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squidwen · 7 months
TWST Scenario #3
Vil: If you bothered to make an effort with your appearance maybe you wouldn’t look like a potato.
MC: Sound advice coming from the man who dyed his hair to resemble a turnip.
Vil: *cracks his knuckles*
MC: *rolls up their sleeves*
Rook: Roi du Poison! Trickster! Please, there’s no need for this violence-
MC: Not now, lampshade.
Rook: *nocks an arrow*
Epel, from a safe distance: Fight! Fight! Fight!
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tezret · 8 months
Vil: What colour are [Name]’s eyes?
Epel: The prettiest [E/C], i could stare at their eyes forever and still not be bored.
Vil: And when's the last time they smiled.
Epel: About 2hrs & 13mins ago when they got to hold a chicken named Helen, and they just had the most triumphant smile etched their face… they looked gorgeous.
Vil: Yeah, okay, and how old am I?
Epel, for furrowing his brows: um…
Vil, gripping Epel’s shoulders as a concerned look enters his eyes: How old is your dorm leader Epel?!
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noeou · 3 months
the only way to get rid of a crush is by avoiding them, at least in your mind.
includes: vil schoenheit, idia shroud, and riddle rosehearts. ( x gn!reader. )
next parts: curently unavailable.
contains: fluff! platonic to romantic. open ended for idia and vil. ooc 'cause i said so.
sincerely noe ,⠀this takes up 8 pages in google docs 0.6k words minimum (each), lhm. i'm gonna go eat now. also a quick thank you to the person that answered this, you helped me pick the other two characters <3
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit [ pomefiore ]
the main reason you and vil got along was because you could take criticism. that and the fact that you didn't take his long and (oddly) specific 'observations' to heart, but after a while it got hard to put up with.
no, your skin didn't get weaker. it was just the fact that the person you loved (debatable) and adored (also debatable) was constantly telling you your mishaps and it's impossible for it to not get to your head.
it felt that you couldn't tell anyone about your feelings 'cause you knew you'd get met with judgement on you 'type' and get told 'but you're yn, you can take it!' if you say you can no longer take his criticisms.
"Ace, hand me the glue gun please."
But you'd always have the duo and Grim. So that's where your time went instead of chasing the around house warden that probably didn't notice your absence.
"On it!" The red head turned from his project to hand you the glue gun.
"Are you guys almost done?" Deuce asked, pausing on his as well.
Grim jumped up excitedly, "Yeppers! Look at our super cool one!"
You chuckled as your companion showed off a mini doll version of him you both knitted.
"Mine's cooler!" Ace joined, except with his doll.
Their banter was interrupted with a knock on the door. Ace visibly paled, becoming nervous as he went to get the door.
"Warden Riddle, I swear it wasn't me!" You facepalmed at the sight of your friend. He didn't even look at who was at the door before he spewed apologies.
"I'm not Riddle..."
Apparently, you didn't check either. It was your turn to panic at the sight of the very person you tried (not that is was hard) to avoid.
vil didn't mean to criticize you to the point of scaring you away. all the little details he'd point out were things, most of the time, he admired about you. it was just impossible to say. people in his life would take the smallest compliment from him and twist it to fit their fantasy of him being in love with them or something to that affect.
he knew that repeating all those observations may affect how he thought of you so he did keep a journal, expressing the little things he felt too suffocated to say.
when epel suggested he may have scared you away, he was afraid the first year was right. that's why he went to go find you, not sending rook or epel but going himself. and his worse fears may have been confirmed.
Vil had no intention of forcing you to interact with him, he just intended to give you said journal and leaving. He wanted to leave the future of your relationship to you and he'd keep his distance until the decision was made.
He was willing to share thoughts and feelings he kept between him and the pages with you, a small hope that was put out by the sound of your laughing with the Heartslabyul two.
It took a minute, a foreign hesitance, before he knocked on the door.
The sudden silence made him even more anxious. Until it was filled with apologies addressed to the Crimson Tyrant, then he was simply confused.
He scanned the room for you, meeting not your eyes but a hand covering your face. Did you know it was him? Was he making a mistake?
You looked more comfortable as well. Your uniform was messed up, your hair was down. It was as if he was looking at a much younger version of you, a look of youth that he purposely had you hide.
"I'm not Riddle..." he managed, not looking away from you.
The mixed emotions on your face didn't go unnoticed, but he had no time to try and interpret them.
"Vil." Ace bowed again, not as deeply as he was a moment prior. The blue haired one stood as well, fists clenched and tied with a look of irritation.
"I mean no harm—"
"As if!" Vil nearly screamed why your cat-like companion jumped up onto Ace's head. "All you've done is harm! It's better for all of us if you leave now."
"Grim!" You pulled him off the redhead and pulled the other away. "We should talk."
The expression of surprise on the house warden's face was mirrored by your friends, only without his relief tied in as well.
"I would like that— if only if you're comfortable."
You led him out of the twisted Heartslabyul halls. Neither of you able to look at the other as you walked.
It was strange. Suddenly the roles were reversed and Vil was the one following you. He didn't mind it completely, but the anxiety of your next move was too great for him to think clearly.
Eventually, he was forced to speak.
"I've only come to deliver this to you," he handed you a hardcover book, magic sealing it.
The moment it made contact with your skin as you took it, the magic seemingly became void and you could open it. For a moment, a childlike curiosity took over as you examined it.
You looked up, returning to reality.
You had no idea how to react as you watched Vil's mask so tightly sewn on break before you. The emotion made him unrecognizable, in a good way. For the first time in you knowing him, the Fairest of them all became personable.
Was it really possible for a perfect person to become more perfect?
"I've decided that waiting is something I don't want to do. I feel stupid for trying to tell you in any other way than face to face… but infatuation is something I rarely encounter, and I want you to know— I want you to know I like you. Like in that way.”
idia shroud [ ignihyde ]
you tried your hardest to be patient, knowing idia’s rocky relationship with human interaction. you made sure he was taking car of himself and had neat surroundings and as he got more and more comfortable with you, he’d help you out and join ortho and you when you’d visit.
getting to know him was not, at all, an easy feat. but it was fair to say it was worth it. you ended up falling for him, no? the hard thing about that is, you fell for a side of him he kept well hidden.
you knew pulling back and away would permanently damage your relationship to a point of no return, however staying knowing the potential would break you.
“Do what you think is right, Y/n.”
You and Ortho were collecting scraps to bring back to the dorm when you broke the news to him.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt Idia—”
“As much as I care for my brother, I also care about you. If he truly is putting you through this, especially if he doesn’t know he is… I think you’d Gould put yourself first.”
It was times like this Ortho’s childlike form truly didn’t fit his maturity. You smiled at his words, nodding as your confidence grew in your decision.
“Thank you, I hope our friendship—”
Ortho used his shoes to propel him higher in the sky, high enough to pat your head. He grinned as he said, “Nothing will change between us, you’re like an older sibling to me!”
From that day forward, you continued things as they were only when Idia wasn’t around. Ortho was a big help in this, not forcing you to talk to his brother if you didn’t want, but not even he was able to predict the older’s every move.
idia knew something was up when your time on animal crossing increased as the amount he saw you decreased. you were never one to be interested in games as much as he, but he made you an account anyway and you played together sometimes.
he had a full proof plan, he'd log onto his computer like a facetime and confront you when you came to visit while he was out. however, you looked calmer, ignoring the evidence of lack of sleep in your eyes.
he decided to keep his mouth shut, watching you for a moment longer before hanging up.
Idia is not stupid, he was aware that the more time that passed would only mess up your relationship further. He needed to act quickly.
Locking himself in his room for a few days, he thought up a full proof plan to win you back but as more than friends. Double or nothing, as they say.
Staring at his hightech whiteboard, empty for hours at this point, nothing was happening. He frowned to himself, retreating to his gaming chair with an exasperated sigh escaping him.
He did as you'd do in a situation like this and logged on to animal crossing. If his assumptions were correct you wouldn't be able to log back on for a few hours now, logging onto your account he started working.
Back when you were still talking to him, you mentioned you wanted to build something that resembled the hade's underworld. You said it reminded you of something called 'Hadestown' and you showed his a few pictures so he had the idea.
So far it looked really good, he just planned on helping get you the necessary tools you need. Maybe it was the tiredness getting to him, but he made a pin, telling you it was him as well as all the things he also wanted to say.
Logging off, he went to take a nap without a second thought.
riddle rosehearts [ heartslabyul ]
the main reason you chose to distance yourself from riddle was actually because you thought he'd hate it if he found out you had feeling for him in that way. you were hoping, since it's exam week, that he'd be too busy preparing to notice you were gone and after this week your feeling will be gone and things could go back to normal.
it felt weird though, studying without him. normally study sessions would be productive, but with you carrying the team with the last two braincells… productive isn't the word i'd use.
considering how riddle is the housewarden of your bestfriends, you had to take them in when your plan started. while you trusted them to keep your secret, ace would most likely slip up in one way or another during a scolding.
It wasn't as bad as you thought having the two over, it was like a long sleepover. They had made makeshift beds on the floor out of fear of your (mostly) see through roommates. 
Most of your time was spent attempting to study before the four of you inevitably gave up and headed to Sam's for ice cream to sulk about how you'd definitely fail. It was a cycle with seemingly no end. 
"We can do this!" You pumped a fist in the air, the others beginning to match your energy. 
Grim put on a look of determination, much like the other two. "We'll mop the floor with this!"
"Indeed we will."
And just like all your other attempts that week, you only ended up 'moping the floor' with your tears. 
You werent sure how you got in this position, but you stared at Deuce's paper through glossy eyes at an attempt to understand the explanations he tried to provide. It was dark outside, cool in your room. A blanket was laid over the both of your laps and over Ace's face as he gave up long ago and took a nap on the Deuce's leg. Grim did the same, but rested on your head. 
"I want Riddle back," You mumbled, the last of your frustration transferring into sadness. You wiped the threatening tears with the back of your hand.
Deuce let out a sigh, trying to think of what to say. "Maybe we can get someone else's help?" 
"Like who?" You sat up, pulling your companion down from his resting place above you.
"Don't mess with me, Deuce. We both know how that'll end."
"Or you could ask me as you usually do."
in the beginning, riddle thought that you, ace and deuce were up to something when you went missing at the same time. there wasn't much he could do about it with his schedule. don't be mistaken he didn't forget about you.
normally around this time he'd be pulling all nighters with you, feeling frustrated at your slowness, but still trying his best to stay calm. he missed that, not the lack of sleep, but having an excuse to be with you without having to initiate it. it was a mutually understood (?) thing. 
no, he didn't ask questions until those days turned into the majority of the week. during a sudy session with trey and cater, they pointed out how he should at least message you, because even they were getting worried. he sent you a quick message that turned into two, then three, and four. 
Riddle isn't one to appreciate interruptions, especially when studying so it was surprising how irritated at a lack thereof. 
"Where are you going?" Cater watched him, curiously.
In one moment, Riddle was sitting working somewhat peacefully and the next he was fuming out the door. He thought of the worst case scenarios, you were never one to ignore messages; he also couldn't get ahold of his freshmen (though that was that out of the ordinary.)
A shiver was sent down his spine upon entering the cool place. It was also possible it was because he walked in on three ghosts playing cards.
"Are you looking for your lovely?" the smallest one asked.
"Y/n! Your boyfri–"
"Refrain from that." Riddle addressed the biggest one. He patted his uniform, calming himself. "They're upstairs?"
"Who's asking?" The slim one dragged.
The smallest floated up to whack the other's nonexistent head, "Y/n's husband, obviously!"
"Wait they got married?" 
"No!" Riddle headed for the stairs, deciding not to waste a moment more on them. 
In their laughter, one managed to warn, "Knock! The youngins' are hard at work up there."
Riddle wanted to make sure you three were at least alive and not wanted criminals, the first confirmed at the sound of your voices. He wanted to scold each of you for scaring him, but the mention of his name made him stop and listen.
"I want Riddle back," You sounded weak, and low on energy. It wasn't something he wasn't used to, but knowing he wasn't there to help in the ways he was able.
Deuce let out a sigh,  "Maybe we can get someone else's help?" 
No, why weren't you going to him?
"Like who?" He heard shuffling in the room, pressing his ear to the wooden door to hear better.
"Don't mess with me, Deuce. We both know how that'll end."
Unable to listen to you foolishness for a moment longer, he made his grand entrance. He wasn't sure if he was angry or sad, but looking at your tear stained face made him concerned.
"Or you could ask me as you usually do." He managed, taking in your conditions.
"Housewarden!" Deuce tried to shake his redheaded counterpart awake but stopped at Riddle's command.
"Do not bother, I'm here for Y/n. You get some rest, as well, we can review tomorrow. I'll return them safely." Riddle looked to you, who didn't return his gaze. 
He let out a sigh of relief as you got up and collected yourself– "wait for me downstairs."
That he did, awkwardly being examined by the three transparent elders.
"Win 'em back, alrightie?"
"Yeah! It's been a snotfest without ya', a pain really."
"Mhm, they're not all that bright."
In sync they laughed, in sync they stopped. Looking at him again, they disappeared into puffs of smoke and reappeared the same way around him.
"Break their heart again and I'll request that you join us in a game of cards."
"And we've been playing for a while…"
"I wasn't planning on it!" Riddle face felt much warmer at the thought of doing so. 
"Guys, leave him alone." You groaned, groggily. 
He led you outside and you found a seat on a cut down tree's trunk. Patting the space next to you, he joined you. 
"Why are you here?"
"Why are you not talking to me?"
More awkwardness ensued when you both said that at the same time. He looked at you, again not meeting his eyes.
"'Cause you'll hate me. Banish me even," The lack of sleep was talking. 
"Banish you from where?" He asked, confused.
"Heartslabyul… and here," – you pointed at the spot on his chest his heart would be– "Because I think you're adorable and smart and amusing and so many other things. And because I like you, but I don't think you'd like that, would you?"
His expression changed to one of more surprise, his lips tugging upward only for the keenest of eyes to notice. Looking down at the landscape before him, with another relieved breath, "And what if I would?"
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟riddle : leona : azul : kalim : vil : idia : malleus : x gn!reader. cw indirect kissing. snippets of having indirect kisses with you, their crush. however, you may seem a bit oblivious… or did you do that on purpose? mutual pining, not established relationship.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎perhaps you should of learnt your lesson, but you sometimes learned things the hard way, like never taste testing one of Riddle’s sweets, for example. banging on your chest you let out a few coughs as the burning sensation got worst and worse by the second, tears prickling your eyes as you reach for the cup of tea on the table. “so delicious…” you lied through your teeth as you swallowed it all down with one big gulp, hoping your sense of taste would return within the next few days. you really should of learned after the oyster sauce fiasco that Riddle had no idea how to cook, and that even if he looked so happy offering you something he made, you shouldn’t of eaten it. he just had such a proud look. “i just think that maybe,” you wheezed out, trying to wipe the tears from your eyes, “you may have mixed up the sugar or added something with a bit too much spice.” you cough again, trying to smile as you finally manage to look at him. his face was red but no angry words or disappointed words spew, only him bringing his arm to cover his mouth as he cast his gaze from the cup in your hands to you, then towards the ground. “r-right! i’ll make sure to double check next time…” he stuttered, in the tiniest whisper, “prefect.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ sighing, you cross your arms and shake your head as you glare down at Leona in the middle of the greenhouse. his upper half leaned against a tree as he raised his arms behind his head, yawning and opening his eyes. “if you want me to head to class then try doing something that will motivate me, herbivore,” he mocked, clearing enjoying your frustration. as you rub your temples you take a second before an idea strikes, grinning at him as he quirks his brow up at you. “do something to motivate you? well then, hopefully this is motivation enough,” you concede to his wish, brushing your fingers against your lips, pressing a kiss onto them. kneeling down between the legs of lazy lion, you press your fingers against his lips as a cheeky smile forms on your face. “do a good job this week and i’ll give you a proper one next time.” you said with a wink. growling, he tried to grip at you but you bounce back up too quickly, running off laughing to yourself.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ savoring the bite of your chicken you enjoyed every last bit of it as Azul watched with a gentle smile, him enjoying the way you looked while eating his cooking. it wasn’t everyday someone could eat food personally cooked by the head of the monstro lounge, nor exactly be served by him, so please, take the hint already prefect! “it’s delicious, Azul. have some with me, won’t you?” you casually asked, turning to face him as you twirled your fork around the noodles, stabbing a piece of chicken and blowing onto it to cool it down. although your actions were presumably innocent, Azul felt himself short circuiting as his face flushed against his will at the mere thought of you feeding him, not only that, but using the very same fork you had eaten from. really, how scandalous you were, prefect. with one hand underneath the fork, you raised it to his lips, “say ahh,” you smiled expectantly as he finds his mouth opening before his mind could process anything, the fork entering his mouth as you pull the fork back, twirling it already for your next bite. “prefect!” he tried to respond but only uttered gibberish as you continued eating, enjoying his reaction. “i’m glad you’ve finally taken a break, even if you’ve combusted.” you whisper to yourself as a little giggle escape your lips.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “it’s like grim, but nicer,” you commented in awe, petting the magic carpet which nuzzled against you. you weren’t sure who was more like a puppy, Kalim, or his magic carpet. “come on now, i’m gonna fall over!” you half heartedly chastise as you press a kiss onto what you assume to be the head of the magic carpet as it looped around happily in the air, all the way back over to the scarabia dorm leader, nuzzling into him. “grim is pretty fluffy and cute too!” he responded, laughing and feeling tickling from the happy carpet. similar to a cat, the carpet nuzzled it’s head where you kissed against his lips, head butting him. “maybe it wants a kiss from you, too,” you conclude, kalim eager to give him one. “i wonder, does that count as an indirect kiss? i hope it does…” he heard you muttering to yourself, barely catching it. it seems the carpet acted just like it’s master, in both carefreeness and expressing it’s love. in an instant, you felt yourself swept off your feet in between kalim’s arms as you were up in the air once more, being taken for another ride. “prefect, it definitely counts!” he cheerily responded to your muttering before giving you a direct kiss with the starry night sky and carpet to witness.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Vil’s hand was slightly cool as his long and delicate fingers grasped at your chin, tilting it upwards at him. you tried to avoid squirming in your seat from close proximity as he brought his face to your’s, expertly applying bright red lipstick to your lips. “you should be lucky, spudling. i don’t normally share my makeup with others.” he huffed, backing away and finally allowing you to look in the mirror. you had to admit, you looked amazing with your makeup done, he even did your nails earlier just for you. “thanks! it looks perfect, just like you,” you praised, thanking him before heading on out to do your daily chores. popping out of seemingly nowhere, Rook clapped and beamed. “merveilleux! i assume it was on purpose, was it not, Roi du Poison?” the huntsman asked, giving his dorm leader wearing the same bright red shade of lipstick a knowing look. it really isn’t everyday or nearly ever he shares his personal makeup. “i have no idea what you’re assuming.” Vil laughed in response, packing up his makeup as a little smile tugged on the corners of his lips. maybe now other’s would realize you’re not available to flirt with when you have him already marking you as his.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “take a second, pause, breathe,” you scold, wiggling one finger back and forth with one hand as the other pulled your lollipop away from your lips, shoving it into Idia’s agape mouth. “nothing bad is going to happen, we can figure a way to finish this event before midnight,” you continue, stretching your arms as you make your way back to your chair beside Idia’s, taking a seat and pressing away at your keyboard, rearranging your party for optimal speedrunning. as you tried to review your account setup, the blue haired dorm leader’s mouth finally shut as his eyes widened to the size of saucers. his face flushed and matched the color of his fiery hair as he tried to stutter out a coherent sentence, failing each and every single time as he watched your every single move. “alright, done. i’ll do all the healing, shielding, and buffing. you just focus on damage, okay?” you ask, spinning in your chair as you turn back to Idia who was still stuck like a deer in headlights. raising a brow, you snatched your lollipop back out from his mouth and put it back into your’s. “as cute as you look right now, there’s no time, we’ve got less than twenty minutes. i want my event loot real bad right now so let’s leave the teasing you about this and maybe asking you on a date later… depends how you do.” you teased, giving a little wink.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you like ice cream, tsunotarou?” you ask as you tilt your head in the direction of your favorite dragon fae. “indeed, child of man…” he begun, explaining his like for the tasty dessert. taking one more nibble out of your ice cream cone, you hand it over to him as he watched you quizzically. “here, you can have the rest! i’m full anyways.” you offer, trying to find a napkin on your person. Malleus’ eyes widened momentarily at your bold offer, he couldn’t recount anyone else offering him something they ate out of before. taking the cone out of your hand he had a small smile adorn his face. you were always so interesting, the way you never feared him but even shared with him. handing you his handkerchief in return for the ice cream, you thank him with a smile and encourage him to take a bite, to which he does quite gracefully. “it taste better than normal..” he commented as you wiped your lips, grinning. “eating with friends is always better! i’ll bring some more next time. and ah, just don’t tell Sebek about this, he might try to fight me over getting to have an indirect kiss with you first,” you joked. “indirect kiss?” he replied with a knowing smile. if you wanted a kiss, you could always just ask directly, child of man.
Tumblr media
@𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐗𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐒 : no plagiarizing, reposting, or claiming as your’s.
following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : ((: snippets are adorable. you know what’s more adorable? flustered guys. i can’t guarantee daily uploads but i can guarantee i’m trying my best. it’s kinda hard to come up with seven different scenarios.
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cursedcola · 6 months
Dorm leaders react to finding reader/yuu crying and overhear them say "I want to go home"?
A/N: Ah. Angst. My specialty lol. I am assuming you want imagine format? Hope so because that's what I am going with. Thank you for the request :)
Note: Idia's is so long. I went so overboard omg. I am sorry. I just think that he's neat.
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle has seen many people cry, and unfortunately been the instigator for no small number of occurrences. Prior to turning over a new leaf, he was heinously blunt with his criticisms. Everyone knows this.
At the time he thought those people to be sensitive and naïve to the cruel ways of the world. They needed to toughen up!
That opinion lies in the past now. He was a prick. Riddle won't verbally acknowledge it but he knows. There is no need to bring it up because he is trying to change his ways
Key word: trying
You can't uproot years of bad habits and trauma overnight. He has his moments. From freaking out over students not studying, dress coding half the school, lecturing his friends on their diet....nothing too harsh, and no permanent harm done.
"This is not your world MC; 70% is unacceptable for a prefect to score on an exam. Slacking will not be tolerated! What kind of example are you setting for the other students?! Your grades reflect on the school!"
Perhaps he could have taken a moment to think and not let his emotions overcome him. Riddle knew how hard you studied; after all, you came to him for help many times. Each occasion he happily obliged and saw you progress using his study guides
It is why he wanted you to succeed. To show up with a perfect 100 that would be celebrated over sweets
Instead you arrived apprehensive and hiding your test behind your back. Already fragile and he-...goodness.
He sent you off running
Likely to go cower in the library and beat yourself up for disappointing him. Just like he used to do. Great Sevens he is an asshole. Ace is definetly going to rip him to shreds or at least throw his tea collection into the pond
After a brief rest to wash his face in the restroom, Riddle goes to the library and his heart shatters at the sound of sniffles from behind a particularly large stack of books.
"I can't do this anymore...this is too hard...he's right...he's right...he's right...I want to go home"
Sweat pools at his chin and his hands clench into tight, clammy fists. After hearing that, Riddle can't bring himself to interrupt and stands on the other side of the books, silent, and with his head down
He always felt regret and frustration after having an outburst - but all pale in comparison to the absolute shame and heartbreak hurting you has wrought
Leona Kingscholar
"Go home. It's past curfew"
And...no response. You are very lucky that Leona tolerates you, because ignoring him so flat-out would get you two nights in the slammer back where he comes from.
A goody-two-shoes like you never bends the rules, which is why Leona is curious to see you roaming the botanical garden so late. Not going to answer him? Now it's personal and he is your problem.
At first he opts to follow you around. Not for any particular reason, and merely because he wanted to find out if you stashed any secrets in the area
His patience runs thin as you walk up to every plaque and study each plant. You can't seriously be out here at this hour for a botany lesson, can you? Why not do this during the day
Each time you study a plant your mood seems to sour further. For absolutely no reason, at least from Leona's perspective. Not unless you have beef with the flora and fauna - which is impossible. Maybe. He really doesn't know what to expect from you anymore.
Eventually curiosity grows to concern. He's kept himself entertained, following you and leaving commentary once in a while. Yet he can't help but be creeped out with how you move around like a zombie.
With one plant left, he observes as you once again ignore him to examine it...only to let it go and sit on the floor in disappointment.
"So...You're out of plants, what now?"
He doesn't expect an answer after an entire night of nothing.
"I guess I'll go 'home'...wherever that is"
"Finally talking to me, huh? The hell is wrong with you? Do you think it's safe to be out here this late?,"
"Safe? It's just as safe right now as it is during the day"
A part of him screams to shut up and end the conversation there. It's not his buisness and he can just pretend this night never happened.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He can't help it.
"It means that nothing here is like home. Not the buildings, or the people, or the food, not even the plants. You know, where I come from roses grow on bushes not trees. And I don't have to worry about the broom I sweep the kitchen with suddenly taking flight! I want to go home where shit is normal"
Okay. You got him. He definetly wasn't prepared for that level of a stress dump.
What's worse is that he can't comfort you. He wants to. Truth be told, watching you wander through the garden listlessly upset him more than he is willing to admit. Yet he can't do anything, because that level of homesickness is something no one can understand.
"...NRC doesn't store every kind of plant in this garden. We can check other areas tomorrow"
Azul Ashengrotto
"Ah! At last, my food critique is here," Azul glows, clapping his hands when you walk into the room, "The Headmaster has given the Monstro Lounge a great opportunity to market our buisness at the upcoming cultural fair. Our stall's menu must be perfect!"
Azul ushers you inside with a hand on the small of your back and leads you to a prepared table. Truth be told, he could easily taste the new menu items himself or have one of the tweels do it on his behalf. So long as it tastes good, it will sell, right?
Wrong. In exchange for a vendor's slot and location that will actually yield profits - Azul had to make this contract worth the Headmaster's time.
In short, he promised something "never seen before," that would fit the festival's theme. Naturally, he did not do this without a plan. He had one made long before approaching Crowley with the idea.
You. You are the plan. Azul was going to theme his stall off of your world. Neat, right? All he needs is for you to monitor his project for accuracy, which he has already half-succeeded in doing by luring you here to taste test a new menu
"Jade! Bring out the first item," Sweat drips from the side of Azul's head, his inner anxiousness getting the better of him. Perhaps he should have told you instead of making it a surprise? He only had a few dish ideas to build off of from the rare times you spoke of your childhood. Sourcing similar ingredients without any idea of how things should taste was a task in itself. What if he butchers it? Would you hate him?
Jade sets the first dish on the table, and you visibly straighten up in surprise. You eye him in confusion, as if to say 'where the heck did you learn to make this? How?' and he softly smiles, "Go on. Take a bite,"
And you do. You lift a piece of the dish to your face and smell the aroma before taking a bite. A moment of silence passes, and Azul thinks he may have just killed two birds with one stone. Literally. Death to any chance he had with you or with the festival.
"It...it's not quite the same," you stare at the dish in thought, suddenly solemn, "yet still similar. Nostalgic, even. Thank you for making this for me. Truly, thank you"
A mixture of emotions fill him as he signals for Jade to prepare the next plate. Should he take that as a good response? He failed in recreating the dish perfectly, yet you appear content. Sitting there, slowly finishing the meal bit by bit and cherishing every bite.
"You’re welcome. If it suits your taste, we can add this to our permanent VIP menu," he hovers near your side before laying a gloved hand on your shoulder, "just for you"
You reach to lay your hand on top of his, "I'd like that. Sometimes I want to go home, but this? It helps,"
At that, Azul steels himself. Not only would this dish be added to his menu, but he will personally learn how to make anything you every mention from your home. He would make you talk more, and hopefully find a way to carve a place for you in Twisted Wonderland where you will never have to want for somewhere else.
Kalim Al' Asim
"Is that really necessary?"
Kalim pauses - well, to be fair, everything pauses with a flick of his wrist. Dust rags mid-air, sponges amidst cleaning dishes, the broom sweeping the floor, and so the books that were rearranging themselves in alphabetical order.
He hadn't expected you home for hours. Did Ruggie lie to him about you watching spelldrive practice?
Kalim rubs the back of his neck bashfully, and flicks his wrist for everything else to resume motion.
"Oh, prefect! You're home early. I wanted to help you fix up this dorm in return for everything you have done for me! Do you like it?"
A wet mop flies over your head, " I..uhm..yes? Yes, it's very sweet of you to offer but do we really need magic for this? I could have helped," and nearly drenches you in dirty mop water, earning a grimace of disgust.
Kalim chuckles, waving you off and out of the kitchen. He felt bad for sneaking in to your home while you were away, but he wanted o surprise you! Which...also did not happen, but you said he was sweet for it and that is exactly when he decided to stop listening.
A mantra of 'they think I'm sweet!' plays in his head as he sends more tools to clean the house as you both talk.
He makes a joke about how cleaning is easy with magic, and that you can call on him whenever you need help around the dorms. He will happily do it on your behalf
Which...may not have been the best thing to say to a magicless prefect that has been busting their ass trying to survive and be independent in a world where they do not fit in.
Just a little bit insensitive.
Miniscule enough for Kalim not to understand why you're suddenly frustrated with him.
His brow furrows when you plop on the couch an bury your face in your hands with a frustrated sigh.
"Ugh...you just- you don't get it. I swear, all you magic folk wouldn't last a day where I come from...ugh, I want to go home already"
You say the last bit under your breath but he still heard it. Kalim is aware that sometimes he does get ahead of himself, and that he has clearly overstepped a boundary. Normally he is not so hasty, but with you? All he wanted was to do something nice, and his mind was clouded.
He knows better than to flaunt what he has in front of other people. Not everyone has magic or the free will himself and many other students here are lucky enough to have. You've been working hard to be seen for your efforts, and that's something he admires greatly.
One by one the tools fly back to storage for safe keeping. All aside from the broom, which flies into Kalim's open hand. He steps in front of you, and holds the other out to help you up.
"Sorry, hehe. That was rude of me. I still want to help, so can we try again? Your way this time?"
Vil Schoenheit
"What is that thing?"
He had not intended to sound so repulsed. Disgusted? Yes. Just a tad, but there is a fine line.
You quirk an eyebrow at his comment, and follow his line of vision to the make-shift bracelet on your wrist. It was nothing fancy. Just your old shoe-laces put into an adjustable braid.
You tell him as such, and Vil cannot fathom what compelled you to make such an eyesore. He catches himself this time and doesn't voice it as bluntly
But my dear, it completely throws off your uniform. Goodness it's worse than Ruggie's oversized vest that he refuses to tailor.
"They're sentimental and from the sneakers I had on before someone put me in the ceremonial coffin. I still don't know who changed my clothes; and frankly? Don't want to, but at least they left my stuff in there,"
Okay, he understands. A piece from your past is hard to let go of but do you seriously need to wear it around campus? It completely throws off your charm.
Vil has always had a nasty habit of imposing his standards onto others, and so for the rest of the week you find him constantly eying your bracelet whenever he is nearby.
He merely wants to snip it with some scissors, he thinks, ever so tempted one evening when painting your nails.
You are his soon to be lover. Well, once you ask him to be so. Then he will turn you down and ask you himself because (1) he is not one who seeks, but is one who is sought after and (2) he must always have the upper hand despite this mindset
Anyway. You cannot walk around with those dirty laces on your wrist. He cannot accept it despite trying to on multiple occasions.
His compulsion overtakes reasoning, and as your nails are drying he "accidentally" cuts the thin cord holding the laces together with cuticle scissors
Needless to say that you are upset. Much more so than Vil ever could have predicted, and he watches in guilt as you try to salvage the laces with various knots
"I am sorry, my potato. Allow me to get you a new bracelet - "
"There is no new bracelet, Vil. This is from my home. I...I want to go home. This is all I have left and I need to fix it!"
It is not every day that Vil feels regret for his actions. He convinced himself that he was doing you a favor by getting rid of the old thing, but really? He was being selfish and ignored your feelings for what he wanted
He pushes that down, choosing not to acknowledge his fault and silently takes the broken bracelet. With a few strategic knots he has it stable, but it'll take some extra loving to fix properly.
"We can go out tomorrow to get some supplies. With a few beads, I am certain that these pieces could bind a lovely necklace together!"
He will have to be honest about breaking it on purpose, but for now Vil is happy that you have calmed down and are satisfied with his solution. Part of him wants to decipher what you said; however, he'll set that aside and take heed from his previous mistake. Something is keeping you tied to your home, and if he wants you to stay then he'll have to create a stronger bond for himself and this world first.
Idia Shroud
What does he always tell you?
No, not that there is always a catch with 'f2p' games. Well - yes, he does say that but right now we are talking about the other thing
That the outside world sucks??? Hello??? He is essentially a broken record, repeating this every time Ortho or yourself try to get him to leave his room
Everything you need for survival can be acquired from one space. Need money? Work remote. Food? Delivery. Entertainment? Does he need to even -
Look. The point is made. Back on topic, Idia has enforced this time and time again. Yet you always insist on dragging him somewhere or going out on your own if he refuses. More often the latter, because you need to find him in a very special mood for him to go out anywhere physically. When you weren't as close, he would let you go off easily. It isn't his job to babysit you? Now though? He is a bit more 'tricky' on the topic.
Idia thrives on your attention. Absolutely adores it. When the CCTV picks you up as you bypass the Ignihyde security, his heart throbs because he knows that you have no other buisness here other than coming to see him or Ortho. Yet...he has issues being honest about this. Normally he'll be freaking out like a normie in his room until you knock, and then he speedily throws on his headset and pretends that he was in the middle of programming something important
Then you do your thing and "annoy," him with your "normie" talk. Tell him all about your day, joke around, play some games, maybe sneak out and get him stuff from the vending machine so he doesn't have to
And then it ends. Either it's late and you have to go home, or you have other plans to attend. Either way, you always extend an invitation for him to join. Just to get some fresh night air or go have some quality people time
As stated prior, at first he did not care. He'd let you go without a peep. Now? He has...ugh, emotional attachments *barf*. He hates knowing that you're leaving him to go have fun with other people, and he also is extremely uncomfortable with you walking alone at night. Did you not learn from what happened to him? Are you asking for a ghost to kidnap and take you as their bride/groom? He won't save you, y'know. He won't!
Needless to say, he is hella paranoid. More so about the second scenario than the first, because at least with other people you're just doing boring things like shopping.
So, Idia does what any sane person in his situation would do...and stalks you by hacking into NRC's security cameras. Just until you're in you’re home, safe, and he can relax. His intentions are pure and you haven't noticed yet. Why stop?
It's odd that on the night Idia begins to think his protective tendencies are unnecessary, that his anxiousness is justified
"What the f*ck?" He nearly growls, seeing three figures lurking outside his dorm, just beyond the entrance. Obviously not any of his students and seemingly waiting for someone.
His suspicions are proven right when you walk out the front door and one of them steps in your way. Idia thanks his past self for investing in high resolution cameras for his dorm, because he's easily able to get a clear picture of their face.
Unfortunately, audio recording is unethical (curse you Crowley) and he can't hear a word that they're saying - but it doesn't look good. Not from how you shrink backwards towards the front door, looking frantically for a way out. Sweat dribbles down Idia's neck as he debates what to do. He's not built for confrontation? But he's dorm leader, so isn't stopping this kind of stuff his job? Okay, but you're not a student of Ignihyde. Shit, you're his "friend" though. If he leaves you alone then why did he bother with all this in the first -
One of the figures grabs you by the collar, and Idia is out the door faster than Grimm when there's a can of tuna on the line. His desk chair left spinning in his wake as he bolts down the halls of his dorm
"Now listen here you little shit-"
"How about you listen ya filthy noob. I will give you three seconds,"
Idia throws open the front door an immediately pries the newly noted Savanaclaw student off you. His hair blazing double it's normal height and dark red, fueled by rage akin to what only Kingdom Hearts can evict from people. His eye begins to twitch just from looking at their false confidence fall apart. Of course, normies are all talk and no act when shit gets rough. What else did he expect?
"We have no buisness with you, shut-in. Butt out,"
"Three seconds. Leave or I will activate our military grade security systems,"
"Dude, you think we care?"
"Fine! Whatever! Don't think you're off the hook, prefect"
The title is spit out like a curse, and Idia nearly calls his newest project to chase after them ('Cerberus' Robotic doggos meant to deliver mail, but have an attack function. Why not?)
By the time they’re gone, Idia's thoughts begin to settle and his sense of self returns. He's outside, in his casual clothes with no shoes, there's a slight chill, and he's gripping something - or rather someone - tightly.
"Ah! I'msorryIdidn'tmeantotouchyou," he jumps back, his hair turning bright pink and hands shaking from what he did
You cough into your fist, "No prob. You didn't have to do that...I know you hate confrontation," your voice comes out shaky, and Idia's brain halts, "You're crying," he whispers in disbelief.
"What? No. Pssh. You seriously think that could shake me up? Have you seen the stuff I deal with daily?"
He is not convinced. If it were anyone else, he would have left. He can't handle this kind of stressful situation...then again, he normally can't handle confrontation either, but he just did so…
He sighs, inching closer "What...what did they say to you?" he can try. He might regret it, but he hasn't been rational all night.
Your eyes glaze over, likely reliving whatever conversation just took place before your eyes well up, "I know it's not true. I know. I know I can fit in somehow but I just want to go home. It would be so much easier if I could just go home,"
The last of your words are muffled by your hands as you frantically try to compose yourself. Idia doesn't need to hear more. He's intuitive. From what you've said and the way that student spoke your title...he gets it. Which is why he leads you back inside, lets you sleep in his bed, and prepares a special little surprise for those students with the camera footage from earlier. He was planning to stay awake playing video games, why not use his time more ‘productively’?
Idia stands by his words - the outside world sucks. Yet you know what sucks more? Pissing him off, and making one of the only people he has *barf* emotional attachments to, feel the need to leave him and go to another world to feel safe. There is a reason he was placed in Ignihyde, and it wasn't his smarts or reclusiveness.
No. It was his temper.
Malleus Draconia
“Prefect. Does this belong to you?”
Malleus holds out a phone unlike any sold in Twisted Wonderland. At first he thought his technological illiteracy was why he couldn’t pin point the design, so he brought the phone to Ignihyde’s dorm leader. Not even Idia recognized the brand, but with a bit of tinkering he was able to get the phone charged and working (through methods Malleus could not begin to fathom).
The home screen brightened up and soon they found your name in the settings. Malleus was surprised, to say the least. He did not expect you to be the owner of such foreign technology, or for Idia to throw the phone as if it burned him. Something about being a ‘red flag’ and invading your privacy? Eh. Surely there is nothing too concerning inside an old phone.
To be safe, he withholds his curiosity in favor of returning the phone to you. He could not navigate it even if he wanted to, honestly.
He made the right call. The way your eyes sparkle with recognition at the device and take it gingerly from his hands. You twirl it around a few times in disbelief, earning a bemused chuckle from him.
“I found it near the ceremonial hall. Be careful with your belongings or else they may one day end up in the wrong hands,”
You smile brightly at him when the screen lights up, and throw your arms over his shoulders in a hug, “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I can’t believe you found this for me! I was so worried I lost all my pictures and data,”
You startle him with the physical contact. He definitely did not picture your first hug to go this way. Although he quickly composes himself, returning the gesture albeit with less strength.
He grows curious, “Pictures? Data?” wondering if there really was something worth while in the phone. You pull him at arms length and giddily start tapping away at the screen, “yeah! Having this means I can should you all what my world looks like! Food, people, scenery - oh, I think I have some memes saved too,”
He refrains from asking what a ‘meme’ is, too caught up in trying to understand you. Sure, he expected you to be happy that he found your phone but to see this level of cuteness? Are you missing anything else that he can find?
You hastily show him your phone and begin to swipe through the “camera roll,” as you call it. Once in a while you stop to laugh, explain who a person is or what’s going in in a picture. He soaks it all in like a sponge, committing each face to memory since they’re important to you.
Time passes, and you begin to slow down. Occasionally you’ll stare at a photo longingly, or revisit others to zoom in on faces or pieces of the scenery.
“I wonder if they miss me,” you whisper, and he understands where your heart is. Painfully so.
He stares at your reflection in the phone, wondering how such joy can be turned to sorrow so quickly, “They would be fools not to. You are…unforgettable…to say the least,”
You nod, wiping away a stray tear, “I hope so. I want to go home, but the thought of them forgetting me? Or the people here doing the same…I wish that I didn’t have to choose,”
You will never be forgotten. Malleus can assure you that much. The nickname “Tsunotaro,” will forever haunt him (affectionately) for the rest of his life - and you? He will always care for you, no matter where you go.
He cannot make that choice for you or take away your suffering. Neither does he regret retuning the phone and digging up these old memories. It pains him to see you so heartbroken, but he knows you love that world just as much as this one.
You won’t have to choose. He will find a way to bridge both worlds if it means that you can be happy. Then you can take him to all the places in those pictures, introduce him to the people and things you love - and then? He isn’t quite sure, but it’s a start to a long road of ensuring that you never leave his side.
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remturtle · 6 days
Fun Fact: ✨ This was keeping me from going to sleep at a reasonable hour ✨
King Vil, From @shiny-jr ‘s Damnation AU! (I’m pretty sure the Pomefiore sneak peek got deleted, but we’ll get more of him when the next part of the quiz goes up)
Tumblr media
( I was not expecting this little fan design thingy to end up so complex and detailed, but the adhd/autism activated and who am I except a vessel to the neurodivergent gods? )
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random-twst-things · 4 months
//use of the F word//
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: *sigh* for five minutes.... 🙂
Mc/Y/N/Yuu to all of NRC: Can you guys stop Overbloting?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: *Takes deep breath*
Tumblr media
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fuzzybonefluffy · 7 months
MC: I did something bad, but I don't want to listen to criticism or condemnation. Vil: …and you really came to me?
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mlk082 · 6 months
Tumblr media
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lk2222 · 7 months
Tumblr media
Malleus's overblot will wipe the NRC out of existence...
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blues824 · 3 months
Hello! I see requests are open on your blog and want to give this one a try. May I request HCs of Vil Schöenheit, Idia Shroud, and Malleus Draconia with a partner [S/O] (Romantic) [Gender Neutral] who actually has powers like Dr. Strange? A powerful Eldritch Magic user who not only can cast difficult spells but also has magical artifacts and items like the Sling Ring used to open portals in other parts of the universe. Can they also somehow have possession of the Eye of Agamotto?
Imagine they’re powerful enough to stop an Overblot. The [Reader] casts a Mirror Dimension around themselves and the Overblotted victim to prevent others from harm’s way. Everyone would be safe outside of the spell.
- @sanctum-of-ramshackle
I loved Dr. Strange. I also loved the Mirror Dimension part… got me high but without the drugs.
Don’t do drugs, kids. But if you do, make sure you get them for a reasonable price.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
He hasn’t seen magic quite like the one you use. He knows that you have no natural affinity towards this sorcery, so he questions how you were able to harness it. You tell him that you had to go all the way to Kamar-Taj in Nepal to see if you could get your steady hands back.
He got to see it up close when he overblotted. In fact, you cast a spell on him. The one that brought him to the Mirror Dimension. He looked around and saw everything shift on your whim. He had never seen anything like that in Twisted Wonderland.
He also had never seen someone’s magic cause golden rings to appear around their hands or arms while using it. He knew it was some sort of ancient magic because of the old runes. Since you had put a lot of time into learning it, you easily overtook him. He looked around and released a sigh of relief when he heard that no one was injured due to your spell.
He sees you hopping in and out of dimensions a lot. He notices that there’s a certain ring on your hand when you do as well. He asks you about it as he’s treating your skin and you say that it allows you to open other dimensions. That meant you could easily go home, but didn’t choose to.
At the same time, he asked you about the peculiar necklace you wear. It’s nothing fashionable, and he has quite the distaste for it, actually. You had to explain the Infinity Stones and said that the Eye of Agamotto housed one of these precious stones: the Time Stone. You used your magic to open the eye and showed him the luminous rock. 
He asked what would happen if someone were to attain all of them. You warned him that if someone were to do that, that could mean the end of every dimension and universe he could ever fathom. He’s shocked that tiny stones had the power to end the timeline, but you know more about this than he does.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
Omg! It’s exactly like the movie Monsieur Weird! It’s so strange (get it?) that you had the same exact magic. You tell him about your journey in Nepal just to train under the Ancient One and learn to harness the magic that was surrounding you all this time.
When he overblots, he experiences the other end of the magic. He looks around as you cast the spell to bring you to the Mirror Dimension and he sees everyone disappear except you. You used his discontortedness to your advantage and easily took him down.
He notices that whenever you use your magic, it causes big disks to circle around your arms and wrists. He tries to research the language, but since Eldritch Magic didn’t exist in this world he came up with nothing.
Once, he got the courage to ask you about your ring as you had to take it off to help upgrade Ortho. You said that it allowed you to open dimensions such as the Mirror one. You told him that it would be rather easy for you to go home, but this dimension was a lot of fun.
He also noticed the eyeball you wear around your neck. He thought it was a piece of some costume until he noticed once where you opened it and let out a sigh of relief. He stares at it until you catch him, and you explain that it housed the Time Stone. He then finished what you were going to say about the Infinity Stones.
He guessed that it would be the end of life itself if someone obtained all of them and you nodded. You told him how imperative it was that you protected the stone with your very life. He made a vow that any opponent would have to go through him and his brother first before anything ever got to you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Yet another one who was intrigued by your unique magic, and I mean that in that he has never seen it before. No one in the Valley of Thorns uses this magic, and he hasn’t seen anyone at NRC using it either. Plus, he recognizes the runes.
When Leona overblots, Malleus swears that he just saw you and the Prince of the Sunset Savannah facing off each other. One second you were gone, the next you were back and the overblot victim was back to normal.
He immediately asked you about it, and you told him that you took Leona to the Mirror Dimension so that no one else would be harmed. He admired your thoughtfulness and concern for others while simultaneously taking down an overblot.
He’s definitely noticed that certain ring of yours that you always have when opening a portal. He stared at it a few times, and you eventually caught on and explained that you obtained it in Kamar-Taj, Nepal back in your world and that it allowed you to open dimensions.
He also asked about what exactly the eye was. He has read many books, but he’s never heard of the Eye of Agamotto. You explain that the eye itself wasn’t magical, but rather the stone inside. There were 5 other Infinity Stones, and you protected the 6th.
You went on to say that someone who had all the Infinity Stones would be more powerful than the most powerful mage Twisted Wonderland had. In fact, they would seem like a small child’s toy compared to the Stone User. He was shocked at hearing this, and he made sure to let you know that you would never face any opponent without them getting through him first.
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domxmarvel · 3 months
Pairing: Vil x Female!Reader
Slot:Accidental stimulation+Party
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Something wrong?” Vil asked,when he noticed you looking around. 
“Just looking for a seat,the heels are starting to hurt”
“Follow me” He led you to the chair that was revered for him,no one dared to even sit next to him. He sat down and pulled you into his lap,you moved slightly causing him to wrap his arm around you and pull you against his chest. You weren’t used to sitting in his lap,suddenly he held you tighter. 
“Vil?” You turned to look at him,he was staring daggers into a group of other men. Who were now running away. You leaned in,mere inches from his ear. “You look really hot when your jealous”
“I’m not jealous,they could never match me” He was right,you didn’t even know how you two ended up together. Suddenly you felt something pressing against your back. 
“They never could” You turned and kissed him,his hand grabbed your thigh and pulled you even closer. “You’re a luxury” You said it in a teasing tone,although you meant it. He smirked. 
“We should leave,I’m sick of everyone looking at you”
“I don’t think you can,with this” Bruising your hand over the bulge in his pants. “If you stand up everyone will notice” He realized that you were right,right now the only thing stopping everyone from seeing is the table in front of you and you on his lap. “I could help,but you’ll have to be quiet” Sliding your hand under his pants,you wrapped your hand around his cock.
His face was cold and unemotional,it was like he wasn’t even there. Like you didn’t have your hand around his cock,slowly moving up and down. The party was still going on as if you weren’t there,you were surprised he actually let you do this to him. You speed up,making him jolt but he quickly recomposed himself. 
“Y/N” His voice on the other hand,clearly showed that he was anything but composed. He buried his face into your neck. “Faster..please” He bit down on his lip as you moved him faster and faster. 
“Vil” He looked up and you kissed him. He suddenly pulled away.
“Y/N,I can’t wait”
“Just stay quiet” He bit down on your neck,making you bite your lip to keep quiet. He came all over your hand. “Maybe we should do this more often”
“Not happening”
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tezret · 9 months
Quirky Boy Talk 🤪
Rook: Oh? Well I do sleep with a loaded gun under my pillow, safety on of course
Jamil: hm. I sleep with a knife under my pillow, security reasons…
Vil: You’re both pathetic and off track
Rook: Pathetic? I would hope not! Why, Roi do poison, what do you sleep with?
Vil: [Name]
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mawwart · 3 months
Tumblr media
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kimbap-r0ll · 9 months
Can I a request reader staring at Jamil, Vil, Riddle, and Idia and they’re trying to figure out why before reader starts rolling up some papers and saying “Don’t move/freak out, but there’s a cockroach on your head”?
Oh no! ;-; This sounds so sad but funny at the same time, thank you for the request!
Jamil, Vil, Riddle, Idia vs a cockroach (feat.y/n)
He hates bugs. Absolutely. Hates. Them.
That's why you felt so bad that it landed on him somehow and you were now determined to take it out without his knowledge. Of course, slapping a cockroach dead wouldn't be a good idea, but at least getting it off of him would be good!
The two of you were sitting together in the library, he was reading and you were writing down answers for your homework, and when you looked up from your work you were greeted with two faces: Jamil's, and a bug's.
You begin to roll up your homework, your gaze not once leaving the top of his head, and then Jamil looked at you with a puzzled face.
"What is it?" he asked, and you didn't respond. He closed the book and got closer to you, you flinched. "Is there something on me?"
"Look, don't move, don't scream," you said slowly, your arm slowly rising up along with the roll that you had in your hand. Jamil furrowed his eyebrows. "But there's a cockroach on your head."
He stops. He's about to scream but you manage to swing the cockroach off of his head and it scurries away into a hole in the wall, Jamil's basically gasping for air and repeating "ohgreatsevenisitoffofme" and you sigh, patting his shoulder. He decides to never sit in the library for the next few months after that, and he's super thankful of you too. Expect some food from him as a gift for the next week!
He doesn't mind bugs, but if it were to crawl on him he would obliterate it
Somehow a cockroach managed to enter his room. His perfect, spotless, sparkling room!
You guys were doing your own things (own beauty things really) with him doing his nails while you were trying to stylize your hair. Hat was when you saw something on Vil's head. A brownish, reddish little creature was sitting nicely.
You look for something to grab, and the only thing you have is some of the magazines that Vil had on the floor and you begin to roll it up. Vil was still talking to you about how Neige getting that one role for the upcoming show was predictable (and how Vil wanted to be that character ;-;) but you didn't hear him.
"Well? Y/n, did you hear me?" Vil put the nail polish away and examined his finished nails, when you told him to stop moving. He scrunched up his face and turned to you. "What is it?"
"Don't move," you say, steadying yourself like you're Rook on a hunt. "There's a cockroach on you and I'm going to-" "THERE'S A WHAT"
Before you know it, Vil swings his head and the cockroach goes flying. You try to run after it but Vil ends up using some magic to kill it :/ is that allowed?. He sighs, looking back at himself in the mirror. "Well, thank you for letting me know, I'm just glad it didn't ruin my hair." Vil won't do much in return sadly, but you're just glad that he didn't burn the entire dorm down after that.
He too doesn't mind bugs, but if it were to get close to him he'll probably slap it off of the Twisted Wonderland universe
Sadly as pristine as this boy is, the rose garden is bound to have insects and that includes the versatile cockroach!
He was with you in the garden, taking a stroll and finally deciding to sit down and enjoy the weather with you. Riddle was talking to you about how his mother wants him to come back for the break but Riddle wants to go to Trey's house, and you were nodding while leaning your head on his shoulder. Until you heard something flutter and you looked up. Something was on Riddle's head.
You only have the paper menu you stole from Mostro Lounge earlier that day so you decide that it will do. Rolling it up, you step away from Riddle and stand above him.
"What's wrong? Is there something on me?" Riddle asks, he looks clueless, even smiling at you. Oh you're ready for his face to turn red in a few seconds. You debate whether or not you should tell him, but decide it might be better to warn him than to face his wrath after you whack him on the head.
"Sorry if I hit you hard on the head," you start. "But please don't move, there's a cockroach on you right now."
His eyes go wide, and he sadly doesn't listen to you and instead stands up really quickly to grab your roll of paper. But by then the cockroach had already fallen off of him and he was now looking at it with a roll of paper in his hand, furious. He probably tried to stomp it but it scurried off and he sighed. He shouldn't get worked up on it, but oh well. By the way, he's thankful you tried to get it off of him, but otherwise the entirety of Heartslabyul goes into cleaning mode for the next week (expect Ace and Deuce to come running to you to cry about it too!).
He doesn't mind bugs, but if he feels it crawling on him he'll scream (can't kill it either because he feels bad :/)
The two of you were together in his room, playing some games and eventually just scrolling through an anime catalog.
That was when you realized that something scurried on the wall. You thought you were imagine things since his room was so dark and it was so late at night, but your suspicion only got confirmed when you heard something buzz and you saw it stop on Idia's head. It was a cockroach.
You almost screamed yourself, but you could only imagine how freaked out Idia would be so you decide to calm down, grab the game magazine he had on the floor, and roll it up to confront the bug.
"I was thinking of watching this one, but it's pretty popular, it's about a spy who has to make a family or something for a mission but I don't know if you're interested-" "Hey Idia? Don't move your head," you interrupt him and he looks at you from the corner of his eyes, not moving his head an inch. He doesn't ask, but you know he's wondering what it's about.
"Don't freak out, but there's a cockroach on your head." You tell him, and he just freezes. You almost wonder if he's breathing as you whack the cockroach off and manage to catch it with a spare cup. You end up taking the cockroach out and letting it loose in the school yard, but when you come back Idia's still frozen.
"...eep is it gone?" he sounds like he's not breathing so you nod. That's when his body deflates and he says "Great seven that scared me. T-thanks for catching it." He'll be really grateful for it, and the two of you get back to watching anime right after that.
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apompkwrites · 2 months
(gender neutral reader btw)I was reading your vil sibling story and I was wondering what would his reaction be if we just disappeared, like deleted all social media and just moved to another place like we never existed but then after a couple months we just happened to come up again? re-appear in recent news and stuff. (sorry english is not my first language so they are probably mistakes but I really enjoy your works :D)
vil, as much as he has trouble showing it, loves his little sibling. that much i can promise. however, he cannot for the life of him express that love until after his overblot.
so if (name) up and left, leaving behind nothing but memories of their fractured life, before vil's overblot, i don't think he'd handle it well. in private at least.
he's an expert at disguising his emotions. he's an actor, he has to be. so no one will see what he actually feels about his sibling's disappearance. he'll manufacture this statement supervised by a pr team, addressing the fact that he will not disclose any details as to allow the authorities time to investigate properly, but that's about it for his public appearance. he might mentions things in interviews about them, but he won't say much more than that.
it's not because he doesn't want to find them or doesn't care. in fact, he does this because he cares. a bit too much.
he can't talk more about them in public without losing his composure. his precious baby sibling whom he's seen grow is just. gone. he doesn't know where and he doesn't know if they're safe. all he knows is they were practically driven away from their home by the supposed "fans" they had garnered over the years.
that is a part of his statement that was not monitored by a pr team. simply because he needs his point to get across. he will never tolerate the sort of behavior that they have put his sibling through.
even though he had done the same, albeit not to the same degree.
as for reappearing, he'd go through hell and back just to find them if they don't come home and he instead finds them online again. he needs to make up with them. he can't stand the idea that he was a part of the reason his sibling ran away.
he'll do anything to be a better brother. as long as you give him the chance to.
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