#elle phantom
Dp x Dc Crossover
Danny and Ellie somehow get tangled with Cadmus and frozen for study later. Obviously it comes to the JL’s attention and they all go ‘oh no another clone’. Anyone’s choice of who they think it is or if it’s a collection of people they took DNA from and meshed together to make these two sassy children.
Would be funnier if they came to DC universe by accident and didn’t have time to really learn about it before capture. The result being they have no idea superheroes are a thing and the heroes just thinking ‘these kids were traumatized and held captive, they don’t even know who Superman is!’ and cue another layer of hilarious misunderstanding.
When confronted about the whole clone thing, Danny immediately defends and protects Ellie. Obviously. Then they notice he was not defending himself, to which Danny goes ‘I’m not a clone!’ The heroes look at each other in clear doubt. ‘Oh he was in denial or seriously didn’t know who he was made from. That will make this harder.’
I may have started something though…
They found a discrete laboratory hidden in plan sight, underneath an office building. When researched, they found connections to Cabmus.
Considering the last encounter they had with the organization, they wanted to be prepared. Hence why when the small team noticed Batman walking down the stairs, Superman followed behind with a tight expression.
Red Robin stepped forward.
“Two cryo-stasis containers holding two nearly identical people. The first a male, approximately 13-14 years of age. Stable. The second a female, younger, approximately 10-11 years of age. Also stable, but her stats are lower than the boy’s.”
“What do you know?”
“Virtually nothing,” Connor says casually. “There are no documents left behind, digital or physical, and there are zero labels on these things.”
They arrive toward the back of the basement where the two frozen containers were sitting upright. One unit obviously smaller than the other most likely holding the girl. Batman has to peer down into the larger unit to see the boy’s face. Frost collected on his eyelashes and black hair like a forgotten doll. No movement from either forms, not even breathing.
“So we don’t know who they are made from,” Superman pushes, clearly displeased.
Batman keeps looking at their faces. The curve of their noses, the shape of their jaws, the positioning of their cheekbones. They didn’t look like Connor. No, they reminded him of someone else.
“We suspect hybrids of some sort,” M’gann contributes. “A mixture of different heroes if I had to guess, but there is no way of knowing with our lack of information without waking them up.”
“Can’t you look into their minds?” Clark questions.
M’gann squirms at the directness and Connor steps forward to defend her. Tensions rise.
“No, sir. They are frozen so there is hardly any brain function except to keep them alive. They aren’t even dreaming.”
She looks them over sadly, obviously distraught with not being able to connect to their minds in anyway.
Batman turns to Red Robin, the younger already watching him.
“You see it too, right?”
Batman grunts. Yes, he saw it.
“Is there a way to move them?” Batman brings back the focus.
“The containers are connected to the buildings power and then a back-up generator in case of emergencies. We’d have to switch the power to something mobile and there’s no telling what kind of effect that would have on the kids,” Connor explains, against the idea of moving them.
“It’s six in the evening. Most everyone in the building above as gone home for the day,” Red Robin helpfully adds.
“Evacuate the rest. Then call a medical team.”
“Wait,” Superman interrupts as the three younger heroes jump to do as instructed. “You’re not thinking about waking them up now, are you?”
“You have a better idea?”
Batman doesn’t even look at him as he studies the stats on the old screen connected to the nearest pod. This one holding the boy. He’ll be the first one out seeing as he’s the more stable one.
“They could be dangerous. They could try to attack us.”
“That’s why we’re here,” Batman deadpans. He didn’t state the obvious that they were children who had been frozen for who knows how long. If anything they’ll need reassurance that they were safe, not weapons in their faces as soon as they wake up.
Clark was not happy with his decision, but as long as he didn’t antagonize them Bruce left him alone.
It wasn’t long before they were ready to begin. Three medical personnel stood several yards back behind the heroes. Red Robin begins the defrosting procedure and they have to wait maybe an hour before the door slides open. There is a breath among them as they wait for his eyes to open. Instead they hear a cracking of thin ice and the boy falls forward without the door holding him in place. Connor is the one to catch him before he hits the floor face first.
Superboy turns him to lay him flat on the floor, the boy’s body still stiff with cold. Frost makes his hair and eyelashes brittle. His lips are a faint shade of blue.
“He isn’t breathing,” Connor informs quickly.
One of the medics push forward first, oxygen mask in hand.
“Bring the thermal blankets. We need to get his core temperature up,” the woman urgently instructs.
They get to work quickly in warming up the boy who is too small and fragile. After several minutes of the medics squeezing air into his mouth and rubbing his limbs and chest to get the blood flowing, the boy takes a breath. Then another. He coughs roughly, his throat scratchy, and starts to shiver.
“There we go.”
He whimpers and tries to move his hand, but the action is jerky and unpracticed.
“His eyes,” M’gann informs them, finally able to get some brain activity. “He can’t open his eyes. The ice-“
Connor takes a water bottle the medics brought and poured the room temperature water over his eyes to melt the ice holding them together. The boy jumps in surprise and tries to turn his head away but Connor continues until he can manually wipe away the ice and water from his eyelids.
Blue eyes. The boy has bright sky blue eyes. They aren’t the Krytonian blue, but they were still familiar.
He blinks and squints and looks around, breathing picking up at the people surrounding him and the unfamiliar environment. M’gann, sensing his distress, kneels down and sets a warm hand on his leg.
“It’s okay. No one here will hurt you. You’re safe now.”
He doesn’t relax, but he seems to at least understand her. He studies their uniforms and then her face before his eyes flick to something behind her and they widen. His breath stutters in his chest, making him wheeze out on the exhale.
They look behind the green skinned girl to see the smaller pod still holding the little girl, no change in her status.
The boy reaches out a shaky hand toward it, scraping against the cold concrete in his lack of energy to lift it.
“She’s okay too.”
He opens his mouth to speak, licks his lips, tries again.
“-ou-,” he rasps. His breath hitches and he’s coughing again. They help him onto his side.
“You want us to get her out?” Red Robin interprets.
The boy squints through the tears from the lack of oxygen at the hero. His expression is scrunched in discomfort and worry. As enthusiastic as he can manage, the boy nods.
“Okay, we can do that. You just have to wait, she needs to thaw out, just like what we did with you,” Red Robin explains to the boy.
He nods again in understanding, his eyes glued back to the girl in the pod. He still shivers harshly and his breathing isn’t regular but he’s not panicking and in no shape to attack them, so it seems like they were in the clear with that one.
While the girl is thawing, they get him more comfortable with warm blankets and get him to drink some water for his throat. He still wasn’t moving much except to curl up on his side and breathe on his colorless fingers. Every time he swallowed he cringed like he was drinking acid, so talking was off the table for now.
The boy was fighting sleep by the time the container door slide open. Connor was there and holding her before she could fall like the boy had.
Superboy lays the girl down close to the boy, seeing the pale hand reaching for her. As soon as he backed away the medics were on her to get air in her lungs and warm her body same as they did for the boy.
The boy watches, quietly holding her hand. Siblings it looks like it. Seeing them side by side was startling. They seemed to be clones of each other, one just younger and the opposite gender, but they were the same.
It was concerning as the number of minutes increased and there was no change. She didn’t breathe or move. She looked dead.
“Get the defibrillator,” the medic ordered, urgent.
The boy surprisingly wasn’t panicking, instead he held a hard determination that made some of the heroes curious.
Pushing himself up onto his elbow, he leaned over the girl and started weakly pushing the blankets out of the way. Thinking he was just helping to make the medic’s job easier, M’gann helped until her torso was exposed.
“You need to back away so they-“
She stops when she sees him tug at the girl’s white shirt to get into direct contact with her skin, hand pressed to her chest.
“What are you-?”
He narrows his eyes in concentration.
Red Robin unconsciously takes a step back when the boy’s blue eyes change into a glowing toxic green, illuminating the girl’s face, frost shining in the light. The hand pressed to her chest also starts to glow the same green until it seeps into her skin like she’s absorbing this weird energy. It reminded them of Starfire actually.
The green in his eyes fades as soon as the unknown green energy is lighting up her entire torso just under the skin. He pulls away and looks expectantly at the medic holding the defibrillator. She flinches into moving, setting the machine down and charging it. She’s hesitant to touch the green energy but the boy nods in encouragement, not looking concerned for anything but the girl’s health.
It takes one shock for the green energy to disperse through her body and cause her to gasp. The girl starts coughing harshly and the boy pulls her to lay on her side facing him. Connor quickly helps the boy to cover her in blankets. The boy goes as far as tucking them around her and taking one of his own blankets to pile on top. He was moving more easily now even if it was sluggish.
M’gann gasps quietly just as the girl starts sobbing, whining when the act of crying hurt her throat. The boy pulls her close, wrapping his arms around her and tucking her under his chin so they could barely see her. They watch as he calmly comforts her until they are both eased into unconsciousness.
Batman give Superman a pointed look as he passes him. Clark doesn’t respond.
“Get them to the Watchtower med bay,” he orders.
It’s Superman who picks up the pile of two children tangled together and wrapped in layers of fabric, nearly throwing them at how light they both weighted. The three younger heroes follow behind, Tim mumbling about “Lazarus pits” and “Jason”, M’gann twisting her fingers in anxiety, and Connor keeping a close eye on the two kids being carried by his original.
It’s unsurprising that it’s Connor who volunteers to say with them when they are settled down in the med bay, still clinging to each other in sleep.
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minnesota-fats · 11 days
Fic idea
Ellie in Gotham, vibing it up, when this guy (Batman) comes out of nowhere and asks her to do a DNA test.
Ellie: “lol, sure, but your gonna be real confused.”
Ellie finding out she shares DNA with this guy and pauses before whipping out her phone and calling Danny.
Ellie: “Yo Danny? Are you adopted?”
Danny: “What no???”
Ellie: “Then why is Batman saying he’s my dad???”
Danny: “What?”
Batman: “who’s that?”
Ellie: “the guy I’m cloned from.”
Batman: “?????”
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Dick: Come on, Danny! It’ll be good for Damian and Dani to meet. 
Phantom: Well, I don’t know. There are rumors about your young brother. I’m afraid he is going to be a bad influence. 
Jason: Take the demon child off me, he’s gnawing at my hand again!
Dick: I’m so sorry. I promise, they don’t usually...
Danny: I take it back! Dani, look at the jaws. He has a serious grip. Next time you see Vlad, try to repeat it.
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theghostlykat · 3 months
Tumblr media
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Felices fiestas a todos!
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avenphandomartist · 5 months
Day 14 : Costume Party
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Danny and Ellie went to two Halloween parties to mess with people
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summerspook · 8 months
Tumblr media
My designs for the DP gals
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ghost-pasta · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID start: a meme that says:
could kill god but thinks they can't: Danny.
couldn't kill god but thinks they can: Vlad.
knows they could kill god but wouldn't: Dani (with an I).
accidently killed god in a Wendy's parking lot at 3am: Cujo the ghost dog & Maddie the cat.
Second image reads: accidently killed god in a Wendy's parking lot at 3am: Dan Phantom/Dark Danny.
:End ID]
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omnicrafts · 5 months
"Uncle Hood!"
Hood stopped, startled out of his current beat down of some trash who thought he could find a loophole in his 'Don't sell drugs to kids.' rule. Standing over the dealer still, he pressed the barrel of the gun to his forehead. Finally, he turned his head to see who had spoken. Now there weren't a lot of things he was expecting to see when someone decided it was a good idea to shout 'Uncle Hood', which was a whole suitcase he hadn't signed up for, thank you.
What wasn't on the list was a girl who couldn't possibly be older than nine standing at the entrance to the alley. Black hair pulled back into a French braid and wide blue eyes, he estimated she was barely a hundred pounds soaking wet. Her expression flickered between awestruck and determined, fist clenched at her sides and back straight. The kid had spunk, he'd give her that.
"Sorry, kid, I don't have siblings. The hell are you doing out here in the middle of the night like this, anyway? He took in the blue jeans and t-shirt that was split in half, black and white at a diagonal angle. A logo he wasn't familiar with over where her heart would be, not unlike the Robin R. He had to give props for the sick leather jacket too. Jesus, she was way too well-dressed to be in Crime Alley alone.
"I'd say don't play dumb with me, but I guess you really don't know." Who the hell was this kid? Where were her parents? Clearly, no one had taught this child self-preservation skills and to not mouth off at dangerous criminals. "I need your help to get my dad outta a government conspiracy lab! I can't do it by myself and my brothers on a mission."
The lowlife thought he could use the 'distraction' to slink away. Hood brought the butt of his gun down against his temple, and the bastard was out like a light. The child whispered a "Nice." as the man dropped against the grimy cement.
"Look, kid, I don't do rescue missions." He turned, walking toward her, and she didn't even flinch or step back. This was ridiculous, how did she look excited to have a dangerous crime boss looming over her? Yeah, he didn't hurt kids and that wasn't a secret, but even the kids he helped didn't look at him like he hung the god-damn moon. "I don't know who told you I could help. You should be talking to Batman."
The scowl that replaced her previous expression was down right disgusted. Okay, maybe he could understand Bruce's issue with adopting strong-willed orphans. Not an orphan (yet) she was just talking about a dad.
"Ugh no, I mean yeah sure okay he'd help because these guys are awful and running horrible experiments on people, but..." She took a breath and squared her shoulders again, which mostly served to remind Hood she was so god-damn tiny. The top of her head barely passed his sternum. "I don't want his kind of help! I need yours!"
"Why's that?"
Something like ice rolled over him as those bright blue eyes flashed a vibrant, familiar green. And just like before when he'd first turned to look at her, Red Hood was not prepared for what came next.
"Because Batman doesn't kill."
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new-revenant · 2 months
I finally have polls! Okay, we need to settle this once and for all.
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jadedwolf18-blog · 1 month
Mini Phantom Invasion
<< Chapters One - Six | << Chapters Seven - Twelve | << Chapters Thirteen - Eighteen
Mini Phantom Invasion - Mini Adventures
Fourth lot of chapters begins! Thank you for all the interest and likes!
And the time line has caught up to the start of the Mini Adventures!
Chapter 19
Danny fell silent after their recount of everything they had gone through, from when they died, all the to how they became king. They had shared bits and pieces with Dan and compared their live up till the Nasty Burger incident and how Danny’s was different after Dan was sealed away but it had never been in such detail or in one whole sitting. It felt like a weight, they didn’t know they had, had been lifted off their shoulders.
They had a brother, a blood related older sister who understands the feeling of being thrust into a hero role and a brother-in-law had also experienced finding out he was an entirely different race than they had been raised as. Not to mention their niece and now, officially, their daughter.
They had a family, people who understood in ways their friends and Jazz had never been able to do. They new their true heritage, even if half was still missing. They felt more whole than they’d ever felt, even before the accident. All the little odd behaviours they’d has a a child, that the Fentons had basically trained them out of doing, that they were told was wrong. They finally knew why and that they had in fact been normal behaviours for a mer-child.
Looking over to where Rukia and Elle were playing… they were relieved and happy that Elle would be able to embrace all of her instinct from the start. They still found themself holding back or suppressing some instincts, even around others of their kind. Years of being told, trained, to act human were hard to shake off.
Clock Work had come to inform them that the claiming ceremony was ready and the family of siblings and nieces made their way to the private room. The ceremony was short and sweet. An exchange of ectoplasm and a sworn oath of familial bond. 
They had all been surprised, excluding Clock Work who was acting as the main witness, when Elle was engulfed in a bright light. Once it had faded they were met with a human looking Elle as a three year old.
Clock Work was quick to explain that the ceremony had corrected the unnatural age progression that Vlad had put her through in the pod, as well as the error in her make up that had made her susceptible to destabilisation, even with the Ecto dejecto. She was now a true Halfa. Her memory was still intact but she would now act more her true age.
Danny had scooped Elle up and held her close, they had always had the fear, that she would one day disintegrate and they would not be able to help her. This was one less fear they had to worry about. She was safe and healthy and she will never destabilise again.
Dan sighed as he slumped back into his chair. Dan had a strange mix of emotions, he wanted to go after Vlad for what he had done but he was happy to have another niece, there was also the jumbled thought on if Elle could be counted as his as well or if, despite being the same person, their genetics were different.
It was something to look into, for curiosities sake, for all they knew they could actually be brothers… their mother could travel dimensions for fucks sake, it was in the realm of possibility. Did Clock Work know? Who was he kidding, they probably did. Continuing that thought he wondered if they had the same father? Was a different time period also considered a different universe? It that was the case, how did he end up the same in the same environment, with the same people? He new of other Earths, thanks to his time with the JL. They had made no progress in finding their father… 
Maybe it was time they asked Clock Work directly. He didn’t have much hope in finding him nor that he would be happy to learn about them, to be honest, unless Clock Work hinted or told them where to look. Considering time, would their father even be alive now? They didn’t have a time frame or any indication of what time period or universe he was from. He didn’t particularly care either way but Danny…He would keep looking for his brother’s sake.
His intrusive thoughts were interrupted by a pat to his leg, looking down he came face-to-face with his youngest niece.
“Hi!” The smile on the three year olds face made him wary. It was to much like Danny’s, when they were up to something, to not be suspicious. Dan knew for a fact he did not smile like that when planning something. Danny had told him many times he had more of a smirk, Danny, and therefore Elle, had a smile that radiated to much innocence that anyone who was not familiar with the little gremlin would never suspect the chaos they had, were causing or will cause in the future.
“Hi… can I help you?” He continued to watch for any hint of what she was up to, as her eyes widened and her smile brightened, his senses prickled further. Danny had caught him off guard, more times than he’d like to admit, with that look. Were her eyes sparkling…?
“Can I call you Uncle Udon too?” Dan stared before slumping further into his chair, in resignation. ‘I’m never going to shake this nickname now.’ His siblings’ laughter and his older niece’s giggles just further cemented the thought.
Their older sister and her family stayed with them for a week after the coronation and Dan had informed the JL that both he and Phantom would be off world for the week and had Katana checking in with Japan during the week while Superman had offered to do a few flybys during his free time. Their claimed haunt was relatively problem free but they did suffer natural disasters at certain times of the year. Though they were quick to boot anyone who planned to cause trouble, before it could truly begin.
It had been nice, all the heavy stuff had been felt with on the first day and that left the rest of the week to relax and bond as a family. Rukia and Elle had become fast friends and they Danny, Lucia and Kaito got to know each other more and they had learned more about their Mother and the world their sister lived in. Sharing stories of being teen heroes in worlds that had no other heroes to guid them. Danny was happy.
Once their sister and her family had gone home, Danny and Dan had returned to Japan and their home town, Elle in tow. To say the town was overjoyed was an understatement, they had shown a festival in honour of Yuurei and the the fact that they would continue to prosper for many generations in the future. Elle had had a blast as she played with the town children and are to her hearts content. She loved the fact that she now had a place to, permanently, call home. That night they slept at the Shiro as the festival continued for three days.
Things had settled down, after three weeks, and Danny was only now ready to face the box of their mother remains. It was common for some ghosts to have keepsakes of family members, even the mere kept blood pearls, either to remember or as gifts of protection or  proof of bonds. The thing was, usually, it was one or two pieces. A tooth, lock of hair, blood pearl or fur. Not every usable piece, like the Hunters had kept. Now faced with the box full of fins and scales… They didn’t know what to do. Deciding that they could figure it out later, they started organising them, trying not to think about where they had come from. Ells was taking a nap and Dan had come in at some point to help them. They were thankful for the quiet support.
Danny was exhausted. It didn’t happen often anymore, due to the power boost being King of The Infinite Realms gave them, but it had been a long two weeks. There had been an intergalactic war that was getting to close to their planetary orbit and almost everyone had gone to investigate and help, in any way they could, to resolve the problem peacefully. Everything had been going well but one side had decided that they still wanted the other planets resources. The JL were then fully dragged into the war. They were finally able to resolve thing with minimal casualties but it had taken its toll on everyone their.
Dan had stayed back so Earth wasn’t left unprotected while most of the heavy hitters were off planet. He had also kept an eye on Elle. Once Danny had returned home, despite their fatigue and heavy body, they had spent some much needed time with Elle. All three of them had gone to the hot spring and messed around as Danny unwound the tension they had built up over the  weeks they had away.
It had been their first large scale fight, they had been involved with, Dan was usually the one to go on these kind of missions but this one had been in space. In Space! Sure they could go anytime they wanted but they also had a pull at their protection obsession. So two vultures one stone.
It didn’t hurt that their partner for this particular mission was Red Robin. They had gotten to know the other hero on a more personal level, though that is rather subjective, they were friends now. Besides, war didn’t allow for deep discussion, as much as movies portray at least. They mainly worked on information gathering, hacking alien tech and espionage, in some cases, in their quest for information. For the first week at least. The second week was filled with fighting and making sure their teammates did join their domain so soon.
Danny sighed as they slipped further into the hot water. They were so relaxed that they didn’t notice a certain three year old sneak up on them.
“Daddy? When can I get a sybling?” To say Danny nearly drowned would be false but they did sink into the water and flounder around in surprised embarrassment, before coming up and sputtering. Dan was laughing in the background.
“Not unless someone manages to clone me! Again!” They cried out in a rush before mumbling. “Or someone actually agrees to marry me.” 
Danny collapsed onto their bed at Phantom’s keep. The rush of Ectoplasm would help them get back to normal quicker. They snuggled into their pillow and their thoughts drifted to Elle’s question and immediately blushed when Red Robin crossed their mind. Forcing their mind to be quiet, they slipped into sleep. Their dreams were hazy and fragmented and their consciousness remains out of reach for almost to days. Unaware of their sleepy actions.
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ovytia-art · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ectoberhaunt 2022 Day 10: Harvest
Just some coloured sketches! Split my energy between Ectober and making my Halloween costume today 🫣
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Jazz, Danny, and Elle move to Gotham for school. Jazz and Danny both at Gotham University while Elle decides she wants to go to high school.
Elle meets Damian and Jon and they just click. Flash forward a little and Elle is kinda crushing on Damian and Damian is trying to figure out what these feelings are toward his new friend.
The teen awkwardness is peak and the opportunity for cringe is plentiful.
Insert families’ perspective here.
The Bats are suspicious why Damian is coming home late from school sometimes and why he’s acting weird. It’s Dick that gets it out of him first of course and encourages him to bring Elle over sometimes instead of always going over to her apartment. Just-
“Father, may I bring someone over after school?”
“Damian, you don’t have to ask if Jon can come over.”
“He’ll be coming as well.”
Bruce actually looking up from whatever he was working on.
“You’ve made a new friend? Someone other than Jon?”
“That is correct.”
“Who is it?” Bruce asks after some silence.
“Her name is Elle Nightingale. She is in three of my classes.”
Bruce blinks.
“Yes. Elle is a girl, obviously. I didn’t realize you were going senile in your old age.”
Cue mass teasing from all of his siblings and even from Bruce about having a crush, especially when they see how he acts around her when she visits with Jon.
They predictably will do a background check on the girl and her family, immediately raising questions. Why was she homeschooled before 10th grade? Why does the eldest sister have custody? Why did they change their last name and move halfway across the country?
Then there are the Nightingales.
When Jazz easily sees the little blushes and the side-eyed glances, she sits Elle down for The Talk much to the horror of the teenager. Other than some supervision, she just gives them small encouraging smiles every once in a while, making them blush even more.
Danny on the other hand is between teasing his little sister and laughing at the young love, and going into protective brother mode and giving Damian subtle threats if he ever hurts his baby sister. He’s actually pretty okay with Damian (the kid seems too old fashioned to pressure Elle anyway) and they surprisingly bond over the most random things like dogs, finding new vegetarian recipes, and different mechanics or weapons Danny tinkers with in his free time.
I just think it would be super cute and funny. Especially when the families meet and it’s kinda chaos.
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spiteismymiddlename · 4 months
Some more Dani in the BNHA art style because I've fallen in love with drawing her.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
 @c-clownprince​ Your Highness sent my soul into a fire.Take responsibility for it.
Headcanon: Jason may have caused Dan's switch from being a villain to an anti-hero but Tim doesn’t know about it. 
~Danny and Clockwork are aggressively covering up all the evidence.~
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theghostlykat · 4 months
Tumblr media
Danielle is adorable  (─‿‿─)
Danielle es adorable 
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asyl-ym · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Danny growing his hair out, inspired by this post
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