have been to the ducktales realm and heard of his one there.
Either way I’m convinced the two of them would start planning a heist as soon as they figure out who each other are. Eda is a little prideful and wants to show this kid he can’t out-con her, but Louie knows what he’s doing just as much. Honestly with the two of them combined Eda wouldn’t have to worry about losing her stand for a long time. Over the course of their planning and seeing Louie in action Eda begrudgingly gains some respect for the  kid, and while Louie was definitely just using her as a learning/profit opportunity at first, he’s pretty susceptible to getting attached.
For Louie, it’s the fact that she actually respects him for being good at what he does. Even back with his family who all love and care about him and all that he still feels like most of them don’t really get what he does or see what’s special about him, so having someone who made a whole life of it be even a little proud of him feels really nice.
And of course, at the end of their heist when they finally have the money in hand, and Eda just casually hands over his half, he stares at her like she’s crazy.
“You’re just.. Giving it to me?!”
“Well, yeah. That was the deal wasn’t it kid? I mean if you really want I definitely have a few ideas for it.”
“No! Uh, no, thanks, I’ll keep it. It’s just that you really remind me of someone, I guess I was expecting something else.”
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lubdubsworld · 2 years
Better Man .
~~~~~~~~~~I wish I could forget, when it was magic~~~~~~~~~~~~
Taehyung x Oc 
Rated 18 +
Post Divorce, Getting Back Together, Second chances, Angst.
 Chapter 1    Chapter 2   Chapter 3 
Chapter 4
How do you know you’re ready for kids? 
Is it after you’re financially stable enough? After you’ve partied enough? Got all the wildness inside you tamed? After you’ve grown sick of the freedom that comes with youth and what it implies ?  after you’ve grown tired of empty conversations that lead nowhere? sharing ubers with people you barely like because you’re too drunk to drive? When you just crave the comfort of people you truly love instead of strangers who grind up on you ? Or perhaps   when you start preferring silence in the evenings to the thrumming bass in some dingy nightclub? 
None of these really. 
The truth is you’re never ready. 
Hoshi had been planned. Taehyung and I had done our homework, studied everything from my ovulation cycle to the entire catalogue of some expensive breast pump , new in the market . Everything had been researched and planned and perfected : the wood the crib would be made of, the color he wallpaper in the nursery would be and the kind of diapers and wipes we would use. 
But it still threw us for a loop....how unpredictable he was.
How unpredictable the pregnancy was. 
What I wanted : Home birth. Mid wife . Taehyung by my side holding my hand.
What i got : Preeclampsia, a baby born six weeks early, Taehyung frantic on the phone in the middle of the night as he took his private jet from Japan where he was shooting a commercial. The pain of being induced into a labor that lasted for 16 hours only for my body to give up half way through. 
A c section that left a scar and numbness that hadn’t faded even now , after four whole years. three weeks in the NICU....tears and terror after learning that the  baby in the incubator right next to Hoshi’s didn’t make it. Aching to hold my son but being forced to stare at him through the glass, wires and tubes wrapped around his tiny torso. 
And through it all, Taehyung. 
Stronger than I had ever seen him. Calm and collected as he watched me pump milk for our baby, barely managing a few measly drops of it after thirty minutes of trying . His arms around me, holding me up as I tried to fight the sheer agony that came from my stitches, tried to stay conscious for the baby. Watching him carefully pour the milk into a sterile bottle to take down to the NICU . 
Falling in love with him, over and over and over again throughout the day as he did  everything for me. 
Hoshi was loved and cherished , not just because he was an expression of our love for each other. 
But a reminder of Taehyung’s love for  me. 
“ He’s growing out of all his clothes. I’m going to take him shopping tomorrow.”  Taehyung commented, watching Hoshi get on his tippy toes to point out the pastry he wanted from the display case, while a star struck cashier stared at Taehyung . 
Taehyung’s body guards were right near the table and while a crowd of people stood outside, none of them came too close. I was used to the attention that came with Taehyung and his celebrity status. 
“That’s a good idea. I have a couple of meetings tomorrow regarding the Christmas campaign and I may not be able to make it on the weekedn either. Is it okay if I pick him on monday evening?” I asked, cutting into the blueberry scon on my plate.
“How about I drop him off at your office. Save you the trip.” 
I hesitated, before nodding. 
“I spoke to the lawyer....she told me the papers should be processed by the end of next month. My company will make a formal announcement from both of us and we’ll say we don’t intend to answer any other media questions.”
I stared at him, watching his face carefully for something different. A sign that would explain what had changed between us because something had. I was sure of it. 
“ Why now, Taehyung?” I asked softly. 
He held my gaze for a second, eyes warm and honest. Taehyung could hide his emotions well, but his eyes always told the truth. 
“Because I’ve strung you along long enough. You deserve to be free.” He said finally.
I swallowed, looking down. 
“I ....you didn’t string me along.” I shook my head.
“I think you deserve to be loved right, without the shadow of my failures hanging over you. I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life in a limbo because of one wrong choice.”
Wrong choice. 
Whose ?
His? When he chose to drink That night?
Or mine? When I chose to walk out?
Or the both of us? For handling the fallout so badly? 
I had so many questions but I didn’t say anything. 
They were question that had no answers. 
“So we move on.” I stared at him intently.
“I will always love you. I will always be there for you.” He smiled, eyes glinting a little. 
i watched him, the familiar body. He had been my first. My best. Taehyung’s body was as familiar to me as my own and I wanted to hug him, hold him close and press kisses to his lips again. It wasn’t emotional or even sexual it was just...this urge to let him know that he was loved too. that he was adored. That he would always be loved.
“But, “ he went on, “  yes. Its been two years.... so.... we should move on. Meet other people. ” 
“Fall in love again ?” I didn’t mean to sound bitter but my tone certainly was. He gave me a very tired smile and I felt guilt bubble up inside me. 
“I’m not going to be that greedy, Mia.  I will settle for just feeling a little less alone.” He looked away and my throat closed up. 
He stood up, moving to the counter to pay for the treats that Hoshi had chosen. 
And that was it. 
I watched the small tendrils of warmth, rising up from my coffee, gossamer strips of smoke mingling in the cold air and melting into nothingness. 
Here one second gone the next.
Just like my marriage. 
It was a little past seven when I reached my apartment, my phone ringing just as I dropped my coat and unwrapped the scarf from around my neck. I moved quickly to the bedroom, pulling my phone out of my handbag. 
I picked the call, switching it to speaker before tossing my phone on the bed. 
“Jang Mi...its Jungkook. You ready?”
I swore, stripping out of my clothes quickly, fumbling with my bra and yanking my panties down.
“I’m just about to shower.  Five me ten minutes!” 
He didn’t reply and I frowned.
“Jungkook??” i called opening the closet to grab a hairband and shower cap. 
“When you say you’re just about to shower...are you actually in the shower?” His voice  sounded a little deeper than usual. Weird. 
“What?” I was completely confused.
“Like are you naked in-”
Oh Christ. 
I rolled my eyes, hanging up quickly. Sleeping with Jungkook, while extremely pleasurable had definitely been a little too much too soon. It made him take too many liberties, ones I wasn’t particularly comfortable giving him yet. 
But I liked him. 
He was, at the end of the day a nice guy. 
A nice guy who had an actual interest in me. Those were rare to come by. 
It was another fifteen minutes before I was ready, choosing a plain black jumpsuit in a flowy georgette material. It had nice flowy sleeves and i added gold jewelry at my wrists and earrings, just for a little bling. I stared at the dress at all angles. It definitely hugged my curves right but was also impossibly hard to take off. 
So even if I got swayed by his good looks and made bad choices ,  by the time Jungkook undressed me , i would be able to come to my senses and stop myself from having sex with him again. 
Groaning at myself, I grabbed the small black jeweled clutch from inside my dresser, slipping my phone in.
I steered clear of make up, choosing just a deep red lipstick. 
The knock on the door came just as i finished slipping into black pumps . 
I opened the door , only to have a dozen red roses thrust into my hands. 
“Wow.” I whispered, glancing at him. He looked extra handsome, a blood red shirt clinging to his torso, a think black tie knotted at his neck. He gave me a devilish wink, eyes flitting all over me , licking his lips. 
i tamped down the urge to back away, reminding myself that I was supposed to be moving on. Even if it wasn’t with Jungkook, he had asked me out on a date and I had agreed. I would enjoy myself tonight. 
“Gorgeous. Ready?”
“Let me just put these in water...” I smiled at him, placing the stems into the cut glass decanter on the nearest table. I emptied the small bottle of water nearby into it , bending over to fix the petals when I felt him press right up against me. 
Startling, i nearly spilled the water all over the floor, breath catching when his chest met my back . I felt myself trembling a bit because of how warm he felt, even with the inches between us and I could smell him, the subtle cologne that handsome men wear , just to drive women crazy. 
The urge to lean into his body was so strong I had to clench my fists. Apparently,  my body was  very much on board with moving on even if my heart wasn’t. Jungkook made things worse by moaning into my ear, chin resting on my shoulder as he lightly gripped my waist, before reaching over with other hand, plucking one scarlet bloom from the bunch  
I swallowed as he wrapped both arms around me in a backhug , holding the bloom up in front of my face. 
“Do you like the scent of it?” His lips brushed my ear and I grinned. I hadn’t been flirted with , like this in years. I bent my head to lightly breath in the air near the bloom, enjoying the subtle scent. “It’s lovely.” I said honestly. 
He  casually broke the stem off, a couple of inches from the where the petals began. 
“Turn around for me “ Jungkook whispered in my ear again. I turned around quickly, my lips inches from his, refusing to back away, staring right at him. He smirked, bringing the flower up to the small upknot on the side of my head. 
I stayed still as he carefully pulled a single bobby pin out, sticking the stem into my hair before casually using his teeth to pry open the pin again and slotting it into my hair, pinning the flower in place. 
Apparently, watching Jungkook pin a rose into my hair was winning brownie points for him in my brain, because my entire body went warm , my heart beating faster. 
“I’m scared to ask why you’re so good at this...” I smiled and he raised an eyebrow.
“I have a daughter remember? Its a lot of ribbons and bows and pins.” He grinned. 
The idea that Jungkook did his daughter’s hair for her, with ribbons and flowers was so ridiculously endearing I wanted to coo. 
“There. Now we match.... A little.” he smiled. 
I stared at him, the black tie on his red shirt and the red rose against my black dress. 
“Smart. “ I nodded. 
“Shall we leave?”
“I had fun tonight.” Jungkook hesitated . 
The night had been so much more fun than I’d anticipated. Jungkook somehow convincing me to party crash someone’s engagement party near the pool with an open bar and ridiculous ninety’s party music. But I’d danced to my heart’s content, my hair coming undone half way through and I was only a little upset that I’d lost the red rose in the middle of people.
“I had a lot of fun too Jungkook’ah..” I smiled, honest . 
“We should do this again. Since we never got to actually talk. It was just you getting progressively drunk and dancing like you wanted to pee.” He teased and I pouted. 
I reached out and pressed a palm to his face...his skin smooth under my skin and I felt myself swaying just a little, lethargic and a little aroused from the scent of him.
“Wanna get another drink?” And then because I was completely gone and had no filter, “ If you come inside....maybe I’ll let you cum inside. if you know what I mean.....” I drawled, waggling my eyebrows. 
Jungkook’s face morphed into one of absolute shock, lips parted and then he laughed so hard he choked, coughing. 
“Wow. You  are  drunk.” He shook his head, looking amused. “ How about this.... I’ll come in and tuck you into bed and if you drink a couple of glasses of water for me, I will not tease you about this tomorrow.” He offered. 
I pouted. 
“You don’t wanna come inside...?”
“Oh baby , you have no idea how bad I wanna come inside.....but not like this” He brushed the hair off my brow, kissing my forehead...” Ask me again when you’re sober and we’ll work something out. Now let’s get you into bed.” 
I groaned as he dragged me into the bedroom. 
The moment my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep. 
Author’s note : Not me falling in love with the second lead in my own story ugh.  He’s gonna get a separate story. I’m gonna write a whole entire fic for CFO! Jungkook , adorable single dad of cute little girl. 
I don’t have a tag list for this fic so please do let me know if you want to be tagged !!! 
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starkdanverss · 2 years
Remember Me
Chapter 3
Summary: While cleaning up the timelines that he broke, Loki meets and inevitably loses the one person that’s understood him in life. But he’s not losing you without a fight.
A/N: Beta’d by the ever beautiful @edgyvege. Go show her some love!
Warnings: Mention of suicide, attempted kidnapping
Word Count: 2892
Happy Reading!
Tumblr media
When Loki is finally confident enough that he wouldn’t look like a fool, he settles down in his bed and grabs the book you had given him, and enters the number inside the cover.
He ignores the fact that his hands tremble as he taps ‘call’ with his index finger.
The phone rings a few times before you pick up.
“Hello, darling.”
“Is anyone else calling you ‘darling’? That would certainly be a shame,” he grins as he settles back into the pillows behind him.
He hears you giggle before you respond, “No. Just you. I think if anyone else called me that I’d punch them.”
“That would be intriguing.”
You giggle again, “I miss you.”
It’s a moment before he replies. Loki bites his lip, butterflies coming to life in his stomach, “It’s only been a few days, dear.”
“I know. I still miss you though,” you rub your finger across the wood grain of the counter.
“I miss you as well. Please know, this is not how I would court you if I had things my way.”
“Court me?”
“I-” he sits up, “Ah. I thought… Was I not-“
“I’m kidding,” You interrupt his sudden anxious rambling, “Calm down.”
He hears you chuckle and he takes a few careful deep breaths.
Typical of you.
“You think you are funny, darling?” Loki pokes as he rests back into his pillow.
“I like to believe so,” You turn away from the counter and lean against it.
“You are lucky that I find you so endearing,” His voice is deep.
“Is that so?” You tongue your cheek.
“It is,” His voice is even and playful again.
The conversation flows from there, easily and freely. The two of you talk about nothing and everything for hours. When the conversation would die down, one of you would grasp for a new topic, neither one of you wanting to end the call.
It becomes a daily routine. Every evening, Loki would call and the two of you would often talk late into the night until you didn't have a choice but to go to bed for work the next morning.
It’s Thursday again, and you’re floating around your shop, hanging some new decor you had bought to brighten up the small space.
It’s been two months since Loki first showed up, and you can’t remember a time when you were happier.
There was no label between the two of you. You sometimes wished there was. But Loki, though confident and smooth talking, seemed to hold some reservations. He never shared them with you, but you could tell in the small changes of his expressions or body language when the flirting began to go too far, or how he expertly changed the subject if the conversation veered too far into relationship territory.
But even so, you were content. You finally had two good friends, after years of pushing away anyone who got too close. The fear of hurting those closest to you, or vise versa, always creeping in the back of your mind.
Your mind tried to make you do the same with Loki, and eventually Thor, but the rational part of you knew that they could protect themselves. At the same time, something deep inside of your soul somehow knew that you could trust the raven-haired god.
And it annoyed you to no end. You always did your best to follow reason. It was your way of ensuring your own and others’ safety. But it felt impossible to ignore the feeling of security you had around him.
The windchimes tinkle once again and you smile to yourself. You’re standing on a chair to reach the low ceiling, taping some colorful paper flowers to the dull off-white paint.
“Hey, Loki.” You greet happily, applying the last piece of tape and stepping down from the chair.
There’s a hand on your waist, and, thinking it’s Loki, you turn and go to place your hands on his chest only to see a tall, brooding man behind you. You jump, and take a step backwards.
He’s dressed in civilian clothes, but you know better. You see the edges of a tattoo peeking from just beneath his jacket collar. There’s an indent in his jeans, suggesting he’s concealing a knife. And his boots are almost military grade.
Your eyes flick towards the door, hoping to see Loki walk in.
He doesn’t.
“Can I help you with something?” You ask, taking a subtle step back.
His eyes scrape down your body and you’re suddenly sick to your stomach. Whether he’s sizing you up, searching for weapons, or just looking at you like a piece of meat, you’re unsure. But you don’t like it.
“Your presence is requested.”
You raise a brow and try to take another step back, but the bookshelf behind you keeps you from moving any further.
“You should leave,” You tell him, narrowing your eyes, “And tell Hayward to go to hell.”
He grabs your wrists and pulls you flush against him, his hot breath fanning across your face, “Listen here, little girl. You’re coming with me, quietly. I have never failed a mission, and I don’t plan on starting today.”
Realizing you have no other options, you brace yourself against the shelf behind you as you begin to call upon the energy around you, white light balling between your captive hands. It reflects against the various decorations you had just hung up, them swaying just slightly and the growing wind around you, and just before you blast the agent to hell, a different force rips him from you.
Because his hands are still connected to you, the force makes you tumble forwards, slamming into the ground with him. You lift your head from the carpet and look up, confused as hell, and your eyes immediately land on Loki. He must have come in right after you had been grabbed. You didn’t even hear the windchimes this time.
Loki’s eyes seem to glow just slightly, and he looks absolutely furious. He leans down to pick your attacker up by the throat and slams him against a wall, a knife materializing in Loki’s other hand. He raises it to the man’s throat in an instant, leans in, and sneers, “I should kill you where you stand for even gazing upon her,” Loki growls, pressing the knife further into his skin and drawing blood, “Touching her?” Another millimeter deeper, “That deserves a punishment worse than death.”
Your brain suddenly catches up to the situation and you run up to Loki, grabbing his arm, “Hey! Hey, I’m okay!” You tug at him gently, hoping to keep him from committing murder in the middle of your store.
“Brother!” A familiar voice booms behind you. You spin on your heels to see Thor, an annoyed expression on his face.
“He attacked me,” You blurt, knowing that Loki could get in a lot of trouble for this outburst, “Loki was just trying to help.”
Thor looks at you, his expression softening, before he looks back to the other two men and walks over to them. He places a large hand on Loki’s shoulder, “Brother, let me deal with him. We do not want to cause a spectacle.”
Loki’s hold on the man tightens, before he rips himself away, his knife disappearing allowing a trickle of blood to leave the cut on the man’s throat.
Thor made a call and the man was subsequently arrested and taken away.
After the cruiser drives off, Thor walks back into the shop where he had left you and Loki, and offers you a kind smile.
“Brother, what do you say we bring her back to the compound for the evening?”
Loki’s head snaps up, his eyes landing on his brother’s, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
Thor shrugs, “I don’t see why not.”
Loki looks to you and intertwines his fingers with yours, “What do you think?”
You smile back at him, squeezing his hand, “Sounds good to me.”
After locking up the store, Thor and Loki guide you to the empty alleyway they usually use for Loki to transport them.
There’s a tingling sensation all over your body, and gold specks dot your vision before you’re suddenly on a grass lawn. You look up and your eyes blow wide, seeing the Avengers Compound right in front of you. The place is huge. You’d seen pictures before, but never imagined it to be as large and complex as what you’re currently seeing.
As Thor leads you both toward the silver and glimmering building in front of you, you feel Loki’s hand slip into yours again.
You look up to him and smile before your eyes are pulled away, meeting the glances of the compound staff as your presence momentarily distracts them from their current tasks.
You step into Loki’s space, pushing yourself closer to his side, making the others’ glances fade from your attention as his proximity makes you feel safer.
Once making your way past the main yard, and a long driveway, you arrive at what you assume is the main entrance of the building, though you do not stop there. Thor finally stops when you meet him in a back hallway near one of two elevators. Thor presses the call button, taking you gods know where.
You’re still pressed into Loki, though now you’re using him as a crutch, feeling a little faint. Whether from the dramatic turn of events or the teleportation, you have no idea. Either way, this wasn’t what you had expected for today and in all honesty, you’re incredibly overwhelmed.
“Is everything alright?” Loki asks, noticing the extra weight against him and your increasingly labored breaths.
You nod, but the movement makes you dizzy and you clutch onto Loki, eyes screwing shut, “I think I need to lie down.”
Thor and Loki exchange worried glances.
“Take her to your room. I shall speak with the others.”
Loki nods, carefully sweeping you into his arms. As soon as the metal doors slide open, he makes a beeline towards his own room. He unlocks his door with magic, a shimmering green momentarily covering the knob before disappearing. The door opens itself, allowing Loki to keep from jostling you too much.
He walks over to his bed, carefully depositing you on top. He grabs the soft green throw blanket that Peter had gotten him as a welcome gift some time ago and carefully places it over your form. He leans down and brushes the hair away from your face, nimble fingers softly caressing your face.
“You have had quite a day. Rest now.”
You smile at him, pulling the blanket farther over yourself.
Loki smiles warmly, before climbing into bed with you, his back resting against the headboard. You turn to snuggle into him, and soon you’re fast asleep.
You wake a few hours later, feeling much better than you had earlier in the day. You notice that the space next to you is now empty, and you sit up to take in your surroundings.
The room is a generous size. The walls are painted grey, and the bed is larger than any bed you’ve slept on, adorned with a fluffy and extremely soft black comforter. There’s a dark stained heavy wooden dresser against one of the walls, a large gold mirror hanging above it. A large bookshelf lines the same wall, filled to the brim with books, and you notice that every book you recommended to him in the last two months were on a shelf of their own.
On another wall, a desk is tucked into the corner, neat and organized with a small black leather book sitting atop. To the left of the large bed is a closed door, and on the right is a door that’s slightly ajar, and you can see it’s an ensuite bathroom.
One of the walls is completely made up of floor to ceiling windows, and the room faces the west so you can see the colors of the sky morphing into an array of purples, oranges, and pinks as the sun sets. It’s a breathtaking sight.
You climb out of the bed, keeping the fluffy blanket around your shoulders. Curious as to where Loki had gone, you leave the room, looking both ways to try and remember which way you had come from earlier. Choosing at random, you begin your small journey, hoping to everything that you don’t run into an Avenger. How the hell were you supposed to explain that one?
Apparently, you chose correctly because the further you go, you begin to hear voices.
You peek around the corner to see a large open living area, and your jaw drops. Whenever you imagined the Avengers’ living space, you imagined sleek, modern decor, and expensive as shit furniture that would look as if nobody even used it.
And while you were mostly correct, you were also met with a bright room with floor to ceiling windows, picture frames on the walls and tables. The black leather chairs and couches looked well loved, and there were different colored throw blankets all over the place.
Loki was sat next to Thor on a loveseat, while several other members of the team were scattered throughout the room.
You hadn’t even been listening to what they were saying, but you hear your name and you immediately hone in on the conversation, hiding behind the wall once more.
“All I’m saying is that a little notice would have been nice.” You think the voice belongs to Tony Stark.
“If it was any other circumstance, it would have been planned ahead of time. But after she was attacked, I don’t believe any of us were comfortable with leaving her alone.” That was Thor.
“Speaking of, I called the police department to ask about her attacker. They said he committed suicide with cyanide.” Natasha states.
The entire room falls into silence, before Steve pipes up, “That sounds a bit too familiar.”
“Why would HYDRA be after her?” Clint asks, and everyone looks to Loki.
Loki shifts uncomfortably in his seat.
“Brother?” Thor pushes.
Loki sighs, “I promised her I would not tell a soul.”
“Look, Loki,” Steve moves closer to the edge of his seat, “I understand you want to protect her, but we can’t help you protect her without knowing why she’s being targeted.”
“I can protect her myself.” Loki growls, but Thor gently places his hand on his brother’s shoulder.
“You can, but she would be safer with all of us protecting her. You have not dealt with HYDRA before, and therefore do not understand their capabilities. You trust me, and I trust my team. Tell us why Y/N is being hunted.” Thor tries to reason.
Loki sighs again, and you wonder what the hell they’re talking about. It wasn’t HYDRA who was after you. It was SWORD… Right? You feel nerves begin to take hold of you, and you clutch at the fabric around your shoulders.
And how the hell did Loki know why they wanted you? You hadn’t told him anything about that specific part of your past or of your abilities, much less making him promise anything.
So your heart falls to your stomach when you hear Loki’s next words.
“She has these… Abilities. She can manipulate the energy around her to do just about anything she wants. Back in timeline 656, she used her powers to help the resistance and destroy that timeline. But here, in this timeline, she has yet to mention these powers to me. I think she’s afraid. I know that her parents were SHIELD agents and were killed while on a mission when she was ten years of age.”
“If her parents were part of SHIELD, they may have been involved with HYDRA.” Tony offers.
“I think we have a visitor.” Wanda says, effectively ending the conversation.
You curse internally, but don’t move in hopes that maybe she was talking about someone else.
But suddenly Loki steps around the corner, a horrified look on his face, “Darling?”
You look up at him, and suddenly you’re angry. You’re unsure why. Maybe it’s because you worked so hard in life to stay off the radar of people like the Avengers. Maybe it’s because your efforts in keeping your secret to yourself were in vain because somehow Loki still knows. Maybe it’s because you’re suddenly terrified. Of yourself, of the Avengers, of HYDRA.
Your eyes flick over to the Avengers, who are now all looking at you in silence.
Loki moves to touch you, but suppressed survival instincts kick in and a blast of white energy bursts from your body, sending Loki flying into another wall. Your hands fly to your mouth.
“I- I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean-”
Thor steps closer to you, hands up in a placating gesture, “It’s alright. Take a breath. Nobody is going to hurt you.”
You take a step back, seeing all the horrified eyes on you.
Loki can see where this is going, so with a flick of his hand, he puts you to sleep, jumping to catch you before you hit the ground.
“This is what I wanted to avoid.” He spits, hoisting you up for the second time that day.
“Loki-” Thor tries, but he’s gone before the god can finish.
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gabolange · 2 years
So, let’s talk about Leverage: Redemption. In which I am medium-whelmed at best.
Spoilers below the cut.
I finished the show a couple of days ago and I keep trying to figure out why I didn’t love it. This isn’t to say I didn’t like it, because I did, but it didn’t land for me the way it seems to have landed for a lot of people, and so here I am with, like, meta. Party like it’s 2008 and all that.
2008. I actually didn’t meet Leverage until 2010 despite friends telling me for ages I should watch. It one of those moments that became a forever memory for many reasons, but the most important is this: the show was perfect. Those first hours spent watching a rerun marathon on TNT on a hot-as-fuck July 4 in Albuquerque, New Mexico came with them the understanding that this show was truly special.
It was funny, it was topical, it was sexy, and it was so fucking smart. I fell in love right away with all of them, but especially with Sophie, and with Nate, and with their complicated, complex, adult history. And then over the course of catching up and keeping up, I fell even harder, with them and those themes, with watching Parker and Hardison grow into themselves, with watching Eliot deal every day with his demons. I loved the way the show balanced light and dark, how it could have Archie’s zappy cane in the same breath as Eliot giving Nate advice about what it would mean to kill. I loved that we all loved Maggie, even though ex-wives are known in television to be evil shrews. I loved Tara’s complexity, and Sterling’s wit, and how every episode was a chess game. And oh, how I loved Sophie’s journey, how she had to decide every day not how to live but who to be.
When I say it was perfect, I don’t mean it didn’t have its duds. Of course it did. But it did the thing it was trying to do better than anyone has ever done it, with intelligence and respect, and its finale is one of the three best series finales ever filmed.
This is all to say the bar for Leverage: Redemption was both sky high and very low. When I heard they weren’t bringing Nate back, my first thought was don’t you fucking dare break my heart. If Nate was drunk off his ass in a ditch somewhere, if he had broken Sophie’s heart--that would be the ultimate betrayal (hi, I still have feelings about The Doctor Blake Mysteries). And so the bar was: don’t break my heart, while also being something like the perfect show.
They didn’t break my heart. I said early the best thing would be to kill Nate after he and Sophie had good, long, happy years together. And they did, and it was the right place to start.
They gave me that, and I am grateful, but when I look at the rest, I guess I was underwhelmed. Or at least only whelmed. Medium-whelmed at best.
There were things I loved: Hardison and Parker’s relationship. Eliot’s careful watch over Sophie. Hardison growing up to become the most epic white hat hacker ever. The idea that getting back into the game would be the thing that would make Sophie happy. Hardison’s commentary on redemption. The idea of Leverage: International. Gina Bellman is still made of magic and heartbreak and perfection.
There were things I liked: I am fond of our Mister Wilson, even if I find Noah Wylie about as interesting as plain toast. There were some truly great Eliot beats. I don’t yet like Breanna, but I like the idea of Breanna. I liked the way Nate hovered over the entire thing, because Sophie brought him with her. I think the sets were great, and I was impressed at how much they were able to do in a pandemic. I found utterly baffling but nonetheless charming that we meet Harry in the middle of a failed heist in which the team judges his technique and then adopts him. I liked Fake Nate and everything they did with that. The show had many bright spots, and I don’t in any way want to diminish them.
But. It wasn’t smart. It wasn’t sexy. Except for Sophie’s grief and Hardison’s plans, it picked up the character beats where we left them ten years ago. Has Parker been mastermind for this entire time? I would have loved to see that. Have they learned how to do this well without Sophie and Nate? I would have loved to see that. Show me the history.
Show me the history. Breanna and Hardison and Parker all say this is the worst timeline, and we know it is because we have lived it. But in the universe of the show, it doesn’t really seem that bad -- the plots of the week were silly and so small. I remember finding Damien Moreau too big, once upon a time, but this all felt too easy, the stakes far too small for this to be a show where everything has gotten worse. Nate almost murdered two guys in cold blood, folks. The show was missing any of the darkness that made the original truly compelling, and so lost the balance we loved between that and finding joy. I don’t need it in every episode, but I need a hint that there’s something bigger and meaner out there other than throwaway dialog.
(And, when it tried to go dark, it swung and missed. The episode with the collapsed building was timely, but as someone with anxiety and PTSD, the way the crew played on this guy who had apparently tried to do better this time around...was kinda not okay, to be honest.)
I don’t have OT3 goggles, but I think if I did, I would find Hardison’s absence a little sad--he was the glue, and they needed to do more to bring Parker and Eliot together as friends / colleagues / long-term members of the same polycue / whatever. But even without OT3 goggles, I missed Hardison a whole lot. And I am SO happy for Aldis Hodge growing up to be a real movie star, but he brought so much presence and capability to every scene he was in, even when he was just a kid. Nobody else has his gravitas, or Timothy Hutton’s.
I do have Sophie goggles, and Sophie / Nate goggles. And they didn’t ruin the ship or anything, of course not. But I missed the frisson they brought, the way they made the show just that much more adult. And I am so very, very glad they got their happiness, but I am kinda sad that sexy got replaced with grief.
So yeah. I don’t know. I didn’t hate it at all. I am willing to give it a chance, to let it grow into something I love. But it isn’t, at least not yet.
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yelenabelovq · 2 years
Tumblr media
give you peace | s.r.
summary: Days on the road are long and overstretched and everyone seems better at dealing with it than you. You are even worse at dealing with it when you’re forced to share a bed with the self-appointed Captain.
playlist: give you peace | s.r.
word count: 3.4k
rating: 18+
a/n: i have literally been working on this fic for, like, over a month okay. i had decided that no one knew how to do a true theres-only-one-bed fic so i decided to write my own and then idk what happened like god took it into her hands at that point and this is the result so like don’t blame me blame god
“I would take a bunch of rolled-up newspapers and a blanket at this point,” Sam said from beside you.
You lift your head from where it rested on the table between your arms, peering at him through lidded eyes. “A bed is a bed, Samuel.”
“Yeah, and it’s the first one we’ll have in months,” he said. “If Steve can ever get the damn key cards.”
“I, for one, don’t know why we didn’t think of having Nat hack the security cameras earlier,” you remarked, fidgeting with the strap of your one duffle bag you could keep that you’d looped around your ankle. Can’t be too careful. “Who’s really worried about a few misdemeanors when you’re on the run from the highest levels of the US government?”
“Amen,” said Sam.
“I’ll second that one,” Natasha said, stretching out beside you, feline in her office chair. The laptop was set in front of her, inconspicuous enough that it just looked like she was getting some work done before checking in. God, technology was truly great.
Steve returned a second later, holding a handful of cards and a goodie bag from the front desk. Robbing big chain hotels of their rooms and amenities was honestly your best idea yet. You wish you’d thought of it sooner. Being on the run was exhausting, and half-star motels that conveniently didn’t already have security cameras was even more exhausting and incredibly less safe. Peace was hard to come by when you were tracking down the worst of the worst, and safety was even harder. Caffeine and near-tear exhaustion has brought you the idea of simply hacking the system at a Marriott Inn. Genius, Genius, Genius.
“Alright,” Steve said. “Cameras down, yet?”
Nat took a second before closing the laptop and responding, “They’ll loop for 24 hours. Should be enough time for us to rest up and make it out of here.”
“Two rooms,” Steve said, throwing down two packs of key cards.
“Ugh, my own bed,” you sighed.
“We’ll share,” Natasha said, motioning between her and Sam.
“Hey, wait,” you said, picking up your gaze to Nat, who honest-to-god looked like the expression “the cat that got the cream.”
“Your own bed, right?” Nat said, leveling her gaze with your own.
You tipped your head back to look at Steve, who was standing over you. “Guess we’re bunking together.”
Tumblr media
The Jack & Jill door between the two rooms was quickly unlocked and you tossed your duffle onto the counter of the vanity before turning to face the rest of the room. Bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, panted like a mantra in your mind as the bone-deep feeling of exhaustion settled into you. Sheets and a duvet and the cold side of a pillow sounded like a winning lottery ticket right about now.
You looked around the small room, just the bed with an adjoining bathroom and exposed vanity, a mini-fridge and coffee maker next to the TV and—
Bed. Bed as in singular.
Your head snapped to look at Steve.
“There’s only one bed,” he remarked helpfully.
“You’re kidding,” you insisted, the evidence glaringly obvious. Maybe if you whined loud enough it would magically become two.
“Is there only one in their room? Maybe we can switch—” Your hand went for the door, only to find it locked. You jiggled the door, kicking it once, then leaning your head against it in defeat. “Whores,” you hissed.
“That should be unlocked—”
“You know why it isn’t.” You turned back to the room, defeat settling in your bones. It’s not that you and Steve had never not not gotten along, it’s just that two iron-willed people who are incessant about being right don’t tend to last in a room together without some… light bickering.
Steve went for the phone and brought it to his ear for only a moment before shoving it back onto the receiver. “Nat disabled the line,” he sighed.
“So, there’s only one bed,” you observed, just as helpfully as he had.
“I’ll take the floor,” Steve said.
“No, I’m not gonna make you do that. I can—”
“You’re not sleeping on the floor.”
Your folded your arms across your chest defiantly. “And why’s that?”
“You’re exhausted.”
“So are you.”
“I can handle the floor for one night—”
“Well, so could I.”
“Well, why don’t we both take the goddamned floor, then?”
“Why don’t we both take the fucking bed, then?” You yanked back the covers on one side.
“Fine.” Steve’s eyes met yours across the bed. The only one in the room. Iron will alright.
It was Steve that broke first, much to your satisfaction of having won two stand-offs with him.
“I’m going to take a shower.”
“Have fun,” you quipped over your shoulder ad you flopped down on the mattress, grabbing the remote from the side table. This was fine. This would be fine.
A bed is a bed, right?
Steve was in the shower for a bit longer than you’d expected, considering how fast he usually took. Memories of standing in a steam filled bathroom where he was in and out before you’d even wrangled your hair into something presentable came back to you, watching him through a fogged mirror as he walked out with a towel slung low over his hips.
Much like he had when he emerged as you were just barely dozing off to the Lifetime movie on the screen. You swung your legs over the edge and willed your feet to remember how to carry you to the en suite. You passed him by, shoulder brushing his as your gaze caught the water droplets still shimmering on this skin.
You took a bit longer in the shower than usual we well.
When you emerged, hair dry enough that you didn’t have to worry about waking up to a soaked pillow, and in as presentable as a night outfit as you could get for New Mexico in the middle of August, it was dark in the rest of the room. You eased your way out to the bed, noting that Steve seemed to be already a sleep, a pillow laid longways in the middle of the bed. You rolled your eyes before setting the burner phone you had to charge. You climbed into bed gingerly, acutely aware of the body on the other side of the queen-sized mattress. A queen should be plenty big for two people, but Steve was the size of two people himself and slept on his back, one arm thrown behind his head, and the other four remaining pillows (cause, y���know, men are too manly to sleep with pillows) cast to your side. Long story short, it didn’t leave you much room.
This was it, this was the catch, you thought. No pillow nest to bury yourself in. So much for your own damn bed.
You slipped into the covers, arranging the pillows around yourself in your best attempt of a pillow nest with only one-third of a queen mattress to work with (you mourned the loss of the single pillow you had to toss on the floor) and closed your eyes.
And then sleep didn’t come.
So you opened your eyes and shuffled the pillows a bit again, then laid down, and shut your eyes.
And then sleep didn’t come.
Sighing, you shifted again, fluffing the pillow you hugged to your chest with an annoyed hand and—
“Could you stop moving?” cut a voice through the dark.
You send Steve a glare that definitely didn’t land through the pitch black. “You’re taking up the entire bed, it’s kind of hard to get comfortable.”
Steve sighed, then shifted into a sitting position. You heard his feet hit the ground.
“I told you you’re not sleeping on the floor.”
“We clearly can’t share the bed.”
“We clearly can, actually, if you just scoot over.”
“I don’t really think that would fix the problem.”
“Do you have to argue with everything I say?”
He inhaled sharply, but didn’t say anything.
“Just lay back down and go to sleep.”
You felt the mattress shift again. You rolled over and squeezed your eyes shut, willing your body not to move again.
Tumblr media
You woke up to warmth.
Wasn’t New Mexico the desert? Didn’t the desert get cold at night? Why were you so warm right now? How long did you sleep for, then—
Moving was weird. Yeah, that’s really weird, cause you were caught on something. And what was on your stomach?
Steve. Steve was. You were warm because Steve’s breath was hitting your collar bone and you were pressed against his body and his hand was splayed over your bare stomach.
You had a vague memory of a pillow hitting the floor last night. Then another shuffling stand-off. Then—
Steve was holding you in his arms. Steve was holding you while he slept.
You tried your hardest to move without actually moving, a task that quickly proved difficult. If you could just turn over—
The hands on your stomach turned into an arm tightening around you.
There was no possible way to get out of this and save your pride. You couldn’t do it without waking him up and—
Hold on. Why were you embarrassed? He was the one holding you like a child and a teddy bear. He was the one not letting go. Yeah, this was something you could give him shit for.
“Steve,” you said, sleep tugging on the edges of your voice. “Steve, let go.” You tried a little more openly to wiggle your way out of his grip.
“Huh-uh,” he grunted, only succeeding in further trapping you. “Y’r warm.”
Well, so was he.
As the tired still crowded your mind, you took a deep breath and only succeeded in relaxing yourself further into his grip. You tried half-heartedly to wiggle your way out but, wow, his skin is soft. You didn’t really notice falling back asleep. The absence of your consciousness was a relief.
But when you woke again, it was to the smell of coffee and a cold bed.
You blinked blearily into the morning, gaze flitting across the room before landing on Steve’s figure leaning against the vanity.
“Morning,” he said thickly. He sounded like he couldn’t have been awake that early, and yet he’d been up long enough for his side of the bed to go cold.
"G'mornin'." You stretched out in an attempt to rid yourself of sleep and gave a small moan. Steve tossed his gaze over his shoulder but kept his body faced towards the vanity as he let the coffee drip into the single-use cups.
"Sleep well?" he asked, still not turning to face you.
"Did you?"
You watched his shoulders tense for a split second before he does, finally, turn to you, coffee in hand. He crosses the space between you in a step and a half and extends the cup to you.
You, of course, reach for it and, of course, do so too fast and knock the cup into your lap. Steve sputtered an apology for a moment before reaching to rip the covers off your legs. He twisted to grab a towel from the vanity and began patting down your thighs. In the frantic blur of it, you realized Steve was currently working his way up your inner thigh with a towel that was attached to his hand and you were barely awake.
"Steve," you said. He didn't stop his pursuit up your thigh and was now currently, just about, hovering over you.
"Steve," you repeated, stilling his hand on the inside of your thigh, and finally met his eye, noting as his eyes flit between yours and your lips.
"Sorry," he said, not making an attempt to move.
"S'okay," you mumbled, butterflies taking flight in your stomach and landing on every inch of your skin.
"Are you okay?" His breath was tickling your nose by now.
"You're not moving away." Your heart was hammering out of your chest by now, and you were pretty sure he could hear it. (Super soldier hearing? Is that a thing?)
"I..." The only sound was your mingling breathing for a moment. "I don't want to."
His lips were feather-light on yours at first, soft and lingering. Maybe that's why his teeth on your lip made you yelp, and maybe that was why Steve groaned into your mouth before hooking an arm under your knee and hoisting you up the bed, settling his hips between your legs.
You tangled your fingers in his hair, eliciting soft moans from him as your nails scraped his scalp, so you did it again. His lips moved over your skin, down your jaw and neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses as he moved his hands over your waist. You watched as his head moved down your chest, a hand coming to rest over the strap of your tank top. He toyed with it for a moment, his other hand slowly inching the hem to expose your stomach.
Cerulean eyes met yours. "Okay?"
You nodded vehemently.
His hands lit firecrackers on your skin as he pushed up your tank, his mouth immediately attaching itself to your exposed breast. Your breath hitched in your chest, hands clawing at his shirt in a desperate attempt to undress him.
His shirt and your shorts were quickly discarded onto the floor next to your tank as your fumbling hands reached to his waistband with the intent for them to join the growing pile on the floor. A gentle hand came to cover your wrist, and you opened your eyes to see Steve kissing farther down your sternum, your stomach, your hips.
His breath was hot on your exposed core. Tiny kisses were placed on the inside of both your thighs, like matches being lit in the dark. You were covered in him all of a sudden, covered, covered, covered in his breath, in his skin, in his existence. And when he buried his nose in your folds, you wondered if he was covered in you as well.
His lips sang against your most sensitive area, pushing a finger or two inside you and then slowly curling until your back arched off the coffee-stained sheets. You were breathless, enthralled in every sensation Steve was able to seep from your body. His name fell off your lips in a series of pleas that you were, at present, woefully unable to distinguish. All you know is that it spurred him on, if his own moans were anything to go by.
Release quickly closed in on every inch of you, a glass being filled until it finally, finally tipped over and spread over every inch of you until you were writhing against his face.
Kisses were once again being placed all over your body, until Steve’s nose nudged you and his mouth found yours once again.
“You taste like honey,” he whispered into your mouth.
You whimpered against his lips, hands grasping at his neck, his hair, his waist.
“Okay?” he asked, his own hand moving towards the waistband of his sweats.
“Yes,” you breathed. “Yes, yes, oh my god, yes.”
His hips rolled against you, a trembling wave breaking as you felt his head push into you. It knocked the air from your lungs, his arm snaking around your waist to hold you close to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and burrows your face in his shoulder as he set up a relentless pace, pounding into you with everything he could. You were flooded with ecstasy before finally cresting, a kaleidoscope shattering inside of you before the pieces fell and covered you. Through your high, you felt Steve’s hips sputter against yours before spilling into your core.
There was nothing but your shared breaths for a moment, your head still buried in his shoulder. He relaxed you into the pillows, his lips finding a path over your cheekbone. He eased out of you, grabbing another towel to clean between your thighs. He laid back down next to you, gathering you into his arms until you were laid over his chest.
“This okay?” he asked, his voice as gravelly as you’d heard it that morning.
“Yes,” you sighed, tracing a finger over his skin. You shifted to gaze up at him, silently memorizing every line and dip of his face.
“Why had we never crossed that line before?”
You thought for a moment, his question taking you a little off guard in your still-tired, post-orgasmic state. It was a line you’d crossed. That line you’d been tiptoeing with looks cast the other’s way that always lasted a little too long, and comments that could have way too easily been taken out of context. That line that Nat and Sam had found each other crossing in an attempt to soften the sting of being on the run. That line that stopped you from finding comfort in one another, when the nights stretched on and on and people seemed like the worst type of creature in the universe.
“You’re a stubborn asshole.”
He laughed heartily. “I’m the stubborn one?”
“For now.”
So you let yourself relax into him, savoring the touch of skin on skin. Of your breathing synchronizing. Of high-thread-count sheets kissing your skin just like Steve had, like Steve still was doing, punctuating each one with the giggle he drew from you.
He sighed for a moment before locking his eyes with yours.
"I don't know if I can-"
"Steve," you stopped him. "It's not about that."
You knew where he was going with it. How he would say some chivalrous shit about not being able to provide you with what you needed. It was true, though. It wasn't about that. Not when each night could be the last, and not when a larger fight loomed just around the corner. You knew you could both feel it. When you'd find Steve pulling out his burner and taking a quick glance at it, expression unreadable when he'd discover there were no new alerts and he'd shove it back into his pocket. Not when you felt sometimes like everyone had something to fight for, except you.
"I don't need anything but this," you whispered onto his skin, willing the words to tattoo there so just maybe America's Golden Boy would understand that he alone is enough.
"I can't give you the peaceful life you want."
"I never said I wanted that."
"But I know you think about it."
What, is he a mind reader?
"It's okay. I think I want it sometimes too. But-"
"But then you pull that phone out hoping time and time again it will ring."
You felt his chest lift with a sigh.
"It's okay, Steve," you said softly. His gaze wavered against yours. "This is okay. For now, this is what I need."
Everyone coped in different ways. Natasha dyed her hair like the little sister she’d told you about one night after a bit too much to drink and a sappy feeling in the air. Sam had a stash of letters he was writing for his nephew who’d just been born. You saw him putting them away one time and asked him about it, and he told you about his home on a vibrant coast with his sister who he loved the most in the world, until she had his nephews, that is.
You’d spent the last year collecting postcards. It wasn’t much, but they were easily transportable. You marked each one with a date and a memory. The time in Nebraska when Sam had to try and flirt his way into the back room of a bar, but he just ended up with a scratch on his face from the ring the woman wore when she slapped him. Or when Natasha fell off a dock in New Zealand and took you with her, and you both ended up spending an hour swimming in the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Or when you were in Venice chasing down a dead lead and you looked at Steve in the setting sun and suddenly your heart felt like it might explode and jump out of your chest. You’d felt tangibly dizzy. You hadn’t shown anyone that one.
But you could stay here, like this, in Steve’s arms, an ear pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat lull you to sleep. And when everything else feels cold, when you feel like the world is turning its back on you, you can find peace in your friends, and in the arms of someone who makes you feel safe.
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Day 64: Shower
There were a lot of benefits to living in a muggle flat in London.
Draco never had to worry about being recognized, it was delightfully noisy (always an added bonus when you woke up from a nightmare, it was very grounding), and one of his neighbors was always leaving him baked goods just outside his door.
But there were definite downsides as well. Mostly that when things broke (which pretty much seemed to be always) he couldn't use magic to fix it and had to wait for the muggle repair man.
"You're sure you can't get here any sooner than Friday to fix the shower?" he asked the maintenance man over the muggle mobile he'd purchased shortly before moving in.
"I'll get there as soon as I can but it's Friday at the earliest," the man replied, "right now I have a busted toilet, a broken garbage disposal, a kitchen light repair, a cabinet door replacement, a window that won't open, a door knob that the lock sticks on, and an ac unit that is pumping in hot air."
Draco resisted the urge to tell him to hire some help and sighed, "Right. Thank you."
The man grunted in response and hung up.
After a moment of contemplating his options, he gathered up his bath supplies and marched down the hall. When he'd moved in a girl named Amelia had told him if he ever needed anything just to come knock on her door. She'd said that she and her boyfriend would be happy to help, and she had even mentioned a shower breaking specifically.
Steeling himself he knocked, "Amelia?" he called. "It's Thomas from 116," he added, he'd almost gotten used to calling himself that. "I'm so sorry to bother you, but my shower is broken and-"
"Just a minute!" a distinctly male voice called back.
And he waited, feeling more embarrassed since couldn't recall having ever met Amelia's boyfriend. He hoped that he wouldn't think that Draco was a creep.
"Sorry," the man called, and Draco heard the locks being slid from their places, "Amelia and I broke up but I'd be glad to help wi-"
The door opened and Draco felt the bottom of his stomach drop out. "Potter?" he spluttered
(Read more below the cut)
"Draco Malfoy, what the actual fuck?"
"What are you doing here?" Draco hissed.
Potter drew back like Draco had slapped him, "What am I doing here? What are you doing here?"
Before Draco could respond, Delores from the room between their rooms emerged and Potter grabbed him by the front of his tshirt and dragged him inside of his flat.
Draco barely had a moment to notice that his flat was surprisingly cozy before Potter was standing in front of him once more, arms crossed over his chest. "What are you doing here?"
"I live here!" Draco exclaimed. "I've lived here for six months!"
"Well I have lived here for almost a year!" Potter replied. "How did you find this place?"
"Do you know how hard it is to find a flat to rent in London?" Draco asked.
Potter paused, "Actually, yes," he replied. "And this place is enough of a shit-hole that there is a rotating tenant-base."
"Where's Amelia?"
Potter's brow furrowed, "How do you know Amelia?"
"I don't," he said with a shrug, "I met her when I was moving in and she told me if my shower ever broke I should just come knock on her door."
Potter sighed, "Damn."
"What?" Draco asked, feeling like he'd missed something.
"Oh nothing," Potter said, waving him off, "I'd just really been hoping that the guy I caught her cheating on me with was the only one."
Draco spluttered, "I was not romantically involved with your girlfriend."
"No," Potter replied, "No, I know. Just we worked opposite shifts so she was home in the day and I was home at night, and," he shrugged, "Well, you know how it goes."
Draco pinched his arm, he must be dreaming.
Potter turned and wandered toward his kitchen and Draco couldn't help but wonder if he was meant to follow him. "Tea?" Potter called over his shoulder.
And really, Draco had just meant to beg to use the shower but that little part of him that desperately loved gossip decided tea was a better plan. "Please."
The other man sent a smile at him over his shoulder, dimple popping up and Merlin, when had Potter gotten this attractive?
"So," he said as he put the kettle on, "What do you do?"
"I'm going to a muggle university, actually," Draco replied as he found a seat on a stool at the island, "studying to be a solicitor."
"Huh," Potter said, pushing his glasses up higher on his nose, "That suits you."
"I don't know what that's supposed to mean," he said, brow furrowed.
"Oh, nothing," Potter assured, "Just you're clever, good at arguing, and good at finding loop holes, I imagine."
At the earnest look on Potter's face, he decided not to take offense. "What is it that you do?"
Potter smiled at him, "I work at an animal shelter."
Draco blinked, he'd never expected that answer.
"I know," Potter laughed, "It's not what anyone expected but it makes me happy and it feels like good work."
The kettle whistled and Potter turned around to fetch down a couple of mugs and make them tea. "How long have you been living out of the wizarding world?"
"A little over a year," he replied. "It was just too difficult," Draco said, "I was mobbed everywhere I went, sent death threats," he added, "Not that I don't deserve them-"
"You don't," Potter said sharply, spinning around to face him. "Godric, Draco, you were just a kid. We all were."
He swallowed and looked down at the island, "Be that as it may," he said carefully, "I think it's easier for people." He made a vague gesture, "Not to have to see me."
"The pressure in the wizarding community is unreal," Potter said, setting a cup of tea along with the sugar bowl in front of Draco before he made his way to his refrigerator, "You still don't take cream, do you?"
"No," he replied with a little smile, pleased that he wasn't the only one to still remember oddities about the other.
"Why don't we go into the living room?" he suggested. "My furniture in there is much more comfortable."
Draco followed along behind him and settled onto what appeared to be the least squishy piece of furniture, a beige chair. Potter seemed to have no such qualms and sunk into a cozy rocking chair. Draco cleared his throat, "You've been gone for how long now?" he asked.
"Almost two and a half years," Potter replied before taking a sip of tea.
"Do you miss it?" Draco asked.
Shrugging one shoulder he answered, "Sometimes. I still go to the Weasley's most Sundays and I go for birthday parties and holidays. It's enough." He took another sip of tea, his eyes glued to Draco in that piercing way of his and it felt like it had been ages since someone had actually seen him. "What about you? Do you miss it?"
"At the beginning," he confessed, "But less now."
Potter hummed, seemingly waiting for Draco to continue
"Did you go to-"
Potter waved him off, "My life is exceptionally boring, I assure you. Tell me about you," he said. "Tell me about school, about what you want to do with your degree, tell me about acclimating to Muggle life," he chuckled, "tell me everything."
And so Draco did. He talked about his classes, talked about how difficult certain parts of living like a muggle were, talked about doing work with children, talked about doing a double major in law and in psychology. Draco talked, and talked, and talked while Harry listened; and he realized it had been a really long time since someone had done this with him.
He was in the middle of a story about how he hadn't understood how pens worked when Harry's mobile rang. With a wince he pulled it out of his pocket, "Sorry," he said, silencing it only for it to start ringing again a minute later. He huffed, "Sorry," he repeated. "It's Hermione and Ron. They'll just keep calling if I don't answer, give me just a minute."
"Of course," he said.
Harry gave him a little smile, "I'll get some more tea," he added before picking up.
Over the tiny little speaker Draco could hear cheering and hollering before a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday was sung and Draco felt the blood drain from his face. He pulled out his own mobile and clicked the wake button. July 31
He felt like such an arse, here he was blabbering away at the other man when Potter probably had a million things he'd rather be doing.
"Thank you," Potter said over the phone from the kitchen. "I'm a bit busy just now," he broke off to listen to some chatter. "Yes. I'll be by on Sunday to celebrate." Another pause, "Yes. Love you all, too. Kisses to Rosie and Teddy."
When he returned he said, "Sorry, you were saying about the pens?"
"I feel like an absolute clot," Draco said.
"What? Why?"
"It's your birthday!" he exclaimed, "and here I've sat for the past two hours talking your ear off about..." he trailed off, "Complete nonsense!"
"Oh, it's fine," he said, waving Draco off, "This is way better than the way I was planning to spend my birthday."
"Oh? Why don't I believe you?" he asked.
"No really," Potter said earnestly. "I was just going to go for a walk and then hang out around the house."
"But why? Don't your friends want to see you?"
"Oh, the Weasleys are away. They went on a trip to Spain; when they made the plans, I'd planned to be on a beach in the Galapagos with Amelia."
"I'm taking you to dinner," he said firmly.
"I couldn't impo-"
"I insist," he interrupted. "I'm not taking no for an answer."
"Well if you insist," Harry said with a laugh.
"Good. I'm going to use your shower and then go get dressed and we're leaving in twenty minutes."
He chuckled, "It's a date."
And it really had felt like a date, Draco reflected as they strolled back toward their apartment building after a long dinner with multiple courses and dessert.
"Thank you, by the way," Harry said, his shoulder bumping lightly into Draco's when they were just outside of their building.
"Don't mention it," he replied. "It's the least I could do."
Harry stopped and looked over at him, so Draco stopped next to him, "It's not, though," he said. "You didn't have to do any of this."
"I wanted to," he huffed.
He started to lean in closer, "Tell me if I'm reading this wrong," he whispered.
"This," he murmured before his fingers cupped Draco's cheek and his lips pressed, soft and dry, against Draco's lips.
Harry drew back, "Alright?" he whispered.
Draco's fingers clenched in the front of Harry's shirt and he tugged him back in, slotting their lips together once more. The fingers on Harry's right hand slid through Draco's hair and his other slipped around Draco's back, drawing their bodies flush against one another as Harry's tongue brushed over Draco's bottom lip.
They stood on the sidewalk and kissed for a long moment before Harry pulled back and murmured, "Come home with me?"
"Are you sure?" Draco asked, brow furrowing.
"Never been more sure of anything in my life," he replied, pecking Draco's lips again.
He couldn't help but smile as he nodded his consent and Harry grabbed his hand and dragged him inside and straight to his bedroom.
Later, when they were still lying in bed talking about whatever nonsense came into the heads, Harry said, "Draco?"
"This was probably the best birthday I've ever had."
He rolled onto his side so he could see Harry's face illuminated by the moonlight. Harry reached up and brushed his forefinger over Draco's cheekbone and Draco responded, "You've not had many good birthdays, then, have you?"
Harry laughed, "I've had some good birthdays."
"Next year," Draco said before he could think through what he was about to say, "Next year I will give you the best birthday you've ever had."
"Oh?" Harry said, grinning widely at him.
At the sweet, innocent look on Harry's face, he let himself dream, let himself imagine what life could turn out like. He nodded, "I'll wake you up with lazy morning sex, you seem like the type to really enjoy that."
"I am," Harry affirmed, his dimples showing.
Draco leaned in and pressed a kiss to the nearest dimple and said, "Then, I'll take you to Paris for breakfast."
"Ooh, Paris?"
He nodded, "I'll get you strawberry crepes with mounds of whipped cream."
"Sounds delicious," Harry said.
"Then I'll take you to a beach somewhere, Bora Bora maybe," he added, enthralled by the pleased crinkle around Potter's eyes.
He hummed, "I've never been to Bora Bora."
Harry shook his head.
"Right, then we'll spend the whole day there, I'll sit under an umbrella all day and pretend to get annoyed when you come to kiss me and get sand and ocean water all over me."
He laughed, "As long as it's pretend."
"Then," Draco said, "I'll bring you back to a little villa that you can see the ocean through the floor and I'll cook you dinner. We'll eat together, then go swimming in the dark."
"Sounds lovely," Harry sighed.
"And then we'll come back and try out the bed that's under the stars," he said, brushing a hand over Harry's waist.
"That sounds really nice," he murmured.
"It's a date, then," Draco said.
He smiled back and echoed, "It's a date."
And, true to his word, one year later Draco took Harry to Paris for breakfast and then to Bora Bora for the rest of the weekend. Harry proposed to Draco the very next morning.
Day 63: Hair | Day 65: Question
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thegreenmetblue · 2 years
Idiots in love
Tumblr media
aka another the fear of losing Tony makes Peter confess OS than no one asked
read on ao3
Tony thinks he doesn’t deserve something as pure as Peter in his life. And because idiots always have to come as a pair, Peter thinks he doesn’t deserve Tony either. Tony and Peter are both idiots in love thinking they dont deserve each other. They’re together-but-not together. It’s that kind of sex where Tony is constantly saying « This can never happen again. » afterward, but they keep letting it happen again and again. Peter is sure Tony could never love him, that he’s just using him for sex. It’s destroying the boy’s heart hard but at least it’s something. It’s better to have sex with Tony than nothing, right ? So he keeps coming back, he keeps letting the man fuck him and he keeps refraining himself from saying I love you every time Tony fucks him. And if he cries, Peter always says it’s because it’s overwhelming and not because his heart is crushing inside him. On the other way, Tony thinks the kid just has that weird daddy kink phase. That he’s misinterpreting worship with love. Tony is just trying to get away from Peter, all the time. Because he can’t do this. He knows he’s falling for Peter. He knows what this warm feelings in his chest every time he sees Peter, every time he fucks Peter, is. But they have to stop. Because Tony’s addict to Peter and soon Peter is gonna realize he doesn’t want Tony anymore. But no matter how they try, this, their attraction to each other, that is always stronger than any restriction they desperately try to make.
One day, Peter’s sitting on the couch in the compound. He’s supposed to be alone there. But then he hears some noises so he turns the tv off and tilts his head towards the sounds. Peter hopes it’s Tony. The boy hasn’t seen him today and this may be pathetic but fuck he already misses the man so much. And Peter knows he shouldn’t. He knows that whatever is happening between him and Tony isn’t that. It’s not kissing, holding each others hand and waiting for each others at home. It’s sex. Just sex. And Peter hates it. At first it was awesome. Heaven even. Tony Stark was fucking him. His childhood hero and now-crush was fucking him. He never thought he would have this damn chance in his life. Ever. Peter used to tell himself that this would be enough. That he could live with that, cause that meant he was allowed to touch Tony, to hold him, to have sex with him. And fuck, not that Peter is experimented or anything but damn, Tony is able to make him cum crying in like 3 fucking minutes, the sex is just magic. But as the time passed, Peter realized it wasn’t enough. At all. He never been this much in pain. But he can’t stop. He’s in love with Tony. He loves him with all his damn soul, so he can’t stop. But keeping this, this is slowly destroying him. At first, they didn’t fuck so much. Tony was always trying to stop it, to say they couldn’t do that. But now… Now it’s almost every night. Every fucking night Tony is taking him in his bed, pinching his nipples, kissing his neck not his lips, Tony never kisses him, touching him, pushing his cock deep in his ass. And every time, Peter ends up crying. Tony thinks it’s because it’s good. It is so good though. And Peter is a cryer, he always has tears in his eyes when Tony makes him cum. But this, this is not tears in his eyes, this is tears rolling down his cheeks, this is him sobbing because his heart is breaking, slowly but surely. Every time they fuck, his heart is tearing appart more and more. The boy wants more, he needs more. He wanna be able to love Tony, he wants Tony to love him just as much. He wants them to cuddle all night, to kiss, to date. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Tony. And he can’t have that. But he can’t stop the sex either. Because that’s all he has. And even if it’s hell, he loves it. He’s gone so far that if they don’t fuck, Peter can’t sleep.
Anyway, back to the noises. Thanks to Peter’s superhearing, he recognizes Natasha and Steve’s voices. Peter ignores his stomach becoming heavier when he realizes it’s not Tony. But then, what he hears makes him frown.
« Should we tell Peter? », the woman’s voice says.
« Im not sure if this is a good idea. They… They looked pretty close lately. We should wait for Rhodey’s text before doing anything. », Steve answers.
What are they talking about ? Is that about Tony ? A dark feelings settles down Peter’s guts. So he gets up and goes to them. When they both see Peter, they freeze. Okay, this isn’t reassuring at all.
« What… What were you talking about ? What does Rhodey has to text you ? », he asks, his voice already trembling a little with fears. Did something happen to Tony ?
« Where’s Tony ? », he asks again, not even waiting for them to answer his first question. When both of their head get down, Peter’s officially worried.
« Listen, Peter, maybe you should-», the blond man begins, but he gets cut.
« Where is Tony ? Did something happened to him ?» His voice already getting louder and higher. There’s a silence.
« Answer me! », he snaps. That seems to work because Natasha puts his hand on his arm and finally talks.
« We got a text from Rhodey, he told us Tony got shot. », she says, simply. There’s another silence. A loud one. Nat’s words hit Peter like a fucking train. His stomach drops. His heart seems suddenly so heavy in his chest.
« Wh… Wha- No. What do you mean he- he got sh-shot? », Peter panics, moving back. He feels like he can’t breath.
« We didn’t want you to be worried, it may not be anything bad. Rhodey isn’t answering so Nat and me planned to go check on the hospital. », Steve explains. Peter’s breath is still stuck on his throat.
« Not- Not be anything bad ?! You- He… Got shot. Shot. He can’t- He can’t. Where is he ? » Peter’s voice is frantic, trembling, cutting with shorts breath.
« Hey Peter calm down, okay ? He’s probably okay, alright ? Me and Steve are gonna check on him, and we’re keeping you updated as soon as we see him, promise. »
« No… No, Im- I need-»
« Peter. », Nat calls his name, tightening his hand on Peter’s arm to ground him.
« Let go of me! », he screams suddenly, stepping back even further from them. Then, without even thinking about what he’s doing, Peter actives the nano-wristband and then one second later, the Spiderman suit is on him.
« No, Peter, you should-»
« Shut up! Shut up, shut the fuck up! », he screams again, making them stepping back in shock. But then, Steve grabs Peter’s other arm hard.
« You can’t go Peter. Not like this. Just breath, I promise you we’re gonna keep you updated.», he tries. Peter doesn’t even say anything, he whines.
« N…No…I…I need-», but he doesn’t finish cause tears are starting to fall down his cheeks. This isn’t happening. Tony can’t have been shot, he can’t. But then the anger hits. Why is Steve holding his arm ?! He jerks away, Steve’s strong, but Peter’s body acting on his own right now, he’s not controlling his strength. And as soon as he’s free from Steve’s grip, he jumps from the nearest window. He weakly hears Steve and Natasha calling for his name, but he doesn’t give a damn fuck about them right now.
Peter’s head is just screaming Tony’s name over and over again. And while he swings from buildings to buildings, his mind is racing with pictures of Tony laying unconscious on a hospital bed. Or worst, laying dead. Tears are wetting his cheeks and his breath is cut by sobs he can’t contain. He narrowly misses getting crushed by several buildings on his way but again, he doesn’t care.
When Peter finally enters the hospital, the fear is eating him up, the cold feelings is swallowing him whole. He’s a second away from throwing up in the middle of the hospital. The boy’s body is walking on his own, desperately searching for Rhodey. Peter wants to die. If something happened to Tony, he feels like he’s gonna kill himself. He can’t-
Seconds pass like hours and when he finally see the man, he practically jumps him.
« Peter ? What are you doing here? », Rhodey questions, surprised to see the young boy here.
« Rh-Rhodey, wh- fuck. To-Tony. Is-Is he okay ? Please, please, t-tell me he didn’t-», he tries to speak but can’t manage to form a proper sentence.
« Wow wow wow, Peter, breath, okay. Tony’s here. He’s okay. He’s not- The bullet touched his ribs but nothing else okay. Do you hear what Im saying to you ? Tony’s fine. » Rhodey’s words take forever to settle in Peter’s brain but when they finally do, Peter’s legs just stop supporting him and he falls on the ground. He can’t say anything. He can’t answer Rhodey. Something so warm is bursting everywhere in his body. Tony’s okay. Tony’s not dying. He’s okay. His brain his repeating over and over
« Jeez, Peter. », Rhodey swears, trying to get him up again. When Peter’s up, they stare for a bit, without saying anything and Peter burst into tears.
« Th-Thank you… Fuck thank you. », he cries, the heavy worry leaving his body. Rhodey hugs the boy, whispering him it’s okay.
« Can… Can I see him please ? », he asks finally. Rhodey signs.
« Not yet, he’s in the operating room. But they said he’s gonna wake up soon. Do you want to wait for him ? »
« Yes. », he answer firmly. Of course he is gonna wait.
« Okay, follow me. »
Peter doesn’t answer. His mind is blank. Fuck, he got so scared. Rhodey leads him to an empty hospital bedroom. They stay silent while waiting. Peter is lost in his thoughts. He thinks… He thinks what would have he done if something did really happen to Tony ? He stops, feeling the urge to throw up again. He can’t think about that. Tony’s okay. Suddenly Rhodey’s phone rings. It’s Natasha. The man answers and goes out of the bedroom. Peter just hears him saying that Tony is fine and Peter is with him. When Rhodey comes back, he stares at Peter.
« You kinda scared them. Steve and Natasha. » Peter doesn’t even answer. He shrugs. How could they think he was gonna stay calm ? It’s Tony they were talking about.
Something like an hour passes before the door of the room is opening again. Peter’s stomach drops again. A doctor is pulling a rolling bed and Tony’s in the bed. Tony is in the bed, with the eyes open. And again, he can’t help it. He starts crying.
Suddenly, Tony eyes are all on him. His jaw clenches a bit. Rhodey whispers he’s glad to see him and then he heads back, with the doctor, to talk about Tony’s state. and to leave them alone.
« Pete… », Tony starts but he doesn’t add anything. Peter wants to hug him. He wants it so hard. But Tony just had a surgery because of a bullet in his ribs, he can’t.
« Hey, Peter, stop crying. Im okay, kid. Im okay », he finally adds, his heart hurting from seeing the boy in such state. Peter’s own heart is beating hard in his chest and in his ears. All he can see is Tony. Tony, Tony and Tony. Alive.
« Wha- What happened ? », the boy asks after little time, his voice weak. Tony smiles a bit.
« That was stupid, really. That bullet wasn’t meant for me, I just had to do the hero. You know me, kid. I swear Im fine. That hurt like a bitch, but Im okay. Nothing better than a little bullet in the ribs to boost you, right ?», he jokes. Peter keeps starring at him, his heart beating. He doesn’t answer anything. Realizing how much the man is important to him. No, realizing how everything the man is to him.
« C’mon kid. Say something. And stop crying. I don’t like it. » he only likes it when they have sex, but seeing Peter looking so broken right now, it’s unbearable really But Peter still stays silent. He tries to wipe away his tears at least. But then, he open his mouth, attempting to say he’s so glad Tony’s safe and he got so scared to lose him but nothing comes out. The words are getting stuck in his throat.
« Hey, kid. Peter, c’mon. Im the one supposed to be down right now, you’re scaring me, say something. »
And suddenly, he bursts : « I love you. »
There’s a big silence after that. The words seems to echo against the room’s walls. Peter’s heart is beating hard, his jaw still clenched. Tony’s breath stopped working. What ?
« Wh.. What? », he lets out. Peter isn’t scared. Not anymore. He thought he lost Tony, he thought he was about to see his dead body. He thought he was never gonna be able to tell the man the way he feels. That was scary.
« I love you. I love you so fucking much. Im in love with you, Tony. »
He says, staring at Tony, his voice shaky but certain. The man’s mind goes blank. Peter what? He-
« You- Excuse me what ? », Tony bugs. He can’t be earring that right.
« I thought you were going to die. Nat said- she… they said you got shot. Shot. I thought… I thought I… that you were gonna leave me. I… I never wanna feel like that again. Ever. Im- fuck. I told myself you’d die without knowing how I feel about you, not knowing how deep in love I am with you. So now imma say it. Because- Because you’re alive and I love you, Tony. I love you, I love you, I never felt like this before. And… And im sorry. Im sorry because now you have to deal with that, because we were having sex and I… It wasn’t just having sex, for me. You weren’t just fucking me. I mean… maybe it was that, it was probably that yeah. But I was convincing myself it was more… that it... it was us making love. It was you loving me. And it crushed me. It was slowly killing me. But it was nothing compared to how I felt when I arrived to the hospital right now. I was fucking empty, I… was so scared. So now imma tell you, because you’re there, you’re not dead, you’re alive and I love you. Every cells of my body loves you, it’s a sickness really. But please Tony… even if I know you don’t feel the same way, please just don’t reject me. I… I can’t even explain what Im feeling, and Im making myself ridiculous right now don’t I ? You’re not saying anything, why don’t you say something ? Please tell me it’s okay, please. Im sorry I never wanted to feel that way but I always had the biggest crush on you and when we started… you know. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help that feeling to anchor deep inside me. Im sorry. », he spills, the words just coming out of his mouth without filters. The tears are back on his cheeks, his whole body is trembling. But it’s not fear. It’s love.
Tony’s crying too. His brain just stopped working hearing the boy’s words. Fuck, we’re so stupid. he thinks. They’re so damn stupid. He had tons of declarations in his life. But that, that he never had. This is indescribable. The feeling inside his body right now is not something he can put words on.
So he just take a big inspiration and whispers Peter to come closer to him. Peter walks toward him and when he’s close enough to Tony, the man just grabs him by the head and kiss him hard. His ribs are hurting like well because he’s moving but he doesn’t fucking care. The kiss is heaven. For both of them. It’s like they never breathed. And now they are. Peter’s surprised but the surprise doesn’t last long because of that feeling vibrating inside him. Tony’s kissing him. Tony never kissed him before. He can’t help the little moans coming out and Tony smiles against his lips at that. Fuck, this is so good. Both of their tears are mixing up, making the kiss wet. When the kiss ends, they both stare at each other in the eyes, in the deepest of their soul.
« Wha.. What was that for ? », Peter asks, whispering, his voice trembling, scared he’ll ruin the moment. But he needs to know .
« That, was my way of telling you I wasn’t planning on leaving you, Peter. Im sorry you thought I was gonna die. I can’t do promises I can’t keep, but I swear Imma do my best. For the said two Avengers’s genius, we both were damn idiots. Because... I love you too, Peter. Of course I love you. How could I not ? Just look at you, baby. And look at me. Im as deep in love with you as you are. Maybe more. You know how I am, always screwing things up. Im sorry I didn’t see it sonner, Pete. I thought it was just a worshiping thing, I thought you were gonna find someone your age and stop what we had. I.. I restrained myself to hold you, Im so sorry, baby. But from now on- from now on, Im not gonna restrain anymore. I love you, kid. But let’s make things right, alright ? I know I’ve been the worst mentor slash maybe boyfriend ever but let me make it up to you, huh ? Let me take you to the best restaurants I know and- I mean as soon as Im free from this hell of a place- and just let me take care of you, first. », Tony admits, his voice soft and his chest just bursting with love for that sweet perfect thing in front of him. But then he frowns when he sees the boy starting to cry again. His heart sinks.
« Shit, what- what did I do ? What are you crying again, Peter ? », he asks, but Peter just laugh, crying at the same time. Tony let the breath he was holding, seeing Peter is laughing.
« N-No, it’s just.. Im… Im so happy right now, Tony. I think I’ve never been this happy.» Warm love’s swallowing Tony entirely.
« I love you, kid. »
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Mist | Choi San | Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Choi San x OC (Seohyun)
Genre: supernatural (ghost), romance, high school
Trigger Warnings: paranormal, death mentions, violence
Words: 7.2k
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except my original character and the story. I do not own any gifs or pictures used.
Full story on Wattpad (don’t spoil here if you read there too)
chapter directory
A few paranormally uneventful days passed. Seohyun hadn't exactly opened up to the group of boys that she was now able to call friends, but she was slowly getting there. It was hard not to smile when one of them cracked a silly joke, and harder not to laugh when they had a battle of wits.
She was slowly getting used to her new school. She was past the stage of being a new kid and the students in her class had stopped giving her those looks. She was unnoticed, and she loved it.
Today, like every other morning, Seohyun got ready for school, tying her hair in a half ponytail, peeking out of the window to check if she should wear her glasses or cap today. She had to hide her eyes somehow, they always betrayed her. She didn't want anyone to think she liked to stare into the space. But then she shrugged and tossed her glasses in the bag, wearing her cap as she went to the kitchen.
Her mother was a very busy woman and she liked to spend almost all her day in her office. She was rarely home even if she had a day off anyway. So Seohyun just made herself some coffee, munching on some cookies as she waited for the coffee to become cool enough to drink.
"I still don't get why you let the housemaid go," Jiwoo popped out of nowhere and twirled around the kitchen.
"Well, I didn't entirely let her 'go'. She still comes by on the weekends, you already know that."
"But still! What's wrong with having food everyday?" Jiwoo pushed her dark red hair back as she tsk-ed at Seohyun.
"For one, I wanted to learn to cook, and the food she made was always too much for just me. I always had to throw it out or give it to someone before it went bad. Mom's never home to eat anyway."
"I actually hate your mom, no offence," Jiwoo looked at her and Seohyun shook her head, "I mean, what kind of a mother is she?"
"A woman married to her work with an abnormal child, I kind of understand why she's like this," Seohyun muttered.
"Nah, you're not abnormal. You're gifted. And you don't appreciate it enough."
"No offence, unnie, but ghosts are the company I'd rather not have," Seohyun rinsed her cup and placed it on the rack, taking her school bag and locking the door.
"What's wrong with me?" Jiwoo asked.
"You're one of the better ones, but only because you had temporary amnesia before you died and you still don't know who exactly you are and why you're a ghost!" Seohyun snorted at the weirdness of all this.
"You think I'd ever be able to recall? Or just be stuck with you forever?" Jiwoo asked.
"I'd rather you try to move around and find out who you are instead of making me look like I talk to myself."
"Ah, you pain me, child. It's all because you have new friends now and don't care about me anymore. Right, catto?"
The black cat, which Seohyun hadn't noticed earlier, meowed in response.
"And, here comes the pretty one," Jiwoo grinned and Seohyun looked in her direction to find San coming their way.
"Pretty one? Seriously?" Seohyun shook her head.
"I mean, they're all pretty, but I like this kid more-"
"Hey," San gave her a smile as he meowed to the cat, who gladly jumped in San's arm when he put them forward.
"This little-" Seohyun stopped, and San laughed. "She never comes when I ask!"
"She likes me more, it seems," San rubbed her forehead and she purred, and they walked in comfortable silence to school the rest of the way.
They almost reached the gates of the school but something Seohyun saw from the corner of her eye made her stop in her tracks.
It was a ghost, yet it was something else. It wasn't someone who had died recently for sure. The man, the ghost if you could call it that, was bitter.
"You okay?" San asked, looking in the direction Seohyun was looking in. To him, it seemed she was looking at a wall.
"Yeah, I-I'm okay. Why don't you go ahead? I'll be right back. I should take her too," Seohyun picked the cat from San's hand, "We don't want her roaming around the school and getting scared, do we now?"
San raised a suspicious brow at her, but nodded as he reluctantly went in.
The man tried approaching Seohyun first, but she motioned him to follow her and went to the backside of the school, where surely there would be very few people walking by at this time.
"State your business," Seohyun said, and the man actually looked taken aback, if his eyes could display some emotion.
Truth be told, Seohyun was always scared dealing with men ghosts and older ghosts in general. Since ghosts could touch her, they were as much of a threat to her as humans. And these old ghosts, the ones with skin that looked grey, almost as if the ghost had started decomposing too, were usually not in their right mind.
"I have waited decades to find the mediator," the man's eyes gleamed rather wickedly.
"Mediator?" Seohyun asked. A rather fancy term for someone who could see the dead. "And why did you have to wait decades?"
"Let's say the mediator supposed to sort my death out met with rather... unfortunate circumstances," the man cleared his throat but his voice was still hoarse as he said, "You have to come with me."
"Well, if you waited decades, can you wait a few more hours? I have school, and please do NOT disturb me during my class," Seohyun made sure her tone was polite as she said this, but the man grunted. Before he could try anything, she muttered an awkward bye and walked swiftly to the gates, letting the cat go. She didn't realize she'd been holding the cat for comfort.
San, who had just witnessed Seohyun talking to thin air from the other side of the road, sighed loudly as he walked slowly to the gates.
San hadn't meant to follow her, but he turned around after a few steps of walking to the building, hoping to offer to come along with her, but when he saw her stop in the middle of the road and look as if she was actually talking to someone, he paused. He knew he shouldn't, but he watched her. And he did not know what to make of it.
Was Seohyun crazy? Didn't look like it. If she was, she did a damn good job at hiding it. When San finally reached class, he saw Seohyun chatting with Jongho. Perfectly normal. Or was she?
San said nothing as he sat in his spot, but he felt her tap his shoulder. He turned around and she asked, "I thought you went to class, where were you roaming around?"
San stared at her light brown orbs, coming out of the trance when she blinked. "I just wanted to walk around a bit."
He saw her frown but then she nodded and went back to chatting with Jongho. San turned back in his seat, and throughout the classes, he kept wondering if that was the reason why she covered her face or eyes.
When school ended, Seohyun said she had to go somewhere and said bye. San made an excuse too and started to follow her. He was going to see for himself, what she was gonna do.
San knew it was impolite to do this. And he knew if she found out, she'd really be angry with him, maybe never talk to him again. This was supposed to be her secret for sure. She would probably never tell any one of them. He wasn't even sure what it was.
Seohyun led him to an abandoned warehouse, and he heard her say, "Why bring me here?"
She paused for a few second, looking around as if for help, and San ducked quickly behind the boxes before she could see her. He couldn't hear her now, but he did get bits about how it was creepy of 'him' to bring her to this place without warning her, and he didn't miss how she kept looking behind her, as if she was waiting for someone to appear or just didn't want to keep doing this.
Who was this 'him'? Her imaginary friend? A ghost? San shook his head, and got on his feet when he noticed her go inside the warehouse.
San crept up behind them, and couldn't believe what he saw.
The locked door somehow unlocked, somehow the chains fell and the door magically opened wide in front of her, without Seohyun having even moved a finger.
What was happening?
Seohyun was asked to come in the warehouse and she couldn't ignore the roaring of her gut that told her something was going to go really, really wrong. She had such a strong feeling some years ago too, and she had barely gotten away from her life then.
All her nerves screamed at her to run, anywhere, just not go in. Where was Jiwoo when she needed her? Seohyun was kind of furious how she was never there for her.
Seohyun watched the old man walk in, looking around, and before she entered, she turned her head once hoping she would see Jiwoo-
Instead, she felt her heart sink as she saw none other than San, attempting to hide as their eyes met.
"Come in now, don't keep me waiting," the man grumbled, and Seohyun shouted an okay to him before she looked at San, hoping to warn him with her eyes as she put a finger to her mouth, telling him not to make a sound and motioning him to stay where he was.
Seohyun went inside, her heart slamming against her chest. This wasn't supposed to happen. San must think she's crazy or worse. Her mind made a mental list of how many ways this could go wrong.
"I used to think mediators ran in the family. But the one who was supposed to help me, he did not have any offspring. I spent so many years in ignorance, not knowing that it was completely random. Just like god picking up a needle in the haystack."
"Cut to the chase. What do you want with me and why bring me here?"
"I have forgotten why I died. And I want to move on. But I can't because I don't remember why I am still here. Someone told me there were various other ways to move on... Let's say I had to try."
As soon as Seohyun saw the growing smirk on the man, she knew it was time to run the hell away. But several bottles came flying at her, and she barely dodged them as they crashed on the wall next to her.
"You don't have to do this! It's wrong! I help dead people move on, there must be a way other than stupid violence-"
But the man waved another hand and now the boxes came flying at her. She was grabbed by the arm and pulled against someone, and she sighed in both relief and horror as she saw it was San.
"Are you stupid! You'll get hurt!" She yelled at him. He just took her hand and ran towards the shelves, hoping to hide from whatever it was that sent flying objects in the air. He almost dragged her until he was sure he was quite away from whatever it was.
"What the hell is happening?" San asked through his teeth.
"Why did you even follow me? Are you stupid?"
"Who is it?" San's grip on her wrist tightened as his eyes searched around.
"It's a ghost, San. Do you believe me?" Seohyun asked, waiting for a snide remark.
"From what I've seen? Sure," San muttered, and Seohyun wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic.
"He's near. Let's move," Seohyun said, and this time, she grabbed San's hand as she led him through the various shelves that lined the warehouse, glad they weren't empty.
A blast shocked them, making them jump in the air as they realized the shelves were collapsing one by one.
"Shit, shit, shit!" Seohyun ran, San matching her pace and she ran her eyes around, finally finding a place to hide. It was a narrow passage between huge containers. Seohyun looked at her options. The man was blocking the entrance so now they could just hide and pray for help or... die. If that's the worst that was to come.
Seohyun dragged San with her to the narrow passage, both of them barely fitting in the small dark place. Now they were side to side but San's body was still half out, so Seohyun pulled him closer, until he was almost in front of him. Since the passage was so narrow and short, there wasn't much gap between them.
San was a bundle of nerves and all, his heart beating wildly. "What's going on-"
"Shh," Seohyun whispered, putting a hand on his mouth to shut him up, "I'll explain everything later, I promise."
San nodded, taking off her hand from his mouth but not leaving it. Seohyun was too busy concentrating on where the man was to notice it. He saw her wince, and she looked at San with apologetic eyes.
"If something happens to us, I'm sorry, San. I'll do my best to save you. The man-the ghost is after me. I don't know why," Seohyun sighed, and San squeezed her hand assuringly.
"I'm with you. Nothing will happen," he whispered, thinking he must sound stupid to say that. But it must have given her some sort of assurance. She put her head on San's chest, sighing again.
The two of them heard the sounds of things getting destroyed alright, Seohyun hearing the man as well, and Seohyun almost cried in relief as she heard Jiwoo whisper her name.
"I can teleport you, but what about him-"
"Either we both go, or we both stay," Seohyun said firmly. She wasn't going to leave him alone.
"Go where?" San asked. Seohyun told him her friend was here and she could help.
Jiwoo looked at Seohyun and a slow grin appeared on her face. "There is something I could try..."
"What?" Seohyun narrowed her eyes at Jiwoo.
"What if I teleport you, but you're still holding San? Would he come with us?"
"I don't know, unnie..." Seohyun trailed, but an idea stuck to her. "It's the same as when I have something with me right? A bag, a cap, something. But that's objects. What about actual humans?"
"Remember when we accidentally teleported our cat once? It was holding on to you and you had forgotten. What if this works?"
Seohyun bit her lip. It was worth a try. "If it doesn't work, promise me we'll come back to San right then."
"But your body can't handle too many teleportations-"
"Promise me," Seohyun insisted, and Jiwoo rolled her eyes as she nodded. "Hurry up, he's closer."
"San, listen to me carefully," Seohyun said. "You know what teleportation is, right?"
San wanted to ask her if now was really the time, but he said yes- from the movies, and she continued, "I'm gonna attempt to teleport you along with me. My friend is gonna do that. You have to trust me."
"No way," San muttered, sighing deeply.
"Yes, you were stupid and brave enough to follow me, so yes, we are teleporting. I've done it before, but I've never teleported someone... normal with me, so this might not work. So if I disappear, and you're here all alone, I promise you, San, that I'll be back within a minute, okay?"
"How am I supposed to make sense of all you're saying?" San's eyes were helpless.
"Just... trust me. I won't leave you alone. I promise. Now, I have to, er, hold you, so she can teleport us. Gotta make sure I take you with me..."
Seohyun heard Jiwoo snicker, and she passed her a death glare. San, tempted to roll his eyes, held her hands.
"I'm afraid I'll have to hold you tighter. You see, when we teleport, we tend to lose what we're not holding tightly..."
"Oh..." San left her hands, and Seohyun muttered 'here goes nothing' as she wrapped her arms around San's waist, surprised that it was so small.
"Hold me tightly, and no matter what, do not let me go, you understand?"
"Yes ma'am," San said as he bent down to place his chin on her shoulder and bring her closer. "This okay?"
"Yes," Seohyun realized she was holding her breath, so she said, "Take a deep breath, San."
San did so, and Jiwoo smirked a little, watching two scared children hug each other. She came forward, holding Seohyun only, and did her magic.
San felt his stomach twist and turn, saw a million colourful stars, almost got nauseous but his only comfort was Seohyun so he held her tighter and shut his eyes. He didn't open them again until he landed on hard ground, his back aching with the impact.
He opened his eyes and saw... nothing.
He wasn't sure if he was blind or not, but he looked down and saw Seohyun half on top of him, attempting to get up, and he realized he had his vision all right.
"Where the hell," Seohyun got up, "are we?"
"I guess your body could only attempt a half trip," Jiwoo said, and San instantly turned at the voice, making eye contact with the red haired girl.
"That's the ghost friend that teleported us?" San asked Seohyun.
"You can see her!?" Seohyun asked, and San looked at Jiwoo.
"I wasn't supposed to see her, was I?" He raised his brow, and Seohyun looked at Jiwoo.
"Hey, kid, nice to officially meet you," Jiwoo said, holding out a hand to him so he could stand up. San tried to take it, but his hand passed through Jiwoo's hand, and he gasped.
"I guess you can only see then," Seohyun bit her lip as she looked around. "Is this where ghosts come when they... move on?"
"That's where I come when I'm not on planet Earth," Jiwoo said, "It's like another plane, you could say, another dimension overlapping ours, except this one is for ghosts."
"What now? Should we try again?" Seohyun asked, coughing a bit.
"You should take a breather first. Your body can't handle it," Jiwoo nodded at her and Seohyun sat down on the ground, putting her head over her knees as she brought them closer, shivering a little. Jiwoo was right, something was happening to her. Like a cold coming to her.
"Is she okay?" San asked Jiwoo, and she shrugged. San ran his fingers through his hair as he looked around, finding no source of light that illuminated the area around them.
So Seohyun wasn't crazy. Somehow, though it made no sense, she could see ghosts, she could touch them. San looked at Jiwoo and opened his mouth to ask something, but then thought against it. Now was not the time.
"I know you have a lot of questions," Jiwoo commented, "Let's try to get out of here first before we have the talk."
"Has she... ever brought someone here?" San asked.
"This is the first time she came here too," Jiwoo said, "Usually when a ghost teleports her, it's quick and efficient. Much like you see in movies or books."
"We should get out of this place quick. I don't want him to come find us here," Seohyun said, getting up.
"Are you sure you're okay? Can you make it back?" Jiwoo asked.
"I have to," Seohyun said.
Jiwoo nodded, and Seohyun looked at San for permission. San came forward and they both held each other tight as Jiwoo attempted to teleport them again.
This time, they landed on soft grass, but the impact with which they did sent them rolling a bit. San's breath was knocked out of him and he coughed loudly, gasping for breath. As soon as he recovered, he looked for Seohyun-
Seohyun was bent rather awkwardly, and it looked like she wasn't moving. San and Jiwoo both rushed to her, straightening her body. Jiwoo checked if she was breathing.
"She is breathing. She must have collapsed from being tired, don't worry, it's happened before too," Jiwoo assured him.
San sighed, looking up at the sky, wondering what he had gotten himself into. He looked around, finding the place familiar.
"Is this... the park near our school?" San asked Jiwoo.
"Yes, I tried to teleport us as close to Seohyun's home as possible, but looks like we could only make it till here."
"What if someone had seen us appear out of thin air?"
Jiwoo laughed. "They'd probably run for their lives. You'd be aliens."
San smiled a little at that. That's exactly what he would have thought if he had seen Seohyun.
"So are you... Seohyun's friend?" San finally asked.
"You could say that. I'm older than her so she always calls me unnie, but I keep telling her to call me Jiwoo."
"Then I'll call you noona," San smiled, making Jiwoo grin.
"She helps ghosts move on. When someone dies and they have unfinished business that they just can't leave behind, they sometimes choose to become ghosts until they get done with that. Seohyun helps them do that."
"That must be hard..." San wondered if it was always as bad as this time.
"It is, but what happened today is not a common occurrence. The man she saw today, he's been dead for a good while and has forgotten his purpose here. I once heard the other ghosts talk about him too. Ghosts like that, you have to avoid them. They're bitter, and usually mean Seohyun harm."
"So now... I can see you, does that mean I'll be able to see other ghosts too?"
"You'll find out soon," Jiwoo said.
Seohyun woke up with a gasp, her eyes wide. Jiwoo helped her sit up, and Seohyun muttered 'water'. San quickly opened Seohyun's bag and fished out her bottle, which she drank hungrily from, some water spilling down her chin as well.
"Slow down, kid," Jiwoo patted her back. Seohyun emptied the whole bottle, wiping her chin, then felt something run down her nose.
"Nosebleed. Do you have tissues?" Jiwoo asked and Seohyun shrugged, looking upwards and holding her nose. Jiwoo searched through her bag but San took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Seohyun.
"Does this usually happen?" San asked.
"No... it's the first time," Jiwoo admitted. Seohyun nodded too. "When we accidentally teleported the cat with her, she became dehydrated, but that was it."
Seohyun wiped her nose, looking at Jiwoo and she gave her a thumbs up.
"I shouldn't have followed you..." San shook his head, "It's because of me that-"
"You shouldn't have, but I'm kind of glad you did. Jiwoo is unreliable as a ghost friend and who knows what would have happened to me if you were not there? I could have died," Seohyun said nonchalantly.
"HEY!" Jiwoo smacked her arm but Seohyun ignored her.
"But look at you-" San was cut by Seohyun putting her hand up and saying, "I need food, and I mean NOW."
A few minutes later, they were watching Seohyun hungrily gulp down noodles and fried chicken. San had stopped eating midway just to watch her eat with a speed he hadn't ever seen before.
"Are you sure you're even chewing?" He asked, and Seohyun glared at him.
"The food is not going anywhere, Seohyun, slow down," Jiwoo laughed, "seeing you eat like this is making me wish I could eat too."
"Okay, mom," Seohyun said, finally slowing down. They ate the rest of the food silently, then Seohyun decided she'd like some coffee. They decided to walk her home as she sipped on her coffee and answered San's questions.
"Have you ever told anyone?" San asked first.
"Never. My mom only knows because she's, well, my mom and it's weird when a little kid sees stuff nobody else does."
"And what has she done about this?" San wasn't sure if he should have asked this.
Seohyun sighed, "She tried to 'help' me, but then she decided avoiding me was the best way. So now she's married to her work."
"And your dad?"
"He's never been here in the first place."
"Oh..." San faltered, but saw Seohyun shrug. "You can ask me anything, San. You deserve an explanation. Don't hesitate."
"Why can you see ghosts?"
"I don't know that either," Seohyun smiled as she looked at the sky. "Born this way?"
"Would you have ever told us?" San asked. Seohyun stopped walking at that, and faced him.
"To be honest, I've never made friends, San, because of this reason. That someone would find out. They'd never believe me, they'd think I'm crazy. So I don't know if I would have told you guys, ever," Seohyun paused, "But you found out, and you witnessed everything. What do you think?"
San scratched his neck. "I think you're right. I don't think any of us would have believed you. We'd have dismissed it as a joke. But now that I did see everything... It's different now. I hope you understand that."
"You sure you don't want to, I don't know, ever talk to me and all?"
San smiled. "You think I'd abandon my friend just like that?"
Seohyun couldn't help but stare at San, his sharp eyes that grew warmer every time he smiled, how they slightly curved.
"I want you to know that if it was anyone of us, and they had seen what I had seen, they would have never abandoned you. We don't take our friendships lightly."
"That's... good to hear," Seohyun finally smiled. "Do you think they'd believe us if we tell them?"
"They'd need some convincing, but yes, they would. Do you want to tell them?"
"Not yet," Seohyun said, "When the time is right."
San nodded, and squeezed her hand. "If you're ever in danger, you tell me, okay? If you need anyone, or anything, you tell me, got it? You don't have to face this alone anymore."
Seohyun almost cried right there, but she held it back, squeezing his hand back and nodding. They walked a few minutes until she finally reached home.
"Thank you, San. For everything." Seohyun smiled at him, and this time it was a true smile. San was actually taken aback. It felt like she had truly smiled for the first time, unfiltered.
"Anytime," San managed to say, and watched her go in. He took a deep breath, trying to shake off the image of Seohyun smiling, but found himself smiling too.
Meanwhile, Seohyun collapsed as soon as she entered, and she allowed herself to cry, both happy and sad tears, happy that someone finally understood her, and sad that it hadn't happen earlier. Jiwoo sat down with her, silently rubbing her back.
Seohyun almost slept in the next day, only woken up for school when Jiwoo threw her off the bed for 'sleeping like a sloth'. She couldn't exactly blame her. Seohyun had been so tired that after crying her heart out, she'd only had the energy to change before she collapsed on her bed and slept without moving an inch.
"My whole body hurts like I did some major workout," Seohyun mumbled as she tried running towards school, but gave up. She'd just walk.
"I don't recall you having such after effects after a teleportation," Jiwoo wondered.
"When it's just me, I'm only drained a bit. Like running. But even when I took the cat accidentally, my head hurt a lot. This time it was a whole human."
"Maybe because they aren't meant to be there," Jiwoo shrugged, meowing at the cat who appeared out of nowhere as usual. "Sometimes I think you might have transferred this teleportation thing to your cat too."
"Except 'I' can't teleport. You ghosts can," Seohyun corrected. She'd be lying if she said she hadn't tried teleporting herself home from school. How cool would that have been?
Jiwoo picked the cat and quickly passed it to Seohyun so no one would witness a flying cat. Seohyun draped her over her shoulder so Jiwoo could play with her. As they were walking, they saw San standing in a corner. He waved, then joined them.
"Hi noona," he said, and Jiwoo tried poking San but her hand went through him.
"I guess you can still only see," Jiwoo shook her head, continuing to pet the cat.
"You can touch the cat? And she sees you?" San asked, curiously watching them.
"Ever since we accidentally teleported her, I can touch her. But I'm pretty sure she could see me before too. All cats can, I think."
"Were you... waiting for us or something?" Seohyun finally asked.
"I was. I couldn't sleep last night, truth be told. I kept thinking about what happened. In fact, I'm surprised I didn't freak out..."
"I'm more surprised about that," Seohyun admitted.
"Meanwhile Seohyun here slept as soon as she reached home and I had to wake her up for school too," Jiwoo flipped her hair dramatically. Seohyun scoffed at that.
"You must be very tired... Are you okay?" San asked.
Seohyun nodded, and before she could say something they heard someone calling their names. It was Wooyoung and Yeosang. They joined them, Wooyoung putting his arm over San's shoulder as he said, "You're early today. You usually come in last minute."
"I woke up early today," San said casually, his eyes darting towards Seohyun unconsciously. Yeosang noticed that, trying to stop the smile creeping on his mouth as he looked between Seohyun and San. Seohyun gave him a warning glare, one she made sure was strong enough.
As they waited for class to start, Seohyun was resting her head on the desk. She couldn't quite believe the fact that someone now knew who she was, and was not disgusted or freaked out by her. She couldn't stop wondering what the future would be like, what if this group of boys would really get her to warm up to them, and how they would react if they found out.
San turned around in his seat, a frown growing on his face as he noticed how tired she looked. "Are you sure you're okay?"
"Just very, very tired," Seohyun sighed, lifting her head.
"What if the ghost-man comes here?" San asked.
"Oh. I'd totally forgotten about him..." Seohyun bit her lip, "Well, he knows better not to make a scene in front of people, so chances are he won't."
"Chances? That ghost was dangerous!" San hissed, "What if he does come here?"
"Jiwoo must be out on watch. She'd warn me." Seohyun said, and San looked a little relieved at that. "It's not like the ghost can hurt you, so don't worry."
San rolled his eyes. "I'm worried about you, stupid."
"Oh," Seohyun paused. "You don't have to. I'll be fine."
San tsk-ed at her, turning back in his seat. Seohyun stared at the back of his head. Yunho dragged his seat towards Seohyun as he said, "You both are getting along rather well."
"Well," Seohyun slumped back in her seat, "he keeps talking."
Yunho laughed at that, "He's been thinking of names for your cat too."
"I won't approve if I don't like it. He knows that, right?"
"I'll give a good name, don't worry," San turned back in his seat, having overheard the conversation.
"I don't have much expectations from you, to be honest," Seohyun said casually, tucking her hair behind her ear, "I think Jongho there could give a much better name. He looks like he actually uses his brain."
Yunho and San looked at each other and giggled at that. Her observation was true. Jongho was infamously known as the 'only braincell' of the group. Yunho told her that, which actually made her smile.
"See? I know how to spot the smart ones."
"Who do you think is the most dumb one out of us?" San asked, attempting to make puppy eyes so she won't pick him. Seohyun looked at each one of them slowly, then said, "I haven't talked to you all much, but Wooyoung looks like he doesn't really like to use his brain."
The pair of them laughed so loud at that, catching the rest of the boys' attention as Seohyun tried to shut them up. But they were in tears, slapping their thighs as they laughed.
"Can the both of you stop? San you're second dumbest, just so you know."
That just made them laugh harder. The boys slowly came to them, muttering how they wanted to know what was 'so funny that they were howling'.
"She thinks the smartest one of us is Jongho, and the dumbest is Wooyoung," Yunho finally explained.
Wooyoung was laughing at first until he realized and yelled "HEY!" Jongho giggled, looking satisfied.
"Your brain processing is just a bit slow, that's all. No offence," Seohyun muttered.
"I mean, she's not wrong..." Hongjoong made an impressed face.
"Where do I stand?" Mingi asked, "I'm the second smartest right?"
"From below, yes," Seohyun said, making them all laugh. They all insisted that she rank them, and then they'd tell her if she was right about this.
"I don't actually think you're dumb, okay? This is just a joke, don't take it seriously-"
"I know, we all know," Wooyoung assured her, smiling warmly, "carry on."
"...Okay," Seohyun hesitated a bit then started, "Hongjoong is smartest obviously but Jongho is quite smart too? He seems more mature. Then Yeosang or Seonghwa, San somewhere in the middle depending on how awake he is, not sure about Yunho, but Mingi and Wooyoung... well they're pretty close. Because they don't like using their brains..."
"Most of it is accurate," Hongjoong agreed, "Yunho is more lucky than smart."
"Ah.. must be nice to be god's favourite," Seohyun scoffed. "But hey, I like Mingi and Wooyoung. They make you all laugh. That's more important."
Mingi and Wooyoung clapped at that, finally approving.
It was finally after school, when San insisted on accompanying her to her home so she would get there 'safe', that they encountered the old ghost right outside her house.
"Get behind me" San protectively pushed Seohyun behind her.
"I appreciate the gesture, San, but this won't work. Use your brain."
"Oh... Right," San scratched his head and Jiwoo, who had also been with them the entire time, stepped forward.
"We can talk this out like civil human beings and ghosts. Then you can decide if you really want to kill Seohyun."
"NOONA!" San shouted in disbelief but she dismissed him with a wave of her hand.
"Very touching, all this, but I agree, we can have a normal conversation," the old man said.
"How long have you been a ghost exactly?"
"So long that I have forgotten my purpose, girl," the ghost snickered. "I heard from some older ghosts that killing the mediator by our own hands would make us move on."
Seohyun saw San and Jiwoo both tense. "And you thought you'd check?"
The old man nodded. "The mediator before you... Some other ghost killed him. It was some sort of revenge. He was supposed to help me."
"I could help some other way, because killing me doesn't really sound like a solution to me... Like, think about it. It doesn't make sense."
"Are you sure you aren't saying that because you don't want to die yet?" The old man smirked.
"Oh please," Seohyun faked swagger, "If I had an option, I'd kill me too." San shook his head at her.
"Very well. I'll hear you out."
Seohyun explained that she knew an old shaman who helped ghosts with no purpose to move on. It took some convincing and death threats to Seohyun, but she finally made him realize that it might be his one and only option now, and that he should just 'stop being a pain and move the hell on'.
"If it turns out to be a scam, I promise I'll come for you, whether it helps me move on or not."
"Please do," Seohyun replied nonchalantly. The ghost signaled to Jiwoo and they disappeared.
San turned to see that Seohyun was now leaning against the wall, wiping sweat from her forehead as she sighed in relief. "Nice acting."
Seohyun looked at him once before drinking from her water bottle. She had noticed the disapproval in his voice. She stared at him when she was done, and he stared back for a good few seconds before he finally sighed loudly.
"How can you be so... stupid at times like these?"
"How was that stupid? I talked to him and poured sense into him. And it worked. I don't see the problem."
"Does your life mean nothing to you?" San asked.
"San, chill, it was just acting-"
"Those ghosts can touch you!" San was louder this time, making Seohyun flinch a little, "They can hurt you like any other human, hell, they can hurt you in worse ways than that! How can you be so relaxed when gambling with your life?!"
Seohyun watched as San ran a hand through his hair frustratingly, clearly holding himself back. His whole body was tense, his jaw was set and he was not having any of it.
"Are you done?" Seohyun asked, making sure it came out soft. San shook his head.
"I've been seeing ghosts my entire life. My mom took me to all sorts of people for help. You think I don't know how dangerous it is? I learned from the worst. And I'm old enough and experienced enough to know how to handle rogue ghosts like these. Trust me on that."
"I know you are, Seohyun," San admitted, "I just hate it when you talk about your life like it means nothing. Like you'd have no problem if something happened."
"Let's just say I haven't had something I'd like to live for yet," Seohyun said.
San locked eyes with her. "I'll make it change now."
"There's so much to life. I know you haven't had the best life, but you have people you can rely on now. And I'll make sure you'll have something to live for."
"What do you live for?" Seohyun asked, curious.
San smiled. "My parents, my grandparents, my friends. And myself."
"Doesn't it... get too much? Living for all of them... must be hard. And boring."
"What's hard and boring is when I had nothing to live for," San said, "When life became repetitive, and I didn't really love anyone, including myself. But now... I have something to look forward to. And no matter if it gets hard, I'll have people to lean on. So ask yourself this, Seohyun. Is it hard living like me or is it hard living like you?"
San knew his words had crossed her, so he locked eyes with her for a second longer before he waved and left for home, leaving Seohyun wondering if she really had wasted all her life repelling people, and if it really had been a wise decision.
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