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Tumblr media
⌕ a verdadeira arte, new7world
⚠ em caso de inspiração, me credite.
📆 19/03/23 | ✎ @mnini (psd)
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the-banana-0verlord · 6 hours
Hi there, I'd like to request something for Twisted Wonderland. Could I get reactions of Leona, Azul, Jade, Vil, and Sebek to a (preferably gender neutral) s/o who's usually pretty thick-skinned and gives as good as they get having a strong reaction to something the character said in an argument? As in, usually in an argument the s/o isn't easily upset, so if they're reacting this badly something must be really wrong. So how would those five characters react if something they said actually seemed to hurt their s/o who usually seems damn near unshakeable? Bonus points if it's the first time they've ever seen their s/o cry and it's their fault >:3c
Thank you for the request! I feel like I made it just “S/O cries during an argument”, but I hope I incorporated enough elements to fit your request!
How the Twst boys would react to their ususally strong S/O crying during an argument.
Tumblr media
Notes:Gn reader, The relationships described here are not very healthy, because the boys have toxic traits that make the relationship toxic as well. The argument is about this toxic trait, and the Reader can choose if the boy overcomes it or not.
Sebek Zigvolt
⚡The argument was about how he always priviledged his duty over you.
⚡He let slip that if he had to choose between Malleus and you, he'd choose Malleus. He didn't mean it, of course, but no one has control of what they say during times like this.
⚡You wondered if he even loved you at all, and the tears flowed.
⚡His booming voice was silenced as he watched you with wide eyes trying to wipe your tears off your face in pride.
⚡He's not the touchy type, but he'll pull you into an akward hug, rubbing your back gently.
⚡“I-I'm sorry. Please don't cry.... I love you more than anything.”
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Due to his natural laziness, you always felt like he didn't care about you or your relationship.
🦁When you confront him about it, he brushes it off. He knows he loves you, so you should too, right?
🦁He finally realises he's been wrong when you start crying, yelling at him why wouldn't he listen to you for once!
🦁He's never seen you cry before, which makes the shock even greater.
🦁“I know I don't really show it, but I do care, Herbivore. I promise that from now on, I'll be better.”
Vil Schoenheit
💅You try to keep strong through it, but his constant nitpicking absolutely drives you crazy.
💅He's convinced he's doing it for your own good, but even the best of intentions can lead to disaster.
💅One day, enough is enough, even for you, and you finally snap. He takes it badly.
💅You don't know when it happens, but at one point you realise you've broke down in tears.
💅It's then he knows that he had been wrong for pushing this far. It's his fault the mascara he had obliged you to wear was running down your cheeks.
💅“I'm so sorry love. I had no idea I've pushed you this far. I'll do anything to make it up to you.”
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙He's always piled up in his work and restaurant. There's always something to separate the two of you.
🐙His ambitions get the the better of him and he sometimes ends up not taling to you for a week or more.
🐙The loneliness creeps in. You go numb and start to ignore him as well. That he sees as a problem.
🐙He confronts you about it. The frustration you've kept in for months breaks through the form of tears.
🐙Crying is something he experienced way too often, and he never wanted you to feel.
🐙“Please... I hate seeing you cry... Name something, anything and I'll do it for you.”
Jade Leech
🍄He is a master manipulator. More often than not, you view yourself as his puppet, one he can use at will.
🍄You keep the feelings in. You don't want him to think he'S won by breaking you.
🍄But what's meant to happen happens, and the feelings spill.
🍄His intentions were never to deceive you. He's surprised when he sees your watered cheeks.
🍄When he tries to embrace you, you struggle, because you think it's another one of his tricks.
🍄Ultimately, the strenght leaves your body and you sob in his arms.
🍄“Shhhh... I love you, okay? I would never lie to you. Never.”
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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ratspoison · 3 months
Azul: If you’re short staffed…
Azul: hire taller staff.
Tumblr media
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scho3nheit · 2 months
Azul: *seductively takes off glasses*
Azul: Wow...
Y/n, blushing: Haha... what?
Azul: You're really fucking blurry.
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
KISSING Azul's beauty marks, leaving light peppermint kisses on Malleus's horns, ruffling Leona's hair, petting him, leaving small kisses on each of his ears, Kissing Silver, to wake him up...
GENDER NEUTRAL READER A/N: Is Silver's part, just me showing my inner Silver simp? Nooo-
Tumblr media
Leona was settled on your lap, as you fiddled around with his hair.. it would have bothered Leona, but he let you as you pleased, your touch was rather comforting, and stress relieving. It felt as though all his problems would disappear, when he's with you like this.. The soft praises you whisper makes him all soft and gushy inside, a feeling he wasn't quite familiar with.. he hoped you didn't notice.. Leona disliked looking weak.. especially to you.. He'd be beyond embarrassed if you told him you noticed his little grin, and the way his tail would move in excitement, while you pet him.
It was a rather amusing sight, Leona's tail moving around in excitement and his ears perking up and moved ever so slightly, rhythm in sync with all your movements, touches, and compliments. Your praise was the biggest ego booster for this lion.
Leona closed his eyes for a bit, trying to sleep. The way your hands moved, ruffling his hair, every soft touch lulling him to sleep. Yet his senses overloaded, the moment you leaned down, and pressed two soft kisses on his ears, the feeling lingered, as he felt his ears tingle with heat.. He was flustered.. And if that wasn't enough, his tail started wagging aggressively.. He was sure he could hear you giggling right about now.. "What are you laughing at herbivore!"
Tumblr media
You entered the room, Azul was working on some sort of paperwork, as always.. Nothing out of the usual.. but your precious octopus, has been rather busy lately.. you were afraid he was overworking himself, It was at this point that Azul noticed your presence, as he turned to smile at you, flashing you a rather tired grin. You sighed, knowing full well he wasn't planning to rest anytime soon.. "How was your day today love?" Azul asked, his voice was less energetic then usual, "It was good.. I suppose.. How about you?" you asked, as you made your way towards him, carefully sitting on his lap, "Your not overworking yourself, are you?" you asked..
"Of course not!" he said, focusing his attention on you, as he slowly moved his arms around your waist, making sure you were comfortable in the position you were in. "hmm, but you should get some rest, K?" you carefully grabbed his face, pulling it towards you, you watched as his face tinted red ever so slightly, as he hesitated to answer.. He never liked lying to you, nor did he enjoy making false promises to you.. "Fine.." Azul complied with a sigh.
"Do you promise?" you asked, moving a tad bit closure, as your eyes stared straight into his. Causing him to grow slightly nervous. He stuttered ever so slightly, no matter how long the two of you were together, he could never grow completely used to the closeness between you two.. "I-i promise"
You grinned, as he finally complied to your words, you pulled him closer leaning in, and just before your lips touched, you leaned down and kissed his beauty mark. "See you later tonight!" you winked as you left a very flustered and tired octopus in his office.. 'What am I going to do with you' Azul thought, as the door finally closed.
Tumblr media
You were settled on Malleus's lap, as he rambled on and on, about his favorite subject.. Gargoyles! You were half mindedly listening, focusing more on fiddling around with his hair, admiring his features.. After all, it's not always you get to have such a close up view of the fae prince.. though if you asked you would be able too..
Malleus, went on to explain some random facts about Gargoyles in, in-depth detail. You hummed at everything he said, making sure he didn't feel ignored, when you had an idea.. "Malleus what's your favorite Gargoyle again?" you asked, the question was rather controversial, you know this conversation wouldn't end any time soon.. but.. you had an idea! "Well I quite really have a Gargoyle I favor.. but —" .. He continued on and on about the subject, when you suddenly started rubbing his horns.
Malleus got a bit flustered, the action was rather unexpected, he tripped over his words ever so slightly, if you looked down, you could see just how red the man was. You proceeded to take things up a notch' by coming a bit closer, and leaving soft lingering kisses on his horns. An action, that is guaranteed to shut your poor lover up..
When you were finished with messing with your prince, you lowered yourself down to his level, and gave him a big hug. "Malleus?" you poked him in the cheek.. The man looked stunned and flustered.. 'I guess he's still processing things..' you thought, as you giggled..
The two of you were in your early stages of a relationship, and needless to say your lover is quite easily flustered by your actions.
Tumblr media
Lilia had told you that he couldn't find Silver, the two of you had gotten together a couple months ago, and Lilia suggested that maybe you should go out and find Silver, since you seemed to know his favorite sleeping spots well. Somehow that convinced you to go and look for Silver by yourself.
Walking around the forests of NRC, you found Silver sound asleep, leaning ever so comfortably on the tree. 'He looks so beautiful'.. He looked very comfortable.. You almost forgot why you were here! You were supposed to wake Silver up! Though you could have just simply nudged him and called out for him.. you had other ideas... Comfortably sitting beside Silver, you leaned in.. and for a second you paused with your movements. Taking in his features.. 'He looked lovely' you nudged your head, mumbling under your breath to focus.
You leaned in and gave Silver a kiss, Silver was quite sensitive to movement, that seemed foreign.. especially in his sleep. It didn't take long for him to carefully open his eyes, as he made eye contact with you.. "It's time to wake up love.."
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work/theme without prior permission and or confirmation.
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Dedícate a sanar, porque ya hay muchos rotos tratando de encajar sus piezas a la fuerza.
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What do y’all think about Bulter Jade? Who’s oh so devoted to you, always at your beck and call… the slightest discomfort that arises, he’s immediately by your side, resolving whatever troubles you.
He just seems perfect. Too perfect for Someone Like You. Perhaps let’s say You’re one of those merchants who’s fallen out of grace. It’s a terrible toil when it comes to hiring servants. Your clan do have quite the infamous reputation… yet Jade’s been with you ever since the fall.
He’s loyal.
Too much so.
Bulter Azul is also a nice concept~ Sure, he’s calm and collected, but significantly much more easier to fluster as compared to Jade.
He handles matters around the house with a rapid pace. Always on top of things, your comfort his top priority.
Azul does have quite a bit of an ego. He does consider his role as your butler as a high honour, and he ensured everyone around him knows about it.
Business is managed smoothly whenever he’s by your side. Eyes sharper then Most merchants, he’s adept at financial matters. Of course, he’ll be expecting a raise, hm?
But for all his bluster, he’s soft. Gentle, even. Tucking you in every night, gloved hands sweeping the hair from your face…
He’ll press a kiss on your forehead, light as a feather if he could. His lips, soft against your skin, his touch, as fleeting as the silverly moonlight. Would you let him?
Butler Floyd is… fun. To say the least. He’s very erratic, sometimes the house’s spick and span, sometime’s there’s an whole spill on the carpet.
He’s the only one who’ll let himself be hired by you. He does look nothing like a prim and proper butler. Untucked shirts, tie hanging loosely from his collar. He greets you with a drawl, laughing as you tidy his appearance up.
He does do his job, to varying degrees on different days. He does brighten things up, as much as you’ll hate to admit. You never know what’ll happen next.
When you’re stressed, he takes it upon himself to coddle a smile on your face. Maybe dragging you by your hands, prancing around a ballroom in a silly little waltz.
He’s your servant, ya know? He’s ready when you are. If you’re not, he’ll dragging you away, running with you until you can smile again~
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characters: trey, leona, azul, jamil content: gn! reader, established relationships, mentions of food/eating in trey’s and jamil’s notes: none! hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
trey clover — acts of service
trey’s love language is acts of service. trey is someone who is always looking out for people he cares about like his younger siblings and the members of heartslabyul. while it may be a bit of a hassle when it comes to other people, trey never feels that way with you. his acts of service range from helping you clean your room to baking you sweet treats specifically tailored for you.
Finals seemed to be never ending. You had reached your limit for studying about fifteen minutes ago, choosing instead to rest your forehead against your stack of textbooks and ponder this dismal state of affairs. Really, how could Crewel and Trein give you back-to-back finals? You swore they planned it.
The knock at your door startled you and you lifted your head, calling, “Come in?”
Trey stepped inside your room, offering you a gentle smile. When he came to stand behind your chair, you sighed and leaned into him. “You’re so lucky,” you said. “I can’t believe you finished your finals two days ago.”
Trey chuckled and that was when you picked up the scent of something sugary and chocolatey. Your eyes lit up as you whirled around. “Are those—?”
He moved his left hand from behind his back and showed you a bag of fresh chocolate chip cookies, ones undoubtedly made from his family’s secret recipe. Your mouth watered as Trey handed them to you. “I figured you could use them after I got your text about an hour ago.”
That’s right, you had sent your boyfriend a message about how inhumane finals were. Your heart warmed as you bit into one and said, “Thank you, Trey, I really needed these.”
“Any time,” he said, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. “And I mean it — any time.”
leona kingscholar — quality time + gift giving
leona’s main love language is quality time. leona values his own time a lot, firmly rejecting things he doesn’t want to do and getting irritated with people who interrupt that time, which means that him actively seeking you out to be with you indicates just how much you mean to him. i think leona’s secondary love language would be gift giving, given that he’s the prince of the sunset savanna and someone who believes you deserve many good things.
You were pretty sure that if looks could kill, Coach Vargas would be obliterated. Leona’s glare was so annoyed that some of your classmates shrank away from him, but you had to give Vargas credit for how he very pointedly ignored the waves of pure vexation emanating from your boyfriend. When Vargas blew the whistle to end class, Leona stomped away as quickly as he could to get changed.
“Seems he’s in a mood,” Lilia noted as you two headed for the changing rooms.
“I know,” you said. “I’ll probably give him some time to cool off.”
Lilia nodded. “That sounds like it’s for the best. I was even a little shaken.” He lifted his mouth in a playful smile and entered the changing rooms.
You finished cleaning yourself up and changing, walking towards the exit of the field when you heard footsteps drawing nearer. Leona fell into step beside you and said, “Where are you going?”
“I was going to go back to my dorm,” you replied.
“You’re coming back to mine instead.”
“Oh? You’re not too grumpy for company?” you asked him teasingly. He frowned but it wasn’t nearly as pissed off as it had been when he directed it as Coach Vargas. He just grunted and you followed him to Savanaclaw and into his room.
Leona immediately flopped down on his bed, letting out a contented purr. He peeked at you and said, “Come here.” You obeyed, slipping into bed next to him. Leona pulled you closer so he could wrap his arms around you, another rumbling purr in his chest. Without another word, you felt the steady rise and fall of his breath and soon, you were lulled to sleep as well.
azul ashengrotto — words of affirmation + physical touch
azul’s primary love language is words of affirmation. you may have thought it would be gift giving but because of his contracts, he felt that gift giving was too transactional for him. additionally, as someone who didn’t receive a lot of affirmations from his peers when he was younger, azul feels that words go a long way to conveying affection. his secondary language is physical touch because he’s a bit touch starved and he craves that physical connection to ground him with you.
Azul watched as you helped Floyd and Jade wait tables at Mostro Lounge. You had dropped by at the height of rush to see Azul about something, but you had sensed how overwhelmed the three of them were, despite none appearing so on the outside. So, you asked Azul if he had a spare apron or uniform around and promptly began working.
As the rush died down, Azul told you that the Leech twins could handle it and brought you back to his office, sitting beside you on the couch. “Thank you for helping out,” he said. “It was much appreciated.”
“Of course,” you said.
“Now,” Azul said, “what was it you wanted to see me about?”
“Oh!” You grinned at him and dug your hand into your school bag, producing a sheet of paper with a bright red ‘A’ at the top. “I got an A on Crewel’s exam! It’s the one you helped me on that I was super nervous for.”
Azul smiled at you. “That’s wonderful! I’m so proud of you.”
Your face heated and you said, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Azul said, “You put in the work and time, I just helped a little.” He fixed his eyes and said, “I’m serious, I’m very proud of you.”
jamil viper — quality time
like leona, jamil’s love language is also quality time. look, jamil is very clearly a busy guy, tending to kalim 24/7. because alone time for him is precious and few, he wants to spend it mindfully, so it means a lot when he wants to spend it with you. you probably won’t be doing anything super taxing but jamil likes to just be with you and catch up, especially when he hasn’t had the opportunity to do so in a while.
When Kalim gave Jamil the week off, Jamil very nearly started crying from joy or exhaustion, he wasn’t entirely sure. There had been a streak of birthdays for members of Scarabia, and Kalim had insisted that each and everyone had an extravagant party. Jamil was burned out by the end, which is why Kalim told him to take the week off. The moment he returned to his dorm, Jamil called you.
“Hi!” you chirped. “What’s up?”
“Would you like to meet for lunch today in the cafeteria?”
“You know I’d love to Jamil! What time?”
“Around one?”
“Perfect, I’ll see you then.”
You met with Jamil at the cafeteria entrance, a smile blooming across your face when he popped into view. It dropped a little when you saw the tired bags under his eyes. “Long week?” you ask him gently.
“You have no idea,” he said, reaching down to hold your hand. You waited in line together and found a fairly secluded table to the side. Jamil explained his particular exhaustion and you nodded along, adding your input when necessary.
As he finished his account of the week, you said, “I’m sorry it was so hectic but I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself.” Your eyebrows knit in worry. “I hope I’m not taking away some of your down time.”
“Not at all. I asked you to be with me,” he said, “There’s no one I’d rather be with but you.”
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Blue Roman Pool at William Randolph Hearst's Castle in San Simeon, California, UNITED STATES
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dumpitos · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i just want to feel alright.
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Tumblr media
⌕ i say hey!, feat. @xmaeve
⚠ em caso de inspiração, nos credite.
📆 20/03/23 | ✎ @mnini (psd)
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blackopals-world · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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the-banana-0verlord · 22 days
Tumblr media
Overblot gang with their S/O as their final thoughts before overblot
Note: Major angst, slight yandere.
Riddle Rosehearts
🖤 Deception: It was the feeling he saw in his mother’s eyes years ago, and the one he was seeing in yours right now.
🖤But he did the right thing, didn’t he? He followed the rules!
🖤That was what he was screaming in desperation at you. But what he really meant was save me.
🖤But it was too late, and, out of strength, he let the darkness take over.
🖤 🖤 🖤
Leona Kingscholar
🖤He wanted to be the first one in your eyes.
🖤And yet there he was, humiliated to no end by those Diasomnia scums in front of you.
🖤He cursed Draconia, Vanrouge and even the Great Seven themselves for his misfortune.
🖤But above all, he cursed against himself for not being enough for you.
🖤He let the ink consume him with shame. If he wasn’t enough for you, then no one else was.
🖤 🖤 🖤
Azul Ashengrotto
🖤He thought his past was behind him, that it would never dome to hunt him again.
🖤But there it was, showed to the last person he wanted to know: you.
🖤He was supposed to be great. He was supposed to be powerful. He didn’t want your pity.
🖤Like this, he would be strong. He would prove to you he is worthy of your love.
🖤 🖤 🖤
Jamil Viper
🖤Kalim, Kalim, Kalim. You only had eyes for Kalim.
🖤But he was better than him, and soon you would see it too.
🖤All he had to do was to get rid of everyone who would dare get in his way, be it Kalim, Azul, or even the Great Seven if he had to.
🖤Just one look in his eyes and you’ll be his forever.
🖤 🖤 🖤 
Vil Schoenheit
🖤He was ugly. Ugly ugly ugly.
🖤But worst of all, you were witnessing his ugliness as he tried to poison his rival.
🖤He hid his face as you tried to reach out to him.
🖤You did not deserve someone as ugly as him.
🖤The thought spiralled in his head as the ebony black ink rippled from his body to the floor.
🖤He became deaf to the world around him as he drifted out of consciousness.
🖤 🖤 🖤
Have a good day/night!
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oepionie · 10 days
"…You already hate me as it is so it’s not like i have nothing to lose here."
Synopsis: Azul has dragged you into contract after contract and you've taken it all like a champ. However, when he asks you to be his date for an event, you become so upset that an argument breaks out. In the midst of it, Azul accidentally blurts out his feelings for you.
Character/s: Azul Ashengrotto x GN! Reader
Tags: Slight enemies-to-lovers, Fluffy Hurt/Comfort, Arguments, Mentions of drowning, Slight manipulation, Crying, Azul's love language is dragging you into contracts lol
Word Count: 1.1k+ | 🎸Event Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me.” You shake your head, barking out laughter. Floyd gleefully laughs along with you, skipping forward and jabbing a heavy hand against your back. The action made you stumble to the floor, which only served to further intensify your anger towards the octopus and his little hench-eels. "Another one of your stupid contracts?!" 
Azul smiles coolly, clasping his hands atop his table loaded with shimmering magical contracts and various ink pots — all meticulously arranged in an orderly layout, of course. He snapped his fingers and Jade strode over, swiftly handing his 'boss' a singular sheet of paper.
"Why, of course!" Azul's eyes crinkled in mirth as he turned the paper to face you. A leather-clad finger pressed against the sheet, pointing to the title. "How could I not pass up an opportunity like this?"
"EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT" was written in bold cursive lettering, the bleeding dark black ink making it pop out and almost seem as if it was mocking you in your predicament. Your jaw dropped, a look of surprise flashing across your face before a scowl quickly replaced it. "Me?! How desperate are you for new employees?"
“Oh, such an insult to my pride as an entrepreneur! I would never employ anyone I deem…" Azul scrutinizes you with calculating eyes, tucking one arm over his chest as the other fixes his glasses. He rises from his chair and circles around you, his polished shoes clicking against the marble tiles of his office. "…unfit.”
"Yeah~ You're the perfect shrimpy for the job!" Floyd pulled you from your position on the floor, shoving a uniform in your arms. You take a gander at the clothes. It might’ve been the trick of the eye or the light inside the lounge, but the silk almost seemed to have a mystical glow and shimmer. Your eyes dart up to the trio, hesitation crawling up the very depths of your heart.
All three men exchanged sardonic smiles with sly glints in their eyes. It's unusual for a stranger to pique their curiosity, but you possessed something most of their victims don't: you were such an odd little human.
"Welcome to the staff, prefect." Jade smiles curtly. "I do hope you don't disappoint."
It's official, you hate fish.
Working in Monstro Lounge for the past few weeks was nothing but underwater hell. Truly, you had to give both Jade and Floyd credit for having the patience—or rather, tolerance—to deal with all these self-important customers. If you had to make another 'double blend venti coffee frappuccino with whipped cream, additional ice, honey blend, and caramel drizzle' order for that one Pomefiore regular, you think you might have just lost your mind.
As if the annoying customers weren't already enough, Azul was always requesting for further favors. Really, there were occasions when you felt more like his personal secretary. If it was actually stated in the tiny fine print of the contract, you wouldn't be a surprise.
You've been left victim to all his schemes and whims. Though you could say with confidence that you were able to handle every single demand thrown your way, it's not like you really had a choice in the first place. You had boundaries and this one request of his might just finally push you over the edge.
"I need you to act as my date for an event."
"…y-you want me to what?" You sputtered, features contorting into a grimace. Azul stared at you indifferently, casually looking over his pile of paperwork. So struck by anguish, you failed to see how his hands trembled or how a pink hue spread across his face. 
"A-Ah, you see, I'm under a time constraint and seeing as you're the only one available, you may accompany me." Azul replied, adjusting the lapels of his jacket. "T-There's no one else to run to, so I'll have to settle for you."
'I'll have to settle for you.' The way he said it so nonchalantly and bluntly made you gnash your teeth together. How could he just push you aside like that? Like you were just some insignificant bystander in his life.
"Using me again, huh?" You laughed bitterly, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. Stupid. You were so stupid for developing feelings for this octopus. Azul blinked at you owlishly, watching as a lone tear ran down your cheek. "Pardon…?"
"Nevermind that. Screw this, I'm leaving!" You pulled your suit jacket off, discarding it onto the floor as you cut across the tables, moving towards the exit. Azul scurried after you, protests shooting out of his mouth.
"You-! We have a contract you can't just do as you wish!" He bellows, unadulterated anger coiling around him in a ruthless grip. The octopus seized you by the arm, yanking you around to face him. Scoffing, you attempt to shove him away, but he grabs you by your elbows. "Great Sevens—Damn me! Why are you so stubborn, prefect?!"
"Why can't you just let go?! What is with you and dragging me into contracts?!" You shriek, lifting your knees to kick at his shins.
"​It's because I like you!" Azul bellows, grasping onto your shoulders, his chest heaving. Clamping your mouth shut, you fell silent. The octopus's eyes widened with saturated horror as he scurried away from you, disregarding the sickening vertigo in his head in his haste.
"Sevens—I'm so careless." Azul groans, dragging a hand down his face before pounding his fist against a table. He tugs at his hair, doubling over as a wave of nausea hits him.
"W-What?" you ask, tone wavering. You moisten your lips as you meet the merman’s eyes. "Azul, what?"
He peers at you through his parted fingers, shakily standing straight once more.
"…You already hate me as it is, so it’s not like i have nothing to lose here." He breathlessly blunders out, eyes glossy with tears from being overcome with embarrassment. "I like you. I-I've liked you ever since the very day I met you."
Fear gripped him right down to his soul as his heart was left torn open; Bare for you to see. He comes to a halt, feet anchored to the floor, as you ponder the gravity of his confession.
Is this how sailors reacted to the song of a siren? You knew all too well that the minute you accepted, Azul would lure you into the depths of his heart, where you would never again be able to emerge. Would you sacrifice the world above to drown for your infatuation yet be rewarded with love from a charming octopus below?
"Azul…" You whisper, deft fingers creeping up his hot cheeks. He shudders at your touch, turning putty under your frigid, piercing gaze. Azul's mouth parts open, but words fail him.
"I'll be your date. Though you really don't need a contract for that." Leaning forward, you pressed a scorching kiss against his lips and the deal was set.
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cupids-chamber · 15 days
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Gender neutral reader / Fluff / Slight crack but taken slightly seriously / some suggestive jokes (Octavinelle part) / Partially edited and re-read so mistakes may occur / Lazy writing / 0.9k words
A/N: Anon was lowkey simping in my inbox, but yk what.. this is a safeplace.. so y/n's tweets are gonna be me simping on main. Also very lazy forgive me I'm tired.
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★ HOW DID YOUR LOVER/CRUSH FIND YOUR OLD TWITTER ACCOUNT? You will never quite know.. It took awhile.. But for some reason he was able to get ahold of your old phone and somehow, by some magic of sorts.. Surely the great 7 favored him, because not only was he able to get on your phone, but guess your password as well.. And even find his way onto your twitter account. 
Tumblr media
— DEUCE SPADE ♠️ ; Your partner may have been quite dimwitted and dense in typical topics, but Deuce had a knack for mechanics and it was quite sweet of him to offer so kindly to help fix your old phone up, since you didn’t like the quality or durability of the one Crowley had given you; so of course you agreed; that and Deuce’s face was adorable. You were also quite curious if you could download apps from Twisted wonderland on a phone from your previous dimension, and you were even more curious as to if you could contact and use things you had already downloaded on the phone using wifi from here? Maybe you could contact people from over there.. 
Deuce worked hard to fix your phone, and of course he had to check it before giving it back to you! He couldn’t hand you an unfinished project, then you’d find the poor blue-bird incompetent! Turning on your screen it loaded and displayed your twitter account in full view for him, ‘Is this app similar to magicam?’ Deuce thought to himself, he couldn’t help but mindlessly scroll through the app and your various posts.. He was left quite conflicted.
Deuce actually didn’t think much of it, partially because he trusted you quite a large sum and because he was also rather dense and couldn’t quite understand what exactly you meant with those posts. The only reason he even started to see doubts was when both Ace and Cater pointed out your behavior on the posts. 
Sure Trey and Riddle tried providing somewhat comfort, well the best they could; towards their poor first year. Deuce didn’t favor jealousy, his mother always taught him how dangerous a feeling as dark as jealousy can be. His mother also taught him to communicate his feelings, so that’s what he did. 
Deuce chose to communicate with you, it took him some time. But Deuce is beyond aware of how dense he can truly be.. And he loved that you were ok with that.. Deuce expressed his discomfort, and though it was hard to process, he understands your posts were mainly a humorous joke, and that you’d never truly feel attracted to.. that..(He also gets so much more clingy, he doesn’t realize this thought)
— AZUL ASHENGROTTO, JADE LEECH, & FLOYD LEECH ♡ ; Azul was truly a favored witch, blessed by the great 7. No.. you’d say the Octavinelle trio was blessed by some unimaginable fortune. As Floyd played around teasing you, and chasing you around.. Jade handed Azul your phone.. You didn’t quite realize when the tall eel had taken your phone out of your pocket and handed it to his brother. 
And now it was in the hand of the great sea witch himself. “Oh— what’s this?'', Azul opened up the little bird icon on your phone, thinking it wouldn’t be anything as surprising.. Nothing he hasn’t already found out and collected as blackmail when he inevitably asks you out and just.. In case you were to.. Let’s just say by some unpredictable future, reject him. Of course he’d deal with the tweels nagging about that later. 
Floyd stops in his tracks, as he closes in on viewing your phone screen with the pair.. The trio then move onto your profile.. “Wait.. isn’t that— MY PHONE!”, before you could fight to grab it back, Azul reads your first three tweets out loud.. For everyone in the office room to hear. 
Let’s just say no one predicted that.. And you remained frozen in your spot.. What could be more embarrassing than your crush’s literally going through your private tweets about some.. Questionable things. 
The three of you stood there in utter silence, well Azul had lots more to add onto that blackmail folder. It took a while before Floyd finally chose to break the ice between you three.
“Hey shrimpy— do you have a voice kink by any chance?” 
— MALLEUS DRACONIA ♛ ; Malleus has been a well composed person, he does get confused.. But that's because he’s unreasonably dense. It’s quite surprising, his obliviousness in some cases makes him so unintentionally funny and you quite literally hate how people would rather be afraid of him then get to know how ridiculously hilarious he could be.
That’s not to say he lacks in any field, he’s quite smart and though it takes him a while to process certain modern lexicon it’s still a fun experience. And it’s funny seeing him try and implement certain phrases into his day to day life; one time he said slay while Silver was training, and Silver lost his balance while Sebek had a breakthrough about how you ruined his wakasama and turned him into Lilia. 
Now despite these improvements, you really should have told your little crush about the aspect of typical privacy.. And phones. Because you found him scrolling through your twitter account, looking star-struck and frozen as your phone reflected a certain tweet you had made previously.. Oh how you’d explain this one to the green haired gremlin.
Gets more clingy, and possessive. Also he unintentionally says some of the most threatening yet attractive things. (Border-lining: “Are you trying to kill me or is this your way of flirting”)
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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outivv · 3 months
You know that saying there are plenty of fish in the sea can I request this with the octavinelle trio
Like there s/o saying it is a saying for their world how whoud they react to it
Tumblr media
Synopsis: reactions to the phrase, “there are plenty of fish in the sea”
Warnings: not proofread
Characters: octavinelle
Pronouns for reader: gender neutral/ not mentioned
A/n: hello hello!! Sorry this took so long for me to get to, I was planning on writing it before the holidays but got overwhelmingly busy :’). So I am sorry about that, but!! This was fun to write and I hope you enjoy!! Take care of yourself :]
Tumblr media
— Azul —
“That’s a stupid Phrase.” Azul blurts out without thinking, he’s not one to usually be quite this… harsh, but he does think that it’s a stupid stupid phrase. “How so?” You Tilt your head, he’s looking up at you, as you’re sitting on his desk. He sighs, and fixes his glasses, “well…” he starts, but doesn’t finish.
He really doesn’t know how to come up with an excuse. Because the real reason he hates that phrase, is because he wonders if you believe it. If you believe there’s more out there for you than him, because he knows for a fact that you’re the only one for him. You notice his face turning into one of pondering, and embarrassment, “but- there’s only one octopus for me!” You say, with a bright smile. Azul furrows his brows, with a small pout appearing in his face, “that’s quite cheesy…” a blush creeps onto his face, “but thank you for reassuring me.”
— Jade —
“Well yes, there are many fish that humans haven’t even discovered yet.” Jade says jokingly, pretending to not understand the meaning. You’re cleaning up mostro lounge with him, a d discussing where you came from, bringing up a funny phrase you heard all the time. You snicker, knowing he’s just teasing you, “no jade not like that, like… there’s plenty of people out there… if that makes sense?” Jade looks up from cleaning a table, and pretends to ponder for a moment.
“Hm… I suppose.” He says, and you return to your cleaning, thinking that was that. However, you should know jade by now, but he always surprises you, whether intentional or not. You look over to your left, and see that he’s right there next to you. You jump a little, at his genuine smile, “sorry” he says as he takes your hand in his, “but, I do think I’m the only fish for you don’t you agree?” You were too flustered to utter a single word, as he just chuckled at you, his sharp teeth on full display.
— Floyd —
“But you’re the only shrimpy for me!!” He said, as he wrapped his arms tighter around you. He clearly did not like that phrase, with the pout on his face you could tell his mood was souring by the second, and you had to think of something to salvage it, and fast. You laughed lightly, “yes Floyd, and you’re the only eel for me.”
You pat the top of his head, as he looks down at you and practically whines. You giggle again, saying, “sorry Floyd, didn’t mean to scare you with that” he rests his head on top of your own, “ ‘s ok, just don’t do that again!!”
Tumblr media
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